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How to Write an Article Review | Example, Format, Dos and Donts [UPDATED] | EssayPro

Read a thousand books, and your words will flow like a river.,Easier said than done, right?,Did you know that every year thousands of students like you write millions of words,for their school assignments?,Millions.,Think about that fact.,Words cascade onto the paper and then sail on to the teachers desk.,Problem is that the river soon dries up for many, because a lot of that work is simply not,good.,But we can help you get better, and make your own words dance and flow smoothly on to the,paper.,Hi guys, this is Mark from Essaypro, and today were going to teach you how to write the,perfect article review.,Our experts at EssayPro wrote this guide to help you understand what an article review,is, how to approach the task of writing one, and more importantly, well give you plenty,of tips to get the job done like a pro.,But before we get down to it, remember that we publish content every week, so dont forget,to subscribe to our channel, and click that bell button so you never miss a thing.,Check out our social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok,So todays topic is how to write the perfect article review, and as with many things in,life, the key here is to understand what an article review is, and what your objectives,should be when you write it.,What is an article review?,The answer is quite simple.,Its there hiding in plain sight.,An article review is a piece of personalized writing where you take someone elses text,usually an expert on the subject, understand it, summarize it, and then write, in your,words, your opinion about the relevance and impact of that text on its chosen field or,subject, and why.,This is a review, remember.,Your opinion matters as much as the writers.,You are reviewing their work, not the other way around.,Now, while theres no standard format to write an article review, we at Essaypro strongly,recommend that you figure out a structure for your piece.,Framing your writing into well-defined sections will enable you to maintain a coherent flow,of information, and make your life a lot easier.,Trust us, weve been doing this for over two decades.,We know what were talking about.,Follow these key points to create a perfectly structured article review:,Understand Summarize,Outline Write,Profread,Understanding the article,There are millions of articles written every day, just about every possible topic you can,think of.,Your teacher will give the class a few articles to review every semester.,Now, the articles topic is irrelevant, because the techniques and skills you need to use,are the same whether the piece is on popular psychology, a historical fact, or how to grow,vegetables in your back garden.,But often, you will have a choice of which article to review.,Rule number 1: Always pick a topic that you like and enjoy.,Why?,You will understand it better because you want to understand it, and its likely that,you already have a certain degree of knowledge on the subject matter.,Pick a topic that excites your imagination.,Otherwise, you will have a hard time writing, and the river will quickly become a trickle,and dry out.,Always pick a topic of interest to you.,A good way to get a proper understanding of what the article is about is looking at the,Abstract.,Rule Number 2. Look at the articles Abstract.,If the Abstract is properly written, it will give you a good, overall understanding of,what the article is about, so your review will start on a sound footing.,You should not waste time by reading through the entire article at this point yet, because,you will likely miss out on its main points, and dont even think about starting to write,yet.,Here are a few DOs and DONTs of the Understanding stage,DO pick a topic thats of interest to you.,DO look at the articles Abstract.,DONT waste time by reading through the entire article yet.,DONT start writing without a thorough understanding of what the article is about.,Summarizing the article,Now that you have a basic understanding of the topic being discussed, you might want,to pause for a moment and look at the article text properly.,All the main points are there, somewhere.,Remember those word search games you played as a child, where you had to find the words,hidden among hundreds of letters?,Summarizing an article is similar to that.,The author weaved his or her opinion through the text, and its your job to find it.,At this point, its a good idea to read through the text and extract the main points of the,piece.,Some people use color markers to highlight these points through the text.,Others have a more photographic memory, or perhaps write the articles main points on,a separate piece of paper.,Whichever technique you use, always make sure that the main points and any supporting facts,stand out to you.,You will need this information later.,You may spot words, concepts, or ideas that youre unfamiliar with.,Its a good idea to research these points, to ensure you grasp the ideas.,Once you have your main points, and any facts that support these arguments, read through,the article a second time.,The main points should stand out now.,A second, even third close reading will reinforce this knowledge.,Your brain will connect the dots, and a clear outline of the reviews structure is likely,to become apparent.,Remember, structured writing is good writing.,Heres a few DOs and DONTs of the Summarizing stage,DO read through the text and extract the main points expressed by the author.,DO figure out a structure for your review.,DO look up any ideas or concepts that you are uncertain about.,DONT rush into writing without proper structure.,Outline,Writing tends to be a very personal experience, and creating an article review is no different.,This is your interpretation of the authors views.,You probably have your own opinions and thoughts on the subject being discussed, and you need,to use these to make your own points in the upcoming review.,But for now, write a short paragraph or two about the main points of the article, and,whatever facts were used to support them.,Now remember, this is just an outline of the main arguments laid out in the article.,The outline should not include your own views or opinions.,Also, dont waste time on heavy editing of your text.,There will be time for that later.,The outline will help you decide which parts of the article you wish to focus on when writing,your review.,Its good practice to read through the outline and remove any bits that may be extra, irrelevant,,or simply unnecessary.,A lean outline will be conducive to a lean review.,A few DOs and DONTs of the Write an outline stage,DO write the articles main points.,DO use short paragraphs for your outline.,DO remove unnecessary stuff.,DONT write your own views or opinions yet.,DONT spend time editing the outline.,Write,This is where things get exciting.,The actual process of writing your article review begins here.,But first, lets recap:,By now, you understand what the article is about,,you have summarized the main points, and you have created an outline in your own,words.,With these points in mind, it is time to start writing your review.,Most article reviews follow a set structure.,Always remember the mantra, structured writing is good writing.,Title Citation,Introduction Summary,Critique Closing statement.,Title,Every review begins with a Title.,A good, relevant title is incredibly important to create a positive first impression.,The title should accurately convey what the focus of the review is.,When you see the right title on the paper, or computer screen, things become a lot easier.,Try to keep the title as short and relevant as possible.,Overly long-winded titles will confuse the audience.,Remember,DO write a good, relevant title.,DONT write an overly long title.,Citation,Cite the article being discussed, right after the article, and the author.,Imagine the article is about the usage of narrow-spectrum antibiotics in American hospitals,,by John Smith.,The citation should reflect the Author, the article

