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  2. Red Notice Review
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Red Notice – Movie Review

no your options this weekend are not,limited to that home alone movie that,lets be honest none of us really care,about now we got red noticed baby a,movie thats just the contrast between,critics and audiences wow i love to see,that i dont know just cracks me up,so red noticed i never even saw a,trailer for it so i cant say like if,you saw the trip i dont know but part,way into my description youre gonna be,like oh right its one of those movies,ryan reynolds and gal gadot they play,master thieves and the rock i always,call him the rock i get for calling,him the rock people like its dwayne,johnson look i didnt tell him to pick,that twitter handle thats on him i say,the rock with my words but i say dwayne,johnson with my heart there but hes an,fbi agent but he gets framed so now he,and ryan reynolds have to work together,to steal these cleopatra eggs and so you,know its the thief movie its thieves,working with thieves and fbi agents,working with thieves to outsmart the,bigger thieves its total 90s,thief schlock thats actually a pretty,good time i mean it has its flaws,absolutely ill talk about as many of,them as i can but the rock and ryan,reynolds they work i feel like ryan,reynolds is getting to where i had,family members in the 90s who were like,okay im kind of over jim carrey movies,but i was still on the train like no i,still love jim carrey when an actor is,essentially the same character and,everything he starts wearing thin on,people and ryan reynolds is,exactly what you think hes going to be,in this movie you cant hurt that was me,i got that on etsy that said the,contrast between him and the rock the,rock being super big mr stoick and ryan,reynolds being in every sense of the,word the exact opposite they work,together and it entertains me it always,entertains me when ryan reynolds,character is just annoying the out,of someone i mean granted hed probably,annoy me if i just wanted to get the job,done and hes just talking like if,i were in the room trying to do the job,yeah,i empathize that said in the capacity of,sitting half naked on my couch in my,robe watching a netflix movie completely,works for me,it sounded a bit differently in my head,than it came out if i dont edit that,out,i just figured you should know,and yeah at a point in watching this,movie i was like this is the 90s movie,that youre not youre supposed to take,it about as seriously as you take 90s,movies although in the world of,emulation emulation in any form whether,it be video games or,genre and decades its never perfectly,replicated this movie has a lot more,conveniences i mean 90s movies had,conveniences maybe its my rose-colored,goggles it has a lot of conveniences and,mcguffins to the point where they,actually use ryan reynolds to just kind,of deflect from it theres a scene where,theyre looking in a room full of boxes,and ryan reynolds even makes a comment,hes like just look for the box that,says macguffin that was like,smooth deflection a little on the nose,but yeah but dont think i dont see,that and dont think the audience,doesnt either because thats exactly,what it is is a deflection but in a,simple way of entertainment flaws aside,it absolutely did its job its like,everything 90s vomited on screen or,netflix for your enjoyment i would be,hard-pressed to find a movie that has,more conveniences than this movie has if,that bothers you look you know you more,than i know you if you need everything,to line up and you see a movie thats,trying to be too convoluted as a movie,thats trying to hide its flaws its,flaws and conveniences that is you need,a movie like this you need a super,master thief movie to be the most,cleverly written and directed film known,to man youre not gonna like it its as,simple as that i just cant break it,down more than that but i love me a,solid throwback and for me i was like,whoa its like 1999 all over again and i,was actually having a good time with the,movie the movie was a fun thief,adventure it asks too much of its,audience sometimes but if youre able to,just sit back and be like yeah that was,done but hey fun ride i think,youll enjoy it especially if you have,netflix not like you have to leave the,house that kind of that goes into it for,me that goes into part of the experience,if you have to leave the house and pay,15 bucks a ticket or whatever that,really does go into whether or not its,like how much did i enjoy this i mean,lets be honest paying 15 bucks a ticket,to sit in an uncomfortable movie theater,chair some of them have the recliners i,know but not all of them just sitting in,this chair you got someone using their,phone down there in the front row you,got someone talking behind you or you,get to lounge around in your couch,watching a netflix movie vacuuming corn,flakes off your chest like your uncle,buck or some one of those two,scenarios just sounds more comfortable,it makes me be more lenient on movies,honestly i had a fun time with it no,alcohol required heres the real bat in,this movie you have thieves treasure,hunting takes you all across the globe,whats the over under this is a more,enjoyable uncharted movie than the,actual uncharted movies going to be,so red notice have you seen it what did,you think about it whatever you thought,comment below let me know and as always,if you like what youve seen here and,you want to see more click right here to,see more,[Music],you

