1. DENTIST Reveals The TRUTH About The QUIP Toothbrush!! Quip Electric Toothbrush Review.
  2. Most Hyped Toothbrush Ever!!
  3. Quip Water Flosser Review | This thing is scary!
  4. QUIP Toothbrush UNBOXING and REVIEW by an unbiased dentist
  5. Quip Toothbrush Review – Much Improved
  6. Quip Toothbrush Review | Honest
  7. Sonic toothbrush showdown: Quip vs Sonicare vs cheap electric toothbrushes

DENTIST Reveals The TRUTH About The QUIP Toothbrush!! Quip Electric Toothbrush Review.

they are a bad trend in my opinion and,they need to go away,[Music],im rick buck ive been a dentist for 14,years in this video we will look at the,quipped toothbrush and how well it,cleans the plaque off my teeth oh and if,you are into health and you have teeth,make sure you subscribe as always i,start by staining all the plaque on my,teeth pink and then i start brushing and,i do this on two different days,so this is day one where im just seeing,what this brush can do by the vibrations,it makes alone,and i do this by just kind of guiding,the toothbrush along my teeth not,manually brushing at all then on day two,i brush by manually brushing in addition,to the vibrations the toothbrush makes,that way i can see two things its,ultimate cleaning power and if it does,at least better than a manual toothbrush,so while i am brushing let me tell you a,little bit about this brush,i question a lot about this toothbrush,the brush head design is kind of flat,but kind of lumped the bristles feel,really stiff,now this is important because stiff and,abrasive toothbrushes can cause abrasion,and gum recession its a common problem,for a lot of people that are passionate,about oral health and think theyre,being really clean by brushing,aggressively but really what theyre,doing is abrading the enamel and,abrading the root surface of their teeth,down,and all this abrasiveness is important,in fact a lot of toothpastes are giving,an abrasiveness score called the rda,value so if a toothpaste has a high rda,value that means its very abrasive now,the limit for that according to the fda,is 200. my favorite toothbrush has an,rda value of less than 100 i think its,around 86 to give you an idea this,toothbrush and all toothbrushes that,ive found except for my favorite,toothbrush dont even give you an rda,score of how abrasive it is and my,toothbrush can be found in an affiliate,link in the description below this video,you can also watch my video on the best,daily brushing and flossing routine if,you want to know how to get the best,results but anyway i imagine that this,equipped toothbrush would have a higher,rda score because those bristles just,feel pretty dang stiff and it would,likely cause much more recession and,sensitivity if you use this long term if,it does have a high rda score which i,think i think it does,but thats my opinion i dont have an,official number on that either way lets,stop and pause to look at the results,from just guiding the toothbrush along,and using the toothbrush,electric movements only and the results,are very poor thus the micro vibration,movements of this brush,does not do much at all for removing,plaque but lets see if it at least,performs better than a manual toothbrush,when we brush manually with it okay so,now lets start with the second day of,brushing now the micro vibration,toothbrushes like this the quik,toothbrush,as opposed to ones like sonicare and my,favorite toothbrush i compare to massage,chairs so stick with me for a second,have you been on a bad massage chair you,go and you sit down on it and all the,chair does is vibrate and then again,have you been on massage chairs where,you sit on them and it actually massages,and kind of rubs into the muscles and,kind of needs the muscles you see thats,what these toothbrushes are like in,comparison these micro vibrations are,just like vibrations and theyre not,doing much to physically move the plaque,whereas my favorite toothbrush actually,uses vibrations powerful enough to,remove plaque and debris anyway when we,look at the results of my quick,toothbrush while manually brushing in,addition to the electric toothbrush,movements,it doesnt even do as good as most,manual toothbrushes in fact i get worse,results from quip than any other brush i,have used and that includes manual and,electric i think not only do the,electric micro vibrations do pretty much,nothing but the brush head is so poorly,designed that the toothbrush just is not,that great right now is when i would go,over more of the specs of the toothbrush,but why i just really recommend that you,use another toothbrush in fact i would,just stay away from these battery,operated micro vibration toothbrushes in,general even with decent ones the micro,vibrations do almost nothing so you,might as well use a good manual,toothbrush if you want to save money or,get my favorite electric toothbrush,which isnt super inexpensive and its,way less expensive than some of the,other higher end models of toothbrushes,unfortunately in the dental world these,micro vibration battery electric,toothbrushes are the trend but they are,a bad trend in my opinion and they need,to go away i think theyre dishonest and,i think the electric toothbrush,companies know that theyre just trying,to make a quick buck if you do want a,great toothbrush and more importantly,the best floss then click on the,affiliate link below this youtube video,and that will get you money off too,dont forget to watch my video on the,best daily brush and floss routine,subscribe if you have teeth and you want,to keep them watch one of those videos,now

