1. Moosend Review – Top Features, Pros & Cons, and Alternatives
  2. Moosend Review 2022 ❇️ The Best Mailchimp Alternative ????
  3. Is This The Best Mailchimp Alternative? – Moosend Review & Tutorial (Email Marketing For Beginners)
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Moosend Review – Top Features, Pros & Cons, and Alternatives

Moosend is an email marketing software system  that calls itself “the fastest path from  ,email marketing to business growth.” If you’re  in the market for an email marketing solution,  ,you’ll want to consider Moosend. But if you’re just starting your search,  ,we can help. Visit our website for a list of the  top email marketing options on the market today.  ,Click the annotation in the top right  corner of your screen to get started.  ,Moosend is an affordable email marketing  solution targeted at businesses of all sizes.  ,It focuses on ease of use with drag-and-drop  functionality in email designs,  ,newsletters, or custom landing pages. Users can segment their audiences to personalize  ,and target specific groups of their clientele  based on information stored in Moosend’s customer  ,relationship management, or CRM, tools. Marketing  automation helps to free users up from tedious,  ,manual tasks, and Moosend provides a dashboard  and reporting options to help users get a  ,bird’s-eye view of their marketing campaign. Moosend can be billed monthly or annually,  ,and pricing is based on the size of users’  email audiences. There are two plans available,  ,Pro and Enterprise. Pro has all of the  major features including unlimited emails,  ,automation workflows, landing pages, and forms. The Enterprise plan is priced with a custom quote  ,and includes everything in the Pro plan in  addition to a dedicated account manager,  ,dedicated IP, and priority support. For those  of you who want to test out the solution before  ,you buy, there is a free 30-day trial of  Moosend available with limited features.  ,Moosend is a cloud-based solution available on  all modern browsers. As of the recording of this  ,video, there is no mobile app for Moosend. Moosend comes with a number of features to  ,help you manage email marketing functions. Moosend’s primary function is to help users  ,create effective emails, newsletters, and landing  pages and ensure they reach the right customers.  ,Moosend includes an editor to customize  media with colors, branding, and images,  ,all with drag-and-drop functionality. To better target specific groups of users’  ,audiences, personalized emails can be sent  out to segmented audiences based on behaviors  ,like previous purchases or abandoned carts.  Moosend also features custom subscription forms  ,that can be used out of the box or  tweaked to fit users’ specific needs.  ,With Moosend, users create custom automation  workflows with a focus on increasing conversion  ,rates and simplifying processes. Moosend has  a catalog of ready-made automations available  ,immediately, or users can build their own  from scratch with a drag-and-drop system.  ,These automations can be for reminders  of scheduled events, user onboarding,  ,abandoned carts, VIP offers, or  any other triggers and conditions  ,that are important for users’ businesses. Moosend helps users to track and report on the  ,progress of their campaigns with a bird’s-eye  view of open rates, click-through rates,  ,bounce rates, forwards, unsubscribes, and more.  Reports can also show what devices customers use,  ,to help users focus their campaigns  to fit those specific devices.  ,Moosend is a top-rated product, but it  still comes with its pros and cons.  ,Users appreciate the simple, user-friendly design  paired with the variety of features available,  ,and they praise how affordable Moosend is  considering all of the tools it includes.  ,However, the fact that Moosend is not easily  accessible via mobile is a drawback for many  ,users, and some users expressed a need  for more and better integration options.  ,It’s a good idea to get multiple quotes  before choosing an email marketing solution.  ,If you’re interested in Moosend, you  might also want to consider Mailchimp,  ,Sendinblue, Constant Contact, or Active Campaign.  ,Still not sure if Moosend is right for you? Visit  our website to see our list of the top email  ,marketing software options on the market today.  Click the button on the left to get started.

Moosend Review 2022 ❇️ The Best Mailchimp Alternative ????

