1. Rachael Ray Nutrish vs Simply Nourish Dog food review
  2. Pet Nutritionist Ranks Dog Foods | Tier List
  3. Rachael Ray dog food versus other brands
  4. Rachael Ray’s Dog Food Review!!! NUTRISH Open Prairie recipe #dog #dogfoodreview
  5. Rachael Ray vs Fromm Dog Food Mash-up
  6. Rachael Ray Nutrish Dish vs Blue Buffalo
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Rachael Ray Nutrish vs Simply Nourish Dog food review

hi everyone welcome back to the channel,so today were going to hop right into,it we,are going to review two foods so we,got asked to review rachel ray nutrition,the adult chicken and vegetable formula,and then the petsmart i guess version of,it which is,simply nourish so were going to go,ahead and get started on that today,um thanks for joining me i hope you guys,have a,cup of coffee and were going to go,ahead and get started,all right so i have about 50 000 windows,open here because i did a little bit of,research to make sure all the,information was available for us today,before we get started because i didnt,want to have to,report back to you guys later like i had,to do on the iams video which they did,brief update get back to me on the,calcium and phosphorus so thats in the,description box um,in the ions review so if you guys,watched that and you were waiting for,that information go ahead and check that,out,um all right so rachel ray,nutrish so rachel ray is a,food network star she is a i dont think,shes a chef but shes a cook and she,has a show there and she makes,human food and so for whatever reason,she decided she was gonna go into,pet food she has um a little dog a,little pitbull i dont remember what her,name is but thats probably what the,impetus was,for her starting this food im not a big,fan,of celebrities um making pet food in,general because a lot of that tends to,be marketing and on this channel we,discuss marketing a lot and well do,that with,you know these foods today but,you know if they do it right and they,employ people that understand pet,nutrition,then i dont think its a bad thing so,were going to go through the label,today and were going to,break down some of the marketing things,and see whether the rachel ray nutrition,is good and how it stocks up to the pet,food version,so the first thing we want to do is go,to the website which is nutrish.com,she has lots of different foods here,that you can choose from she does dog,food and she does cat food,you can see all the different varieties,that they have and so thats a,an example of marketing they want to,diversify their portfolio they want to,appeal to the,largest amount of people possible and,when you look down here to product,benefits you can definitely see the,marketing so theyve got the grain free,version the high protein version the,limited ingredient the super premium,corn free wheat free soy free and so we,know from previous videos and if youve,been following this channel,that things like grain free arent,really in the best interest for pets,because grains are necessary for healthy,heart function,theres ongoing research regarding that,you can check out the grain free video,for more detail,but they do need grains in their diet,and so when you have in my opinion,a company thats using grain free to,suck people in thats a little bit,misleading and thats marketing now im,not saying that thats rachel ray,herself,i doubt rachel ray is building this,website and i doubt rachel ray is coming,up with a lot of these ideas im sure,she just said,hey i love dogs i love my dog id like,to do a pet food can you help me and,then shes got a whole marketing team,doing this for her um but things like,putting,grain free thats the way to suck you in,and so do be careful about companies,that do that because we know,that there is ongoing controversy,regarding grain free and,the health of pets and so i dont think,um,its necessarily a good thing that,theyre marketing that,so thats the quick version of the,little marketing things just on the,website,if we go to the actual food,and look at the package youve got a,picture of rachel ray,on the top there with her pup,the real chicken and veggie recipe real,chicken,is the number one ingredient and so the,first thing i think of there,if were just trying to break down the,marketing on this is real chicken,so what would be not real chicken um,i dont know maybe yeah i dont even,know what unreal chicken would be so,real chicken is the number one,ingredient,and we know from discussing on this,channel that,the ingredient list is another way that,these companies like to trick people,because the ingredients are listed,based on their actual weight and not,necessarily how much is in the food in,the way that we think about it and so i,will do,hopefully soon a video on understanding,the ingredient list not necessarily,which ingredients are good or bad but,understanding what that really means so,that you guys cant evaluate that for,yourself,so real chicken is the number one,ingredient,no poultry by product meal and no filler,ingredients so again,this goes back to marketing that term no,filler,fillers by definition are