Most Hyped Toothbrush Ever!!

lets find out how the quip electric,toothbrush will clean my stained teeth,and if its the best toothbrush for your,smile welcome to dental digest if you,guys brush your teeth you guys know what,to do hit that subscribe button down,below and lets get brushing this is,quip a company designed to simplify your,oral healthcare routine i head over to,the store and bought their toothbrush,floss toothpaste and mouthwash so lets,find out what their products are all,about first thing on the list of course,is the toothbrush,instructions oh no you know how we feel,about instructions actually a little,subscription code lets see what the,instructions have to say pretty simple,user manual so i genuinely approve okay,this right here should be included in,every single toothbrush box and,everything right here tips for your,teeth lets see what they offer us see,now this is useful information use slow,short strokes clean your mouth evenly,yes you want to divide up the cleaning,experience in each quadrant dont rinse,right away yes spit the toothpaste out,then rinse 30 minutes after so youre,letting the magic of the toothpaste sit,on your teeth for the longest period of,time yes i love this floss along the,curves of course flush out food all day,of course i love this man i mean this is,amazing i love every single thing this,little tips for your teeth guide offers,and honestly this should be included,with every single toothbrush oh and,there it is very clean packaging is,anything else in here nope,the toothbrush is concealed in this test,tube that acts as a traveling case as,well as a toothbrush stand,i feel like im unboxing a lightsaber,press the q on the head to turn on this,toothbrush specializes in simplifying,your oral healthcare routine its got a,single button on the top with one,cleaning mode however though when we,take a closer look at the bristles they,dont really vibrate that much when you,turn it on but the vibrating motor is,pretty quiet another thing to note about,this toothbrush it uses aaa batteries,which has an average lifespan of three,months in this toothbrush which honestly,works out perfectly because when the,battery dies its also time to replace,that bristle head,lets take a closer look at the bristles,but you know what the only way to tell,how well this toothbrush actually cleans,is to get brushing its disclosing time,lets check the before results,quip anti-cavity toothpaste,imagine if the toothpaste box came with,instructions it would definitely say to,use a fat glob this is dental digest,lets get brushing,lets check the after results,honestly pretty good considering how,simple that toothbrush is it honestly,just goes to show how important your,toothbrush technique actually is to,finish their oral healthcare routine,lets try out their floss which honestly,looks like an apple airpod case so im,really excited to see what it looks like,man it really is like an airpod case and,its got a mirror how cool is that its,got that smooth satisfying open and,close with a little magnet and then we,got that mirror in the middle to make,sure i got nothing in my teeth as i talk,and then we got this little flosser pick,handle that can be easily stored it,looks pretty simple but you know what,look how sick this is we got a little,button on the bottom you press that boom,pops open we have the floss thats,dispensed and stored in the middle watch,this guys you just go up to the floss,grasp the floss flip it pull and then,its got a little cutting tool at the,end that you just and then youre ready,to get flossing with this reusable,flosser pick lets see how well it,actually works,its pretty good not a fan of this floss,though,this floss is like shredding in between,my teeth and unfortunately im not a fan,of falls out of the class after i use it,so im pretty much flying through this,floss like crazy right now which is kind,of tragic,unfortunately i cant use this floss,because my teeth contact is a little too,tight if you dont have tight teeth,contacts like i do then this is an epic,tool that i would keep in the center,console of my car so i can just boom,flip-flop and now the last product and,the one im most excited for is their,mouthwash its got this really sleek,reusable dispenser and dosage cup which,i know is going to look amazing in the,bathroom combined with all the other,quip products,we of course got the instructions will,we read them of course not instructions,for a mouthwash,brushed metal and we got the anti-cavity,quip mouthwash this mouthwash contains,sodium fluoride which is great for,preventing cavities and help,strengthening your teeth just insert the,top over the mouthwash close up the base,and then,look at that it doesnt leak its got,this little quick button on the top,you just press,single dosage so you just press it once,and it dispenses the perfect amount of,mouthwash for you obviously youll,dilute this but for me i like it,concentrated maybe i should delete it it,says four times as strong,were sending it,that was concentrated for sure my breath,is extra minty after that one that was,some ultra minty mouthwash i really,liked it though i had to rinse my mouth,out with water i definitely dont,recommend taking that mouthwash straight,definitely dilute it its really potent,so whos the quip electric toothbrush,designed for its designed for the,minimalist that just wants to simplify,their oral healthcare routine and also,has a priority over aesthetics over,their cleaning experience this,toothbrush will clean pretty well with,the right technique but its definitely,not the best electric toothbrush on the,market thank you guys so much for,brushing with me well see you guys next,time and as always smile on ciao,[Music],you