hey my name is phil and welcome to the,channel in todays video were going to,be reviewing a,email marketing software called moose,end and in this moose and review,im going to be sharing with you exactly,what moose end is how it works who its,for,and im also going to be showing you how,you can get set up very quickly to save,you time,and effort now just to let you know i,have also left a link in the description,if you want to get started with mooseend,you can get up to a thousand subscribers,for free,and you dont even need to enter any,credit card information its,extremely extremely powerful so first of,all what,is moose end well moose end is actually,an email marketing platform that was,launched in 2012,its only recently had a big makeover,and big launch though,in fact i jumped on board a long time,ago ive been with museum for a very,long time so i know a lot about the,platform,but it is one of these platforms that is,trying to compete,with the big competitors in the market,specifically for this one,is mailchimp so its mailchimps biggest,competitor right now i believe and what,theyre pretty much trying to do is,create an affordable email marketing,solution so you can actually get started,without too much of a budget,and get the results that youre looking,for now,recently moose end has actually,increased the user experience a lot,uh when i first started a few years ago,with moose and it was a little bit,clunky there was a few things missing,but,upon reviewing it just this morning ive,seen how much of an improvement theyve,actually done to the user experience,so it is now one of probably my favorite,email marketing tools out there,so im going to be deep diving into,moose end over the next few months,so what im going to do right now is,actually jump behind the screen and im,going to show you how to get set up with,end and how the whole thing works okay,here we are first of all well start on,the museum website just to show you a,few of the museum features that they,have there is the email marketing as,well as landing pages,newsletter editors personalizations,reporting analytics integrations,tracking e-commerce subscription forks,and marketing,automation so there is a lot of things,inside of it now just before i get into,the dashboard i just want to show you,the pricing quickly as i do on every,video that i review,so basically if you are having up to 1,000 subscribers perfect for someone,thats just starting out or just want to,play around with the platform just to,see what its like,you wont have to pay a dollar and you,dont even have to put in your credit,card details which is absolutely,incredible,and for if you did decide to stay with,me send after you go,past 1 000 subscribers you will have to,go under the pro plan,um which is only eight dollars per month,and that is like 1500 subscribers,and you also get five team members and,landing pages as well as transactional,emails especially good for e-commerce,now this price is the cheapest literally,on the internet for this type of,functionality,mailchimp i know cost a lot more mailer,light also the same thing so this is an,incredible price,that youre getting for moose and once,again you can get started for free so,i highly recommend jumping in and having,a little play with it,okay so once you actually get signed up,and ready to go,this is the dashboard that you will most,likely come and see now youll see,theres a little onboarding sequence,going on right here,basically what its going to ask you to,do first is add in a new from,name and email address so the first,thing you want to do is come here and,click on yes,now you may have an email address,already here like so,the reason mine is here is im actually,on an enterprise account and i gave,this account access its like a sub,account but if your,sender is not here basically all you,need to do is click on add new sender,type in a name and email address so it,could be whatever,it is right and its just going to ask,you to,verify the account now just to let you,know,they dont like taking in domains that,dont have anything on the website and,they also dont take free email,addresses right so it has to be a,branded email from,your company or your website i should,say if its not theres a good chance,that theyre actually going to,not allow that website to be sent and,thats just to save it from,people sending out spam right its just,going to save it from you know their,deliverability getting affected because,they do deliver emails really well,so once youve done that step you can go,through these if you wish,im just going to show you how to do it,manually just so you know for the future,so the next step were actually going to,do is come right down to mailing lists,and what were going to do is create a,new mailing list now for this particular,one im going just to call it a,newsletter just because,a lot of people will be using initially,for newsletters so im just going to,call this the lmr,newsletter uh lmr being legit marketing,reviews and im going to go ahead and,click save,and right there and then we have got our,newsletter now,if you already have a list you can,import your list here,basically you can import it with csv or,excel or all that sort of stuff,if you want to see what it actually,looks like once a,email contact is in there ill just,quickly throw one in,just so you can see what the contacts,look like look like um,yes ive verified add member,so once you go to mailing lists this is,basically how your mailing list is going,to look its going to have your peoples,contacts inside of here the active when,they were on,all that sort of good stuff so once you,import the people its going to fill up,here nicely its going to list them all,inside of here and you can go ahead and,start segmenting them inside of that,now im not going to get into too much,into segmenting today but i also,am going to show you a lot of extremely,powerful stuff,so first of all well go into campaigns,now i want you to think of a campaign as,an email right so if you were to send,out a newsletter if it was just a,one-off type of newsletter what you,would do is send a campaign,however if you wanted to send a,autoresponder sequence,i will go into automations in a second,which is,probably what most people are going to,do now just to show you the example this,is what you would do if you want to send,out a newsletter,youll come to campaigns on the left you,click on create a new campaign id,usually,uh choose regular