1. The Fastest CPU on the Planet – HOLY $H!T – EPYC Milan 7763 64 Core
  2. AMD EPYC 9004 Genoa Gaps Intel Xeon with 96 Cores WOW
  3. AMD EPYC 7003 Milan Performance, Features, and Intel Ice Lake/ Cooper Lake Competition
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  6. AMD EPYC & Intel Xeon MEGA LEAK: Genoa Benchmarks, Granite Rapids Core Counts, Threadripper
  7. THIS is how AMD Wins. – EPYC Genoa Announcement Reaction

The Fastest CPU on the Planet – HOLY $H!T – EPYC Milan 7763 64 Core

this is the fastest cpu on the planet it,costs eight,thousand dollars has 64 cores and 128,threads 128 lanes of pci express gen 4,and runs on amds latest seven nanometer,zen 3 architecture thats the same one,powering their top of the line 5000,series ryzen gaming cpus its code name,is epic milan and,we have two of them thanks to our buddy,wendell hows it going were at level,one text lets take them for a spin,cause ill wait are they ever fast you,know what else is fast the way i segue,to my sponsor honey honey is the free to,use shopping tool that helps search for,some of the best promo codes on loads of,your favorite sites get it today at,joinhoney.com,ltt,hey this is the top of the line ls and,gs the epic 7763 that im holding in my,head yeah,it may only run at a mere 2.45 gigahertz,base 3.5 gigahertz boost but dont let,that fool you this aint no civic okay,this is the hummer with the cummins swap,all right,these things are huge i cant get over,it,why do they have to make them so big,its not a measuring contest just never,gets old you know i think the only way,to get a bigger one is to buy one on,ltteststore.com oh yeah by the way were,gonna have epic threadripper shaped ones,coming soon probably in a few months now,of course,yoda would happily remind all of us that,size,not important performance is what,matters and when it comes to performance,this is pretty much the finest display,of kicking someone while theyre down,that i think i have ever seen and i,dont even feel bad,heres the thing intels latest and,greatest 10 nanometer ice lake xeons,theyve got some platform advantages,particularly when theyre paired with,intels optane memory but for purely,cpu-bound applications i mean theyre,not even competitive with amds last,generation epic roam chips price for,price let alone the new ones because,heres the thing amd comes in with more,cores,more gigahertz more cash and literally,double the pci express lanes per socket,yet amd still prices their top dog,cheaper than intels top dog and you,might think well at eight thousand,dollars a chip 200 bucks thats a thats,a rounding error right but if youre,buying a thousand of them at a time like,intel thinks you are,sorry intel not good enough for you i,guess that works out to a quarter,million dollars not to mention that if,youre an enterprise or a data center,thats upgrading your systems from say,last gen on intel youre going to need a,whole new motherboard which for servers,generally means an entirely new system,complete with financing and warranty,about the warranty like if something,goes wrong either with the hardware or,software,amd by contrast allows you to simply,swap out the cpu update your bios,preferably in the other order and youre,good to go theyve actually been using,the exact same socket for their server,platforms ever since the original epic,launch back in 2017 and this,intercompatibility is fantastic you know,how i know because this,is the exact same motherboard that we,used to build our pc mac pro killer with,our last gen epic something to note,before we go any farther is that server,components are generally designed to be,run in an extremely high airflow,environment so,this cooling,if that doesnt look suitable for a,nearly 300 watt cpu,thats because its not we need to get,to get a fan on there lets just throw,our m.2 in here this is by the way the,greatest thing ever this little,tool-less m.2 retention mechanism,absolutely love it they should all have,that this supreme x 3090 is so hilarious,its so big weve never even tried to,integrate it into an actual build,its test bench use only now you might,notice that im installing it in one of,the bottom pci express slots normally i,would say,dont do that but epic has so many pci,express lanes that every one of these,16x slots all the m.2s all of it is just,running full fat pcie gen 4 with all the,lanes so it just doesnt matter okay,okay i shouldnt quite say it doesnt,matter there are situations where the,lanes might need to be reallocated and,theyre the different chiplets and where,theyre attached to the io die and all,that but,mostly its fine,oh there it goes,128 threads guys this is cinebench r23,this isnt the like weak,easy one,now,the reason that it was so easy tm for,amd to maintain compatibility across,generations is that under the hood the,layout of their milan cpus is nearly,identical to their older rom,predecessors but thats not to say that,amd didnt change anything like other,zen3 cpus each of the eight chiplets,here which each contains eight cores,gets a full 32 megs of cash that is,completely accessible to all eight of,the cores rather than being split into,16 megs and 16 megs that means more,efficient use of resources and lower,latency theyve also increased the speed,of the infinity fabric links within the,cpu and theyve made a ton of other,under the hood architectural changes,that have allowed amd to hit a,surprising 19,average ipc uplift that means that clock,for clock this thing is almost 20,faster oh and they upped the maximum tdp,for many of their chips including the,7763 to allow up to 280 watts per socket,i mean that is how you get stuff like,this happening look where it sits,relative to anything else in the,database,61 000,what so while the cpu is running a heavy,benchmark like this its self reporting,a peak of around 277,278 watts of power what that means is,that according to wendell from level 1,techs this tie-in board we have here is,actually a bit on the conservative side,for power delivery the daytona reference,chassis that weve got back here can,actually do closer to 285,200 290 watts per socket with some power,tweaks,which actually sounds a lot like amd has,some overclocking headroom here you can,even tweak some i o settings like,disabling pci express gen 4 or lowering,your memory speeds to give a bit more of,the cpus power budget to the cores,themselves potentially improving,performance but then again,slowing down your pci express lanes or,lowering your memory bandwidth can also,hurt performance in other ways so its,going to depend on your application,either way i cannot freaking wait to see,what zen 3 based threadripper is going,to be like especially with the core,clocks and the power limits unlocked as,we assume theyll be i suspect were,going to need some new motherboards with,new power delivery for those,now lets have some more fun last time,around with our roam based 64 core epic,blender was only able to use half of the,cores per instance so we ran it twice,with both of them running at the same,time finishing in around a minute and 14,seconds,this time around we are having no,trouble utilizing the entire cpu and you,can see i mean just look at this thing,it is absolutely,crushing this benchmark and the craziest,part is check out these boost clocks we,are seeing in excess of 2.8 gigahertz,even as high as 3.1 gigahertz on some of,these cores as its running through this,blender render,and whats interesting is our temps are,so well under control the maximum weve,seen so far after about 10 minutes of,cinebench running continuously and,blender is around 70 degrees,super reasonable,the fans arent even ramping up its,almost like having a gigantic cpu with,the cores all spread out helps to get,rid of the heat,almost if you cant wait for the next,threadripper and you decided youre,crazy enough to use this as a,workstation check this out im running,this at,half quality in the preview here this is,an 8k timeline with multiple 8k clips,obviously theres a bunch of lumetri,color being applied to it,look how smooth that is its butter,smooth can we make it all the way to,full man that scrubbing is still,extremely responsive,naturally our next order of business is,to play video games on it we got uh apex,legends running at a cool,144 fps average that sounds not too bad,maxed out at 4k i dont have any ammo,thats okay its not about being good at,the game its about having a good,computer to run the game right,so we got f1 2020 going here

