1. Why is 3 Fils the number one restaurant in MENA region
  2. Japanese PRISON THEMED Restaurant in Tokyo
  3. Toilet Restaurant in Taiwan ▲ Poop Ice Cream & Crappy Meatballs
  5. Luxury stay at Marriott Mena House | Egypt Ultimate Travel Tips
  6. FOOD VLOG EP1 : I Was Locked Outside a Restaurant|| Most Embrassing Food Vlog ||Restaurant Review
  7. Gyro-Mena Athenian-Style Gyros Food Review | Season 4, Episode 40

Why is 3 Fils the number one restaurant in MENA region

[Applause],[Music],ranked number one as the best restaurant,in the meena region lets go and see,what refills is all about and find out,why its so popular,[Music],our focus always is,to give,a better experience best experience to,our guests,because this is this is our main,goal and to satisfy our guests,[Music],we have really a great team,whos dedicated,committed and doing things from heart,and this is why maybe we were number one,people people prefer different things,and this is this is this is the unique,things and,people came for different things,[Music],thank you so much,all right lets dig in,[Music],all right guys were going to start with,the dragon maki right now its shrimp,tempura and guess what no soy sauce is,needed because the chef says its,already very well balanced,um,salty so theres no soy sauce needed,crunchy,and sweet all at the same time,all right second one um on my right is,the wagyu beef and giri with the,japanese caviar so lets go for it,[Music],this one is amazing,its got the fattiness of the meat,but the sweetness of the rice,scallops are usually a risky one,i mean,some people love them im kind of okay,about them but lets taste this one and,see how it,okay,10 out of 10.,its sweet its soft its nice its not,um,fishy at all so last but not least weve,got the indomie noodles right here,very simple just with some scallions and,we are going to taste them,[Music],wow,its perfect because its simple,not too many vegetables a perfect base,for the entire meal,highly recommended,to add this to your menu next time you,come,here all right guys and were finishing,off the meal with dark chocolate cake,from ghana and madagascar vanilla ice,cream topped off with some sea salt,lets taste and see,very rich,cooling from the ice cream,and it has a nice dusty cocoa base,great well,thats it for me and uh well see you on,the next food trail im gonna sit here,enjoy my dessert and enjoy my naughty,rose drink and uh well see you on the,next one,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],you

Japanese PRISON THEMED Restaurant in Tokyo

hey guys tonight were gonna be checking,out a medical prison themed restaurant,in Tokyo with baby things excited to go,to prison NASA is building the windows,have bars,what is the car Alcatraz er I dont see,it on here hey maybe were in the wrong,building,sounds like theres music oh theres a,music shop with the entrance of the,biscuits very dark,[Applause],[Applause],you can go in that corner I think the,pop Im sitting right yeah well whats,happening on the walls,old school poor serious just down that,side they cant afford then yeah okay if,it little did I know there would be old,school Japanese porn on the wall from an,artistic standpoint the illustrations,were well drawn from an editor,standpoint gosh darn it how much time am,I going to spend sensory you know what I,didnt celebrate Halloween properly this,year so Im super excited I literally,have like a panic attack heres a menu,Oh blood holy crap,Oh denture blood to a or b or over a B,blood napkins jelly its not a pad oh my,god how are we gonna please cause I,[Music],swear its going back I would be a,catchy name okay,[Music],what does such a blur taste like hey let,us know,[Laughter],[Music],but my friend hes judged all the time,is a little special no special Im,getting the brain shot for show its,cold,are they really freezing up there it,aint called brain shot for nothing this,is a brain but if I should made up heat,Im curious to know what did you have an,insight,[Music],oh did he directly touch Kendall on the,lips or was it just an ear kiss and an,air kiss it is the fries are served in a,kidney tree which is typically used to,drain fluids from the body and to,transport surgical instruments in a safe,way,this is my oh yeah time oh sorry you,were you in oceanview,Oh Sabeel curry so blue that it should,be illegal it is time to paint like a,beast I feel like the blue prey might be,more flavorful this is a mild Oh juicy,oh yeah its liquidy it looks wet like,bled just look at something else in,there – onion or maybe the onion is,looking at Goodson one if you close your,eyes and eat it its totally doable but,if you look at it and eat it youre like,[Music],lets see whats inside so I thought I,was like a big bowl of me,so thats your salad beaten radish and,carrot,oh no crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch,crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch ow,crunch crunch crunch crunch very hard,[Music],[Applause],[Music],its actually really good,its all in the mind hmm theres a,strawberry jam oh my god but I dont,want the pieces that are actually on the,path let me assure you how real this pet,is if you take it off three sticky its,my nail in it,I see the drag you seem to be really,enjoying that salad right,OOP right okay you can have the left,boob and Ill have the right boob look,theres a bit of egg in that,[Music],the vices are a bit on the dry side the,music loud Oh looks like potato as well,[Music],Nathan this bull okay are your nipples,this big thats not the first time I did,that by the way,mmm those were hard for me,alright let me try the booby rice look,lets bring it to you gotta get up close,and personal Oh still warm in the salad,it feel a bit more plain oh yeah I guess,you didnt