campaign there are,split testing as well,um but most people will just be regular,so all im gonna call for this,is as it is the third of february today,so ill call it third feb campaign now,the campaign name is just for internal,use,something just to remember you can just,do it so you remember it right,so i might even add some extra things,subject is,its um feb you are already,i cant even spell february um,heres whats happening just to give you,a quick idea now theres a preview text,here,if youve ever looked at your email app,on your phone youll notice theres like,a few lines of text,below it the cool thing about move,centers you can actually edit that,inside of here,so for this example im gonna say hey,what a,crazy yeah its been already,who would have thought dot dot dot,so thats leaving a bit of curiosity,there sender ive got my sender im,going to choose that,if you want to put a reply to thats,different to the one youre sending from,you can actually just choose that inside,of there as well,and if you want to send confirmations,you can send them to that as well now if,you want to add google analytics to your,campaigns if youre that sort of,analytical type person,you can do so here but just make sure in,the settings tab on the top right youve,actually got google analytics the code,added,if you just turn it on and you havent,added a code nothings going to happen,okay so thats real easy now what im,going to do is go next,and its going to say what campaign so i,would tick on this one,and its goi

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Is This The Best Mailchimp Alternative? – Moosend Review & Tutorial (Email Marketing For Beginners)

hey guys my name is damon black and in,todays video were going to be,reviewing an email marketing software,called moose end in this review im,going to be sharing exactly what moose,end is how it works and who its for im,also going to show you how to get set up,very quickly so you can save time and,effort now just to let you know guys,ive left the link below this video if,you want to get started with moose end,now you can get started with their,awesome 30-day free trial and you dont,even need to enter your credit card,details its an extremely powerful tool,for anyone that is looking to get,started with digital marketing or you,can also watch this video if youre,looking to switch over from a different,email marketing software so first of all,what is moose end well moose end is an,email marketing provider that was,launched in 2012 since then theyve,added many awesome features and its,turned into an all-in-one marketing tool,this means that not only can you send,out email campaigns but you can also,create landing pages create email,sequences automation workflows and much,much more now ive been using them for,the past couple of weeks and i also have,a paid plan and in just a second im,gonna walk you through all their tools,and features so you can have an insight,what this tool can do for your online,business now theres a lot of email,marketing providers online but the,biggest competitors to moose end are,providers like get response mailchimp,and aweber now moose end offers one of,the most affordable plans out there so,you can get started without much of a,budget and get the result that youre,looking for so lets hop into my,computer and let me show you guys what,moose end is all about,alright so when you head over to their,official website museen.com and click on,the pricing,you can see that when you click on the,annual plan its only seven dollars per,month to get started and you can get up,to 500 email subscribers and as i,mentioned you also get a 30 day free,trial um no credit card required,um you get unlimited emails automation,workflows and one landing page and one,subscription form so this is an awesome,free trial that you can use sign up with,just to test out moose end now what i,recommend is if you want to switch over,from a different service provider like,get response or aweber or mailchimp,they have very very affordable pricing,plans as you can see,um lets just say you have about one or,two thousand subscribers youre going to,be paying only 19 per month and if,youre starting out guys and you want to,take this seriously,then seven bucks per month up to 500,subscribers,this is more than enough to get you,started and you can eventually upgrade,when you surpass 500 subscribers so,lets go over the features that they,have so the most important is obviously,email marketing,they have a very easy to use drag and,drop email editor im going to be,showing you that in just a second you,can a b test different types of emails,and obviously analytics so im going to,scroll down and now the next feature,that they have is called marketing,automation so with marketing automation,you can create follow-up sequences um,you can follow up with your leads now,they also have a feature called landing,pages,you can create beautiful landing pages,with their drag and drop editor its,very very easy to use and its similar,to click funnels so right now if youre,using a different email marketing,provider chances are that youre also,using a landing page builder like click,funnels now with moosa and you dont,have to use any other tool because they,have their own,landing page builder and this feature,alone is going to save you so much money,they also have subscription forms so if,you have a blog or a website,youre going to have an option to create,your own personalized subscription form,and put it on your blog they also,integrate with multiple different,websites like wordpress and woocommerce,so you dont have to do any coding at,all,so let me log in for you guys right now,and let me show you what it looks like,in the back office and lets go over all,of these different features,in more detail so the first thing youre,going to see when you sign up,is these five steps so lets take your,website out there all you have to do is,connect your domain so when you click on,this green button now all you have to do,is submit your website domain name,now click on submit,and now you have to also verify,so all you have to do is click on,install connection script,custom installation click on install and,copy this simple code into the head tag,of your website so log into wordpress,and paste it into your head tag so once,you have this finished its going to,take a couple of hours,to get your domain verified and you,should be good to go now to check if,your domain is verified