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  2. Razer Blade 14 (2022) Review – Portable & Powerful!
  3. Razer Blade 14 Review – THIS is why they Chose Ryzen
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2022 Razer Blade 14 Review – The Small Things!

so this is the brand new razer blade 14,the 2022 model and its not a massive,update compared to the previous one but,there are a bunch of tiny little updates,to improve this laptop that last years,version didnt have now from a design,standpoint this is fairly new this form,factor for razer just came out last year,and its a 14 inch gaming notebook if,thats what you want this is the market,that this laptop is catering to its,still using a beautiful black anodized,aluminum it has that anti-fingerprint,resistant coating yes it still gets,fingerprints but it takes a bit longer,to get super greasy instead of extra,greasy without the coating it has the,same amount of ports which on the left,hand side has a usb a port you have your,type c port and then an audio jack the,proprietary power connector is still 230,watts so the same as last year you have,a full size hdmi port usb a and then,another usb type-c port now because this,is using an amd processor it doesnt,support thunderbolt but hopefully by the,end of the year well get a firmware,update that supports usb 4.0 all the,previous razers had smaller keycaps and,razer has slightly increased the size of,the keycaps to make it easier to type on,overall its definitely an improvement,and they have bigger shift keys and,instead of using cutouts and then,placing the speakers inside the speaker,grilles are now machine cut or laser cut,rather in the factory and it just makes,the deck look a lot cleaner the mouse or,track pad is still the same as the,previous one so if youve used previous,razor blades youll feel red at home the,symmetry is great its directly in the,middle and it feels super accurate to,use the next improvement is the mux,switch there wasnt really one on the,previous model but now you can go into,razer synapse and select dedicated gpu,only this does require a hard restart,but once you boot back up youll be,using the dedicated gpu only and you can,also switch back and forth between 60hz,and 165hz depending on whether or not,you want to save battery life another,big change is the performance modes on,my previous razer blade there is only a,balanced and custom mode with newer,models you get balance custom and silent,mode and the one thing they did improve,this year is the fan noise on my older,model they would get close to like 60,decibels which was really loud when,things were like really pushing the,laptop the max these fans will get on,the 2022 model is around 53 decibels and,trust me every decibel you go up is a,big difference in noise so keeping it at,53 decibels when things are on max is a,big difference compared to other gaming,laptops now the display is exactly the,same this is the 2560 by 1440 version,with an ips panel great color gamut and,color accuracy but the screen brightness,is still about average its a very,punchy panel like if im gaming on this,games look fantastic if i have to do any,design work on this i feel totally,comfortable using this display the other,improvement is the windows hello camera,it can still log you in using your face,but its now a two megapixel camera so,it supports 1080p now this model i have,here is the ryzen 9 6900 hx paired with,16 gigabytes of ddr5 memory you have a,one terabyte nvme ssd its a gen 4 drive,and of course that beautiful 14 inch,display and in terms of cpu performance,its pretty much identical to the 5900,hx in last years version the multi-core,speeds are almost the same the only,difference is that the newer 6000 series,is providing better single core clock,speeds and that really makes a,difference maybe more at 1920 by 1080,but if youre playing games at qhd or,higher youre not going to see that much,of a difference in terms of cpu,performance now if youre using the,adobe suite this is a slight upgrade not,so much because of the cpu but more so,to do with the fact that the 3070 ti in,here is faster than the rtx 3080 that i,tested last year same holds true if,youre a developer like if you have last,years model this is not an upgrade okay,i compiled mozilla firefox at the exact,same time now if youre a gamer the 3070,ti on this guy performs very well in,fact it beat out the rtx 3080 both at,1920 and qhd or 2560 by 1440 and 1920 by,1080 i got about 13 frames per second,more compared to the rtx 3080 from last,year but i do have a gut feeling theres,a reason why they didnt send me the rtx,3080 ti and i think because the,difference between the 3070 ti and the,3080ti is very minimal maybe like a few,frames per second so if youre,considering this laptop i would probably,go for the 370ti i feel like thats,going to be the sweet spot and thats,going to give you the best bang for buck,in terms of performance now thermals in,this years model are conservative but,they are better than the previous,version it can sometimes get up to 93 94,degrees celsius but then it drops down,into the 80s and it stays there until,things cool off clock speeds were still,nice the performance didnt suffer too,much and i feel like these amd,processors are made for the type of,tuning that razer wants to do intel,tends to run a bit too hot still and i,find that razor has to nerf the,performance of the processor a bit too,much to keep thermals down and i find,with amd they have a lot more legroom,internally its identical to the,previous model you still got the big,vapor chamber cooler right in the middle,with two big fans on the left and right,you have a swappable nvme ssd this is a,gen 4 drive and the read and write,speeds are double of what the previous,version can do and then you do have a,swappable wi-fi 6e card you do have a 61,watt hour battery which is the same as,the previous version but i am getting,slightly better battery life last years,model i got about five hours and 30,minutes this ones giving me five hours,and 52 minutes,the only thing i dont like about this,laptop and this was my complaint last,year is that it can only go up to 16,gigabytes of ram and it happens to be,soldered on to the motherboard now,obviously theres engineering reasons,why it cant happen on a laptop this,size but thats where were at right now,now if youre gaming this is probably,not a big deal but if youre buying this,lets say for creative work and gaming,the ram limitation might bother you so,the 2022 model is not a massive update,like i said in the beginning of the,video but it does take a few things and,refines it you have better fan noise,better thermals you have,slightly bigger key caps ddr5 memory and,better performance being utilized with,the gpu compared to last years version,this is not a massive upgrade if you,have last years model like trust me you,do not need this this is not an upgrade,for you at all but i still think its,one of the best 14-inch gaming notebooks,because it takes the amd processor which,i feel like,fits razers tuning better than the,intel ones because theyre so,conservative and it pairs it with a,beefy nvidia rtx card if you go with the,g14 it does have a beefy gpu but its an,amd gpu and if you go with the alienware,x14 dont go with the alienware x14 its,overpriced and pretty weak compared to,this i just feel like this is one of the,better 14 inch gaming laptops in the,market right now,if you dont mind having 16 gigabytes of,ram if you do and youre doing other,things then this is not the one for you,but if youre strictly gaming and thats,it then this is a nice little refinement,so that wraps up this review stay tuned,i will be comparing this to the g14 so,if you have any questions about that let,me know in the comment section down,below like the video if you liked it,subscribe if you havent already and,ill see you guys in the next one,[Music]

Razer Blade 14 (2022) Review – Portable & Powerful!