find it too dry no watch in,my feet dry brothers bye,I like my highlights,this shape looks kind of like a Tommy,its none not too oily actually this,were just a nun theres a fool youve,got really cool into it very okay,the fried rice is planned so the curry,will balance it out together,well try everything your come here for,the theatrical value this is a cold dish,this is a warm dish also warm we didnt,try to finish it looks bright,[Music],crispy Im very thin this I potato I,think thats my favorite ding on this,table its also the most alias cuz I see,cuz I saw you hes my boyfriend,no hes my boyfriend anyway youre right,anything else or touch oh thats a VIP,room oh this one a flickering light so,this is the first floor and then their,second floor,why are you behind me look at the tiling,this is so dirty and theres a act I,believe thats the Semitic light and,lets put the Bob and Jack the Reaper,okay babe its time to go I change the,restroom Im twink blinded by this light,I got a few men its tomato in the front,door wow its bright,I wonder if even the toilet is like,prison-themed when I was in that stall I,heard something hits the wall but it,looks like they might have installed,something there or its a ghost I dont,know,what are you doing,oh I know one little workout if youre,not really scared but you come with,faith shell really make you feel good,my shoulders,what is the grossest dish in this video,let us know in the comment section thank,you all for serving prison time with us,and witnessing our survival but was not,easy eating red omelets and strawberry,jam and real pets remember to subscribe,for more travel videos in Japan and,beyond theyre usually more tame than,this one,see you in the next vlog bye bye

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Toilet Restaurant in Taiwan ▲ Poop Ice Cream & Crappy Meatballs

*Intro music plays*,Hey guys! Greetings from Taiwan.,The evening is young. Its not even 6 pm yet.,Today were exploring Ximending,shopping area.,Im going to be meeting one of my college buddies.,Fried squid balls, fried “tampura.”,Steamed rolls.,Dozens and dozens of potstickers.,Oh, this looks curious…,Oh, look at that red bean oozing out!,Some sort of pancake.,These ones have black sesame seeds in the middle.,What is this cubic thing?,Looks like a block of peanuts.,*shaving noise*,Whoa, he just shaves it right off from the top!,Two scoops of ice cream.,He put some cilantro, it looks like?,And, of course, the universal street food: sausages.,You guys, were here. We made it to the Modern Toilet. And…,Brian: Guys, were here. Mina: Whos this? Whos this? Brian: Hi, hows it going.,Whats up, whats your name? Brian: My name is Brian, whats up?,Brian, so awesome to see you thousands of miles away from L.A.,Brian: Were gonna eat some poop today.,*Mina laughs*,Brian recently got married in Taiwan, which is what brought me to this country filled with friendly locals and quirky restaurants.,Youll meet his wife Chi Chi in a future vlog coming soon!,We all went to art college together.,We have a half-toilet sticking out from the corner.,Take a close look at the stick figures on the sides.,The one on the top is like, “Aw I gotta go!”,And then, the second one is going.,And then, the one on the bottom.,Thats the figure is looking at the mirror. Checking itself out.,You gotta show people your hair. Brian: My hair is like really bad today, its not… its usually more swoopy.,Your hair is like 4-D. Brian: 4-D?,Yeah.,Modern Toilet, here we come.,Okay, very appropriate.,Brian: What are those worms coming out of? I dont understand.,Mmmm, tapeworms!,Happy poop! :D,Alright!,Do these open?,Brian: Can you open it?,Im not sure.,I think they… oh it does open!,Oh and they have poop tiles!,And on each table we have a sink with a poop in it.,Were these toilets actually used for pooping before?,Check out these rainbow pipes.,They have a third floor as well, but that opens up if this entire floor gets filled up.,Okay lets take a look at the menu. Wow!,Oops! *giggle* Thats not a sound that I want to make in the restroom.,Bang! What?!,Are your toilet experiences that animated?,Kaboom!,Crappy Meat Sauce Fries.,Now crappy? *chuckle*,Modern Toilet Bread.,Brian also has a vlogging channel and on the wall is a urinal.,Oh! Looks like they opened up the third floor!,Brians gonna go first.,*adventure music plays*,Alright were gonna check out the upstairs.,*background noise*,There are flies on the wall.,So it looks the same as downstairs.,If you wonder where the restroom is…,It is happily called VIP Lounge.,And the sink, is *chuckle* toilet.,And the toilet looks like a toilet.,Ice in the urinal, mmmmm.,I just washed my hands at this sink, but my hands dont feel very clean.,I know its all completely psychological, its all mental.,Ohhhh, we just got our curry, chicken curry.,And it comes in a mini toilet. *giggle*,Does it smell right? Does it smell like curry?,Is it steamy? Brian: A little bit.,Steamy and fresh?,Ew what is that?,Ohh…,Is that tofu? Brian: Yeah it is.,Brian: Oh, nice.,Mmm, more steamy and fresh.,*Giggle* And look it, the drink comes in a urinal.,Is it psychologically disturbing you? *chuckle*,Alright Brian, lets bond over toilet food! Brian: Lets do this.,There are not many times in your life where you sit on a toilet and eat out of a toilet bowl.,Brian: What is this?,Umm…Bathroom stains.,It looks like blood, I mean thats legit.,Its all part of the theme. You wanna take the first bite?,Should I take the first bite?,Lets do it. Oh its not that deep at all, what is this?!,Cheers! Brian: I mean honestly its just chicken.,Its just chicken. Its just chicken.,Brian: Here we go! Mina: Lets do it.,*giggle*,Brian: What do you feel about that?,Once I remove it, from here, and I focus