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Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card (REVIEW)

hey there im jeff with creditcards.com,today were doing a review of the,capital one quicksilver,cash rewards credit card try saying that,three times fast,so this is one of the most popular cash,rewards credit cards out there,well talk about the main pros and the,cons of the card and well do a verdict,towards the end for you hopefully we,earn your thumbs up you find the video,helpful,um you can also subscribe for future,videos we spend an enormous amount of,time on all of our content our written,reviews,all the content on our site and all of,our videos so your support,means a lot now in terms of this video,heres how were going to break it down,were going to first start off by,talking about the rewards with this,credit card,and then the introductory offer the,other benefits,the interest rates and fees well also,compare it to some,other cards other similar cash rewards,cards towards the end,and then at the very end well do our,final verdict it is important to note,that all of the information im about to,mention is accurate as of when were,publishing this video things,definitely change with credit cards the,terms the perks the,the offers and so if you want to see the,most up-to-date information,check out our full review down below in,the description weve done a lot of,content with this card in particular and,so ill try to put a bunch of resources,in the text below the video screen that,i think youll find helpful,also i think its worth trying at least,once our card match tool so if you,arent,totally decided on a new credit card you,should try that out ill link that in,the description and you can see if,theres any pre-qualified offers or any,special offers,again i think thats thats worth trying,at least once now lets start by talking,about,the rewards because in my opinion,getting a new credit card,is about the long-term value of that,card you should be focusing on the,rewards and what it can do for you,not necessarily a sign up bonus or an,introductory offer,now when it comes to the quicksilver,card you earn a one and a half percent,flat rate across the board on all,purchases so if you spend a hundred,dollars,you get a dollar fifty back on that,purchase,so its 1.5 back on every purchase every,day,super simple there are some credit cards,that earn higher rates than this,but if you value simplicity 1.5 across,the board,uh the idea is that you spend with it,you kind of forget it,and all of a sudden one day you look and,youve got a bunch of cash back all,rolled up,in fact this is one of the credit cards,my wife has she loves it,she spends with it a lot and she every,so often has rewards and theres no,limit on the rewards you can earn,and your rewards dont expire as long as,you keep the account open so one and a,half percent across the board on all,purchases,you dont need to worry about different,categories or anything like that um that,could be an upside that can be a,downside depending on your perspective,and there are several redemption options,for your rewards so youve got statement,credits,check gift card weve got the full list,in our review thats listed down below,in the description,also if you want to see some other cash,back credit cards we did an entire guide,to the best cash back credit cards,and ill put that in the description as,well as much as i like this credit card,and my wife has been really happy with,it we think its a good card,there are some other ones you may want,to consider and peruse and so check that,out down below in the description,now i want to move over to the sign up,bonus and some of the other benefits,that come with a card,so as of now the capital one quicksilver,card has a,introductory bonus of 200 when you spend,500,on the card in the first three months of,account opening so thats effectively a,40,return on spend now some higher end,cards have higher sign up bonuses,but for like the zero dollar annual fee,cash back card this is,right in line with a bunch of other,credit cards out there 200,back when you spend 500 within the first,three months of account opening,again that may change i have no idea,when youre watching this video but i,would say thats pretty normal for a lot,of the cards that are,comparable to this one as for some of,the other benefits,one thing that youll see with this card,that you wont see with a lot of zero,dollar annual fee cards,is no foreign transaction fees so my,wife and i went to sydney and we went to,new zealand not too long ago and when we,traveled there we just used that card,like we would,any other card because we incurred no,foreign transaction fees now if we used,i have the bank of america cash rewards,credit card i really like it,but if we were to use that one we would,incur a three percent foreign,transaction fee on every single,transaction,so that was one big upside with the,capital one quicksilver card no foreign,transaction fees,also there are some travel specific,perks uh theres too many to list right,now,check the full review in the description,one of them is auto rental collision,coverage,and there are some specific security,features like zero dollar fraud,liability,a card lock feature if your card is,misplaced stolen or lost you can,actually lock the card so nobody can do,any spending on it you get text alerts,of any suspicious activity thats,actually helped us out in the past,and you can create virtual card numbers,to shield your credit card number when,youre shopping online,and then theres the credit wise feature,which allows you to check up on your,credit score over time and thats free,within the capital one mobile app so,obviously a ton packed in there and,again,its a zero dollar annual fee credit,card so it basically costs you nothing,to keep it in your wallet now i want to,cover some of the interest rates and,fees that come with the card,as you would imagine theres a lot of,fine print that comes with a credit card,if you check our full review theres,more details there but ill throw up,some of the headline stats,right on the screen right now the one,thing i do want to point out is that it,has an intro apr for purchases,so if youre making a larger purchase,you can throw it on the card,you cannot pay any interest for the,first 15 months now you will definitely,want to pay off that purchase inside,that intro