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Serpple Review: Simplified Keyword Rank Tracking Software (SERPS Checker)

welcome back to learnwire in this video,were going to be looking at a brand new,software that just hit appsumo called,circle now this is a keyword serp,tracking software and they are,specifically specializing in organic,search rankings on google and they have,some different things in here that,theyre going to be looking at that,maybe a lot of the other,serp tools or keyword serp position,tools do not,keep track of one thing in particular is,the keywords cannibalizat,cannibalization,so it will actually find if thats,happening on your website or not and,alert you it also gives you more control,over notifications on when you want to,be notified by email if somethings,either positive or negative uh going on,with your website or your keywords,many of you know that when you,have a,rank tracking software that it sends you,emails every single day saying that your,keyword went up one position went down,one position and it just it becomes kind,of annoying because really the,fluctuation of a few,um you know up or down positive or,negative um you dont really need to be,notified every day of that,unless you really want to right you can,turn that on,and look at certain keywords that you,want to know every little detail about,but when youre tracking hundreds of,keywords on a website you might not want,to be notified every single day of your,keywords but it does some special things,in here so were going to look at that,um so basically this really is a true,uh search engine ranking keyword ranking,position uh checker or software um for,checking where your,website ranks for different keywords,right and so its going to have all the,stuff right here accurate keyword,ranking data search volume history for,six months typo error find keywords,keyword positions history since the,start cannibalization like i mentioned,able to track multiple websites as,projects automated scheduled reports,instant keyword position finder email,notification for various action on serp,so you get up to five projects or,basically five websites and a total of,250 keywords,and 250 refresh so,250 is divided by the five projects so,its not five times 250,so its not you know over a thousand,keywords you get to check you you get to,um you get to manage 250 total and if,you did have,uh 250 uh divided by and you did want to,manage five sites you could track,50 keywords on each site if you wanted,to or you could track 100 on one website,and then you know spread the other ones,accordingly but you get 250 words thats,actually more than most of the ones that,ive seen on here,ive seen,as low as 100 keyword tracking for this,these types of softwares and ive seen,i believe i have recently did a,review on,sheer seo i really liked that software,and i wanted to just go back over there,just real fast so for 75 you can,track up to 200 keywords with that,software now you come back over to,circle,and theyre going to give you 250,keywords right so youre getting 50 more,keywords of course sheer seo does a lot,more other things on your website as,well but im glad to see that uh circle,is giving more keywords than,a lot of the other tools,so 69 to get started it looks like you,buy one code im not sure if you can,stack or not,but lets go and check this out so,heres their site really,kind of a nice looking website now im,excited to get into the tool because you,can see the graphics right here it looks,like they have some a really really nice,layout and user interface looks really,really awesome were gonna go check this,out in a minute but um their home page,is pretty um is solid but uh a pretty,short home page,their pricing looks like its gonna be,twenty dollars a month so this lifetime,deal is going to save you 20 dollars a,month so if i like to look at it like if,i was paying 20 a month for this,software times 12 months,im going to be spending 240 a year for,this and were going to be able to pick,this up for a one-time fee of 69 so,youre automatically saving money,by just picking up the lifetime deal so,lets go log in and check it out okay,perfect so were logged into the system,were setting up our first rankings and,i put in about 10 keywords to go out and,track and circle is going to work and,going in to see where they all rank i am,going to blur out my site and my,keywords going forward as ive seen that,uh many people,between my youtube channels and ive,shown my websites before im getting,ripped off a little bit where people are,taking my content and actually just,copying it and in some cases theyre,actually copying it onto their website,and outranking me,which uh kind of is a bummer,but and i know that this kind of stuff,happens with websites and all that kind,of stuff um any you can go to any,website and start copying their website,but i dont want to get any more,exposure than i have that i than i need,to right so im gonna actually have to,block out my websites going forward guys,i hope you guys understand but i can,still show you the website and,and im not going to show the keywords,im ranking for but i can show you the,rest of the data so right here we can,say go to dashboard so heres what the,dashboard looks like again im going to,blur out down here,the keywords um but you can see that,there its showing us in the united,states,tracking in the google.com language,english search result 46 mill,46 million,and uh 221 million and so forth right,and then youre going to see over here,youre going to see the rank where,youre currently ranked number one best,is number one of course these numbers,are going to change from day to day or,week to week,you can see right here rank number eight,for that one number 14 for that one,number 19,44 77 and then not ranking right here,i purposely put this uh bottom keyword,in there because its not ranking in the,top 100,in my other tool i wanted to see if it,would maybe,possibly find it in between 100 and 200,i forgot which tool i was reviewing,earlier it might have been,it might have been share seo,but one of the ones i did recently where,they actually track um the top 200. they,actually search the top 200 rankings to,tell you it you know if youre ranked,149 its going to tell you which is,super cool most tools stop at the rank,in the top 100 so they will not tell you,if you rank number 101,so again that is really useful to know,how close you are to ranking in the top,10 pages