ingredients,that provide no,nutritional value and to my knowledge,there,arent really any foods on the market,that put fillers in there because its,not cost effective for them,theres no reason to put something in a,food that doesnt provide any value,because then theyre just wasting money,putting things in food so,there arent really any companies that,put fillers by the legal definition in,the food so they can say no filler,because,legally they are not putting what is,defined as a filler,in the food but they could be putting,things that,we would consider fillers in the food so,be,a note of that fiber sources including,peas and brown rice they help support,healthy digestion,okay i dont disagree with that so that,is the picture of the kibble um,one thing that we like to do is see if,it looks like there are dyes added to it,so if we come over here to the,ingredient list and it does have chicken,and chicken meal,as the first two ingredients,thomas she promised,no poultry by product meal so shes,saying no,by product meal which is technically,true,because its chicken meal and it doesnt,say chicken by-product meal so again,its kind of mincing of words here,lets see for dies,a natto extract and thats for color,so i suppose that can be considered a,die,but really thats it okay no dyes so,thats excellent i like that,its got 4.8 out of 5 stars,99 satisfaction thats on her website,um they list pros and cons and it says,suitable cons could not be generated at,this time,so im not sure how accurate it is,um on their website to see,you know how many stars but it does seem,to be a very,favorable food guaranteed analysis okay,this is what everybody was,probably waiting for lets see how,nutritionally this is gonna stack up so,let me go ahead and find,my adult,desktop all right so weve got the adult,dog guaranteed analysis these are on an,ad as fed basis um and they,come from the small animal clinical,nutrition textbook and i just put them,in this little chart so its easy for us,to evaluate so,for the adult dog we want to say crude,protein,to be between 15 and 30 and shes at 25,which is excellent uh lets go to,calcium we want between 0.5 and 1.,the calcium is going to be 1.2 so a,little bit on the high end,not horribly high but it is a little bit,on the high end phosphorus we want,between 0.4 and 0.8 and again,a little bit on the high end at one,percent,weve got sodium were not listing,vitamin e greater than 400,and were at 75 so the vitamin e in,these a lot of times they are put in,there,i dont know if theyre in there because,some of the ingredients already carry,them,but for whatever reason vitamin e does,tend to fall short on a lot of these,diets so it does fall quite a bit short,here at 75,international units per kilogram we want,greater than 400.,see fat between 10 and 20.,were at 14 which is good fiber less,than,five percent and were at four percent,all right they dont list so um pretty,good theyre a little bit out of range,on the calcium and phosphorus but all in,all,pretty close to what we want lets find,the,guarant excuse me the afgo statement so,you can buy it,um on instacart thats kind of nice,tractor supply chewy walmart target,kroger all of these,companies sell it so im gonna go to,chewy because hopefully well be able to,see the bag and get the,guaranteed analysis s

Pet Nutritionist Ranks Dog Foods | Tier List

hi everybody my name is skyler and i am,a certified dog trainer and pet,nutritionist,today we are going to be creating a tier,list of a bunch of different dog food,brands,um and kind of ranking them seeing where,they line up from a,nutritional perspective quick disclaimer,all of the,things shown in this video are my own,opinions based on my experience,as a professional pet nutritionist,im always continuing to do research as,we all should in our field,especially with something so ever,changing as pet food,i have been working with dog food for,going on three years now,and ive specifically been working with,nutrition and consultations,for probably two and a half years i am a,huge nerd and,not everybody cares this much about dog,food and i think that thats,definitely an issue that we need to,address because,i could go into a whole other video just,about all the sketchy things that dog,food manufacturers are allowed to do,but thats not this video were going to,touch on a bunch of different topics,im hoping to just skate by and if you,would like me to go further in depth on,anything that i talk about in this video,please let me know in the comments below,i also just want to point out that if we,were to make a nice happy little pyramid,of whats most biologically appropriate,for your pet,kibble is by far at the bottom like,canned food,exponentially better than kibble and you,should never be,feeding a diet thats entirely kibble,you should always at least be adding,moisture in there somewhere,that being said this is only going to,focus on kibble,because that is the most popular and,most,affordable way to feed your pet so,if youd like me to do a similar video,on canned or,raw diets absolutely let me know i would,love to do that for you,so first