How to Write an Article Review l What Is an Article Review l Steps for Writing an Article Review

hai maya your watch and educational had en artikel  review for miles colors for students to analyze  ,and evaluate the work of other experts in een  greenfield outside of the education system experts  ,af en review the work a guy pearce for clarity and  originality and contribution to the disciplinary  ,oké nee want nl wat is een artikel review dat  is het type professional peper riding which de  ,mensen high level of in-depth analysis and well  structured presentation of argument dit is een  ,critical constructieve valuation of literature  in a particular philtre summary classification  ,and allies and comparison artikel review riding  and walls one summarize and classification en  ,alles is kritiek en comparison to the analysis  and valuation and comparison ricquier hysterisch  ,high teas and research relevant to the subject  areas artikel 3 dit is als een woord net dingen  ,voor review this night introduce new information  but instead presenter response to another riders  ,werk voor checkka dat er simpelste gain a better  understanding of how to review the artikel ook  ,een elco in de main topic hier is hadden rider  review peper step one right de titel festival  ,juni te redden tidal de reflex de main focus  on your work respectively de tidal combi heater  ,inter login descriptif of declared a step to  side die artikel next creator proper citation  ,voor de review artikel en inproduct following  the title at de stap de most important thing  ,de keep in mind is de stylus citation specified  by er een structuur in de requirements for the  ,paper voor ik simpel en artikel citation ims  styles shuriken spoorloos anders last in first  ,neem de title of the artikel journal style and if  you publication date pages and when print stap 3  ,artikel identificatie een acteur citation  you need to include the identification of  ,je review article title of the article author  hallo lieve journal hier een publication alle  ,this information should be included in the first  paragraph roger peper step for introduction your  ,organisation in een assignment like this is the  utmost importance de vorm parking on your riding  ,proces use shadow line youre a time interviews en  artikel review template organizer touch kopieer en  ,3 want age ii verandering hadden start en artikel  review begin met een introduction et mentions the  ,artikel in your thesis van de review to follow  up woede samaria de main point city artikel 3  ,highlight de positief aspect syntax presented in  de publication voor kritiek de publication door  ,identifying gaps contradictions disparities  in de tekst en unanswered questions step by  ,summarize die artikel make a summary of the  article by revisiting wat die ander het ritme  ,bout now and i really fun facts in finding  sammy artikel en crew die anders conclusions  ,in de sectie step seks kritiek at present  the strengths and weaknesses die we found  ,in a publication highlight the knowledge of the  author has contributed to the field also write  ,about any caps en door contradictions you we found  in the artikel steps and graphic inclusion in the  ,section revisited critical points of your peace  je finding cindy artikel en je kritiek also write  ,about the accuracy verleden die and relevance  of the results of the artikel review trees and  ,away for work for future research in the field  of study was en jury die artikel highlight the  ,key points wissel help je pinpoint die artikels  mijn argument any evidence met de juiste support  ,argument to why you write your review us  evidence for meer sources to make up point  ,dit is best time using di-rect quotations 3  select quotes and supporting and brands are  ,quickly and use di-rect quotation sparingly take  time to analyze the article are quickly for every  ,time the reference and publication er user di-rect  quotation use apparent artikel citation to avoid  ,accidentally page arising er artikel 5 read your  pc die absoluut finish riding get this will help  ,us by grammar mistakes and to notice and i live  in your organization oké finally the proprio  ,peper properly start met reading het folie en by  checking the following points grammar cumpilation  ,mechanics ander mistakes next identify whether  or not there is any and necessary data in de  ,paper and remove at denk you for watching and  hope you can easily understood and write review  ,article like share and subscribe my channel  voor meer informatieve videos about research