right,but also,you can see right here so we have the,search volume for these keywords,competition low or high now i dont know,what this competition value is is this,um pay-per-click value,or is this actually their own,organic uh you know algorithm i would,say this is probably going to be,pay-per-click because this is kind of,the kind of,easy data that is retrievable for most,seo tools so i wouldnt really uh,necessarily say that the competition,unless im mistaken the competition um,algorithm is going to be pretty simple,simplistic and basic i wouldnt use this,for keyword research to determine if,youre going to actually create content,and try to rank for a keyword all right,so lets look at the rest of the,dashboard keywords used so im using 7,out of the ten on this free plan daily,refresh,were looking right here i think this is,probably the average of where im um,where im ranking based on your total,keywords and its cert position circle,calculated this score,is a 21 so yeah between all these the,average is basically 21 and you have a,little radar there um score so then you,can look through here um and hover over,this you can see first position we have,one second position zero third four,through ten we have one,11 through 100 we have four,positions and then one not ranked so it,gives you an overview of your keywords,which is super cool imagine having 200,keywords in here for a project,really really good stuff,lets see what else we can do inside,this tool you can scroll down here and,we can see,the serp legends right here,the result has site link result has,twitter twitter pack,you are in ads ads found on top so this,is


whats going on guys we are sitting in,front of every,single item from checkers,i got the worst burger on the low oh you,got the glitzy gladiators,what go to the right any to the left,battle it out,[Music],whats going on everybody welcome to a,heavily requested fast food episode of,fun grows food,were with some friends of ours we got,marco whats up everybody hey b,we got will and it is true that you guys,came all the way from philadelphia,just to have this checkers ah man i came,to see you,this is the reason so and then marco you,just turned the corner just turn the,camera,right on the screen and the reason why,checkers is so special is because it is,mostly,a southern american and east coast fast,food chain thats very famous,and me and david have never had it,before im trying to figure out whats,going on over here,we must have some checkers support,checkers,community supports checkers so if you,guys are excited about this video make,sure you hit that like button click,subscribe and turn on your notifications,checkers lets go three dollars for a,double stack sandwich,i dont know how the dollar menu and you,know those like value deals work out for,these,types of restaurants but its good for,the customers,we just shut down the checkers our order,was so big they gotta shut down for the,next like 30 minutes dude this is a huge,order we ordered everything on the menu,not even once but like maybe twice he,said we made history today i felt proud,after that,i felt accomplished for the first time,in my life everything here you double,checked i saw him double check,yo whats going on guys we are sitting,in front of every single,item from checkers man,that took about 35 minutes they shut the,whole store down they locked the doors,they couldnt take any more orders,um shout out to those two guys working,though you guys did a great job yeah i,cant wait terrible to burger man its,like,waiting too long its like a russian,roulette over here you never know what,youre gonna get you know what i mean,check your surprise thats so good i,love the crispiness of it,its very peppery too telling us the,batter on here is the batter yeah,i like the seasoning man its all about,the cajun fries here man,well then now we all got to go into the,chili we all got to go in on the chili,chili cheese fries,i like the chili here man i like wendys,chili better for me,i like it its not you know its not,windys chili because its not like soup,you know what i mean so its like kind,of chunky,fries i like those way better than the,chili fries,the bacons on point here you know,sometimes you get like that soggy bacon,at fast food places,this ones actually crispy yeah im more,going for loaded,load it all right i like the chili one,more time,take loaded or chili cheese fries what i,dont,loaded loaded fillings with the chili i,think just the plain fry was my favorite,absolutely yeah you got to be on your,extra fatness if you want to get all,this,the regular fries are my favorite at any,fast food chain mcdonalds fries always,hit,but this also hits as well its a,different flavorful i cant stop eating,these maam theyre good,we have every single burger here times,two,i have well just fries in a burger but i,believe what this is a budget one,i believe its a spicy chicken a b,identify it i confirm that its a spicy,chicken because you see the pepper,flakes and its a little more red,oh it looks like i got this fish i got,the double bubble you got the double c,oh this is i got the spicy chicken,sandwich,yeah okay this is the checker burger,look at the chicken burgers right here,two four burgers im starving,i got the worst burger on the low oh i,would say,this tastes like andrew a double decker,public school lunch,the lettuce and the tomatoes are juicy,im jealous of you guys because i heard,the lettuce and tomatoes set it up,checkers tomatoes and onions are,slamming,hows the spicy juice um it was pretty,decent it was a double c,its actually pretty good i wish i had,more sauce though i see a little silver,bit in there i think thats whiting fish,loves whiting fish yeah this one,actually goes heads up with the,mcdonalds fish fillet,maybe you mentioned it so much lets,just get in the wings before we get into,premium burgers take a little break,this is the lemon pepper rub garlic,parmesan medium buffalo,your angry buffalo and your sweet and,smoky bbq,lemon pepper is it better than wing stop,maybe per dollar theyre better than,wingstop i was impressed by the,checkered wings yeah,angry buffalo garlic parmesan,oh wow garlic would you guys say this is,the best one so far,im actually like surprised okay sweet,smoky bbq and then we got the medium,buffalo,medium buffalo dont use medium buffalo,bro let me have a different flavor here,you know its pretty regular to me smoky,bbq,ill say overall you cant go wrong with,any any of these