1. Redeeming Love – Movie Review
  2. Should Christians Watch Redeeming Love?- Movie Review
  4. 5 Things I Learned About Women After Watching Redeeming Love
  5. Redeeming Love – Christian Movie Review
  6. A Religious Farmer Fell in Love with a Prostitute and Must Face the Harsh Realities of Their Love
  7. Why Redeeming Love Makes me SAD for the Christian Community & What We Can Learn from This

Redeeming Love – Movie Review

what is happening at movie theaters this,weekend you have got to see both the,kings daughter and redeeming love if,you cherish bad movies because this here,movie is somehow like every type of,movie i featured on the cinema snob put,into one film it is the mixture of,faith-based movies and complete trash,cinema that i had no idea i needed in my,life how how in gods name am i watching,this movie thats like an 80s bo derek,movie made to bust in audience members,from my grandmas church in the film,michael is a christian rancher who sees,the prostitute angel and its love at,first sight no seriously he just sees,her walking in slow motion and instantly,falls in love he says to his friend god,said hed send me an angel yet shes a,prostitute oh the lord sure does have a,sense of humor oh and shes the most,popular hooker in the town by the way no,joke there was a giant crowd lined up,outside to be with her and the madam is,like sorry boys shes all worn out for,today and the crowd goes,they actually pick who gets to spend the,night with her based on a lottery shes,that good and yet michaels scenes have,him ranching with country music playing,like im watching power of the dog if it,were produced by roma downey which roma,downey did produce this movie the scenes,with michael and angel are bizarre,because he keeps buying time with her,just so he can keep asking her to marry,him they hardly have any conversations,beyond that she tries to sleep with him,he doesnt want to and keeps insisting,that they get married then she does say,yes when shes bruised up from getting,the beaten out of her by the,bouncer so michael hauls her back to the,ranch by just putting her in the back of,a wagon this is like old-fashioned if it,kept turning into dead wood why i would,say that michael is kind of creepy but i,mean i guess hes the best one here,everyone else in this movie is a rapist,or a child molester and you know that,angel is the good hooker because all the,other girls drink brandy while angel,drinks tall glasses of milk the tone of,this movie is all over the place like,canon films decided to make a religious,movie how am i watching a movie with,several hooker beatings and the younger,version of angel is the kid from tulsa,the movie gets so crazy that in the,third act i had forgotten about the part,where she grows up and bangs her own dad,without him knowing who she is and then,when he finds out he blows his brains,out this is a movie where you have,extended sequences of michael talking to,his bible waiting to get advice from,jesus and then another scene has angel,vomiting from giving his brother-in-law,a played by logan marshall green,from upgrade this thing is sold like,its a nicholas sparks movie to woo in,the audience for i can only imagine yet,brace yourself for several scenes of,rape incest and child molestation and,this is a pg-13 how is any of this,material a pg-13,it is cartoonishly pg-13 too like when,shes topless and her hair is,strategically placed over her breasts it,goes into austin powers territory with,how many different ways they try,covering up the nudity the chemistry,between the two leads is odd too,sometimes they work well together like,when theyre chopping wood or having fun,but usually they have to say lines like,i didnt know the power of a sunset till,i met you or when theyre talking about,their demons and he says i know about,demons my daddy used to own slaves it,was one of them slaves that taught me,about christianity i thanked him by,setting him free my daddy was so mad he,wanted to teach me the power of,ownership so he sent me a slave girl to,sleep with me but i said no,and that actually comes back into the,movie later where the person hes,talking about miraculously shows up at,the right place at the right time to,help save kidnapped eight-year-olds from,being abused by eric dane seriously,there is a part where the duke played by,eric dane is on stage some kids escape,and run out into the crowd and a crowd,member is like oh my god theyre right,he does have eight-year-olds i have no,idea how to grade this movie tonally,its a mess its like im watching,heavens gate made for country music,television you have one part of the,movie thats so faith-based that when,our lead punches his brother-in-law in,the face he then consoles him and says,you need to get back to church and then,later someone will get pinned down by,your pimp and forced to get an abortion,like the kings daughter its a d in a,lot of ways but a b-plus for,entertainment we need more of these,religious movies that fully embrace,their inner exploitation movie cinema my,god theres a lot of material in this,movie if you go see any of these movies,this weekend youll have the time of,your life well those are fun to talk,about im sure next week will be more,realistic thats when i see the roland,emmerich movie alright subscribe to our,channel today and follow us on twitter,at the cinema snob and well see you,next time,[Music],you

Should Christians Watch Redeeming Love?- Movie Review

whats up guys how you doing im paul,im morgan and todays video should,christians watch the new redeeming love,movie we doing a movie reaction up in,here,yeah morgan she some of you guys might,just get angry right off the bat morgan,went and saw this movie last night well,yes i did it was for review purposes,only for educational search purposes,only research purposes there was no,entertainment that she,was excited about thats right,but no she went and saw it guys listen,as we get going with,whether or not christians should go see,this,is it too steamy too erotic or no like,there was,lots of good stuff in this film,christian should go see it were gonna,get into that in just a moment i got,notes,as usual but notes,morgan has notes up here as usual um,yeah as we get into this i i ask that,if you are coming on this video,really feeling strongly one way or the,other totally fine but i ask that you,would just,humble yourself in the sight of the,humble yourself in the sight of the lord,remember that song from the 90s no oh,just,lower your guard a little bit so that we,can have a little bit more of a,constructive conversation yeah lets,have a real combo you guys lets not get,cray-cray up in here lets not get,cray-cray up in here its already,cray-cray ive been here with