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RAD Review

know what the first thing I thought of,when I saw rad was toejam and Earl the,gameplay of this roguelike,action-adventure which is set in a twice,nuked future whose pop-culture,sensibilities are permanently fossilized,in the 1980s shares a lot in common with,that old Sega Genesis favorite combine,that with developer Double Fines,signature playful sense of humor and,near endless variety from randomized,mutation power-ups and you get a,surprisingly engaging just one more run,kind of game,its bad enough when the nuclear,apocalypse hits but society eventually,rebuilds and in time civilization moves,forward cue the second nuclear holocaust,and you have to wonder why humanity,cant catch a break,by the time rad begins most of the,planet is too dangerous to live in and,of course even in the safe town you do,have the power goes out so its up to,the post-apocalyptic teenagers to,venture out into the fallow and try to,get it back on and ensure the continued,survival of the human race no matter how,much they have to mutate themselves to,do it,its weirdly dark and goofy but its,enough of a plot to hang on to as you,clear the wasteland by swatting the,irradiated monstrosity with your trusty,bat and whatever mutations you pick up,along the way,rad is almost entirely procedurally,generated which means sometimes your,exploration and combat yields great and,super weird mutation power-ups you might,gain the ability to launch your own head,as a projectile explosive or a sentient,neck mounted blob that hurls its own,attacks at your foes other times you,might get an annoying ability like the,egg laying one where you have to hatch,fresh helpers every time you pass,through a doorway or something else that,just doesnt gel with your play style or,maybe youll be on a map layout that,requires a ton of traipsing around but,those weak runs make the great ones feel,even better its fun to discover,old-school secret walls and floors,around the dungeons too of course youll,become more powerful as you go with up,to three active mutation abilities at,your disposal at a time but rad is,tougher than it looks and its the good,kind of tough health is tricky to come,by even with shops allowing you to cash,in your collected currency in the form,of fittingly 80s cassette tapes with,five and a quarter floppy disks serving,as keys to lock chests as a result death,is always a very serious threat but its,not a complete wipe when you die because,you can bank cash for future,playthroughs and unlock different stat,enhancing bats to use at the start of a,new run to give you progressively more,of a leg up as you go,while the neon tinged color,palate and synth pastic 80s soundtrack,serve rad well in the personality,Department the sluggish framerate on a,plain ol Xbox one s and the long loading,times its startup and whenever you go to,and from town or a new level drag things,down a bit,Brad is a lot deeper than it looks at,first glance and a lot more challenging,- both are good things and the,procedurally generated layouts and,mutations guarantee that variety will,always be served,sometimes youll play for minutes and,other times for hours,Im about eight hours deep so far,overall but the more time you spend with,rad the more likely you are to click new,run when you finally die for more from,Double Fine check out our e3 gameplay,walkthrough of Psychonauts – and for,everything in the world of video games,keep it tuned to IGN

Rad Power Bikes RadTrike Review: Is This The Best Electric Trike?

foreign,[Music],JT from ubike Escape Ryan from ebike,Escape and in todays video we have what,rad told us was their most requested,electric bike and weve heard from other,manufacturers that trikes have been,requested from them but rad finally did,it so lets get into the review,[Music],foreign,[Music],before we get started with the walk,around one request from JT and I if,youre looking at purchasing a rad power,bike or any other electric bike brand,that we have an affiliate relationship,with please check out the links in the,description clicking that link before,you make your purchase is a free way to,help support the channel and makes,videos like this one possible thank you,so much for your support other resources,down in the description as well our,electric bike accessories list top e,bike brands page and finally our,electric bike discounts code page where,we track all the deals on the electric,bike brands that we follow with that,lets get into the walk around this is,probably the most anticipated bike when,I first heard about it wanting to hop on,for 2022 so lets check out the brand,new rad power bikes rad trike if youre,not familiar with our reviews well,start with the walk around then well,get into some first person riding,footage and finally well get into some,third person riding footage where Ill,give you my concluding thoughts on this,super fun electric bike starting up here,in the front of the bike we have,something that we dont typically see,which is the motor in the front wheel so,this is the tried and true 750 watt Peak,rad power bikes motor one thing that,caught my attention right away on this,electric bike is this is a bolt-on axle,as we see on front hub Motors but we,have torque arms not just on one side,theyre actually on both sides rad power,bikes really wants this wheel to stay,where its supposed to be and we always,like to see it torque arms for their,increased safety jumping over to the,brakes these are the radius mechanical,disc brakes paired with a 180 millimeter,front disc rotor and these are the same,brakes that we have seen on quite a few,of the rad power bikes Radix band 5,comes to mind and then also up here in,the front we have metal fenders and you,look they are front and rear yeah metal,fenders on a rad power bike this is,actually a