1. Everything Wrong With Rons Gone Wrong in 19 Minutes or Less
  2. What Sony’s $200 PS5 controller feels (and sounds) like
  3. Gov Ron DeSantis starts CDC review panel with prominent COVID dissidents (from Livestream #153)
  4. Tucker Carlson: We were shocked to learn this
  5. “The World Cup shouldnt be here!” – Roy Keane & Graeme Souness discuss Qatar World Cup
  6. How much does Ron DeSantis change the election equation? | The Mallen Baker Show
  7. “Yeah hes quite good” ???? James Anderson on Pakistan vs England, third Test

Everything Wrong With Rons Gone Wrong in 19 Minutes or Less

[Music],look im going to send the 50 seconds of,logos of course but im also going to,take the time to send this dumb smashed,up s and t in the word sister here im,sure theres some dumb story about why,its supposed to be that way or some,dumb reason some dumb executive thought,it looked cool but it isnt its dumb it,looks ugly it looks like a mistake i,hate it whats up with movies thinking,tech companies design completely,impractical buildings like this why does,this path to the big bubble wind around,the lake instead of going straight,towards it why is there all this wasted,space inside the bubble why put it on a,dam in a lake in the first place you can,make fun of the apple park ring building,all you want but that thing was designed,for efficiency and workflow not,masturbatory aesthetics,[Applause],well at least the animation on these,characters looked pretty good for 2005.,whats that this came out in 2021 oh,dear god no my garage folks my garage i,mean you can act surprised at all mark,but clearly he was supposed to say this,at this time since the sound person had,his invisible mic on and turned up for,it also who is at this release usually,these things are reserved for the press,investors and maybe a couple of,celebrities but this is a crowd of maybe,10 000 or so people mostly children who,what bought tickets won a lottery were,easiest for the computers to render of,course yes,andrew discount steve jobs my algorithm,for friendship well it used to be yours,now its on the screen so everybody has,it i love coo maybe you should love,distinguishing your os from your ds,this very popular highly specific,repetitive beard pattern so on the one,hand we have technology so advanced that,an ai robot can find friends for you but,on the other no one has created cell,phones that can record clear images in,low light mode an app dedicated entirely,to the monkey this coding is basically,just repeating paragraphs and i dont,care how many times you tell me i refuse,to believe there is anyone who likes,both vegetables and chocolate not a,single person has existed with those,qualifications not one also hair dark is,red hair dark hair i thought red hair,was its own special category like,unicorns infinite downloadable skins no,not infinite the possibilities might be,infinite but there are not infinite,skins currently ready to be downloaded,unless youve said infinite sins which,by the end of this seems much more,possible,no lets make friends with nature,because nothing is outside of bubble hq,but trees and bears yay,i mean why have the handprint outline on,the robot if it doesnt matter if the,hand stays in the print and the director,said lets put an apple in the lunch box,in case feeding him a chicken claw for a,snack wasnt sign enough that gran is an,[ __ ],no youre taking pictures of each other,those are not selfies words mean,something damn it the robot stops the,little person from walking when its,unsafe then creates a pedestrian walkway,wherever it wants to did the bubble,company work with the local government,to redefine jaywalking or something the,movie thinks that we needed to see this,underwater 3d immersion moment with the,bee bot to really showcase how cool the,bots are and how sad it is that barney,doesnt have one but in reality all the,adults are wondering why barney would go,down the embankment under the bridge and,then back up the embankment to get to,the bridge again to go over the bridge,to go to town to get to school were,good barney just go to school we didnt,need to see the 3d water thing were,good ah seriously i know right they,dont come with protective outer boxes,youre transporting them loose in the,back of a van and the vans back