1. How to Conduct a Management Review
  2. ISO clause 9.3 Management Review – Integrated Management Review Process
  3. ISO 9001:2015 Management Review (and how to do internal audit on MR)
  5. How to prepare your Management Review? [Quality Management System]
  6. Review Management
  7. Managementbewertung | Management Review | Das fordert die ISO 9001

How to Conduct a Management Review

hello Im going to introduce you today,to one of the most important parts of,any ISO management system the management,review will focus on a quality,management system as defined by iso 9001,2015 but the same principles apply to,any ISO management system were going to,look at the following aspects of a,management review what is a management,review and who should take part how,often should it take place what should,be included how do I conduct the,management review how might I fail an,audit because of problems with a,management review how can I receive,further help from QMS so what is a,management review and who should take,part ISO 9001 states that top management,shall review the organizations quality,management system at planned intervals,to ensure its continuing suitability,adequacy effectiveness and alignment,with the strategic direction of the,organization top management means that,the organizations senior management,needs to be actively involved because,the success of the organization might,well be dependent upon how well the,quality management system is being,utilized how often should it take place,the management review should take place,at the interval defined in your quality,manual this should be at least annually,but is very often quarterly especially,in the early days of the management,system we recommend that you hold your,first management review within two,months of certification as this is often,the time at which most decisions will be,needed what should be included section,9.3 of your quality manual is likely to,look similar to this iso 9001 defines,those topics which need to be covered in,the agenda of the management review so,you should consult your quality manual,to determine what those are its,important to note that the agenda right,are not optional every item needs to be,discussed even if the conclusion is that,theres nothing to discuss the quality,manual also states that you must retain,a copy of the agenda and minutes from,each management or review how do I,conduct the management review in order,to help you conduct the management,review we provide you with a template,which will look similar to this its not,mandatory to use this template but lets,take a look at it to see how it might,help you firstly you should record the,names and job titles of those who are,attending the meeting followed by the,date time and venue you will then need,to do some preparation its best to,start this at least several days before,the meeting as you might need time to,prepare any missing information as,suggested in the box on the template you,are likely to find that youll need to,do at least the following review all the,management system documentation is the,quality manual still up to date review,and analyze any internal and external,audits which have taken place since the,last management review you obtain,feedback on the extent to which quality,objectives have been achieved and,analyzed the feedback have corrective,actions been successfully implemented if,not why not have risks and opportunities,been taken into account during,decision-making what is the evidence for,this and what are the outcomes review,customer feedback and analyze it obtain,any policies which are relevant to the,operation of the quality management,system continue your preparation by,ensuring that appropriate materials are,available and not forgetting how youre,going to present them for example,verbally on paper or electronically the,template suggests the following minutes,of previous meetings all relevant,so 9001 system documentation for example,the quality manual internal and external,audit reports relevant quality record,files for example customer feedback non,conformance reports etc register of,legal and other obligations were,relevant analysis of complaints if any,records of corrective actions and,management information reports raised,since the last management review review,of relevant policies if applicable none,of the above are exhaustive you may wish,to extend the preparation further,bearing in mind the objective of the,meeting review of the ISO 9001,management system to ensure suitability,adequacy and effectiveness the review is,to include the assessment of,opportunities for improvement and any,potential changes to the quality,management system and its alignment with,business objectives and strategy the,template continues by allowing you to,document the minutes of the meeting and,the actions to be taken and,communications required its important,to note that the minutes are not,intended to be a detailed account of,everything which has been said at the,meeting only the outcomes and decisions,arising from the discussions are,necessary to record its then also,important to document the actions to be,taken who will take those actions and,any communications which might be,required they are likely to find that,the value of the management review is,reduced considerably if actions are not,determined and allocated as everyone,will tend to assume that someone else is,taking responsibility when they also,wish to set a time scale for actions,depending upon their nature and urgency,as I mentioned earlier every agenda item,should be discussed and an outcome,recorded finally you should determine,the date of the next meeting if possible,to do so and record this in the box at,the end of the forum,its then normal for the draft minutes,to be circulated to