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Rana Meat Lasagna Review

hey everyone welcome back to five minute,eats all right guys today we have a,little lasagna review for you this one,is not a frozen lasagna it is in the,refrigerated section and we picked it up,at walmart i believe it was 11.99 or,12.99 it was quite pricey like most,other things from this brand this is the,giovanni rana rana meet lasagna and it,says my family recipe made with 100 beef,delicious tomato sauce creamy ricotta,melting mozzarella and signature dough,now you can do this in the microwave or,the oven if you would like to know how,to make it in the oven definitely check,out our other channel food prep ink,where i walk you through the steps of,how we got here but today on five minute,eats were gonna review this bad boy now,this is actually made locally not far,from where we live so of course,were gonna you know we want it to,succeed right we want to give it two,thumbs up because it is local local jobs,and all that kind of good stuff but,heres the thing because weve done,several lasagnas and costco has a really,good frozen lasagna and the thing about,that is its what like 13 bucks or,something around 14. both of them are,like slightly different price but,theyre around 13 14. yeah so costco,makes two one with just beef the other,one has beef and italian sausage and,those are really good man and thats six,pounds of lasagna for that price whereas,this is two and a half pounds so this is,very freaking expensive and guys if,youre new to our channel basically we,review everyday grocery items so before,you spend your hard-earned money let us,tell you,if its worth it if youd like to,support this channel the easiest way to,do that is using our amazon links the,next time you shop there all right guys,welcome back our rating system thumbs up,we buy it again thumbs down we would not,for me this is a huge,thumbs,down its really a shame because this is,a local product i wanted to like it but,this thing is very salty and the cheese,in it its ricotta and mozzarella right,but,i feel like this is a very like strong,cheese or something,just,really funky because when i was eating,it kind of reminded me of um,kind of like a cheddar or something you,know,didnt really like it,but one thing i really loved about this,is that the pasta in it even after,cooking it it was very soft with your,fork you could easily cut it this was,very soft i really like that,i like the sauce,just a really big shame man because,salty,and the cheese,thumbs down wow,alrighty,so for me this is going to be,a thumbs,and its a shame that i gotta say that,because ive been looking forward to,this i love lasagna this is by no means,a terrible lasagna its edible for sure,like if you bought it and youre,wondering about it,you could eat it you know would you buy,it again though i wouldnt recommend it,it is very very very salty and its not,even just,the top cheese its not the ricotta its,not the beef its all of it each,individual layer is,really salty on its own and then you,combine them all together,and its just a salt bomb its insane,im shocked about this because the,packaging gives the impression this is,like a gourmet lasagna yeah you expect,for the price to be like really like,amazed right but i feel like because,this is a company that makes some good,stuff,its amateur hour a little bit yeah and,to your point about the cheese being a,little strange it is it does not taste,as like light as a typical mozzarella,and ricotta in any other lasagna because,i feel like thats kind of the more,lighter side of a lasagna in pretty much,all the others that weve tried whereas,this is very intense its super super,like,cheese tasting its almost like a bitter,cheese like it does have that like,sharp cheddar kind of,essence to it where thats a very like,strong,borderline bitter-ish cheese thats what,this is like and its leaving a very,strong bitter aftertaste even right now,its lingering yes its driving me nuts,exactly i cant wait to like get it out,of my mouth its really a shame because,the packaging i feel like is beautiful,but realistically if you were to take,the same like weight as the costco ones,this would probably be like thirty,dollars yeah exactly for that much and,thats insane to sum it up thumbs down,thumbs down and if you guys buy from,amazon use your amazon link the reason,is when you do that we get 10 cents 50,cents possibly even a dollar which means,we can continue to review things all,right guys thats the video if you like,what were doing here definitely check,out our other channel food prep inc and,dont forget to give us a like and,subscribe