first for them usually they,come with plastic fenders now you can,see this trike sits low to the ground,these are 18 by 2.25 inch tires they are,made by Kenda certainly set up for,street riding given youre not going to,take this trike off-road,this is the same light that we see on,other rad power bikes models Im,actually a pretty big fan of this light,it has a Halo which might be not be,visible on the camera but it offers a,lot of be seen visibility,and then it has a center light that,helps you see a little bit better at,night of course rechargeable lights are,an additional option if you need more,visibility moving on to the head tube we,have the four bolt pattern that we see,on all the rad power bikes this means,that this electric bike is compatible,with all of the accessories that weve,come to love from rad power bikes they,offer a front rack with a small basket,or a large basket so lots of options for,carrying cargo on this electric bike,both in the front and as youll see in a,little bit in the rear as well I always,like to talk about the cable management,and I think rad power bikes did a pretty,good job they brought all their cables,into a one bundle this is a neoprene,sleeve and the cables run externally as,you can see here one unique thing weve,seen on the other rad power Bikes Plus,models is the option to add a USB port,because they do not have a USB port on,the display thats where this dongle,comes into play and you can purchase is,that accessory from rad power bikes if,you want to charge up your device rad,power bikes has made this trike as,portable as a trike can be they have,folding handlebars,these are very similar handlebars that,weve seen on the Radix band 5 really,like the BMX style bars for a more,upright riding position and one other,cool thing about the BMX handlebars is,that by simply adjusting these four,front bolts you can move the handlebars,front and back and really adjust the,cockpit to fit a larger spectrum of,riders and if youre wondering about how,this bike comes shipped be sure to check,out our full unboxing video well throw,a link in the top right hand corner of,your screen lets get into the cockpit,yeah so this cockpit is a lot simpler,than what were used to seeing on a rad,power bikes if you notice theres no,lever on the right side there is simply,just a Twist grip throttle and a really,nice lock-on ergonomic grip as we move,across youll notice that there is no,display we think thats partly to do,with the fact that this is a single,speed bike and that it is mostly meant,to be accessible to a large list of,riders and so speed is not what this,bike is meant to do it is really just,meant to give accessibility back to a,portion of people that can ride a,typical bike,with that being said in the upcoming,first person riding footage well get,out our GPS speedometer app and that,might be something that you might want,to use if youre looking at this,electric bike yeah so and then as we,move over here to the busy side of the,cockpit we have a matching ergonomic,locking grip we have a mechanical disc,brake lever here complete with parking,brake which is very interesting to see,and what that does is locks the front,wheel and then we also have the LCD,display that weve seen on quite a few,Red Power bikes its a very simple,display you have an up and down to go,from zero to five as well as a power and,light button and then one thing that is,interesting about this display is that,this bike being a trike actually has,reverse and then the way the reverse,works on this display is you simply,depress and hold the down button for a,few seconds and an R will be displayed,and at that point you can simply twist,the throttle and the bike will go,backwards really cool to see that its,something we didnt think that would be,really cool to see on an e-bike but,after having pedal this around the shop,up a little bit and use the reverse its,really fun to use and this really cool,feature you can kind of like parallel,park it between other bikes and things,its nice to see yeah this bike of,course is all about accessibility so,something someone might not be able to,move the bike around and hop off and,even push this electric bike so add in,Reverse just gives it more versatility,and if youre wondering why there is no,right break that is because this bike,has coaster brakes those are the same,brakes that you might have used when,youre a kid that means that when you,pedal backwards it is going to stop the,bike lets talk about the battery this,is a similar shark style battery though,it is a new design from rad power bikes,an external battery to turn the battery,on the key needs to be all the way,turned right and then you also have a,battery indicator on the bike so you can,get an idea of current battery capacity,now to remove this battery you will turn,the key to the left that will lock the,bike so I wouldnt be able to turn it on,but to remove the battery I will push in,and turn left and with these shark style,batteries I usually like to grab in two,places one hand at the top one at the,bottom,and simply lift up the charger port is,located on the other side of the battery,of course given this is a similar,battery pack we have the rad power Bikes,2 amp charger slightly new design they,actually give you a plate to mount to,the wall then you can put your charger,in there really like that if you want a,dedicated spot for charging your,electric bike now this battery pack is a,10 amp hour pack now on all the rad,power bikes models except this model,they offer 14 amp hours but rad power,bike says that this bike can reach a,range of up to 35 Plus miles of course,thats due to the lower speeds that,youre going

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Rad Power Bikes RadTrike 1 Review – $2.5k