on the chicken,,its okay, but,,yeah but if I look at this urinal as I chew on it then I feel kind of weird.,This actually lifts up.,And I question how often they clean this cause you see stains like… Thats pretty thematic.,This is 290 Taiwanese dollars.,Normally when a potato is soft, it makes me feel all happy inside, but in this case because its soft and its like a toilet theme…,uhh, makes me feel a little uncomfortable.,You know what would elevate our experience?,If we open the toilet seat cover and seat on it open,,and THEN eat.,Challenge accepted.,I think that might be a hazard.,Brian: It kind of make you wanna go.,It kind of makes you wanna go!,Its very inspirational.,Oh thankfully you have a wall! Brian: Oh theres something in there?,What?!,Being in this restaurant really makes you wanna eat fiber and make fiber. *giggle*,Brian: Makes me wanna throw up.,Why hello there!,Its a meatball, yes?,Brian: You dont think its actually meat?,Brian: Which ones the grossest?,Which ones the grossest, well this one is pretty bloody looking.,Brian: *ohs in disgust* *Mina laughs*,Brian: This ones okay cause it doesnt look too realistic.,Maybe this is like, diarrhea and then this is a scared poop.,Hes gonna do a little demo for us!,How bout we cut them in halves, yeah? And itll be friendship poop!,Its getting hot in here. Brian: It is.,Brian: Are you getting this?,Mmmmm!! Brian: Are you getting the close up?,AWWW!!!,OHHH!!! *chuckle*,Brian, I think you have a talent for this!,Brian: See all the juice coming out?,Brian: What are you gonna get?,Ill try the curry first with you. Brian: Alright.,*questioning music plays*,That texture is very questionable! *nervous giggle*,Brian: Its gross! *Mina giggles*,If we were not eating at a toilet themed restaurant I think, wed probably be okay.,Its all in the mind. Brian: It is.,Cheesy crap? Brian: Alright lets do it.,Dont forget to dip it *giggle* into the extra sauce.,Cheers! Brian: Cheers!,Thats some decent poop right there!,Bloody poops.,Actually the cheese was not that bad!,It was strong!,Cheers!,That bloody one is probably the most memorable.,Whats your favorite kind of crap?,Brian: My own.,*chuckle* I think the cheesy crap is the best one.,Mashed potato crap.,Hm, its just mashed potatoes!,Have you ever eaten and pooped at the same time?,Brian: No. *chuckle*,Brian: I havent, have you?,Ive eaten a tomato while I was showering.,Brian: While you were showering? Mina: Yeah.,Brian: What caused that?,I never did it before so I wanted to change that!,Brian: Was that yesterday?,No *chuckle* That was four years ago.,(Brian: Lemme split it apart with this.),Yeah work that urinal boy!,What does it taste like?,Brian: It tastes like green tea.,Its like if you closed your eyes you could never know you were drinking out of a urinal.,Brian: Its not bad.,Brian: Its not bad right?,Brian: No, you dont like it?,Its a little bitter.,Brian: I think they asked me do you wanna add sugar, I said no.,Brian, we barely started eating, you cant be done yet!,Brian: Its just too much for me.,You can do it, I believe in you! Brian: Psychologically its too much.,Brian: I really dont wanna eat any of this.,If we bring this outside, youre gonna enjoy it.,Ten times more.,I will blindfold you and then, three days later I will feed you the same food,,and after youll be like “Oh this is good! (Brian: You sure?) I wanna put it in a hamburger!”,Brian: I think that I will tell that this is from the toilet restaurant.,*giggle*,You said youre leaving back to the States tomorrow, right?,Brian: Sunday.,Oh, Sunday. Whats today?,Brian: Todays Thursday?,Okay so this food, itll be left behind in Taiwan.,Youre not gonna export it *chuckle* to America?,Whats up we just got our, poopy ice cream.,Look at it glisten.,Thats what a real fresh poop looks like! Brian: Its sweating.,Its sweating!,What a beautiful family portrait!,This is the papa poop and these are the twins.,Lets try this tofu.,Thats pretty firm.,I think if your poop is that firm, its a successful one.,Theyre eating the poop bread.,*dramatic music pla

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[Música],ahora que la gente como estamos,bienvenidos a otro vídeo gastronómico,culinario bello y hermoso y en esta,ocasión estoy muy feliz estamos felices,y,simplemente no hambre ya voy a hacer la,1 de la tarde y vamos a ir a nada más y,nada menos que al restaurante número uno,de américa latina así es señores el,restaurante número uno de todo estamos,su continente está acá en perú en pleno,corazón de miraflores y se llama my lo,que es comida nikkei los jurados que,eligen a mayo como mejor restaurante no,son cualquier cosa son más de 200,personas obviamente críticos chefs y un,montón de personas que están,involucradas y que saben de la cocina,para elegir a esta como la número uno,estamos acá en este pintoresco lugar en,la primera es que o mayor ya es éste acá,no sé cómo se llama la calle gracia más,san martín si no me equivoqué esta calle,bien bonita bien vaga no tiene grafitis,bien cool y han hecho una ciclovía nueva,aquí así que si también quiere venir en,bicicleta bienvenidos sean en serio me,encanta esta calle está llena de,grafitis pero bueno este es mayor y así,estamos en calle san martín cuadra 3,esto es es pasa caletas a pasa muy,caliente no es nada llamativo como les,dije,mejor los 50 mejores 30 2018,2019 vaca que lindo,nos acaban de dejar este cúbito que es,el código qr -,que,también bonito es súper sencillo,es candidata sencillo y está la cocina,súper tranquilo serán que tres pisos,pero chiquito y lugar estamos acá por un,cumpleaños pero ahora tras el grupo y no,me di cuenta de esto miren bien qué,belleza,qué bonito,bien bonito como yo,buena decoración es que mire esta,belleza la iluminación todo me encanta,este