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  2. 2023 Ford Ranger (inc. 0-100) on/off-road detailed review with some new tests!
  3. Heres Why You SHOULD NOT Buy The New 2023 Ford Ranger..
  4. 2023 Ford Ranger V6 Wildtrak 4WD detailed review: Pick-up test (towing, 4×4 offroad, fuel use) 4K
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  6. 2023 Ford Ranger Review (incl. V6): *LITERALLY* EVERYTHING You NEED to KNOW!
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2023 Ford Ranger Wildtrak 4×4 | Car Review

we have here the 2023 Ford Ranger lets,check it out,the Ford Ranger recently received a new,generation lets still use the same,platform Ford has done a lot to bring it,to the next level in terms of engine,looks and comfort what we have is the,current top spec for the ranger,Wildcraft 4×4 by Turbo and its priced,at 1885,000 Philippine Pesos looking at the,exterior this new ranger is definitely,one of my favorites in front we get a,more muscular flatter and tougher,looking Design This has four signature,C-clamp LED drls with adaptive Matrix,LED headlights which also follow the,direction of your steering,the turn signals are also LED,of course LED fog lights can be found,below as this is the wild trap we also,have a great outfront purely with an,x-shaped lower portion which gives it an,even meaner look,on the side its quite similar to the,previous generation we get a nice set of,grayed out 18 inch alloy wheels wrapped,in Goodyear territory Highway Tires dunk,clearance is at 235 millimeters towards,the back we can see a more modern rear,end we now get full LED taillights here,which look really cool I also really,like the blacked out wild trap and 4×4,badges youll also notice the ranger,name here on the tailgate another thing,youll notice is the beds roof,rail-like rails on the side which are,very useful for tying stuff then theres,the steps on the side which also help,for easier bed access speaking of the,bed this one measures 1564 by,1584 by 540 millimeters and payload,capacities at 985 kilograms this bed is,also not featureless because on the side,we have a 12 volt power outlet and a 220,volt power socket so we can actually,plug in appliances here so now were,inside the Ranger wildtrak 4×4 and as,you can see here its a huge Improvement,compared to the previous generation so,weve tested the previous generation a,lot so were very familiar with,everything here and then as you can see,its more rectangular its a bit more,simple design but at the same time its,a lot better especially when it comes to,the tech so we have two screens which,well talk about in just a bit and then,we have better materials as well so for,materials we have soft touch leather on,the dashboard its really nice its not,that soft but it is soft and then we,have lots of Hard touch plastic so,unlike the previous generation which had,a completely leather dashboard this one,is hard touch plastic but in typical,Ford fashion its very solid but also,despite that being hard touch plastic we,now have soft touch leather here on the,door panel so this one used to be hard,touch plastic now this time its on the,dashboard thats hard touch and then on,the door soft touch is really soft and,also since it is the wild track we have,orange stitching everywhere so here in,the steering wheel here in the dashboard,and on the door panels as well as on the,seats and well talk about each one in,just a bit so speaking of the steering,wheel,its also completely new its three,spokes steering wheel design and again,orange stitching and its really thick,thats something I really like about,this thing thats nice and thick and,also compared to the previous generation,as well you can now adjust it for reach,so its easier for people with short,hands unlike before which you can only,move it up and down so thats really,good and for the horn,it sounds like something that you would,find in a Japanese car so moving on we,also have our controls on the steering,wheel so on the left we have our,adaptive cruise control speed limiter,Lane keep assist volume controls for the,audio system controls for the instrument,cluster and more audio controls then,speaking of the instrument cluster we,have here an 8 inch digital display for,the driver so it looks really nice its,easy to understand and it shows us lots,of information such as our tip,information of course our fuel,temperature off-road information as well,and even Towing so I dont think we can,use that here in the Philippines not not,many people though here but still its,there and also we have our phone,different settings and even vehicle,maintenance reminder so we have our oil,life over there then moving on to the,infotainment system this is one of the,biggest differences with the previous,generations and even other pickups,available in the market we have a 12,inch portrait touchscreen infotainment,system so as you can and seats portrait,and of course its very responsive being,a Ford this uses the new sync 4 system,then,yeah you can see its very its very,easy to use as well its easy to,understand,its not really that confusing if Im,being honest and,again its very easy to read so right,now you put some dark mode so thats,something that I really like with Ford,infotain systems its just keeping them,on dark mode and of course we have,wireless Apple carplay and Android Autos,right now were in carplay as you can,see this uses a little bit more than,half of the screen and,of course looks really good as well then,we also have down here our aircon,controls so this has dual zone automatic,climate control though Im not a fan of,how they put the climate controls here,because theyre a bit difficult to,to use so the everything for the audio,for the settings are easy but the,climate control is a bit confusing and,then also I also note that when playing,music sometimes the screen becomes a bit,buggy so sometimes carplay has a,tendency to disconnect or not connect at,all and theres a lot of static when you,listen to music and even when Waze tells,you directions so I think thats,something that they will have to update,and then going back to the climate,control we have some controls down here,so we have our knobs for the temperature,so thats something thats really good,now because the previous one didnt have,that buttons for the fan speed and a,volume knob as well right in the center,so I just wish that they put more,buttons maybe for the automatic setting,and even the different zones for the air,conditioning then moving further down we,have a wireless phone charger we have,two USB ports so one of them is usba and,one of them is USBC then a little bit of,storage you can put coins or smaller,phones or even our phone even if its a,bit bigger it can actually fit over,there,then also we have here this storage area,you can also put your phone here but if,you look closely theres actually an,icon over here that says that its a,french fry holder so if you go drive,through Jollibee McDonalds or any other,fast food restaurant you can put your,French Fries over there then here we,also have two cup holders we still have,the same gear shifter as before so,feels pretty solid and,nothing has changed when it comes to,that but I did notice as well that the,pr NVM here on the side does look like,an afterthought so we dont at least,like they just look like stickers like,doesnt even plan to be placed here at,all then also we have our electronic,parking brake we dont have our Auto,hold function button over here its,actually in the screen its a bit hard,to find I think they should have placed,a button instead maybe a smaller parking,brake and a small or the whole button,but yeah they put it over there,unfortunately then moving on we have,here our parking sensors button our,different,off-road stuff,and our stability control button and,also our different driving modes for,so we have normal Eco dough slippery mud,and ruts as well as sand mode and also,we have here our four wheel drive,selection so we have four h2h4l just the,usual and then when it comes to storage,its another improvement over here,because like I mentioned we have those,storage areas over there then we have,this huge Center armrest with a really,large storage inside also we have new,dashboard storage something that many,pickup truck owners really like,storage over here,of course our glove compartment and we,also have cup holders on both sides near,the air Convent so thats another thing,that owners really wanted and Ford has,finally added them here then fo

