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Exogenous Ketones | Artificial Ketones Don’t put you in Ketosis | How to Use on Keto (Keto Tip)

is there a time in a place for,exhaustion escy tones,those are those ketone supplements that,you see on the market all the time you,see him advertised everywhere okay the,truth be told is that Im not the,biggest fan of exogenous ketones and,Ill explain why in this video but I,also owe you a service of playing,devils advocate and being totally,honest here so Im gonna do is Im going,to break down when you might get some,benefit out of utilizing doggedness,ketones and also when you absolutely,will not Im also going to clear up a,lot of the marketing jargon thats out,there surrounding exogenously tones so,that you dont fall victim to some of,the craziness thats out there I just,want to lay it all out give you the data,give you the science and you the true,facts theyre gonna help you whether,youre in ketosis or not you are tuned,into the internets leading performance,and nutrition channel topics on keto on,fasting and everything in between,with new videos coming out every single,Tuesday Friday and Sunday at 7 a.m.,Pacific time I also want to make sure,you head on over to Haile calm after you,watch this video so you can check out,the premium performance apparel that Im,always decked out in in all my videos,alright so first off lets just quickly,touch on what an exogenous ketone is,Ill make this brief an exotic ketone is,an artificial ketone okay so when youre,in ketosis nutritionally your liver is,creating ketones exogenous ketones are,ketones that are created in a lab they,are fake theyre artificial ketones okay,and what they do is they bind them to,assault or assault backbones like,magnesium or potassium okay this is why,theyre called ketone salts they do this,to make them a little bit more stable,and to make it so that you can easily,ingest them and they potentially even,taste a little bit better,but what we have to outline here is that,exogenous ketones do not put you in,ketosis let me say that again exogenous,ketones do not put you into ketosis,despite what you will see in all the,marketing its usually a twisting of the,words okay,there is a huge difference between,nutritional ketosis also known as,ketogenesis where your liver actually,creates true real endogenous ketones and,what is called ketone emia ketone emia,is just the presence of ketones in the,blood it doesnt necessarily mean that,your livers creating it so exogenous,ketones create ketone emia,they put ketones in your blood but they,dont allow or encourage your liver to,produce those ketones so ketone emia,versus ketogenesis we want Kino Genesis,those of us that are doing a ketogenic,diet and trying to get a nutritional,ketosis we want ketogenesis we want our,liver to produce ketones I could care,less if I just have ketones present in,the blood if Im not actually taking the,fat and turning it into ketones so,whats gonna happen if you take,exhaustion as ketones is your blood,levels are gonna show that youre in,ketosis because theyre gonna register,ketones so this fools a lot of people,because they see that they have excess,ketones in their body meaning they think,theyre in ketosis but all it means is,you have ketones in your blood so lets,talk about when there actually is a,practical application and when there,isnt okay let me first off to say this,again artificial ketones or exogenous,ketones are not going to get you into,ketosis so they are not for someone that,is just trying to necessarily get into,ketosis faster thats not gonna solve,the problem but what they could work for,is when youre potentially transitioning,into keto for the very first time you,see the reason that you end up feeling,the keto flu is usually twofold its,usually an electrolyte issue but its,usually also your cells not being used,to using ketones yet so what ends up,happening is because theyre not used to,using ketones theyre really inefficient,at it so if you were hypothetically to,use exogenous ketones at that specific,point in time you could at least alert,the cells that they will soon be seeing,ketones so basically you give it a,little bit of a fair warning you,basically tell the cells hey heres some,ketones get used to it because youre,about to see them so it could,potentially modulate the keto flu a,little bit but again theres no real,evidence to back that up other than just,what weve seen in kind of independent,studies and just independent,experimentation okay then theres the,topic of hunger,hunger is a big one now when it comes,down to using exogenous ketones for any,reason whatsoever I would say that,hunger is probably the most solid,concrete one theres data theres some,evidence there and you dont have to be,following a keto diet at all to get the,benefit there so you could be eating,carbs and still get the actual,anti-hunger benefit of exogenous ketones,so there is a study that was published,in the journal obesity that took a look,at 15 into,okay and they gave them either an,exhaustion Eschete own drink or an ISO,caloric dextrose drink basically a drink,that had some carbohydrates in it after,a prolonged fast okay so what they found,is that the exaust ketone group had an,elevation of blood ketone levels to 3.3,millimoles thats a good elevation of,ketones they had good amount of ketones,in their blood and thats about the,amount that