1. How to Delete a Negative Google Review (Use this Technique)
  2. How to Remove Bad Reviews from Google 2021
  3. How To Get Rid Of A Negative Google Review Fast. Step By Step
  4. How To Delete Negative Google Business Profile Reviews – 2022 Tutorial
  5. How to Bury a Negative Google Review (Fast)
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How to Delete a Negative Google Review (Use this Technique)

hey guys Jason Healy here with the local,marketing jungle Im gonna tell you how,to get rid of a negative review on a,Google my business profile hey guys so,Google my business powerful tool for,small businesses especially because they,have reviews those ratings and reviews,are very important over 80% of consumers,take those reviews into consideration,when theyre judging a company a service,company or a product company but one of,the Banes of the existence of Google my,business is negative reviews especially,the ones that are inappropriate dont,make sense and they just they look,terrible and even if you responded back,to these negative reviews you probably,look like a because theyre so,stupid some of these reviews now Google,is supposed to help you get rid of these,a legend allegedly and Ive had many,clients have negative reviews Ive gone,through the process where you click it,you know inappropriate comment and/or,review and got rid of trying to get rid,of it nothing happens you call up Google,you know you get someone whos from,another country no no offense to anybody,from other countries which is really a,call center and theres theres nothing,they could do for you and its tough,its difficult and its a pain so I made,a phone call one time to a Google rep,and they seemed a bit shall we say,pissed off because apparently they were,getting a lot of calls of people getting,negative reviews that should be removed,now Google just doesnt have the,manpower even though its a gazillion,trillion company dollar company they,dont have the manpower to get rid of,every negative review or look at them,so out of frustration because Im kind,of like the squeaky wheel yeah I,represent my client and Ill keep,calling and calling and calling the lady,finally said to me you know what listen,I cant help you,youre right Im gonna say were gonna,look into it and nothings gonna happen,so that was great honesty from the,Google rep great honesty but she says,theres a little secret that you can try,that may work and I said okay give it to,me so now Im gonna tell you exactly,what she told me and to see if it worked,or not,all right this is an example account,here its a construction company Im,familiar with here is a weird negative,says I pray that you become an honest,man that Hashem blesses you with your,knowledge and conviction of sin if not,you may go out of business,whoa theres some voodoo stuff so whats,wrong with this review click offensive,or sexually explicit and Ill get into,more on how this all works in the next,video,[Music],all right guys its been two weeks since,we did this this trip this tactic to get,rid of negative reviews and so what I,did was I used 15 different email,addresses I created most of them out of,Google Gmail and I went in and I clicked,inappropriate all 15 email addresses,clicked inappropriate to the review that,we were going over and I did it its,kind of spread out I did it you know a,two-week period I did a couple of email,addresses one day a call the other day,so the result is the review is gone so,that frustrated lady on the other end at,Google was correct so it works I guess,at least for this it works so once again,what you need to do is you need to get a,bunch of friends get family members get,or do what I did so I have no friends is,create a bunch of gmail accounts on,Google and then periodically go into the,negative review and click the,inappropriate sexually explicit flag and,it seems to remove the negative review,thanks again for checking this out with,me if you got any questions please reach,out to me I look forward to talking to,you,you

How to Remove Bad Reviews from Google 2021

hey everyone welcome back to a momentum,monday marketing video my name is mack,fredrick today were going to talk about,how to request and remove a bad review,from google,so uh theres a help article here from,google and were going gonna walk,through the review process and how to,remove a bad review,uh lets say you get a really bad review,like a one star and you wanna remove it,lets break that down in this video,should take four to five minutes and if,you have any questions let me know,if you havent already yet hit that like,share subscribe button,uh make sure to follow us on youtube,facebook instagram every week we drop,tips and knowledge on digital marketing,hacks and tips and tricks,uh so make sure to hit that subscribe,and lets get into the video,[Music],a bunch of help articles here if you,just search how to remove bad reviews on,google,uh podium blue corona signal fire some,of these are legit but lets walk,through it in detail,so i have a review that we just got here,which is actually a legitimate review,um typically what you want to do is,reply to the review,but if you actually want to get it,removed completely theres a couple,different things you should do,this is a legitimate review and i feel,bad and i want to work out a situation,so if you can work out a situation,do that um if not try to flag and get it,removed,see if theres