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  4. Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers Review
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Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers – Untitled Review Show

man oh man let me tell you if you are a,rescue rangers fan i have no idea what,youre going to think of this golly,[Music],whats been up with you you know this,that other vague things to fill the,space of this conversation andy sandberg,and john mulaney are chip and dale,finally they listened to the fans in,chip and dale rescue rangers the movie,and if you watch closely you might,actually see some rescue rangers in here,theyre only together as a group for,maybe a minute at the end i think you,can tell pretty quickly this is not,gonna be a traditional chip and dale,rescue rangers movie,let me put it this way if not having a,mystery in scoob really bothered you,this is really gonna piss you off,because the rescue rangers are barely,together in it but there is a rescue so,theres that if thats your main focus,maybe youll be okay with this this is,as much a rescue rangers movie as,adaptation is a film version of the,orchid thief its used as an outlet for,this satire on hollywood life and kind,of has been live my big thought about,this movie at least going in from the,trailer was that it had to pick one or,the other it either had to be pure,cynical satire like a hot shot or an,airplane something like that or it had,to be something that had more heart than,good jokes to it like zootopia zootopia,did have commentary in satire but the,main focus was around the characters and,their connections and that sort of fed,into the satire and the commentary this,one tries to do both which is what i was,afraid of,and it does work just enough,but there are some problems at least,that i have whats the first thing that,pops into your head when i say chip and,dale well certainly not the vast,majority of this nightmare imagery chip,and dale had this hit show back in the,90s rescue rangers which by the way i,was a fan of i liked the show,but its not something i see as like,sacred text i thought it was charming,but its not something that i say no,this is an amazing formula and these are,phenomenal characters no its a good,show for kids so i dont mind them,playing around with this if you are,someone that really really loves that,show and doesnt want to see the formula,changed avoid this at all costs but i,think youll know that just from seeing,the trailer they had this show they,broke up dale went on to another career,of kind of career it didnt really go,anywhere and ship went into insurance,again you can get the kind of vibe this,movie is but monterey jack one of the,rescue rangers is kidnapped and they,have to find out what happened to him,and it leads to this whole underground,crime world of bootlegs where we get to,see peter pan not a parody of peter pan,hes actually peter pan in this who,becomes like this crime lord of these,bootlegs you two come poking around,where you dont belong and i cant have,that,still a more authentic representation,than this these are the writers of snl,and my crazy ex-girlfriends you can tell,they have a good satirical mindset and,theyre obviously using chip and dales,rescue rangers the show,as this outlet for the story of these,two husbands who are trying to get in,control of their life again like i said,its not really rescue rangers as much,as disney afternoons once upon a time in,hollywood but that is a funny idea and i,think if youre familiar with this setup,of actors who are has-beens and theyre,trying to come to grips with that youve,seen this formula before but you do get,something like once upon time in,hollywood that breathes new life into it,and thats almost what we got here there,is legit hearted there is legit comedy,but theres a few too many times where,they push it a little bit in the wrong,direction theres two,and a half problems with this ill get,to that half in a second my first major,problem with this is chip hes actually,written great a lot of this movie is a,very good strong solid script with good,jokes and a lot of heart to it but,a the way hes animated is ugly as hell,its ironic because they make fun of the,uncanny valley they actually go to this,part of town called the uncanny valley,where everyone looks a little strange a,little off they have the cats from cats,there while thats very funny chip is,the uncanny valley in this you look at,him and its clearly this 3d animation,where they just put some really bad,looking lines on him and there are a lot,of scenes in this movie where you can,tell its hand drawn or maybe his flash,animation but you can tell somebody had,a pen in their hand or a tablet or,something and they drew it but having,this ugly 3d model of chip with just,these really faded lines around him,doesnt work and it looks artificial and,it doesnt feel alive surprisingly dale,has a lot more dimension to him because,he gets the cg surgery which is very,very funny but,thats also cg cg is supposed to look,more realistic hand drawn is not,supposed to look realistic its taking,something we acknowledge is real and,reducing it down to the simplest form a,line that looks alive when you have,other drawings combined with it bringing,it to life when you just have a puppet a,cg puppet and you move it around it,looks awkward sometimes they can really,make it work in spider-verse they really,created this new interesting style that,really worked but theyre not doing that,with chip here i was always more of an,alvin and the chipmunks person you,monster yeah they are so above them,streaming now on disney plus but on top,of that the voice acting i dont think,was right for him john mulaney is very,very funny but hes really given into,this character hes created where he,always has this tone of voice thats,great for up and great for something,thats super super cynical like big,mouth its this voice thats very aware,and hes always kind of doing a mock,performance so when he tells a joke hes,in on it and thats great he makes me,laugh a lot i really enjoy him but when,you get to the sentimental parts of this,when youre supposed to actually believe,this is a guy who used to be a celebrity,now hes an insurance and were supposed,to feel for him that is not the right,voice it is too,cynical live