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  3. How to Write an Obituary
  4. Language Testing Webinar: New Manuscript Types
  5. I Seek Dead People:Using America’s GenealogyBank to Find Obituaries and More!
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2013 in Review: Local Obituaries

norbert bly left a teaching job in,Chicago in 1968 and moved to door county,to take up the writing life he took up,residence in a classic writers layer a,farmhouse in the woods where he would,produce 18 books in a career spanning,more than 40 years much of the time he,worked from converted chicken coop in,the woods piled high with papers in,about three thousand books he once said,I like artists who are almost obsessed,with their work painters who paint,writers who write powders who make pots,you write to find out about yourself if,youre in areas where youre not finding,out about yourself its futile youre,wasting your time after repeatedly,getting calls for a black chorus Ella,Washington founded the Heritage Corral,in 1983 it performed in Carnegie Hall,and with Milwaukees Florentine opera,company and the Milwaukee Symphony she,was always about exposing people to a,higher level of art her daughter said at,the request of his father Joe glorioso,opened gloriosus Italian market in,February 1946 with his two brothers,Eddie and teddy thats Joe on the right,it was only supposed to last a few years,for young Joe who had just come back,from the service in World War two he,wanted to be a doctor but the little,shop on brady street changed that he,just fell in love with it his son said,for decades Ronnie Cheryl ran the satin,wave barbershop a place to pick over,events of the day give and get advice,and yes get a haircut preachers lawyers,teachers and laborers they all came to,satin wait Cheryl also gave free,back-to-school haircuts two children a,haircut makes kids feel better about,themselves he once said they get to,start school fresh and who knows this,kid might be a doctor one day and then,hell be serving me Johnny Logan was on,first base on September 23rd 1957 when,Hank Aaron sacked an 11th inning home,run off st. Louiss Billy Moffat,clinching the National League pennant,the Braves went on to upset the favored,new york yankees in the world series,logan played for the Braves until,nineteen sixty-one when he was traded to,the Pittsburgh Pirates Jane seijin was a,quiet beauty who worked on weekends at,the familys tavern and eatery Marys,log cabin located across from ray allen,bradley in 1949 she won the title of,clean city queen awarded in recognition,of both her striking good looks and her,ability to keep a family in a home,running well thats her in the middle,but it was as the mother of Air Force,captain Lance seijin who received the,Medal of Honor after he was shot down,during the Vietnam War and later died as,a prisoner of war it was here that Jane,seijin shined brightly as an advocate,for POWs my mother was the strength that,held us all together her daughter said,she did that by never allowing herself,to fall apart instead she became a,warrior with a graceful beautiful stride,read more about those who left us this,year at jsonline.com for the Milwaukee,Journal Sentinel this is obituary writer,Jam evil hair

Find Obituaries

Hi, welcome to this short video where well talk about how to find obituaries using BadgerLink.,First, go to the BadgerLink website at BadgerLink.dpi.wi.gov.,The first thing well need to do is identify what resource to use.,On the homepage, in the Find section, you can browse our resources by format.,Click on Newspapers.,This is a listing of all of our newspaper resources.,The resources that might have obituaries are Access NewspaperARCHIVE, Archive of Wisconsin,Newspapers, and Newspaper Source Plus.,If youre looking for the obituary of a famous person, look in Newspaper Source Plus.,This is a resource that covers large national newspapers.,Lets do a quick search for Bob Hope.,We have a lot of results.,Sometimes in Newspaper Source Plus, by adding obituary to the search you can come up with,the obit.,And here is Bob Hopes obituary from the Associated Press.,Ive navigated back to the newspapers page.,If youre looking for an obituary that would have been in a Wisconsin Newspaper from 2005,to 90 days ago, then use Archive of Wisconsin Newspapers.,Lets do a quick search.,Type in the name of the person youre looking for.,You can add the date range or location or select the specific newspaper you want to,search.,Here are the search results.,The results will only return 1000 results.,Because I just searched the name, I got a lot of results.,At this point, you should probably revise your search and add date or location information.,Lets take a look at how the results are displayed.,Hover over the thumbnail to preview the article.,The print icon gives you additional options for saving or printing.,Ive gone back to the newspapers page.,If youre looking for a historic obituary, then use Access NewspaperARCHIVE.,To search articles about a person, enter the persons name, then click search.,In this case, I know the obituary was in 1956 so Ill use the right side of the page to,narrow my results.,And heres the obituary.,From the display page you have options to save or print the article.,I hope this video has been helpful.,Contact Us if you have any questions.,Well see you next time.