lugar está ahí hacen la magia la,oliva silva estamos acá con todos los,chicos hacer nuevos precios de mi,corazón alfredito saludado,por intel lucas cada botella de bonitas,a la miércoles,como extra rico,no sé cuándo,efectivamente,vimos unos premios y miren desde ahí,aparece está reventando de premios a los,mejores 50 restante latinoamérica una, locura,es lo que estamos pidiendo gente por si,se les antoja algo de lo que van a ver,que vamos a grabar,es una cuestión mi larga es una lista,larga,pero,si le gusta y gracias a ti,la diferencia pero el de arte hasta los,castillos as,poco poco o motos y del día hoy tenemos,una,noche muy vieja a dios medio se alojó la,cuchara más pequeñita,la pequeñita,vamos estar acá,i,esto de cortesía que vistió,su cortesía son buenas pero rico,super suculento,[Música],es,[Música],muy bueno,pero,de noche,[Música],está,bien,un modelo con más música,pero,vamos a probar este,porque esa verdad único que rico,muy bueno,después de la cola,y esta leche y de otro mundo está muy,bien hecha,es,muy normal,medio amarillo,los paladares más aliados dejando el,salmón con salsa de ají,[Música],ay,a verlo,bueno,pero muy buena textura muy rico,gracias,la salsa que tenemos que hacer salsa de,soya y bayamón rugoso de grava y un,poquito de agua también una técnica,de pintura,por eso sí,y rebatiendo punto verde que va a salir,entonces hoy por qué,2,y aquí empieza,y satisfacción,[Música],sí,de donde buscaban,es,lo mejor,hay que decirlo,al comienzo pero,cuando la,atención de una de primera,si va o no va o no,y si la tempura,con su constancia de eso ya está,listo,buena pinta,sobre los palitos pero soy occidente,excelente está muy bien muy bien,empalizado se podría decir nada,ahora vamos a esta temporada,los niveles de tempur están de ave,él,no,queríamos,bueno ya no sé qué pero que el otro no,tranquilos el ranking,o,a la a saber tinacos y 250 horas,y esto,es,muy buena pinta,pero todo esto,miren cómo me ha,es decir burguesía,imagino que,rico se come abuelas,bueno mi arroz con pato favoritos en,blanca,es increíble,vamos a ver que está roto evidentemente,la carne simplemente es así,también,todos,todo esto,granos realmente ciertamente pica,pica,estamos batallando partido esto pero,quiero pero como se desarmen y a 50,horas,mira eso,ay dios mío soy un juego esto es lo,básico,para mí desde saben cuando la gente está,diciendo que esta carne es la que se,lleve el premio ahora vamos a ver qué,tal vamos a confirmar 7 cierto,sí,y mejor osito,la carne de la costa esta cosa de la,hermosa preciosa que dios no la puso en,este mundo el colágeno público para tus,uñas,pintadas,andrew calidad buena pinta,en picante,los platos de este lugar son muy,bonitas,s picantito está rico,el picante sí después tres sorbos,pero qué,los sabores son increíbles,puedes herir susceptibilidades,este mes y con esto y con esto yo me ha,dicho que está aquí es,primero vamos a probar esta delicia sin,la salsa,ah,sabroso,que es una locura,chile es un aceite con chile picante,y,no,tiene,nada más,[Música],este no lo recomiendo mucho para mí me,gusta mucho y,estamos apostando cuando hace de la,buena yo digo para la china 1400 el jazz,100 2.200 y 2.500 mil 107,1265,exacto,[Música],y la cuenta,trescientos mil trescientos mil,nosotros,1300 eso es todo lo que pedimos es,oficina donde se ha oficiado y gracias a,elías que su cumpleaños que él no va a,pagar nosotros debemos cantar esto entre,todos qué rico gancho,2.277 así que ganas que tú al fuego,ese es el dolor es el dolor,ejemplificado en todos los premios,no no,no,esta fue la experiencia de mayo,muy recomendable hasta que el vídeo el,día de hoy buena experiencia buena,experiencia una vez al año no hace años,yo creo que es porque tuvieron la vara,sinceramente nos vieron grabar es haber,hecho de comer está yo como que dijeron,no hagan la va a ofrecer la muy buena la,atención de andy muy impecable los que,lo apoyaron también muy chévere y de,veras la experiencia muy única muy muy,buena es la segunda en latinoamérica,ahorita que me han dicho la segunda y,latinoamérica y en el mundo también,tiene un buen puntaje así que en verdad,no sabía del poder de este restaurante,simple rico barbara muy rico una,experiencia sabores alucinante que no,vas a encontrar en ningún otro lado así,que altamente recomendado acá abajo se,lo dejo para que los cheques y nada todo,el diario estuvo más grande esta,experiencia y más se hace la versión de,se elige no se,elige,[Música],lo que sea pero si le gusta es tener esa,experiencia suscríbete acá abajo,fotos vídeo los domingos a las 7 de la,noche así que ya saben si les gusta soy,yo tenga like suscríbase es totalmente,gratis hasta que el vídeo gente no vemos,chau chau

Luxury stay at Marriott Mena House | Egypt Ultimate Travel Tips

[Music],hello guys welcome to our new episode,offer our Egypt travel series in this,episode is a very special one because,today we are staying in one of the most,beautiful result here in Egypt this,result is very special one because it,has a very long history and also,overlooking the pyramid here behind us,as you can see is actually one of the,nearest resort to the pyramid and right,now were going to show you around the,result and give you a room tour of our,room,[Music],agree through a second Apple,[Music],yes going wont I,Oh pequeña the semen okay analise cant,oppress easy meaning you tiger and,theres no male cool applications hello,guys welcome to the most wanted to,return and also welcomes our room this,is going to be our staple next two,nights but first let me show you our,bathroom on my left,thats a sink and we have the toilet and,we have the bathtub as usual follow me I,will show you our room,theres the huge king-size bed here,super comfortable thing and I think this,is going to be the most comfy oh my