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cameras being everywhere can be an,invasion of privacy,thanks to them we sometimes get footage,that otherwise would not have been,possible,a heartwarming moment to watch was,caught on cctv,when a then homeless man was jumping of,joy after getting a job,even though bears arent the friendliest,animals a nice act of kindness from a,bear happened,when he decided to grab the garbage bin,that was blocking the driveway and move,it to the side,there are moments in which we do,something cool but sadly no one is,watching,a school custodian got lucky when he was,alone at the gym doing his job,and got his awesome backwards half court,shot recorded by the security man,[Music],sometimes we make mistakes that maybe,took too long for us to notice,after a woman was vacuuming her garden,for over 10 minutes,she realized her vacuum container was,wide open,[Music],its no secret that an adoption process,can be complicated,an incredible moment to watch of a good,news delivery,happened when a security camera caught,an adoption worker,informing a young girl that she was,going to be adopted and the girls and,workers reaction were priceless,sometimes our jobs can get boring when a,security guard was bored during a snowy,day,he decided to get his 10 000 steps in,for the day,okay i have no idea why the dog decided,to do this,but when a dog was pretending to be,injured a man got off the car to help,and thats when the dog revealed his,trick,[Music],sometimes delivery drivers can get,hungry a bizarre footage to watch,came from an elevator of an apartment,complex in which a dominos pizza driver,couldnt resist the pizza toppings,okay this is probably going to be the,most adorable thing youve seen today,when it was snowing a ring camera caught,two bears walking through a neighborhood,and one of the bears got a little too,excited and started trying to catch,snowflakes,being stuck in an elevator can be scary,but usually a technician comes rather,quickly to help get the people out,but when a man was leaving his office,job late at night in new york city,he found himself trapped in the elevator,and was stuck in there for over 20 hours,and well luckily he was okay,[Music],a quick react moment camera caught on,cctv was a kid who accidentally left his,dirt bike on reverse,and well he managed to catch it right on,time,[Music],[Applause],[Music],its no secret that cats dont like,water and apparently some cats dont,like other cats either,[Music],[Applause],[Music],a couple of years ago there was a big,trend of hoverboards which even though,they dont look too hard to ride,you actually have to self-balance it,when a girl was trying out her new,hoverboard,she sadly decided to do it too close to,the pool,[Music],with garbage trucks nowadays being able,to grab bins with just a robotic arm in,the side,sometimes it can be hard for the machine,to measure dimensions,[Music],in a local town in peru a store owner,was checking the security camera,and noticed that a kid for several days,was studying on the streets below a,light post,because his house had electricity issues,[Music],and well the man decided to post the,video on facebook and somehow the,inspiring story ended up landing in the,eyes of an arab multi-millionaire,who personally flew out to peru to not,only help the school,but also bought a house for the kids,family,when a man bought smart light bulbs that,turn on when they detect movement,he got a little too excited and forgot,the security cam was recording,before uber allowed people to be able to,tip from the app some uber drivers left,a tip jar on the back,just in case someone was feeling,generous but well an unbelievable moment,happened,when an uber drivers dash cam caught a,woman stealing the tips,a good lesson to learn is that the tip,of an umbrella will probably not be,enough for the sensor of an elevator to,notice,when a kid tried to stop the elevator,doors from closing things didnt go too,well for him,with many dogs favorite part of the day,being going for walks a cctv camera,caught a dog,being a little too impatient and running,before the owner got to lock the door,when a speeding camera detected unusual,movement they looked at the footage,and well it wasnt what they expected,sometimes we do something embarrassing,and are glad that no one saw it,a kind of embarrassing moment for a man,happened when he overestimated his,jumping skills,and failed to jump over a fence,its no secret that sometimes if you get,into an accident you might be able to,get compensation,when a sprinkler fell from the ceiling,into a womans desk she decided to try,and take advantage of the situation,and hit herself with a sprinkler and,well she didnt realize she was on,camera,with some security devices like nest,being useful to know when packages,arrived,a nest camera caught a bizarre but funny,moment in which a ups man showed off his,dance moves,[Music],when a man in connecticut noticed that,in his backyard there was a huge pig,he got kind of scared and decided to,call the police and well the police plan,was to grab him and take it to a nearby,shelter,the problem was that the pig was kind of,sneaky and the chase actually lasted,over 40 minutes,[Music],a bizarre footage a subways security,camera caught showed a woman which,looked to be quite agitated,just randomly destroying a bouquet of,flowers,cats can be very patient animals when a,cat was hiding inside a tube waiting for,a bird to come by,he kind of over calculated and ended up,landing in the pool,some things have a higher priority than,others when a sudden earthquake occurred,a woman who happened to be by the pool,was a little too focused on securing her,phone,and well luckily her husband came to the,about her to rescue but there was so,much chaos she started screaming,for him and there he is its no secret,that some dogs are very smart and are,able to pick up on things they see,humans do,a dog owner was surprised when she heard,her doorbell ring and to her surprise it,was their dogs,who rang it and were waiting by the door,[Music],at the royal hawaiian hotel in waikiki,security cameras caught a tourist,completely ruining a sand sculpture,which was an homage to a special figure,for the locals that had been there for,years,luckily they were caught,[Music],when a man noticed many random items,appearing to his house,he decided to check the cctv camera and,well,he found out that his cat had a habit of,stealing random stuff,and bringing them into the house,[Music],you