you would want to see if you,were in nutritional ketosis so it was a,good argument there and then of course,the group that had the Icicle or,dextrose drinks saw a pretty good,increase in blood glucose what they,found is that shortly after consuming,the ketone drink there was a dramatic,decrease in insulin glucagon like,peptide and gralen okay so those are all,hunger hormones those are all hormones,that will signal us to be hungry and do,kind of chaotic things in terms of that,signaling process in the body of course,the group that consumed the dextrose,drink had actually an increase in their,hunger hormones so sure we definitely,can see that theres a very dramatic,decrease in your cravings and your,hunger when you use exogenous ketones,whether youre following a keto diet or,not but that doesnt necessarily mean,that its the end-all be-all,okay so lets talk about another thing,that people talk about they talk about,exogenous ketones boosting mental,performance theres zero data there okay,theres zero scientific evidence theres,nothing thats talking about exogenous,ketones boosting mental performance okay,the mental performance studies all have,to do with nutritional ketosis,ketogenesis and the reason that,exogenous ketones may not actually,promote that mental acuity is simply,because its a very very finely tuned,process the brain needs very specific,amounts of ketones of glucose or,anything to actually function properly,so if you just load your body with a,bunch of exogenous ketones you cant,expect them to immediately go to your,brain okay thats just not necessarily,the case and again theres not enough,evidence to really make an argument one,way or the other I can just give you my,opinion here now when we look at weight,loss overall there are some links with,what are called ketone esters but ketone,esters are different from ketone salts,you see ketone esters are typically used,in research modes so were starting to,seem a little bit on the market now,basically theyre ketones without being,bound to a salt so theyre a little bit,more expensive a little more fragile and,they taste like garbage but ketone,esters have been shown to sort of,promote the migration from white fat,debris,fat Brown fat increases thermogenesis,its the fat that actually raises your,core body temperature gets thermogenesis,up allows you to burn more fat however,theres a lot of evidence that shows,that nutritional ketosis ketogenesis,creating those ketones naturally ends up,promoting more of that migration of,white fat to brown fat so if youre,looking to get that weight loss benefit,youre better off encouraging your body,to create its own ketones from fat,because youre going to get of course,the metabolic effect of bu

Exogenous Ketones – What You Need to Know – 2022

hey this is dr. Barry in this quick,video I want to talk to you about,something I consider very important and,that triggers me a little bit so you,might be in store for a wrap later in,this video,its exogenous ketones or they worth the,money do they work do they help you lose,weight do they help with mental clarity,are they something that someone new to,the ketogenic way of eating should be,interested in now if this sounds like an,important topic to you please take a,second and share this video and your,kids in it groups in your low carb,behind your key groups because there are,so many people who are coming to this,way of life because theyve seen a,neighbor who has transformed their life,with this way of eating theyve seen a,family member whos literally,transformed their health with this way,of eating and theyre interested they,want to get a piece of this they want,part of that success in their life and,in their health as well and so when you,come to a new movement like this youre,innocent you dont know whats going on,you just trust the first person who,seems like they have a good you know,line and so a lot of people are getting,duped out of their money for something,that does not help them with the,ketogenic way of eating whatsoever and,thats exogenously tones so ketones are,made by your liver right and when youre,eating a proper ketogenic diet and,youre very high fat very low carb,moderate protein your body switches over,and starts to burn fat as fuel and that,way it can burn the fat thats on your,booty right it can burn the fat thats,on your belly most importantly it can,burn the fat thats stored in your,pancreas and your liver because they,lead to severe chronic disease so,ketosis is the condition of producing,ketones in your liver and burning the,fat on your body instead of burning the,carbs you eat right thats the,definition,and so these hucksters these multi-level,hucksters who are tricking ketogenic,newcomers out of their money will,pretend to these people that if you pee,on a keto stick and it changes colors,then youre in ketosis or if you prick,your finger and you youre your ketone,is a certain um,then youre in ketosis that proves it,and therefore you should buy my product,right thats actually not the way it,works at all you can drink the silly,ketone drinks and have ketones in your,serum absolutely you can drink the silly,ketone drinks and have ketones in your,urine,absolutely without a doubt youll pee on,the stick itll turn purple you can,check your your finger stick and itll,itll show the number that does not mean,youre in ketosis at all okay there are,many I mean you can sit down