another one star we have,a lot of five stars lets see if we can,find another one,star so this is for my company its a,cell phone computer repair shop gun,repair philly,um lets see if we can find a one star,so heres this one um,im actually just going to use the one,that i havent replied to since,its easier to get it removed if you,havent replied to it so first thing you,want to do within your google my,business account go to,business.google.com,go to reviews find the review here,and the first thing you want to do is,flag it as inappropriate,and say uh choose a reason why,you know maybe its a fake review or,spam,maybe if its not relevant or if its a,conflict of interest profanity bullying,harassment personal information personal,information,your reporting policy violation of,google it may take up to three business,days so you want to submit this,and then theyll keep you updated but,the next thing you want to do is,go to other accounts or talk to your,friends or family,and have them find the review share the,review with them,and you want them to flag it as well,so lets go here see if we can find this,review,and what you want to do is go in here,from your other accounts like this is a,different,uh google account im going to report,this,privacy,all right there we go report the review,lets jump over to another account this,is a different google my business,account,flag it from another account,lowest rating flag it again make sure,you choose in the same reason,every time and lets do it another time,try to flag it five times and that way,google sees,and they get notified multiple times,about the same review saying that its,not legit,and theyre more likely to look at it,and remove it typically youll know,within one to two days,there you have it so if youre looking,on how to get reviews as well,check out another blog that i posted,uh how to get five star reviews,on google for free theres a link to it,on our website,so if you just type this on google or go,to our website weve got a great article,here and,showing you how to get five star reviews,so first thing i would do,is check out that help article and pull,that back up,im not sure where i was,pull up that help article from google so,you can sign in go to your business flag,it go to other,sign ins with google different accounts,flag it all for the same reason,definitely check out this uh article,talks about this in detail ill put a,link in the video,if you have any questions you know,definitely drop them in the comments,below,follow us at momentum my name is matt,frederick,subscribe hit that bell turn on post,notifications that is how to flag and,remove google reviews give it two to,three days,and i will see you next time for another,video on digital marketing,thanks and i hope you learned something,peace

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How To Get Rid Of A Negative Google Review Fast. Step By Step

today we were talking about negative,google reviews but before we get into,negative google reviews theres a lot of,upside about,positive reviews that can drastically,impact your business now if youve been,affected by a negative review youre,going to want to watch this entire video,if youre worried about getting a,negative review on google you definitely,need to watch this entire video if you,enjoy this content id appreciate you,hitting that like button this is not my,normal format because this is so,critically important now if youre a,small business you probably rely on,reviews and having a good reputation the,easiest way to do that is start to get,good reviews were going to talk about,removing a bad review in a moment but,the first thing you need to worry about,is getting as many good reviews as,possible four and five star typically,five star now how do you do this ive,come up with a pretty cool bunch of ways,to do it number one give something away,in exchange for something else if youre,a restaurant free appetizer or free,dessert if you leave us a positive,review you can say positive dont say,five star if you are a,taco stand hey free guacamole if you are,a dry cleaner hey were gonna dry clean,one piece of clothing on us dont worry,about it just leave us a positive review,online if you enjoyed our services if,you are i mean the list goes on think,about something in your business that,you could give away heck maybe if youre,a printer hey the first 50 business,cards are on us if you give us a,positive review online or you like our,product,there are so many ways to do it right,for my agency i will do a free analysis,of your entire website and give you a,free plan on how to make it better no,strings attached you give we give you,that you give us a positive review,theres no invoice to be given out,things like that are going to make a,massive impact in your business so the,first step is start to get as many,positive reviews as possible but what,happens if you get a negative review,negative reviews go in two different,categories number one is it is,detrimental to your business i mean,awful it could be an aggravated employee,it could be a really upset customer they,are just doing everything in their power,to tarnish your brand especially if its,not true,thats the really important kicker you,have to see,did this actually happen or is this just,somebody really disgruntled and just,wants to tarnish my brand and it never,actually happens because it does happen,out there