1. Spectrum Mobile Review – Any Good In 2022? (The HONEST Truth!)
  2. Spectrum Mobile Review 2022
  3. WHY Is Spectrum Mobile So Popular Right Now?
  5. Spectrum vs Verizon – Price, Coverage & Data, Which One Should You Choose?
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Spectrum Mobile Review – Any Good In 2022? (The HONEST Truth!)

in this video im going to be breaking,down my spectrum mobile review and,letting you guys know is it honestly any,good in the year 2022,im going to be giving you my honest,experience,after using the service,so guys,lets talk about it,well hey there guys welcome back to yet,another episode here at eb3 studios i am,your host eddie and today were talking,about spectrum mobile and is it honestly,any good in the year 2022,so guys im going to go ahead im going,to break it all down for you is someone,who has had spectrum mobile ive tested,it out and im ready to give you my,review,all right,here we go,so first off here,i am at the spectrum mobile the website,here,and i do want to let you know just a,couple of things that,they kind of dont tell you you see,all the commercials that are out there,what are you doing im streaming the,season finale you have a signal yeah i,got spectrum mobile so theres a lot of,things,that they like to,keep under,lock and key here,so the first one here,is spectrum mobile is only available to,spectrum internet customers,so you have to have spectrum as your,internet home service provider,if you dont have spectrum for home,internets guess what they wont even,allow you to sign up for the service,next were going to talk about the,coverage here,so the coverage here you can type in,your zip code here you know what ill,just go ahead and,type in my zip code just to show you,guys,they do use the verizon wireless network,here,so as we can see the coverage in my area,is honestly,its pretty good pretty good,5g nationwide dont have any of that,ive actually made several videos on,spectrum mobile in the past,if you want to check those out gives you,my thoughts and analysis on some speed,tests that ive done,and now if we look here,the majority of the,signal that i get is that 4g lte,and if we look here as well it says 4g,lte partner so that means guys that,spectre mobile,does support roaming so if you travel to,an area where there is no,verizon wireless towers,you are able to roam off of third-party,towers that are in agreement with,spectra mobile all right now im going,to go ahead and break down the plans,that spectrum mobile has to offer,so lets go ahead,lets get out of here,lets go to the plans here,all right and,this is the plan here that they talk,about all the time i cant even watch tv,anymore without seeing spectra mobile,advertise,this plan,right here,they,claim,its the best deal in mobile,for 29.99,what you might not know,that is that is for,two plus lines if you have just one line,of service,its forty five dollars,so i do wanna go ahead and first off,talk about the buy the gig plan for 14 a,month here,you can go ahead and share your data up,to 10 lines,just pay for the data you use,you can switch to the unlimited anytime,which is this one here,for more data,this,29.99 plan lets go ahead lets talk,about that right now,so unlimited talk text and data,more freedom to surf and stream you can,switch between the unlimited or the,unlimited plus,at any time so here is something they do,not tell you,so they do say its unlimited right,im gonna go ahead im gonna zoom in,here,so heres what they dont tell you,unlimited,reduce speeds after,20,gigabytes usage per line,so,they have this here and then they have,the unlimited plus the unlimited plus,will get you 30 gigabytes so its 10,gigabytes more,of data,so lets go ahead were going to dive,into,the,asterisks here,all right so i just talked about the 14,per gigabyte per month,so,im going to go ahead at the end of this,video im going to dive into,who that is going to be for,right now were going to go ahead were,going to talk about that 29,and 99 plan and then were going to talk,about the unlimited plus were going to,go ahead and compare those,right now here,so the,29.99 plan,you do need like i said the two lines,and they have to be added within,30 days of initial service ive had so,many people message me and say they went,to add this they werent eligible,because they want to add a line to their,account and it wasnt within the 30-day,period so,that right there is something that they,do not tell you so im telling you guys,to keep