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Quip Water Flosser Review | This thing is scary!

this thing is actually like a power,washer for your teeth like the look at,how aggressive this thing is,[Music],my friends welcome back I dont know,exactly when in my YouTube career this,became a thing that I am now a dental,floss reviewer but it is true this is,the third dental floss from quip that I,have now reviewed the quip water flosser,and I have not even opened this package,it is still sealed however before we get,into that lets start with a little bit,of backstory so a few years ago quip,released their original floss product,which is like this little floss,dispenser thing everyone thought it was,a floss pick it turns out it wasnt a,floss pick and then clip actually did,release a floss pick that came next now,this is like a year or two later after,that they have a water flosser and I,have literally never tried out a water,flosser in my life but let me kind of,fill you in on the details of this thing,so,the cost for the water flosser is,between like 45 and 65 dollars and that,price depends on number one if you get,the plastic or the metal version so the,metal version is more expensive than the,plastic and then it also depends on if,you get the ongoing subscription so,basically pretty much with all of quips,products if you sign up for the ongoing,subscription they take a little bit of,money off the initial purchase so now,lets dive into this bad boy,[Music],here,so this is how it comes its in this,little box here it has a picture of the,water flosser its like a paper box so,now lets open the box up,in a second Im gonna have to go and get,myself some scissors okay Im back I,have a cut open the box and now for the,moment of truth lets open it up,okay,so heres what this thing looks like,right out of the box lets get it set up,and try it out for the first time,foreign,[Music],so here we are I have the floss pick all,set up it was pretty easy to set up all,you have to do is just like take out the,stuff from the compartment here and then,just put on this floss pick topper,pointer thing I dont know this is,actually what is going to be delivered,to you in the ongoing subscription if,you do want to do that,um to be honest Im a little bit nervous,about this thing I have never in my life,tried a water flosser before I dont,really know how this is gonna go but,basically what they say is you should,charge it fully before use I didnt do,that hopefully it will be okay I did try,pressing the buttons and it turned on so,Im just gonna hope it works they say,you should take the topper off before,you fill it up with water but then you,fill up the reservoir with lukewarm,water they said dont use too hot of,water or too cold because that can cause,like sensitivity so Im just gonna fill,it up for my sink,lets give it a go,okay so I filled it up with water here,now Im going to put the floss the like,tip back on,so basically theres two buttons on the,flosser thing here,um so the first one just turns a thing,on oh and then I think the second button,on the bottom,okay so I just turned this thing on for,the first time it is honestly really,scary like it the water really shoots,out of this thing and,you need to make sure not like I would,not recommend children use this like I,think like you could like shoot your eye,out this thing is is kind of scary I,dont know maybe Im just not used to,using a water flosser but the water,comes out like very aggressively,I dont know Im a little bit scared to,actually like try this in my mouth but,I dont know lets give it a try,they say that you should put it in your,mouth and like gently close your lips,around it,um and then basically theres two,different settings so theres one,setting so you turn it on and then you,can theres like a high like more,aggressive setting and then theres like,a lighter setting,now Im gonna try this thing in my mouth,ugh Im nervous but lets go,okay this thing is is,kind of messy I now have water all over,my mirror I have water on my face like,and Ive already used up like most of,the water like