1. Raycon H20 Review | Raycon Makes Headphones?
  2. Raycon Everyday and Fitness Headphones Review
  3. RAYCON E55 & E25 Review [Big Deal or Big Lie?] – TESTED!
  4. Raycon Gaming Headphones Review | Im Disappointed.
  5. The Raycons, Round Two.
  6. Raycon e25 Pro vs Airpods Pro – NOT SPONSORED – Full Review

Raycon H20 Review | Raycon Makes Headphones?

so did you know that reikon makes,headphones well,they do and even i was surprised that,they did since i have never heard of,these,they tend to mostly focus their,marketing on the e25s and once upon a,time on the e55s as well,ive even gone ahead and tested out the,raycon e85s as of late,and had a pretty similar yet more,positive take,on those earbuds in comparison to the,other ones that i have reviewed,thus far so will their final and the,last pair that they have left on their,website that i have not reviewed yet,be the one to captivate me introducing,the raycon,h20 lets go ahead and dive right in,before we continue dont forget that i,have a twitch channel that you can go,ahead and follow me on for live,microphone reviews and,much more than that but youre also,going to for my instagram and,a link to the text on the discord in the,description so come join,the community because it is a pretty,cool one weve also opened up a patreon,as of late,where if you join youll be,automatically entered to win,one tech gadget every month in our,exclusive giveaway details to that are,going to be down below dont forget to,check out,the description for everything now lets,get right into the video,now lets begin with an unboxing this,comes in this beautiful red box which,once opened,will reveal the instructions then youre,going to find the headphones themselves,and past that,there is going to be a compartment with,the usb-c cable for charging and a 3.5,millimeter cable for,wired use the exterior design here,consists of plastic this is a,big pair of headphones but definitely,not a heavy one,as it is pretty lightweight it is,actually pretty easy to carry around and,they can fold in different ways,to make these easier to travel with and,to stuff away in your bag or something,like that if thats what you want,they have this metal look for the top of,the drivers i would,say though it is still plastic obviously,i think that these do look really nice,especially in this color,since it just looks so bright i think,that a lot of people will like this,design since these look,really really good but they dont really,feel very strong and,i thought that this was a little bit odd,considering that raycons,actually pretty great when it comes to,withholding that track record,with just good build quality for their,earbud this one,as in like this pair of headphones feels,more sensitive than,i would have expected from them on the,right youre going to find volume,controls a power button that behaves as,your play and pause button as well,a usbc port for charging on the other,side theres going to be a 3.5,millimeter jack for wired use,and also just going right back to the,right youre going to be finding,the anc button for using ambient noise,or,active noise canceling so when it comes,to the comfort here these do a very good,job,because they actually have a lot of,padding thats,preference however and part of that,preference is having good clamping force,which these also have,its kind of like squishing two oily,pillows onto your ears i guess,theyre pretty comfortable for the,moment but i will find myself wanting to,take these off after maybe,two hours tops so these arent really,like the most,comfortable headphones on the market at,this time but i am sure that a lot of,people will find these pretty solid,just quite comfortable overall because i,mean they do offer quite a bit of that,now lets go ahead and talk about the,sound quality of these headphones,so i understand that these are different,from their earbuds since,obviously i mean they can fit drivers,that are much bigger,than the ones on the buds therefore we,can expect greater things from these,when it comes to listening to different,genres of music,such as pop hip hop rap jazz and many,other genres like those,honestly all of those sounded really,nice through these,its because these are definitely more,bass heavy but they,arent really super punchy either which,can be a good or a bad thing for some,people depending on what your preference,is but also the wider sound stage that,you naturally get with bigger drivers,helps with splitting up the instruments,and getting a,better sense of what the music is,actually supposed to sound like which is,going to be quite nice and it just,allows for,a lot more enjoyment for music these are,not flat by any means by the way,do not misinterpret that please but i,did,listen to some metal and while its,still muddier than using a more flat,pair in places like the heavy guitar and,especially deep gutturals,there is still a good amount of emphasis,on the higher pitched screen,so this pair is obviously going to be a,lot better,for metal than any of raycons earbuds,however i dont recommend that you get,these if thats mostly what youre going,to be,listening to because its definitely not,worth it i can recommend,other pairs around that price sag that,will be much better for metal,needless to say these can handle,complicated and busy genres of music,pretty decently,sometimes the low end is still a little,bit too emphasized and oftentimes it,feels like there is a bit of a lack,of presence on the high end and this is,true for just about every single genre,that i have tested but honestly,not bad i never really felt like,straight up,listening to something else because the,music sounded terrible,through these unlike how i have felt,with other,earbuds from raycon i think that when it,came to their headphones,some wise they did a better job it was,also easier to do a better job with,these,and i had a totally fine time listening,to anything more casually so yeah i,dont hate the sound,and in fact i actually kind of like it,now lets talk about anc,and ambient sound theyre both okay with,these ansi is really the better,performer i would say of the two because,you,feel it when ansi is on but cabin,pressure will get to you eventually,thats for sure but if you need it for,cancelling out noise from outside,itll do pretty well but keep in mind,that music,does sound different when you have this,mode activated which is one of my,biggest pet peeves,regarding affordable anc headphones for,some reason they cant really seem to be,able to,balance that you know being able to keep,the same sound quality