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whats up everybody im seth fowler and,today were unboxing and reviewing,potentially one of the creepiest,products weve ever unboxed and reviewed,on this channel so in todays video we,are checking out the brand new,collaboration between ray-ban and,facebook the ray-ban stories now as you,guys can tell i actually grabbed the,wayfarer variant and there are three,different variants of this pair of smart,glasses so what were going to do in,todays video is unbox this pair of,ray-ban stories in the wayfarer variant,im going to show you guys everything,that comes in the box and what you get,for the price of 299,and then im gonna wear them around for,the day and see if i actually like them,and see if theres something that im,gonna keep or whether theres something,im gonna return because theyre useless,and honestly im trying to go into this,with a very open mind because in the,back of my head im thinking wow these,are kind of creepy because youre,filming things with your glasses now,this isnt the first time weve had,cameras on glasses before weve had the,snapchat spectacles weve also had the,uh the google headgear as i like to call,it which also had a camera but this is,the first time that weve had cameras on,a pair of glasses that look very,unassuming and on a brand that i,actually really really like and actually,to give you guys some backstory on my,relationship with ray-ban which sounds,weirder than it actually is i worked at,sunglass hut for like two years in,college and ray ban was my favorite,brand of glasses i mean it makes sense,its one of the most popular its one of,the simplest and easy to wear but i just,love everything about rayman i think,they kill it so um im really excited to,check these out and im glad that,facebook decided to collaborate with ray,band or i guess luxottica is the name of,the overall brand to make their first,pair of smart glasses but before we rip,these open lets take a quick look at,the outside of the box to see if theres,anything thats really noteworthy or,noticeable it looks metallic in this,plastic but i think its more of like a,matte silver color youve got ray-ban,facebook on the top youve got wayfarers,ray-ban stories on the sides and then on,the bottom youve got all the specs like,the color glasses that i got and the uh,well thats pretty much it the color,glasses that i got and like the serial,number but let me hold this up to the,camera just so you guys get a good,visual of peeling off this plastic so,thats always the best part,there we go,so heres the box without the plastic,and before we actually pull it out it,looks like theres another pull tab,right here that weve got to remove it,says ray-ban stories wayfarer shiny,black with green lenses which i think is,the standard configuration if youre,getting the ray-ban stories now there,are three different models theres the,wayfarer which im sure you guys are,familiar with theres the round which is,essentially just a circular pair of,glasses and then theres the meteor,which is kind of like a squared off,version of the round sort of in between,the round and the wayfarer now of course,because this is a pair of sunglasses,made by a big sunglass company there are,a ton of different options when it comes,to colors and lens colors you do also,have the option to put in your own,prescription lenses and thats something,that they actually say on the website,that you should do before you actually,get the glasses in hand because if you,put in your own prescription lenses,after you buy them the problem is that,it voids the warranty so if youre going,to get prescription lenses put in these,make sure to do it during checkout,rather than after you get them in hand,but i just opted for the standard green,lenses these arent polarized and if you,guys know anything about sunglasses,polarized is always better because it,kind of well essentially what it is is,theres crystals on the outside of the,sunglasses it sounds ridiculous but its,true theres crystals aligned on the,outside of the lens its like a coating,and uh the way that theyre aligned it,actually stops certain reflections so,when youre on the water um you dont,get like sun rays bouncing back up at,you you dont get a reflections off cars,and things like that its a nuts,experience but usually theyre a little,bit more expensive and i cant remember,the exact reason why i didnt opt for,the polarize but i think its just,because they were already so expensive,as is now im super excited to check,these out i love new sunglasses ray-ban,facebook right there on the top its,split in half oh look at this so youve,got your black ray-ban case which is,significantly nicer than any of the,other ray-ban cases that ive ever owned,now it comes with a uh seemingly faux,leather finish and i believe its also a,charging case because its got the usb-c,port right there in the front and the,ray-ban logo on the top but were not,going to worry about this just yet were,going to take a look at what else is,inside the box so the first thing you,get is this little uh cardboard box that,says download the facebook view app,which ive already done well get into,that later um and i think inside here,youve probably got cables or something,youve got the warranty and safety,information and also a nice sunglass bag,which is actually pretty cool and then,underneath that youve got your,presumably usb-c charging cable lets,see yes,double-ended usb-c very nice pretty,standard at this point now lets take a,look at the glasses themselves which is,obviously the thing that im most,excited to check out ive got to say at,first glance these look like standard,wayfarers like genuinely,having trouble putting them all in my,hat but there you go but the first thing,that you will notice is that theyre,actually a little bit thicker than,standard wayfarers and not only that the,thing that i just noticed was that,inside this little uh this little crease,thing right here youve got a little,charging port which um is actually how,it charges on the case this little,charging guy connects to this magnetic,charging guy right there on the side of,the case and uh that creates the,charging connection but looking at these,inside the box i am noticing that,instead of the jewel that you have on,the side of the wayfarers youve got the,little cameras which,are pretty creepy im not going to lie,and then it looks like on the side of,the left arm youve got a little power,switch let me flip that on see if,theyre charged up i have no idea i mean,theres no screen on this so i have no,idea if theyre on or not and then on,the right arm youve got the capture,button which i believe turns on the,glasses and then also turns on a little,ldd right there so i think at this point,its time to charge these guys up,connect them to the app and then uh take,them for a road test,okay so ive been wearing these for the,entire day about eight hours total from,when i unbox these and ive gotta say,they are surprisingly,all right,so im going to be honest when i first,read about these i was interested but,not blown away this is a product that,seems very like experimental it seems,like something that is not going to work,for everybody and not everyone needs in,fact in my opinion i dont think really,anyone needs these but i will say that,its well done for what it is and uh i,was impressed by a few different,features so before we dive into any of,the tech specs of the ray-ban stories,ive got to say that as far as a pair of,sunglasses goes this is pretty much your,standard pair of ray-bans which is,really cool to see the build quality of,these ray-bans was really solid it,seemed exactly like all my other pairs,of ray-bans the only difference was that,the arms were slightly thicker and that,it was ever so slightly heavier but not,by much i mean barely noticeably and to,be honest i was very impressed by that,its amazing to see them fit so much,tech into such a small frame like,literally a small frame they were able,to fit two cameras speakers

Facebooks Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses: Cool or creepy?

