1. Ariana Grande, dont hate me… R.E.M Beauty Review! | NikkieTutorials
  2. Ariana Grandes R.E.M Beauty HONEST Review!
  3. R.E.M. Beauty….I want my money back | Its SO BAD
  4. 1 Year Later… Revisiting R.E.M. Beauty! Old Products & New Products Tested
  5. K, I’m giving R E M Beauty another chance…
  6. chapter 4 product rundown with ariana grande | r.e.m. beauty
  7. Testing NEW r.e.m. beauty – chapter 2.. Honest thoughts

Ariana Grande, dont hate me… R.E.M Beauty Review! | NikkieTutorials

hello guys its me nikki hello or should,i say yeah,i am so excited about todays video,because today i am dipping my toes in,the queen of yeah i am finally dipping,my toes into ariana grandes a new,makeup brand rem beauty in my head it,actually makes a lot of sense for ariana,grande to come out with a makeup line,because shes always serving the looks,shes here to give it to you honeys i,think shes always been known for her,flick her eyeliner but i feel like,lately shes been really expanding her,beauty changing up her hair changing up,her looks and this rem beauty makes,total sense to me and this line has a,lot of product liquid eye shadows,highlighters palettes there is a lot to,talk about in todays video so many of,you want to know what i think of these,products and i promise to give you my,full 100,honesty i love ariana okay she is,gorgeous i would love to glam her one,day i would love ariana if you are,watching this um if you ever want to,join me on my channel here please please,please but my love for a certain person,will never influence my hardcore opinion,okay so i promise you that i will give,you my full truth if i like a product or,not what i think can be enhanced are,they good or are they bad lets find out,together,[Music],so before we dive into rem beauty it is,time to give us a clean canvas before we,get started so we can really focus on,whats going on in this launch not only,did ariana grande launch a brand but i,also launched a brand,and i just wanted to give you a heads up,that my brand nimya now has a special,black friday offer going on if you order,some nimya on nima.com you can get the,bundle so the nimya bundle where you get,all the products plus a blow before you,go fan for free if your order on nimya,contains the bundle you will get free,shipping shipping can get really,expensive and,when i tell you that we went the lowest,price we could possibly go for our,products i promise you that like we,could not oh weve got somewhere itll,start screaming my roots the price point,we were able to put our products at is,the lowest we could go so unfortunately,for now we wont be able to give you any,discount on the products themselves,because we priced them so you know,reasonably already but free shipping if,your order contains a bundle so what are,you waiting for get your nimya on okay,once youve applied the numerator start,scream and youre very dewy glowy and,gorgeous and i like to go in with a,cooling eye stick and i use this to,de-puff and moisturize my dry under eyes,but also,this acts as a great gray primer for,concealer on top yes,im ready now lets get some foundation,on shall we im using my favorite at the,moment this is maybelline super say,activewear this is a 30 hour wear,foundation its full coverage its a,blessing i love it,all right let me quickly apply some,concealer in the brow and then we can,focus on rem beauty okay the base and,the brows are done so now we can finally,focus on rem beauty focus on me,something that immediately catches my,eyes are these right here these are the,liquid eyeshadows they come in shimmers,but also and this is really interesting,in matte finishes so lets see what ari,has to say about them little rem beauty,bible okay our long wearing thats good,powerfully pigmented waterproof okay,shadows come in a range of matte and,lustrous finishes for universally,flattering effects so theres a bunch of,shades i received four in the pr package,and i wonder if these could be used as,an eyeshadow primer lets see how they,perform im so excited first im gonna,go in with this matte brownish shade and,this is called sup uh like sub whats up,whats up whats up whats up whats up,and as far as packaging im not mad at,this i think this right here is pretty,cute