the attendees for,comment in case anything has been missed,or misinterpreted then signed off by a,director and the quality manager you can,choose different signatories if you,prefer how might I fair one audit,because of problems where the management,review issues which might cause you to,foul on water include management review,vote performed at all management reviews,not performed at the prescribed,frequency prescribed items missing from,the agenda or not discussed minutes not,taken and retained how can I receive,further help from QMS I hope you found,this overview useful youll find many,other topics in our video series but if,you have any further questions please,dont hesitate to call or email us on oh,one six oh three six three oh three four,five or inquiries at QMS UK comm we can,even prepare for and carry out your,management reviews for you on a,consultancy basis if you would find that,helpful,thank you

ISO clause 9.3 Management Review – Integrated Management Review Process

welcome to a short training video on how,to implement an integrated management,system we will focus on ISO Clause 9.3,management review according to iso 9001,ITF 16949 ISO 14001 and ISO 45,000 and 1,management review is now easier to,implement with help of the new ISO an,XSL structure it was designed to create,the common framework to all management,standards and into a line of the various,applicable standard clauses,which secures a better alignment with,the strategic objectives and the,direction of the business by identifying,the risks and opportunities and,incorporating the PDCA approach to,ensure continuous improvement,the first step is to make a gap analyses,for the management review clauses of the,quality safety and environment standards,to compare the similarities and the,unique requirements between the,different management standards to,develop a framework for defining and,documenting an integrated management,review procedure that address all the,requirements from the different,management standards,having a management review procedure for,each ISL management standard you,implement one integrated management,procedure,some organizations call it a shock,management system,step schedule your integrated management,review meeting at the frequency to find,in your procedure at least once a year,the top management shall review the,organizations integrated management,system at plan intervals,to ensure its continuing suitability in,managing the changes in the organization,to meet the stakeholders requirements,the adequacy to ensure that sufficient,resources in terms of people process,infrastructure and operating environment,the effectiveness to ensure that the,planned activities are realized and that,the results will be achieved changes,within the QM ends must be aligned with,a strategic direction of the,organization the management review shall,be conducted at least annually the,frequency of management review shall be,increased based on risk to compliance,requirements resulting from internal or,external changes impacting the,integrated management system and,performance related issues,the management review,and carried out according to a set,agenda including the requirements,described in clause 9.3 from each of the,following management standards,so 9001 the quality management,requirements,I ITF 16949 the automotive quality,requirements ISO 14001 the environmental,requirements,so 45,000 and won the occupational,health and safety requirements,good practice to retain an attendant,register with the date,functions and signatures of the managers,whom attended the meeting,we will now focus on the content of the,management review meeting related to,quality the environment and the,occupational health and safety,requirements the sh eq manager will,first present the status of the,effectiveness of actions from the,previous management review and present,the changes related to the external and,internal issues that had an impact on,the integrated management system on,achieving its objectives for example if,there were changes to the environmental,aspects or labor law or the customer,specific requirements,performance and effectiveness of the sh,eq management system including trends in,achievement of the objectives related to,customer satisfaction,locations,patient results,number of incidents and accidents,audit results,of external providers non-conformities,and corrective actions monitoring and,measurement results the adequacy of,resources and the effectiveness of,actions taken to address risks and,opportunities the ietf 16949 has n,supplement clause 9.3 to 1 with,additional 11 topics to review related,to the automotive specific requirements,typical organization the outputs of a,management review is to review the,achievement results against the,strategic objectives of a company as a,business activity irrespective of,whether an organization is ISO 9001,45,000 or 14,000 certified,and then to determine the actions when,objectives are not achieved and to,identify the resources needed to achieve,the objectives and to decide what,changes needs to be implemented to,improve the integrated management system,the management review minutes should be,distributed to all appropriate members,of staff because it include decisions,and actions to be implemented and as,this will ensure that the integrated,management system is operating,effectively and all stakeholders are,informed the success of the integrated,management process is linked to the,commitment of the senior leadership of,the company and sure that your,management is trained by an organization,who understand how to implement a,practical integrated management system,your success is our priority

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ISO 9001:2015 Management Review (and how to do internal audit on MR)

