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  5. Hairdresser Reacts to People Going to The Lowest Rated Hair Salons


we are gonna head on over to the worst,rated hair salon i think i might regret,that decision later,i feel like this side is shorter than,this side hi guys im mar no im not,crazy i swore this as an explanation but,today im going to be going to the worst,rate hair salon and i yeah this is,happening all right you guys so this,hair salon it has so many one star,reviews its like im not even kidding,and theyre pretty recent so im gonna,read some of those awful one-star,reviews okay so sack says one star,horrible service i called to make an,appointment and she said come in 15,minutes i showed up in 15 minutes she,asked if i could come back in 40 minutes,because somebody just showed up whats,the point of making an appointment then,she laughed horrible service i will,never go there again or recommend to,anybody okay heres another review one,star it says please know there are two,yellow pages for the salon oh you,already know when theres two yellow,pages you know thats about to be a mess,its like they start a yelp and then,theyre an awful place and they get,really bad reviews so they start another,one they never fix their mistakes its,like of course both yelps are gonna be,bad you know these,all shady businesses do the same thing i,dont know why so everybody in the,reviews is complaining about this,persons son and when i went in there i,asked about sun and she wasnt there so,i honestly feel that the reason why the,salon has so many bad reviews is because,of sun because every bat review is about,sun and when i went in i asked and the,girl that was with me was not sun and,the other person was not sun either just,so i dont know i mean if i would have,gotten inside just so you guys know but,look it does unfortunately i cant,recommend sun was nice enough i guess,but what other reviewers have pointed,out about this place is true i came in,wanting my grace covered by my natural,hair color chocolate brown what i got,was just giant black all the way to the,ends of my long hair looks like shoe,polish there was virtually no discussion,or input from me son just picked a color,okay so she just decided your hair about,to be black right now i dont care if,you have dark brown dark brown black the,same to me okay girl what look at this,review one star i called ahead and asked,if they had time for cut and color and,describe what i wanted no problem i,drove all the way out here and they,waffled and said what i wanted sounded,too complicated,what and to go somewhere else as they,didnt have time thanks for wasting two,hours of my commute to okay why would,you drive to this place two hours away i,mean who drives to a hair salon thats,two hours away it would have to be like,the most amazing like it will be like,you know this person thats been doing,your hair forever and they moved away,and youre like okay you know what im,driving two hours but who drives two,hours for a hair salon oh look this is,what i was saying so susan one star said,i went to this,saturday to have my hair washed and,trimmed i had a wonderful experience,with karina and she was understanding,and gentle because i was unable to wash,my own hair due to surgery i went back,to have my hair washed i mean i love,that shes explaining why she goes back,to the salon to have her hair watch its,not like oh well i just had a good,experience im going back shes like,its because i cant do it myself then i,got the most rude beautician named sun,so its the sun the problem oh oh my god,it feels like a celebrity to me im like,i need to meet the sun she wanted to,charge me more for everything because,all i needed was a wash and a ponytail,no,no when i told sun no blow dry she began,to berate me and that said i will sue,you claiming that i was abusing her he,told me 25 charge but wrote 20 in the,ledger so i only paid 20. when i,demanded a receipt and her name son told,me she was the manager then she said she,was the owner neither was true steer,clear of the salon oh my god thats,crazy okay thats hella crazy okay so,here i found the mandatory fake five,star review because theres always fake,five star reviews every time i see one,of these look it says sun is fabulous,she does the best color in l.a always,kind and quick,yeah okay i dont believe you tanya,whoever you are so terry one star says,worst never again if the owner wants to,respond to me and give me a phone number,and time to call them i will definitely,ill rather tell the person who can,actually do something about this,horrible salon rather than complain on,the site thank you,i mean i get your point honestly i do,but i nobody responded to them all right,you guys so i went to the salon and this,was my experience all right you guys so,we are gonna head on over to the worst,rated hair salon i am gonna ask for,curls well im gonna get like wash my,hair and everything although my hair is,clean right now but i feel like curls is,something thats kind of like,complicated enough but also like easy,enough because any hairstylist should be,easy to do a curl but my hair doesnt,really hold the curl too well as you can,see its like pretty i dont know just,like flat so were gonna do that oh you,know what i just thought of this im,gonna