1. The Fastest CPU on the Planet – HOLY $H!T – EPYC Milan 7763 64 Core
  2. AMD EPYC 7H12 The Fastest CPU You Can Buy
  3. AMD EPYC 7003 Milan Performance, Features, and Intel Ice Lake/ Cooper Lake Competition
  4. AMD EPYC Milan Is Better Than We Thought
  5. AMD EPYC & Intel Xeon MEGA LEAK: Genoa Benchmarks, Granite Rapids Core Counts, Threadripper
  6. THIS is how AMD Wins. – EPYC Genoa Announcement Reaction
  7. Intel introduced its next-generation Xeon Max CPU

The Fastest CPU on the Planet – HOLY $H!T – EPYC Milan 7763 64 Core

this is the fastest cpu on the planet it,costs eight,thousand dollars has 64 cores and 128,threads 128 lanes of pci express gen 4,and runs on amds latest seven nanometer,zen 3 architecture thats the same one,powering their top of the line 5000,series ryzen gaming cpus its code name,is epic milan and,we have two of them thanks to our buddy,wendell hows it going were at level,one text lets take them for a spin,cause ill wait are they ever fast you,know what else is fast the way i segue,to my sponsor honey honey is the free to,use shopping tool that helps search for,some of the best promo codes on loads of,your favorite sites get it today at,joinhoney.com,ltt,hey this is the top of the line ls and,gs the epic 7763 that im holding in my,head yeah,it may only run at a mere 2.45 gigahertz,base 3.5 gigahertz boost but dont let,that fool you this aint no civic okay,this is the hummer with the cummins swap,all right,these things are huge i cant get over,it,why do they have to make them so big,its not a measuring contest just never,gets old you know i think the only way,to get a bigger one is to buy one on,ltteststore.com oh yeah by the way were,gonna have epic threadripper shaped ones,coming soon probably in a few months now,of course,yoda would happily remind all of us that,size,not important performance is what,matters and when it comes to performance,this is pretty much the finest display,of kicking someone while theyre down,that i think i have ever seen and i,dont even feel bad,heres the thing intels latest and,greatest 10 nanometer ice lake xeons,theyve got some platform advantages,particularly when theyre paired with,intels optane memory but for purely,cpu-bound applications i mean theyre,not even competitive with amds last,generation epic roam chips price for,price let alone the new ones because,heres the thing amd comes in with more,cores,more gigahertz more cash and literally,double the pci express lanes per socket,yet amd still prices their top dog,cheaper than intels top dog and you,might think well at eight thousand,dollars a chip 200 bucks thats a thats,a rounding error right but if youre,buying a thousand of them at a time like,intel thinks you are,sorry intel not good enough for you i,guess that works out to a quarter,million dollars not to mention that if,youre an enterprise or a data center,thats upgrading your systems from say,last gen on intel youre going to need a,whole new motherboard which for servers,generally means an entirely new system,complete with financing and warranty,about the warranty like if something,goes wrong either with the hardware or,software,amd by contrast allows you to simply,swap out the cpu update your bios,preferably in the other order and youre,good to go theyve actually been using,the exact same socket for their server,platforms ever since the original epic,launch back in 2017 and this,intercompatibility is fantastic you know,how i know because this,is the exact same motherboard that we,used to build our pc mac pro killer with,our last gen epic something to note,before we go any farther is that server,components are generally designed to be,run in an extremely high airflow,environment so,this cooling,if that doesnt look suitable for a,nearly 300 watt cpu,thats because its not we need to get,to get a fan on there lets just throw,our m.2 in here this is by the way the,greatest thing ever this little,tool-less m.2 retention mechanism,absolutely love it they should all have,that this supreme x 3090 is so hilarious,its so big weve never even tried to,integrate it into an actual build,its test bench use only now you might,notice that im installing it in one of,the bottom pci express slots normally i,would say,dont do that but epic