1. Red Army Standard
  2. Red Army Standard 7.62×39 Ammo With The 8V3 Projectile Ballistics Gel Test
  3. Is Steel Case Ammo Corrosive? Wolf, Red Army Standard and Tulammo. Berdan Primed.
  4. AK47 Ammo Test Part 1: Golden Tiger, Brown Bear, Red Army Std & M67 (Yugo)
  6. Red Army Standard 7.62×39 123gr FMJ Ballistics Gel Test & Review (HD)
  7. Red Army Standard 7.62x54R Shipment Unboxing and Range Fire

Red Army Standard

whats up everybody thanks for joining,us here today on the VSO gun channel and,what were gonna be working on is some,more ammo testing and I have seven 62 by,39 this is the new red army standard 124,grain Full Metal Jacket and if we look,at the ammunition you can tell that that,is the true theyll throw a closed one,in there so you guys can see it but what,we have here is what appears to be a by,Metal Jacket,bullet that is in the lacquered case,with sealant both at the neck and at the,primer pocket denoted by that purple,stuff right there so what were gonna do,is were gonna go ahead and we have a,couple guns here today were gonna do,some velocity testing as well as some,accuracy testing to see how this stuff,does and,without further ado were gonna go ahead,and get to it all right were gonna,start off with the zhukov we want to get,some velocity data out of a full length,ak-47 to get things started,hold up,blooper reel thats okay its all good,can you still see through that okay,2376 Oh,23 wait a minute to say 20 24,7324 73 good grief we need some new,equipment I need to glue those down I,think we do,24:11,2380,duplicate,23:43,2385,ok so wait a minute I dont think that I,think theres one in there that we,didnt get a reading on cuz you shot too,fast,ok so here you go,blow in the test,killed it,23:39,and we do so I dont know talk about,defective equipment stability to our,graph here,yeah,yeah,needs a little help we could probably,little TLC there yeah maybe we should,just you know go ahead and get a real,chronograph I mean this thing does a,great job when it works its just kind,of temperamental well its done its job,for what a couple years now yeah I mean,Im surprised okay,should be ready to go,and what do you got there man oh I got,the mini Draco,step down from the Zhukov in barrel,lengths,its cute little thing well see what,kind of,velocity were getting out of this,what is this without looking at the book,what are we about five five inch barrel,yeah something like that yeah I dont,know well well see well were gonna put,ten rounds downrange and see what we can,do,1357,15:52,what we got a malfunction here you need,to back up a little bit there you go,there we go,16:56 thats better,1794,1709,1534,1403,1998,1784 and,again this a,datum that was out of range here you go,16:31 all right caller good,smoking,okay were rock and roll on that,all right we have the micro,Draco so we started off at the Zhukov,full-length drop down to the mini it was,about five inch barrel and Id say were,coming in at probably about a three,three and a half yeah inch barrel on,this one I havent looked at it I dont,know what the spec sheet yeah Im not,thats not you know scientific its just,by eyeballing it under this block of,wood,so,lets see what shell do this ought to,be good it ought to be good lets lets,do it,sixteen sixteen,fourteen fifty four,68,17 seven Oh No seventeen sixteen I,thought we got seventeen seventy-six,there for a second,15:34 or thirty-nine,2020 Trumps re-election year,1857,1929,1780,1857,alright we made it through a string,without a malfunction of equipment,alright guys and gals so we have,upgraded to the mark 47 mutant we have a,full video out on this thing you guys,missed it definitely check it out its,cool gun but we have the mini ACOG as,well as the rugged Serge on here quiet,down a little bit and we have a target,down there 50 yards were gonna go and,shoot 10 rounds just for like a field,expedient group to see how the thing,groups and well go down and see how we,did here we go,all right guys were down here at the,other end the range and doc is gonna do,our measuring for us so as we can see,here we have my crappy shooting and I,really see two district distinct grips,here and,I think what well do is well measure,them both individually and then all,together were gonna eliminate this two,flyers one on either side so measuring,the right group there,Im gonna call that approximately an,approximately 2.3 you know Center to,Center and whats the left group look,like,its gonna be a little bit wider than,the other than the first one I,cant really read that indicator 0.4 0.4,to 0.4 – so lets go ahead and measure,them as one group now Center to Center,approximately 0.6 so I say we call it em,away