ask her to give me like maybe some,layers to the front of my face oh god,im gonna do that i think i might regret,that decision later but just like some,really you know long layers to the front,of my face,and see what happens i mean i did cut my,own hair so if she does a worse job than,i did when i cut my own hair like i,dont even know what to tell you guys,but yeah so well see this is what my,hair looks like right now its pretty,basic just like my black hair and yeah,lets go lets see what happens were,getting close guys im scared for my,hair cordon im gonna ask like a small,haircut oh my god gordos must be yeah,im youre probably terrified because he,does not want me to like ever cut my,hair but its only going to be a little,bit i mean if they abuse the scissors i,dont know what might happen,but just a little well see,okay its that place oh yes,all right were going in with you guys,um i want to get my hair um i went to,write and then some curls,yeah for sure,whats your name,yeah for my name yes okay,all right guys im in the chair,about to get new hairdo,okay so how much do you want to cut do,you know um i just want to like frame my,face a little bit because you know like,this is like very long i feel like its,not really craving my face okay so just,test that just like a bit,also i dont know if you notice yeah,no i just this is fine its just around,my face just bring the face,and not cut the back no not the back not,the bait ill just cut the front yeah,okay do you want to take off take this,one over are you freezing im cold so,you can get it off no on your ears,right yeah,are you going anywhere special today,yeah i have an event,but i see its a bit dry so that doesnt,yeah no i just wanted to do my because i,like that color thats like yeah i know,i dont know if youve seen yeah yeah my,ends are a mess,[Music],i think this is the first time ive,gotten my hair cut with my hair dry,well because this one can see the shape,you can see it better yeah it makes,sense,but everybodys different you know i im,not can i say one way is right it all,depends on the uh you know individual,yeah i feel that myself,so how sure do you want me to have the,layer like you want um,i cant really see right now okay,actually yeah ill do it for you okay,yeah i forgot to ask how much this would,be oh the costume because your hair your,hair is long yeah okay blow dry 40 yeah,and the haircut 25 65 oh okay yeah 65,plus incur right oh plus the curl yes oh,okay so how much is it actually it will,be 45. dont do that its hundreds,oh 100 wow its extra for the curl,oh wow,okay,[Music],or music oh no i just made daily videos,of my life oh okay,sure so youre a youtuber yeah oh okay,so more on this or,i can do it even more on the front um i,think it looks fine yeah okay since,thats not just the frame of the

Getting Frosted Tips at a One Star Hair Salon | One Star Reviews

-“By law, I just did a service,,and you cant, like, technically leave.,You know, I can call the cops.”,♪♪,-So, Im in Florida right now, where, luckily,,for my “One Star Reviews” series,,its a place thats open for business no matter what.,And while in Florida, I, you know,,want to tap into the scene, you know,,I want to immerse myself within the culture.,I want to play the part. Were going all the way.,Frosted tips, baby.,♪♪,Okay, lets see what we have here.,Theres, uh, quite a few options.,People in Florida seem to really take their hair quite seriously.,So I just came across Studio 209 Beauty.,They appear to operate out of their home.,They, uh, have some nice chairs.,So lets just see what the, uh, reviews say.,♪♪,♪♪,♪♪,I certainly feel as if its my duty,to try to get to the bottom of that.,Um, and, hopefully, it doesnt land me in this, um, small room,,but, um, sign me up.,♪♪,I was excited for this new upgrade to my style.,With so many truly iconic,looks coming from this area of the country,,I knew I was in the right hands.,However, these hands were attached,to the arms of a business,who has received many one-star reviews.,♪♪,Lizard.,-How are you doing? -Hi. Im Taji.,-Hi, hi. Nice to meet you. Im Sabrina.,-So nice to meet you. -You want to come on back?,-Um, sure. Thank you. -Okay, great.,And well be right in here. Have a seat.,♪♪,♪♪,-How did you get into the world of hair?,-Um, basically Ive been doing hair for about 25 years,,and I followed my moms footsteps.,Ill show you all the rooms that used to be bedrooms.,This room is the only one that has a window that opens.,That used to be the kitchen. -Super nice. But no one,does live here. Its, um — -No, its just all,,um, business. -You just converted it?,-Yeah, yeah. -Awesome.,After a short tour of their impressive house conversion,,it was time to get to business.,But from the reviews I had read, I was naturally nervous.,Maybe Ill just use the restroom really quickly…,-Yeah, go right ahead. -…before my consultation.,Thank you. [ Urinating ],With an empty bladder and a full heart,,I was ready for my treatment.,-So, tell me a little bit about your hair,and tell me what you want to do. -Being in Florida,,you know, I thought I would just try something new, you know –,-Some wow to it? -Yeah, exactly.,-Yeah. -Maybe somewhere –,like, I like this guy… -Okay.,-…you know, and its kind of subtle,,but then again, I like this one. -Okay.,-So maybe, like, almost