all you have to,do,is scroll up here click on websites and,here you can see your website and on the,right side you can see verified or,unverified if youre having any trouble,getting your domain verified,make sure to read these blog posts and,if they dont help make sure to contact,customer support,um theyre available 24 7 and its super,helpful so now that your website is,connected,lets hop into all the juicy details,okay so the first thing youre gonna,need to do is set up your senders email,address so basically the email that,youre gonna be,sending from so head over up here one,more time click on settings,now click on senders and here you can,see your name,and your email address so as you can see,i signed up with the email address info,at damienblack.com and it says that its,verified but now i have to verify,the spf and the dkim so all you have to,do is click on this button and now,youre gonna see two,very very important codes which is the,txt record name,and the record value so this is the,domain keys identified mail and this is,the senders policy framework now to set,up and add these to dns records just log,into your hosting provider im sure you,know how to do this by now,and basically paste them inside your dns,manager and click on save once again if,youre having trouble doing this make,sure to contact customer support or just,simply search it up on google,theres hundreds of articles,on how to add dns records into your,hosting provider so now im going to,show you guys how to create an email,list because this is the first thing,youre going to do,when youre getting started so go over,to audience and click on email lists and,now click on a new email list now youre,going to give it a name so,just name it whatever you want and click,on create now if youre going to be,using multiple lists make sure that you,know,what each email list is for and,where the email subscribers are coming,from so click on create now as you can,see this is a completely,new email list so it has no members but,what you can do on your left side is you,can click on your dashboard,here you see all your analytics um,perform book actions you can import,members into your list so for example if,you um came from get response you can,simply export your email list from get,response and paste it directly into,moose end,you can unsubscribe members you can,delete members,now you can go to your settings right,the redirect page url so when someone,unsubscribes from your email list this,is where they get redirected to,but you can leave a blank and a moose,and is going to redirect them to their,default page,now opt-in settings these are the,settings that um theyre up to you guys,but i like to use single opt-in and this,means that when someone comes to your,landing page or your blog and they enter,their email address thats all they have,to do and theyre automatically going to,be,imported into your email list,strong or soft double opt-in means that,theyre going to confirm it in their,email,email account right so theyre gonna,have to open an email and confirm that,they have opted in so i like to keep it,on single opt-in now here you can create,custom fields and these are your,segme

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Moosend Review – Complete Walkthrough and Exclusive Bonuses

hi guys its chris here with self,madenewbie.com welcome to this,moose end review now for those of you,out there who are looking,to get your hands on an autoresponder,but youve looked around maybe youve,looked at get response or,orba you might understand the power of,having an email marketing solution but,you also dont want to pay youre not,ready to pay,uh for that kind of you know monthly,subscription but you do want to get,involved you do want to build a list,uh this is definitely for you so today,im going to take a deep dive inside,moosa and im going to show you,what its all about and as well as that,ive also put together a bundle of,exclusive premium bonuses of my own,that i think are going to go hand in,hand with museen so you get the absolute,most out of it and you really hit the,ground running uh,with it so before we get into that drop,a like on this video hit subscribe and,turn on this bell notification if you,want to be updated with new products,coming out all the time,that are going to help you to succeed,online also if you want to jump ahead,during this video make sure you first,click the link in the description,what that will do is take you through to,my bonus page which looks like this and,the way this page works is it is,integrated with the official,moose end uh vendor website or,museum.com,uh so if you click on any of these green,buttons here what it will do is lock in,all these bonuses before then sending,you off to moosen.com,if you do decide to go with it it just,requires you to simply send me a,screenshot,of your digital receipt at chris,selfmainnuby.com,and i will have these bonuses ready to,send off to you straight away,the first bonus im gonna throw in is a,knowledge product relating to email so,moose end is gonna be an amazing tool,for uh managing an email list creating,automations,forms landing pages and all that stuff,building that list uh but this is the,knowledge site this is going to teach,you how to get people into the list,and also how to sort of grow nurture,that list as the old saying goes the,money is made in the list if you can,grow and nurture,a list properly you can make a lot of,money from it,a lot of internet marketers all the ones,i know including myself,make even about half of all of their,money through their email list,the second bonus is expert copywriting,and persuasion so this is going to help,you when you write emails,out to your email list its going to,help you on your landing pages and forms,that you can create with moose and,its going to help you pretty much,anywhere where you want someone to do,something,you need to know how to speak in a,persuasive way which basically means,speaking to the emotions of people,establishing yourself as the cure to,their pain points,and this is going to go into how to do,that and effectively communicate in that,way,bonus number three is my best-selling,book the 30-minute,purpose business which is available on,amazon currently and a five-star,all-around review and youre gonna get,the soft copy version,the moby uh the epub and the pdf version,uh thrown in the bundle as well this,really documents,uh everything i do everything i did to,get