1. ASUS ROG Flow Z13 review
  2. Finally, a useful dual-screen laptop
  3. What Sony’s $200 PS5 controller feels (and sounds) like
  4. Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime review
  5. Asus’ new laptop has a touchscreen trackpad
  6. The Verges $2000 PC Build Reaction Supercut
  7. Asus ZenBook 13 hands-on: a big leap to small bezels

ASUS ROG Flow Z13 review

a magnetic keyboard a kickstand and,small bezels it sounds like im,describing a microsoft surface pro but,its actually a new gaming tablet from,asus called the flow z13 and im pumped,to tell you all about it the key,difference aside from its bold design is,that it has considerably more power with,the near top of the line intel core i9,processor and nvidias rtx 3050 ti,graphics card,its built for gaming so i could start,playing elden ring on it if i wanted to,i think ill do that right now,but because of its two-in-one design i,can relax on the couch of the movie,i can also do some work on it if i want,to,sure those things can be done with any,gaming laptop but the flow z13 makes it,easier and more comfortable to do than,say a bigger laptop its as cool as it,sounds to be able to play my favorite,games wherever i want to unencumbered by,a hefty laptop i can put it on a small,table with some accessories attached or,to attach the keyboard and play on my,lap the z13 weighs about two and a half,pounds so its easy to carry or slide,into a bag and its 100 watt usbc power,brick is no bigger or heavier than the,one that comes with other small 13-inch,laptops the model that im testing costs,18.99 for the tablet and keyboard,together a cheaper 1499 version that,cuts the cost by ditching nvidias gpu,will be available later this year heres,whats inside of this 12 millimeter,thick tablet intels core i9 processor,and an nvidia rtx 3050 ti graphics chip,it has one terabyte of storage and 16,gigabytes of ddr5 memory clocked at 5200,megahertz,its just kind of mind-blowing that all,of this is in here and it has just,enough ports to connect headphones and a,couple of accessories with its usb a,port thunderbolt 4 port usb c port and,its micro sd card slot its 13.4 inch,1080p touchscreen has a 16 by 10 aspect,ratio so in landscape mode itll look,taller than some laptops and tablets out,there thats generally great for,browsing the web as it gives you more,vertical space for content but not every,game supports this aspect ratio at worst,a few of your games may run with little,black bars at the top and bottom which,can be annoying plus most tv shows and,some movies were made to display on 16×9,aspect ratio screens so get used to,seeing those black bars on the z13 its,easy to be shocked by that 1899 price,especially since those specs are what,you get in a mid-range gaming laptop but,if you were stunned by that sticker you,should sit down because it can get a lot,pricier than that theres also a 3300,bundle that includes a z13 with a 4k,screen along with a mobile version of,nvidias rtx 3080 packed inside of this,little external graphics card enclosure,its called the xg mobile and it,connects with a cable that asus says,delivers graphics via 8 pcie lanes for,the fastest possible performance and not,only does it inject your games with,better graphics it has multiple usb,ports an ethernet jack video inputs and,an sd card slot if you want this egpu a,la carte it will cost you 1500,asus also has an amd version with the,radeon 6850m xt for 100 less and just to,say it up front i dont think most,people who are interested in the flow,z13 should get the xg mobile its not,because it doesnt do its job far from,it its simply because it balloons the,cost well beyond what a comparably,powerful gaming laptop should cost lets,focus first on what its like to use the,z13 on its own it cant perform gaming,miracles by itself but its still a,really impressive gadget im usually,reluctant to praise companies for,cramming glitzy leds into products but,come on this looks awesome asus should,be showing off a little here and most,impressively it feels like a laptop,while i use it what i mean by that is,well a couple things it comes with,windows 11 plus the z13s keyboard is,fantastic,these keys offer a surprising amount of,travel despite being fitted into a,surface pro type cover look like,the layout retains almost all of the,same keys youd find on something like,this at first g14 but with some small,changes and of course the keys are,backlit,one major difference here compared to,most modern laptops is that this,trackpad is teeny tiny but no,self-respecting gamer should play,without a mouse anyway,okay lets talk about gaming the,discrete rtx 3050 ti graphics chip,inside of this tablet has 4 gigabytes of,video memory and has 40 watts of total,graphics power which is simply how much,power the gpu can draw a higher number,almost always indicates higher,performance and most gaming laptops send,80 watts or more to their gpus so this,is a relatively low power chip which is,forgivable for a slim tablet the z13 is,really good at running games that arent,the most graphically demanding in other,words its a great machine for playing a,lot of indie games like death store and,inscription those play perfectly usually,over 60 frames per second there are,countless games that should run really,well on the z13 but playing big aaa,games with high-end graphics like,cyberpunk 2077 and eldon ring is not the,z13 specialty but that doesnt mean its,not possible cyberpunk runs best at,medium settings hovering between 25 and,30 frames per second while running off,the battery depending on the scene while,plugged in with its turbo performance,mode enabled it got a more stable 35 to,40 frames per second and bumping details,up to high only slightly worse than the,performance thats not bad especially,considering this tablet is running,cyberpunk which is not a sentence i,thought id ever say but the fidelity is,a little lower and slower than id,prefer to play this game on playing,elden ring delivered similar results but,im hopeful that performance will,improve here when the developer releases,some more patches its currently not,running great on most hardware period,while running on battery elden ring on,the z13 hung it around 25 frames per,second at medium settings then jump to a,bumpy average of 40 or more frames per,second while plugged in again i wouldnt,want to put all of my precious runes on,the line with his choppy performance,as far as how long you can expect the,battery to last during a gaming session,well it depends on the game running,through a half hour of testing with,cyberpunk and eldon ring pushed the z13,really hard and it had just about a,third of its battery left afterward but,with less demand in games youll get a,little more longevity well have more,complete battery testing in our full,review up on the site depending on the,games you like to play the z13 may feel,like a brilliant product designed just,for you,oriole hit its performance ceiling,immediately incurs its existence but,either way one thing is for sure and im,gonna say this a lot its a costly,tablet that doesnt deliver the same,kind of performance you get from a,similarly priced gaming laptop but what,happens when you plug in that xg mobile,external gpu well you get extremely good,performance,in cyberpunk 2077 i was getting above 60,frames per second on ultra settings with,the full suite of ray tracing settings,and dlss switched on,it was the same story for elden ring and,everything else that i ran with the xg,mobile connected everything ran at or,above 60 frames per second on the,highest settings,the delta between what the internal rtx,3050 ti and the rtx 3080 and the egpu,can deliver is evidently pretty enormous,but of course the xg mobile dock is fast,youd hope so right though performance,will likely be less impressive if you,pair the xg mobile with the z13 that has,the 4k display compared to the 1080p,version that ive been testing,buying the xg mobile add-on is a,tempting proposition for more reasons,than just faster gaming performance in,the case of connectivity and power it,helps the z13 reach well beyond its,means but it also flies in the face of,the flow z13s core concept to make your,gaming more portable,just because you can post up at the cafe,with the tablet and the clunky egpu,doesnt mean you should youll have its,awkward cable management on full dis

