1. Steam Deck is a glorious mess
  2. Valve Steam Deck hands-on: $400 Switch-like portable gaming PC
  3. NEW Steam Deck Interview – What did Valve Just Say?
  4. Valve ANSWERS QUESTIONS! Steam Deck 2, Steam Consoles, and future Steam Controllers
  5. The Steam Deck is “not a flop” says Captain Obvious at The Verge. (Plus other Steam Deck news)
  6. Epic and NVIDIA continue to suck… plus other Steam Deck news
  7. What Sony’s $200 PS5 controller feels (and sounds) like

Steam Deck is a glorious mess

let me tell you a story when i was 12,years old i got my first nintendo game,boy it was a big gray brick it only,showed four colors of green on the,screen had a mono speaker the cartridges,didnt always work when you plugged them,in sometimes you had to blow on them,actually thats a myth please do not,blow on your cartridges itll make it,worse but i remember sitting in the back,of the car and i could not believe that,i was playing mario on the go i couldnt,believe games fit in this thing why do i,bring this up the 400 steam deck makes,me feel the same way,i cant believe they actually made pc,gaming portable,but they did,[Music],i am holding in my hands a computer that,can capably play games released this,year and games dating back decades games,that were designed for mice and,keyboards and dedicated graphics cards,but i can play them because this is a,gyroscopic aiming system and this is a,virtual mouse and 22 of the decks 27,different controls can be customized for,so many play styles it boggles the mind,i can play them smoothly because the,most powerful integrated graphics in a,handheld yet are right here i can change,their graphical settings six ways from,sunday load mods even command line,arguments if i want,in fact valve gives you more to tweak,here than your typical pc this glorious,overlay helps you fine-tune not only the,performance but the battery life of the,deck in real time,showing you how quickly youre draining,the pack and letting you change settings,to gobble down less juice,my favorite part though is i can pause,my games at any moment right in the,middle of a huge fight or in my case as,a parent with two kids i can finally,complete games one bite size session at,a time like i did with my nintendo,switch i can plug in a mountain of,peripherals fire up a web browser even,do my job from here i wrote a popular,verge story on this thing and watched a,whole lot of netflix after firing up,gamecube games on this thing via the,dolphin emulator im convinced its,going to be an incredible retro portable,tune,its the most fun ive ever had beta,testing a piece of hardware oh did i,forget to mention the steam deck can be,an unfinished infuriating unpredictable,buggy mess to give you a better idea,first i need to show you the steam deck,ui which weve never been able to show,you before heres a quick tour so heres,the main home screen for the steam deck,its got a horizontally scrolling list,of titles kind of like netflix even,though its still reminiscent of steam,theres also your vertical scrolling,menu over here where you can access,library store,media and downloads it also doubles as,an app switcher which is something they,just added the other day if you want to,run two apps at once theres also a,quick settings menu over here where you,can access brightness audio some of your,advanced battery options but you cant,do everything from this portion of the,menu if you want to actually pair,bluetooth headphones or toggle auto,brightness you have to go to this,settings menu instead where theres a,lot of vestigial steam stuff that i,imagine is still getting figured out,hopefully in future revisions,some of the transitions and animations,can still be a bit jumpy too and when,im using the controls whether im using,a touch screen or,buttons or or even a mouse sometimes,its not quite clear,when ive got the handles of the devices,and when im actually able to toggle,them on and off im going to level with,you this is one of the hardest reviews,ive ever done because the system kept,on changing out from under us the whole,time valve kept releasing new updates,every couple of days introducing new,bugs fixing old bugs sometimes,generating entirely new features that,changed how we evaluated the