a little you seem excited,about this,surprisingly andy sandberg works as dale,again hes kind of the doofus in this,and he does bring the comedy as well as,heart to it and the scenes where they do,have to really connect and think of the,good old days and have the arguments and,stuff work just enough because you do,have a connection with them they show,the meeting in school and the very basic,setup of the goofy one and the more,grounded cynical one of course does work,and it is nice that isnt 100,just a slapping on of rescue rangers on,a totally different movie its actually,kind of similar to this poster we just,take something else and slap chip and,dale on there but at the same time they,do get down the very basic characters,that one is more grounded one is more,optimistic and goofy the other thing,that was really distracting to me was,this cop character played by kiki lane,first of all she looks 15. theres a,scene in this where she says i remember,watching you when i was a little girl,im like youre still a little girl what,are you talking about her acting in this,isnt awful but its not very believable,and for something this strange thats,trying to bring this believability to,this very satirical world thats,supposed to have heart to it,really doesnt connect and i just dont,buy her as a cop at all but thankfully,she is a side character so youre saying,the rescue rangers are back yes,again,kind of a lie this brings me to the,half part of what i think works and,doesnt work about it and that is the,callbacks to other characters im not,just saying disney characters because,surprisingly this is kind of the ready,player one of disney properties south,park my little pony shrek a lot of,characters i would not expect to see in,a disney property ever i mean these are,like competitors so im really wondering,how they got them but even with that,said while they do ut

Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers is SURPRISINGLY Divisive…

this video is brought to you by warby,parker,[Music],hey folks hows it going im back with a,quick review of the chippendales,chippendale chippendale reboots from,disney plus which im afraid to talk,about i really am here i am watching the,film and im like oh its kind of fun i,i kind of like it and i look at twitter,and theyre like,and im like what what did i miss,something wow theres some,maybe me saying controversy might be a,bit much but theres some opinions,floating around about this chip and dale,reboot and i guess ill just add on to,the pile so disney had this uh,quote-unquote,reboots live-action reboot im not,really kind of i dont even know im,already struggling right off the bat the,chip and dale movie its a bit different,because youre used to hearing about,these reboots and adaptations for like,the jungle book or beauty and the beast,and you hear for chip and dale and its,like its not like that it is a reboot,but its a lot more meta this is the,closest thing were gonna get to a,modern who framed roger rabbit sequel,for what its worth which by the way,rogers even in the movie this movie is,a commentary and and satire about the,nature of the animation industry when it,comes to 3d animation 2d animation uh,with stop motion and puppets and and,muppets and whatnot and and how they are,involved in the industry and in,yeah gosh where do i even begin i mean,theres so much in this movie as far as,like characters go and easter eggs and,references and i know for a lot of folks,that does not make a good movie and i,understand that i really do i think that,we live in a culture now where folks are,just exhausted by this approach where to,them its like okay we had all the,avengers okay got it oh look at star,wars trying to shove a bunch of star,wars characters at the end of uh the,return of skywalker where that film was,called i already forgot whats called,but like maybe thats a problem maybe,people have this fatigue when it comes,to just like the overwhelming presence,of characters from different ips in a,movie or show thinking that as a viewer,thats not enough to get you to clap and,i get it that is a very valid critique,but at the same time i think that this,movie did a good job of taking those,characters and taking that kind of,approach and they leveraged it to,comment on that entire situation to,begin with with reboots where the seeing,these characters get i guess operations,that go from cell animation to 3d,animation and which by the way like for,what its worth uh chip here is,quote-unquote 2d animated hes a 3d,model with cell animation kind of wind,waker can we look at that game and dale,is 3d animated kind of like the alvin,the chipmunks like live-action,quote-unquote movies which by the way,this movie literally takes a shot at and,even makes fun of its rapping being like,why is it always rapping and of course,chip and deal rap later okay synopsis,chip and dale as far as like the rescue,rangers by the way i keep saying chip,and dale its not even a chip and dale,movie it is chippendale its the rescue,rangers reboot god damn it im an idiot,all right so for the rescue rangers,reboot the synopsis is that the rescue,rangers itself its like meta where its,a show in the world and chip and dale,are actors who met in school and then,went to hollywood and got their chance,of being chip and dale which is a hit,show in the 90s and now chip like broke,off because dale kind of splinted off,the group being selfish quote unquote,because he wanted his own show and that,ruined rescue rangers chip went off to,go be like an insurance adjuster while,dale is like this defunct like b-tier,celebrity going to conventions and,trying to do autographs and live in the,glory days and then they reconvene,because theres like this gang in town,whos taking characters and stealing,them like like monty gets kidnapped and,chip and dale we have to find him chip,begrudgingly dale excitingly and i can,see where again folks get upset because,if youre a rescue rangers fan youre,not getting a rescue rangers movie,youre not youre kind of not really,its not about the show or the,characters its its about the,quote-unquote actors portraying them and,and them going on the shenanigan,adventures and in hollywood trying to,find monty and trying to discover like,why these characters are being kidnapped,i like this by the way the characters,are being kidnapped by peter