Rana Meat Lasagna Taste Test

heres a product were gonna try out and,review this is a meat lasagna,its 15,it weighs 40 ounces so thats two and a,half pounds,we figure were gonna at least get two,meals out of it now my wife makes,unbelievable,lasagna so i dont know if well try,this and say oh my goodness is this bad,or is it good were gonna find out,interesting since this is uh wasnt,frozen,this is only gonna take 20 minutes to,cook or eight minutes in the microwave,were gonna do the oven cook with it,and well have a review on how it tastes,so here we are looking at it,uh before we baked it,it smells like raw tomatoes and you know,that isnt a good sign to me,i find that one of the the biggest,problems with any commercial,type of product is,they dont cook the tomatoes enough they,dont render it down kind of and,tomatoes will change to a different,flavor,if you cook them enough,and i think at least in my opinion after,you taste tomatoes,that have been cooked long enough,tomatoes that havent been cooked long,enough uh,here we are looking,so here we are looking at the product,out of the bag,uh it smells a raw tomatoes which,that isnt too good to me,uh i find one of the major problems with,any tomato based product that you buy in,the store spaghetti sauce,you know a pizza sauce is that it hasnt,usually been cooked long enough,so its going to be interesting to see,if we believe this is cooked long enough,its just cheaper not to cook it as long,what can i say and uh i think thats why,you find it so often in uh commercially,prepared products,so well see hopefully,uh once we cook it uh it will taste,better than what it smells right now,we shall see,so the test results are in from the,panel of three judges,we like it,uh,is it as good as my wifes homemade no,but its still good,i mean theres a level at which you,decide to pick,convenience,over doing something yourself,but this is this is much better than,some of the other products ive tried,like this,one of the product we used to do and,then we decided we didnt really like it,that much was these larger frozen,lasagnas,i think they were stover im not even,sure the bran right now,but,it would like take two or three hours to,cook because they were frozen well this,being only refrigerated,means that you can,you know,do it at the last minute this could be,in the fridge,heat up your oven to 350 put it in there,for 20 minutes youre done so very,convenient,so,we officially have three thumbs up,for this brand this arana oh theres,another name on the front of rana lets,see what this says,giovanna giovanni rana,italians most love,italys most loved it says and meat,lasagna,very good,you