god,during our trip and am i right theres a,big TV as well,this is our living space theres a sofa,for you to chill or you can read books,or this is maybe a space for you to have,some tea or coffee now let me show you,the view from our room are you ready,this is a beautiful view of the garden,from our balcony so guys that up our,room so I really love the colors they,use in the room the details as well as,the furnishings classic design really,beautiful and elegant,[Music],in a house in the 80 century started off,as a hunting lodge after that it was,sold to a rich couple where they use it,as a proper residence and then it was,sort of English couple where they,converted the manor house into a hotel,my Romina house is really a hotel with a,lot of history to tell where when we,walk along the corridors or even in our,rooms there are a lot of photographs,that shows the history of the hotel so,guys this will be the final episode for,our agent travel series is set to leave,the country but this is reality,yeah so and every final episode of our,travel series we will show you about our,overall experience in the country,through our holiday and trips here in,the country also to show you some of the,Travel Tips to travel the countries so,it would be easier for you when you,visit the country so our overall,experience here in the country is,actually pretty great or top we feel a,little too long for tough days towards,the end of the our trip but we still,enjoy our final time here in the country,so first would be when is the best time,to go we are here in Egypt during summer,it is really hot as you can see from our,videos we were setting yeah some places,go up to 50 so I guess it depends on,what you want because during summer it,is not as crowded as it is during winter,if you want a place with thats a,classic route or or no one at all you,can come during summer but beware of the,heat yeah were off the heat you need to,drink a lot of water,just wear appropriate lightly clothes,white clothes like her wearing right now,yeah to make sure to keep you cooling,and also feel comfortable when visiting,the places and the temples as well if,you want to have a comfortable weather,visiting Egypt most of the Europeans,usually visit during the winter because,it is much cooling and much comfortable,to walk around under the Sun to explore,places and temples but also this is the,pic seasons for Egypt a lot of cherries,yeah a lot of cherries in all the,temples and it can get a bit crowded and,also the hotel prices can limit high to,during the winter seasons so let me tell,people how much that we are coming to,Egypt a lot of them concerns about the,safety here in the country but to be,honest with you,EG is a very safe country a lot of,security checkpoints before entering to,a city especially the touristic city,like Aswan Luxor and Hudur they also,have back scanning and also metal,detector before entering each of every,temples and sites and to ensure safety,there our love of Gods army and also,police with guns surrounding the temples,to make sure I mean everything is okay,and everything is safe now so that if,you are coming with the tour they even,has a big group of tour they will have a,police escorting the bus with you too to,some places like Abu Simbel and also if,you are coming out from the airport in,the midnight they will assign a police,escort car with the bus together,YouTube is actually not expensive,country to travel around it is pretty,affordable like a bottle of water it,costs us like one ringgit yeah yeah,around five pound around five pound and,the food and other other things actually,the around the same range like how what,we paid in Malaysia so it is actually,okay so another tip here in Egypt is,nothing is free here in the country,remember of that especially you arteries,whenever you want to use the toilet,youre asking the local to help you to,take some pictures or you are taking,pictures of them nothing is free they,always ask for tip or price from you it,can be starting from one Egyptian pound,and up to five Egyptian pound it cost,almost one ring it up to a viewing here,in the country so be careful of that if,it doesnt want to give them any tip or,pay them Ramba do not ask them to do you,a favor when dealing with vendors they,always come up to you try to sell your,stuff so if you dont want to buy any,things from the Wonder do not make any,conversations or even eye contact with,them just frankly say no to them so they,will stop bothering you if you if you,talk to them if you say thank you or if,youre having a short conversation with,them they will follow you throughout the,visit in the temples or in the in the,places so for currency exchange it is,better that you bring dollar from your,home country and come here to your hotel,they are always there will be always an,ATM machine or exchange so just put in,your dollar and you can easily change,your Egyptian pound here and,in any ATM or the hotel and also it is,highly encouraged that you change your,money in a smaller bill because most of,the vendors always come away excuses,that they dont have changes for you so,beware of that and remember to begin,whenever everything you buy always,begins starting from 50% I know that,some prices for Europeans are virtue but,for agents sometimes its a little bit,high for us so we always begin and,always starting from 50% of the of the,price that he actually the vendors offer,you so actually having a private so here,in Egypt so we get a guy whenever we go,to every side which is really really,informative because Egypt is a place,with so much history and so much things,interesting things for us to know so if,you are coming here without a guy so it,is just a temple its just another,temple outside is just