pan whos,now an adult whos like you know uh not,a boy anymore and then these characters,are being altered by this machine to,help record rip off movies bootlegs if,you will you see it with flounder you,see it with like dumbo and bambi and,again like the commentary on like,animation as an industry as a medium i,think its its pretty charming if you,go in there just being relaxed i think,you can enjoy this film and be like yeah,its funny but at the same time if,youre more of a cynical person or,youre just tired of this cliche of like,more content being fused equates to,quality um maybe this movie is not for,you and i can see why some folks are not,happy for me though i thought it was,fine visually there were some moments,that dropped in quality because again,like chip is not 2d but then you see,other moments with our 2d characters,being animated i imagine because chip,being made into a 3d model is cheaper,doing cell animation versus like a quick,moment with a 2d character uh chip is in,the movie throughout so best to make a,model for him thats just a cheaper more,efficient way to go uh though there were,moments also where like these models,interact with other like other assets,like like dale was like eating nuts and,its like the nuts were like super,realistic to his like cell animated body,and that looks weird to me im like wait,listen that does not look good but,yeah i mean gadget hooked up with the,the fly they had kids uh the flies,voiced by the guy from the go army,commercial um,i know theres an entire grievance of,chip and dale not having their,high-pitched voices apparently those,voices were just for the show which is a,kind of interesting work around because,i know the trailer folks are like why,are chip and dale not talking their,high-pitched voice this is not the,rescue rangers its like waltz because,its technically not the rescue rangers,there are also like if it would have,been high pitched throughout the entire,film that would have been a bit grating,to me um,them finding out that peter pan and like,the uncanny valley seth rogen and and,the coca-cola bear are like going around,kidnapping characters to turn them into,bootlegs,those kind of funny plots though i saw,this on twitter where folks were like,its they said thats cruel that the,peter pan arc i guess arc or the entire,like problem with peter pan in the movie,is that like the characters like you,know whos voiced by will or not the guy,is the voice of bojack horseman hes,like no i was gonna be the next big,thing is peter pan then i got old i got,kicked to the side and no one cared,anymore so now now i do this for my,living and folks said that the actor for,peter pan the voice actor that he,suffered a similar fate where he went,through puberty and his voice was now,not wanted by hollywood that he i guess,died in squalor and that people say its,spiteful that youre doing a story with,peter pan this movie thats too similar,to the voice actors fate now mike,thats interesting i dont know if that,was deliberately done for writers i,doubt it its more of an unfortunate,like parallel i suppose um,its its odd ill say that its uncanny,not as uncanny as seth rogens face am i,right,um as far as other content popping up in,the movie i mean get like these shrek,bottles you got randy marsh that would,surprise me i was not expecting randy,marsh i thought it was fun with gumby,with like the chief of police being,gumby with like jk simmons voicing him,uh you got like a sock puppet theres a,part where like this muppet whos like,welcome to my shop and chippendales,like were looking for cheese

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Jambareeqis Top 5 Best & Worst CHIP N DALE: RESCUE RANGERS Episodes

howdy folks jamboree here the,chippendale rescue rangers movie is now,out on disney plus and has actually,found some critical success to mark the,movies release im going to be doing a,video on the very cartoon series that,inspired the film chippendale rescue,rangers was a show about a team of tiny,heroes who solved cases that humans,unfairly discarded the members of said,team included detectives chip and dale,adventurer monterrey jack genius,inventor gadget hack wrench and a tiny,housefly called zipper who could reach,space as the rodents couldnt in this,video im going to be counting down my,choices for the top 5 best and worst,chip and dale rescue rangers episodes,yes for the first time in years im,making a brand new top 5 best and worst,video however im only bringing this,video series back under one conditional,rule i must provide constructive,feedback to every worst list entry,because i want these videos to be made,with good faith and fairness with all,that said lets get the show going with,my pigs for the top 5 worst rescue,rangers episodes,an elephant never suspects in this,episode the rangers are helping their,zoo friend elia the elephant stalk his,penis pile but eliots dad the colonel,discourages his son from befriending,rodents we then learn that a thief has,been stealing peanuts from all the zoo,animals so the rescue rangers agree to,investigate this case and stake a watch,out the next night however chip and dale,missed the thief and the rescue rangers,become prime suspects in the eyes of the,zoo animals its up to our heroes to,clear their names by finding the real,culprits who turn out to be a pair of,homesick pandas using peanut oil to fuel,a machine to help them dig back to china,now this isnt a particularly bad,episode i mean this is the only time,where the rangers are suspects,themselves and have to solve a case to,protect their reputations as heroes my,problem is that the episode just comes,off as disappointing the shows theme,song really hypes up every episode were,about to see and most episodes live up,to that buildup so its kind of a,letdown when we get to an episode where,the threat is just zoo animals losing,their peanuts yeah well somebodys been,taking our food and look for those,sinister looking simians behind you,we was robbed too theres also this very,mean-spirited atmosphere to the episode,youve got the colonel planting,prejudice into his child all the animals,yelling blame at each other the zoo,animals mocking the rescue rangers for,saying that theyll solve the case and,the rangers themselves eventually,becoming unfairly demonized as crooks,heck a big part of me didnt even