facebook,sunglasses,ray-ban stories,lets talk about them,[Music],do,[Music],facebook has been promising smart,glasses for a while,now come ray-ban stories which im,wearing right now,theyre facebooks first smart glasses,and theyre not the only ones that are,out there on the market there are,actually a lot of smart class ambitious,companies amazon,bose,spectacles from snapchat and theyre,bound to be others,facebooks entry into the space sounds,promising because facebook has a vr,company oculus that has already done,some pretty astounding work and the,oculus quest is the best portable vr,headset that exists in my opinion but,what about glasses,well,right now,seems like facebook has a lot of work to,do,[Music],ray-ban stories are not ar glasses,theyre smart glasses with a couple of,features that could eventually grow over,time youve already seen them in other,products one is audio this can play,audio through its arms and basically be,a kind of a wearable pair of headphones,so you could wear them around and listen,to music or take calls these are camera,lenses that are right inside the frame,youve seen that before snapchat,spectacles has them google glass way,back had a camera built in,ive worn things like this where ive,taken photos and video on the go is a,type of a surrogate memory for,what feels like going on 10 years the,camera part of this is also pretty basic,it basically takes photos takes 30,second video clips,and thats it is that enough,well,its very smooth i found that when i,took these out they were pretty easy to,use,and i also found that they really look,like regular glasses which is pretty,amazing because um over time i found,that some glasses look really clunky,and stand out even though i think they,look normal i remember wearing viewsix,smart glasses and thinking they look,normal these however,really do feel normal and they look,normal they look like ray-bans with,slightly thicker arms,ray-ban stories come in a charge case,thats packed in with them and you snap,the glasses in over here to,magnetically attach them and charge,which is pretty clever this has about,three charges of use and the glasses,themselves are supposed to last,for,they say up to six hours a day but,thats still with limited use not all,the time it took about a quarter of the,battery life away when i made a 30,minute phone call phone call sounded,pretty good the audio sounded good i,think the microphone was picking up,lawn mowers nearby,a lot louder than i would normally have,with like airpods or on a phone and the,audio quality is okay its not as good,as bose frames the camera quality is eh,because its five megapixel cameras not,as good as my phone so why would i use,these and not use my phone thats a good,question i guess maybe going on a roller,coaster or,you know going boating although these,are not meant to be used in the water in,fact the instructions say that take care,when using them and thats the other,thing i dont know how wear and tear are,going to,factor into these glasses because i use,my glasses kind of roughly,and these are a piece of emerging tech,and take photos and video you can use,your voice commands or you can press a,button here on the top,which,starts photos and video interestingly,one tap does the video,tapping and holding does a photo,i would think that snapping would be,something you want to do a little faster,but theres a notable time delay maybe,thats to prevent creep shots and stuff,like that but the video is really easy,to take very quickly and the light that,goes on here which i can also see on the,inside,is not very bright,its bright enough but in a lot of,outdoor conditions i feel like people,wouldnt notice it so these kind of feel,a little bit like spy glasses they can,be equipped with prescription lenses but,i dont know if id necessarily outfit,them with that and then make them my,everyday glasses as sunglasses well id,wear them outside,but how many times am i going to be,wearing sunglasses as opposed to,something like a watch or bluetooth,headphones,and thats kind of the trade-off here,because the 300 dollars,the for the frames theyre going to be,more expensive glasses probably than,other options you could get but not,tremendously so then theres the privacy,stuff okay,so facebook has locked down a lot of the,features here in fact you could speak to,command these glasses with um hey,facebook,and it makes a little beep when you do,that,that only takes photos and videos hey,facebook,take a photo,[Music],the lenses are pretty low-key in fact,they look almost invisible these are,kind of like stealth glasses with,cameras in them,and thats kind of weird but i like the,way they look i just dont have anything,really interesting to report because,they feel,like glasses theres a touch pad over,here that handles volume and you can tap,to control answering and ending and,skipping tracks and doing things like,airpods and other bluetooth headphones,the video and the photos all go into a,new app called facebook view that acts,as the kind of pairing app on your,android phone or your iphone when it,imports photos and video it actually,creates a local wi-fi connection to,bring those in,dropping,your music or other stuff to be able to,finish that process,and when the photos are in there then,they can be uploaded or shared wherever,you want them to go facebook holds them,in that app first,and there are a couple of different,photo and video effects but not a ton,some of them take advantage of the,stereo cameras to add some depth effects,to photos and theres also an ai effect,that blends multiple video clips into,montages kind of like the stuff that,apple does with uh with its memories on,the photos app google does some stuff,like that too,i mean there could be other updates in,the future and facebook is promising to,eventually blend in more ar futures but,this is missing a lot of things that im,used to looking for in ar products,theres no spatial audio for 3d audio,effects,say to you know have a group of people,in a room to take calls thats something,that facebook believes in but its not,in this product yet also the stereo,cameras dont seem to tap into a lot of,augmented reality effects the type of,stuff that snapchats already doing on,its spectacles and snapshots already,building an augmented reality glasses,developer kit for people to go even,further so it feels like this is kind of,embryonic for a company that seems like,its normally pushing the envelope in