my nausea,okay,im glad youre here baby im glad,youre here with us well me too i mean,im the one who saw the movie so itd be,weird if it was just you,i saw the trailer,[Laughter],theres been lots of discussion um but,yeah as we get into it morgan,subscribe to this youtube channel we,just hit a hundred and fifty thousand,subscribers you guys this could be,titled 150 000 subscriber celebration it,could be slash redeeming love but its,not gonna be,but thank you all to,all of you who have subscribed if you,havent just go ahead and hit that,little button its okay dont be afraid,we make videos on culture and social,issues from a christian perspective to,help you have hope and be free i just,saw that yasmina hopkins left a,super chat thank you yasmina you said,little gift for baby god bless you guys,thank you thats really sweet and we,appreciate that,all right and also i just hopped on,patreon we have,292 patrons guys on the road to 300,where were gonna go live for 12 hours,on youtube if youre not a patron you,want to go deeper with us we do patron,only podcasts and,zoom calls and whatnot,please consider doing it it is literally,the way were able to do this youtube,channel you guys are the reason that,were here doing what were doing so hop,on patreon link is below lets get to,300 patrons all right,morgan,i am sitting on my phone,were getting were on the topic all,right okay of redeeming love im sitting,on my phone and i see first my first,kind of thing i see is,some content creators im im not gonna,mention names right now some christian,content creators make a post,advertising for redeeming love saying,guys,this book was so impactful,you guys know about this movie right,like,francine rivers the author wrote a book,20-ish years ago called redeeming love,loosely based off of the bible story,of hosea and gomer its a gritty,intense intense heavy,sexual,story in the bible,there i mean just spoiler alert,you guys,you guys read through the bible,particularly the old testament the old,testament,it gets gritty it gets sexual sometimes,it gets,heavy,thats just the reality of it this story,got turned into a book,and then,as of like a week ago is when this movie,dropped,friday i think thursday or friday,got turned into a movie pg-13,francine rivers i believe had a good,amount of say in the movie but it was,produced by a secular,studio and whatnot so there you go,and that brings us to where we are today,i see christian influencers they post,about it advertising for the movie that,was my first thing and im like oh cool,yeah i might,go give this movie a watch,ive heard some stuff about the book and,good stuff and then a few days later i,see another christian influencer,make a post saying,should christians go see redeeming love,im being asked about this heres my,answer no,christians should not go see this it has,sexual,um,it is explicit sexually,let no one wholesome,thing come before your christians eyes,she quoted a bible verse and that was,her position and she uh dropped the link,to a plugged in review,i guess it was focus on the familys,plugged in review i dont know if you,had a chance of glancing at that i did,not look at the review but paul shared,plenty of it with me i feel like you,shared enough for me to know what,theyre saying yeah yeah i read that and,actually i i screenshotted it so i can,read a little bit of it so im sitting,here like two christian influencers,very different sides of the spectrum,and that is when i was like lets d dig,into this and then you told me hey paul,im going to see this movie with my,friend,unbeknownst to me or any of the kind of,like controversy around it yeah so i,will just put it out there i have not,read the book i think ive read like the,first chapter or like literally the,first page of the book and i got bored,and so i was like yeah im not gonna,keep reading this that was like several,years ago then when i saw the movie was,coming out i was kind of like,i probably wont go see it but then my,friend caroline was like i read the book,i want to see the movie will you go,watch it with me and i was like sure i,didnt really think anything of it i,knew again that it was a,uh,based off of a bible story um loosely,based,and that it was written by a christian,author i mean i remember when the book,was big 15 years ago my sister read it,when she was like a 15 year old,and i,maybe just the circles i was in but i,heard really good things about the book,yeah same i had heard all kinds of good,things from everyone ive ever talked to,that are in my opinion solid believers,they say they love this book its such a,redeeming story,um and so yeah i was like yeah ill go,see it with you and then paul comes home,and tells me that theres all this,controversy and then my friend is,messaging me saying shes getting a,bunch of pushback for saying she liked,the movie,and im like oh no so,let me just read you guys a little bit i,i posted on my instagram as soon as i,saw the kind of controversy that it was,generating,and i said guys what do you think and i,made a little question box follow us on,instagram if you dont we post a lot on,there at morganolagus paulogus but i did,a little question,box and said you guys where are you at,with this should christians be going to,see this movie,um and heres just a few quick ones,someone said i saw it last night it had,some pretty intense stuff i saw it with,a group of adult women i was thankful i,didnt go with my teenage daughter or,husband,someone else said no it seems to have,inserted two sex scenes that are pushing,the boundaries but then someone said,well the bible is explicit,so yeah christians should go see it,um so this is just kind of giving you,guys a little bit of insight i actually,we posted on our paul and morgan,instagram today and i just thought this,was really funny,uh a girl,um a girl wrote in and said i went to,see it with some people from my church i,picked the wrong day to sit next to my,pastor oh no,oh that is awkward,[Laughter],oh that was a nightmare and then right,before she posted that,shout out to our boy john cooper from,skillet,commented on our post and said this is,very helpful thanks for doing it i have,many friends asking my wife if they,should or should not see it ill pass,this along and thanks for being paid,faithful,thank you john,um,so all right,to the meat and potatoes meat and,potatoes weve taken long enough,i,realized that some of you guys might say,like you shouldnt be able you shouldnt,do a review if you havent read the book,well this is me just re viewing the,movie and what is in the movie,specifically so just you know deal with,that,um and people are asking should i go,watch the movie well heres my thoughts,i uh,went in now af