whole,system on the fly in fact there are,enough issues i made a list of some of,them here for you bluetooth audio pauses,and lags a deck wouldnt detect my,external microphones friends could,barely hear me in discord forgot my,wi-fi a handful of times and forgot to,reconnect to my earbuds after waking up,from sleep ah that happens pretty often,some games like cyberpunk will be,working one day not working the next,error messages ive seen so many error,messages and a handful of black screens,require a reboot speaking of reboots,games magically disappear from the sd,card until i reboot the system fairly,often transferring games to sd can be,slow and youre locked out while you do,most of my steam library went missing,from the ui one day uh ui elements,missing or not scaling correctly,particularly when using external,monitors ive lost track of how many,times ive had to reboot re-wake and,reconnect and disconnect things to fix,all these issues and the entire time,valve is pushing new updates to the,system every couple days valve changed,the entire way the frame limiter works,like three times in two weeks oh there,was a giant update halfway through the,review period that unlocked new games,im happy to say persona 4 golden works,uh we couldnt browse the store for,verified games until today the day were,filming this video couldnt test windows,at all because were still waiting on,gpu drivers and earlier there were,network drivers we couldnt try the 64,gigabyte model which has slower onboard,storage couldnt try the official dock,and we couldnt try much cloud gaming,because google and microsoft are still,working on building support into their,linux browsers,working with valve on that i was able to,get stadia working by emulating a mouse,and keyboard but still its not quite,there yet when i spoke to valve the team,candidly admitted its not all going to,be there by launch the company will be,shipping rapid fixes and features to,early adopters for some time to come,ive got some faith in valve it never,abandoned the steam controller or steam,link hdmi streaming puck updated them,long after it was clear they didnt meet,valves sales expectations but you,should know going in this is not a,console thatll flawlessly run every,steam game the moment you hit play,though valves done some incredible work,to make windows games seamlessly work on,linux it still doesnt run some of the,biggest hits like pubg destiny 2 gta 5,and fortnite due to conflicts over,anti-cheat software other games wont,launch at all and wont tell you why,some will need you to mess with settings,or spend time figuring out a custom,control scheme that works and while,valve and the steam community have made,things easier by verifying some games as,decompatible and preceding loads of old,steam controller configurations i still,never know quite what to expect,heres the original tie fighter one of,my favorite games ever made it launches,the animations look great,someone with the old steam controller,even made a custom control scheme but,theres no cursor to navigate the menu,and this,isnt really playable,i got into tie fighter,and im spinning uncontrolled,meanwhile valve certified death loop is,a game that plays great on deck but the,joystick controls are all stuttery you,cant just swap in an emulated mouse,because that doesnt play nice with the,gamepad buttons and if you emulate a,mouse and keyboard now the on-screen,button prompts dont match up heres a,list of games that actually worked on,the steam deck for me and a bunch that,didnt because some of them didnt have,a good control scheme or in many cases,simply crashed immediately to desktop or,through some other kind of random error,when i tried to launch them via proton,my very first day with the steam deck i,wanted to play halo infinite back for,blood and duck game with my friends but,none of them run on the deck and when i,tried streaming halo from my desktop pc,instead i ran into a whole bunch of,glitches so that all sounds frustrating,and it is,and im still buying,im paying 400 because i dont mind,being an early adopter im the kind of,guy who spent an entire hour building,the perfect custom configuration to play,destiny 2 via stadia a platform where i,dont even own any games and i d