hey guys were in Seattle Washington,near rad power bikes headquarters,getting a first look at the new rad,power bikes rad trike one so its first,generation this thing is really,impressive and apparently people have,been asking about trikes for quite a,while makes a lot of sense I mean,theyre very approachable theyre stable,and they make excellent cargo platforms,because they can handle so much load I,think the total weight capacity on this,is like 415 pounds and if you look at,this rear basket it can support up to 60,pounds then up front 30 pounds now all,of this is is optional well get to that,in a second the bike itself is just is,really custom rad does a great job,outfitting their products to be,you know modular and have all these,accessories but the base platform needs,to be done right and I feel like theyve,done so much right here interestingly,its got like 155 millimeter Hub spacing,up front and thats because theyre,using the same planetary geared Hub,motor that they use on like the rad,Rover so 750 watt Peak output on this,very powerful but very smooth they have,a custom controller that just ramps in,smoothly so you dont get your wheels,spinning but youre still getting that,climbing power the top speed on this is,limited to 14 miles per hour,and it does have reverse so thats nice,if youre backing up kind of loading it,or maybe putting it inside the width on,this its just narrow enough to fit,through a standard door which is,wonderful and I love that we dont have,axles and nuts like sticking out it,feels very smooth theyre actually,recessed in there very nicely check this,out we got three support arms for the,fenders and theyre flat its not like a,wire and there are two bolts on the,center one so its not like this thing,is going to rock forward and backwards,and side to side I mean theres a little,bit of play but its been pretty quiet,and just feels sturdier than some of the,other trikes that Ive seen out there I,love that the top of this is also pretty,well protected I mean if you were to,kick this or youve got the the basket,look at the where the controller is,positioned right here and even the,center of the frame the standover height,is incredibly low if you look at these,metal plates here theyre about the same,height as the top of that aluminum alloy,chain cover and if we look at the center,of the bike here this is actually where,the front half mates with the rear half,rad power bikes halfers free shipping,and if you get this from them and you,arent near one of their Flagship stores,or one of their partners that does this,like white glove service where they can,put accessories and get everything tuned,for you if you assemble this yourself,its actually pretty simple theyre just,these four bolts right here and the,bottom bolts theyre a little bit longer,you can loosen this and then the plate,just slides up so when you imagine,youre assembling this you just sort of,put it close slide it down and then its,stable and then you just tighten those,bolts I love that and look at the quick,disconnects on all of the electronic,wires down here apparently this is all,rated like all the electronics are like,ip6x so its water and dust protected to,some extent you know you dont want to,drive this deep through water but it,does have fenders we are in Seattle this,thing is designed to be very durable and,you get a year-long comprehensive,warranty and a bunch of shops and the,modularity of it gives me some,confidence down here you can see this,sealed 12 magnets Cadence Sensor its,the same sensor Ive seen on some of,their other products fairly high,resolution and it kicks in pretty,quickly and then these shorter 152,millimeter crank arms and the reason,they do that is because the trike is a,little bit closer to the ground these,are 18 inch wheels so it just brings the,whole platform down very approachable,keeps the weight down but yeah you dont,want to have like pedal strikes and so,they were very thoughtful I mean looking,at every single piece of Hardware weve,got these plastic extra wide welgo,pedals that give you good surface area,up here at the front we can see this,metal torque arm right there and then 14,millimeter threaded slotted axle that,slots into the fork and weve got torque,arms on both sides I mean I see e-bikes,I dont have any torque arms so I was,really excited to see that you get an,excellent mechanical advantage with the,smaller wheel size as well these are,Kenda tires they are 18 by 2.25 and I,believe the bike can support up to 2.75,so you could get a slightly wider but,the width is just going to give you some,stability on a trike its sort of,already pretty stable and in a little,bit of cushion just a little bit more,air volume depending on the PSI that you,inflate them to 32 hole for all of these,the same tires for all of them they,dont have reflective sidewall stripes,and I dont see like a puncture,protection rating but they seem pretty,decent I mean you know Kenda its a name,brand that Ive seen before and since,its the same Tire all around I think,youre going to be in pretty good shape,and it shares some of the weight between,three wheels instead of just two I,believe the bike is like 82 pounds I was,actually messing around with it earlier,taking off the battery taking off the,seat which you know its a little bit,heavier is at the backrest and,everything and it was liftable I was,actually lifting from the front and kind,of tipping it up imagining loading this,into the back of a car I think if you,folded down the handlebar like this,just kind of take this out there we go,lay it down and then we were to take off,the seat,its pretty low you could fit into the,back of a Subaru or something if you,folded the seats down and if you really,wanted to go nuts you could you know,disconnect the middle of the bike and,kind of take it back to that unboxing,phase so excited to see that Ive seen,some other folding trikes out