2023 Ford Ranger (inc. 0-100) on/off-road detailed review with some new tests!

gday im paul the ford ranger is,finally here now before we get our hands,on the v6 version of this i thought we,would review the four cylinder first,simply because they have these in stock,and that is kind of rare in the dual cab,mute segment at the moment and most,dealers you can actually go in there and,buy one of these or wait a few weeks and,get your hands on one so this is the top,specification wild track 2 liter so its,the buy turbo its priced at just over,67 000,but if thats too expensive the entire,range kicks off at a little under 36 000,this competes with things like the,toyota hilux the isuzu d-max the nissan,navara there are so many competitors in,the dual cab youth segment today were,going to do a detailed review of this,car so if you do want to skip ahead to,other parts of this review you can use,the time codes on the screen or if,youre on youtube you can scroll down,and use the chapters below and if you,havent done so already please subscribe,to our channel and press the bell icon,because thats going to help us grow,now lets talk exterior design youve,got six external colors to pick from all,but white is going to cost you an extra,675 dollars so the design what do we,think about this in person i know weve,done videos on ranger and raptor,previously ive talked about what i,think about the design now that ive got,this in person im driving it im seeing,what its like on the street when i go,to the coffee shop and stuff like that,it actually looks really good this color,is a bit full on so i dont know if id,go this color if i was getting the wild,track but the design itself really just,stands out they,i dont know theyve just integrated,style and also that aggression that you,see on f trucks in the states so that,means a big old ford logo down the front,there youve also got a 360 camera so,you can see that nestled into there as,well,open grille here for additional cooling,and then as you follow this stack down,youve got a radar sensor down here and,then this sort of offset color down the,bottom there as well so it is a big old,grille and then as you move around to,the side here you can see these parts,sort of,taper off towards the edge so if you,have a look at the new volkswagen amarok,thats where theyve used that design,element to push down the side ford,hasnt gone as aggressive there in terms,of that,overstyled front section that you do see,on the amarok down the bottom here,youve got a set of led fog lights so,this one has the optional premium,package which means you get matrix led,headlights that means these can shut,down segments as the cars going down the,road and not blind oncoming traffic if,you want to see how this tech works,click up here to watch a video we shot,before where we compare headlight,technologies you got this led daytime,running light that sits around the edge,there and also an led indicator this is,the ducks nuts of headlight design at,the moment so that is a really good,setup part of that premium package,youre also getting a b,sound system inside the cabin which,well talk about later auxiliary,switches and also led tail lights too,lets whip around to the side here now,down here youve got an 18 inch alloy,wheel and an all-terrain tyre,this can be optioned on other variants,of the ranger as well but it does come,standard here with wildtrak like this,wheel design its pretty straightforward,youve got that graphite color there,isnt any offset colors there now this,is something interesting i didnt notice,previously the ford badge here is black,and its black on the back as well so i,dont know if thats unique to the wild,track but,interesting above here youve got some,wheel arch cladding there for when we go,do a bit of off-road driving up here it,will either say v6 or bi-turbo for the,wild track so this one being the,bi-turbo is a four-cylinder two-liter,diesel engine,up the top here indicator built into,here with that graphite color on the top,of the mirror housing you have a camera,down here for the 360 camera but a very,exciting feature under here that we,havent seen previously on,it is a high-powered led light and what,you can do here with wildtrak is you can,set up zone lighting and that means you,can get 360 degrees of lighting around,the car front end uses headlights the,sides use these high-powered leds and,the rear uses the tail lights that,allows you to get vision around the car,really handy so for me its about,puddles if youre out camping its about,lighting up the area around you really,good feature and i like that theyve,thought about functionality when it,comes to these utes instead of just,making them all the exact same as each,other like this section here too so that,is a functional vent that opens up there,and that is because this whole side,section here is hydroformed so there is,a gap between the outer part of this and,the inner part of the engine as well so,the whole section there is open which,aids with cooling in addition to that as,well under the bonnet you can fit a,second battery as part of all of the,ford ranger range except the raptor with,the v6 petrol every other version can,get a second battery option and fitted,under the bonnet there,side steps down here youve got roof,rails up here these can actually carry a,350 kilo load now so they are highly,functional privacy glass down the side,here for wild track you get these hoops,i dont know they theyre kind of just,stylistic they dont really serve a,purpose youre gonna wrap anything,around those um theyre just there for,styling but on the side here you do have,functional side support so you can wrap,things around there if you need to now,have a look down here not the entire,range of range but some specs within the,range of range range of range come with,rear disc brakes and thats a big,improvement from the drum brake setup,that just feels so ancient and archaic i,know its a cost saving measure but yeah,i think having an actual disc break,there will make this just look,feel and even break a whole lot better,now behind here youve got a set of leaf,springs and,i know that youre thinking well leaf,springs arent that good because without,load this is going to ride terribly well,ford managed to tune this quite well in,the previous generation of rangers so,ill be interested to see whether,theyve done the same thing here the,only variant in the ranger range that,doesnt have leaf springs is the raptor,which has the fox,live valve suspension set up with coil,springs and in addition to that i found,some other interesting things under here,so the exhaust pipe just dumps to the,ground which is really,just weird i reckon you have a full size,spare wheel which is