meeting halfway.,-Heavy, heavy, but, yeah, okay.,-Um, exactly. That feels nice.,-Yeah.,-With some reviews hinting towards a lack of experience,,I wanted to ask Sabrina directly about her credentials,to set the record straight.,Did you study hair, or you learned from your mom,,or wha– how was — -No, I went to beauty school.,-Oh, you did? Awesome. -Yeah, yeah.,Yeah, it took me about eight months to graduate.,I went morning and night all day just to get it all — you know,,get it done and get working, get working,,and basically trying, you know…,-For sure. -Yeah,,because practice makes perfect.,♪♪,-So, um, whats the — -Mix up a little bit,of color for you. -So youre mixing some color.,What — What goes into that?,-A little bit of bleach, honestly.,-Little bit of bleach. -Little bit of bleach.,-Is that some peroxide, or — what is that?,-Yeah, little bit — yeah, peroxide.,-Nice.,Right on.,♪♪,♪♪,Uh, Im curious what I look like.,My treatment was underway.,There had been some wild accusations describing,how Sabrina deals with allegedly difficult customers.,I was curious to find out some more.,Do you ever have any, like, difficult clients at any time,,or — h-how is it dealing with people?,-Well, you know, just — you cant please everybody,,but you try to do as best as you can,to have a, you know, a great visit.,-I mean, I even, like, did a search, you know,,before I came in, and I, you know,,read through a few of the reviews. Um…,-Left something right over here. -Oh, totally.,-That — Thats okay. -Take your time.,Well get back to that. -Oh, yeah,,I might have it over here. -For sure.,-Okay, now Im gonna cover you up a little bit.,Im going to put you under the dryer now.,-Thanks.,I feel like Im about to go off to outer space or something.,-Right? -Blast off.,♪♪,[ Dryer whirring ],♪♪,-Its going to look great. -With my last attempt foiled,,now I would try for a second launch,into Sabrinas one-star reviews.,But, yeah, I mean, I even, you know,,checked out some of the reviews before coming in.,I was wondering… -Did you check?,-…if maybe I could, you know, ask you a couple of questions,about that, you know, kind of give you a chance,to speak for yourself?,-Oh, yeah, of course. -You know, one review I saw,kept coming up — people were claiming, um, difficulty,,I guess, with the appointment time.,They were saying they were kept waiting,,this — this kind of thing.,Someone claimed they felt, um,,it was disrespectful and rude towards them, even.,-Right, and, now, it can be,,cause I know, as a customer, like,,I feel like customer service, it should be number one.,But, you know, you cant please everybody.,So sometimes, yeah, theres been some instances,,you know, and nobodys perfect, but we try as best as we can,,you know, to — you know, do the best that we can.,-This made sense, but there were certain reviews,that had me really concerned, mentioning people,allegedly being held captive against their will.,Um, I think I saw two different reviews,where someone claims — I guess they expressed,they werent happy with the results,,and then they were kind of just, I guess, in a situation,where they were told, you know, “You have to pay,,or were going to call the police,”,and they almost felt — they felt threatened,and almost, like — then they ended up,in some sort of, like, small room they — they –,a couple people referenced, you know, um,,like, almost captive.,-Captive? No. Like, um, I remember –,I think theres one lady — actually, a couple ladies,,you know, you think that theyre happy with their hair,,but then they, like, just storm up,and try to leave the salon, you know, and Im like,,”What are you trying to, like, leave?,By law, I just did a service,,and you cant, like, technically leave.,You know, I can call the cops.” So thats what I told them.,♪♪,And she was like, “Oh, my God, like, no, like –“,and I was like, “What are you talking about?”,The haircut is perfect perfection.,That was one. Another lady with the color-technique thing,,like, she had long hair. It was, like, dark hair.,Well, of course, the colors going to be,different at the root. So at the end, theyre like,,”Oh, my hair was two different colors,”,And then they posted on the review where Im like –,I tried to tell you,what you needed to do to do your hair.,I dont know. Just to think about,the things that the people, like, bitch about,really dont make sense to me.,You run into some people that just –,I dont think theyre happy with themselves, you know,,cause I typically wouldnt do that at a salon.,You just dont show your ass like that.,♪♪,-Totally, yeah. I mean — -Yeah, and theyre probably,getting free stuff all the time, cause I had a friend,that put me on the spot like that one time.,I couldnt believe it. Were in a restaurant,,and she didnt want to pay for her food.,I know theres people out there,that are probably the same way at different salons.,-But, yeah, no, that must be very difficult, I feel like,,to keep everyone happy, you know, with hairstyles.,You know, everyone has different hair.,-Yes, and I have a reputation here.,You know, I have a reputation, of course.,You know, I have my moms salon,,and, you know, I want to always do the best I can,to, um, hold that — you know,,what shes been building for so long.,I even thanked my mom the other day, too.,I said, “Mom, you know, I have everything because of you.”,She put food on our table,,and Im doing the same thing for my kids,,and thats all that matters to me.,-You made this a very pleasant experience. Thank you.,-Awesome. Yo

