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  2. Linguaphone Spanish Review
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  4. Olly Richards’ SPANISH UNCOVERED – An Honest Review
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Is LINGODA Worth It? ???? | My Review + Spanish Learning Progress

hello and welcome to this lingoda review  if youre new here my name is sabina i  ,do videos about travel and language learning  and if youre not new here then welcome back  ,if you dont recognise this background  thats because im currently in an airbnb  ,in cornwall with my boyfriends family were  on vacation oh look at that view now lets get  ,straight to it is lingoda the language learning  platform for you im going to divide this video  ,into a few different categories talking  about different elements of the platform  ,and you can decide for yourselves whether  it is going to suit your learning style,okay im ready lets start off by talking about  the platform lingoda isnt an app like many others  ,that i featured on this channel rather its an  online language school now the reason theyve set  ,it up this way is because they believe that live  face-to-face classes are the best way to retain  ,information and to learn effectively in order  to learn with lingoda you need three things you  ,need a laptop or a computer you need a stable  internet connection and zoom theres only three  ,everything else is just about us i want  to be very honest very transparent i did  ,receive the classes from lingoda for free now  the good news is that you can get a seven day  ,free trial from lingoda as well ive left the  information in the description box and in the  ,pinned comment but i will be talking you through  more of it later on in this video so stay tuned  ,now were gonna talk about our second category  ive already touched on the setup you need in  ,order to access lingoda and if you do have  these three factors i would say lingoda is  ,extremely easy to use because its a one-stop  shop once you have paid for your membership  ,you log in and everything is available to you on  their website so unless your internet connection  ,is playing up theres really nothing stopping you  accessing your materials which is really nice you  ,can just you know pull up your laptop anywhere  in a cafe wherever you are whichever country  ,and you will have direct access to all the stuff  that you need in order to study our next review  ,category is language selection as of today you  can use lingoda to learn four languages well  ,kind of five you can learn english business  english and then spanish french and german  ,okay so as you can tell the language selection  isnt that wide which is a big limiting factor  ,i am learning spanish at the moment but im also  attempting to learn arabic and i cant currently  ,use lingoda for arabic which is disappointing but  because they do so few languages it means they do  ,them really well and really in depth next theres  the question of ability how does lingoda cater to  ,varying levels of skill now this is one of the  areas where i feel like lingoda actually really  ,excels because before you start taking your  classes they give you an online placement test  ,and by the time youre done with that placement  test they tell you exactly which level they would  ,recommend to you as a learner all of these levels  are based on the common european framework of  ,reference for languages or cfr for short and this  is an internationally recognized standard that  ,classifies languages starting from a1 which is  complete beginner all the way to c2 which is  ,native ability and lingoda offers classes in all  of them a1 a2 theyve got b1 b2 and c1 c2 is made  ,of proficiency so by the time youve reached  that level you dont really need additional  ,classes im about to have my first class with  lingoda and this is one of my first times using  ,my brand new study i just moved to a new house it  is an absolute mess mecca and muy bien mis amigos,m,um,next i want to talk about flexibility is lingoda  a language learning platform thats really useful  ,and that can easily slot itself into your busy  daily life okay here are my very honest thoughts  ,on that lingoda does offer classes 24 7 which is  incredibly useful regardless of where you are in  ,the world there will be a class happening at any  given point lingoda keeps their class numbers down  ,to five students maximum which is really handy  because you get really personalized feedback  ,however if you dont book quickly the class might  just not be available at the time when you want it  ,but theres a really handy workaround for  that it just took me a while to discover it  ,if you cant find a listing at the perfect time  you can just schedule one all you need to do is  ,click on the topic you want to study and scroll  to the bottom of that page youll find date and  ,time selection buttons there just pick your ideal  time and youre good to go this isnt a private  ,class by the way once booked it will appear on the  book classes page where other students can join it  ,you do need to be a little organized and do this  two to three days in advance but thats more  ,than enough for most students i did sometimes  book my classes with less than 24 hours notice  ,i cant be a little disorganized with my kind of  ad hoc schedule i did sometimes log in and want  ,to book a class and it wasnt available so i had  to book a different class and that means i wasnt  ,following the course in the exact order that  is laid out by lingoda however when i read the  ,official guidelines they did say that it doesnt  really matter what order you do the classes in  ,so this is probably just me being a perfectionist  but i do want to highlight this sometimes it pays  ,to be well prepared if you miss out on your  class lot you can still log into the platform  ,and all the other resources are available 24 7 on  demand whenever you log in so literally anytime  ,you can recap all your classes to help test your  knowledge you can