apr period,because after that it has an apr of,15.49 to 25.49,and its variable so always always,always pay off your credit card,i just think its nice that it comes,with an intro apr at least for the first,15 months okay so now lets move over to,comparing it to some other,similar cash back credit cards the first,one i want to talk about is the city,double cash card which is one of the,most popular cards out there,for good reason it earns two percent,back on all purchases,one percent when you buy something one,percent when you pay for it,for a total of two percent so that is,for anybody thats counting,more than what you get with the capital,one quicksilver card which earns one and,a half percent on all transactions,so technically you actually earn more,with the city double cash card,although remember the citi double cash,card does not come with a sign up bonus,whereas the capital one quicksilver card,does and another credit card worth,looking into is the chase freedom,unlimited,and this one also has a zero dollar,annual fee like the city double cash and,the capital one quicksilver,it earns five percent cashback on all,travel purchases,made through chases ultimate rewards,portal which is pretty amazing,it earns five percent cash back on lift,purchases through march 2022.,it earns three percent back on dining,purchases and purchases made at,drugstores and then,one and a half percent back on,everything else so it has some amazing,elevated earning tiers,and then it earns one and a half percent,cash back just like,the capital one quicksilver card on,everything else the one downside is,that it does charge a foreign,transaction fee so you can see there are,upsides and downsides to all thes

Capital One Quicksilver Honest Review | GOOD OR BAD IN 2020??

hey whats going on guys adam here and,welcome to the video were going to,review the quicksilver card from capital,one,ill go over each benefit and compare,them to similar cards on the market then,at the end ill give you the four,situations where youd want to get this,card,and if you fit into one of these id,highly recommend checking it out using,the link in the description all right,lets get into it,[Music],so lets check out the benefits that,they list on the website the main,benefit is you earn,1.5 percent cash back on all purchases,this is decent i mean its the industry,standard rate its not amazing but its,not terrible either,if youre looking for a better card on,this front i check out the city double,cash card,for a general purpose cash back card,youre going to get a better return,because it gives you two percent instead,of 1.5,for most situations it will be better,but there are some situations where you,will still want to use the quicksilver,next the quicksilver comes with a sign,up bonus of 150 dollars,after spending 500 within three months,of opening your account,which is pretty reasonable 150 bucks is,a good chunk of change,and spending 500 dollars within three,months is actually pretty easy to hit,thats like 2 500 cups of homemade iced,coffee,or you know two months of groceries the,no annual fee is probably the biggest,reason to get this card because theres,literally no downside to getting it,if you get it and want to lock it away,in a dungeon forever and you know youre,into that stuff it will still lower your,credit utilization which will raise your,credit score at no,cost to you moving on they list two,benefits that,arent really benefits in my opinion,since they dont add any extra value the,amazon rewards just allow you to use,your points to directly buy stuff on,amazon,instead of just buying it with your,credit card and then redeeming your,points for it,which really isnt a big deal in my,opinion actually it could be worse for,returns since amazon might not be able,to give you your points back,and you would be left with store credit,so if you buy something for 500,and then return it they might just give,you amazon bucks instead of,returning your points the other thing,they offer is premium experiences,where they offer discounts and deals on,events it sounds cool but as someone who,goes to a lot of shows,festivals and even lives near the,capital one arena i havent found too,many good deals that are worth it it,doesnt get you any free tickets so you,still have to pay for everything,on top of that most of their events have,been cancelled due to the,stream word thing that youtube doesnt,like me talking about not much else to,say about these,before we move on to the good benefits,please gently tap the like button and,pet the youtube algorithm,its quick and free for you and it helps,the channel out a ton,now were getting into the good benefits,which in my opinion should be much,higher on the website,capital one if youre listening bump,that up first up you get zero percent,interest for 15 months,after you open the card thats really,good if youre looking to finance a,bigger purchase,and want a free loan so if youre,looking to buy like a new laptop or tv,you can open the card pay for it up,front and then not have to worry about,paying off the balance for,over a year thats pretty cool just make,sure you pay off the balance after those,15 months so you dont get hit with a,ton of interest the balance transfer is,nice that it has no fee,but this is something that should really,only be done in really,really nice situations like if youre,looking to refinance existing debt,and you open a credit card with zero,percent interest on balance transfers,which you know this card doesnt have,next up the card has no,foreign transaction fees which is,another extremely useful benefit if you,travel outside of the united states a,lot,most other cars will charge you around,three percent on each purchase,which will add up very quickly a lot of,other cards with no foreign transaction,fees are premium travel cards like the,chase sapphire reserve,which require a higher credit score to,get so its really cool to see a card,thats way more accessible,the rewards are great that you can use,them at any time,at any amount and they never expire,there are a lot of other benefits listed,but they arent really unique useful or,they just have free alternatives,available to anyone,alright heres the verdict there are,four situations where you would want,this card,the first one is if you dont have a,credit card at all or have a low credit,score,check out my other video that gives you,five