1. Remarkable 2 Review
  2. One year of using the reMarkable 2 – dont buy, before watching this long term review
  3. Amazon Kindle Scribe vs Remarkable 2 | The Showdown
  4. reMarkable 3.0 Beta Initial Impressions
  5. reMarkable 2 – 2 Years Later (Long Term Review)
  6. The Ultimate ReMarkable 2 Review: Is it Worth It?
  7. This is REMARKABLE!!!

Remarkable 2 Review

this video is sponsored by squarespace,this is the remarkable two gotta be,honest didnt expect to like it as much,as i did lets check it out,[Music],the last week of november i got four,things in the mail to review and this,out of those four was the thing i was,least interested in this is the,remarkable two now i review tech for,creative professionals mostly,illustrators designers so just looking,at this it wasnt something that was,really on my radar as a great art tool,it didnt check any of the boxes for me,i bought one because a lot of you were,asking me on the comments and on twitter,hey it has a pen can i draw on it what,do you think and i thought okay ill,check it out so why wasnt i interested,well its a black and white e-ink,display unlike an ipad or an android,tablet you dont have a whole bunch of,art apps out there that you could go and,download for it youre stuck with what,they give you it doesnt seem as snappy,or as powerful as other tablets either,at least when you see the demonstrations,of it and its pretty expensive for what,it is there was no way that i felt i was,gonna be able to enjoy using it but boy,was i wrong handwriting on this thing,sketching on this thing well its really,remarkable it seems like every tablet,maker out there says it these days it,feels like drawing on real paper and,weve heard it so much that we just say,yeah yeah yeah but here it actually,really truly does feel like youre,drawing on paper its an amazing,sensation so lets start with an,unboxing and then you can see in real,time my reaction when i drew on it for,the very first time we have our pen,fairly light but a little bit weighted,feels very good its got a little bit of,texture to it uh,holds well in the hand it feels a lot,like an apple pencil if youve ever held,an apple pencil its about the same,amount of weight,its got some texture to it this is a,fantastic,feeling stylus its well weighted it,doesnt feel like too heavy in the back,it is a little back weighted maybe but,no that,that feels great thats fantastic uh,what else do we have here it says marker,tips so lets pull this open and thats,exactly what we have some really,some nice nicely packaged extra pen nibs,that we can then replace on our pen so,cool that was good let me put this back,and lets go back to our tablet and we,could write on it like its telling us,to let me get this stuff off here and,im going to say,hey,every,one,wow thats pretty cool,so my first initial impressions just,writing on this is that it really,feels like paper which is a weird thing,to say because im used to drawing on,textured screens that are designed to,feel like paper and this does have a,textured screen but i think its more,than the textured screen that makes this,feel like paper whats most important,here is that this looks like my,handwriting when i draw on paper when i,draw with almost everything else that,ive ever used as a tablet you kind of,have to find the right brush in order to,emulate,your handwriting like youll be writing,and itll just get super loopy so ill,go to draw v and itll look like a u,whereas this,it feels very feels very good so,if i just sign my name,yeah that looks exactly the way i would,write with a pencil so i dont think it,has as much when i say it feels like,paper it feels like paper partly because,of the brush and the experience of the,letters appearing underneath it and less,so because of the actual you know,texture on the screen though that feels,good as well all right i gotta stop it,there i also got a sleeve that you slide,it into but thats a little boring for,the two minutes it took for me to talk,about it so mystery to me is that,drawing and writing feel what did they,do to make it feel so good why does it,look like my handwriting on the,remarkable it looks just like it does on,paper and everywhere else is it the pen,latency well the pen latency is really,good they got it down to 21 milliseconds,so it is very snappy you can barely see,any space between the tip of your pen,and where the line appears behind it now,i take a lot of notes now most of the,time when im taking notes im taking,them on my galaxy note phone which also,has really really low latency and its,absolutely fine for that but that,handwriting it doesnt feel as natural,as it does here little things like its,the bend to the ls or my o doesnt,close exactly these are these are tiny,little details but those little things,those gaps really leave a mark on and,really leave a gap between the,perception of writing and having to kind,of train your brain to write on this,digital object and because of that no,matter what device you use whether,youre writing or drawing there is going,to be some kind of learning curve if,youve been drawing or painting,traditionally so would it be the,accuracy it is a very accurate pen but,so many of the other ones that i use,its a wacom or whether its the ipad,theyre just as accurate is it the,smoothness of the line well maybe some,pens are a little bit too sensitive they,pick up every little wobble of your hand,especially like when youre drawing with,the stylus on a little glass screen,thats definitely something i feel with,wacoms erm especially on like phones,and tablets and laptops that use it so,it is up to the apps to smooth that out,thats something youll see like,procreate does pretty well its got this,smoothing feature on the brushes but,what that ends up doing is if you hit a,sharp angle and youre writing quickly,that angle isnt like perfectly sharp if,you were just drawing on a piece of,paper it softens that a little bit it,streamlines that a little bit and that,creates a more loopy feel while youre,drawing so it doesnt exactly feel like,this is my handwriting so i think it,really nails that line between,streamlining it just a tiny bit so its,smoother and its not picking up every,shaking of your hand but also keeping,enough in there to make it feel real,theres one other thing that really,helps us out and thats the screen,texture now theres nothing special,about the screen texture itself wacom,displays are made of etched glass,theyve been doing this forever a screen,protector for your ipad its going to,accomplish the same thing those textures,are no different than the texture,theyre using here but,that in conjunction with the way they,design the brushes pulls this off so,well now before we get to the next one i,would like