Finally, a useful dual-screen laptop

two thousand dollars twelfth gen core i7,rtx 3050 ti,the asus zenbook pro duo 14 is a premium,package with premium specs but lets be,honest you dont care about that boring,stuff you care about this little guy,right here the screen pad the 12.7 inch,120 hertz touch screen here on the,keyboard the tiny external monitor,thats built right into the chassis it,looks very cool but what do you actually,do with it,in the past the answer has been not that,much asus has been trying this sort of,thing for a number of years and it,hasnt gone great theres been a,14-incher a 15-incher even a giant,gaming rig and in reviewing those models,i always had trouble figuring out,exactly what to do with that second,screen on these past models that screen,pad has been tiny its been low,resolution its been dim its been full,of glitches and resizing issues and,worst of all its been fairly flat to,the ground meaning i couldnt really see,much of what was there without creating,my neck to look for as long as ive been,reviewing zen book duos the screen pad,has been a place to dump twitter and,facebook and whatever other distractions,i didnt want to look at,but asus has done this zenbook pro duo,differently in a few ways,so this years screen pad is very bright,it has a higher refresh rate and more,importantly asus has raised the screen,pad 12 degrees above the keyboard deck,and for the first time since i started,reviewing dual screen devices i can,actually see the stuff thats on it i,can see every detail of pictures and,read every word of articles and i dont,need to lean over at all this has,changed the game ive actually been,using the screen pad ive been using it,in a variety of different ways and to,show you how useful i found the second,screen i figured id take you through,the typical day of a dual screen laptop,user,so the first thing i do when i sign on,at 9am is take a few minutes to chat,with my colleagues check my emails and,get up to speed with the news of the,previous day so i put slack on the,screen pad and split the top screen,between emails and the news slack,doesnt quite fit on the screen pad and,it looked a bit weird when i expanded it,but hey i could read my messages and,thats the most important thing,i could easily view all three things at,once from my office chair things were,starting to feel a bit quiet so i opened,up spotify and stuck that on the bottom,screen with slack so it was out of the,way the screen pad was perfect for,scrolling through playlists and skipping,through tracks while i sipped my morning,coffee as the morning dragged on i got,bored of sitting at my desk so i took,the zen book over the couch and this,turned out to be a huge mistake,the location of the keyboard at the,front of the device means theres,nowhere to put your hands and on a desk,thats not a huge problem you can just,push the laptop further away but on the,couch you are going to be typing with,your hands tucked up against your chest,like a t-rex,so i ended up just ditching the keyboard,and touch pad and just using the stylus,to navigate everything but thats also,not ideal because the top screen has,some serious screen wobble,now some of you love having your,keyboard in the front this kind of,device would be great for all of you but,if you havent tried a front mounted,keyboard before and you do intend to use,this device on your lap thats something,to keep in mind,anyway back at my desk i had an article,i needed to write referencing a bunch of,in-depth spec sheets which is what you,spend 99 of your time doing if youre a,laptop reviewer like me,so i full screened my google doc on the,top screen and put the spec sheets on,the screen pad i actually kind of prefer,this to an external monitor setup for,this kind of workflow because i didnt,need to alternate between looking at one,interface and looking at the other i,could easily see both windows at once,and dont worry spotify was still on the,side of the screen pad cranking out,tunes without needing to be on the main,screen and potentially distracting me,okay lunch time i usually just scroll,through twitter and emails while i eat,lunch so i wasnt going to need the,second screen with a three finger tap i,could turn on touchpad mode which turns,the screen pad into a massive touchpad,and use that to navigate now this isnt,a great touchpad theres no physical,clicking mechanism and youre also like,reaching over the keyboard which is a,little bit weird but the tap to click,mechanism does work quite well and its,a nice way to take a break from the tiny,little touchpad in the corner of this,device which is just really tiny and i,hate it now touchpad mode did cover up,all the windows i had on the bottom,screen so i wasnt able to see what i,had down there while i navigated this,way,but my spotify stream did keep going and,when i exited touchpad mode which i,could do with another simple three,finger tap they were right there where,id left them,now we happen to have some other members,of the verge team in the office as well,so i brought this thing around and asked,what they thought of it,whoa okay,wow,oh thats cool i feel like a child whos,using a computer for the first time oh,so far nice its a little mushy,um doesnt sound too clicky im,expecting it to like mold to my hand,i do like how seamlessly it just goes,from one screen to the next like i was,expecting it to be a little bit more,hitchy so i could see this being helpful,is this also touchscreen,you can touch everything like i like,that it can do this this is nice like a,ta you do want a tablet that goes out,because it will destroy your wrist if,youre drawing all day on flat this is,actually awesome is this like 120 hertz,you know oh,if i was guarding a museum you know and,i had to have a lot of screens that,would be my best use case,okay so back to my day in the afternoon,i had to do some light editing on a,batch of photos this zenbook has this,neat feature called task groups where,you can save a group of tabs and apps,and open them simultaneously later with,a single click so if you wanted a quick,way to open lightroom at photoshop at,the same time which i did here you can,put them in a task group on the screen,pad and save yourself a click this is,probably my favorite screen pad feature,im a huge fan so to finish off the day,i had a zoom call where i needed to,reference some spreadsheets so i stuck,the zoom call on the bottom screen and,put the spreadsheets on the top screen i,could then pop the screen pad into,touchpad mode without interrupting the,zoom call and use it to scroll through,the data,when we were done with the spreadsheets,i swapped the two screens content to put,the zoom call upstairs and the,spreadsheets downstairs using this handy,little swap button thats right above,the touchpad seriously this button is,the best it is my favorite button ever,this was about when i had to plug the,device into power it generally lasts,around a little over 5 hours with this,workload thats not a super long,lifespan and it is a bummer that this,device may not last everyone an entire,workday but the duo is running two,bright high resolution screens so its a,little more excusable than it would be,on most laptops if youre trying to save,power you can also turn off the screen,pad with this handy button here,seriously this row of buttons is my life,finally work was over and that meant it,was time for some gaming now the rtx,3050 ti isnt designed to play the,latest and greatest games at the highest,frame rates and resolutions but it can,certainly make lighter titles a,possibility including overwatch which,im playing here now youd think a dual,screen device could be a dream machine,for gaming you could run a twitch stream,or have your discord open on the bottom,screen while your game runs on the top,but its not quite that simple when you,click on something on the bottom screen,you actually click out of the game which,means that some titles will just,minimize now you can get around this in,some cases by runni