of all lets address the tears,so at the very very bottom we have the,pee pee poo poo tear,these are foods that are either,basically,not dog food like this is more suited,for a chicken than a dog,super sketchy practices or,theres something in the food or,manufacturing or branding,that i find scammy tier two we have,yucky,so any food that contains,corn wheat soy or by-products,automatically,cant go any higher than yucky for those,that dont know,corn turns directly into sugar in the,dogs body wheat is the number one food,allergen,soy can cause endocrine disorders and,byproducts or all those nasty parts of,the meat that you dont want in your,food so why put it in theirs,third tier we have cheers these are all,foods that,are fairly clean in their ingredient,panel,there might be a couple ingredients that,im not a huge fan of youre doing great,if youre feeding,in this level it means that youve,probably done your research,but there are bigger and better foods,that you can move up to so these are,great entry level foods number four we,have ohelia,and if youre feeding in that level,thats awesome,you are doing great at that point,you can focus on adding add-ins and,different things to even make their diet,even better,but this is a great level to be at and,above that we have chefs kiss,and this is a very special tier it,doesnt necessarily mean that these,foods,are better than the foods no hell yeah,and i know thats a little bit confusing,this tier is more for,foods that do something very specific,that i,really appreciate or i really think is,cool this is the tier where if i turn,over the bag,and i look at it as a nutritionist,i get very excited because they at least,did something cool,now all of these brands im taking into,consideration,are from the very best to the very worst,and everything in between if i were to,make this just of the super premium,brands,it would look completely different just,keep that in mind so we will go ahead,and start with our very first brand and,thats purina alpo,i feel like i talk about alpo way more,than they deserve,and its because their ingredients are,laughably bad like this food,is laughably bad if you look at the,first five ingredients which makes up,the majority of this food,you got ground yellow corn beef and bone,meal,soybean meal animal fat preserved with,mixed trichophyrols,and animal digest,this particular food also follows the,flavor rule,which means that in order for them to,put beef flavored on the bag,they just need to have something in,their food that they can trace to the,beef,flavoring in this case it would be the,beef and bone meal that doesnt actually,mean,they have to have meat in it this,brands also manufactured by,purina which is owned by nestle so when,you get,higher up bigger companies manufacturing,the food,especially something as big as purina,the ingredient quality,completely depletes because you only get,so much,to go around with all that said alpo,deserves to go into pee pee poopoo,next we have diamond naturals first five,ingredients,of diamond naturals beef meal grain,sorghum,ground white rice dried yeast and egg,product,not too bad of an ingredient panel just,looking at those first five,this food also uses the 25 rule which,means that in order for it to be,beef meal and rice those two ingredients,have to make up at least,25 percent of the food with a minimum of,three percent,this food is manufactured by diamond pet,foods which is owned by shell and camper,inc,so this smaller kitchen smaller,facility than purina for sure,but still and youll see later in this,list still a pretty big manufacturing,company,all that said if youre feeding diamond,naturals you get a cheers,next we have purina beneful and,first five ingredients we got beef we,got whole grain corn we got barley,rice whole grain wheat and corn gluten,meal,this one also uses the with rule which,means that in order to be labeled beef,flavored or have beef in it have beef on,the front,um it needs to be at least three percent,beef with water included,and the fact that its beef and not beef,meal is their first ingredient,leads me to believe that the finished,product has significantly less than,three percent beef this brand is also,made by purina which again owned by,nestle so with the sketchy but totally,legal use of beef is the first,ingredient advertising beef is the first,ingredient,and looking at that ingredient panel,assuming that beef is not,the most by weight,um beneful goes in the pee pee poo poo,next we have hills science diet,and im gonna have to make a whole,separate video about veterinary foods,um but lets just look at the first five,ingredients of hills,so we have lamb meal brown rice whole,grain wheat,brewers rice and corn gluten meal,whats important to note about hills in,particular,is that they actually trademarked the,term,prescription so youll notice that no,other veterinary foods use the word,prescription because they legally cant,because hills science diet owns it that,is an issue,theres also nothing in veterinary foods,that make it prescriptive in the first,place theres no medication,theres no need for