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Research Article vs Review Article

hello guys welcome to our channel today,we are going to talk about the,differences between a research article,and a review article while you are at,the university you may need to write,both research and review article but you,can easily get confused if you are a,beginner,therefore we have made this video to,clear your confusion alright lets begin,what exactly are research and review,article,a research article describes the study,or research performed by the writer,whereas,a review article does not describe the,study performed by the writer instead it,provides an overview of topic by,summarizing previously published,articles,so basically research articles are about,new study that has never been published,and review articles is about previously,published studies and their summaries,how can you differentiate research,article and review articles,a research article has,abstract introduction,methods,results discussion and references,whereas,review articles,do not have this structure,they have abstract body and references,body could have many topics and,subtopics for example if you look at,this research paper it has abstract here,introduction here,methods here,results here,discussion here,and references here,whereas if you look at this review paper,it has abstract here,body here which is divided into many,topics,and you can see references right at the,end,sometimes you can also differentiate a,research paper and a review paper,looking at the topic for example if you,look at this topic,necrotic anteritis in broiler chickens,disease characteristics and prevention,using organic antibiotic alternatives a,comprehensive review you can easily say,that its a review article as it is,labeled as comprehensive review,whereas if you look at this topic,effect of exercise and diet on high,blood pressure it could either be,research article or a review article so,to find out you need to read the article,in research article you can find the,phrases such as we tested we measured or,we investigated,also in the results sections we can find,phrases such as,the study found or the results indicate,whereas in review article you may not,find those phrases typically,the purpose of research article is to,answer research question asked by the,researcher to answer the question,researchers use specific methods to,conduct the study and get the results,whereas the purpose of a review paper is,to find out recent developments in the,topic and find out what and where the,gap,is therefore it is a good idea to do,literature review first to find out the,gap and then do the research and write,research paper,so in general flow of research will be,something like this,[Music],the important differences between a,research and review article is also,methodology in research article authors,have to describe how they did their,study in detail for example if you look,at this paper you can see detail methods,which runs from here to here whereas if,you look at this review article there is,literally no methodology,they only have a few lines where they,have described how they looked for the,paper as shown here,the other difference between research,paper and a review paper is the results,section in research paper the authors,present their own findings in graphs,tables and charts as shown here whereas,in a review paper the authors compile,results and summary from many papers,which is not their own,so you can see phrases such as we found,that in research paper but not in review,paper,usually there is some sort of funding,involved in research paper as you need a,lot of money to conduct study pay the,researchers and publish the article,whereas review paper may not cost that,much except the publication fee,so guys those were some of the,differences between research article and,review article,if you like our videos please do not,forget to subscribe our channel and,share our content,we will see you again in next video,until then watch inspired and keep,inspiring

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How to write an Article Review | the best tips & examples ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