that these,headphones are supposed to deliver on,while still being able,to block out more noise it seems to be,something that they really struggle with,the sound signature just usually,changes for the worse when ant is active,and that is in fact what ruins the,entire experience of anc for me,so i tend to keep it off because passive,noise isolation,is still pretty good with these,regardless now when it comes to ambient,sound it barely lets any noise in so i,wouldnt really consider,this a good way of staying aware of your,surroundings either,plain and simple and battery life on,these is going to be about 20 hours on a,full charge which i think is actually,fine honestly you might find yourself,charging these every few days depending,on your usage but i have no problems,with the battery life whatsoever,so to conclude my reikon saga for the,time being at least until they release,new products,i will end these on a positive note i,actually,liked these for the comfort the,aesthetic the battery life even the,sound is nice,and i can see many people being happy,with them here,the only duds here i would say with it,are one they should have included a,carrying case,since i really dont want to get these,dirty at all especially considering,the color two ambient noises meh,and three anc changes the way that music,sounds,usually thinning out the sound to make,it come off a little bit weird,its just unpleasant but i would have,considered these honestly a fine value,of 100 bucks,even without these features would i,recommend them audio files,should definitely stay away but if you,just want an affordable pair of,headphones with good style and lets say,i mean honestly good enough sound for,just about anything,then i can really strongly recommend,these to you,these a

Raycon Everyday and Fitness Headphones Review

hey its shelly from best buy canadas,blog ive been testing out two pairs of,raycon headphones,ive been testing out the raycon,everyday on-ear headphone as well as the,raycon fitness in-ear earbud,heres a look at the raycon fitness,earbuds so as you can see theyre rose,gold they come in a few other colors as,well,and they have a very interesting,ergonomic design that fits perfectly in,your ear they also have sound isolating,on board so that means that the earbud,itself while it doesnt use something,like active noise canceling it actually,uses the style and shape of the earbud,to prevent unwanted noise from filtering,in and it does come with several,different ear tips so my best advice is,the second you open up your earbuds to,find the best ear tips for your ears,because that makes a huge difference as,far as sound quality is concerned,my first impression of the,raycon everyday headphone was that they,are very plush and so comfortable i love,the style they look amazing on but those,ear cups are so comfortable i would wear,them for hours and hours and they would,never hurt my head they would never hurt,my ears,the raycon everyday is a completely,wireless,bluetooth headphone so you can just pair,them with your phone or your tablet or,your computer and listen that way but,they also do come with a headphone jack,if youd like to connect them,via a headphone port,all of the controls for both sets of,headphones are right on the ear cups or,on the earbud so as you can see theres,a volume control a power switch on the,bottom there and there is a button for,noise canceling so you can tap it to,access the active noise canceling or you,can tap it again to switch into,awareness mode or you can tap to turn it,right off the raycon everyday headphone,will last up to 22 hours on a single,charge so i wore them for days and i,didnt have to recharge them,the headband is adjustable,too and to charge them you just use the,included usb cable and plug them into,any outlet,after wearing them for a while i would,have to say that i have my new favorite,set of headphones because ive never,worn an on-ear headphone as comfortable,as these,the active noise cancellation works,extremely well while i was using them i,would always have it on and although,that does affect the battery life it,will definitely block out any outside,noise it was very hard to hear anything,else going on around me and thats where,awareness mode comes in so awareness,mode will filter in some outside noise,so if youre walking or youre,on in traffic somewhere and you want to,listen to your headphones you can do,that with awareness mode on and still,hear outside noise,as for audio quality i think they sound,great everything i listen to from music,to podcasts sound crisp and clear it,wasnt tinny at all it was there wasnt,a lot of bass so i didnt find that they,were thumping in my ear but the audio,quality for everything i listened to was,very very clear and it was fun listening,to them moving on to the raycon fitness,earbuds these earbuds are designed for,workouts so they have an ipx7 rating so,theyre sweat proof and waterproof and,you can wear them,during any workout and they will stay,securely in your ears they use sound,isolating technology instead of ancs for,maximum noise isolation as well as the,best fit and sound quality youll have,to go through the different tips and,find the right tips for you and theyre,all different i tried the stock ones for,a while but i did end up,switching out everything the ear tips,and it made a huge difference as far as,sound quality is concerned and it also,made a huge difference as far as noise,isolation,once you have your earbuds securely in,your ears you can access all of the,controls on them so the right ear and,the left ear bud both have different,controls one will as set the different,sound profiles theres three different,sound profiles to choose from and you,can turn the volume up and down with the,earbuds you can take calls you can,switch your tracks on your music,playlists and you can even activate your,voice assistant its just a matter of,tapping once or twice or several times,and you wont be disappointed with the,sound quality on the raycon fitness,earbuds they actually have really decent,sound quality and i did listen to the,bass profile the most but once theyre,securely in your ears its its very,immersive i really thought that they,were impressive for an earbud so thats,it for my quick look at these raycon,headphones this is the raycon,fitness earbud and the raycon everyday,headphone you can find my full written,review on these headphones at best buy,canadas blog thanks for watching

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RAYCON E55 & E25 Review [Big Deal or Big Lie?] – TESTED!