ish so,760 by 39 amo,approximately 1 MOA out-of-the-box,out-of-the-box cant complain about that,no not too bad of course if you had a,competent shooter we could probably even,get it better than that,and there you guys have it pretty much,of the performance that we would expect,to see out of just about any 76 2 by 39,rounds so it meets the standard or the,Red Army standard if you will and I,think we shot a decent cross-section of,guns here today in 760 by 39 to kind of,get an idea of its performance,again 7 62 by 39 is,inherently reliable and a lot of people,have this misconception that its all,the ak-47 that is not true really what,it is its just about any gun chambered,in 7 62 by 39 is going to be inherently,inherently more reliable than a lot of,guns because of the tapered casing if,you look at this thing there is a taper,in that case and what that means is that,when it goes up it pour it basically,forms a a taper lock system with the,chamber and then when it needs to be,extracted a little bit of nudge and it,comes right out of the chamber very very,easily not a whole lot of force required,so that is why 762 guns are inherently,more reliable than anything with a,straight wall or straighter wall case,like no just for instance a 556 round,now that said as far as 7 62 by 39,rounds are concerned this stuff is,boringly reliable and I know that,because we shot an entire case of it in,while we were testing the Dracos that,were going to be hopefully publishing a,video on very soon its going to be,called dueling Dracos and is going to,be a lot of fun so hopefully well see,you guys over on that video here pretty,soon thats all for us here today at the,VSO gun channel thanks for watching make,sure you smack that like button down,below and hit this hit the share button,all that sort of stuff so you can pass,it around and bring all the peoples into,the VSO gun channel family here thank,you guys again very much for tuning in,and well see you guys on a future video

Red Army Standard 7.62×39 Ammo With The 8V3 Projectile Ballistics Gel Test

welcome back everybody Im using my,secondary microphone hopefully the audio,is not too bad but today were gonna be,doing a test of this load that you see,right here this is the 8v 3 projectile,7.62 of course from Red Army standard,this is a hollow point and theres been,some debate out there whether or not,these have the same pre failed cuts that,the 8 m3 projectile has so that I dont,know but what we do know what were,gonna find out today is a velocity,numbers they do have chronograph right,here Im not sure if you guys can see,that will take some chrono readings from,this Walser here which has of course the,16-inch barrel and then one of my SP RS,and then were gonna put it into semi,clear ballistics gel from both rifles,and kind of see how it performs so,thats pretty much it,get to it well youve seen the chrono,numbers but before we hit the gel block,I want to thank todays sponsor its,sportsmans guide not only do they,support the channel here by helping us,fund these types of things which arent,cheap as anybody whos looked up the gel,knows but they also support Cielo,viewers here with a discount code on,most items its gonna get you $20 off,orders of $100 or more over there at,sports this guy so thank you to them,lets get into the gel,a brief note on the gel this is my new,block when I went to recycle it last,night when it dried it kind of deformed,which is why I got real low there with,the wall sir but this one of course you,can see a little bit better and then,this is my older block here but what we,see here is we have a pretty good,permanent wound cavity out until about,the 8 inch mark after that looks like it,kept going through I have not moved the,box yet so I dont know where it is,either pick it out,and enter the second block for sure and,[Music],that little sucker didnt know no if it,did a lot I think,well once I dug in there I think we,actually went through the bottom,unfortunately because that was a piece,of jacket that definitely wasnt a a K,round so well shoot it again,[Music],those of you that have watched the,channel for a while now know that I had,some issues testing seven and six,because it would all just exit the block,and it looks like thats whats,happening here with this round you guys,to see the wound track it tumbled there,pretty nasty right around the four inch,mark and then it looks like about the,eight to nine inch mark and then it took,a right turn and came out the second,block of gel into the ground never to be,seen again it actually punched right,through my rifle case as well so,definitely have some energy still go in,there and thats right