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How to Write an Obituary

[Music],when a loved one dies you want to write,a meaningful and memorable obituary for,them,here are the six basic steps of how to,write an obituary,start the obituary by announcing the,death,the first sentence or two could include,lots of important facts,name age where they lived the date of,death and more,a typical first sentence might read,winnie jackson 86 of springfield ohio,died at home of natural causes on june,14 2022,if you prefer you can say passed away,left this world or another such,expression,after youve announced the death tell,your loved ones life story,where did they grow up what schools did,they attend what work did they do,what groups were they involved with,these facts will help identify their,obituary for anyone who knew them in the,past but you can also go beyond these,basic facts and remember the details,that made your loved ones so special,you can tell a favorite story that they,like to laugh about or talk about what,was most important to them or even say,what youll miss the most,this isnt a complete biography just the,highlights,share a favorite memory or two,next list their family members,most obituaries name the surviving,family members of the person who has,died as well as those who died,previously,some large families will list immediate,family members by name and then,summarize additional relatives eight,grandchildren 16 great-grandchildren and,many nieces and nephews,however you can choose to include anyone,you feel is important to name including,devoted caregivers lifelong friends and,even pets,next add the details about their funeral,events,include the dates times and locations of,the visitation funeral burial memorial,service and or any other funeral,gatherings,also include the name of the funeral,home so that people can contact them,with any questions about the services or,sending flowers be sure to indicate if,services are private,you may want to request charitable,donations in your loved ones memory,you can add an address or link for a,specific charity or you can suggest that,friends donate to a charity of their own,choice you may also request donations to,the family to help with funeral expenses,finally you may want to select a photo,to have published with the obituary,this offers a personal touch and helps,bring the obituary to life a portrait or,close-up of your loved ones face,usually works best the photo can be,recent or from their youth its up to,you in the end all these elements come,together to make a complete obituary,thats respectful informative and,meaningful to share with family and,friends,once your obituary is written you can,visit legacy.com to publish it in your,local newspaper as well as online,[Music],follow legacy.com on youtube or facebook,for more obituary news and information

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Language Testing Webinar: New Manuscript Types