flavors it kind of,depends on like your mood i got a spicy,chicken a primo spicy chicken,i got spicy chicken as well i guess its,a big view for you for what you were,hoping for i was hoping for a big bupr,with bacon in it,well you are constantly constantly,[Music],right but sloppier theres just so much,so much going on look at,all the mayonnaise the beef might be,better at checkers im not going with,the chicken,oh the big beauford i give it a 4.5 out,of five the spicy chicken,i gotta give it a two five out of five,the mother cruncher that guy gave it,three i dont really like the barbecue,with it,i had the spicy chicken 2.5 out of five,i got the big beauford,i give it like a 3.8 i mean annie with,the bacon zilla,four even though i dont like ketchup,but this is good burger roulette,continues,david i feel like you need a hefty one i,need a hefty one come on guys give me,something good,okay i got the bacon oh is that a double,beef,i got me a chicken sandwich with the one,tomato i got the baby buffer i think i,think i think the regular guy,round two i give this like a 1.5 out of,five right now probably yo the single,beauford with extra mayo and ketchup,i think that was the one im not feeling,this barbecue sauce bacon,i dont like it and patty combinations,all right so were going with the,checkered cheeseburger,and the cheddar cheeseburger okay on to,round three,we have our appetizers such as the chili,hot dogs but we also have desserts,that look so scary looking like lizzie,im nervous to eat that all right,do you want to race me right now got the,glitzy gladiators mark go to the right,annie to the left battle it up here,where,there you go we got some fries on it now,that texture that texture uh for me i,know that i was eyeing this,ive been eyeing this i want to really,try the funnel fries all right,im all about the checkered fries im,just curious how these go butterfries,but you went with the chocolate oh wow,dude all right so this is vanilla you,can sell the difference between the,vanilla and the banana one,okay you guys the funnel fries are good,yeah nah theyre tasty,man those funnel fries im actually,going in on these guys i think the fries,here at checkers this is like 25 blue,icees,mixed with vanilla ice cream but we have,chicken nuggets we have mozzarella fries,and then chicken bites mozzarella fries,its really not its not bad at all like,the marinara okay you know what going up,against the monster,fries i got the chicken nuggets right,here hes done im pounding out,bowls done im gonna give the chicken,nuggets a four out of five,chicken bites i actually like them,better than,the jack-in-the-box chicken poppers all,right i dont know about you guys,the winner of the appetizer round for me,was the funnel fries the funnel fries,crispy on the outside chewy on the,inside almost had some,mochi vibe so one of those is watermelon,and one of those is,watermelon strawberry milkshake the,milkshakes were good i just had a,vanilla shake,that was strong overall what was,everybodys like favorite one to two,items my favorite,was the big beauford and the popcorn,chicken i would say the lemon pepper,wings in the frie

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Hanna MAGNESIUM CHECKER Update – Mr. Saltwater Tank – Raw, Uncut, and First Impressions

foreign,Mr saltwater tank coming to your behalf,of saltwateraquarium.com this is Mr,saltwater tank Ruf raw uncut First,Impressions the show where I call it as,I see it but the products that I havent,seen before,and disclaimer this is a second look at,the hand and magnesium Checker why am I,taking a second look at it well the,first round they found out that some of,the reagents that they included with the,first batch of checkers that expired and,were giving people extra high readings,so Hannah admitting the mistake which I,think is cool pulled the checkers and,they said hey if you bought one of the,first gens let us know well send you,the new reagents when theyre out in my,case I went ahead and grabbed a new hand,and magnesium Checker this has a new,reagents already in it now if youre,buying the hand of magnesium Checker,from us here at saltwater aquarium.com,we only sell the new ones and it says,right in the product description so you,know youre getting the new Hana Checker,if you have the old Hannah checker for,magnesium all you got to do is write to,Hannah theres a link at the bottom of,the screen fill out the form and theyll,make sure they get you the right,reagents okay lets jump into this thing,and see whats changed and see if I can,get an accurate reading here we go,this means powdered reagent,okay the old version had two liquid,reagents liquids to me are easier than,powders,but uh this is what were doing now to,make it more accurate okay this is what,Hannah gave us so if you open one of,these up and you have two liquids that,means its the old one the new one with,the more accurate reagent because it has,better shelf life in a powder form its,gonna have a powder and its going to,have a liquid so keep that in mind,all right now Ive already put the,battery in this thing if youre buying,it new its going to have a battery here,you need a quick little Phillips head to,put the batter in there its easy and,something else that Hannahs doing now,that I like you have a quick reference,and you have full reference here as well,so if you want to read all the,instructions,its this one and you want a quick one,its this one now I would recommend,reading the full instructions I went,ahead and did it because theres some,notes in here like you want to use the,black,syringe with black markings and they,want you to use the blue one so Id,recommend reading this and then going,back once youre really familiar with it,then you can use a quick reference,so,turn it on C1 this ones four mils of,reagent a something else that Hannah,wants you to do,if youre not paying attention on in the,photos again thats why I was saying,read the long version they really want,you to use the syringe tips,and they now have O-rings so its a,better fit so dont just use a syringe,you want to use the tip with it,so it says pull up four mils of reagent,a,so you can see this is a new test,because theres the bottle hopefully,that comes off thank goodness sometimes,those things dont come off drives me,crazy,all right four mils of this,pull it up,now keep in mind when you use the tip,youre not going to have full amount of,reagent up in here,notice that its like half full right,there,thats