1. Receipt Hog Review – Big Money Taking Pictures? (Real Inside Look)
  2. Receipt Hog Review: Is Scanning Receipts a Moneymaker?
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  4. Earn Money From Your Receipts: Receipt Hog App Review
  5. Receipt Hog app review.
  6. Receipt Hog Review – Can You Earn Some Decent Coin From This App?
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Receipt Hog Review – Big Money Taking Pictures? (Real Inside Look)

is receipt hawk really an easy way to,make some extra money by taking pictures,with your phone or is it a waste of time,my name is michael and many viewers here,on my channel have asked me about this,app and therefore i decided to record,this receipt hawk review where ill give,you an inside look and show all it has,to offers both the pros and the console,you can decide for yourself if this is,the right opportunity for you to earn,some extra money online or not,so before i log into the app let me,first go over who can join and you can,use this app both on android devices and,on ios device you can see that on the,website you just need to be aware that,this particular app is only available if,you live in the us or canada if you do,not do that i have a video with other,options that offer you to earn the same,way ill leave a link in the top corner,so you can check that out and when you,come to the website you can see that it,is where you can join you can snap,pictures and then earn money so it,sounds like you can earn by taking,pictures but how does that actually,really work and how much can you earn,let me log in and then ill show you,everything step by step so you can find,out if its worth it for you or not,i am now logged into receipt hawk and it,is fairly easy to find your way around,and get an overview of how you can earn,and lets start by the main way of,earning because this is this idea about,snapping pictures or taking pictures how,does that work and the main way to is,that is you can see you can upload paper,receipts so that means that you need to,turn on your camera and take pictures of,receipts that you have from whenever,youve shopped both it can be online or,offline ill tell you a little bit more,about the online option theres some,easy options for that but that means,that you can actually earn by taking,pictures of receipts whenever you spend,money usually they just go into the,trash but now you actually have a chance,to earn by doing that but how much can,you then earn by doing that well they,are very clear and transparent about,that you can see it actually depends on,how much you have spent when you like,actually bought something in the receipt,you have you can see there like,basically any receipt that you can,upload so its not like only for,particular stores but you can see if you,spend on the ten dollars then you learn,five coins if you spend more than a,hundred dollars then you can earn 20,coins thats the maximum you can earn,per receipt you upload and theyre very,clear also when you start uploading it,what needs to be visible like the total,amount the shop it was bought from,and also the amount and all this and,this is used for market research thats,why you can actually get paid to do that,and you can see this is what you will,earn well get to a little bit later,what the coins are worth but overall you,can see you will also get one sweepstake,for every receipt you upload well talk,about that a little bit later what this,sweepstakes actually are and what you,can,win by participating in that so thats,the main way to earn but lets go over,also other ways to earn with receipts,that are in some cases actually a lot,easier,so another option is to for example link,to,amazon,thats the option they have right now as,of recording this so that means that you,just link your receipt hawk to your,amazon account if you have an amazon,account and then whenever you shop,inside amazon it will automatically be,connected here and then you will earn by,doing that as long as you are connected,you will get 75 coins as bonus just for,doing that once and then you will get 10,sweepstake entries every month that you,are connected like that so thats one,way to do that,also another way is to actually upload,online receipts you do not actually have,to sit and take pictures you can just,upload these online receipts because,if youre like me you probably also buy,quite a few things online and then you,wouldnt be able to do this but you can,just upload your online receipts you can,see the exact rules its easy to do,inside and then also you just need to be,aware that they need to be uploaded,within 14 days of the trading action day,to earn these coins so thats definitely,also great that they now have this this,is a fairly new option where you can,upload the online receipts i think that,is great to have that option as well and,it also actually in some cases are,faster because you dont have to sit and,take these photos with your phone,so another way to win is to get these,slots you,get more by participating in here and,then you can just kind of pull and then,you can potentially win some rewards you,can win some coins you can see what you,can win in the bottom there so this is,just something to keep an eye on once in,a while you can see it inside the,platform whenever,you are actually just using the platform,actually every once in a while you get,this,so just keep an eye on that but lets,also go over these sweepstakes what you,can win by doing that because there are,some great options like that if youre,lucky and then we of