so thanks everyone for joining us today,uh its great to see,people from all over the world um our,agenda for today were going to keep it,fairly brief um,were going to start off by talking,about a recent editorial that we,published uh which uh gives some more,detail about some of these changes um,and then were going to sort of jump,into talking about the kinds of,submissions you can make to language,testing so well start off by talking,about our,long-standing submission types um what,we have always sort of accepted um then,well talk about a rationale for some,changes that we have recently made,and then an overview of those changes,some new manuscript types and,paula will be taking you through those,and then at the end well say a few,brief words on orcid ids and open,science um and then well open up the,floor for questions and answers and we,hope that youll save all your questions,uh until that point and you can,put things in the chat or you can uh,probably indicate rays hand and ask a,question live as well,thanks dylan,great so um the first thing i want to,say is that weve just recently,published an open access editorial so,this is,completely free to view for anyone,whether you have a subscription to the,journal or not um,we,do an editorial at the first issue of,every year,um and this editorial is a is an,important one because we go into some,detail uh about the new submission types,so,um,if youre interested in following up,after this session uh we strongly urge,you to check out that editorial theres,a couple of ways of accessing it here,dylans included a nice qr code,or you can click on the doi thats on,that slide or just,google innovation and expansion in,language testing and youll find it so,please do take a look at that editorial,if youd like to,really learn more about what were going,to be talking about today,so um at the moment,say at the moment prior to this,change,language testing has always accepted a,range of different submissions but its,been quite a restricted range so,our typical submission type is an,original manuscript typically a research,article,whether that be empirical research or a,conceptual style paper,some of you may not be aware actually,that in the past,year,we increased the word count for that,original manuscript submission to 9 000,words so this is a good opportunity to,just communicate that as well,so thats our sort of fairly typical,language testing manuscript submission,type,we then also accept book reviews whether,commissioned or sometimes,unsolicited um test reviews uh similarly,we often commission these but sometimes,people get in touch with test reviews,that they have um,we have uh submission,space for our special issues and we run,uh usually one special issue per year,and then we have uh submission spaces,for uh various editorial matter and,these can be the editorials that paula,and i write or that special,uh issue guest editors will write as,introductions to their special issues or,virtual special issues um and sometimes,other types of writing like forwards,post scripts and so on so these have,been the sort of traditional submission,types for language testing but um,so probably mid last year we started to,think more and in consult on in,consultation with our,editorial board as well we started to,think about different types of,submissions that we could uh,include to sort of widen the scope of,what were doing in the journal,so um we had um various reasons for,exploring this and um the rationale for,some of the changes that were about to,present to you are,that we wanted to create a journal,that catered for diverse types of,research um you know particularly during,the pandemic as we know,um theres so much,uh theres so many challenges these days,in conducting research also so much,innovation,and we wanted to really broaden the,scope of what the journal would be,accepting and the kinds of research that,people are doing out there so we wanted,to,accommodate diverse types of research we,wanted to foster high levels of,engagement with the journal so we wanted,the journal to become,also a forum for discussion,and in some ways to perhaps lead,discussion,in the field,we wanted to provide sufficient space,for rigorous review style pieces so,weve started to receive,more submissions which are meta analyses,but we also wanted to create space for,longer systematic reviews,we wanted to and this is really strongly,driven by paula,and dylan at msu i should say,to embrace the principles of open,science,and theres lots of movement in this,area um in the wider field of social,sciences education,linguistics and so on um and language,testing wants to be at the forefront of,that,and just more generally i think a,general aim is that we just want to,encourage submission of various article,types that best serve the wider field we,want to be a relevant journal for the,field as it moves forward,so those are the kinds of things that we,had in mind as we were thinking of these,changes and im going to hand over now,to,paula to tell you a bit more about what,those changes are,great thank you so much and yes so some,of the article types that luke has,already mentioned are things like,meta-analyses and systematic reviews,so we have put information about these,new submission categories on our author,guidelines site on the language testing,website and also these changes are,reflected in the submission site in,scholar one when you log in to submit an,article to the journal,the new,submission categories show up there,so youll see our original manuscript,type is still there and its 9 000 words,maximum,but in adding meta analyses and,systematic reviews were allowed to have,those have a specific word count thats,fitting for the type of research that,people need to include in data reporting,in a meta-analysis or a systematic,review so we were able to set the word,count for those two journal types or,submission types to 12 000 words,something youll also notice on our,language testing website and in the,submission portal is we have links to,the apa thats the american,psychological association guidelines for,meta-analyses and guidelines for,systematic reviews and well go over,those a little bit but those are also,there to help people who are writing,these perhaps for the first time to get,a very good outline of all of the,different types of required reporting,techniques that are generally,part of a meta-analysis or systematic,review,next slide,so just to review a little bit what,these two things are,is these are studies of studies and,theyre conducted to summarize and,compare the results of multiple studies,on a given topic as the field of,language testing grows and is longer,entrenched in,very very robust empirical research,people may be wanting to look at,summaries of studies that have answered,answered a certain research question to,get a synthesis of that,reporting on the effects of different,things from the study,in particular meta-analyses are kind of,a type of a systematic review in which,the researchers use specific statistical,approaches to combine effect measures,from multiple empirical studies to,produce a single estimate of the effect,so both of these types of studies are,important in particular meta-analyses,are important because they can help the,field identify publishing biases,and systematic reviews in particular can,also inform the field as to where,knowledge is lacking so were excited to,be able to allow authors to submit these,with,a larger word count to be able to fit,everything in that they may need to fit,in in this type of submission,next slide,but on the other hand were also very,interested in shorter reports a brief,report in brief reports are a submission,category that youll see in other,journals like tesl quarterly or in the,journal nature,and these are shorter theyre about 3,000 words or less,and they are empirical,practical or action-oriented research,these types of studies will have less,concerning the literature review and,focus

