1. Reacher – Its Really Good
  2. Reacher (2022) Amazon Series Review | Prime Video
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  4. Reacher Season 1 Episode 1 Welcome to Margrave First Time Watching! TV Reaction!!
  5. Reacher Differences From Tom Cruises Movies
  6. Reacher Season 1 Review
  7. Reacher (2022) Amazon Prime Series Review | Season 1

Reacher – Its Really Good

holy [ __ ] if I told you that a TV show,but a huge muscle-bound emotionally,guarded and absolutely badass male,protagonist who wanders into a small,town and kicks the [ __ ] out of anyone,who crosses them would somehow be,produced by Amazon Video in 2022 youd,probably see Drinker you handsome,Paragon of manly virtue how could such a,thing be allowed to exist without the,message well I dont pretend to know how,this one slipped through the cracks,without getting pumped full of all the,usual garbage that drags down most,Entertainment Properties these days but,however the [ __ ] it happened Im glad it,did because Reacher is a good [ __ ],show thats mostly faithful to the,source material unlike the Tom Cruise,movies provides a solid mystery for the,audience to piece together and plenty of,hard-hitting action and snappy dialogue,to cap the whole thing off the show,begins when former military cop Jack,Reacher arrives in the small Georgian,town of margrave for no other reason,than because one of his favorite jazz,musicians grew up there and he wants to,go and see the place thats pretty much,show this guy rules he just freewheels,across America going wherever the notion,takes him sounds like a pretty good,[ __ ] life now that I think about it,anyway hes just settling down to lunch,when he gets arrested for murder and,thrown in jail where his fellow,prisoners inexplicably try to take him,out clearly someone doesnt want him,asking too many questions needless to,say he quickly shows them the error of,their ways and manages to clear his name,but not before discovering that one of,the murderer victims was his own brother,Joe and well Reachers solution is,simple Ill kill every last one of them,from then on his mission is to discover,what his brother was doing in margrave,why he was murdered and why the local,police and politicians are trying to,cover the whole thing up along the way,he teams up with a jaded Boston,detective and a local PD officer who,also happens to be hot as [ __ ] damn she,can arrest me any day anyway his,investigations eventually uncover a web,of conspiracies and Corruption,stretching from local business tycoons,to the police force and government the,deeper he digs the further The Rock,extends but how far does it go oh and,who can he really trust much like his,main character Richard is the kind of,show that unfolds very much at its own,pace its a slow burning mystery that,reveals things when its goddamn good,and ready rather than a fast-paced,action thriller thats desperate to,impress I mean dont get me wrong its,all punctuated by moments of explosive,violence that are solidly directed and,actually feel like they have a bit of,weight behind them when a guy the size a,Reacher hits you you [ __ ] know about,it and the show doesnt try to hide that,fact but the interesting thing is we,actually get to see Reacher using his,brains instead of his fists most of the,time putting together Clues questioning,Witnesses following leads and testing,out theories its a detective story,basically except this detective looks,like he could take on Dwayne Johnson and,[ __ ] win Reachers got a deep,understanding of human behavior and how,the world around him functions and he,uses that to predict everything from,time scales to movement patterns,decision making and likely next moves,one of his biggest strengths is his,almost autistic ability to notice,details that other people Miss details,that often make the difference between,uncovering a promising lead and running,into a brick [ __ ] wall,three men dropped this body,enlighten me shoot her with someone who,knows Firearms well bullets were small,caliber nine millimeter 95 grain thats,subsonic a silencer was used he also,knew enough to pick up his brass this,wasnt a first timer this was someone,who knew how to conduct a quiet,effective kill hes certainly not,infallible and theres times when he,fails to put things together quickly,enough but hes smart motivated brutal,and absolutely Relentless also I love,when he just [ __ ] ignores people that,he decides arent worthy of his time,like this guys not even gonna waste his,breath on you unless you can help him,and hats off to the producers for their,casting choices here unlike the movies,that tried to shoehorn an aging big name,actor into a role he was completely,unsuited to the showrunners here were,smart enough to go with the guy that,actually looks and acts the part I mean,I respect some Crews as an actor and you,cant fault his work ethic but no amount,of hard work is gonna make him a foot,taller in 15 years younger Alan,Richardson on the other hand is Pitch,Perfect as richer hes called,calculating and methodical when he wants,to be but hes also brutal violent and,ruthless when he needs to be its not,often he lets his guard down around,other people but theres moments when he,allows a little bit of charm and,personality to shine through and yeah it,doesnt hurt that the dudes built like,a brick [ __ ] house whats weird is that,I actually find myself liking this,version of Reacher way more than the,book version who are always found to be,a total personality vacuum a bit of a,self-insert wankfest for the author and,so [ __ ] distant that I never had the,slightest clue who he was yeah this,version is definitely more chatty than,his book counterpart which I guess is,the trade-off you have to make when you,catch your characters in her monologue,but generally he comes across more like,an actual real human being instead of a,[ __ ] Terminator killing time between,missions The Supporting Cast round,things out pretty well Malcolm Goodwin,and Willa Fitzgerald both do a good job,investing their characters with a bit of,depth and humor to balance out the,mostly serious and restrained Reacher I,mean they do seem weirdly okay with the,total Outsider inserting himself into an,official police investigation and it,really strains my suspension of,disbelief when he straight up admits to,killing people but whatever they both,get moments to shine and the more you,learn about them the more interesting,and fleshed out they become but whats,really important is that theyre never,allowed to outshine the protagonist the,shows called breacher from a reason and,it never forgets that Jesus I can only,imagine what kind of disaster this show,would have