door,just happened to come open so the plot,could start so crazy huh,the entire street is filled with,children crossing the road theres no,look left look right when youre,surrounded by a crowd of people who are,already crossing the road these robots,are bad at context clues,to,disney whips out their eye penis and,waves it around in a movie they now own,cliche wheres the camera that is,shooting this angle if it were on the,bot wed be getting double chin and,nasal cam for sure this section of the,school is relatively empty until the,movie needs to point out that barneys,really awkward and then it packs in,children and robots to immediately judge,him for extra emphasis im in your shot,thats so sweet but i havent voted for,that but youre already streaming live,does your filter travel back in time too,this basketball court only has one hoop,even though its a full court paint job,and theres not even a hole on the other,side where it should be it was never,there why paint the whole thing if,youre only putting up one hoop i forgot,my uh,inhaler got it you need to sit down,sitting down does not solve an asthmatic,attack even a fake one this adult should,be fired from adulting hugging a child,with your breasts without consent what,is this dinosaur doing to this other,dinosaur and why do they look so happy,about it this is a cat movie you pervs,also looking over the stall wall for any,reason whatsoever this is not how you,space your computers if youre trying to,work this is how you space your,computers if youre trying to make sure,you have a clear sight line to the,camera angle for when you talk to your,son who just got home from school,standing in the doorway you left open,while in the midst of an important video,chat i always strive to send beaded,curtains it brings me comfort hanging,your laundry directly above where you,prepare and eat your food if a birthday,candle can ignite a tablecloth this,quickly they really should stop dousing,the fabric of lighter fluid i find it,hard to believe that a robot which has,been programmed for perfect friendship,does not have a warning system in place,for bullying these robots are not only,helping a child become isolated but they,are also videoing the taunts and,rejection for live entertainment you,want ipod hot chicken back down your,pants this is a very specific and,unsettling threat that grand casually,makes to children here and im giving,gran a warning sin were watching you,gran if his mom were alive,shed have known that we got a dead,parent in a kids movie cliche i throw,in goat goat for the bee pod why is the,goat in the truck at all does it go,everywhere with them as a possible form,of payment is it like me and my wallet,do they ever get halfway to the best buy,and realize they forgot it at home and,curse for the next five minutes as they,turn around and go back and get it ah,that one fell out of my van earlier,which of course means im just going to,leave it by the side of the road or some,so someone could easily snag it yeah i,thought it was weird too but apparently,the company just doesnt care or even,ask any follow-up questions i might even,sell it to this dad staring wistfully at,me so he can take it home to his kid and,hijack it too its a level 15 easter egg,man youre mine for an hour level 50,[ __ ] who steal your bubble bot,because tech [ __ ] somehow thought,device theft was a feature not a crime,man is 78 a former anti-communist oh,sure this b-bot malfunctions on almost,every level but the exposition chip,appears to be clearly intact this,extremely normal plate being displayed,as if it were decorative once i mend my,own hernia with bread knife and vodka,rose is pulling my head off which is,really strange considering rons little,paddle arms appear to be attached to,richs hat not only does no one see,barney doing this somehow but this store,apparently went with eye scanners as its,single security measure as opposed to,you know monitoring live cameras or,something outside the box like that is,anyone else concerned that the bubble,store is a crusher built into the wall,just on and ready and why is the room,bathed in moody red light instead of,proper lighting needed in a clearly,important storage room no crushing is,not fun it means pushed flattened barney,will now have to figure ou

