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Rabbit house review (Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch review)

say hi big poke,hi everyone,today we are excited to do a makeover,for pig poke this space is,where he likes to get his hay,and drink his water but it is in the,middle of the house its not very pretty,so were gonna do a makeover today and,we cant wait to show you what we got,right here weve been using the bottom,half of a carry case again not very,pretty and i think youre gonna like,what weve got in store,[Music],[Music],what is this,hes ready to open it,want to help open it,keep going big poke keep going,[Music],so,[Music],so,[Music],[Applause],so,[Music],[Music],do,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],how we thought this would go oh this is,the greatest touch ever thank you so,much,how its going,where,here people,lets show everyone your hunch,oh,good boy come here,got some treats for you can you come up,here,coming up to your hutch,there you go,so,lets go over some of the features of,the the rabbit hutch um first of all,its got,uh wheels on it which makes it really,easy to move around its got brakes in,the back two wheels,and we moved it away from the wall a,little bit so he likes to explore and,tunnel and go go around,[Music],this can go in you know indoors or,outdoors so its really convenient to,have the wheels,his,ramp here this comes off easily so you,can remove that,we put some carpet squares on there to,you know help them get up and to kind of,dress it up for them um whats great,about this is you can,uh you know add to it,for what your bunny likes,we put on um some,towels here but it does have a grate,underneath and this tray will pull out,so that you can clean anything that,falls in there,yeah,good boy,we leave that door open because he likes,to,access his hay more easily so that door,does close and this one does as well,itll latch in so,um,bunny plays out around the house for a,good part of the day,but you can,you know lock your rabbet up at night,the hutch will accommodate one to two,rabbits so if you have two you could,have a second one join,we have this water dish in the back but,you could hang it,on the side wall if you wanted to,so his upstairs layer,has a door that,closes here slides closes and open,the hutch came with that hay bin um,which you we we put,down here for him but you can actually,in the second floor um attach it screw,it to the the wall in there and well,well go up and take a look at that,yeah,so the second ramp we added some carpet,squares to that there too,lets take a look upstairs,oh pig poke it looks like he peed,so we added a towel here,but again this has um that tray like at,the bottom that will come out,to be able to clean really easily its,really nice,and it just slides back in,and you can also again attach that hay,bin,to this wall theres screws that come,with that too,this is for at night you know if your,bunny sleeps up top here you can close,this,especially for outdoors you know help,help keep some of those bugs out too has,some breathing holes,and its a cute little paw design,so lastly let me just show you the tray,at the bottom here,so for cleaning this comes right out,and its easily,its plastic so itll wipe up really,easily,and the hutch came with this chew toy,wood carrot shape,so itll be fun once he gets gnawing on,that so that is our hutch,i really like it pig poke likes it,and i hope you do too,[Music],you,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music],[Music],so,[Music],[Applause],[Music],oh

1982 Volkswagen Rabbit MK1 Caddy Pickup: Regular Car Reviews

hey its Monday the giveaway for the fox,body 5 liter Mustang GT ends this,Wednesday click the link in the,description why not yougear.com buy a,mug or digital download and get entered,to win this ice white fox body Mustang,just in time for the holidays click the,link on the description why not,yougear.com and now,a car thats the exact opposite of an,American V8,[Music],floppy floppy floppy floppy floppy,floppy floppy floppy,oh go faster,[Music],oh its wet,God damn it,lets talk about PA dubbers,a subset of car culture unique to,Pennsylvania,North and South Carolina has their truck,squatters LA and Miami have hydraulic,low riders Vermont has OG subi culture,Utah has balloon tire rock crawlers,hotlanta has supercars still stunting,but Pennsylvania has PA dubbers,heres how you join,number one,by the shittiest example of a Volkswagen,product you can,number two work on it enough to pass,inspection at a lick and stick,inspection station number three replace,missing interior trim or upholstery from,wherever you can steal it number four,sell weed to a cop from New Tripoli,number five if your Volkswagen product,unfortunately is guilty of being new and,clean and modern well,number six take off the hood quarter,panel passenger door or trunk lid Buzz,all the paint off with a wire wheel,attached to a porter cable electric,right angle grinder and then pass pass,your way to Rusty street cred and,infected sheets parking lot,number seven get a job at Ritas Italian,ice and deal heroin out in the open,addendums make sure you are never,responsible for your own actions blast,Eminem like its,2005. I am whoever you say I am over,talk women feel entitled to sex drive,your Volkswagen fast to outrun the,memories of