[Music],so this will be our topic for today its,my pleasure to be with all of you,in this weeks episode of webinars at,agf,[Music],so we have four topics that were going,to go over in this webinar number one is,the management review process,lets take a look at this process are we,going to document this process,should this be a documented procedure,what do we need to prepare,how do we effectively prep what is the,process,and then of course second is lets take,a look at what should be reviewed ive,seen so many,management review where we go to the,board room or we go to the,review meeting only to find out that no,one prepared the data the information,the reports the feedback that are so,important inputs,in doing the management review so once,and for all lets identify this,what really should be reviewed what,should be the agenda,and then third lets lets talk about,management review inputs and outputs,this is where iso 9001 2015 is very,prescriptive,by the way when i say prescriptive the,standard,provided a certain set of requirements,a certain set of inputs that you need to,place in your management review and of,course not only inputs but,what do we get out of it what should be,mandatory out and this is prescribed,your iso 9001 lastly audit points after,all,our objective today is how do we prepare,for this how do we audit it hence lets,check it so that we can be ready moving,towards the third-party certification,audit,now so lets take a look at 9.3.1 what,does it say this is our basis,in 9.3.1 look at this top management,shall review,the organizations quality management,system its mandatory you,shall review now as to how often are we,going to do it how frequent the standard,is only saying at planned intervals so,its really up to you best practice here,is that organizations review their,management system on an annual basis at,the end of the year or year end they,include this in your year,and planning specific to their quality,management system so why do we need to,do this,this is to ensure that your quality,management system is,suitable for achieving your strategies,or your goals it is adequate and most,importantly it is,effective it is aligned to the strategic,direction of the organization hence,the management review so this may be,similar to,your other meetings or your year-end,planning that you do in your respective,organizations whether youre an electric,cooperative youre a state university or,a government agency,or a private entity a service oriented,organization,you do this review but specifically in,iso 9001 the term we use is management,review,in accordance to clause 9.3.1,we oftentimes hear this question do we,need to,document this as a procedure the,question here is to document,or not to document should we document,this procedure heres what im going to,say,this is not a mandatory procedure to be,documented however,we strongly recommend that you do put,this into a documented process,put this into documented procedure so,that we have a guide now on how to do,this,precisely the reason why we have,confusion as to how we prepare,during management review is because this,has not been documented into a formal,guideline flow a procedure and so on and,so forth so i strongly recommend that,you still document this and,include this enroll this in your,management system now whether youre,going to document it or not,whats important is that the following,should be clear no but then again like i,said if you can document it,that would be very helpful for your,organization the documented procedure,should number one define,who is responsible for the management,review this is very important who should,participate in the management review tap,management need the level management,front lines,so you need to identify the different,roles and responsibilities whats the,responsibility of the qmr whats the,responsibility of the document,controller whats the responsibility of,the,lead auditor define this in your,management,review process who will facilitate the,review whats the role of the process,owners whats the role of the auditors,are they going to present their audit,findings whos going to,present data every port based on the,agenda all this should be,identified including of course logistics,make sure that the responsibilities is,clearly defined in your procedure,second of course the scheduling you need,to also,specify this in the procedure when do,you conduct,management review this has to be planned,this shouldnt be an,after thought hey its already fourth,quarter lets do a management review you,always,look forward to this you know everybo,everyone knows that there will be a,management review lets say for example,or second week of november if thats,your schedule in an annual basis,make sure that it is defined in the,process and most importantly,determine the input as well way ahead,what should be the inputs or the agenda,it is very important so that the,resource persons,those assigned to present the inputs,could prepare properly and present their,inputs during the management review we,dont want to go to the management,review only to find out that the data is,not ready the reports are,even not consolidated yet say for,example customer satisfaction is one of,the most important inputs and the person,has to prepare for this has not even,conducted a customer survey for the year,so make sure that in the procedure,thats why i strongly recommend you,document this is you already identify,what these inputs are and if you have,inputs you should also have outputs,after you have completed the management,review how long do you do this well it,depends others would do this,say half a day the whole day others will,do this for two days again depending on,the scope of your organization whatever,the case may be at the