because theres liquid in the tip,Hannah has accounted for that so dont,freak out it says you need four mils but,theres only two up in the syringe,the amount of air thats in here is,equal to whats in the tip so youre,good to go,okay,grab your cuvette,were gonna stick that down in there,blow it out something else hand analysis,in the directions they want to make sure,you have all the reagent out of the tip,so notice theres a little bit of liquid,there,so Im just going to pull some air back,in here push it down make sure thats,totally empty all right thats legit,done that Im going to put the cap on,because I always knock these things over,put the cap on my reagent before I knock,that over,now it says use the blue hash marked,syringe put the tip on and go get five,mils of tank water so Ill do that and,be right back,Ive got five mils of tank water here,oh and if you push too hard you blow off,the cap the the tip like I just did go,slow dont push too hard now I get to,start over,heres my cuvette Im gonna put that,right in the top Im going to hold it,my fingers here and use my other hand to,gently,but firmly press out,all the amount thats in the top,if you have any liquid left in the tip,pull the plunger back and push it out,with the air now we turn it over five,times you dont want to shake just,gently turn it over because you dont,want bubbles,then,something else thats important I like,to make sure these are clean you can,wipe it on your shirt ideally you would,have a lint-free towel but look,your towel your shirt works just fine,Im going to put it in here,press the button and its going to zero,out and Im not going to hold it at an,angle because I want to make sure it,gets the right zero,so let that go through all right now,were at C2,now we get to do everyones favorite,thing,the packets what I like to do is just,flick the top of them you can cut out,that sounds nice I just tear it gently,across the top here,then,open it up,this is for fingernails come in helpful,if you have them,open that up I like to stick it there so,it doesnt fall over because Im good at,knocking things over,then,Ive got this thing you just push the,ends together so you get a nice little,funnel,oh its black thats cool,make sure it all goes in thats came out,a lot easier than that white powder,stuff,put that off to the side,then says turn it over 18 times or about,30 seconds notice Im not shaking it Im,just turning it over,30 seconds or 18 times whatever is,easiest for you to measure,make sure theres no solids at the,bottom of it when youre done,okay I dont see any granules on the,bottom of this,were going to stick it in here,you can either wait three minutes and,then press the button to get a reading,or I like to press and hold a button it,starts to count down timer,then I go to my smart watch and start a,three minute clock,and I let it roll Ill be back in three,minutes and well see the result all,right heres my reading 15 35 Im gonna,go run a reading on my Neptune systems,Trident and Ill run a manual reading,with another test kit and well compare,results,all right I ran my test what are the,results handed magnesium Checker said 15,35 parts per million Neptune systems,Trident which I recently calibrated gave,me a reading of 1486 parts per million,and the manual test that I did with a,nios test kit thats the old color ones,we had to compare colors on a color card,that gave me a reading of 1500. so 1486,1500 1535 thats all within the error,ranges of all those tests so I have,faith in this thing its giving me a,close reading now heres something that,people get been out of shape theyre,like well this told you 1535 and that,said 1486 and that said 1500 therefore,theyre all wrong because if theyre,accurate theyd all give you the same,reading not necessarily remember theres,ranges of accuracy in any test kit for,example this hand and magnesium Checker,says within five percent of the reading,thats about 75 parts per million so,that reading coming out of this 1535,could go down to about 14 60ish up to,above 1600. any test kit is going to,give you an accuracy range now in this,case all those tests fell within the,accuracy range of the hand and magnesium,Checker now one thing that I thought,about as I ran the test the first time I,ran it with magnesium Checker I thought,this seems like a lot of steps but when,I went downstairs and I ran the same,magnesium test with my nios one it was,actually easier to do it on the Hana,magnesium Checker because Im just,measuring things out Im putting it in,it was very quick as opposed to scooping,out liquids adding drops until I saw a,color change so at first I thought there,a lot of steps in this but once I ran it,the second time super simple people I,mean by the time you do it the third,time youre going to have it by memor

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Hanna Calcium checker (Testing the right way)

hello everyone welcome back to e3 brief,Sam be showing you guys exactly on how,you should be using your Hana calcium,checker I guarantee you at least 90% of,you out there using this are using it,wrong youre not using it the right way,youre probably still getting decent,readings Im gonna be showing you guys a,few tricks on to how to get the optimum,performance out of your calcium sugar,because lets face it guys were all,really going for reliability on these,checkers so any times those readings are,off no its not gonna be in the best,interest of us and more importantly of,our oral exam be show you guys a few,tricks that Ive actually been talking,to to Hannah,theyve actually been teaching me on how,to properly use their checkers because I,think a lot of the talk out there on the,Hannah calcium checker is that its not,accurate and like the whole time I was,thinking I was like how can a company as,reputable as Hannah release a product,that just doesnt work it didnt make,sense so I got together with Hannah,chatted with them,it really got down to the bottom of it,and as I was assuming before I had this,checker and I was reading those reviews,of people saying the calcium checkers,inaccurate it was 100% user error um so,today were gonna clear some of those,things up hopefully you guys that are on,the fence thinking of getting your,calcium checker by Hannah hopefully this,video shows you how accurate this is,more importantly few guys that already,have this checker and youre just you,kind of dont trust it or you want to,know how to properly use it well this is,gonna