access annotated pdfs from every  ,single one of your teachers you have access to the  homework materials for every single lesson youve  ,done and also self-study area and finally there  is a blog that they have filled with additional  ,resources and tips next lets talk about the  teachers because lingoda is a language learning  ,school this is probably their main selling point  right if you dont have good teachers you dont  ,have good education and vice versa if you do have  great teachers you will learn a lot now lingoda  ,has 1500 teachers as of today plus i checked and  they are all native speakers and they are all  ,fully certified so coming into lingoda you can be  very confident that your teacher is good at their  ,job because of the way the platform functions you  dont always get the same teacher for every class  ,because like i discussed previously sometimes the  classes book up and sometimes different teachers  ,will be teaching at different times there are  definitely going to be teachers that you enjoy  ,more than others and the good thing is that  you can look at the classes before you sign  ,up to them and see exactly whos teaching them so  you can select the teacher that you love the most  ,however that can mean that you wont get the  exact time slot that suits your schedule so  ,there is a bit of a trade-off there but i would  caution against always using the same teacher and  ,heres the reason they are all native speakers but  they come from different countries im currently  ,learning spanish and as you know spanish is  spoken all over the world so if i did limit  ,myself to my favorite teacher who in my case is  from venezuela i would miss out on all the other  ,colloquialisms and all the other accents and all  the other mannerisms of the different countries  ,that the teachers come from and i think this is a  huge benefit of the platform and one really great  ,thing about lingoda is that at the end of every  single class you do your teacher will send you a  ,short review now again some of the teachers  were better at this than others they were a  ,little more detailed with their feedback um you  will you will figure out what works for you but i  ,really love this like it made me feel so seen

Linguaphone Spanish Review

hello everybody its mark here from,language letting dog and in this video,Im going to do a review of the lingo,film Spanish course now this course is,the current version being sold bilingual,foam it was produced in 2005 and its,very popular at the moment and people,seem to be buying gift from lingua phone,a lot more recently its also very,popular on eBay and copies on eBay of,selling for about 60 pounds minimum but,if youre going to buy a copy I advise,you to look on gumtree,okay in the UK we have gum tree anyway I,dont know if you have it in other,countries but I got this for 15 pounds,okay 15 pounds and have a look on their,email about 60 pounds on a lingual film,website its about 120 pounds maybe,and of course soon enough this will be,in PDF format for my website but that,would be a later date,having had to go with this course and,Im going to be honest with you here and,say I was not impressed a few reasons,which Ill get into now first of all,what I did like was the fact that linka,phones seemed to have when it when the,books are concerned anyway theyve done,the right thing and rather than being in,hardback that in softback and rather,than it being 3 books in the case of the,the ethical course book the explanation,book and the exercise book what theyve,done here is the book opened to six,books and the six books are level 1 book,1 level 1 book 2 level 2 book 1 level 2,book 2 3 3 Fe 2 3 1 2 3 and 3 2 okay,this makes things easier if you are,learning on the commute to work or,something like that which I used to do,probably you can only go to take one,book at a time havent you they take a,look at the level 1 book 1 for example,all of the exercises and the lessons and,everything are on it in the same book ok,so you know youre jumping around from,book to book like you way on the,previous versions but think of certain,courses which I did like that the audio,is completely different as well so that,its like an entirely new course,its not like the 1970s additions to the,one before theres no actual storyline,though I didnt I didnt like that,theres no story in the previous,editions youd have a family coming from,there their native land which is sorry,coming two days of land which is Spain,and from another country and youd,follow the story and along the way you,would learn the Spanish language in here,theres no story okay its just,different situations I can a restaurant,or a hotel or something like that and,also Ive had it very slow oh my it very,slowly paced okay the first book alone,level 1 book 1 come to the end of it you,dont feel like youve made any real,progress at all okay so I wasnt,impressed by that I would advise you in,my honest opinion okay as well produce,as this course is if you want an,absolute beginner and you find it,difficult to learn languages yeah okay,give this one a try because it is slow,paced okay and I wasnt particularly,excited by it and I would use in,conjunction to this the lingua on all,talk course now you always hear me going,on about the old talk courses but they,are fantastic,okay that is a real story line about it,is interesting and you do learn Lots in,the end in the short time that you use,it and this course I wouldnt recommend,it to a language lover to someone who,aspires to learn many languages,I wouldnt recommend this course at all,okay and I would suggest if you want to,learn the Spanish language and to a,really good level you want to study and,with books I would advise you to use the,1970s versions dont be put off by the,fact that theyre the old versions okay,there are very very good courses and,then go from a valuable courses in the,seventies and quite a lot of languages,which Im still collected in because of,the espanol for the 70s as I say you,follow an actual storyline people coming,back