AMD EPYC 9004 Genoa Gaps Intel Xeon with 96 Cores WOW

hey guys this is Patrick from sth and,this is the new AMD epic 9004 codename,Genoa and this processor is absolutely,walloping Intel right now let me give,you a couple key specs of the AMD epic,9654 that we have right here this,processor has 96 cores,192 threads it also has 12 channels of,memory thats ddr5 in this generation,and it also has pcie Gen 5 that can do,cxl and all kinds of other stuff now,youre gonna see in front of me that I,also have a wide selection of other,processors that are on the market today,we have things like the AMD epic ROM,system 2002 series 7003 this is actually,the Milan X right here over here we have,the Ampere Ultra m128 30 which is 128,arm cores but this is definitely a,different class of processor over at the,very end over here we actually have the,Intel Core just desktop thing just you,can kind of see the send to scale here,and then on this side youre going to,notice that we have two processors from,Intel the processor on the far end is,the ice Lake generation processor and,you probably have seen on the sdh main,site and I think we actually did a video,where we violated a little bit of this,but we are starting to test Intel,Sapphire Rapids and so youll see that,here as well we have a couple other,General skus that were going to talk,about in a little bit but just overall,heres the deal this thing is number one,absolutely Giant and number two it is by,far the fastest processor out here and,not only is it the fastest processor out,here but compared to a lot of these its,actually more like maybe a 2X processor,versus what youre going to see on the,table so in this video were going to,talk about just about everything so,definitely use the chapter markers if,you want to skip ahead or move back,were going to do a ton here but this is,only going to be a subset of what we go,into on the sth main site those articles,are absolutely Giant and they become,industry references so we put a lot of,effort on the main site article and,were going to try to compress things,for YouTube but that also means that,were gonna have a lot here so feel free,to skip around okay so lets just talk,about the context of what were seeing,in the market right now the previous,generation AMD epic Milan and Milan X,went up to a total of 64 cores and 128,threats the molonics also had a lot of,extra cash but were going to talk about,that in a bit but of course Intel is,still the largest player in the market,and right now their chip in the market,they actually have two by the way the,first one is this one over here which is,the isolate processor we also did the,Cooper Lake which is the other third,generation Intel Xeon scalable that a,lot of folks forget about but we,actually did that in four socket,configuration a couple years ago the,next generation will be launching on,January 10th if all goes according to,plan about two months after youre gonna,see this video Intel will have up to 60,cores a number of accelerators that,weve already started to show you the,performance on on the sth Mainstay a,little bit on YouTube as well and Intel,will be joining the PCA Gen 5 and also,the ddr5 and cxl generation as well,however I cant talk about exact,Sapphire Rapids numbers because Im just,not allowed to yet because uh we have to,wait for two more months now when you,look at these processors I mean,absolutely they are awesome right you,see the lsdp youre going to see tons of,cores we do each top youre gonna see,lots of cores and we do the things like,LS toppo youre gonna see the topology,and youre gonna see all these little,clusters and then there are little notes,that like oh theres 12 of these now,having more performance of course is a,big deal but lets just kind of be clear,when we get to a platform perspective,the fact that we get more cores means,that we can do at least a three to two,consolidation just over the previous,generation Milan chips if you have Intel,isolate processors youre probably,talking about a two to one if not a,little bit more like two and a half to,three to one server consolidation ratio,from AMD epic today to what Intel has in,the market right now but core count is,clearly not everything and I want to be,very clear in terms of the overall,context because we talked about Sapphire,Rapids but this is an amds only trick,either were going to see a Genoa X,version of this chip which will have,more V cash or 3D V cache and the 3D V,cache will mean that we have well over,one gigabyte of cash per socket so to be,clear this is kind of more of a,mainstream processor this has,384mb bytes of level 3 cash per socket,goes down of course with other other,ones well talk a little bit about how,that works in a bit in our architecture,section but the key thing is that there,is going to be a general X it is going,to have a ton of cash and that is coming,so this isnt really the CPU thats,designed really for that high,performance Computing mode because that,will be General X the other big one,though is the scale out one which is,going to be Bergamo which will come out,in the first half so guessing kind of,like Q2 of next year that will use the,same socket as Genoa but programmable,will have up to 128 cores in a single,socket so thatll be more of like the,cloud provider scale out core solution,not really for those high performance,Computing workloads more for like Cloud,scale out Sienna will be the smaller CPU,because these things are clearly,becoming too big to just service the,entire market so AMD needs a smaller CPU,that will be Sienna the other one that,folks forget about is the Mi 300 which,is the Apu the giant Apu that AMD is,targeting for the high performance,Computing really super Computing Market,that will combine both the x86 as well,as gpuip onto a single Apu and really,creates something thats new and very,different than what we have today and,the reason Im going into all that is,because the market for this is this is,the mainstream just kind of like old,school Xeon replacement part there are,other parts that were gonna see from,AMD and they occupy other market,segments and so there are folks that are,doing different things in the market and,AMD clearly sees that and they are going,after specific applications with,different silicon in this generation so,this is the first one really of this,generation but its also probably the,most important because its the,mainstream one so what are the skus,anyway well first off Im going to give,you the decoder ring and the AMD folks,say that this is such a big generational,leap that theyre going to call this the,9000 Series they have a new set and if,you want to spend a couple seconds just,pausing this you can totally go look up,the SKU Im not going to explain it but,you can go look up the SKU thing and you,figure out what the decoder ring is for,these different parts next lets take a,look at the skew list just kind of,seeing what AMD is really putting out,there are a total of 14 dual socket skus,and then there are a total of four,single socket only peace use core counts,range from anywhere from 6 teen up to 96,cores the top end one which is the 96,core version that were looking over,here that can go up to 400 watt TDP,youre definitely using more power but,youre getting a lot more performance,for that were going to see that in a,bit four of these skus are F skus which,means that they are frequency optimized,and the reason those are important is,because if you have something like a,Windows server or VMware server or,something that is licensed on a per core,basis the F-series skus are designed to,give you a maximum amount of performance,for a given core that means even on the,16 core part we still get a 400 watt TDP,and we get 256 megabytes of level 3 cash,but frankly this SKU stack is really,simple compared to what weve seen from,the Intel Xeon side this is darn easy I,mean theres basically 14 skus plus,another four of the single socket ones,now one thing that you will notice is,that the prices have gone up in this,generat