what up guys its glad from essay pro,today we have our second part of the,article writing guide series and well,be discussing some dos and donts as,well as general tips,that will improve the overall quality of,your writing be sure to watch the first,part of our guide to gain a basic,understanding of what the article review,is all about as well as how to create a,comprehensive outline for it,with that being said lets get into our,tips and some dos and donts,tips for success you need to be fast you,should be able to shrink,and grow on a dime tip number one,apply your own knowledge when writing an,article review,you will closely analyze the authors,ideas,the authors work the stronger your,critique will be,assuming all of your arguments are true,of course,at the same time the more positive,aspects clever observations and strong,points you can extract,the higher of an expert you can position,yourself as,now with that being said dont allow,personal bias,to affect your evaluation of the article,do use personal knowledge objectively to,evaluate the authors points,tip number two approach the article,methodologically,when you read the article for the first,time read for the big picture,that is look for the overall argument,then,take a break and revisit the article two,to three more times with,fresh eyes this time use a highlighter,or a pen,to make note of important sections you,can then use these highlighted sections,for your summary,and critique we here at essay pro,recommend that you make an outline of,the writers significant ideas slash,claims,biases and then use your own knowledge,and understanding of the topic,either refute or confirm each point this,will serve as the outline for the entire,article review,dont just highlight every paragraph and,piece of information,do take note of the most important,points and add notes to them,or cross-reference for a potential,rebuttal later,tip number three summarize the article,in your own words,after reading the article multiple times,it is highly recommended,that you draft a synopsis of what you,have read including any key takeaways,the goal here is to put the article in,your own words so as to test your own,understanding,doing so will make completing the,summary and critique in your actual,review,a lot faster and easier now with that,being said,dont just paraphrase the entire article,in your own words,do list out the main points claims and,ideas that you can use for your critique,now when writing the introduction dont,make statements in first person,do give an overall impression of the,article in third person within a formal,academic style,[Music],remember that the article review is a,piece set out to evaluate an article,objectively you never want to use first,person as this can make the reader,assume bias,from your point of view lastly when,writing the critique,the goal is to express your objective,opinion on the clarity,validity and value of the article,in the end you should decide whether or,not you agree with the author and,provide insightful reasons as to why,or why not and with that being said,dont aimlessly agree or disagree with,the authors points without providing,additional information,do tie your grievances and praise,together into a coherent argument that,adds on to the points,made by the author to conclude you want,to ensure that your article review is,free of any bias,and be sure to point any bias or false,information that could discredit the,author,remember the goal is to be as objective,as possible,and all points should either be,supported or refuted with the help of,statistical evidence,or fact remember that any arguments made,without,outside sources hold little to no merit,and with that we have come to the end of,our article review writing guide,done now lets see how it looks so far,if you did enjoy this video be sure to,like share,subscribe and hit the notification bell,so you wont miss any of our new content,coming soon dont forget that our,experts,at sa pro can help you complete your,article review leaving you stress free,happy and with a great end product just,be sure to use promo code youtube,at the end for 20 off your first order,all right guys thanks for watching and,ill catch yall later,want better writing use sa pro

Overview of Review Articles

hi Tara shiny fell for UAB School of,Medicine review articles in an efficient,way to summarize multiple studies on a,given topic in this video Im going to,subscribe the two types of review,articles that exist narrative and,systematic reviews and compare and,contrast between them so why do we need,review articles well what review,articles do is summarize several studies,into one publication and as such an,efficient way to keep up the literature,on a given topic also often when,multiple studies are done on a given,topic theres often disparate results,and by doing a review article can often,pull those results together to give an,overall estimate of effect and then,finally often treatment effects are too,small and individual studies but by,combining multiple studies together we,can increase the statistical power to,see a difference if one truly exists now,there two types of review articles,narrative and systematic reviews but one,key thing to remember is that all,reviews are retrospective observational,studies theres no new data created here,were just looking at studies that have,already been done and combining them,together in a review and as such theyre,prone to bias and random error just like,every other observational study and,every other retrospective type of study,lets look at each of the individual,review types first well start with,narrative reviews so the way you know,something is a narrative review is it,has no methods section so narrative,reviews dont have any explicit,description of how they did the review,and theyre often biased unfortunately,and one of the reasons is that theyre,often done by experts in the field and,the literature search is often limited,to the few articles that they need to,support their point of view so theres,often a small number of the whole body,of articles that have been published in,a given area that are used in a,narrative review but the good thing,about narrative reviews is theyre very,good for broad overviews of a disease or,condition theyre much like a medical,textbook chapter you get a little,information on etiology on how it,presents general information on,diagnosis and treatment so you can get a,very good broad overview a 30,000 foot,view of a topic using a narrative review,this,example of a narrative review published,in the New England Journal of Medicine,on the use of diuretics and patients,with hypertension you can see when we,look at these couple of pages that I put,here is theres no method section but it,gives a nice overview of diuretics now,systematic review on the other hand,attempts to collate all the evidence,using very explicit pre-specified,eligibility criteria first study to get,into the review and importantly it tries,to answer a very specific research,question in contrast to a narrative,review which gives that broad overview,an assist America view has very explicit,methodology thats used to locate the,studies critique them and combine them,now a systematic review sometimes can,include a meta-analysis and all a,meta-analysis is there statistical,techniques that summarize the individual,data from the studies into an overall,estimate of effect now the key,characteristics of a systematic review,or that theres a very clearly stated,set of objectives with very explicit and,reproducible methodology they do a very,systematic search to identify all the,information thats available whether,its published or unpublished they look,for it all to try to put it into this,review they assess the validity of each,of the included studies so we need to,know how good studies are that are,included in the review and then finally,they use a very systematic method to,present and synthesize the information,for the review now this is an example of,a systematic review on a similar topic,to that review I showed earlier that was,a narrative review and one of the things,you can see up here is that they have,very explicit and specific questions,that theyre going to try to answer with,the review and then as this review goes,on there is a method section which will,outline how the authors went about,finding information and studies to,include in this systematic review how,they put it all together etc so very,different from a narrative review,answers a very specific question whereas,narrative reviews look at very broad,overviews of a question I hope this,video has helped you differentiate,systematic reviews from narrative,reviews remember if you have any,you can contact me through the course,website but through the contact me,section of my blog have a great day