started,uh the path to follow if you want to,start an online business more,specifically,in the area of affiliate marketing,blogging digital products,and also high ticket coaching its got,materials in there for conducting a,coaching session,contracts email scripts lead generation,how to close a sale scripts for social,media scripts for on the phone,all that and its such a small product,uh which is the reason behind the name,so its something you can just read up,on and,get started taking action straight away,bonus number four is really for the,beginners out there if you are just,getting started with an online business,uh if youre trying to build an email,list uh but youre also wanting to build,an overall business this product i put,together to ensure that people take that,first step correctly,uh so many times i see people take the,first step wrongly,and then they keep moving forward keep,moving forward and six months down the,line they realize theyve chosen the,wrong niche theyve chosen the wrong,thing to try and make money in,they get dishearted they look back they,realize how far theyve come,in the wrong direction and then they,just quit so this is going to teach you,to take the first step properly this is,how to choose your niche how to ask,yourself the right questions,so you can really create a personalized,answer for yourself,that will highlight the direction that,you need to go in and i put this,course together because of the amount of,people ive seen who just dont do that,step,properly and they fail down the line,bonus number five builds on that once,youve,chosen your niche in my opinion the best,business to start is an affiliate,marketing digital product,blogging content creation type business,this goes into really just how to do it,how to get started,step by step what you need to do this is,my premium training,and that is going to help you to really,put some you know practical instructions,around those of for those of you who,want to make money online this is a,practical,staple way to go about doing that so if,that,sounds good to you step one link in the,description youll go to this page lock,in these bonuses with these green,buttons that will send you off,to the museen website which looks like,this and you can go through this in your,own time,check out everything you need to know,theres a lot of tabs up here also the,pricing,as you can see for the basic offer,the pricing for a thousand subscribers,is absolutely free as i said before,or you can get a couple more you can get,a pro plan or a custom plan depending on,your needs,if you do decide to go with it they will,send you a digital receipt,send that to me i will send off these,bonuses now keep it on this countdown,timer because this is all a special,a launch special uh so when this,countdown hits zero these bonuses will,no longer be available you still be able,to click on these links and go through,to moose end,uh but the bonuses um unfortunately will,no longer be there,uh so basically make an informed,decision but the sooner,you get involved with moosehead uh the,way more youre gonna get for such a low,low price,so without further ado lets get into a,demo of museum lets see what its all,about,so this is basically the dashboard of,moose and as you can see,it allows you to create signatures it,really goes about setting you up,if you especially if you are importing a,list from another provider so i,currently use get response,and i do i have just made an account,with museum and im going to be,experimenting with them as well,because it is free so why not it might,prove to be better,uh the functionality is very similar uh,and then really youve got your,campaigns and this is obviously for,sending out,emails to your list uh you can do,regular campaigns,hb split campaigns repeatable campaigns,and lets just go in and try and create,one and see what it kind of looks like,its fairly standard campaign name enter,your subject,lets try and uh,preview text lets just you can choose,who you are,the reply to so this is all very,familiar,um you can track with google analytics,whoops okay well well do a test,campaign,and lets go through im actually quite,curious about the templates,its a single opt-in okay,uh so we can do hb html and plain text,which i would recommend thats what i,usually go with,and lets have a look at the editor,now with get response you have if you,have get response youve probably seen,it and i think with mailchimp as well,you get a bunch of templates that you,can use,uh and to be honest i never use any of,them and i dont know anyone who does,use them,i generally just go with the standard,template like this,and then i do a pure a pure,html version for those people whose,inboxes dont allow it,so it does have a lot here,um pretty easy to create lets create a,container there,and then

DONT USE MOOSEND Before Watch THIS VIDEO! Email Marketing Service Review

[Music],moose end is an affordable email,marketing platform used by businesses of,all sizes from startups to fortune 500,companies with an easy-to-use interface,intuitive automation and advanced lease,segmentation muzan provides the robust,set of tools you need to build and,maintain strong customer relationships,the company has an intuitive user,interface that is easy to navigate and,quickly learned by newbies its,extremely easy to create marketing,campaigns with an intuitive drag and,drop editor that makes it easy to create,engaging emails from scratch muzant,includes over 40 different templates,moose and includes advanced automation,features in all of its plans even for,free trial accounts moose and automation,uses a visual workflow designer that,includes welcome emails to subscribers,abandoned card reminders and even lead,ratings there is also a library of,recipes to help you save time during the,setup process we really love that muzan,provides all of its features across all,of its plans compared to some of its,competitors who charge extra for some of,their more advanced features while muzan,provides many email capabilities the,software is not intended to be as an,all-in-one marketing solution,registration forms are extremely simple,and require customization with code and,a built-in integration is very limited,moose and also doesnt offer additional,marketing tools such as landing pages,which means you can combine moose and,with other systems to suit your needs,while muzan is a small company compared,to some of its more established,competitors its