been if it had come out on,Netflix Finley and Roscoe would have,probably spent the whole season leading,Reacher from place to place saving his,ass solving all the clues for him and,rolling their eyes at his constant,displays of toxic masculinity God I hate,modern writing honestly this show feels,like forbidden fruit somehow today I,dont know man maybe the author Had,Creative control locked into his,contract this time around so they,couldnt [ __ ] with his creation,sorry adapt it from Modern audiences,either way despite the modern setting it,really feels like a story that came out,of the late 90s era of Thriller writes,in which ironically enough is exactly,what it is The Killing Floor that its,based on was written in 1997 a violent,gritty hard-hitting story with a smart,Kick-Ass nail protagonist who isnt,intimidated by other people who keeps,his feelings to himself and doesnt let,people close to him Punchy insightful,dialogue that gets to the [ __ ] point,and doesnt try to inject goofy humor at,every turn an actual mystery that,requires a logical methodical approach,to solve instead of following an obvious,trail of Clues from one generic set,piece to the other if richer represents,some kind of quaint throwback to a,different era of Storytelling then,[ __ ] sign me up Im up for it thats,for damn sure,anyway thats all Ive got for today,go away now

Reacher (2022) Amazon Series Review | Prime Video

jet creature has returned but wait a,second that is not tom cruise today,were going to talk about the brand new,amazon prime series what is up flick,fans welcome back to my channel,admittedly i saw the trailer and i was,excited but in a hesitant kind of way so,today were going to talk about it,spoiler free of course and i need your,comments down below what is your,favorite version of jack reacher thus,far and are you familiar with the source,material when retired military police,officer jack reacher is arrested for a,murder he did not commit he finds,himself in the middle of a deadly,conspiracy full of dirty cops shady,businessmen and scheming politicians,with nothing but his wits he must figure,out what is happening in margrave,georgia by the way i am getting over the,flu feeling a little better so thank you,guys for the kind words but alan richard,plays our title character this dude is,built he is the physical specimen that,fits quite perfectly for you picture as,a jack reacher and a lot of people have,read the source material i am not one of,those but just knowing what i know about,the character i see alan rich and im,like yeah thats it okay i i am,automatically fearful when that guy,walks into a room and you can understand,and believe via what this show is,telling us that he has in the words of,liam neeson a very particular set of,skills and he showcases that very much,so in the first episode it is your,classic introduction a guy comes in i,wont use the word framed but he gets in,trouble for something that he didnt,necessarily do makes his way into,detainment beats a couple of guys up,comes out and helps the very people that,got him in that situation the first,place and some likable and unlikable,qualities for those that are assisting,him i guess he is technically assisting,them with this murder mystery,investigation but,at the end of the day theyre really,assisting him because he is the guy that,knows lets just say a lot more than,these side characters believe because he,has been there and done that he was a,military officer but it goes beyond that,everything that,they read off in one of the episodes,saying oh well hes done this hes,killed this many people he is trained,and has mastered this set of 17 skills,and youre just like yeah i believe it i,believe it not only because of his,physicality in the role but uh hes also,very intimidating when he walks into a,room there is this confidence that,occasionally comes across as arrogance,but its almost like he has a right to,be arrogant but at the end of the day,when you learn his personality in the,show you understand that it is solely,and purely confidence because he is so,good at what he does i think thats one,problem some may have with his character,just the fact that he is so good that,occasionally it comes across as,cockiness but i found there eventually,to be a nice balance with the way he was,portraying the character now i think tom,cruise just being the actor that he is,brought a lot to the role and i enjoyed,the first jack creature movie uh wasnt,blown away or anything the second one it,wasnt good at all this show while i,believe the writing could have maybe,taken a step up at points the mystery,itself isnt as compelling as the,character but if you approach this as,more of a character-centric show,focusing on the relationships and uh,really jack reacher at the center,building him through a series of,flashbacks a relationship with his,brother when he was younger that just,allowed him to grow into the man that he,is we get all of these things as the,show progresses if thats how you,approach this and just enjoying a lot of,these,incredibly choreographed action scenes,that were occasionally overshadowed by,filmmaking that wasnt perfect but it,got better as it went on then i think,youre going to have a lot of fun with,this and again i cant speak to the,source material all i can really do is,compare it to what ive seen on the big,screen and im gonna say this doesnt,only hold a candle to that this in my,opinion is the definitive version that,weve seen thus far because he fits the,role on a level that i just really,responded to and this is my kind of show,a guy who just comes in makes his,presence known is so good at what he,does but not to the point to where it,takes away from any stakes because there,are absolutely,stakes one thing in particular that we,realize in the first few episodes that,hes having to go through that makes him,more of a relatable character not only,that but we have the characters of,finley and roscoe finley does not like,jack reacher at first and vice versa,they do not get along at all,but inevitably they have to find a way,to work together to solve this mystery,and figure out why this small town is at,the center of all of this madness then,you have roscoe who at first i was,hesitant and maybe it was just the fact,that i didnt know enough about her,character but as that relationship forms,and they have this bond quite a,beautiful bond especially at the,beginning of the season i really love,their dynamic there are twists and turns,along the way again im not going to use,the word predictable im just going to,say the mystery itself isnt near as,interesting as what i was enjoying about,the show so if thats kind of your