and eat a,whole bag of Doritos and wash it down,with two or three of the silly ketone,drinks and all of a sudden youre in,ketosis really I dont I dont think so,I dont think it works that way,and this really really kind of pisses me,off because what youre doing is youre,taking advantage of people who dont,know any better youre gonna youre,gonna waste their money and postpone,them actually getting the true benefits,of a ketogenic diet just so you can move,up a level in the multi-level marketing,scam thats thats really what thats,your goal now Im not saying that,everyone who sells exogenous ketones is,in on the dupe okay I think some of,these people are very honest they,believe it works and you know as well as,I do that when you spent your,hard-earned money on something the,placebo effect will kick in and youll,be getting benefits whether youre,really getting benefits or not at least,for a while until your rational mind,finally kicks back in and you realize,that youve been just been selling crap,right so let me tell you a story and,this is how I explain it to patients in,my office if I had a young lady come in,a morning who wanted to eat more than,anything to get pregnant right and I,said well I can take care of that this,is how an exogenous ketone multi-level,marketer would take care of this lady,they would say here Im just gonna give,you this to drink or Im gonna give you,an injection of this right here wait an,hour and then go in the bathroom and pee,on your pregnancy sticks and so she,waits the hour she goes in there and she,comes out yelling for joy shes ecstatic,its positive its positive this takes,positive Im pregnant so yeah so I gave,her a shot of HCG and which is like,giving someone a silly ketone drink and,so yeah shes peeing out HC,gee and her urine and she turned the,stick positive does that really mean,that shes pregnant,no no it doesnt shes not pregnant at,all,she was just peeing out HCG because I,gave her HCG and so if I give you some,exogenous ketones to drink then yeah,youre gonna pee them out that doesnt,mean youre in ketosis right so Im not,aware of any research that shows that,the average person reaps any benefits,whatsoever from exogenous ketones unless,youre a multi-level marketer then you,might get to loot move up a level,if you trick enough newcomers into,buying your product and signing up right,so just as that poor young lady wasnt,really pregnant if youre drinking silly,exogenous ketone drinks youre not,really in ketosis and youre not reaping,any of the benefits that you really came,to the ketogenic diet to get so the,ketogenic diet is the way thats whats,gonna give you the benefits if youre,buying silly exogenous ketone drinks,youre wasting your money but youre,making somebody else a little wealthier,so I guess theres some benefit not sure,so in other words eat the ketogenic diet,dont waste your money on silly,exogenous ketone drinks invest your,money in grass-fed butter right now if,you enjoyed this please consider hitting,that subscribe button so that next time,I have a bright idea youll be one of,the very first people to know and if you,really love the videos I make you can go,to my patreon page down below and you,can throw a buck or two my way so Ill,have even more time to make more videos,just like this one,this is dr. Barry Ill see you next time

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The Truth About Exogenous Ketones | Keto Supplements

lets get straight to it exogenous,ketone we get questions about these all,time and the reason being is because,youre all being multi-level marketing,for the most part well get to that in a,minute though I mean it happens to,everyone at some point in their life so,exhaustion is ketones our ketone is,produced outside of the body thats,excessive exhaustion as being ketones,produced inside the body are endogenous,I think did you know that no I didnt,science so thats the thing youre just,drinking ketones basically the same,things your body produces naturally,were not talking about any specific,product theyre all the same the active,ingredient the ketone is,beta-hydroxybutyrate,so any ingredient or any product you see,that has that listed on the ingredient,beta-hydroxybutyrate thats pretty much,an exhaustion has ketone supplement we,were sent figs odd news ketones a couple,times yeah were not going to mention,which ones were a sense we just want to,keep this blanket review of what,exhaustion is ketones are and how,theyre useful I took them for 20 days,straight just because I want to,personally experience them and not just,be giving my opinion based on what the,internet says I want to actually have my,opinion and then also research the,science right and how did you feel I,felt the one thing I was holding out,hope for I was pretty skeptical as you,can probably tell going in I was holding,out hope for maybe like some appetite,reduction basically they tasted good,its like yeah the one I got tasted good,okay cool not going to mention which one,it is but theres no no changes in how I,felt and you dont need to be spending,in a matured amount of money for,something that tastes good thats the,thing theyre absurdly price yeah aside,guys everyones after your money theyre,throwing keto on everything trying to,get your money all these supplements,basically any supplement that has the,word keto on it or any product that has,keto on it I would be like very,skeptical