about eighteen,nineteen inches so Im gonna shoot it,again and I put the big block in front,you guys probably wont see the wound,track this time but hopefully thats,gonna give it a little bit more area to,be kept well see no doubt this bullet,does not want to stay in the gel again,it went down once it went in and went,through my rifle case theres a bunch of,holes in it now which is always great I,really dont care about that but I want,to get a recovered bullet so we can see,penetration depths and what the actual,recovered round looks like Ill put a,couple through the wasser here if that,doesnt work or even if it does work,well try the SOR after that and see if,we can get one to stay in the jail so,lets see,[Music],good bad news the good news is theres,actually a jacket piece it looks like,that is stuck in there and then I can,also see another wound track that went,down right here so thats about six,inches its about 22 inches and went,outside the block again so I think we,lost both of them check it out here and,see yeah we did theres a hole right,there and we definitely have some exit,wounds oh theres a piece of the bullet,tip right there in there so well get a,photo of that oh that looks like the,jacket definitely separated,theres fragments everywhere actually,now that I see that so the jacket looks,like its definitely coming off right,here about the I guess 18 inch mark just,past the first block of gel right good I,actually do this,get this piece of jacket out but,unfortunately or fortunately depending,on how you look at it this round is just,doing some nasty stuff once it hits that,gel so its moving all over the place,yeah theres another jacket fragment,there I will try it in the short,barreled rifle see if itll stay in my,guess is it probably will just because,its not gonna be moving so violently,dude it up you know the less velocity,and less energy that it has but well,see,[Music],[Music],not sure if this one will captured it or,not but all three of those exited the,second block is well right around the 22,to 24 inch mark you can see the photos,that I rolled in here Im just gonna,dump a bunch of rounds in it and see if,I can get one,I just want to suit the boat looks like,so well see one more try after that Im,calling it so lets do it at this point,you guys know this one well better than,I do I havent reviewed it yet but some,things we learned from that one is that,two of the rounds exited out the side,again one went down through the bottom,and through my rifle case again I pulled,it up with underneath I couldnt find it,so I really dont know where its going,its definitely still got some energy I,found a piece of jacket around 23 inches,and a piece of bullet that you guys see,here the actual blood core around 24,inches from that one but at this point,were gonna call it one thing we learned,though of course through and the,chronograph numbers as we saw there just,how much energy and what speed is going,out about up a couple different barrel,systems weve also learned that its,still hitting pretty damn hard even from,that little SLR 107 you are barrel its,a short guy and its still delivering,pretty good energy and performing pretty,violently in the gel so people always,asking you do these gel tests at 300,yards or whatever number one thats not,super practical from a camera standpoint,number two you can just replicate it,with a short-barrel rifle so just do the,math sort of where youd be with that,velocity at that distance and thats how,it would perform in gel at that distance,a 16 inch barrel right we can we can,work that out in our heads so I wish I,kind of got a bullet for you guys I,apologize but even still seeing as its,performing really pretty nasty and,tumbling and spinning and all of those,things Im in terms of terminal,effectiveness thats good but with this,when I still be a little bit concerned,with some quote unquote over penetration,for you know first if youre gonna use,it for self defense but for animals I,would feel pretty comfortable with it,for most medium sized game just simply,because its got some nasty wounding,characteristics that we have seen so far,so thats it guys unfortunately have to,end the video there somebodys calling,me which always makes a great video,there you go and as any as always guys,thanks for watching thanks for,subscribing I hope to see all of you in,the next video if you guys working,through deals and theres ammo anything,else check out my facebook page thats,where they tend to be and well end it,there see you,[Music]

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Is Steel Case Ammo Corrosive? Wolf, Red Army Standard and Tulammo. Berdan Primed.