right competitors leave bad,reviews on other peoples websites you,get a disgruntled customer who takes it,to the next level starts inviting their,friends and family to leave you negative,reviews,it kind of gets a little crazy so like i,said the first step you got to start,getting positive reviews theyre going,to help your business theyre going to,help show up to help you show up at,google theyre going to help build,customer trust and the more stars you,have lets just say you get a hundred,five star reviews you get one negative,one its not really going to move that,little scale where you see that that one,to five star review rating but now you,get somebody they say you know what my,goal is to just destroy your brand that,is a major major red flag this is when,you send out an email or you ask all of,your friends and family to go online and,report that is either offensive or,inappropriate whatever it falls into as,far as a category because its not true,or doesnt apply right ive had a,customer of mine who actually got a,review for another salon on her website,right and shes like you were never in,here we no we dont have any records we,dont the person that you claim you,spoke to doesnt work here right i think,youre thinking about a different salon,it was ridiculous,ultimately that customer after weeks of,asking finally removed that review but,in that time period we almost got it to,where it didnt matter and im going to,share with you that right now but if,that happens i get it it does happen you,want to report it you want to make sure,that at least google knows about it if,you get enough reports and enough people,are like this is theres you know hey oh,my god my tacos are horrible and you s,you sell pizza right theres gonna be,some red flags going off people should,know now as soon as that review comes in,you want to flag it as as a report now,the second thing you want to do,especially as a business owner is you,want to comment and address that this,doesnt matter if its a real or a fake,review the first thing after you report,it if its reportable is you want to,make sure that you go in and you comment,and you try to solve it peacefully hey i,apologize you had a really bad,experience wed love to take care of you,next time come on in let us know who you,are let us know about the review wed,love to make your experience better,right if you had a bad product or bad,service or whatever it takes to make it,right that customer doesnt have to,actually go back and share and redeem,whatever you offered but what they have,to do what you have to do is show that,youre willing to make it right and the,reason why is because when people go,through your google reviews theyre,going to want to see that the business,owner or somebody from the business,stepped in to try to make it right that,is a really important thing because most,people are like oh my god this review,and then the business never talks about,it ever again right if its a negative,comment and you cant get it removed and,even if its not applicable you could,just say hey nobody from our store you,know that person doesnt work here,thats impossible we dont offer that,service or i think you might have us,mixed up with another so-and-so facility,i really apologize id love to,potentially earn your business reach out,to us let us know who you are and well,make it right right these are all really,cool solutions that you can either,acquire a new customer or youre just,showing the general public who might be,looking at your business that you are as,good as you say you are and your,customer service is top-notch so that is,super super important,but lets just say youre the kind of,business you have 10 15 maybe 20 reviews,and you get a one star and it is just,this persons just chewing you apart,right maybe its service maybe its,contract or whatever business it is they,just write this essay of i dont like,this i dont like this and it actually,did happen they just the the stars,aligned they had a really really bad,experience right once again youre gonna,make sure you comment on that but,theres a technique that ive,determined or started calling which is,called burying and thats basically like,just,you cant dig any deeper on the ground,right lets just say that the ground is,your floor level right you cant its,concrete you cant dig down right but,what you can do is you could cover it up,right you could bury it with more,positive reviews and this works,freakishly well now you have to have a,decent amount of customers where youre,constantly turning over that you can do,this most businesses to stay in business,probably have 15 20 30 40 50 customers,at least per year the more reviews that,you can get especially positive or,positive ones will stay on top of that,so start asking your customers now its,time to go implement that strategy of,going to get more positive reviews and,start asking people hey can you leave us,a positive review online and if i know,and im just thinking of like a petes,place that i know,that person knows everybody in town if,he just asks everybody in town to leave,a positive review itll be gone in in,seconds right this is a really really,cool strategy now you might think well,how do i know it works ive used this,strategy probably 30 or 40 times now and,its worked every single time now if,your business happens to just not,perform at the five star tier and you,get four stars,thats a clear indicator that you as the,business owner need to step up to the,plate b