I Seek Dead People:Using America’s GenealogyBank to Find Obituaries and More!

hello everybody thank you for joining us,i am so glad to,be able to speak to you about genealogy,bang,so one of the things that i want to,make note of before we,dive even further into this is that im,going to be focusing on,the version that is in our library,i will touch upon,the personal version because i do have a,personal subscription to that that i use,from home,but i wanted to make sure that you guys,realize that its going to look a little,different from what you have,a lot of the information will be,applicable to,both versions so just kind of keep that,in mind as were exploring,so lets explore,seeking dead people,so if you were to use our version we,have it here at the genealogy center it,is an on-site,database which means you physically have,to be here in the building or at one of,the branches to access the,database,now,i gave you some ideas in the handout you,can check with your local library or,contact newsbank to see where they might,have a library that could be close by,that has americas genealogy bank there,are always options plus at the very end,i do have the link for the paid version,but if youre anything like me you do,like looking for,free or cheap or,what may have you i just happen to,choose this as something that i pay for,personally because i find personal,benefit in it it is up to you,so once you go to our website which is,genealogy center dot org,you go to our resources which is the,lovely green button at the bottom,once youre there youll see about our,databases and click on on-site databases,and then were going to have to scroll,down because we have 24 databases we pay,for so our customers dont have to,on-site this is just another reason to,come visit us everyone,once youve scrolled down and you find,americas genealogy bank,you go ahead and click on it and this is,what it looks like so for those of you,that have genealogy bank and youre,paying for your personal subscription,this looks vastly different its a much,different screen,the one that for the personal version is,green and kind of a tan color well see,it later on,but the content is similar not the same,but similar,you do get more through the paid version,the personal paid version but thats,usually true of most of these paid,databases,so lets explore a little bit,were going to go ahead and begin a,search so were going to,type in a name but,lets lets look at this advanced search,first so once you open up the advanced,search,one slide you can see where the advanced,search is,and you can open that up and you get,more information now we have a last name,and a first name,so we could add more additional,information but,lets go ahead and just do,the simple name charles tennant,were going to begin a search,and see what results we have,this is what is going to pop up its,going to tell you that,with that specific name,these four collections have items,now,one of the great things about genealogy,bank is that it has a lot of,i say a lot its a very,subjective term um it has obituaries,it has the current,quote-unquote current 1977 to current,obituaries now its not for every,newspaper so dont go into this thinking,youre going to find,every single newspaper every single,family member,its what theyve been able to get a,hold of,or possibly pay for so you have to keep,that in mind but its really great to be,able to look at these different things,and say okay,i want to look for,historic newspapers or i want to look,for those obituaries,so were going to go ahead and get,started,with the obituaries,114 items,thats what i want to use this for so we,get to this page and we see a bunch of,different options and okay theres some,interesting things here but i want to go,ahead and scroll down,i want to see whats at the bottom of,the page because theres a lot of,results,and you can see that theres multiple,pages of results,so one of the things that you can do,is add more information at this point so,lets say you did a simple search a,simple