1. Review of Wild Irish Whistle in the Key of D
  2. Why Is Everything Made Of Atoms?
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  5. The Key Mod Review
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Review of Wild Irish Whistle in the Key of D

hi all and youre very welcome back to,these introductory videos where i,im having a look at these wild irish,whistles from,mcnela music and they are absolutely,beautiful looking whistles as you can,see i have the set here,all the way from the a whistle right,down to the e flat,now last week we had a look at the e,flat whistle and loads of comments from,the listeners and thank you so much,its great to have your involvement and,please do continue to let me know how,you feel about these whistles they,really are beautiful but look,lets have a listen to the whistle,indeed,the d wild irish whistle from mcniel,instruments it is a lovely whistle ive,been playing it for the last number of,weeks,but im going to let you guys have a,listen to it now so im going to test,the whistle in a number of ways well,have a chat,about that after i play the piece am i,going to play a couple of jigs the first,one im not sure of the,name of it but im sure somebody,listening in will know so if you do,please let me know the name of the first,jig,and the second is a well-known jig,called the old,flail jig,[Music],my,[Music],come on,[Music],me,[Music],oh,[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],[Music],me,[Music],ah,[Music],oh yes indeed again has the same with as,the e flat really this is a,an effortless whistle really to blow its,beautiful tone and,as you can see theres absolutely no,problem with the tuning the,responsiveness,but in particular um for this session i,wanted to kind of have a look at how the,whistles would deal with,alternating pressures which is a it can,be a huge problem with some whistles and,uh the first tune i think,really really pushed the whistle there,in that you know its um,so it jumps from uh strong pressure to,low pressure,octaves up and down its like,and the whistle just takes it and and,you would feel that there is so much,there,so much more it can take in variations,of pressure,so absolutely no pressure there or no a,problem with pressure there,and in the second tune like um,absolutely flying up and down to the,octaves with no hesitation at all and,you know i really feel the whistle is,working beautifully in my hands,the music just seems to roll off it,again the same as the e-flat,has that beautiful curve on the notes,its beautifully clear as you can hear,its crystallized,again im playing in the kitchen here no,reverb no eq no special effects this is,the raw sound of the whistle and,um i dont know to me its very pleasing,i hope,i hope its coming across that way to,you so look at the d,whistle equally as impressive as the e,flat,you can see the uh the balance on it is,is,is just above the the uh just there,above the first hole,so again weighted nicely in towards the,mouthpiece feels very strong and hefty,in my hands which is something i enjoy,and one aspect of this switch which i,did discover and its absolutely lovely,another reason that i played the first,piece the c naturals on this are just,beautiful it can often be a problem,especially the higher pitched whistles,where the c naturally can be a problem,note so you can hear the start of the,[Laughter],tune,absolutely gorgeous sea natural is just,perfect and you know,i often fingered as we all do like this,you just throw two fingers and its not,every tune its certainly very well,tuned,but if you just drop this finger the,finger on this particular model its,[Music],so yeah its really nice um so many,aspects to this whistle that are,are very fine indeed and theyre,beautiful with the play theyre,very enjoyable because they literally,jump out your hands theyre so,responsive,toneful bang on in tune tuning slides,more or less kind of,halfway maybe a little slighter down,which have loads of variation both sides,to the flat or the sharp,so yeah again cant speak highly enough,for these,theyre flawless really i love playing,them and uh thanks so much to mcneely,music,to involve me in these lovely whistles,sam i hope you enjoyed the clip,please do keep your comments your,comments uh coming in,let me know how you feel about them and,let me know if you play these,instruments but until next week we look,at the sea whistle,so uh thanks so much all the best,bye-bye

Why Is Everything Made Of Atoms?