you informed,just as a little got you right there,that spectrum mobile does not tell you,so it shows right here if you dont have,the two lines its forty five dollars,per line,all the taxes and fees are included i,love that by the way,unlimited talk and text the 5g access,requires a 5g device gets you that 4g,lte,unlimited mobile data yes but here is,where it slows down at,so the full speed,mobile data allowance,so on the unlimited here after 20,gigabytes of data usage your speeds will,be reduced to one,megabit per second down,and 512,kbps which is half a meg,upload and your data is deprioritized,so on the unlimited plus which is ten,dollars more here if you do have just,one line of that its 55,if you do have the two plus lines then,its 39.99,so after 30 gigabytes there,of,data usage your speeds will be redu will,be reduced to one megabit per second,down in 512 kbps,upload,and your data is deprioritized,so,just keep that in mind so it technically,still,is unlimited data so when you run out of,your 20 or your 30 gigabytes of data,just know thats your speeds and your,network priority is going to be reduced,even further,and lets see what else we got here so,moba mo mobile,im actually filming this late at night,if you guys couldnt tell stay with me,were gonna get through this,mobile hotspot tethering here so let me,go ahead you zoom this in for you guys,so we can take a look at this together,so the mobile hotspot tethering,data counts towards your mobile data,allowance and after five gigabytes your,speeds will be reduced to a maximum,of about half a mag,and the buy the gig is actually going to,be reduced to about a quarter of a mag,so basically what that means,is for your mobile hotspot usage,it goes against your 20 or your 30,gigabytes of that premium data,and then i do want to mention as well,you do get the,wi-fi calling and you do get access to,spectrum mobiles out of home wi-fi,so basically what this means is if,youre traveling and you go through your,wi-fi list you might occasionally see a,spectrum hotspot you can actually sign,in with your credentials and use that as,a secure connection so youre not using,your,mobile hotspot data youre technically,using spectrums wi-fi hotspot,so that honestly i think is pretty neat,all right now lets go ahead and talk,about the smartwatch support so spectrum,mobile does support,the apple watch,and that honestly is pretty cool because,they were actually one of the first,prepaid providers to actually,use the apple watch to have support for,it,and what that has actually allowed is,more and more of the prepaid carriers to,actually follow suit,so if you want to go ahead and add your,apple watch you can definitely do that,it is ten dollars a month it says right,here you can add it to any plan for ten,dollars a month thats on the unlimited,plans here,and then tablet access so spectrum,mobile does allow you to bring a tablet,so you can go ahead and if you have an,ipad you can go ahead and bring it over,to them,now the cost for that,normally on some of the other,providers that its like you know 10 or,15 dollars,not with spectrum mobile here you do,have to get a whole nother line here so,you can get this one here the 29.99,if you have the two plus lines which if,youre bringing your phone and your,tablet that qualifies as two plus lines,so you do have to have one of these here,just keep that in mind all right now,were going to go ahead were going to,briefly chat about the phones here,all right for spectra mobile you can,shop new phones or,you can bring your own so as we see here,you can bring your own phone,and get a free sim card so currently,spectrum mobile does not support the,esim but all these carriers are,eventually going to support the esim the,esim is an electronic,sim card so you wont actually need the,physical sim card because eventually,apple

Spectrum Mobile Review 2022