Valve Steam Deck hands-on: $400 Switch-like portable gaming PC

[Music],a funny thing happened a few years back,i started buying my pc games for the,nintendo switch,nintendos portable became my primary,pick for all but the biggest games,because its the place i would actually,finish them what if there were a pc that,i could take with me just as easily on,the go thats why i flew to bellevue,washington this week to valves,headquarters to see the new steam deck,the steam deck is already sold out,through the middle of 2022 and its not,hard to understand why,valve is promising you can take your,entire steam pc game library with you,for roughly the price of an ipad while,it might just look like a thicker switch,with touch pads theres a lot more going,on under the hood its got amds latest,zen 2 cores and rdna 2 graphics cores,the same kind youd find in the xbox,series x and ps5 just far fewer of them,in terms of raw oomph its slightly less,than half as powerful as an xbox series,s microsofts 300 console which has to,deliver 1440p gameplay to a big screen,tv the steam deck meanwhile only has to,deliver 720p to a 7-inch touchscreen,like the nintendo switch,how does that translate to actual games,well heres the witcher 3 running on a,nintendo switch,and here it is on a 7-inch iron neo a,windows gaming portable it comes in at,about 700,now here it is on the steam deck not,only does it easily blow the switch port,away im running the widget 3 at medium,spec a whole graphical tier higher than,the ineo can manage heres control,another seriously demanding game again,managing medium spec where other,portables struggle to run on low id,rather max it out if i could but it,doesnt feel like itd be a gigantic,compromise to take games like this on,the road,theres no question about it the steam,deck is a big one nearly two inches,thick at the grips it weighs half a,pound more than the nintendo switch and,its not a thing id choose to carry,around in my pockets even though i do,wear cargo pants but its also bristling,with controls that feel like theyre in,the right places at least for my average,sized hands,with the bulbous steam controller i,always felt like the grips were digging,into the fleshy made of my palms not so,much here i was a little skeptical when,i saw the true size of this thing its,wide and tall enough you can practically,fit the entire nintendo switch between,its grips but my fingers just kind of,sunk into its ready-made grooves and i,think i might already prefer its soft,easy triggers and meaty thumbsticks over,the tight clicky ones on the switch,the smooth tops the joysticks do feel,like they take a little getting used to,i had to rely on their grippy edges to,avoid slipping off but that flat surface,houses a pretty neat trick when you,touch it or the touchpad beneath youre,tripping a capacitive sensor that,activates gyroscopic aiming just tilt to,aim thats a feature i loved on the,playstation vita and original steam,controller and it only took a tiny bit,of doom eternal to convince me id love,it here too,its not to say the hardware isnt,without its wrinkles at least at this,early stage valve warned us the ev2,units were testing arent final build,quality and it shows the case had a,rough seam and looks like it easily,scratches near the charging port i,actually heard something rattling around,when i shook one of them,and though valve has been remarkably,open about battery life promising four,hours of portal 2 on a charge our unit,got a little warm during our roughly,hour and a half demo and looked to be,nearly empty by the time we were done i,also dont know whether id really,prefer the etched anti-glare screen that,ships with the most expensive,configuration of the deck it does reduce,glare and definitely has a premium silky,feel but like a lot of matte options it,doesnt feel quite as vibrant as the,glossy display you get at the 400 and,530 dollar price points here,also we werent able to take it outdoors,to truly put it to the test,okay lets talk about the elephant in,the room the steam deck runs linux,comes with linux in the box technically,its a version of steam os a new version,thatll also bring some of its new ui,features to other versions of steam as,well but its linux under the hood linux,means it simply wont run every game in,your steam library out of the box for,the majority of games youll be relying,on a proton compatibility layer that,makes your windows games work even then,some of the biggest games like fortnite,destiny 2 apex legends and pubg are a,question mark they rely on any cheat,software and valve has said itll try to,get it in proton ahead of launch but it,hasnt said for sure if itll work,the good news is the steam deck isnt,locked to linux if you dont want it to,be its a fully fledged pc so if you,want to throw windows on there origin,the epic game store heck anything you,want to plug into the usbc port that,would work on a pc or anything youd,want to connect to the bluetooth chip,ive got a set of bluetooth earbuds and,theyre going to work with the steam,deck unlike the nintendo switch,theres a lot we werent able to do on,our demo like installing our own games,swapping multiple sd cards or spending,quality time creating custom controller,configurations to make the most of the,steam decks touch pads and rear buttons,i wasnt able to dive through the new,steam os as much as id like or,thoroughly test compatibility though i,did notice that dead cells typically a,pretty easy game to run felt a bit jerky,i also ran into some bugs that valve,warned me i would like the occasional,freeze when stopping or starting apps,apparently valves still deciding,whether you should be able to swap,between more than one game at a time and,this pre-release build doesnt like it,when you try but after seeing how well,valve built and supported the steam,controller the steam link and the valve,index through their life its not hard,for me to imagine the wrinkles in these,pre-release units getting ironed out,valve believes itll sell millions of,steam decks and that it may not be alone,suggesting other pc manufacturers may,jump on the portable craze too its,willing to share its learnings with,other companies the company told me its,looking to license steam os for free to,interested pc manufacturers,me,i think valve just noticed the switch,was eating into its indie game sales but,i like the idea i bought one myself,well see how it works out,would you buy a pc gaming portable like,this knowing itll never be quite as,powerful as a desktop,let us know in the comments and thanks,for watching