has so many pci,express lanes that every one of these,16x slots all the m.2s all of it is just,running full fat pcie gen 4 with all the,lanes so it just doesnt matter okay,okay i shouldnt quite say it doesnt,matter there are situations where the,lanes might need to be reallocated and,theyre the different chiplets and where,theyre attached to the io die and all,that but,mostly its fine,oh there it goes,128 threads guys this is cinebench r23,this isnt the like weak,easy one,now,the reason that it was so easy tm for,amd to maintain compatibility across,generations is that under the hood the,layout of their milan cpus is nearly,identical to their older rom,predecessors but thats not to say that,amd didnt change anything like other,zen3 cpus each of the eight chiplets,here which each contains eight cores,gets a full 32 megs of cash that is,completely accessible to all eight of,the cores rather than being split into,16 megs and 16 megs that means more,efficient use of resources and lower,latency theyve also increased the speed,of the infinity fabric links within the,cpu and theyve made a ton of other,under the hood architectural changes,that have allowed amd to hit a,surprising 19,average ipc uplift that means that clock,for clock this thing is almost 20,faster oh and they upped the maximum tdp,for many of their chips including the,7763 to allow up to 280 watts per socket,i mean that is how you get stuff like,this happening look where it sits,relative to anything else in the,database,61 000,what so while the cpu is running a heavy,benchmark like this its self reporting,a peak of around 277,278 watts of power what that means is,that according to wendell from level 1,techs this tie-in board we have here is,actually a bit on the conservative side,for power delivery the daytona reference,chassis that weve got back here can,actually do closer to 285,200 290 watts per socket with some power,tweaks,which actually sounds a lot like amd has,some overclocking headroom here you can,even tweak some i o settings like,disabling pci express gen 4 or lowering,your memory speeds to give a bit more of,the cpus power budget to the cores,themselves potentially improving,performance but then again,slowing down your pci express lanes or,lowering your memory bandwidth can also,hurt performance in other ways so its,going to depend on your application,either way i cannot freaking wait to see,what zen 3 based threadripper is going,to be like especially with the core,clocks and the power limits unlocked as,we assume theyll be i suspect were,going to need some new motherboards with,new power delivery for those,now lets have some more fun last time,around with our roam based 64 core epic,blender was only able to use half of the,cores per instance so we ran it twice,with both of them running at the same,time finishing in around a minute and 14,seconds,this time around we are having no,trouble utilizing the entire cpu and you,can see i mean just look at this thing,it is absolutely,crushing this benchmark and the craziest,part is check out these boost clocks we,are seeing in excess of 2.8 gigahertz,even as high as 3.1 gigahertz on some of,these cores as its running through this,blender render,and whats interesting is our temps are,so well under control the maximum weve,seen so far after about 10 minutes of,cinebench running continuously and,blender is around 70 degrees,super reasonable,the fans arent even ramping up its,almost like having a gigantic cpu with,the cores all spread out helps to get,rid of the heat,almost if you cant wait for the next,threadripper and you decided youre,crazy enough to use this as a,workstation check this out im running,this at,half quality in the preview here this is,an 8k timeline with multiple 8k clips,obviously theres a bunch of lumetri,color being applied to it,look how smooth that is its butter,smooth can we make it all the way to,full man that scrubbing is still,extremely responsive,naturally our next order of business is,to play video games on it we got uh apex,legends running at a cool,144 fps average that sounds not too bad,maxed out at 4k i dont have any ammo,thats okay its not about being good at,the game its about having a good,computer to run the game right,so we got f1 2020 going here