so this is the Spectrum Mobile review,Ive not done it yet a lot of people,know that I have Spectrum mobile and,theres not really I dont know that,theres a ton of spectrum Mobile reviews,out there so Im Gonna Give You Imo,wait in my opinion Im at my honest,opinion,on Spectrum mobile so I have three lines,ones not with me its my girlfriends,device which is a 13 Pro and has this 13,Pro Max and the a53 5G,I pay for two lines the 13 the 13 Pro I,got the a53 5G line for free,because I was on,the old 45 plans I didnt qualify for,the new customer,29.99 a month deal for two or more lines,so I get the third line free,and yes I do Finance all three phones,and so if you have good Verizon around,you,Spectrum mobile was definitely worth it,I will tell you Verizon is getting kind,of not so good around here so Im,thinking about switching to ATT postpaid,honestly,the Galaxy is very hard to pick up 5G I,dont know if thats a Verizon thing or,if thats a Samsung thing I must say,probably Samsung,but Im wearing speed tests at different,times here,the iPhone 13 Pro Max gets low band 5G,in my house,we do have n77 however,in my house,its almost impossible to pick up I,think Ive had it maybe maybe once or,twice,sorry Ive recorded like,two other videos today and Im kind of,worn out,but you can see with the iPhone 13 Pro,Max we got 39.8 down 12.2 up 25 ping and,four Jitter,and that was on N5 and were going to do,it here on the,a53 5G which has been 66,according to,the app that told me that I was,connected to N7,so if youve seen that video,oh Id say probably it is right though,the LT usually is being 66. so we got,32.7 down almost similar to 5G,low band 5G a little bit slower on the,upload was 7.02 with a 20p and four,Jitter so,very identical and LTE and low band,c-man around here is eh its not the,best,um,so Ive looked in the app I can show,this stuff,let me get the iPhone out the way,I keep it scraping on the desk like that,so Im gonna show you okay,I am going,to be totally transparent with you,196 21 is what I pay a month because I,have three lines,two of which I pay for you know third,ones free and then I finance three,phones so thats how it turns out to be,196 21 and then thats my Internet bill,I got the ACP credit,and this is the app if youve never seen,it,Im sure a lot of people who review,Spectrum mobile dont show their app but,I will because Ive checked and Im not,going to show anything that will,um give away personal information,so this is all right let me go back so,on the spectrum app its pretty similar,between IOS and Android it tells you if,you got payments here for your internet,or your mobile I assume TV if I had it,but I dont have TV see internet TV but,Ill have TV,um,and then you can go to here where it,says mobile,and when you press manage mobile,plans and devices,itll take you to here and you can click,on these lines and see what device it is,and this is how much data Ive used,this month so far this billing cycle I,should say it starts on the 22nd of,every month,you know,and it says right there use as much data,as you want reduce speeds after 20 gigs,it goes to like one Meg down and like,so many kilobits per second up,its rough,but you know Ultra wide band,doesnt count against it but Ive,noticed Ultra wideband speeds at least,on my iPhone is slowed down after the 20,gigs I dont know if its like that for,everybody I dont know if its just for,me but,um,also Im sorry the cameras shaking,guess its a little close to the desk,thats why its shaking so much,um,again sorry for that,um and then you know theres billing,where I can look at different uh,bills that Ive paid and what I got,right now and then services,if I go here you know itll show me,you know my modem my router is connected,and I get a TV if I want or add a line,or add voice you know like home phone,then theres a support page,it probably just goes to articles the,live chat,its better to call Ill tell you that,so yeah thats my Spectrum Mobile review,so thank you for watching and Ill see,you guys in the next one

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so Spectra mobile has been around since,the year 2018 and has gotten quite,popular lately you especially see their,29.99 all in Unlimited Plan advertised,so heavily when you switch to Spectrum,mobile you get unlimited for 29.99 a,month per line so how did Spectrum,become so popular so quickly well guys,lets talk about it,so heres an interesting thing Spectrum,actually doesnt own any of their cell,phone towers for spectrum mobile instead,what they do is they use Verizon,Wireless for their cell phone service so,what spectrum does is they go to Verizon,and they purchase in bulk the data and,then they go ahead and resell it to the,Spectrum customers,Spectrum really wants to be their own,cell phone provider but knows how much,work it would be to have to go to each,town and install their own Towers their,own antennas so instead what they do is,theyve partnered with Verizon to go,ahead and offer the service theres a,couple different reasons for this the,first is because Verizon offers the,overall best coverage around