of the same way youd be,skeptical if something is like fat,burner yeah lose 10 pounds in 10 minutes,like thats obviously not going to,happen in any situation but today was a,good example of someone who,asked us about dodging s Ketones Im,starting Tito would it be good I seen,keto OS so would it be good to invest in,that to help aid in my weight loss like,quicker or eating keto friendly meals,just to be efficient and so its like,its as if she kind of knew you know,like you know you know what the true,answer is but you also kind of want an,out you want to eat everyone thats what,theyre asking there is this thing a,magical bullet that will make new lose,weight no and the answer is no guys you,know that you know that by now,if youre asking yourself that question,like undoubtedly it its a fault do the,work yeah,within an hour youre in ketosis had a,cheat meal doesnt matter within an hour,youre back in ketosis totally false,youre not in ketosis ketosis is when,your liver is producing ketone right,youll have ketones circulating in your,blood so when you do a blood test itll,show ketones so thats how they justify,making that claim its a false positive,that essentially essentially there are,some pros to the Exiles ketones for a,very select few people well get to that,in a minute yeah were going to say now,those are those people but for weight,loss it actually hinders weight loss,yall its a negative its extra,calories you have to burn through those,most of them are like 100 ish calories,you have to burn through those to start,getting back to burning body fat so if,youre like waking up drinking a hundred,calorie ketone supplement thats a,negative its not benefiting you in any,way the people it does benefit and,theres a theres a study that is,commonly linked when people are,proponents aka theyre in the pyramid,for these exaggerated ketones and the,study is one that tests high performance,athletes this is where its beneficial,if your fat adapted youve been Aikido,for months youre a long distance runner,youre a power lifter youre LeBron,James,then exhaustion is ketones help if you,take it before performance youll have,more energy than you normally would,right because ketones are energy you,ingest energy you have more energy,output its actually been tested,and if youre watching this no offense,but youre not a high performance no,effect I mean neither are we,like Im no LeBron James like I wish but,Im not another thing that the ketones,help is epilepsy stuff like that,therapeutic levels of ketones would they,call them therapeutic it does beneficial,for that but for your average everyday,whos just trying to lose weight faster,most people yeah these are,counterintuitive to that right I was,just going to say if it was like the,magic pill you wouldnt even be asking,us like it would just you know it would,be a point already thats been made or,we would have addressed it by now and,said this is great use this but you hear,its very controversial and more bad,than good so thats kind of telling you,itself like the only reason it is,controversial is because theres so much,marketing power behind anything so,thats money that are clouding the,waters like if you actually get to a,trusted source its very evident so like,I know a lot of you are probably going,to say like Dom D Agostino hes a,keynote hes the man he knows everything,about key though hes a scientist hes,talking about the instances that I just,described like hes working with,truck-like epileptic children and,high-performance athletes people take,that those claims which are true for,that and they just kind of manipulate oh,yeah and make them and throw keto on it,and they know its marketing its a,hundred percent marketing a lot of,supplements are marketing and then when,were in a vulnerable position where we,want to lose weight where we want to,improve our health you buy anything,exactly you will you will speed into,things without even realizing its not,like you know youre at fault or you are,necessarily just looking for the magic,pill but youre in a vulnerable state,and people prey on that and its very,easy so just be mindful of that,so the multi-level marketing aspect is,the thing that really bothers me and I,guess it doesnt bother me but it does,bother me because so many of you are,asking us about it so clearly theres,even more of you that dont ask us about,it just like by the stuff anyone who is,telling you that its good,or that its dramatically changed their,lives is either like 99% of them are,selling it or they get like theyre,somewhere in the pyramid they get like,discounted supplements or referring you,or theyre just like the biggest placebo,effect that they bought into somehow,like thats maybe has happened theres,no science behind it unfortunately its,a lot of false hope but we just want to,kind of set it clear and as matt said he,did a personal experiment took them for,20 days saw no improvements and matt is,like even compared to me hes more on,the athletic realm like hes naturally,like leaner able to lift more I dont,even know how to like word it youre,just more of an athlete so if it would,work for someone and would work for him,if he seeing no benefits guys I mean Im,not gonna I mean Im pretty experimental,I like to experimental things but the,things Im experimenting with 95% of,them have like scientific proof that,they work maybe not a super definitive,but at least like a couple studies say,this thing does this and then Im like,okay let me see if I take it and I feel,that a lot of these things you,experiment with or I have theyre not,for purposes of like were losing a lot,of weight and improving my diabetes and,like getting off all the meds Im on,already like those are not reasons you,should be using stuff like you should be,using supplements to fix that like,theres a clear way in performing yeah,we know the answer yeah okay so just,thats what I was saying like youre,what you experiment with has nothing to,do with like weight loss yeah theres no,theres like a few s