ar,and vr i will say that the tech built,into these frames feels a lot more,subtle than other glasses ive tried but,i also have a lot of questions about how,this will play out with facebook how,this will play out with vr how to play,it with facebooks other products its a,totally unknown landscape but its,likely to not be the last pair of,regular glasses that are going to,incorporate,this type of tech into their frames kind,of like when google started to have,where west watches built by fossil and,built by other traditional watch,manufacturers does that signal the,coming wave of smart glasses to come,we already have bose frames and you have,amazon echo frames and you have a lot of,options that you could also pick for,putting glasses with equipped with,cameras on to do stuff 30 seconds of,recording at a time at a resolution that,isnt that great means its not going to,be for everyone it seems like more about,capturing moments and youre going to,have to live in facebooks world which,is something that most people are not,going to be okay with for something like,this and thats the whole story,of ray-ban stories,facebooks inevitably going to be,building towards more wearable tech and,this feels like that first step in,but i really have a lot of questions how,its going to feel and how the ai is,going to develop and where the ecosystem,is going to go these are not vr glasses,theres a whole new world,and this feels like,a baby step,id be curious to see what these feel,like when ive used them more but at,this p

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The UGLY Truth about Ray Ban Stories – Ray Ban Smart Glasses Review

in this video were going to be reviewing the ray  ban smart glasses also known as ray ban stories  ,or the facebook smart glasses and this review  is going to be different from all other reviews  ,youve seen of this product on youtube ive been  testing them out for six months and yes were  ,going to talk about the different technologies  and features that come with the glasses that  ,make them kind of the cool smart glasses to get  but theres also some issues with the lenses  ,and the frames that i dont hear many people talk  about and these are things you should know about  ,so are ribbon stories worth it lets take a look  hey whats up everyone dr allen here from the dr  ,eye health show and today yes we are going to be  reviewing the ray-ban stories because here on this  ,channel we like to talk about eyes help people  with their vision but i also like talking about  ,different vision products that are out there  because a lot of different eyewear and vision  ,products they can get expensive and there are some  that i just think you may want to stay away from  ,and thats really part of the whole service of  this channel is i just want to help educate people  ,and also hear from a persons perspective  whos in the eye care business that  ,just um theres some things i im just not a big  fan of and this is one of them now my whole point  ,of this video is not to talk badly about something  especially because i know there are people who do  ,like and maybe love this product and maybe youre  somebody whos strongly considering getting a pair  ,of these for yourself or for a family member or a  friend and yeah they may help for some people but  ,lets talk about whats all packaged into this and  like break down and give my argument of why they  ,have a lot more ways to go to get this to be a  really good product first off why ray-ban stories  ,and why are smart glasses uh kind of a growing  thing first of all smart glasses are a growing  ,trend in the eye care world because not only are  you getting like smart watches and cool devices  ,that are tracking your heart rate keeping track of  your emails and notifying you if something cool is  ,coming out theres even augmented reality glasses  that are being made kind of along with the venture  ,of virtual reality no the rayban stories do not  have ar or augmented reality in them yet but i  ,think that technology is just around the corner  so im excited to hopefully see that coming soon  ,so what do you get with rayban stories why are  these even a thing well ray-ban stories have first  ,headphones built into the temples here so you can  put them on and listen to music or answer phone  ,calls simply while wearing your glasses that are  tethered through wirelessly through your phone you  ,can answer calls or change the music that youre  listening to just simply by double tapping or  ,tapping the sides here of the frame you can even  adjust the volume by sliding your finger back and  ,forth there are some kind of cool aspects of that  the one thing though is that the sound quality  ,that you will get through here on the temples is  in my opinion much less how do i say it much more  ,much more or less to be desired much less im not  sure how to say that the quality is not that good  ,yes if you have the volume turned up all the  way the sound is much better you can hear it  ,more clearly but it doesnt have very much a base  at all if youre interested to any music that has  ,more of a bass effect to it and unfortunately i  just think that you can get a better sound quality  ,off of a 50 or 80 pair of bluetooth headphones  and these are not the first pair of smart glasses  ,that have come out that specialize with sound  bose even has their own sunglasses which in  ,my opinion would have a better sound effect even  an off-brand called lucid they have better sound  ,and bass in the headphone component of their  smart classes but personally i did also find  ,that there is a downside to the privacy aspect  of listening to your headphones on these because  ,anybody whos around you can basically hear  anything youre saying on a conversation as  ,well as hearing any of the music that you havent  been listening to so if you are on a public spot  ,just be prepared that everybody around you  can can also hear what youre doing just as  ,an example me talk normally here im pretty close  to the microphone but then if i turn on the music,you get the idea which to me isnt much of a  privacy thing for what im talking about like  ,if im in a phone call conversation but its  more about i just dont want to interrupt or  ,disturb somebody elses piece with my theme music  or something like that but we all know there are  ,people who care around their bluetooth headphone  on max volume uh basically everywhere they go  ,because