home to Spain from the other,country they play dont they they,wouldnt previously in this case it was,chilly he waked in Chile he was going,back to Spain how long the way you,learned and,it isnt what they got up to and where,they were going and they visited,relatives and they went shopping and so,on and you know what um in about 30,lessons you learned Spanish to a very,good standard right and Im not just,just saying that because I want to sell,courses Im actually interested and if,you want to buy this course on my,website or from a shop or from an hour,eBay or Gumtree how much you can stand,by that what Im interested in people,learning language is the right way I,dont want them to ripped off by by,going into another course thats not,very well produced but lingual foam is,very well produced,Ill always recommend them over for,example look at this the last lesson in,Spanish look at the level that you would,be speaking Spanish okay believe these,this kind of these kind of words kind of,sentences these conversations thats the,level of Spanish that youd be speaking,and the trick with lingual phone courses,with the books okay its no real magic,pill all youre doing is only moving on,to the next lesson when you fully,understand the course material okay,thats all you got to do live with Rome,cause sometimes it can be hard going in,the sense if you feel like youre not,making any real progress but stick with,it and you will speak Spanish to a very,good level using the 1970s courses okay,so I would recommend 1970s courses and,the lingua phone all talk Spanish okay I,wouldnt recommend that the 2005 edition,and simply because its slow paced and,theres no Venus storyline but apart,from that its an okay course okay,nothing special,and I wouldnt wait it very highly this,course fantastic so thats the lingua,phone Spanish course 2005 and at 1970s,edition thank you

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Duolingo for Spanish ???? Duolingo review Spanish

so big shout out to all yall that have,already subscribed and if you havent,yet go ahead and do it,duolingo is one of the biggest language,learning tools out there right now,and i actually completed the entire,spanish course in just one year in 2018,i think as a part of this really,intensive curriculum that i designed for,myself when i first started teaching,myself spanish and since then theyve,added a ton of new lessons so im,actually right now,going back through the entire course to,get that final crown on all the lessons,so,all that to say,that i have some things to warn you,about with this app,let me just start by saying that,although im about to give you some,really big negatives i still highly,recommend duolingo and nobody is paying,me to say that its just a really simple,way to add some spanish practice into,your daily routine but,you have to be prepared for these four,pitfalls or it could really negatively,impact your learning experience and even,make you lose your determination so with,each of these pitfalls im also going to,give you my advice to help you avoid,them so lets just get into it,every time ive tutored somebody whos,already been using duolingo we always,have to start from scratch with their,pronunciation and thats because,duolingo doesnt teach the alphabet and,they dont teach any of the,pronunciation rules or anything to get,you really prepared for how to speak,spanish,you think is helping you because you can,use that little speak feature where it,checks your pronunciation but honestly,it does a pretty whack job of evaluating,your pronunciation,let me just show you,so heres an example,heres what it should sound like,and heres how im gonna say it,ser,tu eres,tu fuiste,see what i mean the app will ding and,tell you that its correct and so youre,thinking oh,im killing it and yeah,you are,this is the number one problem on my,list because how you sound will truly,make or break your spanish learning,journey because if you dont like the,way that you sound when you speak,spanish its going to kill your,confidence and if youre not confident,youre not going to speak very often and,if youre not speaking you will not,become fluent,so heres my advice,learn the spanish alphabet and,pronunciation to set your foundation,before you start focusing on duolingo i,actually just completed a full series on,specifically the spanish alphabet and,all the pronunciation rules so that,would be a great place for you to get,started,the people that know me personally are,probably sick of me talking about this,one but man,me tienejarto,even when i warn people about this they,still fall into the trap yall please,that is how strong this trap is,duolingo added this ridiculous,competition feature where you move up in,these worldwide ranks by completing more,lessons than other people and they make,it really hard to just ignore this,competition because its constantly,reminding you about these levels and,pushes you to move up in the ranks,this dont make any sense on any level,except that it benefits them,listen to me,they dont want you to complete more and,more lessons because its going to help,you get fluent its because it shows,strong user activity,so heres my advice,language learning is not and should not,ever be a competition,dont try to keep up with somebody who,has completed 25 lessons today and,heres a big one,dont go into robot mode just completing,as many lessons as you can just so that,you can stay in these ranks,honestly the more that you can just,ignore that competition section all,together the better,duolingo says you can learn a language,in 15 minutes a day and,honestly that makes me just want to,scream,yall you know doggone well you aint,gonna learn a single language in 15,minutes a day,a lot of people even finish the whole,duolingo course and then theyre like,but wheres my fluency and thats,because one single app cannot get you,fluent in any language,so my advice is in addition to dual,lingo get you some other resources,research grammar on your own online or,get grammar books watch tv in spanish,listen to music in