it has a nice clear see-through,window to the actual product a clean,white cap its simplistic and like easy,now some of the other packaging in this,collection i have some opinions about,but more on that later okay im gonna,put sup,on the back of my hand that is crazy,pigmented then i dip my brush in and i,start blending this,into,my crease i never really use cream or,liquid products,as like the fundamental base of my eye,look so this is gonna be interesting,its very pigmented but it also blends,away very softly like it shears out,pretty fast if you wanted to,okay,i feel like they dry pretty fast like,ive been working for like a minute and,its already dry so i got to pick up,some more and lets see if when i layer,them more pigment comes off oh my god oh,my god,oh god oh please blend oh please blend,really trying to perfect,the fade of this outer portion here to,make it nice and smooth and perfect i,mean it is set right now like this is,not gonna budge like its its set in,stone its not going anywhere so that is,a good start is it easier than powder,eye shadow im not sure but hey,im not sure,its gonna be a real test to see if at,the end of this video the liquid shadows,havent like gone into my crease yet so,if at the end of this video it has,increased i know its gonna last because,usually it takes only like,20 minutes for it to like go in there,and i would say that is the case with,everything in my life it takes about 20,minutes to go in there no im kidding,now for the lid i want to take a,shimmering shade look at that very,gorgeous theyre like instagram like,gorgeous gal this is called comet,comet like,kill the dinosaurs oops and im also,putting this shade on the back of my,hand and that is going,on the lid,tapping that on okay,i expected a bit more punch,[Music],oh there she is,oh shes arrived people she is in the,building first thoughts is that i,expected a bit more like oh,and ah,and then once you try to like perfect,the shape of this it kind of,see kind of lifts off the product,leaving you with like,nothing the more i want to like perfect,the shape the brush is picking up the,product and not putting it back down so,me trying to like blend in a little,crease moment is actually removing,see its almost removing the product oh,mama mama mama im not sure about this i,mean its pretty it has a beautiful,shine it you know it stays there but i,just expected a bit more like oh you,know this is a look and i know a lot of,people will like this because its,softer and more subtle but youre,watching the most terrifying makeup,junkie right now like i love the full,glam i want it all or i want nothing you,know what i mean i kind of expected like,a little bit more like,reflective shine coming off of that so,weve got these little palettes right,here this is called the baby doll,eyeshadow palette it has,um six beautiful,neutral shades like this is your like,everyday like,yes kind of glam this packaging okay,with all all due respect okay your honor,im your honor im your honor um all due,respect,this feels,cheap this is the type of sort of like,silver packaging that scratches really,easy like i already have a couple of,scratches see in,the silver it it it has a little bit of,weight to it but it,it just,i dont know if i,like this i get that were going for,like the space sort of vibe you know,this collection the pr package came in a,space helmet so im getting the like,space connection and it looks like,sci-fi and it looks like you know but,again youre talking to the girl who,came out with neon orange and blue,packaging for her brand so its like can,you really compare,no,you know i like a lot i like colorful,things i like things that stand out to,the eye and this just its its okay,what do you think what do you uh like,honest true tea,what do you think of the packaging of,rem beauty i like these these are cute,these are clean these are simple on the,eye,this is like,i want sugar in my coffee i i told you i,told you in the intro of this video im,going to give you my entire honesty im,sorry so i think its time to set that,liquid shadow with a bit of this powder,shadow to see how it holds up lets take,it out were going to pop that on top of,the liquid shadow we just applied that,shade is adheri