if you watch a lot of youtube or listen,to a lot of podcasts like i do then,youve almost definitely heard of raycon,earbuds and youve probably also noticed,that they sponsor a ton,of content now these earbuds claim to be,the next wave in wireless audio and,promise superior sound at a fraction of,the cost in fact the owner,ray j himself said that what we did was,create earbuds you can afford but looks,better than everything out there and,sounds better than everything out there,now this all sounded a little fishy to,me considering ive tested literally,hundreds of earbuds and ive never heard,of raycon earbuds,except in these ads and so the first,thing i did was go to raycons website,and i saw that they were endorsed by,celebrities like cardi b,drake desean jackson just to name a few,and somehow ive never seen these on a,list of best true wireless earbuds,this certainly warranted further,investigation and i started to wonder,who raycon really was,so i went into developer tools on their,website and found that they were a,shopify store,and many shopify stores are dropshipping,stores which got me wondering if,these were actually drop shipped earbuds,upon further investigation i found that,there were two pairs of earbuds that,looked identical to the raycon,earbuds that were on different websites,like aliexpress,now these earbuds from what i can tell,have been on the market longer than,raycons but that doesnt necessarily,mean that they were drop shipped so this,got me wondering what reikon is really,selling and as a reviewer i thought it,was my responsibility to buy these and,review them for two reasons the first,reason is if they actually are as good,as they claim to be,i want you all to know about them so you,have better audio quality at a fraction,of the price,and second of all if theyre not as good,as they claim then i want you to know,what youre actually buying or even,considering buying before you spend your,money on something,just because you saw an ad on the,internet,[Music],all right guys so this is it these are,the raycon e55 and e25,and before i get into a physical tour of,these i want to add a quick disclaimer,here,that this video is not sponsored this,video has no affiliate links,and i actually purchased these with my,own money so this video has no bias no,conflict of interest,im just trying to make a good old,genuine review to help you guys,make a better buying decision now with,that being said lets get into the,review,all right so getting into a physical,tour starting off with the e55s then,well get into the 25s you can see this,one is the red one right here there are,five different colors and ill flash,them on the screen right now,but looking at the case itself its,surprisingly small i actually kind of am,very happy with the size of this case on,the top right corner we have a loop if,you want to put kind of,like a strap on here and hang it on a,backpack or whatever you want,then on the left side we have usb type c,charging thats a really good thing,and on the bottom we actually have qi,wireless charging now these are ipx4,water resistant,now opening up the case youll see the,earbuds themselves are relatively small,theyre kind of on par with maybe the,galaxy buds about the same size,and it looks like they have five,different gel tips to really fit your,ear ideally,and on the top they have kind of a,little plastic wing that sticks in your,ear as far as comfort goes,id say these do they do a decent job,theyre not uncomfortable i can wear,them for,a couple hours without having any,discomforts and if we just do like a,head shake test right now,youll see that they really dont fall,out so if youre looking to go for a run,with these i dont suspect youd have,any kind of problem,on the outside we have a physical button,there that is kind of my only complaint,about the physical design is that you,have to push a physical button,and you have to push it relatively hard,to get it to actually work we also have,an led on the outside as well too its,flashing red and blue when its in,pairing mode,otherwise just blue when its connected,or on,in general and on the inside we have the,two nodes now these do not have any kind,of proximity sensor so there is no auto,play auto pause feature thats one,drawback for sure,and im not the biggest fan of the,flashing led on the outside,all right so then we get into the e25s,and this case is really really tiny this,is actually one of the smallest earbud,cases ive seen,and theyre shaped similar to the galaxy,buds case when you flip it open,it has a you know decent hinge feel,right there also magnetic closure,and these earbuds are also smaller than,the e55s and while were on the topic of,the size difference here ill talk about,the battery life as well so the e55s,claim to have 36 hours of battery life,with six hours in the earbuds themselves,while the e25s claim to have just 24,hours of battery life,with six hours in the earbuds themselves,so thats honestly still very impressive,battery life for both of these thats,probably more than enough for most,people,and getting back to looking at the e25s,here youll see,one big drawback is that theyre using,micro usb charging on the back they also,dont have qi wireless charging,so its a little bit of an antiquated,design just looking at that so far,so then if you open up youll see there,is an led in the middle as well as an,led on either earbud and if you take,them out youll see that theyre,incredibly small as well smaller than,the e55s,and if you put them in your ear they fit,in really far so as far as aesthetics go,i think,you probably should be fine with these,earbuds now again the shake test,youll see that these dont fall out of,my ear either although they do not have,any kind of wingtip they do also have,several different silicone tips right,there that you can put on these,so they should get a pretty solid fit,inside your ear all right so overall the,physical design of these is pretty,decent they fit well in my ear,the e25 case is definitely very,antiquated but i would say that theyre,both small enough in my ear,to really not be massive and ugly but,comment down