if in some cataclysm all of scientific,knowledge were to be destroyed and only,one sentence passed on to the next,generation of creatures what statement,would contain the most information in,the fewest words I believe it is the,atomic hypothesis or the atomic fact or,whatever you wish to call it that all,things are made of atoms,[Music],5.,4,3.,2,one,the ship rattles as it stretches out,into the void beginning the adventure of,a lifetime the nervous crew were off on,an epic journey to visit their home,worlds only natural satellite though,similar in concept to the journey,undertaken by the Apollo Astronauts when,they left Earth for the moon this Voyage,is very different when Armstrong and,Aldrin headed for history on the lunar,surface they needed only to travel a,distance equal to the width of 30 Earths,our Intrepid Travelers must cover a,distance equal to more than 63 000 times,the diameter of their home world,compared to this crews destination,though the Moon is a Celestial snail it,crawls around the earth once a month at,a speed of 1000 meters per second that,may sound fast but this satellite is,whipping around at over 2 million meters,per second or just under one percent of,the speed of light its moving so,quickly that it complete 6.5 quadrillion,orbits each and every second and,for it is no moon,and this,is no solar system,our Travelers are not exploring the,astronomical Realm,but the atomic one they a brave,automotes a drift inside the hydrogen,atom departing from the solitary proton,at its Center they are in search of the,lone electron that encircles it,[Music],but their mission is even harder than it,first appears,for the electron only orbits the proton,like a moon orbits a planet in the,simplified Bohr model of the atom named,after the Danish physicist Niels Bohr,modern quantum physics say that we can,never know for certain where the,electron actually is we can only say,where its most likely to be the blur of,all its possible paths creates a cloud,around the nucleus our automods could,therefore Never Land at their,destination only float into fog of,possibility,[Music],today these bizarre atoms are the,universes Lego bricks vast galaxies,swirl in the void and distant Stars keep,vigil over the night but they are all,built out of atoms as we all are indeed,theres an entire Cosmos inside you the,number of atoms in your body alone,exceeds the total number of stars in the,entire observable universe even if you,started counting them at a rate of a,billion a second it would still take you,far longer than the current age of the,universe to complete the task and as we,have already seen even within the atoms,themselves there are entire complex,systems to explore and yet at the very,beginning of time the number of atoms in,the universe was precisely,zero not a single atom in the entirety,of the cosmos so how did we end up here,where did the very first atom come from,and just why is everything,made of atoms,[Music],the Earth weighs about 6.58 billion,trillion tons and about 1.85 billion,billion of that is carbon the climate,can sometimes feel like an impossibly,big problem for one person to try and,solve and that is where Ren comes in our,sponsor today Ren is a website where you,can calculate your carbon footprint then,offset it by funding a mix of carbon,reduction projects like tree planting,mineral weathering and rainforest,protection by answering a few simple,questions about your lifestyle you can,find out your carbon footprint and how,to reduce it and then you can actually,offset what you have left over you also,receive regular updates on what you,support one particularly impressive,project is biochar in California which,prevents wildfires by removing dirt and,flammable trees then turning the biomass,into biochar thus stopping it from,ending up in the atmosphere a,cutting-edge way to tackle the climate,so offset your carbon footprint on Ren,the first hundred people who sign up,using the link in the description will,have 10 extra trees planted in their,name thanks to Ren for supporting,educational content on YouTube,[Music],a wicked wind howls across the Black Sea,waves swell and crash as the previously,mirror smooth water is tossed and,churned marooned on a kayak amid this,Maelstrom is a pair of newlyweds they,are refugees fleeing Ukraine to escape,from the Russian regime yet this is not,a 21st century Story the year is 1932,and the couple stranded in the tumult,are the physicist George gamoff and his,wife liuboff who he affectionately calls,Roe after the Greek letter,but what could have driven this young,couple to risk their lives on such a,perilous Journey,the early 1930s witnessed a big shift in,the way the Soviets treated their,scientists and intellectual ideas and,foreign trips were increasingly tightly,policed gamoth wants to present his,research at a large scientific,conference in Rome but needs a new,passport his application is constantly,kicked into the long grass by,bureaucrats in Leningrad who promised,progress