Red Notice Review

somewhere theres a very nude cow,whispering worth it,[Applause],[Music],on paper red notice reads like a,no-brainer crowd pleaser ross and,marshall thurber directs a-list trifecta,dwayne johnson ryan reynolds and gal,gadot in a slick action adventure romp,its got everything you need for the,proverbial good soup of movie making but,unfortunately red notice just takes,sequences from far better films and,mushes them all together into some bad,goulash,by biogen john hartley it starts well,enough with an engaging opening that,sets up the mcguffins of the film which,are the three ornate eggs that mark,anthony supposedly gifted cleopatra on,their wedding day two were recovered,with one in a museum in rome and the,other in the private collection of a,wealthy arms dealer while the third,exists only in rumor the rome-based egg,is targeted for thievery on the black,market which spurs johnsons fbi special,profiler and art specialist john hartley,to confirm that its still secure it is,not because famed art thief nolan booth,played by reynolds has already absconded,with the priceless piece the other,player in this quest is gadas sarah,black a slinky art thief who makes it,her lifes work to be just one step,ahead of both hartley and booth as shes,pursuing the eggs for a buyer willing to,pay 300 million dollars for their,collection and delivery in the first act,thurber teases with a breezy and well,choreographed museum escape that hes,going to subvert the big loud set pieces,expected in these kinds of films with,something different and then he doesnt,deliver the more globetrotting chases we,see the less each scenario feels,original or fresh several action,sequences are framed like first person,video games with the camera putting us,inside the action but its not,exhilarating or innovative it just feels,gimmicky theres also a pair of pretty,distracting suspensions of disbelief,required first that reynolds could hold,his own with johnson in a fistfight and,secondly that johnson and gadots,characters wouldnt gag reynolds with a,sock by the second act booth is a test,to the nerves with his constant terrible,running commentary of comebacks and,snarkery about everything yes its,reynoldss signature schtick but in red,notice he operates like an obnoxious,talking doll with a broken pull string,and we all know he can do better when,the material allows it additionally,theres no real antagonist of note to,hang the stakes on and thats because,thurber is more interested in,maintaining the moral liquidity of all,the characters its just an endless race,from museums to russian prisons to,bullfighting rings and jungles which all,blur together as we wait for the leads,to double cross each other because,thats all the whole movie keeps giving,us plus by the second and third act,every set piece feels derivative from,another movie from oceans 11 to,national treasure to dirty rotten,scoundrels its a shame because this,talented cast is clearly up for doing,something different gadot when she,appears seems to be having a ton of fun,reynolds is more than capable of not,coming across like a human blooper reel,but thats all hes asked to do here and,johnson does his best to bring a,competent hotness to hartley so hes not,just the muscle which makes him the mvp,but the dialogue and strange forced,bromance that booth demands of hartley,even if its a joke is tiring and not as,engaging as the filmmakers think it is,hows it going with your partner in,crime,red notice starts with a lot of,energetic potential but then devolves,into a pastiche of other better films of,the three megastar leads dwayne johnson,acquits himself the best to committing,to his fbi profiler as more of a brainy,hero rather than just braun and it works,reynolds exists as a quip machine who,gets tiresome quick while gadot feels,like shes barely in it while this may,be positioned as a new franchise theres,nothing here that sets up any urgency or,excitement to go on more adventures with,this trio,are you not,entertained more action movies check out,what we thought of eternals and the,harder they fall and for everything else,stick with,[Music],ign you

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nolan đã tranh thủ trộm được thành,viên bên ngoài canh ngục năng nhận tin,báo hai người đã lấy chạy đến mức tưởng,giá hôm trước Donal rút ra của mình đã,đặt hôm trước mức thường niên ầm ầm sụp,xuống hai người trèo ra ngoài đi men,theo vách đá bên trong quân đội cũng đã,phá cửa gửi đến nhưng bên ngoài đã không,còn bóng dáng phạm nhân vì cả hai đã đi,đến bên này bức tường nolan đạp chân,Suýt thì hết phim May mà được luôn giữ,lại hai người trèo qua bên này đánh mặt,một tên lính dân lấy súng chặn hậu trong,kirin chạy đến chỗ trực thăng giá hot,boy 15 Tuyết chọn Nhã phi công ném anh,ta xuống dưới đằng này lĩnh ngày càng,đông còn súng của rô lại hết đạn Anh kéo,một tên vào để lấy súng bắn hạ cửa xuống,Anh chạy đi nhưng Bị một tên bắn tên lửa,làm sập cầu dân Suýt thì rơi xuống dưới,may mắn nắm được sợi dây mà bên trong,quân đội cũng đã mở được cửa lao ra xả,súng vào trực thăng noland quay đều vắng,trả sau đó tính một mình rời đi run kịp,thời trèo lên phóng vào trong hai người,còn những cái vào một