name,and you want to,then get into it a little bit further,that 114 results too many for you or,maybe you have a more common name and,youve got,1563 results,i dont know,you want to be able to,filter down those results and so thats,where you refine that search,or,you can refine it by,going to a specific location you can say,i only want,obituaries for this name in west,virginia,well if we do that begin that search,its going to give us,less we get nine results okay well lets,scroll down and see if we can find what,were looking for,the eighth result is the person that we,are specifically searching for its the,correct date its the correct location,and name,we found our obituary thats why theres,lots of stars and sparkles,so we have the information and this is a,fantastic obituary this is,a genealogists dream it has so much,information and i absolutely love it it,talks about military it has,names it has dates it has,high schools sometimes you get those,obituaries that just are a single line,this this is a genealogist dream,well lets go back theres some another,name that popped up its not the same,name but,in the research i could recognize it as,another person of interest,okay so lets go ahead and click on that,one,its another person in the same family,they have a different last name but its,in the same area and theres a lot more,information in here as well its another,one of those obituaries that has a lot,of great information and this man lived,to 101 in 10 months which is pretty,fantastic i hope to live that long,so,again stars,son,we are happy,lets go ahead and do another search,lets search for a different name,and,simple name and begin search,this time it only comes up with two,results,and thats fine i was just curious what,would come up with this and this time,its in the historical newspapers the,historical newspapers are,1890 to 1922.,why would it stop around 22 well,copyright copyright is the biggest issue,with finding digitized newspapers online,copyright goes,1924-ish,were going to say that,to,current day,so youre going to have trouble finding,newspapers or potentially obituaries or,articles about your family members,that are within that time period so to,be safe it looks like,genealogy bank decided to have a little,buffer so its 1922 or they had that as,their stop date,and then,the,copyright moved forward a couple years,so its its a little bit up in the air,to why they did that i dont know their,decisions but theres a couple of,different options as to why,thats why its so nice to have the,americas obituaries as well in 1977 to,current so,there is a little bit of a hole in,genealogy bank but youre probably not,going to find those newspapers in other,databases as well because of that,copyright issue you never know its,worth an ask its worth a try,but you got to remember that so lets go,ahead and look at these,two items,once i click that i see it is two,different dates but its basically the,same article its the same information,but lets go ahead and click on it,we have that information its,information that,possibly i wouldnt have known before or,i needed to research further and now i,have a little bit more information,about that person which is great if,youre doing that historical context and,trying to understand more about your,ancestors,and not just the dates and names you,have a little bit of information about,this person being an operator at the,south exchange,but lets look at it in,americas genealogy bank without me,cropping it out and making it look,pretty,so this is what the screen looks like,and you have some options,so one of the first things you can do is,print,printing,great option,when you hit print,you get another option its going to,open up and its going to give you an,option to,include image and citation,image only or citation only im not sure,why i would only want the citation i,like the image and citation,personally,you always want to make sure you cite,your sources so you know where you found,them and can get back to them later,because if you fin