but instead deliberately run,down the clock he never goes to the,Italian Capital yet his endless visits,to the passport office have one,significant upside it is there that he,meets Roe they marry soon after and,within a year the newly words agree to,flee they pour over Maps looking for the,surest means of escape from the Soviet,Union and so they settle on the Black,Sea leaving gamofs birthplace of Odessa,to head for turkey gamof still has a,Danish motorcycle license from his days,collaborating with the physicist Niels,Bohr in Copenhagen and So the plan is to,wash up on a Turkish Beach pretend to be,Danish and asked to be taken to the,Danish Embassy in Istanbul,the journey couldnt have started better,the water is calm and the breeze is,gentle but when they awake Before,Sunrise the second day the weather is,already turning,by the evening the situation intensifies,and soon becomes perilous by the time,the storm abates they are exhausted to,the point of hallucination drifting,alone on the Open Water Strong Winds,buffet the boat all the way back to,Crimea,despite this setback eventually gamoth,and Roe do Escape they secure passage to,a scientific conference in Belgium and,after the conference Mary Curie helps,the couple extend their stay in Western,Europe never to return to the Soviet,Union they finally headed to the United,States in early 1934. this entire,Odyssey has unfolded before gamoths,30th birthday,six years later gamoff is granted,American citizenship free from the,shackles of Oppression he is now able to,continue his work and it is this work,that would turn out to be pivotal in our,understanding of physics for it would,change the way we think about the,history of the universe,forever,[Music],in 1929 three years before gamoffs,exploits on the Black Sea the American,astronomer Edwin Hubble had shocked the,astronomical establishment with evidence,that the universe is expanding,if the universe is growing day by day,then it was smaller yesterday and,smaller still a week ago keep rewinding,the clock and there was a time when,every part of the modern Universe was,concentrated down into an incredibly,small space before it expanded outwards,the Big Bang except that it wasnt such,a new idea to gam off the Russian,physicist Alexander Friedman had already,predicted the universes expansion back,in 1925 and the pair had had lengthy,discussions about it during gamoffs,time in Leningrad gamof was spending,much of his early time in America,working on something else the ultimate,power source of stars yet the focus of,his attention was shifting and in,October of 1945 gamoth writes a letter,to his old friend Niels Bohr to Mark the,Danes 60th birthday the letter reveals,that gamoth was starting to apply his,work on the internal mechanics of stars,to the origin of Mata in the early,Universe immediate immediately after the,big bang,up until this point cosmologists had,assumed that the early Universe was,dominated by Mata the staff that all,visible s

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Royal Caribbeans THE KEY: Full review

should you buy the key on royal,caribbean i just tried it recently and i,dont think its worth the money and im,gonna tell you why,up next,[Music],hey everyone its matt from,royalgreenblog.com royal caribbeans the,key is basically a vip access program,thats offered on cruise ships again and,real quick has changed just a little bit,as they begin to restart cruises here in,late 2021 and into 2022 and naturally a,lot of people want to know is it worth,it to get the key because after all real,quick says it will give you special,perks and access while on board that,would otherwise not be available to them,or unlikely to be available to them,well get into that a little bit later,so things like internet access early,check-in special times signature,attractions and more are included with,the purchase of the key so does this,extra cost amenity make sense to get for,your family well i was getting a lot of,questions about this and i wanted to try,it out myself i had done the key before,the pandemic but i wanted to see whats,it like now has it changed at all and is,it a better option so i purchased the,key for an odyssey of the sea screws,that i took in november 2021 in order to,get a sense of what anyones selling in,2022 and beyond should expect when it,comes to the key so lets start off,again with what the key is and what it,includes this is an optional add-on that,anybody can purchase for their royal,coming cruise that includes special,access and perks think of it like a way,to pay extra to get vip treatment faster,access and otherwise have some extra,perks that are just nice to have royal,caribbean has offered the key for a few,years but then suspended it of course,but as cruise ships began to restart in,2021 the cruise line has brought back,the key for sailings now albeit with,some notable changes so in order to get,the key you need to purchase it before,the cruise begins via royal caribbeans,cruise