reasons to get a credit card in a,nutshell theyre much more lucrative,and safer to use than a debit card or,cash you also dont need a high credit,score to get the quicksilver,i got mine when i was around 600. the,second situation where you would want,this,card is if youre looking to finance a,bigger purchase you can use the zero,percent interest to pay up front,and then slowly pay off the balance over,the course of the 15 month period the,third situation is if youre going to be,traveling outside of the us,and dont already have a credit card,with no foreign transaction fees,like the chase sapphire reserve those,fees add up real quick so this will at,least save you a couple hundred bucks,fourth you can use this for credit card,churning where you get the credit card,use it enough to get the signup bonus,and then never touch it again theres no,annual fee with the quicksilver so you,can open your card,get your 150 bucks and peace the,out hopefully this helps you decide if,this is a card that you want to go for,if youre interested in getting the card,i put an affiliate link in the,description down below ill catch you in,the next one,take it easy,you

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Citi Double Cash vs. Capital One Quicksilver Credit Card 2021

hey im adam jusko and this is strictly,credit cards where we talk about,strictly,credit cards subscribe why dont you in,this video we are going to compare and,contrast the citi double cash card,versus the capital one,quick silver rewards card both of these,cards are what i call,flat cash back cards meaning you are,getting the same,flat rate of rewards on every purchase,that you make,with the card so if were talking about,two percent flat cash back,you would get two percent on everything,no matter what it is no matter what,shopping category it is whether its,groceries or dining out,or paying a medical bill or buying a,pair of shoes,doesnt matter youre going to get the,same exact rewards,rate now when people look at flat cash,back cards they kind of look at them for,one of two reasons number one might be,if you are someone that doesnt care a,whole ton,about credit card rewards but you would,like to know that you are getting,something back and so,you just kind of look at it as im going,to hold one card and i want to get,the highest amount i can across the,board i dont want to think about,different categories where maybe i could,earn a little bit more im good with,getting my one and a half percent or two,percent,or whatever it is so if youre someone,who just wants to hold one card flat,cash back cards,can be very attractive and then on the,other hand there are people that see,flat cash back cards as sort of the base,or foundation,for holding a number of different credit,cards,so you might have cards that are giving,you three percent or four percent,or five percent on certain purchases in,certain shopping categories,but you want to have a flat cash back,card that is sort of the catch-all the,thing that forms the base for anything,that would not,match one of those three percent or four,percent or five percent categories,which brings us to the city double cash,versus the capital one quicksilver,rewards card the city double cash two,percent,flat cash back on everything that you,buy with the card provided that you have,paid off your purchases capital one,quicksilver rewards,1.5 percent cashback on everything now,looking at those numbers,you are probably quick enough to realize,that two percent is more than 1.5,so the city double cash card looks like,it would be the better,card but that is not necessarily the,case and so were gonna look at each,card,and ill tell you why for many people,you might choose the capital one,quicksilver rewards card,instead lets start with the city double,cash mastercard no annual fee,two percent flat cash back on all your,purchases the way you get that two,percent is a little unorthodox you get,one percent on the front end when you,make the purchase,you get your other one percent on the,back end when you have paid off that,purchase so a little protection for,city there to make sure that you,actually pay off the purchase before,they give you that full two percent but,assuming you do youre gonna get two,percent on everything you buy,with the card no bonus opportunity as a,new card holder many credit cards do,have bonus opportunities,for new card holders might be a couple,hundred bucks cash if you spend,a certain amount in the first few months,this card does not have that now very,rarely there may be a special offer that,is sent to specific people but,in the past that has not been a feature,of this card and we are going to assume,it is not a feature for,this comparison other things to know,three percent foreign transaction fee if,you use the card outside of the country,extra three percent is going to be,tacked on to your purchase,price everyday interest rate anywhere,from 13.99,to 23.99 depending on your credit,history city will approve you,at some sort of interest rate in between,those two on the low end 13.99 not,terrible in todays,market 23.99 on the other hand not,so great you dont want to be paying 20,plus,on your credit card purchases and pretty,much,as a rule you dont want to pay anything,on your credit card purchases so if you,pay off your credit cards in full each,month youre not going to pay anything,extra and those interest rates,are not going to come into play so when,we look at any credit cards on this,channel we are assuming youre going to,pay off,all of your bills every month in full,last thing to note with this card you do,have a zero percent,rate on balance transfers for 18 months,but it is a deal,that i would very strongly say you,should not take because here is how it,works,they allow you to transfer a balance,from a higher interest card onto this,one and it could sit on this card,at a zero percent rate for up to 18,months which which sounds great,but if you make any purchases with this,card after youve transferred a balance,on to it now that you have a balance,city considers these new purchases to be,a balance that they are going to charge,interest on so normally with a credit,card you can make new purchases and if,you pay them all off every month,youre not going to get charged any,interest with this card if you take,advantage of the balance transfer offer,and you make purchases,those purchases are