be the video for you the first,thing you want to go out and do guys is,ask your wife for permission to go buy,yourself a new plane or for our lady for,disaster husband if you can go buy this,RC plane because this is gonna make it a,lot easier to do your test and I want to,explain that why Ariel oh Im just,messing with you guys,first things first as I said here in,need your calcium check or whether you,got the new one or the older one,obviously heres gonna be more entailed,to the near one that has this little,covet it brings up the sample water from,your tank you want to get everything,laid out every time I do my test I want,a nice working area I like to lay out,everything I would be using so heres,the reagent were using the cloth there,right here thats gonna be getting our,reagent,this is gonna be getting our test water,and this heres gonna be getting our RO,water so we got a checker here kind of,put out this side line I would like to,have the cheat sheet it makes a lot,easier to have this I kind of already,memorized it but you know it never hurts,to have it here and then youre gonna,need some sample water and this is,actually going to be a very very,important things one of the first quick,tips that you want to be careful of so,the first thing were in need is ro/di,water and then youre gonna need your,salt water from your tank obviously if,you dont want to do this just walk over,your tank if you get your water but for,this videos purposes this is gonna make,it a little bit easier so going back,its very very very important,dirty critical without this if you guys,surpass this step you might as well not,even do the test and its not gonna be,very accurate you want to be sure youre,using pure water ideally speaking you,want to get distilled water preferably,the one from CBS you know I I did I did,a lot of homework for you guys I did a,few tests with different distilled,waters one from rails one from Walmart,one for me,CBS I noticed I did about three tests on,each one I noticed with the one from CBS,I would get the lower readings in it Im,in thus when I talked to Hannah is just,yeah they were telling me there is less,calcium residue or calcium or whatever,you want to call it in that water now,you may use your RO water if and only if,lets say you perform a test with RO or,distilled from CBS,and then you do it with your RO water if,the readings are roughly within the same,range then your your RO water is,probably good enough to use which is in,my case my R water pretty much getting,the same readings as if I use it too,still so that tells me that my RO water,is actually pretty clean as far as,having any calcium residue or calcium,residue inside it so thats a very,important thing guys if you dont do,this if you use tap water um or any,other form of non purified water you,might as well not even do the test and,pretty much stop right here because your,tests are going to be very accurate so,to begin the first part of the test make,sure you have your RO water or,preferably distilled water from CVS if,you get it there and you want to put,that here in a little test tube then you,want to have your qu vet here and then,your reagent and as well your syringe is,gonna take out one milliliter of this,reagent so its a good idea to give it a,little shake not too crazy you dont,want crazy bubbles in there but just,give it a little stir then make sure,this is pushed in all the way give it a,few Primes and you want to pull it all,the way up to the 100 mark go one,milliliter of this reagent,so once you put your 1 mil or you fill,it to the 1 mil mark you want to add the,rest of it to the 10 milliliter mark so,in other words nine mils of just regular,distilled water preferably and also a,very important thing that actually I,didnt even know guys its pretty funny,but I never knew where to stop as far as,how the line goes in how the watermark,looks and Ill explain that here shortly,let me first eyeball it I always,wondered and it was funny because I I,asked Anna you want to mix this up to,five times so I always asked Anna when,exactly do you stop lets see thats the,line on the coup vet here,thats your 10 mil line and as you know,anytime you put water in a little jar,like this it always creates this u-shape,excuse my drawing guys but I always ask,them when do you fill till it the line,to the top of here or to the bottom and,they told me you always do it to the,bottom so in other words when youre,looking at from the side it should look,like that okay and thats I guess it,wouldnt matter if you do it the other,way because its its gonna be,consistently inaccurate in that way if,that makes any sense to you guys but,ideally you want to do it just like this,so now that we gave it a little inverted,a few times,one thing you want to do is you want to,clean it now this thing has to be pretty,clean its not too too crazy but you,wanted it as clean as you can get it,once we clean it were not gonna touch,it anywhere in the center were only,gonna touch it here from the top and,here from the bottom because the reading,is taken from the middle so another very,important thing that I learned from,Hanna anytime you put it into the,checker you want to make sure you put it,in the same way every single time but,what I mean by that is if we put it in,to zero it out like this we dont want,to reap it it in again turned like that,because obviously this glass isnt,perfect I mean look perfect to you but,when it the light,shining through it there me beats some,distortions so that will also fluctuate,the reading so the best way to do it,theres a 10 mil mark on it you insert,it with the 10 mil mark facing you all,the time ok then we close it hit the,button wait for it to zero were good,and remember now that we cleaned it we,dont want to touch the middle portion,of it we can set this off to the side ok,so the next thing you want to do is you,want to grab your salt or your test,water and you want to grab your little,coup vet here that its gonna pull out,the pre-measured amount now another very,important thing guys is this said Im,gonna show you right now this here has,two steps its step one step two do not,and I mean do not draw water all the way,down to step two and draw from there cuz,youre gonna be drawing too much you,dont know how many people Ive talked,about they have this checker that say it,sucks,thats exactly how to do it thats where,one of the mistakes i

Sitechecker Pro Review ❇️ Site Audit SEO Checker & Monitoring Tool????