planner websites you cannot,purchase on the ship you must buy in,advance heres a list of benefits you,get with the key early access for check,into the terminal drop off your luggage,in the main dining room on deck 3 by 2,p.m and then your carry-on luggage will,be hand delivered to your stateroom,exclusive welcome lunch in the main,dining room featuring the chops grill,menu,complimentary room service for your,entire cruise along with 25,off all on board dining purchases,private time at the onboard activities,such as the rock climbing wall and,flowrider priority departure from,ship-to-shore attender ports early,access to shows in the main theater on,deck 4 however reservation is needed,voom surf and stream package and on,disembarkation day a private a la carte,breakfast and choice departure the full,list of benefits will be given to you on,board the ship and youll also get an,email usually right before your cruise,with a list of them there so how much is,the key well the price of the key varies,depending on the sale and kind of like,the drink package right but anyway it,starts at 25.99 per day per person,although there can be discounts,available to bring that price down all,guests over the age of six in the same,room must purchase the key and when you,get to the cruise terminal and,subsequently onboard the ship there will,be special signs to indicate where,guests with the key can go in addition,your cpas card will have a special,sticker on it to easily identify,yourself as having the key all right so,is the key worth it lets break it down,the key certainly sounds like a great,idea i think a lot of people really get,attracted to the idea of all these,benefits because on paper they kind of,sound pretty good and especially,considering that a lot of these benefits,are otherwise not available to them but,in my experience i found that the,benefits sound a lot better on the,surface than they really are,many benefits can be obtained in a,different way but without having to,spend extra for it or the benefits are,simply not as lucrative as it sounds so,here are some examples of what im,talking about how about the early check,sounds great because that way you can,get on board the ship first among the,first people to get on board right and,that is accurate assuming you can get,there exactly when they want you there,for key guests you must get there,between 11 a.m and 11 30. if you dont,make that window you dont qualify for,early check-in you fall back to your,regularly assigned check-in time i would,also argue on top of that you can still,get that same time on your own by simply,monitoring the royal caribbean app,looking for when the online check-in,will begin and then getting one of those,early slots ive been able to do this,many many times without the key never,had an issue with it so just monitor,when the early check-in will open which,by the way if you go to the royal,caribbean app go to your sailing if its,not open yet it will tell you what day,it will open for check-in and then you,can get one of those early times,another benefit of course is the welcome,aboard lunch at the chops grill menu,which by the way you could purchase on,your own without the key and if you,happen to buy a dining package well the,cost of that lunch is going to be pretty,glow to begin with so again you can get,that on your own now the private time,the onboard activities really sounds,great until you actually see the list of,options that were there on my odyssey of,the seas cruise there were exactly two,times that someone with the key could,take advantage of private hours first of,all they were at two activities that,have limited appeal i think first of all,the rock climbing wall and the flow,rider and the rock climbing wall was,between four and five oclock when we,were at perfect day at coco key at four,or five oclock everyones getting back,on the ship theyre tired from a great,day of fun theyre showering getting,ready for dinner and the other time was,the flowrider which is on a sea day,thats good thats a sea day but it was,at 9 00 a.m thats typically sleep in,time or maybe eating breakfast its,pretty early and again the flowrider not,exactly the highlight of everybodys,wants to do right not everyones going,to want to do the floor rider so its,got limited appeal there,there is one perk that you absolutely,cannot get unless you have the key and,that is the ability to drop off your,carry-on luggage on embarkation day in,the theater its a really nice benefit,of course this benefit lasts just two,hours on the first day of the cruise so,i dont know that its worth paying for,the entire week of a vacation to have,two hours of benefit another nice,benefit that royal caribbean has changed,up is free room service as part of a,change post pandemic but i question,really how often anyone will order room,service to truly take advantage of it,breakfast room service is likely the,most beneficial time to use room service,but there are so many easy grab-and-go,options that