care,if the rangers helped these zoo animals,because theyre so rude grumpy and,hostile yeah i get that they must be,hungry and stressed but its hard to,feel sorry for characters that are,constantly jerky so your interrogations,came up with nothing,thats about what i expected from you,rodents,the only animal worth sympathizing with,is elliot because hes just a cute,innocent baby elephant but even he ends,up doubting the rangers credibility,thanks to the adults papa please theyre,my friends,im sorry son but those scoundrels were,just using you to get to our peanuts no,papa theyd never do that,i,i dont think the pandas arent great,antagonists either yeah the machine,theyve built is awesome and,homesickness is a unique motive for a,crime but the clues were given away to,on the nose almost like the episode,doesnt trust kids to be smart enough to,read subtle hints,please to be careful it is very delicate,sure looks beat it is our digging,machine uh he means for our garden how,could have this episode been better well,first of all the zoo animals should have,been written as friendly victims for us,to feel sorry for rather than passive,aggressive bullies secondly the stake,should have been much bigger like what,if the zoos water is being drained and,it turns out that a supervillain is,using set water for a big scheme that,could affect the whole city while said,body frames the rescue rangers as the,draining culprits something like that,maybe again its not that terrible of an,episode but it doesnt live up to the,shows usual expectations and stands out,as one of the more boring stories to me,dirty rotten diapers when the rangers,come back from a mission all banged up,gadgets insist that they all lead a more,pacifistic approach to take you on,baddies the rangers practice more,peaceful methods on smaller crimes and,then move on to a bigger scheme a pair,of robbers who are conning childless,parents into adopting a baby and then,using said baby as an insider to get,into the parents house however this baby,turns out to be a little person,disguised as an infant and the leader of,these thieving crooks i do like the,premise of this episode but the,execution is very flawed i mean yeah,its a pretty creative scheme but the,robbers dont exactly do a good job,covering their tracks from breaking into,houses during broad daylight without,wearing masks to leave them behind an,obvious pattern for the police i also,think that the rangers learning to pull,back their violence is a nice idea its,just the gadget ends up being really,preachy about the whole thing as she,constantly halts the eager for action,ring just to lecture them about being,more peaceful ill trash that little,bunk,hold it monty were here to practice,non-violent means of solving crimes,remember hex even hands out gold stars,to the rangers for their pacifism like,shes a teacher hosting a lesson on the,episodes theme its just not fun to,watch and ruins the pacing yes gadget,does eventually give in to violence as a,last resort but she switches camps,really fast and just becomes a different,kind of annoying extreme angry and,hostile where is he let me at him will,somebody hold her down,my solution for turning this into a,better episode first make the villain a,one-man act a little person who pretends,to be an abandoned baby door to door,then theres less obviousness to his,scheme and we can buy that hes gotten,away with it for this long heck at one,point he manages to convince a rich,couple to take him in on his own he,doesnt actually need them secondly open,the story with the rangers accidentally,hurting someone innocent then they spend,the whole episode feeling self-conscious,about how they handle their cases this,would make things way less bridging,because wed sympathize with the,rangers choice to go pacifist and,theyd all be humanistally agreeing with,gadget sentiment dirty rotten diapers,had the makings of an interesting,exploration into hero violence but the,way the episode goes about its theme is,where things went wrong for me,out of scale chip and dale are,struggling to get along and keep finding,excuses to fight each other which is,driving the other rangers mad suddenly,our heroes learn the whole buildings and,statues across the city are being stolen,the rangers go to investigate or while,the chipmunks continue to quarrel only,for the two of them to be nabbed and,taken to famous gangster ratso chip and,dale are now the pets of this crime lord,spoiled daughter buffy who abuses these,chipmunks in a series of mean games we,also learned that ratzo is using a,shrink ray to steal all of the citys,landmarks ugh i really did not like this,episode chip and dale already have a,long-running habit of fighting but this,episode is way too excessive for if,theyre arguing and the squabbling just,becomes insufferable to watch,yes they do eventually learn to work,together until then though its kind of,difficult to put up with their squeaky,ranting to make matters worse most of,this episode is just this bratty little,girl incessantly abusing two defenseless,chipmunks its not as funny as the show,thinks comes off as nasty natured and,takes up way too much of the episodes,time and faster and faster and faster,[Applause],the whole premise reminds me of that,awful cartoon pinky elmira in the brain,a show thats considered one of the,worst

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Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers Review