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Tư vấn tiền trăm, thanh toán tiền triệu tại Salon Nice Hair | Hẻm Sài Gòn

có,[âm nhạc],ai vô Xin chào cả nhà yêu hôm nay nghỉ ở,Sài Gòn Tôi dẫn mọi người đi trải nghiệm,làm tóc theo lời có các idol laptop như,thế nào nha Hôm nay tôi làm tóc ở salon,xe nằm ở 4 20 Huỳnh Văn Bánh phường 14,quận Phú Nhuận mới mở cửa và thấy đông,khách quá trời là thấy ghét rồi,[âm nhạc],tôi thích làm tóc chỗ nào mà không có ai,chưa có của mình tôi ngồi chị lỗi gì đó,à,[âm nhạc],ở,[âm nhạc],hiện tại tokuto thì khá xơ và gãy chưa,kể là con bị khô và chẻ ngọn nữa tại vì,thấy uống và ngượng quá nhiều mà sao khi,được cái chai thật là đẹp tư vấn thì tôi,quyết định sẽ dựa vào phục hồi lại Tôi,sẽ chọn một cái màu tối hơn màu tóc hiện,tại để nhuộm để trong tóc khỏe và bóng,mượt hơn,Ừ,giờ anh chị đang vô thuốc nhuộm cho tôi,nè Thấy cái tay vô thuốc điều màu thấy,ghét rồi đó đã ghét rồi cái thì ngượng,đều tay cỡ nào một hồi cái màu tóc của,tôi lên nó đẹp chỗ nào thì tôi vẫn ghét,thôi à,[âm nhạc],ừ ừ,[âm nhạc],[Vỗ tay],[âm nhạc],Anh,[âm nhạc],muốn tôi,[âm nhạc],Ok,tôi vẫn không hiểu làm sao mà giận thuốc,chi mà quá kỹ vì không biết nữa đã vậy,còn được mì nước uống nữa nè đợi cho,thuốc ngắm lâu quá thì sợ tôi ngủ gục,không có nói chuyện với trai được ko đời,liền hai cà phê ly bạc sỉu sương sáo,uống đúng ngon nha mọi người nhưng mà bị,ăn cái nó Em muốn có bị cà phê nó đập,như một xíu sương sáo sữa đào thì cực kì,ngon vi cực kỳ lạ miệng vị của sữa đào,thì vừa ngọt vừa béo ngoài Thương xá ra,thì còn có mức đào với Nga mà tự nhiên,hai ly của một viên kẹo gì mà mọi người,không biết đâu chị nữa nhưng mà ai chơi,thì tôi lấy tiệm này còn phun nano cho,tóc của mình sau khi nhận được bóng hơn,và khỏe hơn,[âm nhạc],trong nhận nha sau khi xả tóc ta thì,mình thấy tóc của mình giống mượt vào,vượt khỏe Nói chung có là nó nhẹ cái đầu,hẳn à,[âm nhạc],[âm nhạc],à à,[âm nhạc],ờ ờ,[âm nhạc],à à,[âm nhạc],[âm nhạc],Vì,[âm nhạc],sao khi làm xong mới chơi là tự nhiên,tôi thấy thiếu thiếu đi cộng hay like,cái nét của tôi là muốn móc lai màu sáng,nhưng mà không có muốn tẩy tóc vậy mà,trai cũng chiều lòng tôi được lấy mấy,cọng hay like này ra cho tôi chọn và nói,nói mấy cọng hay like như vậy trong mình,khá thời trang và không có bị hư tóc à,[âm nhạc],ừ ừ,[âm nhạc],[Vỗ tay],[âm nhạc],Anh,[âm nhạc],muốn tôi,[âm nhạc],tự nhiên Nhìn Trong Gương thấy bổ tóc,của mình vừa ống mượt vừa thời trang mà,còn vượt khỏe nó thiệt tình ứng cái bụng,gì đâu bây giờ bớt ghét hẳn rồi nè à,[âm nhạc],cho,tới lúc tính tiền tiêu hú hộp lúc mà mọi,người nghĩ làm sao combo của tôi làm gồm,nhượng phục hồi nối like phun Nano tỉa,tóc mà có 800 ngàn thôi quá là người,luôn bình thường mấy tiệm khác như là,mày tới hai triệu mấy lận Nghĩ sao mà,tiệm này lấy tôi có 800 vậy Khinh thường,tôi hả Tôi đã cái bảng giá tôi coi thì,thấy quá nhiều combo khác nhau luôn giá,rất chi là ổn và họ với túi tiền tôi,không hiểu vì sao cái tiệm làm tóc gì mà,làm tóc quá trời đẹp luôn giá khá là hồi,các bạn nhân viên vừa đẹp vừa dễ thương,nữa không có chỗ nào mà thương được hết,[âm nhạc],Đây là hoàng tử của rằng tôi có một mình,ăn trong tim mình là tôi không ghét thôi,Anh vừa cứu lỗi tóc của tôi mà còn dắt,xe giúp tôi nữa Mọi người ai có nhu cầu,làm tóc quá thì làm rồi cầm men cho tôi,biết xấu đẹp sao ha mấy cho trẻ điên à,[âm nhạc]

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I Got a Haircut from One of Yelp’s Worst-Rated Barber Shops | One Star Reviews

Dont move, dont move.,If these were sheers Id cut the skin.,Youre not going to remove them right?,Youll just make them nice?,Stay still, dont move. It wont hurt.,Dont move.,Nice sneakers.,Thanks man. I like your shoes too.,Hello, and welcome back to One Star Reviews.,My hair is growing a bit long.,I havent had a haircut probably,in about three months.,Its beginning to go over the ears.,Definitely going to want this,beard groomed because, as you can,see, its quite unruly.,Also, Im probably going to try,to get the eyebrows done because,theyre feeling a little crazy.,I guess you could say were just,getting the works and hopefully,they dont cut my ear off.,Welcome to One Star Reviews.,Today, getting a haircut.,Alright.,So far Im seeing a lot of five stars.,Couple four and a halfs.,And Im going to go all the way,to page nine.,So, Ive just stumbled upon Alex,Barbershop, and they seem like,they have a bunch of one star reviews.,I asked for a standard boy cut,,but they shaved my little boys whole head!,If your kid needs a haircut,,I strongly suggest that you dont come here.,When the owner saw me with the stroller,,he didnt even offer helping me at the stairs,and was rude from the start.,So, apparently theyre really,awful with kids at this place.,But Im not really a kid anymore.,So.,Alex this ones for you.,Go fuck yourself.,– You fucking fuck. – I didnt give him a tip,because of the false advertising,he got my face and threatened to,– “take it outside.” – He will not listen to,you. Let me repeat that: he will,– not listen to you. – He bragged during,the haircut that he could beat,– anybody up and how tough he was. – He asked