hello there people of the internet its,toasty out here today here in florida,but hey im still gonna make this video,you hear that bird,thats my bird kevin hes my peacock i,got four of them,theyre all named kevin perks to you if,you get that reference,so i hear all the time,from people that steel case,burden prime ammunition is corrosive,they refuse to believe otherwise no,matter what i have to say to them so i,figured id go ahead and id make this,video,talking about how just because,ammunition is steel case and just,because its burden prime does not mean,it is corrosive,as a matter of fact a lot of steel case,burn prime ammo literally says,non-corrosive on the box,but people dont believe it so i figured,id go ahead and id make this video,explaining,what actually makes ammunition corrosive,and,i will show off what happens when you,use corrosive ammo versus non-corrosive,ammo,all the ammo were firing today is steel,case burden prime,ammunition some of its corrosive some,of its non-corrosive,so like i said ill show you the,difference between the two now i have,some of the most popular,steel case ammunition out here that,were going to go ahead and run through,some rifles,just you know to remove all doubt i have,them right here,uh like like some people will say well,that might not have been corrosive but,this right here definitely is i have the,big names right here,lets take a look at it all right now,some of these,might be the same company selling the,same exact kind of ammunition,different brands sold here in the united,states so were covering the different,brands that are sold here in the united,states just to cover as many basins as,physically possible toll ammo i hear all,the time this stuff,is corrosive it is not corrosive it,literally says non-corrosive on the box,just because this is steel case burden,prime ammunition,does not make it corrosive what that,means is that the case,the actual casing is made of steel,instead of brass,and instead of a boxer primer with a,hole in the center,with the anvil built into the primer,itself its a burden primer which has,two smaller holes that are,not in the center and instead the anvil,is built directly,into the casing itself that is what a,burden primer is,what makes a primer corrosive or,ammunition corrosive in general,uh is whenever the priming compound has,salt in it,salt on metal causes rust and whenever a,priming compound has salt in it you got,to clean out the salt otherwise it will,cause your gun to rust,this has no salt in it so its,non-corrosive,ive got one kind of wolf ammo here this,is 303,again burden primed non-corrosive,i have another kind of wolf ammo here,just in case people say that,that wolf ammo is different from this,wolf ammo because its a different color,this stuff right here is copper washed,this stuff right here,is lacquered but theyre both steel case,ammunition this is 30.6 full metal,jackets again,burton primed non-corrosive then i have,some red army standard here,again burden primed non-corrosive,now were going to move on to the ammo,that i have that is actually corrosive,that i will,use to show off what happens whenever,you fire corrosive ammunition and do not,clean your rifle,i have some fed arms eight millimeter,mauser this stuff,burden primed steel case but corrosive,because it has salt inside of the primer,once fired if i do not clean my rifle,the salt will cause rust inside of the,barrel that is what,makes primers corrosive im not going to,let that rust get too terribly bad,simply because i dont want to mess up,my rifle,so once it starts rusting ill show that,off it shouldnt take long at all,especially with the humid environment we,have here in florida,theres enough water in the air to to,fill a river,like good god all right lets go ahead,and handle this,one thing at a time first thing were,going to do is were going to fire the,actual corrosive federal arms ammunition,im gonna fire that out of my,sporterized car 98,a lot of people on this channel have,already seen this gun very nice gun,i can honestly say that i love it quite,quite a bit,and the fact that im gonna let the,barrel rust,is really saying something to how i feel,how passionate i am about this topic and,how often people say,you know just because somethings still,case and burden primed that means its,corrosive,that does not mean its corrosive,all right each of these im gonna fire,four rounds,i dont know why i came up with the,number four but i know theres a reason,i think one of these ive only got four,rounds for so to keep the test fair,four rounds this is the corrosive stuff,im gonna go ahead and just lob these,into the car,versus the steel silhouette because this,is steel core ammunition,well i guess we can have one shot on our,steel,why the hell not its a facing a,different direction so i should be fine,yep im fine okay all right now that was,our actual corrosive ammunition now,were gonna fire the non-corrosives,and ill show you in a couple of days,maybe ill let them sit around for a,week or two,therell be no rust in the barrel all,right first things first well fire some,red army standard im pretty sure,that this is lead core ammo,not positive about that but bi-metal,jacket lead core ammo this particular,stuff is 148 grain,the red army standard will go ahead and,fire out of my,m44 here so this right here should,show us what we need to see okay lets,lob some lead,i dont have the muzzle brake