good news then in,addition to that the dimensional changes,to this mean it has a 50mm longer,wheelbase so that is the length between,the front and rear wheels and in,addition to that it has a 50mm wider,track so it should feel more,short-footed out on the road and the,other changes they made to that damper,set up there is that it now sits,outboard of the outer side of that,chassis rail instead of being inboard so,that should also mean you get better,lateral load improvements when youre,driving too so i cant just hear how all,that works over on the side here,you get a step so that means instead of,standing on the tyre and potentially,slipping and smacking your jaw on the of,this sturdy thing on the side here you,could just step into here it holds,plenty of weight itll hold me and,potentially sean on there as well,although i dont want to break that but,you have one of these on each side as,well so it will make getting things out,of the tray much easier and were,gradually making our way to the rear,this here blind spot radar so that,signifies that this does have a blind,spot sensor but has a really clever,feature and you can program the length,of your trailer what happens after that,is that it uses the length of the,trailer to determine the blind spot and,when that comes on so normally when a,vehicle enters

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Heres Why You SHOULD NOT Buy The New 2023 Ford Ranger..

today were here to discuss the,legendary car manufacturer ford motor,company ford became the top selling car,in the u.s in 1906 and it just seemed,like everybody had one however the five,times le mans winners have had a lot of,difficulties of late with their cars,given that will the 2023 ford ranger be,worth it or is it just going to add to,its deteriorating reputation lets find,out just a heads up its not here yet,the car is yet to hit the market but,since the ford ranger 2022 turned out to,be such a disappointment everyone is,already weighing in well you know how it,is when a new model is being launched,and weve to say that no publicity is,bad publicity the fact is that not,having been able to meet market,expectations might have been a huge hit,for ford motors and they might also want,to prepare the public about what to,expect really now that is a smart move,the more they know what the 2023 ford,ranger offers the better equipped,theyll be to make a decision going,through bookings and the waiting period,is a bit much for all consumers so when,the vehicle finally arrives it has to be,perfect to be acceptable we get the,pressure team forward we do so why are,we talking about it when it aint even,here because some of the details are out,and we would never hold out on you guys,well first off if youre in a hurry to,get a ride we suggest not waiting for,the 2023 ford ranger for one the,production has not even begun from what,weve heard production will start in,october of this year and we all know,what that means wait where does that put,the delivery date as per our information,somewhere at the beginning of 2023 and,we arent counting the delays that the,company might have to face you know like,the supply chain issues and thanks to,kovid cropping up every now and then,companies are now also running into,transportation issues another reason why,you should really think this purchase,over is the price factor it is costlier,than the last ford ranger but given the,inflation were experiencing that really,doesnt come as a surprise but if you,have a budget you might as well look,elsewhere while the 2023 ford ranger,looks pretty bomb it might not have the,power to back up its style what a shame,we were quite taken with the pictures,that have recently been shared by the,company the fate of this truck depends,entirely on how much more can the,manufacturers add to it it has to have,some serious upgrades to be worth the,price range which would range somewhere,between 28 000 and 48 000 depending on,the specs youd want this is minus the,fee a car dealership might charge you,yikes lets back up a little going back,to the previous model of the upcoming,ranger drivers reported quite some,issues built for adventure ford might,have to rethink its marketing well we,may have a problem one of the most,prominent problems is that of the,electrical system now its not just one,thing but a number of things that have,left the customers absolutely frustrated,the engine shuts off on its own entirely,on its own when stopping at a signal,like can you imagine that not only is,this annoying and can cause anxiety for,the driver but this is also incredibly,dangerous as well we do hope this is,sorted out for the upcoming truck,because what even or a couple of them,really the rear seats are extremely,cramped yeah we arent making this up,you dont want to invest in this car if,you have people to travel with the,legroom is non-existent and the seats,are not designed for comfort while there,are speculations as to whether this will,change or not we suggest not opting for,the newer model until you are sure no,one wants to be on an uncomfortable ride,especially if its a long journey the,customers were so annoyed with the 2022,ford ranger that they came to the,conclusion that the only adventure this,machine has been built for is a trip to,the junkyard ouch another problem is the,windshield of the car recently ford,recalled as many as 24 000 ranger models,because in the event of a crash the,windshield could detach detach are you,kidding us like what we are just out of,words at this point was this vehicle not,tested how is it even in the market to,compensate ford took complete,responsibility and created a provision,that the ranger owners could go to the,nearest dealership and get their,windshields reinstalled free of charge,adding to this they also reimbursed,people who had experienced this incident,and had gotten the windshields fixed,themselves honestly this is the least,they could have done we arent really,impressed if this is what people got,with the 2022 ford ranger we cant say,that we are excited about what they,might come up with for the 2023 one,right now it feels like a safety hazard,and that is something your transport,should never feel like wed say steer,clear of this one until it had been made,sure that things have improved but we do,think that the bigger brother is more,popular thats right customers have,reported that theyd much rather ditch,the ranger for the best-selling f-150,wave to agree the latter is better with,more features and overall truck size,lets do a quick comparison so we know,exactly whats what talking about the,engine the 2022 ranger includes a 2.0,liter single turbocharged 4-cylinder,which we are hearing will not be changed,for the new one