who,the last person to cut my hair was…,And it was him!,Okay.,Okay.,If you get the dad,,its going to be a bad cut.,If you get the son, its gonna be a bad cut.,And Im going to go and test,all of their skills. From the,hair, to the eyebrows, to the beard.,Lets do this.,So, Alex Barbers,,is a family owned business, run,by a father and son with equally,bad reviews.,Im unable to make,an appointment so Im rolling,the dice and well just see who I get.,Weve arrived uptown and,we sent our producer in and hes,been in there for a while so Im,a little scared.,I hear that the guy wont put a,microphone on. I hope everything,works out because I really want,this haircut.,After some pleading, I was,granted entry but under strict,rules: just a cut and a 15 minute window.,- Hi, how are you? – Hi.,Hows it going?,- Its good. You want a haircut? – Im Taji.,Do you have any photos I can check out?,Sure, theres a lot of photos.,30 is good, too.,Do you think 30 is good?,Thats pretty nice.,No way was I going for the 30.,I dont want to kids cut,,especially not in here after,some of the reviews Ive read.,Oh, you know what one I like?,Can you– Do you think you can do a number 20?,I like that.,Yeah.,You could do the beard like that?,Cool.,With the look fully locked in,,I was ready for my,transformation.,Not a kid, huh?,Whats up?,Not a kid.,Nah, Im not a kid.,Huh?,You said, “Not a kid?”,No, a lot of hair.,Oh, lot of hair.,Oh, sorry.,Do you cut– Do you cut this guys hair?,Yeah.,- It looks pretty good. Not bad. – Its good.,Alright.,Hes a good guy.,Did you hire him to come here?,So it looks like you did a good job?,Have you ever done like, a design?,Design?,Yeah.,Ill make a V in the back.,A V?,If you want Ill do a Z. Its a new style, 2019.,Yeah?,2017, D.,Thats too old, no good.,Okay.,What do you think?,I think the V can be cool.,So, you do people of all ages?,- You know, never a problem? – Yeah, Im doctor for this, doctor.,Cool.,Maybe professor sometimes.,Somebody uses one blade for one day.,I change for everybody.,- Really? – New one, new one.,Yeah, that seems best.,Probably more sanitary to change,- the blade definitely. – Dont move, okay?,Okay.,So, you do a few different,things at this barbershop,,not just the hair?,Shoe repair, cleaners, everything.,Sorry, I think I have a hair,- in my mouth. – Sometimes cooking too,,egg and cheese.,Sorry, I think I just have a little hair here.,Thank you.,So far so good.,But the antique headrest was,starting to dig into the back of,my head.,But while I had Alex Barbers,undivided attention. Sorry, I just got to,rest. One sec. Is this like a–,Sorry, okay. Were good.,It felt like the perfect,time to get his feedback on,some of the negative reviews.,So, I was checking out a few in the reviews,someone mentioned, I dont know, that,it wasnt a great place for kids?,And they said something about like,,if you use scissors it could more?,I mean you seem pretty nice,,Im just wondering why– maybe,- where they got the idea. – Okay, dont talk.,Is there any sort of like thing,- you could– Okay. – Go back, go back, go back.,The headrest issue was distracting me from my mission.,So, I was excited for the luxury,part of the experience: the head,massage.,Massage.,Alright.,Chinese massage.,Theres like, a hard thing behind me though.,Is this this like kind of–,Were gonna see how much tip you give me now,,Nice.,after that.,Before no.,No, go back.,Tough customer.,Whoa, thats nice.,Yeah…,I told you, if you give me something, you know?,They had gone to the effort of putting a sign up,declaring the people of Yelp,loved them.,Perhaps they had been,misrepresented and these reviews,were actually just from a bunch,of annoying customers.,Have you ever had any annoying,customers ever though you have to deal with?,No.,If youre hungry with no lunchtime.,Thats about it?,Yeah. If you have no lunch and no breakfast,,maybe somebody.,Thats why Im working fast, you know?,Got get ready for lunch.,Yeah.,- So that way you dont– – Not me, not me.,- Oh I see. Customers. – Customers.,So, as long as the customers had,lunch usually theyre alright.,If you have no lunch, no tea,,this… you know?,Are you ready for this?,Whoa.,You werent playing games with the V.,Nice.,Could we get a photo?,Thank you.,Alex had honored me with my own very,place on the photo board.,This is it.,Is this where we go our separate ways?,With my fresh new look, I found,an opportunity to talk to Alexs,son and colleague about one,review in particular that was,really getting to me.,Parents came in giving a,technology, phone, and the barber,got distracted, you know, because,the kid will not pay attention.,So, the barber cut its– the finger.,He told the parent, “Take the phone, put it away.”,But he thinks like Starbucks,,you know, add some vanilla, add some this. This or that.,But a simple haircut. You say which one and we do it.,For sure.,The chairs are comfortable so you,dont have to sit in those other salons.,Not a kid, huh?,Yeah, number 20.,Make you feel like, chilled out, you know?,For sure.,I was definitely off to a rocky,start when showing up at Alex Barbershop.,I asked him about some of the,negative reviews, which he,deflected as if they were all,positive.,Perhaps he is living in his own,world, where all he is here to do,is cut hair and not worry about,pleasing anyone.,Understandable.,I was there to get my hair cut,and that is what he did, and a,hell of a job at it.,The fade is on point, and the V in,the back was a nice added 2018,flare, a