a prescription um,so thats in my opinion kinda scammy,especially when youre spending 80 on a,bag of food,that being said hills is made by hills,pet nutrition,which is owned by colgate palmolive,the ownership of the word prescription,alone,that puts immediate red flags in my,brain,hills goes in the pee pee poo poo layer,next we got taste the wild,first five ingredients for this,particular flavor of taste of the wild,is water buffalo lamb meal chicken meal,sweet potatoes and peas,not a bad list of the first five however,this particular flavor is advertised,as being with bison and venison the,width rule,uh means that at least three percent of,whatever is listed so three percent of,each,must be included in the food and when,you look at the actual ingredient panel,itself,bison is number nine and venison is,number ten,so obviously youre losing a couple,points for me for,easily misleading the consumer because,obviously not all consumers know these,weird rules that im talking about,and again if youd like a whole video on,pet food rules let me know,uh that being said taste the wild is,owned by,our friends at

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Rachael Ray dog food versus other brands

hello everybody hows everybody doing,today,hope your day is going as well as mine,so today were talking about the rachel,ray nutritious,super premium food for dogs,okay so ive been looking for some,really good dog food you know ive tried,different ones,um and the last one they were on were,ims,and i was trying to find something,that was truly good for your dog,you know theres a lot of products out,there that people say oh this is good,you read the,byproducts and youre like blown away so,i decided to um go ahead and try the,rachel ray nutritious,um for a month just to see how that one,went i noticed that once,my dog started eating this,i know it sounds crazy but i know my,dogs very well,i have a dog you know shes pretty old,shes an older um,yellow lab and then i also have a,almost a year old husky well hes got,energy all the time so i really couldnt,tell with him,but with her you know she has been,having like,uh lower you know back like leg issues,basically where shes getting too old to,be running and playing and all that you,know shes kind of slow,these days but i can tell you something,ever since shes been taking this,i noticed like two weeks after shes,running all over the yard,shes playing shes chasing the ball,like,it absolutely blowed my mind so im not,actually sure exactly what happened,but with all the other foods she also,had,more of a watery stool where she,actually has,you know solid stools um,they just love it they just absolutely,love it theyre waiting,every morning for their um rachel ray,issue so if you are looking for a,really good dog food i mean every dog is,different,you know their bodies will react,different but as far as my dogs,this stuff is great um,and its not really pricey you know i,was actually paying quite a bit,for the other dog foods that i was,buying,this actually is not too bad at all,um this bag right here i think was like,13 and some chains so like 14,the bigger bag is i believe 20 between,25 and 30,which isnt bad for a big um bag of dog,food,but yeah if youre definitely looking,for something different for your dogs,give it a try,and they also i think i believe they,have two or three different kinds,but my dogs really like this one,hope you guys have a good day

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Rachael Ray’s Dog Food Review!!! NUTRISH Open Prairie recipe #dog #dogfoodreview

hello and welcome to this here vlog,today,we are going to,tell you guys about another dog food,what we are reviewing today is rachel,rays dog food it took my dog almost,four,stinking months,to eat this whole bag because,i had to mix it in with some wet food it,was so terrible,well there you go,anyway he did not like it one bit and,its supposed to be this deliciousness,you know rachel ray is a famous chef,but,she may be good human cook food,fooder she might be a good human chef,um but not for a dog,let me go show you what its all about,this is what im talking about racial,ray nutrish it says peat protein open,prairie recipe with beef venison and,lamb,real beef is the number one ingredient,they all say that pretty much,look no artificial flavors colors or,preservatives high quality,protein,no egg grains gluten or,filler ingredients which is why,we like this,[Applause],look at this,serving a protein packed meal with,complete nutrition can help support peak,energy levels a healthy skin coat and,lean muscles for your puppy or adult dog,rachel ray new trish peak protein open,prairie recipe with big venison and lamb,is a natural dog food with added,vitamins minerals,and taurine thats in red bull that has,all the delicious protein that your fur,baby needs they come,this complete and balanced smell is full,of flavor with 30 percent high quality,protein it is sure to keep them,satisfied and at their peak,of course real beef is always the number,one ingredient hes got my shoe over,here,is the number one ingredient,and there is