there and,its kind of neat but then you dont,want to sacrifice too much strength and,like rigidity especially if youre going,to load it up back to the seat and the,seat post 27.2 millimeters very standard,diameter on that you could probably use,a suspension seat post because it has,standard saddle rails but the default,post is so long its 440 millimeters,most suspension posts are 350,millimeters and they will add about,three inches of minimum saddle height so,keep that in mind and then the seat,itself theres so much adjustability,here so like most Saddles you can slide,it forward and back with those rails,single bolt clamp right there pretty,easy to adjust and then theres also,this plate that interfaces with just,this part of the saddle and it can be,moved forward order back a little bit so,youre actually changing the clearance,between the backrest if youre someone,whos a little bit bigger you slide it,forward and its not like youre sitting,on the edge of something so much Ive,never seen that before to me that was,really impressive and we have the back,rest sturdier than a lot of the other,ones Ive seen kind of lean into this a,little bit more and we have some,adjustability up and down while were,back here I want to show you the the,rating again 60 pounds and weve got,this almost like an octagon shape so you,can use their baskets all of its modular,with some of their other bikes so maybe,youre a family that has a bunch of rad,products and you can sort of migrate,your racks and show you this drivetrain,42 tooth steel chainring up front 16,tooth Cog in the rear and then look at,that pulley thats like a tensioner it,can go up and down its a sliding,horizontal Dropout and theres a chain,here and then theres a chain inside so,this is a jack shaft drivetrain that,allows the right wheel to spin as you,pedal but its its kind of a free wheel,on the left side so I was noticing that,as I was doing really sharp turns and,circles with this thing they spin freely,kind of like a differential but maybe a,little bit simpler because only the,right si

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RAD Review: A Pretty Stiff Roguelike

the 80s are in right now arguably maybe,a little too in but while everyone and,their grandmother is slapping a shit-ton,a purple on their game and calling it an,80s aesthetic rad is going the full,Saturday morning cartoon route its got,the music its got the art direction,its got the wacky setup and most,importantly its got the most bodacious,narrator this sine of Bastion you cannot,survive the toxic breath of the fellow,as you are and so by the power of the,menders honestly fashion isnt a bad,comparison for this game in general,youre in a post-apocalyptic wasteland,mostly composed of torn up islands,youre mostly engaging in some very,familiar and pretty basic hack and slash,action with a club and youve got two,narrators chatting along with your every,move alternating between filling and,lore and talking up your exploits but of,course this is also a rogue light where,your abilities stem from growing snake,heads boomerang arms and eggs spawning,tails and theres a much bigger emphasis,on gameplay over any form of continuous,narrative all of that makes rad a very,different beast so lets see how its,version of the apocalypse pans out as,always Im Alex and this is first-five,were asked if games worth your time not,your money I played a game for five,hours and Im gonna tell you if those,were five hours well spent and today,were getting a new look in rad,before we get too deep into the review I,did receive a free advance review copy,for this game so a big thank you to,double fine and a heads up for everybody,else rads got a pretty straightforward,setup the worlds gone through not one,but two apocalypses to make it extra,uninhabitable and your tiny colony,thats trying to make it in the rubble,has run into a problem the lights are,starting to turn off so off you go,across the wasteland on an epic 80s,cartoon adventure to try and find a new,power source to bring back to camp and,after getting zapped by some special,cosmic magic to let you get across the,wasteland your limbs start mutating into,some truly weird stuff maybe your arm,will become a detachable boomerang that,grows back every time you rip it off or,your skull will suddenly light on fire,and become a throwable grenade or your,arm just becomes an actual living being,of its own that beats the out of,anything in sight rad gets some serious,points for creativity and grim humor,with the aesthetic of its mutations and,in general aesthetic is this games,strong point the way the wasteland turns,green and plentiful in your wake is a,cool touch the musics pretty,entertaining and just that narrator,but outside of rads aesthetics the,gameplay itself is its just kind of,okay and its core its just a set of,very basic hack-and-slash mechanics,youve got a melee attack button a,pretty pili jump a dodge roll and a slam,attack it isnt until you start getting,the mutations themselves that the,gameplay starts grooving once you get a,solid supply mutations though the game,does fall into a pretty good rhythm,where youve always got something to do,and one ability always flows cleanly,into the next but you got to do a lot to,get there for one cooldowns on the,mutations are long enough that you cant,just rely on one they feel a little more,like grenades than your main rifle if,that makes sense,and to its credit this does require you,to use every ability available to you,instead of just repeatedly pressing one,button to win but it also means youre,looking at a good 30 minutes of grinding,upfront every single run before you get,your second mutation and the game starts,to click in the meantime youre pretty,much playing a kind of funky mostly,bog-standard one,and hack-and-slash compounding this,youre also kind of