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How To Delete Negative Google Business Profile Reviews – 2022 Tutorial

how to delete negative Google business,profile reviews tutorial hey guys,welcome back to the YouTube channel,today well be taking a look at how you,can delete negative reviews on your,Google business profile now I have,showed you guys a couple of times how to,build your Google business profile and,how can you delete a review if there are,negative reviews on your profile well it,is actually a little difficult to delete,reviews as a owner you will not be able,to directly delete any kind of reviews,however there are a few methods that I,will show you guys which can enable you,to delete some reviews now first off if,you go into Google business profile,manager you can go ahead and take a look,at your Google Business profiles and,lets say you open up your profiles from,over here and these are your sample,profiles that I created for you guys,when I was showing you guys how to build,your profiles but I added my own fake,review so I gave a fake review or a low,rated review,and you can see you also have a get,review section so what I recommend first,off is to see whether or not the review,is valid so if you open up your Google,business profile and youre like okay,this person actually has some good,criticism maybe they gave you a two-star,rating because of some issues that they,faced or they gave you a two-star rating,because there were some difficulties in,their procedure so on and so forth if,the review is valid if they are making a,point if its somewhat valid then I,dont recommend that you file a,complaint in that situation I would,simply recommend for you guys to move on,and just uh you know reply to that,person talk to them be answer their,queries answer their difficulties talk,to them and be like you know the,customer is always right you have to,make sure to keep that in mind whenever,you are trying to answer these reviews,in the review section now if you have,one bad review it does not affect your,overall Google Business rating I,actually think that if you have like a,couple of medium ratings or bad things a,one star review or a two-star review one,or two bad reviews wont hurt your,business especially if you have you know,a bunch of five-star ratings because,that makes your business seem more,realistic it makes your business seem,more approachable more realistic because,a business listing with five star,ratings often seems fake like if I see a,five-star rated Google business,sometimes I just think oh this person,buy reviews are they buying reviews so,that is also a thing to keep in mind,whenever you know removing reviews or,getting reviews removed so if you take a,look at these businesses over here so,lets say Im just going to write a,review Im just going to enter that and,Im just posting like a fake bad review,for my own business and just like that,Ive entered a bad review so Im just,doing this to show you guys how you are,going to claim a report now once you,have you know gotten a couple of bad,reviews and youre like okay this review,is not valid so if its just a hateful,review if theyre just being mean,theyre not you know criticizing,anything theyre just being mean or,being you know like hey this place sucks,or I dont like it so on and so forth,without any proper reasoning then then,you should get it removed but make sure,to keep in mind you dont want to bother,with trolls you just want to get trolls,removed dont reply to those people,through this method instead of you know,replying to them but make sure if,someone is being you know critical of,you if someone has been critical of the,business like oh I saw dirt over there,thats why Im giving them a one star,review you can be like hey we keep our,cleanliness we are focusing on we focus,a lot on hygiene and maybe you were,mistaken and so on and so forth because,a lot of the times if you communicate,with the person that left a bad review,often those people will change their,reviews if you talk to them or reply to,them now if you want to still get a,review removed then simply head on over,to,support.google.com and once you do that,you will be able to see from over here,that you have this section so how to,remove reviews from your business,profile on Google so for that you can,read on the reviews policy and it says,the same thing as I was covering with,you guys previously that it needs to be,a valid claim so they need to be just,unreasonably hateful or untrue reviews,then you can get it removed so you will,simply click on request review removal,once you do that youre going to confirm,the email so the email that youre using,to create your Google Business listing,the one that you used over there are,just going to enter that and click on,confirm then youre going to enter Which,business that you want to get be removed,from so I want to get a review removed,from my Jane slash studio and click on,continue and you can go on ahead and,then select the review that you want uh,currently its not detecting the reviews,that I just left on my own business,because I just left them so it takes a,couple of seconds for everything to get,loaded on to you know get onto the,platform but once it is you know showing,up over here you will simply see to,select what kind of review it is and,which review it is and