hey my name is phil with,legitmarketingreviews.com and in todays,video were going to be looking at a,website seo checker and audit tool,called site checker pro,now in the site checker pro review i,want to show you exactly what this tool,does how it actually works,and by the end of this video you should,know if its right for you now just to,let you know if you are considering,getting started with site checker pro,i have left a link in the description,and if you use that link youre going to,be getting the best possible price,plus youll also be helping support this,channel so first of all what is,site checker pro well like the name,suggests it checks websites,and it checks it for certain things that,are going to help with your web presence,everything from your backlinks,to your on-page seo as well as your,google rankings and everything in,between,site checker pro is a beast of a tool,and there are actually a few little,things,that make this tool stand out and that,is the free chrome extension thats,actually going to allow you to scan,any page on that website or on the,internet i should say,as well as the website assistant that,you get to use,inside of site checker pro which is,going to allow you to quickly get your,website ranking better,so what im actually going to do is jump,behind the screen and show you how site,checker pro works,okay so lets get started so first of,all were going to start here on the,site checker home page basically what i,want to do is,show you some of the features that are,listed here in case i miss out on them,in the product review,so if you come to the home page hover,over products youll notice youll see a,few different things here now there is,the one-time checks as well as the,regular monitoring,basically what you can do is scan your,entire website and its going to do a,seo scan so its telling you how google,sees your website you can also check,how your articles are doing in terms of,ranking youve also got a backlink,checker an on-page seo checker and a,website traffic checker,now this integrates with google,analytics as well as google search,console,so it is going to show you accurately,how your pages and how your analytics,and everything are doing,and then finally we do have the site,checker seo extension was,which is this one here im going to link,that in the description if you want to,go ahead and check it out,basically im going to go through that,in a moment but it what it allows you to,do is actually go to any website on the,internet and do a quick,scan of it to show you how that,websites actually going now this is a,perfect,tool for those who run their own web,agencies or do a lot of seo for,different clients,because its going to quickly allow you,to get the information you need to,actually go back to the client with,or tap new outreach to new clients and,let them know,what you can actually do to improve it,so its a very cool tool and ill go,through that in a moment,but before we get started i just want to,go through the different pricing that,there is,now there is of course monthly and,annually billing doing annual is going,to save you,but basically youve got three different,pricing plans youve got the basic,startup and the growing,and what youre going to notice is at,the beginning we have,for 29 dollars a month three websites,1500 urls 150 keywords and 3 000,backlinks per basic account now as you,go up these are going to increase,dramatically,but the good thing about it is all plans,include unlimited traffic you know local,rank,tracking and all these other good bits,and pieces you can look at,so it is a very very powerful tool so,what im going to do right now is,actually jump behind,my dashboard and show you site checker,pro,so here we are and when you actually,first get started with,site checker pro you are gonna have an,amazing onboarding sequence but of,course ive already gone through that,ive actually already added in my,websites and ive played around with,this tool its absolutely amazing,but i thought id delete everything and,start again but unfortunately the,onboarding doesnt come on basically,what its going to do,is ask you just to add in your website,its going to add ask you to add in the,bits and pieces and its going to go,ahead and scan your website so to get,started,what you want to do is come to create,project click on that button,and what were going to do is actually,add in a website now,youll notice that im actually on the,growing monthly plan,i thought i might as well go big to show,you all of the features inside of it,so thats what im going to be showing,you on so what im going to do is,actually add,in my website to site checker pro to,show you how the onboarding actually,works,so im going to go ahead click on,continue its going to say what types of,things do you want to include in it so,im going to,tell it to actually detect my site map,automatically because i dont want to,add one in manually,but apart from that you can just leave,it like it is so you come down to the,bottom right click on next,next its going to ask how often you,want to actually monitor,all your tracking and everything like,that so im going to leave it on daily,click on next,and now its going to ask you to,integrate your search,google search console as well as google,analytics so what im actually going to,do is pause the video and quickly,integrate these right now,okay so those have now been integrated,you can also,import your goals from google analytics,as well as your ecommerce data so im,going to go ahead and click on next,and now we get the option to choose the,search engine that we want to use so if,im trying to go for new zealand google,we can,or we can choose the different type