1. Ups & Downs From WWE Raw (Dec 19)
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  6. Roman Reigns Just Destroyed Entire RAW Roster.. (WWE RAW 12/19/22)
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Ups & Downs From WWE Raw (Dec 19)

oh hello my friends welcome to ups and,downs look Im just going to be honest,with you is anybody else tired I mean it,its been a long ass year and now at the,end of 2022 so I thought maybe for just,one episode we should sit down we should,snuggle up all cozy near the fire we can,just go through raw nice and relaxed,with love oh there we go sometimes its,just nice to have a sit down and me and,puppet Miller can recount raw for you,from the comfort of this chair isnt,that right puppet Miller go away you,[ __ ] I tell you sometimes you just,want to do a nice Christmasy video and,the puppet version of you ruined it no,were not gonna do that instead were,gonna get high energy and were going to,be super positive some people gonna be,like I cant stand it why wont he be,negative about wrestling because Im,bulletproof thats why and Im warm and,fuzzy in my [ __ ] tum when it comes to,sports Entertainment also hello my name,is Simon Miller from what culture we are,indeed gonna take the finger of power,because the good person up and the,babita to down and Im wearing a,Christmas hat because amazingly there is,no Roar next week its the best of and I,dont think we can up and down that so,what the flub am I going to do lets up,those Downs right now,[Music],[Applause],Paul Heyman kicked off this weeks,episode of Raw and he was holding both,the WWE title and the universal title in,a really weird way and it kind of looked,like those belts were taken over his,body like Venom it was weird too because,while the camera was focused on him we,then panned backwards and Roman Reigns,just sat on a chair and I was like is,this how you hang out in France when,nobody is around because if it is you,two are really freaky dinky the head of,the table was on Raw though because this,is the home of Kevin Owens and he hates,the fact he has to take on KO and John,Cena on the December 30th episode of,SmackDown so hes come to Monday night,because he owns the show and not only is,he going to beat up Kevin Owens hes,going to take out the entire raw locker,room if WWE did do that too I promise,you the head of the table would win and,Twitter would just be like no you have,the high ground and it is quite clear we,are now building to Royal Rumble and,were gonna do Roman Reigns versus Kevin,Owens and I am so pumped for this,because I bet were going to come up,with something where we all think KO is,gonna win then hes going to get screwed,over this is going to be wonderful we,then cut to the backstage area where we,were with the rest of the bloodline and,they were just screaming Roman Reigns,sent us Roman Reigns centers as they,were being some people up one of who was,Mustafa Alis I was just dying I was,like this poor guy his whole role is,just to get murked all the time abusers,also looked right into the camera and,promised us this is just the start for,the evening and they werent lying too,because these guys ran rough shot,throughout all of raw but I tell you,this it was a great start it was a great,middle bit and it was a great end,because all of this is going to fit,together so I am giving it up Im also,going to use this juncture to let the,absolutely crazy people who need real,problems yes we have started upping and,Downing every single segment on a WWE,show an aw show and a pay-per-view show,on a preview and live event show because,thats what the audience kept asking me,to do I am just your humble servant and,really it doesnt matter I mean look at,me Im a [ __ ] the street promise then,walked to the ring because they were,about to take on the Judgment Day when,we once again zoomed to the backstage,area where now the plug was beating up,Elias and Andre Chase who we were told,oh hes on NXT but hes only at Raw,because hes gonna be on Main Event the,Romans crew have become absolutely super,dicks which make them even more,wonderful and you already know the deal,with this because Ria Ripley Dominic and,tazawa at ringside because he now is,best friends with the street profits at,one point they just started yelling and,getting into it and it basically,distracted everyone Dom is also wearing,sunglasses now because of course he got,misted by Oscar last week so I was like,man I didnt think I could love this guy,anymore and of course when tazara went,to spit something in Rias face she went,out the way it went right into Domi,boys face and he sold this like he was,about to die I think he may be the best,wrestler of 2022 and other stuff did,happen but you know how it goes Damien,priest is great Finn Balor is great,Montez forward is great Andro Dawkins is,great today were just doing great stuff,but when all this Shenanigans whats,going on Finn Balor despite all his,years of experience couldnt handle it,he was like Im just drawn to what is,going on Im outside of the ring so,Montez four did the shrug emoji and hit,the most devastating but not all the,sports entertainment the surprise roll,up and he got the one two three so well,just keep this nice and easy and we will,throw it up in here because it was,entertaining also bring it down theres,the distraction counter and my word if,we go distraction crazy on this Roar but,as we will get to this felt like,something from The Attitude Era because,WWE had chosen chaos it also got even,better because right after this Ripley,stormed up to this hour and she was so,mad and she was so pissed off at him she,said I challenge you to a match right,now and tabs are a bit like I dont,really know if I want to do this but his,best buddies of Street properties are,like nah fan you can absolutely kick her,ass so we did get Ria Ripley versus,level boss character now and its so,damn good and of course every time,tizawa could have hit her he was like no,I dont want to do it surreal was like,all right and she booted him so far in,the face hes now gonna have to hang out,with Nicholas Cage eventually he did,decide to suplex her but then Ripley,reversed that although eventually he did,hit this hurricane,once again we got a pile of nonsense,because just as I was about to do a 2022,wrestling dive that idiot Finn Balor,tripped him but in the street prophets,did a bunch of Dives such as I was like,haha now I can win the match when there,was anothers distraction honestly this,was absolutely crazy because Dominic