spanish subscribe to,this youtube channel and most,importantly speak spanish out loud,language is for communicating so if,youre not going to try to speak the,language or use it to communicate then,what are you doing,if youve ever found yourself opening,the duolingo app and completing just,enough of a lesson to keep your streak,going then this is for you,duolingo almost forces you to obsess,over things like keeping your street,going and i mean sure its exciting to,have a really long streak but what is,that really doing for you,ive seen so many people get frustrated,and stop opening the app at all just,because they lost their daily streak and,yall thats crazy,you have to recognize that that streak,is just a gimmick to get you to open the,app every single day so that they have a,high number of daily active users they,also believe that the more frequently,you open the app the more likely it is,that youll continue with the program,and that is what they want that streak,has nothing to do with you becoming,fluent in spanish,there are people with 600-day streaks,who still cant even hold a conversation,in spanish so its not about the streak,and like i was saying earlier a bunch of,people will just open the app and,complete a little piece of a lesson just,to keep that streak going but,come on fam,you know that little two minutes is not,enough,my advice is that you use that streak,just as your reminder to do your,practice every single day and if you,miss a day and lose your streak just,roll your eyes and keep getting in that,app every single day,always remember that your goal is to get,fluent in spanish,not to be the best duolingo user and not,to just do the bare minimum to keep this,streak going,like i said at the beginning of this,video i think duolingo is an amazing,tool and i still highly recommend it i,think you just have to be prepared for,these things that im telling you about,in this video hit that like button,subscribe and catch me in the next,lesson gracias por estara hasta la,proxima

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Olly Richards’ SPANISH UNCOVERED – An Honest Review

you might have seen the very dashing,oddie riches on YouTube and thought wow,I want to learn Spanish and I see hes,got a course in it I wonder if its any,good dont worry my friend Ive got you,Ive done the course and this is an,honest review of how it went put the,kettle on,Hello friends this is going to be an,honest review of Ollie Richards Spanish,uncovered course so Im going to break,this review down into three parts the,first part is going to be whats in the,course what do you get for spending your,sweet sweet Wonder on Audi Richs course,the second part Im going to go on to,talk about the things I liked about the,course and then finally Im going to,talk about the things that maybe could,have been improved on the course just so,I can be honest with you and you you,know exactly what youre getting if you,decide to go ahead and buy the course,like I did empathemos,so the course is basically based on the,idea of learning a language through,reading a story once you pay your money,youre going to get some introductory,videos first of all at the start of the,course and then immediately after that,youre going to jump in and read a story,in Spanish now obviously if youre a,beginner Spanish speaker you wont know,whats going on thats the point so you,have to get used to this idea of being,unfamiliar with learning a language I,think thats quite useful for beginners,sometimes you think I should know whats,going on I need to now go and look up,all the words you dont just keep,reading through you start off with,chapter one read through it a few times,to get a feel for it there is audio that,goes along with the text so every lesson,you can think of it as like every,chapter is a lesson or vice versa,however you want to think of that and so,youll jump in and youll read the text,a few times you can listen to the audio,you can read and listen at the same time,if you want then after that every,chapter has got some lessons video,lessons that go along with them and the,first one is always on cognates the,cognates are words that are near enough,the same between English and Spanish has,got some kind of relationship and so you,can kind of pick up these words for free,and so its a quick way to get lots of,vocabulary that you can immediately,start using in Spanish there is then a,vocabulary lesson so the vocab lesson is,words that are just Spanish words that,arent the same as English but you need,to get taught in order to pick up a,language rather than the free code dates,there is then a grammar lesson so the,grammar lesson just put stuff on the map,it isnt a were going to spend hours,and hours on this stuff its just to,give you an idea of,there are these rules in Spanish that,you would expect to see but Ollie isnt,sort of ramming the grammar down your,throat which is good for people like me,because Im not so hot on my grammar,stuff and then there is a pronunciation,lesson where a native speaker then,explains a bit of the pronunciation for,some words and that might include,differences in pronunciation which is,really useful when youre getting,between like your your Ds and your ts,or those sorts of things and how theres,subtleties and those those bits of the,the pronunciation of Spanish and the,material that you get alongside those,video lessons as I say youve got that,story scroll all the way to the bottom,once you log in and there is a PDF of,the whole story otherwise you get like,chapter by chapter which is a bit,awkward so just download the whole story,in one big chunky pedia say Big And,Chunky its not the longest story in the,world but there you go and then you get,the um the audio for every chapter or,you can just get one MP3 with the whole,audio for the whole story and alongside,all of that you then get some worksheets,for every chapter that have questions,um about grammar or vocabulary to check,your comprehension and some some other,activities like that and Below all of,that below every