never any gluten or filler,ingredients or any poultry by product,meal nothing but good wholesome food,here,real beef,real venison real lamb it is a quality,protein source rich in amino acids fatty,acids and minerals to help support,muscle development and healthy skin and,coats,real venison it is a lean tasty protein,rich meat that helps keep your dog full,and satisfied it also helps,help for support and maintain healthy,energy levels,i really did like this,every bag helps animals in need the,rachel ray foundation helps animals,and need and a portion of the proceeds,sorry and a portion of the proceeds from,the sale of this product will be donated,to the rachel ray foundation the funds,are used for care medical treatment,sorry for care medical supplies,treatments and more so many animals need,our help and together through the rachel,ray foundation we can make a real,difference,ideal weight adjust your feeding amount,so the daily feeding,three to twelve pounds one quarter to,one cup 13 to 25 pounds is one and one,three fourths cup,twenty six to fifty pounds is one and,three,fourths to three cups,fifty one to one hundred pounds is three,to five cups and one hundred pounds plus,is 5 cups plus half a cup for every,additional 12 pounds,amounts are based,on a standard 8 ounce dry measuring,this chart represents average,recommended daily portions,you may need to feed slightly more or,less depending on your dogs activity,level and overall fitness,see okay ingredient safety we demand,high quality ingredients from our,trusted suppliers and are committed to,producing outstanding products every day,our team takes great pride in ensuring,our foods are wholesome,delicious and most importantly safe for,your dog,see,delicious how can they tell,i mean im sure theres some uh,taste dog testers out there,test the dog,rachel raised dog food,yep see the garbage dog food,there it is it looks like rabbit food,but let me tell you something it smells,really,really weird holly,no he has no interest in this dog food,whatsoever i havent fed him today yet,because i wanted to um,show you guys,the,i wanted to show you if he would eat it,or not,not even when hes starving he wants his,wet dog food but anyway i do not,recommend this because of the price the,price is absolutely asinine,i will put it up here we paid 30 for it,three months ago so with the inflation,im sure its even more,anyway guys thumbs up share remember,its never too late to go to anything,you want to do just go do it and 23s,could do we love you,you

Rachael Ray vs Fromm Dog Food Mash-up

all righty guys we are back at it again,another food mashup from the dog food,guru this is out of your dog trainer,saying whats up its another Monday and,we have a really interesting mashup,today so were gonna do two extremes,one being Rachael Rays nutrition,original formula as you see right up,there the other one being from beef and,vegetable potato formula which youll,see right there these guys are,considering like the nutritious brands,on the market well all tell you nutrish,is the rachael ray formula which you can,find at your discount big-box stores,such as Walmart Target and your grocery,stores from is considered one of the,high-end foods that you can find at your,mom-and-pop Wolfgang bakeries some of,those really high-end dog food stores,and you can also find it on line,alrighty lets go ahead dive into the,ingredients and then get to our mashup,Ill see you guys on the other side,lets get to it,deuces,[Music],[Music],all righty guys so lets talk about,these ingredients between these two,formulas first ingredient were going to,talk about is strong so lets bring that,one up for you there you go,so from it has beef peas dried whole,eggs potatoes potato protein pork meat,meal actually a pork meat meal beef,liver sweet potatoes dried peas dried,tomato hummus salmon oil flaxseed oil so,it all sounds relatively really really,good when it comes to talking about,these formulas so lets go ahead and,talk about the other formulas which,would be the Rachael Rays formula so,lets go ahead and bring that one up for,you there you go and its gonna have,chicken chicken meal dried peas soybean,meal whole grain corn dried beet pulps,chicken fat preserved with I dont even,know what that word is,pea starch corn gluten meal brown rice,it kind of sounds a lot like a lot of,additives a lot of fillers we want to,always stay away from corn wheat soy,byproducts of our fish coloring thats,kind of the basis of all nutrition foods,when it comes to dog food,now this has a high amount of soy whole,grain corn corn gluten so yeah its I,dont know so lets see what happens,after the three hour time lapse and,well get back and talk a little more,about this at the end also leave a,comment in below and tell me what youre,feeding your dog and if youre satisfied,with that if theres a mashup you would,also like me to do put that in the,comments below Ill see you guys after,the three hours deuces alrighty guys so,we are back again today we are doing,from this is there,beef blend they call it beef peas,potatoes and eggs with fruits and,veggies that