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What Sony’s $200 PS5 controller feels (and sounds) like

what could Sony possibly do to justify a,200 Gamepad quite a bit the Sony dual,sense Edge lets you easily rip out its,entire joystick modules if they ever,develop drift you can swap out its stick,tops for classic convex domes here are,hair triggers with the flick of the,switch you can remap practically every,button in this controller adjust,vibration strength turn off system Keys,you might hit accidentally rear pedals,let you jump or duck or roll or you name,it without ever needing to take your,thumb off the stick,hold down one of these dedicated,function keys and you can swap between,three programmable profiles you can take,to a friends house or a tournament,where you might also use this clever,USBC locking adapter and included 2.8,meter cable to avoid any Wireless,interference but the best part might be,this as far as I can tell Sony didnt,fix what wasnt broke here,the same size the same shape and it,feels like the original Dual sense only,better thanks to the extra texture on,these triggers and these new rubber,grips underneath,still got the amazing adaptive triggers,that let you feel things like when your,cars tires are losing grip as long as,the new hair triggers arent active,the buttons and d-pads and joysticks all,feel practically identical,that could be the same part in a,different color honestly and yes I,brought my own dual sense from home just,to check in fact its not the only,Gamepad I stepped into my backpack,before driving to PlayStations US,headquarters I took a walk down memory,lane with the Dualshock 4 and Dualshock,3 whipped out the Xbox 360 pad I still,use with my PC and cursed out veren,under my breath for forgetting to bring,his Xbox Elite Series too parent Ill,cut you but I think the best comparisons,are to the Dual Sims where it just feels,better even though I prefer the,originals white buttons in Mad interior,very similar but just a little bit more,deadened on the edge its nice if you,want it to feel precise less nice if you,want to feel very clicky,shoulders are almost identical,triggers,I feel like this ones giving me a,little bit more like plasticky sound to,it but,the fully extended pretty identical,obviously its very different when you,activate,hair trigger,I like this texture a lot dont tell,anyone but I totally think this,Frankenstein set up with the domestic,for movement and the concave are aiming,is totally the way to go and of course,theres the scuff Pro where its owner,Corsair actually worked with Sony to,replicate the Dual sense of shape,Wireless connectivity and even firmware,updates but were just doesnt feel as,nice and isnt this thing Sonys,adaptive triggers and haptic feedback,entirely,and I really dont like the feel of the,face buttons on this scuff compared to,dual sense Edge its got four panels,back here,you can pull in and out as opposed to,the two in the Dual sense Edge but they,do feel very plasticky compared to a,nice big metal ones on the Xbox Elite,and on the Dual sense Edge now,then theres this PDP vivitrix Pro an,awesome pen with five set points for its,triggers stick modules you can rotate,for more of an Xbox feel if you like,plus a six button module for fighting,games but you gotta use a dongle or a,cable because it doesnt natively,connect to the PS5 wirelessly for 200,bucks the Sony would be my pick every,time and yet I like even more if Im,gonna pay half the price of a new,PlayStation for one thing Id like more,battery instead of less Sony tells us,the Edges battery life is moderately,shorter quote unquote than the original,Dual sense for more customization I love,that Sony allows you to pick from a,whole bunch of different stick,sensitivity curves with helpful tips on,which might suit your game but while I,enjoyed switching back and forth between,shotgun and sniper setups with the flick,of a function key and face button I wish,there was a way to set the outside depth,Zone not just the inner one you can,remap single keys but theres no,multi-key macros here and no way to add,gyroscopic aiming to games that dont,natively support it perhaps Ive been,spoiled by my steam deck where I had,gyro aiming and turbo buttons to most,games I play and while its awesome,youll be able to swap out busted analog,sticks for just twenty dollars a pop,even fit an extra one in the slake,bundled case itd be nice if Sony,thought even further ahead what about,using magnetic hall effect sensor,joysticks instead of these potentiometer,ones so they wont succumb to drift I,suppose Sony could sell upgraded stick,modules in the future but the company,wouldnt talk about any additional Parts,in an interview not even additional tops,for the joysticks but for now this is,the ultimate PS5 controller none of its,competition or a dual sense and not all,of them have a direct wireless,connection to your console those things,automatically make the edge of front,runner for anyone with the 200 to spend,thanks for watching you might have,noticed I wasnt on camera very much for,this video long story short Ive got,into a bit of an accident and my jaws,going to take some time to heal hope you,still enjoyed the video see you next,time