fragile in this game,you do slowly build a health pool as you,progress through each level but,frequently I found myself in a situation,where Id spend an hour leveling up and,slowly getting those mutations that make,the game click and then I have one bad,fight take 3 hits and Im knocking on,deaths door this is obviously become a,little less of an issue as Ive gotten,better at the game but these two design,decisions still created a situation,where rad kept coming to a screeching,halt,every time it was just getting good but,none of that is my main beef with rad,the real problem I kept running into,time and time again is that you,basically have zero choice about which,mutations you get part of the point of,roguelikes is that youre forced to work,with whatever random options you get but,in most cases the fun comes from making,meaningful choices out of that,randomness winning a fight in slate,aspire gives you a pick of three random,cards to choose from into the breach,gives you a whole host of random rewards,you can buy every time you finish an,island you have to deal with randomness,but you can still consciously build,towards something rad doesnt have that,there are stores that you can purchase,items at but most of your options are,just one-off consumables like potions,and the few mutations you can purchase,are mostly passives like immunity to,fire or acid bonuses that are,technically helpful but also both,generic and kind of uninteresting,meanwhile the big-ticket items the,mutations that actually give you active,abilities and alter how you play are,primarily doled out every time you level,up max out your ran meter and the game,gives you one mutation at random so you,have next to no input and how you,develop your character meaning you,regularly have to work with mutations,youre not interested in or you get the,same mutation a million runs in a row I,swear to god Ive gotten this flaming,skull bomb and almost every single one,of my runs I even had one run where I,swapped it out for a new random mutation,the only time I got to do that in all,five hours I played and then I just got,the skull again the second time I,leveled being Ghost Rider and getting to,chuck my own head it stuff was cool the,first three times but Im ready to try,something else and have zero say in,whether I get to or not,but its not all doom and gloom red has,a bunch of small thoughtful touches,baked into its design as well take for,instance the trails of grass you leave,everywhere,at first glance theyre just a nice,visual touch but if you walk over them,you get a speed boost which saves a ton,of time on backtracking and exploration,and then I learned to cope boss rooms in,grass to give yourself a movement boost,in a fight except some bosses can also,then light the grass on fire and a more,thoroughly youve coated the arena and,grass the more dangerous these abilities,get and a whole bunch of interesting,tactical decisions started springing out,of this one design decision red also,does a good job of oking a sense of,discovery where youll just accidentally,stumble into an entirely new mechanical,system and it feels like the games,opening up in ways that few games do,like this one time I happen to pick up,an item that let me see secrets and,discover that the game has treasure,hidden behind breakable walls and under,the floorboards that was a cool moment,of organic discovery but its time to,ask the big question what do you get out,of five hours with Brad well Ive,probably never come close to seeing the,end of the game Ive gotten a little,over a half dozen failed runs in across,my five hours of playtime and as I,always bring up when I cover a roguelike,this isnt necessarily a game were,seeing the credits is an end goal its a,lot more about the journey along the way,that said as I mentioned this game has a,habit of letting you cruise along for an,hour until you run into one bad fight,and suddenly its game over,and that feels like it treats my time a,little cheaply Im not a huge fan of,that overall rad is mostly just decent,it unquestionably has its moments and if,you lock into mutations that you happen,to like and if you survive long enough,to pile them on the game can be a lot of,fun but when it doesnt come together it,can kind of feel like a wasted run which,mean


[Music],rad is underrated there Ive said Ive,been playing this extensively for the,last couple of weeks and its just the,conclusion that Ive come to it isnt,perfect by any means but it uses style,and humor like the radioactive waste,that spilled out over this neo-punk,world and trademarking neo-punk,remember we give away a free Nintendo,switch game each and every month to the,person most active and engaged on the,channel as well as the patron although,this month were giving every patron a,game size a bit different but whatever,you get the picture a roguelike worth,your precious time or is it a toxic mess,lets find out the world has gone to pot,several nuclear disasters and no small,quantity of radioactive fallout have,created a monstrosity of epic,proportions,countless mutated beasts roamin the,environment and everything from that,harmless-looking bin to the rocks lay in,wait to burst forth and end you,in terms of the narrative,youll be given voice over dialogue,during the gameplay transference kids,can instantly zap someone to faraway,places as you discover relics from the,ancient times and its also tracked,within your menu screens as you discover,new areas of the world these are then,shown and its these anecdotes that were,a surprisingly motivating factor when,playing the game it felt like you could,gain an understanding of this water,earth over several runs it was the,entries who put the world to sleep and,the menders who reawakened a little like,I saw with maybe a game like ever space,and it works really well first port of,call is