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what up what up everybody hows,everybody been doing on this friday,so im here doing a taste test review on,this lasagna i have i got from the store,ive seen people doing this last year,and stuff so this is the on giovanni ron,um,rona rona,um package i paid like 14 for this i,hope itd be good of course you know me,i had to put more mozzarella and cheese,on that so this is a meat lover,and say uh my family recipes is made,with 100 beef,delicious tomato sauce creamy risotto,melted,um mozzarella,and signature on dough,so yeah you could put it in a microwave,you could either put it in the oven i,put in the oven for on 20 minutes,and its a big thing of this on lets,see,this is oh wow this is 2.5 pounds,of this right here,and im about to um,thats thats thats a lot so,yeah eight minutes in the microwave,on here on the box and then they got 20,minutes in the oven and i put this on,our sheet pan,so were gonna get into this,so im going to show yall this thing,its hot,i put more cheese on it though you know,me got my hot sauce i got my uh,juice,trying to break something already you,know so lets see,what this is about,oh,why this is so far away from me,thats better,lets see,i just poured this out the oven,oh,yeah thats hot,all right lets go ahead and,see what this is about,and i love lasagna i rather make it,myself but ive seen this you know what,i said imma get it,um,okay um,whoo okay maybe that,this is salty yes its,oh wow this just is its salty okay you,know what let me just go ahead,and see,enough pasta in here,that cheese is very strong but,uh theres another layer of cheese and,um,that came with it,and i just add more mozzarella to it,though you know its normal youre,supposed to do that,okay lets do another one,um,okay,that was okay,but this is really good though,because i know a lot of people,i know some people does it you know to,take out some of the tanginess out of,the tomato sauce they add a little sugar,to it,but this is just perfect because its,not its not sweet not at all,and,this was not in a frozen aisle,oh okay,hey got that jeez,okay,that is really good,everything is fresh,wow,they gave me a little saltiness first,though but,its all right though,its very good though,because they got like other brands they,um be selling,and i say you know what ima do the,lasagna,oh,giovanni,yall got it going on now,im gonna be four,i might have the itis in a minute,you know,what i got my um,tobacco sauce i gotta add just,give me a little kick to it,[Music],so i hope yall guys is doing great,today its a beautiful pleasant oh its,gonna be pleasant all this week yes,yes so its just gonna be just in the,70s,im gonna love it,im a lover,every bit of this week,because when that weather do come around,we already have a few hot days,i just uh just a warning shot just let,you know its going to be hot,okay is this moving,yeah,okay there you go right there yep,this is a lie,oh this this is really good,[Music],this is good,if you havent tried it i say go out and,go buy it,and its not cheap,you know what heres the thing what i,like about this,it tastes like,you literally cook this at home,because anything but frozen,you could taste it different from it,i like that cheese though cause that,cheese its got like a,strong taste in the mozzarella just help,bring us bring it together everything,actually worked for this,wow,i say maybe,i dont know like four people could eat,this,thats gonna be tiny up,this is so delicious,delicious out,[Music],that sure is good,mm-hmm,oh my god,and i love that risotto you know,risotto without,ricotta whatever it is i like it,i know ill be getting names right,oh guys if yall was anybody was in my,live video,and yall heard all that music,i had to stop,because i didnt want to catch no,copyright,and,if you want to go over to my tick tock,channel its on rico bizarre foods,thats the same as my youtube channel,name,and,you could literally hear the music what,i literally have to deal with all the,time,i can sometimes i can post videos,sometimes i cant go live,and itd be days people be,be going live,and and theyd be wanting me to come up,on a panel,i cant,what does that mean that music was like,loud,leilani leilani um heard it she said,it sounds like they got a mic in there,on the stage they dont sound like its,coming from a car but it did,but itd be juiced up over here,they played that for almost,four hours,after i got off going alive for an hour,and a half,oh this is so good i shouldnt be greedy,no dont be greedy or imma be greedy,oh,um,[Music],hey,if yall dont like hot sauce dont,worry about putting it on it i like hot,sauce so im gonna put it on it,this the um the sauce they got with it,this homemade,yeah they creamy tomato sauce,that is really good,that is really good,i like that,instead of um,lame sauce just go ahead and do your own,tomato,oh wow,[Music],this is so good i cant help myself guys,im definitely gonna have the itis,oh,i cant have the eye this too long,because i gotta,be on i gotta be a mod,in coco t tv on,channel tonight um please guys,come on over,to coco tv tv,yeah,woohoo,shell be going live at um i think,she its say 7 30.,she got it on but on the thing is say 7,20 so i but ill be there at 7 20 though,she made me probably made a little boo,boo its okay though,we all human we make mistakes,look at that,if anybody dont know,lasagna is my,favorite um,uh,its better than spaghetti,i anybody never see me really do too,much spaghetti on my channel,i like doing the noodles,i dont know the cheese that they use,but its very good though,like i said at first it gave me this,really salty,on taste to it,and eating it through,ah all right taste that sauce,they dont taste salty no more,thats good,i mean,it i mean when i say its fresh it is so,so fresh,and its like like i said its not,frozen,dont taste like,they got their own they got their own,blend,thats all i would have to say they have,their own blend all the lasagna i tried,so i this is one of my top favor,but,i saved this for another day or two im,just gonna freeze the rest of it,but if yall like this video,go ahead and smash that like,let me know if yall,had tried this before,or or have you seen it,[Music],anywhere i know in in different stores,they different prices,um i paid let me see,whats the price on here,no but i i had to receive it was i dont,know where its sitting at now but,i paid like 14,and some change for it so,it stands up for,it stands up so i yeah i would,definitely,to,two thumbs so here this is my two thumbs,two thumbs up on this right here,so,im about to go ahead and get off i hope,yall enjoyed this video and ill be,back,another another day now i gotta get up,and uh,you know because the camera way over,there i used to be able to just touch it,like right here like go by about that,much now reach out i cant touch it,im lazy ooh,especially when you fall stomach,youll be sitting there rubbing your,stuff we go,please come please,oh,yep but im outta here guys much love,and dont forget to go to,cocotv live tonight,all right,but im out here i see yall later on,ciao

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Rana Five Cheese Lasagna Review