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hai hai,Hai pecah,Hai,film dibuka dengan memperlihatkan,seorang laki-laki sederhana Dia bernama,Hosea Jose adalah seorang petani yang,tinggal di desa terpencil setelah,bertani seharian no sehat selalu,menyempatkan waktu untuk Bergek ke,gereja untuk mengucap syukur dan juga,berdoa saat itu tidak seperti biasanya,Jose yang merasa sudah berumur dan,selama ini dia merasa terlalu lama,sendirian akhirnya ketika itu Hosea,berdoa kepada Tuhan Hosea meminta agar,segera cepat dipertemukan dengan,jodohnya awalnya usia ketika berdoa dia,menyebutkan Kriteria kriteria jodoh yang,dia inginkan tapi akhirnya usia sadar,kalau Tuhan pasti tahu yang terbaik dan,pasti memberikan yang terbaik akhirnya,usia pun menyerahkan semuanya kepada,Tuhan,[Musik],itu pak bisa menarik saya sesuai di situ,Jose hanya meminta kepada Tuhan kalau,dia bertemu dengan jodohnya setidaknya,Tuhan memberikan pertanda pertanda,Beberapa hari kemudian usia bersama,temannya pergi ke ibukota untuk,menjualkan hasil dari pertanian yang dia,kerjakan selama ini Ketika usia sedang,memperdagangkan hasil pertaniannya,tiba-tiba terjadi sesuatu yang sangat,sangat aneh tiba-tiba angin berhembus,kencang dan secara tidak sadar tiba-tiba,Saya merasa kalau ada seseorang yang,berbicara kepadanya dan seketika itu,juga usia tiba-tiba melihat seorang,wanita bernama Angle dan ternyata,hal-hal aneh yang terjadi tadi itu,adalah sebuah tanda-tanda dari Tuhan,untuk memberitahu Hosea kalau jodohnya,itu adalah wanita bernama Angel itu,karena menyadari hal itu siapapun,langsung bertanya kepada temannya Apakah,temannya itu mengenal seorang wanita,yang lewat Itu tadi teman usia panas,menjelaskan kalau ternyata Angeline,adalah seorang wanita malam yang bekerja,sebagai pelacur mengetahui fakta itu,tentu Hosea terkejut karena dia berharap,pada tuhan kalau jodohnya adalah,seseorang yang mempunyai iman yang kuat,juga seperti Ocean alih-alih wanita,malam seperti Angle ini tapi karena Jose,adalah seorang yang sangat beriman dia,selalu percaya kalau rencana Tuhan,adalah yang terbaik usia pun langsung,bertanya kepada temannya Bagaimana cara,untuk mengobrol bersama dengan Angle,temannya pun langsung bilang karena,Angle ini adalah wanita malam yang,sangat cantik jadi untuk menyewa,waktunya diperlukan uang yang,sangat-sangat banyak dan Hosea tidak,mungkin mempunyai uang sebanyak itu,temannya pun bilang kalau saya jangan,bermimpi bermuluk Muluk selanjutnya film,pun menceritakan tentang masa lalu Angle,dan alasan Angel sampai bisa berakhir,menjadi seorang wanita malam Angel,dilahirkan oleh sepasang kekasih yang,menjalani hubungan terlarang hal itu,karena Ayah Angle adalah seorang,bangsawan sedangkan i punya adalah,rakyat jelata yang kurang mampu semenjak,kelahirannya Ayah Angle ini sangat,membenci Angle karena memang ayahnya,tidak menginginkan Angle untuk,dilahirkan di dunia ini dan kebenciannya,terhadap Angel itu juga membuat Ayah,Angel mulai membenci Ibu Angle Seiring,berjalannya waktu Angle pun mulai,menyadari kalau Ayahnya ini sangat,membencinya dan Angle merasa kalau dia,tidak pantas dilahirkan di dunia ini,karena kelahirannya hanya membuat,penderitaan untuk ibunya saja karena,ayahnya selalu memukuli ibunya karena,memutuskan untuk mempertahankan Angle,bahkan Angeles 4 berpikiran kalau dia,lebih baik mati saja agar ayahnya,kembali mencintai ibunya lagi,[Musik],Nda e-device,Nih sampai ginseng kinnow,tapi ibunya langsung bilang ke mode,Angel kalau Angel adalah orang yang,paling dia cintai di dunia ini kejamnya,beberapa bulan kemudian Ibunya dan Angel,pun diusir oleh ayahnya dari rumah,karena dulu budaya patriarki masih,sangat-sangat kental sehingga Ibu Angle,pun bingung mau mencari kerja apa,berhari-hari setelah diusir dari rumah,Ibu Angle sudah tidak mempunyai uang,lagi dan dia tidak mempunyai pekerjaan,karena tidak mau Angle kelaparan dan,untuk mencukupi kebutuhan sehari-harinya,akhirnya Ibu Angle pun saat itu terpaksa,menjual dirinya ke pria-pria lain,meskipun saat itu anjell masih kecil,tapi Angle tahu kalau ibunya terpaksa,melakukan pekerjaan kotor demi mencukupi,kebutuhan sehari-hari tapi Angle tidak,bisa melakukan apa-apa karena memang,tidak ada lagi pekerjaan untuk dilakukan,setelah berhari-hari,dirinya kepada pria-pria bangsa tidak,diduga Ibu Angle tiba-tiba terkena,penyakit Angel pun berusaha untuk,merawat dan mengobati ibunya Tetapi,setelah beberapa hari menahan sakitnya,ibu Angle terpaksa harus meninggal dunia,tentu saat itu Angle sangat sedih sekali,karena ibunya adalah satu-satunya orang,yang dia punya dan dia tinta yg Q dia,sekarang Kirim mempunyai siapa-siapa,lagi karena Sebatang Kara akhirnya Angel,pun dibawa oleh seorang pria pria itu,kemudian merawat Angle sampai remaja dan,sialnya yang merawat Angelin adalah pria,badjingan sehingga ketika Angle remaja,Angel pun diperjualbelikan untuk menjadi,wanita malam dan sejak itu Angle bekerja,menjadi wanita malam sampai disuatu hari,tidak diduga Angle tiba-tiba bertemu,dengan ayahnya tentu karena tidak,bertemu selama bertahun-tahun Ayah Angle,tidak mengetahui kalau itu adalah Angle,dan dihari itu Ayah Angel akirnya,menyewa dan meniduri Angle setelah,ditiduri oleh ayahnya Angel pun langsung,juga ayahnya kalau dia adalah Angle,anaknya setelah mengetahui fakta itu,tentu Ayah Angle sangat merasa bersalah,dan karena tidak kuat memikul rasa,bersalah yang sangat-sangat besar dan,dia merasa dia tidak pantas untuk hidup,akhirnya saat itu Ayah Angel pun,memutuskan untuk bunuh diri setelah,kejadian itu teman Angle yang mengetahui,jika Angle tetap berada di kota itu,pasti Angle akan dihukum karena,menyebabkan ayahnya meninggal karena,memang Ayahnya adalah seorang bangsawan,akhirnya teman Angle pun membantu Angle,untuk kabur dari kota itu setelah kabur,dari kota itu lagi-lagi karena tidak,memiliki pekerjaan akhirnya Angle,menjadi seorang wanita malam dan sampai,Pada masa ini Angle menjadi wanita malam,di kota tersebut selanjutnya film pun,beralih lagi ke masa sekarang,menceritakan Hosea yang setelah,berbulan-bulan menabung akhirnya,berhasil mengumpulkan sejumlah uang yang,digunakan untuk menyewa Angle malam hari,ini hojab menuju per cuma bordil untuk,menyewa Angle sesampainya dikamar Angel,seperti biasanya Angle yang tanpa,berusaha saat itu dia sudah siap untuk,melayani usia setelah melihat Angel,seperti itu alih-alih menuruti nafsunya,saat itu saya malah hanya ingin mengajak,ngobrol Anger tanpa menyentuhnya,sedikitpun melihat Jose yang tidak,seperti Lelaki pada umumnya saat itu,Angle pun langsung bila kepada usia,Kalau saya tidak perlu sungkan-sungkan,meskipun usia mempunyai istri Angle,tidak akan menghilangkannya kepada istri,dan juga mungkin anaknya go siapkan,langsung membalas kalau dia masih,bujangan dan tidak mempunyai