going to get charged,interest even if you pay them off,every month which is a sneaky deal and,city,should be ashamed of themselves for,putting it on this card so two percent,flat cash back on a no annual fee card,pretty nice,otherwise the citi double cash card,doesnt have a whole lot else,to recommend it now lets look at the,capital one,quicksilver rewards card a no annual fee,mastercard that gives 1.5 percent cash,back,on all of your purchases as a new card,holder you could earn a bone earn a,bonus as i make this video of 200 bucks,if you spend 500 with the card in the,first three months of having it that,bonus will be,important as we compare the two cards,here other features to know no foreign,transaction fees so if you use this card,outside of the united states no,extra charges on those purchases,interest rate range anywhere from,fifteen point four nine percent to,twenty five point four nine percent,as i make this video that is higher than,the city double cash card but again you,should be paying off your balances,in full every month so that those,interest rate ranges dont even come,into play and you dont have to think,about it that said,you can get a zero percent rate on this,card on new purchases for the first 15,months that you have the card so for the,first 15 months even if you did revolve,a balance,you wouldnt pay any interest on it so,perhaps that is nice if you have a,larger purchase to make,and you want to pay it off over a few,months but again be careful because then,after that,you at the very least would be paying 15,interest and maybe all the way up to,25 so i should mention here that when we,talk about the capital one quicksilver,rewards card,we are talking about sort of the best,version of this card so capital one,has three different versions of this,card depending on your credit history,the quicksilver rewards card that i am,talking about is,for excellent credit according to,capital ones,standards so that is the card that is,the one point five percent cashback with,the bonus there also is,a quicksilver rewards card for good,credit which is essentially the same,card but it,has no bonus or there is the quicksilver,one rewards card which is for people,that maybe have a little lower credit,score,that one has the same 1.5 cash back but,it has a 39,annual fee and no bonus so the card we,are talking about,is for people that have better credit,versus those other two cards that are,for,lower credit scores so the city double,cash two percent flat cash back across,the board the quicksilver 1.5 percent,cashback but you have that bonus,opportunity youve got no foreign,transaction fees youve got that zero,percent,offer whether those foreign transaction,fees and the zero percent offer on new,purchases,makes any difference in your personal,calculation im not sure but those are,at least a little something extra that,may

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Capital One QuickSilver Credit Limit Increase + | $500 to $2000 Credit Limit in 6 MONTHS!

all right whats up yall so if you,could tell by the title of the video,today we are going to be talking about,this card,Focus come on Focus,what would my YouTubers be doing,yeah so today were going to talk about,this product,not really talking about Quicksilver,card thing,okay lets get started,[Music],foreign,now I watched quite a few credit card,videos myself on YouTube,um even in the beginning when I first,started talking about created I was a,little intimidated about talking about,specific credit cards because yall be,ruthless in the comments not,particularly like not you guys that are,subscribed to my channel but people get,crazy in these comments you know I came,prepared dressed Im ready so just keep,in mind Im talking about my experience,with this particular card okay these are,my opinions about this particular card,okay,all right,just trying to make sure now all right,dont make me dont make me record this,video like this all day all right no Im,just kidding so anyways um so yeah I got,my computer right here so I could see,when exactly I apply for this particular,card,um so yeah the main thing I see like,with Capital One this particular card,Quicksilver Ive been hearing a lot of,reviews and a lot of people kind of,complaining about the fact that you know,um Capital One is a little stingy with,increases and,um,I mean I guess if youre not someone who,is you know has multiple credit cards or,you know its very experiencing credit,cards you know from from my perspective,its like well to me its like you know,because Im coming from having bad,credit to now having you know decent,credit you know Im just getting my foot,in the door so to me going from 500 to,2006 months isnt a a bad bargain for me,like to me it dont feel like you know,damn like thats all you just just 1500,thats it you know when I got the email,about the um credit limit increase being,increased 1500 I was like I was geeked I,was turned up but again Im someone who,comes from bad credit,to working credit disputes doing that, for like a year over a year to get,my credit to a point where I can apply,for cards that arent you know,got some high-ass annual,um fees and you know extremely high,interest rate cards and no perks no,benefits no nothing you know you just,got a card to say you got the card or,just you know a secure your credit card,just to you know build up to this point,so to me its pretty decent card but um,when it comes to credit limit increases,the first thing is first is you have to,make sure that your car is eligible for,an increase thats first thing,um meaning that like secured cards,arent eligible for increases if its a,new account,probably three months old or less it,probably wont be eligible for an,increase maybe you recently got a credit,limit increase and then you applied,again maybe thats the reason why you,were denied you know it could be several,reasons you know this particular account,just may not be eligible or its too,soon or you know you just got one,um or it could just be other reasons you,carry a balance often you have late,payments you have missed payments you,know things like that so you have to,keep those things in mind now if youre,one of those people who were like you,know I make all my payments on time I,keep my utilization 10 or less I never,carry a balance Ive never been late,Ive been a loyal customer for x amount,of years you got to