was,back and he was helping out his Maddie,as ever tazara was just totally,blindsided by another human being like,Oh my gosh I cant believe theres two,of us which Ripley smacked him one gave,him the riptide and pinned him for the,win I was just like oh de Lally here we,go and yes look I know it went a little,bit squiffy in the middle but its quite,clear we have massive plans for real,Ripley in 2023 and Im here for it sign,me up its Miller smiley face,was then backstage leaving angry,voicemails for Paul Heyman I was like,what are you doing theyre quite,literally in the building just go and,find them with some police officers and,arrest them Anna Pierce doesnt know,what hes doing lets continue because,Kathy Kelly then walked up and said oh,yeah by the way whats happening with,Bobby Lashley and Pierce just went well,Ill tell you we had a chat at WWE HQ,and even though I did fire him hes,gonna be back on Raw soon hows that,wait a minute what now this does get,better but I still got to give it a down,because what a waste of time that was,however yes after this MVP approached,Adam and said well maybe we should have,a little chat in your office they didnt,get to do this because the stagehand ran,up and said oh my gosh more people are,being beaten up so Piers had to attend,to that but if this wasnt a tease for,the return of the hurt business and,somebody is just fiddling with my hope,gland what so Im going to continue to,be a positive Pete and say thats,exactly what this was again going into,my whole ups and down segment thing I am,going to give it an up but dont let me,down WWE,can do going to watch anyway it also led,to the fact that Shelton Benjamin Cedric,Alexander and Dolph Ziggler had

Kenny Omega AEW Contract Update! More WWE Intergender Matches? WWE Raw Review | WrestleTalk

In this WrestleTalk News, an update on Kenny Omega’s AEW contract, are there going to,be more intergender matches in WWE?,And Luke’s review of Raw.,Over the course of the last few months, we’ve seen the AEW return of Kenny Omega, followed,by the suspension of Kenny Omega, and the AEW re-return of Kenny Omega.,It’s been a wild few months.,Omega originally returned after taking an extended period of time off to recover from,all the injuries following Full Gear 2021.,Just so many injuries.,After being suspended following Brawl Out and returning again at Full Gear 2022, questions,are now being brought up about his AEW contract, as it had previously been reported that his,contract was originally set to expire in January 2023.,Dave Meltzer confirmed on Wrestling Observer Radio that it was either January 30 or February,1 when the contract actually expires – and wouldn’t you know it, the Best of 7 Series,concludes on January 11th at the latest, meaning that could still be the case.,However a listener to the show would mention that AEW is advertising Omega for the Winnipeg,show in March, which, if you’re good with dates, you might notice is in fact after January,and February.,Crazy how that works.,Meltzer would say in response: “As far as I know, he hasn’t signed a,new contract, and I would think if he had, they would have sent out a release like they,did (for Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley).,But because he had all that time off with the injury, I think that they froze it and,will extend it.”,Which, if true, means Omega hasn’t re-signed just yet – do you really think he could leave,AEW?,Honestly, it would probably be the most shocking thing to happen in the wrestling industry,until maybe a week later when something else nuts happens because wrestling never stops.,On last night’s Raw, which Luke will be reviewing here shortly, Rhea Ripley had an,intergender match with Akira Tozawa, which is yet another little dose of intergender,altercations that WWE likes to pepper in once every couple of years, like Nia Jax in the,Royal Rumble, or Baron Corbin hitting End of Days onto Becky Lynch.,But there’s one person who seems quite excited about the possibility of more intergender,matches opening up in WWE, and that’s Xavier Woods.,Woods at one point had a storyline with Retribution where he faced each of the members back to,back for four weeks running, losing to T-Bar and MACE, but winning over Slapjack and Mustafa,Ali.,I know, I have absolutely no recollection of that happening either.,Regardless, one member of the group he never got to face was Reckoning, now Mia Yim, but,now that possibility has opened back up, with Woods tweeting:,“Hold on.,Wait.,So do I finally get to finish out the series against #Retribution?!?!?,DO I FINALLY GET TO FACE RECKONING?!?”,This would be a great payoff for all the fans of the Retribution story, and I’m glad all,two of you get the fan service you deserve.,It’s coming to the end of the year when people start looking back at the past year,for the bests and worsts – check out WrestleTalk’s Wrestler of the Year 2022 on the WrestleTalk,Podcast YouTube channel – but there’s one more milestone to hit for Intercontinental,Champion GUNTHER before the year is out.,If GUNTHER makes it to December 30 as the IC champ, he will become the longest reigning,Intercontinental Champion in a decade, surpassing Shinsuke Nakamura’s reign of 201 days.,The record after that to beat would Cody Rhodes’ 2011 reign, which lasted 236 days – which,seems entirely feasible for the big lad.,It wouldn’t even be all that surprising to me if he surpasses Honky Tonk Man’s reign,of 454 days, though he most likely is losing to Braun Strowman isn’t he?,Ugh.,And now hot tag to Luke.,And now it’s time for my review of Monday Night Raw – aka bloody hell they really did,save the best Raw of the Year until the end of the year didn’t they edition of Monday,Night Raw… in about 5 minutes.,The show opened with WWE Universal Heavyweight Champion Paul Heyman introducing Roman Reigns,to set up our show-long storyline: The Bloodline attacking Raw to send a message to Kevin Owens,for daring to step up to him and bringing back John Cena.,It gave Roman this mafia boss vibe, and actually made it feel like he was on the show despite,never appearing in the arena.,The aura of Roman was all over this show, which made the angles feel even stronger.,We saw The Bloodline kill Mustafa Ali backstage, and later on they attacked Dolph Ziggler,,Cedric Alexander, Elias, and even NXT’s Andre Chase, who we were told was at Raw because,he was wrestling on Main Event.,This angle even made the audience take note of Main Event!,It was a brilliant bit of storytelling that, granted