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AMD EPYC 7003 Milan Performance, Features, and Intel Ice Lake/ Cooper Lake Competition

hey guys this is pat from sdh and today,were finally,able to share the brand new amd server,processors codename milan,and those are the amd epic 7000 3 series,these processors are amds newest,generation of processors that are going,to carry,the epic line through 2021 and all the,way up until we get to genoa in 2022,but frankly this video comes at a very,weird time for the industry,because well lets just take milan for,example milan has been shipping for,revenue to customers i think since like,q3 of 2020 we got our first chips in,november,of 2020 although amd wasnt really too,happy about that,but that happened on the next generation,intel xeon iceland,intels already shipping those for,revenue and they havent actually,formally launched yet but,you know we know the performance of them,we just cant talk about it and in the,market thats actually kind of a big,deal because what that practically means,is that the milan chips we can only,really compare them performance wise to,what,well i guess cascade lake which was a,derivative of the 2017,sky lake or we can go to cooper lake,which is also a derivative basically of,the 2017 sky lake,but those are like our two options we,dont have the real competitor,which is the ice league xeon that we can,talk about right now but i think i have,a way that we can at least have that,discussion without,having the actual discussion so basic,game plan for this video is that first,were going to look at the,amd fx 7003 series mulan you know skew,stack pricing like what what are the,actual chips that are launching today,were then going to go and talk about,some of the improvements that amd made,from the,epic 7002 series which is rome to the,7003 mulan series,were going to go into the performance,and power consumption and of course the,new version,is well faster and it uses more power,and im just going to show off,just a couple little platforms that,were going to be doing actually some,actually really big platforms that were,going to be doing features on,uh that we already have that were,reviewing and so im going to just show,off a couple of those just to kind of,give you an idea,of how the market is receiving milan,and then creating new server platforms,in segments that milan really,and rome i guess really didnt access,prior to this,launch then what i want to do is inform,you,and kind of give you some idea in terms,of how to think about milan,in the context of what intel has,publicly stated and shown us,about ice lake already now we went,through all of the public bits on the,next generation ice lake zeons,and i think we actually have enough that,we can frame,a good discussion or at least a good,discussion guide,that will let you talk about milan and,ice lake intelligently and what each are,going to offer,and then what were going to do is were,going to synthesize that into,kind of giving you in the audience a,high-level guide that you can use,to think about how you would plan your,infrastructure purchases and,where these chips are really going to be,good and where i think intels going to,be good and if that seems like its an,absolute lot well,hey look it is i know the sth team has,been working for weeks getting ready for,this,and i know that the pieces that we have,on the sth main site,typically are read by just tons of,people i mean those things are just,huge pieces theyre often you know i,dont know what this ones going to end,up being but,7 10 maybe even more than 10 000 words,they become big reference pieces,and so this is the first time that were,really doing a video accompanying that,if you want to get more detail i would,definitely suggest going to opening that,we have a link in the description,check it out theres gonna be a little,bit more detail because were just gonna,kind of skim through some of the high,level details,that i speak and so you can go and do,that deep dive if you want to on some of,the parts,as part of the amd epic 7003 milan,series amd is launching a total of,19 new public skus and of those,there are four p skus which are only for,single socket as well as,four high frequency so frequency,optimized skus,since we get this question every once in,a while you can use a two socket sku in,a single socket,server but you tend not to do that,because the single socket skus are much,less expensive on the frequency,optimized part those are really skews,that are designed,because there are a lot of software,packages and licenses out there that are,licensed on a per core basis instead of,on a per socket or,per server basis and when you have that,per core licensing,having higher performance course rather,than more course is often,more cost effective now when we say that,there are 19 skus thats,really only kind of part of the story,there are six skus,from the amd epic rome series that are,also going to continue,into this next generation mulan so,youre still going to purchase at,some price points and some i guess,capability points the roam series cpus,something that i noticed when i looked,at the six skus is that the vast,majority of them,are the four channel memory optimized,skus,that amd had in the rome generation we,actually did a video,and an article on what that is but,effectively what amd does,is they have a set of skus that have,only a certain number of ccds active and,the placement of the ccds are optimized,for only four of the eight channels of,memory,being populated and that really is a,response,to the folks that are coming from the,intel xeon e5 generation where you had,four channel memory,and if you didnt necessarily want to,put a whole bunch of memory into a,system and you just wanted a little core,count and low memory,amount that is actually a good way and,thats a way that amd has to,optimize their platforms for you know,those kind of lower memory accounts,where youre only going to put four,dimms in,now were going to flash up the skus but,i want to give a couple high points the,first one youre going to notice is that,in terms of list price and price per,core youre going to see that there is a,migration,upward its not necessarily a linear,migration on all of the skus,but at some point youre going to see,that all the skus at the same level are,going up in price,i think that kind of makes sense milan,is faster on a,per core basis and so i think amd is,starting to capture some of that,value the other side to it is from a,competitive standpoint,intel tends to have higher list price,parts and then realistically whats,happening is that theres a pretty,fierce discounting war thats happening,on deals and so by having a higher list,price,on the amd cpus it means that vendors,can then discount,more and make it look like theyre,giving a bigger percentage off to hit,their street prices for their servers,and just to give you some sense of that,discounting so that way you can all you,know,be realistic here its just if youre,like a cloud provider or something like,that,the 64 core skus that are on this price,list,basically those cloud providers are,paying less than a third of what youre,seeing there,i think the other side to it is just,that amd has been a little bit supply,constrained in terms of server,processors and so i think this is really,just amd saying well,you know we cant make enough of these,things anyway so,why are we selling them for a bigger,discount than we need to so maybe we,should get a couple extra dollars out of,it i think that totally makes sense from,a business perspective and thats kind,of what youd expect,two other points that i think are very,related are the fact that tdps are,generally up in this generation so we,actually see a formal launch 280 watt,tdp part and that is something that we,did see in the previous generation we,did a review of the amd fx7 h12 we did a,video of that as well which we can link,and thats now a formal sku so with,those higher tdps amds able to go and,raise,their clock speeds up a little bit and,thats one of the big benefits of milan,is that you get two things you get the,ip