childhood trauma and your,opiate addicted youth pastor,I drive a diesel Volkswagen Rabbit I,wake up in in time to Swagger outside,and Shout at the mail carrier thats,right walk away I tell the person,checking out at Sheets in front of me,thats right walk away I wait patiently,for a larger man to finish his tricep,push Downs before whispering,35 pounds despite taking the same gear,as the liver King I over fuel my,four-cylinder Diesel and mimic my,pumpkin face fathers disgust with life,if I dont try Ill never lose whats,the point its all going to hell anyway,Im gonna drink essential everyday,nighttime coughing cold and go to work,at cursed Mumble Towing and Recovery,yeah thats my dad time to drive my,1980s Volkswagen while holding my quick,release steering wheel out the drivers,window all flopping around cause you,think I have a dirt bag well Ive got to,act like a dirtbag Ill never volunteer,in my own Community Im never picking up,trash I am whatever you say I am I hate,every single teacher I ever had Id,rather be angry if everything then were,all equal but if I embark on a journey,of self-discovery it means Im beta,even though,the exhaust is Smoky,and the mechanical fuel injectors are,barfing,this classic mini truck,still gets 40 miles a gallon,but man,this is slow,its Nissan pow slow,its Ford Courier slow,its,uh oh,a hill,time to put the four ways on,it steers like a 16-bit video game,you know,left a bit not enough left left too much,left left oh got too much right right,right right right right,and the brakes same deal,not much not much not much is there,anything here all the Wheels lock on,ripped for my pleasure,well theres gears down there somewhere,it doesnt like first gear so just pull,out in a second and,a street cred,Im a PA dauber oh,1982,Volkswagen Rabbit pickup truck hey its,the dad from earlier,my name is Fred fordhauser and my family,tree is a wreath Merry Christmas,all the stockings,are crispy,Im a PA dubber too,oh and I drive a Volkswagen,Rabbit truck,I got a PPP loan but I didnt use any of,it to pay back my child support,Im Fred Fort Hauser now this Volkswagen,Rabbit pickup Sports a 1.6 liter,naturally aspirated diesel making you,ready for this 48 horsepower and 56 foot,pounds of torque,you got a five-speed manual transmission,to make the most of it Gage initially,bought this off of a 17 year old who had,planned to make it a daily driver but,gave up after recognizing how useless,this thing is past 55 miles an hour and,he was left to replace the headers among,other mods like the solo Works coilovers,and the lower drop plates and and this,stack the smell of the the smell of this,truck gives Gage headaches but,guess thats the price he has to pay,thats a nice trade-off for only having,to pay eight dollars a month in,insurance and this is the only bed,length available so I dont know what,youre gonna haul with this other than a,freshly shot dough that you needed 12,rounds to drop or a Sony back projection,television or a Sony CRT television the,wheelbase is only nine inches longer,than the rabbit sedan and it has a,mechanical fuel injection pump like a,World War II fighter plane which feeds,into the tactile low-tech Vibe of a,compact truck from a time before,multimedia integration was a thing the,only entertainment was the drive and the,fumes on the plus side you can run,virtually anything through this engine,motor oil vegetable oil stripper saliva,the dream of home ownership whatever you,want Volkswagen Rabbit pickup sponsored,by having unprotected sex with a gum,smacking e-girl who thinks Alex Jones,had some good ideas and then you go,Hydrate with some brown municip possible,tap water all right so the history,the history of this truck starts with,Chrysler Chrysler decided they need to,churn out more product in the 60s so,what better place to take a dump than,rural Pennsylvania so they bought a,Thousand Acre plot in New Stanton which,is about 40 minutes outside Pittsburgh,and built nearly a 3 million square foot,production facility to crank out,Chrysler 300s and New Yorkers and,whatever the hell else Chrysler was,making back then that had people nursing,the gas pedal in the passing Lane but,Chrysler randomly decided to back out,which didnt really hurt their bottom,line at all although it nearly killed,the town New Stanton paid out the ass,for infrastructure to support the,facility with the expectation of a bunch,of jobs being created instead they got,an eyesore that nobody used for eight,years so enter Volkswagen who were,trying to find a U.S assembly plant to,capitalize on whatever Buzz they had off,of the success of the beetle so they,bought the plant and started churning,out rabbits like some kind of animal,known for a lot the rabbit sedan didnt,really hit with a American sensibilities,but the pickup version was a lot more,our speed even though it was slower than,continental drift it did well for a time,and sold nearly 40 000 units in 1981 but,just two years later it barely broke 2,000 units it eventually discontinued for,the same reason compact pickup trucks,died in North America in the 1980s Size,Matters to Americans all the more when,gas prices dont since we were past the,oil crisis and people felt they could,comfortably guzzle gas again plus the,chicken tax the full-size pickup was,becoming an institution leaving little,room for a truck with