AMD EPYC 7H12 The Fastest CPU You Can Buy

hey guys this is patrick from sdh and,today we have something that is,both crazy and super awesome all at the,same time,and that is this thing now if you dont,know what this,is this is the amd epic 7,h12 it is simply the fastest processor,that you can go buy today,and lets be clear when i say you can go,buy these today i dont mean like,that is like oh im a data center,customer im going to buy 10 000 of,these things or 100 000 of these things,i dont mean anything like that if you,have a high enough credit card limit you,can go out and actually configure a,system and go buy it,today now these are semi-on road map,parts which,basically means that amd acknowledges,that they exist but at the same time,they dont really promote them in the,same way that they do normal chips i,mean in fact we asked for amd support,for this video and they said absolutely,not,but of course because this is sth just,because amd says,you cant get this chip and were not,going to send you this chip does not,mean,we are not going to test this chip,because we will get one anyway,and i totally get why amd doesnt want,to talk about this chip too much because,frankly if people realized how awesome,these chips are and even heck if you,managed to get a discount over list,price on these,chips then frankly it would probably,absolutely destroy the server market and,i dont even know if,amd with tsmc could even produce enough,chips to be able to satisfy the demand,if this thing was like a four or five,thousand dollar ship,so in this video and well have time,stamps below were gonna cover,one what the heck is this chip and what,makes it so different,were going to cover the performance and,were going to talk about two different,scenarios first,amd epic 7h12 versus amd but then also,amd eppx 7h12 versus intel,and youre going to see exactly why,intel had,to reduce the price of the basically,platinum 8280,level performance down by over 60,percent and get down to the,xeon gold 6258r pricing levels,finally because this is sth were not,just going to look at what this means,for the server market today,but were also going to take a look at,what this means for the server market in,2021 when we see the next generation of,both ice lake xeons and also mulan so,the epic aimed epic 7003 series,there are a lot bigger implications than,just the skew and before we get too far,i just want to go point out the fact,that we do have an sth,merch shop on teespring you can go down,to the description and find our little,store where you can go get,cool merch like this sweatshirt that im,wearing if you want to be,somewhat cool at least all right with an,intro out of the way lets take a look,at,what the heck this is so the amd epic,7h12 is a 64,core cpu that also has 128 threads,it has a 2.6 gigahertz base clock with a,3.3 gigahertz turbo boost,theres a full 256 megs of level 3,cash on board but perhaps one of the,most interesting features of this is the,tdp,this is a 280 watt tdp,part for some reference the highest tdp,on any public intel xeon,scalable second generation sku which is,the contemporaneous skew with this,on the public sku side they only go up,to 205 watts now there are other skus,out there,but publicly it goes up to 205 watts and,this is a,280 watt part the other kind of,interesting thing about the system,is that well its not necessarily,marketed to the general public although,it kind of is today,back in 2019 when it was released this,was only a cpu that you could get if,youre basically building a,supercomputer or an hpc,cluster and so while this is technically,a public,and on-road map sku aimd actually does,not publish list pricing now,i went just before this video and i went,to amd and i said hey guys i know youre,not supporting this video but im doing,it anyway,and i want to list price and they said,nope were not going to give you a list,price and i said okay well,if youre not going to give me the list,price i can go see that if i go look on,configurators the basic street pricing,is somewhere between,three and four hundred dollars more than,an amd epic 7742 which is a,69.50 so 6950,part i said could you at least confirm,that in like 1k,trade pricing the unit price is,somewhere around 300-400,more and they said yeah that kind of,makes sense so we dont actually have a,list price for this but what that means,is that basically,in those high quantities you could get,the cpus for somewhere in the 7250,range to the seven thousand three,hundred and fifty dollar range sorry i,couldnt get the exact pricing thats,the best i could do,but looking beyond the 64 course theres,way more going on here than just,raw core counts and tdps i mean we have,a total of 128 pcie gen,4 lanes per cpu and we recently did a,video,on a dell system that can take two of,these cpus and you can actually order,these skus,in that system and you can actually get,a total of 160 pcie gen 4 lanes in a,system you can,buy today and you can just go order from,dell you also get,eight channel memory and thats ddr4,3200 memory which is something that,intel will eventually,support with iceland xeons coming out,next year so we take just a second to,compare,at this point this is a 64 core part,that you can buy,today you have 160 pci gen 4 lanes today,and,isolate will only have 64 lanes per cpu,so itll be 128,pci agent 4 lanes so you actually get,more pcie connectivity potentially in a,system today,than you get with ice lake xeons next,year and you have the same 8 channel,ddr4 3200 memory that isolate will bring,but the difference is that this is using,a 2019 cpu,and by the time isolate comes out we,will have a refresh to this part,were going to get more on that on the,intel and amd competition side,but oh my gosh this is a absolutely huge,processor now if you simply want the,fastest processor that you can go out,and buy today because youre going to go,build a big system,this is one you should definitely look,at but there are some caveats,now i mentioned earlier that this was,specifically designed,as a hpc system or an hpc,cpu now in the hpc market something that,is happening is that they are doing a,transition very quickly actually,to liquid cooling in the data centers,that cool these hpc systems,and the reason for that is just as tdps,rise not just on the cp side but also,with the accelerators,they just need to go find a way to move,heat out of the data center and,cool things more efficiently and so a,280 watt cpu if you get into a high,density situation such as a,2u four node system we reviewed the,dell poweredge c6525 and there,they said yeah if you want to go put a,higher end cpu you can do that but you,need to go to liquid cooling not air,cooling like we reviewed,and there are a lot of other vendors by,the way that do these 2u4 nodes and you,can go put a total of,eight of these cpus in a 2u system but i,dont want to just actually focus on the,hpc use case here i want to talk about,the broader implications of this chip,because,well the hvc market is relatively small,compared to the broader market,although one used servers are generally,considered like kind of like the,building block,these days with how much connectivity,that the new cpus and new platforms have,we tend to see that two use systems,become you know very standard i mean,most people know what a 2u server looks,like and those things you see in data,centers,all the time and in a 2u server you can,actually cool a 280 watt,cpu because you can get enough airflow,through a taller heat sink to be able to,cool something that is putting out 280,watts,in that little you know footprint of a,cpu and if you want to know why theres,kind of a difference between,well in a normal to use system you can,air cool these but in a 2u4 node system,you cant air cool them,it doesnt just have to do with the,total power consumption its actually,being able to remove enough heat from a,certain surface area which is basically,the top of a chip,and how fast you can do that with heat,sinks and so thats why we see liquid,co