affordable pricing,structure suits businesses on a tight,budget and its range of industry-leading,email features is sure you dont have to,compromise on functionality moose and,provides users with an easy way to send,emails to existing subscriber list like,other email marketing providers muzan,includes a step-by-step campaign,creation wizard that guides users,through the process of creating email,campaigns,to start a new campaign users must first,select the campaign type normal or test,a b campaign regular campaigns are one,or females sent to existing subscriber,lists while a b test campaigns allow you,to compare different email variations to,maximize performance and delivery muzan,has several a b split testing options,and you can test variations on things,like the subject of your email and the,content in each email to choose the one,that gives the best conversion results,after choosing your campaign type and,subscriber list you can create,newsletters using the museums drag and,drop campaign editor the editor is,intended for beginners which means that,users with no technical or programming,skills can easily create engaging,newsletters from scratch using movable,containers and elements there are about,40 built-in templates available useful,for a wide variety of industries from,real estate to e-commerce,the choice of templates is a bit,underwhelming but the editor is very,intuitive which means you can customize,and match your brand without too much,hassle and effort if you have previous,experience with html museum also gives,you the ability to edit code along with,a visual builder allowing you to,visualize changes as your project,develops another new feature that can,improve your conversions is moves and,countdown emails if you feel an urgency,or perceived lack it will help your,followers quickly make a decision and,act as an example you can include a,timer in your email to showcase a trade,that will expire in a few days or even a,countdown timer to create uncertainty,ahead of an upcoming event before,launching your campaign muzan offers,some handy tasks to help you improve the,deliverability and design of your email,you can send your newsletter to the,testers email address provided to see,how effective your design is in addition,to running a content spam test ensuring,that your email goes to each recipients,inbox and know their spam folder after,sending an email you can see an overview,of the performance of your recent,campaign in the dashboard you can,quickly analyze important information,such as open and click through rate as,well as the number of subscribers sent,by email when choosing an email,marketing provider its important to,consider how easy it is to attract,existing subscribers or add new ones,moose and provides several different,download options including csv or excel,compatibility copy and paste contact,information or import existing contacts,from google or salesforce,a key component of sending emails to the,right audience at the right time is,lease segmentation moves and lets you,collect detailed information about your,subscribers that you can see to create,targeted listings custom fields can be,added as text date time drop down and,check boxes all of which can be,customized to collect any information,you want for example you can collect,your subscribers birthday data to send,them the personalized email,custom fields can be specified as,optional or required although it is,important to know that the required,information will be required every time,you add or import new subscribers to,your list or when adding subscribers,through registration forms once youve,collected relevant data about your,followers you can segment your list,moose and offers an extensive list of,criteria to easily segment your listing,including click links mobile devices and,computers specific user actions and even,the use of predefined custom fields its,also worth noting that if a subscriber,appears on multiple lists they only,count once within your subscriber limit,whereas in other marketing systems they,can be counted more than once for your,subscriber limit if they subscribe in,different ways,moose end includes a basic signup form,that you can embed on your website to,collect email subscribers at this point,the form is very limited and lacks the,functionality that other providers,include also there is currently no easy,way to customize each form to change the,appearance of the registration form and,match your brand you will need to change,the html provided after it was added to,your site moose and automation is,included in all of its plans including,the free path this feature provides a,great way to send relevant posts to your,list at the right time and increase your,conversion rate,advanced workflows so called recipes can,be created from scratch using the,constructor making it easier to create,targeted automation by allowing you to,specify different triggers conditional,or control steps and actions filled in,when certain criteria are met one,interesting filter is the ability to,filter by weather conditions at contact,location by using recipient geolocation,an advanced conditional field you can,separate automation based on weather,conditions for example you can target,users where it is raining now and send a,message to remind them not to forget the,umbrella for a more personalized,experience while this might not be the,most appropriate feature for your use,case it shows the level of detail you,can achieve with moose and filters,boosant also provides several preset,recipes to help you save time and,quickly build an effective automation,campaign each recipe includes selected,main tasks and you only need to add,conditions there are many different,types of recipes available but the most,popular are abandoned cart thanks new,customers special offer reminders and,welcome email sequence,unfortunately one area that moves and,lags when compared to the competition is,built-in integration museum has a,particularly limited selection there are,some useful integrations however such as,the moose and wordpress subscription,form plugin and the woocommerce plugin,zapier was recently introduced which,allows users to connect to and use,hundreds of different apps although this,requires an additional subscription,users can view information about each,campaign in real time in the report,section which offers an excellent,overview of openings cl

Moosend tutorial | Moosend Review 2020 | Is Moosend SCAM ?