istri dan,dia menyukai Angle Karena itulah dia,tidak mau meniduri Angle karena usia,mempunyai prinsip Nafsu hanya akan,memberikan kebahagiaan sesaat tapi cinta,yang tulus dan sejati akan memberikan,kebahagiaan selamanya setelah itu waktu,untuk menyewa Angle pun habis dan usia,pun langsung diusir oleh Angel tidak,menyerah begitu saja beberapa minggu,kemudian lagi-lagi Ose yang telah,menabung uangnya menggunakan seluruh,uangnya untuk menyewa Angle n yang,melihat dosial lagi untuk ke dua kalinya,dia pun mulai muak dengan nosel bukan,tanpa alasan yang jelas mual karena,selama hidupnya Angle selalu bertemu,dengan pria yang badjingan Karena itulah,Angle menganggap semua pria badjingan,dan dia melihat kode yang tidak seperti,pria pajangan pada umumnya Angel pun,mengira kalau saya adalah orang yang,munafik ketika itu lagi-lagi Angle,meminta use agar segera menidurinya,alih-alih melakukan itu siapapun,langsung menyatakan cintanya dan dia,berniat untuk menikahi Angle,[Musik],the misterius,Ini,akhirnya harus paling tentu saja,menolaknya setelah itu waktu sewanya pun,habis dan lagi-lagi Angel pun mengusir,Hosea dari kamar itu keesokan harinya,usia pun curhat kepada sahabatnya kalau,dia lagi-lagi ditolak Untuk keduakalinya,sahabatnya pernah memberikan nasehat,kalau yang dilakukan usia

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5 Things I Learned About Women After Watching Redeeming Love

I recently watched the movie called,redeeming love with my wife and I know,after watching some reviews of this,movie from other Christian YouTubers and,people online that theres a lot of,controversy around this movie mainly,because of all the sex scenes that are,provided and I gotta admit I was a,little surprised that there were so many,sex scenes I didnt know that it would,be like that when I first started,watching this movie but thats not,really the focus for me in this video,review that Im doing what Im gonna do,in this video rather is talk about what,this story is hitting on in the hearts,of women because its obviously,resonating with a lot of women the book,sold over 3 million copies and Ill talk,more about that in a few minutes here,but having said all of that if you do,decide to watch this movie I would,highly recommend that you have your,remote control with you because there,are a few scenes that in my opinion were,unnecessary and way too graphic,especially since its PG-13 and supposed,to be after this modeled after this,Christian uh book so having said all,that I was really interested in watching,this movie because about 10 years ago my,wife and her friends read the book,redeeming Love by Francine Rivers and,after they read it like many of the,women who read this book they were,basically just raving about the main,character Michael Hosea and I remember,my wife at that time weve been married,for 14 years so we were already married,at that point but she had read it with,some of her single girlfriends and they,were just saying man I wish I could meet,a guy like Michael Jose Isaiah and ever,since that point Ive always wondered,what is it about this character that,women love so much,after three million copies sold,something in this book is and this movie,is,tapping on something core in a womans,heart I know some men probably read the,book but obviously its mostly women and,I know not every woman loves this story,and that all women are going to be,captured in these Five Points Im gonna,make in this video but having said that,I am gonna talk about five things I,noticed and kind of crystallized for me,and maybe even learned about the desires,of women after watching this movie based,on this book redeeming Love by Francine,Rivers the first thing I learned about,women after watching this movie and,learning more about the story in this,book is that number one women want a man,who loves them unconditionally but these,men dont actually exist in reality now,I have to say once I watched this movie,and I learned about the story that,everyone loves so much much in this book,I was pretty shocked it was not what I,thought it was gonna be it was not your,typical love story so just know in this,video youre going to get some spoilers,so if you want to watch the movie or,read the book maybe pause this and come,back later because I am going to tell,you what happens in the story so in,summary uh the main female character,angel,loses her family at a young age shes,basically abandoned and she gets,caught up in basically the sex industry,she gets raised in a brothel and Men,abuse her from an early age and as she,gets older she becomes a prostitute and,then you know basically chooses the life,of prostitution even though during that,time shes still getting abused by men,so its a story of abuse where it wasnt,her fault and then she starts making,sinful choices and and also still keeps,getting abused by men and then one day,all of a sudden this main character,Michael Hosea comes into the story and,basically God tells him to marry Angel,before he even gets to know her and he,just says oh like I feel like Gods,telling me thats my wife and then the,rest of the movie is him pursuing her,and her healing uh Journey after that,and if this sounds a bit familiar is,probably because this book is and this,movie are modeled and kind of like,characterized after the book in the,Bible of Hosea since you know Michael,Hosea see what shes doing there but so,its in the book of Hosea God tells the,prophet Hosea to marry a prostitute and,he does that to symbolize how faithless,Israel is treating God and how God,relentlessly loves,Israel even though shes unfaithful to,him and God is you know characterized in,the actions of Hosea and so in this,movie you see that Michael hoseas,modeling after God and this idea of,Michael Hosea modeling after God is,expressed in an extreme way in this,story that shocked me so the scene that,the first point comes out of is that so,after Michael marries Angel she rejects,him for a while she doesnt want,anything to do with them she finally,gets abused severely enough in the,brothel to like basically say okay Ill,go with you because I have no other,option and after she heals a bit and,things kind of are going well she goes,back to her life of prostitution she,turns away from her husband runs away,and in the process she also has sex with,his brother-in-law and then after that,she like eventually comes to her senses,again repents Michael forgives her and,just brings her back so after that scene,Ill be honest about my reaction because,I obviously give a lot of relationship,advice to single women and after I,watched all of that a part of me was,honestly sad because,this character is unrealistic this is,not the way a good man would,treat a woman in this