either a bi-turbo diesel,and a 3.0 liter v6 diesel engine,comparing all these to the f-150s a 3.5,liter ecoboost v6 is no match because,this v6 can be a challenge for the v8,competitors well call it like we see it,this one seems to be a better option,hands down we now know exactly why the,customers prefer the f-150 over the,ranger and if the previous models are,anything to go by its a no but like,enough of the technical stuff lets get,down to comfort we dont know about you,but when we look at a ride comfort is,the first thing on our minds while this,might not make sense to some traveling,uncomfortably just isnt for us weve,talked about the rear seats of the 2020,ranger and wed like to say that the,f-150 is a much better option it has,better seat quality and has been rated,by the customers as well the cockpit,space is also a win for the f-150,standing at 43 inches when matched with,the rangers 34 inches we can clearly see,why the vehicle is winning this round,can you imagine a tall person fitting in,there where should the legs go out the,window the cargo space is also a win for,the f-150 at 52 cubic feet as compared,to the 43 cubic feet of the ranger at,this point we feel like the ranger is,not even a car worth considering i mean,look at all the options out there the,ranger is literally at the bottom half,of our cars to consider list theres a,silver lining though ford admits its,mistakes made with the ranger the faulty,car made quite the impression when it,first came with people going gaga over,the exterior and just really trying to,enjoy the car they had invested in we,believe but soon after the flaws started,appearing as customers came forward with,complaints one of the representatives,has said that the previous flaws would,be fixed in a new model but can we count,on what they are saying or should we,wait to see how the market responds to,be on the safe side wed rather stick,with the latter aint no parting us from,our hard-earned money while being,recalled a few times in the u.s the,automotive company has gone to another,level when it comes to its operations in,other countries this has raised some,serious alarms regarding the reliability,of the company in australia the company,stopped production altogether due to a,problem in the fuel injectors ah what,what are the customers supposed to do,what customer service is this to be,honest we wouldnt want our money tied,up in something like this in addition to,this ford had to recall more than 10 000,ranger vehicles to fix a problem in the,gearbox talking about these problems,with fords global manager for the,ranger pratika maharaj said were not,necessarily very proud of those of,course youre no

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2023 Ford Ranger V6 Wildtrak 4WD detailed review: Pick-up test (towing, 4×4 offroad, fuel use) 4K

you might have already seen our detailed,range coverage of this the new ford,ranger 2023 model but in this review,were focusing on this particular model,its the ranger wild track v6 four-wheel,drive and get ready because this review,is going to cover off a lot from,practicality to daily driving to fuel,consumption even a caravan towing test,and ive roped in crafty for some,serious off-roading yeah you spot on,matt im going to put this ranger,through its paces in the aussie bush to,see how it goes you can skip ahead if,you want to get straight to that but i,reckon you should stick around because,matts got some important information,that i reckon youll want to know,remember you can read my full detailed,wild track review if you hit the link in,the description below youll also find,byrons range review coverage down there,too and weve got plenty more ranger,stuff at the cars guide website so make,sure you check it out now lets get to,it,[Music],the ranger wild track is the top of the,pops when it comes to the standard,ranger lineup theres the raptor above,it but its a pretty different beast the,wild track is only available with four,wheel drive as a dual cab and with the,pickup body style if you want to save a,few grand you can choose the carryover,by turbo 4-cylinder engine but we all,know you want the v6 which lists at just,over 70 grand at the time of filming,some of the neat features include an,electronic roll-top cargo cover 18-inch,alloy wheels with all-terrain tyres a,12-inch portrait media screen with,sat-nav digital instruments and a clever,integrated brake controller more on that,in the towing section,if youve sat in or owned the last,generation wild track then youre going,to feel like youre at home but also in,an unfamiliar place when you sit in the,new generation model and thats because,there are plenty of touch points and,elements like the orange stitching on,the seats the dark headlining which i,dont necessarily love and also the,materials that have been used which all,sort of feel like the last wild track,but then theres this this massive 12,12-inch screen now its not only in the,wild track you can get it in other,models in the ranger lineup but it does,make interacting with the car a very,different experience to the old eight,inch sync screen that we had in the last,generation model now thats not to say,that its bad but it is very different,and it takes some getting used to,for instance there are basically two,screens that are stacked on top of each,other and you have to use the screen a,lot like yeah there are controls down,here for volume and air conditioning and,fan speed which is all great i really,appreciate the fact that those buttons,and knobs and dials exist because so,many other utes and vehicles these days,are just going full touch screen,thankfully ford decided against that,which is great but theres also,duplication there so above that is,basically all the same controls just on,the screen which is a bit weird and a,lot of your attention is drawn to the,bottom of the screen for controls and,that means that you are taking your eyes,further away from the road if youre not,as familiar with the screen as you might,get over time so,the screen for me is interesting but not,necessarily,perfect and i prefer personally a,horizontal layout or a landscape layout,screen rather than a portrait but,theres nothing i can do about that so,what else is there to talk about for the,interior well a fully digital instrument,cluster is one thing,its configurable to a degree and,theres a lot of information available,on the screen but theres also heaps and,heaps of warnings that pop up and,theres dings and bings and bongs it can,get frustrating because sometimes you,just want to look at a screen without,all these little things popping up even,if youre just sitting still in the car,like i am right now theres a pair of,pop-out cup holders at the edges