they just they again need their theme  music playing all the time sometimes that theme  ,music is pretty awesome but otherwise i think  you know who im talking about now lets move on  ,to the camera lenses now if you look up here in  the top left or top right of the frame they do  ,have these small camera lenses which are kind of  a cool feature thats one of the coolest things  ,about these other than the snapchat frames  that are exist that kind of do the same thing  ,they either take photos or they record video with  this little camera these cameras are a 5 megapixel  ,camera so they do not produce the same qualities  youll get with most modern smartphones and one of  ,the biggest kind of awkward factors with these is  that they were specifically designed to work with  ,facebook or metas entire like network for stories  whether its a facebook story or instagram story  ,they record in a square format which is a  little awkward if youre making content for  ,anything other than the stories platform and if  youre recording a video it only takes it in 30  ,second clips which if youre doing that the four  gigabyte kind of memory thats stored in this will  ,only store up to about 50 videos then which  isnt a huge deal but it is just again its  ,a little awkward and cumbersome in my opinion  the picture quality of the videos i dont mind  ,i think it in fact looks pretty good they did  seem to put in their own filter were boosting  ,the contrast as well as the saturation to really  make colors and images pop and stand out in a way  ,i think that does make it convenient but again  just the formatting and having to transfer that  ,from the sunglasses to the specific facebook view  app which you have to download and utilize to get  ,the information from the frame into your phone  before you can even start using it thats also a  ,little cumbersome now if you are using the frames  to just take photographs the photo quality is just  ,a little bit better but its a little bit more  cumbersome because of the buttons on the side its  ,not just like snap taking a photo you in fact have  to hold it down and then hold it for a few seconds  ,before it takes the photo otherwise it prioritizes  the button to actually start just recording a  ,video which personally i think it would be better  if it was switched array around so you just click  ,a button to take a photo or you hold it down to  take a video i think that would be better because  ,sometimes if youre in a quick situation where  you just want to take a photo really quick you  ,would just snap but now you have to hold it down  and then maybe your opportunity brushed by you but  ,there is also another feature which is kind of  cool and thats that you can speak you can say  ,hey facebook start recording and then it will  start recording a video and you can then say hey  ,facebook stop recording a video and same thing  you can tell to take a picture as well now that  ,ability to be completely hands-free and just talk  to the camera and tell it to start recording that  ,does add some cool benefits to it in certain  situations which well talk more about about  ,that um a little bit l

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Bahaya Banget di Tangan yang Salah! – Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses Review

yo yo guys gue tuh sejujurnya ada bosen,ya sama gadget label yang itu-itu aja,kalau mau TWS jam TPS jam lagi kalian,udah ada yang pernah pake Smart glasses,atau kacamata pintar belum gue pernah,Google Glass tapi itu udah lama makanya,pas Raiden Sorry diluncurkan asli,menunggu excited banget jadi ini adalah,smartfresh yang merupakan hasil,kolaborasi antara Facebook dan tribbett,kacamata yang satu ini Enggak cuman buat,obat Ganteng doang tapi ada,fungsi-fungsi lain yang asyik juga Ya,udah yuk kita lihat,[Tepuk tangan],[Musik],[Musik],gini ya pasti ketika Wow ngeluarin duit,jutaan rupiah untuk sebuah kacamata,hi-end terlebih dengan Blend ikonik,seperti rayben impress awal itu penting,banget pastinya jelas nah ini packaging,nya berasa mahal bukan kayak barang,abal-abal murahan yang punya kacamata,Rayban dan sejenisnya udah paham lah By,the way gue beli yang tipe wiver yang,merupakan salah satu seri klasik yang,ikonik keluaran riben selain eter,nama seri kacamata ini sejatinya adalah,riben Stories seperti yang terpampang,besar pada box nya di boxnya juga,terserah apa aja isi boxnya dan juga,terdapat berbagai deskripsi terkait,kacamata pintar ini begitu kita buka,covernya Setro lihat box berwarna all,black dengan filling premium isinya ada,charging casual bahan kulit yang,berisikan kacamatanya lalu kering PAUD,yang terasa sangat lembut dan premium,ditangan booklet dan kabel USB buat,ngecas nambah PM baru nih Hai kacamata,juga kudu dicas kacau kacau jadi inget,masa-masa gue pernah pakai Google Glass,Tahun depan berarti gua harus punya,sepatu Pintar juga nih biar Semakin jadi,sobat PLN,[Musik],Nah ini nih jagoannya Raiden Stories,asli excited gue seperti yang gua bilang,ini tipenya adalah wafer yang perlu,kalian ketahui ini premi adalah warna,sini Olive dengan lensa Transition Green,yang artinya kalau lagi berada di Abror,bahwa matahari lensanya akan berubah,dari clear menjadi kehijauan lensanya,menurut gue bagus banget super jelas,pandangan kita Ternyata gua pilih tipe,ini karena wiver adalah tipe Iconic,Rayban dan gue pengen bisa pakai,kacamata ini di berbagai kondisi,termasuk indoor enggak hanya outdoor,jadi gue bisa gaya-gayaan dimanapun,sebenarnya masih ada jenis pemulanya,seperti laut dan juga meet your Begitu,juga dengan warna frame dan lensa nya,just info di websitenya sih bisa pakai,resapan ya tapi gue nggak paham,prosesnya gimana,setiap gue jalan kemanapun atau lagi,nyantai di cafe menggunakan rayben,Stories ini melepas Ti orang pada,penasaran dan oleh karena tongkrongannya,yang berkelas Warnanya unik dan ada,blending Raiden yang nonjok di filmnya,dan gua menikmati attention itu makin,diperhatiin makin songong gaya gue kapan,lagi gue dan hal itu suka menggunakan,Gadget yang keberadaannya super jarang,By the way kalau kalian perhatikan,secara detail di lensanya ada logo,Raymon juga,Biar enggak jadi sekedar kacamata biasa,kalian harus peer kacamatanya dengan,aplikasi Facebook hiu untuk sekarang,hanya tersedia qstore maupun Playstore,pada region dimana kacamata tersebut,rilis tapi ada apk-nya kok tenang lalu,login dengan akun Facebook kalian beres,teh,Mad lu kalau orang awam lu ngelihat