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Red Notice – Safe, Disposable, Forgettable Entertainment

you know there was a time when releasing,a movie straight to netflix basically,meant youd produced some low budget,piece of forgettable trash with dodgy,special effects a badly written script,and a cast of nobodies nowadays though,we get to experience big budget pieces,of forgettable trash with dodgy special,effects badly written scripts and a cast,of big name actors out to collect an,easy paycheck truly what a time to be,alive case in point red notice an action,comedy adventure prison break heist,movie about a bunch of wisecracking art,thieves who constantly [ __ ] each other,over in their search for a lost relic,but for some reason end up totally chill,with each other by the time the credits,roll and if that all sounds like a film,trying to straddle just about every,lucrative genre imaginable then well,thats the magic of movies folks red,notice stars ryan reynolds gal gadot and,the rock i mean i assume they have,character names in this movie but since,theyre basically all playing themselves,anyway im just gonna make things easier,and call them by their real names anyway,the gist here is that ryan reynolds is a,notorious international art thief whos,wanted by interpol the fbi and pretty,much every other law enforcement agency,known to man insert the rock who leads a,sting operation in rome to stop him,stealing a priceless jeweled egg that,once belonged to cleopatra the sting,operation fails but eventually theyre,able to track him to his home on a,tropical island and recover the egg,unfortunately though gal gadot sweeps in,and swaps the egg for a forgery framing,the rock for the whole thing before you,know it he and ryan reynolds are sharing,a cell together in a siberian prison,where they learn that the egg from rome,is actually one of three that gal gadot,is now working to recover so the race is,on to escape the prison and find the,other two eggs before she does so the,rock can clear his name and ryan,reynolds can get some payback cue,improbable action sequences double,crosses glamorous locations hidden nazi,treasure and patented mcu style,inoffensive banter if i had to describe,red notice in one word my word would be,[ __ ],safe its the kind of film that plays to,well-worn tropes and ideas that have,been tried and tested elsewhere theres,a bit of raiders of the lost ark a touch,of oceans eleven and a dash of mission,impossible thrown in for good measure,its all perfectly fine and,crowd-pleasing stuff that general,audiences are sure to like and think,[ __ ] its mostly just concerned with,having fun rather than trying to push,the message the problem though is that,instead of creating a unique and,interesting new story in its own right,the plot for red notice feels more like,a scaffolding built around a very,specific series of requirements we need,colorful exotic locations for our,characters to visit and a reason for,them to be there so the plot revolves,around the hunt for three ancient,artifacts which just so happen to be,housed in impossibly glamorous and,beautiful places like theyre never,stored in some dreary local museum in,some generic city that nobody would ever,want to visit like aberdeen we need a,house sequence so our characters can do,the whole talk through concealed radios,while infiltrating a high-end cocktail,party and covertly gathering all the,items they need routine and we need a,fast-paced action sequence with lots of,shooting and explosions where our main,men have to escape from a high security,prison like i say its all stuff that,weve seen in other movies and its all,breezily rushed through here because,there isnt really time to give it the,development it needs and because its a,modern day movie theres a few,half-hearted attempts to subvert your,expectations with mixed results i mean,it did kind of make me laugh when the,rock commandeers a high-end sports car,to pursue a fleeing subject and this,happens,but then youve got stuff like,cleopatras eggs the driving force,behind the entire movie why is everyone,willing to risk their lives for these,things because some rich guy wants them,for his daughters wedding i mean okay,sure i guess like if this was a,different movie they probably fall into,the hands of some doomsday cult that,wants to use them to bring about the end,of the world or something but oh look,theyre just a wedding gift for some,entitled brat thats more excited by ed,sheeran than priceless artifacts,[Laughter],are you serious arent we clever and,subversive the fact