Ariana Grandes R.E.M Beauty HONEST Review!

i have a very fun video ahead for you,guys but super quickly before we get,started i have a special announcement as,you guys can see i am currently wearing,our sisters apparel cafe collection,which i am very very excited to tell you,guys is going to be restocked for this,years black friday sale on sisters,apparel dot com they launched about a,month ago now and i could not thank you,guys enough for the amount of love and,support we received on the collection,they sold out in just over a day and the,reviews were in and they were officially,a massive massive hit they come in five,different colors that are all inspired,by our favorite cups of coffee we have,vanilla latte caramel frappe pumpkin,spice cold brew and i am wearing black,coffee today they were originally 69 but,we really wanted to do something special,for you guys for the holiday season so,on this launch theyll be only 49. our,sale is going to start on thursday night,so november 25th at 5 pm pst so make,sure you guys set your alarms mark your,calendars because the sale will only be,going on until theyre gone hi sisters,james charles here and welcome back to,my youtube channel in case you guys did,not know ariana grande just released her,first ever makeup line called rem beauty,and literally everybody is talking about,it its quite a historical moment in the,beauty community her fans seem to be,super super excited but at the same time,pretty much every celebrity ever has,launched a makeup line at this point so,theres a little bit of skepticism in,the beauty community as well and ive,been getting a ton of requests to try,out the products for you guys and let,you know my thoughts and that is exactly,what were going to be doing in todays,video i have everything here in front of,me and im very much looking forward to,trying out a full face of rem beauty so,without further ado lets go ahead and,get started,[Music],[Applause],all right you guys i am so excited to,finally get into these products today,im basically just going to go through,them one by one and try them out if you,are a fan and you want to support her,and you want to try out these products i,encourage you to spend your hard earned,money however you please however as a,beauty guru and makeup artist it is part,of my job to stay on top of trends and,try out new things when they launch in,my community and ive gotten a ton of,requests to try out rem so you guys know,whether or not you should spend your,hard-earned money on the brand as you,can see my base is already on because,this first launch which i think was,called chapter one is very much like eye,and lip focus with some highlighters too,so lets go ahead and unbox uh the,eyeshadow palettes right here this is,what the packaging oh maybe can you,lower the brightness a little bit,hopefully you guys can kind of see sorry,these studio lights kind of blow,everything out but the packaging is very,light right it gives very like space,kind of aesthetic it says rem beauty on,here if i open it up this is the,baby doll palette i believe she launched,with three that are all 24 each and this,is what it looks like,okay to be okay so the packaging of this,brand has definitely been a little bit,controversial and i wanted to ask you,guys that actually get your thoughts and,feedback so i could share it in the,video and the opinions are very very,mixed some people seem to really really,like it and others are kind of a little,bit unimpressed and i feel like im,somewhere in the middle i dont think,its bad by any means and i will say,that actually looks and feels a lot,nicer in person than i was expecting so,thats definitely a pleasant surprise,rem basically means like a really deep,sleep so automatically my brain goes to,like stars or clouds or moons like that,whole vibe so i do understand the whole,like space aesthetic but i do feel like,the packaging could have been taken one,step further whether it was moon craters,or like you know when astronauts go to,space theyre known for like zero,gravity or like they have those like,freeze-dried food packets that,everything comes in it would have been,so cool if all the components came in,that sort of packaging and stuff its,just like little details like that that,i really feel like would have tied the,brand together a little bit more made,all the packaging feel really cohesive,and taking the overall like brand,identity above and beyond or should i,say out of this world so inventive,creative push the boat out on that one,so this is eyeshadow palette number one,its called baby doll this is palette,number two called midnight snack very,pretty there is a third palette called,prince of peace its also 24. with six,shades but im going to be using the,baby doll palette today for a super cute,just simple glam look so the palette,does have shade names but theyre on the,box instead of the actual like component,which i really dont care about my,palette didnt have shade names either,so its not that deep but if you want to,follow along the first shade that im,going to dip into is called croissant it,is the third one and right here just,like the lighter transition color so,dipping my brush in im definitely not,noticing anything crazy its performing,exactly like an eyeshadow should theres,no crazy amount of fallout no excess,powder which is going right on and im,just going to put this right into my lid,and its going on very very nicely as,well im actually very into this color,it was kind of looking light in the pan,but i feel like its going on like as,the perfect skin transition tone for me,okay love that and the next thing were,going to dip into is called boka mocha,which is the kind of like burnt brownie,red over here this one does have a,little bit more powder kick up when i,dip my brush into it but i personally,dont really care about that thats kind,of like a personal um opinion,or what personal preference is what i,was looking for and just like the first,color its going on very very nicely,its not patchy its not skipping at all,im gonna grab just a little bit more of,that just to deepen up this kind of like,outer little curve i dont know what,this is called just this underneath my,brow bone and then just winging this,back up would you say youre swinging it,side to side yeah oh yeah thats a good,one,that crease though went on so nicely my,next step is like to cut it but i,honestly like barely even need to,yeah thats called professional makeup,artistry right there imagine a world,like that,oh my god louis youre killing these,imaginative worlds like that im just,gonna grab a little bit of my concealer,to just cut my crease so the crease is,looking at nice and sharp so now were,just gonna go in and add some fun,metallic shades to the lid,okay you guys i have to be honest i am,really not impressed with the metallic,shades in the palette um they look,really nice in the pan but honestly on,the eyelids theyre just a lot more,satin than they are glittery and,metallic so if thats something that you,look for in a shadow just definitely be,aware of that ahead of time so i want to,try to amp them up a little bit if i can,and im going to use the rem lustrous,liquid eyeshadow there are a bunch of,different shades of these and i picked,up two for my little collection here i,have comet and nerd let me use the shade,comments i feel like this will match,really well with my look that we have,going on im just going to go in and,layer this right on top of what we,already have,created all right you guys so layering,this onto my eyes its definitely,helping to amp up the eyeshadow quite a,lot i will say though looking up close,it is not layering on the eyeshadow as,nicely as i want it to im going to film,a little clip of my iphone because i,just know that its not going to show up,on the actual camera here but its,separating pretty badly on my lid which,is definitely a little bit of a concern,we really want them to be able to layer,on and kind of dry down pretty quickly,so you get that seamless look o