why you want to,get it removed so were just going to,enter that so in this section after that,they will just ask you you know what,kind of review is this and why do you,want to get it removed and then they,will report or audit your claim so other,than that if there is something like if,Google says no this is a valid review we,cannot remove it then the only,possibility is that the person that,uploaded the review they if they delete,it then they delete it other than that,you cant really do much about it about,a bad review on your business I know a,lot of guys are worried a lot of you,guys are worried about you know these,bad ratings but keep in mind that not a,lot of people have the spare time to,leave bad reviews unnecessarily so make,sure you are keeping that in mind,whenever you are trying to get reviews,removed so in this way you can really,choose to remove reviews or report,reviews in a way and then Google will,review what you have you know marked as,a invalid review and then they will be,like okay if it is actually you know,just hateful or just being rude then,they will remove it if they dont find,it as so they wont now I would say that,in most situations they are not going to,remove your bad reviews oftentimes they,just you know they really dont have a,legitimate process you could say to vet,these kinds of reviews so they really,just have to go with the flow and its,very very unlikely that you will be able,to get a removal but if it is super,hateful I definitely do recommend that,you report it and as a business owner I,do recommend you should report negative,reviews that are unnecessary or that are,just being spiteful or hateful that have,not actually you know been to your,business or that are not actually,promoting your business now if you are,not able to get a review removed then,dont fear or dont lose hope but I I,would recommend that you go back into,your business listing and click on get,reviews now this can get you a link you,can get a email link you can get a,WhatsApp a Facebook link and you can,just copy this link and send it to some,of your you know frequent customers or,you know your habitual customers those,people that often visit your business,simply send it to them and be like hey,we have been facing some issues and we,really want to get a couple of good,reviews on our business profile because,we have been getting you know on pair,reviews and we want to get a you know,good a couple if you could share your,good experiences with our business on,our profile that would be amazing and,oftentimes your customers are going to,comply they would love to share their,experiences with your business and in,this way even if you get a bad review,the good reviews are simply going to,shine a little brighter and show the,b

How to Bury a Negative Google Review (Fast)

weve all been through this youre,happily working away when suddenly from,the corner of your eye you notice a,pop-up notification flashing on your,phone you grab it to check what it is,then realize a disgruntled customer has,just left a one star review on your,Google Business listing your heart sinks,after pouring sweat and blood into your,business for weeks your reputation has,been damaged in the blink of an eye,after investigation it turns out that,whoever left you that next to Google,review is not even a client of yours and,now youre angry whether it comes from,an existing client or not getting a,negative Google review is never welcome,especially when its undeserved in,todays video Im going to show you how,to best handle this kind of situation,and I will also give you a simple tip at,the end to help you bury this one star,stinker first whatever you do dont,panic whenever a client of mine gets a,negative Google review they instantly,call me and ask me if if I can help them,to get it removed as they are anxious it,will affect them badly this is even more,true if the owner of the Google listing,as a 5 out of 5 star rating firstly I,tell them I cant help delete a negative,Google review from their listing or,anybody elses listing as a matter of,fact nobody can apart from the person,who posted it so unless you are able to,convince the original reviewer to remove,it then its likely to stay there the,other thing I tell them is that a,negative review is likely to lower the,average rating which is good news and,this is why research shows that,businesses consistently getting 4.5 out,of 5 Stars tend to perform better than,those who managed to get that Stellar,five-star rating month in and month at,it doesnt mean that people want to deal,with businesses that perform worse than,their competitors customers want to deal,with businesses that are authentic and,trustworthy and they expect them to have,flaws if 5 out of 5 star rating will,often come across as fake or Fernie so,if youve just received your first,negative review dont let it bring you,down instead celebrate it and do this,next,make sure you reply to the review in a,professional manner whether it was,posted by a genuine customer or someone,youve never heard of before its,important you respond to all reviews,especially negative ones remember,prospective customers will be reading,how you handle dissatisfied customers if,you dont know where to start I,recommend you check this article from,the online review specialist called,gatherup.com where they recommend you do,the following respond to the review,within a day of