nih,setan lu berasa enggak gua lagi ngerekam,sesuatu enggak terus Kamera kameranya,itu biasanya camera perfect engkel,tapi di ujung sini ada lampu putih uh,karena,Ibu pikir pantulan dari sini Oh ya sama,benarnya juga ngomong kayak gitu,ya di sisi ujung kedua framenya terdapat,masing-masing kamera lima megapiksel,yang bisa merekam video maksimal,berdurasi 30detik maupun menjepret foto,kenapa enggak lebih panjang lagi 30detik,durasinya tentu untuk mengurangi potensi,pembuatan video-video ahui dan juga,kalau untuk sosmed gak perlu,panjang-panjang Kan setiap kali Kita,merekam atau menjepret foto akan,terlihat lampu LED kecil yang menyala,tujuannya supaya orang tahu bahwa kita,lagi merekam dan tidak melanggar privasi,mereka Namun karena alasan yang,disebutkan Al tadi Ia memang kita harus,lebih bertanggung jawab dalam,menggunakannya,[Musik],di bagian atas frame Kanan terdapat,tombol tekan dan how berfoto atau tekan,dan lepas untuk merekam video cara kedua,bisa pakai Facebook asisten tinggal,bilang hai Facebook lalu sebut mau,ngapain cukup responsif dan akurat kok,prosesnya gua ketagihan pakai Facebook,asisten apalagi dalam kondisi maskeran,jadi nggak perlu bolak-balik neken,tombol sehingga buat orang curiga tips,to chat ya rasio fotonya sih umumnya,tapi yang aneh kenapa videonya cuma,dikasih satu opsi by default satu,banding satu doang di settingan gue,nggak nemu opsi lain Judulnya kan Raiden,storage rasio Story kan main yang bahkan,pada iklan Raiden Facebook pun demikian,ditunjukkannya kita pantau Ya ada,update-an apa enggak terkait hal ini,nanti,reben Stories bukan cuma sekedar,kacamata yang berkamera tapi bisa buat,dengerin audio via bluetooth dari HP,serta teleponan secara ada dua speaker,dan 3mix kualitas output audio ya okelah,tapi kendalanya suaranya bisa kedengeran,dengan mudah sama orang yang di samping,kita alias bocor karena speakernya model,Open your apalagi untuk orang yang,settingan volumenya selalu 100% gaya gue,ya Jadi kurang nyaman ya buat gua,personal walaupun Emang praktis,sebenernya nggak perlu ada TWS nyantol,mulu di kuping dan namanya kacamata jadi,pakai terus kan kalo lagi sendirian sih,pailah,[Musik],[Tepuk tangan],[Musik],[Tepuk tangan],untuk mengontrol fungsi fitur audio ini,di sisi kanan frame ada areata kontrol,cara kerjanya mirip TWS yang memiliki,fungsi sejenis,baik ray-ban dan Facebook nggak nyebutin,Berapa kapasitas storage dari reben,soris cuman dikasih perkiraan bisa,jepret yang lebih 500 foto dan 30 video,berdurasi 30detik ya not bad lah main,banyak kecuali dipakai liburan mungkin,harus sering rajin-rajin download,kemudian delete yang ada di storage via,aplikasi Facebook view cara menggunakan,aplikasi ini mudah kalau mau langsung,share ke sosmed lain juga bisa kita,nggak perlu dan hotel galeri HP dulu,[Musik],kayaknya gue lagi nyoba ini merekam,dengan kamera dari kacamata Rayban,Gimana kira-kira hasilnya udah bisa,belum jadul sama Vivo x70 problems Hai,ini perekaman videonya ya,[Musik],gua nggak akan bahas Kualitas fotonya,dan videonya secara mendetil gua sadar,kamera disini sebaiknya minimal dan,sifat-nya buat ngejar momen atau sekedar,have fun tanpa harus berkali-kali,ngeluarin HP Trus kalo gue Kebayan bisa,gue pakai jadi biro putih dadakan buat,ngasih kalian perspektif yang berbeda,juga,[Musik],Saran gue pakailah di kondisi outdoor,dengan pencahayaan yang melimpah atau,indoor dengan lighting yang proper kalau,pencahayaannya kurang atau lolite ya,bubar noisenya bakalan merajalela,sekedar ada aja deh intinya,[Musik],I,am,[Musik],well kacamata mahal bukan berarti tanpa,keluhan ya Gua merasa finishing-nya di,beberapa area kurang sok seperti di,ujung krimnya ini kayak rada tajam gitu,kadang pas bersentuhan dengan kulit saat,mau pakai kacamatanya benar satu lalu,dari pabrikan framenya kalau kita,perhatikan secara detail ada,goresan-goresan halus padahal ini baru,dan segel rencananya mungkin karena,super glossy ya jadi super rentan sama,goresan berikutnya setelah menggunakan,reben Stories berlama-lama bisa jadi,framenya berasa Anda ke tak di area,pinggir kepala dan berat sekaligus gede,juga apalagi dibandingin sama kacamata,gua satunya yang lebih simple dan ke nih,tapi beda fungsi juga kan kemudian,terkadang orientasi output kameranya,enggak sesuai ekspektasi bisa cukup,miring karena posisi atau Angle kepala,kita nggak selalu sejajar dengan,pandangan atau view aslinya,soal baterai gimana syarat spesifikasi,kalo gua perhatiin gak ada penjelasan,yang detail ya tapi dari pengalaman Gue,pernah gua pakai nonstop dari jam 11.00,sampai jam 12.00 an nya sendiri yang ini,enggak intensif untuk jepret foto dan,video beberapa kali dengar lagu,teleponan baterainya sisa kurang lebih,40 Sedangkan untuk penggunaan yang lebih,intensif wafernya mulai pakai jam 12.30,siang dengan baterai penuh lalu jam 1830,sore menjelang malam baterainya sisa,Delapan persen da

Ray-ban Stories Smart glasses | Ray-ban x Facebook | Unbox & Review [Engsub]

Hello everyone , Welcome back to my channel.,In todays video,,I have a very interesting technology item that I would like to introduce to you,Thats a smart glasses from Ray-ban,Now, Lets unbox with me and discover if this glasses has any special features,OK, Lets go ,First, Look at this box.,Here are Ray-ban and Facebook,Rayban and facebook teamed up to make these glasses,This eyewear was first released on September 9, 2021,It has 3 models,The first model is Wayfarer,This word ” WAYFARER” here is the model of these glasses,I will show you all models of these glasses ,Name of these glasses is RAY-BAN STORIES,Wayfarer is Model,This is lable on the box,This number is the color code,This is size,This is size of the temple,I dont know the other numbers,As far as I know, these glasses will be released in some European countries,US , Canada, Australia and a few other countries.,Now I will open the box for you to see,Theres also Ray-ban and facebook,This is hard paper box,First, You will have a leather case,It looks so nice.,This case is also a charger ,Its like apple airpod chargers,it is also used for charging,Manu,I think this is a manual,Here is a bag for you to keep your glasses,Fabric bag,Its black,It has Ray-ban,Manual,This is a cable with double end USB-C,No more,Go to main character,This glasses is Black color,The lens are Green Black,Ill show you the overview first,Ray-ban released 3 models ,This is first model,I will show you the other 2 models,Here I also have the remaining 2 models available,This is second model,This