i think in general the idea,of having room service is better than,the actual thing the menu is limited and,in generally speaking most people dont,want to eat in their cabin they want to,go out to different restaurants and,whatnot so i just dont know that its a,great benefit it just sounds like a,great benefit and then of course you,have the priority tendering which is,pretty rare these days most world cruise,ships do not tender thats when your,ship docks off the coast of a port and,then little boats ferry boats take you,from the ship to shore theres a lot,more piers now that can handle the,bigger ships its pretty rare that you,would ever be able to take advantage of,this benefit if your ship goes to belize,thats a different story maybe itll be,a benefit to you how about the,pre-reserved seating for the shows on,board sounds like a great one it does,except for the fact that you must arrive,45 minutes early to the theater which,negates the entire point of arriving,early and having reserved seating if,youre gonna get that early you can do,that on

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GEAR REVIEW: KEY LEAVES – No more sticky G#s

[Music],whats up everybody my name is Scott,paddock and today Im gonna do a product,review of key leaves one of the absolute,most embarrassing things that has,happened to me during a performance was,about ten years ago when I was on stage,in front of about 500 people and I was,going to play this song fly me to the,moon the song fly me to the moon sounds,like this but right before plane I did,not check to see if my g-sharp key was,sticking and it was so my language of,the Moon sounded like this,[Music],it was awful it was so incredibly,embarrassing and that has happened to,every saxophone player the sticky G,sharp key is a universal saxophone,problem luckily the people at key leaves,came up with a very simple solution to,this universal sticky g-sharp problem,thats it its that simple stick a key,leaf underneath of the arm of your Lucy,sharp so why does that work why does,that stop G sharps from sticking well,your C sharp your D sharp and your g,sharp all are closed keys so I could be,looking at your B flat and your B you,see all of these keys all these pads,theyre open these are closed and,because theyre closed when youre done,playing all the condensation and spit,and all the stuff that goes through your,saxophone it dries on those pads but if,you can put your saxophone away with,those pads open by putting a key leaf in,there all the gunk wont dry in your,pads so your pads wont get all sticky,and stick to the tone holes its really,that easy so when you put it on your C,sharp key obviously it opens up your C,sharp but your C sharp is connected to,your G sharp so when you put your seat,when you close it when you open up your,C sharp you also open up your g sharp so,watch this key when I put the C sharp in,watch this key right here its gonna,move open do you see how that one moved,up into so your C sharp is open your G,sharp is open when you buy key leaves,they come like this its one its,attached like this I cut mine in half,and Ill tell you why in just a second,but the first one goes in your C sharp,like I just showed you and the second,one goes this way under your D sharp so,that stops your D sharp from sticking,also Ive never had a really big problem,with a sticky D sharp sometimes Ill,have to press the key little harder when,I first start playing to open it up but,its never really stuck from you when,Im playing so what I did is I cut my,key leaves in half so that I have two,separate Leafs and I keep one in my case,so every time I put my horn in my case I,use the key leaf under the C sharp key,and I put the second one next to my,saxophone stand in my house so whenever,Im practicing I can just put it right,in the seat right underneath,see Sharpie also so my g-sharp has been,a bigger problem than my D sharp by far,now when I first started using key,leaves they didnt really work for me,and I couldnt figure out why because I,saw all these testimonial videos about,how great it was and I was like why is,this not working for me like I noticed a,little difference but not a huge,difference and then I realized it was,because I already had a bunch of gunk on,my pads and all my tone holes so I had,to clean that off first so once I,cleaned off the pad and the tone hole so,everything was clean to start with the,Keeleys started to work great so if,youre looking for a really simple,solution to a universal saxophone,problem which is a sticky g sharp key I,highly recommend key leaves you can get,them at key leaves calm,[Music]

The Key Mod Review