receiving it use the,customers onwards to personalize your,reply offer a solution to the problem,they have encountered they also provide,an easy to flow structured approach on,how to best reply to negative reviews,but if youre lazy like me I recommend,you download their set of review reply,samples you can copy and paste to speed,up the process well worth it if you ask,me especially since its completely free,once youve replied to the review you,might want to consider doing the,following ask Google if they can remove,the review most business owners feel the,negative reviews they get are undeserved,and are desperate to get them removed,the good news is Google does provide a,tool you can use to request the removal,of a particular review all you need to,do is log into the Google account,associated with your Google listing then,go to this page dont worry Ive put the,link in the description below click on,the request review removal button then,confirm your account details and your,listing,choose the report a new review for,removal option then select the review,you want to report youll then have to,choose a reason why you think this,review should be removed once submitted,Google will look at it and let you know,if the review has been removed or not,the bad news is in most cases your,request will be turned down unless it,fits the exact criteria of one of the,categories listed the review will not be,removed if you feel its worth a shot go,through this process but it is likely,the negative review will stick the,problem with that is if the negative,review that was posted on your listing,was the most recent one it will sit,right at the top of all the reviews with,the label new next to it when,prospective customers check the most,recent comments your existing clients,have posted so unless you receive tons,of reviews its likely to stay there for,some time and put people off resulting,in a loss of business but here is what,you can do to quickly bury it further,down the list with one simple trick I,ask one or two of your existing clients,who have posted a five-star review if,they wouldnt mind updating it by adding,a few words to it it doesnt matter how,all the reviews are you can even ask,some good friends or family members who,Im sure positively reviewed your,listing when you first published it a,few years ago if they wouldnt mind,doing the same these reviews will be,considered as if they were brand new and,will instantly be promoted at the top of,the review list which will push down and,bury the negative one this will make,your listing look a lot better and,minimize any potential damaging impact,thats it for today guys hope you found,this useful if you did remember to like,it and until next time happy marketing,[Music]

How to remove a bad or fake Google review

has someone left a bad review on your,google profile unsurprisingly google,dont allow you to just delete bad,reviews but if youve been left to,review unfairly dont worry there are,things you can do to get it removed,this video will walk you through the,whole process of removing a bad or fake,google review step by step,im chris parker head of customer,success at your simple site our mission,is simple to help small business owners,supercharge their online presence and,get more customers,dont forget to click the subscribe,button and the bell so you get a,notification every time we post a new,video,google reviews are really important not,only do they help you to climb the,rankings on google search so more people,will find your business theyre also one,of the key things people will look at,when theyre deciding if they should,choose to contact your business or,become your customer,im sure youre working hard to deliver,a great service to your customers and,get five-star reviews but then you,receive a notification from google that,youve had a one-star review with a bad,comment to go with it so what should you,do this video is all about flagging a,review to google to get them to remove,it however by far the best way to get a,review removed is to resolve the issue,with your customer and ask for them to,revise or delete the review,you may be able to turn a one-star,review into a five-star review if you go,the extra mile to sort things out,however this approach isnt always,viable because your customer might not,want to talk to you or it might be a,fake review left by someone youre not,actually able to contact,if this is the case keep watching and,ill tell you the methods you can use to,get google to remove the review before,we go on its important to talk about,the different types of bad reviews,because you shouldnt try and get all of,them removed you should only request for,a review to be removed if it violates,googles policy in some way google has,this detailed help page that gives you,all the reasons that a review would,violate their policy theres a link to,this page in the description box below,it covers things like fake reviews yes,there are people that seem to just,randomly leave reviews when theyve,never even used your business and there,are also business owners lacking,immorals that will leave bad reviews for,their competitors,you can also flag reviews for reasons,like illegal and offensive content you,can click the down arrow and see a more,detailed description of each one,so check this page and if the review,does violate one of googles policies,you should request to get it removed,its