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How to Review Forms

welcome to your submit.com,demo platform let me show you around,ive already logged in,so lets go straight to the dashboard,here you can see we can go directly to,programs,or forms teams notifications,appearance statistics folders,user guide and email settings,lets have a quick look in programs here,you will see the full list of forms,that you have already created and built,on your program,you will be able to review how many,complete applications have come in so,far,how many may be in draft any team,members you may have,you have the ability to send a group,message to the applicants,of your form and of course you can edit,your form at any time,or delete or archive,lets take form one to have a quick look,at so here,grant 1 is the name we have given the,form,there are 16 complete applications and,10 applications still in draft there are,two team members assigned to this form,and this is where you can send a group,message to all your applicants,whether theyve completed or have a,application in,draft status still perhaps an email,prompt,coming close to deadline to remind them,to finish the application and submit it,of course you can edit the program or,your form at any time,and also delete,now lets go and have a look at some of,the completed forms,so this is how you can review the forms,either at the end or during the whole,process,you can see here patrick smith for,example has been assigned to dbutler,so thats one of the team members,assigned to review this form,and they have been tags generated on,patricks,submission those tags can be,either created manually or automatically,by the system,when you are building and creating your,form,initially you can select which questions,and which,answers for example in multiple choice,would generate a tag to correspond with,that answer,so if we want to do a search,of those who have completed the forms,already,we can search using the tags,that weve already created,for this form lets look at for example,here,limited companies so anybody with the,limited company tag,who have completed their application,will pop up in this list,lets try another one,lets go for individual and makes you,untag the other one so here anybody who,has classed their business or,organization as individual,pops up so we just have two in this,research result so,this is really a very quick and easy way,to filter and analyze the applicants,that have come in so far,hope that helps

Gozen Forms Review – Alternative to Typeform, Jotform, Wufoo, Unlimited Form Submissions with API

[Music],hey what up this acid marker so today,were going to be talking about goals,and forms its a type form block survey,questions called formly formula,alternative,those are the ones that i have reviewed,in my channel but before i dive into it,be sure to hit that subscribe button if,you like to see more digital marketing,and e-commerce content so lets jump in,right so the plan that i have for goals,and forms right here is the unlimited,form,plan this is great so that you can use,it as a,um,you can use it as a like a standard,contact form as well on your website,right and uh the cool thing also with,gauze goes and forms is you can have it,uh,they do have uh stripe integration so,you can collect payment they also have,api that uh,they also have a api,uh but i dont think they are,natively integrated with any of the,integration platform as of now,right uh but uh goes and forms does have,some nifty features that i will point,out but uh lets jump in right now so,we will go into the settings right here,so you can actually have a,custom domain as well so you can see,stripe and,api key over here,right and then you can you know,uh,it looks like they do have a,wordpress,plugin right so this is good um,because with a wordpress,plugin then i guess it makes it easier,for you to embed your forms,okay so they do have a wordpress plugin,uh i i think that makes it a lot more,interesting,okay and they do have um,a bunch of integration as well including,v-buck right here,clavio zapier okay web hooks and all,that okay so were gonna jump into uh,goes and forms uh were going to create,were going to check out some of the,templates first so they do have quite a,few templates right here that covers,quite a bit of use cases so if you want,to put up a form quickly you know it,this these are uh great ideas for you to,uh you know get going right so this is,like a resume formal submission,right here,okay,okay so there we go,so were going to create one from,scratch,right now,and,so were going to jump into the settings,first so you can turn off branding if,you have the necessary plan,uh progress bar,you can turn that off as well,and,you can choose between a classic form or,a,slides form which is what they call as a,conversational forms and also the last,one is custom which i do,find it very interesting we are going to,check that out very shortly,so the custom form is quite interesting,and i will jump into it,uh,very shortly as well but for most of the,features that you want uh you you might,want to,use the slides feature ill show you,what are the differences right uh very,shortly and you can schedule your forms,you can,have it start on sunday and on sunday,limit responses that means you only want,to collect lets say 100 response you,can do that you can also allow multiple,submissions,as well and you can choose between,different teams these are the ones that,they have or you can create your own,right here okay so if you dont want uh,so,so you can choose,you can create your own teams as well,so were going to jump in right now,to the slides one first right so uh so,you can put your your welcome tags you,can put in,uh your description and,uh,whatever right so lets put a,so what im going to try right now is to,insert,insert a background image okay its,being applied right now,so its a little bit buggy right here,for some reason,lets try