choosing one of the characters,who look like rejects from The Goonies,in the best possible sense more can be,unlocked as you progress in the game it,controls very well almost like a twin,stick at times everythings tight and,responsive and certain moves will cancel,the animation quicker allowing for,example a roll when you see that dangers,imminent it shouldnt be underestimated,how important that is for a fun and fair,gameplay experience I mentioned in the,by nervo list that Im making at the,moment that it feels like the slightly,strange love child of The Binding of,Isaac and toejam and Earl you begin each,level dropped at a random point within a,stage these have some sort of random,generation to them and are essentially,floating islands just as with toejam,your main aim in each area will be,activating two or more pylon type,structures to release the door to the,boss area think of them as your flaws in,Gunjan or Isaac monsters roam and,various environmental hazards dot the,landscape and will try their darndest to,rob you of your precious hearts shown up,here now while I would have liked to see,some further varieties of enemies in the,earlier stages the game actually has a,very large number their drip fed in so,that as you start to conquer youll see,more and more but perhaps a touch more,variety in those earlier stages would,help when youre on a losing streak the,thing is rather than gradually leveling,up you become more and more irradiated,until the inevitable moment your body,simply cannot take anymore,and burst forth some random and often,monstrously delightful mutation these,are your EXO mutations absolutely love,this system and unlike others where you,will eventually know the effects of an,item just by looking at it you always,have that element of surprise with those,there are other mutations that can be,applied through purchase or other,acquisitions and theyre known as endo,mutations they often buff your existing,abilities in some way like increasing,the range of that fiery burning mess,coming from the stump where your arm,used to reside as well as killing all,the buddies of that stranger things Big,Bad in season 2 youll also be acquiring,serious amounts of and some scratch oh,and some theyre just asset types that,act as the currency and the narrator,does an excellent job of adding a touch,of 90s arcade charm to the proceedings,choice and has a bloody good vocabulary,for different ways of saying cash or,cheddar or some bunts along the way far,you get if each level will be filled,with secrets to discover from hidden,away bunkers to small micro missions for,those inhabitants still alive within,them I would have liked perhaps a more,fleshed out mission system but I think,they went with the path of least,resistance to the gameplay delving into,the underground or uncovering the fog of,war through exploration will eventually,uncover some form of shop here you can,spend that cold hard cash youve,acquired throughout the time playing and,these can be a real lifeline when your,health is waning so what comes next,youve beaten all the big bads milked,the area of every available resource and,its time to go boss fighting,these are essentially super versions of,the mutants with large health bars and,some other nasty moves to cause you all,kinds of aggro,when you inevitably die youll be back,to square one but not entirely,empty-handed between levels you can,return to the hub area in here you can,spend some cash and also store or,withdraw funds from the banking system,if you meet the prerequisites perks can,be gained through becoming a premium,bank member aka store lots of cash with,them youll find that you can change out,the default baseball bat here as well,which means runs can vary slightly but,again it felt like this main hub area,was severely underutilized youll find,yourself walking into characters to get,a dialogue that doesnt exist which is a,shame as it would have been a welcome,addition and give the feeling of,continuity between runs a much-needed,boost adding the staple for the genre,some runs will just be rubbish its just,part of the parcel and in no way,deterred me from trying again as well as,the core gameplay mechanics youll find,a leaderboard fueled daily run which,offers various mutations on the standard,gameplay,these are very common again for the,genre the core gameplay is fun and,rewarding with a real coolness about it,that shouldnt be underrated Don your,neon shell suits and grab a baseball bat,and head out into the wasteland and I,dont think youll be disappointed,theres actually far more depth here,than initially meets the eye,there are many EXO mutations to unlock,and they completely change the way that,you play as the character take for,example one run where I became a crab,creature that could duck under the,ground and then verse forth exploding,all the enemies around me,[Music],for another where I had a mutant on my,back I could then throw on the ground,and use as a turret there are also a,large number of boss enemies to work,your way through even if you do finish,the game quite quickly but you probably,won gameplay scores 16 out of 20 while,the control score 18 out of 20 now,visually its been a bit of a mixed bag,since launch initially the performance,was not overly great at all times it was,almost like there was a memory leak and,it would just dip slightly its been,patched since then Im not sure quite,what theyve done it looks like possibly,theyve reined in the detail draw,distance on shadows just a touch but,then it also might look a little bit,crisper Im not entirely sure it does,have a slight blurriness to it but you,can turn off the CR TV effect over the,top which not everyones going joy I,quite liked it it definitely worked with,the aesthetic and mood they were going,for,I enjoyed the environments and thought,that they worked well and thankfully the,performance is definitely better in,handheld unfortunately it is a slightly,blurrier experience but again it seems,to be running smoothly over Id say,visuals get 14 out of 20 in terms of the,audio I thought the music was fantastic,theyve really nailed it,it will transition at several points,throughout a level so you arent stuck,with that single sound and its quite,dynamic as well sound effects are okay,the sound of your bat as it cracks,mutant skulls is suitably satisfying and,when you do a charged attack by holding,the button down,yeah thats er got the