What Sony’s $200 PS5 controller feels (and sounds) like

what could Sony possibly do to justify a,200 Gamepad quite a bit the Sony dual,sense Edge lets you easily rip out its,entire joystick modules if they ever,develop drift you can swap out its stick,tops for classic convex domes here are,hair triggers with the flick of the,switch you can remap practically every,button in this controller adjust,vibration strength turn off system Keys,you might hit accidentally rear pedals,let you jump or duck or roll or you name,it without ever needing to take your,thumb off the stick,hold down one of these dedicated,function keys and you can swap between,three programmable profiles you can take,to a friends house or a tournament,where you might also use this clever,USBC locking adapter and included 2.8,meter cable to avoid any Wireless,interference but the best part might be,this as far as I can tell Sony didnt,fix what wasnt broke here,the same size the same shape and it,feels like the original Dual sense only,better thanks to the extra texture on,these triggers and these new rubber,grips underneath,still got the amazing adaptive triggers,that let you feel things like when your,cars tires are losing grip as long as,the new hair triggers arent active,the buttons and d-pads and joysticks all,feel practically identical,that could be the same part in a,different color honestly and yes I,brought my own dual sense from home just,to check in fact its not the only,Gamepad I stepped into my backpack,before driving to PlayStations US,headquarters I took a walk down memory,lane with the Dualshock 4 and Dualshock,3 whipped out the Xbox 360 pad I still,use with my PC and cursed out veren,under my breath for forgetting to bring,his Xbox Elite Series too parent Ill,cut you but I think the best comparisons,are to the Dual Sims where it just feels,better even though I prefer the,originals white buttons in Mad interior,very similar but just a little bit more,deadened on the edge its nice if you,want it to feel precise less nice if you,want to feel very clicky,shoulders are almost identical,triggers,I feel like this ones giving me a,little bit more like plasticky sound to,it but,the fully extended pretty identical,obviously its very different when you,activate,hair trigger,I like this texture a lot dont tell,anyone but I totally think this,Frankenstein set up with the domestic,for movement and the concave are aiming,is totally the way to go and of course,theres the scuff Pro where its owner,Corsair actually worked with Sony to,replicate the Dual sense of shape,Wireless connectivity and even firmware,updates but were just doesnt feel as,nice and isnt this thing Sonys,adaptive triggers and haptic feedback,entirely,and I really dont like the feel of the,face buttons on this scuff compared to,dual sense Edge its got four panels,back here,you can pull in and out as opposed to,the two in the Dual sense Edge but they,do feel very plasticky compared to a,nice big metal ones on the Xbox Elite,and on the Dual sense Edge now,then theres this PDP vivitrix Pro an,awesome pen with five set points for its,triggers stick modules you can rotate,for more of an Xbox feel if you like,plus a six button module for fighting,games but you gotta use a dongle or a,cable because it doesnt natively,connect to the PS5 wirelessly for 200,bucks the Sony would be my pick every,time and yet I like even more if Im,gonna pay half the price of a new,PlayStation for one thing Id like more,battery instead of less Sony tells us,the Edges battery life is moderately,shorter quote unquote than the original,Dual sense for more customization I love,that Sony allows you to pick from a,whole bunch of different stick,sensitivity curves with helpful tips on,which might suit your game but while I,enjoyed switching back and forth between,shotgun and sniper setups with the flick,of a function key and face button I wish,there was a way to set the outside depth,Zone not just the inner one you can,remap single keys but theres no,multi-key macros here and no way to add,gyroscopic aiming to games that dont,natively support it perhaps Ive been,spoiled by my steam deck where I had,gyro aiming and turbo buttons to most,games I play and while its awesome,youll be able to swap out busted analog,sticks for just twenty dollars a pop,even fit an extra one in the slake,bundled case itd be nice if Sony,thought even further ahead what about,using magnetic hall effect sensor,joysticks instead of these potentiometer,ones so they wont succumb to drift I,suppose Sony could sell upgraded stick,modules in the future but the company,wouldnt talk about any additional Parts,in an interview not even additional tops,for the joysticks but for now this is,the ultimate PS5 controller none of its,competition or a dual sense and not all,of them have a direct wireless,connection to your console those things,automatically make the edge of front,runner for anyone with the 200 to spend,thanks for watching you might have,noticed I wasnt on camera very much for,this video long story short Ive got,into a bit of an accident and my jaws,going to take some time to heal hope you,still enjoyed the video see you next,time