below and let me know what,you guys think as far as aesthetics go,for both of these earbuds which one do,you like better and why now as far as,pairing goes these work with apple,android whatever you want,and all you have to do is take them out,of the case go to bluetooth settings and,add it the first time,and then every subsequent time you just,open the case and they connect,automatically and,something else to note is when you take,them out and put them in your ears,theres a voice that actually says,raycon and then it says power on but the,fact that it says the brand name there,is kind of reassuring so regardless of,whether or not raycon actually designed,and makes these,its good to see that they actually put,a little extra thought into that all,right so this is the raycon e25,indoors comment down below and let me,know if you guys can hear what im,saying if its clear or not all right,now these are the reikon e55s again,indoors comment down below and let me,know what you guys think of this audio,right here,and something to note is both the e55s,and the e25s only have a single,microphone per earbud,whereas a lot of other competitors are,using double microphones these days,all right so this is what the raycon e25,sound like outside um next to a road,that,is reasonably loud theres some traffic,all right now this is what the e55 sound,like again were outside right now and,something to note is that these do not,have a pass-through mode neither of them,do,which means that when im on the phone i,really feel like i have to yell in order,to hear my own voice,all right now as far as audio quality,goes they dont specify what codecs are,using so theyre probably not using aac,or aptx,which is unfortunately not a good thing,they do have single point connection,which is a really big positive that you,can actually take one earbud at a time,

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Raycon Gaming Headphones Review | Im Disappointed.

so the recon gaming headphones came out,not too long ago and i bought them,almost as soon as they released i think,raycon has been making some significant,improvements in the audio quality as,ive gone from hating their products to,recommending them but now as ive been,testing their 120 pair of gaming,headphones im not too sure about this,pair so welcome to my review of the,raycon gaming headphones lets dive,right in,the exterior design is pretty good on,this headset they feel weighty enough,and the materials feel pretty sturdy,these do feel pretty great and they,sport this cloth for both the ear cuffs,and the headband itself these are pretty,soft and they appear to be of pretty,good quality you are also going to find,this yellow light around the cuffs and,the recon logo that looks pretty good in,my opinion on the right youre going to,find an m button a power toggle and a,lighting toggle on the left youre going,to find a mute switch for the microphone,a volume wheel a 3.5 millimeter jack usb,c port and a retractable microphone so,this headset does look really cool and i,would say that they definitely nailed it,in terms of the looks and the build,raygun has always excelled in this,department and they did it again here,now in terms of comfort i didnt really,find these to be too terribly,comfortable and it is because these are,a little bit big for my head but also,because of the cloth there is something,about the texture that doesnt really,sit very well on my ears or head and,this has mostly been the case for me,when it comes to cloth padding i just,personally prefer some variants of,leather instead of cloth and i know that,some might actually find that kind of,odd and i totally get why so while these,are better at preventing sweat or,excessive sweating around your ears i,cant wear them for too long because of,the texture like they just dont feel,very good in my ears to me granted my,biggest issue is really with the size,and unfortunately they just arent snug,as a result for me so i dont find them,to be very comfortable personally now,lets talk about the microphone quality,and im sorry but this microphone is,pretty bad even compared to a lot of,other headsets as i know that every,single gaming headset that ive tested,has a bad microphone it sounds very,compressed like extremely so and i,cannot make out very well what im,saying in the playback for some reason a,lot of gaming headsets just have the,sound compression active that just makes,microphone sound worse i would rather,let more noise in and get a clearer,sound than rejecting most of the sound,around me while destroying my own voice,in the process so have a listen one two,three one two three now this is what,this microphone is going to sound like,and unfortunately it doesnt sound very,good uh right now i am speaking directly,into it there havent been any changes,made to it whatsoever this is just what,this microphone is going to sound like,as soon as we turn it on and start,rolling with it so yeah this is what you,should expect now this headset has three,different sound profiles those being,pure sound uh bass sound and balance,sound now my understanding is that,balance sound is supposed to be a more,audibly pleasant sound profile with a,more balanced sound stage pure sound,tries to emphasize the highs more which,is going to be better for certain types,of music and gaming experiences bass,sound is supposed to just lower the low,end to offer more bass but from my,experience all of these sound very close,to one another ive been testing these,for the past month so its not from five,minutes of testing that im getting,these results but rather from,continuously trying to switch the sound,profiles over the course of the month,over different tasks that ive gotten,these allow me to elaborate more and i,will talk about how these perform for,listening to music as well as gaming but,first lets begin with the gaming test i,tested a variety of different games but,the result was mostly the same with all,of them because they all had the same,problem for the most part with all three,modes the biggest issue with the base as,it was just too high this was especially,noticeable in