that ryan reynolds,literally refers to them as mcguffins,really hammers home the point with all,the subtlety of a sledgehammer shaped,like ted dansons forehead i get that,this is a light-hearted adventure film,that doesnt take itself too seriously,but damn it would have been nice to feel,like there was at least something at,stake here also and ill just come out,and say it the actual plot at the heart,of this movie is [ __ ] baffling now,this is where i get into spoiler,territory so if you dont want to know,what happens you should probably bail,now as we find out in the finale of the,movie the rock was secretly working with,gal gadot this whole time to manipulate,ryan reynolds into revealing the,location of the third egg since hes the,only person who knows where it might be,fair enough nice little twist youve got,there but once you actually start to,think about all the [ __ ] that led up to,it you realize it doesnt make an ounce,of [ __ ] sense so their devious plan,begins with the rock posing as an fbi,agent to apprehend reynolds while he,steals one of the eggs in rome but when,he escapes the rock shows up to his,house with an interpol strike team to,arrest him thus getting him sent to,prison in siberia at no point do any of,these people think to question the,rocks credentials or verify who he,actually is he just walks right in and,takes command like he owns the [ __ ],place also if you know where ryan,reynolds lives then why go to the,trouble of trying to capture him in rome,doesnt that risk lots of innocent,people getting killed in the crossfire,anyway gal gadot then sneaks in posing,as a swat team member steals the real,egg replaces it with a fake one and,frames the rock for the theft so that he,can get sent to prison along with,reynolds again nobody at interpol,questions any aspect of this development,one fake phone call is literally enough,to convince them that hes dirty and to,send him away for life without trial,because apparently thats a thing you,can totally do its also pretty lucky,that he happens to end up at the exact,same facility where ryan reynolds is,being held like if theyd chosen to send,him to guantanamo bay or adx florence or,literally any of the thousands of other,high security facilities around the,world then their plan would have been,completely [ __ ] also its kind of a,shame that they couldnt have done this,on alcatraz because then we could have,finally seen the rock versus the rock,welcome to the rock youre welcome,anyway the boys then joined forces and,escaped the prison together which kind,of makes me wonder what would have,happened if ryan reynolds had told the,rock to go [ __ ] himself or what if one,or both of them had gotten killed during,the escape attempt that would have been,pretty awkward i mean it looks pretty,[ __ ] dangerous to me also were the,prison guards in on this plan because it,really seems like a lot of them must,have got killed or injured during the,escape not to mention the millions of,dollars worth of equipment that got,destroyed or stolen anyway they make it,to valencia just in time to infiltrate,an arms dealers masquerade ball where,they sneak into his vault and fight gal,gadot before she reveals that shes been,working with him the whole time wait,what so why go to the trouble of,fighting them and destroying the,priceless artifacts in the vault when,you could summon security at literally,any time to apprehend them why take the,chance that ryan reynolds might actually,kill or severely injure you i mean he,se

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save big on the hottest games exclusive,bundles and more this winter with,fanatical,[Music],from the studio turning formulate movies,into a literal formula comes the average,of every Blockbuster youve ever watched,with Stars playing the average of every,character theyve ever played that feels,like the average of every meal you ate,from the microwave because anything else,was too much effort,red notice smash that back button or red,notice will auto play whether you wanted,to or not because Netflix is betting,youll at least half watch these,a-listers even if theyre doing,Craigslist level material in an action,comedy calculated to lock a global,audience to their couch and drain them,of the will to reach for the remote full,of sexy people occasional action and,humor dumbed down to the universal,language of mugging,theres no bunker there,or when all else fails just naming apps,people have heard of,etsy kind of like Alexa but with guns,she sent me the only place on Earth that,actually is worse than her Instagram,account yeah venmo doordash Tick Tock am,I right fellow children,prepare to see the rock where hes never,been before,no not the jungle I mean come on might,as well be in his contract at this point,I mean the personal space of a female,co-star watch the sexual Charisma,trickle off the screen as The Rock,transforms into basically himself but,this time hes part of the FBIs,something something made up doves,Department dont have of the FBIs,behavioral analysis unit hes a,Consulting profiler who specializes in,art crime