end,of every review you have to ensure that,you come up with,outputs what what do you mean outputs,these are your minutes or these are your,agreed,action plans as a matter of fact this,management review output,should be documented if you review your,iso 9001 it says there that this has to,be,retained documented information you have,to present this if you recall what i,said earlier certification bodies one of,the first few questions they ask from,you when you apply for certification is,that have you already conducted the,management review,if yes can you submit to us a controlled,copy of your,minutes of the meeting all of this,should be in that procedure the,management review,process is not required to be documented,by the iso 9001 however,i strongly recommend that you put this,into writing that you document this into,a procedure,defining whos responsible in the,preparation who will facilitate who will,present,who should be part of this management,review second when are we going to do,this third,what are the mandatory inputs or agenda,this is standard this is prescribed by,the iso 9001 so you go back to plus 9.3,and then lastly what should be our,outputs and how do we capture this into,the document including,nodes observation agreements,everything that you have discussed,during the management review,the next question here is that what,should be reviewed now heres first,customer feedback prior to the,management review these,satisfaction survey form should have,been distributed collected already,analyzed the survey results is just,raw data so you cannot present raw data,during the management review right,youre managing the rector or your ceo,or your gm,you probably hear it from him if you,just give him the raw data you have to,include,your data analysis for the customer,feedback so make sure that its there,the customer feedback what else should,we include of course the audit findings,this is very important that means that,prior to the management review you,should already have conducted your,internal quality audience or your,internal environmental management system,audit or health and safety audit,whatever the standard is,so make sure that the audit results are,consolidated,summ

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So today weve had the catch-up session quarterly catch-up session with our,executive team so this is us, what youre going to see here is us executing our,planning phase and review phase of our business plan, so for those of you in the,ISO world this is our management review, we do our management review quarterly, so,if you look at any of the ISO standards they talk about management review so,what youre seeing here is our management review cycle in place, us,following the ISO standard so were talking about you know, how have we been,performing, were looking at our statistics, were looking at the results,of audits, were looking at you know how out team have been going, weve been,looking at our process performance and conformance and how were tracking,against our plan and what we said we would do, were looking at all of those,inputs that youll see in ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 or the new standard thats,just about to come out ISO 45001, so youre looking at,management review and business planning, so weve reviewed the last quarter, weve,also looked at the last three years so at every one of these sessions that,were doing in terms of management review and management planning on a,quarterly basis, we still do look back, its not just the last quarter but,weve focused on the last quarter and were focusing on the next quarter,so weve reset our actions and the things were going to implement and,execute to improve our performance, were looking at staff training, were looking,at process improvements, were looking at product development, systems development,and were looking at services development, so its been a really great,session, its been really good energy today, youll see that in the team its,been absolutely fantastic. Weve got, weve now reset our plan for the next,quarter, weve reset some numbers, the forecasting that were,doing in terms of our performance and how were tracking is getting more and,more accurate and and forecasting is a difficult thing to do, but the more we do,this the better we get and so thats what Id probably say to you guys out,there is the more that you do what the better youll get so just get out and do,it, and youll probably hear that quite consistently so for,us, what does this mean for Best Practice? It means more of the same with some,subtle changes in some subtle improvements, not big improvements not,global shifts, were in a consolidation phase and that consolidation phase is,going to marry up with the growth phase so were expecting significant growth,in q3 and q4 which will be the you know the first part of 2018, so were,gearing up for that, weve got q2 so were at the beginning of q2 but,moving into q3 and q4 is where were forecasting that will see big growth,again in this organization so were sort of consolidating making sure were,getting our training right weve been working on our database internally and,some of the operational systems that run this organization, so we really want to,try and finish off some of the training and development work that,were doing in this quarter to allow us to put all of our energy into to the,growth that we expect to see you in q3 and q4 which is really exciting. Bunch of,new people starting, more people coming and joining the Best Practice family,which is really exciting, so you know, the energy is some is,is feeling really good here in the business at the moment and Im quite excited.

How to prepare your Management Review? [Quality Management System]