this,it says like invalid,but this is the gallery that they,actually provide me with,okay so i guess not all,the images work,okay maybe well just use this for now,lets make it uh,lets make this,black,so thats easier to,read,okay,so,lets try the,next slide right here,okay and lets see,okay i do see a problem with uh,okay,i do see a problem with uh,i mean lack of customizability right,here which is the,background uh image,okay so lets say i switch to this one,got this,okay so i guess it gets a little bit,buggy,okay so you can only choose one,background image for the entire,um,form experience right,so,thats something that is lacking uh,because having that customizability,would be nice,okay and,these are the,features that they have or questions,type that they have uh shop text,paragraph tags,uh,email phone number fields,multiple choice drop down uh ratings,number,date yes no questions website file,upload payment that promoter score and a,thank you screen okay so for lets say,for multiple choice there is uh the,there is a,nice feature right here which is,the grid view right so you can have,multiple choices,horizontally,rather than vertically like this okay so,different uh display,type,uh so only for the,slides uh or conversational forms you,can have logic,right so you can having jump from,somewhere to somewhere,based on certain rules okay uh,but if you were to use the custom,you can see that this is,being locked out same for the single,page right so theres no conditions for,that so the next thing is for custom,forms,what is custom forms right its,basically somewhat similar to a,combination of single page and slides,questions so,single page is a vertical style,form right,slides is you know one question by one,question custom is you can have a,combination of multiple questions,in the same,uh,you know same slide itself and this is,useful because,you can have,uh for example this one right here im,going to change it to,start date and,end date,so thats easy right because i do have a,car insurance,client and they wanted a form that was,able to do this but you know i looked up,block survey i looked up fluent forms,none of them are able to do this at all,so this is where i think goes and,formulas is a little bit interesting,right here,okay last lastly will be integration so,integration wise they have,google sheets,they have mailchimp they have public,connect so i guess thats already,integrated,active campaign integromat zapier custom,webhook hubspot,set in blue slack this card so this is,good right having a discord integration,tray,sangrite miele lite,campaign monitor,you know just a bunch of stuff and also,v-buck as well so those are very very,useful uh integrations,and uh,you know how do you want to,uh share your forms or embed your forms,right so embed uh,there is a full,sort of like a standard decoy,uh whereas you know it covers the entire,screen,and then youve got a pop-up style,and also a slider,and a side tab right so having a side,tag i think this is nice because not a,lot of forms actually have this,right so you can have a you know leave a,feedback kind of,form in there,you can choose the,domain that you want,okay and you know the button color and,stuff like that okay,and then you can just use the wordpress,plugin,and,input the form directly,or you can use,uh you can get code and,embed the entire,form in there okay so you can also share,the form,so this would be a landing page for the,form,and okay so,because the form is not published yet so,it should,work right now okay,right so this is the,uh so there is two ways and you can also,see how it looks like so this is the one,with the side tab,okay,so this is very useful,and this is the slider,okay,this is the pop-up,and then this is,the standard form right,okay so those are the ways and you can,share them by qr code as well,or your social media and,your,email,and stuff like that again you can check,all the responses,summaries uh,and all that in here you can see where,they are submitted from,right and the devices and you know any,trends how long they take to come,complete the forms,right so i guess pretty much thats all,i have to share about uh goals and forms,right i think overall um,i think overall is is,it is um decent they do need to clean it,up a little bit add a few more features,in there and,uh more integrations then i think it is,going to be a very very nice form too,uh especially when they have a wordpress,plug-in i think that,helps a lot in getting more visibility,right especially if you want a uh,sas based form or a cloud-based uh form,that is not hosted on your on your,wordpress,server itself right

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GoZen Forms Review Appsumo Demo Tutorial – Unlimited Online Forms And surveys Create Tools No Code

hello guys welcome to epsom model today,im gonna review goes and from appsumo,review basically it is unlimited online,from creating tools without coding you,need a no code tools that let you create,any kind of form to attract the type of,lead you are looking for okay in them,these tools best for you okay there are,some feature of goes and from which it,is famous build any from from scratch,and customize dynamic online from,without coding using industry specific,template to use conditional logic to,keep your question relevant and monetary,result with real-time analytics okay,best for ecommerce store agency and a,small business looking to build online,from survey and quiz fast okay in one,sentence i went to say goes and from is,a no code survey form and know and quiz,builder that a specific data collection,with dynamic template and real-time,insight with the goes and from let you,create responsive online form that fit,any use case,either by starting from scratch and,using pre-design template chose from,over 180 industries specific from,template ranking from design from to,customer service survey and with these,tools you can make unlimited interactive,from