course also need to,go over the payout methods to find out,if its really worth your time,so receipt hawk also has,monthly sweepstakes and you can see the,rewards you will win these entries i,showed you for every receipt you upload,and things like that you will win,entries and,then you can potentially win you see the,rewards can change sometimes ive seen,them lower before but now they have one,winner that can win here one hundred,thousand coins that is worth five,hundred dollars let me just we really,rather right away well talk a little,bit more about the value of the points,in just a few seconds but that means,that if youre lucky you can win 500,just by using it that is definitely,great but you have to be lucky theres,one winner you can see you can also win,less thats 150 and here we have 20,points they have 25 000 that will win,that so theres a good chance of winning,but just not the grand prize which is,very difficult because you can see right,now as of recording this video the total,number of players are close to half a,million so you have to be very lucky but,then it also is of course a great reward,you dont have to do anything extra to,just do that you just use the app and,then automatically you participate so it,kind of gives you a passive extra chance,to win which is definitely great but you,do have to be lucky to actually win it,but lets now then talk about the payout,options because thats very important to,be aware of for any app youre using,before you decide if its for you or not,so receipt hawk offers a couple of,different ways to get paid you can get,paid the amazon gift cards paypal cash,and visa prepaid card so some pretty,good payout options in my opinion i do,like that they offer also to pay in cash,you do need to earn a thousand coins to,be able to get paid and a thousand coins,is worth five dollars so its not super,hard or high payout threshold but it,will take a little bit of patience,because you do not get you know the,maximum you can get is 20,coins for one receipt but if you use,some of the other options also and if,you just make it a habit of also just,uploading the online receipts you have,just take a picture it takes a few,seconds so its easy to earn like that,but it will take a little bit of,patience to reach a payout threshold,once you then have reached you can see,that it can take around seven days,before you will actually receive either,your gift card or your money so not,super fast but still,you know seven days is okay i have,definitely seen apps that pay a lot,faster but seven days is still what i,would call acceptable and you just need,to be aware of that then it is its not,a problem and then you have your gift,card and your cash that you can then use,for whatever you want,so as you can see receipt hog is,actually a way to earn by taking,pictures of receipts and uploading,online receipts and a few other options,they also

Receipt Hog Review: Is Scanning Receipts a Moneymaker?

hey whats up everybody im logan alec,im a cpa todays video is a review and,walkthrough of receipt hog this is a,rewards app that claims to convert your,receipts into cash back now ive done,reviews on reward apps before like my,shopkick review where i had to actually,use the shopkick app while shopping at,walmart receipt hogs rewards process um,is actually a bit more simple than that,all you have to do is upload a photo of,your receipt into the receipt hog app,well it will uh where it will accumulate,points or what receipt hog calls coins,and afterwards you can redeem those,coins for cash so to test and review,this app id one of my writers bianna,download your seat hog buy something,from a store and upload her receipt into,the app shes actually going to take you,shopping with her later in this video,and show you,how this all works so stay tuned for,that were also going to see how much,money she made from receipt hog,you can check out the table of contents,in the description below if you want to,skip to any other part of this review,this review will cover all the basic,features of the receipt hog app from,signing up to redeeming rewards then,ill go over the pros and cons of,receipt hog whether or not this app is,right for you or if its even worth,trying in the first place and if after,watching this review to the very end you,think receipt hog is a good app for you,feel free to use my referral code,gok60450,when you download receipt hog and well,both get a little uh coin bonus all,right lets get into it signing up for a,seed hog is very straightforward you can,find receipt hog in the apple or google,store for free and uh heres where you,get a general overview of how receipt,hog works the app store for ios it has,close to a five-star rating and,generally positive reviews which kind of,passes the first scan for legitimacy for,me and again uh the process to redeem,cash and awards seem fairly simple,receipt hog also seems fairly,transparent with their data tracking and,you can view this information when you,scroll down the app store past the,reviews as you can see receipt hog lists,which data is used to track you and,which data may be linked to you this is,because receipt hog sells that,information to third parties internal,receipt hog will give you a small,percentage of their earnings so,technically when we see rewards apps,that present itself as a free way to,earn money uh remember that its not,technically free by uploading your,receipt youre exchanging information,such as your consumer habits and,demographics for monetary value so once,youve downloaded the app