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Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime review

well this is Joanna for the verge and,this is Susies eat pad transformer,prime which is one of the most exciting,tablets to hit this holiday season and,thats because its got a brand-new,design but is also the first tablet to,have a quad-core Tegra 3 processor so,the transformer prime actually is a lot,like the original transformer in that it,has an external keyboard dock which,turns it into a laptop of sorts a sous,has done a really nice job redesigning,the entire tablet theyve not only,slimmed it down but theyve also created,sort of a nicer look and feel here the,back now is made out of aluminum and has,a concentric circle pattern just like a,seusss ultrabook on top of that theyve,actually added an eight megapixel camera,to the back it actually takes some of,the best shots Ive seen yet on a tablet,and thats not exactly saying much but,the pictures really do come out quite,clear but my favorite new thing about,the design of the tablet itself is,actually its 10.1 super IPS plus,display not only is it more readable,outdoors but inside the viewing angles,are great and it is really really bright,and crisp but of course the standout,speck of the transformer prime is its,Tegra 3 quad-core processor this is the,first tablet to have this processor,which promises three times the graphics,performance of the Tegra 2 processor,overall Ive found performance to be,pretty snappy youll see that menu,transitions are really fast however,other things like browser performance,doesnt really seem to be all that much,better its with gaming though that the,performance increase can really be seen,there are some new games that have been,optimized for tegra 3 including,shadowgun and glow ball and with those,you can really see new lighting effects,and water effects also Tegra 2 games,look pretty great on the system and when,you out put it to a 1080p TV things look,even better Nvidia and a sous have also,added USB host support to the tablet so,you can actually add a game controller,which is pretty cool still software is,the real issue with the transformer,prime well as sous is promising an,update to ice cream sandwich or android,4.0 before the end of the year its,launching right now with honeycomb and,the biggest problem with honeycomb,continues to be that it isnt all that,polished and there just arent that many,Android tablet apps my complaints about,honeycomb aside the software actually,works really well with the keyboard dock,the keyboard dock you can pick up for an,extra one hundred and fifty dollars and,actually adds a lot of functionality to,the tab,not only is there the keyboard but,theres also a touchpad which supports,multi-touch gestures as well as a USB,port and an SD card slot theres,actually also an internal battery which,adds about 10 hours of battery life when,paired to the unit for six hundred and,fifty dollars for the tablet and the,keyboard dock the transformer prime is a,pretty great piece of hardware you get a,quad-core processor really fast gaming,performance a beautiful 10 inch display,and a great keyboard dock that adds a,totally new dimension to your tablet,that being said the software is still,the major issue for this platform for,those that want the better app,experience and the better software,experience the iPad is the way to go,however the transformer prime definitely,provides something totally unique in a,new package