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R.E.M. Beauty….I want my money back | Its SO BAD

hello and welcome to another adventure,here on my channel today were going to,be talking about rem beauty and my um,my experience with it and i want to,start this video off by saying,i was so excited for this line i was so,hyped for this line i am a huge ariana,grande fan im wearing my positions,t-shirt today i keep my rem perfume box,in the background of my videos i love,ariana grande but even if i didnt love,ariana grande i would have been so so,excited for this makeup because i love,the aesthetic of retro futurism which is,like what people from the past the 50s,and 60s thought about what the future,would look like so old sci-fi aesthetic,and that is what this was inspired by,from the first pictures i saw i thought,this would be,so for me i thought this could be one of,my new favorite brands the neutral with,a pop aesthetic really appeals to me,like everything about this a to z was,made for me to love it but as you can,see from the title of this video i very,much do not,i,was shocked with how bad a lot of these,products were to the point where i even,got in contact with the brand to try to,return them and get a refund and i try,not to return makeup because i dont,like the waste of it i would rather try,to find it a new home but generally,these products are so bad i cant give,them to someone i cant in good faith,give these products to someone and be,like yeah here you go youll like this,because no theyre just,theyre just seriously bad and like most,of them just deserve the trash there are,a couple that are,okay,that are,fine that have their pluses and minuses,but as long as you know what youre,getting into,sure but some of them genuinely,are some of the worst makeup products,ive ever tried,i dont know if they are the absolute,worst,but they are up there so lets go ahead,and get into it im going to review the,products one by one and show you some,swatches of similar alternative products,that perform way better and for the most,part are either the same price or,cheaper and then im gonna do a demo for,you where i do this,this eye look and try out one of the lip,products so you can see how bad it looks,when it goes on and then im gonna have,my best friend come on because i got her,to try these products as well so you can,get a second opinion on them because,this is not a first impressions its not,like i just put them on im giving you,my review ive worn these products,multiple times multiple ways really,tried to get them to work and,for the most part they just dont so,with that lets go ahead and get into,the review portion im going to review,them in descending order from the one i,thinks the best to the one i think is,the worst so,the first two,are,what i think if you just want a piece of,rem beauty because youre a huge ariana,grande fan then one of these first two,is what i personally would recommend,just know what youre getting into so,the absolute best product i tried is,actually the bullet lipstick i think the,packaging on this is so cute the,packaging on the entire line is,genuinely phenomenal like i know every,single review has said this but the,packaging does not photograph well it,doesnt video well it doesnt record,well like,when its in your hands it looks so cute,it feels so luxurious all the time and,attention and care and money clearly,went into the packaging and that is no,different for this lipstick its super,cute it has this little like window like,its a little astronaut i like it when,it goes on it feels very nice its very,pigmented it feels like youre putting a,lip balm made of velvet onto your lips,so its a very nice experience to put,this on the issue with this lipstick is,the wear time,this lipstick just kind kinda,evaporates from my lips and i dont,understand it because its not like it,wears until i eat or something which is,what i would expect from a bullet,lipstick like i expect to have to,reapply a bullet lipstick at some point,usually after i eat but in like,three hours having only just sipped a,glass of water a couple of times,it looks like i hadnt even put any,lipstick on,like this lipstick was just,gone from my lips,i have no idea what happened it was not,under a mask it wasnt pressed against,anything i was just wearing it casually,around my house doing a wear test a few,times,and it just,goes away,i dont know what happens if you buy,this just know you are going to have to,reapply this several times throughout,the day,um but it looks really good going on it,legitimately is so smooth on the lips it,makes your lips look,filtered so i think if you are like,taking pictures a lot if you are a,beauty influencer this is probably a,fantastic lipstick for you because its,going to make your lips look really nice,its what im wearing now,but if you actually are a normal,consumer which i assume the majority of,the world is,just know you will have to reapply this,several times throughout the day not,just when you eat you will have to,babysit this lipstick so,its okay,its decent if youre gonna buy,something,this was my favorite but,it wasnt great it was just okay i have,other lipsticks that do better that are,cheaper,or the same price,the second thing is the other thing that,i would recommend again if you just want,like a piece or two of this because,youre a huge ariana grande fan and that,is the liquid eyeshadow i have the shade,fembot did i even say the shade of the,lipstick i have the lipstick in the,shade bubbly by the way thats the shade,i have and i have the shade fembot of,the liquid eyeshadow and it is the,shimmery one not the matte one obviously,this is fine this is a fine liquid,eyeshadow it looks nice its pretty let,me do a little,hand swatch for you,thats what it looks like straight from,the doe foot,let me just blend that out,a little bit,its kind of sheer clearly meant to be a,topper has a little bit of a shift to it,but not a ton its nice theres nothing,wrong with this i just dont think this,is particularly,special and i just personally feel like,if i am going to,reach for put in the extra effort to,reach for a liquid shadow instead of a,powder shadow i want it to be worth it i,want it to be worth the extra effort it,takes to use a liquid instead of a,powder and i just dont feel like this,is,like theres nothing wrong with it it,looks nice it looks fine it wears nice i,will say that about this it does wear,nice,its just not the best,and there are better liquid eyeshadows,for cheaper out there but the packaging,is nice theres nothing really wrong,with it its just not very exciting its,kind of mediocre like the best products,in this line packaging is excellent but,the quality is just kind of mediocre and,thats the best in this line the third,product i got two of the highlighters,and the third product is one of them and,that is the shade miss venus this is the,yellowy shade one i was expecting this,to be more like a yellow gold,highlighter what i was expecting was,more,for it to be like this shade from the,roxy revolution contour palette,pretty much a,neutral highlighter just with a strong,bit of yellow to it thats what i was,expecting this to be and it is not it is,definitely meant to be more of a,statement colorful highlighter because,thats what i did i bought one that i,thought was going to be a statement,highlighter and one that i thought was,going to be more neutral,this,again is very,meh the fact is this is just,not that shiny not that highlighty it,kind of has this,duochromey type shift to it where it has,like a clear base and then,the yellow you can see it when you turn,your face to the light but the thing is,i have a highlighter exactly like this,with that yellow shift to it and its,the colitis one in solar sailor and this,is just,so much better,like,worlds better than the rem one that im,like why would anyone buy this when they,could get this and its,about the same price i think,this is what this one looks like in the,pan it is way shinier that shift is way,stronger,its just like,yeah this is what this should look like,

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1 Year Later… Revisiting R.E.M. Beauty! Old Products & New Products Tested