using no code builder which allow,to you save time and boost brand,engagement now i will show you how to,use goes and from tools and how to make,unlimited from without coding,i hope you will get idea about this,tools so lets go and see,welcome to the tutorial section of,coursing forms,creating an online form for your,business that is tailored to your,specific needs is not always easy,sometimes you need to spend more time,creating in form from scratch,which is a time consuming process so we,have come up with goes in forms,how about we say you only need to select,the form that you required and modify,the questions,isnt that simple,and this eliminates the majority of your,form building process and results in a,better form builder solution,introducing goes and forms a smart,solution for creating a simple online,forms for any business,let us now take a look at how to create,your first form,when you log into your account you will,be sent to your default workspace,workspaces are where you can see your,forms and organize and share them with,other team members,you can arrange the forms youve built,on the right hand side depending on,their titles,and you can also switch between grid and,list views,if you select a list view you can,quickly see your form insides,[Music],there are two ways to create your first,closing form,one you can start from scratch or you,can choose from pre-design online form,templates that are tailored to your,industry,simply select the form that you required,and modify the content as necessary,in the next window you are taken to the,form builder you can start customizing,your forms from here,you can choose the question type by,clicking on the question type from the,side panel,[Music],on the settings menu you can change the,layout type,there are two layered options for,displaying the forms,single pages and slides on single pages,all questions will be displayed on a,single page whereas on slides all of the,questions will be displayed on slide one,by one,on the settings menu you can schedule,when the forms can be accessed and when,they will expire,below that you have the limit response,you can mention the number of responses,to be limited to it,if you allow multiple submissions you,can enable the same user to submit the,form several times,customize form designs matching your,friends,in the theme library there is hundreds,of pre-made themes or you can create,your own theme using your brand colors,editing the font or adding background,images is very simple,once youre happy with the designs save,it as your new theme and use it for,future brand surveys and questionnaires,after youre done with the form the,conditional logic allows you to ask the,relevant follow-up questions while,ignoring the rest of the questions,using logic chance surveys feel more,like discussions than,integrations after youre done modifying,the forms you can share it effortlessly,by simply embedding the form on the,website or just clicking and posting the,link,sharing forms has never been this much,easier,[Music],view how this form is performing all in,one place,to view the insights of each form after,the user has been published click on the,results menu,here you can see the count of the people,who has started the form submitted the,form the average completion rate and the,average time to complete and responses,of each firm,and finally you can connect with your,favorite apps to send new leads,customers and service data directly to,your preferred applications,in this video we have seen how to get,started with your first pop,thank you for watching,okay there are some plain and feature of,goes and from for purchase of websumo,lifetime access to goes and from all,future premium plan update 60 day money,back guarantee no matter the reason okay,there are three plan available of goes,and from absolute lifetime bill license,tire one license tier two license tier,three okay there are some future in,cloud five domain,5gb file upload limit one user 5000,response per month five worker this,price is 69,okay and plan is 15 domain 10 gb file,upload 3 user 1 10 000 responsive per,month 10 worker workpiece this price is,139,okay last plan is unlimited domain 25 gb,file upload limit 5 user unlimited,response per month,unlimited workflow workspace unlimited,from this price is 299,okay if you buy and like this product,just click here okay guys if you think,this price is much higher dont worry i,have some will give you 10 percent,discount if you a new user okay lastly i,want to say goes and from make it easy,to build personalized interactive online,from,survey and quiz that attract the most,qualified lead in any use case,if you want to know more about these,tools you you can see the link in the,description box below thank you watching,my video and next time i will come again,with another deal

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Task Review #2 Forms

так всем привет,скажите слышно не слышно,отвечу что слышно,хорошо сейчас у минута и будем начинать,они протираю всякого бутылочку скулы,она в общем,всё не разберем с вами присланные,решения по второму заданию,react формы нам перестали всего лишь 3,за 3 решение принципе хорошо потому что,в прошлый раз мы успели посмотреть всего,лишь 4,поэтому может с моим большим деталях,установиться то что подробнее посмотреть,его за по что хорошо что плохо вот за,будем начинать,быстренько посмотрим требования которые,у нас описаны в тоске понимали что мы,будем ориентироваться,ко мне узнать вам освежить память вот,так по условия видно что,нужно знать новую ветку от предыдущей,ветки создать новую страничку то бишь,раут,вот взять 1 проводком пол нет надеюсь,все знают что такое знаете что мы,любой young не отслеживаем отделки для,проверки только мы саднит формы,вот форм тут написано что им бы ты могут,быть любые однако есть перечисление меня,какие то обязательно должны,присутствовать,вот как я уже говорил что вы настолько,походит на summit in that cant