bass boost and balance,modes for some reason the bass was just,too much to bear on both of these modes,with bass boost obviously being worse,than balance mode the muddiness of the,bass just makes it very difficult to,create a wide sound stage which you,would expect from a surround sound pair,of headphones like these the mids and,especially the highs get lost in the,bass in the low end which messes with,the sound here if a lot of things are,going on at the same time like,background music background sound,effects the ambience main sound effects,voices etc they all get mushed together,drowned out by the lowest frequencies in,the audio so i definitely would not,recommend going for either of these,sound signatures but pure sound was,actually the better mode here though,that isnt really saying too much this,mode increases the highs and balances,things out a little bit better but the,sound stage is still far too narrow for,these to serve the purpose that they are,supposed to serve these are not good for,gaming and the sound stage along with,the sound signature does ruin the gaming,experience for me hopefully i did a,decent job at explaining why these dont,sound good when it comes to listening to,music we have a similar issue but,depending on what youre listening to it,wont be quite as extreme but the,overwhelming bass is definitely still a,problem in every sound profile that you,choose to use for example a genre that,generally benefits from bass like hip,hop and every song gets absolutely,drowned in the lower frequencies even in,genres like metal that really dont,benefit all that much from lower,frequencies sounds incredibly muddy and,unpleasant to listen to now when it,comes to the battery life i want to know,that these connect to your pc over usb,wi-fi receiver or bluetooth receiver and,generally speaking you can expect about,25 hours on average which is actually,pretty good so yes im very disappointed,in this headset this is a departure from,even their most recent regular pair of,headphones and the 50 gaming headset,market id be willing to overlook the,comfort of if these offered a proper,sound now this kind of criticism is,important in order to improve a product,and i know that raycon is watching this,video so i would like to say this the,setup had potential at first glance,however the audio needs to be tuned,greatly lets lower the bass,significantly so that we can enjoy the,other frequencies and get the most out,of this pair also i would love to see a,slot in the satsa to store the dongle in,so that its harder to lose and easier,to transport around lets even get rid,of that retractable microphone and lets,aim to put that budget towards the sound,quality itself since that is the most,important thing about any pair of,headphones or gaming headset but for now,i cant recommend the gaming headphones,but when there is another iteration of,these i would be happy to try them out,and see how much theyve improved but,for now unfortunately i cant give these,a recommendation so thank you so much,for watching this video all the way up,until the very end that is always,appreciated um i am going to be leaving,links to this headset if you are still,interested in it down in the description,there are not affiliate links so dont,worry about that i would also love to,give a very special thanks for patrons,beginning with the tier threes omar,thank you so much for all of your,support because it really does go very,long way and everybody else like the,tier twos and some of the tier ones as,well should be showing up over here on,the screen so thank you so much for,everything um and i also wanted to just,remind everybody that the patreon is,going to be shutting down at the end of,july,by july 29th so uh please dont support,the patreon anymore um and uh i will be,leaving

The Raycons, Round Two.

here we go again,so uh common comments from the first,episode was that the oh,raycons gonna sue you made all your,iguana well,well thats your way to never get,sponsored and have raikon never reach,out to you well the funny thing is,they reached out to me uh yeah though i,mean i never thought id get a reply,from raycon after that vid,the corpse of the first ones still,hanging around here but they were,actually all like hey,thanks for reviewing the headphones,would you like to try our new improved,ones well its nice,oh good sports about it uh but i,actually declined,i honestly i wasnt really interested i,appreciated it though but they asked if,id at least just,try them like they didnt want a video,out of me for it so i was like you know,why not,but here i am doing a video about it so,these are the e25,pros so yeah this is the new improved,version,same marketing guff on the inside ekg do,this as well and i dont like it when,they do it i mean its like,you know i already bought them you win,like stop selling them at me,i havent even looked in this bit yet oh,theres that sticker,oh i really dont want to waste this one,i want to be me oh its a booklet now,not like,just a big huh uh yeah this is actually,a way better little manual than the last,thing they gave where half it was just,marketing really hey,technically improvement even if i dont,like this mushy kind of talk,look i opened it properly this time oh,look you get a little lanyard because,yes they put a lanyard on it i didnt,know that was something people wanted,and yeah look bud bits a tablet,its all basic stuff so while basically,looking exactly the same except for this,little loop there on the end these,genuinely have improvements look its,usbc now,nice and wireless charging thats,something i think,earbuds are really good for you have,your wireless charging pad at the front,door next to your keys,you just go doink and that makes it,always charge when youre ready to head,outside now since the last video ive,actually been handling a lot of wireless,earbuds for future vids,yes i have sony xm3s which has a case so,big that like you could put a flac,player in here as well,but you know these are properly,acclaimed you know there you go,nice buds you gotta respect just how,tiny the recons are honestly one of the,smallest,regular