The best online crossword puzzle maker – lesson starter for teachers

i dont individualize my content so i,can individualize my care,get a teacher geeks crossword puzzles,some kids love them,some kids dont but most kids they enjoy,them at least somewhat and theyre a,really good way to start a lesson,in this video i want to show you my,favorite online crossword maker,i really like it for a number of reasons,im going to quickly show you,the website ill put a link in the,description ill give you a couple of,tips about how i like to use it,and then afterwards please indulge me,im going to rant a little bit,about uh building blocks so,here is the crossword puzzle maker,armored penguin,i tried a few different crossword puzzle,makers and i just like this one for,simplicity,im going to make yours about my recent,unit starting with your smartphone im,talking about this a lot just simply,because its fresh in my brain,authors name description i dont need,to im not going to,bother about this but you can if you,like i typically keep all of these,settings the same but you can,change these to black or gray,right you can have a look at the,settings here but i typically dont even,read those i dont know what theyre,about,let me just simply get down to here and,you write the word and the clue,now you can see ive been making some,recently,the one thing to be wary of with the,word just if youve got a double word,make sure theres no,space and im going to simply bring up,my word list and copy and paste,over so you see here i have my list of,key terms,for my studying with your smartphone and,i can just copy,working memory copy over,the definition now this is where i see,the benefit,of having my key terms,figured out at the beginning of the unit,before i get into teaching because it,makes this sort of planning much easier,if i look over my unit plane here,this is my studying with my smartphone,you can see i keep things very bare,bones in my unit plans all of this,information is for me and of course,i sell these unit plans for other ib,psychology teachers so i want to keep,this very simplistic no fluff,just what we need in the classroom to,make it really clear what were doing,and this is my lesson plan overview,right three topics,key questions for each my lessons this,studies are really important in our,course,and then my list of key terms here so,the studies and the key terms really,these are the building blocks,that go into my course so this is what i,used,then to make this list now,of course all of this takes time,valuable time that we often dont have,but if you can and this is why i am,working on,making my units updating them about,every five years im thinking about a,five-year cycle,is a good amount of time because i have,to strike that balance between,um keeping things updated and fresh and,exciting for me,but also not burning myself out and,these updating these units takes time,for me to plan one lesson it takes about,three or four hours,and then just for,one and thats when ive already written,the content to write and research and to,write the content,takes probably another three or four,hours you might be asking how do i do,that im a part-time teacher i had to go,part-time,because i couldnt have a wife three,kids four businesses,and a full-time job as a teacher to make,all of these,unit plans so thats what i had to do,okay im not going to let you im not,going to you dont have to watch me copy,and paste this,im going to show you one heres one,that i prepared earlier,okay so ive copy and pasted that over,it took about two minutes,and im just removing my spaces so that,all looks okay,all my definitions and i simply come,down here now another reason i like this,is im going to click make puzzle is it,gives you the option of solving it,online,let me just make this smaller so its a,bit easier to see,it uh here okay this is my puzzle looks,pretty good ive got to cross them down,now ive got my answer key answer key is,a pdf,and i can have the solve online link,this is what i really like now be very,very careful,um copy and paste that link put it,somewhere because you you,it doesnt really save unless you copy,and paste that and then its hard to,find it and hard to get it back i have,lost one before doing that so copy and,paste there and then,hit this back arrow straight away okay,you want to save it,so if i hit printable pdf,what i really like about this website as,well is theres no,i mean ive used made heaps of these and,its never asked me for,logging in or you know upgrading or,anything like that and then we have it,one page,nice crossword puzzle answer key pdf so,if i hit ads key pdf youll see all the,answers will come up,in blue okay now the solving online is,pretty cool,if i go to solve online students can,simply type in,their answers right and then they hit,check solution,okay and theyll see and if its red,they got it wrong um but lets see if i,live in a cross i think it should come,about the use of computers that is,cool so uh if you are online,uh teaching at the moment this is a a,good option,something a bit different to do,okay so it comes up green if i got it,right red if i got it wrong,so students can self-assess this so if,you like you can sign up for homework,digitally as well so i really like,almond penguin,there it is that i think thats,everything i wanted to say about the,crossroad puzzle very simple,straightforward consolidation activity,and uh now if youll indulge me im,going to get into a little bit of a rent,so i like that online