Asus’ new laptop has a touchscreen trackpad

(rock music),- How many screens does your laptop have?,Because if you have the new Asus ZenBook Pro,,you actually get two.,Thats right, the ZenBook Pro has two screens on it.,Even though its this very traditional,clamshell style laptop.,Now, as you can see, Asus actually,put a full color touchscreen in the track pad.,Its basically a 5.5 inch 1080p smartphone screen,thats turned on its side,and embedded right into the track pad.,Now this isnt the first time weve seen this idea.,But this is the first one,that you can actually go out and buy.,This isnt a concept device or custom built machine.,Asus is actually selling this thing.,And if you really want to, you can buy it.,Now, I say if you really want to,because you really shouldnt buy this laptop.,Its just not a great computer, crazy trackpad screen aside.,The panels are flexible,,its covered in fingerprints in seconds,,the battery life is abysmal.,And even though it has Core i9 processor,,the poor thermal management means,you dont get to take advantage of all that power.,Its basically not something,you want to spend 23 hundred dollars on.,But the trackpad here, now thats interesting.,So lets talk about it.,Now Asus is calling it the ScreenPad.,And it functions as both a standard Windows 10,precision trackpad and a touch screen.,It has a smooth matte finish,and it supports all of the standard multi-finger gestures,youd expect on a modern Windows computer.,You can even turn the screen part off entirely,and use it just like you would any other trackpad.,But if you do use it as a touchscreen,,theres few different things you can do with it.,You can use it to control music playback, as a calculator,,as an app launcher, or even in place of a number pad.,Theres a calendar mode that syncs,with the Windows 10 calendar app,so you can see upcoming appointments.,If youre using an Office app, like Word or Excel,,the ScreenPad will pull up a customized toolbar,that gives you quick access to things like font styling,,layout tools, spreadsheet functions, and more.,My favorite thing that the ScreenPad does,is give me quick controls,when Im watching a YouTube video in Chrome.,I can adjust the volume, toggle captions, go full screen,,and even skip ads right from the trackpad.,Perhaps the craziest thing you can do with this,is extend your main Windows display down to the trackpad.,So its like the worlds smallest,secondary computer display.,Now thats wild,,but I dont know why you would ever do that.,Because the buttons, and labels, and text,are just way too small.,Now you might be wondering,,what happens to your cursor control,when youre using the ScreenPad as a full screen toolbar.,And, it turns out, nothing, actually.,The ScreenPad still lets you move the pointer around,and click, just like a normal trackpad.,Even when its displaying a full screen toolbar.,Now theres some things that dont work all that well here.,But they could be fixed really easy.,Theres apps for controlling both standard music,,thats on your hard drive, and to control Spotify,,which is pretty cool.,But, for some reason, Asus removed all of the standard,media controls for play, pause, and skip,,from the function row of the keyboard.,So to quickly pause music, or skip a track,,you have to either switch to the full Spotify app,,or go down to the ScreenPad, select the app you want,,and then tap to skip, or pause, or play, or whatever.,Its super cumbersome and it feels like it was designed,to force you to use a ScreenPad instead of the,much easier way that exists on, like, every other computer.,And, though tracking is pretty good,,and the multi-fingered gestures work well,,the whole ScreenPad itself is kinda loose and wiggly,when you touch it or click on it.,Which makes the whole thing feel a lot cheaper,than its 23 hundred dollar price tag would imply.,But, aside from those issues,,which I think are all pretty easily fixable,,I actually really like what Asus did,with the ScreenPad here.,Now, it doesnt interfere with the way,you expect a standard trackpad to work.,But it does add convenient shortcuts,,right at your fingertips, whenever you need them.,Now, obviously, theres not a lot you can do with this.,And theres plenty of room for improvement,,and new features, and apps, and integrations,,and things like that.,But the basics are here and theyre done pretty well.,Now, hopefully, next time that Asus tries this idea,,it puts a ScreenPad in a better laptop.,Hey, thanks for watching.,Now this laptop is pretty futuristic.,But whats really futuristic is the whole house we built,for our Home of the Future series.,Go check them out at YouTube.com/TheVerge.