hold,компонент,вот написано что если к это поле never,от оно должно сбрасываться и сообщение,об ошибке что неверность они должны быть,окей,так,при измельчении спас ошибки только у,измененного им пута и,кнопка саммит по умолчанию сразу,не активна до 1 до 1 до в input,хорошо,тесты с логика сабмит а,тебе должна участь сравнительно,компоненты,да не используем ресторане api не,используем стоит менеджмент другие,цели стоит 0 бы быть пристани ридак,снимок смереко ничего так по оценкам 3,балла на сдается за тесты и по 12 за,наши компоненты формы карт,[музыка],мы из кита условий по штрафам как будете,начинать,первый человек 13 кнг в,человека есть диплом сам себя оценил в,13 15 баллов потому что считает что у,него мало тестов давайте посмотрим у,него работает,забавно смайлики вот как у него работает,всем переходим к другу форму так я буду,вводить свои данные,фамилия пропущу тебя,ту виду любую ампер апрель кантри из,белоруссии,берем файл,8 логотипа на jess nail file чего себя,прикольненько сделано,сабит,янтры last name,но это статут,[музыка],спросит бой смогу могу,все все работает вроде как,так если я уберу галочку и,to agree сабмит,он вывелось карточка,имя фамилия мы якобы день рождения на,файлик значит этой поле дизайна стали,вводить потому что без леофард они сами,таится эндермен давайте их то там себя,как женщину,мир сетки современный,вот,посмотрим что творилось что-то варится и,вторая карточка также выберу логан и,джесс,да но есть все карточки,формы сбрасывается вроде как визуально,все хорошо работает,функционал приложения никаких претензий,нет сейчас будем смотреть с вами кот,так а я скорее что вам плохо было видно,подписал мы об этом тоже не написал но я,вспомнил что не большие экраны было,плохо видно в прошлый раз поэтому и,часов и увеличиваю,я скажем нужную ветку у нас называется,we act for ms,он не скопируем,я забываю что это не linux,делаю вокальную ветку сразу,что здесь есть,[музыка],чай мой об,интересное расположение файлов на одном,и нибудь спорить с,и так посмотрим госпакета зависимость,испарине солнечного настояла,так открываем по кейдж ricoh,проверяем отсутствие любых стать минут,библиотек,тесто можно ли было использовать,контекст конечно не знаю,на нем сделано что посмотрим,где оставь это здесь не вижу значит все,уже хорошо,над этим смотрим компоненты у нас,интересует только форма,так вот нас есть форма,созданные рифы,навей все знак кровати трефы если нет то,она сохраняет к это значение и при,возьми не не происходит remember обычно,используется для доступа к но но,реальность эмаль но дим,вот,следы дата и,где свалить et ante nos функций ли дэйт,происходит validation,так здесь колоде к если имя,здесь как-то длина о ее не точнее можно,бухать вот так вот делать,там мы уже не валить дальше мы проверяем,том что там используя только текст,хотелось тут же механика использована,иначе проверяем том что длина было не,меньше двух символов до,ну да неплохо,тут то же самое это лак для вас неймом,сделанном,каждый эндокард паэлью,так стоп,нет все правильно,изволит хорошо гнётся правильно,трясет errors,or на аутсорсинг из ее глаз админ,так но пока по коду с большего все в,порядке у кого вопросов нету,[музыка],конструкция конечно так себе только этот,фон можно было бы сделать получше однако,что как бы но израиля команде лицу,конвенции можно объединить и просто,избавиться от рита вам явно улетают в,игре the force на то опять же мелочь вот,есть вопрос к тому,что,насколько я помню,изначально проект создавался стать,скриптом,вот и почему по форуму сразу не написать,на tsx типизировать все функции,это востребованных нет однако поскольку,мы начинали работать сразу стать скрипта,и в первом здание было указано того что,мы использовать typescript наверное,стоило с не продолжится работать это не,явно но я думаю что обязательное,требование я его потом удачи не дам,знать вам нужно ли продолжать,использовать typescript всех заданиях но,имейте ввиду,так,поводу вот эта поводу записи вот мы,честно скажу там порога 2 у поэтов,память семью нам не жалко поэтому,давайте взять нормальный конструкция без,их в одну строчку это не красиво и не,читабельно,вот,так вот это вот,это очень странная запись скорее всего,это,сказать,это что-то под бэм стилизованное,возможно ну там раза текстом или глину,просто,такое потому что значение возможно этом,любая нужный вам 100к однако обычно,пишем в кому кейси они вот это вот с,двойной рукописные кейс это некрасиво,вот даже брать котором все равно вот,волнистая черная линия волнистой почаще,потому что типа написано неправильно я,верну как было,просто потому что здесь поводу ошибка,допущена или нет нет не допущены,так как сверстана форман нужно по,классике нас месте надо только вот теги,br я не знаю возможно вам стоит,стилизовать лейблы на те де бэр,использоваться для прям я не знаю их я,их не рекомендуется уже очень давно это,не семантический так и зачем он нужен ты,не нужно его использовать на самом деле,хочется так сказать,по поводу вылью,она мы используем контракт компонент не,этаж и правильно,мыслишь тут можно сокращать теги,так на по верстке с большего как бы все,ок,есть это претензия на typescript но в,целом функционально реализована,возможность всем красивые записи и fav,но она работает вот,поэтому не вижу причин,большего докапываться скажем так,критиковать давайте посмотрим тест и,так активно здесь тесты я хочу чтобы в,тестах был краях и рендера формы потому,что он существует чтобы,была проверка на существование всех им,бутов в этой форме и хочу чтобы эти,input и по отдельности протестировали на,вот,вот и,также процессе отбит формы давайте,смотреть сесть на самом деле,так рендерится форма проверяется том что,ну,тут некорректно почему не корректно,проверяется рендер формы first name это,input внутри формы и формы,можно было задать,центр сейчас найдем,здесь можно было задать дата,тест айди грядку слова танкует,скобки ряд форм,до условно и тут бы сделать скрин,get buy,дата,найдем fine долбит ист-сайде,вот этот есть файл в этой стадии нам,пойдет,давайте проверим что он работает,[музыка],почему нет,где элемент бомбили просто иди,плати убедимся что я правильно sir john,[аплодисменты],убить документ почему,давайте посмотрим что,сделаем ждем элемент,смотрим что у нас добавилась,залогом сам элемент,сделаем screen дэбак,разберемся чем делом,ряд вот он весь а,прошу прощения понял это фан батист азии,это,асинхронный вроде как,оператор поэтому иван дождаться 2 тысяч,проверим еще раз,до 100 сработает это было синхронная,операция вот так и такая проверка была,бы правильной поскольку мы программе,наличие формы,тур массаж от в принципе наверно тоже,это проверяет но не вижу смысла в,наличии двух этих тестов,так от низа и тут,опять же дед был наверно да но если на,странице больше одной формы,получается берем первую культу кнопку я,британский использовать dts т.