take emotions out of,it you know what I mean like at the end,of the day Capital One doesnt have a,personal relationship with you theyre,not making it personal you know what I,mean you probably are making it personal,because its like at all the other,companies I could have went to I chose,Capital One you know and the least you,can do is give me an increase every two,to three months you know what I mean,especially if Im doing a right body,card I get you but Capital One isnt,looking at it at a,personal you know perspective this is,all business you know so and you also,got to keep in mind that you may be,expecting too much from this particular,card you know Capital One is more,beginner friendly its like stepping,stones for you know people who are,trying to get you know maybe higher,limits Im talking about like you know,Amex like the goal for a lot of people,to get AMEX cards,um thats like top tier Amex and there,are others dont get me wrong please,dont dont and dont come in the,comments shoot but um you know,Capital One is a decent car you may be,expecting too much from it you know this,is more beginner if youve gotten to the,point where Capital One is just no,longer giving you any increases you know,youre just not satisfied dont close,the card but it may be time for you to,graduate to a different card so anyway,how to get a credit employment increase,with uh Capital One in regards to this,Quicksilver card so now there are two,ways for you to increase your credit,limit either youre going to apply for,it or the lender will just automatically,give you a credit limit increase without,you having to apply,um Capital One typically reviews your,accounts every 6 to 12 months,um just to determine whether or not your,account is eligible whether youre,eligible for an increase,um so it would be vital for you to make,sure that you besides to make it on time,payments not carrying a balance and,keeping the utilization at 10 or less,um by the statement date you also want,to make sure your information is updated,especially if youre working or if,youre self-employed you want to make,sure that if youve got a job increase,that you go and put that on your,financial information keep it updated,because Capital One only bases their you,know what they know about you off what,you put on your application so you have,to keep your information updated so um,make sure you do that also for your,other accounts youre the credit card,account make sure youre doing the same,thing because oftentimes these credit,card companies arent just looking at,how you handle their card theyre also,looking at the other accounts that you,have on your credit profile if youre,carrying balances with them if you have,missed payments bankruptcy has anything,went into collections are you in,desperate need of this money you know if,you need it theyre not going to give it,to you nine times out of ten you know um,so its best that your overall profile,looks good as well before you try to,apply for an increase I was approved for,this card November 16 2021 uh 500 credit,limit,and then on May 10 2022 I received an,email this is without me even applying,um it says youve done a great job,managing your accounts and we increase,the credit limit for your account ending,and blah blah blah from 500 to 2 000,which is great like I didnt even apply,for this this is six months on the head,of having this card and,um they gave me a credit limit increase,now have I ever missed a payment no have,I ever carry the balance no do I use,this card to like Max it out yes do I,pay it back before the due date yes do I,always have a 10 or a low,um utilization yes like,ever since Ive had the card thats what,Ive done I used the car like when I had,it was just 500 I used it like the whole,thing because your balance only matters,on your statement date whatever whatever,your balance is on your car throughout,the month it doesnt matter the only,time the balance that you carry on your,credit card matters is on your statement,date so Im gonna wait six more months,before I come back on here and I talk,about this particular card and see you,know if anything has changed and see if,my opinions on the partic on this card,changes but so far its a pretty decent,car you know great Cash Back Rewards,um you know I use it for grocery,shopping gas everyday purchases I use,this card for and anytime I can get cash,back I use it like it goes towards stuff,especially Amazon like Ill put some,screenshots like I use my cash back,rewards for Amazon like crazy so do I,recommend the hold on hold on,do I recommend the quick silver card,yeah its a

Capital One Quicksilver: Is It Worth it? 2022 Review

hi guys and welcome to the smart,investor channel on this video were,going to review the capital one,quicksilver credit card we will review,its rewards program and the main pros,and cons understand redemption options,and answer the most popular questions of,our readers lets start,the capital one quicksilver cash rewards,credit card is a great card for anyone,who is looking to add a no-nonsense,credit card to their wallet while still,being able to rack up some type of,reward for using it over time the,quicksilver cash rewards card earns 1.5,cashback on all purchases on every,dollar spent everywhere,while thats generally lower compared to,other cards the capital one quicksilver,cash rewards credit card makes up for it,with exciting perks,in addition to the 15 months on balance,transfers and purchases this card offers,a sign up bonus of two hundred dollars,cash bonus once you spend five hundred,dollars on purchases within three months,from account opening,as well as a lower apr range between,14.99,to 24.99 variable after the intro period,the quicksilver cash rewards card does,not come with an annual fee,the best way to determine whether the,quicksilver card is right for you is to,calculate the amount of rewards and,benefits you expect to receive,remember that this is a general,breakdown of expenses so make sure to,tailor it to your specific consumer,preferences and spending habits while it,isnt the best card available in any one,category it does offer a great,all-around package that still makes it a,contender for anyone whos looking to,add another credit card to their wallet,lets take a closer look at the benefits,and drawbacks and whether or not its,right for your wallet,sign up bonus,when you open the account capital