second model is called ” ROUND “,This is olive color, it is also one of the colors of this set of glasses,I will introduce you to all its colors later,This is second model,This is 3rd model and also the last model,It looks like this Wayfarer a little bit,but its shape is a bit rounder,Can you see ?,This 3rd model is called ” METEOR “,The price of these 3 glasses ranges from 300 to 460 or 470 USD,The price will depend on the lenses of the glasses,Those glasses have 4 types of lenses,and I will divide it into 2 types.,One type is clear lenses like optical glasses,and one type is Sunglasses,Glasses will have 2 types of lenses,One types is Bluelight lenses,Bluelight lenses for you to use your computer, watch TV or use your phone,It will prevent the blue light from the screen affecting your eyes.,Bluelight lenses will prevent that,The second type of lenses are Transitions lenses,The transitions lenses will change color on ,When you go out in the sun, the lenses will change color like sunglasses,The color of transitions lenses will be Black (Grey) , Brown or Green Black ( Green Grey ),When you go out in the sun, the lenses will change color like sunglasses,and when you go inside it will look like this again,As for sunglasses, its also divided into 2 types of lenses,One type is normal sunglassess lenses ,Second type is polarized lenses,Polarized lenses that help you improve vision clarity…, when you are reflected light , its like glare,For example when you go fishing or you go sailing on the water…,you will see sunlight reflected on the water surface,it makes you unable to see whats under the water,But when you have polarized lenses, it will help you see underwater more clearly,You can see fish or things that exist under the water without being reflected by the sunlight making you unable to see,The use of polarized lenses will help you prevent those things,Here I have 3 colors of these 3 glasses,In terms of model, Ive got all 3 here,Wayfarer , Round and Meteor,About the color,I also have……,There are 4 colors in total, but here I have 3 colors,The first color is this black color,The second color is this blue color,This one has polarized,Those of you who use Ray-ban glasses often will know that polarized lenses will have the letter P here,This is Blue color,And this is Olive color,This color is also very beautiful.,I just dont have the brown one,And the brown one is a total of 4 colors,About the size . ,Currently, I see on the website that only this wayfarer model has 2 sizes : Standard and Large ,This is Large size and this is standard size,In this video, I think its hard for you to these 2 sizes,I think the width of this glass will be wider,Like I have a big face so I think its OK to use a large size,This one is a bit smaller,So it has 2 sizes,But these 2 models Round and Meteor, it only has 1 standard size,I dont know if it will come to a larger size in the future,but now i see its only 1 size,OK, these are the basics of glasses,Let me give a brief review of these glasses,Because these glasses contain the technology inside,So the frame is a bit thick,Because its tech stuff, so its also acceptable,On here, it has buttons , speaker, functions,….,I will introduce later,Now I will introduce you to this manual,It will guide you where the buttons will be located and what their function will be,This is all about this manual,Let me show you ,This A B C D E F G H will be :….,A is Power ,B is capture button , It is used for photography and video recording,This capture means you capture the moment,C is camera,D is touch pad,E is Capture LED , it will tell you whether you are filming or not,whether the movie recording feature is on or not, I think,Let me see and find out later,F is speaker,G is Microphone,H is the notification light,I will show you these in more detail on the glasses,The next page is Facebook View App,This app you can download on App Store or Google Play,This App will help you to connect your glasses with your phone through this app,This app will display the photos and videos you capture on glasses,You can import and export photos and videos on this app,You can also immediately post photos and videos on social media,or edit photos and videos on this app,I will also try this app on my phone for you to see,Below is the power button,It guides you to turn this power button on and off,On the back side it shows you in more detail,As this capture button,,when you press once it will record video and press it again it will stop,if you press and hold it, it will take a picture,About the touch pad, ,When you tap once it will play audio or music, tap it again it will stop,Double tap to skip ,Triple tap to skip back.,About the volume, ,Swipe back or forward to turn down or up volume.,About the calls, ,Double tap to answer, double tap again to end, tap and hold to reject.,About facebook ,,you tap and hold or say ” Hey facebook ” to access facebook.,or say ” Hey facebook cancel” to cancel.,This is the feature of the case.,On the front is a usb-c charging slots.,On the back is the light,This light shows yellow, the glasses are not fully charged and green means fully charged,Now I will introduce you to the case,This is charging slot.,To be able to charge….,Right here there is a magnet,When you put the glasses in this part….,Let me show you more clearly,You will put this part of the glasses right here,The magnet will automatically inhale.Its done,The light is right here,I think this case is not charged yet,This is USB-C charging slot. You plug here to charge the case,Thats all ,Now I will show you the details on the glasses for you to see,Here is camera,These camera have a parameter of 5mp,Dual camera,This is capture button, this button is for you to film or take pictures,This is speaker,It will have 1 above and 1 below,Both sides have,Here,And here is touchpad,It is used to swipe up or swipe down to help you increase or decrease the volume,or you can double tap or triple tap to skip or reverse the song thats what I introduced,About microphone, there is one right here,Can you see clearly ?,and I see right here there is 1 more,That is microphone,So I see its all just like that,This is the case . Let me show you the case again,It was made of leather,This is the display light, yellow is full, green is not full yet,This is USB-C charging slot,The basic parameters of this glasses are ……,About the photos when you output is 2592×1984

Ray Ban Stories Review – Smart Glasses!