doesn’t exactly hype up Raw all,that much and was there to promote a SmackDown episode in two week’s time, but made the,show feel important.,I don’t know if this is a reactionary move to the record low ratings that Raw got last,week, but this was a stacked show that very rarely let up.,We always used to joke that Vince was at his mad best when his back was against the wall;,perhaps we’re seeing that Triple H is at his chaotic best when he’s in the same position.,That’s not a negative, by the way, because it always makes for great television.,Which we got all over this Raw, kicking off with Street Profits beating The Judgement,Day when Akira Tozawa caused a distraction by throwing water into the already injured,eyes of Dominick Mysterio.,I mean, the commentary told us it wasn’t water, but it was quite clearly water.,Tozawa was not drinking gin neat.,The action was also very good, with Damien Priest looking awesome, Montez Ford looking,jacked, Angelo Dawkins having my favourite hot tag in WWE, and Finn Balor grunting up,a storm as though he was trying to get himself into Adam Bibalo’s Grunt Hall of Fame.,But the real shock came after the match – when Rhea Ripley challenged Akira Tozawa to a match,which was accepted and made official.,We got an intergender match here on Raw!,Sadly because of some of WWE’s rules, Tozawa couldn’t really do any offensive moves to,Ripley, but that wasn’t the point of this match.,Ripley dominated and beat Tozawa in a match that was such a spectacle and superb way to,continue the slow build of Ripley to be the woman who will likely dethrone Bianca Belair.,I loved all of this.,We got a tease of MVP reuniting with Bobby Lashley in a backstage segment, or maybe I’m,just projecting that onto the segment as they didn’t really allude to that, and then The,Good Brothers beat Alpha Academy in a short match.,But much like the opener, this was about the post-match as The Bloodline attacked The OC,and left them laying, with Sami Zayn brawling with AJ Styles after their promo to set up,a match for later on tonight.,Watching The OC beat Alpha Academy for the second week in a row – AJ beat Gable last,week – I was a bit worried that the group were really directionless and needed a big,storyline following their loss to Judgement Day.,But it would appear that we are going to get an OC vs. Bloodline feud down the line, maybe,for the new year or even next summer following WrestleMania.,At the very least, we’ll get more between the two teams on Raw which I am all for.,Alexa Bliss and Bianca Belair had a sitdown interview with Byron Saxton and his excellent,socks, which saw Bliss basically re-write her character motivation for 2022 to try and,make it all make sense, and said that Belair didn’t need to be worried about Bray Wyatt,- she should be worried about her.,And after a flash of Bray’s symbol on the screen behind Bliss, she attacked Belair and,left her laying.,Maybe they should stop putting screens around Alexa Bliss.,Their title match is in two week’s time as next week’s Raw will be a Best Of episode.,Wow, this has been an excellent Raw thus far, I can’t think of anything that would dampen,my mood.,Ah, goddammit.,In fairness, this was a totally fine ladder,match with some decent comedy spots.,I don’t think this Iowa crowd wer

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Bronson Reed Returns To WWE! Mandy Rose Making MILLIONS? | WWE Raw Review

foreign,get your latest friendo merchandise,while youre there use code friendo,Friday to get 20 off and dont forget to,pick up dont interrupt the game t-shirt,right now friendoshop.com,[Music],hey brendo Steve here Elle arson and,welcome back to going in raw the only,pro wrestling podcast need to be,listening to right here youtube.com,forward slash Stephen Larson available,River podcast can be found of course,tape live at the twitch and at the,YouTube push.tv4 Stephen Larson also,youtube.com forward slash Steve and,Larson if youre listening to this in,the audio realm do us a favor if you,like the show leave us a rating review,or a comment it really goes a long way,towards helping going in raw grow in the,audio space space but I dont know why I,did that on todays episode space oh,thank you look at thanks man I,appreciate the assist there you got it,buddy on todays episode of course were,going to talk about last nights Monday,Night Raw which featured another big and,I mean that literally WWE return one of,the many many releases from 2021s back,baby also we had our first inter-gender,match in quite a while and uh more,happened the bloodline was there all,sorts of stuff happened on Raw last,night so were going to talk about that,but first lets talk about this man,Mandy Rose,millionaire whats going on with this,one so of course a week ago news broke,that uh about a week ago that uh Mandy,Rose had been released by W after NXT,officials discovered that the former NXT,Womens champ was posting content on her,fan time that they deemed too risque,prudes yeah today,Mandys agent malkikawa told TMZ that,Mandys fan time has brought in,half a million drum roll,half a million dollars five hundred,thousand dollars since her release wow,and then her agent also predicted that,Rose would be a millionaire wow thats,one followed by six zeros wow yes thats,correct uh by Christmas thanks to her,fan time content that is awesome for her,that is awesome thats great,you know with all the money that WWE,brings in whats stopping them from just,completely jacking up the salaries of,all their talent,like you know,you want to make WWE the premier,location be like like outspend the,billionaire Tony Khan I dont think I,dont think he tried to match that [ __ ],you think he tried to match it I mean if,they if if they dedicated as much uh of,their revenue towards payroll as the,major sport leagues did Theres I dont,think theres a way that Tony Khan would,be able to match it yeah man if that,would be dedicated even 40 yeah,of their revenue,net revenue to salary yeah,or whatever metric you want to use I,dont know exactly this net revenue or,gross revenue for uh sports leagues uh,but whatever it is that would be did the,same or even close to it yeah these rest,would be making a ton of money yeah now,thats awesome for her man you know it,is awesome for her uh so yeah and Im,sure that that probably the the good,people at Fan time allowing uh you know,these people to grow their brands and,make a lot of money are probably excited,about this too because they probably get,a cut of all that uh so