little room,production stopped in 83 and then just,sort of spent the next two years getting,rid of the rabbits they had left like a,liquidated pet store,by 1985 only two rabbits were sold,and the plant well Volkswagen sails,bottomed out in the late 80s it was,announced that the plant would be sold,to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,where it sat for a few years until Sony,decided itd make a great place to,assemble televisions and thats what,they did until it was shut down in 2008.,the New Stanton assembly plant has been,dormant ever since still the largest,block of unused commercial real estate,in Pennsylvania meanwhile the rabbit had,a minor Resurgence in popularity in,South Africa,but as a commercial van but here in,Pennsylvania it still exists as a,chariot for PA dubbers

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Rabbit Air A3 | Reviw

hi its charlie bonado from,halfwheel.com and this is the rabbit air,a3 it is the latest air purifier from,rabbit air which is,as close as i can think of to a company,thats targeting cigar consumers,specifically to sell,air purifiers it is 700 750,and it is a follow-up to the very,popular and sort of ubiquitous,minus a2 which is actually the air,purifier or air purifiers that we use,the most here at half wheels lounge,so rabbiter claims that this unit can go,into spaces that are as large as 1070,square feet that compares to the old,model which was recommended for either,700 or 815 square feet,its the first time at least to my,knowledge that rabiter is making a unit,thats recommended,for over a thousand square feet and once,the unit showed up it was apparent that,there were some changes the,form factor is different theres this,matte black plastic instead of the high,gloss plastics from before,uh the size is a bit different the shape,is a little bit different but its a lot,of the same stuff,and i was curious to know how rabbit air,was making those,improvements so the way the unit works,its pretty much the same as the minus,a2,the air is going to go in and it can,either go in through this main slot here,which,is new for the a3 the a2 did not have,any sort of front slot,or on any of the sides you can see here,its not,flush against the unit so these openings,are intentional and theyre functional,and thats because thats how the smoke,gets in so,once the smoke goes in,its got a series of filters to go,through now im going to remove all the,filters all at once but,you can see thats the filter bank right,there,and behind it is a big fan,so the way that this works is when the,units on the fan will,suck in air it goes through the filters,goes through the fan unit and then out,through the exhaust,on top now specifically regarding those,filters,this is where things got somewhat,interesting for me because,while it was clear the filters were,larger it wasnt clear if they are any,different material,and rabbit air actually says they arent,its the same filter,materials and design that theyve used,on the a2 but they are obviously,noticeably larger and in some cases,noticeably heavier,so the first filter is the only one,thats not made to be replaced rather,this is the one youre supposed to clean,and so if you buy a new set of filters,you wont get this filter its the large,sort of particle filter,its designed to get things like hair,dust mites weve seen bugs,basically any of the big stuff it wants,to get here and thats actually kind of,helpful because this filter you just,either can clean it with a vacuum or you,can run it under water,and as opposed to having to pay to,replace it or paying rapid air to,include it as part of the package,it wont itll catch the the big stuff,so it doesnt get caught into the more,expensive,and non-cleanable filters the next one,is called the medium filter,it attaches via velcro and its designed,to get some of that bigger stuff but,also some smaller stuff rabbit air,claims this this filters uh can actually,start to get some bacteria or things,that are small as bacteria,the next one is sort of where the,difference between the rabbit air and a,general consumer air purifier,comes into place so this is activated,carbon,or charcoal and you can see that there,is a honeycomb design here and inside of,each one of those honeycombs,is some charcoal briquettes and charcoal,will absorb the odor that comes through,it probably absorbs more than just the,odor,but as the smoke moves through the,charcoal will help to,take the odor out of the smoke which is,i think probably a harder job than,getting rid of the visible smoke itself,and so this is one of those things,thats a big difference between the a2,it is noticeably heavier and the design,is a little bit different,the next filter is a hepa filter now,rabbit air says that their hepa filters,arent just a standard hepa filter they,are branded as bio gs,and while i dont claim to be an expert,on hepa filters what rabbiteer says,is that unlike a standard hepa filter,which has a series of more or less,randomized fibers both in the direction,that they go in and also the size of the,fibers,some of the fibers in here are charged,and the idea is that when the particles,come through and the contaminants come,through,the charged fibers inside this hepa,filter will make for a more attractive,spot for those contaminants to latch,onto,now um unlike some air