another side,there will be meaningless so thats what,me and winter love as well whenever we,come to a country we love that we get to,know more about the country and also,yeah a lot of things that we can learn,the reason of having a guy here or third,year is also for your safety concerns,because it is safer to go around with a,local or guy and it would be easier to,communicate for sure of your trip as,well and he will explain much more about,the ancient Egyptian story with you also,the history and the culture with you as,well so it is better for you to learn,some of the ancient Egyptian history and,also story before coming to hit here to,Egypt because if you come here without,the knowledge without any knowledge its,a little bit confusing for you because,there are so many temples that have,similar or related stories so if you,know some of the history of ancient,Egypt it will make your trip much more,interesting also maybe dance meaningful,as well yeah,I showed there are two things that we,didnt manage to do during our trip here,in Egypt the first one is the Luxor,hot-air balloon tour it was canceled,because there was an accident a few days,before we already said that we didnt,manage to go on

FOOD VLOG EP1 : I Was Locked Outside a Restaurant|| Most Embrassing Food Vlog ||Restaurant Review

hey got that Bagels dont be smart,enough,no God please no,[Music],show you guys ah Im going to be walking,around like a safe image so Im just,going to walk to a restaurant and do um,and you know review like a real review,of what if this like I dont know if you,guys are going to enjoy this series but,to be very honest I dont know if you,guys are going to enjoy this series but,lets see,so guys this is the outfit Ill be,wearing for today look at us looking,like a snack 10 over 10 minus nothing,okay,so guys this is my team,guys Ill use this video to tell you,guys that you should watch this video,today and like this video is just going,to be a Mad Ass video so now here we are,going you know were going as the,children of God weve been prayed inside,the car at this point so that no evil,from anybodys Village is going to,attack us,so yeah were just going to the place to,the appointed location,as were heading were singing and,everything even the drivers had good,music and everything so it was quite,interesting why were going in you know,very very interesting guys Peppers means,to say that my top wanted to disgrace me,but the Lord took over my the pin and my,top like had to like remove and sorry at,this point we were already there hey,guys look at the gates just dont talk,take a look at the gates it is locked,guys I felt like just fainting because I,knew how much,house cars both was this day guys like I,was literally tired when I saw this,thing yeah we were all laughing but guys,I will tell you the dream for,everybodys mind everybody knows they,angry because it was not easy see we,stood under his own phone not nothing,less than 30 minutes to book another,boat Im telling you it was this day,that I knew that content was knowing,Zoom guys should I tell you something,there was this woman that came out of,this place I remember I was like ah she,has actually saved us so as she came,after I asked that uh the gate is not,open but she said no were not open on,Sunday so no no pity no symptoms oh my,God sorry maybe you can come next no she,said no we dont have me on Sundays I,said Jesus Christ dont kill me dont,eat me at this point I was smiling but I,was not smiling you know when they say,like when life gives you lemonade anyhow,I bought ice cream for myself and Ill,not be making Jesus yes I bought from,vanilla 150 for myself God I am tired I,am tired like normally me Im hyped do,you understand about everything even the,most useless State and yeah,but right now Im tired,so now we are heading to another,location after weve busted this one,like this one,[Music],which wedding I didnt know you didnt,know where did you go there and come on,wow,wow so Im Becky wow,Ill be my fathers house,Ill be in school which fathers house,Ill be because Im tired Im going from,school now Im trying to stand I did not,plan to waste so much time today,hi shall I say hi so this is my,videographer,and this is,the second videographer so,we are gonna go together friends now but,friends that are locked outside the,gifts together stick together,at this point there I was not even,listening to anybody my own words let us,be going I wont chop forget I was this,close to not filming what I came out for,I tell you when I tell you girl that I,was tired believe me now and I even,forgot to film outside the place but,dont worry trust me I still filmed it,guys at this point this video giving us,good music I even forgot that ah Im,hungry like their music was mad they,were giving me my piano and if you know,me you know that I love South African,Im a pianos you know you know its,their song now anyhow food have come oh,oh my God,guys I ordered four Chiefs and Bogart,same as my friend and my other friend,she ordered um,rice and vegetable sauce in my mind I,was like should be a foreign,fish guys,let me use my English root I use my,English food but I still taste her,necessary yes its necessary,okay so as I was eating the book I,wanted I noticed about the book I wasnt,so creamy it wasnt creamy enough yes,thats one thing then the second thing,is that,if I the chips were very small but it,was nice they actually fried it very,nice nicely I think thats the word Abby,then the burger was nice but I think it,wasnt so creamy like you know and we,didnt pay much for it so were not,expecting much so like I feel like this,place this is Sip and deep this place is,just a place where you would expect,whatever you pay for thats what you,expect you understand so thats