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AMD EPYC 7003 Milan Performance, Features, and Intel Ice Lake/ Cooper Lake Competition

hey guys this is pat from sdh and today,were finally,able to share the brand new amd server,processors codename milan,and those are the amd epic 7000 3 series,these processors are amds newest,generation of processors that are going,to carry,the epic line through 2021 and all the,way up until we get to genoa in 2022,but frankly this video comes at a very,weird time for the industry,because well lets just take milan for,example milan has been shipping for,revenue to customers i think since like,q3 of 2020 we got our first chips in,november,of 2020 although amd wasnt really too,happy about that,but that happened on the next generation,intel xeon iceland,intels already shipping those for,revenue and they havent actually,formally launched yet but,you know we know the performance of them,we just cant talk about it and in the,market thats actually kind of a big,deal because what that practically means,is that the milan chips we can only,really compare them performance wise to,what,well i guess cascade lake which was a,derivative of the 2017,sky lake or we can go to cooper lake,which is also a derivative basically of,the 2017 sky lake,but those are like our two options we,dont have the real competitor,which is the ice league xeon that we can,talk about right now but i think i have,a way that we can at least have that,discussion without,having the actual discussion so basic,game plan for this video is that first,were going to look at the,amd fx 7003 series mulan you know skew,stack pricing like what what are the,actual chips that are launching today,were then going to go and talk about,some of the improvements that amd made,from the,epic 7002 series which is rome to the,7003 mulan series,were going to go into the performance,and power consumption and of course the,new version,is well faster and it uses more power,and im just going to show off,just a couple little platforms that,were going to be doing actually some,actually really big platforms that were,going to be doing features on,uh that we already have that were,reviewing and so im going to just show,off a couple of those just to kind of,give you an idea,of how the market is receiving milan,and then creating new server platforms,in segments that milan really,and rome i guess really didnt access,prior to this,launch then what i want to do is inform,you,and kind of give you some idea in terms,of how to think about milan,in the context of what intel has,publicly stated and shown us,about ice lake already now we went,through all of the public bits on the,next generation ice lake zeons,and i think we actually have enough that,we can frame,a good discussion or at least a good,discussion guide,that will let you talk about milan and,ice lake intelligently and what each are,going to offer,and then what were going to do is were,going to synthesize that into,kind of giving you in the audience a,high-level guide that you can use,to think about how you would plan your,infrastructure purchases and,where these chips are really going to be,good and where i think intels going to,be good and if that seems like its an,absolute lot well,hey look it is i know the sth team has,been working for weeks getting ready for,this,and i know that the pieces that we have,on the sth main site,typically are read by just tons of,people i mean those things are just,huge pieces theyre often you know i,dont know what this ones going to end,up being but,7 10 maybe even more than 10 000 words,they become big reference pieces,and so this is the first time that were,really doing a video accompanying that,if you want to get more detail i would,definitely suggest going to opening that,we have a link in the description,check it out theres gonna be a little,bit more detail because were just gonna,kind of skim through some of the high,level details,that i speak and so you can go and do,that deep dive if you want to on some of,the parts,as part of the amd epic 7003 milan,series amd is launching a total of,19 new public skus and of those,there are four p skus which are only for,single socket as well as,four high frequency so frequency,optimized skus,since we get this question every once in,a while you can use a two socket sku in,a single socket,server but you tend not to do that,because the single socket skus are much,less expensive on the frequency,optimized part those are really skews,that are designed,because there are a lot of software,packages and licenses out there that are,licensed on a per core basis instead of,on a per socket or,per server basis and when you have that,per core licensing,having higher performance course rather,than more course is often,more cost effective now when we say that,there are 19 skus thats,really only kind of part of the story,there are six skus,from the amd epic rome series that are,also going to continue,into this next generation mulan so,youre still going to purchase at,some price points and some i guess,capability points the roam series cpus,something that i noticed when i looked,at the six skus is that the vast,majority of them,are the four channel memory optimized,skus,that amd had in the rome generation we,actually did a video,and an article on what that is but,effectively what amd does,is they have a set of skus that have,only a certain number of ccds active and,the placement of the ccds are optimized,for only four of the eight channels of,memory,being populated and that really is a,response,to the folks that are coming from the,intel xeon e5 generation where you had,four channel memory,and if you didnt necessarily want to,put a whole bunch of memory into a,system and you just wanted a little core,count and low memory,amount that is actually a good way and,thats a way that amd has to,optimize their platforms for you know,those kind of lower memory accounts,where youre only going to put four,dimms in,now were going to flash up the skus but,i want to give a couple high points the,first one youre going to notice is that,in terms of list price and price per,core youre going to see that there is a,migration,upward its not necessarily a linear,migration on all of the skus,but at some point youre going to see,that all the skus at the same level are,going up in price,i think that kind of makes sense milan,is faster on a,per core basis and so i think amd is,starting to capture some of that,value the other side to it is from a,competitive standpoint,intel tends to have higher list price,parts and then realistically whats,happening is that theres a pretty,fierce discounting war thats happening,on deals and so by having a higher list,price,on the amd cpus it means that vendors,can then discount,more and make it look like theyre,giving a bigger percentage off to hit,their street prices for their servers,and just to give you some sense of that,discounting so that way you can all you,know,be realistic here its just if youre,like a cloud provider or something like,that,the 64 core skus that are on this price,list,basically those cloud providers are,paying less than a third of what youre,seeing there,i think the other side to it is just,that amd has been a little bit supply,constrained in terms of server,processors and so i think this is really,just amd saying well,you know we cant make enough of these,things anyway so,why are we selling them for a bigger,discount than we need to so maybe we,should get a couple extra dollars out of,it i think that totally makes sense from,a business perspective and thats kind,of what youd expect,two other points that i think are very,related are the fact that tdps are,generally up in this generation so we,actually see a formal launch 280 watt,tdp part and that is something that we,did see in the previous generation we,did a review of the amd fx7 h12 we did a,video of that as well which we can link,and thats now a formal sku so with,those higher tdps amds able to go and,raise,their clock speeds up a little bit and,thats one of the big benefits of milan,is that you get two things you get the,ip

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AMD EPYC Milan Is Better Than We Thought