you sign up,for an account by inputting information,like your birthday uh gender preference,email and where you live this is so,receipt hog has a better sense of your,demographics and also they need to,confirm your age because you need to be,17 years old or older to sign up once,you do that your account is officially,ready to start earning just for signing,up you get 50 coins thats the in-app,currency,well talk about how much these coins,are actually worth later in the video,once you sign up receipt hog has four,main pages the home page is where you,can see your coin count referral code,which earns you 250 coins per referral,uh and a general overview of more ways,to earn for example it says you can earn,36 coins for signing up to upload your,online receipts and apparently you can,get monthly rewards for linking story,accounts to the app so aside from just,uploading the receipts that you get in,person you can actually earn more coins,by internally linking uh your accounts,to the receipt hog app the receipts tab,is where you can upload your receipts,you do this by tapping on the blue,camera icon on the bottom right of your,screen and from there just simply take a,clear picture of your receipt once,youre done shopping once the receipt is,processed it is all documented under,this tab the link tab is where you can,link your store accounts to the app um,viana like i mentioned shes one of my,writers uh did not have a story account,to link to but the details about this,feature seem straightforward you get a,one-time sign-up bonus of 36 coins if,you link your account along with a bonus,five entries to the monthly sweepstakes,this basically,links your past purchases to receipt hog,which might be an easier option if you,have one of these store accounts and,would rather not upload photos of,physical receipts the slots tab takes,you to a virtual slot machine called hog,slots where you spin the slot to earn,coins and the rewards tab shows you,three different ways of how you can,redeem your rewards as well as your,redemption history um if you redeemed,anything to be honest this app its kind,of complicated for what it is right this,is because there are three reward types,that you can earn through uploading,receipts these reward types all earn you,coins for one way or another and you,need a minimum of one thousand coins to,cash out the first way is through coin,receipts which you can earn by,purchasing from stores that sell,primarily consumer but consumable,products,like grocery stores right the second way,is through spin receipts which you can,earn by purchasing from stores that sell,primarily non-consumable products such,as clothing stores and finally the third,way is sweepstakes receipts which is a,luck of the draw situation where you,earn one sweepstakes entry per every,receipt you upload this,gets a little confusing so lets go over,these one by one first coin receipts,according to the receipt hog website,coin receipts which are coins you earn,by uploading receipts from fast moving,consumer products basically consumer,items that sell to low cost like you,know think groceries or drugstore,products uh reward you based on the,total amount you spent during your,shopping trip for example if you upload,a receipt that look thats less than ten,dollars you earn five coins a receipt,that totals ten to fifty dollars earns,ten coins a receipt that trolls fifty,two hundred dollars earns 15 coins and,any receipt over 100 earns 20 coins but,again you can only earn these coin,receipts if you upload receipts from,stores that sell primarily consumable,products like the stores listed here,additionally you can only upload 20 coin,receipts per week so uh like i mentioned,one of my writers vyanna took the time,to download her seat hog and go to,target where she bought a 58 kettlebell,which earned her 15 points just based on,the conversion i just mentioned fianna,up also uploaded 25 sprouts receipt,which earned her 10 coins after you,upload your seat receipt hog ask you a,couple questions who went on the strip,and if any of the listed factors applied,to your trip so now uh shes earned 75,coins under the coin receipts category,next is spin receipts these receipts,earn you spins on the hog slots what are,hog slots you ask good question theyre,virtual slot machines that you can spend,to earn coins to get these spins you,have to upload receipts from retail,stores like the stores listed here,similarly you can only upload up to 20,spin receipts per week upon downloading,the app fianna automatically received,one spin on the hog slot which won her,10 coins however a spin doesnt,necessarily guarantee a reward so even,when you earn a spin,that doesnt necessarily mean youre,going to get coins automatically under,this category if you want to upload a 21,macys receipt which earned her one spin,at the hog slot from this spin she,earned 15 coins you gotta also try to,upload another uh retail receipt from,nordstrom iraq but alas it was too old,so you cant just rummage around and,expect all the receipts youve ever had,to earn new coins the receipt has to be,a purchase youve made within the last,14 days for it to be valid so to sum it,up spin receipts get you spins that can,possibly earn you more coins however a,spin does not guarantee a reward the,last rewards category is sweepstakes,receipt every receipt you upload gives,you one entry to receipt h

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Receipt Hog App How It Works – ReceiptHog Review – GuideToCouponing – Guide to Couponing