focal,point i dont know if youre going to,love this and it does tend to get a bit,melodramatic not on the level that ive,seen in other projects this year but,its definitely there within the,dialogue so thats also something i hope,they work on for future seasons the,mystery itself will occasionally bring,about an emotional moment between two,characters or just a character,displaying emotion really well and for,the most part i thought the performances,were solid it did take me,just a few minutes to warm up to jack,reacher himself but once i did,personally i thought he did a great job,as the character so before i give you,guys my score hey if youre here you,want to support this video i appreciate,it more than anything be sure to drop,your thumbs up down below and leave a,comment how did you feel about this show,reacher has everything you want when it,comes to showcasing a badass action hero,and while occasionally cheesy the end,result is a fun season of television i,cant stress that enough i know im,higher on this than some i dont care i,really enjoyed it 8 out of 10 for me and,80 percent uh these episodes flew by and,i was invested really from episode one,uh more so into the characters but i,need your thoughts down below hey guys i,appreciate it i still have to review,jackass i promise its coming appreciate,you guys for your patience and i will be,seeing you,very soon

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well i i id like tom cruise just fine i,was like i i felt like especially with,the first movie i was like you know hes,pulling his character off and making it,where size isnt really that important,and when this one started the the series,reacher uh,you know this reacher for the first part,of it doesnt talk hes been arrested,yeah and hes just not saying a word and,i was like well great they got this guy,sure hes got the size but hes a big,dumb gorilla who who cant pull it off,and then the minute he starts talking i,was like oh holy [ __ ] hes got the whole,package,[Music],hey everyone the double toasted live,tour is coming to an end with our final,show in dallas texas february 18th at,vivas lounge im trying to get an,after-party spot for all you vips and,super vips so get your tickets now by,going to x1entertainment.com,and ill see you soon,so everybodys talking about that,reacher man as in jack reacher and uh,here he is right here and a lot of,people who dont know this character you,know uh ive had one person ask me about,the character right here they said cause,you know i havent even seen the other,movies which well talk about a little,bit that this uh this property is based,on uh,i describe this to people as uh jack,reacher the character in this show,amazon this amazon this amazon show,reacher uh i describe him as a broke-ass,batman,like if batman lost everything and,became a hobo,and just went to sleep in cheap hotels,you know had enough money for that,you know enough money to just kind of,walk around the the the country you know,as but but but hes he he still walked,around solving crimes and beating the,[ __ ] out of criminals you know he never,stopped that then,thats where you would get richer right,here because he goes around,he solves clues,hes a detective of some sort,he knows some crazy-ass martial arts,that probably doesnt even exist,you know its a,hes the closest thing to batman,in the real world that we have,like if there was a criminal clown,running around somewhere or aliens are,attacking uh he might put on a costume,and join a justice league but,in this uh this particular show right,here thats you know its none of that,what we have here,we have uh we just got corrupt police,and politicians and,criminals who are making the uh,uh uh what do you call it uh,counterfeit money yeah criminals making,counterfeit money criminal,counterfeiters you know uh we dont have,any of those other crazy superhero stuff,here we just got things that i mentioned,so you know we dont need no back,gadgets you know we dont,we dont need no no no batmobile or,anything like that no you know these,these big ass hands will do just fine,and these size 18 feet that ill shove,up your ass you say the wrong thing to,me,a lot of people love this character,though because,even though hes not exactly batman to a,lot of people,you know hes kind of the everyman,superhero,out there on these streets you know,pretty much and a throwback to like,those action heroes that people love you,know a guy who just came to town,to kick ass,yeah i mean you know its its sort of,like the archetype for a western hero,yeah goes from town to town theres,trouble yeah he deals with it uh,especially the way this opens in this,first story but based on the the first,novel the killing floor,its almost like like the beginning of,uh rambo right there yeah just just kind,of tooling around and just want to come,to this town and this town is [ __ ] up,and then theyre resting him in with him,hes like,all right yall want to start it i will,finish it so people how much ass does he,kick and how well does he do it and,is it as entertaining,as they make it seem in this trailer,that were about to watch well well,find out right after this trailer that,were about to watch,you boys know whats about to happen,[Music],so the cool thing about,about jack reacher is that,as uh martin was telling a little while,ago the guy,he,pretty much is a hobo a big ass hobo but,he is a hobo hes got hes got no uh,hes got no permanent address he just,goes where he wants to he just wanders,around getting into adventures,uh which is,which let me see here that is a very,cool lifestyle to live hold on yall if,you can afford it and youre big enough,yeah,yeah hes spent his entire,almost life with career in the military,yeah he finally retires and just decides,all right,its all this stuff ive heard about in,america i just want to go around and see,it just catch buses and oh i heard about,this blues player grew up here im gonna,go check this out my brother used to,talk about this yeah its funny because,uh,you know uh i would tell him to like you,know get a winnebago but hes big as a,[ __ ] winner,[Laughter],nah nah so you know its cool to watch,this character that has this uh,kind of has his freedom to,to just go where he wants to too like i,said man you know pretty much with no,home and he likes it that way,however he did have a home and he did,have an address i would ask him to try,out stamps.com,[Laughter],hey you know jack reaching oh hey you,know what maybe you want to write home,and talk about that [ __ ] but you got,from jack reaching man,you should have seen this guy,i cant even send an email i gotta read,i got a letter man but if he had a home,i tell