on this,thing so man the concussive blast,is not,i like the way the steel silhouette,bounces though thats always,entertaining,i cant imagine firing this thing,without hearing protection,especially like you know if youre,fighting in the corridors,in germany trying to trying to root out,anyone thats,you know in close quarters combat area,so thats our red arm is standard,through the m44,now lets check out whatever the hell,this is this is,303 british wheres my 303 i have it,in here this stuff is 174 grain,full metal jackets this right here,also steel case non-corrosive this looks,just like,russian spam cam stuff because its,copper washed,that does not mean its corrosive like,russian spam can stuff,ill be firing this out of my number,four rifle here,which i need to oil because were,getting some slight elements,of surface rust on it but its far from,bad,either way one of my favorite rifles so,this is one i definitely go out of my,way to take care of,okey dokey lets go ahead,and lob four of these rounds downrange,oh i forgot what a delight this thing is,to shoot,wow i could definitely understand how,people can run these as fast as they run,them,all right staircase non-corrosive ammo,through this one as well,all right up next since i have it in my,pocket well fire that wolf,30 odd six this stuff right here,burden prime non-corrosive this is 145,grain full metal jackets,this stuff will be firing out of my,sporterized,1917.,gotta say this 1917 is actually a really,nice rifle,issue is whoever cut the uh the holes in,the rifle for the scope,they were probably a little on the drunk,side and they dont line up,like at all like to the point to where i,can see it with my eye,so i actually just threw a rear sight,on this thing and uh thats kind of,just where were at with this one lets,see where the point of,impact is with this thing,right where it needs to be,that one was a little high,also a little high all right so this,sights on this do fire a little high,there we go all right so yeah fire is,about,four or five inches high so there we go,theres our steel case thirty odd six,that stuff is also non-corrosive,all right last but not least the the,dreaded,toll ammo this is the stuff that people,call corrosive,on every forum all the time,steel case burden primed non-corrosive,ammo,this stuff will go ahead and fire out of,my 9130.,uh the reason i chose the 9130 adding,m44,is just so we can keep them uh knowingly,separate and remove all doubt versus,me using like two 9130s,okey dokey lets lob some tall ammo,i cant tell where that one hit,now this n

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AK47 Ammo Test Part 1: Golden Tiger, Brown Bear, Red Army Std & M67 (Yugo)

and 67 hi guys welcome to the a mold,testing episode of today were on our,numerous very popular brands of Mo,through our sky 5 technology Doppler,radar to give you the best data possible,or the Doppler radar is really awesome,and you are getting a really really,precise readings are so we tested today,golden tiger browser red army standard,and m67 you got the test rifle use for,this procedure is of course proven,Arsenal SLR 107 are and this was the set,up we use the the rifle for it and right,of the bed let me start with our basic,data for those who care temperature,today was 48 phone in height and we are,at the 600 for the feet above sea level,so first on menu was golden tiger 7.62,124 grain this round average 2300 12,feet per second highest reading was 2365,feet per second lowest 2259,feet per second extreme set was 106 feet,per second this boiled down for the,standard deviation of 25 point six feet,per second so what the standard,deviation means guys is any factory ammo,the good quality ammo will pretty much,dropped between 15 and 17 18,ft/s for the standard deviation because,this is the most amazing Russia you know,we can make that umbrella extended to,like 20 feet per second but anything I,mean higher than this its not really,good quality ammo so basic idea is for,some aggregation the lower value you,have on the standard deviation then,better quality mm or you have higher,number you have on the standard,deviation then it means the shitty,quality basically theres no other way,to put it,so for the one more time golden tiger,standard deviation was a twenty five,point six and this is not based only on,the ten notes we did the spring or three,strings of twenty rounds twenty rounds,let the rifle cool off twenty rounds,let the rifle cool off and twenty rounds,and let the rifle cool off,so this is actually a very good data,next was brown bear brown bear hundred,twenty three grain round and average,2262 feet per second highest two,thousand two hundred eighty nine feet,per second and the lowest reading was,two thousand two hundred twenty eight,feet per second extreme split 62 feet,per second and standard deviation guys,sixteen 16.1 feet per second very,respectable but note that the average,speed was two thousand two hundred sixty,two feet per second so slow mo whatever,brown bear is doing they have a good,quality control it looks like it on how,much powder they drop in but what sucks,is its a little bit slower than a you,know golden tiger,for example now this is probably what a,lot of people is waiting for m67,original surplus m67,mo 124 grain average speed produced was,2,300 four feet per second highest,reading 2349 feet per second and Louis,was 2274 feet per second Xtreme spread,on