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Real Ketones Review – How I lost 12 pounds in 5 days

hello thanks for checking out the Asus,bizarre Health Channel and today I want,to do a review of the real ketones prime,D plus over the last five days taking,the product and I was able to lose 12,pounds and I want to share with you how,I was able to do that resolved every,morning I wake up and I made a drink,with the father using two scoops and,then on my way to work I was taught me a,cheeseburger rag or a hot dog from,7-eleven and about lunchtime I eat two,world eggs and then when I got off work,I would just have a regular meal with,meat and a vegetable I seen where a lot,of people will say it that the product,doesnt work for these types of products,dont work and I believe the reason why,is because of the term exogenous cheese,hummus exogenous ketones are not a magic,ketosis product in order for you to,actually take the full advantage of,being in ketosis you actually have to,limit the amount of carbs that you men,take man is that I was able to know the,amount of carbs that I can take I came,to myself down the low 30 car with 30,grams of carbs a day I was actually able,to lose weight using this product as a,supplement and basically thats all that,it is its up to me its not magic it,just not going to surpass your body,burning off a whole bunch of carbs,because youre sitting around ordering,pose mates and door -,but stuff thats right up the street,that you could just walk to and go get,then actually you actually need to be,just learn enough to let me down on the,carpet Xuan taking what I also realizes,that being on Tito is actually a,lifestyle any kind of half a no carb,diet its a lifestyle and in order for,you to reap the benefits of say a,lifestyle you actually have to be just,learn enough to go by the rules of what,their lifestyle entails a few things,that I would also like to make a note of,is that the product the real ketones,prime D plus has very high levels of d3,k to b6 b12 and magnesium and from the,research that Ive done it doesnt seem,that those high levels of those vitamins,and minerals will cause you any kind of,damage but its something to take note,of another thing I really realized while,I was doing the keto diet is that,dehydration could actually become a real,problem and I would have asked anybody,first of all to consult your doctor,before you start a diet like this and,also to make sure that you stay hydrated,because staying hydrated is probably,gonna be one of the real keys to you,actually being able to sustain this diet,or lifestyle for a long period of time,[Music],and I think thats about it there from,anybody has any questions you could on,even in the comi if you liked the video,give it a thumbs up if you want to see,what else I can come up with um,subscribe to the channel also Ill head,over to my website,gtps faces bizarre calm I have all kinds,of coupon codes for many different,websites some you may like something you,may never heard of before and Ill thank,you and catch you on the next video

Review of Real Ketones exogenous ketones caffeinated peach drink

hey just a quick update,about my um i guess test,with the exogenous ketones the real,um real ketones brand um so i just,finished eight,days of that and,kind of wanted to give you my overall,thoughts on that so,pros its made in the usa which i like,you can buy it on amazon so its super,easy,um price wise,its 60,for a month so not crazy cheap but,you know reasonable enough um 50 cents a,day,um it has a really good,caffeine kick im pretty caffeine,sensitive,so like ill get the jitters or,um like get heart palpitations and stuff,if somethings too caffeinated,so i didnt get any of that but i,definitely felt that rush,and that energy more so than i do like,my normal morning coffee,which i hadnt had any coffee during,that time period,um the the drink gave me plenty of,caffeine,um i would say flavor,is not my favorite but i was able to add,crystal light,which helped and basically,[Music],cured that problem i kind of started,liking it more and more as the days went,on,um i had two drinks,one day because i was babysitting for a,friend,and thought i might need to stay up late,normally im,in bed by 10. so i drank another one,around three or four,and by 2 a.m i was just starting to get,tired which is not like me at all if you,know me,um so overall i would say fairly good,experience,um i will i have two more packs,so each pack is a um 10 days worth,and i have two more of those so im sure,i will end up using them all,in the meantime ive kind of put a hold,on that and im doing the prove it 10,day challenge,so in that i dont want to mix products,so today was the first day of that,challenge,and i drank one,of the pruvit nat,theyre called caffeinated in the,morning