America and,another reason a little lesser known,reason is that Spectrum actually offers,the underground cabling to many of the,Verizon Wireless Towers in areas where,there is no Verizon FiOS which is,Verizons fiber where they would run the,lines to the towers so thats just,another reason why Spectrum win with,Verizon to offer their cell phone,service and another reason here is the,price just,29.99 when you already have Spectrum as,your internet provider and it shows,right here Spectrum internet as required,but people have asked me before,if they just have the Spectrum TV,service can they sign up what I suggest,is go ahead and give them a call and let,them know that youve seen the,commercials for spectrum mobile and you,want to sign up and if the agent youre,talking to says you cant ask to speak,to a supervisor because you technically,can so just a little not so known thing,there,a lot of customers are looking to just,save money who isnt looking to save,money especially these days when you,already have Spectrum as your home,internet provider it only makes sense to,go ahead and bundle something else with,an already existing account and for just,29.99,honestly you know with the taxes and,everything baked in,all the other cell phone companies,especially the post-paid companies they,charge the taxes and fees which are,extra people are just tired of paying,extra for things they frankly dont need,and theyre ready to take the leap,also who doesnt love Simplicity these,days when Spectrum went ahead and,launched their mobile service they had,two different apps but now Spectrum has,went ahead and they bundled all your,home internet services and the Spectrum,mobile into just one app now so its,just its just a lot more convenience,when things are a lot more simpler,people just want Simplicity nowadays and,frankly Im the same way and I dont,blame them so are you still on the fence,of whether or not you should join,Spectra mobile I do have a video I want,you to check out where I do a deeper,dive into the service so guys I will see,you over there

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okay guys so today I want to talk to you,about Spectrum mobile service Im gonna,try to make this as quick as I can,because I know when I watch review,videos I just want to get to the point,three weeks ago I decided to go ahead,and sign up for the service,I ordered a galaxy s 10 plus and Im,gonna break this down into a couple of,different sections just so I can answer,each of these questions here so I want,to make sure that I cover everything and,if I do not cover something that you,need to know ask me in the comments,below and I will give you the best,answer I can so first I want to talk,about the ordering process it was super,quick and easy now I will say that you,do have to have a spectrum internet,service at home in order to get spectrum,mobile service there was no kind of a,credit check at all you just have to,have your regular bill paid up so if,youre behind on your bill theyre not,gonna let you order the mobile service,they had awesome options as far as,phones like I said this is the galaxy s,10 plus could have got a brand new,iPhone anything I wanted basically you,just go on there you look through all,the stuff and you choose what you want I,got mine in installments you can pay the,full price or you can get installments,mine is $52 a month and it was the best,thing they had available 512 gigs lets,see it was a maximum of a five-minute,process you basically click the thing,that says start shopping you choose the,phone you want you sign up real quick,you make your payment and youre done,and youre waiting for two days for it,to arrive it only took two days to,arrive it came via FedEx the only bad,thing about that is that the window that,they gave me I had to sign for it when I,got here the window that they gave me,was by 8 oclock this night and Im like,okay so I have to sit around all day,long waiting for this thing which I did,have to do luckily it got here by about,three oclock though so that was good it,came in a legitimate Galaxy S 10 plus,box everything in the box was legit the,headphones the charger the plug,everything it came with a SIM card in it,so as far as the the product that I,received everything was 100% legit and,100% brand-new and then you also choose,your plan and theres only two plans the,first one is $14.99 per gig and the,second one is $45 a month unlimited now,with the unlimited plan once you have,used 20 