yeah thats cool,Still Remains to be seen I guess whether,or not shell uh you know try to,continue to to have a platform outside,of fan time in terms of and you know,within the World of Wrestling be it on,in Impact television I mean the bottom,line is whatever she does now given that,you know what we know about pay and,wrestling whatever she does now is gonna,be for the platform not for like to you,know the revenue because because clearly,shes outpacing the revenue oh uh in,that respect I dont think anybody be,able to afford it if they tried to keep,up with what her fan time is yeah yeah,exactly exactly if shes made half a,million dollars in five or six days,thats what,three times what we had seen her annual,salary was thats like thats in the,span of a week well yeah no in the span,of a week yeah exactly three times what,she was making for WB reportedly yeah,right even before even before this like,I saw numbers,I dont even know what they were it was,like 100 what was it like 100 150 a week,or three hundred thousand a week or,something like that it was nuts it was,like a lot uh but uh but yeah no good,for her uh well see uh if we see her on,our TVs be it on axis TNT probably not,at this point NBC Universal given uh,what went down but uh but yeah no,interesting good for her thats awesome,go make that back you know man thats,one thats one point I was I wanted to,make as well is you know its,unfortunate the the way things went down,the way they went down but you know man,if you got a better deal somewhere else,you know you use whatever platform you,have or even at your job you should,always be looking for more leverage to,get you more money because nobodys just,gonna give it to you I mean sometimes,they have like mandatory pay races but,like you know generally speaking you got,to get your own man exactly you know you,do you do yeah so good for her good for,her absolutely uh lets talk about,Monday night raw yeah what was your,general thoughts on my I felt like they,were trying last night I thought that,they were they were they had sort of,their foot as much to the gas as they,could they had the bloodline they had a,return they had an inner gender match,theyre trying to spark conversation,what do you think well I think I think,more than anything two things stood out,the show was really well paced,um there wasnt I didnt feel like any,excessively long talky bits yeah and,even the longer ones had a point yeah,um you had the overarching story,throughout the whole show of the,bloodline invading raw right,um yeah that that was pretty solid and I,felt like,pretty much every match,the competitors it felt like the,competitors in each match it meant,something to them if they won yeah right,and it was it high stakes not,necessarily,but there were Stakes involved not,titles but from a storyline perspective,for everybody involved in these matches,um and nothing felt necessarily thrown,together for the sake of having a match,that I could recall off the top of my,head everythings felt motivated it felt,like all right theres a reef in this,match for happening theres a reason for,each party in this match to want to win,yeah yeah and theres a reason for I,like when theres reasons for everything,you know its like when uh what was it,when,uh the OC got involved with uh what was,it like the main event or something yeah,yeah because they had been attacked,earlier you know stuff you just want,stuff to make sense they even tried to,uh talk a little bit about Alexa she,referenced her time with Bray Wyatt and,she went through how she felt she was,treated and what her trauma was like,um and what therapy uh did or in her,case did not do for her,um I thought that it was all you know,its all stuff that theyre giving it,some effort and theyre and I I think,they looked at that rating last week and,might have got freaked out was like hey,we gotta start loading up these raws a,little bit we dont want these you know,1.4 million viewer episodes I know its,funny that you its funny that you say,that because next weeks going to be a,clip show,I guess so but theyre really loading up,that first raw of 2023 they got the US,title match yeah between Seth and Theory,they got the womens title bout between,Bianca and Alexa,um both on that show,um so they might be kind of making that,a wild card final if you will yeah yeah,you know like a special edition since,theres theres none to the pay-per-view,um so yeah that could be the case that,theyre theyre looking at the ratings,and and um especially while theyre,running opposite Monday Night Football,yeah Im really trying to put out some,meaningful shows to get those numbers up,yeah Im sure itll go back up to a,pretty decent number or you know roughly,where it was 17118,after,football season concludes they were,doing pretty darn well when uh before,the football season like in between,Vince leaving in the football

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RAW (2017) Review/Analysis SPOILERS

hey guys welcome to found flicks I feel,like Ive been waiting forever to see,raw the hype was huge ever since its,first screening at the Toronto Film,Festival where people in the audience,were vomiting and passing out supposedly,because of how graphic it was if you,want to know if it lives up to that,height I have to say that it is mostly,unwarranted the movie does have graphic,moments but this is not a hardcore Gore,fest at all and the violence is used,sparingly which does increase its,overall impact but its best to get that,hype out of your head when watching the,movie based on what I figured I thought,this would be a typical kind of horror,movie with Justine going full cannibal,bodies piling up and she has to outwit,cops investigating the murders or,something but thats not what writer,director Julia du canal was going for,here that cant be right by the way raw,is a much more personal down-to-earth,story of the young girl Justine dealing,with her changing body and cannibalism,is the driving force to her change the,movie treats the concept of cannibalism,in a very realistic way and the entire,movie has a very grounded feel it does,mesh a few genres first and foremost it,is a personal drama but with a healthy,heaping of horror and also several very,funny moments it has scenes that are,definitely horrific but theyre,presented in an awkward manner that you,just cant help but laugh at so the main,focus of our story is that of new vet,school student Justine she is extremely,intelligent but is also obviously very,repressed and