How To Write An Article Review (Definition, Types, Formatting) | EssayPro

hey before we get started this is,disclaimer the video will be boring Im,not trying to get you hooked into,watching the whole thing this really is,a boring topic but were trying to add,tons of gifts and video clips so you,dont fall asleep whats up everyone,its James with si Pro and today were,going to talk about article reviews and,how to write them first lets go over,what an article review is the critical,constructive evaluation of literature in,a particular field through summary,classification analysis and comparison,if its a scientific review article it,uses database searches to portray the,research simply put an article review is,a type of professional custom writing it,demands high standards of writing and an,in-depth presentation of an argument,your main goal is to review the topic,summarize everything and present a clear,understanding of the topic writing,involved summarization classification,analysis boutiques and comparison,[Applause],the analysis evaluation and comparison,requires you to use theories ideas and,research relevant to the subject of the,area its also worth noting that a,review does not introduce new,information rather presents a response,to another writers work lets go over,some of the types of articles you might,review much like all other reviews a,journal article review will evaluate the,strengths and weaknesses of an article,and your writing you must provide the,reader with an analysis and,interpretation that demonstrates the,articles value a research article review,differs from a journal article review by,the way that it evaluates the research,methods used and holds that information,into retrospect to analyze and critique,scientific articles review involves,anything in the realm of science often,scientific articles include more,information on the background that you,can use to analyze the article in a more,comprehensive way now that way you know,what types of articles will come across,lets break down the process of how to,format one for ourselves,[Applause],[Music],all right so the format of your paper,should always adhere to the citation,style required by your professor,if youre not sure ask your professor,for clarification on the preferred,format and ask them to clarify several,other pointers to adequately complete,the formatting of an article review,though I see how many articles should,you review what format should use to,cite your articles what length should,you review B and do you need to,emphasize a straight specific theme or,central idea within the article does,your instructor wants you to include any,background information when you know the,answers to these questions you may start,writing your literary review organizing,an assignment like this is extremely,important you wouldnt want to try and,pull an all-nighter before turning in an,assignment like this before starting,your writing process you should outline,your assignment or use an article review,template to organize your thoughts in a,more coherent way an outline template,could really help you by allowing you to,start with an introduction that mentions,the article and a thesis for the review,[Applause],follow a summary of the main points of,your article highlight the positive,points and facts to presented in the,article and make critiques to the,article their identification of gap,contradictions asperities in the text,and unanswered questions as you progress,with reading your article organize your,thoughts into a coherent sections within,your outline as you read jot down,important facts contributions or,contradiction identify shortcomings and,strengths of your article get to map out,your outline accordingly if your,professor does not want a summary,section or personal critique section,then you can alleviate those from your,writing thank God much more like,assignments an article review must,contain an introduction a body and a,conclusion you might consider dividing,the outline according to these sections,and as well as subheading within the,body if you find yourself having trouble,with the prewriting and brainstorming,process for this assignment check out a,sample article review outline,[Music],[Applause],your article must contain these parts,the Prix title page this is where you,want to list the type of article that,youre reviewing the title of the,article all the authors who contributed,to the article authors affiliations,position Department Institute city state,country ID it goes on and on optional,corresponding author details,name address phone and more and more the,running head this is the only an APA,format its the title of your paper,shortened to less than 40 characters,summary page this can be optional,depending on your instructor science the,summary should be a maximum of eight,hundred words long you simple and,non-technical language do not repeat,text verbatim or give references in this,section relevant background explain why,the work was done summarize the results,and explain the method and the last,piece of the puzzle before we can get,into the writing is a title page which,will contain your title obviously OSHA,various sections of your article review,will include an introduction the body,include headings and subheadings a work,cited or references page possibly,followed by tables and figures,if instructed by the professor,[Applause],make a summary of the article by,revisiting what the author has written,about no relevant facts and findings of,the article include the authors,conclusion in this section present the,strengths and weaknesses that you have,found in the article in addition,highlight the knowledge that the author,has contributed in the food field also,write about the gaps and contradictions,in the article take a standpoint of,either supporting or not with the,authors assertions but support your,argument with facts the relevant,theories that are pertinent to the area,of the knowledge rubrics and templates,can also be used to evaluate and grade,the person reviewing the article in this,section revisit your key points of your,piece your findings in the article and,your critique also write about the,accuracy validity and relevance and the,results of the article review give the,way forward for the future research and,the field of study before submitting,your article keep these pointers in mind,select quotes and supporting evidence,adequately and use direct quotations,sparingly took a lot of time to analyze,your article every time you reference an,article or use a direct quotation use a,parenthetical citation to avoid,accidentally plagiarizing your article,reread your piece a day after you finish,writing it this will help you spot,grammar mistakes and see any flaws in,the organization you arent having to,make a ton of revisions due to the small,errors alright everybody I really hope,you might have enjoyed this watching,this video like always dont forget to,Like share subscribe and remember to,watch our other videos for tips to,improve your writing alright thats all,the time I have left Ill catch you here,next time