him to try stamps.com and by the,way nothing makes you want to beat,somebodys ass like standing in line,at the post office man you know what we,just got through it with christmas,some of you people are st you you have,your own business where you gotta do,fulfillment you gotta send packages off,and its just no way that the post,office is cutting it man you go there,for us just to simply get a package or a,mail a package you stand in line i mean,unless you live in mayberry or something,like that but like here in austin every,post office,especially doing peak times out the door,people waiting to get their stuff man,that doesnt have to be that way if you,got your own business or if you just,want to avoid the lines besides that you,know that time is money so save your,time and make some money not only save,money make some money by saving on that,time try stamps dot com,with,a lot of times all you need is a,computer and a printer you know no other,special equipment is needed for this,uh of course not going anywhere near the,near the post office that is something,that is cool right there and you get,discounts that you cant find anywhere,else like up to 40 percent off usps,rates and 76 off ups rates over there,so again,i mean even its not a business thing,just save yourself some time and some,stress,go over to,stamps.com,and use the promo code toasted that we,have right here,and when you do that,you receive a special gift,also include a four week trial and you,get free postage and a,digital scale i want to thank stamps.com,for,supporting this portion of the show and,i want to thank all of you out there for,your support,let me see all right well all right,martins like you son of a [ __ ],[Laughter],hey listen,there there are a lot of things,with this show,that i could say first of all,uh,you might if youve heard the name,reacher you might be thinking about that,other reacher jack reacher now this is,jack reacher also but the name of his,show is just reaching jack reacher was,the movie that had tom cruise,and unlike,tom cruise in this and you know im just,gonna play a little bit of this because,tom cruise he loves these books by lee,child and he decided you know what yeah,im,like five foot three and 150 pounds,about seven but yeah,but you know what i can do this man,[Music],so hey at least he had the tom cruise,crazy intimidation factor down yeah he,had the intensity and the personality,and and uh you know he kind of played,more to the intellectual side of that,creature but you know,i would say that uh,regardless what you think about that,movie,it is it does feel like a movie,you know uh uh this show that we have,here definitely feels like a show now i,will tell you uh outside of just feeling,like a

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Reacher Season 1 Episode 1 Welcome to Margrave First Time Watching! TV Reaction!!

[Music],hey everyone welcome back to the channel,my name is tbr schmidt and this is my,wife samantha hello and today we are,watching episode one of reacher what do,you know about this show pretty much,nothing yeah um i know this is a new,er amazon show yeah its a new amazon,show and i believe its based on a,series of books theres also a movie or,two movies with tom cruise playing this,character of reacher i saw the first one,dont really remember it i think i,enjoyed it there was a couple of cool,scenes or something like that but i,dont think it stuck with me but in our,personal life weve had quite a few,people recommend this show yes i think,it did so well it already got renewed,for a second season yeah second season,is already confirmed yeah so im excited,i really dont know much about reacher,the only thing that i do know is that,the actor i believe his name is alan he,played one of my favorite characters,thad castle which you showed me fad,castle i never watched that show but,its blue mountain state yeah blue,mountain state hilarious show it only,survived for a couple of seasons but he,was by far the best part of the show so,hes super hilarious i dont know if,thats going to transfer over to this,because it seems like he just kicks ass,in this but im excited yeah im excited,something different something new for us,so if youd like to see the full-length,reaction to this as well as everything,else that weve reacted to the link to,our patreon is in the description if you,would like to interact with us on our,instagrams twitch or twitter all those,links are in the description as well and,with that lets get into the episode,cleaning up yes we got a professional,killer oh angry killer,wow what a start,shining,just like am i supposed to get ahead,when youre wasting my goddamn money the,hell you want [ __ ] im talking to you,stupid,what,would you yell at a dude that big listen,man,im just having a bad day,it wont happen again,that was easy coffee black peach pie,best youre gonna find in georgia hes,huge yeah he was big in blue mountain,state but he put on like another 40,pounds or something,[Applause],[Music],oh man hes not going to be able to,enjoy his pie,might want to go outside all those,people yeah,please dont move dont move,turn around face the window,youre under arrest for murder,he like didnt seem surprised but then,he kind of seemed surprised right he,like knew that they were coming but,maybe not for murder he also hasnt said,a word i can process you,im not asking sir im telling but dont,worry i wont kick your ass unless you,make me,ill be doing your intake so first,things first what is your name,sasquatch dont talk sasquatch jack,reacher no middle name zip ties cuffs,didnt fit him,what the hell are you doing in my town,you want to talk maybe we put you in a,holding cell get you to change your mind,i feel like hes just like analyzing,everything im chief detective oscar,finley ill be asking you some questions,was informed you were read your right so,you know you dont have to answer,victim was male 30s big guy he was being,badly postmortem problem getting prints,off the bodys swollen fingertips you,know this man was how you wound up dead,anything you want to share besides your,riveting company,okay then well,i dont need a lawyer,he speaks,dont you need a lawyer,because i didnt kill anybody at least,not recently,and not in this town so if far run on,his prince has been clean but something,could still turn up no drivers license,mortgage insurance claims no online,profile at all doesnt really exist,parents deceased one brother joe older,by two years tired army passed a,knowledge and training to murder someone,and cover it up youd be right but not,this murder three men dropped this body,like me three men someone who knows,firearms well a silencer was used he,also