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NEW Steam Deck Interview – What did Valve Just Say?

What’s good, Deck Gang?,Welcome back to my regular Deck News Roundup videos.,This is once again a little different.,I actually had a video all queued up and then The Verge drops a megaton of an interview,with Valve so we’re going to focus on that because it covers a lot of things.,By the way, I just celebrated 40k and I’m on the road to 50 so do not forget to hit,the like and subscribe since it helps this channel grow.,Also I’m going be giving away a PC handheld very soon so ring the bell so you don’t,miss that.,Alright let’s talk about this interview from The Verge.,So yeah, The Verge posted an awesome interview with Pierre-Loup and Lawrence Yang from Valve,where they answered all sorts of questions about the Steam Deck and I want to point out,a few great highlights from that piece because they really touched on everything: anti cheat,,the 6800U as competition, whether or not we’ll see a Steam Controller 2, a microconsole,,plus sharing of performance profiles.,This interview was from Sean Hollister who wrote one of my favorite Steam Deck reviews,titled: “Steam Deck review: it’s not ready”.,He kinda leaned in on that in the beginning of this article too.,Like look at this subtitle for the headline: “Nine months (and 90-plus updates) after,the Steam Deck launched to early adopters, here’s an idea of what’s next.”,I think that’s interesting: calling owners of the Steam Deck so far “early adopters”,,but I tend to agree with Sean’s perspective and wording here but what do you think?,Do you consider us early adopters?,Anyway related to that point is that the interview starts with Valve saying that the Steam Deck,will probably never be stable compared to a console.,They’re working hard to reduce bugs that are introduced to the Stable branch and they,changed the cadence of updates to Stable to only be monthly in an effort to reduce the,churn there.,Also, the Steam Deck now downloads the update in the background so all you have to do is,restart and you’ll get the latest update.,Valve also disclosed that they’ve resumed shipping the noisier Delta fan.,They came up with a solution to reduce the noise using some sort of engineered foam so,the noise shouldn’t be as much of an issue anymore.,Not to mention, most of you already know that they made the update where you can see which,fan (and other components) you have in your Steam Deck from inside the Settings menu.,Also on the hardware side, Valve said that they’re aware the reparability of the battery,in the Steam Deck is their Achilles Heel when it comes to repairing the Steam Deck.,Pretty much everything else is excellent and relatively easy to remove and repair but the,battery is glued down and is easily the hardest part of repairing the Steam Deck.,They said that just like with the fan, they may address this and other hardware stuff,in future revisions of the existing Steam Deck.,As for some sort of console they’re continuing to test a living room solution but they’re,extremely focused on the Deck and so we shouldn’t expect too much there yet.,Pierre-Loup says “We’re doing our own experiments, but would also love to work with,third-parties to see what they would have to bring to the table as well”,As for Steam Controller 2, it’s a similar story but they say they definitely want to,make it happen and “It’s just a question of how and when.”,Again, they’re focused on the Deck so he adds that they’d be excited to work with,a third-party if possible.,When it comes to the 6800U, he implies that those handhelds are not real competition since,they don’t have great performance at the 8 to 12 watt range that is the sweet spot,for the Steam Deck.,I tend to agree.,Even as someone that doesn’t put as much of an emphasis on battery life, these other,handhelds do really struggle in that regard even with much larger batteries.,For what it’s worth, they did say they consider other handheld PCs to be partners and I would,absolutely agree with that too.,These serve as devices that compete for a different audience in some ways.,Specifically, he says “I don’t think you’ll see off-the-shelf offerings based on mainline,notebook product lines significantly outperforming that in maybe a few generations”.,There was no mention of the rumored Little Phoenix which is said to be the next iteration,of the chip in the Steam Deck.,On that note, Pierre-Loup said there will be a second gen Steam Deck but not something,that could be considered a Steam Deck Pro.,I think Little Phoenix would fall into the Steam Deck Pro category and given that Pierre-Loup,said it’ll be a few generations before we see competition, I’m sticking to my prediction,of not hearing about a second gen Steam Deck until 2024 at the earliest.,That said, Valve are really not concerned about performance and listed two pain points,they would want to address in a new Steam Deck: screen and battery life.,I think it’s pretty safe to say you all agree with this.,A lot of you have asked for an OLED screen and yeah I’d love to see that too.,Of course, an OLED screen could potentially use up more power in which case, that would,make battery life that much more important to address in Steam Deck 2.,When it comes to software updates, they do have a few things they’re looking at.,One of the bigger features theyre actively working on is an audio mixer for game, music,,and chat.,That, of course, would be amazing and I can’t wait to see it.,They’re also addressing bluetooth audio lag.,When asked about sharing graphical settings, Pierre-Loup said they’d considered it but,it’s a massive undertaking and they’re not looking into it seriously at the moment.,They could instead try focusing on sharing per-game power profiles that have a preset,for settings in the Quick Access Menu like frame limiter, GPU clock, and wattage,More generally, software is where they are currently placing most of their efforts.,Yang says the team is primarily working off two big lists: “things we want to fix and,things we still want to make” and that “the bug list grows as more people get Steam Deck,and get more feedback about things,” while the “feature list kind of stays the same,size because as we add features, we get more features we want to add based on our own experience,and what we’re hearing from customers.”,That provides a sort of explanation as to why sharing per-game power profiles may have,sounded like more of a priority back when Steam Deck launched butstill hasn’t been,released.,The software to-do list is growing and they have to shift priorities from time ,to time.,Finally, there were a few updates when it comes to games.,They said that Valve is open to former mobile games coming to deck even if they’re touch,only.,They further said that they are, in some cases, directly responsible for making your favorite,game run better.,Examples included Elden Ring, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Halo Infinite.,Funny enough, they recently fixed The Witcher 3 on Steam Deck when CDPR botched the launch,of their big new update.,Unfortunately, PC players are seeing lots of crashes and you literally couldn’t play,it on the Steam Deck until Valve made a Proton hotfix.,So that’s a major story from this very week about how Valve are making games work on Steam,Deck even when developers won’t or won’t fast enough.,Of course we can’t talk about games on Deck without talking about anti-cheat and Valve,confirmed they’re still pushing very hard on this aspect.,As the Verge said, Destiny 2 and Fortunite continue to snub the Deck but Valve are actively,working on support for Master Chief Collection and Fall Guys so progress is definitely being,made.,Finally, while they wouldn’t speak on units sold and wouldn’t confirm the 1 million,number, Pierre-Loup wanted to make sure to praise the open source community and said,the Steam Deck is absolutely a distributed effort.,Valve has always been great at this so yeah – thanks to all the awesome people that have,contributed to Steam Deck being a thing.,Overall this was a great piece from the Ve