today Im doing a video on the iPhone,Android free app called receipt hog you,can tell thats right down there and so,Im going to go to the home screen,receipt hog is a free app that allows,you to take pictures of your grocery,store type receipts and then load them,into receipt app to get coins and then,those coins are redeemable for rewards,so I first want to start out with,showing you how to do receipts so you,can see I have five receipts here three,from CVS Pharmacy one from a local,grocery store and one from Costco and,receipt hog will accept all of these,receipts the local grocery store the CVS,and the Costco and the the thing on the,CVS ones is youre only allowed to,upload 20 receipts at an a seven-day,period but then on top of that youre,only allowed three receipts with the,same transaction date so these are all,August 16th at a time like per day so I,have another CVS receipt from today but,Ill wait and load that tomorrow because,I will have reached my max with these,three today so all we need to do is go,in to the app you can see that I have,100 or 1835 coins so far and Im just,going to hit camera and then Im just,going to take a picture of the receipt,oops,and you want to make sure that you this,is so hard to do with the camera and,iPhone at the same time so you want to,make sure that you get it takes if you,saw that it takes a second you get the,transaction date so I got the full,receipt as you can see and then you just,hit looks good and then you can tell,that its processing the receipt so you,can see that I had Ive had other,receipts Ive already uploaded and for a,couponer this is just like a no-brainer,because youre always having multiple,receipts because youre typically doing,multiple transactions to put this one,over there and so Im always uploading,my receipts and how many coins per,receipt is important for a coupon or two,if its less than $10 Im going to get,five coins for that receipt so for,example the fifteen cents right there on,CBS I will get five points four okay so,I continue to upload all of my receipts,and you can tell that it immediately,noticed which ones were from CVS my,threshold got exceeded when I uploaded,the Costco one so you can tell a maximum,of twenty receipts can be submitted over,seven-day period and if youre like god,I cant remember whats receipt that was,just go to this little eyeball down here,in the corner and youll see that it was,my Costco receipt so what I do in that,situation is I just leave my Costco,receipt to the side and then the four,that I did get in I put off so tomorrow,I will be able to load that one plus,another three since four was my limit,today a few more things about it all of,your receipts obviously are in the,receipt portion so theres a little,receipt part right there and then on the,home screen,there is usually an opportunity for you,to spin and this is your spin thing you,just pull this bar down and then it,spins and you have an opportunity to win,more coins I usually win zero to fifteen,coins per spin Ive never won the 100,coins last trip for a hundred dollars,now in the rewards you can do a user,questionnaire or connect with facebook,also you can go to convenience and,liquor stores you can invite friends to,join and I will include looks like I,have two out of the twenty friends that,I can invite so Ill include a link in,the About section of this video Im,looking for people to sign up so if,youre interested in signing up on my,referral theres no cost at all it just,helps me out I get 10 spins and five,spins for the I get 10 you get five,spins so it might be worth it for that,and then you want to do if you want to,redeem prizes you can do cash or an,Amazon gift card they both have the same,value so if I wanted to do cash Ive,already earned a thousand coins that,would let me do five dollars reward 1800,coins have gotten that would give me ten,dollars but 4500 coins would give me,thirty dollars so if I hold out to that,then I will be able to get thirty,dollars for a lot less than I can redeem,that five bucks for and Amazon is the,same situation so ladies and gentlemen,that is receipt hog and it basically,takes about a hundred receipts to get,five bucks and you just want to make,sure that you hold your iPhone flat and,that you know all your pitchers are,clear on it and if you have any,questions please dont hesitate to ask,sorry that my,voice is a little bit hoarse for this,video but I wanted to get it online and,get it up in case anybody was interested,in checking out the receipt hog oh I,wanted to mention too that you know the,receipt that you use for checkout fifty,one or receipt that you use for ibotta,can also be used on receipt hog that is,one of the great things about it is that,you can use the receipt on several apps,thanks so much for watching if you like,this video please give it a thumbs up,helps our channel grow and helps us,bring you more videos like this one,well see you next okay now it is the,next day after I did the initial video,and you can see I had some duplicate,receipt issues and then receipt,threshold exceeded so as far as I know I,did not submit duplicate receipts,sometimes when the receipt is from the,same store and like CVS and the amount,is the same zero they think its a,duplicate receipt so all you do is go in,and hit a receipt transcript incorrect,and then choose reason we already have,recorded another purchase on your,account at CVS 275 on 816 m okay,and so you would just move it to not a,duplicate for your reason and I you know,I might be wrong about this one Im not,sure actually but just