knew enough to pick up his brass,youre also looking for a psycho whod,beat up a body postmortem someone,completely unhinged shoot her,wow,the third guys so worried about getting,out of there he grabs some nearby debris,and just lays it across the corpse tall,people never have enough room for their,feet,on account of blind blake okay whos,that blue singer legend has it he died,in margrave long time ago,i like music what,i also went to a diner ordered peach pie,and never got to eat it because i was,arrested for murder it did seem like it,was only one guy in the beginning but,thats cool how you broke it down to,three i can confirm you are on a,greyhound bus at that time youre,cleared you know anything about that,means im gonna be here for a while,richard why does trouble always seemed,to find you theres definitely another,reason he came to this town,this is home now hopefully for a while,go make friends,so is the mom french i dont know she,kind of sounded like it but she had a,marine corps,yeah so maybe like dad its the way to,the beach,thats five bucks,okay,oh man its never just your fight,you know mom was right trouble does kind,of seem to find you,just always ready to fight,its like coffee what i could really use,is getting these ties off chief morrison,says they stay on so you know im,innocent how do you figure i doubt his,procedure to bring coffee to the guilty,you invited me over to chad but never,asked what crime found that strange,wealth you scared the [ __ ] out of me,unidentified male shot to death,guy looks scared yeah i did it,i killed a guy it was me he wants to be,in the station i understand i dont have,to talk or anything and then i got a,lawyer and all that but i didnt okay,yeah he wants to get out of here okay so,this man you killed,what was his name i dont know if you,killed a man you dont know yeah thats,right okay you said it took place but i,wonder if theyre listening in i told,you i did it okay,you are my second annoying,a double barrel shotgun blast right to,the face,and then burnt the body,yes i did oh wow,your lifes about to give very,complicated nostalgia,this immediately knows hes lying that,was cool though,all right so they know each other yeah,theres a lot of sketchy people here in,this small town,hes like thats a big guy go with me,no,not until you let these zip ties come,off get the box cutter,thats okay i got it,its the whole time,you just needed permission right,thinking the guy who was seen near the,murder side guilty or not might still,have information to share i dont but,stevenson does he and hubble were,looking at each other yeah they held eye,contact for a full two mississippi steve,youre always so confident in your,theories you went to harvard you,recently divorced and you quit smoking,in the last six months youre stubborn,you have a chip on your shoulder you,dont care if your co-workers like you a,guy like that doesnt go to bu he goes,to harvard,to show those blue blood [ __ ] what,hes capable of am i right border proper,southern super you still look like black,sherlock holmes,that come on with a slight aroma of,cigarettes in your suit because its,hard to get out of,tweed,you keep up the good work though,those things are killers broke,everything down,im sure he was right about everything,davidson my office,damn it all i know is that at midnight,he was nowhere near that highway hubble,into drugs no you cheated on his wife no,no answer his questions hes not,does he have money problems its just i,dont know what to do just answer the,question no he is rich,dont answer him answer him the only way,youll know why hubble confesses if he,tells you yeah well maybe a week in a,lockup will motivate him let me know,what he,says lock them up together,you are my detainee and suspect not my,partner or my equal six foot four of you,was on that bus from tampa six foot five,its an investigation details matter we,keep extra large cuffs in our lock box,it was a little amusing for him in the,beginning but now hes getting a little,pissed it was nice talking to you,this guys not ready for prison thanks,for the watch thing,shut up,you ruined my trip here,man maybe he really did jus

Reacher Differences From Tom Cruises Movies

[Music],so with amazon now providing their take,on lee brainchild pun intended jack,reacher we thought wed take a look at,some of the biggest differences between,the tv series and the movies starring,tom cruise other than you know not,starring tom cruise pretty much every,movie theres at least five minutes of,run time devoted to,run time thats a spirit kid so without,further ado lets tom cruise down the,river of reacher if you say so i,definitely do man that pun was pretty,bad huh,howd you come up with that,now i know i said i wasnt going to talk,about the casting but im going to break,that rule almost immediately i lied as,it has to be said that the size shape,and physical presence between the two,lead actors is literally one of the,biggest differences between the show and,the movies thats because one of the,biggest criticisms that the movies faced,is the physical size of their star tom,cruise,what are you talking about now no one is,saying tom cruise isnt in great shape i,mean he puts me to shame and im over,half his age but with an athletic build,more suited for like i dont know tennis,and a height of a five foot seven or 1.7,meters depending on how you measure,height he is certainly no hulking,behemoth like the character that is,described in the books with the literary,reacher being an absolute beast being,extremely muscular and measuring up to,six foot five inches or again 1.9 meters,depending on how you measure therefore,its six foot three and being built like,a brick house alan richans portrayal of,the character is much more in keeping,when the way the character is described,in the novels richton who plays hank,hall in titans was already a big lad,coming into the show weighing in at 205,pounds most of which was pure muscle but,he decided to add an extra 30 pounds of,muscle to resemble the characters,physique even better to do this the,production crew gave richton an almost,endless supply of food including a,boatload of pizza and i have to say this,is the diet that i can get behind wait,how much would i have to exercise,speaking about getting ready for the,roll richson said in an interview with,variety i had to eat a lot of pizza to,bulk up for this roll i started working,out a little more and stepping into that,famous reacher silhouette when looking,back in hindsight author lee child,acknowledged that readers of his books,which span over 100 million were never,entirely satisfied with cruzs reacher,not because of his acting ability i mean,the