crossword puzzle,maker you know for me it takes about,five minutes to create,and i use it in the beginning of the,unit,and around the second or third lesson,and i tell students look youre not,going to know,all of these words because were only,just beginning but i always do it at the,end of the unit,as well so then im hoping students will,get somewhat of a,motivation or a confidence boost when,they see oh,yeah i remember i didnt know this stuff,and now i do,and thats where i want to talk about,building blocks,one thing i like to do before i plan a,unit or while im founding a unit,is i write out a list of the key terms,that i want students to know by the end,of the unit,this is part of what i call building,blocks right key terms are just building,blocks there are little bits of,information,little bits of knowledge that students,need to know in order to do well theyre,building blocks,individually by themselves they um they,arent that meaningful but when we put,them together right we start building,with them now were getting the bigger,concept the bigger understanding,of what were trying to do for example,in my most recent unit,ill talk about that its the first one,that comes to mind im doing a unit,called studying with your smartphone,and this is all about the ways that,smartphones are influencing students,cognition their technology,sorry the technology is affecting their,their working memory and their memory,this im doing for for a psychology,course now,the working memory thats a building,block,working memory what is working memory,thats one of the key building blocks,in that unit if students dont,comprehend and cant remember,what working memory is it they wont be,able to understand,how technology right or things like,nomophobia,or anxiety influence working memory they,start cant put the pieces together,and so the individual building blocks of,information in our units are really,important,cognitive load thats another one thats,another important building block now how,does cognitive load work with working,memory,and so every lesson were adding these,building blocks to our lessons,but its not just about the,understanding and reciting and recalling,the individual bits of information,you see thats where we went wrong in,the 1950s and thats where,weve over corrected an education,recently it used to be that it was just,about individual building blocks,and you you know the the the sage on the,stage the,that old idea of the teacher at the,blackboard just spurting down facts for,kids to memorize and regurgitat

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Solve With Me: The New York Times Crossword – Thursday, January 28, 2021

[Music],hey crossword fans,today were going to be solving the new,york times crossword for thursday,january 28,2021 all right lets get started,singer del rey i dont know music but i,actually do know this,uh i know this is lana del rey ive just,heard her name so many times,i dont really even know what song she,sings but im aware of her,drink from a machine,is this like a soda brand maybe,and we have to remember that this is a,thursday so we have to be on the lookout,for some trixiness,um kind of on thursdays always in the,back of my mind,i have um the knowledge that there may,be,a rebus somewhere in the grid so,this may maybe this long clue might have,a rebus in it here,lets take a look at it actually while,were here something directly,following a penultimate question that is,to say,diametrically opposed to a primary one,okay so penultimate means second to last,um something directly following a,penultimate position,so that would be a final position,that is to say diametrically opposed to,a primary one,a primary what a primary position,final position versus a primary position,im not,sure i mean i guess its not gonna,be positioned because you wouldnt be,able to reuse the word position in the,answer,so,final placement or something like that,all right lets see if we can get some,crosses to help us out here,colorful kind of shirt is that an aloha,shirt i usually hear them described as,hawaiian shirts but,that sounds plausible to me common,congestion,points hmm,noses is this like congestion as like,kind of congestion youd have as a cold,um like a virus is yeah maybe,nasal noses or necks it could be a few,different things,i think noses is the most,likely,figure skater 4-1,im not sure about that one not just,occasionally i guess that could be,a lot,poppycock um,hmm i was thinking dross at the,at the first blush but thats too long,hmm its gonna be something like that,like,and also because this i think poppycock,is kind of a silly word that,the answer might be kind of a silly word,too so we have to kind of,think of what might be kind of a silly,word that might,also mean nonsense,gracefully send away hmm,im not sure about that one either,this almost looks like it starts with,the doesnt it,the final something,hmm im gonna put that tea in here,drink from a machine is it a latte,can you get lattes from a machine,i guess i guess you have to use a,machine to make a latte right,i kept thinking of it as like a,dispenser but yeah i think its a little,more sophisticated than that,okay so is it toss,i dont know if ive heard that,tosh no its tosh yeah i have heard of,its like pish-tosh ive heard people,say,so i guess a figure skater is maybe an,athlete,its a very generic answer,sometimes sometimes you have to think,that way like if youre,stuck on something if youre ever stuck,and,and youre thinking it might be asking,for something specific,sometimes its good to just be like,whats the literally the most generic,answer i could give to this,clue and sometimes that helps like this,one athlete,sometimes its even more generic like,like noun or something like that or verb,sometimes theyre literally just asking,for like the part of speech so,thats something you can do if you ever,get stuck all right,gracefully send away ease,out maybe hmm,[Music],girl group with the 1999 number one,album,fan mail i mean i think,um is