purifiers this,doesnt have current running through,the the filter like it so its not going,to make that bug,zapping sound that some air purifiers do,but it is different uh the back of the,filter,is green for whatever reason not,entirely sure,or maybe more of a teal the final filter,is whats called the custom filter so,there are four options whenever you buy,a new rabbit air or you buy replacement,filters you have the option to choose,the fourth filter,this is similar to the a2 and the four,options are the same the one that youre,going to want if you are a cigar smoker,is the odor remover one,they also make one for pets and some,other things and so,just like that carbon filter in the,front this is designed to help get rid,of the odors,that are inside of the smoke this also,reveals uh,sort of two changes that have been made,for the a3 so the first one you can tell,is,up here and that is this is not a 90,degree angle unlike all the rest of the,corners on all the rest of the filters,this makes it easier when youre,installing the filters because you know,that this needs to go,theres a spot in the on the filter bank,and if you dont put it in right,while the filter will fit inside it,wont close correctly so just remember,this needs to line up to the part of the,bank that looks like that now on the,back of it theres actually something,even more interesting,so this right here is an nfc tag and,when i first saw this,it seemed like something that could be,interesting but it also seems like its,something that could be a downside,so the reason why rabbit airs put this,in here is because the a3 can tell you,when it thinks you need to change your,filters,now that led to two concerns in my end,first,does that mean that it will only work,with proprietary rabbit air nfc enabled,filters and,two is it going to be telling me to,change the filters out a lot more than i,actually need to be,and the good news to both those,questions is no the unit actually will,turn on and run without any filters,installed let alone one with an nfc tag,and secondly uh the filter life that,weve been getting now these filters are,all brand new because otherwise thered,be,stuff flying all over the place but the,filters that weve been using for the,last three months,when i took them out of the unit earlier,they actually said they had more than,half of their life left in them and that,leads me to believe that i might have,been replacing filters at a lot,more frequent pace than what rabbit air,actually recommends,so in terms of the three best things,about the rabbit air number one is that,it works for cigar smoke so,we have a 150 air purifier over in that,corner its called the kawai the co-way,its highly recommended by the wire,cutter and in terms of getting rid of,smoke from a visual perspective,it works quite well you blow smoke near,it and the smoke goes in,and the air that comes out doesnt look,like smoke the problem is is that when i,stand,over a unit like that i can still smell,the smoke and if i stand over you dont,like the rabbit air it doesnt smell,like smoked beer thats leaving the unit,now i will admit,in order for this test to happen theres,got to be a cigar lit nearby so,may not be a hundred percent perfect of,a test but it is a noticeable difference,and odor removal seems to be the tougher,part of the equation,cheaper air purifiers can do the visual,job but they cant get rid of the odors,and the problem is,if your air purifier the thing that you,think is cleaning the air,doesnt actually clean the air u

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Bunny Kingdom Review – In The Pocket of Big Rabbit

strap on your knapsacks and bring me a,carrot today were going to be exploring,one bunny kingdom and its expansion,bunny kingdom in the sky this is a game,of two to four players battling to,create the wealthiest bunny fiefdom by,drafting gorgeous cards that are being,passed around the table like a lovely,meal each turn everyone simultaneously,picks which two cards they want and,passes the rest of them on at its,simplest if you choose to take card g7,you pop a bunny of your color onto grid,space g7 or in the words of the games,box,expand your fief by just a hair its a,joke its a rabbit joke other cards let,you build towers or grant you fabulous,resources and theres much more besides,but however many people youre playing,with any cards you decide not to take,probably wont make it back to you again,meaning a game of bunny kingdom is wall,to wall tricky decisions at the end of,each drafting round when you put all,your bunnies and towers on the board,youre gonna calculate how much wealth,or points youre getting from your,bulging bunny burrows and you do that by,looking at the areas in which you have,lots of bunnies connected in one,contiguous area and then counting how,many unique resources exist in that area,so 1 2 3 and then timesing that by the,number of towers you have in castles,within that same area so 1 2 3 so thats,3 times 3 which is,No now obviously as the game goes on,its gonna get a little more complicated,what about when you have to do 7 times 8,7 times 9 that would be well its,happening to point out at this point,that the game actually comes with tiny x,tables on the back of your card which,means if you like myself you cant do,maths very good well dont worry they,can do maths for