type of situation,a perfect man who had a perfect heart,and had no sin in his life may be able,to do what Michael Hosea did but the,fact is this type of guy doesnt exist,in reality this,is impossible because men have wounds,men crave respect men,could not be able to do what Michael,Hosea did,in a realistic way and at least in the,fashion that he did it so quickly and,like bam never like never had any flaws,basically in this whole process but then,I remembered what this whole story was,supposed to be about,if youre reading it in context like,its supposed to be read really this,again is modeling God and thats why Im,saying these men dont exist because,Michael Hosea is based off of God not,real men even good men and so this,character in this story if you view it,through the lens of an analogy of how,God treats his people could be edifying,and like wow Im seeing Gods love in a,new way but if you were like gonna watch,this movie or read this book and then,walk away thinking wow theres guys out,there that could do this or Im gonna,wait until a guys just like that,then I feel like its damaging because,this is totally unrealistic no ones,ever going to be able to act the way,that Michael Hosea act acted now of,course please dont misunderstand Im,not saying we just have the right to be,unforgiving or we shouldnt try to be,like God we should we this is a great,model to follow Christ a husband should,represent the the love that Christ has,for the church and a wife should seek to,respect her husband like the church is,supposed to be doing for Jesus but its,not going to happen in this perfect way,that this character Michael Hosea was,able to exhibit in this extreme,situation and thats the other thing,that really came into my mind when I was,watching this part of the movie is that,Francine Rivers does a great job of,creating a situation that highlights the,desires of what a woman would want so as,I kept thinking about these scenes,I kind of came back to my senses and I,was examining laggies this what women,think can happen in relationships like,whats happening here Im so confused I,I cant imagine I just didnt expect,this to be the movie that women love so,much in this book that women love so,much because Angel just acts in ways,that I hope women know you cant treat a,man that way and then I you know kind of,came to my senses and Im like the women,arent my like admiring Angel theyre,admiring Michael and so whats happening,here is that the extreme nature in which,Angel betrays Michael,gives Michael the opportunity to show,the readers and the Watchers in extreme,example of unconditional love and so,that then touches on a womans desire to,b

Redeeming Love – Christian Movie Review

[Music],hey everyone thank you so so so much for,clicking on this video the fact that you,are willing to sacrifice a few minutes,out of your day to consume my content,really does mean the world to me today,we are talking about redeeming love,which,i havent been able to get out of my,head since watching it this afternoon if,i look incredibly tired its one oclock,in the morning im exhausted its been a,full long day,but,this was a movie,that has,challenged me in such a way,and i havent been able to get it out of,my head ive been thinking about it ive,been processing it ive been reflecting,it,its an incredibly deep insightful film,that has a lot more to say,than you might just think from surface,level,so let me give you a brief breakdown of,what the story actually entails we,follow michael and angel who are the two,protagonists of the film michael is a,bible-believing christian,who just wants to find a wife and he,believes that god has called him to,marry this young woman,angel,angel is a prostitute not just any,prostitute but the most successful,prostitutes in the town but michael,falls in love with her instantly,believes that gods calling for his life,is to pursue her to marry her and thats,what he does and the movie is ultimately,about,their relationship going from strangers,to,whatever thats thats the story and im,not going to give that away but flip,its a powerful,powerful,powerful movie and i think what makes,this movie so incredibly powerful is the,themes it tackles and i think thats,what im going to break down for,majority of this review yes the,performances were great i loved all of,them i feel like at times the accents,were a little bit weird but besides that,you can ignore that because the actual,cracks and story of this film is so,incredibly powerful and entertaining the,performances across the board great,score really helped amplify the the,story and the emotions on screen but,ultimately this was incredibly powerful,powerful film and tackled a wide variety,of themes from insecurities love,passion,self-harm not an actual like physical,harm but putting yourself in situations,almost as punishment for yourself the,ability of forgiving not just others but,for giving yourself,um,incredible stuff incredible stuff and i,want to break a few of those down right,now but primarily i just want to focus,on the relationship between michael and,angel,this was a relationship where we had,this man this bible-believing christian,pursuing this woman,who,at first rejected him,and then continued to reject him,and there were a variety of reasons for,that and i think self-worth was a big,one,how do we,value ourselves and what do we believe,we deserve thats something thats,tackled a lot in this film,and its incredibly heartbreaking to see,angels growth,because her development is not nice and,easy its its hard its difficult and,what this film does so well is actually,illustrate to us that people who are,broken arent fixed overnight yes god,works in miraculous ways and he saves,people,but even once a non-believer becomes a,believer once we become saved once weve,freed ourselves from that shackled the,shackles of sin,we still have to go through those those,steps of healing,and that can take a while its not,instantaneous and we can look at that in,regards to addictions as well,theres so much that happens and this,this film understands that it knows that,we arent going to be fixed straight,away,and in fact,we serve an awesome god who loves us and,will always forgive us,but but can we forgive ourselves for the,actions that weve taken,and i know thats something i struggle,with a lot is self-forgiveness can i,accept the things ive done can i find,value in myself again and move forward,this film also definitely doesnt step,away from the fact that sex work is a,real thing and its a dangerous career,to be a part of and lots of women that,find themselves in the sex work industry,are not there through choice,those are roles that are thrust upon,them or theyre forced into and