modern processors are dedicating more,power to i o,and memory and modern amd processors are,getting in a little bit of a tears with,their performance with the latest,milan epics,whats your minimum specification,lenore makes managing cloud,infrastructure easy with same pricing a,full featured api and 100,human support whether its a personal,vpn game server,website or a big-ass gpu solution new,users controller node today with a free,100.60 day credit at leno.com,tech tech potato so lets go on a,journey,with a standard modern desktop cpu,we may have 105 watts 125 watts,and most of that power is dedicated for,the cores,the i o dual channel memory and some,pcie lanes doesnt take up that much,so ultimately most of the power that you,get is going to the cause,giving you higher frequency and higher,performance,now this becomes a problem when you move,into the sort of high-end desktop,and server space where youre not only,dealing with more cores,but more io in this world were dealing,with six channel memory,or eight channel memory and pcie lanes,are going up to 40,48 64 even 128 pcie lanes,so not all of the power is going to the,cause so youre not getting as much,performance as you might expect,this actually becomes doubly worse for,chiplet-based designs,because now you have to transfer your,data across,your bus across for example on amd,the infinity fabric offer intel the mesh,the downside of having these chiplet,architectures and when intel moves to,chiplets theyll come across the same,thing,is that you now have to move the data,from silicon through the package or,through an interposer,and then back into other silicon and,that has an inherent power cost,as your processor has a full power,budget,that power for to transfer the data has,to come out the overall power budget,reducing power for the cause,therefore reducing peak frequency,therefore reducing,peak performance this is usually a,trade-off however because there are lots,of workloads on these systems which,require,more memory bandwidth more pcie,bandwidth more o bandwidth,maybe youve got a workload which,involves a lot of crosstalk between,cores crosstalk between threads,youll need to go across that fabric and,talk to those cores,if the power wasnt there for those for,the fabric,then you would have a degradation,performance so it is very much a,balancing act,based on your workload for those of you,that follow consumer processors,such as the ryzen 9 3950x and the ryzen,9 5950x,youll know that we have two core,complex chiplets,with an i o die attached and on review,sites where theyve managed to,measure package power and core power,such as anantek,youll notice that these processors with,their extra i o die,consume more power at idle and as a,result,theres less power available for the,cause this becomes more of a problem,with amds rom and milan processors,where youve got,eight core chiplets and one big io die,with eight ddr4 channels and 128 pcie,lanes,and in initial testing of that rome i o,die we found that it was consuming,around the 50 watt mark,that means that out of the 225 watt 240,watt,for the whole processor you now have 191,to 175 watts,for the cores reducing what would,potentially be the peak performance if,you just looked at that tdp,power value when it comes to the latest,generation of milan,processors from amd there was a little,bit of a roadblock,so most reviews for milan day one,used amds daytona reference platform,this is amds reference platform from,the first generation naples epic that,theyve repurposed for rome second,generation rome,and now third generation milan most,reviewers if not all reviewers who did,launch day reviews,got access to a daytona server with the,newest cpus,what was interesting to find at the time,with andres numbers is that the i o die,instead of using 50 watts,roughly per cpu in rome was now using up,to 100 watts,in milan this is a base idle,power which is quite a lot so now youve,got a 280 watt cpu,only having 180 watts available for the,cause,for frequency for performance so what,exactly was going,wrong here at the time of that initial,milan review,pretty much everybody who reviewed the,processor lineup said great lots of,performance,its a winner and regardless of this you,know 100 watts per i o die,bass power consumption performance was,still,great especially with the lower core,count models,however when anantec got hold of a,third-party motherboard from gigabyte,things changed slightly,as andre points out in his recent,updated review,so this is andres uh updated review,milan review part two uh amd platform,versus gigabyte platform io,our own head per core uh basically it,says,in the original review we saw a high,idle package power exceeding 100 watts,as i mentioned um we are communicating,our findings and worries to amd prior to,the review publishing,but never root caused the issue and,were never able to confirm whether this,was intended behavior of the new third,gen milan chips,or not we theorized it was a side effect,of the new i o die,which has the infinity fabric running,slightly higher frequency,and then generation also runs one to one,with memory control clocks,so package idle power this graph here we,look at intels cascade lake and ice,lake,26 27 watts idle and then the ultra,uh 80 core arm processor 32 watts,then if we have a look at the whole,graph uh,focus on the bottom bit for a second,daytona so this was,the third generation you can tell,because it has a three at the end of the,epic name,running 100 watts package idle power,however with the new gigabyte,motherboard,these processors were reduced so lets,take the 7763 thats 64 core part,99 watts idle package power reduced down,to 65,with the new gigabyte motherboard and uh,yeah as andre says to our surprise when,setting up the new gigabyte system,we found out this behavior extremely,high or idle power was not being,exhibited on the new test platform,instead of 100 watt idle figures,it tests with the daytona system were,now seeing figures that are pretty much,in line with amds roam system at around,465.72,and then he goes into some performance,numbers showcasing you know,what the i o die you know difference is,and what performance uplift this means,but essentially across,um spec 2017 were seeing anywhere from,a one percent to a,13 uplift just by virtue of having,more power available to the cause,so what exactly is going on here now,as i said amds daytona reference,platform,that was used in those first reviews,dates back,to first generation naples that,that chassis that motherboard that,design was built,for naples and with knowledge of rome,with knowledge of 2nd gen,it just so happens that amd decided to,update it to support,third generation milan as well however,if you go look at motherboards,in the market that support uh naples,rome and milan youll find that they are,very distinctly into two different,categories,you have motherboards that support 1st,gen and 2nd gen,or motherboards that support 2nd gen and,3rd gen there really isnt any,commercial,solutions that support both first 2nd,and also 3rd gen,at the same time if anything those that,do,are built targeting third gen with,support for second and first gen,daytona was built for first gen with,support for second and third,now if you can follow where im going,here the fact that,amd you built daytona for those first,generation naples,it was built as a 240 watts per socket,platform,were now testing 280 watt um,third gen epic milan processors in that,platform,and somewhere along the way this is,probably a bios,update a microcode issue just monitoring,of the system,the i o power the i o die power on third,gen epic,in a daytona system was,practically double you know and thats,taking power away from cause taking,uh performance away from end users so,when andre tested with this new gigabyte,motherboard,hey easy 13 up to 13 uplifting,performance,and actually thats pretty amazing,because that means that amd is further,ahead,than anyone thought about in in t

AMD EPYC & Intel Xeon MEGA LEAK: Genoa Benchmarks, Granite Rapids Core Counts, Threadripper