Razer’s Blade 14 is the most powerful  14 inch gaming laptop I’ve ever tested!  ,I mean it can go right up to Nvidia RTX 3080  Ti graphics! But so much power in such a  ,small space means other compromises though, and  potential problems that you need to know about.,As is always the case with Razer’s laptops, the  solid metal CNC aluminum chassis feels excellent,  ,easily the best feeling build quality as far  as Windows based gaming laptops are concerned.,We’ve still got the black anodized finish and  green Razer theme with the lid logo that lights  ,up, and you can use the software to change the  lid light between static, breathing or off.,Aluminum is a softer metal, in just  a couple of weeks of use I’ve somehow  ,already got a silver dent on the lid.  I’ve only been using this at home and  ,haven’t even attempted to travel with it or  anything, so expect these to appear over time.,The black finish is a massive fingerprint magnet,  ,but I also found it fairly easy  to clean with a microfiber cloth.,There’s an indent on the front in  the middle which makes it easy to  ,get your finger in to open the lid.  As a 14 inch model its lighter and  ,may start tipping a little before  you extend it the full 136 degrees.,The hinge motion feels nice and sturdy, and it  makes a satisfying snap sound when the lid closes.,There’s not much flex to the metal lid or  keyboard thanks to the solid metal build.,The laptop alone weighs just 4lb or 1.8kg,  ,increasing to 5.8lb or 2.6kg  with the 230 watt power adapter.,It’s extremely portable, even for a 14”  laptop and is quite thin. I’ll compare  ,it in depth against the Zephyrus G14 from  ASUS soon, make sure you’re subscribed.,My Blade 14 is maxed out with Nvidia’s RTX  3080 Ti graphics, but the lower 3070 Ti and  ,3060 options still come with the same Ryzen 9  6900HX CPU, 16 gigs of DDR5 RAM and 1TB SSD.,Unlike last year’s Blade 14, this year’s  version gets a MUX switch, meaning we can  ,disable optimus to get a speed boost in games,  but at the expense of worse battery life.,Unfortunately there’s no Advanced Optimus so you  have to reboot to swap. There’s no G-Sync, but you  ,get FreeSync to remove screen tearing with optimus  enabled and the integrated Radeon graphics active.,The screen looks decent with alright  color gamut for a gaming laptop,  ,contrast was pretty average. It’s bright  enough with 100% brightness coming in  ,at 357 nits. Above 300 nits at maximum is the  lowest I want to see, this is fine for indoor use.,Like the larger Blade 15 and 17, there’s  no screen overdrive mode available.  ,This means no overshoot or undershoot,  but also not an amazing grey-to-grey  ,screen response time. But expect different  results with the 144Hz 1080p screen option.,This year’s Blade 14 is still using  the same panel as last year’s model,  ,so it’s not surprising to find  out that the response time is  ,unchanged. This year’s Zephyrus G14 was faster  despite having a lower 120Hz refresh rate.,The total system latency is the amount of time  between a mouse click and when a gunshot fire  ,appears on the screen in CS:GO. This year’s  Blade 14 has a larger improvement compared to  ,the screen response time thanks to the addition  of the MUX switch, but again the G14 was faster.,There was basically no backlight bleed in  my screen in this worst case test scenario,  ,but this will vary between laptops and panels.,There’s a 1080p camera above the  screen in the middle and it has IR  ,for Windows Hello face unlock.,This is how the camera and microphones look  and sound, this is what it sounds like while  ,typing on the keyboard, and the screen  isn’t wobbling at all while doing this.,It’s got a per-key RGB backlit keyboard, and  all keys and secondary functions get lit up.  ,You can adjust the brightness through software,  ,or with the F10 and F11 shortcut keys  to 15 different brightness levels.  ,More control sounds better, but I found it a  bit annoying to press the keys so many times  ,for subtle changes. Lighting and effects can be  customized through the Razer Chroma software.,Typing felt fine, the keys have  a clicky feel despite the key  ,presses not feeling like they go down too far.,Despite the power button being  right next to delete and backspace,  ,and the fact that Windows 11’s default is to  put the system to sleep on a power button press,  ,I found that you need to hold it for about  half a second before it goes to sleep,  ,so an accidental mispress  when typing won’t do anything.,The glass touchpad is smooth, quite  big considering the size of the laptop,  ,it clicks down anywhere and  feels nice and accurate.,There are front facing speakers  on either side of the keyboard.  ,I thought they sounded pretty average,  there’s not much bass and they’re a  ,little tinny with a little palm rest  vibration at higher volume levels.,The latencymon results weren’t looking  amazing, but I’ve seen far worse.,The left side from the back has the power input,  ,a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A port, USB 3.2 Gen 2  Type-C port and a 3.5mm audio combo jack.,The right side has a second USB  3.2 Gen 2 Type-C and Type-A port,  ,HDMI 2.1 output and there’s a  Kensington lock at the back.,The power plug can go in two ways.  One way blocks the left Type-A port,  ,so don’t do that if you need it.,Both of those Type-C ports can  be used to charge the laptop,  ,and they both also offer DisplayPort support. If  you’ve got optimus on, both of the Type-C ports  ,connect to the integrated Radeon graphics. But  if you disable optimus and reboot, then both of  ,the Type-C ports connect directly to the Nvidia  graphics. So that would be preferable for VR.,HDMI on the other hand connects directly to the  Nvidia graphics regardless of whether optimus  ,is on or off, and we confirmed it could run an  external 4K screen at 120Hz 8-Bit with G-Sync.,There are 10 TR5 screws of the same length  to remove to get inside. After removing them,  ,the bottom panel came right off with just my  hands, but the screw type is less common. The  ,tools I use for opening laptops had me covered  though, I’ll leave a link to them below the video.,Inside we’ve got the battery down the front,  single M.2 slot just above on the left,  ,and Wi-Fi 6E card on the right. Memory is soldered  to the motherboard and cannot be upgraded.,This results in a relatively low upgradeability  score compared to most other laptops out there.  ,You can change the same number of  components as last year’s Blade 14.  ,The Zephyrus G14 scores higher here for having  one memory slot and not using TR5 screws.,The Wi-Fi performance wasn’t as  bad compared to most of the RealTek  ,and MediaTek options that I usually find  to be paired with AMD gaming laptops.  ,I think this is the first time I’ve ever had  Qualcomm Wi-Fi, and on at least two occasions  ,Wi-Fi just wasn’t working. Device manager  showed an error for the card but it worked  ,fine after I rebooted it, hopefully  that improves with driver updates.,The 1TB PCIe Gen 4 NVMe M.2 SSD that came  in my Blade 14 was performing very nicely.  ,While you can upgrade it, keep in  mind there’s just the one slot,  ,so you’d either have to reinstall Windows on  a new drive or find some way of cloning it.,The Blade 14 is powered by a 61.6Wh battery.,The Razer Synapse software lets you press  the function plus R shortcut at any time  ,to lower the screen’s refresh rate down  to 60Hz, which helps increase battery  ,life. This is why the screen flashes black  when you press it. Unfortunately it doesn’t  ,happen automatically when you unplug the  charger like with ASUS and MSI laptops.,The total run time was around 48% longer  just by using that option to run at 60Hz,  ,and both were far longer compared  to running with optimus off,  ,as the Nvidia graphics use more power compared  to the integrated Radeon graphics in the CPU.,It was lasting longer compared  to last year’s Blade 14,  ,however both this year’s Zephyrus G14  and last years were lasting e

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Razer Blade 14 Review – THIS is why they Chose Ryzen

a few weeks ago razer launched the blade,14 with amds ryzen 9 cpu and rtx 30,series graphics,and i did a first impressions video,which you can check out,right over here but in a nutshell what,they basically did,is they took the razer blade 15 advanced,model and,downsized it into a 14-inch form factor,and embraced,amds ryzen platform but also paired up,with,one of the fastest rtx graphics that you,can find on the market now at the time,of making that video,i was using a pre-production model so i,wasnt able to run any performance tests,so that was why you didnt see any you,know benchmarks anything like that in,that first impressions video,but a few days later we did get our,hands on the retail unit ive been using,it for a couple of weeks,and guys we were genuinely,blown away by this little 14-inch laptop,or a monster i dont know what you want,to call it but seriously its super,impressive,i cant wait to get into the details but,before that uh we got to take care of,some bills so,lets get to it you think you can escape,brand loyalty,not today introducing the full origin,series of gaming goodies by thermaltake,they have it all to satisfy your gaming,station the full-size keyboard without,unique dual tone design,the two ambidextrous loaded mouse,options wired wireless,the smooth mouse pad with rgb of course,the mouse bungee to each your cable for,control,the h5 headset with powerful high-res,audio and a pretty headset stand to tie,everything together do you even game bro,become an,argent yourself check these out