I think youd probably,have to go through like a whole thing of,water like every time you use it okay so,heres the problem with it theres so,much water like shooting out of this,thing so you basically just have to go,based on like where you can kind of feel,like the parts are between your teeth,and just kind of like aim it for that,area I dont know its a lot going on if,you like accidentally like take it out,of your mouth its going to shoot all,over the place my mirror is like totally,covered in watered out so you have to be,like pretty careful about this thing,okay Im gonna try it again and Im,gonna try some of the different like,settings and were gonna,try it again okay lets go,I think Im getting a little bit more,used to it,um I think this theres definitely a,learning curve to using this thing and,it cant like if you have it in a high,setting it can be like a tad bit,uncomfortable I dont know this thing is,weird I dont know if I like it I think,this is really good if you have like,braces or something and like its hard,for you to use normal floss its also,like it can just like kind of deep clean,some of the areas that arent normally,hit by flosh its like the size of your,teeth yeah I dont know like Im gonna,show you guys what this looks like,because now theres no more water in it,oh and then theres like these two color,buttons here,this is the lower one and then you can,also kind of just like pulsate it by,using using the top button,Im gonna try this thing again and just,give it another another try now that I,think I have more understanding of how,this thing works,Im gonna keep using this thing for a,while and then I will come back with my,final thoughts of if I think this thing,is worth it or not lets stay tuned this,thing is a little scary Im not gonna,lie it is literally like a window washer,for your teeth like if you actually just,watch how powerful the stream of water,is like it is very powerful like,like I would say the biggest downside of,this thing is its quite messy like if,youre not careful you could easily get,your mirror all wet your bathroom all,wet your face all wet like it there is a,lot of water coming out of this thing,very powerfully like you have to really,be careful about this thing however I,will say my teeth do feel very clean I,think the benefit is unlike regular,floss where youre just getting in,between your teeth this thing is,actually a little bit more similar to,like a toothbrush like a combination,between a toothbrush and a floss because,you can get in between your teeth but,its also getting like the surfaces of,your teeth as well so I dont know I,dont know if I would use this like in,replacement to floss I think a,traditional piece of floss is probably,going to be maybe a little bit better at,getting in between your teeth but this,thing is is probably better for getting,the surface of your teeth and it is a,very satisfying feeling to feel like you,can just like pressure wash your teeth I,dont know its kind of cool let me know,in the comments if youve ever used a,water flosser before or if youre,interested in the quip water flosser I,would love to know I think I will keep,using this thing because its it is very,satisfying I will give it that its a,little bit scary as well and I cant say,like I did use this thing a few times in,a row but my gums are a little bit sore,like I think I maybe went a little bit,too aggressively around my gum lines so,again I think you do have to be careful,about this thing if you do want to,purchase one I do have a quick discount,affiliate link Ill put that down in the,description box I dont think this is a,product for everyone and if this is not,for you lucky you because quip does have,several other floss products that you,can try or you can just try something,all together other than this I have,reviewed several other toothbrushes to,help keep your teeth clean as well so if,youre done watching this video and,youre looking for something else to,watch then I recommen

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QUIP Toothbrush UNBOXING and REVIEW by an unbiased dentist