that,we wish so im just going to go,google.com,actually like so you can also put the,city if you wish but im not going to,bother so im going to go ahead and,click on next,and then its going to ask for your,keywords that youre actually trying to,rank for so im actually going to leave,this section blank,just so you have i have a little bit of,privacy with the website so what im,going to do,is click on finish you can always add,these in later as well so click on,finish,and now what its going to do is,actually start scanning my website,to give me an idea of how my websites,actually going now it is going to take a,little moment to actually do as its,going to go out run the entire process,but it is going to take like maybe a,minute or two and then its going to be,done so what im going to do,is pause the video quickly and let you,know how long it has taken,okay so now it is done it took less than,60 seconds to actually complete,and what its done is provided all of,this information as soon as it has,finished,now as you can see it has given me a,score of 77 out of 100 which i dont,believe,is too bad considering i havent spent,too much time actually making this,website better,and if we come down here its going to,actually show you all of the things that,are wrong with my website,so as you can see we have seven critical,errors weve got 482 warnings and then,weve got 672 notices,so theres definitely room for,improvement for this website,which is actually going to help me rank,better so what you can actually do is,on this list you can choose to see all,the issues if you just want to see the,criticals its going to show there,and then the warnings and then the,notices and then the zero issues as well,and if you want to get really in depth,you can actually click on the different,boxes,and its going to show you inside of,here all the things that are wrong,so for example if i look at the right,weve got here all pages and then its,going to show me all of the different,things inside of here that can be,actually,fixed so for example if i click on the,four x,x client errors basically its going to,give me an idea of what this actually,means and it says that,the site checker bot found these urls,because other pages on your website,link to them so make sure these are,actuall

BEST RC Battery Tester – CellMeter-7 Digital Battery Capacity Checker Controller Tester REVIEW

this is my review of the capacity,couldnt controller its a digital very,capacity checker and it has a lot of,unique features on there theyll test,lithium power lithium ion nickel metal,hydride NiCad and L IFE batteries also,now the way this thing works Im going,to demonstrate it with two different,types of batteries the first one Im,going to show you is demonstrate it with,a lithium polymer radio control battery,which is what I use it for primarily now,on these batteries you have a balanced,connector and its a jst plug and you,have a black wire and then you have,multiple colored wires moving up you,want to take the black wire and you want,to put it on the top pin right there and,when you do that you plug it in with the,black wire on the top pin as you can see,it comes on and it starts displaying,various information now we recognize,that it was a light bulb as you can see,right there now its showing me the,total voltage of 12.45 as tell me thats,95 percent charge now this puts a slight,load on this so that it gets pretty,accurate measurement which is nice now,if you hit the cell button right here it,shows you the individual cells 4.1 4.1,49 + 4 4 + 5 1 and it shows the,percentages of those batteries and then,the mode is this shows you whether,thats the total voltage ninety-five,percent it shows you the maximum minus,the minimum so thats the Delta of the,difference between the two of the cells,and there is the maximum cell 4.15 a at,96 percent and the minimal cell is 4.1 4,till,theres a total again and there this is,for your cell type it automatically,recognize that and it will probably,recognize the other ones also now Im,going to put a night head bad around,here and show how that works so here I,have a Sam wah 4-pack NiCad battery pack,and where you would place that is if you,look on the side right here it has,something gets called my CAD nickel,metal hydride and the polarity on the,pins right there is three pins in case,you have a 3 pin jst connector is the,negative is on the top then the positive,and then the signal wire so Im going to,place this on the device in the correct,correct position like that and its,going to show me the total voltage for,point 185 so show me that its only ten,eleven percent because I did I purposely,discharged this now the mode buttons,dont work in this because theres only,one cell essentially but its giving me,the information about that cell and,thats very handy so what am overall,impressions about this digital battery,capacity checker I think this is a great,product this is very inexpensive and,its going to allow you to test your,radio control batteries your batteries,that are lying around the house that you,want to look at the capacity and this is,great if youre going flying and you,have a bunch of batteries and you dont,sure whether theyre charged this is the,quickest way to get the percentage,weather but you know that you should go,flying with that battery or not so I,really like this product Im going to,give it a full five star rating on my,channel I hope this video review helped,you with your buying decisions thanks,for watching

My Review Of The Original Thread Checker. Standard-Metric Bolt and Nut Size Checking Tool