sheltered by her parents I,mean shes never even eaten meat in her,whole life and now that shes off to,college and on her own for the first,time Justine will be tossed into this,new chapter of her life unprepared for,what its really like though it seems,like this vet school in particular is,full of a bunch of crazy people because,the kinds of hazing they do is way,overboard not only did they take all the,new students mattresses and toss them,outside of the dorms but they also line,everyone up and make the kids eat a,rabbit kidney as part of the welcoming,ritual but when its Justines turn to,eat the kidney she refuses saying she,doesnt eat meat when sister and,upperclassmen Alexis sees this she,convinces Justine to finally eat it,Alexis knows that if Justine doesnt,follow the hazing rituals shell be more,or less shunned by the entire school and,while Alexis and Justine dont seem,close to the beginning of the movie we,see Alexis does at least care enough to,help her sister avoid being outcast and,its eating this tiny bit of meat that,changes every,thing for Justine the core idea of the,story is acquainting Justines newfound,hunger with the journey of becoming a,woman while also navigating the various,difficulties of college life,Justine struggles at first with the,strange feelings caused in her body by,eating meat and thinks theres something,wrong with her but its not until a bit,later that things really kick into gear,Justine is still very socially immature,at this point and Alexis decides to help,her with a makeover,but a mishap occurs during a bikini wax,and Alexis gets her finger chopped off,while alexis is passed out bleeding,nearby Justine goes to retrieve the,severed finger and overwhelmed by her,craving winds up eating it like a,disturbing corn on the cob now shes had,her first taste of human flesh and when,her sister comes to tears rolling down,her face you think it was because,Justine ate her finger but its actually,a face of understanding it turns out,alexis is just like her sister they both,have the taste for human flesh,in their DNA though alexis of course has,been aware of her own taste longer than,Justine so Alexis and Justine are bonded,in a way unlike anyone else and the main,story is hinged on their friendship that,eventually becomes a rivalry,Justine becomes a more confident,grown-up woman after becoming more,comfortable with their cannibalistic,nature and even has sex for the first,time with a roommate Adrian crazy primal,sex we see that Alexis potentially has,feelings for Adrian as well but,seemingly unreciprocated or perhaps,alexis is jealous of Justine for having,any kind of close relationship outside,of their own so and jealousy alexis,kills Adrian and eats most of his leg,off Justine wakes up discovering what,happened but theres no big Throwdown,between the sisters or anything like,that because Justine knows better than,everyone else how powerful those desires,can be in the end alexis is put behind,bars for murdering Adrian and despite,all of this Justine and Alexis are still,very close after their strange journey,together as cannibalistic sisters and,during a meal later Justine and Alexiss,dad reveals that their mother is also a,cannibal he removes his shirt and we see,scarred bite marks all over his chest we,learned that in this world cannibalism,is a hereditary trait passed down on the,mother side in this case as such any,kids or maybe only girls in the family,line will be born with the same hunger,as Alexis and Justine but is it possible,to really go their whole life without,succumbing to those cravings,it seems that the parents tried to keep,Justine from eating meat to quell her,desires but then they had to know that,once she got to college it was out of,their control,especially since Alexis already went to,the same school there and obviously went,through a similar experience and their,parents also went to school there and,thats why it feels like the idea,theyre trying to convey is an analogous,relationship between going to college,and the primal desires of cannibalism,Justines parents thought they were,helping by not having her eat meat but,its actually more dangerous to keep our,desires repressed like that and just,like when any kid goes to college this,is a symbolic rite of passage of parents,letting the kids go out onto their own,for the first time in the real world,its just that Justines journey is a,little different than the average kid,and most of the time if kids have been,overly repressed and now that they have,freedom they will go hog-wild finally,able to do everything they couldnt,before and with that kind of upbringing,once those primal desires are Unleashed,they are impossible to control and,thats exactly what we see Justine,symbolically going through with their,own hunger but also through the,difficult journey of being on your own,for the first time and maturing into an,adult the movie is definitely worth,checking out for yourself,dont let the misplaced hype about the,violence dissuade you its still a,really well-made and interesting movie,its got a very peculiar sensibility to,the story and style that I really like,and the acting especially from lead,grants Marilla is very impressive what,did you guys think of rod did you think,the hype over the graphic content was,warranted let me know your thoughts in,the comments below thanks for watching,fan flicks see you next time

WWE Raw Review – BlooDes Lines, Iowa (12/19/22)

its the most bloodline time of the year,dong ding dong with the Usos and Sammy,and solo deciding who beat all their,asses its the most bloodline time of,the year and theres Roman and Haman,against a,waldong ding dong and we get Sammy and,oh when staring each other down what,will happen we wont know until the,other time of the year and what I mean,is we find out in,2023 ding dong where Roman will beat,Sammy down and we will have our heart,broken here its the most bloodline Time,of the Year man,cant sing for goddamn and Andy,Williams of Spain is grave I dont know,how long Andy Williams has been dead but,its been a while and if he wasnt dead,he would have died after that rendition,anyway Im John random with my review of,WWE Raw from Des Moines Iowa yep merry,Christmas everybody happy Hanukkah crazy,quanda and a solemn dignified Ramadan,and now a word for my my God our sponsor,screwed that one up so yeah this show,its the last raw of the year because,apparently,next weeks episode is a clip show a,138th episode spectacular,in all seriousness its a good thing,that