Today we’re reviewing the Ray Ban Stories, the  smart glasses made by Ray Ban, to figure out,  ,are they worth it? We’ll be looking at  the design, testing the specs and features  ,including the cameras, microphones and  speakers- to see the quality of each of them.,We’ll even consider the usefulness factor and how  often you’d actually wear these smart glasses.  ,We’ve had our Ray Ban smart  glasses for over 4 months,  ,so stick around until the end to find  out how often we’ve been using them.,First up, looking at the design. They’re available  in many different styles, colors and even 2  ,different sizes- standard or Large. They also have  6 different color options to choose from including  ,different lenses on each, with polarized or  prescription lenses being an add-on offered. For  ,Price, the glasses start at $300 bucks, and go  up from there depending on options you choose.,We bought ours in the Wayfarer  style with black frames in the  ,Matte black color, and the standard size.,In terms of looks, they definitely look sleek  and just as good as a regular pair of Ray Ban.  ,Especially compared to other smart glasses  on the market. I mean, just take a look at  ,the Snapchat Spectacles over the  last 3 versions they’ve created.  ,And now you know why you don’t  see anyone wearing these.,Meanwhile, RayBan was able to put all of  the technology into a small form factor-  ,including the 2 cameras, 4 small speakers and 3  microphones all in the side arms– while making  ,the RayBan stories almost indistinguishable from  regular glasses, especially from further away.,However, all of that does come at a downside  when looking at the video capture quality.  ,The glasses have two 5 megapixel cameras on the  front for taking photos or videos on the fly. But  ,you’re limited to taking only 30 second clips at  a time, by pressing the button on the top side of  ,the right frame. There’s a small white LED light  on the front of the glasses that turns on when you  ,record, and another LED light on the inside of  the glasses so you know when you’re recording.,But the quality of the video  is not very impressive,  ,especially compared to the quality from the  latest phones. The 5 megapixel cameras on  ,the RayBan are less than half of what  you’d find on a new iPhone 13 Pro,  ,and the size of the sensors are much smaller. The  videos recorded on the RayBan Stories are a square  ,format with a resolution of 1184×1184 with a frame  rate of 30fps. The square format is perfect for  ,social media apps like Instagram, and this is  actually what these glasses are designed for.  ,But if you want to use the videos for posting  on YouTube or other widescreen formats,  ,you’ll need to crop in, which will make  the videos have even lower quality.,So you might be wondering: why have cameras on  your glasses? We did a poll on our Instagram  ,and found 67% thought the RayBan’s looked  sleek, and when we asked about the cameras,  ,it was an even 50% that found the Cameras creepy,  while the other half thought they could be useful. ,Having owned the Ray Ban stories for many  months now, we quickly realized they are not  ,going to replace the daily sunglasses. Instead,  you’ll want to use these for certain occasions,  ,in situations that aren’t creepy- like going  on a skateboard ride with your friends,  ,or on a hike with your dog. You can quickly  capture 30 second clips of your experiences  ,in the moment, hands free. They are perfect for  adventures like traveling with your friends and  ,family where people with you already know  that you’ll be recording a POV perspective.,They could also be useful for safety and  security reasons, being able to quickly  ,record a situation if something happens. And  if you want to listen to background music,  ,listen to a podcast, or take a phone call –  while out on a walk, they are great for that.,The speakers are open ear speakers, meaning they  are located close to your ears on the sidearms.  ,While the speakers aren’t going to sound as loud  or like normal headphones, they still do a decent  ,job. Controlling the audio on the Ray Ban, there’s  a touch sensitive control on the right arm,  ,so you can swipe to change volume, tap to  play, pause and answer calls or skip tracks.,We also tested the microphones and we  were actually surprised to find that  ,the Ray Ban had good microphones and sound  isolation that worked well. We did a test  ,while taking a phone call and riding a bike  while on the Frames- here’s how it sounded.,To connect to the glasses, it uses  a combination of Bluetooth and Wifi.  ,To download the photos and videos, you use the  app called Facebook View. You can select which  ,videos to transfer to your phone, and make quick  adjustments to the video and either share them  ,directly to Instagram or Facebook. You can also  download them straight to your device camera roll.,Looking at some other nice added features like  the charging and the case. The Ray Ban comes in  ,a sleek leather case that doubles as both storage  and also recharges the glasses. The case itself  ,has a built-in battery, a USB-C plug, and an LED  light on the front. For battery life, the glasses  ,can last up to 6 hours of moderate usage,  and 3 hours with continuous audio streaming,  ,while the case can fully re-charge your glasses  up to 3 times on a single charge of the case.,Alright, so at the end of the day–  are the Ray Ban’s worth getting?  ,If you’re looking for your first  pair of smart glasses to try out,  ,they are some of the most stylish ones  available. And if you plan on using them  ,for making short content for social media, or  safety reasons, they could be perfect for you.  ,But if you’re mainly interested in the audio  part of smart glasses, next up be sure to check  ,out our comparison of the Ray Ban stories vs the  Bose Frames– that have no cameras on the front.,If you enjoyed this review, be sure to give  us a like on this video and subscribe to our  ,channel for more cool tech. And let us know in  the comments what you think about Smart Glasses.

Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses Review // Facebook Camera Genius or Gimmick?