important that you take the time to,find the correct reason because youll,have to tell google why youre flagging,the review later,ill walk you through the steps to get a,review removed in a moment,but first you shouldnt try and get a,review removed if someone has left you a,bad review for a valid reason,you cant get a review removed just,because you dont like them,if everyone could just get rid of every,one star review they received itd make,a complete mockery of googles system of,reviews,if you do try and get reviews removed,that dont break googles guidelines,your request will almost certainly be,rejected so if its just a bad review,and you cant work it out with your,customer instead of reporting it you,should reply to it watch the video,linked on screen for step-by-step,instructions for the correct way of,replying to a bad google review theres,also a link to the video in the,description box,if you came to the conclusion that your,review does violate googles policy,heres what to do,go to google make sure youre signing to,your google account thats associated,with your business enter my business in,the search box and scroll down and,youll see a link to view your profile,here,click view profile and youll see your,listing on the right hand side of google,just click on the number of reviews you,have and itll load the full view of,your reviews,find the one you want to be removed,click on the three dots and click flag,as inappropriate youll then see a,screen that asks for the reason why,youre flagging it which looks very,similar to the google help page we,looked at earlier,choose your option and youll see this,screen confirming that youre reporting,the review and that it should be looked,at within three business days hopefully,this will get the review removed however,if it doesnt dont lose hope,often the next step thats advised is to,call googles customer services but in,my experience this is rarely successful,and you can spend frustrating hours on,hold waiting to speak to someone that,probably wont be much help to you,heres what you should do instead,you just need to speak to four or five,friends and family members and ask them,to help you out,if you get multiple people flagging the,same review especially if theyre people,that arent associated with your,business,google are likely to remove the review,one thing thats for sure with google,they listen to their users so just send,your friends and family members a quick,email and say the following to make sure,you give them all the information they,need and to make it really easy for them,to help you out,a fill in the blanks version of these,words is in the description box below,feel free to copy them and use them hi,enter their name someone has left me an,unfair one star review on google and im,trying to get it removed i could really,do with your help i just need you to,report the review from enter the,reviewers name by clicking the three,little dots next to review and click,report review and select enter the,region you want them to choose as the,reason,this would really help me out heres a,link to my google page to make it easy,for you to find the review,enter your link thanks your name there,are two things that are really important,with this email firstly make sure you,ask everyone to choose exactly the same,reason for flagging the review,if google see five requests from five,different people reporting the same,review for exactly the same reason,theyre way more likely to remove the,review,just be careful because if you report a,review as a business owner you choose,from the reasons we saw earlier,if a google user reports a review they,see a different screen that looks like,this,so when youre asking them to choose a,reason make sure its one of these,this list is in the description box,below if you want to make a copy of the,reasons to refer back to in future,secondly make it super easy for them to,find the review,thats why at the end of the message you,should add a link that goes straight to,your google profile,if you dont have a link to your google,profile heres how to create one,find your business on google by entering,my business in the search box click on,the number of google reviews you have,which is here and this will open your,google review page,copy the address from the address bar,and then add it to your email,then when someone clicks the link,theyll be taken straight to your,reviews where they can find the one you,told them to report and follow your,instructions to report it,just be careful with this approach if,you do use it dont ask the same people,to report multiple reviews,google will probably detect it as,suspicious activity and you could get,issues with your account like a,suspension,so if you need to do this for multiple,reviews ask different people each time,there is another method you can use if,everything else has failed and thats to,contact google by their twitter page,dont send them a private message do it,publicly on their feed,if the world can see it theyre way more,likely to take positive action,theres a link to the google business,profile twitter page in the description,box below,if you want to get the best possible,success from your online presence,including getting the most from online,reviews,watch our free in-depth tutorial,it takes you through the whole process,of attracting your ideal audience and

How to Remove Fake Google Reviews? Awesome New Tool.