Hairdresser Reacts to People Going to The Lowest Rated Hair Salons

i was reading comments today and,somebody called me moderately,entertaining and,i wanted to thank that person that is,one of the nicest things anybodys ever,said to me and,thank you,hi beautiful welcome back thank you for,being here today its a little bit of an,interesting video and if you came here,for me to bash on some people some hair,stylist its not gonna happen because i,do hair just reacts and if you havent,noticed i never react to professional,hairstylists doing hair badly and thats,because im not here to pick on other,hairstylists im here to pick on people,who have no idea what theyre doing and,are not hair stylists because thats way,more entertaining todays video goes a,little bit in that um that zone of me,being a little uncomfortable i am going,to be watching some videos of people,going to the lowest rated hair salons in,their area but all the videos have the,peoples faces blurred out and even if i,really go hard on these people i dont,think that theyre bad hair stylists not,every hairstylist is good at everything,and sometimes they overreach all right,lets watch some people go to the worst,rated hair salons in their area and get,some botched hair color,and hair cut lets do it,our first video is by suzie guardiardo,and it is worst hair salon,in my city cringy okay so she went to,the worst hair salon in her city theres,a lot of things i would do for views and,this is not one of them good morning,guys whats up so for todays video im,gonna go completely out of my comfort,zone,i am getting my hair done my hair is,beyond dead like dead dead quick,evaluation of her hair um it looks like,it hasnt been colored to me and she has,fine hair and so its pretty good,starting place for a good haircut and a,good hair color shouldnt be too,difficult so lets see what happens i,havent done anything to my hair in a,long time because i am so scared to,change like i love just normal brown,hair but i think its time for me to get,some highlights done and thats what im,thinking about doing i love plus it,doesnt help that my boyfriend literally,tells me all the time that my hair is,boring and he wants me to do something,with it i love your boyfriend,because im going to be honest your hair,is a little bit boring im excited to,see what happens maybe its not as bad,as shes as she as she titled this video,okay okay i lied her hair,is thick,okay so the stylist is going in with a,balayage technique he is hand painting,highlights in her hair using some paper,to protect each strand that hes,painting which is look how hes putting,the bleach a little evaluation here im,im not mad at the placement i love that,he didnt do the top layer of her hair,and she just put in a little title,screen that said look how high hes,putting the foil but because he took,that kind of halo circle section out of,the top youre not really going to see,those high highlights because he has all,that hair on top covering it so actually,very impressed with the application so,far i dont know how this is going to,come out bad because that was actually,pretty good from what i can tell here,its very similar to how i would have,done it but well see if he really,blended those highlights in to a natural,hair color and sometimes people just,too are too heavy-handed with it and,makes kind of like bleed marks in the,hair makes kind of like shelf highlights,so its a very artistic process doing,balayage highlights and if youre not,artistic dont do it,lets see,realizing theres no blood on the front,of my hair yeah i would have probably,done like two little strands up front,because clients love that when they have,those little money pieces right there,oh this is what you want oh thats,really pretty i like that a lot if she,wants this i would have 100 put,highlights at at the top yeah i wouldnt,have taken a section a section out and,left it dark because she clearly wants,highlights on the on the top layer of,her hair i dont know its still not the,worst idea i get what hes doing because,when you let the top down the underneath,is going to shine through and youre,gonna see little variations of it,through the top youll understand once,once once we keep moving forward i think,but she clearly wants some highlights on,the top and around her face so lets see,if he gives it to her,[Music],[Music],okay this title card she added in says,someone help me understand what the [ __ ],is going on and why i didnt say,anything well i dont know why you,didnt say anything but i can help you,understand whats going on hes doing,round layering on you right now its not,exactly the most precise round,layering ive ever seen in my life its,kind of like the lazy version of,layering its kind of like when you want,that client in and out and youre just,like trying to get through it which i,definitely dont do definitely should,have taken smaller sections and not cut,so much hair at once because what hes,doing is grabbing a giant section and,cutting down all the way to his knuckles,all that hair but what you should be,doing is pulling the hair 90 degrees,from the head cutting the top like an,inch off