hows everybody doing today salty jewels,back again,with yet another device that is,compatible with the boro,tank although a quick side note this,device comes with its own board style,tank,which is referred to as a bone or a mega,bone thats right ladies and gentlemen,were going to be checking out the key,brought to you by mums fantasy factory,now initially the release of the key mod,came to me as quite a bit of a surprise,when i thought about mums fantasy,factory firstly i thought about their,mech squawkers,which have honestly been a staple in the,mech squat game for some time now,and i also thought about their different,kinds of accessories like their billet,box panels,their dot mod panels and even their,bantam panels they also make some other,cool accessories like,transparent or different colored bora,tanks so when i heard that they were,releasing a device that,took a boro tank and also ran on a die,codes chipset,it intrigued me enough to go out to find,one and to make a video for you guys,today,so before we go down low i just wanted,to make one quick statement,the more and more these bora style,devices are being released and the more,things that they are achieving,the higher my expectations are climbing,so im really hoping this device really,stands aside from the regular aio pack,and im really hoping that it impresses,me with all that being said,lets get down and lets get into it but,as you can see very simple plain,packaging we got a white cardboard box i,really do like this,little moms fantasy factory symbol on,the front with the cnc machine and the,gear,i think thats really cool but,everything else is just plain white,cardboard box right on the back,black delrin key and thats about it,lets open it up,[Applause],and once we open up our packaging the,first thing were going to be met with,is a little,sample packet of some nife 30. i dont,know if this is exclusive to the die,codes chipset i will do some research,and get back to you guys about that,but hey im not going to complain any,little added bonus to a package or a,product,i think thats a nice little touch after,that we are going to be removing this,top layer of foam and we are met with,our black,delrin key there have also been a few,other releases of this device i believe,a white delrin,a smoked and a few other special limited,edition colors mixed in with the drops,but as you see today this is the version,that we have let me take it out,give you a quick 360 as i would with any,other product,and you can see that this thing is,completely constructed,of that black delrin i think the only,thing that isnt is this,brass piece right here and what do you,know that looks like a key,maybe thats why this thing is called,the key mod im not exactly sure,also on the top youre going to receive,a mums fantasy factory flush nut right,below that were going to be coming down,to our mega bone,now on the mums fantasy factory website,they sell typical bones which is your,standard type of borrowed tank and they,sell,mega bones which are made for the key,theyre about 25 percent bigger,and they hold a few more milliliters of,liquid,right below our megabone were going to,be coming down to our die codes buttons,right here is your main,fire button and your control button and,right below that here is your up and,your down button now this is,one solid switch but its a kind of like,a rocker switch that you would see,on a delroy right below there we have,our die code screen,and behind that we just have a solid,piece of delrin now to either side of,your key youre also going to get two,removable face plates,on the first side we are going to be,exposing our battery compartment this,takes a single 18650,and the battery orientation is going to,be positive side down negative side up,on the other side we also have a,removable face plate but once we take,this off,its just going to be a solid piece of,delrin now the reason they did this,is so that you can go out and you can,buy face plate sets to really,personalize,this device they didnt have to but i,appreciate how they did that i know,control makes some really solid face,plates and i will definitely be looking,out for a set of those in the near,future,other than that we have a mums fantasy,factory logo right here at the top,and thats about it considering that our,mega bone is probably the biggest boro,tank out on the market today,this should be compatible with all of,your other different tanks and bridges,so lets remove our mega bone and lets,throw on some different border tanks and,bridges and lets see how they look and,fit,and there is your boro compartment as,you can see right down there on the,bottom there is your connection and it,also has,a little bit of a lip right here now,what that is for is,that little lip is going to line up with,this protrusion right here,on your mega bone and what thats going,to do is its going to block all the,airflow that would be coming in from the,front and make sure that it only comes,out,from the sides so first off lets check,out a standard,billet box boro lets see how it fits,and looks on the key,so it slides in lets throw on our,integral tip,and as you can see it does work next up,lets check out our boxer v2,this is sort of an all-in-one bridge and,boro tank,it has about the same dimensions of your,standard billet box boro tank,but lets check it out and lets be sure,so