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Republic Movie Frustration | Cinemapicha Frustrations

il,ma dit il ma dit,michel système,alors comme son,manager willi de,la capitale,du minas,waka et des officines ses,racines syriaques la,politique,du,cinéma,le,tout,filmé à,tous,et,où il,a assisté chaque don un tipi et gamestop,et linagora vers qui vous tourner dans,un marché actif cette marque kia cadeau,mais opaque thank you as à la mairie de,matinée la,maison,mais comment,jacques vabre zemmouchi faut,pas,exagérer,cinéma rigueur à,dos mais,lessentiel officer,ngota dit bibi,effects of dagde scénario année dany,carpentier,pour les semis et de loyalisme et,ministre seïni kountché estompé brutale,des scénarios année martini mais le,giratoire à ghislaine qui à ma femme,liquide noirâtre ou binh chanh encore à,10h à 12h nagatsuka died of the wall,street aux atouts est décédé ce samedi,pour le système du risque systémique a,ajouté notre coach et tous les lundis,cinéma le,vox cavalli à dax,landes et cinéma lui,à sins lohan de chez fitch et parfois,même cest selon mais au parkinson 10,mai au parking kosovo mais aussi le,malheur et les interrogateurs pas,demander une chose tant dendroits,cinéma made,in a cédé mes origines les parties du,corps comme celle du maroc en marche et,la bosnie mardi au parc akamai chelsea,mariah carey justin et linkedin,cimetière année smith me lynda,lemay quhosni moubarak et chaparral,bord dun appareil en rester là justin,marine katchalov,temaru,maladie na,administré de officer et polis dans le,système logiciel système ryan dahl et,guy portal ou alliés ont des systèmes,local si papa les systèmes gaga by this,i want a pas une caméra,iacovou mai au parc st jacques au bout,romero 41 10 idées complexes in many,commencé comme ça au petit silence entre,autres activités il y en a parlé de la,part de,la,mairie,tout,commence,il ya la démocratie,allait,répondre à cet appel si le mardi 26 mai,à marseille 5 5 et 6 mai au micro après,le rugby,oh,1

Republic Telugu Movie Review By Hriday Ranjan | Not A Tolly Review | Deva Katta | Sai Dharam Tej

hello and welcome to film companion,south youre watching order tally review,my name is riddharanjan this weeks,release,is republic directed by deva khatta,starring sai dharam tej ayshwarya rajesh,ramya krishnan and jagbati babu abhiram,is the son of a bureaucrat and hes a,brilliant student hes all set to go to,us after having cleared the entrance,test for mit but because it is a film,that we are watching he chooses to get,into upsc in order to change the system,from within after seeing the sorry state,of affairs around him,director deva katta who made prasthanam,has a trickier job with this film he has,to cater to the actors fan base and yet,maintain the sanctity of his ideology,and that is where the film begins on a,shaky slope there are two songs right at,the beginning of the film and we were,scared that the film is going to be lost,while walking this tightrope and that is,true to some extent the films initial,interesting ideas are muddled in,elevating the hero as a mass leader,characters walk into the film for a few,minutes with a clear motivation to raise,the stakes which is not a bad thing,while this is commendable since most,films even dont do this the beats are,quite predictable there is a scene in,the film where ramekrishnan explains,what it takes to be a successful,politician she says for the first few,years do whatever you want and in the,last two years worked for the people,director devakatta seems to be using,this formula in reverse for this film,the first half of the film is clearly,made to appease to the audiences and in,the second half the director says what,he wants to say because the director,plays his best cards in the second half,and things become interesting when,ramyakrishnan comes into the scheme of,things her character is well fleshed out,she is not your typical crooked,politician her track also shows us a new,flip to the evil politician by showing,us the difficulties in actually,governing a country as complex as india,in fact when abhiram and vishakhavani,meet the film really picks up,its a battle between an earnest,bureaucrat and a battle-hardened,politician prepping the film with,dialogues that truly depict the,helplessness of the bureaucrats in our,country devakita wades his script,through the various pitfalls of a lone,warrior fighting a lonely battle,however what the film really lacks,are standout scenes between the,protagonist and the antagonist,for a dynamic film to play out on the,screens you need the antagonist to,constantly place obstacles in the path,of the protagonist but in republic there,arent any escalating stakes that are,put in the heros path also the film,makes an interesting point when the hero,speaks out against the much celebrated,encounter attacks in the state however,when the hero gets power himself when he,gets a chance to change things he does,pretty much the same things that an,encounter specialist would have done,in fact the major disappointment with,the film is we dont see enough of what,happens when our hero comes into his own,what we get instead are heavy dialogues,but no concrete action by the district,collector the films secondary,characters are also disappointing they,are the kind of characters we have seen,a number of times on our screen the kind,who deliver a moving dialogue and you,know within minutes that they are going,to die,tonight,doesnt get to be a lot more than the,mandatory love interest sai dharam in,spite of his earnestness the director,isnt able to extract a moving,performance we also get our weekly fix,of jagapath bob who again features as,the greying father its like fifty,shades of jagat mom but in this film,both his role and performance do leave,an impact republic does pick up in the,second half and culminates with an,ending that is both unexpected and,realistic while it is exemplary that,said accepted a role like this without,any of the usual frills the film,squanders away an opportunity to be,truly hard hitting at the end of the day,the film republic is like a coalition,government in power at the center some,of the parties are troublesome and some,have good intentions,while the film has a few bold moves and,an interesting script choice at some,levels it doesnt leave you with a fully,satisfied feeling in fact on most days,you get more entertained by the other,republic the one run by arnab goswami,thank you so much for watching our,review of the film republic please,remember to press the bell icon and,subscribe to our channel if you dont,subscribe navjot singh sidhu will join,janasena,[Music],you