bit in the story every,little lesson if you want to think of it,that way there is a chat and there is a,moderator who you can put your questions,in there and a moderator will come and,answer the questions for you if youve,got any problems now what Ill say about,the course before we move on to the,likes and the dislikes the course does,involve you putting in the effort the,course wont work if you just expect,youve paid your money Im going to get,fluent in Spanish it does involve you,reading chapters that you dont,understand and listen to audio that you,dont understand but then slowly you put,together this puzzle that is the Spanish,language I think this is Ollies whole,whole Jam you uncover the language,through reading the story but dont,expect that someone is going to do the,work for you it does involve you making,a certain amount of commitment be it,hopefully daily or however much you can,do in order to to make sense of the,language and get as much as you can from,the course,so what did I like about the course,first of all I like the fact that it,follows comprehensible input so the idea,that you are learning a language through,stuff which becomes comprehensible to,you its not immediately comprehensible,first of all when you first start but,quite quickly youre into the point that,you can start to understand the the,chapters more or less as youre as,youre reading them for a beginner its,quite difficult to just immediately,understand stuff because you havent got,the language you are following the the,input hypothesis that your friend of,mine Dr Stephen crashing has has come up,with along with some others and so,following that method I think is really,really helpful and its less dry than if,you just sat with a textbook and went,through it like you did in school and,everybody hated learning languages that,way and the chapters arent actually too,long so it might seem well theres a lot,of reading to do here when I when you,first jump into the chapter but quite,quickly you get used to it and they,really arent that long at all you know,youre talking about maybe a a side of,A4 realistically its space quite widely,as well so makes it seem like youre,reading more than you are which is you,know good for the ego its not actually,theyre not that long so for beginners,you can just read it and its not,overwhelming its broken down and you,know youre going to get the support in,the the other videos so you kind of read,it a few times and you get a feeling for,it maybe youre not quite sure on some,bits and then you go and watch these,videos that then start to explain it you,can then go back to the text it does,involve obviously having to jump back on,and read the text or listen to it quite,a few times so youve listened to the,chapter and read it many many times but,before you have moved on to the next,chapter so you learn grammar and,vocabulary in context which is great as,well Ive said before in other videos,Ive struggled in learning grammar and,when youre just taught the rules of a,language it doesnt make any sense to,you because of course I havent got any,examples of that I havent got the,language in me I dont yet know how to,speak that language so the grammar rules,dont really help there is a bit of chat,on about grammar in this course is what,it is Im not here huge on grammar but,we all have our different methods so,thats fine and it at least explains it,to you it doesnt expect you to know all,instantly but when you are taught,grammar it is in context so you see it,in the story and then in the video that,Ollie goes through Ollie explains the,grammar in the story and also gives some,other examples so you do get more of a,feeling for it slowly but he doesnt,expect you to immediately know it now,Ollies put lots and lots of cognates in,the text so the text has got loads of,words that you kind of recognize some of,which are pretty much just the same word,from English but just with a Spanish,accent or vice versa or you want to look,at it and so you get lots of words for,free so the use of cognates is a rea

Spanish 3 Review

this is a review of Spanish 3 then you,can use when youre studying for the,final but also you can refer to this for,the rest of your life the first thing,that we talked about in Spanish 3 ms,preterite versus imperfect the preterite,is used for one-time actions completed,actions actions in a sequence of events,and actions within a timeframe the,predator is also used for interrupting,actions the AR endings are a estate Oh,almost estates are owned and the er/ir,endings are e e state yo,Emils East a/c on the imperfect tense,is used for habitual actions ongoing,actions stuff that you did while you,were growing up setting the scene,talking about the weather,describing emotions talking about,someones age telling time and,interrupted actions the AR endings are,Allah Allah Allah Allah most Arbeit on,the passive voice is a style of sentence,that puts emphasis on the action rather,than the person doing the action the,passive voice is formed by conjugating,sad in the preterite and then using the,past participle the conjugations of Ser,and the preterite are free tweets,safeway flee most free space twitter and,the past participles and in odd though,if theyre a are verbs and edo if,theyre a are and ir verbs of course,there are some irregular past,participles so youll have to review,those in the passive voice the past,participle changes to match the subject,of the sentence in other words you have,to look and see if the subject of the,sentence is masculine or feminine,singular or plural,for example LA Manzana boy Camilla for,El Nino the Apple was eaten by the child,since Apple is singular and feminine we,change comedo to comida,personal say is another way to use the,passive voice in Spanish and has the,exact same meaning to make the,impersonal say you make the verb,reflexive and conjugate it in the,preterite the subject of the sentence,comes after the verb so my example is,say mean Pio la Piedra that means the,board was cleaned all we had to do was,make limpiar reflexive,the