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AMD is Dumb… like a FOX! – AMD EPYC Milan Announcement

-这是最后的废话吗?,AMD,哪里是,我的下一代,禅3 Threadripper?,好吧,事实证明,,AMD自己可能还不知道,,因为他们的新型Milan Zen 3 Epyc处理器,看上去过于可笑了,,以至于很难看出Threadripper,或Intel在这方面是否适合。,因此,我实际上已经开始理解为什么他们选择,了严肃的业务数据中心产品,,并为其赋予了这个拼写错误的游戏名称-,是的,因为它的Epyc家伙,其Epyc,原因是他们知道这会 如此,所以让我们,来 仔细研究 一下 这个绝对巨大的公告,,然后看看我们是否可以 对AMD下一步发展,做出一些有根据的猜测 。,就像您猜到我会,向我们的赞助商SeaSonic那样进行。,永远不要为您的钻机获得优质的电源,,而是去SeaSonic查找屡获殊荣的电源,,并尝试使用其功率计算器,看看,哪一种能满足您的需求,,是的,它会满足您的需求。,(明亮的充满活力的音乐),AMD的Ryzen 5,000 CPU将其,推向了台式机性能的最前沿,,现在,他们正在寻求将,相同的特殊资源与 他们的第三代Epyc产品系列,米兰 一起带到 企业中 。,现在说AMD 在这里 已经完全超越了,英特尔,这是不公正的。,一个人不能跳青蛙,哪,一个已经青蛙跳了,好吗?,根据AMD在这里显示的数字,,与工作负载 相比, 根据工作负载,,它们 的性能将提高一倍,甚至更多,这在,很大程度上要归功于Zen 3架构 ,该,架构 可在 每时钟或每秒钟频率上,健康提升性能。 IPC over Zen2。 现在,我们,在Ryzen 5000系列评论中,对它们的管理方式进行了简要的解释,,但是作为更新,将近50%的改进,来自负载存储和前端改进,,并调整了缓存和分支预测,。其余的大部分。,正如AMD指出的那样,它们现在不仅,具有完整的32 MB L3缓存,,最多可共享8个内核,,而且其布局经过重新设计,不再,将计算组或CCX中的内核组拆分,,而是每个负载进行一次负载和一个存储循环,新管道现在还能够在,每个循环中完成多达三个负载和两个存储,,这可以想像到,,将任何事情加倍是一件很困难的事情,,尤其是对于处理大量数据而言。,此外,他们 现在 又有,四个表浏览器,,总共有六个 ,这意味着依赖,查找表的 繁重数据库工作负载,将 再次 大大加速 企业的巨额交易,,因为当您使用Twitter或Reddit时……,你已经得到了很多资料进行筛选, 其中大部分是,垃圾 ,但它是一个大量数据,, 这还不是全部AMD也,从每芯片 和所有,一至八核 增加 可用偏斜,的 数量 共计19 随地,但其中四个具有双插槽功能。 对于,已经需要两个插槽才能与AMD的插槽竞争的 Intel 来说 ,这确实令人恐惧 。,现在,在具有双插槽功能的偏移中,,有四个经过专门 针对每个线程性能,进行了优化 ,,这不仅为它们提供了,比其余堆栈,更高的时钟 , 而且还,为每个内核提供了尽可能,多的三级缓存 。 这些性能对 CPU的,影响可能是夸张 的,最终可能,构成 发烧友和工作站用户,基于Zen 3的Threadripper CPU的基础 。,不论内核数量和套接字兼容性如何,,所有这些新的Epyc都具有相同的功能,,包括 与上一代Epyc板的嵌入式,兼容性 ,仅需,进行BIOS更新即可。哦,这真是,太 酷了 Epyc现在可以利用四通道,,六通道八个通道的内存,极大地提高了灵活性和部署性,,就像Ittstore.com上的内衣一样,它具有 灵活性 。,当然,现在,Epyc一直是AMD服务器,和数据中心的角色,他们似乎,为能够发挥巨大的计算能力而,感到自豪 ,这些计算能力可以,通过增加密度 和降低,软件许可 的要求,来降低总体拥有成本。 部署,,但他们也将注意力集中在生态系统本身上,, 我指 的是粪便的第三条腿,,有些人有四脚凳 ,如果没有,脚凳 ,那很好,,但是我想他们没有。,其中最大的方面之一就是,通过硬件功能提高了安全性,,他们 从CPU甚至未触及x86 BIOS,或操作系统代码 之前 就创建了经过完全认证的BOOT流程,。,他们还实现了“安全嵌套分页”功能,,这意味着 现在可以保护虚拟机,中的操作系统 免受不安全,的虚拟机 管理程序的侵害,,因此该操作系统就是托管 虚拟机 的操作系统。,因此,例如,如果伊拉克的服务器因某种原因受到威胁,,运行在其上的来宾虚拟机,将不会直接受到攻击,,这对于VPS主机 而言 将是一笔巨大的交易,,我们将尝试 使用Google云端,制作 自己的Google Stadia,因此,请订阅,这样您就不会错过那个锣表演。,不过很有可能,除非 您为自己的体育场,做疯狂的事情,否则您,不会在家中运行VPS主机,,所以我们为什么不在这里改变齿轮,并做一些理论上的准备。,大多数需要增加,台式机CPU数量的人都将运行Threadripper,,并且由于Threadripper的开发趋向于遵循Epyc,因此,我们可以,对下一个Threadripper CPU的外观 做出一些预测 。,可以肯定地说,,主流Threadripper阵容将包括,基于路径速率优化的24核,和32核Epyc歪斜的歪斜,而更高端的48核,和64核歪斜稍后出现,,除非 过去 可能不会发生,,因为我们已经看到Threadrippers的,时钟速度比其Epyc同类产品更高,,但是这些新型Epyc CPU的情况可能有所不同,,因为它们的散热和功耗额定值,明显高于 它们所替代 的第二代,Rome芯片。 事实上,他们是那种已经,与 这构成有点问题,的 Threadripper 3000系列的TDP,线 ,,在不增加功耗和发热量,都喜欢过去的300瓦的样子,,怎么可能希望AMD提高时钟速度,为他们工作站产品?,为了使Threadripper 3970X达到其额定时钟,,AMD必须 在其他方面非常相似的Epyc 7742上将,TDP降低55瓦 , 我的意思是,,毫无疑问 , 扩展内存控制器,和集成到I中的安全处理器,不会 消耗 太多功率 / O死了,对吧?,因此,在这种TDP增长的,情况下, 假设它需要更高的时钟速度, 我们甚至可能无法获得64核Threadripper,, 也许AMD已经在,用他们最近发布的Threadripper PRO平台传达了,他们的下一个目标 ,,我的意思是,从表面上看,它并没有没什么意义吧?,闪亮的新芯片组和主板上,布满了旧的Zen 2架构CPU,,因此 对于服务器 内核数量,较少的Epyc来说, 它可能是 Ryzen,而,对于服务器来说,,这些Epyc派生的Pro-CPU,和Threadripper则悄然消失了。,现在只有时间可以告诉我们,我们只能推测,并期待 比以前,更快的顶级ncpus,,并告诉大家确保您已订阅,,因为我们希望在 本周 内 对这些Epyc芯片,有更多 的了解。来,一次,我们可以与他们弄到手。,时间也将说明英特尔能否,凭借其新的领导层和老专业人员,重返市场, 赶上,AMD在这里取得的成就 ,,我真的很 为竞争的回归,感到兴奋 。,不过就目前而言,AMD享受您的顶级时光,,但又不会感到太自在。,别成为你这么努力地摧毁的东西,,我的意思是,只是看着我,我应该摧毁的东西,而不是加入他们。,MANSCAPED提供所有男士美容工具,,从头到脚覆盖您,的草坪割草机3.0修剪器,防水,且无绳,可轻松修剪所有淋浴,,他们的Crop Mop身体湿巾注入了凉爽的芦荟,可,让您的身体保持清爽凉爽无论你在哪。,在manscaped.com上,进行 的每笔购买交易的一部分,将进入睾丸癌协会,,以传播人们对男性健康,和早期癌症检测的 认识 ,您可以,通过促销代码TECH,获得MANSCAPED的20%折扣 , 以在下面的链接,加入抗击睾丸癌的斗争 。,因此,感谢您观看,我们的Epyc ITX build,64课程,,并想象一下 使用Milan,64核Zen 3,会有什么更好的表现 。