the m67 was 76 feet per second so,its okay and standard deviation the n,67 squeeze the below 20 feet per second,because it was a nineteen point six feet,per second standard deviation so below,20 not late but hey better than the,golden tiger guys something to think,about it and finally we put the Red Army,stand up and let me read the numbers 222,grain mo average speed produced two,thousand three hundred and five feet per,second so not bad the highest one was,2359 beef per second the lowest one 2241,feet per second and extreme spread was,117 feet per second so the largest,extreme spread from the Red Army and the,standard deviation guys 31.5 feet per,second the Red Army are the Red Army,standard basically sucks sucks there is,no other way to put it,this is why the people go for the,extended range they miss everything but,the ground gravity wins when you use the,Red Army standard so from all these the,most consistent mo looks like was a,bounder produced very good result of,extreme spread was only 62 feet per,second then the standard deviation was,16.1 feet per second the,test rating and m67 yoga was the second,best extreme split 76 feet per second,and the standard deviation was a,nineteen point six feet per second so,thats pretty much thats it guys please,let me know if you have any questions,well continue to test the able and,provide the data for you I think so this,is really good and helpful for if you,want to squeeze out more out of your,rifle and you need to have some solid,data thanks for watching well be back,soon,you,[Music]



foreign,[Music],got this Red Army standard ammunition,seven by six two by 39 AK rounds 122,grain Full Metal Jacket,picked this up a while ago before all,that stuff started going crazy,because I was getting low on seven by,six two,pretty much same as the Tula,steel case,Ive shot this before never really had,no issues out of it,okay with this Red Army standard what I,noticed is,when you look at the back of it,it says Tula Ammo,and I checked a few of these,in this set it,so Im not sure if they share the same,like company to get the same model,casing,or,does Tula,own Red Army or not I aint really do no,research on it I just thought that was,weird because Ive had some red standard,in,the red boxes,and I cant remember if it said Red Army,on the back Im gonna check and see if I,got any more that left but,thats definitely what I noticed say it,was distributed by Century Arms,all right I got this little scale,usually I know you would take the bullet,apart and weigh the bullet without the,gum powder and the casing,but um,Ill just take one out of here and I,just looked at the Tulip package the,Tula is 122 grain too and the Wolf is,123. so Im just gonna weigh the whole,bullet and compare it like that,so thats 254.,out of this Red Army,so Im gonna grab one of these I know,these was in the Tulip package,all right so I got one out of there,and this is,I know this was in a Tula wrapper for,sure,thing just switched,all right so thats saying 252.,okay so theyre about the same,foreign,foreign,some of these is different Im guessing,this however they loaded this,with the uh,powder inside Im not sure if a machine,do it or you know most likely machine so,they can keep up with the quantity,but,as long as they work thats all that,matters to me,I mean I know its not match Grade ammo,but I thought that was weird that,it came with this name but its in this,casing,Ill probably look that up online and,see if its something about that,as they share cases,Im gonna try to find some of my other,Red Army standard that came in the um,red packages and see if,it got the Tula written on the back of,it too,yeah that was a thousand rounds,I cant remember the price but it,definitely wasnt what the price is now,um I seen cheaper and dirt and a few,other websites,run the price up,on almost all the ammo,yeah well be testing some of this out,when we get back to the range,like usually out of the steel I dont,have no issues with it out of the AKA,we just needed some more so some videos,all right so the tool is 122.,and,the Wolf is 123.,that Ive been using,trying to see if I got any hollow point,boxes on here,okay the wolf hollow point is 123 also,I think thats about it so I dont know,why I got that 124 from but,then we do see that is 122. so its the,same as the Red Army standard,[Music]

Red Army Standard 7.62×39 123gr FMJ Ballistics Gel Test & Review (HD)

[Music],[Music],[Music],you guys we got some title of this video,today were going to be testing out the,Red Army standard ammo chambered in 7.62,by 39 to 123 grain Full Metal Jacket,bullet it does have a steel lacquered,case and the bullet itself is bi-metal,ie steel and steel cased ammo with a LED,core now the bullet itself is sealed,where it meets the case as well as is,the primer to prevent water from getting,in there during long-term storage so,those of you guys that like to put,bullets away for a rainy day or in a,shtf type situation these are definitely,gonna give you an advantage in long-term,storage over stay the wolf offering or,something from tool its going to be,similar to what youre going to see from,the Golden Tiger ammo in terms of that,now were going to go ahead and take a,look at the Gummer using and then get,into the chronograph welcome back,everybody the governor be testing out,here is going to be the ak-103,[Music],take a look at the wound track again,youll notice that it really