present perfect expresses something,that has happened in the past usually,its for something that happened earlier,that day or something thats only,happened once to make the present,perfect you conjugate a bear in the,present tense and include the past,participle of whatever verb you want the,conjugations of a bear and the present,tense are a ha,animals are based on and the past,participles are just like in the passive,voice they are past participles ending,although an ER and I are and then yo but,unlike the passive voice with the,present perfect the past participle does,not change to match the subject in other,words it always ends in O so perfect is,like the present perfect in the past it,expresses something that had happened,usually before something else to form a,clue perfect you conjugate a bear and,the imperfect and then you include the,past participle of whatever verb you,want to conjugate so the endings for a,bear and the imperfect are a via Avias,avi avi elmos avi ice avi on and the,past participles once again and men,although for ar verbs and either for ER,and ir verbs and the past participle,does not change to match the subject so,it always ends in O,the subjunctive doesnt really exist in,English so its hard to explain but the,conjugations work like this step one,start with the yo form in the present,tense of whatever verb you want to,conjugate step 2 drop vo and step 3 add,the opposite ending which would be a for,ER and ir verbs and E for ar verbs and,then you have to conjugate the verb in,other words if its – you had an S if,its nosotros you out of most if its a,status you had an N etc there are some,irregular verbs and the preterite there,are some verbs that follow the pattern,the four step pattern but there are some,that are totally irregular ones that are,totally irregular our ear which is via,Sarah which is sale a star which is a,stay and guard which is they the rest of,the irregular verbs in the subjunctive,arent really irregular because they,follow the four-step process they just,have irregular yo forms we learned,wedding to remember when to use the,subjunctive W stands for wish like in a,spade okay the e stands for emotion like,s3 speak a as sort of friend NDK may,boost okay basically any expression that,shows emotion one of the DS is for a,desire like quiero que recommend okay me,okay its telling somebody that you want,them to do something else the other D is,doubt dude okay or no creo que and an is,impersonal statement so this is kind of,like a general truth like s importante,que as necessary okay,M is for negation which really all you,have to do is put an O in front of any,of the previous letters like milk it,okay or no I spit okay or noise three,stick a and then finally the G stands,for god-willing which is a special,expression in Spanish thats oh ha la,and with oh ha la you can put a que,afterwards or you can just say oh ha la,and then the verb in the subjunctive,wedding expresses something called,normative clauses now inner clauses,basically take the place of a noun in,the sentence but to sum it up really,there are two rules in order to use a,subjunctive you need two following,criteria rule one there must be at least,two verbs in the sentence and rule -,there must be subject change if rule,number one is not met either in other,words if theres only one verb in the,sentence leave the verb in the,indicative mood the indicative is the,all the tenses that weve learned so far,up until the subjunctive so youre a boy,Ill barking theres only one verb so it,should stay in the indicative if rule,number two is not met in other words if,theres not a subject change in the,sentence leave the second verb in the,infinitive for example I hope that I go,to the park since I am the subject of,the first part of the sentence and the,second part of the sentence I just need,to leave the second verb in the,infinitive yo espero here Ill bark,indicative expressions on the rice,bookish our expressions that take the,indicative mood,remember thats like path thats like,present tense and preterite tense and,imperfect tense etc but these indicative,expressions take the subjunctive mood if,theres a know in front of them as,without K s o you okay fer okay SME then,take a and si would okay,the present perfect subjunctive,expresses things that have happened in,the past and the subjunctive to make the,present perfect subjunctive you,conjugate of air and the subjunctive and,then also you add the past participle of,whatever verb you want to conjugate a,bear and the subjunctive goes like this,uh yeah uh yes uh yeah,i gamboge i guys i gun and the past,participles and then other with their ar,verbs and either of their ER and ir,verbs the past participle does not,change to match the subject so it always,ends in oh I remember there are a few,irregular past participles so you should,probably review those too now lets talk,about adjective clauses which is one of,my favorite things about the subjunctive,an adjective clause takes the place of,an adjective in a sentence like I want a,nice pencil versus I want a pencil that,erases well a pencil that erase as well,as an adjective clause because it,replaces the adjective nice,so in Spanish if the person that youre,talking about or the object that youre,talking about is somebody that you know,use the indicative yo tengo una amigo,que habla espanol I know that my friends,speak Spanish and I know that I have,that friend so I keep it any indicative,but if the person or object is something,that you dont know thats when you use,the subjunctive quiere su amigo que se,out a little bi es you want a friend,thats from another country but you,dont necessarily know that person and,if the person doesnt exist at all you,also use the subjunctive,no I Nadia que habla a couple nice there,is nobody here that speaks Japanese if,there is nobody and youre sure that,they dont exist it goes in the,subjunctive,the future tense expresses things that,will happen with certainty and but it is,also used

Duolingo Spanish Review (Is It Actually Effective?)