sure study agent Hartleys,every move because there may be more to,this archive than meets the eye I called,up the assistant director of the BAU at,Quantico shed never heard of you I know,how confidence scheme works trust me,its a pretty damn good thief for his,first time hmm why are you shooting at,them I thought you were on their side ah,such a clever disguise just a few more,hints the data says one subscriber in,Guam doesnt see it coming yet youre,not a call,youre right or not youre right Im the,bad guy okay hes got it deploy The,Twist yeah were both the bishop gasp,what would Ryan Reynolds be without,Deadpool this guy the thief with the,teeth shines as another anti-hero who,sprays rapid fire jokes at you until one,of them hits two birds one egg its kind,of a layup even post Malone gets it this,is Farm to Table Right and never met a,fourth wall he couldnt break dress up,in matching black pajamas and sneak past,the featured extras and into the bedroom,its called foreshadowing for a box that,says McGuffin I love the money thrill as,The Talented Mr Reynolds pulls off the,heist of the century get paid to do a,movie then use it to promote his Gin,Company because if they sell enough,bottles he gets like half a billion,dollars dude you got 20 million for this,movie alone is that really necessary,these people are horrible but I like,money so fair Gal Gadot returns for the,second most ill-advised singing of her,career,shes the bishop and art Thief with the,superpower to be everywhere all the time,let me save you the trouble your,entrances are and while she,could use her powers to just Rob no one,after hes found what shes looking for,this plunder woman and her BFF have 24,unnecessary steps to check off before,that happens,okay lets see here check,well you got to do that one okay I guess,that that definitely seems like it,should be important but its not,maybe they didnt want the money all,along and this was just the easiest way,to get Ed Sheeran tickets,that was so iconic iconomy its bad,right thrill at three art thieves who,clearly dont give a about art or,antiquities while they play a cat and,mouse game with Interpol an organization,who cant do jack besides dramatically,burst into a room,oh,[Music],and arms dealer whose voji sounds like,he who should not be named is that so,and the real villains of the film bad,dads my father was a prolific ass my dad,was a crook on my 13th birthday he,didnt show up my mom and I never saw,him again I know it sounds like a tough,childhood but my father made me who I am,today his Dad tried to strangle him when,he was 14. yep they definitely owe the,MCU a royalty check on this one also the,dceu also Indiana Jones,foreign,[Music],hours what does the map say,[Music],going in circles,are you suggesting that Im reading the,map wrong the map is also upside down,rank that playback speed up to 1.25 and,settle in for the movie equivalent of a,Masha parody t-shirt thats not the,complete disaster critics are making it,out to be just a series of images in the,vague shape of a movie and sounds in the,shape of jokes that will drift into the,same memory hole where all Netflix,originals live never to be thought of or,discussed ever again until red notice 2,autoplays at the end how the Great,British Bake Off,really,storing Paul Ballard talk up Hamburglar,mean gals Goss a cop egg Sheeran nobody,expects the Spanish Exposition Yep looks,ancient Egyptian to me hmm forbidden,omelette,[Music],five second rule and planarama ding dong,this is a plan but whats the plan,theyre the most important part of any,plant is a good nights sleep from the,actual plan part the most important part,of the plan step two plan ahead your,last brilliant plan had some kinks in it,whats a plant son of a thats not,part of the plan thats strange is that,your plan agents hardly I love this plan,you know the kind of thing Im into is a,good plan a smart plan the opposite of,this too many Crooks,so if the rock is also the bishop that,means Gal Gadot doesnt even have her,own character name thats a nice,save big on the hottest games exclusive,bundles and more this winter with,fanatical,how can Ant-Man breathe if hes smaller,than oxygen atoms whatever boats your,float,isopropane and propane accessories,glossy night froms vexed Jack Q

Everything Wrong With Red Notice In 18 Minutes Or Less

did you know that we create monthly,exclusive videos for our sitting club,members bonus outtakes I dont know,Peter meth is a hell of a drug extra,sins videos strange things are a foot at,the Circle K and even member chosen sin,commentaries I love this I love this,this kind of uh of a sin because its,just its so silly pick our next video,and see the exclusives at patreon.com,cinemasense or click the link in the,description below Spider-Man is not a,parade you do not need to stop traffic,for Spanish,foreign,[Music],[Applause],[Music],not being willing to spend ten dollars,on your logo also 42 seconds of opening,credits I dont care if its the answer,to life the universe and everything its,all together too many wasted seconds,starting your Indiana Jones ripoff with,the