well you look the same,yeah thanks and you look,different ah hey its no secret i had,the cgi surgery done and its done,wonders rejuvenating my career an,animated pop culture extravaganza,chippendale rescue rangers is a fast and,funny roller coaster into a cyclone of,cartoon characters with clever gags,inventive action and enough heart and,depth to allow a story to eat through,this particular rescue rangers outing is,a meta affair portraying the famous,chipmunks as actors who once starred on,the rescue rangers tv series decades,earlier now appropriately washed up in,typical e true hollywood story fashion,chip and dale must bury the past in,order to rekindle their friendship and,save the day for real this time now this,hybrid slice of live action and,animation silliness is perhaps the,closest thing well ever get to a,follow-up to who framed roger rabbit and,not just because roger rabbit himself,pops up briefly its a world where,humans and cartoons co-exist and where,any cartoon who breaks big in showbiz,films their movies just like any other,performer except on an animated set its,not a stretch by any means to imagine,this being what roger rabbits la would,be like 70 years later wow this vip room,is incredible im freaking out dude is,that jessica rabbit over there im only,asking because im zip tied in the back,of a truck whoa whats with the attitude,john mulaney and andy sandberg voice,chippendale respectively now mullany,lends his analytical perturbed demeanor,to chips cerebral idea man while samber,gives his man-child all as dale the,duos impulsive doofus will arnett is on,hand as the villain while the rest of,the voice cast features recognizable,efforts from keegan michael key seth,rogen jk simmons tim robinson kiki lane,and original rescue rangers voice actor,tres mcneil its a strong cast capable,of firing off the rapid jokes as well as,a nicely placed seth rogen,what are you looking at your weird dead,eyes,now its not the cast that warrants the,majority of attention though its the,sheer shock of intellectual property,collision of course this isnt a new,trick in 1988 roger rabbit gave us,disney swirled up with warner brothers,and now weve got things like ready,player 1 and space jam a new legacy,giving audiences their fix of crossover,battle royales to an extent wed never,dreamed of and yet still chippendale,rescue ranger surprises on that front,with any meta project there will be a,few strained attempts at humor and this,story isnt fully free of that but for,the most part the winking jokes and use,of cartoon cameos are on point filling,the world with expansive ideas instead,of one-off eye rolls i was always more,of an alvin and the chipmunks person you,monster the human story or chipmunk,story really at the center of this,madness involves two friends putting,aside old differences in rediscovering,the spark that made them buddies to,begin with this arc doesnt resonate as,strongly as it could have as the various,gags take precedence but its still,sweet enough to balance the film out and,temper the hijinks and together melanie,and samberg deliver some very funny,banter chippendale rescue rangers,doesnt reinvent the wheel but its a,much better and far funnier animated,smorgasbord offering than some of its,recent predecessors,chip and dale rescue rangers isnt the,first movie to do what its doing with,live action and animation sharing the,screen helping nurture a meta-comedy,adventure but its damn funny and one of,the cleverest uses of elder pop culture,properties in a while it skewers the,industry but in a whimsical way not a,tiring one andy samberg and john,mullaney are vibrant and silly and just,the right voice duo to bring these,chipmunks back to life the sentimental,story is a bit thin but the overarching,insanity of everything else is wonderful,for more movie reviews check out what we,thought of top gun maverick and doctor,strange in the multiverse of madness and,for everything else stick with ign,[Music],you

Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers – DisneyCember

foreign,[Music],[Applause],movie spoilers yeah if you want to know,my thoughts about this without spoilers,go ahead and watch my episode of,Untitled review show but for this one,Im gonna talk about all the stuff I,couldnt in that video with that said,ugly Sonic is clearly the best part of,the movie and this is a good movie but,by God this was genius okay Ill go into,that in a second first lets set up the,story Chip and Dale as youre probably,aware how to hit TV show in the 90s,called Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers the,show got canceled though because Dale,wanted a spin-off career based on a,character that actually was in one of,the episodes I kind of forgot about that,which gets the show canceled and on top,of that Deals career doesnt go as big,as he was hoping looking to make some,sort of comeback he contacts chip whos,now got an office job and talks about,putting the band back together the band,though in its entirety is not in this,movie entirely monterey jack is,kidnapped along with a bunch of other,cartoon characters and its up to Chip,and Dale in this really boring-ass cop,to go and find them so I think like a,lot of people when I saw the trailer to,this I was thinking man this could,easily work but it could easily bomb too,A lot of people were laughing at the,self-aware jokes but as a lot of reboots,have shown nowadays you can be can be,too self-aware there is a way to do this,wrong actually theres a lot of ways to,do it wrong thankfully though this movie,does most of the things right on top of,all the satires of the show The 90s and,just Hollywood life in general there is,a good heart at the center of the story,with the connection between Chip and,Dale yes this is very familiar territory,and weve seen it in a lot of other,movies and shows but the film is very,clever at showing Chip and Dale when,their little kids going to school and,getting along with each other and seeing,theyre both kind of outcasts and they,kind of help each other out and even,that kind of comes back into the story,when you see the different ways they,interpret the past even back to when,they first met everyone seemed to lose,their minds about how funny this movie,was and how legitimately touching it was,and yeah I really liked it too I dont,think quite on the same level as,everyone else though I did have problems,with this movie one of them is the 3D,animation trying to look like 2D,animation Im sorry were just not there,yet I think this looks phony ugly and,like a puppet being moved around theres,other characters that legit look like,they were hand drawn and Im not sure if,they were or not it looks like they were,and if not if it turns out this was the,3D to 2D animation thats what they,should have done more of because chip,looks hideous he doesnt look finished,he looks unrendered hes trying to look,like hes hand-drawn and we know hes,not hand drawn so why lie to us like,this Ill tell you why because it saves,time and money and yeah I get that I,guess thats just where a lot of,Animation is going and maybe the people,behind the scenes wanted to do a,hand-drawn but Disney said no if you,want this to happen you gotta do this,took a bunch of costs I