Im trying to,show you how to do it if if that is the,way it works out okay so then I have the,other yeah maybe they were duplicates,there anyway that is how you handle a,duplicate receipt if it is in fact um,incorrect and I have had that happen,with with receipts from the same day,from the same store that had the same,amount so I also wanted to show you when,you do get credit for receipts you get,your spins,so you just click on this green bar and,then youll notice that this gambling,machine shows up I cant think slot,machine is that what its called I cant,think of the terminology right now so,you just pull the bar down like that and,it spins and then you can tell if it,want anything so well just do my three,spins real quick and my last one so I,usually run between five and fifteen,coins or I should say between zero and,15 coins and then and then its done but,once you give once you download more,receipts like I have five receipts,processing right now I uploaded some,with my camera before I started this,video you can also see that you can earn,up to 100 coins a week from receipts and,I think thats it if you have any,questions please dont hesitate to ask,and I will see you next

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Earn Money From Your Receipts: Receipt Hog App Review

you guys shop often or have a lot of,recent receipts sitting around thats,about to go to waste,well guys if you do youll definitely,want to check out this app im going to,be reviewing today called receipt hog,but before we get into it please feel,free to like and subscribe because i,will be uploading videos regarding this,type of content,also guys i do want to apologize for the,infrequent uploads,school is starting for me so time to,make videos isnt as common,but dont worry guys imma make it work,so without wasting any time lets get,straight into the video,whats up guys so if youre like me and,youre looking for mobile apps to earn,some small cash with then youre,probably familiar with receipt apps if,you dont know what receipt apps are,theyre essentially apps where you can,scan either digital or physical receipts,after shopping and you get a smaller,board for doing so,today im going to be going over receipt,hog which is pretty well known among,receive apps,if you just look up best apps for,receipts as you can see your seahawk is,up here,there are some others here too if you,want me to go over those comment down,below but whats good about receipt hog,though is that you can cash out through,paypal so guys receive is available on,ios and android and as you can see here,theres over 135 000 ratings averaging,4.7 stars so you know this is very legit,if you guys want to download it,yourselves,go down to the link in the description,and if you use that link you will,receive five free spins which i will go,over later so guys when you open up,receipt hug you will have five main tabs,the home tab where you can view your,balance,receipts where you can see all the,receipts you have scanned link we can,link any accounts so for example if you,buy something online it will,automatically scan the digital receipt,surveys which will show up when you scan,receipts and finally rewards where you,can spin a slot machine where most of,the time you dont get much but,sometimes you can get lucky and earn,some easy coins,so if you want five free spins right,away you can go down the description and,download with seahawk and you will earn,five free spins guys,so,in the rewards tab you can also cash out,with three options you can redeem your,coins which you will get by scanning,receipts,and sometimes earning coins through,spins as i said before but you can,redeem these through either amazon visa,and paypal so guys youre probably,asking how do i scan a receipt so all,guys all you gotta do to scan a receipt,is you have to go to home and right here,in the bottom right corner is the camera,icon click on it and scan your receipt,its pretty self-explanatory after you,scan your receipt,itll ask you a series of questions,which are pretty self-explanatory to do,so yeah guys after you scan your receipt,just wait for about 24 hours for the,receipt to process into the system but,after youre done you will get some free,coins as well as some free spins for the,hawk slots,also guys after scanning some receipts,sometimes you will get a surveys which,gives a lot more coins than normally,scanning receipts,so guys to cash out finally just go to,the rewards tab or you can go to your,balance and hit redeem coins and here,you can see all your cash out options,i do believe first you have to verify,your phone number or something but that,shouldnt be too big of a problem so the,conversion rate for amazon visa and,paypal are all pretty much the same,thing with five dollars being one,thousand coins fifteen dollars being two,thousand nine hundred coins,twenty five dollars being four thousand,three hundred coins and forty dollars,being six thousand five hundred coins if,you do this simple math which all you do,is divide the coins by the real usd,amount you can see that the 40 option is,the most worth it so guys,that was receipt hog if you are,interested be sure to go down below to,the description or the comments and,download this with the link which will,give you the five free hog spins where,you can maybe earn some coins but thats,all guys if you did enjoy the video feel,free to like and subscribe leave a,comment down below if you have any,questions or suggestions guys thanks for,watching ill see you all next video

Receipt Hog app review.