desert cliche not to be confused,with starting your meal with the dessert,cliche the mystery of Cleopatras third,egg near ovulation Mark Anthony,presented Cleopatra with three Bejeweled,eggs the game Bejeweled wasnt invented,until 2001 and honestly I dont even,think they had computers in Cleopatras,time do a little research movie,will we ever see the day in which all,three eggs are reunited For the First,Time movie thinks that turning this,narration to docus Position will make,me erase my narration sin movie is about,to get a lesson in what happens when you,Dogpile expositional tactics also the,silver is making this egg just watching,this documentary on repeat I think once,youve reached that actual construction,part youd be done with any peripheral,research can you imagine if I waited,until I watched these movies to research,the sins,research 3D printing blowtorching,smelting excitement putting the caramel,filling outside the egg Cadbury is gonna,fire you so fast will noticing red note,denote Readiness to read notice of red,notices red notice no just reading robe,these cars put civilian lives in danger,by blowing through a crowded,intersection and driving this fast down,a crowded bridge and then when they,arrive they exit the vehicle all chill,like theyre walking the red carpet at,the Oscars thus ends the only time in,recorded history this movie was,mentioned in the same breath as the,Oscars youre not a call,youre right or not have they just sat,in silenced the entire ride over here,why did the car exiting and collar,popping prompt this line of questioning,you need to shut the museum down,evacuate your visitors and see a little,Ingress and egress points immediately an,Interpol is the authority to compel me,to do so of course shes gonna say yes,to this shes hardly a reliable source,of information this is like catching the,child youre sitting shoving crayons,into the power outlets and asking them,if their parents gave them permission to,do so dont test me director she either,has the authority to do this or she,doesnt and if she does sharing that,proof well get this over with a lot,quicker than this dont test me dick,measuring BS you dont look like a,profiler yeah I get that a lot profiler,profiling also thank God the movie,addresses the fact that Dwayne Johnson,has huge muscles not sure I would have,been able to stay fully invested in this,adventure without that very important,acknowledgment now if youll excuse me,inspector I believe if I owe your,supervisor to call for what what are you,gonna tell them that Dawes has been,doing her job and that you apologize for,being a needlessly obstructive,show it to me,sure Mr guy we just met and have shown,immediate strong distrust up heres our,security tablet just take a gander and,let us know if you need anything else,also having the security tablet,available with the thermal scans already,pulled up that egg should be reflecting,the heat in this room should be red not,blue,its probably just an error in the,thermal sensor you dude you know,that is some BS what are the odds that,an error that specific turns up during a,suspected theft also isnt a faulty,thermal sensor even more worrying this,product placement is very confusing,because I cant decide if its for Coke,or Pepsi I feel like its Pepsi,thats it you dont say the only,reason that the rock stops at these bars,is because the script needs them to,there will be many cases throughout the,rest of this movie that he will show,athletic prowess far beyond the simple,idea of doing a pull-up and Swinging his,legs through here the dude jumped from a,crane into a building 50 feet away on a,prosthetic leg for Petes sake pointing,out your own directions to yourself on,your conveniently appearing map I am not,sure if its more silly that there is a,single pin that causes this entire,scaffolding to scaffold down or let it,waited a few seconds for Deadpool to get,out of the way first somewhere theres a,very nude cow Whispering or,thinking skinning something makes it,nude instead of dead theyre uncanny,valley CG stunt doubles survive this,thinking your clip-on tie is worth the,same as a Honda motorbike probably get,three of those bikes for that time,also 56 hours later are you kidding me,right now you couldnt just say two days,later especially considering theres a,seven hour time difference and we had no,idea what time the Great Escape was even,happening and now you want me to have to,figure out how many times 24 goes up to,56 instead of enjoying that beautiful,Bali sunrise or sunset or whatever the,time of day it is you movie in the,long division you wrote In On Believing,this boat can hold more than two people,good thing these guys are timing your,raid to a softly spoken witty one-liner,or even a non-witty one in this case,given your Escape history what are you,six for six now yep one more I get a,Shawshank jacket I really dont want to,take a sin off for this terrible movie,but Ryan Reynolds is freaking Charming,as hell damn it Im holding my nose and,doing this but dont expect it again,disturbation Im not done yet Im just,getting to the good part