a strawberry peach,and then a non-caffeinated in the,afternoon,so far all i can say,is flavor was good i didnt have to add,crystal light it was a little more like,a flavored water than,[Music],um a fruit drink or something,um i dont think it has as much caffeine,as the real ketones because i had a,headache this morning,it may or may not be related but my,impression is that maybe,the other drink had more caffeine and,id gotten used to that over the week,so i was missing that because im still,not drinking coffee um,what else the other thing with the real,ketones is,my stomach was like grumbling and,rumbling all week,um i havent had as much of that today,but still a little bit,and we will see this one will be 10 days,and when the 10 days is up i will let,you know,how much weight ive lost my opinions on,the flavors since theres five flavors,um to choose from and then let you know,if i think this is something that im,gonna keep doing and if i think its,worth,other people doing um and what product i,think i might stick with,anyway thats it for now until i touch,base again

Exogenous Ketones, when and why you should use Keto BHB | Dr. Boz

the glucose and when youve had,struggles like people say you know doc I,know Jennifer does a good job but I,gotta have something sweet if youre,that person or another place that I,really like to show this off is my,patients who come in and say doc Im on,70 units of influence how do I burn a,ketone well thats where these salts,came in so the salts Im talking about,our beta hydroxy butyrate so back in the,1950s or 1960s they made ketones they,put them in a lab and they attach them,to salts like sodium calcium magnesium,potassium and so youve got these,ketones and then you have a salt so we,said we call them ketone salts now,theres another thing out there thats,much more expensive these are plenty,expensive to make,but the ketone salts are a great little,biohack for somebody who is either,falling off the wagon and you want to,say okay you cant and if you take these,vials these ketone salts without any,sugar substitute theyve been described,to me as rocket fuel and I dont mean,that in the sense that they give you,that much energy because they give you,energy but they taste terrible,oh so to find one that tastes good they,all have sugar substitutes in them so,when I was looking for one on the market,I wanted a good one with the good sugar,substitutes I dont really recommend,sugar substitutes to people who are,doing great but if youre saying I need,something sweet then Im gonna biohack,you I want you to put in that sugar,substitute with ketones because even if,they have a hundred units of insulin,that theyre shooting up and theyve got,blood sugars of 200 when you take down,those ketones those liver cells have to,figure out what to do with those ketones,those muscle cells have to figure out,what to do those ketones and the first,time you introduced that to your body,youre gonna pee most of them off,because your bodys like I havent seen,a ketone in a decade yeah with these,little with the ketone and then they got,that satisfaction of the sugar which is,part of the addiction thats gonna have,to be addressed eventually but,especially when theyre struggling when,theyre having a,tough time and I say whats the whats,the best worst thing I can do or like,whats the best thing I can do to get,through this terrible moment of I fell,off the way again or Im really creating,something sweet Im like put something,sweet in with ketones like my kids like,it when I make a heavy whipping cream,and then those BHB salts this ones,raspberry and so its like a raspberry,fat bomb and I know theres ketones in,it and so Im like yep you can have the,sugar substitute and you get a little,ketones and the energy is the ketone,energy which is a longer energy than the,spike in belly of a regular so those are,some of the reasons why I when I first,got a ketogenic diet I I didnt,recommend by out the BHB salts for,anybody but I really really had to eat,my words on that because there are a lot,of people that they cant do what you do,it they cant do what John is doing they,are too sick and there isnt a private,coach that says like I have my mom has I,could go and say here do this step next,do this step next yes but this biohack,of adding the salts this is what bhp is,beta-hydroxybutyrate,put it in their diet your body has to,bring that so those little mitochondria,are having to wake up and say hey how do,you burn a ketone so that what they do,transition and as they keep dropping,that insulin and lowering the carbs the,cells have had those little mitochondria,wake up and remember how to burn a,ketone so they have three days to get to,a 25 and then she forgive me if she,taking exhaustion escy tones to help her,or is that strict fasting that gifter,defending him well Ill tell you you,know she hasnt hit 20 yet and thats,where this week Ive said the first,three days its kind of like what,happened with John when you first have a,goal its you can you can use your own,kind of efforts but now that shes in,the next you know its hard that thats,its not better so how do we help her,keep doing her life and get those,numbers to me hit that ratio that we,want and thats where we might need to,be using the exhaustion as ketones and,again I was a big proponent of not using,those for the first you know year but,theres some amazing data thats come,out