you on a tiny piece of,paper yeah this might be the first game,Ive ever played that comes with a times,table for calculation so dont be fooled,by the fluffy exterior of bunny Kingdom,when you rip up the turf underneath it,youre gonna find a lot of abstract,calculation you could almost go as far,as to say that this might be seen as an,educational game thats right bunny,Kingdom is arguably a family game really,and family games are not something that,we cover terribly often on account of,the fact that we are effectively just,oversized children ourselves although I,think we did try and review one family,game once heres something you have,never done before but I think the bunny,kingdom would be such a good family game,that Im putting my entire lack of,experience and knowledge to one side,its like a brain amnesty in the aid of,fun firstly the arts by Palmer found is,foxy and lavish and just lovingly heaped,into every single corner of this game,plus the production from balelo is,fabulous and so getting a bunny into the,tiny divots of these castles makes you,feel like just for a moment all is right,[Music],and equally the puzzle in the basic game,of bunny Kingdom is a perfectly solid,and satisfying little thing the first,game is sometimes a touch awkward as you,try and work out the value of different,things in this procedure the guarantee,deck of options but after a drafting,proves to be both generous and teasing,giving you exciting options to choose,from but no clear solutions of how to do,it so you know that immediately well,buildings are going to be important I,want that because then thats gonna be,at times to multiply for my score and,obviously rare resources important Im,gonna have these mushrooms because that,again its gonna be times even more,things but then buildings and resources,are no use if you dont have a nice,meaty beef to plunk Clementi to actually,get you those connected areas and with,this early rush for territory and,resources it means most people tend to,leave these scoring cards until much,later in the game but obviously the,earlier in the game that you draft them,the more likely you are that youll,actually be able to fulfill them and,thats before we even get to cards like,the camp which allow you to just put one,of your bunnies on a tile that you do,not own and its yours unless somebody,else drafts that tile later in the game,at which point you have to leave and,its theirs so on paper bunny kingdom,seems like a smash hit and its big its,bold and we would say that for what you,get in the box it sees shockingly cheap,and its a big box game experience that,you can have in under an hour which is,an experience which is all too rare,these days but the end game of bunny,Kingdom is a bit of a damp squib it,honestly feels sometimes a little bit,like doing someone elses maths homework,after its being run through a shredder,you have to identify all of your little,thiefs around board do all of the,counting then the multiplication and,then you have to go through and find all,your secret parchment cards work out if,yous filled them and then do extra,multiplication but what if youre an,adults wanting to play game,with other adults well resident grown-up,Quinton Smith found bunny kingdom fun,but wanting lacking the depth and bytes,to truly establish it as an exceptional,design but wait whats that up there is,it a bird is it a plane,no its bunny Kingdom in the sky now if,like Quinton Smith you felt that this,game was good but not quite not quite,enough then you might find bunny kingdom,in the sky to be exceptional I hate it,[Music],whoa stop now you cant be initiating,mid review turnarounds until youve at,least got your blue belt in board game,reviewing and I mean honestly,integrating silly songs out of nowhere,for no reason thats like a punk minimum,all right so you just got to call this,off but I just hate it so much its a,boy dog had to be filled with reckless,hate well yeah no I want to take over,brimming of hatred away from anybody but,I think Im a kept man I mean I cant,start a Conoco I think its terrible and,hating at least one colorful cheerful,family game rationally is an important,part of any anyones life but can you,not just let me wait until I finished,explaining the game before you burst is,amazing thats fine thanks,so if bunny Kingdom was already a nice,mark of warm furry animal fun well in,the sky has that cup brimming over earth,this is the great cloud which offers you,bunny barons bounties beyond compare,Alvis lightning parents unicorns ice,cream snowmen each of these potentially,boosting your score to stratospheric new,heights but like something out of a,fairy tale there are perhaps too many,riches for these clouds to handle you,see because bunny kingdom only allows,you to have one token on a space binding,space to place towers on the board is,hell even though it should be easier,because now rather than just being,connected to four continuous spaces in,the clouds,each is surrounded by six now it is very,simplest in the sky is fun because as,you and your friends climbing up,rainbows to try and come home with magic,beans and golden pineapples and its most,complicated its a game thats fun,because it has you ascribing value to,all of these new weird cards that get,added to the deck to drag through and,has you watching your friends like a,hawk