welcome to the medical device made easy,podcast here is mineralization from,easymedicaldevice.com,and today we will talk about a certain,process that you have to follow under,iso 13485 or even under qsr which is the,management review so um i wanted today,to just have a kind of an explanation of,this process because i had a lot of my,customers that are contacting me and,saying okay what should i do for this,what should i provide what are exactly,the process to to do,so,the idea of today is to explain to you,what is a management review why this is,so important what should be,in terms of documentation available,for review and uh so yeah i hope this,will be really helping you because this,is a key process when you are trying to,get uh iso 13.5 certified,so um i wanted to start first by,explaining to you uh that um the,management review is,mainly mentioned in the iso 13.5 and you,have to have,a procedure that is existing where its,telling exactly how you will execute,this management review,and this match interview is like a,meeting so if you have never been,participating to a management review,its a meeting that is under the,responsibility of the top management and,where the top management has to,evaluate review check your quality,management system they have to verify,that this is working well or if there is,any change to do etc so i will go,through all the inputs and outputs of,your uh quality of your management,review but first,first you have as i said to create this,procedure the procedure should tell you,exactly um how you are executing this,management review and it should not,mandatory but its better to have that,specify also some formulas or,templates or forms,that will be used during this exercise,of management review because its not an,example that you are doing only once you,have to do that periodically the period,can be once every year or twice per year,or once every quarter you can define,this periodicity but you have to justify,also why why once a year why once a year,sufficient so many this is the idea of,saying yes once you are sufficient,because maybe you dont have enough data,or its um within one year that you,really get a lot of information to do,this evaluation because yeah if you do,that every quarter but you dont have,too much data to to review it would be a,waste of time,so when you get,those,forms available then you have to use,them and those forms are really to,gather the information that you are,executing the management review per,process your pair what you are writing,on the procedure so its why those forms,are really interesting because uh then,you can if i can say always follow the,same process to do the management review,which is something that is really,important when you have a quality,management system to not um once,gathered this information another time,another information or another way to,present which can be confusing for for,everyone so you have this management,review that will be,planned then,um once a year or twice a year etc,and,you have also to have people,participating to this management review,so for people that are participating to,this management review they have also to,be trend,it means that you have to have a proof,that they have been trained to the,procedure to the formula of the forms,templates etc so that they are really,understand what is the objective of this,management of you why they are doing,that and which information they should,provide to it so its important to have,this information of i mean this training,done and available so that when people,will be executing and be participating,to this management review they have a,proof that they have been trained to,that so this is something that should,not miss also,one thing also that is important is to,define the quorum so what is the minimum,number of people that should attend this,management review as we said its the,top management,this objective of the management is,mainly for the top management its not,just for anybody its just for top,management to review and assess that,everything is fine within the quality,management system so if the top,management is not present during this,meeting then you cannot do,this management review if maybe one top,management is available maybe its not,sufficient so you have to define a,quorum which is kind of like how many,people and what kind of people are we,looking for for example,at a minimum there should be the ceo,the ceo and the quality uh the vice,president of this country you can,mention those kind of names or you can,say three management with executive,responsibilities etc that should be,available so if those three management,with executive responsibilities are not,available then you cannot perform the,management review and this is something,that is important to have so that when,you are signing the attendance list,those names are there and those people,are also trained as ive told you before,so everything then is working so,mentioning on the procedure the minimum,number of people is really important so,that you you have to cancel the meeting,and you have a justification why you,cancel the meeting if you cannot do it,because the people are not are not,available also,um what you have also to understand is,that a management review is not just a,meeting that you are just,having one once and say oh lets have,the meeting tomorrow and lets uh review,our quiet management system no you have,to prepare this meeting so it can be,maybe one or two months of preparation,sometime where you gather all the data,and we look at after the inputs the data,that you should gather and then youll,gather all those data you will analyze,those data and you will show that to the,top management to tell them here is the,situation for this and that and here is,what we can say about it and then there,should be a