[Music],foreign,[Music],to revisit REM Beauty from Ariana Grande,its been basically a year since it came,out and I bought a few products right,when it launched I was actually pretty,excited about the brand it was very,themed and this was like phase one stage,one of the launch so we knew there were,going to be more stages more things to,come and its been a year like I said,and I thought we could talk about those,products I have a few other ones that I,wanted to try in here too so some new,stuff revisiting some of the old stuff,and I thought we could just talk in,general about REM Beauty and kind of,what you thinks going on because Im,kind of unsure about it if Im being,honest I dont know if its kind of a,flop like kind of kind of were really,just getting into it I dont even think,I said hi my names Lauren welcome back,to the channel guys but hello I am,Lauren welcome back I want to do some,blush and I have two different blushes,here I was actually really excited to,pick these up and one of the things,before we get into other other stuff one,of the things I really like about,Arianas brand is that they are more,affordable I feel like a lot of,celebrities go the very expensive route,with makeup or at least what you would,normally find at Sephora to be like 20,or up like you know their cheapest thing,is about 20ish dollars but I feel like,so much of her line is overall pretty,affordable which is really really nice,and its kind of in that mid price point,so its not quite like Sephora expensive,but its also not like drugstore,drugstore so think pixie about face is,also kind of similar now that theyve,dropped some prices I dont know Im,trying to think I guess I was gonna say,mac but I dont really know its just,kind of in between where a lot of stuff,is like actually under the 20 price,point the concealer which is like phase,four I think is like 24 which is pretty,good and theres 60 shades of that,concealer which is really great too but,anyway okay lets lets start with the,blush first geez were getting ahead of,ourselves front row Center and these are,for cheeks and lips I love the packaging,on a lot of her stuff like I really do,like how themed it is and it doesnt,feel like cheap necessarily its not,like the most luxurious but I feel like,these are individual components,obviously very unique to her like Ive,never seen a blush stick look like a,little astronaut head type thing you,know the other one that I got this ones,called Curtain Call and its more of a,pinky flush for todays look Im,probably gonna go more with this one,because I know its gonna end up turning,up a little bit more like brown neutral,maybe even a little bit Smoky based off,the eyeshadow colors that I have so Im,gonna go with front row Center and Im,actually going to put this on a brush,first and then like apply it that way,the formula seems pretty promising just,based off of the swatches that Ive done,yeah thats nice its applying really,nicely and I feel like its a nice cream,where its glowy but not too glowy like,it doesnt have like any actual like,Shimmer to it and even the formula when,I say glowy I just mean like from it,being a cream more than anything but,even this formula isnt super like,luminous okay love it so far really am,enjoying this stick all right when love,it I was actually pretty hopeful for,these and when I decided to pick up some,new products from her just to you know,kind of see what else is there because I,really once the first launch happened,and what I picked up on the first lunch,let me show you Ill also leave that,initial video down below I believe it,was like about this time last year that,I posted that I remember because I was,like trying the stuff and then thats,the day I met Kelly Gooch and she was in,town which is really awesome but okay,anyway I got the highlighter this is in,Miss Mercury which is just like a nice,neutral champagne highlighter there were,some more like fun colors but I went,with that one I did pick up one of the,small eyeshadow palettes and this is the,one midnight snack I liked the cool,tones in here and I want to try it out,and then the only other thing I,initially purchased was this eye shadow,in fembot which is beautiful it is this,really pretty like ethereal wet look,duochrome glittery sparkly shade like it,is super pretty if you like the like,special shadows in the rose quartz,palette that is what this is in liquid,form so thats what I initially picked,up and besides that like as the new,launches have come out Im just I just,havent paid attention if Im being,honest I just feel like okay like I,dont know its a lot of product were,in phase four like I said I think these,came out in Phase maybe three maybe,phase two Im not entirely sure but,those are one of the things I actually,wanted I definitely didnt pick up just,everything because theres a lot of,stuff that Im not really interested in,from the brand too the little gel,eyeshadows Ive heard some bad reviews,and I just wasnt willing to do it but,Im very happy that the blushes seem,really nice I like the colors and I,think that I will continue to use them,for sure okay lets get this back on,track because I feel like I dont know,where Im going one of the other new,items that I bought this is the,multi-use eye stick in the shade light,year its pretty boring pretty basic I,love a shadow stick so thats why I,wanted to try it but this ones just a,cream color its really not a big deal,Im using it to crime essentially right,now but the packaging on this is,actually very similar like when I opened,this I was like oh its like the,colourpop like its mini like that its,very similar to the colourpop ones,packaging at least I dont know if,formula is exact so far for these I,dont know about them they had a lot of,like cream colors and I think that in,general the line does follow more like,Arianas makeup style in a lot of ways,which I do think is good right like it,makes sense to me that she would put out,makeup that she looks like she wears a,lot and I think thats smart for,Branding but I dont know its just,after that first initial launch like it,hasnt been anything too too exciting to,me were gonna use the midnight snack,palette first Im gonna go in I think,first I might actually set my lid which,I normally dont do but Im doing it,today so Im using that cream I might,not even do like a normal brow bone,usually I go sparkly but I kind of,thought for today I would try a more,matte brow bone I think the reason that,I kind of feel like its just not as,successful as I I hoped it would be I,guess is because the perfumes like okay,I just think that perfumes outshine her,beauty brand I really like so many of,them,um I actually just got the new mod,vanilla in so Im so excited thatll be,on the perfume Channel if you want to,check that out Im going to go in now,with this kind of taupey shade in the,middle its a matte too and Im just,gonna put that in the crease but I,definitely think that has been such a,success and I dont know maybe Im just,on the wrong Parts though of the,internet maybe on other parts of social,media maybe on Tick Tock her makeup does,better or is more viral or getting more,like hype I just dont really see a ton,a ton of people necessarily reviewing,her stuff unless they get it as PR which,you know makes sense I get that for sure,but I dont know I just dont see,personally the hype even though theres,a lot of branding and stuff there you,know its very Spacey space themed and,kind of mod themed and I dont know I,just expected it to do a little bit,better Im glad that its at Sephora now,though because its easier to get when,it first launched it was just on her own,site and its always more reassuring to,me when celebrity Brands start getting,carried at bigger places like Ulta or,Sephora just like theyre taking it more,seriously its not just you know merch I,guess like its a little bit more than,that and hopefully itll be around a,little bit longer so that went on okay,not the most pigment but not