of the,dash which is great youve got these cup,holders between the seats as well,theres a decent little storage nook in,front of the shifter and theres a,wireless charging point there as well,bottle holders in the doors a decent,sized center cubby here as well and,sunglass holder up ahead now fords made,a big deal about this shifter i think,its interesting looking,but not necessarily the easiest shifter,to use i dont know why brands insist on,changing the way that things work when,they werent broken in the first place,but so it is ill get to more of that in,the driving section and also here youll,find the drive mode selector and also,your four wheel drive selector so youve,got two high four high four low and four,auto and when you put it in towing mode,for instance itll go to four auto for,you which is pretty neat theres also,some off-road mode buttons down here and,generally thats where youd expect,those sorts of controls to be one other,thing i want to bring up is the door,handles or the lack of door handles on,the door its actually a little lever,that you have to pull inside the door,pool itself and it does take a little,bit of getting used to all told i think,the interior of this new generation wild,track up front is pretty impressive so,how about the back theres nothing,dramatically different about the,backseat experience of the new,generation ranger compared to the last,one its still about the same amount of,space as before im six foot or 182,centimeters this seat is set for me ive,got just enough knee room a little bit,of foot room but not too much a little,bit of headroom but not too much and,three across it might be a bit of a,squeeze now there are isofix child seat,anchor points on the window seats and a,couple of top tethers as well to use if,you do have children theyll also,appreciate the fact that there are,directional air vents in this generation,ranger which is fantastic and theres,also a couple of usb ports a usb c and a,usb a which is good for keeping things,charged up terms of storage youve got a,couple of map pockets on the backs of,the seats theres bottle holders in the,doors and theres a flip down armrest,with cupholders in there too which is,pretty neat,so all told not bad but not setting any,new benchmarks here are the dimensions,and details of the dual cab pickup tub,for the new ranger it is competitive in,terms of length width and depth but,doesnt set any new standards apart from,the fact that you can fit a pallet,between the wheel arches which you used,to be able to do in the amarok anyway if,you want more detail head to our,detailed story at the cars guide site,youll find a link in the description,below,[Music],already told you weve got the v6 but,heres what you need to know this engine,is a three liter turbo diesel v6 and it,pumps out a huge 184 kilowatts and 600,newton meters thats more than any,four-cylinder ute out there and in fact,a fair bit more than the four-cylinder,ranger while track that you can get for,three grand less,transmission theres only one choice,available a 10-speed automatic if you,choose the four-cylinder wild track you,get selectable four-wheel drive but the,v6 wild track also has a four-wheel,drive auto system so for permanent four,wheel drive on the road and you can see,crafty get to grips with that four wheel,drive system off-road in the off-road,section of this video,a v6 engine in a ute like this is always,going to be a recipe for success,like volkswagen has had huge success,with the amarok v6 so ford can expect to,have well even more success you would,think i mean ford has been one of the,best selling ute makers in australia for,a decade or so and adding something,like this big three litre,turbo diesel v6 is only going to make it,more popular with customers especially,when the hilux doesnt offer anything,like this just yet,so is it a good engine yeah its pretty,damn good theres great linear power,delivery and the 10 speed automatic,really does a good job of harnessing,that power and giving you the gear that,you need,when you need it so it doesnt,nece

The Next Generation Ford Ranger | AutoDeal Feature

[Music],just a few days before its reveal ford,philippines allowed us some time with,the next generation all all-new,ford ranger and im glad that they did,for two very good reasons number one is,that its gorgeous and number two is,that now we know exactly what it is that,were going to get in the philippines,this right here is it this is the top of,the line so we know what it is that,were going to get do we get the big,screen inside do we get the 10-speed,automatic do we get all the belts and,whistles that weve been seeing all over,the internet and all over in other,countries were going to answer those,questions here today along with telling,you some of the features that i actually,love about the all-new next generation,ranger so im going to take you through,obviously the exterior the interior the,engine and well the back too because,youd be surprised there are a lot of,cool and interesting things out back,work play family now these are the three,key words that ford was working around,when they were talking about and,designing the all-new uh ford ranger,whilst also talking to like 5 000 pickup,truck owners and trying to hone down,what it is that they want to get for the,all-new ranger now,work and play yeah you understand in a,pickup truck that thats synonymous it,goes hand in hand with one another but,family,youd be surprised wait until we get to,some of the features inside that will,well cater to the family so lets start,at the front clip and then well make,our way into the back and then,eventually inside the automobile so up,front,very very familiar is it not yes because,it looks quite similar to that of the,everest which we just did a walk around,of back in bangkok or rather in thailand,not bangkok but thailand and if you,havent seen that review or walk around,im sure that the links are somewhere up,here or in the description down below,but as you can tell its very familiar,right not only because it looks like the,everest but it also looks like north,americas number one selling pickup,truck the f-150 youve got massive,lights a large grill and great ground,clearance to go in depth okay so the,grill has got a lot of holes in it so a,lot of cool air can start rushing inside,and cool the engine as best as possible,just in front of that youll find a,camera one of four cameras for a 360,degree view and then below that this pad,right here this is where the radar sits,so this is for your cruise control and,your adaptive cruise,then under that youve got a skid plate,and of course an air dam found below and,two tow hooks found out there on the,sides youve got your c-shaped