just it,so yeah see me dabbing dabbing the skin,hey,I saw was eating at this point I wasnt,even sending anybody now the reason why,the reason why I use Fork to eat my,my chips is because not that I like,using foco but obviously our hands went,dirty from touching the gate and,everything and,I didnt have a place to wash my hands,or rather I didnt even know where the,toilet was located see where I finished,eating,so I will shout tell you guys how it is,if you want to dice in a piece of,disabilitates any of them you want to,diss me this me on the comment section,uh dont dismiss Ill beat you so I was,just eating eat it everybody was eating,wedges scene and they were creating,content the first the funny thing was,that when we entered inside this place,this is my mind I was like Jesus Christ,are we going to create content for 30,minutes then Ill eat for the next,because I am hungry I am dead hungry you,see what I smell food I get hungry I,smell when the food was not there I,wasnt even hungry like I was listening,to good music and I was vibing but as a,food comment again,guys,so I was just eating you know we were,talking and stuff like that wasnt,actually noticed is that they are very,careful people I didnt see anything,like hey my food and I wasnt expecting,to see you know the environment was neat,and the environment was brown and white,and I love brown and white aesthetic,like brown white beige aesthetic I love,it so its like as if I knew that were,going to this kind of place I wore brown,though so I was kind of sitting the,aesthetic in the world though I did not,take pictures because because because,so yeah this one were done eating okay,our stomach was full what see I feel,like the food was just okay you get what,you pay for thats the truth about the,whole thing we didnt pay much for the,whole thing as of this moment I think,the burger was three five so it wasnt,even something that was so expensive at,this point were going home hope you,guys saw the outside the only thing I,did not like about this whole thing was,the fact that it is in,a finished station like food,I dont think I am comfortable with that,to be very very honest I would tell you,guys what I feel at this point where is,crucial but every other thing was just,okay yes it wasnt too wow Jesus Christ,Ive seen Beauty no it was just okay do,you understand so they are actually,trying for what they can give us but one,thing I did not like was the fact that,one cleaner was weeping when I was,eating how will you sleep when person,eats how will you sleep when somebody is,eating its not its not right I dont,think its right for me though let me,know what you guys think of that in the,comment section but at this point out my,tired was tired I dont even come on,earring already ah,see the girl where you pull follow and,go out and people were calling respect,you dont be 110 over 10 against one now,one more over 10.,anyhow sir God Jesus Christ,is making you laugh because I cant be,laughing alone at this point I was just,tired talking and saying the things I,feel and one of the reasons for this,movement is for restaurants to step up,their game restaurant is not just a,picture center its also has the main,reason is for us to eat and be happy in,a restaurant hope you guys enjoy this,video please do want to subscribe,comment like and share and if you want,to see more of this say yes in the,comment section bye babies

Gyro-Mena Athenian-Style Gyros Food Review | Season 4, Episode 40

[Music],[Applause],todays video was sponsored by the,legendary school of comedy the second,city training center Im super excited,just to have them on board and team up,with them yeah on some stuff theyre,super awesome and they got classes,coming up classes start the week of,October 23rd thats right,check them out were gonna where you got,a link to them below right where you can,go to sign up to a link below the very,building that you and I met him yeah,and seriously some of the coolest,teachers there in the world when I was,going there I had in the writing program,I had Joe Janice who used to write for,SNL he had written a couple books yeah I,had Tim OMalley who was on the main,stage with Chris Farley and Tim Meadows,back in the day so Ive had a couple of,cool teachers there its so freaking,sweet so like be able to go through that,program and have people training you,with that experience and its so cool,like you said to team up today for an,institution that brought us together,that we believed in and it so heavily,puts comedy and making good choices,first and what about a group of people,like theyre supporting local yeah like,local supporting locally yeah second,city come in and find in local comedians,to work with yeah thats super cool of,them and I mean how do you not respect,that I mean were a product of them its,kind of neat product of them now working,for them yeah with them the fact that,they were like you graduated our program,you built something awesome come talk,line thats super cool man I really,respect you guys wed love for you guys,to check them out because we believe,them so much but now oh now oh now we,are ahead of doing another legendary,spots right in the world of Shawn and,Cory euro Mina,we call it humor Romania a couple of,white boys we dont know where Tom check,it out,[Music],hey you excited Im here with Mike,Marcos,look at his wild glass I know its not a,knot about those today,maybe me maybe Corey maybe other people,in Lakeview around Chicago call this,place Euro mania have you heard that,before Ive heard it okay and its,actually your old man nah man nah say it,like a Greek say it like a great I feel,like Im gonna push her this euro may,not not bad really you dont menos is,when youre when its translated as my,year oh my