guy is like the face of every major,action franchise other than john wick,but child said because they had an issue,with his physique as it never measured,up to the giant beast of the novels so,when child decided to move the,live-action adaptation of his books from,movie format to a tv series and cruz,expressed no interest in being in the,show he could wipe the slate clean and,bring in a relatively unknown star to,play the role who was closer to the book,version so in came mr richton because of,the size difference richsons version of,the character is much more intimidating,so when both actors perform the quiet,scenes which the character likes to do a,lot richson arguably has more of that,laid-back menace that cruz was lacking,when describing his co-star hugh,thompson who plays baker on the show,said hes like an aircraft carrier with,arms and legs that guy and thats a,pretty accurate description,now with the series having a bigger,bulkier and more physical guy as their,lead that meant that they could make the,tone of the show darker grittier and,more violent the series is arguably by,far more gruesome and graphic than its,movie counterpart and with it not only,having a bigger lead star in a physical,sense but a longer run time as a whole,they were much more free to explore the,violence of the novels in many ways the,action scenes in the movies were pretty,watered down so they could be accessible,to a younger audience which was,admittedly another major criticism from,big reacher fans now while the series,isnt exactly a gore fest like s craig,zayler movies like bone tomahawk or,brawl and cellblock 99 its a lot more,violent than its movie counterpart while,it does make multiple nods to the movies,as it mirrors a number of their scenes,the series takes a lot more risks than,the movies arguably ever did,yes i know i have used arguably like 100,times already but with these big brutal,action scenes ritzen made sure that his,bulk wasnt just for show and in scenes,where typically a stuntman would be used,richson did it for himself which left,him with a number of minor injuries,speaking about his preparation richson,said the fight training was another,level reachers a heavy yoke to wear he,left me a little wounded i broke a joint,my ac joint in the shoulder i had,surgery when we wrapped and i tore an,oblique in a fight on set it was rough,but i got through it and i feel better,than ever now hopefully we can do many,more ill put those scars behind me of,course cruz is no stranger to doing his,own stunts i mean we have covered it on,this channel multiple times but having,rich sin applies size firsthand makes,for an even more engaging and immersive,action scene feels like itd be hard to,make a cohesive movie with a strategy,like that actually super easy barely an,inconvenience,but size isnt just where tom cruises,reacher and alan richtons reacher,differ its not only is hulking size,that makes jack reach or jack reacher,but also his top notch brain in the,books reacher is a mountain of a man but,he also has a crazy investigative mind,and can make brilliant deductions think,of him as sherlock holmes as if he were,also in the wwe because there was so,much that had to be backed in the movies,and information given through exposition,cruzs portrayal of the character didnt,really get to show off how clever he,really was and although he had razor,sharp intellect when paired with the,lack of his physical size it made him,feel less like jack reacher and more of,just another cool but seen before tom,cruise action hero so we just jumped,from stunt to exposition to stunt to,exposition,richsons arguably look i said it again,please dont make it into a drinking,game gets to show off more of his,intelligence in the series though,admittedly he still suffers from the,same drawbacks as the movies in order to,explain his deductive reasoning he has,to do so pretty stiffly through,exposition because its kind of hard to,convey what goes on in a characters,mind otherwise especially when its,explained at length in the books,[Music],another difference between the two is,that rich sims reacher is also funnier,and dare i say slightly more charismatic,than cruzs version of the character,richtons reacher is constantly quick,with a quip or a dry comment and this,use of humor not only diffuses tension,but is another important aspect of the,character that was perhaps missing in,the movies,not my problem,in an interview thompson said what,struck me was his sense of timing his,sense of humor hes actually smart in,the way that reacher is smart he totally,understands what hes doing and what,that character is about i think he,nailed it this isnt surprising when,taking into account how much richson,prepared for the role with him reading,all 24 jack reacher novels before,filming to make sure he knew the,character inside and out,now we have already kind of alluded to,this one man its pretty obvious to be,fair but due to a longer run time and,more room to explore the series has a,different and arguably better pacing and,yes i am aware i said arguably again,whoops whoopsie the series has much more,to maneuver than the movies did which,struggled to fit as much as they could,into a two hour or so rung time this,gave the show much more of an,opportunity to sew the story beats,across the season provide a little bit,more information and go further into the,realm of the books than the movies got,the opportunity to do when comparing the,series and the movies directly t

Reacher Season 1 Review

it took me about a week but i finally,got reacher season 1 watched so lets,talk about it,[Music],hi my name is sean and i love to talk,about movies and tv way too much with,that in mind go ahead and join me down,below in the comments section let me,know what did you think about season one,of reacher this is a spoiler-free review,therefore if you want to talk spoilers,in the comment section just put up a,spoiler warning first now season one of,the show is based off the first jack,reacher novel killing floor i have,listened to one of the jack reacher,novels on audible and it was in fact,killing floor and so this is a case of,one of the few instances where i have in,fact read the book before i watched the,movie or the tv show you can actually,listen to the book for free if you sign,up for a free trial of audible,audibletrial.com,seanchandler or use the link down below,in the description i have listened to,the audible version of killing floor and,uh if you want to kind of compare the,show to the book,check it out down there it is an,affiliate link it does help me out so,its just also another way to support,the channel so what did i think about,season one