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Gov Ron DeSantis starts CDC review panel with prominent COVID dissidents (from Livestream #153)

foreign,CDC the shadow CDC yes right all right,well maybe I should do that having uh,encountered the shadow CDC in person and,in fact being uh,I guess a member of it yes and being,shattered right now by an epic Tabby yes,I am,um so what has happened is Governor Ron,DeSantis of Florida has made several,announcements,um he is pursuing a grand jury,investigation of,um malfeasance during covid,um hes doing that uh,as uh Floridas governor the idea being,that Floridians were harmed like every,other group and that we should uh check,out these,um these harms and figure out uh how,they arose and,in any case he has also announced a Im,not sure I love the term Shadow CDC,frankly Im not even sure that that is a,term that uh came out officially but,those who are involved with it Ive seen,youve seen headlines so what it is is,its a group of folks with various,different kinds of expertise who have,been impaneled to essentially talk about,what we should be doing with respect to,covet and to comment on what we have,been doing and uh to uh to compare these,things because many of us of course many,Dark Horse listeners in fact all,long-standing dark horse listeners and,viewers will know that weve been quite,disturbed by the policy that has emerged,in the aftermath,um of code so I travel to policy policy,is one after another yes all of the,policies,um that uh have followed the emergence,of covis the covet the official,emergence being,um the very final days of 2019 uh many,of us believe that the actual emergence,of the virus was quite a bit earlier,than that,um in fact that there is strong evidence,that what it was circulating at the,Wuhan military games in September Im,virtually sure it was September of 2019.,so that is among the many errors our,failure to acknowledge that the virus,was circulating uh early is certainly on,that list with significant consequences,um so maybe Zach are you ready to show,that clip we thought it was important,particularly me talking with other,Governors to say okay because CDC will,say these things and then people will,think well because theyre saying it,then we have to do it and maybe not,quite as much anymore because people,have lost confidence but you still see,it we had to fight it with the masking,in the schools because the the school,districts were citing CDC as the reason,why they wanted to do it we had to come,and overrule that but it was difficult,because they were being put as an,authority and some people were were,doing that so other Governors and I have,talked about the need uh to have a panel,of experts who can counteract nonsense,when its coming out of these,institutions that are not going to just,go along with the flow and follow,pre-cooked narratives but will actually,do evidence-based analysis and so in,Florida were creating uh what were,calling the public health Integrity,committee its a committee of x expert,researchers that will be able to assess,recommendations and guidance related to,Public Health and health care but,particularly being able to offer,critical assessments of things that,bureaucracies like the FDA CDC and NIH,are doing we know that theres been a,lot of faith destroyed in public health,and I think that its important that we,have folks who people actually can rely,on when theyre looking to answers and,when theyre looking for guidance on,some of these really really important,issues the people we have today,bhattacharya caldorf Hogue Freeman,Christine stable Ben Weinstein Templeton,are all going to be on this on this,panel and so I think youre going to see,a lot of other states are going to join,with us to be able to work and so its,not just going to be helping Florida,its going to be helping people all,throughout the United States of America,America Governor DeSantis and his,Surgeon General Dr ladapo is that his,name I should have asked him in person,how to pronounce it but its either,ladapa or latapo okay Ive heard it,pronounced both ways uh pulled together,a group of,um scientists and doctors and medical,doctors,include I dont know if you want to just,mention I would say a few people people,are likely to know uh Jay bhattacharya,is on it Martin koldorf is on it uh I,was on it,um I dont know how Im gonna pronounce,Tracys last name its its basically,like a Kong name and you have to have,special phonemes in order to get there,but I think the way we traditionally,butchered in English is Tracy Hogue,um Christine stable Ben is on it anyway,its a and Im I think there are others,yet to come on the group uh so stay,tuned to see who arrives there but its,a lot of people who have made important,contributions Jay bharachara and Martin,koldorf of course being,uh primary authors of the Great,Barrington declaration Christine stable,Ben being somebody who our viewers and,listeners will be familiar with from her,excellent unheard uh interview and we,discussed her work revealing that the,MRNA vaccines appear to have to cause an,increase in all-cause mortality,um so anyway all of these people were,gathered several of them virtually there,were I dont know I guess uh six of us,there in person,and we had some back and forth and,um,we had several people we had some,vaccine injured folks tell their story,as well its quite heart-wrenching to,hear what these people have been through,and as Ive said many times the,gaslighting of the vaccine injured is,the most among the most shocking things,to emerge in this whole uh in this whole,pandemic because it really requires a,willingness on the part of governmental,bureaucrats to insist that people take a,remedy and then uh pretend that they,have not been injured which just seems,you know one struggles to find words,other than diabolical for that level of,callousness yeah its its analogous,its an imperfect analogy but its,analogous,to not taking care of your veterans,it is it is exactly the same thing and,how it is that these bureaucrats do not,understand that we will look at how the,vaccine injured were treated and then,the next time they tell us well heres a,vaccine that you must take,right that cannot help but be a primary,factor it would be a factor for any,intelligent person theyre creating,actual anti-vaxxers they are creating,they are creating real anti-vaxxness and,you know and they are they are um,fueling it right they are giving it a,credible reason to exist which,is an unthinkable error on their part,there were a number of things I wanted,to discuss its a Pity the the clip,isnt working,um but I will say in my introduction I,argued,that the decision making in and around,covid from the decision to find the,ancestor virus in the wild to bring it,into the lab to enhance its capacity to,infect humans,then they lost control of it presumably,and it got into the human population,they failed to acknowledge that it was,taking place that evidence is,increasingly clear and then they,deployed a strangely top-down response,to this virus which presumably they knew,very little about its effect on humans,because presumably they had not seen it,in humans until it got into somebody and,left the lab so for them to have a,top-down response ready and to enforce,it you know coercively aggressively on,the medical profession is an insane,inversion of the normal order normally,if you had some disease if some disease,really had left out of nature and had,begun infecting humans the people who,would be in the best position to tell,you how to deal with it would be doctors,who had been treating it clinically and,while those doctors would at first have,known nothing what they would have done,is they would have followed hunches they,would have looked at symptoms they would,have said ah this symptom is failing,here are some Pharmaceuticals that are,useful in treating that symptom they,would have deployed those things,deployed techniques some of them would,have worked some of them would not have,worked they would have discussed what,they had seen what they thought was,working you know with other doctors at,the wat