to thank todays sponsor,squarespace from websites and online,stores to marketing tools and analytics,squarespace is your all-in-one platform,to build a beautiful online presence and,run your business i like being able to,see how many people are visiting my site,and what content theyre most interested,in with squarespaces built-in analytics,i can quickly see page views traffic,sources time on site most read content,audience geography and more get feedback,on whats working and how i can improve,my site go to squarespace.com for a free,trial and when youre ready to launch go,to squarespace.com bragg culbo to save,10 on your first purchase of a website,or domain,lets take a look at the hardware weve,got a 10.2 inch e-ink screen if youre,not familiar with e-ink its black and,white so we have no colors here but the,upside is the battery life is crazy good,and i mean crazy this will last weeks,and thats not just like hey we put that,on the box that itll last weeks it,actually lasts weeks since the screen,doesnt need that much power to be on so,the downside to the way the screen is,designed is the interface isnt as,buttery smooth as what you might be used,to using on your phone or tablet and im,sure when i demo it here it just doesnt,look fluid it doesnt look as cool and,as modern as what youd expect on most,devices that you see nowadays i think of,this as kind of like a digital,etch-a-sketch but instead of shaking it,to erase the screen it turns black for a,second and then it redraws itself this,kind of lag or this gap really comes,into play when were talking about,undoing things if y

One year of using the reMarkable 2 – dont buy, before watching this long term review

This is the reMarkable two and last year,,every time I pulled it out that I did the office,or a café people ask me, “whats it like”? Because its supposed to replace,your e-reader, your annotations,,but also your note taking.,But does it really?,A tough question to answer.,Something were going to try in this long term review.,You order your reMarkable,two online, and the basic device is €399. ,But then you need your pen as well and you need something of a case.,So you end up spending way more to get a total package (> € 600).,You get a sleek design package that could make Apple jealous.,And by the time you have the device running,,you basically have an empty slate.,There are two pens you can choose from.,The first one is the black one with the eraser tip, which will set you back €130.,But this eraser tip is made out of plastic,,and the shaft is very fragile and actually broken my bag.,The other option is the white pen without the eraser tip, which is €60.,What I would advise you is to buy the one with the eraser tip, even though,its more expensive but protected well and put it in some sort of sleeve.,There are basically four options to get stuff on here.,The first one is to install an app on your computer, which sent documents,from your computer onto the reMarkable.,The second option is to install app on you smartphone,,which basically does the same.,The third option, which I use most is the browser extension,we changed the page, are currently reading onto the reMarkable,,and the final option is to use Dropbox or Google Drive integration.,Theres one thing to keep in mind, though you cant install,or send any e-book to the reMarkable.,Most ebooks you buy are protected by digital rights management or DRM.,And the reMarkable doesnt support it.,So most ebooks youve downloaded or bought in the past wont be supported,by the reMarkable, which is a very big disadvantage.,The second big disadvantage,is that those sync services we talked about are rather expensive.,You pay €8 a month to have Dropbox or Google Drive support.,Now that we have documents on the device, you really start to see where,the reMarkable shines.,And thats the reading taking annotations and making highlights.,No digital device Ive used comes close to this experience,,but this is also where the greatness,of the experience ends, because after youve made these annotations,or highlights, you want to get them off the device.,And the reMarkable doesnt help you out there at all.,Theyve made a layer on top of the document,,which contains the extra information.,But if they are enabled to pull the information out and help you create,a summary of the story youve just read, so the second thing,the reMarkable should be really good at is taking notes like in a notebook.,Ive tried it extensively and its nice to take notes on.,You cant write really small, but thats OK.,The problem again resides in the fact that I want to take those digital notes off,and save them somewhere else, so its scannable and readable later.,And for that, they use optical character recognition or OCR.,But the quality of the OCR isnt that good.,So if you take notes and want to have its digitalized, that doesnt really work.,And the way they do it is by sending you an email which feels very outdated,in a date of the cloud. ,The third thing the remarkable should be really good at,is drawing, at least according to the adverts.,Ive given it to two drawing experts and both said its a nice experience,,but it doesnt come close,to anything you can do with a Wacom or Procreate on an iPad.,So thats not really a use case, either.,So you might conclude that the reMarkable two sucks.,And part of that is absolutely true.,But after twelve months, it isnt collecting dust or my tech pile.,Im still using it every day.,The funny thing is that the fact that it is a single purpose device,that doesnt do anything else and doesnt distract you in any way,makes it very useful for in-depth reading and in-depth taking of annotations.,The fact that you have to then manually create those summaries,takes some time, but actually creates a moment of pause as well.,The fact that its a distraction free,and single purpose device is actually a selling point.,I do think that the one field bad and reMarkable could improve,is getting those annotations and summaries off of the device easily.,They do get a lot of competition, though.,The book, for example, is a way better device at the same price point,,which does integrate way better in the modern cloud tools we have.,So the main question might be would I buy to reMarkable again?,And the answer to that is no.,There are actually better,competitors on the market right now, and the ONYX BOOX is the best example.,It has the same size as a reMarkable as a very solid writing experience,,but it integrates way better in the cloud experience,were very used to in our offices,Nowadays. A device like this is very valuable,and creates some really deep reading experiences.,But this reMarkable where its, very well,marketed, might not be the best option out there right now.