gigs I think it slows the the,service down from 5g to 4G or something,like that I dont remember exactly how,that works I just know that once you hit,20 it slows it down and I can tell you I,use my phone for everything I mean,everything all day long and in a two,week period I have only used like 2.1,gigs so I cant even imagine what you,would have to do to hit that 20 gig mark,I dont even know so I mean for me its,gonna be 45 bucks a month unlimited plus,the $52 a month for the phone itself so,were at $97 and thats it unlike other,companies they dont add on a whole,bunch of other things to increase your,bill like they say its gonna be $97 a,month,its $97 a month with my other service,Sprint I mean its supposed to be under,$100 a month and its always over,because they add on all these other,little extra things like hey you looked,at the phone fee you picked up the phone,fee you made a call fee you know any,kind of fees they can think of to add,spectrum does not do that they say its,$97 a month it is $97 a month like I,said I got the phone within two days,from FedEx I signed for it,everything was legit I brought it in the,house I opened it up and checked it out,the setup was a maximum of 15 minutes,and probably nine minutes of that was me,fumbling around with the phone trying to,figure out how to use it you basically,turn your phone off you go online you,hit a couple buttons and its done now,of course Im going from an iPhone to a,galaxy so I wasnt able to just switch,over all my contacts and all that stuff,thats not what this is about anyway,that Im just saying you know thats,that kind of thing right there is going,to increase your time of setting up your,new phone through spectrum but the,initial process of activating the phone,itself its like its just real quick I,mean its like five minutes they do give,you the option of keeping your present,phone number,or getting a new phone number I took a,new phone number because Im still using,my old service through Sprint if I had,already closed that out I would have,just kept the same number but they do,give you that option and if you decide,to get a new number you cannot go back,later and change it to your other number,so whatever you decide to do at that,point thats what it is so after I set,it all up I used it for two weeks so far,and I am blown away by the service I,absolutely love it,its not 100% perfect but I dont think,theres a service out there that is,going to be 100% perfect but I can tell,you that in comparison to anything else,that I have used this is the best in,testing this out I used the phone,everywhere I went through areas where I,know that my Sprint service drops calls,I went out to the lake I was among trees,I mean completely surrounded by trees,where my Sprint service would not hold,up at all and this held a signal for me,to make calls and do live streams on,YouTube you can actually see those live,streams on this channel if you want to,go watch them and see how the service,was it held connection at the lake among,the trees in in a storm in rain during a,tornado warning I mean I literally went,outside during a tornado warning and I,did a live stream on YouTube because I,wanted to test this out and I really,wanted to put it through everything that,I could to see how it would hold up it,held the connection every time it it got,a little choppy when the weather started,kicking up and when it really started,pouring rain thats when it started,pixelating but not until then and like I,said you know that was out around the,lake totally surrounded by trees so just,the fact that it held that connection is,a testament to the service,I also took calls in an abandoned,building and I went out and I did a live,stream for an hour today at an abandoned,mall I attempted that before with sprint,and it would not even connect so I would,have to say that the service through,spectrum is absolutely amazing like I,said its probably not not going to be,100,and perfect I dont think there is any,service out there thats going to be a,hundred percent perfect but this is,probably as close as youre going to get,so all around what I recommend it yes,yes I definitely would I am looking,forward to having a long service life,with Spectrum mobile you can go back and,watch any of those live streams I was,talking about I will link them all below,and yeah thats my piece on Spectrum,mobile I recommend it all the way,you

Spectrum vs Verizon – Price, Coverage & Data, Which One Should You Choose?