discussion its not just a,presentation like um i tell you and you,listen and then you sign the document,you leave no its a discretionary,meaning here are the data do you have,some questions do you maybe something,that is not correct here etc and then,you can you should make it like a living,meeting its not like just a,presentation somebodys showing and you,just uh saying yes yes yes so its why,the preparation is also something key so,you have to have your team that is,preparing that are preparing the data,and uh there will be some quality,information there will be some,production information there will be,some um regulatory information so,therell be information coming from,different places so you have to make,each of your team members involved on,the preparation of this uh slides,usually what we are doing is that,we have this presentation and each time,we speak about a topic the responsible,of this topic is coming and explaining,and answering question of the top,management related to that so this is,mainly what what we are also expecting,from you so,when you are starting your,uh management review first you have to,send an agenda to people so this is,first document number one an agenda,which shows exactly what you will be,looking at what is the period we are,covering uh who should be there etc so,an agenda,then,you are preparing this presentation i,said usually what we are using is like a,power point like a slide deck,presentation and we are providing,information about uh this first topic,the second topic you thought okay and,each time as ive said people are coming,and talking about that so we have a,slide deck of presentation then we have,a report,the report should be providing,information about maybe discussion that,there have been uh also about actions to,perform so you say oh on this slide i,didnt like this way can you gather more,information on this on that or can you,show me this and that so then you can,have an action that is an outcome of,this of this meeting also that you have,to then execute and the last one is the,attendance list so many mainly you are,placing here a list of who attended and,signature and date for those pe

Review Management

[Music],[Applause],hey everyone were going to go through,the new review management feature,also known as reputation management um,and it basically has two main aspects,one is the ability to send,emails to your customers asking them to,leave you reviews on pages like yelp,facebook,google,and the other one is an internal,feedback where you can ask them to,either rate you as a company internally,or your technicians and you can see how,they score over time,and have any feedback or comments,so first were going to enable it by,going to company settings,then features and plugins,were going to find reputation,management its free and included in the,subscription,ill click enable and then youll see,reputation here at the top appears so,well click that and this is where you,can set up the two different facets so,well start with third party reviews,first well enable them by default we,have email subject lines and an email,body and you can change that so the,email will say how is your experience,and then the email body will say we,appreciate your business would you take,a moment to leave us a review and you,can change this to say whatever you want,but thats the default,and then youll have to enable so by,default we put three but you dont have,to have them youll need to toggle them,on,and what youll put here is your own,yelp review page where they can go to,lead review or your own facebook review,page where they can leave review or,google and if you have a different page,you use you can click here you can name,it and then put in the review and add it,to the list,at the bottom here youll need to put a,contact us email,so instead of leaving a third party,review you can have them contact you and,leave their feedback back to you instead,as well,and so thats how you set up the basics,of third-party reviews after that you,can also add triggers to have it,automatically fire out,now for the internal feedback well go,and enable this here,and it will say okay do you want to,request feedback scores on behalf of,company or assigned user,so this is saying do you want the,feedback to just reflect the company,overall or do you want to attach it to,the assigned user of that job and have,it record for them over time so you can,look at their average score,and so,i would recommend typically assigned,users so you can see how your different,technicians and team members,get scored over time and their averages,and their feedback specific to them,like the last one you can customize your,subject line and body,so you say how was your experience an,email body we appreciate your business,please rate the quality of your service,from and this will be who is assigned to,the job the assigned,team member the signed user,and itll put in their name and their,photo if they have one as well,and thats basically how the internal,feedback works and ill show you so now,that i have both of these enabled,ill go ahead and save it,so we also have a triggers tab here and,this is the same triggers as customer,communication triggers the only,difference is this will only show the,ones related to reputation management,for you to set up,so if we want to add some triggers such,as,anytime the job is marked as completed,um then well send out the request it,wouldnt really make sense to do that in,progress but um,or when its created but thats fine or,you could say after a certain time after,its created but typically you say okay,when the job says is completed then i,want to either automatically send it,prompt a confirmation do timing the,different things that we have in our,triggers,and what do we want to send,either