era,okay I see there you go Lakeview you,white people you know the Greeks we say,we do everything backwards including our,language yeah now I get it,what do you mean you dont eat no meat,so whats your favorite thing to get,when youre here and youre eating and,you probably make your own Im assuming,a pork Eero with fries okay thats,thats good enough for next guys go,there or not we got lamb I think we got,it yeah oh no were gonna have to change,that a little bit please makeup makeup,or gear all the fries inside damn it we,should ask you first yeah yeah actually,that is what a real euro is in Greece,handle work onions tzatziki tomato fries,inside the sandwich roll up and get him,a beer in some Iowa,[Music],its shocking to me that we now have to,do the rest of the episode like that,felt yeah Im so mentally exhausted from,how happy I was and physically exhausted,thats when we were walking around in,that back kitchen area where Sean said,thats like its like were walking on,Holland grounds like I come here so,often on the weekends that was so cool,like going back there and everything man,I was even afraid to like get too close,to the counter because I like Im the,type of person in public Im like I,dont want to infringe on what people,are doing hes just letting us go I just,even going in a kitchen doing the work I,almost dipped my fingers in the cheese,that goes holy like when I walked in,like this I think oh yeah bless me,Father Im a computer that place is,awesome Mike you were an OG man Im just,so excited yeah yeah what a vehicles the,man he is a hundred percent the man and,as you saw him say we have lamb euros we,have the right way theyre supposed to,do it pork euros and watch to the end,yes because I fries yes future video,that were gonna be doing an item that,you will not even believe exists and,its done cool its not out yet its not,out yet got another couple weeks but we,got it he had some that he had made hes,like its like his laughs you like mate,leg the back of the kitchen is making,new food items and we got to try one of,them Im a crack dealer right acquired,number six with cheese fans Sixers lets,do this jump cut tell me from saying,this right gyro maintenance meal oh what,a day okay well you saw a lot of what,went on in there I dont know how much,of a close-up you really need but,Coreys gonna do his thing so you know I,start with opening these first yeah,well do what we thought we were,supposed to get nothing I realize were,dumb Im just gonna this ones yours,okay well Ill just put that on the,phone or over here,alright sorry for the delay little,slap-happy from all that awesome buzzing,dude wait do you guys see how filled up,these are weve got one American euro,which is the lamb on it and he to,apologize to anybody that commented last,time and said that in Greek they dont,do that because they were right were,bad boys look at this we got lamb meat,we got feta we got bacon we got onions,we got spicy peppers michael is probably,gonna be mad at me cuz this is probably,the most American way well who could,possibly do this we couldnt like show,you everything he said to us because,like we just talked him for like a good,thing power yeah like he basically,figured out how to Americanize euros and,make it the perfect drunk food hes like,in the business of making drunk food you,know what I really do I create these,freakin kids are walking around hungry,whether its Saturday late Sunday,morning early for brunch so I think he,will appreciate this because hes made a,lot of money off of white people like us,wanna and if youre also a little drunk,II and want to get this right off of the,Belmont red line stop I mean were in,like the thick of some pretty awesome,stuff in Chicago right down the street,from Wrigley if youre ever in Chicago I,want to get some time this is like,probably one of the more popular spots,in the entire city theres a Belmont,stop and its 20 feet away or when,youre like just far enough south of,Wrigley that youre not next to all the,Cubs craziness but if you want to be its,second minute walk to it ton of cool,stuff around here cool comedy spots how,many sports is there annoyance theaters,this is like the haven of where you and,Im Acula funny I was trying to look do,you have a training I think Im gonna,use my Morgan Brennan there you go and,BZ,this guys got a sweet Kesha sugar what,oh you know what I forgot to mention,thats on here is fries yeah thats the,way they do it whoa the Morgan Brenton,is too dainty for this big ass your tits,yeah we need some a little strength will,meet to it I think Im what Im gonna do,is take a couple bites of this and then,well go to the pork one totally totally,I think what Im gonna do is pull the,top of Morgan Britain yeah the bottom of,Morgan Britain safe over here thats,smart man this is such a beast heres,another thing with Greek food man its,so hard to find a starting spot yep they,just give you so much food so awesome,like look at this thing this is what,this is how it looks all the time yeah,its always too much seriously every,time I come in here its so great were,sonic or in Mike and Mike new Shawn and,Cory too much food love it euro Mina men,not Cheers mmm thats the only way I,want my food is in the form of too much,mm-hmm Im a big fan of too much one of,the biggest travesties in the modern era,is when you pay too much for food and,are still hungry afterwards is there,anything you feel like youve been taken,advantage of do you hey but you know,Phillys beast and euro mean aint doing,that to you no they hook you up you know,its got to be one of the biggest,ripoffs is pasta noodles are like a dime,and youll pay nineteen fifty at a,Italian restaurant for noodles and vodk

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