hello everyone and welcome back to our,channel im guessing youre here because,youre about to buy a new phone and are,unsure which one to choose dont worry,weve got you covered in this video is,the value provided to spectrum,subscribers equivalent to what verizon,provides is it any good or worse,selecting between spectrum mobile and,verizon is not simple but maybe this,tutorial can assist you much we will,evaluate many elements of spectrum and,verizon to determine the difference,between the two so do not pause and keep,on watching spectrum versus verizon,spectrum is one of the internet service,providers that has expanded into mobile,networks to better serve its clients,before then internet clients had few,financial alternatives this is,especially true if they wanted a single,line with limitless data verizon is,among the largest mobile network,operators and spectrum mobile is now,housed on verizons network to evaluate,both mobile service companies we will,examine things like plans and price,coverage cell phone possibilities and so,on,price spectrum mobile provides two,pricing options an unlimited data,package that charges 45 dollars per,month for each line users sign up for,and a usage-based plan that charges 14,per gig of data and can be shared and,utilized over several lines on the,contrary side verizon provides three,unlimited plans with varying features,the most simple of which begins at,seventy dollars per month and the others,at eighty dollars and ninety dollars for,one line as a result verizon is,prohibitively pricey for people who only,want one line in comparison if you have,four or more lines the seventy dollars,plan drops to thirty five dollars per,month per line thats a terrific deal,but not for everybody,coverage assessing coverage may appear,to be a silly thing to do because,spectrum and verizon share an lte,connection and the service coverage must,be similar for the most part this is,correct however certain extra advantages,make a significant impact for example,spectrum mobile also provides access to,its countrywide system of wi-fi hotspots,allowing consumers to remain linked to,the internet while benefiting from a,quicker connection verizons 4g network,is among the largest spanning more than,70 percent of the us and ensuring,customers have access to speedier mobile,internet on the other side verizon and,spectrum mobiles 5g offerings are,confined to a few places and both are,extending this latest innovation system,to earn the advantages,phone options as one of the largest,mobile services verizon provides,top-of-the-line phone alternatives,ranging from the apple 11 series to more,cheap mobile phones from samsung and lg,ensuring that users have all choices,available to them,verizon has it all whether they want to,go along with the most cost effective,option or the most up-to-date version,likewise spectrum provides a wide,selection of cell phones to clients as,well as the opportunity to bring their,phones customers may choose from the,best brands such as the galaxy s20 or,the iphone 11 series as well as a,variety of more affordable alternatives,internet speed verizons advertised,download speeds are comparable to those,of most isps and owing to the fios fiber,network youll also enjoy exceptional,maximal upload speeds in addition fast,upload rates will make it easy to backup,data to the cloud or conduct family zoom,calls on sunday nights,the spectrum internet bundle is a good,alternative for future spectrum,consumers with a peak download speed of,200 megabits per second wireless speeds,may differ the bundle is suitable if,your family makes frequent video calls,or watches tv shows online,most users will prefer spectrum internet,ultra because it provides faster home,internet speeds at a lower cost with,maximal data speeds of 400 megabits per,second wireless speeds may differ more,individuals in your home can download,documents and stream netflix without,interruption lets check out the pros,and cons to clear your view,pros,spectrum,great unlimited data deal unlimited data,plans are the way to go particularly in,this era of data-hungry social,networking apps streaming platforms and,mobile gaming sadly these programs may,be rather costly if you apply for a,spectrum mobile though youre in heaven,the companys 45,unlimited data package is one of the,most affordable businesses its also,fairly durable,flexible buy the gig option if you,purchase your toilet paper one roll at a,time rather than in bulk spectrums by,the gig plan may be of appeal to you it,enables you to spend just for the data,you utilize in a particular month users,who choose to buy the gig option will,pay 14 dollars per month for unlimited,talk and text and the first gigabit of,data,great network coverage spectrum mobile,does not have its unique cellular,network rather it powers its mobile,phone service via verizon wireless cell,phone towers users of spectrum mobile,will be pleased with this development,verizon plans with unlimited usage,you may opt for the less expensive start,unlimited package if you dont mind,periodic data slowdowns however if you,want consistent speeds and other bonuses,such as hotspot data go with one of the,more expensive