drls,which is has been very very popular,inside uh,fords um suv cars um you see it like i,said on the f-150 you saw it on the,everest and now obviously you see it on,the ranger and then youve got your uh,led lights which are matrix led lights,and like the everest they dont just sit,there and look pretty uh-uh theyre like,googly eyes they tilt up to about 15,degrees so that its its smart in a way,so that when youre going uh,in a dark road and theres a car coming,up coming at you your lights are on but,then they automatically dim when a car,is coming at the same time when you turn,these lights turn also with you to give,you sort of like a small little angle to,to show you where youre headed up to a,maximum of 15 degrees and then down,below youve got your fog lamps,it could have helped a little bit jack,underneath youve got two engine options,for the local ranger youve got a,2-liter bi-turbo and a single turbo,diesel engine mated to a 10-speed,automatic transmission or a six-speed,automatic transmission depending on the,variance now the 2-liter bi-turbo,produces 207 horses and 500,500 newton meters of torque while the,single turbo which is available on the,4×2 wild track and below,produces about 168 167 horses and 405,newton meters of torque still a lot of,power to play around with now i must,tell you that only the 4×4 wildtrak,comes with a 10 speed automatic,transmission everybody else underneath,that gets a six-speed automatic,transmission or a manual transmission,depending obviously on the models that,you get,i am not sure however if the v6 engine,option will arrive in the philippines,im kind of hoping it does and if it,doesnt come into the ranger at least,into the uh the raptor that might,actually be a lot of fun,down the side lets start at the top uh,roof rails,these guys are not just a garnish they,actually work for a living by carrying,up to 350 kilograms of weight,these guys are work horses much like the,car itself workhorses too are these,cameras that are found on either side as,part of the 360 degree camera view,youve got one up front one on each side,mirror and of course one at the rear,above that youve got your repeaters on,the side mirror down the side there is,one cut and oddly enough it looks like a,knife theres this cut here,that looks like,it does look like a right side up knife,and then of course youve got your step,board found down here what i like about,the the the ranger and this is not to,jump inside or anything at all the,interior its just i love the fact that,there is a step board and grab handles,at the same time so if you need to get,inside the automobile its very very,easy especially for the vertically,challenged like myself,ground clearance is still obviously very,awesome its a pickup truck its the,same as the previous generation,and the waiting depth is still 800,millimeters,uh lest i forget to mention also the,wheels these are blacked out 18 inches,of goodness with like a diamond shaped,here every so often i like that and not,just a pair up front but a pair of disc,brakes at the rear too,very very awesome stopping power and,then theres the one thing on the side,believe it or not that i find really,really cool and it is,this step right here you know how jungle,gyms allow kids to like climb all over,them they can slide they can climb and,have just a really great time well,thats what this pickup truck is sort of,like trying to express it can be used,not abused but it can be used properly,and you can climb all over it youve got,step boards there and then a step here,and this step is so useful because if,you need to get stuff at the back check,it out,you can easily get there no more of,stepping on the tires and perhaps,slipping and getting your feet dirty and,whatnot no this step its so simple,but i just absolutely love it i think,its a really really great feature now,lets move on to the rear now as we come,around to the rear and i say around to,the rear because im talking about this,portion light here this,tail lamp is actually a pretty cool,configuration because it reminds me of,like tetris its its its its massive,it its kind of odd shape but in in the,sense that it fits so perfectly and it,feels so good once that oddly shaped,block pops right in i think thats why i,like it so much and also to note that,youve got the blind spot radars right,here at the corner of the car now these,this is here for well more than just one,reason one is obviously so that the the,blind spot monitors of the car work if,theres a car coming at you but theyre,here also because they get to measure,exactly how long it is whatever it is,that youre towing on the pickup truck,which you can set in the infotainment,system so what im getting at is if,youre towing something much much longer,which the car obviously can the blind,spot monitor will measure that so it can,tell you when you can change lanes,safely without cutting anybody off,great feature right there now moving on,to the rest of the rear youve got your,third lamp here of course your wild,track and 4×4 badging another cut found,at the back that mimics that on the side,it looks like a knife yet again and of,course rangers stamped all across and,unless i forget the final camera the,fourth camera the fourth of the 360,degree view is just below the massive,ford insignia when you open her up and,the tailgate is assisted somewhat thanks,to a

2023 Ford Ranger Review (incl. V6): *LITERALLY* EVERYTHING You NEED to KNOW!

this is big behind me is the all-new,ford ranger this thing is set to topple,its competition or so it says this thing,is all new its one of australias best,sellers and they have changed a lot with,this thing but this review is not for,the faint of heart im going to tell you,literally everything you need to know,about the all-new ford ranger especially,this one here in wildtrak v6 guys though,ive driven the entire range over the,last couple of days so im quite,familiar with them and yeah you guys,arent going to want to miss this one so,lets just get straight into it,[Applause],now as always were gonna start with the,front of the ranger wild track now this,isnt the top top of the range that is,of course the range of raptor and let me,know in the comments below if you want,me to review that thats coming pretty,damn soon but at the moment this is the,best you can get and it is a really,really good package starts at about 75,grand which yes that is quite a bit of,money but as youll see you get so much,kid it absolutely destroys its,competition at least in standard,features but what do you get with the,wild track you get these c-clamp,designed lights here very american very,very american theyre trying to kind of,homologate the design there so makes,sense as part of the premium