Wajib Tau: Generasi vs Kelas Prosesor, Mana yg Penting? – TAJAM #13

Hai jumpa lagi di jagatreview TV jumpa,lagi disegmen tajam tanya-jawab mantap,dengan hostage sedikit beda kali ini,enggak papa ya RW teman-teman pernah,denger nggak kalau nama prosesor itu,bisa jadi hal yang problematik Bahkan,rumit bagi pengguna awam Coba bayangkan,percakapan berikut ini Eh ini ada,processor satu namanya correction,7701 namanya Core i3,12100 ini gue mesti ambil yang mana ya,temennya job gini Oh gue tahu lu lihat,belakangnya aja Yang satukan 12117 Jaber,7700 makanya ambil yang 12111 lebih,kenceng temennya satu lagi jawab gini eh,nggak bisa gitu gue pernah dikasih tomat,toko nih mau pernah baca di forum kalau,lu lihat depannya Yang satukan depannya,Ai seven7 yang satu depannya e337 lebih,daripada tiga makanya Core i7 menentukan,selalu bikin cuma baterai,Hai kalau temen-temen ada disekitar,percakapan khayalan tersebut gitu ya,mungkin teman-teman sudah tepok jidat,juga bagi teman-teman yang cukup,mengerti soal prosesor dan mengikuti,perkembangan processor bertahun-tahun,terakhir ini dan kalau ada percakapan,kayak gitu di dunia nyata Mungkin gua,sudah merasa gagal menjadi reviewer yang,ingin mendidik pengguna PC Indonesia,gitu tapi itulah kenyataannya di mana,Kayaknya di Tahun 2022 ini masih ada,yang melihat processor cuman dari nama,depannya aja yang atau kelas atau seri,atau segmen pesawat tersebut padahal the,satu aspek lagi yang lebih penting,daripada nama depannya yaitu generasi,prosesornya dan itu sering ditanyakan,mana sih yang lebih penting antara nama,depan atau kelas atau segmen proses,tersebut atau generasinya dan itu akan,kita coba bahas disegmen tajam kali ini,generasi prosesor itu efeknya apa sih,memang Bedanya apa sama nama depan yang,naruhnya Apa itu akan kita coba bahas,sama-sama,Halo teman gua Alfa dari jagatreview,juga touch-it akal ini akan bahas,seputar nama prosesor seri prosesor dan,juga generasi prosesor enggak kita akan,banyak bahas baik smarcent analisis dan,lain-lain enggak ya Jadi yang udah paham,Tolong jangan protes kalau video ini,dasar banget karena banyak yang belum,ngerti gitu ya Oke jadi bagi kita yang,mungkin sering baca berbagai hal serta,logistik nonton YouTube soal review,mungkin biasa dengan nama preservice,kayak gini Intel Core dual Jane main 12,900k atau am there isnt 5000 series,Arai 9595 mungkin sampai ada yang hafal,itu semua nama akhiran seperti k,dibelakang pasar Intel atau AMD driver,AMD lengkap dengan arti artinya gitu kan,bahkan sampai sopo meletop juga yang,belakangnya B dadaku ada hak dan,lain-lain gitu sayangnya tidak semua,pengguna tahu struktur penamaan prosesor,dan paham artinya and review Razer,mungkin bisa nggak hafal gitu ya Dan,memang pengguna itu Nggak segitunya,perlu tahu soal penamaan pesawat,tersebut nah biasanya pengguna itu akan,tahu brand prosesornya jadi copy situ,mati install semua AMD gitu diikuti nama,apa ya seri atau segmen atau kelas dari,prosesor tersebut jadi misalnya kalau,AMD itu AMD ryzen 7 itu kemudian kalau,ada intact Intel Core i7 kurang lebih,kaya gitu nah sebetulnya nama raison 7,atau Korea Seven Itu kalau itu dia MD,itu namanya produk lain di-install itu,sf6 anya brand modifier tapi katanya,cukup memusingkan Gitu ya Coba kita akan,Sederhanakan aja namanya kalau kita mau,sederhana ini kita bisa lihat berikut,ini berarti di situ nanti ada brand,Intel atau AMD kemudian kita bisa lihat,yang gitu segmen atau kelas atau seri,gitu tersebut segmen aja kali ya biar,gampang atau kelas Nah kemudian ada,model number di belakangnya seperti yang,gue bilang diatas pengguna taunya brand,sama kelas atau segmen ini Corey nine,corseven raison 769 itu kan Nah di sini,juga sudah kalau kita bicara soal,akurasi ini ada tambahan kali ya kalau,kita bisa masukkan install ada Intel,Pentium sama seller kemudian immtoday,AMD athlon yang menandakan segmen,low-end atau entry-level ada juga Intel,Xeon atau AMD epyc yang menunjukkan,kalau itu prosesor kelas survei itu,enggak jadi bahasan kita sekarang yang,kita bahas ini adalah yang kelas yang,ada angkanya tersebut raison 357 