it slides right in as it should,and it also does make a solid connection,this one looks a little bit better than,your standard boro tank,i actually really do enjoy this one,especially with that stainless steel,drip tip,and your stainless steel boxer v2 but,anyway,it does work so yeah it does pass the,test all of your other borrow tanks and,bridges,will in fact work on the key so lets,move on to this die codes chipset and,lets check it out ive definitely been,anticipating this moment but ive also,kind of been dreading it ive been so,used to the dna chipset,that this is for sure gonna be something,thats new to me so lets throw a,battery in there,and lets try it out,[Music],so this is the die codes bf60 chipset,its going to have an output range of 5,to 60 watts a resistance range of,0.05 to 5 ohms it has an output current,of an 18 amp max,and has an output voltage of a 10 volt,max,so were gonna flip it on upside down to,our oled screen,were going to hit our fire or our,select button five times,two three four five and there it is die,codes,once we are at our die codes home screen,the first thing we are going to see at,the top,left is going to be your ohms right next,to that is going to be your set wattage,right down here at the bottom left that,is going to be your operation setting so,right now its in standard which is just,regular wattage mode but that will also,change to temp control once you do,change up that setting,all the way to the right bottom right,youre going to see your different,voltage,settings or readings so the first,set of numbers youre going to see that,is going to be your voltage at no output,and next to that is going to be your,voltage at output set power so what i,believe that means,is that is going to be the amount of,voltage that is running through this,device,once you hit the fa the power button and,it reaches,those ohms and that set wattage,so in terms of different settings,different controls profiles and,diagnostics the die,codes chipset is very very immense but,im still getting used to it especially,coming from a,dna chipset this is something thats,going to take me a while to figure out,but i just want to show you guys how to,get it vaping so right now we have it,set at standard which is just regular,wattage,but if we wanted to get to temperature,control what were going to do is were,going to press our positive or negative,button,until we get to home control thatll,bring us the standard,and we press positive or negative one,more time and that will bring us to,temperature control,now if we wanted to get to our different,types of temperature control settings

Enjoy Selene W.s review of the Key To Christmas

[Music],hi everyone,this is celine reporting for kids first,and today,i will be reviewing the film the key to,christmas,theres just something magical about the,holiday season and the movie the key to,the christmas,in this film a disgruntled elf sees her,opportunity,to displace santa claus by gifting him,with youth holy nutcracker,santa takes a forest holiday and the,mayhem that ensues,is sure to entertain your family,the key to christmas opens with the,traditional holiday scenes,delightfully accompanied by the magical,work of music composer,thomas beckman which releases the,holiday movie,a girl keira cameron mcdonald,surprise of santa scott osborne as he,delivers gifts and he mistakenly gives,her a special gift,which obviously was not meant for her,santa promises to fix christmas,meanwhile,back at the north pole theres a,rebellion which complicates things as,mrs claus is placed,in candy king jail its up,to our favorite elf lovey catherine,alpen,and kira to find the key that santa left,behind,i love the perfectly cast catherine,alpine,in her goofy and adorable role as levy,the other heroine kira played by cameron,macdonald,really steals the show her facebook,facial expressions,and emotions really come through as her,character,struggles to believe in the wonder and,magic,of santa claus and christmas,without giving anything away the scene,searching for the lost key and cures,disbelief,are really timely and funny jason mills,is a director executive producer,cameraman editor set designer,and writer among other rules,its safe to say that this is a jason,mills film,its a special story as the cast races,to save the future,of christmas the message of this film,is to never stop believing in the magic,of christmas,and the goodness of others do you,believe,you may have to rise above your doubts,and fears,to overcome challenges believe in,yourself,and the righteousness of your cause to,prevail,i rate the key to christmas 4,out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages,2 to 8,plus adult family members the key to,christmas,is available on digital and dvd november,10th,2020 so dont miss it thanks for,watching,be sure to subscribe to see all of my,reviews and interviews,and those of our other talented kids,first reporters,happy holidays everyone,you

Elgato Key Light Review: Stop Wasting Money!