trying to work out how many of them,are gonna climb up these rainbows as,part of a dreamy Gold Rush the scale,means that the game is around 20% longer,and youve got significantly more,territory to I allowing for players to,express themselves a little bit more,with their choices without slowing the,game down because obviously play is,almost entirely simultaneous and that,means that when you get a fifth player,being added the little purple bunnies,usually when expansions come out and say,thats a fifth player you have the,question of is it really good and five,players and the expansion kind of softly,goes no but in this its great doesnt,slow the game down doesnt make it any,worse,it just works with five players the,cloud board is practically sagging with,riches but if you all go for it then you,obliterate its purpose like tourists,crowding an otherwise peaceful Beach but,at the same time with all of these new,cards in a

Peter Rabbit Review | Rose Byrne | Domhnall Gleeson | Sam Neill | Selfie Review

correctomundo ardor a crazy end of the,review Peter Rabbit iron tutelary the,random or some Beatrix Potter up ding,Romney enacted Riegle are depraved Sudan,the peroxide try yoga guru Masamune are,you Ellen area regularly singing,operatic rats Rihanna Beatrix Potter,erase from the nada on a UK lap or on,tour on the boulevard angle boxer number,one lady,so in the Quran Epona Mughal desire you,know more context love pooja pooja bedi,Zilla Peter Rabbit para ta karae England,or a country cylindric Arakawa Peter,Rabbit other a moon Tangut see cousin,Elmer they do anger the restive Eleanor,Naveed the thought of the gup-a anger a,grassroots citable slanted supper they,underway today one of ironic go home on,a period our that Peter everybody Aparna,be fruits which the person is a movie,put to call upon every is very dry with,male woody tell you this but I think it,let be having over lady regala the Peter,rubidium opossum ah,we do run on the VTP reorient the better,so in Manama regina jolly repeated every,day Ganga enjoy a pony dare you mother,Thomas uh being around the V today war,is hang on theres also in the Ganga,long kind of putting like a llama it was,a beaver a romantic an affair or a,created so we the LA pod that we travel,to binaries Larry this one the Thomas a,variety I dont know how many be pills,down on Maria plan imported reporter,planula de Souza alia having a rock,Peter Rabbit Pretoria correct Sony,Pictures animation or danger outstanding,on a work done in that Peter Rabbit,Yahoo characters on the reaction of,Julia Morgan edge over the animation is,in theory are all of the super up Linda,oblique Iran or freemium comedy hero,rampart and graphics Italy in our,reaction a job very well on animation,me Alma Corregidor room but cliche visor,bottom was imposed a smarter and witty,and I like scary accompany the Emperor,to make every relative good words your,sister a nice condo moon Caliparis a,canoe be recording you do Perry Im,gonna really misses you felt Ellis will,do very very akin are built like,Hollywood in Hollywood even the,Spielberg Hollywood in money son Solomon,Jolly Andrey panoramas are not exceeding,and buying a context arisen law context,yeah put your Emporium you said live,interview James Corden Margot Robbie de,serie linen area popular,perfect rsync arugula Mookie Amanda,Peter a meter device and a Peter able to,do to ruin a full pitch CagA man ro,Torres vigor of misuse of people,character James Curran male voice,perfect Sinclair a nice energy are you,loving by Air India became arose burn,abdominal negligent remember effortless,energy to be ready to very may Allah,Mookie McDonald tension agricultural,over kuttappan illegally whatever a -,abdomen swollen on our curriculum or on,the courier da da da no button,aria-pressed Ilena РCorrado pooch,motors ally in the summer location lets,inaba-san Jeff Perry are gonna alarm a,path the enjoy Parnell Cooney a,delightful on a family-friendly piranha,in the Peter Rabbit poor on Tommy Lee,release a delay initially sell you on a,separate sort of play Ponte Motta candy,Bobby Parnell environmental awareness a,great but robbery messages on the,Hollywood Larry narrating Abu Omar,Rodriguez in lauric Sabine door,animation original mrs. freer bonilla,aragón unique Peter I mean / Рnagura,here give us into our debris and a,miracle even aa Thomas entreprenuer they,are not area messages for Rangel alia,being a good theory let their delay,interval a popular I saw poor on the,dhaba yang upon an Ambu GUI to come here,on character never the poor tomorrow on,a theater below and they didnt we see,the coop or review look at the Somalia,many city collects or was it you no more,trying three man Gnostic no longer dozen,area

Jojo Rabbit reviewed by Robbie Collin