for the cancer people specifically,so yes because of that but Ive said no,no this is the place where you shouldnt,should use it well Ive been Ive been,so against exogenous ketones for so long,anybody thats been in my groups or,followed my pages Ive never followed,them Ive always felt like its a cheat,and I still feel like its a cheat kind,of but I can see now where its,beneficial that you need something to,help your body along instances and um,excuse me I want to tell you this also,my ketones were so low when I was not,feeling well that John I think one or,two of those days he he gave me some,exhaustion escy tones and I think I felt,better like after an hour mm-hmm I,didnt test I know I never test my blood,any more than my morning fasting hour,but when you feel good thats when I use,it to I feel bad it when I whenever Ive,cheated Ill use them like Im gonna,cheat I mean I have alcohol usually but,whenever I dont feel good like I have I,havent been sick in a long time but if,anybody in my family is sick or what,well I was sick about three months ago I,just had exogenously tones for three,days I didnt feel like eating but I put,the exogenous ketones in and Im like,boy Ive kind of fasted for three days,and I wasnt even trying but you dont,really feel hungry because it is fuel,and then your your ratio is so good that,that that glucose goes down those,ketones go up and man I I felt great so,theres data behind it but thats,probably a little too long for what what,this forum is its not just kind of a,whimsical thing Im teaching patients,and the cancer stuff is one one data,research but also that metabolic health,thats there is some really good,evidence behind the exogenous ketones,Ive kind of had to put my foot in my,mouth because I was very against them,its not natural and Im like yeah well,neither theres a metoprolol for blood,pressure but we do that all the time,thats true thats true,well if if we have any,and where I would have some bhp around,if you I dont have a lot of that I,think exogenously tones are helpful for,certain times and this is one of those,times if you have a hangover or if you,have a and by I mean carb hangover or a,alcohol hangover the next day if you,feel awful just have the exogenous,ketones just use that as theyll go,through the next 12 hours of just,sipping on that all day long it is,amazing how quickly you can turn that,keto process back up and if you want,something fun to biohack check your,sugars and ketones as you do that its,really cool so thats what I recommend,for hangovers if you end up with,hangover over the next week please,subscribe to my channel and dont forget,to click the notification bell so you,dont miss out on any new videos stay,tuned,[Music],you

I stopped drinking ketones and this is what happened…

hey guys so todays video is gonna be a,little bit different I have a lot that I,want to say I have a little confession,that I want to make I just want to give,a little life update since quarantine it,has been almost seven weeks now since I,have been able to work and I also,stopped consistently drinking my ketones,so theres a little story surrounding,that and I just wanted to give you guys,an update on all that and tell you what,has happened so about seven weeks ago I,get told that I am no longer able to do,my job as a dental hygienist and I have,been stuck home ever since honestly I,really dont hate it,I am a homebody at heart I love being,home I dont understand how people can,get bored at home theres always,something to do Ive spent so much time,cleaning and creating things and I spent,at least a week outside in the gardens,and working on moving bushes and shrubs,and planting new ones just cleaning all,that up whole social distancing in stay,at home order I feel like its something,Ive been training for my whole life,Im a pretty big introvert I would say,at heart but while Ive enjoyed it its,also had its pretty crappy times as Im,sure it has for everybody a week into,this our furnace started having problems,and its only twelve years old,long story short we had it fixed a,couple times the heat exchanger is bad,we had to drop a couple thousand dollars,to replace it obviously that couldnt,have been at a worse time but I feel,like Ive learned a lot about myself in,the last seven weeks because I have been,completely off track I thought I was,going to go into this and have a nice,routine to follow and not much would,change but thats not really the case so,every single month I decide to give up,something just to build up my mental,strength I dont know its just,something that I like to do or I like to,implement something that Im going to,start doing for the full month and in,March I decided that I was going to give,up sweets completely then this whole,situation happened and I was like okay,listen if the worlds going to end there,is no freaking way,Im going to go down hell eating my,chocolate chip cookie dough and that was,just the beginning of this whole spiral,so a little confession to make is that I,have had an issue with cookies an,obsession with cookies since I was a,little girl,my dad taught me how to dunk chocolate,chip cookies into milk and Ive just,been obsessed with it ever since I had,them for breakfast almost every day of,my life growing up I know thats not,healthy but thats the truth and I,noticed that I became like addicted to,them and the more that I would eat them,the more that I