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Amazon Kindle Scribe vs Remarkable 2 | The Showdown

on the left is the Amazon Kindle scribe,and on the right is the remarkable two,now you might be wondering why are we,comparing these two the remarkable two,came out over two and a half years ago,and this just came out well its mostly,because remarkable 2 has had the biggest,advertisement campaign of any e note in,the world they throw so much money at,advertisement its unreal so people,cant stop searching for it and cant,stop talking about it is it a good e,note yes it is a good e note is it a,good e-paper tablet in the current,landscape no its definitely been left,in the dust but how does the Amazon,compare against it because remember this,isnt a tablet Powerhouse this is a,simple large screen e-reader that just,so happens to have a Wacom screen to,take notes you can use any pen on the,market actually in fact you can use the,Amazon pan I reader pen the big me pen,the remarkable pen the Onyx pen the boy,you pen the movie scribe pen the list,goes on and because this is also Wacom,were going to be using the same Amazon,pen to keep it fair on both of these,units on the left and the right will be,using the exact same pen the pens are a,little bit different in that this one,has a button on the side the remarkable,pens do not have a button on the side,they do have an eraser on the back,however thats kind of where it ends now,they use the same tips use exact same,tips so you dont have to worry about,that theres going to be no real,differences in that now do they both,read books yes they actually do this is,one time where we can actually show you,guys ebooks side by side so were going,to open up an ebook on this and this now,this has 226 PPI this has 300 PPI,thats the biggest thing there has never,been an E note 10 inches or above with,300 PPI this is the first time this has,ever happened the reading experience on,the remarkable,is okay but really what it is its kind,of like the quadrino and the Sony where,they just use the note taking kind of,software and the same palette on the,side so really this is simply just the,note taking experience with most of the,settings you have your colors you have,your highlighter and they just kind of,allow you to use an Epub its decent it,turned pages okay I suppose and on the,Kindle you get an actual Amazon Kindle,reading experience because this is an,ebook reader in fact this is the,kind of not spiritual successor of the,DX in any way but it is the large screen,successor of the DX and this is also the,biggest Kindle ever made the last one,was the DX which was 9.7 this is 10.2 so,this actually eliminates any need for,the DX the DX has had this very strong,following even to this day but really,this this puts it all to bed now you can,highlight on both of these you can do,some long presses things like that the,remarkable doesnt allow you to long,press because it just relies on you,using these note-taking kind of,functions on the side if you do tap the,middle nothing happens on the remarkable,because everythings kind of ready for,you here you have export you have layers,you have this tag right here you can tag,Pages you can look at the overview of,what all the pages are and on the Amazon,you can do a lot of that to that extent,as well you can go ahead and see what,all the pages have to look at you can,tap the top you have a lot more settings,on this obviously its an e-reader you,can change the font you can change the,boldness the font style you can change,the layout the margins the orientation,and you can go to more and you have a,bunch of different things there you can,watch the full review on both of these,on our YouTube channel you can also,click here and go into vocabulary,builder which is kind of really cool,because every time you long press or tap,on something it actually builds your,vocabulary and you can do stuff like,flash cards and once you know what,something is,you can mark it as mastered because,youve mastered that word its a really,cool kind of feature the remarkable,doesnt really prioritize ebooks or PDFs,in that regard it really is just like we,said displaying them on a page rather,than allowing you to interact with them,and really change the experience to this,degree now thats not really why youre,here you guys are here for the note,taking section and thats the most,important thing because the Amazon,device has never had note taking Amazon,has never dabbled in note-taking even to,the degree that say Kobo does with the,sage when they entered that or even,pocketbook with their little scribble,this is the only device ever to do note,taking and thats just really surprising,now this is where,is this just is not even close at this,point the remarkable can do everything,and Im talking about you got a lot of,cool features here now pitting this up,against something like an Android tablet,like an onyx or a big me or an ebook or,a high read the remarkable falls short,but this is a rare occasion where the,remarkable actually stands out because,you get a lot of different pens you get,ballpoint fine liner marker pencil and,pencil to this day this is the only,device that allows you to tilt and it,recognizes tilts and it recognizes a,very vast degree of pressure sensitivity,to the point where you can do this,little dusting around the page its,quite spectacular not only that it has,inherent,pressure sensitivity so if you press,hard itll be very hard if you go to,something like a paintbrush this is very,evident thick paint brush in Gray for,example you draw lightly,and its going to be like that if you,draw heavily its going to bleed in,different ways now because this is a,lower PPI when you draw a bunch of gray,for example it looks a little blurry and,you can start to see the little,individual pixels so thats a little bit,of a downside now thats unfortunate,because this is old this is two and a,half years old this is brand new this,has the highest pixel density of any,large screen device so it falls short in,that degree but the remarkable just goes,nuts with the amount of features you,have layers you can move the layers up,and down you can delete layers all,together you can add a bunch more and,you can add a template look at all these,templates the Kindle does have templates,but not nearly as many as the remarkable,does even the templates are easier to,understand on the remarkable theyre,more blown up and theyre more,indicative of what its going to look,like whereas on the Amazon its just a,little thumbnail and theyre all grayed,out so you dont really know what,somethings going to look like until you,dive into it so thats a little bit of a,downside the remarkable also has has a,bunch of things like selectors and,erasers and you have tags and you can,look at the overall overview of all the,pages you have and you can export to,screen share and this is something the,Kindle cant do you can do screen share,and you can convert to text and send but,depending on when you bought this unit,its actually going to be a feature that,youre going to have to pay for in order,to use and that was a lot of controversy,with the remarkables that they made you,pay a monthly fee which is a little bit,unfortunate now that Amazon doesnt have,nearly as many features you only get a,couple line thicknesses and even if you,do choose the pen and go too heavy you,actually dont get a huge disparity,between the lightest stroke and the,heaviest stroke the pressure sensitivity,is not nearly as robust as the,remarkable is you can however toggle,between pens so you can go highlighter,or you can go pencil and if you press,the button you can actually switch,between them on the Fly its a very nice,feature to have you also have the Eraser,or you can use the Eraser on the back,now you have something very useless,which is pointer you can actually tell,the unit that the Wacom is supposed to,act as your finger so if I tap the top,third its going to think my finger did,that which is strange because if I just,use my finger it does the exact same,thing so Im not sure what th