they decided to just take a week,off because they already taped this,weeks Smackdown which I am debating on,even reviewing we will see but yeah guys,happy holidays whatever holiday youre,celebrating its a holiday seasonal,whoop-dee-doo and Dippity dopping,yeah pretty certain I screwed that one,up so Heyman is there and happy Hanukkah,there to Heyman whos Aaron says for,its like my tribal Chief has something,to say all that and I dont know why,that wall seemed like they were in some,kind of giant chimney or fireplace but,nevertheless,Roman the Roman from the planet Roman,does anybody remember robot monster if,you do Im amazed God this hat is so,goddamn big fun fact about this hat for,those of you that are new subscribers to,the channel or more recent subscribers,and you werent around around the,holiday season last year,years ago when I worked at a uh gas,station,it was a nice elderly couple that came,in frequented the soar about,um,they would occasionally buy wine they,would buy scratch tickets they would,travel here and there they would visit,their grandkids,and whenever um you know after a certain,time I forget 2010 I think of 2011 I,think it was 2011.,the lady had had knitted a whole bunch,of hats,for various people at stores or various,people that have been nice to them and,she handed me one and I actually ended,up having this and brought it with me,when I had to move back home so,I decided to break it out on the channel,in the last few years and its a nice,little you know neat little thing and,the fact that you know its a nice way,to honor a very very nice lady I dont,recall their names because I can barely,remember what I had for breakfast,she was really really nice anyway thats,the story of the Hat lets talk about,the show The Bloodline attacks Ali Ali,will never know peace until he is,allowed to leave the company I at this,point I thought maybe Oh Theyll have,him beat Theory at um WrestleMania for,the U.S title I dont think that theyre,ever going to push Ali and honestly if,he wins a U.S title is it gonna matter,at this point they see him as just,somebody that gets his ass beat,constantly and constantly the bloodline,were all over this goddamn uh program,and then we get the profits with tazaba,versus Judgment Day members priest and,Balor with Ria and Dominic Dominic whos,in shaves because hes Blinded By The,Blue Mist is supposed to put you to,sleep and not actually blind you thank,you sure meister for pointing that out,assuming you are watching this if you,are not,yeah sure my sir he did point that out,and he is right okay this was certainly,a match it was so much for a good,look I know the people Montez is really,really talented and could be a future,singles champion and Dawkins has really,stepped it up Im glad that theyre,laying to zawa wrestle I just didnt,give a about this match because it,involves people I dont really care,about oh yeah and Dominic is out there,so I refuse to acknowledge you know that,anything with Dominic could actually be,good,we come back to the bloodline being up,Andre Chase who apparently was part of,main event I think thats one of the,first times theyve acknowledged that,they actually tape Main Event before,um raw and they beat up Elias Hayden,with his own guitar,by the way we get a drink at Dominics,face and then a roll up one two three,the Judgment Day lost by a roll or by a,drink distraction they are fighting over,shampoo,and then,Ria gets upset at um tazawa and pushes,him down in berates and just just,absolutely seems like she wants to slap,and throw him around I wish it was me,please berate and throw me around I have,issues shut up I have issues but anyway,we get an enter gender match sort of uh,theyre not allowed to have men hit,women so they did stuff where,and they made it mostly a comedy match,but you know Ria can make this work uh I,wrote down boot me in the face please,again I have issues Rita is something,special just Sunday special days tazawa,is not bad in the ring its just he,doesnt mean anything hes been with the,company for like six years and,hasnt maintained anything for years,mainly we get dies by the prophets,because apparently no DQs uh are called,here we get a post spot but despite that,Ms sent on Riptide one two three,okay then we get Recaps of lashleys,firing hes actually he actually got,rehired because Pierce stepped over the,line Kathy Kelly Jesus good God Kathy,Kelly is a head and shoulders above as,far as the rehire she is Triple Hs best,rehire I mean you can fight me on that,but God I love seeing her on my,television,um Pierce uh he wants Bobby to call him,back MVP says Hey Pierce and he talked,to you about Lashley but then this,referee says hey wait a second Pierce,some weird up shits going on,lets go find that out were reforming,the hurt business speaking of hurt,Cedric who was also in the hurt business,got hurt remember when Cedric Alexander,could have been a big star for them and,hes just been marginalized and had to, beat out of him constantly Dolph is,also there Kathy Kelly once again my,goodness my goodness Dolph says it was,the bloodline of BSF yeah effing duh,the good Brothers home of the Good,Brothers maybe take your order with,Styles and Mia Yem me chin whatever the,hell her goddamn name is took on Alpha,Academy Gable got pinned,all I want for Christmas is for Gable to,be featured properly and its never,going to happen in WWE,the bloodline that attacked the OC and,we go to break and then Pearson security,include Shane Helms Petey Williams and I,think even,Kenny Dykstra okay screwed that one up,anybody that gets that reference I would,actually be amazed,so,and Sammy by the way is,way over crowd sharing them but they,decide to leave and then Styles decides,to attack Zayn because hes upset at the,Sammy community and were gonna have a,match it is official,speaking of official Byron is officially,relegated to just doing bad interview,segments,Byron wasnt that bad on color,or as far as being a commentator,he certainly was better than Steve,Patrick and I feel bad because hes at,least trying but hes just not,interesting,anyway,so Alex and Bianca they reference all,the supernatural Alexas like,oh he poisoned me he did all this stuff,and everything and the stuff with Alexa,and Bray was terrible theyre going to,revisit it and that means its going to,be extra terrible because I dont care,if its Triple H in charge Vincent,charge or you Resurrect The Ghost of,Vern Ghana,Vern got your book in this actually,might have been interesting but you,could do whatever it is still horror,movie that belongs in Hollywood it,doesnt belong in a God damn wrestling,ring it doesnt belong in a wrestling,program,there are levels to this stuff it worked,with Undertaker worker came for a while,oh she hit her with a vase and Lily was,behind the chair as some people point,out great that stupid,there are people like this you can like,that all you damn well wa