K, I’m giving R E M Beauty another chance…

pleasantly surprised,pleasantly surprised i am officially,ready for fall,um okay so today i am giving rem beauty,another shot,if you didnt see my original review of,rem beauty this is a while back uh i,really really didnt like it there were,like some products that were like fine,uh like the highlighter the mascara i,actually liked the mascara i still use,it from time to time um particularly for,my lower lashes the eyeliners i hated i,thought they were terrible terrible so,ive received a lot of requests to give,it another shot so i picked up a bunch,of products,uh theyre now care were they not on,sephora originally they were right am i,crazy i thought that i bought it on,sephora when i first bought it um but,anyway theyre on ulta now picked up the,blush stick i got a liquid lipstick,um i got an a lick a what i got a lip,liner,two concealers,because i know thats what people really,wanted to see,i accidentally bought something that was,way too light and then i had to go in,store and pick up another thing but um,this im excited about um i got a i,dont know what this is called,so tiny metallic gel eyeshadow in the,shade affirmation,cause that looked kind of fun to me you,know,the first thing that i wanted to,try was actually like a little gift,with my purchase which was their little,um,spaceship ufo looking beauty sponge,which i have to say super tiny at first,i got it wet and like now i think its a,reasonable size uh very very soft,and i thought it would be awkward to,hold but because because it was like so,tiny before but i actually think itll,be pretty good so im gonna apply my,foundation with this um i wanna make,sure that im doing everything the way,that i would like typically do it,so that like everything i mean,especially for the concealer everything,else will be,easy but especially for the concealer i,wanna make sure that its like like its,comparable basically to like everything,else we need like a controlled,experiment here,so,uh my skin is hydrated i moisturized,full disclosure no sunscreen today im,in here with all the lights and the sun,blocked out filming all day well kind,of have to like ill probably have to,test this again with sunscreen later on,but now im going to prime underneath my,eyes with my milk hydro grip,under eye primer,and then i think im going to avoid,using a color corrector today just so,that we can see how much coverage the,concealer actually has should i just do,concealer first since were here,the concealer shades that i picked up uh,are fair 5w and the light 1wn,uh it is an extensive range so when i,was like looking online i was like very,confused i was like i just dont know,how fair theyre going you know its,really hard to to see so i ended up,picking up,what is this again fair 5w,uh which is just too light its way too,light it would be good for brightening,and then i went back in store and i,picked up this guy which what light 1wn,which i think will be good and if this,might be if this is like a shade too,dark then i can just like mix them you,know i never mind picking up two,concealers,do i mind no i dont really mind they,include these little like spatula scoopy,things i think im going to scoop it out,and put it on the back of my hand so im,going to start off with um,1 wn,its pretty creamy,the color looks nice nice and golden all,right im going to start off by applying,it with this little like sigma blending,brush so im going to pick it up,that looks like a pretty good match for,my skin bro,very,creamy,love the color,looks buildable,pretty surprised actually i didnt mean,to go in with um,a lot but it looks like,this looks pretty [ __ ] good i gotta,say already,like why am i always peeling on my,[ __ ] eyelids,okay gotta say im pretty impressed by,that concealer,color looks really really nice it has,that golden olivey tone,you know that im always looking for,where its not like orange its not pink,its not,um what other colors are there,i dont know i feel like orange and pink,are the ones that usually,mess me up,i kind of want to do like a side by side,first let me apply my foundation to the,side of my face so we can kind of like i,dont know give it time to like melt,into i guess im going to use a little,bit of that around like other just in,other places that i would conceal and,then just go over with the foundation,or not over but like you know blend i,dont know whatever youll see,looks very healthy i like im im,impressed by that coverage,damn if youre one of those people whos,like i dont understand why she doesnt,take her concealer all the way up i,explain this so much its exhausting but,i have,deep ass lines up here no matter what i,do i get creasing there so i just avoid,that area because i dont care about the,definition thats caused by the darkness,here i care about the sunken look here,you can obviously see,why,i can feel here you know what i mean,im gonna use the ofra foundation i,think i have a code with them somewhere,just like if youre interested this is,the absolute cover foundation in,uh 0.25,oh its not open all right little,spaceship guy,i have to say first impression this,sponge is pleasant,its pleasant,its very soft,okay so side by side,kind of nice,color works nicely,really good coverage,um im very surprised im very surprised,by it,i kind of want to like while were doing,this i kind of want to leave it,unset so that we can kind of see like,how it,settles or if it settles or how it works,with the milk primer,um it does look a little shiny which i,dont love you know i dont want it to,look like super glossy or anything,but um,so far it seems to be like moving with,my skin nicely so thats good,a lot of that is like,thanks to the milk primer though um i,guess im gonna do a little bit of,highlighting with the other shade so,this is,fair 5w which is quite light,im gonna um i guess im gonna scoop it,lets scoop this,[ __ ],yeah thats so light very very light,very extensive shade range so thats,good um,so im gonna put a little bit of that in,here,just a little bit around my nose,im very impressed im not using a um,not using a color corrector and im very,impressed,like that is really nice coverage it,looks really good for not using any,color corrector,okay my eyebrows are so uneven right now,i dont want to talk about it lets just,pretend that theyre not okay,okay so i did contour bronzer off screen,just because like,save time you know what i mean,uh so now i want to try and i gotta say,while i was applying all of those,products,concealer,hasnt moved didnt touch it hasnt,moved,im like,real impressed i gotta say im like real,impressed i kind of feel like,redemption arc,for rem beauty just on the basis of the,concealer,um so now i want to try the cream blush,this is the shade chorus girl i just,want to see like,its actually quite um,sheer which is kind of nut i prefer,because im so fair because things just,show up really really bright on me im,just gonna draw straight on my face with,this [ __ ],yeah its really really [ __ ] i got the i,think this is the lightest one i got the,lightest one,very pretty,summery color,perfect for,mid-september,i do like i i personally have to say i,do like how light this is because its,very hard for me to find,um cream blushes that are light,enough you know use a little ufo again,beautiful love the color i think its,stunning,um the formula seems nice its,definitely like a little bit creamy i,mean my whole [ __ ] face is oily for,some reason right now i dont really,dont know why i put on a mattifying,primer,in my t-zone,speaking of ufos i saw a nope recently,i enjoyed it,just saying i havent seen his other,movies,so,i was hearing people say that its not,as good as the other ones but i enjoyed,it yeah i really like that color color,is really pretty,uh seems to blend really nicely i can,like draw onto my face directly without,i mean it doesnt appear to be removing,any kind of coverage sometimes it pulls,and it removes like whats below it and,then it just ends up just kind of,looking like str