[Music],now dont worry Ill get to the server,on hgdt stuff you clicked on this video,for soon enough but before I get to that,I actually do want to mention that today,Nvidia announced that the much maligned,RTX 40 80 12 gigabyte was canceled and,while they definitely wouldnt admit the,whole story which was that they knew,this thing was about to be burned to the,ground and reviews I actually think they,showed those benchmarks last week,because well they wanted to see how bad,press it would get and it got horrible,press and again theyre not admitting,how bad that press was but they are,acknowledging part of their mistake,openly in this announcement saying that,this confused consumers which admitting,any mistakes at all thats very unlike,Nvidia this is kind of unprecedented for,Jensens ego so this is pretty big news,that I want to talk about because well,see in this news I figured I should drop,one Nvidia micro leak today regarding,the 4080 Brothers you see I dont think,just canceling the 40 80 12 gigabyte is,enough I think that that 40 80 16,gigabyte also needs a huge adjustment,down in price to a thousand dollars at,most and frankly I think it should be,7.99 to be even remotely reasonable,remember,I dont like the 2080 but at most that,40 80 16 gigabyte should be priced like,the 2080 was priced to be even,semi-reasonable please understand that,when I say semi-reasonable pricing the,40 80 16 gigabyte at 800 put emphasis on,the semi not on the reasonable,um to understand why I think even 800 a,400 price drop to the 40 80 16 gigabyte,would be only semi-reasonable,I want you guys to see something that I,have had one of my best sources insist,to me recently yet again and thats that,Nvidia told at least some of their,Partners earlier this year that 8103 the,graphics die being used for the 40 80 16,gigabyte not even the fold either,cutting it down slightly that was,originally that die was originally going,to be used for the RTX 4070 now look,I cannot promise you that Nvidia would,have given the 4070 the exact same specs,as what were seeing in the 40 80 16,gigabyte in todays Lovelace lineup,theres a good chance they may have cut,it down slightly more to make the 40 70,maybe use standard gdr6 and if they did,that they certainly may have also made,the RTX 4080 the full uncut ad103 die,pushed to 350 Watts instead of the low,TDP theyve given it for how big its,coolers are going to be but Im not 100,sure about that what I am 100 sure about,is at the beginning of this year 8103,was going to be used for the 4070 and so,yeah I just thought you guys had to know,that so it could have been a lot better,than what were seeing right now but at,least Nvidia is partially making things,more reasonable by canceling that 40 80,12 gigabyte and this is an example of,how backlash in a changing Market can,make company knees redirect the course,that theyre on and the same goes for a,lot of things going on right now at,Intel you see pivoting to these sorts of,discussions I can now independently,confirm that today Pat was briefing,people around Intel in the usual Friday,q a warning people that there were going,to be some fairly large layoffs soon as,Bloomberg has already reported on I can,now independently confirm thats coming,and I dont want to say an exact number,yet because Ive heard different numbers,from different people but its I think,its going to be many thousands possibly,as many people or as around as many work,at AMD in total right now this is not,going to be some tiny set of layoffs,this is going to be a massive trimming,of a lot of different Personnel in many,different divisions and I believe a few,divisions one of them you can guess,which one is probably going to get most,of the layoffs is going to get hit very,hard due to some recent failures that,Pat is not happy about this year and,I dont want to talk about that anymore,in todays video I dont get any extra,views for being negative and I dont,like talking about it I dont want,anyone who works at these companies to,fail but I do have to confirm that some,of the things people are defending,online that Intels released recently,they are seen as failures and there is,going to be repercussions for that,within the company unfortunately but all,of this is going to lead to a stronger,Intel in a couple of years I do think,that right now Intel is working on,trimming the fat it needs to trim so it,can stay more Nimble more lean and not,completely lose its ability to compete,with AMD at similar margins its again,thats thats actually another thing,Ive heard today is that Pat was talking,about how Intel is getting dangerously,close to becoming a company that cant,even have the same margins as AMD as it,wants to and so thats why a lot of,these layoffs are coming they just have,to do it so that when they launch their,good products in a year or so those good,products cannot be saddled with any,unneeded weight and one of those,products is granite Rapids which Im,excited to tell you guys some details,about today you see a year ago I talked,about Granite Rapids actually a decent,amount in one of my videos specifically,I said that it would bring a lot more,cores than emerald Rapids brought it,would be using the Redwood Cove,architecture that I first leaked was,going to come to Intels meteor Lake set,of products and that it would use,Intels for node well I also said back,then that it seemed like things were,changing and that nobody should double,down on the exact specs yet right now I,have what are the exact specs and the,ones I want to tell you today are the,probably biggest headline ones and,thats that it now goes up to 128 cores,on Redwood Cove Plus on the Intel 3 node,and they are trying to get it out as,soon as possible in 2024 and I want to,be clear about this Redwood plus,architecture I am told it is a bigger,uplift over Redwood Cove than Raptor,Cove was over golden Cove so its a,bigger architectural shift then Raptor,lake is bringing over Alder Lake which,is really exciting all of this means,that with that big core count increase,which it kind of seems like uh the,original Granite Rapids was probably,going to be somewhere between like 72,and 96 cores although no one I talked to,is 100 sure where that was it was,probably always up for debate theyre,going now to 128 cores so roughly a 50,increase in core count and a better,architecture on a better note this is,aimed at a minimum 60 better than what,they initially intended to release and,depending on how good its accelerators,are I actually think it can compete okay,against Turin at least better against,Turin than how I feel Sapphire Rapids,will against the Genoa set of families,although another thing I want to talk,about today is how Sapphire Rapids isnt,as much of a disaster as some people,might think assuming it actually does,come out when its supposed to and well,yeah all of that is what I also want to,talk about today I have internal slides,from AMD detailing genoas performance,and I have a whole host of release dates,for Intel and AMD workstation slash hedt,products that means threadripper that,means Fishhawk Falls and their server,products Im going to get to all of that,but first an ad from a sponsor the RTX,4090 is so big that I was considering,digging one of my old compact liquid,coolers from Storage to cool my,processor if I were to test the 4090 in,my desktop and unfortunately I found out,that at some point it had broken pretty,badly and so I guess Ill just need to,buy a new one if I go down that route,but you know whatever I end up using,this highlighted the dangers of liquid,cooling theyre dangerous that the ice,giant Pro siphon Elite does not need to,worry about todays sponsor is brought,to you by Ice Giant and their Pro siphon,Elite that uses thermosiphon technology,which was initially developed for use,for industrial applications to make an,incredibly Innovative phase change,cooler that performs like the best,liquid coolers on the market and it has,the reliability and s