package you,get these matrix leds which help to,blank out parts of their beams for,oncoming traffic thats a really nice,feature and its really good especially,if youre out in the country you can,keep your high beams on youve got a,really large grill here thats not,surprising in 2022 to see but i like it,its very masculine and macho and then,down the bottom you get a nice little,bumper there and underneath you get a,bit of scuff plating so all works very,well and as youll see well go,off-roading later this thing is really,really off-road capable lets talk about,the side now coming to the side of the,range you can see these 18-inch alloy,wheels here i think they look pretty,damn cool and also the paint on the on,the body thats the exact same hero,color as a previous ranger but i kind of,like it its very cool if you get a wild,truck definitely get it with one of,these youve also got some old terrain,tyres which i was pretty skeptical of,but again as i said youll see off-road,these are actually pretty pretty good,straight from the factory v6 badge here,now if you get the v6 obviously you get,the v6 if you get the bi-turbo,four-cylinder it says bi-turbo and if,you get the lowly single turbo,four-cylinder it just says turbo but,thats a pretty cool moniker to be able,to know if youve got the v6 or,something a bit less also here is,functional so it does vent air out of,the engine bay so its not just there,for good looks youve got a 360 camera,got one of the best 360 cameras ive,seen in a unit im actually very,impressed by it got some step plates,here its got markings on it that let,you know that yes you can step on it,keyless entering go of course up here,you get some roof rails privacy glass,tinted from the factory which is always,nice but this is my favorite part its,the all-new tub and its got a lot of,features with it so lets talk about it,so one of the things that kind of gets,you at these events is that the pr team,are always going to tell you oh this is,the greatest this is the best this is,really good i am super impressed by the,tub dont really get impressed by these,kind of things but as youll see its,pretty impressive so first of all youve,got this ultra light tailgate its,unbelievably light its really good if,youve got you know someone uh a bit,less strong in your family like your,kids they want to open it up theyre not,going to get injured in any way youve,also got this hip come around here this,is really cool if we press a button here,the tonneau cover now automatically goes,back that is super duper impressive i,love that we have some hooks here which,you can move around thats pretty damn,standard but look,heaps of space within there and now,people are going to say oh you can fit a,euro palette in there i dont give a, about that most people dont give,about that but the thing that is really,good about that is it means that theyve,actually widened the arches there so,theoretically you can just get more in,there and thats why i really like it by,the way its got about a ton of payload,here in the v6 guys so thats pretty,good youve also got a little charging,outlet in the back too some markets do,get like a full powerpoint setup we,dont get that here but yeah im super,duper impressed by this whole setup here,speaking about the design on the back,youve got some new tail lights here,which are part of that as part of the,premium pack which is again 1500 option,but i think that absolutely is worth it,because not only do you get the lights,by the way youve also got a bang,olufsen sound system on the inside which,does sound really really good and,auxiliary switches will come back to,that some cars will say four wheel drive,that means its permanent full drive,thats how you know its a v6 if youre,just sitting behind it some will have,4×4 that is the part-time 4×4 system,again we will talk about that its a big,review oh and one thing i forgot to,mention about the tub is that you do now,get your own little stepping plate here,so look look how easy it is to get in,all right so now lets move on to the,interior because that is seriously the,highlight of the ranger apart from the,engine but its a really really nice,place to be not without its faults but,its still a very very nice place to be,so let me close the door because its,absolutely freezing and im sorry,cameraman it must be absolutely freezing,out there for you let me talk about the,things that i love first of all soft,touch materials pretty much everywhere,that you touch again they actually cared,about that like even in the toyota hilux,by the way ive spent so long driving,the navara the hilux recently just to,kind of get that benchmark but yeah its,a really nice leather steering wheel,feels really good in the hands youve,got bugs to control absolutely,everything youve got storage everywhere,look at all this storage up here here,youve got a couple of cupholders youve,got a wireless charger there storage,there more storage there center armor,this is a pretty decent size too so,thats all really really good annoyingly,if you dont get the wild track anything,less you dont actually get this upper,glove box here which is,not that great also these cup holders,here that kind of push out from the side,i love those really really cool but,again you dont get them unless you get,the wild truck im not entirely sure if,thats a similar story across other,brands but i dont know i wish i kind of,saw that there but thats a minor,complaint and having driven all of them,you dont really care about that now the,kind of elephant in the room not only by,metaphor but by size,is this tablet here its a 12 inch,display its very responsive it is,literally like using a tablet its huge,it is so big and its got that kind of,wow factor to it the only thing i dont,really like about it is that its kind,of hard to use when youre driving on,the road you get used to it mind you but,there isnt like you know have to,feedback or you know a dedicated home,button for example so that can be a bit,of a pain in the ass but compared to,everything else in the competition it,blows it out of the water so i really,cant complain too much youve of course,got apple carplay and android auto both,of which are wireless so that is,absolutely massive and youve still got,your aircon controls down there as,physical buttons which is super,important ahead of you you get a digital,instrument cluster and you can go,through a bunch of different information,and menus its not the most customizable,thing in the world but for the segment,it is it is pretty awesome you do not,see this and im really happy that ford,are kind of taking a chance on,technology and before everyone comes in,here being like i prefer

Should Rangers offer Ryan Jack a new deal?