chapter 4 product rundown with ariana grande | r.e.m. beauty

here to talk to you about chapter four,and what kind of video would it be for,us if there werent landscaping in the,background,i dont know as soon as its time to,talk,you can count on it the landscaping will,begin,right on time,[Music],introducing chapter 4 of rem beauty out,of body this chapter has four new,products in it our sweetener concealer,our lunar magic blurring primer,our dream cloud blender,and our satin sheets blotting papers,very obsessed with all of the above and,excited to introduce them to you so,starting with our sweetener concealer,weve developed 60 shades of the,sweetener concealer including two,artistry shades of black and white to,mix in and customize your perfect shade,you can use these concealers for of,course covering up acne or dark circles,under your eyes like me but you can also,use other shades to contour brighten or,sculpt and snatch the face ive learned,a lot from watching my incredible makeup,artists over the years but also watching,drag,i have learned a lot from watching drag,and admiring drag over the years,um concealer is kind of like the secret,weapon if you will whats my favorite,part of the concealer formula i think,probably how hydrating it is its also,our first product that features our rem,essence a couple of our products that,weve developed and that are coming down,the line are also infused with this rem,essence its basically a combination of,hyaluronic acid and raspberry leaf,extract we just think its important to,marry skin care and makeup so its very,hydrating for the skin this formula also,has ashwagandha and vitamin e very,sensitive area under the eyes and just,so good to have that multi-tasking,formula while youre wearing it its,also hydrating and nourishing your skin,i love that about this formula so much,other than the fact that it is like,so,beat if you want it to be like a little,goes a long way the coverage is really,impressive the lunar magic blurring,primer well,it uses the same technology as your,other favorite product which is the,under eye cooling balm,i love how it feels its so cooling and,tingling its nice to have a little bit,of consistency there theyre like,related these two i love those the last,piece of the chapter four puzzle is our,satin sheets blotting papers,they are,infused with bamboo charcoal which is,super detoxifying and great so not only,is it softening up the chaos of the day,but its also,doing some clarifying work while you use,it,but i love them im on the run working,rehearsing,sweating,forgot to talk about our sponge its,just a really cute sponge it does look,like a uao but its also designed for a,precise application,right under the eye,and then the side for a little,anyway im so proud of this chapter im,so excited for you to get your hands on,it and please let us know what youre,most excited for