is it another,30 seconds of force Exposition please,tell me its another 30 seconds of,forced Exposition we eventually learned,that Hartley is working with Bishop so,whats up with this double take here,whos he trying to convince other than,the audience who he should certainly not,know is watching I guess I wont be,needing this anymore room also fun,theyre random our advancements are,going to be a running gag well you,screwed up this time movie its seven,hours earlier in Rome than Bali so 32,hours later would only actually be 25,hours later on the clock theres no fun,way this is the same time of day as this,but then I asked myself how well do you,really know someone you only met 72,hours ago I believe you mean 858 hours,ago boom you played yourself movie so I,called up the assistant director of the,BAU at Quantico really nice lady shed,never heard of you you only did this,after you handed him the Priceless egg,for safekeeping I think this is kind of,on you Interpol person character quite a,coincidence wouldnt you say agent this,is the second time Interpol has stormed,in with guns on command and this time,Ill just send that Interpol isnt even,a police force they just advise police,forces also dont have guns see thats,the problem with destroying and leaving,behind evidence as an unnecessary,flourish you missed the obvious clue,that the thief Left Behind as a calling,card happens every time Russia also,Russia is 17 million square miles youre,barely narrowing it down from just,saying Earth I swear if one of these,cells is holding Harley Quinn penguin or,the goddamn joke or Im gonna lose my,freaking this bread is in a cup I know,all about this guy good I was starting,to worry the movie was done with these,long boring expositional vomit fests,glad the tradition continues Dr,shirtless has in his possession wait is,one guy no girl and no pizza place,somehow watching his own nearest,positional flashback if you plenty,like that again why would he need to,pull it again The Rocks out of the bag,now and everyone knows hes a cop what,else can Booth do tell everyone Hartley,enjoys wear

Red Notice — The Curse of the Consumable Movie | Anatomy Of A Failure

this video brought to you by keeps right,now 50 off with the link below,most of the film was shot in atlanta but,was based on san angelos and rome,dolomites in italy shooting a globe,trotting action adventure in atlanta was,not easy but we managed to pull it off,[Music],red notice is a new netflix action heist,blockbuster where super thief ryan,reynolds has to join forces with fbi,agent iraq to take down super thief,calcutta before she can find and steal,cleopatras 3x a blockbuster that became,netflixs biggest feature thus far,and the reason im telling you all this,is because in case its been more than,10 minutes since you saw it odds are you,have no recollection of it yeah so red,notice is one of those weird movies,where despite its massive success it has,absolutely nothing to leave a mark with,everything about it feels so generic and,uninspired and by the numbers that its,almost like its not made to be,experienced as much as it is meant to be,consumed just put it on in the,background until the credits roll and,then never talk or think about it again,and looking at all the things it offers,that is very intriguingly strange,because the movie is designed to be two,hours of good time it features multiple,biggest movie stars of today i mean its,a 200 million dollar blockbuster that,takes the audience on expensive,sequences all around the world so how,can all that possibly carry less of a,lasting cultural impact than a girl,dancing on tick-tock for 10 seconds,well the answer as per usual lies within,a staple of successful modern,blockbusters the inventor of triple p,filmmaking michael bay,see the best way to describe rat notice,is that its basically a michael bay,movie made by someone who isnt the,michael bay and doesnt have a distinct,personality like michael bay and whether,that makes the movie better or worse is,up to you but the point is that theres,nothing here to latch on to nothing to,love or hate michael bay and his movies,leave in peoples heads rent free,whereas the only feeling red notice,generates is indifference like a,cinematic equivalent of bread its,consumed by millions of people around,the globe but its bread like what is,there to say and so today what i thought,would be interesting and useful to do is,to look closer at the key things that,red notice offers its good time and big,stars and its massive blockbuster nature,and identify why all of them ultimately,fail to amount to anything,heres what to avoid if you dont want,your mega successful movie to be a,generic meh that gets consumed and then,forgotten,[Music],the first genericness issue here is that,this movie is such a fun good time that,it becomes a two-hour long tonal,flatline in both plot and characters on,the plot side of this look at the events,and obstacles and youll notice that,they always play out with the exact same,light-hearted tone when ron reynolds,escapes museum authorities in the,beginning theres no real