its,incredibly dangerous and it really,doesnt help them with their self-image,i remember going on quite a few um,outreach programs and and we did a lot,of work with sex workers and its,heartbreaking because so many of them,dont value themselves they just theyre,doing this to provide for them their,families not even to provide for,themselves it was up to them they just,wouldnt exist anymore they,many of them have suicidal thoughts and,tendencies and,its heartbreaking and we can see a lot,of that in this film these are women,that are just trying to live and this is,the only way they can see themselves,making any money whatsoever,and so then faith also becomes a massive,role in that because,you are trying to either provide for,yourself or for your family but then,youre doing work that doesnt fulfill,you and in fact breaks you down degrades,you so its almost a toxic cycle of i,need to live i need to do this to,survive this makes me not want to live,and thats thats how you spiral,and so theres so many things that are,broken down in this film and another one,is just,love and understanding from one partner,to another,michael in many ways lived a rather,privileged life,the exact opposite of angel,yet,he understands this he knows that angel,is broken and so hes willing to be,patient with her hes willing to help,her when she requires it,that is true love right there taking,somebody as they are,and understanding that they dont need,to be the person to fix them but they,can be there to encourage that person,so i know ive gone on a massive ramble,just talking about the themes and to be,honest honest going through my list of,things i havent even touched everything,i wanted to talk about and i feel like,ive been talking for seven minutes,already well see how the editing goes,but im actually probably gonna have to,stop talking about the themes right now,but i havent stopped thinking about,this film,at all,ive been challenged from this film and,um i think a lot about myself and my,fiance and the relationship that we have,together and how we can move forward,once weve gotten married which is which,is,soon which is really really exciting,[Music],um and i cried in this movie,and it was hilarious because i was,actually sitting right next to a,journalist from you magazine and i was,trying my best was like dont dont let,it see you cry dont they see you cry,this is my toxic masculinity right here,dont cry dont cry and um i went now,like driving home i just put on uh can,you feel the love tonight by elton john,and i was just singing it and i was just,feeling happy and i missed my fiance and,i called her this movie just almost like,restoked the fires of passion for me um,not that i was never not passionate and,i think in many ways dany feels im too,passionate at times in regards to my,love for her but this was just a film,that really pumped me up and,inspired me,but yes guys this is definitely not a,perfect movie i know ive gone on for a,little bit and i went and i almost,started crying again like this movie,really did hit me deep um,but this movie isnt perfect theres a,few things that really really stood out,to me there were just a lot of things,that didnt really work out and i dont,want to get into them now because its,past the 15 minute mark so technically,it is into spoiler territory but theres,one very specific thing that happens and,like in the real world that wouldnt,have happened it just its legally,not allowed even back in those days that,legally wasnt allowed um,so yeah this wasnt a perfect movie and,in fact i feel like at the beginning of,the film i think michael,might come off,like as a simp for lack of a better word,hes far too,simpy,im trying to think of a better way to,to put that and angel is very unlikable,but thats part of her character,developments and the both of them,develop as characters because i think a,lot of people might feel that michaels,development is almost non-existent its,its very linear hes always j

A Religious Farmer Fell in Love with a Prostitute and Must Face the Harsh Realities of Their Love

يبدأ فيلم Redeeming Love بإظهار شاب يدعى مايكل هوشع ،,وهو يستمتع حاليًا بوظيفته كمزارع ومربي مزرعة في منطقة ريفية.,بصرف النظر عن القيام بعمله في الحقول ،,يأتي مايكل بانتظام إلى الكنيسة للصلاة والوفاء بالتزاماته كشباب متدين.,في ذلك الصباح ، صلى مايكل ، الذي شعر أنه مستعد للزواج ،,إلى الله أن يجلب الله له فتاة.,يأمل مايكل أن يلتقي بفتاة جيدة لديها إيمان قوي مثله.,ومع ذلك ، فهو يعتقد أن الله في يوم من الأيام سيعطي أفضل رفيق له.,يأمل مايكل أن يعطيه الله إشارة عندما يجتمع مع توأم روحه.,بعد بضعة أيام ، جاء مايكل إلى المدينة,لبيع المنتجات من حقوله للتجار.,عندما كان يتاجر في بضاعته ، صمت مايكل فجأة,وكان مفتونًا عندما رأى امرأة شابة جميلة جدًا تمشي عبر الشارع.,شعر بجو مختلف عندما رآها.,يبدو أن مايكل قد وقع في حبها.,ثم سأل مايكل أحد زملائه عن الشابة وعما إذا كان يعرفها.,أجاب زميل مايكل أن المرأة كانت عاهرة في بيت دعارة يُعرف غالبًا باسم Angel.,لم يصدق مايكل ذلك لأنه كان يأمل,أن يجعله الله يقع في حب امرأة لها نفس إيمانه.,لكنه لا يزال يؤمن بكل الخطط التي رسمها الله,له حتى يستمر ميخائيل في اتباع قلبه.,بعد ذلك ، سأل مايكل صديقه كيف يمكنه مقابلة Angel شخصيًا.,أجاب زميل مايكل أن Angel كانت عاهرة من الدرجة العالية,بسبب جمالها الاستثنائي ، لذا لقضاء ليلة واحدة معها ،,كان على الناس دفع مبلغ كبير من المال.,يتغير المشهد ويظهر ماضي أنجيل عندما كانت طفلة.,وُلد الملاك لامرأة عادية تربطها علاقة غير مشروعة برجل نبيل.,والد أنجيل البيولوجي ، منذ البداية ،,كان ضد قرار والدة أنجيل أن تلد الملاك.,لذلك ، يكره والد الملاك الملاك ويشعر بخيبة أمل كبيرة مع والدة الملاك.,أدركت أنجل أن والدها كان يكرهها ولا يريد حضورها أبدًا.,شعرت بأنها تشكل عبئًا على والدتها لأن,والدها ، بحضورها ، غالبًا ما كان يوبخ ويضرب والدتها.,حتى أن أنجيل اعتقدت أنها إذا ماتت ، فربما يحب والدها والدتها مرة أخرى.,لحسن الحظ ، تعمل والدة Angel دائمًا على تهدئة Angel وتبقى بجانبها.,تحب Angel كثيرًا وهي على استعداد لتحمل كل الصعوبات,من أجل ابنتها الحبيبة,بعد بضعة أشهر ، تم طرد Angel ووالدتها من منزل والدها ،,لذلك كان عليهم العثور على مكان جديد للعيش فيه.,تحاول والدة Angel بيع مجوهراتها مقابل المال والعثور على وظيفة ،,لكنها ما زالت لا تنجح.,والدة إنجيل ، التي لا تريد أن يموت طفلها جوعاً ويمرض ،,لم يكن أمامها في النهاية خيار سوى بيع نفسها لكسب المال وتلبية احتياجاتهم.,بعد أسابيع قليلة من عمل والدة إنجيل بلا توقف كعاهرة ، مرضت فجأة.,كانت تسعل باستمرار وكانت مصابة بحمى شديدة. عند,رؤية هذه الحالة ،,كانت Angel دائمًا بجانب والدتها وتعتني بها حتى ذات يوم ،,كانت والدة Angel هي الأخيرة.,عند رؤية والدتها التي ماتت ،,شعرت أنجل بحزن شديد لأنه لم يكن لديها عائلة أخرى غير والدتها.,بعد ذلك ، أحضر رجل أنجل إلى بيت دعارة فخم لبيعه بسعر مرتفع للغاية.,تعيش آنجل وترعاها في بيت دعارة حتى تكبر لتصبح مراهقة جميلة.,منذ أن كانت Angel في سن المراهقة ،,بدأ تداولها وبيعها بالمزاد لتصبح عاهرة من الدرجة العالية.,في أحد