What is a Review Article? How to write a Review Article? Purpose and Importance of Review Article?

hello friends,welcome back to the research,world,in this video tutorial we will be,discussing,the what is a review article,we will be uh studying the definition of,review article,the purpose,and the example,of the review article,so lets begin,first of all what is a review article,a review article also called a,literature review is a summary of the,previously published research on a topic,that is,whenever a researcher is going to,summarize a number of the research,articles into a single review paper that,will be known as the review article,in a research study in a research paper,we generally study,the introduction section,uh the introduction section is followed,by the literature review,then the research methodology,then we,do the sort of the data analysis,then we point the results and that,and in the end we conclude our research,study,that is in writing our reading a,research paper we generally go through,these sections,now,this is a research paper,this is someone elses research,published work this is another research,paper so whenever,we summarize these research papers,we summarize,what has been already done in the,published research work,into a single paper,that will be called as a review article,that is a lot of,a lot number of the papers has already,been,conducted are published in a particular,discipline and when a researcher,summarized the previously published work,into a single paper that will be known,as a review article,so,simply when a number of researcher,articles are summarized into a single,paper it is called as a review article,a review article or a review paper is,based on the other published articles,and it does not report the original,research because the researcher does not,collect the data,he does not perform any sort of the,tests he does not interpret the data but,simply he collects the previously,published articles and then,summarize those uh already published,research into a single paper that is a,review paper,so the point is what is the purpose of,writing a review paper a review article,the overall purpose of a review article,should be to provide a valuable a solid,informative critical summary of a,well-defined topic or area,as well as to,provide the valuable a scientific,literature as they summarize the,findings of the existing literature,so this is one of the most important,point that is readers can form an idea,about the existing knowledge on a topic,without having to read all the published,work in the field that is,the new researchers are not required to,study all the previously published,research work,rather if they are able or manage,to find out some review article in a,particular field they will get to know,what is the status of the existing,knowledge,and what should be done in the future,so let me show you some practical,example of the review article that how,you can,this is a example of a review article,you can google it as well that is the,energy use in the life cycle of a,conventional and the low energy,buildings and it is clearly mentioned,over here uh that is a review article,now in the abstract portion as you can,see over here that is a total of,60 cases and from the nine countries,that is uh these two,uh authors have collected the research,work from the nine countries and a total,of the 60 cases were summarized into,this single paper and,the summary of this all 60 cases from,the nine countries has been incorporated,into this single paper so this is the,example of what this is the example of a,review article at a review paper uh let,me show you some another example uh this,is the uh,uh the medical review article state of,the science and in the abstract you can,see that there were 50 reviews published,uh during the june 1985 to the june 1986,in the four magical matter uh medical,journals so uh the,author over here has summarized uh those,reviews published in the 1955 to the,1986 in added to,uh a certain the existing knowledge on a,particular,state of the science and what should be,done in the future by the,new researchers so hopefully this video,will help you in understanding the,concept of the review paper,stay tuned for the,upcoming videos

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