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Valve ANSWERS QUESTIONS! Steam Deck 2, Steam Consoles, and future Steam Controllers

this video is brought to you by extra,more on them at the end of the video,Sean Hollister of The Verge originally,reviewed the steam deck is not ready I,love the steam deck its my main way to,play games but I do agree with them the,steam deck still isnt quite a,mainstream product you just have too,many Hoops to jump through for the,average consumer that being said I think,the valve can adjust many of those Hoops,in order to make them easier for the,consumer thats what Early Access is all,about right having early adopters assist,in getting rid of all those sharp edges,so the people that cant or wont deal,with that stuff have an easier time down,the road while Hollister just put out a,new interview with Lawrence Yang and,Pierre lucrify where he called the steam,deck Early Access and again I have to,say I agree and apparently valve agrees,as well they said sure youre going to,have a stable experience playing games,on the deck but the software is going to,constantly be changing this is quite a,bit different from Mainline consoles,where for the most part you dont tend,to see huge changes in the operating,system over time now that we Early,Access people have access to the deck,the bug list grows and even as they,cross features off their list we keep,requesting new stuff for instance theyd,recently shipped the horizontal,performance overlay and the second that,I saw it my first thought was to ask for,it to be customizable so I can pick and,choose which stats I want to keep an eye,on now for the last 10 months valve has,updated the deck at a blistering pace,and while Im here for it sometimes that,has allowed some nasty drugs to find,their way past all the testing and into,the stable Channel because of this valve,has said that they plan to slow the,Cadence of releases to around once per,month but hey you can always choose to,be on the bleeding edge with me in the,preview Channel youre just gonna have,more bugs the fact that valve is so,dedicated to the software side of things,makes me think that they are using the,deck as a trojan horse in order to,off-board people from Windows,is that a thing off board with whatever,it is now in order to make Linux the de,facto operating system for gaming that,is a very big hill to climb but valve,has Deep Pockets and they dont answer,to shareholders so if anyone can do it,its them speaking of software they,talked about quite a few things that we,can expect in the future of Steam OS for,instance fixes for Bluetooth audio lag I,only use wired headphones with my deck,because it forces you to use higher,quality yet slower Bluetooth codec which,means you tend to have a huge Delay from,what you see on screen and what you hear,in your headphones its more noticeable,on certain games for me eventually Steam,OS should have the ability for you to,select which codec you want theyre also,working on an audio mixer so you can,better dial in your game audio chat,audio and music audio this is awesome as,I do find it hard to get the right,balance of what I can hear and whats,blowing out my eardrums they said they,are working on the Linux audio stack to,introduce ducking which basically could,automatically lower game sounds when you,have incoming voice chat thats really,cool but I do hope that they give us,lots of manual control there one thing,Ive been requesting for ages is the,ability to share per game profiles so,say if deckverse figures out his golden,40 settings for some game I dont have,to follow a guide I can just grab it,like I can a steam input configuration,from Steam OS valve has said that,theyve considered it but its too,massive an undertaking to do right now,instead they may let you share all of,the stuff from Steam OS like the TDP and,refresh rate you know the kind of stuff,thats behind the quick access menu but,the game settings are all found inside,the game and each game handles things a,little bit differently so that makes it,hard to share everything theyve also,said that theyre still pushing on,getting anti-cheat software to be Linux,compatible we still cant play games,like Destiny 2 or fortnite but valve has,said theyre making prog progress on,games like Halo Master Chief collection,and fall guys this is surprising to me,because fortnite is an epic game and,epic owns easy anti-cheat which is what,Master Chief runs on they also own fall,guys so why is it that those games and,not fortnite and Destiny 2 has zero,excuses in my book because they already,had the game running on Linux when it,was a stadia launch title back in 2019.,the interview wasnt all about software,they also talked about Hardware as well,iFixit which is a website dedicated to,fixing your own Electronics called the,steendex heavily glued battery the Dex,Achilles heel in terms of repairability,valve said it was necessary in order to,make sure that the battery isnt,rattling around inside the deck that,could cause all kinds of problems but,with recent Hardware revisions they are,attempting to make the deck more,repairable so if you have a new deck,perhaps yours is a bit easier to deal,with than my pre-release unit so,speaking of pre-release units I received,my steam deck before they actually came,out courtesy of valve and those early,units have Whats called the Delta fan,the Delta fan was pretty noisy so once,people complained valve switched to a,different fan you can find out which one,you have in your system settings well it,looks like if you have a newer deck you,may still get the Delta fan but theyve,updated it with an engineered foam,solution in order to get rid of the,noise one other thing that theyve,updated Hardware wise is improving the,feel of the Steam and quick access menu,buttons Ive often complained that they,feel too flat hard to find and there,isnt a very satisfying click when you,activate them they just kind of feel,mushy while in August valve started,shipping decks with new versions of that,as well if you have access to an old,deck and a newer deck do those buttons,feel different let me know in the,comments down below if youve watched my,stuff before then you know that I love,the steam controller Ive said many,times that I think valve is making a new,controller and will see it next year,alongside a console from them well it,looks like Im partially right and,partially wrong lets start with the,part that I got wrong the console part,Steam Machines if youre unaware valve,tried to get into the living room a few,years back by asking third parties to,ship micro PCS with Steam OS on them,they failed horribly there are a bunch,of reasons but the big reason was that,they didnt have proton in order to make,it easy to get your library playable on,Linux,while it looks like valve is,experimenting on a console but they,dont want to stretch their resources,too thin so they are far more interested,in allowing third parties to take a,crack at that and just provide the,software I personally would really like,to see a reference device from valve,like the steam deck but without a screen,but I guess they can just point to the,deck and the dock and say see it works,great now make it more powerful this,approach makes a lot of sense if they,give away the software and you can just,buy a micro PC that comes with a steam,controller too you are Off to the Races,yes I said steam controller 2. thats,the part I was right about Yang said I,think its likely that well explore,that because its something we wanted as,well right now were focusing on the,deck so its a little bit of the same as,the micro console question its,definitely something where wed be,excited to work with a third party or,explore ourselves now personally I dont,think that they would say yes we want to,make that happen it if they werent,actively working on it valve tends to,keep their cards close to the chest and,the biggest problem with Steam OS on TVs,is the lack of inputs from most,controllers now whether valve,manufactures it themselves is to be,determined but if it has all the bells,and whistles of the

The Steam Deck is “not a flop” says Captain Obvious at The Verge. (Plus other Steam Deck news)