of reacher,i thoroughly,enjoyed it now i tend to like these,types of shows i tend to be a fan of,action thriller tv shows and even the,bad ones even kind of the trashy ones,theyre just easy for me to watch,because i like this sort of thing and so,when i heard they were doing this show i,was interested i was going to check it,out but i didnt have particularly high,expectations for it i wasnt thinking,this was going to be this amazing show,or anything like that its just like,yeah thats my kind of thing i think,ill check that one out and then they,cast alan richson in the lead role as,reacher,and this is an actor that hes been,around for a long time i mean he was in,smallville as aquaman he was in hunger,games he was one of the ninja turtles,hes put down a bunch of stuff hes,actually even on american idol at one,point in time but he hasnt like found,that definitive role thats going to put,him in the spotlight,and then i watched that first trailer,for reacher,and immediately i was like man this,could be his thing right here this could,be it like he,looks and feels the part but will the,show be any good,and then i watched it and from the first,episode,i actually liked the show more than the,book normally,people well the book is better i think,just the inherent visceral nature of the,jack reacher character and that its,action based and so much about his,rapport with the people around him,i liked the show more than the book,and thats a good sign and they just,found a way to kind of give you this,trio of lead characters that balanced,each other out really nicely that didnt,seem to like each other but seem to also,kind of respect each other just enough,that they formed this bond and,relationship and had a growing rel,friendship that kind of came out of it,and then they were they were worked,together and then they became friends by,the end of it,i just thought it really,worked and likewise with the nature of a,tv show,they kind of expanded on the the book a,little bit,and you really fleshed out this,mythology of what was kind of going on,in this city and taking place and the,conspiracies the action the betrayals,all of it just kind of felt fleshed out,a little bit more now at its core what,makes jack reacher fascinating is the,jack reacher character who is just meant,to be,just this blunt force,weapon of sorts of this guy thats,really smart has great analytical and,deductive skills,but hes just an absolute tank and,they did a pair of jack creature films,starting 10 years ago and the first one,was was done by crystal christopher,mccrory the guy that went on to to do,the mission impossible films and it,starred tom cruise obviously they got,along and thats why tom cruise is like,hey mr macquarie would you like to start,directing my mission impossible films,but the problem with the films is that,tom cruise was horribly miscast,love tom cruise one of my favorite,actors he is a great actor,but hes also a great entertainer and he,knows how to please his fans and of,course hes a madman willing to go all,in to entertain people and put his life,on the line to do it or to fund a cruise,ship so that they can film the new,mission impossible movie during covid,but,hes also,infamous for being like the smallest,leading man in hollywood,he is a little little guy hes in great,shape especially for his age hes in,better shape the older he gets,but hes a little guy,and,fundamental to jack reacher is that hes,supposed to be,this guy that walks into a room,and immediately,feels physically imposing hes in the,book written to be six foot five 250,pounds jacked,like thats the end thats the energy,that he brings into the room this isnt,a matter of like people complaining that,daniel craig had the wrong color eyes,and hair or something like that,um you know i can understand why purists,would be upset about that,but its not quite the same thing as,jack reacher is supposed to be the,biggest guy in almost every room that he,walks,into and thats the thing that this show,immediately,captures,that,the lead guy,allen has always been a fit,i dont know what he did to train for,this role but he,immediately,is able to pull off being just this,absolute beast of a man as like the show,starts were in scene number one and my,wife immediately goes that guy is,massive and hes just sitting in a in a,diner trying to get pie,like he just looks,huge,and i did even some research into him,the guy is only like an inch taller than,me and so hes tall but hes not six,foot five and through the use of angles,casting people that i guess are shorter,than him probably putting them in boots,and lifts,the guy it just fills up every frame,that hes in,and you feel that and then they write,him so well so hes this guy that just,keeps getting in situations where he,just pummels dudes,and the the way the action is done you,they make him this guy,that,absolutely,is confident,in his violence,he knows thats a bad dude thats in the,way of justice and so he is perfectly,willing to use that physicality his,strength and his training to harm bad,guys,and thats what the show gets so right,the jack reacher character through the,casting and as i said before alans one,of these guys hes been around for a,long time hes been in high profile,things hes even played,these well-known characters aquaman and,things like that,ninja turtle i dont remember which,ninja truly played a ninja turtle,obviously there was a little bit of cgi,replacing him or all of him but he was a,ninja turtle,but this is where like he really is,getting front and center with a,character that is well known,um and the character luckily not that,hes like this a-list actor like or just,like this total prestige actor,but for what,jack reacher requires being able to,deliver these sarcastic lines being able,to,use his eyes to like see like analyzing,he can tell that hes thinking,being able to pull off the pure,physicality uh being able to be this guy,that clearly is hurting,but hes not letting you in at all,and the fact that maybe hes not like,the most totally versatile actor out,there,fits,this character,and thats the thing about casting that,its not always about did you get the,biggest biggest and best actor tom,cruise,is more charismatic hes a better actor,hes of course a bigger name hes of,course one of the biggest movie stars of,all time,but,alan is much better casting for this,role,no matter how good tom cruise is in,general,hes not jack reacher because,hes almost literally a foot too short,literally hes almost too short it might,actually be a foot too short to be,jack reacher and so from there it just,it it told a compelling,crime thriller set in this town,where somethings going down,and youre slowly unraveling this,mystery,and at first i was digging it just for,the vibe the aesthetic of this i liked,stories about tough guys