hey whats up everyone john here from,testprepinsight.com and today ill be,reviewing the duolingo spanish program,ill cover subscription options how,duolingo stacks up against competitors,how effective their lesson plans are and,much more so if you keep an open mind,and stick with me to the end this video,should be all you need to figure out,whether duolingo is the right choice for,you to learn spanish so if youre ready,lets get to it,okay welcome back i should mention up,front here that since ill just be,focusing on the big ticket items in this,video today if you find any more detail,at any point you can always check out,our full detailed written review on our,website an easy way to get there is just,to google test prep insight duolingo,spanish review thats a great way to get,there,also we work really hard to produce,honest and helpful content all totally,free so if duolingo does end up being,the right choice for you wed really,appreciate it if you would use those,links listed down below in the,description thats how you can support,us and keep our channel going and if,duolingo isnt a great fit for you no,worries at all it doesnt matter to me,what language learning program you go,with we have a ton of other helpful,reviews that you can check out,all right so lets kick this review off,with pricing or lack thereof i should,say and thats because duolingo actually,offers a free version of their course,thats right you dont need to pay a,dime now with that said there are,definitely some limitations around the,free version that you need to be aware,of,first the free version contains ads,which are sort of distracting and take,away from your main purpose you know,actually learning spanish,second you have a limited amount of,hearts with the free version you start,with five per day and if you answer a,question incorrectly you lose a heart so,really youre only allowed five misses,unless you go back and practice old,lessons to restore your heart count,which can be kind of annoying at times,and lastly free users have a limited,amount of test outs so ill cover the,structure and format of the duolingo,lessons here in a minute but essentially,if theres a skill or topic that you,already know really well and you want to,skip ahead to keep learning new material,you can take a short quiz to test out of,that particular topic and move on to the,next lesson but the issue here is that,free users only have a limited amount of,test outs that they can use so again,its just another annoying aspect of the,free account,so instead a lot of consumers tend to,opt for duolingo plus which is a paid,subscription it costs 84 dollars per,year or seven dollars per month,depending on which way you want to look,at it and for upgrading to the plus plan,duolingo removes those annoying ads,includes unlimited hearts unlimited test,out attempts and adds personalized,lessons to review your mistakes among,other features,so is it worth it to upgrade thats,often the big question i think it is,personally i think the premium features,make for a much better experience but,ultimately this will likely just come,down to your budget,if you want duolingo does offer a 14-day,free trial for their plus plan so you,can always test it out first and see if,you like that better than the free,version,but of course if you are willing to pay,for a spanish learning course that begs,the question why do a lingo why not,consider one of the more premium,language learning programs out there and,i think thats a valid question as,youll find out later in this review,duolingo certainly has a few,disadvantages so if you are going to pay,for a course id recommend checking out,our reviews of pimsleur babel or rocket,spanish in my opinion these companies,offer more robust programs ill go ahead,and link them down in the description,for you below if you want to check them,out,but im not here to talk about other,companies im here to talk about,duolingo so lets jump into how their,spanish course is structured essentially,within duolingo spanish tree there are,different checkpoints and within each,checkpoint there are 20 to 30 modules or,skills that cover concepts like present,tense to more thematic topics like,emotions and travel each skill or module,is made up of six levels and within each,level there are three to four lessons,and each lesson is very short they only,take about five to ten minutes to,complete so thats kind of it from a,high level basically there are different,modules or skills you need to complete,and each module consists of several,levels and lessons thats the basic,framework and duolingo dictates the,order in which you complete modules new,modules only become active once youve,completed the previous one and this,holds true for the individual lessons,within each module however as i,mentioned earlier duolingo does allow,you to test out of individual modules as,well as groups of modules otherwise,known as checkpoints by passing a short,quiz and as you complete each quiz you,earn experience points or xp points for,short as well as duolingo currency known,as lingotts the xp points relate to your,daily goals and allow you to track your,progress while the liengats can be used,to purchase additional features within,the duolingo store the whole idea here,is that duolingo is trying to sort of,gamify your language learning journey,okay so now that you know how the,duolingo program is structured lets,dive into what the lessons themselves,are actually like and theyre very short,as i mentioned earlier each is only,about five to ten minutes long and they,go by super fast and thats because each,lesson is made up of a dozen or so quick,hid interactive drills and exercises,these exercises include one listening,drills so you might