hey everybody its your friend and your,guy and your preferred steam deck news,vendor gardner today were going to be,talking about what else but steam deck,news im really excited about this,theres actually a lot of steam deck,news thats happened in the last couple,of days uh so were just going to talk,about this the first thing i want to,talk about is flat seal now the steam,deck has had a really positive impact on,the world of open source software and,there have been several projects that,have reported massive upticks in the,number of downloads one of the biggest,is flat seal flat seal rocketed to the,top 30 most downloaded apps on flat hub,after march 31st if youre not familiar,flat seal isnt a paper mario spinoff,about a seal named flat instead its an,application that manages flat pack,application permissions its a handy,tool and its one that is absolutely,necessary if you want to run a system,thats heavily flat pack oriented like,steamos 3. now according to martin,lahaye or maybe martine lahaye since the,launch of the steam deck the flat sealed,app has seen at least 1200 downloads per,day and is now one of the most popular,apps on flathub congrats to building,such a cool app martin,or martine i still dont know how to,pronounce your name next up the verge,has blessed the steam deck as not a flop,now the preeminent source of all things,right and virtuous the verge has,declared that steam deck is not a flop,and thats good news for everyone who,believes in the verges ultimate,authority in the space of video games i,mean one could cite all of the youtube,channels that have found a fair amount,of success from covering the steam deck,myself included or you could instead see,all the favorable news coverage from,other less authoritative outlets forbes,would be a good example or maybe you,could observe the buzz among your non-pc,gaming friends who have come to you for,advice on which steam deck to buy but,you can imagine my relief when the verge,declareth from on high that the steam,deck is not a flop in all seriousness,its actually a pretty good read and im,not trying to throw shade as desean,hollister here uh the author of the,article i just like to give the verge as,much of a hard time as possible because,its the verge meanwhile my friend liam,at gaming on linux has declared 2022 as,the year of linux gaming the,mythologically foretold advent of linus,colonel we have all been eagerly,awaiting some of us for decades,and uh and while were here check out,fan the deck hes one of my favorite new,channels about the steam deck subscribe,to his stuff its really great hi my,name is richard and i love the steam,deck if you do too subscribe and slap,the bell all right next up lets talk,about the steam deck plug-in loader this,is something that ive been waiting for,for a little while here one of the,things that i was hoping to see from,valve was an official plug-in support,system and api for the steam deck ui it,makes a lot of sense to me especially if,they had a sort of steam workshop that,would allow independent plug-in devs to,make their own thing right music,integration extended functionality even,things like trainers for single-player,games i would love to see that kind of,stuff and it seems like some,enterprising developers have built their,own plug-in loader though at the moment,it isnt quite as tightly integrated as,id like to see developer werewolf and,several other folks have released a,brand new version,1.1.0 its now easier to install which,is nice but it also has a few bug fixes,and quality of life features for example,the loader will now re-inject itself,into steam when steam is restarted and,the menu title will now show the plug-in,name when a plugin is loaded and theres,a lot more too this is a great project,and i have tried to make my own plugin,for it unfortunately there isnt enough,documentation yet and thats the next,thing id love to see from this project,next up digital foundry uh so digital,foundry has been hard at work putting,together yet another fascinating look at,the steam deck versus consoles if you,missed their first one it was a great,showdown between,the steam deck and the playstation 4 and,the xbox one but in their latest video,theyre actually comparing the steam,deck to next gen console games what i,find fascinating about all of this is,that the deck the ps5 and the xbox,series all have rd and a2 apus with ray,tracing capabilities and thats exactly,what they put through their paces here,in the case of the steam deck though ray,tracing is not yet accessible from the,steemos side of things at least not yet,through proton the directx 12 bindings,needed to access ray tracing hardware,are just simply not implemented yet in,vkd 3d so in the digital foundry video,they actually used the bologna tier,windows driver in order to do the,head-to-head comparisons and even though,there was a performance loss by using,windows on the steam deck the results,were striking the deck was able to hold,its own against the next-gen consoles,and while it wasnt a complete blowout,in favor of the deck rich ledbetter was,seriously impressed with the power of,this handheld and i think that that is,an important thing to hit on here while,many of us think of the deck as uh yet,another pc,its actually equally accurate to think,of the steam deck as a next-gen handheld,console and one that can in many,instances outperform the xbox series x,console and that is seriously impressive,stuff,so next were going to talk about,microsoft and the halo thing that just,happened so,microsoft game studios seems to have,released an update for halo the master,chief collection with the easy handy,cheat linux library that the title needs,in order to have easy any sheet work on,proton thats awesome to see the file in,question is actually easy any sheet,underscore x64.so,this seems to be the file that epic says,needs to be included in order to make,their games work on linux with antique,enabled this is really exciting except,that nobodys been able to test if it,works because it seems to have broken,the game completely through proton but,fret not fellow odsts if you want to,play the game on your steam deck you,only need to rename or delete the,easyandycheat x64.so file and the game,should be functional again,even with this issue though i think that,its good news it really shows that,microsoft is looking to bring,multiplayer and anti-cheat support to,linux and the steam deck for one of,their first party flagship uh franchises,this is fantastic news they just need to,fix the game first and it might also,indicate that there we might get halo,infinite support on the steam deck,sometime soon as well and id like to,see that,and finally,lets talk about memes,so,i hopped on the steam deck subreddit,this morning in search of steam deck,news to put in this video and found that,people were just putting harmonicas up,against their decks fan,and i was confused for a second and then,i realized,its a meme a meme that i will never,participate in,mostly because it seems to not work for,me,but this is a working harmonica,anyway i have to admit it i wish that i,had thought of this idea i mean its so,silly i love harmonicas and the steam,deck its just,a marriage made in heaven,anyway i think this is a good place to,end the video i am so optimistic about,the future of the linux desktop and i,think that the steam deck was exactly,the kind of momentum builder that we,needed it has really been so surreal to,witness the public sentiment towards the,idea of linux gaming see such a tectonic,shift in such a short while but its,been nice to see nonetheless,i want to give a special shout out to my,friends on patreon and my youtube,members without whom i wouldnt be able,to do this work so thank you if you,believe in the work that im doing and,you want to help support the show and,join the other linux warriors make sure,you use the links below to pledge your,monthly support its all greatly,appreciated i think thats gonna