Core i3,Core i5 Core i7 nah gue sendiri sebagai,reviewer Nggak segitunya suka sama,generalisasi nama dan sangat menyarankan,teman-teman sekalian untuk gak mencoba,nyari performance dari namanya tapi dari,baca atau nonton reviewnya atau semuanya,Charade asal prosesornya gini tapi,pengguna di luar sana tuh banyak yang,enggak mau direpotkan dan akhirnya lihat,proses ini udah cuma berdasarkan segmen,atau kelasnya jatuh Hivi Seven B raison,357 dan seterusnya sebetulnya segmen,atau kelas ini karena bisa mempermudah,pengguna memilih prosesor kalaupun itu,kadang-kadang ya enggak selalu karena,ada asumsi disini makin tinggi kelas,prosesornya atau segmennya berarti makin,tinggi spesifikasi nyampah clockspeed,mentah jumlah korkesra dan lain,sebagainya ini bisa benar kalau kalau ya,kalau prosesor yang dibandingkan,kelasnya tersebut generasinya sama Jadi,mereka Dedi generasi yang sama jadi,misalnya sama-sama install Kerja taksi,12 sama-sama raison 5000 series baru deh,kita bandingin,5351 judi generasi yang sama ketua Kalau,lebih akurat lagi bandingin segmen ini,ya kita perlu lihat apakah itu Prof,desktop atau laptop tipis karena kita,nggak mungkin bisa bandingin Core is,seven untuk desktop sama Faisal untuk,laptop tipis mereka hal yang didisain,dengan protes berbeda gitu tapi eniwei,gue mau kasih highlight secara spesifik,mengenai generasi prosesor karena disini,generasi prosesnya bisa membantu kita,untuk mengenali proses tersebut kata,lebih baik daripada cuman kenal kelas,atau serinya aja jadi sangat penting,sekali untuk kita untuk berhati-hati,membandingkan kelas atau segmen prosesor,dengan generasi yang berbeda karena beda,generasi ini bisa jauh sekali bedanya,bisa masih bedanya nah generasi ini,sendiri kadang-kadang tersembunyi di,dalam model number nya gitu install itu,biasanya nama generasinya di model,number pertama setelah segmen jadi Korea,Seven Itu ada 10 samping samping itu,berarti generasi 10 kemudian qornain 99,itu berarti generasi 90-an AMD ryzen itu,raison 7 terus depan Dek mc3000 + X3,yaitu 3000 3000 Series kemudian raison,9595 puluhan mereda angka 5 di paling,depan itu berarti menunjukkan itu raizen,5000 series itu kurang lebih,generalisasi kayak begitu Jadi generasi,ini bisa jauh lebih membantu untuk,menentukan nanti prosesor ini punya,karakter kayak gimana Jadi generasi juga,kadang bisa lebih pengaruh daripada,kelas atau sevenfold-so tersebut gitu,karena genrasi ini bisa menentukan,arsitektur dan fabrikasi prosesornya,dimana ini akan punya pengaruh besar,sekali ke karakteristik overall dari,prosesornya yang efektif misalnya jumlah,Core efeknya clockspeed kemudian,instruction per clocknya karena,asitektur tadi kemudian power dan tarmac,karakteristik dan lain sebagainya jadi,karena generasi ini efeknya besar ini,harus diperhitungkan jadi kita coba,lihat aja kali ya mungkin sekitar tiga,generasi terakhir prosesor AMD dan Intel,desktop yang ada Sekarang kita mau,dengan prosesor AMD Fauziah Coba kita,hitung tiga generasi terakhir yang,desktop itu bertemu itung raison 5000,Series premier kemudian 4000 series Ikea,bakal laga gue skip n4001 agak beda,kelas sebetulnya 4000 nyatuin The,Greatest grafix beda designer sama,prosesor itu sia-sia jadi gue loncat,langsung ke 3000-5000 kemudian ada lagi,raison 2000 server tersebut dengan,pinnacle Ridge Oke kita start dengan,raison 2100 bertemu contohnya raison 7,2700x ryzen 5,2600 gitu dari tukokne bisa ditonton,Duta Utama PT nikel Rich itu,mikroarsitektur nya Zayn plus,fabrikasinya 1200 m masih memprospek,terdiri 4,3 GHz kemudian jumlah cornesen,7 = 8 Core ryzen 5 nya sampai dengan,enam cor ryzen 3 nya harusnya empat,korban gak banyak lihat rayon-3 nya di,pasaran seharusnya 240 400 bukan 4core,8tg nasi setelahnya Oke sekarang kita,coba pindah ke ryzen 3000 series Seperti,contohnya ke-73 300x ryzen 5,3600i tukokne namanya matis kemudian,mikroarsitektur nya itu pakai zend2,namanya gak beda fabrikasi trigonometri,maksimum clockspeed naik sedikit ke,sekitar 4,7 GHz didasari baru

AMD EPYC & Intel Xeon MEGA LEAK: Genoa Benchmarks, Granite Rapids Core Counts, Threadripper