mean youre,getting a ton of other copyright,characters well get to that in a second,but this was hugely distracting to me,the choice of John Mulaney is Chip Im,also on the fence of that because I love,John Mulaney I think hes really funny,and he can turn in some really good,performances that have both a comedic,and dramatic Edge its something like,big mouth it works because it is,self-aware in a way that complements,that voice but in this I feel like there,are supposed to be a lot more genuine,moments that just dont sound as genuine,from him,controversy about,the Pan character in this and a lot of,people pointing out rightfully so that,it does eerily mimic the life of the,actual actor who played Peter Pan,honestly I can see both sides of the,argument I can see them writing this,role saying its the original Peter Pan,and all this happened because theres,literally A syndrome named after Peter,Pan people who dont want to grow up and,want to stay in the past and thats kind,of what the movie is about but on that,note how can the people making this who,work for Disney not be aware of the life,of this actor nobody raised their hand,and said you know this sounds only a,little too close to home here I dont,know I think theres enough of a,disconnect to argue that not everybody,would think of this or reference this,but if you do know the story of this guy,it is a tad uncomfortable on that note,lets talk about what Im sure everybody,wants to hear me talk about the,copyrighted characters in this it is,bizarre how many different IPS are in,this movie and for sometimes seemingly,no reason we know Disney owns Fox and,Marvel and Star Wars are getting them is,not a problem but theres like Shrek,merchandise in this and a South Park,character in the background and He-Man,and Skeletor are sitting at a table Ill,admit I was constantly laughing at just,how many unexpected characters were,gonna be around the corner with that,said though looking back it does seem a,little pointless I think like in Roger,Rabbit when Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny,met up for the first time and that was,mind-blowing you actually saw them,interact off each other and you kind of,knew you would never see this again here,My Little Pony just runs across the,screen and thats it they dont really,interact with him or anything theres,also some characters you know were,meant to be someone else like I am,positive this was gonna be chatara but,they couldnt get the rights to her you,know Gumby was supposed to be the bad,guy in this and those would have been,hilarious but clearly they couldnt get,the legal rights and honestly its,amazing they got as many as they did and,lets be honest its all worth it for,that incredible,ugly Sonic Cameo Not only was it,unexpected and hilarious but the way,they use him is so clever it isnt just,a throwaway joke he actually plays kind,of a big part in the story but not in a,way thats distracting or takes up too,much time when he comes back into the,story its actually really welcomed and,youre kind aint no room for this dude,because you remember how we all made fun,of how he looked and the idea of giving,him this has been personality thats,trying to pretend like hes in on the,joke is he or is he not its hard to,tell makes it all the more fun when he,comes through in the end and saves the,day Im one of the few people that was,totally ready to embrace ugly Sonic and,how terrible this movie was gonna be,Gangsters Paradise in the trailer what,the hell are you doing I was so ready to,have a good time with this and embrace,the cringe but they changed it and we,got a good Sonic movie eventually,controversial thoughts but its great to,see the potential of how uncomfortable,this character is exploited in the best,way actually in kind of a heartfelt way,do I wish there was more of the actual,Rescue Rangers in this like Gadget,zipper and Monterey Jack yeah do I wish,the human characters were more,interesting and some of the Lesser jokes,were punched up a bit of course but what,weve got I still think is very,entertaining some people are saying its,the next Roger Rabbit I cant go that,far but I can say it is very original,the way they work in these characters,and while I do wish some were utilized,more the ones they do utilize are pretty,fantastic I had a good time I thought it,was really funny and had the emotion in,there surprisingly what did you all,think particularly with the copyrighted,characters do you think it was worth,getting all these other little side,cameos like My Little Pony in South Park,and so forth Just for little walk-on,rolls do you feel like they should have,just saved that money instead put into,making chip look more hand-drawn or do,you think it was totally worth it for,the characters they did dive into,your thoughts and Ill see you on the,remake of

How Chip n Dale MASTERED Cameos Correctly…

we as a collective hate reference fests,yet at the same time wed love a good,crossover we whooped multiple spider-men,but cringe at fortnight it was kind of,cool when wreck-it ralph did it but then,it got really stupid when wreck-it ralph,did it and i am right there with you,with an opinion that just keeps,flip-flopping each time a movie comes,out i rolled my eyes at free guys,finale yet i loved everything else,andrew garfields existence hit me like,a truck and now from within the depths,of the most shield company of them all,comes disneys chip and dale and now,suddenly we dont hate the references,why just because now we like whats,being referenced star wars and,princesses ugh ugly sonic well hell yeah,whats actually the difference here why,can we never make up our minds and how,has disney of all companies managed to,win us over well i think it just comes,down to the vastly different approach,that chip and dale rescue rangers takes,things some call it a spiritual,successor to who framed roger rabbit,look there he even is and sure you can,say what you like but i still think,these two are on entirely different,calibers still lets break this down,when you think of referential crossover,fest what movies come to mind to me its,who frame roger rabbit wreck-it ralph,one and two a bit of free guy space jam,2 the lego movie ready player 1 and of,course good old thomas himself we wont,break down each individually im trying,to keep the runtime short here but some,of