RAD – Review

[Music],hello this is photography gamer welcome,back to Channel today I am reviewing rad,for the PlayStation 4 rad is an,isometric roguelike game developed by,Double Fine the game is set in a POC,elliptic future where you play as one of,a bunch of kids who are survivors of to,apocalypses the game has two different,modes new run and daily challenge the,basic premise of the game is you have to,take one of these kids into the fallow,the fallow is a toxic region of the,world full of dangerous kind of mutant,creatures youve got to go there youve,got to kill the creatures youve got to,fill up your mutator meter and when its,full you will mutate but its completely,random what you get you can get wings,you can have acid fee green exploding,guys who live in your back you can have,an exploding skull grenade you throw at,people there really is a large variety,and the longer you survive the more,mutations you can have so it can be,ridiculous at some point you can have,like an entire body of mutations almost,to complete each stage you have to,unlock totems or whatever they are then,you can enter a large temple style area,and you have to take down a specific box,if you succeed you go to the next level,if you dont youve got to start over,again after a few successful runs you,start to level up your town you know you,get better weapons or accessories or,items or like certain things that will,make it easier for you to get further,into the game because at the start is,pretty difficult so its mainly about,combat with a little bit of platform,action the game is procedurally,generated in terms of the levels so its,always different and you know what its,really well done it never feels too,similar from level to level yes there,are certain things that youll be like,oh Ive seen that little clear area,before but generally its good the game,has an eighty style vibe both in terms,of the visuals and the music and the,voiceover and sound effects its all,very kind of cynthy it reminded me a lot,of Bill and heads,venture or earthworm jim and maybe a,little bit of toe jam and owl so the,game is a roguelike which basically,means in this instance is perma death so,when your character dies you have to,start from the beginning again but every,time you do a run you fill up a meter,and when it fills you get a special item,or a modifier that will make future runs,a little less taxing but its gonna be a,lot of grinding before you get to the,later stages it is quite repetitive but,its easy to play and its always a good,laugh so starting over again and again,isnt actually as annoying as youd,think it would be because each run is,unique thanks to the mutations and the,random level design and you can always,acquire different mutations to make the,gameplay feel different the enemies are,quite tricky in some cases but on the,most part theyre pretty predictable and,easy to take out once you learn the,rhythm but the bosses are quite a,challenge especially if you dont have,any ranged mutations overall its a very,fun game to play but its very,challenging as well graphically the game,is a real treat its very colourful has,a kind of a cel-shaded feel to the,visuals the character design is very 80s,and all the different playable,characters enemies and environments look,really cool presentation in the menus is,also very nice and overall its very,nice to look at the music is fantastic,and its perfectly in sync with the 80s,theme the songs used are really cool and,they never get annoying its a lot of,synth music lots of 80s music electronic,filtered effects if you like anything,that has that 80s theme then this is,right up your street the sound effects,are good and they suit the over-the-top,nature of the kind of the aesthetics the,voice acting is also pretty cool a,special mention has to go out to the,menu voice over which is ridiculous,over-the-top but at times it really did,make me laugh okay so whats good and,whats bad whats good its a very easy,game to pick up and play its great fun,the visuals are superb the game audio is,great its a genuine challenge to try,and complete and the 80s theme,works really well here whats bad the,game can get a little bit repetitive and,it doesnt have any two-player options,which I thought was quite a surprise,okay so whats the verdict rad is a,really fun colorful combat game that,will keep you interested for a lot,longer than you think it would its a,genuine challenge and its always worth,picking up for a gaming session at any,time the game presentation is excellent,and overall it plays and looks great,personally I really enjoyed it a lot,more than I thought I would its also,very addictive at times so my score for,rad is seven point five out of ten well,worth the look if you want a decent,indie title thats fun and challenging,to play its not perfect then its not,going to be for everyone and a lot of,people will get bored within a day or,two but I personally enjoy playing it,every now and again I turn it on for,half an hour or now I have another go,and see how far I can get and I always,enjoy it okay so that was the review,thank you for watching please like and,subscribe if you enjoyed the video,this is photography gamer signing off,thank you,you

R.A.D ONE Training Shoe Review | Best All-Around Shoe?