Roman Reigns Just Destroyed Entire RAW Roster.. (WWE RAW 12/19/22)

Roman Reigns ruins the entire raw roster,yes people its finally time for,Survivor Series no way that already,happened Sammy kicked Kevin in the balls,harsh betrayal he kicked his best friend,in the cajones anyway Roman is coming,after the entire raw roster and its not,even the first time Kevin Owens better,have the entire raw rods for backing him,up the bloodline are coming and no one,is safe oh my God guys Paul Heyman is in,my room,proud of that joke as well,I retire cant wait for Christmas me too,but whos stopping you from having fun,right now,dont wait for Christmas make yourself a,gift today download and play Hero Wars,todays sponsor of the video hero Awards,is a fantasy online RPG game with many,PVP modes in Hero Wars everyone can find,a character to suit themselves we have,cyborgs aliens vampires even furries,wont be disappointed Jabba is worth,unlocking hes an awesome tank who,literally devours his enemies but,Celeste is the real esteo she can switch,between a DPS dark form and a Healer,light form shes literally useful in any,situation Heroes is a world of 6 unique,modes more than 300 Guild Wars servers,and a hundred million players you can,play online or see who among you and,your friends as the top dog theres no,equal to Hero Wars youre going to play,it all the time even when watching,wrestling or even when playing something,else its super easy to pick up and play,but assembling a perfect team of Heroes,is an art in itself Christmas magic,comes in Heroes from December 24 Begins,the best time to start playing but you,can get a lot of presents and cool items,right now collect new Heroes decorate,the Christmas tree progress through the,Advent calendar and learn the mysterious,story I almost forgot heres a question,for you where you can get 30 000 coins,600 emeralds and 5 awesome Heroes to,start dominating in Hero Wars right away,the answer is in the link in the,description below play Hero Wars now,welcome back to another episode of,greatness of raw what a show it was,finally it feels like Triple H is back,on track honestly its a lot different,making a Smackdown review and a raw,review when Im watching Smackdown Im,excited I cant wait to talk about when,Im watching ROM like hopefully its,bearable but this show was actually,pretty decent we even got a return dont,have strong feelings about this,obviously I havent seen a single match,well see but this show had a completely,different vibe with Roman Reigns and The,Bloodline attacking Monday Night Raw,shoe kicks off with Paul Heyman and,Roman Reigns sending a message to the,raw roster Roman says Roy is the home of,Kevin Owens he continues to leave his,home to crash the gates of the island of,relevancy hell need much more than John,Cena possibly the entire raw locker room,to have his back because he interfered,in his business its time to showcase,the resources he has and says everyone,will eventually acknowledge the,bloodline and then we cut to the,bloodline attacking Mustafa Ali its a,big message right uh no the Royal locker,room are like were doing that as well,were doing it weekly sometimes on,Sundays and Saturdays too we all beat,Mustafa Ali no big deal and then the,show kicks off with the street prophets,and akiro tozava versus the Judgment Day,this was a pretty light-hearted match,you know we got a lot of Ripley and,akirotozawa stuff right here during the,match Elias got taken down so the match,felt pretty comedic in a way but it was,still entertaining to watch so,akirotozawa throws a drink at Rio Ripley,but Dominic took the damage the three,prophets picked up the W right here and,Rio Ripley is not happy she blames,akirotozawa punches him in the face if,youre a man Akira get in the ring right,now so we actually got an intergender,match kinda we got akirito zavo versus,Ria Ripley which is yes still a comedy,match we saw like five or six minutes of,uh akirotozawa dodging and rare Ripley,doing all the damage not once he laid a,finger on Ria Ripley even when he tried,like he even had opportunities but,really reversed so of course we are,Ripley won this match you get the idea,very Vince McMahon likes stuff right,here you know not necessarily bad but,seems like the stuff Vince McMahon be,like he would [ __ ] his pants how funny,it is it seems like Triple H wrote this,segment for Vince McMahon someone on the,phone got to feel Adam Pierces balls he,got interrupted and asked about Bobby,Lashley he says I met Bobby Lashley we,talked and its in that matter of if,its a matter of when Bobby is coming,back we see MVP and he says well,speaking of um Bobby we need to talk,Adam Pierce agrees but then he got,interrupted again stop playing with his,balls people you dont want whats,coming for you once he actually decides,to show him off,we seen what happened he fired Bobby,Lashley and its kind of interesting is,MVP trying to get Bobby Lashley back,because weve heard it many times Bobby,wants to bring back I was about to say,the Judgment Day the hurt business so,you know I believe theres a big,possibility we might get that back we,got to Backstage and we see raw roster,getting attacked again Shelton Benjamin,Cedric Alexander even Dolph Ziggler,Dolph Ziggler revealed yes it was the,bloodline what happened right here isnt,that obvious though Goldberg came back,ah Legends,of course it was the bloodline we saw,the OC versus the alpha Academy this,match was pretty okay nothing special,right here but it was basically to set,up another attack we got the bloodline,attacking the OC we got a bunch of,security Adam Pierce can you die extra,even and again it was all about the,bloodline sending a message they were,about to leave and they got attacked by,AJ Styles AJ wants a match against the,bloodline and Adam Pierce makes it,official AJ vs Sami Zayn later tonight,so this show was basically heavily,focused on one storyline but it worked,you know weve seen Roman Reigns versus,Kevin Owens before so it is very,difficult to make a scare about it again,more honestly so far its pretty,interesting this was pretty good so,basically Alexa Bliss