everyone today I want to show you an app,that I use all the time for earning,extra money receipt hog so lets just,get right into this okay what this app,is is you take pictures of your receipts,and you earn coins now these coins can,be redeemed for PayPal cash they can,redeem for Amazon gift certificates and,receipt hogs just added a section for,magazine subscriptions but I always take,the PayPal cash so here I have receipt,information you know I want to keep,private crossed out so let me show you,how this works so youll hit camera okay,I know this doesnt look that great but,its hard to do from a tiny camera and,okay got that good,okay done looks good and who went on,this trip with the household went yeah,and well give it a three star rating,thanks for the receipt now itll process,and it could take anywhere from a few,minutes to a couple days to eventually,get your credits for it but eventually,you will and you will earn coins now,those coins like I said you can redeem,for gift certificates or money and like,I said I always take the money so lets,go into rewards like refreshing its,cute,okay redeem prizes okay,now you can see here the date thats,when I got my last payout $30 to PayPal,cash paid okay and you can see heres,Amazon gift certificates PayPal the cash,and a new thing to add it magazine,subscriptions okay now lets show you,how the coin system works and when you,could redeem for the prizes so right now,I have seventeen fifty two coins,so lets tap on Im sorry tap on PayPal,so with a thousand coins Id earn five,dollars eighteen hundred I learned ten,dollars so Im almost at the ten dollar,mark,thirty-two hundred coins twenty dollars,forty five hundred coins thirty dollars,thats the maximum tier that it goes to,so like for instance when I hit forty,five hundred I just kept going now,youre not gonna keep earning money,itll stop at two forty five hundred and,thirty dollars so you know hit the maps,hit the Mount that want you running but,um hit the amount you want to get to,cash out get your money so like I said,right now if I want I can cash out at,the thousand coins take my five dollars,I can cash out at eighteen hundred get,my ten but Im just gonna wait again,until I get thats forty five hundred,coins and get another thirty dollars,putting my paypal paypal account to,spend how I want to spend I mean really,this is a fantastic app okay its free,its on iOS obviously cuz Im using,i phone its on Android all you have to,do is take pictures of your receipts and,you earn coins that you can get cash for,or you know like we saw in the rewards,you can also get Amazon gift certificate,magazine subscriptions whatever you want,to do but I like this cuz I you know,like the extra cash and again its,receipt hog available iOS like I said,its available on Android like I said,theres no reason not to get this app,take pictures of your receipts get some,extra cash I like that I could always,use extra cash okay alright thanks for,watching

Receipt Hog Review – Can You Earn Some Decent Coin From This App?

hey welcome this video if you arrive,here probably searching for a review of,receipt hog so go over how it works ill,give you my two cents whether i think,its uh worth your time all right,receipt hog um so its this is your,typical cash back app youll find it on,the google play store or the apple store,you download it to your device you must,be a canadian or a us resident by the,way take photos of your receipts from,any in-store purchases you made and it,can be,any store your local grocer,gas station restaurant maybe you could,even use it for utility pills i dont,know,when you upload the receipt to the,platform youll earn coins in return and,eventually when you accumulate enough,coins you can redeem them for rewards,namely paypal amazon gift cards and visa,gift cards,receipt hog has been around since 2016.,they have over 200 000 users,and theyre earning around,seven million dollars per year in,revenue they have a very you know high,rating across all the different app,stores and review websites generally,four point three to four point seven,stars out of five so if youre wondering,are they legit receipt hog is absolutely,legit i know the name it kind of makes,me laugh and the logo um now whether,this is the best use of your time thats,a whole other matter and ill talk about,that in a bit as far as how much you get,paid,for uploading these receipts its very,low honestly,um,you know they um well you you earn what,they call coins and um i think the,reason they do this is to disguise how,little money youre actually making,um for example if the total on your,receipt is 50 to 100,you would earn um,you know one coin is worth around half a,cent so you you do the math thats seven,and a half cents thats not,thats um,now so thats not what it is so thats,one tenth of one percent youd be saving,if you think about if you do the math um,i did it in a very roundabout way but,and for that reason,um,you know the savings are so little i,just think your efforts could be better,spent doing something else,i mean this still requires your time,your mental energy youre giving away,your data as well and i personally dont,think these apps are worth it so i,should mention receipt hog also has,a few other ways you could earn as well,you can complete surveys they have,monthly sweepstakes you can refer people,if you have an audience on social media,for instance you can download their,browser extension,and earn a few coins that way you could,earn coins from shopping online and,letting them track your online spending,habits,but again with all these methods here,were talking pennies on the dollar here,nothing life-changing um nothing,significant so whats my final verdict,on receipt hog um well theres some,things i like about it,um the fact that you can shop anywhere,um and