hey everyone welcome back to five minute,eats and were in the midst of lasagna,week here Im five minutes eats and,today we have got a second installment,of one of our most controversial videos,ever this is the Giovanni Rana Rana five,cheese lasagna my favorite recipe made,with a blend of mozzarella ricotta,Fontina marscapone parmesan delicious,tomato sauce and signature dough this is,a refrigerated lasagna so it is not in,the freezer this is,um,14.99 for a 40 ounce making it 37 cents,per ounce which is middle of the road,for the week now this can be made in the,microwave or the oven if you would like,to know how to make this in the oven I,will repeat that in the oven you can,check out our other channel food prep,Inc where I walk you through the steps,but today here on five and eats we are,going to review this bad boy so we did,the Rana meat lasagna maybe a year ago I,dont know whenever it first came out,yeah and so the thing about it was was,man we didnt like it because it was,very salty for some reason maybe you got,an awesome version but we got a very,salty version and it was terrible we,hated it and the thing is Rana even,though theyre like an Italian company,theyre actually made in Bartlett,Illinois which is not far from where we,live so its like a local brand right we,want to support them because obviously,local jobs depend on Rana being,successful so we want to like it but the,problem is man that that lasagna we had,was terrible it was very salty yes we,get a lot of hate comments on it its,pretty entertaining,in every now and then you know people,leave funny comments and stuff we always,respond and so now here we are with five,cheese lasagna maybe its gonna be good,because you know Rana does a lot of good,stuff the packaging their presentation,is really impressive most doors carry it,yeah and you know what weve liked a lot,of their like Noodle and sauce kit kind,of things,its really just been the lasagna that,we really were really opposed to now,this one I would just like to say right,off the freaking bat whenever I took,this out of the package there appeared,to be some sort of,something on top of the lasagna like a,little thread or something and so,whenever I opened it up it was a black,substance and whenever I took tweezers,and like pulled it off it was actually,some plastic that had been kind of,in in the cheese like it was mostly on,top and then a little bit down into the,cheese so already were starting off not,that great of an experience yeah because,we said in the previous video we think,they have quality issues with the,lasagna so it sounds like they still,have it it sounds like it now listen,to something hoping,that because we spend our money on these,things and guys if youre new to our,Channel basically we review every day,grocery item so before you spend your,harder money let us tell you if its,worth it now taking a look at this thing,it actually looks pretty good,it does now I will say whenever I cut,into it there was like a geyser of of,like watery oily liquid that like gushed,out from underneath the lasagna thats,not a good sign its not a good sign I,dont know what was up with that but,maybe thats just all of the goodness,its just all the goodness packed up in,there,I was gonna say its Giovanni ranas,um sweat blood sweats,Sweat and Tears exactly lets get into,it if youd like to support this channel,the easiest way to do that is using our,Amazon links the next time you shop,there all right guys welcome back,operating system Thumbs Up loud again,thumbs down would be not so for me this,is a big thumbs down,wow no Im really shocked here because,so keep in mind this is day three weve,done two other lasagna this thing is,very very Bland I was shocked man,because,theres nothing exciting about this is a,very boring lasagna,um,the only good thing about it was theres,not a lot of ricotta cheese theres a,lot of pasta theres a decent amount of,sauce,the cheese the pasta,the sauce,is all bland its just not very,flavorful which is really shocking,because Giovanni Rana is from Italy and,all that kind of stuff right he should,know how to do this,the two other brands dofors and beaches,we tried I feel was way more flavorful,this is like something you find at a old,folks home you know just a very Bland,safe to eat lasagna,thumbs down if you like what were doing,here please consider are sending us,super things it helps us continue to,provide more amazing content,pulling no punches with that one so for,me,this is going to be,a thumbs,down I agree this is very Bland and I,was kind of prepared for it to be overly,salty so I was like girding my loins for,that but then whenever I bit into it it,was like,where is the flavor now I felt like,there wasnt enough sauce,and I think part of that is because the,sauce had almost no flavor to it its a,bland lasagna so,um once you have a one bite and youre,like wow,thats it thats what I have to look,forward to right on the next one yeah,because you know,as a bite with everything and then we,taste,components and for me having it as a,whole bite its like,okay you know its like I could put it,in my mouth and chew it and swallow it,its not enjoyable to eat though its,its bland on its own you know theres,really just kind of like in the,aftertaste theres this kind of,slightly bitter cheese aftertaste you,know how some cheese is like theres a,bitterness after you swallow them,thats what Im getting here but then,tasting each component individually the,ricotta layer I did like how creamy it,was and it was like moist it wasnt a,dry ricotta but there was hardly any,flavor there it was just slightly,seasoned with salt it and not overly,salty like the other one but just like a,little bit of salt is all you could,really taste there there wasnt any,other flavor the chop like cheese layer,really no flavor until after you swallow,and then theres that bitterness the,actual lasagna noodles to me seem to,taste a little bit,like raw noodles you know like they had,that kind of doughy like taste to them,even though this was cooked according to,the instructions and it reached the,internal temperature it is cooked all,the way through it just tasted like,maybe in the factory it was not prepared,properly and then the freaking sauce,which I thought would probably be the,most flavorful part of this after,tasting the other components it,literally just tasted like tomato like,and and a an almost completely,flavorless tomato at that like as if all,of the flavor had been washed away like,theres no,seasoning in there it seems like its,just,plain its very weird like I dont,understand what theyre doing there like,if it is an issue of,we just happen to keep getting the bad,batches why do you have good batches and,bad batches because this is a five,cheese lasagna so we tried others this,week that were five cheese right and you,could tell with those,with this one me personally I couldnt,really tell the ricotta in this was very,like just Bland the other cheeses just,it seemed like they all Blended together,and it was just like one cheese it was,this is a very weird product yes I dont,think that its,nearly worth the hype that some people,seem to have about it but you know were,willing to concede maybe everyone else,is just getting a really great batch of,lasagna and were not but I dont think,that thats any way to operate a company,where you have like these wild swings in,like product quality thats very bizarre,to me to sum it up thumbs down thumbs,down and if you guys buy from Amazon use,their Amazon link the reason is when you,do that we get 10 cents 50 cents,possibly even a dollar which means we,can continue to review things all right,guys thats the video if you like what,were doing here definitely check out,our other channel food prep Inc and,dont forget to give us a like And,subscribe