[Music],now dont worry Ill get to the server,on hgdt stuff you clicked on this video,for soon enough but before I get to that,I actually do want to mention that today,Nvidia announced that the much maligned,RTX 40 80 12 gigabyte was canceled and,while they definitely wouldnt admit the,whole story which was that they knew,this thing was about to be burned to the,ground and reviews I actually think they,showed those benchmarks last week,because well they wanted to see how bad,press it would get and it got horrible,press and again theyre not admitting,how bad that press was but they are,acknowledging part of their mistake,openly in this announcement saying that,this confused consumers which admitting,any mistakes at all thats very unlike,Nvidia this is kind of unprecedented for,Jensens ego so this is pretty big news,that I want to talk about because well,see in this news I figured I should drop,one Nvidia micro leak today regarding,the 4080 Brothers you see I dont think,just canceling the 40 80 12 gigabyte is,enough I think that that 40 80 16,gigabyte also needs a huge adjustment,down in price to a thousand dollars at,most and frankly I think it should be,7.99 to be even remotely reasonable,remember,I dont like the 2080 but at most that,40 80 16 gigabyte should be priced like,the 2080 was priced to be even,semi-reasonable please understand that,when I say semi-reasonable pricing the,40 80 16 gigabyte at 800 put emphasis on,the semi not on the reasonable,um to understand why I think even 800 a,400 price drop to the 40 80 16 gigabyte,would be only semi-reasonable,I want you guys to see something that I,have had one of my best sources insist,to me recently yet again and thats that,Nvidia told at least some of their,Partners earlier this year that 8103 the,graphics die being used for the 40 80 16,gigabyte not even the fold either,cutting it down slightly that was,originally that die was originally going,to be used for the RTX 4070 now look,I cannot promise you that Nvidia would,have given the 4070 the exact same specs,as what were seeing in the 40 80 16,gigabyte in todays Lovelace lineup,theres a good chance they may have cut,it down slightly more to make the 40 70,maybe use standard gdr6 and if they did,that they certainly may have also made,the RTX 4080 the full uncut ad103 die,pushed to 350 Watts instead of the low,TDP theyve given it for how big its,coolers are going to be but Im not 100,sure about that what I am 100 sure about,is at the beginning of this year 8103,was going to be used for the 4070 and so,yeah I just thought you guys had to know,that so it could have been a lot better,than what were seeing right now but at,least Nvidia is partially making things,more reasonable by canceling that 40 80,12 gigabyte and this is an example of,how backlash in a changing Market can,make company knees redirect the course,that theyre on and the same goes for a,lot of things going on right now at,Intel you see pivoting to these sorts of,discussions I can now independently,confirm that today Pat was briefing,people around Intel in the usual Friday,q a warning people that there were going,to be some fairly large layoffs soon as,Bloomberg has already reported on I can,now independently confirm thats coming,and I dont want to say an exact number,yet because Ive heard different numbers,from different people but its I think,its going to be many thousands possibly,as many people or as around as many work,at AMD in total right now this is not,going to be some tiny set of layoffs,this is going to be a massive trimming,of a lot of different Personnel in many,different divisions and I believe a few,divisions one of them you can guess,which one is probably going to get most,of the layoffs is going to get hit very,hard due to some recent failures that,Pat is not happy about this year and,I dont want to talk about that anymore,in todays video I dont get any extra,views for being negative and I dont,like talking about it I dont want,anyone who works at these companies to,fail but I do have to confirm that some,of the things people are defending,online that Intels released recently,they are seen as failures and there is,going to be repercussions for that,within the company unfortunately but all,of this is going to lead to a stronger,Intel in a couple of years I do think,that right now Intel is working on,trimming the fat it needs to trim so it,can stay more Nimble more lean and not,completely lose its ability to compete,with AMD at similar margins its again,thats thats actually another thing,Ive heard today is that Pat was talking,about how Intel is getting dangerously,close to becoming a company that cant,even have the same margins as AMD as it,wants to and so thats why a lot of,these layoffs are coming they just have,to do it so that when they launch their,good products in a year or so those good,products cannot be saddled with any,unneeded weight and one of those,products is granite Rapids which Im,excited to tell you guys some details,about today you see a year ago I talked,about Granite Rapids actually a decent,amount in one of my videos specifically,I said that it would bring a lot more,cores than emerald Rapids brought it,would be using the Redwood Cove,architecture that I first leaked was,going to come to Intels meteor Lake set,of products and that it would use,Intels for node well I also said back,then that it seemed like things were,changing and that nobody should double,down on the exact specs yet right now I,have what are the exact specs and the,ones I want to tell you today are the,probably biggest headline ones and,thats that it now goes up to 128 cores,on Redwood Cove Plus on the Intel 3 node,and they are trying to get it out as,soon as possible in 2024 and I want to,be clear about this Redwood plus,architecture I am told it is a bigger,uplift over Redwood Cove than Raptor,Cove was over golden Cove so its a,bigger architectural shift then Raptor,lake is bringing over Alder Lake which,is really exciting all of this means,that with that big core count increase,which it kind of seems like uh the,original Granite Rapids was probably,going to be somewhere between like 72,and 96 cores although no one I talked to,is 100 sure where that was it was,probably always up for debate theyre,going now to 128 cores so roughly a 50,increase in core count and a better,architecture on a better note this is,aimed at a minimum 60 better than what,they initially intended to release and,depending on how good its accelerators,are I actually think it can compete okay,against Turin at least better against,Turin than how I feel Sapphire Rapids,will against the Genoa set of families,although another thing I want to talk,about today is how Sapphire Rapids isnt,as much of a disaster as some people,might think assuming it actually does,come out when its supposed to and well,yeah all of that is what I also want to,talk about today I have internal slides,from AMD detailing genoas performance,and I have a whole host of release dates,for Intel and AMD workstation slash hedt,products that means threadripper that,means Fishhawk Falls and their server,products Im going to get to all of that,but first an ad from a sponsor the RTX,4090 is so big that I was considering,digging one of my old compact liquid,coolers from Storage to cool my,processor if I were to test the 4090 in,my desktop and unfortunately I found out,that at some point it had broken pretty,badly and so I guess Ill just need to,buy a new one if I go down that route,but you know whatever I end up using,this highlighted the dangers of liquid,cooling theyre dangerous that the ice,giant Pro siphon Elite does not need to,worry about todays sponsor is brought,to you by Ice Giant and their Pro siphon,Elite that uses thermosiphon technology,which was initially developed for use,for industrial applications to make an,incredibly Innovative phase change,cooler that performs like the best,liquid coolers on the market and it has,the reliability and s