earn coins thats pretty neat,its not um its not exclusive to just a,few retail stores thats what i mean,the app is very user friendly easy to,navigate,lots of ways to earn so that can be a,pro,or a con though i guess you could use,the app to save and organize your,receipts if you wanted to and just use,it for that purpose uh you dont,necessarily have to use it,to,to,to me for for just uploading receipts,and earning that way you could just use,it as like an organizational tool as,well,on the con side the payout threshold is,quite high its five dollars and it,might take you a long time to reach that,and youre not really saving that much,like i mentioned earlier so like pennies,on the dollar but i suppose it doesnt,do any harm to sign up as long as you,understand youre not going to get rich,uh doing this sort of work in fact,youre not even going to be able to pay,any bills right maybe,id be surprised if you can even make it,to you know the 5 threshold so,thats about it so i um anyway i hope,you enjoyed this review but look youre,here obviously maybe not because you,want to earn pennies here and there from,um you know,photographing receipts maybe youre,looking for a reliable way to earn money,online whether thats to earn a nice,side income or potentially replace your,full-time job if thats the case i was,in your position about three years ago i,tried all sorts of stuff i tried,blogging freelancing domain flipping,affiliate marketing survey websites like,this survey websites,you name it apps gaming apps you name it,i pretty much tried it all and none of,the strategies i was implementing seemed,to be working for me it was very,confusing and frustrating,but after two years of spinning my,wheels uh just as i was ready to quit,i was very fortunate i stumbled across,the right information that taught me how,to,find a digital product that someone else,created find a group of people whod be,interested in that product it could be a,weight loss gardening,golfing product doesnt really matter,and when i connect the two together i,under commission its called affiliate,marketing you might have heard of it but,done in a very specific way,and whats great about affiliate,marketing its very simple beginner,friendly you dont have to be anyone,special youd be a stay-at-home wife,call center worker like i was it doesnt,matter i dont mean youre not special i,mean you dont need any special skills,or credentials to get started and do,very well,theres lots of leverage and automation,in place which means you dont have to,be there all the time,you can be a solopreneur and the profit,margins are very high between 40 and 90,so if youd like to learn whats been,working for me how to do affiliate,marketing properly and whats been,working for lots of other students,what i recommend doing is clicking that,link below youll see my email opt-in,page enter your best email i can send,you my free training thatll just detail,everything if you want and thats it so,i hope you enjoy this review of receipt,hog i hope to see you on the other side,that link and its actual training its,not just going to send you to a simple,bridge page or a sales page like im,really in-depth training i did so,so definitely check that out if you want,and there will be a course on the other,side but um that you know thats,optional right you can just go through,the training and take it and run with it,the free training and thats it so i,hope you to see you on the other side i,hope you have a great day and ill talk,to you later hopefully bye

HOW I MADE $317 FROM SCANNING RECEIPTS | Top 3 Receipt Apps to Make Money

stacking these apps has made me 317,dollars since I started using them today,Im gonna be sharing with you the 3 apps,that I use to scan my receipts to make,money and how Ive made over 300 dollars,from these apps hey guys my name is,Adrian welcome back to my channel I make,videos every Monday on all things,investing and personal finance so if,thats something youre interested in,definitely go ahead and click the,subscribe button below were rollin with,the glasses today so Im gonna be,sharing with you 3 apps that Ive been,using to scan my receipt everything I,talked about today every app everything,is going to be linked down below for you,guys to use the first app that Im going,to be talking about is called receipt,hog receipt hog is an app that you can,use to earn coins from stores from your,receipts and these stores can be crusher,stores supermarkets any sort of big or,small store that sells the groceries,health items beauty items they also,include convenience stores sub stores,pet stores and theres also a bunch more,with the receipt hog app once you have,enough coins you can redeem in Pay Pal,in Visa or in gift cards the amount of,coins you get depends on the amount you,spent on the receipt so if you spend,under 10 dollars you get 5 coins if you,spend between 10 and $50 you get 10,coins if you spend $50 to $100 you get,15 coins if you spend over $100 you get,20 coins there are different levels of,which you can cash out for your coins,the higher amount of cash you go for the,more your coins are going to be worth,you can redeem for $5 $15 $25 and $40,Ill put the redemption values right,here for example if you were to have a,receipt where you spent $25 that receipt,is going to equal anywhere from between,5 cents and 6 cents other ways you can,get coins on this app are through,surveys sometimes when you scan a,receipt youll get a survey if youve,purchased a certain product and by,completing those surveys you actually,get coins also another way to get,Waynes on this app is through what they,call hog levels for every week you,upload a receipt you get closer to the,next hog level and at every hog level,receive a certain amount of points so,Im currently at level 27 and when I,complete this