half an inch off pulling it 90,degrees from the head from that angle,chopping an inch off because thats how,youre gonna get that round layering can,we get a diagram up here this is what,round layering is so you have to pull 90,degrees from the head all the way around,and not just pull it out once and go,snip thats just gonna give you a lot of,like shelf layers and,he is giving her some short layers honey,the lens is still there,im cringing so bad because like i feel,genuinely bad for the hair stylist and,not that i really should feel bad for,him i just like i dont know,hes clearly doing his best i dont know,i feel for him i feel for both of them,im just gonna skip the whole haircut,thing because he botched my haircut and,watch you get my hair cut and not saying,anything really bothers me and it breaks,my heart watching it he cut,out my hair still got plenty of hair,[Applause],is that the color i thought it was going,to be more of a big whiter,a little bit lighter,i regret making this video,he seems like such a nice guy,her hair doesnt even look bad but then,again im only seeing a video i dont,really know whats going on in real life,like i cant exactly see but like this,also might be offensive but like hes,clearly an older guy and im quite,impressed that he even knew that,technique on how to do those highlights,like that balayage,not a lot of older hairstyles know how,to do that and he did good listen she,looks better than before okay,this,is what my hair looks like so im good,tomorrow,to basically do it again,because its just not what i asked for,and the guy was super nice about,basically making me happy okay hold up,first of all im gonna say to be honest,with you i dont think this looks bad at,all the highlights are actually really,pretty i think the haircut is definitely,old school and definitely,way too layered the highlights are,actually kind of close to what she asked,for she just needs a little bit more of,a concentration of highlights at her,ends the overall tone is like almost,there im not horribly mad about this,like it could be better but its like i,dont think its horrible to be honest,with you she looks way better than when,she walked in the salon and like theres,some sections like,over here that i feel like,youre always gonna get a variation of,lightness if i were that hairstyles i,would also put her hair in foils but i,cant,judge this hugely because i dont know,what was on her hair i didnt get to ask,her questions have a consultation with,her before i started you know i dont,know what the hairstyles was dealing,with but i dont think it looks,because that guy is bad,nice and like i said the fact that hes,letting me go back tomorrow for,free,that is nice very appreciated thats,nice,because i just spent like 120 dollars,thats not a bad price at all for a,haircut a blow-dry and balayage,you wouldnt want to know how much we,charge in new york c


[Music],okay honey were nearly done Jeevan I,looked online million million bucks now,I dont think so loud this is crispy,french fries McDonalds its time its,time,[Music],I am so excited but with a twist I am,doing it with a friend,hey Bob so excited love that the three,salons that I visited they always ask,you where are you going whats your name,I told her my name is Kyla JH and their,talk highly general kids its Kylie,Jenner and her name is candle candle,candle so the event that were gonna be,attending if they see a prom or like a,wedding is [ __ ] they charge you a lot so,were just gonna be like were attending,our sister Kimberlys baby shower head,actually Kim just gave birth and she,someone else gave thought oh shes like,popping out babies like any other Sunday,like love island episodes this song,thats like a Bible chapter next is,gonna be Genesis Deuteronomy Exodus,numbers nearby metropolis honey,you miss your Sunday church I see yeah,[Music],who are you going with taking it down he,spit me love you oh no we have actually,a party to attend in the evening and,stay tuned on yeah yeah,I cant even tie my hair up without,clothes just love the spring yeah how,did you,[Music],do you like it honey youre so naturally,pretty I cant handle,[Music],Im sorry what which college are you,from Im from a London University,College she was yeah Im sorry,Im like half I click my parents my dad,is for America my moms from UK he look,like Marilyn Monroe sweetie do not know,where she is,[Music],[Music],you,[Music],[Music],out here looking like Mount Everest on,that to begin the bun that means you,have love thats what mom said bigger,the bone the bigger the hope I like a,blue look good lighting here,melon man ho hows it love looks really,good,I only take a commute for madmen holes,[Music],youre very lucky to have such a nice,time to be on and do less honest yeah,youre welcome,and were to see you and heaven love so,nice look a little flower,[Music],[Music],[Music],so annoying so guys were just back we,got our hair done,she was doing it and I was like well,this is not bad then she got the small,curling wand and I was like oh,feels crispy honey this is what she,asked for and lady gave me this boy,nicest EOS is just like look like,Cinderella walk you in the university as,well you know I said London just caught,me and Im like I understand really,really well but Im just really about a,talking