д. это,все-таки более валидны нашем случае да,допустим страстно форма но согласитесь,этому фиксируется находиться с тем что,если мы рассматриваем возможность,применять это в

CDR TIP 4 – Social Security Disability Review Forms

hey this is brian terry and from the,disability digest you are about to,listen to an excerpt,of an interview with disability benefit,expert jim brown,in this segment hes going to share with,you how to fill out the continuing,disability review report forms this is,critical,even if you havent received your review,yet its good to be prepared in advance,to understand what to do,so that when you get them youll know,how to execute this so for the complete,interview if youre not a member join us,as a member make sure you let us know,that you are approved for disability,benefits and we will put you in the,queue to receive this entire,interview be resources below this video,to help you with the next steps thanks,make it a great day,very helpful now what id like to do now,is im going to share my screen and,we can take the tip that you just um,talked about and,and apply it to the forms now,uh i have up here,uh,two different types of forms ill start,with the short form,so jim this is the form ssa455,um,and,i,i refer to this as the short form,um,and this can be done electronically when,sent to people first though before we go,through the two forms the short form and,the long form,is do you have any idea like why some,people are sent to short form and why,some people are sent the long form,because they have to send out a certain,amount of each,oh back to the quota,right,okay,nothing specific,okay,so on the short form here,um,very basic information,uh i dont believe theres anything to,this maybe there is something to discuss,there but if there is let me know,you have a disabled adult child benefit,the pays name and the beneficiary,so pay attention to whos being,reviewed down here were talking about,work,yeah,yeah,if youve worked be honest about it,because they know,they have it there one other warning,there is a maximum amount you can earn,each year,or each month,dont earn that amount,every month i get somebody who earns,right up to the penny how much theyre,allowed to,and then stops,and eventually they get terminated,and its because,social security will say to them why are,you earning that much and they say,because i want to keep my disability i,wouldnt go over,thats crazy,youre basically saying i could earn,more but i wont what youve done,this again goes to the notebook im,telling you to keep,write a description of how you feel when,you get home,right i worked three hours i went home i,had this difference and let the pain go,away i was,in agony my back hurt i couldnt walk,for two hours,be descriptive make them know that you,couldnt work longer than you did,okay,um,in these sections here are there any,tips that you have,um just be honest about it have you gone,to school or gone to any training,um,if your doctor says you can work or,cant work um frankly your doctor saying,you cant work as sort of a useless,statement because the doctor doesnt,know,what kind of work you can do,if youve had three back surgeries you,could still do brians or my job but you,couldnt work in a warehouse right so,the doctor doesnt usually take the time,to find out what youre doing,still check it,um,okay,most doctors dont discuss work with,their patient though,have you gone to a doctor or clinic for,treatment,i hope so,yeah,make sure youre going,yeah,and and if somebody hasnt they need to,put no and they need to deal with the,consequences because theyll find out,right right because theyre going to ask,you,if you say yes theyre going to ask you,what doctors when how often,okay,okay,hospitalized surgery i would say thats,the same,okay,heres an interesting section,do you have any,advice for the remarks,yes one of the important things,is list,everything,thats wrong with you that wasnt there,when you had your your,benefits granted,i had a client who was using a cane when,he received benefits,he had some severe orthopedic problems,most of them had resolved but he had a,stroke and heart attack since,he didnt list any of that,they had a video of him,walking into the consultative exam,during the review process,without a cane,they cut him off they said he was,receiving his benefits fraudulently,because his orthopedic problems would,resolve,and he checked on the,line above that his condition was worse,but he didnt say he had the stroke and,the heart attack,he actually got indicted for fraud,oh boy,he came to me i got him a criminal,lawyer to defend him,he didnt include under remarks that he,had the heart attack in the stroke,so,he he went through hell he got him his,benefits the jury was actually out 15,minutes to find him not guilty,but he had,his cardiologist the neurologist,testified in trial and for criminal,lawyers,so,if you have new conditions it didnt ask,for that on this form,put it in under remarks,okay,good tip,gonna pivot over here to the long form,and in the long form,are there areas,where,you have suggestions,that would be different,than what we just went through on