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Tucker Carlson: We were shocked to learn this

good evening and welcome to Tucker,Carlson tonight so not long after Jack,Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald on camera in,the basement of Dallas Police,Headquarters a lot of Americans started,to have some questions about the Kennedy,assassination it was youd have to admit,a pretty extraordinary sequence of,events a lone gunman murders the,president of the United States and then,less than 48 hours later that lone,gunman is himself murdered by another,lone gunman,what are the odds of that its one thing,if you get struck by lightning rare but,possible but if every member of your,family also gets struck by lightning all,on different days you might begin to,suspect these are not entirely natural,events,but oh replied the US government they,are this bizarre chain of killings was,all entirely natural,so less than a year after the JFK,assassination the Johnson White House,released something called the Warren,Commission report and the report,concluded that while their motives,remained unclear both Lee Oswald and,Jack Ruby had acted alone no one helped,them there was no conspiracy of any kind,Case Closed time to move on and many,many Americans did move on at the time,they had no idea how shoddy and corrupt,the Warren Commission was it would be,nearly 50 years before the CIA admitted,under duress that infected withheld,information from investigators about its,relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald,but even then at the time before that,was known the governments explanation,didnt seem entirely plausible and some,people started asking obvious questions,about it was at that point As Americans,started to doubt the official story that,the term conspiracy theory entered our,lexicon as Professor Lance dehaven-smith,points out in his book on the subject,the term conspiracy theory did not exist,as a phrase in everyday American,conversation before 1964. in 1964 the,year the Warren Commission issued its,report the New York Times published five,stories in which conspiracy theory,appeared,now today of course the term conspiracy,theory appears in pretty much every New,York Times story about American politics,its wielded now as then as a weapon,against anyone who asks questions the,government doesnt feel like answering,but despite 60 years of name calling,those questions have not disappeared in,fact they have multiplied with time and,heres one of them in April of 1964 a,psychiatrist called Louis Joyland West,visited Jack Ruby in his isolation cell,in a Dallas jail,according to Wests written assessment,he found that Jack Ruby was quote,technically insane and in need of,immediate psychiatric hospitalization,those are conclusions that pausingly no,one who had spoken to Jack Ruby,previously had reached Ruby had seemed,perfectly sane to the people who knew,him Lewis Joyland West pronounced him,crazy,but what what West did not say was that,he was working for the CIA at the time,Lewis Joyland West was a contract,psychiatrist for the spy agency he was,also an expert on mind control and a,prominent player in the now Infamous MK,Ultra program in which the CIA gave,powerful psychiatric drugs to Americans,without their knowledge,so of all the psychiatrists in the world,what in the world was this guy doing in,Jack Rubys prison cell,the media did not seem interested in,finding out in fact the New York Times,in an extensive 1999 obituary of West,never mentioned the fact that he had,worked for the CIA much less his time in,Jack Rubys cell,which seems relevant,so you can see why non-crazy people,would wonder about what really happened,and of course many have wondered in 1976,long forgotten the House of,Representatives impaneled a special,committee to reinvestigate the JFK,assassination their bipartisan,conclusion,Jack Kennedy was almost certainly,murdered as the result of a conspiracy,but the question is a conspiracy by whom,well the obvious suspect would be the,CIA,why else would the agency withhold,critical evidence from investigators,is there a benign explanation for that,for maintaining this level of secrecy,for this many years,not that were aware of and it is,illegal in 1992 Congress passed the,President John F Kennedy assassination,records collection act that act mandated,full disclosure of all documents by 2017,54 years after JFK was killed,the last Administration promised to,comply fully with that law but under,intense pressure from CI director Mike,Pompeo withheld in the end thousands of,pages of CIA documents,today this afternoon the bite,Administration did exactly the same,thing that would be thousands of pages,of documents after nearly 60 years,after the death of every single person,involved,but we still cant see them clearly its,not to protect any person theyre all,dead,its to protect an institution but why,well today we decided to find out,we spoke to someone who had access to,these still hidden CAA documents a,person was deeply familiar with what,they contain,we asked this person directly did the,CIA have a hand in the murder of John F,Kennedy an American president and heres,the reply we received verbatim quote the,answer is yes,I believe they were involved its a,whole different country from what we,thought it was its all fake,its hard to imagine a more jarring,response than that again this is not a,quote conspiracy theorist that we spoke,to not even close this is someone with,direct knowledge of the information that,once again is being withheld from the,American public and the answer we,received was unequivocal yes the CIA was,involved in the assassination of the,president,now some people will not be surprised to,hear that they suspected it all along,but no matter how you feel about her,what you thought about the Kennedy,assassination pause to consider what,this means,it means that within the U.S government,there are forces wholly Beyond,Democratic control,these forces are more powerful than the,elected officials that supposedly,oversee them these forces can affect,election outcomes they can even hide,their complicity in the murder of an,American president in other words they,can do pretty much anything they want,they constitute a government within a,government mocking by their very,existence the idea of democracy,as cynical as we have become after 30,years of watching government officials,ignore the voters who employ them,we were shocked to learn this its not,acceptable,Americans have trusted their government,less with every passing year since the,killing of John F Kennedy,maybe this is why,and people have known this for a long,time the people who knew would include,every director of the CIA since November,of 1963 and that list would include,Obamas CIA director John Brennan one of,the most Sinister and dishonest figures,in American Life,that list would also include we are sad,to say our friend Mike Pompeo who ran,the CIA in the last Administration Mike,Pompeo knew this,we asked Pompeo to join us tonight and,though he really turns down a televised,interview he refused to come we hope you,will reconsider,subscribe to the Fox News YouTube,channel to catch our nightly opens,stories that are changing the world and,changing your life from Tucker Carlson,tonight

“The World Cup shouldnt be here!” – Roy Keane & Graeme Souness discuss Qatar World Cup