الأيام ، التقت أنجيل عن طريق الخطأ بوالدها الذي كان يزور بيت الدعارة الذي تعيش فيه.,ثم طلب قواد بيت الدعارة من الملاك أن يخدم والدها دون أن يعرف أنهما,مرتبطان بالدم. لم يكن والد أنجل يعلم أن الفتاة التي أمامه كانت ابنته,لأنهما لم يلتقيا منذ سنوات. بعد أن أمضت الليل كله في النوم مع,والدها ، قالت أنجيل إنها ابنتها البيولوجية التي طُردت من المنزل.,عند سماع ذلك ، بدا والد أنجل محطمًا لأنه دمر حياة ابنته,وجعل ابنته تعيش في بؤس. بسبب هذا الذنب الهائل ، قرر والد أنجل,إنهاء حياته بعيار ناري في رأسه. بعد تلك الحادثة ، قررت أنجل مغادرة,بيت الدعارة حتى لا يتم القبض عليها من قبل السلطات واتهامها بأنها قاتلة,والدها النبيل. ثم ذهبت إلى مدينة أخرى للاختباء والعثور على مكان جديد للعيش فيه.,لسوء الحظ ، انجيل مرة أخرى متورطة في الدعارة لأنها ليس لديها,عمل أو مال على الإطلاق. استقرت في بيت الدعارة هذا وعاشت حتى يومنا هذا في الدعارة. يعود المشهد,إلى الحاضر ، حيث يأتي مايكل إلى منزل Angel ويستأجر الوقت لبضع ساعات مع,Angel. عندما وصل إلى غرفة Angel ، وجد مايكل أن Angel كان عارياً ومستعداً لخدمته.,نظر مايكل بعيدًا للحظة ثم قال إنه استأجر وقت Angel لمرافقته,للدردشة. عند سماع كلمات مايكل ، بدا أنجيل مندهشًا لأنه كان مختلفًا عن,العملاء العاديين. قالت Angel ، التي اعتقدت أن مايكل كان مشكوكًا فيه لأنه كان لديه بالفعل زوجة وعائلة ،,إنه لا يحتاج إلى أن يكون خجولًا لأنها لن تفشي أبدًا أسرار عملائها.,أجاب مايكل بسرعة أنه لا يزال أعزب وليس لديه زوجة.,قال إنه وقع في حب الملاك منذ أول مرة رآها.,طلب Angel من مايكل أن يغادر بعد فترة وجيزة لأن وقته قد نفد. بعد بضعة أيام ،,عاد مايكل إلى بيت الدعارة لاستئجار وقت Angel. يحاول إقناع Angel أنه يمكنه,مساعدتها إذا كانت على استعداد للزواج منه. عند سماع ذلك ، بدت أنجيل منزعجة ولم تستطع تصديق,كلمات مايكل لأن جميع الرجال الذين قابلتهم حتى الآن كانوا رجالًا وقحين يريدون جسدها فقط.,إنها تعتبر مايكل مثل الرجال الآخرين الذين يحبون الاستفادة من النساء من أجل,المتعة الشخصية. لكن مايكل لم يستسلم وحاول إقناع Angel بالخروج من بيت الدعارة.,في اليوم التالي ، أخبر مايكل صديقه أنه وقع في حب امرأة شابة,في بيت دعارة ، لكنها ما زالت غير مستعدة لقبول حبه. عند سماع ذلك ، قال صديق مايكل إن,ما فعله كان غبيًا جدًا لأنه يمكنه استخدام أمواله في أشياء أخرى أكثر قيمة.,يشعر أفضل صديق لمايكل أن الرجل الطيب مثل مايكل يستحق امرأة أفضل.,بعد كل شيء ، مع وجه مايكل الوسيم وقلبه الرقيق ، ستكون العديد من النساء الأخريات على استعداد,لأن يصبحن زوجته. لكن مايكل سوف يتمسك بموقفه ويفضل أن يتبع قلبه. لقد,وقع في حب الملاك ، وهو يشعر أنها رفيقة الروح التي وهبها الله.,بعد بضعة أشهر من جمع ما يكفي من المال ، عاد مايكل إلى بيت الدعارة لمقابلة Angel.,بعد وصوله إلى هناك ، قال مايكل على الفور إنه وقع في حب Angel ،,وأرادها أن تكون مستعدة للزواج منه. ينوي إنقاذها وإخراجها من,بيت الدعارة بأي ثمن. يوضح مايكل أنه سيوفر احتياجاتها حتى لا,تحتاج Angel إلى بيع نفسها مقابل المال. عند سماع هذا ، لم يجب أنجل على أي شيء وضايق,مايكل بشأن استعداده للنوم معها. لكن مايكل لم ينوي النوم مع Angel قبل,الزواج منها لأنه يحترمها. سئمت Angel من كلمات مايكل التي تبدو وكأنها هراء ،,فأجابت أخيرًا بالقول إن مزارعًا عاديًا مثله لن يكون قادرًا على تحريك قلبها.,بسماع هذا ، بدأ مايكل في إدراك واحترام قرار Angel.,بعد بضعة أيام ، خاضت أنجل معركة كبيرة مع قوادها لأنها سئمت وأرادت,ترك وظيفتها كعاهرة. نظرًا لسلوك Angel الوقح ، يعاقب قواد Angel أنجل,بأمر رجل بضربها. في نفس الليلة ، شعر مايكل أن أنجل في خطر.,لذلك في اليوم التالي ، ذهب مايكل على الفور إلى بيت الدعارة للتحقق من حالة Angel.,عندما وصل إلى غرفة Angel ، وجد مايكل أن وجه Angel قد تعرض للضرب ، وكانت حالتها,ضعيفة جدًا. عند رؤية هذا ، شعر مايكل بالحزن الشديد ودفع المال على الفور للقواد ليتمكن,من إخراج Angel من بيت الدعارة. ثم ركع بجانب ملاك واقترح عليها أن تكون زوجته.,في ذلك اليوم ، أنقذ مايكل أنجل من بيت الدعارة وأخذها بعيدًا للعيش في منزله. بعد وصولهم,إلى منزل مايكل ، عالج مايكل على الفور الجروح في جسد Angel وعاملها,جيدًا. فوجئت أنجل بكون مايكل لطيفًا معها واختارها على النساء الأخريات.,يقول مايكل إنه يحب Angel كثيرًا ويريد الاحتفاظ بها لبقية حياته. عند سماع ذلك ،,لا تزال Angel لا تصدق ذلك لأنها شعرت أن امرأة مثلها لا تستحق أن تكون,شريكًا لرجل طيب مثله. ثم سألت لماذا وقع مايكل في حب عاهرة مثلها.,يرد مايكل بأنه ليس لديه سبب ليحب Angel لأنه ليس لديه سبب للتوقف عن حبه لها.,بعد بضعة أيام ، تعافى Angel أخيرًا وبدأ في القيام بالأنشطة كالمعتاد.,ثم تساعد مايكل في الزراعة في الحقول أو إطعام الماشية في الاسطبلات.,بالإضافة إلى ذلك ، يقضون الوقت معًا في الطهي لصيد الأسماك. كل هذه الأوقات والفرص جعلت,العلاقة بين مايكل وأنجل أقرب. في أحد الأيام ، في الصباح الباكر ،,اصطحب مايكل أنجل إلى تل ليرى شروق الشمس معًا. بعد رؤية المشهد الجميل ،,بدت أنجيل سعيدة ، وعانقها مايكل على الفور. لكن أنجل قالت إنها لا تستحق أن تعيش حياة,جميلة مثل هذه مع مايكل. لأنها ارتكبت الكثير من الذنوب في الماضي. عند سماع ذلك ،,قال مايكل إنه لم يطلب الكمال من Angel أبدًا لأن,الحب بالنسبة له يتعلق بالفهم والقبول والاستعداد للتضحية. بعد بضعة أيام ،,جاء صهر مايكل ، بول ، إلى منزل مايكل لزيارته. بول هو زوج أخت مايكل,الصغرى التي توفيت قبل عام. بعد ذلك ، دعا مايكل بولس على الفور إلى منزله ،,وقدم أنجيل إلى بول كزوجته. بعد رؤية الملاك ، بدا بول مندهشا لأنه,رآها من قبل في بيت دعارة ، وعلم أنها عاهرة. أثناء إجراء,محادثة خاصة مع Angel ، يقلل بول من شأنها باستمرار ويقول إنها لا تستحق,أن تكون مع مايكل. ظلت كلمات بولس تخطر ببال أنجيل ، وشككت في نفسها مرة أخرى.,في اليوم التالي ، أخبرت أنجل مايكل أنها قد لا تكون جديرة به لأنها مجرد عاهرة.,لكن مايكل قال إن الجميع يستحق فرصة ثانية ومغفرة لخطاياهم.,في اليوم التالي ، طلب ملاك من بولس إعادتها إلى المدينة. اتضح أنها لا تزال لا,تقبل أن تكون زوجة مايكل وتريد أن يتزوج مايكل من امر

Why Redeeming Love Makes me SAD for the Christian Community & What We Can Learn from This

hey friends welcome to todays video,today were going to talk about,something you probably already watched a,video on and maybe youve actually even,seen the movie redeeming love but,theres been a lot of talk among the,christian community,kind of analyzing this video saying the,positive some people have positive,comments some people have negative,comments well im going to share why i,believe the redeeming love,movie is sad for the christian community,as a whole,[Music],now before i get into my thoughts about,that i want to share with you guys what,this video is not so this video is not,meant to make anyone feel bad for going,to see the movie if they saw i have,friends who saw and i dont want this to,become this like i shouldnt have gone,to see the movie kind of thing so the,redeeming love movie that came out was,based off the francine rivers book,redeeming love you probably know all of,this well i was very curious to see,what this movie was going to be like and,whenever i,a lot of times before i want to see a,movie that im not sure about um i will,look up on plugged in like a newer movie,you know that i im not sure about or,sometimes theres another website called,common sense media and that ones not,christian but plugged in is and i had,seen a few little previews here and,there of redeeming love