plans such as the do-more,plan,family plans if you have a few family,people willing to join the family plan,with you go ahead and do it it will,spare you a lot of cash but your payment,will likely be greater than if you used,another firm,performance verizons coverage and,internet speeds consistently received,high marks that cant be argued with,customer care while it is very simple to,contact verizon online the whole,cellular service provider business,leaves plenty to be wished in terms of,client service,cons spectrum,must be a spectrum customer as,previously stated in our spectrum mobile,review you must be a current spectrum,home internet client to join up for the,mobile plan this is a significant,barrier for prospective consumers even,if you are eligible for this service you,should consider whether your cell plan,is linked to your home internet plan,there is no international roaming wi-fi,calling is the only option to utilize,data in other nations this implies you,wont be able to utilize the program in,mexico or canada because it relies on a,signal from the united states,one disadvantage of utilizing mobile,spectrum service is that it does not,support international roaming and will,only function with the provider and,users can just sign up for it with one,carrier in their region,after the high speed data allocation has,been depleted two g-speeds are available,after you have used up most of your,monthly high-speed data spectrum mobile,reduces your speed to 2g about 128,kilobytes per second,verizon higher price packages than the,norm,verizon is difficult to beat for,consumers who desire unlimited bandwidth,built-in entertainment options in cloud,space the firm offers four limitless,plans and family alternatives such as,kid plans and the ability to add devices,unfortunately these features come at a,high cost and verizon may not be a,suitable option for budget conscious,clients,call in certain areas only in some,locations is unlimited calling,accessible,slow speed during peak hours the speed,will be sluggish,extra cost even plans that advertise,limitless data have a limit in principle,in addition there are hidden costs which,many consumers find quite bothersome,prepayment is required another,significant disadvantage of prepaid,plans is that you must pay your charge,at the start of each month you will not,use a service if you are even slightly,late with your payments you may set up,auto pay to avoid remembering to pay,your payment every month,conclusion,although they both provide comparable,internet connections there are some,significant variations between them the,majority of verizon 5g subscribers are,dissatisfied with the service they,believe it is overly restrictive but,adjustments are on the way for the time,being spectrum outperforms,what are

4 Spectrum Mobile Problems To Be Leery About!

suspect your mobile has gotten very,popular since its launch in 2018 but,there are some problems and maybe even,deal breakers for you so what are they,exactly guys lets talk about it,so there are actually people out there,that think that Spectrum mobile has,their very own cell phone network which,actually is not the case Specter mobile,is actually in mvno provider and they go,through Verizon Wireless to offer their,cell phone service so what spectrum,mobile does is they go to Verizon and,they buy the data in bulk and then,Spectrum mobile goes ahead and,repackages it and sells it to their,Spectrum mobile customers so that being,said Verizon Wireless does have one of,the best networks in America but not,everyone gets the best reception with,Verizon Wireless so thats just,something for you to keep in mind there,and the second thing here Spectra,Mobiles Unlimited Plan isnt really,unlimited here let me explain so the,Spectrum Mobile unlimited plan the 29.99,plan gets you 20 Gigabytes of high-speed,data and then after youve exceeded that,your speeds are reduced to one megabit,per second for the download and half a,megabit per seconds for the upload and,your data is deprioritized but in all,honesty guys this here is not too bad,because the majority of providers after,youve used all of your high speed data,normally you are throttled to 2G speeds,so in all honesty Specter mobile wins in,this round here and the third thing here,is the Hotspot data allowance here so,the Hotspot data does count towards your,mobile data allowance and after five,gigabytes have been reached your speeds,are reduced to a maximum of 600 kilobits,per seconds so just something to keep in,mind there and the fourth thing here is,there is no tablet add-on like the other,carriers have lets take Verizon for,example,if you have a tablet you can go ahead,and add it for as low as ten dollars a,month here and so if you want to use a,tablet on Specter mobile you will need a,whole additional line for 29.99,so all things considering these are very,minor deal breakers but they are worth,mentioning so all things considering do,I actually recommend the Spectrum mobile,service yes I do and I have a video for,you guys to check out respect your,mobile is giving away one free line of,service so guys I will see you over,there

What Is Spectrum One Internet Cell Phone TV Commercial?