Reacher (2022) Amazon Prime Series Review | Season 1

so i wasnt the biggest fan of the jack,reacher movies with tom cruise but was,hopeful when the new reacher series was,announced for amazon prime the actor,that theyve chosen is huge and menacing,and is able to bring the beat down but,does the story also get a beat down in,this show,[Applause],when retired military police officer,jack reacher is arrested for a murder he,did not commit he finds himself in the,middle of a deadly conspiracy full of,dirty cops shady businessmen and,scheming politicians with nothing but,his wits he must figure out what is,happening in margrave georgia alright so,this is one of those bad cop shows that,you know is bad but i still somehow got,sucked into the melodrama the first,episode really took a lot of patience to,get into alan richton who plays reacher,was overly stoic but also awkward in his,acting but about 40 minutes in i began,to warm up to him now im not sure if,the character just began to click with,me or if i had just gotten used to his,weirdness one thing that i really like,is how blunt and no-nonsense reacher is,hes basically turned off his filter and,he just doesnt tolerate any bs hes,also not one for small talk so he just,says exactly what hes thinking now i,like what that does for the dialogue in,the show i mean its blunt but its,oddly humorous in one scene hes having,a conversation with the dude who says,ill ruin your life with one phone call,and reacher responds with ill end your,life with one phone i mean sure its,cheesy but it fit perfectly it was,exactly the response i had now come to,expect from him now there are a fair,amount of plot conveniences built into,this show after getting wrongfully,arrested for murder in the small georgia,town reacher works his way into helping,in the murder investigation i mean the,way that he does this closely mirrors,the way alyssa milano did it in that,awesomely amazing netflix movie brazen,the obviousness of this whole show is,really bothersome i mean especially,because its eight episodes that are,each around 50 minutes long so its a,lot to endure is the case slowly reveals,itself but these arent really reveals,because the mystery isnt obscured very,well at all some of the characters are,ridiculous archetypes like the mayor of,the georgia town who walks around with,this golden cane topped with a diamond,looking crystal that hell occasionally,breathe onto polish and then to amp it,up even more he brings on that deep,southern drawl its just like molasses,just sort of spilling out of your mouth,the action in the show can be fun and,sometimes the scenes stay on the frame,long enough to actually get a good look,at whats going on there are other times,though when the cuts are quick and,numerous which then makes the fights,less immersive but the overall violence,is really what this show has going for,it i mean while its not an action,series when the show wants to employ,violence its not afraid to show some,brutality i mean some of the scenes were,actually pretty impressive with how they,show bones breaking and people being,finished off the dialogue in this is a,whole mixed bag of cheese and drama i,mean sometimes i was going along with,what the characters are saying and i was,engaged,and then they just dropped some,massively awkward lines where i didnt,know whether to laugh or just pick my,jaw up off the floor in disbelief that,such ridiculous words were written for,the characters and there are also some,lines that just work to insult the,audiences intelligence i mean its like,captain obvious was there in the,writers room and told them to insert,lines here and there a couple of times,reacher and his de facto cop partners,unveil facts and decode their meanings,but the way in which those explanations,come would have been delivered more,effectively and convincingly by shaggy,and scooby,now the cast works well for what theyre,given i mean theyre more dramatic than,i think they need to be but when you,listen to the dialogue it all fits,together malcolm goodwin and willow,fitzgerald make good partners with rich,since creature their dynamic grew on me,and i was sucked into them just like i,was with the bad melodrama i mean it,also helps that i really liked goodwin,when he was in izombie so to see him,here was a nice surprise but the one,casting choice i absolutely loved was,harvey guillen if his real name doesnt,ring a bell maybe hell recognize him as,guillermo nandor is familiar in what we,do in the shadows now i liked his,portrayal of a small town medical,examiner who was wildly uncomfortable,with the large amount of murders that,are now befalling his town the,obviousness of all of this show is,pretty aggravating and there is such a,high level of predictability to the,story and that isnt something that,always bothers me but i invested nearly,eight hours into the supposed mystery,and they cant even bother to give me,satisfying twists and turns no and then,when the reveal comes the writing,insults us even more by the villain,monologue who painstakingly details,everything that we already know all that,was missing was the don,of music right before theyre done,explaining so overall reacher is a by,the numbers over obvious murder mystery,that relies on having some brutal,violence to add excitement most of the,acting is stiff but it did grow on me,and ive got to hand it to the actors,for delivering the cheesy and ridiculous,lines with straight faces while im all,for a melodramatic mystery there has to,be mystery with that melodrama the show,takes way too long to uncover what we,can already guess from the very,beginning and even though the motive is,the biggest question in this its not so,exciting or engaging to keep you on the,edge of your seat the character of,reacher is intriguing and i like how,menacing this current iteration can be,but i think if this series is to,continue the story needs to be a tighter,and better hidden mystery theres sex,nudity a lot of profanity and a ton of,violence the more i think about this the,more i just get disappointed with the,show i give season one of reacher one,and a half out of five couches i mean my,score didnt start out that low but,thats just what it is now so are you a,fan of the book series that this is,based on have you been excited for this,show to come out let me know in the,comments below if you enjoyed this,review please give it a like also dont,forget to share and subscribe im chris,this is movies and munchies thanks for,couching with me

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