THIS is how AMD Wins. – EPYC Genoa Announcement Reaction

while AMD endured a relatively,lackluster ryzen 7000 launch thanks to,Fierce competition from everyones,favorite budget offering Intel in the,data center AMD is pulling no punches,with todays announcement of Epic Genoa,theyre bringing double-digit IPC,improvements a maximum of 96 cores per,socket a whopping 12 channels of ddr5,memory I dont even have that many,fingers and so much more,were going to tell you whats new and,why Intels upcoming Sapphire Rapids,probably wont be able to compete with,this,spicy salami,Mamma Mia oh quasi Picante comic questo,sponsor Segway Phil redox build Redux,makes it easy to configure your new,build with support guides and,competitive pricing compared to building,a PC yourself head to build redux.com,Linus and start your new build today for,those that havent been paying attention,lets get you up to speed AMD has been,releasing their epic line of server,processors based on the Zen architecture,since 2017 with the first generation,dubbed Naples,not until the more recent epic Rome in,2019 in Milan in 2021 however did AMD,actually manage to compete and then beat,Intel taking the performance Crown this,is in part due to core count Intels,monolithic style processors capped out,at a measly 40 chorus per socket,compared to amds 64 core chiplin,designs back in 2021 Intel hoped to,compete against epic Milan with their,own chiplet-based design codenamed,Sapphire Rapids but ended up delaying,due to technical difficulties and poor,yields to a now confirmed January 2023,launch and theyre still on 10 nanometer,or Intel 7 now they call it Intel seven,we dont dont say nanometer come on,things are not looking great for Intels,Enterprise sector right now because,honestly,genoha looks awesome the most obvious,change with the latest generation is the,New Zen 4 architecture running on tsmcs,five nanometer process,zenfor is more of a refinement of Zen 3,rather than a complete redesign but,while much of the micro architecture,layout is the same improvements have,been sprinkled all over a big chunk of,the clean 14 IPC uplift comes from,optimizations to the architecture front,end with improved Branch prediction that,can predict two branches per cycle,rather than just one and a hefty bump to,L2 cache they also introduced AVX 512,support which is going to be a huge help,for machine learning and AI workloads in,the data center,speaking of which the other major,upgrade this time around is core counts,across the 18 total skus launching for,Genoa the max cores per socket has,increased by a whopping 50 from 64 to 96,cores with the minimum core count seeing,a bump from 8 to 16 cores on the lowest,end skus,despite the powering efficiency,improvements of the new architecture,maximum socket power consumption is,jumping from 280 Watts on the last,generation to a whopping 400 watts per,socket a level that amds high,performance compute customers have,actually been asking for though the,company tells us they dont expect the,power envelope to climb much Beyond this,point and dont expect to get much,further into this video without a,mention of our beanies on ltdstore.com,uh they put LOL in there but you know,what its actually getting colder,unfortunately with great power draw,comes great socket demands and Genoa is,no exception gone are the days of,rectangular oppression say hello to our,new Square overlords,Jokes Aside genoas new sp5 socket packs,a whopping,6096 pins nice,um more like a like a nice backwards,its a similar trade design to the,previous sp3 socket but its now,heatsink actuated rather than socket,actuated thats fancy speak for the,cooler providing the necessary pressure,to ensure proper contact between the CPU,and the sockets pins its not,dissimilar to the approach Intel has,been taking for a few years now except,AMD thoughtfully included the lockdown,plate for the CPU to prevent you from,accidentally dropping a chip into the,socket which you wouldnt want to do,since,6096 nice pins are tiny and expensive,however they are not as expensive as the,copious amounts of memory this thing,supports across 12 channels were,talking up to six terabytes of ddr5,running at 4 800 Mega transfers per,second allowing for a theoretical Peak,throughput but a 480 gigabytes per,second across the whole thing six,terabytes all without taking too big of,a hit in total latency oh and if that,isnt enough fast memory for you AMD is,introducing support for cxl,wait what the hell is cxl cxl is short,for compute express link and it could,very well be a game changer in the,service space and potentially for,Consumer Tech in the future its a cash,coherent interconnect standard built on,top of PCI Express 5 that allows for,huge increases to i o memory and storage,flexibility,in the same way that AMD uses PCI,Express Lanes as Infinity Fabric and,their dual socket servers cxl uses PCI,Express Lanes as low latency high,bandwidth interconnects allowing the,system to pool or expand memory and,improve the performance of various types,of Hardware accelerators like gpus or,network cards maybe you need an extra,four terabytes of RAM for more,virtualization I know I do slap in a cxl,memory card and you are good to go and,cxl lets you allocate that extra Ram to,other devices if you want to Genoa,supports cxl 1.1 plus type 3 which is,the catchiest name Ive read all week,and is primarily focused on memory,expansion rather than accelerators cxl,is only just coming to the server Market,but is primed to be a very important,technology for the future of our,computers so keep an eye on it it might,come to Consumer Hardware sooner than,you think if youre worried that you,wont have enough pcie lanes for all,this stuff then dont be a single CPU,provides you with 128 PCI Express Gen 5,lanes and up to 160 in two CPU systems,providing ample flexibility in terms of,expansion and if you want to see just,how much you can fit into these things,super micro let us unveil their new h13,Genoa Suite check out the link in the,description to see some Hands-On,Hardware content and last but certainly,not least AMD introduced a few,improvements to their security such as,support for over a thousand encrypted,virtualizations that is pretty neat,especially for vpss what kind of,perform,from all of these slick new feature,enhancements though for starters more,than double the performance in integer,arithmetic over Intels 40 core Xeon,8380 Flagship which is expected,considering AMD has more than double the,cores and ends up being just an eight,percent increase per core but the,customer is buying 96 core CPUs like,this one,they would probably actually just want,the more cores rather than faster cores,so does amds dominance then carry over,to the rest of the product stack,according to AMD yes very yes but before,we get too far please note that AMD has,been pretty liberal with the scaling in,their performance graphs so try to focus,on the numbers themselves rather than,the pictures AMD claims that their 24,core epic 9274f will compete with that,same 40 core Intel CPU at least in,integer operations calling integer,operations general purpose Computing is,a bit of a stretch but even if you,cynically assume that all of these CPUs,will perform 25 percent worse than AMD,promises youll still see comparably,cord AMD skus competing with Intels,flagships maybe you shouldnt be quite,so cynical because the way AMD tested,their CPUs for this could be leaving,performance on the table let me explain,EMD has embraced the Silicon Lottery,with their new power management feature,called determinism wow,just like gonna take a philosophy there,well it comes in two flavors performance,and power oh it is philosophy its kind,of like amds Precision boost found on,their ryzen chips and allows you to bump,up your performance within spec if you,have the thermal or power Headroom to do,so in the performance determinism mode,the CPU will Target the maximum,performance at a given TDP with power,varying to maintain stable performance,power determinism is flippe