this is the elgato key light and it,roughly retails for 199,right now i bought two of them why did i,buy it,well i could have gone out and got some,cheap lights before and lord knows ive,invested in plenty of those but,that always leads to heartache and i,already know i like the elgato product,lines,so why not go ahead and pick it on up,because,its got convenience it is accessible,and it is incredibly flexible lets take,a look at some of the specs the very,first thing is it to control the lights,you will need to have the app set up,either on your desktop,or through a mobile device of some sort,and you can be able to adjust,the color of the light whether its warm,or maybe even a cold bright white so,that changes out the saturation youll,be able to adjust the brightness however,you wish to,and speaking of brightness good lord it,gets up to,2800 lumens all right thats enough,to illuminate anybodys basement if you,happen to be live streaming down there,thats just weird why did i say that,and it has glare-free diffusion meaning,that its,not just a clear surface thats put over,top of the leds,you have something thats white so it,kind of just gets it to where it shoots,out a bit more light,and its not blinding you at the same,time when i went ahead and ordered it,through amazon i got it a few days later,and inside the box it included things,such as the quick start up guide now,its fairly intuitive you honestly,probably wont need the instructions,but there are some relevant links youre,going to need to in order to,register and get the app download to,your desktop,the next thing was the steel desk mount,now its,its got a pivoting ball head at the,very top and it also can adjust to,really really really tall if you wish to,and of course the key light came along,with it,that had a power plug as well as a,switch,on the very back that goes on,off or even reset heres the really cool,part is the power supply wasnt just,limited to something that you can use in,the united states,it actually has adapters for all known,regions i mean they,really loaded you up with every plug,variation there is,so what do you do next what youre gonna,have to do is youre gonna register your,device,youre gonna need to download the app,onto your desktop or your mobile you,gotta,scan for the key light now keep in mind,this is gonna take a few minutes its,gonna keep,looking around and looking around till,finally it will find them,from there you can pretty much tweak the,settings again you can change out,how warm the color is or how cold it is,or the brightness up or down,and if i didnt already mention it once,before i think it bears worth and,repeating,and that you can control the lights one,of two ways,and that is the desktop app and of,course the elgato,stream deck i know this is really nice,so if you already have an elgato stream,deck its just a simple thing of,dropping it,right into one of your buttons there,cueing it on up and it will turn it on,and,off just like i showed here on the,screen so here are the pros and cons,when it comes to the elgato key light of,course its not all sunshine rainbows,and unicorns,i believe it does have its small little,hang-ups but,to start it out the pros its set and,forget as soon as you go ahead and get,it installed to your workstation,you are ready to rock and roll the,versatile light,settings i mean i really like the fact,that you can kind of drop it in and out,of warm and cold,and the brightness when you get some,cheaper lights you sometimes have to,change,out the gel so that way it diffuses it,in one way or the other so with this,weve got it already set and all you got,to do is just adjust it so that makes,life a lot easier and youre not losing,some gel and,blaming your wife or losing it i didnt,do that i swear i didnt and of course i,already kind of gushed about it its the,integration with the stream deck,the elgato stream decks one of my,favorite devices when it comes to live,streaming being able to just go ahead,and turn it on and turn it off that way,im not having to sweat anything,else that makes it easy i dont have to,worry about opening up the app on,desktop,or mobile i can just go over to elgato,stream deck and boom its on,now what about the cons alright so im,kind of hung up on the fact that its,not portable,so even though i had those cheap lights,that i used before the nice part about,them was they were battery powered and,highly portable they could go everywhere,with me and with the elgato key light,its a fairly substantial size so,its not necessarily very portable not,to mention,its not battery powered you need to,have some power supply near it in order,to get the light,and speaking of you need a power supply,its not battery powered so,that part i really wish they had that,ability to do that and im sure there,was probably some workarounds we can do,but otherwise and thats one of my small,hang-ups and last but not least,do not unplug your elgato key light now,heres the problem as soon as you get it,registered and you get it to where its,synced up with your app,well if you go and unplug it it kind of,resets,everything so youre going to want to,make sure that the power supply stays,plugged in,otherwise youre going to have to scan,for the light again and get it all set,up again,thats a little bit of a pain in my,opinion so we give two big thumbs up to,the elgato key light i,love it in fact my brother not too long,ago picked up the elgato,key light air its a little cheaper a,little more cost effective and got some,of the same,nice features you expect inside the key,light itself,go take a look at in this next video we,will see in there

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