below,all right so let me refresh the pricing,and spec configurations,for this laptop uh if you missed it just,in case,so it starts at 1800 and that gets you a,ryzen 9 5900 hx processor with eight,quarts and 16 threads,16 gigabytes of ram a terabyte of,storage and rtx 3060,and a 1080p 144 hertz display for an,extra 400,thatll bump up the gpu to a 3070 and,the display to quad hd at 165 hertz,keep in mind that this is the sample,that we have over here add another 600,and well you get an rtx 3080. now,obviously i know what everyones,thinking,why is it so damn expensive,well its razer guys theyre the first,to come out with a 14 inch laptop,featuring an rtx 3080 and an unlocked hx,processor from amd so,theyll charge whatever they can if im,looking for alternatives i think the,first,laptop that will come to my mind would,be the rog zephyrus g14 im sure,a lot of you guys will be bringing that,up as well and the specs you get for the,price are pretty darn impressive,while being a lot cheaper than the blade,do note that the g14 only maxes,out with an rtx 3060 and you only get an,hs processor of the ryzen 9 cpu which,supposedly runs at lower power and clock,speeds,now getting a hold of a 2021 model has,been impossible for us so far according,to asus,they arent sending any review samples,anymore so we even tried buying one out,but every single amd laptop seems to be,always out of stock,including the g14 its like a rare gem,so the moment we get our hands on one we,will make sure,to post our review as soon as possible,but either way,while finding a g14 its almost,impossible in many regions,you can actually pick up the race of,blade 14 right now as im making this,video you can actually go to the,checkout button,or razers website add it to the cart,and get it for yourselves,so we thought we might as well just get,the review rolling you know now taking a,look at the exterior design,there isnt a whole lot to talk about,because its using the same cnc,milled unibody aluminum chassis like the,blade 15,and 17 laptops the front lid comes with,the,razer logo thats backlit in green and,it can be turned off,through razer synapse everything that i,talked about in my razer blade 15,advanced review in terms of physical,aesthetics,literally applies to the blade 14. um,its simple and clean,with a bold matte black look which i,like but,maybe gunmetal gray razor i mean you,know that would look really really cool,build quality is phenomenal the blade,series from razer has always delivered,that premium feel which has sort of set,the bar for windows laptops in general,in fact this is the best amd based,gaming laptop that ive ever used,uh the hinge is super smooth and rigid,with no signs of wobbling,and given that this is a 14 inch laptop,it actually weighs,lighter or weighs less than the blade 15,advanced,at 1.78 kilos or 3.92 pounds,and its about the same thickness as the,blade 15,coming in at 16.8 millimeters now if i,were to bring the g14 for comparison,it weighs slightly more than that but,not by all that much,and its a lot thinner as well which,gives the blade a significant advantage,uh in terms of portability the interior,space is the standard razer layout with,the checklist style keyboard and two,front facing speakers,although the power button has been,integrated with the keyboard instead of,it being on the speaker grille,it follows the same style as the blade,itself in my opinion as for the keys,well i keep saying this over and over,guys razer needs to step it up because,the competition is getting so good in,that area,offering ample amount of travel distance,and rigidity with the keys,this still feels meh and it actually,leaves a lot to be desired in terms of,feedback and,um the shorter travel distance is i,think in my opinion it feels too short,but dont get me wrong its not bad it,just could be better,that being said the chroma lighting on,the keys look absolutely gorgeous,its bright and doesnt exhibit any,spill the secondary function keys also,light up separately when you hit the,function button,which is nice touch and customizability,is pretty open,within synapse the trackpad is great,its one of the best you can find for,windows laptop with,precise movement and satisfying clicks,with the integrated,left and right buttons although i do,have to point out that the,edges around the palmerst area are a bit,too sharp which could cause a certain,load of discomfort,if youre using this laptop for longer,periods of time i certainly experienced,that so,just uh watch out for that the i o is,laid out really well on the left hand,side you get power in,usb type a 3.2 gen 2 a type c gen 2 port,with display port pass-through and power,delivery along with an audio jack,switching over to the left theres,kensington lock hdmi 2.1,another usb type-a and a type-c port,with displayport