especially the topic of sports washing,and if that is what were experiencing,hows it has it fired for Qatar,I think thats too early to see I think,its a high a high-risk gamble guessing,the World Cup of course it puts them on,the world stage,greatest sporting event,that takes place on anyones calendar I,think even more than the Olympics,um I think well have to wait and see if,its going to backfire on them but they,must have made the calculation the risk,was worth taking because eyes of the,world are on here,all the human rights activists are now,pointing a finger whats going on here,and well have to wait and see how it,pans out for them two things already,though theres been so much negative,press so much attention on whats,happening in this country and the way,that migrant workers are being treated I,think that alone is not negative enough,for it to be backfiring,um theyll be praying that the,footballs a great tournament and people,wont be talking about that going,forward but Im afraid you know theres,so many activists out there who will,forever be talking about Qatar and their,human rights but thats a fact of life,they have to deal with that and by,having a World Cup here we have a chance,to put certain things right but theyre,not going to put everything right we,dont live in a perfect world no one,lives in a perfect world,shouldnt be here it shouldnt be here,its been mentioned here with the people,there but the corruption regarding FIFA,weve got a country the way to treat,migrant workers gay people,and thats got to be I think its great,that its been brought up they should,have to work probably okay three people,like that we all the football we all,have soccer around about spreading the,game just to dismiss human rights,flipping they left because of a football,tournament,its not right you shouldnt be here we,saw Iran yesterday they were protesting,in their own way by not singing the,National Anthem and thats because of,whats happening to women in their,country as well and sometimes Joe,football in terms of bringing football,to a place like this or a big stage a,world stage even in countries that its,not been held at the moment like Iran,its a chance isnt it to really put the,microscope on it it is and exactly,thats exactly whats happened the light,of the worlds been shined on here you,know one for me to learn is that certain,cultures have different values to us and,different beliefs and I think this what,will happen is I hope it would enforce,change over a period of time that Graham,said nothing will change immediately,[Applause],is a great powerful tools for change all,around the world so when you talk about,FIFA and you talk about other things,its very very difficult you know the,migrant workers and and the way they,they do the gay people forward,its a difficult one football is such a,vehicle,for good and bad you know the sports,washing thats going on in our own,country Newcastle theres no way the,studies should have Newcastle United if,youve been anywhere near it but its,not an ideal world but theyre operating,in you know its obviously been invest,in our country for decades you know,theyve infiltrated every every level of,our society you know football now has,such a profile that the Saudis see it,the people in Abu Dhabi see it Americans,see it as a chance to improve whatever,brand,theyre involved in you know right now,its a good news story about man city,but that brand of Man City and other,clubs that they have bought the Abu,Dhabi royal family its only good news,about them all throughout the world and,I suppose Qatar will look on Abu Dhabi,with a bit of jealousy and theyll be,hopping it after this tournament its,such a good tournament and they had its,in their hands to improve the work goes,right its in their hands hands to,improve,the diversification of the country you,know,the LBG cute Society they wont go,quietly theyll be on it all the time,long after this world cup and thats,thats the risk that they have taken,theyve highlighted the problems within,this country and people will be on them,for the foreseeable future if not,forever the bottom line were talking,about common decency how you treat,people,we go over again today the sport is,boxing soccer obviously really,supporting the planet theres so much,money involved there will be corruption,but lets go back to basic gotta treat,people with decency,were not perfect as well in our history,were not perfect you know the British,have not been perfect in many different,parts of the world and including in,Royston weve been far from perfect