like yeah but she was talking,[ __ ] not the one not the woman that,worked there the woman that came in she,looked at us and was like I dont know,what she said did you do you remember,like why she said why oh yeah so shes,like why is her hand so white and Im,like huh your hand right by me this is,me Dad dick she kept saying you remember,how good her hands dude its so weird,why is her hands wide why is her hand,wide why is that why she was just like,talk [ __ ] about you want to what I,skipped it later on the lady was like I,havent won,- uh and then he was like oh yeah well I,thought they were joking when they,called she said boy shes like I thought,they were joking when they called I,didnt think that she called maybe the,name kind of you know gave it out hold,on my name is Kylie Jenner shes like,your name is Kyle and Im like yeah what,why hello shes like Kyle is just such a,weird name what does that mean yeah its,called billionaire check it out Kylie,Jenner like this would be a good six out,of ten I dont hate it but I love it,like I I dont know it was looking good,up until these pink girls came out but,yeah thats the end thank you guys so,much for watching that Id be more at,worst reviews best reviews Ive done,below check it out doing the worst,reviewed makeup artists over on her,channel all the way up by the time this,goes up but yeah thank you guys so much,for watching and Ill see you guys my,next video we get forever you know honey,look at the Penzias and shop we can open,a candle Kylie shop calm pushing you,down like Im some [ __ ] pincushion,honey relax she was like sweetie its,gonna be with you forever Zootopia Bella,loses her glass slipper and Im like,great cant wait and shes if she didnt,want it to come out awful we would have,saved on like five cups of hay if we,just told her its today its right now,told her though its like at one of the,nine so shes ago Im gonna spray a,notch oh look at this is crispy french,fries McDonalds she should,I was like footie playing with this cow,I know but shes like do you like it he,was like enjoy your curls and shes like,yeah I love it,this is like my hair after I bang my man,but this is literally after like a,one-night stand you just go like I dont,back anyone and Im almost done and,everything is [ __ ] is this what is this,can you chop off the hair tie oh my god,the amount shes backcomb ah look at,this crispy is this I cant even tie my,hair cause we look like [ __ ] Hagrid,dont you see oh my god I totally washed,Cinderella though Rico I was fairy,godmother,I really wish she is drugged to a bush,I need to pay you 150 for today,literally yeah what about the mountain,of the top laughs was that this easy,flashbacks to when I was like a child in,your mom like oils go ahead you remember,oh yeah shes like okay honey were,nearly done youre gonna look like a,million bucks really do I look like a,million bucks now I am like so loud we,should know my guy life transformed from,I dont know,Cinderella – dude Im not going to the,mall someone can actually run into us,and be like auntie look like a [ __ ],clown shes not ID pictures its time no,its time you could put a penny in here,it would take me a minute to find it,[Music],[Music],you


no referee are you in now okay and you,just do things apart,mr. beauty salon,Im just going to get,wash em blow dry I want him to do like,here because,I dont want to risk it,but yeah so Im going to read out the,reviews,[Music],[Music],no referee or you and I now okay and you,just do things apart are you sure you,want yeah yeah I I never did it so I,really want,[Music],[Music],yeah,[Music],do youre gonna do you make laughs right,yeah I might you know maybe you might,yeah I you know I have done makeup for,so long that I dont even like having,makeup on this or like this how I like,it,I just have lovely skin yeah because it,damages your skin,I like skin care more than makeup – I,think – one was like there was a very,rude,first time so I just wanna say this one,was yeah the one is and then there was,one Vanessa yeah that was like I like I,just want to go because they always go,to Dublin I always see it here and I,will always wanted to destroy it I just,dont know about review city poor at,this stage yeah yeah I know but thats,the thing when people maybe she came,once on straightaway she didnt like it,yeah like it the Sun in here,hmm 10 years I think its a strong,person comes and it wasnt the best day,for them money obviously,[Music],oh yeah thank you,and a great experience I marry love my,hair Francis what do you think its time,yeah yeah compared to the only cousin,what do you think of the makeup yeah so,like Ill be just honest and I think,yeah I just I just went to this place,based on reviews because it has the,lowest reviews but I dont think people,are being favored theyre giving reviews,because remember from Sur I got my gel,nails done from a place and that place,has really good reviews oh yeah and,their gel nail was a glittery rubber,they like literally broke the next day,and like it was it was so bad and yet,people are giving them such good reviews,funny know what the reviews are based on,so yeah yeah it is,I love it so let me know what you would,like to film X so I will see you dont,give my next video bye

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