THIS is how AMD Wins. – EPYC Genoa Announcement Reaction

while AMD endured a relatively,lackluster ryzen 7000 launch thanks to,Fierce competition from everyones,favorite budget offering Intel in the,data center AMD is pulling no punches,with todays announcement of Epic Genoa,theyre bringing double-digit IPC,improvements a maximum of 96 cores per,socket a whopping 12 channels of ddr5,memory I dont even have that many,fingers and so much more,were going to tell you whats new and,why Intels upcoming Sapphire Rapids,probably wont be able to compete with,this,spicy salami,Mamma Mia oh quasi Picante comic questo,sponsor Segway Phil redox build Redux,makes it easy to configure your new,build with support guides and,competitive pricing compared to building,a PC yourself head to build redux.com,Linus and start your new build today for,those that havent been paying attention,lets get you up to speed AMD has been,releasing their epic line of server,processors based on the Zen architecture,since 2017 with the first generation,dubbed Naples,not until the more recent epic Rome in,2019 in Milan in 2021 however did AMD,actually manage to compete and then beat,Intel taking the performance Crown this,is in part due to core count Intels,monolithic style processors capped out,at a measly 40 chorus per socket,compared to amds 64 core chiplin,designs back in 2021 Intel hoped to,compete against epic Milan with their,own chiplet-based design codenamed,Sapphire Rapids but ended up delaying,due to technical difficulties and poor,yields to a now confirmed January 2023,launch and theyre still on 10 nanometer,or Intel 7 now they call it Intel seven,we dont dont say nanometer come on,things are not looking great for Intels,Enterprise sector right now because,honestly,genoha looks awesome the most obvious,change with the latest generation is the,New Zen 4 architecture running on tsmcs,five nanometer process,zenfor is more of a refinement of Zen 3,rather than a complete redesign but,while much of the micro architecture,layout is the same improvements have,been sprinkled all over a big chunk of,the clean 14 IPC uplift comes from,optimizations to the architecture front,end with improved Branch prediction that,can predict two branches per cycle,rather than just one and a hefty bump to,L2 cache they also introduced AVX 512,support which is going to be a huge help,for machine learning and AI workloads in,the data center,speaking of which the other major,upgrade this time around is core counts,across the 18 total skus launching for,Genoa the max cores per socket has,increased by a whopping 50 from 64 to 96,cores with the minimum core count seeing,a bump from 8 to 16 cores on the lowest,end skus,despite the powering efficiency,improvements of the new architecture,maximum socket power consumption is,jumping from 280 Watts on the last,generation to a whopping 400 watts per,socket a level that amds high,performance compute customers have,actually been asking for though the,company tells us they dont expect the,power envelope to climb much Beyond this,point and dont expect to get much,further into this video without a,mention of our beanies on ltdstore.com,uh they put LOL in there but you know,what its actually getting colder,unfortunately with great power draw,comes great socket demands and Genoa is,no exception gone are the days of,rectangular oppression say hello to our,new Square overlords,Jokes Aside genoas new sp5 socket packs,a whopping,6096 pins nice,um more like a like a nice backwards,its a similar trade design to the,previous sp3 socket but its now,heatsink actuated rather than socket,actuated thats fancy speak for the,cooler providing the necessary pressure,to ensure proper contact between the CPU,and the sockets pins its not,dissimilar to the approach Intel has,been taking for a few years now except,AMD thoughtfully included the lockdown,plate for the CPU to prevent you from,accidentally dropping a chip into the,socket which you wouldnt want to do,since,6096 nice pins are tiny and expensive,however they are not as expensive as the,copious amounts of memory this thing,supports across 12 channels were,talking up to six terabytes of ddr5,running at 4 800 Mega transfers per,second allowing for a theoretical Peak,throughput but a 480 gigabytes per,second across the whole thing six,terabytes all without taking too big of,a hit in total latency oh and if that,isnt enough fast memory for you AMD is,introducing support for cxl,wait what the hell is cxl cxl is short,for compute express link and it could,very well be a game changer in the,service space and potentially for,Consumer Tech in the future its a cash,coherent interconnect standard built on,top of PCI Express 5 that allows for,huge increases to i o memory and storage,flexibility,in the same way that AMD uses PCI,Express Lanes as Infinity Fabric and,their dual socket servers cxl uses PCI,Express Lanes as low latency high,bandwidth interconnects allowing the,system to pool or expand memory and,improve the performance of various types,of Hardware accelerators like gpus or,network cards maybe you need an extra,four terabytes of RAM for more,virtualization I know I do slap in a cxl,memory card and you are good to go and,cxl lets you allocate that extra Ram to,other devices if you want to Genoa,supports cxl 1.1 plus type 3 which is,the catchiest name Ive read all week,and is primarily focused on memory,expansion rather than accelerators cxl,is only just coming to the server Market,but is primed to be a very important,technology for the future of our,computers so keep an eye on it it might,come to Consumer Hardware sooner than,you think if youre worried that you,wont have enough pcie lanes for all,this stuff then dont be a single CPU,provides you with 128 PCI Express Gen 5,lanes and up to 160 in two CPU systems,providing ample flexibility in terms of,expansion and if you want to see just,how much you can fit into these things,super micro let us unveil their new h13,Genoa Suite check out the link in the,description to see some Hands-On,Hardware content and last but certainly,not least AMD introduced a few,improvements to their security such as,support for over a thousand encrypted,virtualizations that is pretty neat,especially for vpss what kind of,perform,from all of these slick new feature,enhancements though for starters more,than double the performance in integer,arithmetic over Intels 40 core Xeon,8380 Flagship which is expected,considering AMD has more than double the,cores and ends up being just an eight,percent increase per core but the,customer is buying 96 core CPUs like,this one,they would probably actually just want,the more cores rather than faster cores,so does amds dominance then carry over,to the rest of the product stack,according to AMD yes very yes but before,we get too far please note that AMD has,been pretty liberal with the scaling in,their performance graphs so try to focus,on the numbers themselves rather than,the pictures AMD claims that their 24,core epic 9274f will compete with that,same 40 core Intel CPU at least in,integer operations calling integer,operations general purpose Computing is,a bit of a stretch but even if you,cynically assume that all of these CPUs,will perform 25 percent worse than AMD,promises youll still see comparably,cord AMD skus competing with Intels,flagships maybe you shouldnt be quite,so cynical because the way AMD tested,their CPUs for this could be leaving,performance on the table let me explain,EMD has embraced the Silicon Lottery,with their new power management feature,called determinism wow,just like gonna take a philosophy there,well it comes in two flavors performance,and power oh it is philosophy its kind,of like amds Precision boost found on,their ryzen chips and allows you to bump,up your performance within spec if you,have the thermal or power Headroom to do,so in the performance determinism mode,the CPU will Target the maximum,performance at a given TDP with power,varying to maintain stable performance,power determinism is flippe

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