it tlc it might be right,99 sounds a little late but i think,thats still plausible,[Music],pioneering isp isp stands for internet,service provider,and one of the big pioneering ones was,america online,if you were alive in the early 90s you,definitely,at least used it at someone elses house,if you didnt have it yourself,okay so it is sort of looking like ease,out right,hmm,i guess so yeah i dont it still sounds,a little weird to me,with more of the same sort,hmm is it like once,no once again i was thinking not really,donna blank 2014 pulitzer winner for the,goldfinch,hmm i think i have heard of this,before but i i definitely dont know the,authors name,giant walking combat vehicle in star,wars films,i think thats the 80 8080,is a star wars um kid i definitely,know that its either 8080 or 80 st i,think was the other one that was the,smaller one,confess openly yeah is that a vow,mistake of a sort so theres a,mistake in the clue and thats i think,what you would call a typo,okay maybe we can get the crosses here,blue shade yeah i think thats navy,navy blue release as a song,in modern lingo thats a drop,right i think ive heard that before,my new album is gonna drop on friday,yeah,uh i dont is it tarot that seems,unlikely to me,more of the same sort and,[Music],something this u is looking more and,more wrong to me im gonna take this out,hes off does that make,more sense still doesnt,seem like its sending away easing off,means like,youre exerting less pressure on,something but it doesnt really,seem like its sending away so,hmm,all right can we get this one the last,it it definitely looks like the last,right,the last workout,that doesnt make sense to me,i guess this is and such okay that makes,sense with these,i could see that with these two letters,in there finally,oh man maybe it is hes out,im gonna leave that for now all right,see if we can start in this corner maybe,stuffs,agreed to tie the knot,is that said yes maybe like said yes to,a proposal,yeah that i like that i im not 100 sure,thats what its going to be but its a,good answer,without backup hmm is it all just alone,maybe okay you win,i think thats maybe i give again quotes,just mean this is something youll hear,someone say,and so thats what the answer will have,to be also,work uh yeah thats gonna be toil,the most odious and antisocial of all,passions,jon stewart mill i guess thats envy,cause thats true,envys not a good look all right,date yeah lets see like youre on a,date with someone youre seeing someone,okay stuffs i guess is sates which,means youre,um youre fulfilling someones desires,this i think specifically means food,desires here,north african capital is that algeria,the last,wow i have every everything but one,letter and its still,this answer is still eluding me huh,the last wordily,that makes no sense to me uh,so maybe this is wrong passing comment,passing like maybe when,someone dies or is it like,passing on a throughway or something hmm,yeah im not sure where the the word,play is going to come into,effect on this clue here i think its,got to be passing but,i mean i want it to be like someone,dying thats,the most likely but,90s say,at first blush this looks like its,going to be asking about 90s as a decade,but,i want to say its maybe trickier than,that,it could be 90s is in like a temperature,or it could be like a grade so it could,be like,a average or something like that,a average that could be it,yeah is algier as algeria a city i kind,of want to say it,might be a country maybe thats wrong,im gonna put an a average actually and,see if that does anything for us,whoops hey bridge,um and then maybe this v,four star i mean maybe thats like a,rave,like a rave review a four-star review,but this okay so yeah maybe algeria is,wrong so yeah that e shouldnt be there,the last word,something is it algiers,passing comment i yeah like passing a,bill,yeah okay so i think it is algiers i,think ive heard of that i dont know,where it is,other than that its in north africa um,the last wordily,hmm this makes no sense to me,all right lets maybe um sorry ive been,pondering this one so much,but maybe once we get some more theme,answers hopefully itll make sense,like and of and whoa,look at this this seems like it might be,another,theme answer this is all kinds of weird,is there any pattern to the,capital capitalization it doesnt seem,like it l k n o,n and then theres like random spaces,and then words too,weird i mean like an oven is an,expression,just means like it just means really hot,right so maybe it starts with hotness,hmm boy what a weird theme weve got,today,im im kind of excited because i,havent been able to crack it

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Unolingo The iPhone App Review

this video app review is brought to you,by the iphone app review com hey guys,Philip Chan here for the iphone app,review taking a look at an app called,you know lingo this is basically a,crossword puzzle app a little bit of a,new generation of the crossword puzzle,app available for free on iOS am with,the first 20 levels free every other,level after that you can buy them in,packs of 20 or you can actually pay 100,for the hundred sixty levels total,youll pay for ninety-nine ninety-nine,cents each of you spy those 20 levels,its also available for android and for,the Nook as well nice little landing,screen here with info about you know,lingo very helpful also tips here just,about the game 10 by 10 grid youve,gotta solve using the different letters,lots of good things about pattern to,look for in other things like that and,also a frequently asked questions,section thats very helpful when youre,first starting out you know lingo,theres a little shop here we can go,ahead and purchase those additional,levels i mentioned stats i can show you,some of those really quickly and support,tell a friend facebook stuff so lets go,ahead and take a look at it all right,okay so here we are looking at the main,landing screen of you know lingo after,weve gone in to start selecting levels,a