the,short form,well go down to one g,can you speak and understand english,i have seen the fraud investors,investigators come out to people,after following them into a store,saying wheres the milk,the claimant will point to the milk,section and then show up at their house,and say you said you dont understand,english and you answered my question so,youre getting this fraudulently,thats not fraud and those cases are,easy to win but they put you through,hell first,um,so,answer it honestly,the problem is if you say no to this how,did you fill out this form,okay,so,when you say no,put the language you prefer and then in,a parenthesis but who helped fill this,out for you,say no and keep going without an,explanation,somebodys going to think youre phony,okay,good point,as i go down through here perhaps,theres other,uh,medical conditions okay,again lift everything,and,i mean everything if,i i had a client with autism,but i knew that that,they,i just had somebody with autism turned,down,so i also put down his torn medial,meniscus his,torn rotator cuff and every other,condition too,just to make sure that they understood,that there was a lot more than this,the person from the state agency called,and asked why i did that my client was,autistic,and i said because you asked for all the,medical conditions,which gave them a laugh but at least it,was all filled out properly,okay,jim back to the journal that we had,talked about,whats the right,area to tie it into,um,when you you had mentioned if i recall,see journal,for certain situations,um if they where they say the names and,addresses of all your doctors,what the address is in or if they say,how often do you go to the doctor,all right,okay so there was a section for that on,the short form and,i expect theres one here as well,also under remarks you can put seed,journal,okay,good,all right,in the last 12 months have you seen a,doctor for physical or mental condition,yep,and then they dont give you enough room,if youre seeing several doctors yeah,imagine that,so that again you can put in your,primary doctor then the doctor thats,treating you the most but you can also,put c journal,c journal,okay,under meds,put the medicines they only want the,medicines youre taking right now,dont go through every medicine youve,ever taken just put the ones youre,taking now,okay,good,if you dont know the reason for it,just put a question mark there but you,should ask the doctors why theyre,prescribing it if you dont know thats,always important,i have a comment here,should it be,the medications that they are prescribed,or the medications they are taking,because,you may have had conversations as i have,with people that,they might be prescribed ten but only,taken eight,i would put everything right,okay,one one of the questions that comes up a,lot in stands for marijuana is legal,and people have it prescribed,yep,i only recommend putting it down for,epilepsy,okay,its not well accepted for other,conditions by social security yet,um,some people think of it as steel wire,youre taking it its not approved,federally,yeah i

Polygel Nails Using Dual forms on MYSELF Tutorial | Rossi Kit Review

rassee nail gel with dual forms review,in this video coming up hello Im,Anastasia and this brand have been,popping up in my social media feeds for,a while so I realized I have to try it I,have five colors in 30 milliliters tubes,or one ounce natural clear which is,transparent color pearl pink which is a,light baby cute pink color I didnt find,any pearls by the way nude will be,probably a good match for my skin tone,deep nude Im not sure where I will use,it yet and white for baby boomer or pink,and white nails double sided brush which,is synthetic oval on one side and,metallic spatula on the other and a set,of dual forms of ten different sizes,trap products are marked with numbers,which is cool if youre just getting,started first is primer then we have,base coat and seal it all with the top,coat which will be the last step they,also have a double sided pusher 101 80,grit file and buffer and the lamp which,are super lightweight and comes with USB,which for me is ideal because I travel,all the time now lets get started first,we need to choose the proper sizes of,the dual forms that will match with our,nails so you just take size that you,think will fit and check it should fit,according to the white of your natural,nail plate when in doubt it is better to,choose the bigger one because if you,will choose the one that is smaller you,will have a naked sidewalls which will,lead to the cracks and broken nails when,fitting the dual form do not forget that,you do not need to press all the way so,it actually touches the nail plate you,need to leave some space for the apex if,it doesnt fit in the cuticle area,heres what you can do simply take some,sharp scissors and cut the cuticle area,because on my index finger its more,rounded rather than square and do not,worry this dual 4 will not be single-use,you can still use it over again and they,have 10 pieces of each size anyways now,its a perfect,after removing a surface shine we need,to apply primer I just took off my old,product so I didnt really have to do,this surface shine removal apply a thin,coat and then apply the base coat base,coat should be seen as well and be,careful do not touch the cuticle or the,sidewalk cure for 30 seconds I decided,to use nude color so squeeze it from the,tube into the dual form and lets start,with the application Im also using 70%,alcohol from my brush so it will not,stick to it but do not use too much we,do not want to mix the product with the,alcohol when applying the product make,sure you do the cuticle area thin as,well as the sidewalls and that you leave,more product in the center because this,is where the apex will be after that we,will apply the dual form on the nail at,45-degree angle slide towards the,cuticle and gently press now we can see,that a little product squeezed out of,the