these work and some of these work to,just grind our gears namely it goes good,good bad,good and bad debatably and with chip and,dale it seems to be split down the,middle but the defining feature that,splits these responses apart is the,worlds of each respective film and how,they integrate their references all,together lets take for example one of,the more egregious examples for,reference here wreck-it ralph 2. the,idea for the franchise itself is,actually quite funky and fun the,original movie gave us sonic in his,fresh cartoony goodness alongside a,universe where all video game characters,live together in a local network it,creatively allows for the inclusion of,all sorts of crossovers from mario to,cuber to pac-man and it does so in a way,that doesnt feel forced as you can,understand the logic of why these,characters are here oftentimes they are,recurrent as a consistent figure in the,plot line or in a particular region,which allows for a script to take us,through its adventure without us feeling,cheat out on just giving us a look at,this recognize this moment then come,round to the sequel and this is,essentially the premise verbatim look,its amazon now lets move on youtube,comments there they are and the most,demonstrative sequence of this entire,point wow look weve gone to dindy world,mother while the premise of this world,would make for an allowance of a disney,segment by making it a one-and-done,moment the audience is just simply,walking through these feel less like a,living extension of the films universe,and more like were window-shopping at,some museum desperate to get an,emotional reaction out of us for just,using our eyes all at once were,bombarded with a boasting catalogue of,everything disney can scrounge up in the,moment and flaunt away in a way that,feels as minimally genuine as possible,they then do follow it up with a room,full of princesses which at least had,some plot relevance but still feels,awfully forced with them all just,crammed into a room together compare,that to the world of chippendale rescue,rangers in this world the muse is the,entire animation industry well whatever,the now monopolized disney has gotten,its hands on and then some the point is,all those cartoon characters from the,80s and 90s and beyond have continued,their lives after their shows and all,live in one big hybrid world with,live-action humans as well roger rabbit,style but something that immediately,stands out from wreck-it ralph 2 is the,protagonists theyre not outsiders to,this admittedly bonkers world theyre,just a part of it not oggling at every,scene but accepting it around them,leaving many of the references,themselves as background fodder not to,mention theyre actually jokes butthead,is running for senator on a bench gucci,dobby is canon they scout,sora this one even though its just a,visual reference theres also an,implication there having so many of the,references not be addressed or even,given the center of the frame goes such,a long way in making the world feel more,interesting organically rather than,turning and zooming at each individual,bit like youre trying to point at,something to a dog no not my finger look,at look at what im pointing at my point,is that kind of subtlety already goes,such a long way but theres more to it,than that the disney on the internet,sequence was shown off like some sort of,convention and yet chip and dale also,has a convention sequence too so what am,i just cherry-picking the good bits to,make a point and hiding them much more,forced parts well no because even here,theres a bit of a difference with,wreck-it ralph ralph and vanellope,discover the whole goal googly eyes and,vanellope runs off hacking through the,walls into the princess room and we,never see it again chip and dale begins,at the expo hall straight away its,quite a whiplash honestly because,suddenly we get tigris and ugly sonic,the center of our attention with full-on,dialogue lines as well oh you want me to,go fast thats sonics thing ugly sonic,goes,[Music],and theyre more than just eye candy,theyre lingering comic reliefs easing,us into the logic of this world at,ironically for ugly sonic a breakneck,pace and then we move on dale goes on,some adventure or something until we,loop back round to the convention hall,again this opening scene wasnt just a,hidden run of a setup it was a call back,in waiting bringing us more importance,to the plot and the relationships our,protagonists have with the world and,expanding it to be much more than just,something to look at they could have,easily done a haha look its homeless,sonic in the uncanny valley but they,didnt actually wait why wasnt he over,there but even if they had the fact that,this region is commentating on the,ironic animation styles that in itself,brings so much more to the table for,actually being a joke too as well as,giving us more depth to their cameo,appearance as one of the more appealing,aspects of the chippendale movie in my,opinion excuse my rick and morty copy,pastor for a moment theres a higher,sense of thought and depth going into,this as the world itself is poking fun,and making observations at disney and,animation as a whole which is just,really cool to see political commentary,is practically in everything we watch,whether you know it or not but seeing it,done on something more niche than direct,politics and tackling the very industry,this movie is coming from is just kind,of refreshing and interesting this truly,feels like a non-disney project from a,core of animation veterans sneaking in,this bodacious piece in a shoddy han,solo disguise amongst their disney,overlords i hear they too were stunned,with what they were able to get away,with i mean the paw patrol mutilated,someones genitals in this cannon paw,patrol attacked sergeant henderson,the doctors say hell never have kids,hey subscribe or see our other links we,have mickey mouse not hostage mickey,mouse what you doing you cant just copy,someone elses ip,i think its time to draw some rule 34.,i think thats what half of these,crossover projects were missing until,now no not the puppy thing oh the fact,many of the references have some sort of,depth to them be it truly comic moments,with an unexpectedly hilarious character,are we seriously gonna ask for the,original release of this raid the,subtlety of background fodder or mental,implications or through the political,commentary that comes with addressing,certain aspects of the animation,industry all while keeping it organic in,a w