Epic and NVIDIA continue to suck… plus other Steam Deck news

this has been one of the biggest weeks,in terms of steam deck news in several,months Im really excited about this so,lets just jump into it thats right,its steam deck news time,so jsox has a new case that seems to aim,squarely at dbrands kill switch theyre,calling it The Mod case and their,promotional video seems to hit at,several accessories they include some,kind of active exterior cooling a,kickstand and a sort of jet pack dock,finally a travel cover to protect the,thumbsticks and the attachment Loop,itll be interesting to see how this,fares against dbrands offering it goes,on pre-order today December 19th and the,basic set will start at only 29.99 and,it will include the case the travel,cover and the attachment Loop Id love,to know what you guys think about this,hit me up in the comments so a few weeks,ago I made a video about the best,in-home streaming solution sunshine and,moonlight moonlight lets you connect to,an Nvidia gamestream capable machine and,stream games locally on your home,network and sunshine implements the game,stream protocol for systems that dont,support it natively but it seems like,gamestream isnt going to be an option,going forward Nvidia announced just the,other day that theyre killing off the,game stream service in favor of pushing,people to pay for G-Force now their,Cloud streaming product,I dont know where that cough came from,okay yes its a joke now I say service,in air quotes because its not really a,service its code that runs local to,your home network once the code is,delivered to your devices Nvidia isnt,involved in it at all so I dont see how,they could even like peripherally call,it a service this is a private,connection between two machines that,doesnt require even internet access yet,theyre saying that this is some kind of,service that needs to be retired and,thats absolutely absurd to me Nvidia is,billing us as an update to the Nvidia,Shield devices that removes game stream,but according to a conversation between,Twitter user at like being grumpy and,Nvidia they are removing game stream not,just from The Shield but from the,GeForce experience app on PC as well,this is frustrating for many as game,stream was simply the best and most,reliable way to stream a game so maybe,sunshine and Moonlight will become even,more important to the community going,forward and hey theres always steams,own streaming solution which is built,right into the steam client and which is,pretty good,but what do you think about this,announcement leave me a comment and let,me know I would love to hear from you on,this are you as pissed as I am,wow I didnt think wed get pricing,details on this so soon last week I,talked about sabrins new uh 2230 nvme,offerings they said that it would come,in three sizes but didnt touch on the,pricing well it seems like just,yesterday they rectified this the sabrin,rocket 2230 nvme drives come in three,different sizes 256 gig 512 gig and one,terabyte priced at 49.99 89.99 and,149.99 respectively 150 bucks for a one,terabyte 2230 Drive is an incredibly,good deal now the question is will I be,upgrading my steam deck to one terabyte,probably not but its great to see yet,another affordable upgrade path for,folks who want to do so,now before we move on to the next news,story Ive got to ask you a question,have you liked this video yet youll be,well on your way to seeing more videos,just like this when you do were also,nearing a hundred thousand subscribers,here on YouTube thanks to folks just,like you when we hit a hundred thousand,Im gonna be giving away a steam deck,make sure that you get subscribed so,that you dont miss that if youre not,aware Im a huge fan of classic epic,games Jazz Jackrabbit epic pinball,Unreal Tournament 1999 and 2004 and even,Unreal Tournament three then theres,unreal championship for the original,Xbox which I streamed over on my live,stream channel go check that out and,theres also Gears of War on the 360. I,especially loved the Meathead shooters,that borrowed the ugly Warhammer,aesthetic I have so many fond memories,of playing Epic Games growing up games,that defined by childhood in ways that,few other titles could and thats why,its so painful to me that epic is,killing off pretty much every one of,their best games online services Unreal,Tournament 99 2004 and 3 free but to,really rub salt in the wound they also,delisted these classic titles from,online storefronts I find this quite,tragic I mean I think at least for me,this is the final nail in epics,legitimacy coffin I dont buy games on,the Epic store I stopped playing rocket,League after epic acquired them and Im,positively done with anything to do with,epic its honestly to the point where I,dont even want to play games that are,built in unreal or watch shows that use,their Tech like the Mandalorian thats,just how upset I am with them about this,and if youre not as upset as I am you,can still buy uh unreal games over on,Gog at least for now until epic,remembers that Gog is a thing and,removes them from that storefront too,thats the problem with digital,storefronts but I digress,well this is kind of cool you can now,play Steam games on your Tesla or in,your Tesla I dont even know how to,phrase that if you have a compatible,Tesla youll be able to play games on,the huge distraction I I mean screen the,huge screen in the center console of,your vehicle and at a complete,non-sequitur that has nothing to do with,my previous statement follow me on,mastodon.online at Gardener Bryant,arguably the biggest theme deck news,this month has to be Sean Hollisters,interview with Lawrence Yang and Pierre,Lu Griffey over at The Verge right out,of the gate there were several things,that stuck out to me first is their,willingness to talk I mean we have to,remember that this is valve were,talking about valve has been a,notoriously closed and mysterious,company since time immemorial I mean,they have traditionally not spoken about,upcoming projects or anything like that,so its great to see how talkative they,have been these two especially the first,thing that stuck out to me was the way,they talk about software updates now,Pierre Lu said that the steam deck will,never be stable like a traditional,console quote stable in terms of having,a great experience for people yeah,absolutely but I think we are always,going to be pushing updates as long as,theres people playing and the fact is,that valve is working from two lists,things that they want to fix and things,that they want to make happen with the,steam deck that just makes me happy now,theres so much untapped potential with,the steam deck and knowing that they,have more that they want to make happen,with the hardware is truly heartening,but as more people get their hands on,the deck their bug list grows so,hopefully new features will keep coming,out at a consistent Pace what are some,features youd like to see on the steam,deck let me know in the comments next up,Hardware iteration when asked about the,batterys glue situation the component,that iFixit build as the steam decks,Achilles heel for repairability Andrew,said that valves intent has always been,to make the device as repairable as,possible he said that the battery being,glued down isnt ideal but that the team,had already developed a way to make,removing the battery easier quote we,have rolled out a change to the geometry,of the adhesive making the battery,easier to loosen and this is interesting,because while many products have minor,revisions during their production life,cycle valve seems to be constantly,iterating in that front in fact they,also resume shipping the noisier Delta,fan but with a strip of engineered foam,to ameliorate the wine that people were,complaining about the next thing that,they talked about was friends and,competitors Sean asked the guys about,the new AMD 6800u handhelds that are,about to hit the market and Val said,that they dont really see them as,competitors while the AMD 6800u,definitely has the performance advantage,over th