How much does Ron DeSantis change the election equation? | The Mallen Baker Show

in this news Roundup of a week for 11th,of November 2022 the U.S midterm,elections deliver a surprising result,that arguably makes U.S Civil War just a,bit less likely Ukraine takes back,control of Curson city as senior figures,in the U.S Administration,urged them to negotiate with Putin,social media Giants Twitter and meta are,in meltdown as the online landscape,seems vulnerable to change and in this,weeks short thought why the blame game,at cop27 and everywhere else is so,unproductive my name is melon Baker this,is from Alan Bakers show,the U.S midterm elections came and well,in Most states went this week those that,didnt rely on a team of drugged snails,to do the vote counting which seemed to,be the way of several States,not only did it not exactly play out as,expected it opened a glimmer of light,through which you could view a near-term,future where America does not descend,into Civil War well talk about that in,a moment,overwhelmingly the results have been,written up by the media left and right,as a huge win for Florida Governor Ron,DeSantis and a huge loss for Donald,Trump by default that also turns into a,huge win for Joe Biden given the fact,that Biden is at near historic low,approval levels and under normal,political conditions that would have,meant a massive route at the polls and,its hard to argue with much of a,coverage DeSantis turned a narrow win,from his previous election into a major,Triumph in this one and he did so based,on a track record of being seen to have,governed effectively while also being,one of the most effective anti-woke,campaigners on the planet while,Democrats were saying that he would be,killing people DeSantis resisted kovid,lockdowns he estewed masked mandates and,he got the schools reopened as the cost,of lockdowns are becoming more and more,evident across the world as time passes,that seems to have been a sound call or,at least a less unreasonable one than it,was painted at the time,the election victory for DeSantis,burnished his claim to the presidential,candidacy trump-like positions and,policies married to competent,Administration and Leadership and that,has a strong appeal to a lot of people,right now,on the other hand Trump bet big on a,number of candidates he personally,endorsed the most important of which,were those in swing states that could be,pivotal for 2024. he is Chief demand for,those who endorsed was that they agree,with him that the 2020 election was,stolen from him since thats a claim,with zero evidence that stood up in,court it acts as something of a filter,to remove anyone with Integrity from the,pool as a result youve got what Mitch,McConnell decried months ago as a slate,of low quality candidates that he,predicted would make it less likely,Republicans would win the Senate and so,it seems and they werent helped by,Trumps lack of interest in them a,couple of days away from the election,Trump spent time attacking Ron DeSantis,his potential rival for presidential,candidacy rather than seriously aiming,to boost the partys performance as,former Trump voter Ben Shapiro noted,reminding everyone that you have no,discipline by attacking a top,gubernatorial candidate popular with the,base two days before an election and a,week before launching a comeback,campaign is an interesting strategy,Shapiro noted the distinction between,solid sensible Republicans and Trump,outliers basically the trumpian,so-called election denier candidates,performed almost the same as Trump,himself did in their areas in 22 20 but,for a midterm election with an incumbent,president with historically low approval,ratings you should do significantly,better than that and thats what,moderate old style Republicans did so,for instance in Georgia Trump backed,Senate candidate Herschel Walker trailed,incumbent Democrat Rafael Warnock and,that race will now go to a runoff on,which the balance of the Senate will,depend meanwhile Republican Governor,Brian Kemp who was attacked by Trump,detested by Trump he sailed to an easy,victory,and this is the challenge now for,Republicans you could not get a more,Stark illustration of whats currently,in front of them you can go with a,traditional approach to valuing Quality,in candidates first and the other stuff,second as illustrated by Ron DeSantis,and some of the other winning candidates,or you can go with Trump and his,insistence that all candidates need is,deep loyalty to him to the extent of,believing in fairies if thats what he,tells them to believe,the latter can get nominated by the base,but they cant get elected by a country,where the swing voters as swing voters,tend to do stick to the middle ground,so they need to make an early decision,over whether they follow the patently,obvious political logic or whether they,remain in fraud to Trump,after all they stadium for all to Trump,because he had a remarkable base of,supporters they presume could not be,incentivized to vote for them in his,absence but now well much of that base,seems to like DeSantis just fine and,having the effectiveness without the,unnecessary drama or that actually,appeals to some of them rather more,so what do they do days before the,election Trump promised he would be,giving quote the most important speech,given in the history of the United,States well thats a pretty major,promise and maybe its true maybe hes,about to announce that the papers he,took from the White House have,conclusive proof of the existence of,aliens living amongst us maybe more,likely its just the usual hubristic way,of saying that hes going to announce,his candidacy,a rational political operator looking to,advance the cause of his party and his,perspective within the party would be,Consulting with others of similar mind,analyzing who would be best placed to,take things forward in order to be,successful thats not going to happen,obviously because for Trump Its All,About Him always has been to the extent,where he publicly celebrated Republicans,who he didnt like losing key Senate,races such as Joe OD in Colorado Trump,had instructed his supporters not to,vote for OD and then he gloated Joe OD,lost big make America great again,traditional Republicans wondered how,that cause was going to be Advanced by,electing Democrats Ron DeSantis,meanwhile recorded a call in ods,support the conventional way political,parties behave in other words,so while a rational actor would look at,what just happened realized it possibly,makes Trumps pitch untenable Trump is,in the process of Simply blaming,everyone else but himself and so making,himself still the best candidate to go,forward reportedly he blamed his wife,Melania for the Dr Oz endorsement one,presumes he didnt intend to credit her,if Dr Oz had won so if Trump declares,and DeSantis declares will the funders,who previously supported Trump stay with,him in spite of the evidence of his,fading appeal or will they move to the,man of the moment the man who seems to,be well positioned to fight a winning,campaign and I have no hesitation in,saying that if Ron DeSantis is the,candidates your risk of imminent Civil,War recedes I mean it doesnt disappear,maybe its just delaying the inevitable,but it recedes he has Trump style and,policies but he is a conventional,politician who will not claim elections,must have been rigged just because he,might lose one,right now two years away from an,election you cant take anything for,granted but right now its kind of hard,to see him losing,a point made by the right-wing New York,Post which carried a picture of him with,a headline dear future,Trump used to be at a count on the New,York Post he must have hated that cover,although probably not as much as the one,the following day,ouch,Trump took all of this and maintained a,dignified silence Im kidding he,immediately launched into an attack via,email to his supporters saying this News,Corp which is Fox The Wall Street,Journal and the no longer great New York,Post is all in for governor Ron D,sanctimonious an average Republican,governor with g