side which is not a problem at all,just fix it with a brush and also it,slide it back so I carefully push it,back towards the cuticle turn the finger,around and carefully hold with another,finger underneath and stretch it with a,brush,now cure for one minute and then just,remove it here we go the perfect surface,now lets continue I apply the base coat,again and by the way you do not really,need to do is this all over again you,can apply primer and base coat on all,ten nails at once and then just do it,step by step but you need to do the,application one on one because I dont,truly recommend to do the application,and then keep it on the table because,you know sometimes we may accidentally,touch the product or client can so its,better to do one by one when it comes to,the application now you probably notice,that the cuticle area should be thin so,I recommend you to do this right from,the beginning so the product near the,cuticle will even look a bit transparent,which is what we need and if you have,hard time by levelling up the product,you can take,a little bit more alcohol but make sure,it fully evaporates before you apply the,dual form on the nail you do not need to,remove the sticky layer from the base,coat but if you accidentally touched it,or some fur is on it then you can remove,the sticky layer it will work both ways,so now carefully install it on the nail,do not press too much and do not forget,about the work underneath the nail,because if you will skip this step yes,you can do it with electric nail file,later but trust me youre saving tons of,extra product and time by doing this now,make sure that underneath surface is as,smooth as possible and then cure it now,we need to clean this sticky layer and,we need to do this only underneath,because the top of the nail was covered,with dual form so there was no oxygen,contact it was only on the other side,and now we need to file the nails we,need to make them the same length and,shape I decided to do square so first I,file the length and then we file,underneath even though we did a good job,of working with the brush underneath the,nail we still need to file it a little,bit to make it perfectly smooth,sometimes some imperfection may happen,there and also I filed some nails,shorter than they were so that means I,need to file off the extra thickness,underneath now lets file them on the,top sometimes you will not need to do,this if youre lucky enough to have the,perfect slight curve of the nail,usually I need to file a little bit on,the sidewalls and sometimes a little bit,along the cuticle area make sure youre,filing only the product you are not,touching the natural nail with this beat,now when you did all the cuticle and the,sidewalls area and make sure it is,perfect and thin I will take the regular,hand file and file the side walls and,buff the surface this step is not,necessary you can skip it but I just,like buffing nails I just want to make,them super perfectly smooth I will also,Bob the sheep because I want to keep it,as the sharp square but I do not,want to scratch anybody so I need to,make them smooth then we clean the dust,and the last step is the top coat,application I like the consistency of,this top coat it is not too thin so it,is not running all over the side walls,and the cuticle area cure for 30 seconds,and we are done,I like this nude color I think it looks,natural and matches with my skin tone,question of the day,do you offer poly gel with dual forms to,your clients and how long does it take,you for me full set is about one hour,but it really depends on the clients,nails thank you so much for watching if,this is your first time here on my,channel consider subscribing as I post,new reviews and tutorials every week and,I will see you in my next one,goodbye,[Music]

Gozen Forms Review – Build Interactive Web Forms | Typeform alternative

this is ghost and forms and this is,perfect if youre looking for more,qualified leads or just to obtain,information via interactive forms,they have more than,175 conversational templates and the,best of it all you can get started,completely free lets try it out,[Music],goes and forms is part of a company,containing three different products we,have ghost forms then we have up tinley,which i have previously reviewed and up,tinley is a simple pop-up builder for,your website and lastly then we have,ghost and growth and ghost and forms is,a part of ghost and growth directly but,lets dive in and set up our first form,so in here in ghost and forms i have,been playing around a little bit with,some forms and when you set up your,first form you can either create it from,scratch or you can choose from templates,and i will recommend you to start from,templates because this will make your,life a lot easier and its so easy and,fast for you to get from not having a,form to have a fully fledged form with,functionality logic and everything,so lets see here,where we can see all of their different,templates that we can use and i think i,will go with a simple faq question form,i will then either choose preview the,template or i can use the template so,this is how the template look like i can,play around with it and see how it acts,when i enter my name and everything,so i think this looks good so lets use,this template here,so now we have the faq set up here and,we have a name for the form and well,just keep faq question form i will press,continue,so now were in the form builder and on,the left side we have all of our,questions in the top we have a menu of,different modules well go through and,on the right side we have settings for,either the questions the theme of the,entire form and just overall settings,so as we go through the different steps,you can see that every time i click on a,step or a question then i can edit it,over here i can change the name of it,but i cannot change what type of,question it is but lets try and add a,new question as the first thing and i,would like