What Sony’s $200 PS5 controller feels (and sounds) like

what could Sony possibly do to justify a,200 Gamepad quite a bit the Sony dual,sense Edge lets you easily rip out its,entire joystick modules if they ever,develop drift you can swap out its stick,tops for classic convex domes here are,hair triggers with the flick of the,switch you can remap practically every,button in this controller adjust,vibration strength turn off system Keys,you might hit accidentally rear pedals,let you jump or duck or roll or you name,it without ever needing to take your,thumb off the stick,hold down one of these dedicated,function keys and you can swap between,three programmable profiles you can take,to a friends house or a tournament,where you might also use this clever,USBC locking adapter and included 2.8,meter cable to avoid any Wireless,interference but the best part might be,this as far as I can tell Sony didnt,fix what wasnt broke here,the same size the same shape and it,feels like the original Dual sense only,better thanks to the extra texture on,these triggers and these new rubber,grips underneath,still got the amazing adaptive triggers,that let you feel things like when your,cars tires are losing grip as long as,the new hair triggers arent active,the buttons and d-pads and joysticks all,feel practically identical,that could be the same part in a,different color honestly and yes I,brought my own dual sense from home just,to check in fact its not the only,Gamepad I stepped into my backpack,before driving to PlayStations US,headquarters I took a walk down memory,lane with the Dualshock 4 and Dualshock,3 whipped out the Xbox 360 pad I still,use with my PC and cursed out veren,under my breath for forgetting to bring,his Xbox Elite Series too parent Ill,cut you but I think the best comparisons,are to the Dual Sims where it just feels,better even though I prefer the,originals white buttons in Mad interior,very similar but just a little bit more,deadened on the edge its nice if you,want it to feel precise less nice if you,want to feel very clicky,shoulders are almost identical,triggers,I feel like this ones giving me a,little bit more like plasticky sound to,it but,the fully extended pretty identical,obviously its very different when you,activate,hair trigger,I like this texture a lot dont tell,anyone but I totally think this,Frankenstein set up with the domestic,for movement and the concave are aiming,is totally the way to go and of course,theres the scuff Pro where its owner,Corsair actually worked with Sony to,replicate the Dual sense of shape,Wireless connectivity and even firmware,updates but were just doesnt feel as,nice and isnt this thing Sonys,adaptive triggers and haptic feedback,entirely,and I really dont like the feel of the,face buttons on this scuff compared to,dual sense Edge its got four panels,back here,you can pull in and out as opposed to,the two in the Dual sense Edge but they,do feel very plasticky compared to a,nice big metal ones on the Xbox Elite,and on the Dual sense Edge now,then theres this PDP vivitrix Pro an,awesome pen with five set points for its,triggers stick modules you can rotate,for more of an Xbox feel if you like,plus a six button module for fighting,games but you gotta use a dongle or a,cable because it doesnt natively,connect to the PS5 wirelessly for 200,bucks the Sony would be my pick every,time and yet I like even more if Im,gonna pay half the price of a new,PlayStation for one thing Id like more,battery instead of less Sony tells us,the Edges battery life is moderately,shorter quote unquote than the original,Dual sense for more customization I love,that Sony allows you to pick from a,whole bunch of different stick,sensitivity curves with helpful tips on,which might suit your game but while I,enjoyed switching back and forth between,shotgun and sniper setups with the flick,of a function key and face button I wish,there was a way to set the outside depth,Zone not just the inner one you can,remap single keys but theres no,multi-key macros here and no way to add,gyroscopic aiming to games that dont,natively support it perhaps Ive been,spoiled by my steam deck where I had,gyro aiming and turbo buttons to most,games I play and while its awesome,youll be able to swap out busted analog,sticks for just twenty dollars a pop,even fit an extra one in the slake,bundled case itd be nice if Sony,thought even further ahead what about,using magnetic hall effect sensor,joysticks instead of these potentiometer,ones so they wont succumb to drift I,suppose Sony could sell upgraded stick,modules in the future but the company,wouldnt talk about any additional Parts,in an interview not even additional tops,for the joysticks but for now this is,the ultimate PS5 controller none of its,competition or a dual sense and not all,of them have a direct wireless,connection to your console those things,automatically make the edge of front,runner for anyone with the 200 to spend,thanks for watching you might have,noticed I wasnt on camera very much for,this video long story short Ive got,into a bit of an accident and my jaws,going to take some time to heal hope you,still enjoyed the video see you next,time

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