Testing NEW r.e.m. beauty – chapter 2.. Honest thoughts

[Music],interesting um lets see how fine this,fine mist really is oh god i got it um,that is so strange and im now gonna put,the lid back on before it completely,dries up,[Music],hello everyone welcome back to my,channel today im gonna be reviewing the,new ariana grande rem beauty launch,which is i think its called chapter two,i was not expecting to get this really,cool pr package its like squishy so,thank you so much to them for sending me,this pr package but as you guys know as,always im gonna,tell you my honest thoughts and opinions,on these things because im not gonna,lie in the first time around with this,brand there was some stuff that i really,liked and other stuff that was kind of,like okay but like not my favorite stuff,in the world so ive got three of the,eyeshadow palettes three of the liquid,jelly sort of eyeshadows the gloss the,under eye primer stuff the mist which,im very excited to try the cheek and,lipsticks which im very excited to try,and also the lash and brow serum lets,just dive into it so im just going to,prime my face with the it cosmetics,oil-free primer also just very quickly,so obviously i did test the previous,sort of round like the previous chapter,of the rem beauty rem beauty stuff and,that was the stuff that i did get sent a,pr box and i think it had five of the,products in it like five of the main,ones i guess and i wasnt expecting to,get that so i had actually made an order,of pretty much one of everything from,the website when it first launched,however there was a whole,issue with that because basically when i,ordered it i had added one of the lip,markers to my order and then after id,put through my order i then got a,message saying that the lip marker in,the particular shade that i wanted,wasnt going to be available until,december and so that i would have to,wait until december for my entire order,to be shipped out i did email our,customer service and ask if i could just,take this one item out of my order or,swap it for another color so that the,rest of my order could be shipped out,and they basically said they were really,sorry but they couldnt do that and i,just either have to cancel my whole,order and order stuff again by which,point some of the shades of the other,things that id wanted had already sold,out or i would just have to wait for it,so i thought okay im gonna wait for it,it said it was gonna be shipped on the,14th of december i think it was so i,waited like a couple of months for it to,be shipped and then we went away for,four days and in those four days,apparently the package was attempted to,be delivered three times and i did get,the little notice saying that wed,missed a parcel but it was just one,notice saying that it had been missed,and that they would try again another,day and then a little while later i had,a letter through the door saying that i,had a customs charge of 70 pounds for my,parcel i had spent i think it was like,234 dollars on the website so i think if,you spend over a hundred dollars you get,a customs fee and i guess because my,order was pretty heavy because i ordered,so much and then when i phoned them to,pay the customs fee they were like sorry,your parcel is already on the way back,to america and i was like,what and they said yeah delivery was,attempted three times with fail so we,took that as you refusing the package,and weve sent it back to the states and,i was like,so that was very unfortunate i mean,obviously that wasnt rem beautys fault,it was more like the delivery companys,fault basically i never got my package,ram beauty did give me a refund for my,order which was very much appreciated i,dont know what happened with the 70,pound customs fee because i never paid,it and i dont know does that disappear,because obviously they didnt make me,pay it on the phone because they said,that my password already been shipped,back to the us but i dont know like who,ends up paying the customs fee if it,gets sent back but then a couple of,months ago this just showed up which was,the lip marker from the original order,so i guess they sent it out separately,when it came back in stock,i dont even know okay so first im,gonna go in with the skincare kind of,bits so weve got this under eye primer,stuff which is so this is the cooling,blurring under eye balm and it says,energize the eye area with this,botanical powered cooling bomb that,offers results instantly in over time,soothes and blurs imperfections in the,delica under eye area caffeine helps,melt away the liquid puffiness and,reduce the appearance of dark circles,for a brighter eye look you know what,this really really reminds me of you,just look at the texture of this hair do,you guys remember that i cant even,remember what brand it was by but it was,like the,invisible foundation stuff for like 40,quid this is the exact same kind of,texture as that its like a almost like,a,gel mousse i dont even know how to,describe the texture of it its just,very unusual i did actually,put some of this on on monday when this,package arrived because i was going to a,concert and i thought you know what i,want to see if this will actually do,anything sort of under my makeup i want,to see whether it will crease my,concealer or anything if im being,completely honest i didnt notice any,sort of like benefits when it comes to,makeup i didnt find that it made my,concealer you know what im gonna put a,bit on my eyelids as well i didnt find,that it creased my concealer at all,which was good it didnt sort of go,weird under my makeup which was nice and,it did just sort of wear well like a,moisturizer would under your eyes kind,of but it does actually feel really nice,and cooling when you put it on like it,feels nice and the texture of it is like,a lightweight sort of gel and it does,actually feel like its sinking into,your skin like it feels like a nice eye,cream basically but like a gel eye cream,it doesnt feel too thick like its,quite lightweight and i definitely find,that moisturizing my under eye area,helps my concealer generally look,smoother and kind of crease less because,i do get quite sort of dry skin around,my eyes i do find that these days i like,to put some kind of eye cream on under,my foundation i know that most eye,creams are just like moisturizer,repackaged into a smaller tube but i,still buy them and i still like them,anyway and i like i know that those are,the facts i know that you can just use a,moisturizer but there are some eye,creams that i really like and whatever,brand they are they dont make the same,formula in a moisturizer its the kind,of stuff where you can add like as,little or as much as you want and it,will sort of sink in i dont need any,more but i just want to show you sort of,like up close it just really,feels nice and soothing and kind of,sinks in and doesnt feel oily at all so,if youve got oily skin you should be,good it says that the caffeine helps to,reduce under eye circles to be honest i,dont really,notice that like theyre still kind of,there its not really a necessary kind,of product that you need but it does,feel nice i will give it that and,normally on the website it just says out,of stock so it doesnt have the price,however the lash and brow boosting serum,which i am going to put some of this on,this is 39 pounds which is a lot of,money that is the most expensive thing,that they sell on their website biotin,formulated serum helps promote visibly,longer thicker lashes and brows in as,little as four weeks with full-on those,cant be real in three months and it,says an independent study of 56,consumers a hundred percent saw,improvement in lash length in as little,as four weeks and a hundred percent saw,improvement in lash volume in as little,as four weeks that sounds pretty good to,me apply serum to brow area and upper,and lower lash lines then wait at least,90 seconds for skin to absorb serum,apply makeup as usual okay so this is,what it looks like so it says to put,this on your upper and lower lash lines,ah stings it stings

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