would be this one and were,gonna do Rachael Ray original nutrish,there Richard Ray considers itself to be,one of a premium natural brand so lets,see problem has a reputation with being,one of the best known and brands on the,market they have been around for several,years since actually since 1904 were,going to add two cups of water,and the trusted Eagles glass with lime,juice for acid to recreate the dogs,stomach for five and we will come back,in three hours and see which one is,better,[Music],all righty guys so after our three hour,time lapse what do you guys think let me,know what you think about this so first,of all were going to talk about the,Fromm so I have prom right here and,lets go ahead and talk about this nice,ring around the top not too bubbly it,looks pretty clear we got some some that,fell down to the bottom the food did not,expand very much Im super impressed,with how well this did not expand all,right nice ambery colors thats what we,want to see lets go over to the Rachael,Ray the Rachel Ray food really expanded,actually even so much it didnt even,break down in the glass we dont even,see any ambery color its more of a,clear ish really expanded immensely and,if you go around the top like that you,can see theres a ring all the way,around of white something I cant really,make out what it is a lot of bubbles in,the top and if I just put these two,side-by-side look at the difference in,the expanding of the two and it was,remember its exactly the same amount,its 1/4 of a cup all right so this,expanded to more than almost a half a,cup of food I will show you the top view,and youll see that the top view theres,a high amount of bubbles in the Rachel,Ray formula which as we know from high,cooking and also there is really not a,lot of bubbles in the formula with,Rachael Ray so between the two Im gonna,have to get from one dark Rachael Ray,had a lot of bubbles and the prom did,not all right,I mean literally theyre almost none,super impressed with this formula you,dont see any bubbles on the top maybe a,few micros but nothing really on the top,there the suit is fantastic now,obviously were gonna talk about price,and that bag of food that I got from the,from is a three pound bag and that cost,me about nine dollars and the Rachel Ray,food is a eight and a half pound bag and,that cost me also nine dollars so but do,you get what you pay for in this the,answer is no Im gonna have to give this,one to from Rachael Ray is not,impressing me any way shape or form this,suit is very misleading on its,advertising and marketing so definitely,gonna get this – from and Ill see you,guys next week remember tell me in the,comments below what you think we should,do for our next mashup for next week and,Ill see you guys next time have a great,week everyone happy Monday,[Music],[Applause],[Music]

Rachael Ray Nutrish Dish vs Blue Buffalo

hi everyone um i wanted to do a review,on uh rachel rays nutrition,dish dog food,um i havent done any more dog food,uh reviews in a very long time i guess,you could say or at least thats how it,feels like to to me,uh mainly because,they were so happy with blue clue yeah,blue,i was thinking lose clues for whatever,reason anyway,um with a blue buffalo they were really,happy with that and theyve been fine,with it but,actually,someone on their facebook page because,abby and muffin have their own facebook,page,and someone sent me a message,asking if,they could try this dog food,so were gonna go ahead and give it a,shot and lets see,um if they like it if theyre willing to,eat it since now theyre you know they,really like their blue,buffalo i think they like the the,blueberries i think thats what they,like about it im really not sure since,we cant ask them,all i know is,they really like it so were gonna find,out i do know that they love peas and,carrots so when they told me,if abby muffin can try this dog food,um,i wasnt really sure and ive kind of,been putting it off not kind of i have,been putting this off,um and today,i need to get them some more dog food,and i thought while i was there,i saw rachel ray and i asked the kids,what do you think should we go ahead and,try this and,well they were up for it because they,want to see,and one thing i noticed is that it has,these,peas and carrots and they love,vegetables they love peas they love,carrots they love celery i mean,thank god theyre not vegetarian,because then id be in trouble,because they they just cant get enough,vegetables they love vegetables with,their food,um,so i did like when i saw it on the,picture but then i did do a review on,i i really cant honestly remember,it was a purina,a dog food that had,peas and carrots in there and they were,like little squares and i wasnt exactly,sure,it said that it was in there but the,parts were so tiny of,peas and carrots and im just,i was basically just going by the color,that im assuming thats what they were,the dogs were not crazy about it so,[Music],but i did notice that,this bag,has like a little window right here,its got a window on both sides,but on neither side,can i see,a carrot or a pea in here,and clearly on the