little bit of a nympho right here,difficulty from one to four stars puzzle,with 1-star rating are the easiest and,force or puzzles are the most,challenging this apps got a lot of rave,reviews on itunes and its worth taking,a look at because of that its its just,its really done well theres a lot of,ones to try out here so im going to,actually reset this one heres heres a,main landing screen here when youre,actually planning at thats the number,of the level right there their,difficulty right there your timed as,youre playing it you want to be the,most amount of the shortest amount of,time a lot of the whole alphabet right,here youve got to use up here to do so,simply drag and place a letter its very,simple feels very intuitive perfect for,a crossword puzzle game if you need,hints youre getting stuck you tap that,right there using a hint now you are,going to get penalized if you use a hint,so lets say I drab dragged f2 there,wait sorry sorry I dragged the hint,button to where I want the hint and,itll tell you itll be a 30 second pin,the added do you really want that I,dont think so unless youre really,desperate secondly is also one called,audit tap audit this will add a,one-minute penalty and well identify,which placements are correct and a,one-minute affinity we added its,another one you might want to hold off,on in the meantime though especially on,the easier difficulty once you can,usually figure it out pretty easily just,start dragging them over looking for,those patterns using those crossword,puzzle skills that youve picked up as a,kid or whenever you started playing,these just going from there Im feels,very intuitive controls are great i,really like it and its just really,really well done i am quite impressed by,it theres a lot of levels here in the,free app but once you get past those,initial 20 levels are free i definitely,recommend going ahead and purchase it at,least the next 24 99 cents are just,getting the 499 pack for the next off,total of 160 levels and you know lingo,as you can see it you can see the,numbers are the letters that are in blue,or the ones youve been moving over you,can always take those away as needed if,youre concerned that that might not be,the right placement okay so as I,mentioned previously you know link has,gotten a lot of rave reviews its its,definitely one of the best crossword,puzzle style apps Ive seen on the iOS,and for a free app its really well done,polished graphics very smooth user,interface some good options here theres,a Facebook features we can post your,scores and achievements to facebook if,you would like or dont like theres a,puzzle timer you can have color blind,assist they thought of everything here,if youre colorblind and you cant see,those blue letters theyll add this with,purple and yellow thats some one way to,do it and you can also show hide the,completed puzzles if you want really,neat stuff Im quite impressed with just,the overall polish this game all the,levels you get for free and just a,variety here its a lot of fun you know,lingo is definitely a nap I think any,puzzle gamer especially those who like,crossword puzzles sudoku or anything,like that and have an iOS device,especially an iPad this thing really,shines on the iPad should pick up as I,said its available for free on the iOS,and also available for the nook and for,Android this is Philip cham for the,iphone app review were going to give,you know lingo a solid five out of five,its definitely one of the best puzzle,crossed,style puzzle labs weve seen on the iOS,in a long time all right guys later

Tenoch Huerta on Playing Namor in Black Panther, Not Knowing How to Swim & His Tiny “Shame Shorts”

next guest comes to us,from Mexico by the way of talukani plays,Prince Neymar the Submariner in the,highly anticipated black panther wakanda,forever this place is amazing,the air is pristine,underwater,my mother told stories about a place,like this a protected land with people,that never had to leave,never have to change who they were,what reason do you have to rebuild your,secret to the world I am not a woman who,enjoys repeating herself who are you I,had many names,my people call me,but my enemies call me no more,black panther wakanda forever opens in,theaters November 11th please welcome to,Noche cuerto,[Applause],foreign,youre wearing the color of the sea,isnt that wonderful,its very good to see you I saw the,movie last night it was fantastic you,were fantastic in it what an exciting,thing to be a part of huh oh my God yeah,its fun its an amazing movie on Ryan,coogler all the team they are the best,Im looking at your ears right now and,they seem to be normal theyre not,pointing out I know I know I I could,well you tell me and I know youre,youre from Mexico youre uh youre a,star in Mexico now youre a huge star,here in the United States and just like,a week and a half I guess,um how did this how did you wind up in,this movie whats the origin story well,it was so funny story I was in a new,audience making a movie so Id receive a,call a Sim call from Ryan cooler the,director and we were talking about the,project it was explained to me about the,shaman on a burger,that he got he gave to the people and,then it was frozen for around five,minutes the zoom was frozen yeah and,then it back and he said so what do you,think yeah,do you know how to swim I never drowned,before,okay do we you didnt tell him you,missed the whole thing totally you,didnt okay then he asked you if you,knew how to swim yeah and you said I,never drowned before I never drowned,before which is not that its not a lie,quite clearly yeah yeah so uh yeah the,my team called me and they asked me what,was about you know all the all the all,the all the uh communication and,everything I say yeah we were talking,about the shaman and then it was frozen,for around five minutes and then hes,back and say are you in and you say yeah,so know exactly what you were talking,about nope why you say yes just because,you know and and he asked me if I know,how to