so its a new film from Taika Waititi,how can this be a bad thing you know,directive hunt for the world to people,what we do in the shadows and most,recently thor ragnarok in which he,managed to bring his personal style to,bear to a Marvel movie which is no mean,feat and giorgio rabbit is exactly the,kind of film that you make after youve,done that when you proven that you know,you can bring your signature to a,blockbuster and it can still make,enormous amounts of money thats when a,studio will say okay hit me with your,passion project lets do this and I,think by all accounts this is certainly,a do if its is this lifetimes ambition,to make this but its certainly been,something thats been taking over in his,head for I think about 10 years his mom,gave him the big yes right so its,inspired by this book caging skies by,Christine – who is I think a german-born,author who currently lives in New,Zealand a serious book so its not um it,wasnt a comedy originally and he has,been I think you would call it freely,inspired by the novel its set during,the Second World War the the dying days,of the Second World War in fact in,Germany and centers on this ten-year-old,boy called Johannes Betts Lowe whos,played by Rome and Griffin Davis and he,having grown up in Nazi Germany and is I,think a keen member of the Hitler Youth,to say the least has been fully,indoctrinated with Nazi propaganda and,said you know the first and foremost,anti-semitic propaganda thats all,around him and hes fired up by this,stuff to an extent that even takes her,back his mother whos played by Scott,Johansson and here we can hear are,typically uncomfortable discussion over,dinner that mother and daughter the,mother and son have why so happy things,are changing the owners have taken Italy,France will be next and soon the war,would be over you hate your countries as,much I love my country its a war I hate,its pointless and stupid and the sooner,we have peace the better oh the war will,end we will crush your enemies into dust,and when they are destroyed we shall use,the graves of Twitter okay no more,politics dinner is neutral grounds table,ah Switzerland lets eat,you arent teaching no I am not that,hungry I might eat later for now Im,just going to chew on these grapes,well Im especially hungry tonight so,maybe Ill just finish yours dont want,it to go to waste no Janice or Joe Joe,is so juiced on Nazism that his,imaginary best friend is Adolf Hitler no,not necessarily the the realistic,representation of a boy whose juvenile,camp and squawky and floppy and is,played by Taika Waititi exactly hes a,kids imagining version of a dictator,and certainly for the first two-thirds,of the film although those prominence in,the story feeds towards the end he is,sort of perched on Georges shoulder,kind of advising him how to you know to,be a strong Nazi and to stand up for for,his country a time when of course that,the war effort is starting to fall apart,and a crucial bonding moment between the,two occurs I hid the youth camp where,Jojo is asked to this is how he gets his,nickname which is in the title hes,asked to kill a rabbit to prove his,masculine strength by some of the older,members of the youth and he chickens out,basically so he becomes jojo rabbit and,hitler says you know you have to embrace,this rabbit like sigh to your,personality you know rabbit so sly they,can thinking kind of run around they can,provide for the family they can fight,for the country you have to be the,rabbit in it in the coming days this,inspires him in turn to leap headfirst,into this grenade throwing contest,thats going on at the camp and he,becomes disfigured Ive seen oppositely,dramatically theres a sort of a,squiggly red line on half of his face,but he becomes disfigured as to spend,time off school recuperating from this,explosion and its while hes doing this,that he realizes his mother Scarlett,Johansson is keeping a Jewish girl in,their attic whose name is Allyson whos,played by Thomasin McKenzie and as he,gets to know Elsa he realizes that all,of this propaganda that hes been fed,this worldview that hes formed at ten,years old,is completely a dramatically drastically,out of whack with reality he develops,feelings that I sort of partly brother,Lees history partly a childhood crush,on the older girl and he comes to defend,the the one thing that he was dead,certain on the,he was going to that he wanted to see,eradicated in the world in order to you,know impress impress his imaginary,Hitler and be part of this group now,Jojo rabbit premiered at the Toronto,Film Festival last year where it won the,Peoples Choice Award the Peoples,Choice Award has historically been a,kind of a fast pass to Best Picture,nomination so you know in the past Green,Book one of course it won the Oscar last,year three billboards won Peoples,Choice la-la-land room you know back to,2012 is a I think its a basically 100,percent conversion rate of Peoples,Choice Award winners to Best Picture,nominees so I was expecting pretty,special things from this and was when I,sat down to watch it and Ive seen it,twice her so at the London Film Festival,in October last year and again last,night I was aghast at what I saw I think,my problem with it boils down to this,its been 75 years since Hitler died,okay so I think for a film to say,something particular film that holds,itself up as a satire as Jo Jo rabbit,does if its going to see something,about Nazism it has to talk to the fact,that you know populism in the world,right-wing populism specifically is back,on the rise around the world you have to,somehow relate this idea that kids who,are at 10 years old who were,indoctrinated in 1940 Nazi Germany is,not a million miles away from whats,happening today in the world and what,the film does is the opposite of that it,instead says Luke heres something,incredibly stupid that happened a long,time ago in Germany to these people,there is kind of so