[Music],time for another unboxing,aloha maddie enjoy this hanger made with,aloha from maui i love maui,[Applause],i think i read it wrong i think this is,a hanging plant thanks guys this is cool,i will definitely visit once covet is,over,[Music],mini flashlight,i think i need to charge it,for you maddie i hope you enjoy this,[Music],oh,its an sd card holder,thats actually pretty cool its got my,logo on it thanks guys,future proof premium dietary supplement,this supposed to be my meal,do you guys think i should eat one of,these i dont know,kind of,oh,its water housing for my phone aqua,tech thanks guys for sending this i feel,like this is the most legit water,housing for iphone,i have ever seen in my life this is,hardcore thanks guys we got to put this,to,to a test,now for the packages that ive most been,waiting for probably why you clicked on,this video in the first place,for the record i ordered these myself,i paid for them nobodys telling me what,to say or anything like that these are,my opinions,[Music],these are my first uh smart glasses ive,ever put on,at first feel they,they feel a little bit im not gonna lie,it feels a little bit plasticky it,doesnt feel as like,ray-ban quality,whats up with that i guess i guess they,couldnt make them like the normal,material they make these side,theyre also theyre dusty,so if you havent heard these are smart,glasses these are theyre called the,facebook stories with ray ba facebook,store,ray ban facebook stories something like,that uh and they have cameras built into,the glasses so youre supposed to be,able to uh record really quickly and,easily and then post it straight to,instagram or i guess just save the video,uh and i am really curious for these to,be like decent and for for it to be,worth the money and for me to actually,start using these,theyre gonna need to do three things,first off the quality of the camera is,gonna have to be,pretty decent like kind of like,iphone-ish quality at least the second,thing is that the angles have to work so,its stuck to your face so wherever you,look thats where its gonna film so if,the angle just looks stupid all the time,and its all shaky and and just doesnt,look good doesnt matter if the quality,is good the angles suck and then thirdly,they have to be more convenient to get,video clips and photos than my,smartphone which is already quite,convenient those three things need to,happen for me to actually start using,these what do you guys think how do they,look,the body like my smart glasses,you look very smart,for good measure i also bought a second,pair because i thought it would be,more fun to try this out if we had two,pairs,look whos back guys tylers back,back in action check these out,you got two,i just ordered two,i thought itd be more fun to try him,out with somebody else,you look like superman,do i look like superman looking good,looking good,its good to have tyler back in the,office weve missed him do you feel like,youre from the future now well i got,laser eye surgery so i wouldnt have to,wear glasses,maybe i shouldnt have just got these,okay so its like a charging case thats,cool power button,on oh theres a light tyler do you want,some future proof premium dietary,supplement while we wait,do you eat one no,im scared i dont know if i trust it,ive never heard of the company before,it makes me a little bit a little bit,wary,whats the party took so many vitamins,today,it looks it looks like cartoon,that looks so sketchy,are you gonna take it premium dietary,supplement lets go,im gonna get some water the office,taste tester yeah this is what do they,call it the cup bear the kings cup,so the king would often have a cup,bearer to test the wine to make sure,that it wasnt poisoned by anybody so,testing the supplements,i love you mom,seemed like a normal pill check back,with me in half hour or so maybe do you,feel any different,no all right we got the app log in with,facebook it has been a long time since,ive used my facebook,hi maddie lets get your glasses paired,up to date so you can capture moments,listen to media and share memories with,those who matter most thats actually,something that i didnt mention is that,you can also they have little speakers,those speakers built in,right theyre probably hard to see,little speakers built in so you could,listen to podcasts with these so that,might be kind of cool going on like a,bike ride or a run and then you could,just listen instead of having headphones,on because sometimes you dont really,want to,sweat with those on start by turning on,the glasses they are on found them,activating,pair still activating checking for,updates downloading update take it,tyler do yours feel cheap plasticky its,not like that glossy yeah its not its,like kind of like you know if you have a,real pair of ray-bans theyre like you,know theyre kind of heavier these,feel a little cheaper yeah,and theyre pretty glary on the on the,screen yeah,is it glary,a little glary okay done get to know,your glasses oh thats a status you you,guys did not hear that but theres a,satisfying sound uh let me let me try to,get it for you guys,its quite satisfying record videos,press once to record a 30 second okay so,you can only do a 30 second video i,guess press again to stop recording the,white led notification will stay on,so there is a light showing,people other people that you are,recording but,its pretty would you be able to see,that light from far away no not during,the day at least its a pretty small,light i feel like you would not see that,light in most cases the sun is like,shining it just looks like a little,glare maybe i actually expected that to,be a little bit brighter capture,hands-free play audio listen to the,media,okay so theres a little like touch pad,on the side here,huh put on the daily podcast right away,oh thats,tap once thats actually not bad,again you guys cant hear but im,listening to a daily take calls double,tap hey facebook start video,that works pretty well,hey facebook stop video,not bad okay so i believe the video,clips all are just saved on the glasses,and then you have to download them from,the glasses,maybe,i hope im not like straight uploading,to oh yeah there now they appear on the,app here its just this square format,right now though is there a way to,change the crop,portrait,okay yeah interesting i guess they made,it square so you could take like a,portrait video or a,landscape horizontal uh,video that kind of makes sense uh the,photos,look,okay the video quality i wouldnt,lets lets see lets do some tests okay,so apparently you cant go straight to,instagram stories from the glasses which,seems like a little bit of a missed,opportunity but uh,but i think that might be because the,square format and when i watched sara,dietschys video uh it would actually,come with the square format into stories,and then you had to like kind of like,reframe it crop it the way you want it,so maybe thats why uh okay lets go and,test these outside lets see how they,are,[Music],just totally splashed that guy,i feel so silly trying to,try to do this properly,you just gotta keep dead dead eyes,locked,[Music],up i wouldnt have got that if i wasnt,using the glasses,i just realized you cant hit the record,button unless you have them on your face,its interesting all right im gonna,take a photo of your,[Music],come on roll through you can do it just,dont launch it into the water again,[Music],oh yeah,this is the spot,lets do a little comparison of uh what,the iphone,ultra wide looks like in comparison to,these glasses cameras i actually had a,moment here with kai on the weekend we,were out here we got this like electric,uh,remote control rc boat and we were just,flying around we were having a lot of,fun,oh not,and then all of a sudden it cut out,now it ran out of batteries and stuck,out there,what the heck do i do now it was in the,middle of the lake and i was like what,am i gonna do and we had this crazy,adventure,all right were gonna use the drone,weve tied th

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