google reviews are critical to your,businesses,if you are that kind of person who are,managing a lot of,google my business profiles you,definitely know that,there are an increasing number of fake,reviews being posted on to your google,my business listings hi there this is,abdul vajid welcome to my channel,if your google my business listing has,received a one star,rating from your so-called customer,who left that fake review intentionally,to harm your business,you can deal with it on some certain,ways,in the first way you can respond to that,review,in a very well thought out manner using,professional and polite words you,can maybe ask them why have why,did they leave such a review,or you might even go,and tell them that they are not our,customer your name,is not on our visitors uh book or,we havent dealt with you in any kind of,business activities,or you can just say that,you have left a wrong review or you have,unintentionally left a review on our,[Music],page and we are not having any business,partnerships or business relation so,that is the first method with which you,can,respond to them but almost always,this isnt the best idea because,your business reviews will be read by,a lot of people who will be your future,customers,who are forming a decision based out of,your reviews,in this case a very well thought out,professional,response will be helpful in another,method you can actually report that,review to google,so they will check whether that review,uh violates some of their,policies or not and they will get back,to you but google,reviews are notoriously difficult to uh,get it removed and sometimes google will,just,choose to keep it as it is and they,wont delete the review,but in the past if somebody leaves a,you know undeserving one star review,they,we have to go to the google my business,and we have to,navigate the review section and we have,to click the three dots,which is placed right to the uh reviews,and we have to choose flag as,inappropriate and they will show some of,the policies that,the presumably violated by the uh,reviewer,so all those things were like uh,google will ask whether this review,while i you know uh,is off topic or is spam or google is,asking whether,it is a conflict of interest or whether,that review have any kind of profanity,or whether that review is bullying or,harassing the business,or is it discrimination or hate speech,or,whether there is any personal,information being shared such as,address or phone number in the review,but once you,click one of these options if im in,this case im,you know choosing off topic im stating,that this review is off topic,google will show you a pop-up and in,that pop-up google is confirming,that you are reporting a policy,violation to google it may,take up to three days to process your,request and uh you know once you,enter the submit button they will send,you an email,to your registered email address and you,you can receive it and you can refer to,it there is nothing much you can do,if there is no way to know that,whether your report is uh you know,going through or if that report is being,validated or it is being checked or not,you cant really know the status of your,report,google silently launched a new tool to,help you manage,your reviews and you can sign into this,tool using your google my business,email once you have signed in,you can select the business review and,once you are in,uh you can choose,whether to check the status of the,review you have reported,previously or you can report a new,review for takedown,and once i click choose to,you know report a new review for,takedown it will,show us a table of chronologically,ordered,a list of reviews that we have,historically got on our,google my business listing and here is,the secret of,the review that the specific customer,has wrought,and also the star rating they have given,us and also the date of posting of that,review,and here is the option to see this,specific,uh review on google maps,and you can also uh,report a problem from directly from here,i am assuming that this if i star review,from 2019 has got some,issues and im clicking report a problem,on that,is and i will i am shown with five,different,options which are exactly the policies,this review assumes to break and i,am assuming that this review is not,relevant to this place,and once i click that it shows me,that this review has been reported so,far you might think that there is no,change to the previous uh,process if you think so and then you,would be wrong,and if i come back here and go to the,list of business and i click,the my list again or my,you know business again and,this first option like i i i can check,the status of the,a review i reported previously from here,once,um in ill you know its showing,a review i have reported it previously,and the,status of the decision is still pending,so a decision is still pending so,uh if i click here and click on continue,it shows the total details of their,decision and all,and you can see here that you will,receive an email once a decision has,been made,and also if after decision is made on an,initial,on the initial report the status of the,review will change in this third,and uh we can appeal once,or to change you know their initial,decision,and if that is also,like the previous one you dont have any,more options to,apply for review again,i hope this new tool from google will be,of great help to you,if you love my content please comment,like,share and subscribe to my channel you,can also watch few of my other videos,which is related to digital marketing,this is what it signing off,happy marketing

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