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reMarkable 3.0 Beta Initial Impressions

okay so the new remarkable 3.0 beta is,now available and I wanted to walk you,through my initial Impressions this is,legitimately me running the software for,the first time and I think itll be a,really good representation of what its,like to transition from the 2.0 software,to the 3.0 software so lets dig into it,so a new way to take notes,welcome to the start of a new chapter of,remarkable these are some major changes,and theyre going to want our feedback,on this I hope so I hope they listen to,it it has an upgraded writing experience,new gestures and enhanced options for,sharing and converting handwritten notes,these changes will gradually enable,seamless note-taking and editing across,other devices I hope this is really good,because I can no longer get ddbk hacks,on this device so lets go ahead and get,started okay this looks like the,remarkable that I know lets go into the,menu,all right theres new filters okay,thats the same thing just looks a,little different,Integrations has Google drive again same,thing looks a little different,lets go into settings,its running 3.0,0.0.1159 we have connect in this case,Wi-Fi menu looks the same,battery menu looks the same,storage looks the same,left-handed normal size,huh okay,uh,okay Im not plugged in so that all,looks right I need to blur that,that all looked kind of the same it,didnt feel,significantly different okay here we go,now were getting into something a,little different,better paper to stay focused our,notebooks take full advantage of the,flexibility of digital paper for taking,notes typing and sketching Pages can now,be as long or as short as you need,allowing you to stay focused thats,pretty cool so I often will run into,this issue where I get to the edge of my,paper and Ive run out of room so,hopefully this will be a nice upgrade,okay start on boarding,you now have a new writing experience in,addition to different pen Strokes that,work with your marker you can also take,advantage of type text use the on-screen,keyboard to add structure okay okay,note taking across devices to make the,most of typing use our desktop app to,write viewer edit your notes all right I,do have the new desktop app so Ill try,that out here in a little bit,and navigating swipe up to get more,space to write scroll with two fingers,to move around the page,pinch to zoom,to zoom okay,browsing the page swipe horizontally,Turn the page thats how its always,worked swipe up from the bottom to get a,preview of pages in the document,drag cursor left to right okay,switching between files,swipe down with one finger from the top,to close the document and return to my,files swipe down from the top hold on so,Ive done with one finger from the top,to close the document swipe down from,the top of two fingers to view reason,okay thats kind of how it always worked,lets give it a go so,swipe down okay that works the way you,would expect,okay you get two recents okay,um lets write down here,that feels a little different,and I have no eraser now because I dont,have,and I have no eraser now because I dont,have ddbk,you can also select whole portions of,the page,yeah Im not going to do that,um,I heard there was like a back gesture,how do I oh double tap,its not doing it how do I okay do this,double tap the page oh two fingers to,okay okay lets try that,go away Im good,two fingers,oh so good its like good notes oh this,is great,I dont need the Eraser anymore,oh writing tools express yourself in,various ways with your marker or type,letters oh okay hold on,typing,um,on the remarkable,is not my favorite,and you can see why,its okay but its not great,all right youve got different formats,that makes sense,okay yeah Im good Im good all right,fine Ill do it,small big,really small bullets okay,okay nothing special,okay Im done Im done I dont want to,type anymore I can attap to move it how,do I move it,if I hold,okay,Im sure theres like a really obvious,way to do this,but its not clear to me,yeah I Im sure theres an easy way to,do it I just dont know how,like I know how to get back in here but,I dont know how to make it go away and,then I can,the rewind gesture is really nice like,this is one of my favorite things from,good notes now okay can I triple tap to,redo oh so good this is great this is,one of like my favorite things from ddvk,and now I can do it without ddbk so that,is fantastic all right lets go back to,writing,so I type my write my name,ah so good okay redo redo will be with,triple tap,that makes sense,selection tool,oh thats probably how I move my type,okay so hold on lets type some more,so get rid of that letter go up here,still have it all under one which isnt,great,okay my,oh as your backspace it moves up what,the heck okay,my type,okay,so now I can take the selection,I would think,hmm,that didnt work the way I thought it,would I would think I could take the,selection and as long as I drew a,selection around it I could move it,yeah theres an easy way to do it I just,dont know what it is yet,okay uh,Im so used to ddbk that Im not used to,having this x up here and I really dont,want it but thats fine,its definitely gonna be a little bit of,a learning curve,getting used to not having that anymore,okay where did the rest of my page go,like,I had notes on this page,they disappeared are they gone gone,theyre gone okay,well good thing I didnt need that uh,this was just kind of a junk document,but uh yeah be careful about backspacing,um beyond the original origin of the,page it doesnt like that,so hold on let me see if I can recreate,that issue so if I go in here and I,I want a new one can I get it okay so I,can write,while typing which is kind of,interesting,how does it know that I want that one,all right so lets,okay yeah you backspace and it like,moves up,this is interesting okay so if I go in,here and I go to do some text,okay so I have a new text cursor right,its below ish,what Im working on,make it go to the top,yeah it erases it,I dont know if this is a feature or a,bug,um,but who knows,okay all right lets go into The Strokes,Strokes look like what were used to,nothing too crazy there,uh,tags I think its just like a new,onboarding experience a lot of this,stuff is all the same just a little,different screen sharing is still here,sent by email still here again just an,onboarding experience,your document,okay thats all the same,search,okay so this will search the text so if,I look for HFF,okay,yeah,on the device itself Im not sure how,often Im actually going to do this here,lets go into a document that has a few,more pages,so if I two finger scroll up,oh thats cool okay so Im scrolling the,page there thats pretty nifty,and then I assume,so Im scrolling that I can scroll the,page up with two fingers here so,ah yeah thats really cool Im curious,to see what that looks like on the,remarkable app can I also scroll okay,oh but I dont have infinite margin,I can zoom out,okay,but it does feel like theres like a a,bound,its not infinite the way like I,imagined it would be here so they give,you a little bit of room to the left and,the right and you have as much room as,you need,scrolling down it seems like let me,scroll back in here,all right why can I not zoom in okay I,cant zoom in,okay its still not infinite though like,oh it is infinite its just,they only give you more,if youre using it,but it is large okay so lets go to the,right and see if itll give me more room,to the right,and it seems to have like some,some magnetism to try and get you to,Natural size which is really nice you,see the little like black borders go,kick it right there thats when youre,at one to one ratio which is cool,all right so scroll to the right,see if I have,yeah I dont I dont have infinite,margin and Im used to being able to,toggle this with a gesture but I cant,anymore,okay so thats as far as you can go that,way,foreign lets get this back to normal,aspect ratio oh I love that magnetism,there,okay so I can still swipe with one page,okay,all right so I think thats,by and