I Saw CHIP N DALE RESCUE RANGERS in Theaters! First Impressions Review

i saw chippendale rescue rangers i knew,i was gonna like this movie because im,a big fan of chippendale rescue rangers,but i was not prepared,for what this movie gave me,yall this is my multiverse of madness,this is my multiverse oh my gosh this,movie,shocked me,at what it put out there i laughed so,many times and i was so nostalgic so,many times yeah dude this is so my movie,this is such a movie for me so this,movie is about chip and dale and the,rescue rangers it talks about their,television show they used to have back,in the day in the disney afternoon but,that show has ended time has gone by we,are now in present day dale looks a,little bit different because hes got,cgi surgery so hes 3d but chip is still,in 2d and you have this whole world,where live action and cartoon characters,all live together if you are a fan,of animation particularly the 80s and,90s but also just animation in general,theres a lot of cool stuff in here with,animation and its not even stuff thats,so prominent all the time right in front,of you its a lot of just stuff in the,background the movie does a really good,job in just trying to create a los,angeles where humans and cartoon,characters exist its like they broke,down the walls of toontown and theyre,just letting all the cartoons oh that,just sounded weird,all these cartoons are taking over the,land and whats really cool is that it,has,all kinds of animation going on in this,movie 2d animation 3d animation cgi,uncanny valley bad cgi puppets,stop motion it has everything,including some characters,that are from disney,and maybe a few,that are not from disney they actually,thanked the disney legal team for making,this movie because theres some stuff,this movie like disney did that okay,its a new mouse but beyond that is also,a cute story of chippendale yes if you,can get over the fact that john mullaney,and annie samberg are doing the voices,of chip and dale which i understand,although there are a couple times when,you hear them sound like chip and dale,as we know them some of the characters,are celebrity voice some of the,characters are original voiced some,characters have some surprising voices,but all of it i feel like for the,context of this movie works,chippendales chipmunk voice is their,actor voice they chip switch,i dont want to say too much about the,plot i dont want to give too much away,but i will say it involves something,that really happens to popular cartoon,characters so i thought it was really,cool they were able to incorporate this,actual thing into the plot line of their,story and it makes for some nice visual,gags its very simple its very to the,point never was a point where i felt,like the movie got slowed down or got a,lull or anything it was always like,going theres a lot of funny dialogue in,this theres obviously a lot of cool,references in this there are a couple of,rescue ranger references that they make,up but then theres a good number of,rescue range references that are like,legit like some episodes that called out,clearly some rescue rangers research was,done all the rescue ranges are there,some have more screen time than others,but all the rescue rangers show up oh,man but there is something that happens,with a couple of the rescue rangers im,really intrigued on what the internets,gonna feel about that and this movie is,very meta about reboots about animation,about use of intellectual property plays,that fine line of it makes fun of things,but also kind of does some of those,things as well but i think its a nice,fine line they walk i just love that,this movie doesnt take itself too,seriously lets make fun of but also,feel love towards animation in general i,was smiling,so much watch this movie i was laughing,so much i was pointing some things out i,apologize to anyone who sat near me when,i was watching this thing,because,i i got a little talky in the theater,because i was just like oh that oh oh,hey thats the weird thing about this,movie because i did get the opportunity,to watch it in a theater setting and i,understand its going to be on disney,plus and i think its probably a good,movie to watch on disney plus its a,very pause and watch frame by frame to,see whats going on in the background or,to try to catch certain characters but,at the same time there are some scenes,in this movie that im like oh that,would have been a cool scene to watch,with a group of people in a theater,particularly one character,i dont want to say what it is,but trust me if you watch this movie you,will know who im talking about,somebody somebody got redeemed,something that was hated,is now beloved,i take back everything i said,oh this movie this movie just messed up,my mind man like this movie was made for,me someone wrote this and went andre,specifically is going to like this movie,so if you are like me if you have my,style of humor and my style of nostalgia,maybe youll like this i dont i cant,speak for you this is all about me my,video and my video is saying i freaking,love the rescue race movie,i love it this is literally,this is probably one of the best,straight the streaming movies i have,seen period legit would i have liked to,have seen a regular reboot of,chippendale rescue rangers kind of,similar what they did with ducktales of,course that would have been nice to see,and it might even be possible that it,could still happen maybe if the,popularity of this movie is big enough,they might be like oh yeah lets do,something new with rescue rangers other,ways i could have seen rescue rangers,done but this way is freaking fun and,im going to enjoy this freaking fun so,as someone who is a huge fan of,chippendale rescue rangers whether its,a meta version a regular version a,rebooted version i dont care what you,do with them the fact that they are just,back in some kind of way just makes me,all kind of happy but not only was it,great to see the rescue rangers again it,was great to see them in a movie that i,had a blast watching that was just so,funny so silly so meta so referential,and just so good thank you so much for,watching bye,rescue rangers

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