Intel introduced its next-generation Xeon Max CPU

Xeon has been the foundation for HPC,deployments with billions of lines of,optimized code zMAX integrates high,bandwidth memory to the fourth gen Xeon,scalable processors codenamed Sapphire,Rapids thats now in production zMAX,includes up to 56 performance cores,constructed of four tiles the tiles are,connected together using Intels,embedded multi-die interconnect Bridge,technology which is a low latency,interconnect that provides full mesh,bandwidth Xeon Max also includes PCI,Express Gen 5 and cxl 1.1,we werent the first to integrate hbm,into an hpc-oriented CPU so lets hear,the initial Pioneer on the importance of,this new innovation,the Xeon Max CPU is the first and only,x86 processor that supports high,bandwidth memory with four stacks of,hbm2e and 64 gigabytes of ultra high,bandwidth in package memory the,performance implications for memory,bound applications are truly astounding,each tile is connected to a dedicated,stack of 16 gigabytes of hbm memory at,the highest core count this means that,Xeon Max CPU provides 1.14 gigabytes of,hbm capacity per core enough capacity to,fit a large percentage of the most,popular workloads,the Xeon Max CPU is designed to be used,in three memory configurations HPM only,flat and cache,HPM and cache modes can be run,seamlessly with no code changes,Now power is a major limiter for large,data center deployments especially now,so its critically important that we,develop higher performing Hardware,within the same power and thermal,budgets,a zMAX configuration without dimms,consumes 68 less power than an,equivalent performing melon X system,Kyoto University is one of the early,customers for the zMAX CPU its high,bandwidth memory will help theoretical,physicists uncover the nature of the,universe,the specs and features are great but,what gets me most excited is the,performance were seeing on a breadth of,applications on zMAX first industry,standard benchmarks over five x,generational gains and versus the,competition,now looking at real world workloads we,have gains ranging from 60 Improvement,to over 300 percent Improvement these,come with a substantial performance for,what gains as well,now lets dive into a few specific,verticals and see the impact of Xeon Max,CPU,manufacturers use HPC and AI at nearly,every stage of product development from,design to automation to visualization,Altair is a long time Intel customer who,offers Engineers tools like accusolve to,quickly calculate fluid or thermal,effects of a design change,the HQ model is a large accusol,Benchmark with over 6 million nodes and,200 elements in the model,zeomax shows significant performance,Improvement,the CPU cores and threads that were star,for data using DDR memory are now fully,fed by the hbm stacks and can compute,more efficiently improve performance per,node will give customers faster,turnaround for product development and,Analysis,and were truly excited to partner with,Altair to bring additional value to,their customers,molecular Dynamics is a key domain for,HPC practitioners high accuracy,computational methods such as DFT can be,very expensive and impractical to,alleviate this researchers are applying,deep learning in conjunction with,compute bound applications such as lamps,to reduce the time to solution while,maintaining the same or similar accuracy,deepmd is one of the deep learning,workloads enabled on Xeon Max with three,times the training power and 135 times,the imprint speeds we accelerate the,timed solution for molecular Dynamics,another great test for zMAX CPU is Earth,system modeling because the Earth is Big,especially when you split it into small,meshes and solve complex physics at,every point,the model for prediction across scales,is a climate modeling framework,developed by Los Alamos National,Laboratory and ankar using the 60,kilometer resolution model running on a,Xeon Max we achieved faster performance,compared to melon X,and you can get this performance out of,the box without any code change

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