reMarkable 2 – 2 Years Later (Long Term Review)

hows it going everyone so today i,wanted to talk a little bit about the,remarkable two this is a product that,ive been using for about two years now,and its become an integral part of my,workflow and my day so,i think that it has pretty good value,even though its a little more,simplistic in terms of the technology,and the actual use case of it,but,it does uh make things a lot simpler for,me rather than you know having a bunch,of notebooks where,then i have to search through a bunch of,things to find i think this is,sleeker slimmer device and makes for a,more organized me,[Music],i used the remarkable one for about a,year or so prior to this so i already,knew i was kind of sold on the concept,im pretty glad that i ended up buying,the remarkable two because i think its,an improvement in many ways one thing,that the remarkable two is not good at i,would say is being an e-reader so,theres a lot of drm digital rights,management on ebooks so getting stuff on,here is not super easy,but more so than that i think,actually not having a backlight is the,biggest drawback and also the actual,size so,this is you know the ebook that i use,currently,uh much smaller its a little its you,know its hefty its not thin in by any,means but,uh the footprint itself is actually much,much smaller right and this has a little,backlight so i can kind of read it,anywhere anytime of day any time a night,and,it just fits in my travel pocket or even,my pants pocket much easier so i really,dont ever find myself using this as an,e-reader,the one thing that the remarkable does,really get right though is,replacing your notebook when im working,with a notebook like this,its just me and the paper thats it,right theres no distractions in here,unless im like reviewing stuff that i,have in the past thats very similar in,terms of the concept for the remarkable,its a just a completely disconnected,feel,which,for someone like myself when im on my,laptop which does have a pen and i can,use apps to write stuff down like,onenote or evernote the laptop just i,found myself constantly getting,distracted so like when im working on a,video like this and i want to plan out,the workflow of like what i want to talk,about and stuff the remarkable just lets,me kind of sit there with my pen and,paper or pencil and paper and my,thoughts and,that is really what kind of keeps,drawing me back to the remarkable its,the kind of disconnected feel,i also have a galaxy note which has a,stylus in it um so clearly,im someone that you know has pretty,much a stylus on like every device that,i have but,its i mean you know i opened my phone,and i just got distracted so,i use this to like take quick note like,take quick notes or just make like to-do,lists or something and sometimes sketch,but the remarkable has,maintained in my workflow for the fact,that its just unique in that sense the,remarkable 2 does have a very strong,paper,kind of feel to it when youre writing,with a pen or pencil,remember,all right so now i want to talk a little,bit about the competition to the,remarkable two and that would actually,be the remarkable one and the onyx book,air now the remarkable one can only,really be bought on second hand market,but you can buy that anywhere from the,three to four hundred dollar range,and then the remarkable two uh as i,think the base configuration youd want,it is about 507,and in this configuration that i have it,here with the folio book and the pen,with the eraser,i think its about 557,now you can certainly configure it a,little cheaper but i think the minimum,spec youre going to want to get is the,507.,the onyx book air 2 is a little bit more,expensive at 509,and,next up just going to talk a little bit,about the weights of the three,now,the remarkable one is the lightest,because its all plastic which comes in,at about 300 grams,the remarkable 2 here comes in at about,400 grams,mostly due to the metal design,and the onyx book air is the heaviest,probably due to the fact that it has,beefier internals and is also,made out of metal as well,and thats about 420 grams so going into,a little bit of a comparison between the,onyx book air and the remarkable the,onyx book is more of a,complete android tablet with an e-ink,screen so it has access to the play,store,it has apps you can download you can,browse the internet,get messages notifications,and so thats really where it differs,from the remarkable the remarkable has,that more you know disconnected approach,where its just you and the pen and the,the tablet or paper,and you are distraction free the only,connectivity for it is really syncing,and backing up your stuff,and,the you know onyx book is an octa-core,processor so more powerful but at the,same time well have uh less battery,life in that sense just because its,using more system resources,and its really you know a combination,of like a tablet,an ebook,and something like the remarkable where,it has the pen access so thats just a,little bit,in terms of how it differs from the,remarkable,one thing i dont find myself doing a,lot is actually sketching on here,now,even though my primary kind of artistic,method is,pencil and paper,uh or charcoal and paper,i i just dont really find using the,eraser very intuitive on this it doesnt,have that kind of level of granularity,that i like,and,i sometimes would just rather actually,work on my laptop which has the s pen,i have a bigger s pen as well but you,know if im working with like color or a,lot of layers or if i want to pull in,images to,superimpose over something or trace or,outline or something this is just a lot,easier to do i think,the remarkable while you can sketch on,it and i have before i just dont find,it to be the most intuitive for,sketching so while its okay i dont,think its great id honestly normally,just prefer pen and pencil in a paper in,that sense id say im a little more old,school,like autodesk sketchbook on here or on,my laptop i find to be way better in,terms of the layers the functionality,the pen brush tools all that,then be remarkable for drawing so,talking a little bit about the software,of the remarkable its definitely,improved over time you know ive had the,remarkable one and it was,very very basic when it first started,out but theyve started adding more,features improved a few things i think,the ocr which is the optical character,recognition that converts your written,writing into actual text,has gotten a little bit better the,system to actually get that stuff onto a,computer is a little backwards because,it emails you which i find to be a,little strange,but then again this is kind of an,old-school feel so maybe thats the,mantra for it in terms of like the,security it does have a passcode setting,so you can set that,and then actually integrating with the,system,there are four ways i believe theres,the smartphone app which you can link,your phone to so you can connect to that,theres also the browser extension i,find that one to be actually one of the,more useful tools to,actually,kind of integrate with the device,theres also the dropbox or google drive,and i think theres also one note,i dont use those because like i said i,mostly just back stuff up and or just,store it locally,when i travel i always carry this with,me its pretty easy to carry around,and then there is also the desktop app,which is pretty easy to set up and you,just kind of log in,that i actually have used for the screen,mirroring feature once,i just used it as a test,to kind of see if it worked and it,actually did work pretty well,so thats a more recent feature i,believe they have but,very limited in terms of its use cases i,think,maybe if youre a teacher or,someone whos constantly sharing their,notes that could be useful,also thats something that i could do on,my laptop as well so,it wasnt really like a drawing feature,i just tested it out more to just see,what it was like looking at all the,configurations for this there are,several options you can choose from,theres two different type

The Ultimate ReMarkable 2 Review: Is it Worth It?