one,gives the cardholder a two hundred,dollar cash bonus once you spend five,hundred dollars on purchases within,three months from account opening,while this isnt a massive bonus it does,have two major perks to it,the first is that it is cash,not points that are redeemable but,actual cash for you,the second is that the spending minimum,needed to get this bonus is much lower,than that of its competitors standing at,only,most rewards credit cards have minimums,in the thousands of dollars range but,capital one offers a much better and,more affordable option cashback on all,purchases,the quicksilver cash rewards card is,also a straightforward easy to,understand cashback rewards credit card,that offers cash back on all purchases,no minimum redemption,another great highlight of the capital,one quicksilver cash rewards card is the,fact that it has no minimum redemption,needed to redeem points for your,cashback rewards so whenever a,cardholder would want to use their,points they can,and since there is no minimum required,to redeem cardholders can use it on a,soda at the gas station plane tickets,for their vacation and anything in,between,no annual fee or foreign transaction fee,a nice benefit to the capital one,quicksilver cash rewards card is the,fact that this card doesnt have any,type of annual fee to keep the card,activated,for a cashback rewards card this is a,massive bonus,most cards dont give this benefit as,well as so many rewards and cashback,benefits as well,so to have this with the capital one,quicksilver card is really quite,impressive when compared to other cards,in its area,on top of this it also doesnt have a,foreign transaction fee so card holders,who use the capital one quicksilver card,abroad wont have to worry about extra,charges to come home to,intro zero percent apr,the card offers zero percent intro apr,of 15 months on balance transfers and,purchases,this is phenomenal as very few cards,offer one of these two perks for this,amount of time let alone both of them,together,no bonus rewards categories,as stated earlier the capital one,quicksilver cash rewards card is a,rather simple card with a simple reward,system,there are no bonus reward categories,meaning that no reward offers wont,fluctuate through over time such like,many other rewards credit cards do,while the simplicity of this card is,something that is appealing to many,potential card holders people who want,more flexibility in their rewards,options might want to consider other,options depending on what they are,trying to achieve when they would go to,redeem their rewards points,solid rewards rate,youll be able to get higher cash back,rates on a variety of credit cards,high apr,the ongoing apr is 14.99 to 24.99,variable which is quite high compared to,other cards,here are some tips to help you make the,most of your capital one quicksilver,card,examine your purchases for eligibility,when you use your card to purchase,eligible items you may be eligible for,additional warranty protection,use your card to book your flights,this will allow you to receive free,travel accident insurance,activate capital one shopping,this tool will apply coupon codes while,youre shopping online which could save,you a lot of money if youre a frequent,shopper,lastly lets answer some of the,frequently asked questions of our,readers,is there a limit to cashback,there is no limit in place as to how,many rewards you are able to earn when,you are making purchases through the use,of the capital one quicksilver card,can i get car rental insurance with,quicksilver card,how,yes once you refuse the insurance,offered by the rental company you will,automatically get coverage if you fund,the entire purchase through this card,please review the terms and conditions,before to make sure youre covered,what are quicksilver card income,requirements,capital one often requires monthly,income to be at least eight hundred,dollars sometimes you will need to show,some proof of income when you are,applying for a capital one quicksilver,card,what is the initial credit limit of,quicksilver card,you will normally get a credit limit of,at least five thousand dollars when you,go for a capital one quicksilver card,this can be higher or lower if your,personal financial situation fits the,bill,thats it for now thank you for watching,on our website you will be able to,compare the best cards read additional,reviews and find guides that can help,you choose your credit card wisely what,is your favorite card we would love to,know your thoughts so feel free to share,them on the comments below,i hope you enjoyed it and dont forget,to subscribe to our channel to get the,best financial videos,you

Avoid Making These 5 Mistakes With YOUR Capital One Quicksilver Card

never make these five mistakes with your,capital one quicksilver card the first,huge mistake you might be making is not,using enough of your quicksilver card,limit to trigger a credit limit increase,capital one like many other credit card,issuers wants to see high usage on your,car before raising your limit a phrase,that ive seen used within the credit,card industry is top of wallet meaning,capital one wants their quicksilver card,to take top priority every time you make,a purchase they do that so that they can,collect interchange fees of one to three,percent from every merchant you do,business with also the more you use your,card the more likely you are to carry a,balance and pay interest other card,holders have found using 50 to 100 of,your limit is a good goal to aim for,doing that over a period of three to six,months should trigger an increase only,if capital one has grouped you in a,favorable bucket and just so you know a,bucket is a collection of cards capital,one has grouped and divided by risk,exposure which is based on your credit,score when you first applied which could,have been 5 10 or even 15 years ago for,many people this bucketing system,restricts their credit limit and the,overall growth of their card if youve,been saddled with one of their super low,500 starting limits then its possible,that you can easily use far more than,100 of your limit in that case you could,just pay your balance off on a weekly,basis or you could even prepay on the,card which would leave you with a credit,balance on your card and some extra,breathing room if you need to make some,larger purchases to keep the percentage,of your available