swing and I said I never drowned,before they were laughing and then they,called the producer nay nay called me,back and he explained everything to me,and he asked me again do you know how to,swim I never run before,and then my my team again called me and,said but yeah do you know how to swim,I never drowned before,seriously no I dont know how to swim,come on man you should say that you know,because its 10 years old oh my God the,Submariner doesnt know how to swim,thats incredible,that is a good I mean thats crazy and,thats the magic of the movies thats,the magic of the movie but you do know,how to I saw you swimming you must have,you then went did you go sign up at the,YMCA after that and learn to swim one,one month later I wasnt taking classes,floaties like how much when you say you,didnt know how to swim did you really,like not at all knew how to swim,I never drowned before youve never done,it wow and so they get you in and youre,just youre just going through the very,Basics yeah very Basics and you know,with this floaties that they they for,real floaties I think you were joking,yeah yeah we cant,how embarrassing totally,wow if you ever think that to be an,actor is So Glamorous no it is not that,glamorous wow that is a great that is an,incredible story who in your life is,most excited about this about you being,a Marvel hero is my friend alaria shes,I dont know where is she but she was so,excited I I first I call her and say,okay lets lets work together in this,program she was ah I know I dont know,Im not sure when I said is for a marble,movie she went crazy okay she sent me,all the info about my character because,I I knew about that character but not,too much not not that crazy but she sent,me every single detail she was totally,crazy yeah and whats good for you,though you got to learn about it you,know yeah yeah yeah it was you didnt,have to lie to the producers again and,say you already knew everything about it,exactly,but then she became uh the the Marvel,police and she oh she became your Marvel,police totally if I was with friends,friends closer friends explaining uh,explained to them you know that what is,it about everything she was no stop you,can say this you can say that it was,like wow okay youve traveled with your,own sensor well thats probably for the,best and for this current day was she at,the premiere last night yes of course,and was that your the first time you saw,the movie yeah it was for the first time,it was I was so nervous oh my gosh I,cant imagine what that experience must,have been like yeah when you come out of,the water I mean I dont want to give,anything away but I would like to give a,lot of this stuff away you know,yeah but its very creatively done and I,would imagine like youre well youre,just missing Halloween so now,um you wont see kids probably dressed,as maybe you will see maybe theyll see,the commercials and dress I dont,recommend that you dont remember why is,to dress like like Neymar in this,Halloween because its just tiny shorts,oh yeah youre right,youd have to be somewhere warm yeah,speaking of tiny shorts I noticed that,in the this is the,this is like the kind of vintage uh,Prince name Aura no more as your,character says it yeah he has got like,the bikini bottoms you went with like,the boy shorts you went with like the,the boxer brief type was that your,decision or that was that the producers,it was a producer it was the producer,yeah I was worried I mean I I I asked,for for a whole suit you know with,muscles included oh yeah yeah like,little kids ready,I call them the Shane short,the shame shorts,well congratulations uh Im very happy,for you you seem like a terrific guy and,uh I mean I cant cant wait to see what,is uh ahead for the character and Im,sure the audience cant wait to see the,character for the first time black,panther wakanda forever it opens its,ears on November 11th to Noche Huerta,everybody thank you,come on,[Applause]

When the whole puzzle is puns (Crosswords)

back with uh crosswords today im im,excited to play some crosswords you know,the rules i uh i dont glance at chat,unless i get stuck,and were here to have fun its not,about like necessarily uh the speed or,anything like that the one thing i will,say though is i got to remember first,off measure for measure people have been,like nl its killing me,its killing me that you dont pay,attention to the theme of the crossword,and then another thing is,question marks,mean,something like a pun,turn one forest great magic deck by the,way thanks a green player thanks for the,gift subs though um question marks mean,word play and then comma say means like,a pun or something like that anyway,hello sir viktor hello lets get started,here okay,daily crossword puzzles green regions,looking pog,hmm looking looking right away okay,comedian this is where were starting,number 15 thats comedian eric andre,barely managing with out hmm i dont,know,so first cross well just relax here for,a moment a toy dog from china informally,i dont know im not a im not a dog guy,beginning of an idea or classic advice,to a young man jim tan laundry,jerrys ex on seinfeld,well i get you know okay,technically,i suppose thats true,three down a crib,plaything,mobile,easy money,the beginning of an idea,dont know yet this could all be wrong,moisturizer brand,neutrogena doesnt fit i want to say,like aloe but i dont know that question,about where the pain is scientifically,speaking this seems like a hard one so,far you know sometimes you start in the,corners down here it works out better,decorated again,redid,masked hockey position goalie okay we,could go from there we can go from there,45 across nintendo rival uh okay like,now saga,or like back in the day sega i i feel,like this should be sony now and then,the hockey player that wears a mask,could be the net boy,beer brand named for a dutch river i,think it must be,amstel,playing more play encore encore,53 across a name in nantes a nom okay,that makes sense i thought it was going,to be like oh