تقديم الجيل التالي من الكمبيوتر اللوحي الورقي,، لا يشبه أي شيء رأيته من قبل مع ReMarkable 2 ، مرحبًا بالجميع ومرحبًا بكم مرة أخرى في قناة YouTube للحفاظ على الإنتاجية ، إنه francesco هنا,اليوم نقوم بمراجعة نهائية على,الجهازين الرائعين ، لذا سأقوم أعطيك,بعض الأفكار حول استخدامه للأشهر الستة الماضية وجميع المعلومات التي,قد تحتاج إلى معرفتها إذا كنت تبحث عن شراء واحدة من أجل إنتاجيتك الخاصة الآن لأولئك الذين,لا يعرفون شيئًا مميزًا. -الكمبيوتر اللوحي الذي يسمح لك بالقيام بعمل مجاني للإلهاء في وضع عدم,الاتصال وأيضًا عبر الإنترنت لربطه بخدمة الملاحظات الخاصة بهم ، إنه الإصدار الثاني من,التشكيلة الرائعة مع الإصدار الرائع الذي قمنا بالفعل بمراجعته حتى تتمكن من استخدام,الطوابع الزمنية أدناه إذا كنت ترغب في التخطي إلى قسم معين لأننا سنغطي تسعير برامج أجهزة,التصميم وتجربتي الخاصة في استخدامه خلال الأشهر القليلة الماضية ، الآن هذا الجهاز اللوحي,يبلغ 4.7 ​​ملليمترات وهو بالتأكيد قليل . حسنًا ، جذاب حقًا ، لذا فلنبدأ,ما يفعله 2 الرائع الآن ، هذا يسمح لك بإنشاء مستندات باستخدام القوالب ، وتحميل ملفات pdf,والتعليق على الكتب الإلكترونية وتوقيع المستندات أيضًا ، كما أنها مزيج رائع بين الرقمية,والورقية وهي رقيقة جدًا لذا فهي نوعًا ما تشعر وكأنك تستخدم الورق ، لذا لنبدأ,بمقارنتها بالبطارية الرائعة ، فقد حصلت على بطارية أطول بثلاث مرات من البطارية,الرائعة التي تتمتع بعمر بطارية جيد جدًا ، وهذا ما يمكنني قوله تقريبًا يمنحك,عمر بطارية تقريبًا يبلغ أسبوعين تقريبًا قدر ما سيفعله كيندل الخاص بك إذا كنت قارئًا عاديًا,، فهو أيضًا أكثر استجابة بمرتين الآن ، أود أن أقول إن أول واحد رائع كان متجاوبًا جدًا ،,وهذا يشعر فقط بالشعر الأكثر استجابة ولكنه في الواقع يقوم بعمل جيد في الكتابة في الوقت الحقيقي,والوجود. قادرًا على القيام بكل أنواع التعليقات التوضيحية الخارجية المرسلة إلى البريد الإلكتروني وبعض,قدرات القلم أيضًا ، لذلك دعونا نركز على التصميم أولاً ، حيث يبلغ سمكه 4.7 ملم ، وهو أمر,مهم أنحف جهاز لوحي d لا يزال موجودًا في جهاز ipad pro وله أيضًا مظهر رائع ليس جيدًا كما,أقول مثل iPad ولكنه بالتأكيد يبدو مذهلاً وسوف يلفت انتباه الناس إذا كنت في مقهى,بالتأكيد وهو أقل من واحد باوند ، لذا فهو خفيف للغاية ، لذا كما قلت له نهاية,رائعة حقًا ، ما أحبه بشكل خاص هو أم مقارنةً بالجزء الخلفي من الجهاز,، والسبب الرئيسي وراء ذلك هو أن مشكلتي كانت أنك تجرجر على الظهر من الجهاز,وعندما تكتب على أنك تعلم أنك تضع هذا على طاولة ، يمكن أن يصبح الأمر مزعجًا بعض الشيء ، كما,أنه ليس لديه هذه القبضة على الطاولة ولكن هذا النوع لديه هذه الأرجل الصغيرة على,مرة أخرى يمنحك ثباتًا جيدًا ولكنه أيضًا لا يفسد الظهر ، لذا فإن الشيء الجميل حقًا هو,الطريقة التي صمموا بها أقلام الرصاص التي تلتقطها أقلام الرصاص على الجهاز وهي مغناطيسية بحيث,تحافظ على ثباتها على الجهاز وأيضًا الدعم جنبًا إلى جنب ، يمكنك أيضًا شحن هذا باستخدام,usbc مما يعني أنه يمكنك الشحن إنه يستخدم نفس الشيء الذي تقوم بشحن جهاز macbook به ، وكما,قلت ، فإن عمر البطارية معقول جدًا أيضًا لمدة أسبوعين تقريبًا يأخذك بعمر بطارية كامل,على ما يرام ، لذلك على جانب الأجهزة من الأشياء ، لذا فهو معالج ثنائي النواة 1.2 جيجاهيرتز والذي لا,تفكر فيه حقًا لأن هذا الجهاز ليس جهاز iPad ، فهو لا يقوم بتشغيل تطبيقات متعددة ولكنه,يتمتع باستجابة رائعة عندما تستخدم القلم على الورق وكان,سريعًا جدًا حيث يحتوي على ثمانية غيغابايت من مساحة التخزين الداخلية و غيغابايت واحد من ذاكرة الوصول العشوائي التي أشعر أنها,تؤدي المهمة بشكل جيد الآن هذا هو نموذج wi-fi ولا أعتقد أن لديهم نموذج 3g ولكن,إذا كنت تريد إعداده باستخدام نقطة اتصال شخصية أعتقد أنه يمكنك ذلك والشاشة نفسها ما يقرب من,10 بوصات ولا توجد أزرار على الشاشة مقارنة بالوحدة الرائعة ، يوجد,زر في الأعلى وهو زر التشغيل ، ولكن بصرف النظر عن ذلك الجهاز الأنيق والنظيف,للغاية ، قبل أن ننتقل إلى البرنامج و تجربتي معها من الواضح أن نذكر,السعر ، لذا فإن جهاز 2 الرائع يتم بيعه مقابل 399. وهذا لا يشمل بعض الملحقات الإضافية,التي تتوافق معها ، لذا فإن 399 مرتفع جدًا بالنسبة لجهاز مثل هذا إذا نظرت,إليه وقارنته بجهاز iPad أساسي إنه نفس السعر تقريبًا وبالطبع يمكنك فعل المزيد باستخدام,جهاز iPad ، لكنني سأأتي إلى ذلك لاحقًا في هذا الفيديو ، حيث تشتمل الملحقات الإضافية على قلم القلم,الذي تحصل عليه لأن قلمك القياسي 49 لا يحتوي على ممحاة ولكن يزن 14 جرامًا إلى حد ما,، ويقوم بعمل رائع في الكتابة على الشاشة ، ولا يتطلب شحنًا أيضًا ، كما,أنه ينطلق كمغناطيس على جانب الوحدة ، يمكنك ترقية قلمك والحصول على الإصدار المحترف,الذي يحتوي على ممحاة على ظهرها تعمل بشكل جيد حقًا وتوفر لك الوقت,بالتأكيد خاصة عندما يتعلق الأمر بجانب البرنامج من الأشياء ، لذلك عندما تضيف القلم الاحترافي,وسعر الوحدة الذي يصل إلى 499 ، فهو أكثر حدة قليلاً تم تصميم هذا أكثر للأشخاص الذين,يستخدمون re رسم مائل ولا يريد جهاز ipad للإلهاء أو لأولئك الذين يستخدمون التعليقات التوضيحية,العادية لملفات pdf والكتب الإلكترونية الآن إذا كنت ترغب في ذلك ، يمكنك الحصول على الأوراق الموجودة بها ، فهذه,ورقة رمادية بسيطة للغاية وسعرها 69. يمكنك الترقية إلى أكثر فخامة في 149 ورقة جلدية ،,فالأوراق الإضافية تجعلها محمولة وأيضًا تحمي جهازك وخاصة مع مثل,هذا الجهاز الرفيع مثل هذا الذي تريد الحصول على هذه الحماية والجلدية تبدو جميلة,ويمكنك الحصول عليها باللون الأسود والبني على الرغم من أنها تأتي بأسعار باهظة مع الملحقات مع كل,عملية شراء تحصل على ضمان استرداد الأموال لمدة 30 يومًا ، لذا أعتقد أنك قادر على تجربتها لمدة,30 يومًا بدون مخاطر وإعادتها إذا لم تقم بذلك لا يعجبك أحد الأشياء أيضًا هو أن كل قلم,يأتي مع نصائح وإذا كنت ترغب في الحصول على أقلام إضافية تم تضمينها بالفعل في تسعة اه عند,شراء قلم ولكن إذا كنت ترغب في شراء تسعة أقلام أخرى فهو 14 وهو شديد الانحدار في رأيي لذا عليك,أن تكون شديد الانحدار رد بالنصائح ، لذلك إذا كنت ترغب في الحصول على واحدة رائعة ، فإن سعرها هو 299 ،,وإذا كنت تريد واحدة مجددة ، فهي