[Music],down,its dr. Lisa I have a couple patients,whove been asking me about you know,what toothbrush to start using and,someone asked me about the quick,toothbrush and Ive been seeing a lot of,social media Instagram Facebook as Im,tripping so I decided to take a look and,see what its all about so today well,be doing a review on the quick,toothbrush I received my quick,toothbrush in the mail i milled it to,the house because I prefer to use it at,home than at the office and now we will,go ahead and unbox the quick refresh so,here we go,boom so lets take a look with inside,art so when you need to be open we have,a good template here hello well hello,iPhone very similar to the chic nosov,iPhone we have construction we have the,toothbrush so pretty lightweight,toothbrush very similar to the types of,toothbrush I like to travel with I have,the silver color theres a variety of,very cool sheet colors on our website,here we have a three month supply of,mint anti cavity toothpaste and theres,a two-week supply of another mint anti,cavity to face its probably your travel,size this will help a lot it if you,brush your teeth at work or you travel a,lot and heres an extra toothbrush today,and Im darkening so now Mary Jane has,decided to join us in on my little,review here so Marys there so she wants,to get a little you know acquainted with,a quick to trust you so if you hear a,little pity pass thats all MJ being,curious about what were doing here,today and a so lets check out the,toothbrush a little showcase this brush,so this is the mount basically with a,little sticky substance that if you,stick it towards any metal or plastic or,its supposed to just know its,lightweight fairly lightweight it goes,on Triple A batteries it has rubber tips,around toothbrush which is,good because usually rubber tips give,good gum stimulation so there are like,rubber tips that you can actually buy at,the store so its nice that it,incorporates rubber tips at the edges so,you know do a little comb massage it,helps to keep the gum area clean behind,the brush theres also a tongue cleaner,which is a really nice feature too,because a lot of people dont brush,their tongue and its nice that theres,a feature here to remind you to actually,get this is for the teeth and this is,for the time so make sure you brush that,tongue as often as you brush your teeth,you wanna make sure your tongue is also,nice and you know no white tongues you,know no one comes so use that tongues,near the vibration Im very used to,sonic hair and oral-b toothbrush lips,are basically the best in the market at,this time so its a little its,definitely different from the feeling,that I have from those tips but those,teeth brush but those tooth brushes are,newly over a hundred dollars for those,type of toothbrushes this is I believe,Im on a trial at this time but I,believe its around 4045 for this,toothbrush here I mean the best thing,about it is they sent you also every,three months they send you your,toothbrush heads and toothpaste the,actual home so its nice because now you,will always have the supply you can kind,of check that off your list you no,longer have to buy toothbrushes and,toothpaste because youll always have a,supply ship to you so I think thats one,of the benefits of quit but well give,this a test drive,okay so lets take a look at their,three-month toothpaste of its mint,flavored it has fluoride and basically,all of the same ingredients as your,usual toothpaste so basically this is a,three month supply so usually when you,use your toothpaste you want to make,sure you only put like a pea-sized you,dont want to fill the whole thing with,toothpaste like the commercial show you,you actually just want to put a little,pea-sized just little you know usually,get a toothbrush you just want to put a,little dad just wanted dab it on there,so thats Mary Jane in the back do you,want to brush your teeth Mary Jane come,you wanna bet your teeth okay well,anyways lets give us a little test,drive Im gonna when you turn it on,dont turn it on out here you want to,turn out of the mouth convinced the,place is gonna flicker all over the,place lets try,you still have to make sure that are you,doing the right motions let me go spit,time okay so I just got done spitting my,thoughts on the toothbrush is you still,have to make sure thats your angling,your brush correctly you still have to,its not really doing all the brushing,for you there are some electronic,Russian is the higher egg ones that you,actually dont even have to move your,hand around you just have to up position,it this one youre gonna still have to,angle it at a 45 degree angle and make,sure you kind of go around with your,circular motions because this it just,vibrates and it vibrates just lightly,the nice thing about this is it actually,gives you the three month subscription,so you get actually the toothpaste and,the heads to your house every three,months so thats thats pretty awesome,if thats something you want to check,off your list youll always have a,supply at home because usually many of,us forget to actually change your,toothbrush heads usually you want to,change them every three months or you,want to change them when the bristles,start to you know they start to spread,out at the ends edges you kind of like,spray out thats usually what you want,to change your toothbrush so its nice,that it has that subscription I think,thats one of the pros of it but Ive,tried you know more effective,toothbrushes and I would probably stick,to those just because I have my main,ones you know because they do the work,for you without you having to do the,work this one you still gotta do the,work,I love my electronic toothbrushes,because I dont have to do much work but,with this type you do have to put in,some work so it all depends really its,just the technique of how you brush for,more information on the quick toothbrush,and pricing check out their website get,quick calm dont forget to subscribe for,the latest dental tips and product,reviews