what i do when the plate,uh or mcgirt play the nachos comes out,what am i gonna do to it im nom,30 58 down affirm confidently,no no idea okay,lake touching four states in a province,im gonna guess dont give me minus twos,for that thats gonna be eerie,virginia,blank folk dance what,the a gem safe,practically speak scientifically,speaking oh okay measure for measure,you know what now im looking,measure for measure maybe when they say,like,measure,its got its when scientifically,speaking might tie in with measure so,how would you measure a gem safe,i dont know jolts,diamond jolts the bottom of a shoe,i got a soul but im not a soldier 66,across small denomination,this is a tough puzzle,its a tough puzzle,51 across a mind readers gift briefly,esp,53 down,at the start of a word a pre,here we go were building were building,it up,what the heck is sch,for trojans,i dont understand,winking face and sparkling heart,oh im i should be looking it down,emojis i was i was like emoji doesnt,fit there,gem safe scientifically speaking,jewel,volt,a gem safe scientifically speaking a,jewel vault,themes themes okay,the english is helping me out now,small denomination,uh,s-e-e-m a seam,i still i still dont know what a sh for,trojans is a school for trojans,usually you shoot your swimmers into,this,if were talking about a school which is,a,fish that,when fish swim together they,uh okay aoc or jfk,what is minus two minus two thats,family friendly no kid is gonna know,what that means,aoc or jfk its an acronym,theyre initials they are politicians,candy in a dispenser pez,democrats okay,spicy sausages,dude were doing it chorizos,50 down,eight in high style oh uh i dined i,didnt eat i dined,43 across pet pet bone to pick,absolutely no idea what you could,possibly be referring to,sean carr who mentored george harris,thats ravi,which is what happens when you drop,frames,decorate it again is it i think its,redid,i was making a joke earlier but the joke,seems to be more plausible as time goes,on,a very positive review,never seen one,doesnt stick up at all,slicked back,free for all thats a fracas,56 down,affirm confidently,uh,what the heck is a virginia folk dance,like all i can feel is that it must be,like a a,a virginia peel,is that a real thing anybody here from,virginia justin are you here you doing,the virginia appeal,a student at the sorbonne,a knave,[Laughter],davenport resident,a lawyer abbreviation as esquire,42 across batman sound effects im going,to say,wham,road hazard,pot hole okay hold on this changes,everything,i really do feel like thats esquire but,pathos,parking places spots okay,36 down,crib play though i know im in a,different spot knelt obsequiously,knelt,obscure,um,i think im out of my depth man negative,responses,nose,or nose what ja rule has in his car and,too fast too furious when he says monica,a child such as oliver twist,isnt there like a word for them um,like uh theyre like oh youre a little,scamp or something like that right very,positive review,doesnt stick up at all,shouted bingo say i think that means you,won,when you shout bingo you won,32 down makes as money,earns,give it a try here lets see,twists and turns like a road,okay then i would say that this is,probably wines,this is a tough puzzle today man,make as in money,fire cracker that doesnt go off is a,dud,voice actor blank,thats mel blank he did the voice of the,road runner,meet me,thats what you get mom for saying i,never learn anything from tv,meeting plants,a gen,does,italian city where galileo lectured,i never know how to pronounce that i,just say give me some of that cool,salami danger,this might not be genoa,lets lets take that out for a second,capua could it be kapwa,ding,dong the witch is dead,she came down in a bubble dug okay lets,take a second here,padua padua thank you eu4 i think,is this could this be right,barely managing without,thats uh eeking outs okay,similar to akin,yo okay,a washer cycle rinse,yeah i do my own laundry,attaching,as a patch,i bet its something on,ah and then 12 down unsound,is like sewing,on dude this is like its too compound,and then peril is alarm,going online guys,like fresh paint thats wet wet wet she,the wettest in the building,eight down itchy skin cause eczema,five across toy dog from china,so many so many toy dogs man,first aid sets,kits,to be wrong is to air i still dont know,what dog it is,is it a kiki,anyway making some great progress in,there,we got to be able to get like 62 across,a student at the sorbonne,is this where you learn to be an olive,to to mo someone is more out to lunch,youre out to lunch youre crazy youre,insane youre stupid youre zany,youre exactly what this company needs,right now,to tarnish something to besmirch,oh you know here we go a2,day,i see i see our problem here this is xma,not xm satellite radio,to blot lightly,good question good question,a pet bone to pick,its a peeve,fair enough 37 down very positive review,love i loved it,what is this tarnish something,24 across unseen before,that should be new,25 down a child such as oliver twist a,ween,theyve turned the weeds against us,were live sign,you ready for a drive,still a tough puzzle,doesnt stick up at all,were running up against it now 32 down,blank lisa,monas,[Laughter],could it be the monas lisas,i mean blank lisa youre like simpson,lisa,fashion faux pas list,these are crimes,fashion crimes you know what we didnt,do enough in this corner moisturizer,brand i really think it could be aloe,story about a greek god,is a myth,alcatraz where oh where is the pain,scientifically speaking hertz,but this is not right,maybe this is not oh,im still maybe this is not elaine,or mobile,or myth,i mean elaine fit though,take me back here,elaine fit though,the beginning of an idea,maybe none of this is right okay hold on,a crib toy definitely does seem like a,mobile we know this is gonna be hurts,now,i was looking for the plus twos from the,uh,from the elaine fit,okay,one of the broody bunch,um,so the

Text Mining: How Do Computers Understand Language?