[Music],hey folks appreciate you stopping back,by kev with kevs can cave im here,today to review,the original decker,comes in two different or it comes in,separate bags for standard metric heavy,duty bags if you want to throw it back,in there you can,of course most people,with these cables here just hand them or,hang them off their tool box hang them,from wherever you want theyre all yours,anyway uh,pretty impressed just right straight out,of the bag the heaviness of them these,arent no cheapos,uh,the stamps on them im kind of big on,stamps arent super super great on the,standard of course you can read them,really well,with the white on black on the metric,i did try to rub,uh,lacquer thinner and mineral spirits i,rubbed hard on both these and the stuff,didnt come off so that kind of,impressed me because i know,some people are like,well does that stuff rub off because i,get junk all over my all my tools but,anyway i couldnt get it to rub off im,not i dont know what they coated it,with but,uh,the standards its a its a 32 inch,stringer if you will cable stringer that,you can hang up,and they come 23 theres 23 different,sizes on the standard theres 21 on the,metric standard go from number six,uh number 640 all the way to one inch,number eight and the metric go from m3,0.5,all the way up to a little less than an,inch id say probably call it uh,7 8,is an m24 3.0,ill be the first to admit,im not super familiar with metric,just its just its just what you know,people if you work with it im sure you,are,but what i like about having both of,these because you can buy a half a,stringer of the most popular sizes you,can buy a stringer of half standard half,metric but i went ahead and decided to,buy about 50 bucks,yeah not cheap but,very well worth it,both sets,and you can just do all the checking you,want to do i got a whole tub full of,nuts and bolts ill probably go through,some day,but just say for example,this uh beer tap if you want to find out,what kind of threads you got in there,uh,im going to call it standard,and,3 8 24 dont quite work i think im in,the ballpark here,wheres that other one,there we go,three i even rehearsed that one it,didnt work out too good 3 8 16 it is,and uh like i said the stamps arent,super good on them but you can read them,i put this white paper here to kind of,help out,another thing i thought was pretty neat,about it,is if you had an old tap that you,couldnt read a lot of them get hard to,read these are great and easy to read,but if you got one thats kind of hard,to read,you can ever so carefully,because i know the threads are good on,these,take it in there,and as you can tell thats a one inch,eight threads per inch,tap,thats kind of cool,but uh where i thought having the,standard and metric pays off,excuse me,is,you can take,a bolt like this,let me see you can see its a 5 16.,so,and i couldnt really read its boogered,up its super old,so i went to my standards,and,my choices on 5 16,are a 24 thread,which it barely made it in there,and a 5 16,coarse thread,18,so then i got thinking okay,this is probably metric,so,you can go to your metric stringer,there we go,you can tell i got these marked im not,very good at this stuff but,i got thinking,there we go its an m8,1.25,as opposed to an m8,1.0,so what that tells me learning a little,bit about metrics here,is because it goes because metrics are,measured from thread to thread instead,of threads per inch,this actually is,considered a coarse thread in metric,and because these threads are only 1.0,apart,thats the fine thread so ive got an,m8125,coarse threaded bolt,even though,this bolt,when measured,uh,when measured on even the finest thread,of the five sixteenths which i know its,about 16.,so the metrics a finer thread thats,what i thought was pretty cool about,having both sets,is you can,for sure determine this was a metric,threaded,bolt,uh absolutely,think its worth the money,like i said these stringers are 32,inches each i thought about breaking,them down,because if you want to take this,somewhere and actually try it and,something it gets to be kind of a hassle,because all these are kind of hanging,but what i decided to do,and itll probably take me a while to do,is just,assemble,all the bolts this is a 3 8 16. find a 3,8 16 nut ill get all this stocked up,with a nut and a bolt on it,and uh if i want to try it on something,say for example this tap instead of,trying it on there i can just try it in,the tap,take it off take it to your vehicle take,it to your bike whatever,and not have to worry about fumbling,with all this,because i guarantee if i broke this all,down and put it on key rings the first,thing i would do,is lose one of these and be ticked off,but uh,absolutely think its uh well worth the,money,and im not gonna fool nobody ive just,been educating myself on nuts and bolts,the last few years,and uh was always really dumb to,threading and all that stuff and im not,a machinist im not even a guy,pretending like i know what im doing,im just a guy to tell you that i bought,these i like them if you would like,something pretty cool,go ahead and buy them,they seem to help me a lot out a lot,tremendously already,and uh,like anything else its just like you,know looking at a at a bolt head and,knowing what size of rent you need you,get to where you can kind of just by,just by playing around with these you,can kind of tell coarse thread fine,thread from a mile away but these are,great to double check yourself kev with,kevs can cave trying to give you good,reviews on things i think will be decent,in your toolbox or in this case hanging,from your toolbox but anyway you good,folks have a good one appreciate you,stopping by appreciate all likes,comments and subscribes talk to you,later bye,[Music],you

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