buds ive handled like ive got,the both sleep buds but you cant play,music through them regardless of sound,thats pretty neat and its just got a,physical button no crappy touch,sony now only bring this up as a good,thing because like,you know i i cant sleep with earbuds in,my ears i just cant do it like i,even struggle with the sleep buds but,these have the best,chance of being earbuds for naps just,because of how tiny they are and how,well they fit like right into your ear,you know thats a bit harder to do with,these chunksters case still doesnt open,all the way but caught in this paper the,old ones were base heavy,boy were they and but no the new ones,the upgrade ones,make these a balanced sound better water,resistance,and a lanyard their ads are proclaiming,it too like the whole recon vibe,is that you pay less for good sound so,are they balanced,no no no not even,they are still super bassy now look,theyre not awful theyre just mediocre,because you know its not just how much,bass and treble there is that makes them,sound good or bad,like you know example heres my k712s,lovely things,yes i know these are audiophile,headphones but i love these because of,the,soundstage you know thats how oh my,book cell you know its how 3d and wide,music sounds,any headphones can do left and right,headphones like these start doing,forwards and back you know what i mean,is like you know you listen to a live,album you can almost,point to where instruments are the,raycons just kind of squish it into left,and right only like not,slightly behind you to the right it just,comes straight at you like that yeah i,mean thats my best explanation for,something that you got to experience in,person,and like look ive tried bootleg,headphones like actual,bootleg headphones that are a total scam,that come with fake ipods right,and things are way better than that,these arent a scam they are,cheap feeling but they do work right,theyre just,bad value and as i said before their,whole vibe is that youre paying,less for great sound and i can just,completely blow that apart with,oh look kzeds really nice cheap in-ears,i brought these up in the last raycon,vid and yeah i,very much preferred these over them but,since the raycons are upgraded,its only fair that we do the upgraded,kzs,look how good these look thats metal by,the way,you can see all the guts in there,through this beautiful clear plastic,they aint hiding,nothing they want to show you how much,work theyve put into these,look look at the metal fittings oh its,beautiful,so yes they have a cable on them because,hey if youre gonna go,cheap dont be greedy because wireless,headphones have to have their own,amplifiers in built to send the sound,whereas with a cable you can just hand,that over to your phone your macbook,your whatever and that helps make these,cheaper,the kzs absolutely smash the raycons,absolutely smash them alright these,arent just good for the price,these are good full stop and all the,price id say you know normally im,talking dollary dudes but you know they,dont sell these to australians so im,gonna have to use freedom eagles instead,these are 80 american freedom coins,these,are 18 freedom coins,and like just to give some example on,like the songs im listening to to reach,these opinions yeah george bensons,affirmation the live version at the,beginning theres like applause and like,his guitar on stage just making the,snare buzz,like you can hear where stuff is coming,from and its like super immersive with,big open back headphones,with the raycons it just straight up,left and right only mjs pyt,its tight and punchy like michael,jacksons stuff isnt super bassy at all,but with the raycons,everything has a sub boom to it so you,know i love bass yeah i love it,but only when its meant to be boomy not,something like this where its meant to,be tight because hey if i want bass,beanie mans who am i its got big stinky,bass right,but good headphones can still give,clarity in the voice and the percussion,and all those sort of things,like the reverb on the vocals which is,the room sound you know if youre in a,gymnasium and you yell,you pick up all of that with big stinky,bass,this just crushes all the top end stuff,together and so its just,heaps of sub bass and everything else,feels tiny it actually makes the track,feel,small because if its nothing but bass,like bass is one,instrument guys and a bit of bass drum,thats it,vocals piano synths guitars the rest of,the drum kit,its all up in the top end so if you,have nothing but bass it feels tiny,earth wind and fires lets groove huge,kick drum like its super,thumpy awesome bass line its super,stereo,supportive vocals are out here main,vocals are in the middle its got heaps,of stereo stuff jumping around,its a really beautiful mix track and,honestly nearly every headphones sound,good with this track,or earth wind and fire september listen,for the bongo man,in the right earcup theres just a guy,with some bongos and hes going at it,the whole time,and really nice wide headphones right he,feels like hes really far away its,almost like hes in the room with you,just,you know you cant unhear the bongo man,now something more unconventional,thundercats dragon ball do-rag right,its super low-fi,and the kick has a huge sub kind of,added to it out of the raicons it just,sounds like,mush its just,but with nice headphones like these like,you can hear the textures and the synths,like the lo-fi,crackle and things and the sub bass is,still huge,but it feels like its meant to that,just crushes everything together,last one ive got a whole bunch of,tracks but look curtis mayfields pusher,man at the beginning its all like,tight percussion

Raycon e25 Pro vs Airpods Pro – NOT SPONSORED – Full Review