would want them and this,addiction to like chocolate or sugar or,whatever you would want to call it it,wasnt healthy,because when I was younger and we would,have sleepovers our house growing up was,like the house so was the house that,everyone came to for all the sleepovers,and my friends always knew that I had,cookies so they would come over and,theyd want to cook you some milk with,me and I didnt want to cookies milk,with them because that means that,theyre gonna beating my cookies and at,the end of this I was gonna have less,cookies for myself like I would get mad,at them for eating them it was not okay,so long story short I dealt with this,issue of like wanting to binge eat,cookies and I would find that the longer,I would go without having them the less,I would want them but the second I caved,and I gave into eating them I never,wanted to stop eating them so if you,know me you know that I started ringing,ketones three years ago and Ive noticed,a lot of really really really great,benefits ever since and one great,benefit that I noticed is that it really,helped with my sugar cravings because I,could see sweets and I could see,chocolate,I could see cookies without like wanting,to devour 895 thousand of them all at,one time like I said I was not okay and,I was eating away way way way too many,cookies and I ever should have be in for,anybody in our whole lifetime so lo and,behold I start drinking ketones and my,cravings start to go away and I start to,want them less and less and less so,throughout the three years I mean Ive,noticed a ton of benefits not just for,helping with cravings but because of,this whole quarantine situation and me,going back off track of what I had,planned and getting out of my routine I,didnt drink ketones every day because,it just I had so many other things on my,mind I wasnt really thinking about it,even though its something that Ive,been doing everyday for so long I just,got off track so I started to notice,that I wanted tea cookies all the time,and I have eaten so many did you just,steal my pants out of the hamper yes you,did to be honest guys I see in so many,packs of cookies I dont even know what,number to tell you probably eight and,when I eat a pack of cookies I dont,just eat like one or two at a time no,its like I half the pack in one sitting,so I knew that it was getting out of,hand and I knew that it wasnt good but,you know like our lives have been,completely changed and no that should,never be an excuse but it is a huge,wrench that has been thrown in the,situation so on top of that I started,noticing that my motivation was going,away I wasnt sleeping very well I,wasnt having any energy wasnt having a,lot of motivation to do a lot of things,I had a huge laundry list of things that,its gonna get done during quarantine,and do you think that that whole list,got done no and on top of that if you,know me you know that I had been dealing,with IBS since I was like 15 years old,and drinking ketones is something that,was able to help take away the symptoms,for me so I havent really had any,issues since its been super super,helpful well since I stopped drinking,them consistently every day I have,noticed that my digestive system is very,not on track its not going super well,and that honestly was like the first,thing that popped in my head like okay,whats different but I realized that I,have been doing my ketones like maybe,once a week,so going from every single day for,almost three years to drinking them like,maybe once a week thats a huge change,for my body so our dogs birthday comes,up and every single,for her birthday we way here we take,pictures were traumatic whatever but I,noticed that our scale is dead the,batteries need to be changed so I have,my husband pick up some new batteries,and we go to weigh her so I havent,weighed myself since before warranty and,I get on the scale and I gained almost,15 pounds so like 14 15 I joked about it,haha so funny,no like that was happening that is not,okay I was not okay with that but I mean,Im not surprised that happened because,of how much my routine and my lifestyle,had changed so thats what I was like,okay I need to get my together so since,then I started to work out almost every,single day which is something that I,havent done consistently for like three,and a half years and Ive actually been,really enjoying it finally I started,drinking my ketones again every day and,Im noticing that Im starting to get,back on track everything is starting to,go back to normal I dont want to eat,the house down I dont want to eat,cookies 24/7 I can walk by them without,like losing my I can sleep really well I,have my energy I have my motivation back,my digestion is going back to normal,finally and Im not having issues,anymore so in a weird way Im not glad,that I did this because it was not a fun,couple of weeks but in the same token,Im kind of glad that I did just because,Ive had so much success drinking,ketones and no I dont shove it down,everyones throat because I cant stand,people like that thats just my personal,opinion if someone wants to try,something they can come to me just,because it works for me doesnt mean,that I can promise its going to work,for everyone else so with that being,said I was always curious like what if,the time I started drinking ketones,I just magically went into like,permission with my

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