the third party reviews or the,internal feedback reviews and you can,set up both if you want so you can say,okay third party reviews,theyll send out whenever its marked as,completed,save,and then we can trigger another one,for internal feedback,so,these might also just want to be,triggered and sent manually but this is,only if you want an automatic trigger,set up,so now that we have it set up ill show,you what it looks like,so if i go to a job,let me find actually a customer with my,email,gmail.com,nope dont have any,so well just send create a new customer,and,chev,use my work email,phone,address,alice thats fine,im gonna quickly create a job for this,customer,doesnt really matter the information,but i will assign it to a team member so,lets say this is assigned to caleb,thats fine,nope so theres a few things one i can,just trigger manually the customer,communications for these once the job is,completed itll be,third party reviews or internal feedback,thats the default name thats set up,based off,the feature,or we can wait for the it to manually,trigger based off of the status changes,so,i think one was set off in progress,and then one was triggered off of,completed,so i believe two emails should now have,fired off,one is asking us to leave a review and,the other one is,asking for feedback rating,youll now see,two different emails,because we have both automatically sent,the first one will be okay we appreciate,your business please rate the quality,service from caleb and you can click,your star rating so if caleb was a five,ill click five and then itll take me,to new page where you can also leave,comments if you want caleb was amazing,and then the owner will get an email and,then hell also record to the job and it,will record to the customer and it will,accord to caleb so we can see,historically,all that was rated and how was rated in,the feedback,now for looking at the other email,itll look like this itll say hows,your experience we appreciate your,business would you take a moment to,leave us a review,leave a review on yelp,facebook google or contact us directly,which just opens an email reply,and so when they click these links itll,take you to your yelp or your facebook,or your google where they can leave you,um a review,the last part to showcase is in the,reporting so,um youll also see after the feedback,score is left youll see the customer,feedback score on the customer profile,here so if youre looking back you can,see what they left you,but otherwise well go to,management reporting and now therell be,a review management and you can either,do a raw report where youre just seeing,all the different feedback and scores so,we can see okay on this date for caleb,you got a five heres the feedback,heres the customer heres a related job,so if you just want,all the different,feedback reports you can just do a raw,data dump like that or if you want to do,a report such as an average or a total,amount so,feedback score average,from this date range,and group it by user by company will run,a report,and then theyll say okay these are the,average scores for each team member over,that time period and only caleb has one,so his is a five all the others are zero,and so if you had ten different ones or,take the average and display it here,um and were going to eventually work on,some different views to make it a little,prettier and automated and stuff but,this is using our basic reporting,function so you can get this,functionality in

Managementbewertung | Management Review | Das fordert die ISO 9001

ein enthusiastisches hallo und,willkommen zu einem neuen video,[Musik],heute habe ich eine frage zum thema,management bewertung also management,review für dich die frage kommt von,thomas und lautet wie folgt ich,persönlich habe jedes jahr wieder die,herausforderung mit dem management,review,bei uns in der firma erfolgt die,erstellung über mich selbst in klammern,qmb und die geschäftsleitung ist dagegen,so gut wie gar nicht beteiligt,normal sollte das ja bekanntlich anders,laufen ich weiß nicht so recht wie ich,es schaffe hier zu einer verbesserten,art und weise zu gelangen,lieber thomas vielen dank für diese,frage ich denke viele qualitäts,managerinnen und qualitätsmanager kennen,diese situation,wir geben uns viel mühe alle normen,konformen eingaben und noch vieles,darüber hinaus zusammenzustellen in,schöne grafiken zu verpacken und am ende,des tages interessiert keine sau außer,vielleicht den auditor aber das ist,nicht der sinn und zweck des management,reviews das management review ist,vielleicht das missverstanden,der werkzeug überhaupt und ich könnte,mir vorstellen in vielen organisationen,wird es überhaupt nicht als werkzeug,verstanden weil es so missbräuchlich,genutzt und aus meiner sicht,missverstanden wird,schauen wir uns zu beginn an was,eigentlich die iso 9001 in bezug auf die,management bewertung fordert in kapitel,9.3 punkt eins heißt es die oberste,leitung muss das,qualitätsmanagementsystem der,organisation in geplanten abständen,bewerten um dessen fortdauernde eignung,angemessenheit und wirksamkeit sowie,dessen angleichung an die strategische,ausrichtung der organisation,sicherzustellen,in den weiterführenden abschnitten gibt,es einige bedeutende punkte,ich möchte hier mit dem punkt der,eingaben beginnen also es müssen,bestimmte eingaben sprich kennzahlen,oder informationen vorliegen damit eine,solche bewertung überhaupt durchgeführt,werden kann,darunter gehören der status von,maßnahmen seit der letzten management,bewertung die veränderung von internen,und externen themen in bezug auf das,qualitätsmanagement informationen über,die leistung und wirksamkeit des,qualitätsmanagementsystems zum beispiel,bezogen auf kunden qualitätsziele die,prozessleistung nicht konformität,ergebnisse aus überwachung und