credit that you use on,a monthly basis low or credit,utilization for short you can pay your,full balance of the card before the,billing cycle closing date so only a,zero balance gets reported to the credit,agencies using that method ensures you,maintain your optimum credit score ive,seen reports of others experimenting,with different strategies and having,success paying 90 percent of their,balance by the closing date and then the,final 10 percent by the bills actual,due date no matter the method or,strategy you choose to take one idea,remains the same thoroughly using your,quicksilvers credit limit is critical,for increasing your limit another big,mistake is simply not requesting a,credit limit increase in the first place,and capital one only does a soft credit,pull which doesnt impact your score but,take a look at this chart that one,resourceful capital one member put,together it shows if your limit is one,thousand dollars or lower then youll,likely receive a comically small limit,increase of 100 if youre approved it,also shows as your credit limit goes up,so does the size of your expected limit,increase ever so slightly until it maxes,out at one thousand dollars i recently,increased my limit by that exact amount,so i can confirm this i know many of you,have decided to sock draw your,quicksilver cards locking them away,never to be used again you probably have,cards with higher earning potential and,higher limits but i believe as long as,you hold your card you should continue,striving for increases all you have to,do is open the app twice a year and roll,the dice so to speak you might as well,take every opportunity to grow your,quicksilver card also theres been,numerous cases of capital one,spontaneously increasing credit limits,even with little to no activity for,extended periods of time if youre not,fortunate enough to receive an automatic,limit increase then youll have to fill,out the application instead and thats,where a few mistakes can be made first,is not including your total household,income into the total annual income box,this is the most important question,because it helps capital one determine,how much debt you can afford to repay,take a closer look here when you hover,over the information icon it says if,youre over the age of 21 then you may,include someone elses income that is,regularly used to pay expenses so if,youre unemployed underemployed or,stay-at-home parent then you can easily,use your household income here and that,goes for getting approved for credit,cards as well in some cases you could be,required to provide tax returns to prove,your income but ive seen very few,reports of this happening especially,with the large credit issuers and i,personally have never had to submit that,sort of information myself but its,always good to be truthful and only,report income that you can reasonably,prove the next problematic box is,unemployment status this one is a bit,controversial but i tend to believe,youre better off always choosing,employee some have complained that after,choosing self-employed their,applications always go to manual review,or they dont even receive the lower,interest rates that reflect their,excellent credit score in other sectors,of the banking industry self-employment,is seen as less stable and because of,that those people draw a lot more,scrutiny and are forced to submit far,more information card holders that are,self-employed can solve this problem if,your business entity is an s corp or a c,corporation then you can actually draw a,standard paycheck as an employee of your,own company only around seven percent of,people in the us are self-employed and i,think its better to blend in with the,93,and not attract undue attention onto,yourself but if you think im completely,wrong let me know in the comments,section in no less than two paragraphs,also if youre getting value from this,please hit the like and subscribe button,to see more videos just like this one,another regretful mistake is not,requesting an upgrade for your,quicksilver card as soon as youre,eligible unfortunately capital one does,not openly share this information so you,never know about the better options,available to you ill leave a link below,in the description for you to access the,capital one upgrade website so once you,get here youll see your own customized,list of cards to choose from just,imagine being able to upgrade your,quicksilver one to a standard,quicksilver card and dropping that 39,annual fee or if youre a frequent flyer,you could upgrade to the venture x card,and enjoy rewards and benefits that more,closely align with your spending habits,i currently have that option but im,choosing not to upgrade because i prefer,using no annual fee cashback cards,before you do this though you should,know it affects your account in a few,ways your interest rate and credit limit,will remain the same upgrading wont,affect your credit score since you dont,need to apply youll keep the same card,number payment date and account settings,but heres the thing you get a new,security number and expiration date and,you wont be eligible for promotions or,bonus offers that new card holders get,another huge mistake is a significant,portion of cardholders will never use,their rewards some people have had their,card for a while and dont even realize,their card has racked up a ton of cash,back and others are trying to build up a,large nest egg of rewards to use for,some yet to be determined large purchase,or vacation a 2017 study found that 31,of people never end up actually using,their rewards fortunately the,quicksilver cars rewards dont expire,for the lifetime of the account but,there are a few reasons that capital one,could take them away they could strip,them from you if you start missing,payments and your account goes into,delinquency also if your card is,canceled by capital one due to,inactivity and finally youll lose them,if you cancel the card yourself and,lets be honest if your cards credit,limit has been 500 to a thousand dollars,for the last few years then youll have,good reason to cancel to solve this,problem of remembering to redeem your,rewards you can set up automatic,redemption heres how you can do it once,you get to your account home screen,click on view rewards then click on,reward settings then click auto redeem i,always choose t

Capital One QUICKSILVER Card Review | Automatic CashBack ????