moose end is an email marketing platform,that has been getting a lot of interest,and attention recently,in this video we will do a detailed news,end review explore its features,and explain whether you can benefit from,it whether you want to start a weekly,email newsletter for your blog or send,emails to your e-commerce customers,this review is for you lets get started,one who moose end is for moose end is an,email marketing service provider and,landing page builder,anyone who wants to collect email,subscribers and create an email,list can use it 2. signing up for muzen,to sign up on moose end is very easy you,dont even need a credit card,instead start by completing a few basic,forms about you and your business,create a moose and sub domain and click,on the confirmation link that will be,sent to your email address,once you confirm your email address you,will be able to create an email,signature and choose a sender email,please note that it cant be a gmail,hotmail or yahoo email address,it must be an email associated with your,own domain name,then you can get started with creating,your list,three moose end email list creation once,you have created a new email list and,uploaded contacts if you have any you,can adjust the list,settings you can create a welcome email,to welcome new subscribers,and you can also add a thank you landing,page for new subscribers,if people are signing up to get your,free ebook for example,you can let them download their ebook,from this page,you can also create list segments,segmenting your list is a great way to,increase your conversion rates,four moves end campaign creation once,you have your email list set up its,time to create campaigns,most people can get started by creating,a regular campaign,a regular campaign can either be sent,manually as a broadcast or scheduled in,advance,youll create a subject line choose a,template create your email,select a mailing list to send the email,to and choose when to send your email,another type of campaign you can create,is the ap split test campaign,this type of campaign sends two,different versions of your email to two,different segments of your list,four moose end email designing to start,choose a structure for your email,for example you can choose to create a,full with email,a double column email a product,recommendation email or an abandoned,cart email,once you have chosen your structure it,is time to start creating your email,there will be a simple no frills drag,and drop email editor for you to use,although you can create a template from,scratch there are also many pre-made,templates in the template library to,choose from,five creating an automation sequence,there are various types of automations,you can set up,you can send standard automations like,abandoned cart reminders,thank you emails and follow-up sequences,to new customers and so on,6. creating sign-up forms and landing,pages in muzin,there are two ways of doing this in,museum they are,creating signup forms and creating,landing pages,like the emails sign up forms come with,pre-made templates too,seven moose end analytics and reporting,moose end will give you in-depth reports,and graphs to help you understand the,performance of your email campaigns,you will see open rates click rates,subscriber counts,delivery rates and more 7. moose end,integrations,moose and integrates with various,third-party platforms such as wordpress,drupal,optimum can never bounce you can even,integrate with mailchimp,zapier and convert box eight moose end,pricing,moose end pricing has three plan options,at the time of making this video,the first is a free account the second,is the regular paid plan and the third,option is getting a custom,enterprise account if you have more than,200 000 subscribers,to find out more about the pricing use,the link below this video,overall moose end is fairly easy to use,the interface feels a bit outdated but,it does its job,there arent too many confusing menu,options so its pretty easy to do what,you want without too many distractions,if you found this video helpful please,click the like button and subscribe to,our channel so that you dont miss out,on new videos like this one

Small Business Email Marketing – MooSend Review

hey whats going on everyone,Jonathan Perez here from surefire web,services and today were going over,moose and yes thats right Moo cent Ive,never even heard of this going to be,honest this was an integration I believe,it was on convertkit and I just wanted,to see what the integrations were for,that platform because thats one of the,ones that Ive been using and Moo sign,was on there so I figured Id give it a,shot I went in they do have a free,account and that free account is up to a,thousand people so definitely recommend,it as of now and lets just kind of dive,in and see what this is because this one,seems to be different than all of them,so far so so far weve done benchmark,and weve done mailer lights,this is Muhsin and you can check out on,my screen as soon as I logged in it kind,of gives me these steps and and I like,this because its just really clear on,you know what do I do next like most,people dont know what to do next and,this is just super simple so Im just,gonna click around and lets get into,this remember the goal is to set up the,email campaign and have this thing,buzzin with some automation so first,things first we are in lets go ahead,and create your first sender signature,Im gonna do that right now,alright so create your first cygnus,sender signature Im go ahead and click,yes,my name is not your fire owner what,happened here cancer return to sender,surefire owner that is not me so lets,go ahead and edit this I am well when,this gets sent out its gonna be from,surefire Web Services I think so lets,just space that out correctly all right,that should be good,email yep thats my email so lets save,that pretty cool SPF and DKIM okay I,havent gone over this,for because you know this just hasnt,been on any platform before but uh SPF,and DKIM the simplest way I can explain,what that is is it prevents your email,from going into the spam folder thats,why when I click it