RANA Cheese Lasagna

hi mike kennedy with you what we have,here is the rana,five cheese lasagna now we tried the,meat lasagna and it was very good,i would say its the best,uh lasagna you can purchase pre-made as,far as i can see ive tried some of,course my wife makes them from scratch,those are way better but,uh,if youre gonna purchase the lasagna,this is,the meat one we tried was very good,now uh,you can uh,only microwave for eight minutes so put,it in the oven for 20 minutes,you know its uh kept cold not frozen,and uh uh nice thing this week anyway is,they were five dollars off at my local,hanovers so instead of being,like 14.99,they were,9.99 or eight or whatever something like,that but five dollars off so this is,what were going to try tonight,and well have three opinions and well,be able to tell you about it,afterwards,now uh people had asked me,in the last video to make sure to show a,picture of it before its cooked and,after its cooked so there it is,its you know its in this plastic bag,still but,that gives you an idea what it looks,like,i would assume that this is more or less,completely cooked but its going to take,you the 20 minutes to,heat it through thoroughly,okay here we are with the back were,just going to look at some of the,information,six servings per container,350 calories per serving,weve got only 75 milligrams of,cholesterol 25,sodium 800 milligrams at 35,total carbs 26,grams dietary fiber only 3 grams total,sugar is 10,and protein 16.,and uh and thats a you know some little,uh information here,but lets see the main ingredients are,tomato sauce,onions,extra virgin olive oil,five cheese sauce,wheres the uh,i was looking for a word actually said,pasta but yeah pasta is further down the,list,and this is what it looks like without,the plastic on i dont know why i showed,you with the plastic but thats what i,did anyway,okay lets try it,looks real cheesy,and it tastes real cheesy,not bad,uh theres a little bit of this raw,tomato taste,but other than that its pretty good

RAO’s Made For Home: Meat Lasagna Review

yes welcome to our,to review today Im going to try this,Rios,mate for home meat lasagna we bought,these four four nine iron at Whole Foods,that said it is made with fresh ricotta,cheese which is always a good thing,theres what its kind of supposed to,look like the meat lasagna has pasta,layered with ricotta mozzarella beef,sausage and marinara sauce sounds,wonderful,the calories are 400 calories you feed,the whole tray and heres your other,information whatever you want so you,cant make this in the oven of course so,were not going to do it that way but if,you want to you can bake in the oven and,honestly its probably better in the,oven but thats the oven directions that,you have for me were going to remove,the entree from the carton remove the,plastic lid cook on high for 5 minutes,let it sit for two minutes remove the,plastic film before serving and enjoy so,youre going to leave the plastic film,on just take the plastic lid off just to,make sure you extra plastic cap throw,away but you know thats literally what,am I gonna do that,hopefully its recycled so Im gonna get,this in the microwave for five minutes,and I like that,okay heres what it looks like out of,the microwave and Im not gonna touch it,too much because Im gonna cut well I,guess I could print my jacket but its,plain meat sauce on it,theres your layers of pasta so Im,going to cut this into slices there into,bite-sized pieces and look who want to,do that great so heres the bottom to,take go play a cheese and meat like fall,there we go,mmm I love the cheese whoever shes,really good,the the meat sauce Im gonna get a bit,more on the edge I never got to taste it,just now little more the sauce hmm that,sauce is really good then the meat sauce,the the pasta itself is really cooked,well its um its not too firm its not,too soft its just right the cheese,flavor like I said its really really,good,the the meat sauce tends to be on there,just the outside edge its like not in,the middle much so the middle of the,pasta is really more tomato sauce and,cheese and pasta theres really not a,lot of about like the meat sauce is not,there its sauce but not none of the,actual meat itself is there I think you,improve that to where the meat sauce is,all over to be better but flavor-wise,its really good yeah I really love the,flavors of the cheese um for it to be a,meat lasagna I guess I wish the meat,sauce was a little more spread out but,its still good it still has a really,really good flavor of textures and and,quality seems to be very very good I,like the I like the pasta I like the,cheese I like the sauce theres nothing,really wrong with it its not I wish to,a little bit more spiciness to it like,its got sausage in it which is the,sausage how little bit more spice to it,and the flavors Im getting is mostly,just like a hamburger ground beef I wish,had a little bit more spice to it which,it does its kind of just a plain meat,sauce I mean a plain spaghetti sauce,with hamburger in it so Im missing a,little bit of spice for that reason Im,gonna give it a 4 instead of a 5 but I,wouldnt give it a 5 that a little more,spice to it but if you dont like spicy,food youd be fine with this because,theres no whole like the one on us for,our spices go but Im still gonna give,it a 4 definitely recommended if you got,a Whole Foods in the area you dont mind,Spinoza for 99 you dont mind spending a,for 99,lasagna meal its still really really,good so I hope you enjoy this video,thanks for watching