messung,auf die ergebnisse und die leistung von,externen leistungen,sie ist also an dieser stelle werden,ganz viele punkte gefordert die aber aus,meiner sicht auch alle sinnvoll sind um,festzustellen ob unser system angemessen,funktioniert außerdem sind noch wichtig,die angemessenheit von ressourcen,also ob wir für das was wir in sachen,qualität planen auch angemessene,ressourcen in form von zeit personal,maschinen infrastruktur oder sonstiges,haben die wirksamkeit von maßnahmen im,umgang mit risiken und chancen und zu,guter letzt ganz wichtig die,möglichkeiten zur verbesserung der,zweite wichtige bestandteil ist das,ergebnis also sind die ergebnisse die,aus dieser management bewertung,hervorgehen hier sind drei aspekte,entscheidend,der erste aspekt betrifft die,notwendigkeit der änderung des systems,der zweite aspekt beschäftigt sich mit,den verbesserungen nicht nur im system,und am system sondern auch in den,angrenzenden bereichen,und der dritte betrifft den bedarf an,ressourcen also dass ich für die,aktivitäten die wir in diesem management,review festlegen auch die notwendigen,ressourcen schaffe und zwar bei allen,beteiligten die wir dafür brauchen eine,weitere vorgabe der iso 9001 betrifft,die dokumentierten informationen wir,müssen also aufschreiben was wir in,dieser management bewertung gesprochen,haben natürlich müssen die ergebnisse,dann auch entsprechend festgehalten,werden und die heißt das ganz konkret,das dokumentierte informationen als,nachweise der ergebnisse aufbewahrt,werden müssen nun stoße ich immer wieder,auf mythen in bezug auf die management,bewertung und auch thomas hat in seiner,frage eines solchen mythos angesprochen,nämlich den mythos dass die oberste,leitung eigentlich die management,bewertung schreiben müsste das steht in,der iso 9001 aber gar nicht es ist also,durchaus legitim wenn der,qualitätsmanagementbeauftragte die,eingaben sammelt und alles grafisch,schön aufbereitet dass in der,letztendlichen bewertung wie auch immer,ihr euch entscheidet dass sie,durchgeführt wird,alle informationen zur verfügung haben,damit entsprechen die leistung des,systems bewertet werden kann,die bewertung der leistung muss sehr,wohl von der obersten leitung erfolgen,es geht also nicht wenn du hier ein,papierdokument erstellst das,verschwindet dann im schrank oder nur,ausgezogen wenn der zertifizierungsaudit,ohr zum nächsten mal an die tür klopft,ein weiterer wichtiger punkt ist dass,die iso 9001 keine frequenz vorschreibt,es steht hier nämlich nicht geschrieben,wie häufig die management bewertung zu,erfolgen hat sondern es steht dort nur,dass sie in geplanten abständen erfolgen,muss ein weiterer punkt der die rolle,der obersten leitung unterstreicht ist,dass die strategie des unternehmens mit,einfließen muss also das,qualitätsmanagementsystem muss der,strategie des unternehmens,ähnlich seien dafür angemessen sein und,ihr zu arbeiten wenn sich diese beiden,also qualitätsmanagementsystem und,strategie in unterschiedlichen welten,unterschiedlichen universen bewegen,dann kann das zu einem großen problem im,unternehmen werden also ganz genau hin,die iso 9001 gibt nicht vor wer die,eingaben erfasst wer und wie,dokumentiert und wie häufig sondern sie,gibt nur vor dass es gemacht werden muss,welches genau die notwendigen eingaben,sind und dass die oberste leitung die,bewertung vornehmen muss du hast jetzt,verschiedene möglichkeiten du kannst da,die management bewertung auch in form,einer powerpoint präsentation,vorbereiten in einer besprechung die,eigentliche bewertung durchführen und,ein kurzes protokoll verfassen aus dem,die maßnahmen notwendige änderungen und,der ressourcenbedarf hervorgehen und,dann ist die laube im prinzip gegessen,ihr könnt ist das unternehmen selbst,entscheiden um jetzt noch ganz konkret,auf die frage von thomas einzugehen wie,motiviere ich die oberste leitung dazu,sie ihrer rolle gerecht zu werden ganz,einfach macht es ihnen so leicht wie,möglich,dazu musst du verstehen was leicht für,die oberste leitung bedeutet das kann,nämlich sehr individuell sein,auf jeden fall solltest du nicht,verlangen dass die oberste leitung einem,großen text verfasst,du solltest auch nicht erwarten dass die,oberste leitung die eingaben selbst,zusammen sammelt aus meiner sicht,beinhaltet eine gute management,bewertung wenig text viele grafiken,damit schnell sichtbar ist wo liegen die,probleme,wo war die leistung wo lag die leistung,in den vorangegangenen bewertungen und,wir haben wir uns dort verändert,verbessert oder verschlechtert wähle ein,format mit dem die oberste leitung,ohnehin schon arbeitet wenn ihr ein auf,excel basiertes kennzahlen wie es,betreibt also zum beispiel dass das,finanzcontrolling ich schon hat dann,richtet die management bewertung ähnlich,darauf aus dass es keinen systembruch,ist und sich die oberste leitung auch,bei der beschäftigung dieser materie so,wohl fühlen kann wie nur möglich in,keinem fall sollte die oberste leitung,diese management bewertung als lästig,empfinden sondern es ist ja ihre,möglichkeit zu korrigieren wie das,management system in zukunft arbeiten,soll,um die strategie des unternehmens,bestmöglich zu unterstützen was du auch,machen kannst ist die ergebnisse der,management bewertung in einer checkliste,zusammen,du kannst hier die eingangs besprochenen,themen also eingaben und notwendigen,ergebnisse der iso 9001 super als eine,art checkliste verwenden dann vergisst,du nichts und es ist sehr einfach durch,die oberste leitung dieser checkliste,durchzugehen und eine ganz kurze,bewertung hierfür zu verfassen,nur vergiss bitte auch die maßnahmen,nicht die daraus hervorgehen soll also,nur bewerten hilft nichts die maßnahmen,sollten auch gemeinsam mit der obersten,leitung definiert werden,ich hoffe das war

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