its telling me to,add this stuff because it has to do with,your DNS I know Im getting a little,technical with my terms right now but,you put something in your DNS and it,basically says that your website isnt a,spam website thats sending emails junk,emails to everybody so thats actually,pretty cool that they have this on there,and it seems like you could verify the,records and set this whole thing up,thats thats pretty slick I havent,seen that before,so +14 Muhsin thats thats pretty sweet,alright so we uh we had that set up,lets go on to lets see is there,anything else that we need initially to,set up no thats good,first email import subscribers of course,thats what you would do but were,starting from scratch so lets go ahead,and see if we can set up our automation,so lets create a new automation so far,so good this is looking pretty pretty,simple oh look at this its got recipes,it calls them for an anniversary for an,abandoned cart change in custom field ok,so if they change their profile happy,birthdays loyalty sequence this is,pretty cool new customer Thank You,onboarding email sequence help your,subscribers find their way in your sales,funnel by sending them the right,campaign at the right time that is what,we want,what is this reengagement email based on,whether thats interest thats cool,imagine if youre a golf course and you,want to update your email list if its,raining outside that is thats some,high-tech stuff right there thats,pretty sweet what else do they got here,they got a lot of stuff website,reengagement and a welcome email,sequence actually this is the one that,we want because Im boarding is more if,they like bought something,and then you wanna you know step1 step2,this is what you do next the welcome,email sequence is more of their it is,send a welcome email sequence to anyone,who subscribes to your list familiarize,people with your company and products I,love this this is making it this is like,the easiest out of all of them there are,12 tasks pending all right know what,that means,send a welcome yes thats the,description thats perfect,expand all tasks cannot wait for less,than one a minute oh I think I just have,to set up all these things so when,someone subscribes to any list yes,trigger on the first subscription,trigger for every subscription were,gonna create the list when someone opens,any campaign when someone opens a,specific campaign wow they give you a,ton of options here and I love the,simplicity of the icons also I just want,when somebody just signs up to a list,when somebody subscribes to any list Im,just seeing if we could find something,thats a specific list clicks on a link,people dont open when someone when,something people dont click my,campaigns mmm someone subscribes to any,list when someone unsubscribes from any,lace oh thats cool we could send that,out sorry to see you go email here it is,when someone subscribes to a specific,list and that list is the Surefire,mailing list lets save that boom now,what are they gonna do someone,subscribes theyre gonna wait a specific,time interval and then an email is gonna,send out and what is this time interval,wait for specific dates Wow I really,really like this all months first of the,month third of the month every month you,can do invoice reminders with this this,is pretty sweet wait for a time interval,the workflow will wait for some time in,this step before moving on this can,in minutes hours or days Im liking this,thats it time to wait zero I dont want,anything Wow and then after they this,this is a lot guys Im looking at this,you know kudos I mean if this is,everything thats included in this this,is really awesome its just a lot to go,through,I mean maybe my curious mind is just,kind of like well what else could I do,what else could I do but this has,conditional control steps by whether if,else wait a specific time interval which,is where we just were and then theres,actions then send the email campaign,then ping me then subscribe to list so,lets just lets just cancel that and,lets set this back up to zero so as,soon as someone signs up Im not gonna,wait any time and Im actually just,gonna send them the welcome email so,lets go over here to our funnel emails,lets see if they have those merge tags,or whatever they call them here,maybe they call them Moo tags oh I dont,see any options to do that which kind of,sucks maybe uh alright,finding the actions yeah okay so you,know – a point I mean I cant,personalize this which kind of sucks,thats uh thats no good so I dont see,anything here that says that you can add,a new name maybe we could copy something,from somewhere else lets see up to one,email per day from this step dont,really know what that means but were,gonna create new content anyway oh here,it is unsubscribe link update profile,that will opt-in,ah all right this this layout is making,me feel a little squished I kind of like,the other layouts that we saw so far,where theres just way more room I mean,this is just one line like Im supposed,to pace an entire email in one line this,doesnt get any bigger that sucks,content from campaign you know I dont,have a campaign yet so this is just kind,of weird I also I dont see a first name,image removed format emoji,personalization like where it wears okay,here we go a recipient name so it,doesnt separate I guess first name from,last name so its just gonna throw the,whole name in there well lets kind of,copy that and well see if this works in,here as well Im hoping it does um,lets copy this email and just kind of,see what happens I mean I got to be,honest Im really not liking that this,was looking really good up until this,little line oh there we go it opened up,a little bit,okay all right looks can be deceiving I,guess I still dont really like that but,it works right so lets replace this,with the AH you know whats annoying me,this little stupid window here like its,I just I think this could have been much,simpler like this could have been done,in a much better way lets see if we can,up the font a little bit to 14 maybe 16,definitely gonna have to do a test,b

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