Rana Lasagna/ 20 Minutes/Quick Meal/Arickamisha #cooking #lasagna

foreign,[Music],I just got off of work and Im tired and,when you get off work and you dont feel,like cooking you gotta find something,quick you gotta do something quick and,easy so yall already know Im gonna get,yall in and out the kitchen so let me,show yall what were doing tonight but,through the week meal quick through the,week meal all right so I have by the,Rana,meat lasagna,I know yall havent seen these in the,store before let me make sure yall can,see this real good hold up make your,child is some real light,yes okay so this is the Rana meat,lasagna this is the family size the 40,ounce,okay I dont remember how much is cost,but I got this Publix yall,so yeah,and like I said its the meat lasagna,and I read the back real quick,so it looks like we preheating the oven,to 350 I already did that,all right remove the cardboard carton,duh remove plastic film duh place in the,oven,safe tray okay put it on the safe tray,baking sheet okay and you bake for 20,minutes and thats it yall 20 minutes,its like already made lasagna but,youre just heating it up pretty much,thats all this is something quick,through the week yall already know and,I got my Pioneer Woman dish,make sure yall can see,I got my Pioneer Woman dish down here,hold on let me get you all right,nah Im just getting off of work yall,so,Okay so,make sure you all can see Im gonna go,ahead and open this up,and like I said this is my first time,cooking this,but I saw it in the store and I was like,this could be a quick a nice little,quick through the week meal so,lets see what its looking like yall,okay,thats a nice family size fit right on,in there look,fit right on in there oh thats perfect,I gotta take this plastic part off,thats what the direction said yall we,got,oh let me get that cut off,Im gonna give yall a close-up,give yall a close-up of the lasagna,[Applause],yall know we love lasagna just a quick,easy way and yall this wasnt even 20,honestly I dont remember how much it,was I think it was like 16 17 dollars,and thats not bad for a family size,design so,I said let me let me show this for the,channel look at that yall yall cant,tell me dont look good oh that look,good its meat lasagna too,we even do no meat and sauce we even do,no pasta and sauce now we need some meat,Im just telling it for me and my house,me and my house we we gonna need some,meat so all right Im supposed to leave,it in this tray,perfectly fit right on there now and Im,going I already got my oven preheated,oh camera stop,hes been acting up lately anyway so,yeah yall look at that nice and cute,Im gonna put in the oven for 20 minutes,yall this is gonna be a quick video I,just cant even share with yall so,yall can go to the store and get this,and this will be a quick meal deal if,you got big family just get two,once we have a minute you need to get,but Im gonna put this in the oven this,is gonna be a quick meal let me say hey,to the peoples,here you are,hey yall and shikari Kamisha,yep just getting off from work and I,said you know what I need a quick meal,this is the prime example yall quick,easy through the week meal you know your,girl got you quick through the week meal,yall know I got you I got you so,lets go hey yall hope yall doing good,out there Im sure yall,okay lets get the food in the oven,Im gonna put in the oven and Ill be,back your,all right guys yall seen me do it so,you know I did it easy peasy lasagna in,20 minutes actually about 25 minutes but,whatever,yall see yall know Im taking yall in,definitely taking yall in so yall,could really see that inside,okay thats thats pretty decent,that aint bad yall family besides,lasagna that is not bad at all well,all right,okay,all right,this is arika Misha thank you so much,for watching dont forget to like,comment and subscribe follow me on all,my social media the recommission and,dont forget guys knowledge is power,back

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