doesnt,start to tumble until right about the,six inch mark that big gigantic wound,permanent wound cavity that you see,there that is from this second round,travels down and it really settles down,after that you really cant see too much,in terms of a a large permanent wound,cavity moving on down you can see right,around here around the 26 inch mark it,takes a turn to the right as I was,shooting it comes out and right at the,31 inch mark it is hanging out the,outside of the gel block so barely,contained it again there you see the,retained weight coming in at 7.9 grams,which equates to 102.3 grains now Im,rolling in some pictures of the bullet,afros recovered from the gel block and,one thing that youre going to notice,primarily for those of you guys that,have seen my other gel block tests in,the past is that Vista bullet didnt,flatten out and the lead didnt squish,out like weve seen another test,honestly Im just hypothesizing here,its the way that maybe Im guessing,perhaps the jacket is a little bit,thicker than perhaps in some of the,other rounds but that may have also led,to 31 inches of penetration that we saw,out of that krebs barrel we were getting,2309 feet per second generating 1456,foot-pounds of energy so no doubt about,it it still hits hard as you would,expect from the 7.62 by 39 round now in,terms of accuracy out of the krebbs,which is one of my more accurate aks I,was only able to get groups at about 3,inches at 100 meters so not terrible but,not great Ive gotten better from others,and worse mothers so somewhere in the,middle in terms of accuracy but the,terminal performance as you saw is,pretty much what youd expect from a,Russian Full Metal Jacket round a lot of,penetration some tumbling and a lot of,movement in a gel block with the energy,transfer but all in all this stuff seems,to be good to go its not excessively,dirty its not excessively inaccurate it,seems to be right down the middle and,the sealant around there is going to,separate it from some of the other stuff,out there century is only distributing,this ammo to its distributors now its,not actually giving it out to private,customers so you cant just go to the,sentry website and buy it you do have to,buy it from a retailer Ill put all this,below it for some of the retailers for,those,I can pick some of this ammo up but as,always if you guys have any questions,about this ammo anything else I test our,review here on the channel you can go,ahead and post below in the comments,section you can also post over at my,Facebook page if you havent subscribed,yet please go ahead and click the link,below and subscribe to the channel but,hope to see you guys in the next video,and stay safe out there,[Music],[Laughter],[Music],[Music]

Red Army Standard 7.62x54R Shipment Unboxing and Range Fire

okay T,rum,package there package there,everything a growing boy needs,that rum is dangerously sweet,dangerously smooth,hello there people of the internet hows,everyone doing today,Im doing all right thanks for asking so,I got some stuff in the mail today,and I figured Id go ahead and make an,episode of me go uh unboxing these,things,um its the middle of the night and I,have started drinking so were gonna go,ahead and not go blow stuff up on the,Range until morning at least Sunrise but,originally I was just gonna make a video,unboxing this thing but I got some other,stuff in the mail too so I figured Id,go ahead and open up that as well so got,my little AK-47 style knife here it was,a gift from the old mother how do you,like that thats a pretty knife right,there and I decided despite the fact,that I already got a bunch of this just,the other day I decided to get myself,some more of it simply because,the company that I bought it from had it,for an absolute steal of a price and,modern ammunition prices,not only that but with everything going,on,you can necessarily not have too much,ammunition okay so we got some foam,padding here thats nice that might be,something we take out to the range and,on the inside oh thats a pretty box,perfect,all right now we have,some Red Army standard ammunition how do,you like that this right here is 762 by,54 rimmed I just got myself a whole,shipment of tool ammo 54 rims but like I,said this stuff was just that too good,of a price to pass up I think Ive spent,about 30 230 bucks on this thing shipped,never at army standard is not exactly,the uh Pinnacle of,Firearms ammunition manufacturing thats,some nicely packaged Aviation though but,boy oh boy I will take the cheap steel,case stuff over harsh words any day of,the week all right lets have a look in,here I imagine yeah it looks just like,the tool ammo,oh well would you look at that it,literally is the tool ammo it has it has,total ammo stamped on the uh,uh uh case of the bullet there or the,case of the cartridge whatever it is,that your nomenclature wants you to call,it all right well there we go now I have,more boxes of this tool ammo 54 rimmed,and Im sure that right there will come,in handy well go ahead and blast this,stuff out at the range tomorrow although,its total ammo and uh,like I literally just made a video on,the tool ammo that I got,so I imagine were going to have very,very similar results but this one says,Red Army standard on the cardboard box,so maybe theyre different but I,99.9 sure that thats not the case,all right now I got another package I,dont know what this is,um Ive ordered a lot