The Verges $2000 PC Build Reaction Supercut

TIPSTER: There is a video that a lot of people been sharing in my Discord.,CHRISTOPHERYEE: I kept getting getting notifications over and over and over to review this thing,before it gets taken down.,eTEKNIX: On September the 13th of this year, “The Verge” published a video on YouTube,WILTSHIRE: This is a notoriously bad video, apparently,I havent watched it yet.,TIPSTER: Apparently it was like a total fucking shit show.,LYLE: “How we build two thousand dorrar gaming PC”,WILTSHIRE: But Ive been told it is extremely bad, and its full of things you just shouldnt do,when building a gaming PC.,eTEKNIX: At first, I admit, I thought it was satire.,”So, a few years ago, TC, our managing editor”,WILTSHIRE: Hi Stefan! You probably shouldnt have included your Twitter handle here,cause I imagine youre just gonna get absolutely flamed from the Internet.,”You can build a gaming desktop for around $1000…,WILTSHIRE: Which is true.,CHRISTOPHERYEE: Uh, yeah,,You can build a gaming desktop for around $1000.,Or $350,Or $250,Or $200,Or $175,Or $150,*inhales* or sometimes even $100,But yeah, sure, $1000,”I wanna go all out, so I spent around two thousand.”,WILTSHIRE: Two thousands a decent chunk of change for a gaming PC.,”So, what do you need to build a desktop? Well, of course, first you need a table.”,”Preferably not metal…”,WILTSHIRE: Hold on, time out. Ti, time out. *laughs*,”So, what do you need to build a desktop? Well, of course, first you need a table.”,TOM5TOM: *laughs*,”…first you need a table.”,LYLE: Oh, you need a table to build a PC? I though you could build it in mid-air!,TACOFIST: You cannot build this on the floor!,So step one, you need a table!,Step two, you better have two hands! And they better have ten digits!,WILTSHIRE: Like, thats just common sense that youre going to needa set a working surface area,to build a computer, thats just…,Why even say that?,”…have an antistatic working surface layered on top of it…”,”…a thermal paste applicator…”,TOM5TOM: What? A thermal paste applicator? What the heck is that?,ALEXEI RIVERA: Does anybody ever actually use a thermal paste applicator?,”…an Allen wrench…”,WILTSHIRE: Why is he recommending an Allen wrench?,CHRISTOPHERYEE: I have never used an Allen wrench to build a computer ever.,And Ive built about 30 computers now?,TACOFIST: Unless he used that Allen wrench to put together the table.,”…some tweezers to tidy up the wires”,WILTSHIRE: Hold on. Did he just say “tweezers”?,Those are zip ties.,LYLE: How in Gods name is my Engrish better than his?,WILTSHIRE: Ooooo….this…,…this is not turning out good already! *chuckles*,”…a Swiss Army knife which hopefully has a Phillips head screwdriver in it”,WILTSHIRE: A Swiss Army knife that hopefully – “hopefully” – has a Phillips head screwdriver in it.,*sigh* NO.,TIPSTER: Wouldnt you make sure that you have the tools necessary before you start the build?,TOM5TOM: This is a sponsored video.,RIVERA: Why does your office with so many dozen PCs and so many dozen “tech employees”,Not. Have. One. Of. THESE?! *brandishes screwdriver*,”…aaaand last but not least, an antistatic bracelet, which is to protect you”,WILTSHIRE: Okay, thats true.,”…and the parts. These are the parts youre gonna need, but more importantly, before we get…”,WILTSHIRE: Hold on.,Thats not an antistatic bracelet at all. Theres no ground wire coming off of it, hes not connected to anything.,That looks like the bracelet Im wearing.,LYLE: What? Its not a wireress wristband, thats a Livestrong braceret!,He not fighting static. He fighting cancer!,WILTSHIRE: Thats not gonna work at all! *chuckles*,Dont – dont listen to this person! This is really bad so far.,”We have a lot of boxes and a lot of PC parts, so its best that you unbox them, isolate the parts that you really need…”,TACOFIST: Wha? Why did he destroy the box?,Dude, you have a knife right there, man!,eTEKNIX: That wasnt so hard, was it?,”…and screw in with confidence, but also dont screw in too