sense of,stakes or threat for either side its,just a fun big scale game of tag theres,a front foot chase though right lots of,twists and turns hi jinx when gal gadot,tortures the rock to get answers from,reynolds theres no real ominous,intimidation involved its just the guys,having a bit of a laugh because torture,is fun gets him to talk,why is your shirt off why is his shirt,off,sometimes,when reynolds and rock end up in a bull,fight they dont really have to fight to,survive or anything they just make some,fun references,oh my god it was jurassic park and then,get hit by the bull once and just leave,when at the end theres a big firefight,with officials no person ever gets hit,by a single bullet because real physical,harm isnt fun overall no matter how,serious things and obstacles by nature,get theyre always forcibly portrayed in,the most amusing casual light like when,the rock ends up in a russian gulag and,then gets outed as a cop by reynolds,felicia,not a cop profiler for the fbi how does,that play out do we actually get to fear,for his safety to the point where if he,doesnt watch his back and get out there,soon hes not gonna get out alive at all,no all that happens is that one prisoner,comes up to knock the rock down and then,thats it nobody pays any attention to,either of them ever again because you,know actually fearing for the heros,ability to make it through the obstacles,ahead thats no fun youre stepping over,a line now youre stepping over line you,know you are,same thing on the character side like,with character goals which are about as,deep as youll find in a bad episode of,peppa pig ryan reynoldss main goal is,to be the number one thief in the world,to get back at a strict dead my dad,thought i stole his watch he didnt,speak to me again after that and not,only never appears on screen but also,apparently isnt even alive anymore the,rocks main goal is to prove his,innocence and get his life back help me,catch the bishop its the only chance i,have to give my life without any,explanation as to what is the life hes,trying to get back gal gadots main goal,is to get more money because thats what,super thieves do i guess look we need a,new score now anyway why,we need a new squad,overall we dont really get serious,emotional attachments as much as we get,superficial excuses to go on this fun,adventure to the point where the big bad,thing that happens if we fail is that,the mcguffins will be sold to be a,wedding gift for a girl like oh no we,really gotta stop that from happening or,oh never mind now she doesnt even care,because ed sheeran is there ed sheeran,who knew,god hes so cute it all kind of reminds,me of when thanos got the stones in,infinity war but then lost all interest,when he saw adele nearby that also made,that movie a bit less of a serious drag,this also affects the feelings that the,characters portray to the point where,whenever someone even tries to express,something a bit gloomier he never,apologized he just uh,just looked at that he said its,immediately deflated into a joke,i mean look at the ending twist where it,turns out that the rock was actually,conning ryan reynolds the whole time,which honestly is quite a big shock,because everything else before it has,been so generic this whole time you were,working for her not for with,like partners yeah were both the bishop,so essentially reynolds in this movie,learns to open up to another person for,the first time in decades and then,ultimately gets betrayed by him which is,a perfect opportunity to finally do,something a bit more serious but then,what actually happens well reynolds,finds them and makes some fun jokes and,then says they should work together and,then they do thats it because people,working together is much more fun than,them having actual issues with each,other i always appreciate a quality,double cross super fun time guys what a,beautiful thing because maybe one day,itll be like that making a fun movie is,fine but it cannot be only that movies,are meant to be roller coasters even in,michael bays super wacky work youll,find situations that seem truly bad,youll find characters expressing real,negative feelings because if your entire,film from start to finish is exclusively,fun its just gonna vanish into its own,flat line,the second generic issue here is that,this movie doesnt really have actors,playing characters as much as it has,characters being taken over by,personalities to introduce what i mean,this look at the main hero villain,characters here and you might notice,some familiarities ryan reynolds is a,lovable rascal who has a weed equipped,for every situation whered you get that,jacket somewhere theres a very nude cow,whispering worth it the rock is a hard,no-nonsense exterior with a sweet kinda,superior-ish inside did you just choose,me over the egg no well it kinda looks,like you did you went running in there,to rescue me gal gadot is an exotic,femme fatale whos always smarter and,tougher than the powerful men around her,so yeah the characters here at their,core are the exact same t

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