pass-through,unfortunately no sd card reader now if,youve owned a razer blade laptop in the,past you probably know how difficult it,is to manipulate the included,power adapter let alone the cable,and of course this ridiculous power,connector the 90 degree power connector,so for starters this entire cable is,braided which,doesnt have the greatest track record,in terms of maintaining its integrity,also this 90 degree connector its so,annoying because,you have to make sure that you plug it,in in such a way that the cable is,exiting outwards so that you dont block,that usb type a port beside it i mean,look these quarks have been present,uh since the existence of the blade 15,series,but i just wish if razer did something,different,with the 14 because they brought amd so,you know just a few tweaks here and,there with that power connector would,have been,really nice to see so this is the webcam,test on the blade 14 and the quality,looks,pretty bad in fact the colors my whole,face just looks completely washed out,i dont know whats really going on here,for some reason it is still using a 720p,sensor just like the other blade series,so,nothing new here microphone also sounds,i dont think it sounds that great to be,honest with you so yeah just,i wouldnt use this for professional,meetings anything like that youre much,better off getting a separate mic and,probably a better webcam the speakers,sound great just like the blade 15 and,17 series,they are front facing which gives you,great stereo projection,i dont really have anything to complain,with that area,switching gears to the display and razer,didnt make any compromises t

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Can Razer Win Me Back? – Razer Blade 14 AMD

– 如果曾经有一台笔记本电脑是我的粉丝,,那一定是原始的 Razer Blade,,而不是原始的 Razer Blade,,它带有那种奇怪的显示触摸板之类的东西,。,被更名为 Razer Blade 的那个,,或者我将称它为 Blade 14,,因为 Blade 14 做了一些,当时没有其他事情做的 事情 。,它将时尚的 MacBook Pro 外观,与真实世界的游戏性能相结合。,当然,,它确实是有代价的。,散热效果,不如您使用更大的笔记本电脑。,而且,显然,性能确实 在桌面上,留下 了一点点。,哦,它们真的很贵。,但事实仍然如此,,没有其他任何东西做过同样的事情。,如今, Blade 有很多竞争对手,, 而,旧 Blade 的 一些缺陷,又回来咬他们。 所以,,我们实际上已经报告,了可靠性问题,,,而且,,我认为这是最大的问题。,但是 AMD 能否拯救 Razers 的 14 英寸笔记本电脑?,这就是他们今天试图说服我的。,让我们来看看这件事。,新的 Razer Blade 14 内部,是 AMD Ryzen 5900HX 处理器。,所以这是一个 8 核、16 线程的 CPU,,它将提升到 4.6 GHz,,应该使它非常适合游戏。,而且你还会发现,一个RTX,3060,3070,3080,或GPU,拥有100瓦总额定的图形处理能力。,那是全面的。,因此,在我看来,这款笔记本电脑,的最佳选择可能是 3070,,但 Razer 发送了 3080 型号让我查看。,首先,我们来看看IO。,所以我们有我们的电源插头,USB A,,USB C。,这不会是 Thunderbolt,,因为这当然是基于 AMD 的机器。,我们有耳机麦克风组合插孔。,另一个 USB A 型,另一个 C 型,HDMI 2.1。,我认为,您最多可以做到 5K,,显示流压缩为 120 赫兹,或 4K 为 240 赫兹,,其中之一。,Kensington 锁,,对于此类笔记本电脑来说,这,实际上是非常可观的 IO 。,现在,显然他们做出了一些妥协,,我们将在打开它时找到其中的一些。,据称,妥协之一不是冷却。,所以,他们有两个,我认为是 88 个叶片风扇。,我不知道你的风扇有多少刀片,变成了 所有笔记本电脑制造商之间,的大型阴茎测量竞赛 。,但就目前而言,Razer 似乎,与领先者同在。,好的。,哦,哇,看看那个。,真的很容易下车。,并不是说您要升级任何东西,,因为,是的,我的朋友们,,这实际上就是我在谈论的内容。,Razer,在这些机器上几乎 不提供 任何可配置性,,这就是原因。,只是没有。,您仅限于单面 SSD。,因此,这意味着,实际上,,使用现代 M.2 SSD,最多只能达到大约 2 TB,。 在这个巨大的蒸汽室下,,Ram 被焊接到主板上 。,不过,这个冷却系统。,这很酷。,因此,这是一个巨大的均,热板 ,覆盖 CPU 和 GPU,,并通向此处的这两个热交换器。,然后这些是这些疯狂的 88 叶片风扇。,谁决定你应该 在里面 多一点刀片,,在外面多一点?,我把这个举动称为“黄色抢夺”。,好的。不,黄色抓斗不起作用。,它的电池电量为 61.6 瓦时。,雷蛇声称电池续航时间为 12 小时。,使用 RTX 3080?,嗯,那是屏幕亮度为 35%,,键盘背光关闭。,哦,天哪,这个蒸汽室弯曲了。,稍等一会儿。,(爵士乐),Razer,他们把易碎的碎片。,(欢快的音乐),现在,那个。,那是一些硬件色情材料。,你否认吗,大卫?,好的。所以我们得到了 16 个 DDR4 内存。,这是来自美光。,这是我们的 5900HX CPU。,这是我们为此提供的动力。,天哪,,看看 CPU 和 GPU,的 VRM 。,这就像 这台机器内部的,每一平方厘米 都塞得满满当当。,感谢今天的视频赞助商 dbrand。,- 等等,等等,等等。,- Dbrand 是设备定制领域的全球领导者,,提供设备外观、 保护 壳、,屏幕保护膜、 黑板 、面罩,等等。,Dbrand 是一家认真的公司,,专注于质量和客户服务。,今天,他们推出了一款新产品。,他们推出了 Apple AirPods Pro 握把盒。,它有两毫米厚,,超级抓地力,并提供,具有军用级抗冲击性的 跌落保护 。,它带有挂绳,现在可以使用。,喔喔喔喔!,dbrand 有没有让你这样做?,- 是的。,- 我的天啊。,它们实际上都充满了 AirPods Pro。,他们无处不在。,你得到了什么?,哦!,哦,你有几个?,哦!,有趣的是,即使 Razer 随附,此电源适配器,,您实际上也可以,使用 USBC 供电充电器,在大约两个小时内 为笔记本电脑 充电。,所以,我假设,这是,开箱即用,的成本决定 ,,而不是其中之一。,请注意,这已经是一个——,是什么?,机器起价 1,800 美元。,是的。它并不便宜。,然后这个特别的是 2,800 美元。,我仍然喜欢 Razer 键盘。,有点像久别重逢的老朋友。,(电脑铃声),什么的?,好的。,微软必须弄清楚这一点。,我不知道我刚刚在那里输入了什么。,完全没有想法。,您知道,无论您个人 怎么 想,,我都喜欢 Razer 的键盘。,我的意思是,您无法对结果争论不休,在,笔记本电脑上以 95% 的准确率每分钟 118 个单词。,有几件事我不太喜欢。,有拆分向上和向下箭头键。,但是,与他们之前的一些努力不同的是,,这个真的很薄,,而且他们在增加 触摸板,的尺寸 方面 做得很好 ——,我更容易原谅。,3070 和 3080 型号,配备 1440p,165Hz 显示屏。,不久前 , 我们,在短路的一些原型华硕笔记本电脑上 尝试了这些 。,如果你愿意,你们可以看看那个视频,,但是,简而言之,它们真是太棒了,,这些显示器。,凉爽的。我不需要知道校准。,我 从 lttstore.com,获得了有史以来最好的鼠标垫 。,哦,酷。,因此,您可以拥有一个 Shift 键,,让您可以 为整个键盘 分配次要功能,。,哦,我应该提一下,高端型号的显示器。,它们拥有高达,100% 的 DCI-P3 覆盖率。,然后在 3060 型号上,高达,100% 的覆盖率,,我相信,它是 sRGB。,那是对的吗?,是的。,男孩,那些粉丝现在要走了,嗯?,- 是的。,- CPU 的频率为 4.2 千兆赫。,以休闲的 100 FPS 运行,,噩梦般的质量 1440p。,或者超噩梦,对不起。,这是,风扇噪音,确实影响扬声器享受的设备之一。,所以你们知道我将它 与华硕 的,Flow 14 进行比较 ,无论如何,至少,是 日常驱动考虑,。 所以,,如果我没记错的话,,这就像一辆装有 1650 的敞篷车,。,不过,我认为 3070 型号可能是您的最佳选择。,啊,触摸板的尺寸不错。,Flow 14 的,这一点让我,很不爽。相比之下,触摸板真的很小。,看这个。,是的,那是一个针区触摸板,,感觉也不是很好。,而这个感觉很好。,好的。,我认为 从第一印象的角度来看,,这几乎 就是我能说的 一切 。 考虑到,例如,,与具有 1650 的超便携设备相比,,它 甚至,没有更大和更重 ,,就像,天哪。,不过很吵。,你知道,它仍然是一把刀片。,订阅 Short Circuit 以获得更多这样的,印象视频。,嗯,我们通常不会这样做,,但这只是一个非常有趣的产品。,不过有时候。

14″ M1 Pro MacBook vs RTX 3060 Razer Blade 14!