hard, otherwise-“,LYLE: “Screw in with confidence”, I rike his style.,TACOFIST: At least he put the posts [motherboard standoffs] in!,He didnt tell – its a tutorial, they didnt tell you to put the posts in, but luckily he already did it and you just have to,figure it out on your own.,”…I chose Asuss Z-370-“,TOM5TOM: AY-sus-ZEE? AYsusZEE? a-SEUSS? AY-suss?,”…for two main reasons. One, it has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, and also it has…”,TOM5TOM: *inhales, sighs*,Dont buy a motherboard just because it has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth.,”…and also, it has support for NVMe SSDs, meaning you can get really…”,eTEKNIX: Okay! I wanna stop it there because why is he installing the motherboard straight into the chassis?,Id install as much as I physically could onto the motherboard first.,So youre talkin the processor, thermal paste, cooler if it will allow it.,Obviously if youre using an AIO its a different story, or custom loop,But if its an air cooler you can bolt that on there.,Um, M.2 drive, so that could be SATA or NVMe,Um, and memory as well.,So, basically try and build as much as you can onto the motherboard so when you do transfer it to the case,its just generally easier.,”[Pay close] attention to the brace that goes at the-“,”The brace” [Tom5Tom repeats this clip],”u u u u u u u u”,”…the brace that goes at the back.”,TOM5TOM: The “BRACE”?,CHRISTOPHERYEE: Oh my God! *laughs*,eTEKNIX: Did he seriously just called [sic] an I/O shield plate a “brace”?,”You always have to make sure that you really hammer it in, because theres no screws”,eTEKNIX: DO NOT hammer it in! Please do not hammer it – why did he say “Hammer it in”?,”Secondly, uh, its pretty fast RAM. Its 2666 megahertz.”,TOM5TOM: *laughs*,WILTSHIRE: Thats not that fast for DDR4 memory. That is very, very slow.,2666 [megahertz] is not that fast.,LYLE: I can run at 3200 megahertz.,WILTSHIRE: That would be classified as “Really Fast” on DDR3, but for DDR4 not so much.,TACOFIST: Okay, I dont know why hes opening all four DIMM slots. He only has two sticks of RAM.,Hes putting this in wrong. Already.,Theres the little notch right there, and there is the hole. You can tell right now this is not lined up.,Hes already putting it in upside down, hes not gonna be able to snap this in.,”…and just lining that up with the logo.”,TACOFIST: Oh, they cut away. They cut away! Because he was putting it in wrong.,”So once you hear that solid clasp and you dont see-“,TOM5TOM: You mean click? Its not a clasp.,TACOFIST: Now hes in Slot 4.,Who edited this?,TOM5TOM: I mean, I tell you Im- Im definitely editing my video down so I dont sound stupid…,”Step three, were going to install-“,WILTSHIRE: Hold on. What is that?,TIPSTER: Hold up!,WILTSHIRE: What is this right here?,TIPSTER: What do you guys see wrong?,LYLE: He install the memory incorrect!,WILTSHIRE: Oh no! He installed the memory wrong!,LYLE: It – they side by side, they shourd be spaced out for the motherboard!,I rook at the manuar, thats the wrong way!,WILTSHIRE: So, RIP dual-channel support on his motherboard if hes going to run his RAM like that.,TACOFIST: Thats only going to read 8 gigs.,Thats not gonna read 16, because one of thems installed incorrectly.,LYLE: Speaking of the memory, I wish I could erase this one.,”…but you can always upgrade this [M.2 drive] and swap it out, and its only held down by one screw and a latch.”,”So, its really simple.”,eTEKNIX: Okay, so he mentions its only held down by a screw and a latch, but then looking at it?,He hasnt actually put the standoff, and it looks like hes screwing the NVMe drive directly onto the motherboard.,So, generally, you get these with your motherboard, which is a tiny little standoff,,and a little screw that just kind of brings up the M.2 drive so that its in line.,Hes screwing it down onto the motherboard like…ugh. *deep breath*,Is his computer even gonna work?,”Now, which [PCI-E] lane you choose depends entirely on what other parts youre gonna put in the system