this lecture is about text and when I,said to someone yesterday Im giving a,lecture about text they automatically,assumed that I would be talking about,the short message service that we have,on our mobile phones and its a ona,firstly they said oh computer science,how boring and I thought that was hardly,a hardly a rave review and then they,said Oh text Wow what what you can you,possibly say about text that hasnt,already been said actually I dont want,to talk about the short message service,I thought it is an example though of how,text is so persistently used by us,humans we love the stuff you know we use,it for communication,its the favored form of communication,for intelligent people text and its not,entirely obvious why text is quite so,popular so I thought I would start by,just observing that actually the,earliest computers were not intimately,coupled with text this is univac which,is well people who dispute about the,history of computing dont they but this,was probably the first commercial,computer and as far as I can tell Im,not an expert on the history of,Technology but I did scour the libraries,for photographs of every early computer,I could find and this was the first one,to have a QWERTY keyboard on it here it,is doesnt it look marvelous this is the,operators console of univac I I have a,real feeling I would like a univac in my,briefcase you know it looks very,impressive and I love the little meter,up here and the valve heaters down here,it doesnt yet have a display unit or a,VDU as we used to call a visual display,unit and the reason was of course early,computers were generally programmed,using punch cards or taped or punch tape,and the keyboard if it was used at all,was used to change that to make,alterations to the programming a device,it wasnt used to directly communicate,with,the with the computer and what happens,of course in the early keyboards was it,isnt obvious here but there would be,eight wires or maybe even fewer that ran,out of this keyboard and as I pressed a,particular key I would set a pattern of,zeros and ones on the on those wires and,thats called a code or a map okay nice,maps the characters into some sort of,digital code so if we took some example,text and this is just a little bit of,text I copied from Wikipedia at a low,level what we would see for each one of,these characters is a binary digit or if,you because its a bit boring to write,binary you know will often write it as,decimal or hexadecimal or something like,that so the code that is was commonly,used in my youth was known as the ASCII,code the American Standard Code for,information interchange,its what extensible and each letter is,given a binary equivalent and I could,have converted that binary into a,decimal or hexadecimal most of us,remembered the hex so I is 4 4 9 and is,6e everyone remembers space which is,decimal 32 and hex to 0 and so on and so,on and so on so thats thats the coding,system or of the past and of course it,led to one of the best jokes on the,planet this is a joke that can only be,understood by British computer,scientists who are over the age of 50,which is a narrow set of people a,narrower set of people and the joke is,Arthur Askey what a character yes,theres a group for those of you who are,online theres a group of in the,audience so Im sure dont mind me,saying are of a certain age to know who,are ASCII is Martha ASCII was a sort of,character comedian from the early early,years of British British comedy and he,was a bit of a character and of course,you have to know what asking me anyway,can this not explain jokes to people but,here it is one of the most nice jokes,that one can make when I told my,Danny Stanford Clark who is the,technical director of IBM UK that joke,hes my age he thought it was hilarious,and I verse I had to pick him off the,floor I told my wife and she didnt get,it at all so fair enough nice got my,wifes too young now in the real world,of course is probably worth saying that,if youre working in computers when I,was a kid,effectively you had to learn American,because it was the American Standard,Code for information interchange and it,had you know American alphabet which as,we all know is almost identical to the,British alphabet but it certainly wasnt,very international now this is the first,I think I did about 2000 first 2,000,characters from Unicode which is the,current standard for character mapping,this is Unicode 12 12.0 which represents,around 140,000 characters across a large,number of languages not all languages,are coded but its a pretty a pretty,impressive attempt to try and code a lot,of the worlds languages it is not,without controversy actually theyre,very early on in uni codes history there,was an attempt to deal with Chinese,Japanese Korean and to some extent of,Vietnamese characters all of which as,Im sure you know of are stroke based so,the observation was well a lot of these,characters share strokes so we can share,some of the codes in order to encode,them that proved to be somewhat,explosive and there is still a little,bit of why not a little bit as some,mudslinging in some debate about the,decisions that were made early on in,Unicode for those of you who are,interested and can read Japanese Id,recommend a technical memo on the matter,from the Japanese computer manufacturers,which has a wonderful title which is,translate translated for us in Wikipedia,as we are feeling anxious,the future character encoding systems,well you know that is another one of,them thats the wins the prize for the,worlds most niche title doesnt it,so also surprising to see that the the,aggravation is coming from Japanese,scholars and there are their observation,is that are quite a few old characters,in Japan which arent properly coded by,Unicode right then okay all of which was,one of Richards little diversions I,want to get back to this business of,code equaling characters eating numbers,so these codes are flowing through the,system and theyre being pumped through,computer systems like like blood,systolic Lee so what could we do with,these characters well the simplest thing,and I talked about this in my first,lecture when I was talking about,information is just to count them so,this is a count of all of the characters,in the British language here are the,characters along here Ive ignored the,upper and lower case and Ive ignored,punctuation and this is a frequency of,those characters blue is English so,looking at the most common character in,English which is e we get the immortal,phrase which everyone knows everyone in,this audience knows because it was,mentioned in the first lecture,Attaway insured Lou – Ange lodal,everyone knows that Etta a nerd Lou is,the order of English characters by their,frequency et LAN SH are the argue okay,and in red,here is another language can anyone,guess what that language is its a,carrot its a language that shares most,of the characters with English although,it does have a few of its own yes,absolutely right the person who cried,out French is has done an excellent job,ah okay and the clue is here okay its a,very big difference in h use in the,english language from,French speakers French speakers are not,very enthusiastic about the letter H as,we as we all know so thats a clue to,one of the uses for yoona grams which i,shall come back to in a moment,well uni grams are as a sort of,technical word for single characters and,if we were to measure pairs of,characters theyd usually call those by,Grahams character by grams okay and,these are the character by grams in the,English language so th h e ER and so on,when you look at these these are the,very common suffixes and prefixes that,you find in the English language is it,obvious but our property it perhaps its,not obvious let me just say it the,frequency of these things is,considerably lower than those of the uni,grams and theres a reason for that and,thats because theres just a hell a lot,hell of a lot more of these things so,this was realized quite ea

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