the capital one quicksilver card is one,of the most simple,all-purpose cash back cards available,and by the end of this video,youll find out who this is a perfect,card for it works primarily on the,mastercard payment network theres no,annual fee you get a flat 1.5,cashback on all purchases cashback can,be redeemed for a physical check,statement credit amazon purchases and,gift cards there are no redemption,minimums or,expiration dates it has an automatic,redemption feature,which ill show you how to activate,later in the video,if you have an excellent credit score,you may qualify for,an intro bonus of two hundred dollars if,you spend five hundred dollars in the,first three months and zero percent,interest,on purchases for the first 15 months,from account opening youll need,around a 700 credit score to get,approved you can be approved for this,card with just a,soft credit pull and once you accept the,offer capital one performs a hard pull,from one or,all three credit bureaus there is no,foreign transaction fees and for added,security you can create a virtual card,number for each website you use,and lock and unlock those numbers,whenever you want,hey just call me cal i cover topics that,save and earn you money and im on a,mission to earn you the most cash back,in this video ill review the capital,one,quicksilver card and ill show you how,to set up automatic redemption,to make this card fully hands-free if,you like no annual fee,cash back cards as much as i do please,like and subscribe to see more videos,like this one so lets start with the,cons,the 1.5 cash back rate is pretty low for,a modern day card,cards like the city double cash set a,new standard of two percent back,and the chase freedom unlimited card,already gives you 1.5,back on every purchase but it also,includes three other bonus categories,that give you between,three and five percent back those cards,may be harder to get,than the quicksilver card lets move on,to the pros,this cards reward system is very simple,it allows you to spend regularly,wherever you please and youre getting,1.5,back on every purchase no activations,rotating categories,planning or strategy required you can,redeem any small amount that you choose,many other cards will require you to,meet a 25,threshold to withdraw your rewards,youre getting an easy to clinch 200,intro bonus if you qualify you could,easily meet that 500,spending minimum in just one category,this card thankfully,doesnt charge a foreign transaction fee,many other cards,charge a three percent fee when you make,purchases abroad on the capital one,website you can be pre-approved for this,card,and a few others without damaging your,credit and adding another hard inquiry,onto your credit report other cards will,penalize you just for submitting an,application you can use the capital one,virtual assistant called eno by,downloading the,browser extension to log in and generate,virtual card numbers that allow you to,shop online without revealing your,actual card number if theres fraudulent,charges,on your account then you can delete the,virtual number associated with that,transaction and prevent it from,happening again this card has an,auto redeem feature that allows you to,set a time to redeem your rewards which,allows you to be completely hands off,and,receive your cash back on schedule like,a paycheck you can set this up by,logging into your account via the,website clicking on rewards,then click reward settings,then click setup auto redeem,and now you have a choice of statement,credit and physical check for the,redemption method,and you have an option of choosing a,specific time of year,or once you hit a certain amount,and if youre getting the right amount,of value out of this video please hit,the like button so who is this card,good for this card is perfect for,someone who wants a,simple cashback system that only uses,one card for,everything this also makes an excellent,first card this will be great for,someone traveling abroad frequently,because youll have no foreign,transaction fees to worry about its,good for,anyone making online purchases whos,highly concerned about giving up their,credit card number,its also gonna be really good for,someone whos churning credit cards,and just signing up for the intro bonus,since it is so easy to attain do you,think 1.5,cashback is competitive enough in,todays market,and do you have any other capital one,cards and if so which ones,please let me know down in the comment,section thank you for watching ill see,you next time and you have a good one

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