laughably absurd,that you cant imagine it being true but,look it is and and the way in which it,does this is that the adults who are,Nazis in this in this film are 100%,goons and idiots I mean you have Alfie,Allen whos this overgrown Boy Scout you,have rebel Wilson whos this kind of I,mean shes some kind of like Third Reich,brood mayor whos had like 18 kids or,something at this and and loves giving,at rocket launchers to ten year olds you,got Stephen Merchant playing this,Gestapo riff on torture from readers of,the Lost Ark and youve got Sam Rockwell,whos this kind of nice not see hes a,Nazi but his hearts not really in it,cause hes you know hes a hes a hes a,gay Nazi hes not allowed to be you know,right exactly but these but these people,are all dupes and embeds,the way its portrayed in the film and,theyre held up to be completely,ludicrous for falling for this stuff,that is manifest nonsense,no to me thats not satire thats I mean,thats its arguably burlesque but,youre not showing that this stuff is,dangerous you saying its not dangerous,you have to be this dumb in order to be,taken in by it whats more it also shows,that the the whole I mean the war itself,is basically absent from the film until,the very end when it starts to impinge,on the village the Holocaust itself is,also conspicuous by its absence you know,the reason that Elsa is in this familys,attic is because films are bad but there,is about the Holocaust because its,about a Jewish girl hiding in our attic,to avoid detection and extermination,so shes moved into the familys attic,because theres this risk of you know,Harvey losing her life if shes not,concealed from the from the ruling,regime but the ruling regime are,incompetent they dont actually catch,anyone you Stephen Merchant turns up and,says oh you know we were checking around,the back of someones fridge the other,day for communists and all we found is a,lot of mold haha theres no sense,whatsoever that anything is at stake,throughout this film no life is at risk,no thats not true because theres an,affair theres a the

Jojo Rabbit Explained | Movie Review | Oscars 2020

welcome to Oskar films in five minutes,breaking down the best of the best,picture nominees Im Dan Drake and in,this video were looking at Tycho Wat,ets Jojo rabbit whats it about,why is it worthy of Oscar nomination and,most importantly is it worth your time,lets put five minutes on the clock here,we go,Jojo rabbit is called an anti hate,satire and whatever that is it perfectly,describes this very strange yet touching,film it centers around a ten year old,boy who in 1940s Germany is enlisted in,Hitlers youth army and who talks to an,imaginary Adolf Hitler played,outrageously by director Tycho ytt,himself I told you its very strange the,tension comes in when Jojo discovers,that his mother played immaculately by,Scarlett Johansson by the way I hope she,wins both acting awards I mean just give,that woman everything my god sorry,anyway,Jojo discovers that his mother is hiding,a Jewish girl in their house now you can,see how conflicting this would be for a,boy who idolizes Hitler but brilliantly,telling this story through the eyes of a,young boy helps us all to see the,absurdity of hate children are far too,innocent to fully buy into the stories,of bigotry that adults tell themselves,and Jojo slowly comes to realize that,Jewish people are not the demons he,thought they were theyre just like him,filling this film with such silly humor,helps us all see how ridiculous hate and,war really is the Germans here are,played as idiots and their views on Jews,are taken to extremes and played for,laughs,because honestly its silly in an era,when sadly Nazism and white nationalism,is growing in popularity,Jojo rabbit attempts to remind us that,we are all more alike than we are,different and that Adolf Hitler was a,hypocritical book from the film,creatively uses color grading to,gradually make JoJos world increasingly,pale as he wakes up to the reality,and/or,life as he gets to know Elsa the girl in,the Attic he begins to slowly wake from,his propaganda fuelled worldview and as,he begins to see Jewish people as well,people and as he recognizes the true,hideous face of the Nazis the vibrance,and rich color palette of his past,experience grows dull the movies message,as I see it as twofold one hatred and,bigotry are ugly and stupid and number,two when the world is at its most bleak,dance so is it worth your time I think,so but Ive got to be honest I only,rated it 3 out of 5 stars,because I had a few problems for me I,saw it as a quirky yet important movie,it doesnt know what it wants to be its,not quite as quirky as a Wes Anderson,film nor does it stay consistent in tone,throughout its runtime and at times it,feels like the genre changes from comedy,to horror to drama to war film I mean,its a good entertaining movie but for,me its just not as great as some of the,other nominees this year speaking of you,can click here to watch the rest of my,Oscar series or you can click here to,subscribe and for a deeper dive into the,channel you can check out our patron,only podcast over at our patreon page as,little as one dollar per month gets you,full access Corinne I made it with,plenty of time left this has been ask,your films in five minutes Im Dan Drake

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