Quip Toothbrush Review – Much Improved

Hey, hows it going guys? This is Dave2D.,So, last year we did a review of a toothbrush by a company called Quip.,Theyre based out of New York, and I didnt love the product, it was pretty good, looks really nice,,but I kept it around at work, just because I wanted a toothbrush at work, and I continued to order refills for it,,just because it was convenient.,The last refill that came in, came with a free upgrade to their second generation toothbrush, much improved,,hence this second review.,So, Quip makes electric and manual toothbrushes that come in different colors and stuff,,but they sell them via a subscription service,,so you order toothbrush from them and if you want every three months or so,,theyll send you a new head and/or toothpaste, if thats what youve ordered.,Now the one I have is the electric version and it costs $40.,When it comes in, you get the toothbrush and a holder inside a travel case or like a travel tube,,some toothpaste and some pamphlets on dental care and stuff.,The handle is aluminum and it feels surprisingly well-made,,like I dont know about the plastic ones, but the metal handles have a really nice way to them.,Theyre densely packed, right? Theres a motor and a battery in a really small metal tube.,Now, I know, its just a toothbrush and a lot of people dont care about this kind of stuff,,but I think they did a really good job on the aesthetics.,The holder doesnt use sticky tape, its actually a reusable suction mechanism super easy to install,and if you ever want to move it around you can.,Its also a better holder than the old one, it drains better and the bottom pops off, so its easier to clean.,The heads now snap off instead of being a pull off and they feel much more secure when theyre attached.,The mechanism on the inside is quite different from before.,So, this new one has a few more O rings that make it waterproof,,but the most significant improvement is how the vibrations get to the bristles.,Im not sure exactly what they did.,But its a stronger vibration at the head which I assume does a better job cleaning your teeth.,It still uses a triple-a battery that lasts around three months.,And Ive been using a rechargeable battery with no problem.,The brush heads have some soft rubber bristles things around the edge.,Now the whole thing doesnt spin, they just kind of vibrate when you brush.,This new version gives a really solid brushing experience.,It actually feels like any top name brand vibrating toothbrush, but it looks a lot nicer.,It also has a tongue scraper and a two-minute timer.,The toothpaste is a pretty standard minty flavor and itll last you around three months for the tube.,Now the equip subscription service itself, I used to think it wasnt that useful,,because really how hard is it to get a toothbrush and a toothpaste wherever you want to North America.,But I will say this: ever since Ive had the Quip and the convenience of just having the heads delivered to work,,every three months, I have never once missed brushing my teeth after lunch not even once in a year.,Its kind of weird like I normally dont have compliance issues with brush my teeth,,but normally I wouldnt brush my teeth after lunch at work.,Its just the way it is, but now that theyre here and now that the heads are there, I just use them.,The other thing is if youre looking for a modern looking toothbrush like an electric toothbrush,,that doesnt have a charging cable and stuff, this is like the only good one out there.,Thats the end of this video. I hope you guys liked it. Give me some thumbs if you liked it, subs if you loved it.,Its been nice. See you guys next time.