the future of connectivity is here guys,lets talk about it,so Spectrum also known as Charter,Communications is the second largest,cable provider in the United States,Spectrum has achieved this by buying out,Time Warner Cable and Bright House,Networks,and that puts them just behind Comcast,Who currently holds the number one spot,that being said Spectrum currently has,over 32 million customers and is still,going strong Spectrum has introduced a,brand new plan and theyre calling it,Spectrum one perhaps youve seen some of,the commercials,The Internet of Things is evolving,creating the internet of you and,Spectrum Americas leading internet,provider is bringing you seamless,connectivity across all your devices and,heres something else to take notice of,spectrum has added more than 344,000 mobile subscribers to their Spectrum,mobile network in Q2 alone in 2022. now,were going to go ahead were going to,Dive Right In to see all that Spectrum,one offers and if its even a good deal,or not all right heres everything that,is included with spectrum1 here fast,speeds up to 300 megabits per second and,up to one gig but just know that this,current bundle here has the 300 megabits,built into it Spectrum also offers their,Ultra plan which is 500 megabits which,they recently just bumped up in speed,used to be 400 megabits and they also,offer their speeds up to one gig plan,you also get spectrums own Wi-Fi 6,router and that comes with spectrums,security shield and that is to,automatically Block online threats and,phishing attempts you also do get one,line of Specter mobile here which is,originally their,29.99 plan with 20 Gigabytes of high,speed and of course Nationwide 5G is,included in every plan so how much are,these Services if you were to buy them,individually so we know if this is even,a good deal or not so we do have the 300,megabit internet plan for 49.99 the,advanced Wi-Fi 6 router for five dollars,a month and the unlimited mobile line,for the Spectrum mobile for 29.99,originally it would be,84.98 a month but there offering it for,spectrum one for forty nine dollars and,ninety nine cents so we do need to,address something here the 300 megabits,internet is this even going to be enough,for the majority of you watching Im,just gonna say yes let me dive a little,bit deeper though so the 300 megabit,plan comes with 300 megabits for the,download and about 10 megabits for the,upload now if you have just a couple,people in your household you can go,ahead and work from home do about maybe,two three maximum video chat calls,because when you do that you you,actually use a lot more of the upload,speed so just know if you have more than,a couple people in your household that,you might want to upgrade to spectrums,ultra or even spectrums gig plan and,you can add those with Spa Spectrum one,theres also something else that you,guys might have noticed here and that is,there is no TV service that is included,with Spectrum one and that is because,Spectrum realizes that everybody pretty,much does online streaming now youve,got YouTube TV Hulu Netflix and even,YouTube youre watching me on right now,now Im gonna go ahead and talk about,how some of you might qualify for even,additional savings here so Spectrum also,does offer Whats called the affordable,connectivity program now this is for,some lower income households your,household may be eligible to participate,in this which can save you up to thirty,dollars a month off of the spectrum one,bundle and if you get a 30 discount its,only,19.99 a month after the thirty dollar,monthly credit is applied and you can go,ahead and learn more here I will leave,this in the description for you guys to,go ahead and check out to see if you,qualify now were going to go ahead,were gonna check out the fine print to,see if theres any gotchas here so,heres the fine print Im not going to,read all this but I will summarize it up,for you so this is a limited time offer,and is subject to change this is valid,to qualified residential customers who,have not subscribed to any Spectrum,Services within the past 30 days and and,have no outstanding obligations to,Charter the Spectrum speeds are based on,a wired connection and available,internet speeds may vary by address if,you do happen to qualify for the,Spectrum internet Federal affordable,connectivity program you are placed on a,special plan for your internet speed you,are placed on a 100 megabits per second,plan and the Spectrum Mobile unlimited,plan has reduced speeds after 20,Gigabytes of usage so overall is this a,great deal,guys in all honesty for everything you,see here for,49.99 a month I think it is a fantastic,deal just note that after the first year,your price is going to be,84.98,but heres a little known secret for you,you can go ahead and call Spectrum or,chat with them and once your promotional,pricing has expired you can go ahead and,ask them for an additional promotional,pricing if they say no ask to speak to a,supervisor because they can go ahead and,give you another promotional pricing a,lot of people do not know that so are,you interested in learning more about,Specter mobile and how its become so,popular recently I do have a video I,want you guys to check out where I do,answer that very question so guys I will,see you over there

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