أرخص قليلاً عند 249 ولكنها لا تزال مرتفعة جدًا ، لذا,فمن الأفضل في رأيي الحصول على منافسين رائعين. نظرًا لوجود,بعض الترقيات المهمة في كل من البرنامج والتصميم ، لذلك عندما نتحدث عن موضوع,التسعير ، من الواضح أن هذا مصمم حقًا للأشخاص الذين يريدون تجربة خالية من الإلهاء مثل الورق ،,لذلك عندما يتعلق الأمر بجانب البرنامج من الأشياء 2 الرائع يشبه إلى حد كبير البرنامج,الرائع الذي يدير نفس حزمة البرامج ، ولكي أكون صادقًا ، فأنا لست من المعجبين بتصميم,البرنامج ، إنه قديم جدًا ، ومع ذلك فهو يقوم بالمهمة التي في متناول اليد ، يمكنك إنشاء مجلدات,وأوراق دفتر ملاحظات سريعة و ابحث طوال الوقت الآن عندما تمضي قدمًا بالفعل وتنشئ مستندًا,جديدًا تمامًا ، يمكنك استخدام معرض القوالب للعثور على واحد لمساعدتك في تنظيم تلك القطعة,المحددة من الورق أو لاحظ أن ما هو رائع حقًا موجود مجموعة منها مصممة,لجميع أنواع المواقف المختلفة للفنانين إذا كانوا يريدون رسم شيء ما ورسمه على,طول الطريق للمحترفين الذين يرغبون في تدوين ملاحظات الاجتماع أو إنشاء قائمة مرجعية لجدول أعمال,قادم الآن ، هناك بعض القدرات التوضيحية الرائعة يعمل القلم بشكل رائع على هذا,الجهاز وله أيضًا مدخلات رائعة محسّنة من الميزة الرائعة مما يعني أنه يمكنك,إمالة القلم الرصاص ويغير الطريقة التي يظهر بها على الشاشة بحيث يكون هذا رائعًا للتظليل,والعديد من الأشياء المختلفة للمبدعين ولكن أيضًا لطيف عندما تحاول عرض,شيء ما بصريًا يمكنك تغيير لون الفرشاة بحجم الفرشاة وأيضًا الاختيار من بين مجموعة من الفرش حتى,مع وجود الخط هناك الآن أحد الأشياء المفضلة لدي حول هذا الجهاز هو الإرسال عبر البريد الإلكتروني ، وهذا,أمر رائع إذا كنت تريد ذلك شارك خارجيًا ومفيدًا بشكل خاص إذا كنت تريد وربطت,أشياء مثل evernote به حتى تتمكن من إرسال الملفات لوقت لاحق ، كما يمكنك أيضًا تغيير بعض,التنسيقات التي تريدها أنهي ذلك ، يمكنك أيضًا عندما تكتب صفحة ما ، يمكنك تحويل النص,وإرسال النص المثالي إذا كان لديك تهجئة سيئة أو كتابة يدوية للمبدعين ،,فهناك مجموعة من الخيارات مع طبقات تتيح لك إضافة طبقات مختلفة بحيث يمكن إجراء,تعديلات أو تغييرات على رسم تخطيطي موجود ويمكنك بشكل طبيعي تصدير ذلك في تنسيقات,png و pdf ، ما أحبه حقًا هو نظرة عامة على الصفحة وأيضًا تغيير العرض إلى,المناظر الطبيعية ، وهذا هو كل الأشياء التي يمكنك القيام بها في أحد الأشياء,الرائعة التي لا تزال تتحسن في اثنين من الأشياء الرائعة التي أحبها حقًا هي تحديثات البرامج التي تأتي,كل ثلاثة أشهر بشكل روتيني وآخرها كان جيدًا بشكل خاص لأن لديك خيار التكبير,الذي يسمح لك الآن بتكبير المستندات وهو مثالي لتوقيع الأشياء,التي اكتشفتها مؤخرًا في التجربة ، لذا كما قلت أن البرنامج يقوم بعمل جيد ، إنه ليس,جميلًا ، لكن هذا شيء جيد في البرنامج في التحديثات المحتملة في المستقبل,يمكنهم تحسين ذلك ، لذلك هناك شيء واحد يمكنك القيام به وهو استخدام تطبيق mac أو تطبيق iphone أو تطبيق android,حتى لتحميل ملفات pdf أو كتب إلكترونية أو أي مستندات يجب أن تكون قادرًا على التعليق


– This has been in my house for like two years.,This is the reMarkable 1.,And my wife bought it,when she randomly took a calculus class for fun.,Cause thats her idea of fun.,And I think she used it for probably a combined 12 hours.,Now Im touching it for the very first time,because I also have a pile of reMarkable 2 stuff here.,So I like to do a side-by-side comparison,of what theyre like,,from the perspective of never using it before.,So were gonna see how easy it is to use.,As far as the stuff I got for the reMarkable 2,,you can see two types of stylus here,,the Marker and the Marker plus.,This is the basic one that costs $50.,And then this one costs a hundred dollars.,What are the rest of the stuff?,Okay. This is a folio.,Thats a sold separately option.,This appears to be the tablet itself.,Thats $400 and you can buy it by itself,but if you dont get a stylus,then its basically an e-reader?,And then this is another folio.,Premium leather black.,Okay. little welcome package here.,Welcome to a better thinking community.,A growing movement of people committed to finding focus,in a distracted world, but not wanting to use paper.,Quick start guide.,Long press to edit or share. Swipe.,Oh, make an account to get the full experience on the cloud.,Not doing that.,Not now anyway.,USB type A on one side,and USB type C on the other side.,Okay. This is already feeling better.,Okay. Whoa.,This is way more premium feeling.,And I guess its kind of asymmetrical.,This is like thicker and taller and has symmetrical bezels.,But this one has like a spine, like kind of like a book,except of course you cant open it,and it has more of an aluminum body.,This actually feels really nice.,I know that the first one had like a plastic construction,for the screen. Whereas this one has, I believe glass.,So I wanna check out if thats gonna have a,different pen feel.,They have the same 10.3 inch screen size,the same pixels per inch, kind of retina level.,Its 1872 by 1404 pixels,which is 226 PPI random resolution.,Oh cool.,This has a really way more subtle power button up there,compared to the big old button in the middle here.,I wanna try. Im left-handed.,Surprise, this ones set up for right now.,What this does it changes what side the UI is on,its cause they want to reduce the amount of screen,that needs to be like palm rejected all the time.,All right. Now its time for, the stylus off.,Im gonna start with the basic one.,Oh, there it is.,Its plastic. Pretty similar to the other one.,Neither of them have any like clicky, eraser,or anything on them.,I dont know. How do they attach?,Well, okay this one looks like its got magnets,basically everywhere.,No, not the front.,Kind of on the