and i was like,uh that does not look my initial,thoughts were like ooh that something,doesnt sit right with me there it looks,too sensual well,um when the movie came out i read on,plugged in that theres like basically,four minutes total of like sex scenes,theres two sex scenes and um that,theres not total nudity but its close,to nudity and so my initial thoughts,were i was so disappointed because its,one thing if a movie like this comes out,and its not a christian movie but its,another thing if its being promoted as,a christian movie and christian,influencers are promoting it as go see,this movie its a wonderful movie about,gods love and all this and all that and,so,why im,making this video why the redeeming love,movie is a sad day for the christian,community is because i think this is i,could be wrong but in my experience this,is probably the first,christian movie that has come out that,has a lot of sexuality in it man it is,very frustrating these days to find a,good clean show let me tell you ive,been disappointed so many times where i,look up something on amazon prime or,whatever and so many even tv shows,because i prefer tv shows over movies,are like mature rated and usually mature,means theres nudity in it and all of,that even just recently i was watching,this tv show and it was based off of,like charles dickens and novels um it,was tvpg and there was one scene of,nudity a man from the back naked and i,was like seriously why do they have to,put that,in this show what i wanted for my first,challenge to you is that today we cannot,assume that because something is,marketed as christian entertainment,maybe entertainment it may be a movie it,may be music i mean im even seeing that,in some christian music where im,listening to it im like this doesnt,even sound biblical,um and even in books that are promoted,as christian books we cannot assume that,that content is biblical pure or,something that is honoring to the lord,so moving on to my number two challenge,to you is that we have to be critical,thinkers today,a lot of us i think have maybe coasted,by by saying well again thats marketed,as christian so it should be good for me,but we have to be critical thinkers of,the content were consuming and matching,that up to the word of god and saying is,this true or not now as you grow in your,walk with god that will become easier to,do but if youre a baby christian you,have to be even more careful because you,can be,looking at things and hearing things and,like wow that sounds really good so,maybe have a trusted,mentor or someone whos farther along in,their walk with god like ask them about,a book or a movie hey did you go see,this movie what do you think about this,book do you think its a good book i,remember when girl washed your face came,out and it was so popular and one day i,was like okay im gonna look into this,book and i was like this isnt a,christian book this is just a self-help,book and i was really disappointed that,id seen so many christians,reading that book so my number three tip,is that weve got to cultivate a love,for the lord and a desire to walk in,holiness with him okay so when i look at,my decisions im not looking at it as a,rule or regulation for my life does that,mean that sometimes its not hard to,make decisions to not watch something to,not listen to something yeah its hard i,mean doing the right thing is often hard,but,my mode and my mindset is like i want to,walk closer to the lord i want to walk,in holiness greater holiness and i want,to walk in freedom in my life does that,mean that were perfect no were going,to make mistakes like i have my,struggles um i,you know have,my challenges in life my sinful,tendencies things that im dealing with,it doesnt mean were seeking perfection,it means that were on this journey and,were desiring to grow and were not,saying im just happy with where im at,my walk with god but i want to go deeper,and so i want to read to you guys this,verse as i end here its from romans 12,1-2 and it says i appeal to you,therefore brothers by the mercies of god,to present your bodies as a living,sacrifice holy and acceptable to god,which is your spiritual worship,do not be conformed to this world but be,transformed by the renewal of your mind,that by testing you may discern what is,the will of god what is good and,acceptable and perfect,so recently for me,i have been a little bit more convicted,about mainly when it comes to music,because i was already on this journey,with tv shows wanting to be more careful,with what i watch than what i did in the,past but with music recently and ive,gone through these phases because let me,be honest with you guys i enjoy,non-christian music more than i enjoy,christian music when it comes to the,artistic,ability and the songs not the lyrics of,course but the music,a lot of times and i have felt like a,lot of christian music is like the same,old same old stuff but recently,um i just was more convicted about like,music and not,all just in this negative way like oh i,shouldnt be listening to this stuff,its not benefit,benefiting me in my mind and a lot of,music is so like sexually charged and as,a single woman its like thats,something i want to be careful of of my,thoughts its something that i have to,be conscious of because it can be a,struggle in my thoughts sometimes,it wasnt just that though it was the,positive of like,there is power in music i mean we have,the whole book of psalms,um music is a gift from god that can,allow us to,get closer to him and to experience his,presence in a greater way and ive,always loved music ive sung ive played,instruments um i used to play the bass,guitar you guys did you know that,um but anyways,i realized that i needed to start,incorporating more worship music in my,life and,not only for my benefit but for my,childrens benefit and i think part of,that was reading the book um,imagination redeemed which i did a,little tiny instagram shorts review of,which i will link below but um music is,such a gift from the lord and an ability,to,just spend time with him in a different,way you know its nice to have variety,of ways we connect with the lord and so,thats been a recent conviction for me,and especially when youre a parent you,realize more the content youre,consuming like oh i dont want my kids,to listen to that,and i guess it probably should be a red,flag to me if there have been times,which there have been in the past where,im like well i dont want to listen to,this song around my kids so ill just,listen to it when im by myself like,thats probably a good sign its not a,good thing which is hard as a parent it,creates a greater conviction in our,hearts but its a goo

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