Quip Toothbrush Review | Honest

hey guys welcome back to my channel and,if you are new my name is Sarah I would,love if you guys could join us by,subscribing down below and hitting your,notification belt so you get notified,the next time I upload a video today Im,going to be doing a video on the,infamous equipped toothbrushes that have,been circling around the internet for,the past couple of years Ive tried them,out for three or four months now and I,have an honest opinion and I want to,share it with you guys so this is what,the qyp toothbrushes look like when you,first buy them they come in a big box,and what youll take out of the box is,this white thing and the toothbrush,itself this one is mine this one is,Alexs and I purchase ours at Target,theyre about $40 each um mine is the,pink one which I think its called rose,gold or something these are the aluminum,ones the plastic ones are cheaper if you,would like to budge it a little bit more,on these toothbrushes and then this one,is the black aluminum one they come in,these little cases this can be used as a,stand the back of this is sticky and,getting like basically adhere to most,smooth surfaces not the wall but like,glass and a mirror and stuff like that,and then when youre traveling with it,the idea is that you can snap it in and,this can be your little travel,toothbrush and itll still have a stand,when you get to your destination so the,reason we tried these was because Alex,really wanted to try them Alex is my,boyfriend he lives at my house like five,days a week basically during the summer,and then the changes are in the year but,he has toothbrush a towel shampoo all,the whole shebang and he wanted to try,them so we tried them out and hes,actually the one who ended up having the,most problems with them so Im going to,talk about my experience so far in the,past,I owned a Sonicare toothbrush which I,actually do still own and I use quite a,bit thats like a dental grade,toothbrush that I got from my dentist it,was two hundred dollars it was very,expensive but the features on it are,amazing also the vibrations on that,toothbrush is something that is kind of,what I wanted to talk about with the qyp,toothbrush the Sonicare toothbrush is,the oral-b ones the more expensive ones,you can basically just put it on a tooth,and the vibration is so,I said its already brushing for you the,quip theres still like a motion like,theres still a hand motion youve got,to make in order to clean your teeth so,if youre looking for something thats,super high-powered this is not it,clip recommends that you subscribe to,the three so that its like a monthly or,like a try monthly subscription of a,toothbrush head and a battery to replace,every three months,thats only offered through their,website and thats what they recommend,that you do in order to stay up to date,on your maintenance for your toothbrush,so one thing I like about these is it,vibrates every 30 seconds to let you,know to switch so its 30 seconds on the,top left 30 seconds on the bottom left,30 seconds on the right top and then 30,seconds on the bottom right so its kind,of just easier because you dont have to,calculate two minutes in your head its,all in the toothbrush and it tells you,when to switch which I really like at,the beginning when I was using that I,really enjoyed that and then now I dont,really follow it as much but it is,something that I a feature that I liked,at the beginning um I think that the,price is steep for what you get youre,literally getting this in a plastic tube,and I think that that price is very,steep especially when they want you to,subscribe to the try monthly ten dollar,subscription for the battery I honestly,just think I expected too much from it I,use it at home and as a travel,toothbrush when were going on trips for,the weekend,but normally like at my dorm and,everything else,I used my Sonicare toothbrush I like,that this is a sleek design but I think,it was very hyped um the main complaints,I have is actually with Alexs equipped,toothbrush and I was surprised because,he was the one he wanted to try them but,his battery has died at least four or,five times in the past month and when I,went to open the battery pouch there was,like black mold splashed like soap scum,growing inside of the toothbrush mine I,have never had to open because I have,never had to change the battery but this,is either a lemon meaning its just like,a bad one that we got and not stuck,to suck or it actually does have,problems Im not sure which one it is,but I think that that is very disgusting,and I dont want that near my mouth,especially um like its supposed to be,cleaning my teeth I honestly think that,it was a waste of money because Alex,uses this as a manual toothbrush he,doesnt even turn on the battery,honestly its just like not enough of a,step up from a normal toothbrush to be,worth the money if this was like 25,bucks then I maybe could see that,happening but this is no better than,buying a electric toothbrush from the,drugstore which you can do now that are,like the same size and you put a battery,in it they work almost the same if not,better I actually own one of those who,brushes my first semester of freshman,year in college and it works better than,this so I think that theyre very much,overhyped I think that they are kind of,cool because theyre trendy but like,this is just like another trend to like,add on to I dont feel like this is,doing anything revolutionary that the,market hasnt really seen before so that,is kind of my honest review on qyp I,know this is sort of short but I just,wanted to tell you my honest opinion on,these toothbrushes and let you know that,theyre not really worth the hype but if,you want to try them out I havent,really had like a lot to complain about,with mine besides I dont feel that Ive,gotten like this is not worth the amount,I paid for it but like I dont really,have any major complaints the major,complaints I have is with this one with,the battery life and the black like soap,scum whatever I found in it um kind of,like made me second-guess whether or not,I liked these so if you guys have any,video requests or anything you guys,would like to see on the channel please,let me know in the comments down below,and I will see you guys in the next,video bye