hey what is up youtube welcome to the,custom adventures so today im going to,be comparing the airpods pro to the,raycon e25 pro,all right and for the youtube algorithm,leave me a like and watch this video all,the way through please okay so these,recons came out two to three months ago,and the airpods pro came out like two,years ago but theyre still the standard,that everybodys trying to live up to,right now if you arent familiar with,raycon they are a earbud company founded,by ray j they have all these obnoxious,commercials i can almost guarantee that,youve got an ad for raycon on this,video pretty much in a bunch of their,ads they claim that they sound just as,good as airpods and and all the other,leading competitors but are they really,we will see all right so neither of,these companies have sponsored me in any,way,i dont want you guys to think for a,second that im sponsored because im,not so i intend to keep this review as,unbiased as possible you can call me out,all you want but im not sponsored by,either one of these companies sorry guys,quick interruption im currently editing,this video but i have a pair of,soundcore liberty air 2 pros that im,giving away to one lucky winner my past,giveaway didnt it didnt really work,the way i wanted it to so to win this i,will hide three numbers in this whole,video and all you got to do is find me,those three numbers and then dm them to,me on instagram and then you got this,ill literally just ship it to you right,then like yeah all right three numbers,thats all alright so ill be going,through these 10 rounds and ill be,giving a point to each earbud if they,win that round then well see who wins,the competition at the end of the video,if youd like to see the full scoring,check out customadventures.com and yeah,lets go,all right now were starting with the,packaging all right we got the packaging,side by side right here raycon e25 pro,see it says pro right there even though,on their listing its just the everyday,e25s then we got the airpods pro right,here in their fancy white packaging,infamous packaging i would say it says,raycon on the side,rake on this side we got some specs on,the back easy to pair built-in,microphone wireless charging case with,24-hour battery life compact design all,right for the air pods you just got an,image of the headphones on the front,apple logos on the side their name on,the top and just them in the charging,case and on the back all right open,these with their smooth opening and then,we got the raycon e25s right honey 25,pros now with better sound so youll,never miss a beat,nice,we get a little insert for both,a little manual some stickers,same thing in this one,very nice very nice,then we got the two side by side,got the simplistic air pods packaging,right here take those out underneath you,get two pairs of ear tips and a usb c to,lighting charging cable very nice,looking packaging there as for the,raycons you get the earbuds right away,at the top right here it says,your sound your way accessories inside,all right lets see what weve got in,here,and we got looks like eight pairs of ear,tips how do i open this thing,oh,you get all the ear tips you get the,small ones and the big ones i like these,ones a little bit more they tend to not,hurt your ear as much so thats good,what else we got in here,we got a cable oh they can attach on the,side of the case,and then we have a usb c to,usb type a charging cable very nice and,thats all we got for the packaging all,right lets talk about the price now the,price happens to be one of the most,important areas on an earbud the airpods,pro come at 250 us dollars at their,brand new max ive seen them lower at,like 200 and ive seen them even as low,as 170 dollars that was on discount days,so i dont know if youll be able to,find them like that now but if you like,to see all the active discounts check my,links in the description thats where i,have all the best discounts for the,raycon e25 pros they come in at 80 us,dollars,they have multiple color choices on,their website and on their website they,are not advertised as the pros they are,just rake on e25s the everyday im not,sure why they dont change it i dont,think they change it because its better,for their advertising because they can,just reuse the same old ad every single,time and they dont have to change their,naming but they can change their product,its i dont know it doesnt make fully,sense to me but its what they do,anyways lets get into the audio quality,this has to be one of raycons highest,selling points so well see how they do,compared to the airpods alright so after,listening the two side by side for a,while this is my conclusion,the aeropods pro do sound better they,sound just more,crisp and balanced in my opinion the,treble is far more clean,but these raycons do not sound horrible,they sound pretty good actually and i,can rock them any day they just dont,sound quite as crisp and clear as the,airpods pro they have a little bit more,bass but they are definitely an,improvement over their previous,generation they seem to have better id,say better tuning,id say the drivers are probably really,really similar just the tunings far,better on these ones which is a welcome,improvement they do cost significantly,less so id say for the price they are,like for the price difference id say,theyre pretty pretty equal but im,still gonna give the win to the airpods,pro because well they sound better,alright lets get into the my quality of,the two the airpods pro have been my,personal champ in the mic quality area,and they did extremely well in my audio,quality comparison that i did the other,day,check it out here or it might be here,not fully sure,they just crushed the competition as for,these raycons their predecessors have,been pretty average to bad and hopefully,theyve improved from,what they were all right this is how,they sound in a normal quiet setting all,right so in my ears right now are the,air pods pro and this is my quality can,expect from them testing testing one two,three hopefully you can hear my voice,loud and clear were just gonna tap the,side of the earbud to make sure its,coming from there,all right lets begin the stadium crowd,effect noise,right now are the raycon e25 pros and,this is my quality can expect from them,testing testing one two three hopefully,you can hear my voice loud and clear,well be also including stadium crowd,effect noise in the background see how,they do in a setting such as a stadium,crowd type noise ready to get set go and,this is how