picture,they look dehydrated,but they are in there supposedly i dont,know,um this is the first time ive bought it,so im gonna find out with you guys,now i have not,read this entire thing so im gonna read,it,to you because i i know that rachel,rays other products,have been,exactly what they say if it says that,chicken or beef or whatever it is is the,first thing it really is,um so were just gonna learn this,together,i did get this at my um,it is sunday,so i got it at my uh local grocery store,at heb,and from there i was going to go to,petsmart,but,they have blue there and they have,rachel so i went ahead and and just,bought everything i needed there,um,mainly because its a little cool,outside and i didnt bring my jacket so,to me i thought it was okay lets just,go ahead and do it,um this is,22.99,at hev,uh our grocery store here and i did,check the price at petsmart on my uh app,and it is also the same price this is an,11.,let me see,11 and a half pound bag,so,first off on the front it does say that,they use farm raised chickens and it is,their number one ingredient,it says never any corn wheat soy or,gluten ingredients,no,poultry,by product meal,fillers artificial flavors or artificial,preservatives,okay and thats just a thing for,her foundation,okay in the back it says the whole,ingredients you can see,so i hope we can because on the little,the little windows i didnt see,anything but kibble,it says whole ingredients you can see,for a whole taste your dog will love,real chicken pieces are slow roasted,with a delicious real meat texture and,hickory smoked,flavor,then they mentioned that they has,carrots and,garden and field peas,and it has tree ripened apples,okay,well on here theres a picture of a,granny smith apples,with them the granny smith apples they,can take it or leave it they actually,like ambrosia,apples,they said if they were vegetarians id,be in so much trouble,mainly because,they like vegetables a lot,um,okay then it,says these carefully selected,ingredients,and underneath there they have,us,farm-raised chicken,is always the number one ingredient they,mentioned chicken meal which is their,second ingredient,im just cutting to the chase because it,does have quite a bit to read so im,just reading a little bit of each one,it has brown rice excellent source of,vitamins and fiber,potatoes which help ease the digestion,poultry fat and whole flax seed,that helps with their omegas three and,six,cranberries they like,um that helps with fiber vitamin a and,c vitamin c,and here it mentions again just like in,the front no corn weed soy that kind of,thing,okay,so right here it does say on their,ingredients that they have chicken,chicken meal dried peas,brown rice,brewers rice pea protein,poultry fat,cranberries whole flax seed okay i,havent seen okay here it is on the,third line i see dried carrots,and then dried potatoes,in the picture,i dont know i guess,i guess that could be potatoes dried,potatoes i i really dont know,um as far as the the guaranteed analysis,their crude protein is 26 so thats a,lot of protein,their fat their crude fat is 14,their crude fiber is four the moisture,is,[Music],um so it,it doesnt seem to be a whole lot,different from,from what i can remember her other,things,the other foods,so im trying to,get to what you really want and thats,to see what it looks like inside and see,them eat it,so,im trying to get there quickly but i,dont want,you know someone to ask questions about,you know does it have this or that,oh no were finding out all together,okay,okay well,im,a little disappointed but not too,disappointed,with what i see in the bag,first before i do anything is pouring it,out,i know you can see in there,okay there are,dried,carrots,i see the dried carrots,and um,try to get it,a p,so yes this other one this light one has,got to be the dried potatoes,and,this,is the kibble,which just like her others they come in,about three or four different shapes,um i cant remember,im pretty sure they have at least three,and let me see,im not seeing too many peas heres,another one,but um,in this picture it makes it look like,theres quite a bit of carrots and peas,in there,and and theres really as you could see,in the bag theres really not that much,um as as the picture would have you,think,now once i pour it in the,in their bowls i mean it could look like,that i dont know,um this could be,an apple or it could be the potato i i,really dont know and there is no way,im gonna try this,um,and,if i were to try to smell it i think it,would be,the smell it would have absorbed the,smell from the the kibble,but um these are the different shapes,that,that are in this bag,little bitty round ones and little,triangle ones thats,thats it besides,these so at least,um at least it does have where you can,actually see,yeah this at one point,this was a carrot,somebody sliced a carrot,um so you can actually see that yeah,this,this is a carrot its dehydrated,yeah these are carrots this is a pea,kind of like the blue buffalo though the,um,the blueberries theyre dehydrated,theyre theyre small just like this,so thats good i like to see that,um that theyre you know i like to see,the the blueberries and the blue buffalo,um so this,i like being able to see and know that,okay this was a carrot is it a pea,this i i really dont know it could be,an apple it could be the the potato,i i really dont know its,something some other vegetable,im going to assume it could possibly be,an apple,mainly because,up here,they mention um,the chicken,and they have,the kibble,then they have the carrots,then they have the peas and then an,apple i dont see a picture of a potato,back here i do see it in the front,this right here is a red potato,and then youve got the apple right here,u