Review Joran casting keren dengan Reel spinning dan PE harga dibawah 200rb!

Hai kalau hai hai halo selamat pagi,assalamualaikum warahmatullahi,wabarakatuh,fahami salam bahagia crashed buat,temen-temen semua Pagi ini saya akan,ngobrol sedikit tentang beberapa item,untuk racing diantaranya ada jurang dan,curang ada maaf anda real sama Kemarin,saya dapat harga sekitar dunia,ingin di kota temen-temen lengket,selisih sedikit tapi katanya menurut,saya jadi ini seharga Rp55.000 untuk,realnya harga 96000 mutiara itu Rp35.000,jadi jadwal-jadwal sudah Nah langsung,saja kita review kita buka pertama Oh ya,menjadi ini curang ini khususnya untuk,katanya murah-murah loh,casing tapi tidak murahan nah ini,soalnya nomor kamu ih soalnya itu kan,panjang 180w Anda kalau udah kayaknya,Pak sport karbon 180x,[Musik],cerita untuk wafernya di biasa sarung,kita enggak ada tulisannya 182 kita,[Musik],harga cuman,[Musik],ya untuk kalau emang belum Kunci sih,Cepat ya jangan lekas begitu jam,[Musik],a ra enak ya Sule untuk yang bergesek,[Musik],selang depan gangnya dari kenal dari,kayu dewadaru spinning er sorenya,kemudian yang pasalnya kedua ini ada,sayurnya merah liwang-liwung kalau,dishare ya jadi spam itu sangat,Hai boleh ini Arjuna berikut lineage2,gula merah Aa biasanya 11125 waktu-waktu,2015 28 200 sendiri jangan wikusama Cup,Hai merhem untuk pelurunya dulu ya baru,dari metal OTW 12 untuk UASnya Wakwaw,Indonesia,ia bahkan Lamborghini temen Maaf tegak,9366,[Musik],gitu waleran Ukraina informasi peluang,besar yang merusak Panwaslu konsep,ban-ban Rini dari menolong terkesan,mewah mereka dari kayu yang cocok ya,cocok dengan bye Oke kemudian yang udah,untuk kentangnya juga sama dari Thanks,for watching,The Sport Engkong 180 Ambon nah ini,untuk melihat Oh enya warna kuning atau,warna hijau atau biru cuman stock habis,tinggal warnet keterangan keterangannya,untuk,Hai PNI orang lebih ukurannya 0,23 mm,kemudian 300meter terus apa waktunya,sampai 13 kg M2 hanya jika item ini saya,beli dengan harga kemudian kedua ada,Trio,[Musik],Hai ada informasi ketika PS saya beli,36.000 Dadi total sekitar 170 186-200,kurang 200 kasih kembali dulu Nanti coba,saya rangkai Nah mungkin kapan-kapan,kita coba untuk langsung kita tes di di,tempat ya oke segitu dulu aja,Hai untuk review peralatan mancing,dengan harga minimalis tapi sekarang,lumayan tebing sih pemain bagus ada,surat ada real Anda benar2 total dibawah,200 ribu kita sudah bisa mencoba terima,kasih assalamualaikum warahmatullahi,[Musik]

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. | Wikipedia audio article

and Joanne chimi German pronunciation of,an see me,meaning applied chemistry is a weekly,peer-reviewed scientific journal that is,published by Wiley VCH on behalf of the,German Chemical Society gesellschaft,Deutscher chemica publishing formats,include feature-length reviews short,highlights research communications many,reviews essays book reviews meeting,reviews correspondences Corrections and,obituaries this journal contains review,articles covering all aspects of,chemistry its current impact factor as,12.10 to 2017,topic additions,the journal appears in two editions with,separate volume and page numbering a,German Edition an Joe and Jimmy is Sno,four four eight two four nine print,issn 1521 two 3757 online and a fully,english-language addition an Joe and,Jimmy International Edition is SN 1433,two 7850 one print is SN 1520 one two,three thousand seven hundred seventy,three online the editions are identical,in content with the exception of,occasional reviews of German language,books or German translations of IUPAC,recommendations,topic business model,and Joanne chimi is available online and,in print it is a hybrid open access,journal and authors may choose to pay a,fee to make articles available free of,charge and Joanne chemi provides free,access to supporting information,topic publication history,in 1887 Ferdinand Fisher founded the,zeitschrift fur dye chemists industry,journal for the chemical industry in,1888 the title was changed to,zeitschrift fur anjo in chemi Journal of,applied chemistry and volume numbering,started over this title was kept until,the end of 1941 when it was changed to,die chemi,until 1920 the journal was published by,Springer Verlag and Biver leg chemi,starting in 1921 due to World War two,the journal did not publish from April,1945 to December 1946 in 1947,publication was resumed under the,current title and jo-ann chemi in 1962,the English language edition was,launched as an jo-ann chemi,International Edition in English is s,no.5 700 833 code na CIE a Y abbreviated,as Anju Kim aunt Edie and GL which has a,separate volume counting with the,beginning of volume 37 1998 in English,was dropped from the journal name,several journals have merged into an,joined including chemists Technic,chemist parrot or in 1947 and,zeitschrift fur chemi,in 1990,topic criticism,while it has been suggested that an,Giants impact factor as as high as it is,in comparison to other chemistry,journals because the journal contains,reviews the editors claim this effect as,too small to explain the difference or,affect the ranking of the journal in its,subject group

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