level I am going to get,417 points which is equivalent to two,dollars and 55 cents other ways you can,get coins on the receipt hog app are if,you connect your Amazon account if you,connect your Kroger account and if you,connect your email and some people are,worried about connecting their email but,Im just gonna let you guys know that,you can you can connect your email and,what that does when you connect your,email is that they just scan for either,seats,theres also monthly drawings that they,have where for every receipt you are,entered into a giveaway and for the,years that Ive been using this app Ive,never won so that I dont bank on this,to get any coins I started using this,app in May of 2014 and since Ive,started using this app I have made over,a hundred and forty dollars I only,redeemed when I reach the highest level,of redemption so that I get the most,money for my coins right now Im almost,at 4500 coins and Im waiting to get,6500 coins so that I can redeem for the,40 dollars so I calculate how much Ive,made per year with this app to be a,little over $27 Ill link this app and,everything else I talked about down,below the second app that Im gonna be,talking about is called receipt pal,receipt Pal accepts all of the same,kinds of receipts that receipt hog does,for every receipt that you scan you can,redeem for retail and Amazon gift cards,so this one is a little is a little bit,different because you cant redeem for,cash which for me Amazon is basically,like cash because I feel like I bought,everything there anyways for this app,every receipt is worth 25 points the,highest Redemption level is $100 Amazon,gift card but to get to the $100 Amazon,you have to get 26,000 points and to get,there you actually have to link your,Amazon account with one receipt equaling,25 points I have done the calculations,and each receipt is equal to about nine,almost ten cents other ways to get,points on this app is to connect your,email just like with the other app so,that they can scan for a receipts and to,link your Amazon account and they also,have monthly drawings but I literally,never win so I dont count not to get,any points so I started using this app,in October of 2014 thats about five and,a,years ago so far Ive cashed out for,$100 in gift cards and right now Im at,about 12,000 points and Im waiting to,hit the redemption level of 26,000,points but I have calculated that this,app has made me a little more than $26,per year like the receipt hog app I will,have everything linked down below and if,you use that link I actually get a,referral bonus so I would really,appreciate it if you use that link the,third app Im going to be talking about,is called fetch rewards theres a lot of,people who use this app you may have,heard of this before I just started,using it you can get points for receipts,that you scan from restaurants or any,store so stores would include grocery,retailers supermarkets Club wholesalers,home-improvement and hardware stores pet,stores and you can redeem this for a ton,of gift cards I havent redeemed mine,yet but Ill put some b-roll here of all,of the gift cards that they have if you,upload a receipt for a qualifying,retailer you get a base 25 points if you,purchase something thats a partner,product which you can see in the app,youll actually get bonus points for,that too for other retailers or dining,you get 5 points per receipt and then,you get additional points if you,purchase a partner product on that,receipt so I have equated that 1 point,on this app is equal to zero point zero,to five cents yes its a lot of money,Im definitely becoming a billionaire,through scanning receipts and that is,just for if you just qualify for the,base points in a normal hauling or see,other ways to get points on the fetch,app is if you connect your Amazon,account you link your email for ehre,seats just like the other apps and if,you purchase partner products that are,reflected on these scan receipts so I,just started using this app like,literally two weeks ago and Ive already,made 4 dollars from this so if you use,my code which I will put right here you,will get 2,000 points when you scan your,first receipt and if you guys do use,this I do get a referral bonus I would,really appreciate if you did use it so,scanning receipts is a very diligent a,very tedious task that you can actually,make money from but Im not gonna lie it,takes a long time but the longer you do,it the more rewards you get so with the,receipt,app the longer you have been scanning,receipts the more they reward you and,scanning receipts takes a ton of,patience which I know and not a lot of,people want to stop after they bought,their groceries and scan their receipt,like it is a lot of work I know that and,third this is not for somebody who,doesnt want their marketing habits,tracked so the reason that these apps,make money from you uploading your,receipts is because theyre tracking,what spending you do and so personally I,really dont care that much about what,people think Im buying whatever I feel,like the government already knows,everything about me anyways like hello,Edward Snowden but I just wanted to let,you guys know that you are just,well-informed about how you are making,this money and why it is profitable for,these companies so for the reasons why,you should be scanning the user seats,for money first of all its free money,who doesnt like free money like yes,please to compound interest yes you are,making little money or each piece of,paper that you get but think about how,many of these receipts that you actually,get how many of these receipts just end,up on the floor in your car like these,am I the only one definitely not,so compound interest every time you do,cash out in these apps you can put that,money towards so

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