Asus ZenBook 13 hands-on: a big leap to small bezels

– Hey, Im Vlad with Verge here at IFA 2018,and with me I have the 2017 ZenBook.,And the reason I have it is to show you the difference,to the 2018 ZenBook.,Now these are both 13″ laptops,but as you can tell there is a massive difference in size.,And thats because ASUS has shrunk down,the bezels all around display.,Its taken it down to much less,than a centimeter on all four sides.,Like, I dont need a backpack for this thing.,I can just carry it around with me,and be stylish and stuff.,Its like a book size.,Its impressive is what Im saying.,Its good. Technology moving forward.,(slow electronic keyboard music),- The new ASUS ZenBook also keeps the web cam,at the top of the display where it belongs,and it also has IR cameras so you,can do Windows Hello authentication.,The display is nicer, theyre brighter,than the old generation.,And the laptops are just so much smaller.,You basically lose nothing and gain a ton of goodness.,Okay, I lied.,You do lose something.,You do lose a USB-A port.,You still get USB-A and USB-C,and you can charge with USB-C.,And you no longer have an SD card reader.,It can only read Micro SD.,Aside from the super obvious upgrade and display,,the keyboard is also new and improved.,It now has a backlight and its not the old classic type.,So thats a significant upgrade.,And ASUS is also adding its ErgoLift hinge design,which basically tilts the bottom part,of the laptop just a little bit up,so it makes it easier to type on.,And sinks the display down a little bit.,This really contributes to the whole,sense of this being a bezel-less display.,Again, it has a few milometers of bezels,but you really dont notice them,when youre actually using the thing.,And its really advanced look and feel.,It feels like its super high end and premium,whereas the ZenBook line, the non-pro version,,isnt really ASUS top of the line stuff,which is pretty cool.,You know its a high end feel in a device that is cheaper.,So ASUS is launching the new ZenBook 13, 14, and 15.,And 14″ is actually smaller than its previous 13″.,So thats how big of a leap it has been,between 2017 and 2018.,All of them have Intel 8th gen,core processors inside of them.,And you can get them started at $899 up to $1199.,Thats with a 16×9 10HZ display again across the line.,You can get a touch screen option,and if anything I would really want to upgrade,or anything else its the RAM which,still has the four gigabytes.,Really not sufficient for most people.,Otherwise the standard spec is pretty nice.,You get a much better display,,a better keyboard, a back lit keyboard.,And of course just a much smaller,,more convenient form factor.,Unlike making the laptops any thinner,,which left it small of any benefits,,reducing the bezels reduces,the footprint of the entire machine,,makes it that more convenient, portable,,and easy to move around without needing,to carry a big old technical backpack.,And Im really liking this trend,which mirrors the one we already have with smart phones.,So these are ASUS new laptop upgrades series for 2018.,For more from the show and for other,beautiful, lovely, amazing advanced technology,keep it up to the Verge.

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