a few weeks ago i did a video comparing,the base model 2020 m1 macbook pro to,the base model razer blade 14 and there,were a few differences between the two,and each had their own unique pros and,cons but now that the new m1 pro macbook,has just been released its time to do a,new comparison between these two,machines and in this video were going,to be comparing the physical dimensions,screen quality port selections cpu and,gpu performance thermal performance fan,noise and also the gaming ability since,both of them now have high refresh,screens and i think youll be very,surprised by the results full disclosure,both of these machines were purchased,with our own money so this comparison,video is unbiased and is not sponsored,in any way now quick note about the,price the rtx 3060 razer blade 14 is,17.99 us dollars versus the base model,14-inch m1 pro macbook at,19.99 us dollars so the blade is 200,cheaper and dont forget it also has,double the ssd capacity with a one,terabyte ssd versus the 512 gigabyte ssd,on the base model 14 inch macbook so,starting with the external design lets,compare these two together and see how,they stack up i will also put up the,dimensions of each device up on the,screen now so you can see any kind of,differences you can see that the razer,is just the slightest bit bigger maybe,half a centimeter on the side there and,then lifting it up to see the thickness,you can see that theyre both almost,exactly the same in terms of thickness,and as you can see from the other side,both very very similar although i will,say that the macbook is just slightly,slimmer especially due to the large,rubber feet on the base of the razor 14,to obviously lift it up from the table,to get airflow they stick out another,additional couple of millimeters now in,terms of weight when youre actually,holding it in your hand you really cant,tell the difference the razer blade is,about half a pound heavier than the,macbook 14 but again youre probably not,going to really notice it that much now,one thing to note about the external,design of the razer is this black finish,as you can see when i hold it up to the,light you can see some smudges and,fingerprints there this is about 10,minutes after ive cleaned it so you can,see that its a fingerprint magnet and,its definitely not going to hold up as,well as the exterior on the macbook and,this is the space gray version by the,way moving on to ports we have the,proprietary ac charger on the razer usb,a usbc and that particular usb c port,can only charge up to 20 watts so its,not going to give you the full charging,performance you will need to use the,dedicated charger with the razer and,its also not thunderbolt youve also,got a headphone jack and then moving on,to the mac you have a magsafe charger,two usbc thunderbolt ports and the,headphone jack now cool thing about the,magsafe and the usbc thunderbolt port,you can charge from either one moving on,both have hdmi ports but the razers is,hdmi 2.1 while the macbook is 2.0 youll,also get an additional usbc thunderbolt,4 port on the mac and you can also,charge from this one as well and that is,another massive pro of the macbook you,can get full charging speeds no matter,what side your charger is plugged into,but you cant on the razer and then,finishing off with the razor you get the,kensington lock another usb a and,another usb c okay so moving on to the,internals so as you can see here the,intake fan on the razer blade 14 is on,the bottom and it exhausts hot air from,the back likewise on the 14 inch macbook,intake fan on the sides exhausting out,the back if we take off the case on the,razor blade 14 and also the 14 inch m1,pro macbook you can see we have some,differences between the two now the fans,on the razer blade 14 are bigger than,the macbook you can also see this,massive vapor chamber in the middle so,this is where the cpu and the gpu is,obviously cold air is sucked in this,acts as a massive heat sink and when,youre blowing cold air through the fins,here thats going to cool down the whole,area moving on to the macbook you see we,have the m1 pro chip right here its,connected to these two heat exhaust fins,with a fairly beefy heat pipe so cold,air is obviously sucked in through these,vents it runs over the battery and also,the components on the motherboard and,then its going to obviously get sucked,into these fans and its going to blow,through these heat pipes which is going,to cool down the chip and in terms of,battery you can see we have individual,battery modules on the 14 inch macbook,versus just one,large huge battery on the razer blade,14. and one really big thing to consider,guys as you can see on the razer blade,14 the ssd is removable on the macbook,obviously it is not it is soldered on,and that is a bad thing because the ssd,is a consumable component and that means,essentially one day not anytime soon but,one day it will fail and that basically,means your whole macbook will be useless,contrast with the razer blade 14 if,anything happens to this pop off the,back cover unscrew that one screw pop in,a new m.2 ssd drive and youre good to,go moving on to keyboard and trackpad i,honestly found the typing experience on,both devices to be nice uh the razer,blade 14 has quite nice keys theres,adequate spacing between them you also,get a really cool rgb chroma effect if,youre into that kind of thing but i,didnt really find it uncomfortable to,type on its very very similar to,traditional keyboards you may already be,used to on a desktop pc whereas the,macbook again very enjoyable experience,to type you dont get quite the amount,of key travel as you do on the razer,blade 14 but theyre quite tactile again,adequate spacing between the keys,physical function keys as well and its,a massive improvement from the previous,butterfly keyboards we saw on older,generation macbooks now moving on to,track pads i dont have anything bad to,say about the trackpad on the razer,blade 14. a lot of the drawbacks that,come with track pads on windows devices,stem from the windows operating system,itself and how that interfaces with the,trackpad but the trackpad experience on,the blade 14 is okay but it pales in,comparison to the trackpad on the,macbook pro 14 inch so youve obviously,got force touch it is a larger trackpad,as you can see there physically and its,just much more enjoyable to use and it,seems more responsive in mac os compared,to using the trackpad on this device on,windows now moving on to webcam and,microphone as you can see on the razer,blade 14 the webcam is not too good at,all it is a,720p webcam and the microphone quality,is not that great moving over to the,macbook you can see that 1080p webcam is,much better especially in this low light,environment and the studio microphone,seems to pick up my voice a little bit,better as well moving on to speaker,quality and i know you guys cant really,hear this over the microphone so im,going to do my best to play it and im,also going to tell you what i think of,it listening to it in real life so lets,start with the razer blade 14. by the,way the volume on both of these are,turned to 50 percent,[Music],and now the macbook 14,and now im going to turn the volume up,to 100 and were going to see if theres,any kind of differences in the loudness,of each device now remember that the,macbook has a six speaker high fidelity,sound system so again with the blade 14.,[Music],okay so a couple of things to discuss at,50,volume the macbook was the clear winner,it was much clearer uh the sound on the,razer blade 14 sounded a little bit,muddy a little bit tinny as well when we,turn the volume up to 100,the macbook is definitely louder but it,also loses a lot of the quality and i,found that at that 100 percent level,they were both about the same as each,other in terms of quality but in terms,of loudness the macbook did come out,slightly ahead now a quick thing to,mention as well is theyre both running,wi-fi six the razer blade 14 has wi-fi,6e but