Sonic toothbrush showdown: Quip vs Sonicare vs cheap electric toothbrushes

maybe because google has figured out,that Im a dentist but I see a lot of,ads for the equip,so Ive been curious about it I mean I,think electric toothbrushes are great in,general the quip looks really cool and,for around 40 or 50 dollars its the,same price as the sonic air that I,usually recommend to patients so we did,a comparison I bought equip plus two,other sonic electric toothbrushes and,Ive been using them for a couple weeks,to see how they compare to the sonic,hair that I normally use now first let,me just give you some background on,electric toothbrushes I already,mentioned that I think that theyre,great and that is because they are at,the same time more effective than a,manual toothbrush but also more gentle,so for people with sensitive teeth or,recession they are a must have but you,know they make for a pretty decent life,upgrade for I dont know anybody now,this may sound obvious but for these,toothbrushes to be more effective than a,manual toothbrush the bristles have to,do a lot of work as they automatically,sweep back and forth but they move so,fast it can actually be hard to see how,much theyre moving so to give you a,better sense of what each of these,toothbrushes are doing I filmed them,with the bristles submerged in some,water so the more splashing you see the,better now the first one I tried is the,Colgate 360 sonic battery-powered,toothbrush you can get this for around,six dollars on Amazon and at that price,its not much more than a manual,toothbrush you can see the ripples its,making in the water while the sonic,action isnt nearly as strong as the,sonic here I cant feel while Im using,it that its doing something is it,enough above something to make it better,than a manual toothbrush I dont know,maybe but I didnt like it more than I,thought I would and I think that this,makes for a great travel toothbrush the,next one is the iae X which youve,probably never heard of but its what I,found when I searched Amazon for cheap,electric toothbrush,there are a lot in the $20 range but I,found this bad boy for $11 you can see,that the bristles are definitely moving,more than a Colgate and you know you can,feel that when you use it but there are,some downsides the charger confusingly,ends with a USB plug rather than a, electrical plug which meant that,I had to charge it on my bedside table,rather than in my bathroom so like you,know thats not ideal and it also just,has the one button so every time you,turn it on and off you cycle through all,the different modes and so like you know,if youre turning it off and you,accidentally hit the button one too many,times,you got a cycle through all the modes,again but like toothpaste is splattering,everywhere while youre doing that its,a mess and its like just not great,you know like Im also never gonna be,able to find replacement heads for this,thing I mean I cant even find it on,Amazon anymore,so you know like I dont know if I would,recommend the iaea ex but you know like,it works amazingly well for the price,and I would assume that most of those,other ones on Amazon in this price range,are pretty good if youre willing to put,up with some annoyances so heres the,Sonicare and you know all the Sonicare,toothbrushes have the same sonic action,which you can see here is a step above,the cheaper ones weve looked at earlier,this is the only one or I was actually,worried about my camera getting wet,sonic ears come with a lot of crazy,features but the only one I really think,is worth it is the sensor that prevents,you from using too much pressure that,means the one that I usually recommend,is the Sonicare 4100 protective claim it,usually runs around fifty dollars but,sometimes you can find it on sale for,cheaper now that is a lot more than,eleven dollars but well I wouldnt be,surprised if the iaea ex stopped working,tomorrow,Ive had this sonic here for almost five,years now lets look at the quip now,heres the sonic here again for a,reference and here is the quip yeah it,is on its just real real sad I mean,like I dont think that this $50,toothbrush is as good as the $6,toothbrush we looked at earlier you know,and like using it feels like using a,manual toothbrush in fact I think there,might be manual toothbrushes I like,better than this since I dont love the,bristle design here I will admit that it,is undeniably cool I mean I got this,black metal one which looks awesome and,has this great holder that attaches to,my bathroom here just know that if you,get one of these you are paying for good,design not a good toothbrush so to wrap,all this up if you dont have an,electric toothbrush maybe you should get,one and after doing this comparison the,one that I think you should get and the,one that I will continue to personally,use is the sonic here I dont think you,need to spend any more than 50,on it and if you want to spend less,rather than getting a knockoff from,Amazon you might be better off getting,sonic eres cheapest model since it might,be easier to find replacement heads or,you just wait for a sale there are some,popular toothbrushes I did not mention,most notably the oral-b electric its a,good toothbrush I just happened to,prefer the sonic air and quip isnt the,only new brand of electric toothbrush,out there theres like goby and burst,and gleam and a bunch of others and you,know like not too long ago I probably,would have encouraged patients to give,those a try to him that they were,probably fine but I am so shocked by how,bad the quip is that Im a little,nervous about recommending anything that,I have not tried myself so until I get a,chance to give those a try Im gonna,stick with what I know is good which is,sonic air

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