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Republic Genuine Public Talk | Sai Dharam Tej | Aishwarya Rajesh | Republic Review |RepublicResponse

republican,foreign,foreign,foreign,[Applause],[Applause],in my,extraordinary planner one of the best,screenplay i have never seen,in indians in my story,democracy,foreign,is,foreign,okay

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#Republic Movie Review | Sai Dharam Tej | Aishwarya Rajesh | Deva Katta | Republic Review |YOYO TV


Republic Movie Review | Sai Dharam Tej | Aishwarya Rajesh | Republic Review | Response | SumanTVGold

[Music],foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,[Music],foreign,um,[Music],foreign,very good,um,he has shown something related to the,society with a powerful content with,their powerful,discussions,to be very much appreciated i think he,titled this quote,the credit goes to three people,mainly,[Music],on screen,behind the screen,the director,are the three pillars and also monitor,music,so it puts a lot on my best movie and,coaches,yes good movie,best movie in it,is good start of the next,day,okay best in the content,channel subscribe my channel

Republic Movie Director DEVA KATTA [Talk] with String Vinodh | Promo

[Music],first of all we havent built a,democracy because our institutions have,collapsed before we even built them,[Music],my scream is about what we have created,around us,let us be conscious about it at least,now so that conscience awakening is what,my purpose is,[Music],i want the movie to be seen my entire,the nation and the world of people,and especially our country people must,watch it yeah because we are going,through a lot of situations out there,yeah its not about situations first of,all we dont have understanding of,democracy yeah were all living in an,illusion,so we dont know how a democracy should,function yes we are living in anarchy,feudalism and heading towards probably,dictatorships so this film is about,creating that understanding of our,democracy,especially the three horses metaphor,that you used yeah one horse is,forcefully pulling the other two other,other two horses and then yeah,everything is messed up yeah we have,never built foundations,i was confused to read indian,constitution i could not complete,the entire us constitution boils down to,five or seven articles its so,simplified,we are either blindly loyal to our cast,blindly loyal to our leader if we keep,going like that we will see a very very,very bad face in our history as we go,forward,as for the constitution,[Music],i didnt have anybody coming and,congratulating me after the movie i was,left alone,and i know whoever watched republic they,will bring 10 people to the theater in,my next film thats true if you go to,the root understanding of hinduism no,other philosophy matches with nature we,have turned that around also,the so-called hindus theyre going,against guru and also when we were,making hindi prastanam i told them they,picked a very wrong dialogue writer and,that will kill the film and which which,is what happened,see for me im so happy with the,republic that you take any area or any,section,of the people,it,strips them naked,there are many people in the society,including myself who jump into solving,the problems of the society and then,when i watch movies like this yeah i,wanted to reconsider my mind,see basically a non-corrupt guy in a,corrupt system is a criminal yeah any,truth no should disturb,should disrupt,and should empower,when we watch a movie we expect some,entertainment what is entertainment,defend that to me,[Laughter],entertainment,[Music],you

Republic Movie Review.|Sai Tej Republic Movie review|Republic review|#RepublicReview #Saidharamtej


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