2022 Razer Blade 14 vs ASUS G14 – The Easy Choice!

so im really having this 14-inch laptop,space because there are some really good,products on the market right now the,macbook pro 14 if you want something,thats catered towards creators and,designers theres the blade 14 the g14,both amazing gaming laptops theres also,the x14 by alienware but we dont touch,that one its no bueno compared to these,two if were talking about design and,build quality personally i think the,blade 14 is built better like this is,entirely aluminum even on the bottom it,just feels super solid compared to the,g14 you have plastic bits on the bottom,which takes away from the appeal dont,get me wrong it still feels very premium,but theres just this allure to the,blade 14 that the g14 doesnt have they,both weigh about the same slightly,heavier with the blade but the g14 is a,bit thicker and because its using that,16 by 10 aspect ratio the laptop itself,is deeper now to me the little things,are important and one thing youll,notice if you have both laptops is that,the hinge on the blade 14 is way tighter,like it just feels,nice and strong you open up the display,theres very little wobble to it whereas,the g14 tends to wobble a bit more its,not bad its not a major concern but,theres a difference between these two,laptops the other thing is when you,close it and again this is a little,thing not a big deal to most but when,you close the g14,this is what it sounds like when you,close the blade 14,thats what it sounds like it really,reminds me of how you close a macbook,pro and the sound of it is less than,most other laptops again stupid because,you can simply just close your laptop,very slowly and never hear it but some,of you out there are pretty aggressive,when you close the displays and the,blade 14 does sound quieter ports are,almost identical they both have two,usb-a ports two usb type-c ports hdmi,2.1 ports you have the audio jack the,only difference is that the g14 comes,with a micro sd card slot if you want to,insert external storage the other thing,i prefer with the blade is that the,ports are at the back,side of the laptop,compared to the front side of the laptop,like they have on the g14 their vents,happen to be at the back so,cables are going to be closer to you,rather than further away ideally in the,perfect world id love to have all the,ports on the back but its obviously not,capable with this style of design but,the one area that the g14 starts to win,out on is ergonomics for one it uses the,ergo hinge so airflow is better two it,has a better keyboard like typing on,this guy,ah asus is doing such a great job with,their keyboards they just feel so,comfortable to type on big keycaps the,blade 14 dont get me wrong its its a,good typing experience its just not my,favorite the one thing that the blade 14,does better though is rgb the perky rgb,on this guy way better than the rgb on,the g14 its just hard to see on the,white model and because the font theyre,using it just doesnt light up as bright,even on the darker version also if you,do decide to go on the white model i,still suggest you go black theres a,green tint on the keys and its not the,same color or same paint job as the deck,of the keyboard even though both laptops,have forward-facing speakers and i do,appreciate,the laser cut design theyre now using,on the blade they just sound better on,the g14 they get louder they have more,bass theres more depth to the sound,even with thx enabled and spatial audio,and all that stuff on the blade the,sound quality is just very flat like it,just doesnt sound that great they both,have webcams the blade got updated to,1080p they both support windows hello,720p on the g14 but quite frankly they,both still look pretty awful so heres,another example of the hinge if i tilt,these displays back,the razer blade is going to stay whereas,the g14 wont because the hinge on it is,not nearly as strong as the blade again,not a big deal but i still want to point,it out the displays themselves are both,qhd or qhd plus with the g14 they both,have identical color gamut but the g14,does get brighter so if youre working,outdoors a lot youre probably going to,prefer the g14 display a bit more now,performance is what you guys really came,here for because theyre kind of similar,in some ways but different when it comes,to the gpu you buy the g14 youre,getting the rx 6800s youre buying the,blade 14 you can top it up to a 3080 ti,my model here only has a 3070 ti so,gpuis its technically not fair but,youll see that this 3070 ti performs,very well compared to the 6800 s now cp,performance is interesting because this,is using the 6900 hx and youd expect,that to run faster since its,technically an unlocked cpu which can,have more power pushed to it compared to,the hs thats inside of the g14 but with,multi-core speeds the g14 was faster and,same holds true with single core clock,speeds if you are doing anything that,remotely involves creative work it,really comes down to the specific,application youre using with photoshop,and,after effects this 6800 s outperformed,3070 ti id imagine the 3080ti would,push back,if youre talking about adobe premiere,pro,then the blade 14 performed better than,the g14 i also did a davinci resolve,test because i personally used davinci,resolve i stopped using premiere a long,time ago and the blade of 14 slightly,outperforms the g14 but the difference,is negligible now because asus pushes,their cpus a little bit hotter for,longer the mozilla firefox compile test,was seven minutes faster on the g14,compared to the blade 14. so if youre a,developer because of that 16 by 10,display and the faster clock speeds this,will give you better compile times but,if youre using blender dont even look,dont even look at a laptop with an amd,gpu so the tgp of both gaming laptops,are almost identical the 6800s runs up,to 105 watts compared to 100 watts with,the rtx 3070 ti power bricks are,pretty much identical in size the blades,power brick is a little bit taller,whereas the asus version is a tiny bit,wider this is a 240 watt power brick,compared to 230 watts now if youre,gaming at 1920 by 1200 or 1920 by 1080,on the blade the 6800 s does beat out,the 3070 ti i dont think itd be out,the 3080 ti but it does beat out the,3070 ti due to the faster single core,clock speeds and of course it can push,those cpu speeds higher for longer,because thats just the way this thing,is tuned but as soon as you switch it to,qhd okay which i imagine most of you,will be gaming at qhd since these are,qhd displays the 3070 ti outperforms the,6800 s so thermals are where things get,very interesting the g14 tends to run a,bit hotter and with that you do get,better performance whereas the blade 14,is more conservative it doesnt like,being in the 90s for too long itll drop,down into the 80s and with that you get,a cooler experience theres some,advantages and disadvantages to this the,g14 will always be the better performer,in terms of the cpu like this is an hs,processor beating out an hx processor,but longevity wise i feel like the blade,14 has the advantage because its taking,the safe approach you also get way,quieter fans with the blade 14. i know,it doesnt look like its way quieter in,this graph but trust me every decibel,makes a difference on your ears and the,blade 14 does a better job with it now,both laptops have a muck switch but it,does require a restart if youre,switching between the integrated and,dedicated gpu vapor chamber coolers,bigger on the blade but i do appreciate,the little details that asus is doing,with the design,swappable nvme ssds but the read and,write speeds are way better on the blade,this is not a gen 4 drive and if it is,its a very slow one ram soldered onto,the motherboard the most you can get,with the blade is 16 gigabytes the g14,either has 8 or 16 soldered on depending,on the model you buy but you do get one,slot that is upgradable so my model has,32. battery life way better on the g14,its just a bigger battery 76 watt hours,compared to 61,und

Buy a Windows Laptop Now or Wait for 2023?