they sound in a loud crowd,setting,all right so now we have these stadiums,in the background,testing texting one two three supposed,be in my voice loud and clear cruisers,loud ruckus,and uh yeah,one two three,airpods pro,all right so now we have these stadiums,in the background,[Applause],[Applause],now for the battery life of the two,alrighty so the airpods pro claim to get,five hours of audio playback with an,additional 24 hours with the case the,raycon e25 pros claim to get six hours,of audio playback with an additional 24,hours with the case now these are just,claims in the past i have tested the,raycon e25s now the pros in their,battery life and they claim to get six,hours also they only got three hours and,im pretty sure what they did is just,they just added up the two earbuds so,its like three hours for one earbud and,three hours for the other,but the drain test was with them both,together and they did not do,they only got three hours as for the,airpods they do live up to their claims,and their in my last battery drain test,they got five hours and 11 minutes thus,being in their claim now for the,features they both have wireless,charging the raycon is charged via usb-c,where the airpods charge via lightning,charging cable they both have led,indicators on them the raycons have four,on the outside of their case the airpods,also have one on the outside of their,case they both connect right as you pull,them out of the case raycons ha


all righty,im sorry,[Music],there you go all right i am sorry for it,this may or may not be good audio im,not very sure,we have its raining outside and i mean,we have people in my house i mean,i live with a family im a child,so yes audio might be bad,but the audio might be good,[Music],all right you already know what this,video is about i cant hold,this the entire time let me figure out,something to put it on,all right so now we have mike,okay,lets open this sucker up,all righty guys ive been so excited,to have these finally come in i have,used raycon,earbuds in the past in fact ill show,you those here in a second,ive had these things for,i dont know a year,and i dropped them so many times,um just because of how i structure my,pockets i guess,i have like all my cables and my charger,and my block and,these in this pocket and whenever i,pulled out my charger one time it just,came out hit the floor you know went,everywhere and broke,so not their fault my fault,um but as you can see,those are very uh,worn out so heres the and they do this,every time,they have this box inside of the box it,just fits,just right kind of a little bit of room,but now you can block out the noise,block out the,doubters march to your own beat and,listen,with your own sound get it done,with raycon this is not sponsored by the,way,um i wish,uh but no this is not sponsored at all,i just love breakup i got a knife again,we go,beautiful,oh it comes off this way ah its,magnetic nice little box there man,now this as you saw i had the white,ones last time and i decided not to go,with the white ones,because of how dirty they got so quick,um so going with the everyday headphones,here black,lets see what they have to say in this,little thing,introduction how to,pair it pretty sure thats,self-explanatory oh theres a good,amount of,things here you can even hook up just a,regular aux cord,so if you dont if you run out of,battery or something just carry on an,aux cord in your pocket,there you go i dont know if it comes,with one,yes it does ha ha lets see how long,this is,because often times theyre too short,okay so i mean this will give you,itll be something something right here,here,this will give you normal length i mean,if youre just sitting down at a,computer,but or if its like in your pocket it,makes sense,but like yeah,i like long cords the cord to this mic,is a 16 foot cord,and then of course charging cable it,takes a type usb,type c um not,too common their e25 everyday earbuds,take a usb uh micro usb,so its a little different i never,even thought about that all right lets,break out these puppies the main event,look at that you can you can have,suction on it you see that,oh my goodness these swivel,out they only swivel to this point they,dont swivel,all the way and dont swivel that,at all the other way lets see how far,nice flame,do i look good i could i cant even,barely hear myself,lets see if uh we can connect them uh,so heres we have the plus for um,volume and then you know minus and then,the,power button in the middle and then you,also have an nc button,which this said i think its the like to,use a mic or whatever,maybe anc awareness mode pure,sound balanced sound bass sound,it either switches between all those,things,or it basically just blocks out the con,the its noise canceling is what it is,so thats pretty cool theres a lot like,theres a ton of functions in this thing,like it just has the lists boom boom,boom,boom boom boom,of just things that you do with the the,controls,but im not gonna worry too much about,that,oh wow all right lets,lets go to spotify also not sponsored,by spotify,because im not at 100,subs yet or even a thousand you got to,get me to 100 subs all right,oh there we go,you know it really amazes you whenever,you,take them off and you realize how much,uh how much noise there is in the world,uh so yeah quite interesting i had these,on backwards i had the right on the left,but,that makes sense you know because im,dumb,so yeah thats it thats it guys these,are super nice,ah this is just so amazing,you would not believe how soft these,things are,and uh were gonna go to california,this weekend and im definitely taking,these on the plane because,im gonna be editing this probably on,the plane,thats it thats all i got for you today,guys and uh,hope to see you here next time make sure,to like if you like this video if it was,helpful,comment if it wasnt and if it was uh,share this with anyone that you think,should buy,raycon headphones because theyre,freaking amazing,if you skipped through then shame on you,and uh yeah i think thats gonna be,about it,hasta la bye bye

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