of stuff lately as,I try and get more and more prepared for,things that might be happening and Ive,got an idea on what this might be but,theres a couple of possibilities on,what it might be so were just gonna,tear our way into this thing all right,yeah cool this is exactly what I thought,it was got me a Coleman emergency,blanket because you can never have too,many of these and I think I only have,like one more besides that one I got me,a little bullet puller how do you like,that well actually I just got some,fine stay down there see if I care I,just got some reloading equipment in,general this right here is the uh shell,holder to a 54 rimmed and uh I got,plenty of 54 room to practice on and I,got this this is a bullet mold,4.311 diameter bullets these bullets,right here should fit my mosins now Ive,done real loading before but I kind of,got out of it simply because ammunition,was readily available and relatively,cheap but uh thats no longer the case,in modern day yeah see look at that man,that is cool,you you pour some some molten lead into,these things and yeah,actually I think you pour it in like,that then you cut them off circumcise,them and then whenever it cools off you,open it up and drop the bullets out and,then you have some bullets now this,right here is me just opening up uh the,package that I have here I will be,showing off,some things to reload to the point to,where you can do it independently a lot,of your smokeless powder rifles,especially the non-automatic ones can,also be ran with black powder and black,powder is quite easy to make Ill be,giving you guys a history lesson on uh,how people made black powder back before,you could actually buy it along with,that Ill be giving you guys a scenario,on what to do if the zombie apocalypse,comes up comes you know around and uh,how to reload primers for your shells uh,even the burden primers which is what,these 54 rims are how to easily reload,those parameters to be able to reuse,them in the event that the undead start,walking the Earth so I think thats,going to make a really cool set of,videos but these were just a couple of,things that I was lacking like the,bullet puller Ive been wanting one of,these for quite some time and a bullet,mold I got plenty of lead in that car,that I shoot at every [ __ ] day,so as far as Im concerned I can go,ahead and cast my own bullets make my,own powder reload my own primers and I,got,plenty of shell casings to go ahead and,reload so I should be set for a little,while now cordite and smokeless powder,is something that is possible to make,but black powder is much easier to make,so uh like I said Ill be giving you,guys a history lesson on how people did,that before you could buy it I cant,show yall how to reload your ammunition,just because YouTubes a little finicky,right now but I can give you guys,history lessons on how it was done back,in the day how how this country grew to,be what it is all right now like I said,its the middle of the night so Im,going to go ahead and not go out to the,gun range so we will continue this video,tomorrow whenever Im hungover and,probably hating life and ready for death,and well head out to the gun range and,test out some of this Red Army standard,ammo let me grab another box maybe it,was just that particular box that had,tolama written on it this one here also,says tool ammo Ive noticed that they,are packed differently though like some,boxes have the actual bullets sticking,up and some boxes have the uh uh case,head sticking up where you got the,primer and uh the the,stamping on it lets check out this one,see if if I can already tell from that,one thats primer sticking up,what do we got here,and grab this one this one is the bullet,sticking up,so they must be packed by hand not,packed,by Machinery interesting 148 grain nice,all right well Im gonna go like watch,Netflix for the next,nine hours you guys go off have a,fantastic day oh wait this is not the,end of the video yet still gotta go to,the gun range Ill be back,I may have had a little bit too much to,drink last,ah Christ,theres ice outside,and its cold,and Im pretty sure my shirts destroyed,but hey last night was a fun time,all right Ive never tried to use one of,these before,let me go ahead and pull out my,seed eater 3000 here,see if we can eat some Freedom seeds,Okay put that there,oh geez,um okay oh gosh that scared me so much,all right how does this work okay I had,no idea thats how that works,and Im way too hungover for this kind,of stuff,so this goes on there and into there,all right,well Ill be damned it actually worked,how do you like that well I kind of knew,that it would work,but the fact that I managed to make it,work thats pretty [ __ ] cool right,there,and now we have,a pulled bullet,in an unfired case that is that is,pretty cool this will come in handy for,my reloading purposes oh [ __ ] I got a,bunch of eight millimeter Mauser that I,have,no use for because its all hang fires,and Duds its the Ethiopian Surplus,and uh I think Im going to go ahead,knock all those out take the primers out,and redo the primers so I have actual,usable ammo Jesus Christ last night was,one hell of an adventure all right,well now I have this what the hell do I,do with it,uh uh might not have thought this one,all the way through okay well we are,towards the afternoon now I wanted to,wait for the day to warm

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