good morning everybody and welcome to,the Rangers review morning briefing for,Tuesday the 20th of December Christmas,is fast approaching and Rangers are fast,approaching because tonight of course,the big one at petudry as Rangers take,on Aberdeen and these Scottish,Premiership will look ahead to all of,that and more before we do that and just,a reminder weve got our Christmas offer,on just now just uh one pound for two,months worth of content head over to,rangersreview.co.uk forward slash,subscribe for all the details loads of,you taking advantage of it as well so,thank you very much for doing so and joy,McFarland joins me you want to get your,butt in there Johnny Im gonna Im gonna,button Im just gonna say fabulous gift,as well as the annual subscription which,you can give us give us a gift so,highly oriented people to do that and,they obviously help support us as well,yeah absolutely yeah great deals on just,now folks uh head over as I mentioned,rangersreview.co.uk forward slash,subscribe for all the details there yeah,[Laughter],yeah its great to have Johnny back on,as we look ahead to the big one tonight,um lots to talk about Johnny,um and well touch on um what came out,of the press conference yesterday,another very interesting press,conference involving Michael Beale Leon,King was also put up for uh the media,one of the big takeaways uh I think,well touch on is an update on Ryan Jack,you wrote a piece on the website,yesterday that the sort of dilemma,facing the Rangers manager as to whether,to offer,um Ryan Jack a new deal make a bill was,speaking uh about him in that the,written section of the uh press,conference which comes out later on at,the broadcast section is what you can,see on our YouTube channel folks but um,talking about Ryan Jack he says it and,playing around in the first game in him,scoring against HEBs hes doing,everything he can but obviously I showed,what I think of Ryan by selecting him in,my first game in the last few months for,different reasons Ryan has not always,been available so at the moment hes,just focusing on enjoying football and,being available it was asked a question,he answered it honestly and I will as,well talking about his contract,situation at this moment in time Ryan,Jack is in the best 11 players at,Rangers why would you want to keep Ryan,Jack,um this sounds positive from the manager,uh towards uh Jack Johnny we all know,his injury problems over the last few,years,um in terms of a new deal I think he,certainly won I wouldnt be surprised to,see him sign it and you contract I see a,lot of chatter rare I think Ive,mentioned this before but if possible,pay as you play deal maybe uh best,suited for Rangers because he has missed,large chunks uh of games over the last,couple of Seasons,um but its a delay my facing man could,be a listen to on his on his day Ryan,Jack is a key component of his team but,its just when hes available,yeah thats the problem with Ranger is,the injury section that hes gone,through in recent years if you look back,in 1920 uh I see a season that was,curdled as we know it was finished by,email well he performed 39 times score,scoring finals and notching up four,assists pretty good um return their,contribution every three four games guy,who play a more defensive role at times,surprise once you go into more recent,season since 2021 of course,um you start to look at the the out 24,games Derek uh that he he played today,they are and if you go into 2022 which,is of course last season,actually 2022 games,the Collins here saying there is jumping,a little bit the the stream there but,when youre spared off its a mic issue,um I dont know if that can be uh,remedied on here,um but just jumping a little bit of,Turlock says it audio issues Ill leave,you Derek times with some questions and,Ill come yeah yeah yeah Ill Ill carry,on just now folks um yeah John is away,whatever the issue is there uh joins,that we uh get it sorted but yeah Ryan,Jack speaking about him yesterday,Michael Beal uh with regards to a new,contract what do you think folk said do,you think hes uh it should be awarded,with a new deal,its certainly something that is,stirring and debate theres no doubt,about it while you might say but you,know it looks like we might be getting,Johnny back here shortly folks um but,let us know in the comments whether you,think Ryan Jack uh does it is deserving,of a new deal weve got Johnny back,um,oh hes on hes on mute no hes on mute,now,sorry Im back now yes thats a lot,better,does it work Ive unplugged it and,re-plugged it back in thats thats all,you had to do theyll dare switch off,and back on again its done the trick,Johnny so yeah,apologies youre a bit Ryan Jack yes,sorry it was great it was going through,rack starts and some uh I said he 30.99,um its jumping again its jumping again,Johnny,um I dont know if its best uh,uh just,how ironic um right listen yeah Ryan,Jack is certainly is uh thats what,Michael Buell said about him yesterday,uh some of the other big talking points,from the the press conference set as,well,very interesting as I mentioned earlier,on maybe well youre getting a lot of,information uh from these press,conferences theres no um question about,it,um other points he does make,talked about Squad update Connor Golson,will be back in contention for tonight,uh it didnt go as far as saying whether,hell be playing,um but hes back in the squad uh for,tonights game at patodra it touched on,bonabarisic yeah he said hes back in,Croatia at the moment and he should be,available for the motherboard game on,the 28th of December and Stephen Davis,has been sent away for a scan uh after,landing awkwardly in training he says,its only a slight issue but he wont be,available available sorry for tonights,game and neither will Antonio cholak uh,makerbil says itll be available on,Friday all things being well so that is,it the squad news update on it who,should uh play this evening uh and let,us know it did touch on and make a bill,about having center-backs available as,well uh well Ben Davis possibly start,the game uh or will Conor goes and come,in from the cold and start after uh well,his first appearance of course since uh,hobbling off against Liverpool in that,Champions League match at ibrooks back,in October lets get to some of the,comments coming in uh here just now,Jimmy Carroll says uh you guys must,enjoy be also honesty and openness at,press conference yes,so you can see its a breath of fresh,air gym but it is refreshing to,um to speak to him in his press,conferences he does give up a lot of,information but interesting uh,information as well and I guess as fans,thats what we want to hear,um you want to listen to the the Rangers,manager and what hes got to say Ive,got Johnny back there hes there third,time working jolly good uh so thank you,Im on my phone now hopefully this works,yes yeah yeah fingers crossed with us,plain sailing from here on in,um right Ryan Jack what yeah uh uh add,your uh your peace to that Johnny yeah,for the for the third time sorry,um 39 appearances in 1920 24 in 2021 and,then 22 in uh 21 uh 22. so obviously,theres a serious issue over the last,few seasons with Ryan Jack however he,has played 15 games so far this season,so hes well on course to to smash what,hes been doing in the last a couple of,years,I think if you look at Ryan Jacks,performances in the big games for,Rangers last season he scores the,decisive goal not the winner but the,decisive goal and the Scottish Cup Final,he is absolutely,imperative to that run to civil it,literally wouldnt have happened if,Giovanni Von Broncos hadnt found that,Midfield base with Ryan Jack and John,lundstrom so we know that hes still got,it its just whether or not you think,the amount of games hes playing makes,it worthwhile,if you can do some sort of deal with,them whether its pay as you play or,its a its its taken into account the,fact that hes probably only going to,play 25 to 35 games I I think you would,want to keep Ryan Jack around

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