so this is mostly going to be a talking,head video youre not going to see a lot,of fancy b-roll because I get the same,question towards the end of the year,every single year should I buy a laptop,now or wait for the new ones that come,out in 2023 well first we got to discuss,a timeline okay the new laptops are not,going to be announced until January at,CES thats when Nvidia AMD Intel will,announce their new CPUs and gpus and you,probably wont be able to buy one until,at least march sometimes in February,theres one or two that you can buy but,most of the stuff thats coming out will,be March and forward so thats the time,frame you kind of have to look at now it,depends on your situation if you need a,tool now buy it if its affecting your,life the current laptop you own its,its causing you to lose business not,get your work done on time and have,sleepless nights just buy it but if,youre just like using a laptop now its,good but youre thinking of upgrading,and you have some more time it really,depends on your situation like right now,theres a lot of good deals happening,for laptops so if you want to take,advantage of that I suggest you do but,if youre just buying like a thin and,light notebook like Ultrabook like a,Dell XPS 13 or I dont know a zed book,or something then youre not going to,see that much of a performance,difference waiting until next year like,12th gen Intel to 13th gen Intel is,built on the same architecture still,using 10 nanometers okay its still,going to cause the fans to go on its,still going to get hot its going to be,the same situation going from 12 to 13.,so get the deal buy the laptop and dont,look back the only reason to truly wait,for for thin and light notebooks is if,you want something different thats not,the CPU so this year we saw a lot of,OLED displays I think thats going to be,happening in 2023 more laptops with more,OLED but I also think were going to see,laptops with midi LED displays so,theres gonna be more options to choose,from now its going to be the same,situation if you want better battery,life you got to go with AMD but based on,the leaks of the processors that theyre,releasing its going to be a mix again,like youre going to have a lot of 7000,series u-series CPUs being used with,6000 series architect picture and cars,so Im not expecting that massive of a,performance jump now if youre a gamer,thats where you should probably wait,like these 13th gen Age series,processors are getting a nice,performance bug like we saw a 25,performance increase going from 12th gen,to 13th gen now its still going to run,hot like I mentioned before but you do,get more cores so instead of 12 10 or,sorry 10 12 and 16 for 12 gen I5 i7 I9,were going from 14 16 to 24 cores on an,I9 13th Gen processor so those,multi-core speeds are going to be a nice,performance bump compared to the,previous year these Champs are going to,be required to be in a very thick,chassis like theres just nothing like,the MacBook series of M chips coming to,Windows right now like thats another,three to five years away but the biggest,upgrade is going to be when it comes to,the GPU these new RTX 40 series gpus are,coming to laptops even the 4090,apparently is coming to laptops and,thats where youre going to see the,biggest jump in performance like you,dont have this kind of jump in,performance with Nvidia gpus every,single year it happens every three years,and going from like a 30 series GPU on a,desktop to a 40 series youre looking at,like a 60 to 70 performance increase and,thats absolutely massive if youre a,gamer now if you are looking at an RTX,49 in a laptop expect it to be very,expensive like this is not going to be a,cheap product youre not getting it for,1500 bucks youre talking about a big,clunker like an MSI ge76 or an Asus,strix 17-inch SCAR or even the upcoming,rumored Razer Blade 18 like this is,going to need a lot of cooling and its,gonna need a big chassis the good news,though is that they are releasing an RTX,4070 a 4080 TI and even a 4060 TI and,4060. theyre saying that the 4080 TI,and 4090 will run at 175 Watts so big,chassis 40 70 youll probably see in,laptops like the M16 the g15 the Lenovo,Legion 5i Pro and then of course you,have the 46 60 and 40 60 TI which will,probably run anywhere from like 100 to,120 watts AMD on the other hand we dont,know how good their RX 7000 series gpus,are going to be but based on one Rover,weve seen that it could potentially be,as fast or at least the top end 7000,series GPU could be as fast as a 6950 XT,in a desktop processor now I take that,with a grain of salt I dont think its,going to be that powerful but if they,can get it close to that that could be a,huge deal for gamers so heres the thing,gaming laptops next year are going to be,super exciting everything else not so,much okay so if youre someone whos,buying a tool for work and youre losing,time and money because your current,laptop is not performing well take,advantage of one of the good deals out,there and just buy it today its a tool,after all if youre someone whos in the,market but doesnt need to upgrade right,away the main difference youll see with,fitted lights is just going to be,options like better displays maybe,different keyboards different designs,but in terms of overall performance and,battery life between Intel and AMD its,going to feel very similar but if youre,a gamer do not buy today if you have to,the 4000 series GPU and laptops are,going to be massive Im actually really,excited for it because were gonna get,some crazy performance for gaming on,laptops starting next year so if you can,hold out to see what happens if you have,any questions about this video or what,laptop you should buy let me know in the,comment section down below like them if,you liked it subscribe if you havent,already and Ill see you guys in the,next one

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