to add rating,so very simple i will just ask how was,this form and then they can rate from,right now 0 to 5 stars,over here you can choose how many stars,they call it steps here but how many,stars they should be able to rate what,type it is is rating whether its,required or not and then we can choose,the shape as well but right now only,stars,is the shape that we can choose you can,see we can set labels as well but i will,not enable that for now so now you can,see how fast and simple that was to add,an extra question,that is just how easy it is to work with,and the logic which i will show you just,in a moment is even easier,on the right side we can also choose,from different themes here where i just,simply click on the theme and then it,changes my entire form,everything from colors on the background,to text and everything its very easy,but if theres no theme that is working,for you then you can head over to my,themes and then you can create your own,theme you simply just give it a name you,set what colors for the questions the,description you can even set the button,text color we cant change the text of,the buttons yet and right now when i,have to find my font here i cant search,for it so you have to scroll really far,if youre using a form like yoast or,something similar but just to show you,again before we move on to logic you can,see here all of the different,fields that we can use which is,basically questions they do also have,payment as a field or a question in this,case maybe you can even call it a step,which integrates with stripe but that is,on the paid version you can also use it,for net promoter score,very simple to set up you can see a,score from 0 to 10 and then youre good,to go,but now lets move on to the logic part,so within the logic part it is very,simple to begin with you can see that,right now theres no logic so right now,they just go from one question to the,next question and so further,but for each of these questions we can,add logic so lets say you have a step,where if they answer x then they will,skip the next step its in here you do,that so here we have first name so we,will say if first name does contain the,word philip in this case,then we will make it jump to the,question we just made which is how was,this form so this is just a simple,example of course it does make a lot of,sense but thats just a simple example,of how you can add logic we can also add,another condition where it has to be,either both of these conditions,fulfilled or just one of them right now,we will just keep it as is i will delete,this one again and you can see out here,visually how it looks like so right now,if my name that i enters is philip then,i will skip these four questions here,and move directly to the new question i,really like how they have set it up here,very simple with a visual appeal of how,it is working because often this logic,part can really get difficult,though i will say that all of these,different questions has different logic,so for instance if we go all the way,down to the question that we made before,here you can see that,right now it is saying that it needs to,be either greater than equal to or less,so this means that when its a text,format then we have,conditions like it contains this or it,is exactly this but when its a number,format then you can do the way where you,say it needs to be greater than this or,lower than this,but the main functionality that i like,about the logic is definitely the,visualization its so easy to understand,how your logic is working now moving on,to the next module which is integrate,first when i read through gosens,website i didnt get an understanding of,their integrations and i think they,should brag more about it because they,have almost 25 native integrations and,this is very impressive,there is one integration were missing,though and that is calendly of course we,can use sapien to make an integration,all the way through calendly but its,super simple to set up these,integrations when you click connect and,youre asked to either in this case sign,in with google if we go to mailchimp,they have a different way that you need,to enter your api key the same for,padlet here we need to enter and webhook,url and so further so thats how it goes,all the way down and im really,impressed to see this amount of,integrations lets hope they keep on,adding integrations now for the next,module we have the share module and i,think this module is really great,especially if youre using the net,promoter score because within the net,promoter score you often want to show it,like a little widget in the bottom or in,the side that can slide out and that is,possible here so you can see we have a,side tab here we can do a standard where,its full screen we can do a pop-up we,cannot do the bottom section here which,i would really like to have for the net,promoter score but otherwise i will use,the side tab here and then we can choose,the button text the colors as well and,then we can choose the domain we want to,execute this code on and by code i mean,of course the entire widget,you can also use either shopify app or,the wordpress plugin they have done that,as well so on top of the integrations,they also have plugins and apps for that,but otherwise you can always just copy,the url here for the form when we have,published it and then you can check how,it is working so lets publish the form,here so now we have the ul here you can,either go to the ul or you can just,press preview up here and with the,preview section we can see it in desktop,or mobile version so for now ill keep,it on desktop here and then as first,name lets try and enter philip to see,if our logic is working and it is very,well working we now have the question,where were asking how was this form i,will give it a couple of stars and then,ill move on to the net promoter score,again lets give it a nine and then,submit,

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