explained Bianca,Bellaire what happened you know about,the fiend how Bray Wyatt basically,destroyed her and shes trying to get,her life back trying to be who she used,to be and Bianca believes but you know,she doesnt feel like its a good excuse,Alexa says thanks to asking you I,finally realized theres more to it and,you know the raw Womens Championship so,they were leaving and Alexa just turned,Hill you know how dangerous that is,Alexa,he could have killed her,you just,its dangerous,I would literally imagine something like,this in real life,that would be serious [ __ ] right here,again you guys know I dont want to see,Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss but like Ive,said before many times we need to finish,the storyline uh this is kinda,unnecessary anyway but maybe its,leading to something and lets be fair,right here nobody wants to see Alexa,versus Bianca both baby faces who gives,a [ __ ] so at least its a bit more,personal it was time for the ladder,match winner gets all the money The Miz,vs Dexter Loomis the match itself is,actually better than expected Ive seen,a lot of people having low expectations,on Twitter basically roasting the match,before it even happened because its,apparently just The Miz people forgot,how many good ladder matches The Miz,actually had hes not that bad,surprisingly though Dexter Loomis,actually took a lot of damage during,this match and obviously he was about to,win because his Dexter Loomis Babyface,you get the idea but we see Bronson Reed,who helped them is when this match and,it seems like it was all a plan maybe,The Miz is paying Bronson Reed right now,uh this is an alliance basically Im not,super excited nothing against the dude,like Ive said I havent seen a single,match I dont think so but I get the,idea big dude strong,I get the idea right and allying him,with the mess is actually a great idea,then we saw AJ Styles versus Sami Zayn I,believe weve seen this match lik

Mark Kermode reviews Raw

what else now lets do raw which is the,feature debut from right director Julie,the corner who its a French Belgian,co-production and I think its a really,terrific movie a movie which manages to,take it into a tail of an identity,crisis and somehow blend it with,Cronenberg Ians body horror and humor,and heartbreaks of the story is a young,woman played by Garth Maria arrives at a,Veterinary College she is a vegetarian,and we see her at the very beginning of,this shes in a roadside cafe she served,mashed potato which has some sausage in,it which she immediately spits out the,parents say whoo I had terrible you know,you couldve had an allergic reaction,she then arrives at the college where,there is the most intense hazing rituals,you know the initiation rituals you are,rookies therefore you have to go you,know crawl and all fours you have to,dress her Gators you know be subjected,humiliation all manner of humiliation,one of which is its forced to eat a raw,rabbit liver which she refuses to do but,her sister has already been there,parents went the same colleges just do,it just get through it suddenly,something happens to her and she starts,to discover that she has appetites that,were previously completely hidden and I,dont want to say too much about the,film because in a way the discovery,about what those appetites are is part,of the joy of it but you will know if,youve seen anything about it that its,a film has the best way of expressing,this its a film that owes a debt to on,the one hand cleared in these trouble,every day on the other hand the Mexican,movie we are what we are it is a film,about sins of the flesh but more,importantly what it is its a film about,a desire to fit in I think its a really,really smart movie there were stories,when it first started playing about,people freaking out and the audiences,people just being I mean you know any,film that even vaguely addresses you,know ideas of you know cannibalism and,ideas of fleshiness and I did you know,anything that deals with that,immediately people get the engine when,the when the film first played in,festival there were stories of people,painting people you know literally not,being able to make it to the film which,is weird because it does the film with,the service yes there are extreme,sentiment moments in it yes there are,things that are very very sort of,provocative but whats more important is,the way in which its like a kind of,its its a fairy tale telling of a,story about somebody who wants to fit in,who disc,that they dont fit in and as they,discovered that they wonder about what,the world then looks like its a film,which for all its moments of you know,gasp it also has its very funny,its very satirical as a piece of cinema,I think I mean its its its a very you,talking about just a minute go is its,cinematic this incredibly boldly,cinematic from the opening still shot,which is very sort of haunting and very,change to the sequences in which were,led in single shot through these student,raised in this world which seems,terribly oppressive and terribly,aggressive and in the center of it is,our heroine whose body and mind are,changing as the world around sort of,starts to change her and it becomes on,the one hand a coming-of-age story on,the other hand like a modern retelling,of an ancient tragedy on the you know on,some levels its almost like a like a,modern-day Grimms fairy tale told from,within the confines of the gingerbread,house terrific use of music or really,really sort of well-chosen use of pop,music that reminded me for example of,well I film like you know girl walks,home alone at night the Anna Lily a mere,porn movie in which you can tell thats,directed by somebody who lives and,breathes music and really really great,performances and a film which just knows,exactly how far it can push a certain,thing thats an interesting thing about,Julie the Cornells at the age of six,she saw um Texas Chainsaw the tobe,Hebrew on television by mistake and,because it appeared she was at a dinner,party and her parents put her in a room,and it was on television she saw some of,it and shes always been interested in,horror films but its not in the case of,raw what it is is its its made by,somebody who absolutely understands the,iconography of that stuff but also,understand that what theyre doing is,something beyond that is something which,which is melancholy and something which,is humorous and something which is,heartbreaking and something which is,fundamentally raw

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