guys i offered to uh give you an,explanation as to why i couldnt,um post a video um of,of um gottis eye appointment and all,that other stuff like on,in a timely manner is because um surely,around that,around that time period this is what god,has been eating this is the same exact,diet hes had for,two years and um gotti got severely sick,of this food he had diarrhea,his legs wasnt functioning nor right he,had bloody bloody stool,not even stool it was bloody diarrhea um,throwing up vomiting she was lethargic,he was like sick as,from this food right here so if you know,anyone thats on this food,take them off i did extensive research,on rachel rays food,i actually called last night to um,chewy.com,and i found the complaint against um,against chewie,and against um this brand and and rachel,ray i said,you know this is you guys need to pull,this off the shelves i did extensive,research,i even um the fda you you you do,research on on rachel youre going to,see that she,dodged and weave so many co class action,lawsuits,because shes putting weed killer,in her food there are three different,chemicals thats in this food thats,thats very,harmful to dogs and its causing severe,um um uh kidney failure its causing,its its causing causing dogs to get,euthanized its,causing like really um bloody stool,and and and heart problems and,uh um um what do you call it of seizures,heart attacks everything in dogs,thank god that i caught it early,hopefully im gonna eventually when i,get uh money,im gonna get guided through uh uh uh um,to check his heart,to make sure his heart is in good,working order because um,this is two years on this brand,but hes just,and i just ordered this bag,march limit april 4th,april 4th and he was only on it for two,weeks and got extremely sick,had diarrhea really really bad and then,it turned into blood,like a lot of blood im going to include,some pictures i know its gross and,whoever cannot watch the end of this,video and the pictures,of gotti um uh being sick,then you know then dont watch it you,know im just gonna let you know right,off the rip,um its its uh its something you guys,gotta,share amongst your your friends or,family anyone you know thats thats,giving their dogs this brand take them,off immediately because their dog is,gonna die,people were forced to euthanize their,dogs because they couldnt save them,okay this is killing dogs its disabling,dogs,its making dogs very very sick i was,feeding him,after this i didnt know what else to do,because i had to order him a new brand,of food but i had to do research and,find out what brand i should get for him,so i started giving i gave him chicken,and rice and,um and sweet potato and he was throwing,that up so that then,my godfather said just give him um um,chicken broth,i did that so we had to make him fast,for like a day to get his stomach,um settled and the following day i um,i made him just the rice and the,sweet potato he didnt want that so i,added some my god mom said put some,chicken in there so i,instead of boiling it i uh pan fried it,with just um olive oil and he ate it all,so now hes his energy is back,hes um hes he we taking longer walks,hes eating his food,hes in hes hes a million times better,than he was before he was just like,didnt want to get off the bed he didnt,want to go outside,um only just to go diarrhea then come,back inside,you know he was he wasnt he he couldnt,hardly walk his back legs kept twitching,again pulling up,upwards so and thats a sign of kidney,failure or,or spasms or something i dont know any,case i just want to let you guys know,real quick,um thats thats the situation and um,yeah,uh im trying to get this food pulled,off the shelves,all right its not only gonna take me,its gonna take a whole shitload of,people,and i even went on his um class action,um,um suit um commentary thing and i added,gottis case and i got pictures and,videos to prove what happened to him,all right peace and god bless yall be,this is a position that he sleeps in and,he lays in,something is hurting him because he,never ever ever sleeps like that,this is what i came home to,it looks like motor oil and i dont know,if that has blood mixed in it or what,right here,he threw up right here trailer vomit,oh man i took him outside,as soon as i got in the door and more,diarrhea,this is making me really uncomfortable,because i dont know what the hell is,going on,its driving me insane,i dont know what to do,you

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