what is going on guys this is jake at,that fit friend and today we are going,to be looking at the rad one so this,shoe is relatively new on the cross,training shoe scene theyve dropped the,guatapalooza there has been a ton of,hype around these shoes and four things,that ive found to like about this model,is number one this is a very very very,solid all-in-one style of cross-training,shoe so really ive been wearing these,in pretty much every session ive had,over the last few weeks and i havent,noticed any issues with this model in,regard to stability versatility,durability like this is a shoe that i,trust for a lot of my training which is,often not the case with some,crosstraining shoes that are more,focused on certain niches so if you are,looking for a good all-in-one shoe i,think the rad one is a nice one to look,at the second thing i like about this,model is i like the swell foam midsole,that rad uses in the shoe so its,basically like their proprietary midsole,tech and feature that they use in this,model and i think it walks a really good,line between being stable and versatile,so if you want this shoe for heavy,lifting crossfit or even just tackling,hit workouts and some classes this,models midsole i think will do a really,good job plus they responsibly source,this material so its really cool to see,rad getting into being a bit more,responsible with the materials used in,their shoes and on their ethos page they,talk about how theyre going to continue,to innovate there so i think thats,really cool the third thing to like,about this model is i love that the,rubber outsole wraps the entirety of the,midsole here so that i think adds a lot,of durability to this shoe and its,potential in general for different,activities like with rope climbs i dont,think youre gonna have an issue with,mid-foot breakdown you have a nice,extended outsole layer up here on the,toe for additional durability and ive,worn these things for like pickleball,where im dragging my toes a lot cutting,a lot going side to side and i love that,the outsole wraps up and provides,additional traction and just overall,support from that foam midsole breaking,down i have had plenty of cross-training,shoes break down on the pickleball court,and i know thats not what theyre,intended to be used for but i think,thats a great tool and metric to scale,like cutting and side to side work,especially when foam on shoes is pretty,dang close to the ground the fourth,thing to like about this shoe is that i,like the overall silhouette and the,branding of this model so the shoe comes,in two color ways at the moment and just,the overall silhouette and appearance of,the shoe i think is a really solid so,like i like wearing these on a daily,basis and ive actually had two people,at the gym asking me what kind of shoes,these are so i think thats a good sign,as well plus theres like no,over-the-top rad branding on this model,so we have rad branding on the outsole,some down here at the bottom of the,tongue and then some up here at the top,of the tongue and thats relatively it,we have an imprint back here in the,posterior lateral heel but these shoes,arent like super loud you dont like,have like this huge glaring logo on them,noble,um and overall i really like the,silhouette and appearance of this shoe i,think it has a really good like classic,training shoe look to it while also,delivering a strong performance now,lets talk about a couple of cons i have,noticed with this model so when it comes,to cons there are actually not a ton of,cons that come along with this model,like truthfully this has been one of my,favorite pairs of cross training shoes,over the last year but two things that i,could see folks running into issues with,with this model is number one the sizing,so on rad site they recommend sizing up,a half size and you can also reach out,to them to get a better idea of what,size to go for if you have a thicker,foot i think you may run into an issue,with the volume up here in the toe box,overall i got a 10 i normally wear a 10,i did that for continuity purposes and,they fit fine like i have a little bit,of room in the toe honestly i dont,think i want to go up to a 10 and a half,but i could definitely see like just the,overall volume and its tightness being a,problem for folks with thicker or wider,feet so you may definitely want to size,up a half size or just reach out to rad,play it safe and get a better idea of,what sizing to look into the second,vigil con i can see folks having with,this shoe is that since rad is a,relatively new company they obviously,dont have a ton of different colorways,on the market so if you are not a fan of,the two colorways that they currently,offer i could see that maybe being an,issue with just the overall aesthetic,and how much you like this shoe but,again from a more performance overview,of this shoe they have been really solid,and i dont really have any issues with,their stability versatility or even like,glaring durability things that im even,concerned with so from a performance,point of view i have no big cons with,this model mostly just the aesthetic for,some folks who may not like the,colorways offered and some potential,folks who might run into sizing issues,so when it comes to performance im,going to talk about how the rad one does,with lifting more versatile training,shorter runs and then daily wear so when,it comes to lifting i really like this,model pulling over 500 pounds in the,shoe is no issue and i like how stable,they are for different movements like,lunges and squats i think if you plan to,train heavy in a cross-training shoe,this is a good model to look into the,swell foam midsole i think walks a good,line between being stable enough to,support your heaviest lifts but also,versatile enough to where you can use,them in more dynamic sessions and not,beat your feet up plus i really like,that extended rubber outsole wrap,throughout the entirety of the shoe,because you get a lot of traction on,different surfaces so if youre training,indoors or lifting outdoors you,shouldnt run into issues of traction or,breakdown with this models midsole and,outsole when it comes to more versatile,training i also really enjoy the shoe,they break in relatively quick and you,get a nice reactiveness up here in the,toe box so as a whole i like using this,shoe for more athletic focused sessions,where im doing a lot more plyos cutting,or anything thats a bit more agility,focused not every cross training shoe,excels in those settings but if youre,looking for something that can be stable,but also really excel for more athletic,focus for plyos even classes this is a,good model to look into plus with the,upper construction it breathes decently,well and i dont think youre gonna have,a ton of issues with breakdown in the,upper for more versatile training so as,a whole i do like this model for,versatile training and im not gonna,beat a dead horse here but i do like,that midsole in the shoe and again i,dont think its gonna be a shoe that,beats up your feet if youre doing a ton,of plyos in this model for shorter runs,this model works what i would say is,like if youre tacking on one to two,maybe three miles before or after your,sessions or if you have runs programmed,in your wads this model will work really,well but obviously its a cross-training,shoe it is a bit more stable in nature,so its not going to be the best bet for,longer runs but for shorter runs this is,one of the better pairs that walks that,good line between being versatile stable,and also a decent shoe for shorter runs,for daily wear i like this shoe but to,be honest ive actually been trying to,limit how much ive been wearing them on,a daily basis because i want them to,last but with that extended outsole,youre going to get a nice level of,durability because its going to protect,that foam midsole from different,elements so for example like some,crosstraining shoes have that exposed,foam throughout the midsole and thats,usually not an

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