“Yeah hes quite good” ???? James Anderson on Pakistan vs England, third Test

make of that session that looked like an,important Wicket right on the stroker,lunch yeah huge Wicket I thought it was,a decent session we knew that the the,wickets going to be the best of that on,this morning so its going to be,difficult for us,um I thought Woody ball brilliantly,um the short ball tactic really really,did work for us,um and then yeah that Wicket at the end,was was crucial that session was almost,a microcosm of your tour in the field,really lets go through various things,you mentioned the short ball play there,at times youve gone with the new,ballers in England youll pitch it up,why do you feel the short ball is tricky,on these surfaces I just think well,certainly on this surface its,toothpaste so,um,you know its really difficult for the,batter to try and know whether to take,it on or or just get get in behind it,and or get underneath it so we saw that,with um with everyone really even Baba,uh Baba razam was was struggling to know,whether to take it on and,um I just feel like its a really good,option it also helps,um certainly Woody has been bowling,cross-seam as well so that helps get the,ball into a state where he could get,some reverse swing later on and those,catches down the leg side weve seen,four or five actually are there you,meaning for that are you bowling there,or does it just end up there I dont I,dont think were really bowling for,that but,I think you its where you aim The,Bouncer and making it difficult for them,and when you get it in that area theres,always a chance especially on a on slow,wickets to get that sort of fine glove,um and weve had some off the face of,the bat even down the leg side in this,series which which has helped,um so yeah were not bowling for it but,its sort of aiming down that,um that line the sort of leg side which,makes it difficult for the batter,Ollie Robinson again excellent there I,spoke to him the other day on interview,he mentioned your name four times he,obviously really looks up to you,um what have you made of him hes,getting his test wickets at 17 a piece,this year hes a real talent isnt he,yeah its quite good yeah,um hes someone who ever since he first,came into the group you could see that,hes got something really special hes,got great skills you can swing the ball,can see in the ball,um and I guess with every bowler you,always get asked the question can you do,it in all conditions and were seeing in,this this series that hes got the,ability to be able to bowl in these,conditions when its quite tough and,hes also the the fitness question,thats been hanging over him as well,weve seen him stand up to that as well,this this um this tour,so I think things are going really well,for me just has to keep that work ethic,up that he hasnt over the past 18,months keep working hard keep developing,his skills,um and weve as he keeps showing hes,got an answer for every question thats,been asked and again the other thing we,saw there is complete role reversal,England Dux ball Anderson broad Robinson,wood whoever here it is leech with a new,ball and waiting for Anderson Robinson,so its a complete change in mindset,yeah and thats I think,um thats its been exciting to sort of,try something different,um you know Bens been very keen on on,Jack opening the bowling especially on,on these surfaces slightly different for,me uh certainly in the last game waiting,till you know the ball starts reverse,swinging to come into the attack,um but yeah its as I said its,something different were all buying,into it all quite enjoying doing,something different because it cant you,know in England you sort of get into a,routine of taking the new ball and then,um getting into your sort of spells and,the that sort of different style of,bowling but here its,um as I said yeah really exciting and,your form I think youve got eight,wickets at 18 and youre going to 2.2,runs and over so all this stuff about,Im gonna attack theres still that,innate ability to just make sure youre,drying things up as well yeah but I,think if you bowl well then that that,economy rate sort of takes care of,itself I think if you look at the fields,weve had in this series its again very,different to what we get in England,weve tried to have catchers in front of,the bat and be quite attacking really in,that in that way rather than having all,the slips so its just a different way,of thinking about it and,um yeah for me as I said if you still,bold your best ball youve got chances,of taking wickets and you keep the room,rate down as well oh with the legs slip,though if you ever bowl with the leg,slip so much under one Captain I dont,think I have actually and um you know,were talking talking about that the,other day actually that the um the,Wicket of Riz one in the last game you,know with the legs slipping maybe thats,just kept him leg side of the ball as,well its not necessarily just there for,a couch actually putting something in,the batters head to make them think,slightly differently so its worked,really well so far and Im sure well,continue to have that that field I,thought you might bring the rizwan,Wicket up where does that stand in the,all-time great Jimmy Anderson deliveries,yeah I think its right up there just,because of where it it was,um you know you dont really Bowl balls,like that in these conditions very often,so thats something that made it extra,special for me,um you know that bit of reverse swing,using the cracks as well in the pitch,um so yeah I felt also not not just the,the style of delivery that it was the,actual timing of it as well they got off,to a good start it was 60 for none so to,to come on and get a wicket when we,really needed it was was important to,talk about the skipper were hyping him,up were saying its the best captaincy,weve seen he could end up being one of,Englands greatest ever captains what do,you make of Ben Stokes the captain,well hes been fantastic hes uh just,someone whos got so much positivity,every day when you turn up whether its,um during the game or before the game,you know we came to practice tomorrow,sorry yesterday day before a test match,he wants us to do a 16 competition,I actually got one across the roads,which is incredible uh but yeah just,that sort of thing he wants us to have,fun he wants us to enjoy,um the time were having together,um playing this exciting brand of brand,of cricket,um and yeah,just the the sort of attacking mindset,hes got on the field the whole time,again hes for me whos Ive been around,for 20 years and,um just its making me think differently,about the game and again Im finding,that really exciting is it giving you,the enthusiasm because I saw on Twitter,the other day 20 years to the day,December the 15th this man made his,debut for England I think your first,Wicket was Adam Gilchrist 20 years later,you still still have that love and,enthusiasm is it worked out beautifully,for you that youve got this new regime,and just giving you a bit more of a,boost yeah its worked out brilliantly,Im really enjoying it um I think if I,had started the same Captain I had back,then not sure Id still be going so um,but yeah nice it is it has been a breath,of fresh air its really I feel,um like I could carry on for a number of,years in in this sort of regime,um the way you know as I said that just,enjoying every moment and enjoying being,out on the field trying to have fun,trying to again be creative with Fields,with how we were going to get 20,wickets,um and then watching us back has just,been incredible really um you know Ive,seen the white ball side go from,strength to strength from it from the,sidelines which is actually being a,group where were taking the game,forward and actually raising the bar of,test Cricket is is really something,special it is and it may not be changing,test match cricket but it is spreading,the world around word round test match,cricket you know KRL was asked about it,in a press conference the other day I,think the Aussies in Adelaide had Ron,ball up you know in comparis

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