side though.,And then this one, I think, yeah,you just need to get a folio,or something that has the little holder for it,or put it in your ear like an artist.,This one has a more textured finish,(indistinct) like sandblasted like,that OnePlus phone that had that.,Its kind of grippy.,This ones just smooth plastic.,And they have graphite tips.,I believe these are replaceable marker tips.,There they are.,Whoa, this is how you take it out.,You like slide it in there,until it gets thin and pull it or something.,Oh, here we go.,There it is.,And then do I just like shove that in there?,Oh my God yes. And its in.,Share by email, convert to PDF, convert to text and send.,You can actually (indistinct) hand write or print,with your hand and then use this to convert it,to text that you can then email yourself or save,which is pretty awesome.,But as I understand you need to be connected to the internet,and log into your reMarkable account,for that to work I believe.,Stream data, live view, stream your writing,and sketching instantly by connecting to your computer.,Thats kind of interesting.,Theres also like 50 different templates you can use.,So if you want line paper or like graphing paper,or whatever, I just want a blank page right now.,So Im gonna start with that.,I wanna check out the feel first off.,Thats like pretty tactile.,It has, you can hear the scratchiness to it now.,Now lets just see what its like writing on glass.,♪ Like an unbroken glass ♪,I like this, the one, I am lifting the pencil,off of the tablet at the end of that stroke.,And then I can see this stroke completing,like its finishing drawing,while my pen is off just for a second there.,And I read that they had better latency on the glass version,which was one of the reasons I switched it, so.,I can still see that theres some latency there,but it is better.,It is better.,Now both the pens support tilting.,So you can shade.,You can see, I can do really dark or I can do like,lets see how light I can get,and still register a pencil stroke.,Its not like real life.,In real life I can do,,see how its getting done,,in real life I can do lighter strokes.,Like here, its just not reading them.,So it doesnt have that much sensitivity.,Though this pen does have double the sensitivity gradations,than the original its up to like 4,096,or something like that while this is 2000 and something.,Another cool thing you can do with this,is you can open up PDFs full on documents,and just mark them up.,If you like marking up documents with a pen,and then you can email them off right from there.,So even if youre not taking notes in class,or an artist who likes to draw,just technically you can be an engineer,and just wanna mark up documents,or professional project manager and send them off.,I could see value in that.,I wish there was more,than just three settings with the thickness in this pencil.,This is my face.,When I am on Short Circuit,its not a happy face, but I am happy.,You just cant tell cause Ive resting,and active face honestly.,It is the very light shading where it suffers.,Like I really wanted that to be half,unless Im using it wrong.,I just dont really think this is for artists,to sketch with.,Changing from thick to thin helps,but thats kind of just the fineness of the pen,and not necessarily the lightness.,Pause for a message,from our sponsor, CuriosityStream,,CuriosityStream offers thousands of streamable,,documentaries and nonfiction TV shows,they offer award-winning exclusives,and originals on topics like history, nature, science,food, technology, food technology, travel and more.,They feature 35 collections,of curated programs handpicked by their experts.,Its available on many devices, including Android, iOS,and even on Samsung and Sony smart TVs.,So for a limited time,click the link in the description below,and use code ShortCircuit to sign up and get 40% off,a years subscription to curiosity stream today.,Lets look at the sweet marker.,This one cost twice as much.,It is heavier.,It is more premium feeling.,It has a clicky end on it and an eraser.,So lets check that out.,It doesnt have the same finish.,It actually feels somewhere between,reMarkable 1 and 2s pens.,It has a bit of a grippiness to it, but not as much.,Oh, I thought it it was clicky, its not.,I think the reMarkable 1 premium pen was clicky.,I wish I had, it feels nice to have that.,Even if it didnt do anything,,on the reMarkable 1 it didnt do anything,,but its still nice to like finish something,(indistinct) at the tick.,You know or like,,I had a friend who used to always click on his forehead,when he was done writing.,You dont need to turn them on.,It just works. Thats cool.,Lets see what the eraser is about.,Oh, thats cool.,It feels almost like it wobbles.,Cause it does depress a bit.,It doesnt click, but it does depress.,It feels pretty realistic in that if you use the side of it,it doesnt erase as thoroughly as when I tip it over on end,and then its like really on.,Battery life,,same size battery as reMarkable 1.,So no improvement there itll last you quite a long time.,I wouldnt think thats a concern really.,Like when everyone who has a Kindle knows,you just chuck it in your bag,and then come back day or later and theyre fine.,Although I will say Im dropped a 47% now,where I think I

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