listen to a native,speaker say a word or phrase then you,select it from a list or you listen to a,full sentence and then youre asked to,type it in,two fill in the blanks so you might be,shown a cartoon graphic of a man,alongside a sentence and you click the,word ombre to complete the sentence,three matching pairs so you might be,shown ten different words five in,english and five in spanish and you,match them up correctly,four verbal practice so you might listen,to a native speaker say a phrase or,sentence and then youre asked to repeat,it and duolingos voice recognition,technology is just there to judge your,pronunciation more on that later,five writing full sentences both from,english to spanish and vice versa and,lastly six completing mock conversations,by selecting the right response those,are really the primary exercises that,youll complete just in different,variations and difficulty levels i know,i covered that pretty quickly so if you,want to see some examples of the,duolingo drills and exercises be sure to,check out our full detailed written,review ill have it linked down below in,the description i have screenshots and,examples over there so you can get a,feel for what to expect,alright so now that ive covered the,different subscription options and you,know what the lessons are all about,lets get into what i like and what i,dont like about duolingo after,thoroughly testing this program but,before i get to that i should mention,that every single month here at deskprep,insight we give away a free language,learning course to one lucky person its,super simple to enter everyone is,eligible ill put all the details down,below in the description itll take you,less than 10 seconds to enter and hey,you never know you could win a free,duolingo plus subscription,alright lets start with the things that,i like about duolingo number one the,fact that they offer a free version,thats pretty rare in todays day and,age,now as i mentioned earlier there are,some downsides with the free version but,still if youre on a tight budget and,youre just looking to learn the basics,before an upcoming trip to mexico then,its hard to argue with free two i like,that duolingo offers a pretty wide,variation of drills and exercises that,

2015 Spanish Individual Combat Ration 24 Hour Set MRE Review Marathon Meal Ready to Eat Taste Test

[Music],this is a 24-hour set of spanish armed,forces individual combat rations,now totaling out to four pounds 12,ounces and containing approximately 3,400 calories,these rations are designed for high,intensity combat situations with no safe,supply routes or,access to field kitchens so lets check,them out first starting off with,breakfast,alright so breakfast,okay so right off the bat we have a,content sheet,it gives you some instructions on a spit,stove,and whatnot okay so heres some,hot cocoa mix,oral rehydration salts its got,electrolytes,nice some,cereal with fruit and honey some water,purification tablets,makes out to one liter water per tablet,so then heres some,sweet biscuits,and some sweetened condensed,milk get three 25 gram packs of that,thats generous oh hey look at this,thing,its a toothbrush,nice look at that,a little piece of chewing gum,two espio stove fuel tablets,little 25 gram bar of chocolate,some matches,and some hand sanitizer,fluoride toothpaste along with your,toothbrush,some toilet paper or napkins,and a nespit stove,now that looks pretty good all right,lets get this out onto a tray,nice okay so lets first start off with,that cocoa beverage powder,that smells rich and also those oral,rehydration salts,perfect way to start the day off it,doesnt have much of a,smell to it,[Music],okay now i want to check out the,cereal with fruit and honey,that looks healthy i gotta check out,this chocolate bar,a little bit of surface bloom looks like,milk chocolate oh wow,look at that thats beautiful its,almost so nice you dont even want to,eat it,im still going to eat it so now the,sweet biscuits,oh this definitely smells sweet smells,almost like a,graham cracker with extra shortening in,it you get 14 biscuits,theyve maintained their shape,so now this hot cocoa thats very light,very natural and low in sugar content as,well,seems like a versatile option because,youre getting 75 grams of sweetened,condensed milk,which gotta see what this is looking,like here you know the,breakfast has an 18-month shelf life,lunch and dinner both have a,48-month shelf life oh yeah,i love this stuff and you know it might,get a little bit dark in color,it doesnt affect it that tastes perfect,look at that gotta put some on the,biscuits,seems like the way to go now this,biscuit on its own,yeah it tastes like a cross between,shortbread and,a graham cracker its very airy very,light and dunk it in here,see how that fares oh that made it very,soft,dont have to hold it in the hot,chocolate for long or itd probably,break off into the drink there,oh thats definitely a way to do it very,dunkable ill say that,this is made by jamipsa they make,rations for portugal,uae the u.n like a,for a total of 34 different countries,actually,yeah this is the way to go right here,actually i gotta try this out oh yeah it,is definitely the way to go,that creamy almost like frosting in,conjunction with the,shortening and almost like light graham,kind of flavor of this airy biscuit,thats a match made in heaven im glad i,thought of this,this is on point you know when you wake,up for breakfast and,youre not really in the mood for real,foodie food,youre just in the mood for maybe,something sweet and,easy to eat and not a massive portion,either and thats exactly what this,delivers,i need to put a little bit of this in,here,sweetened condensed milk food of the,gods,seems to be the right thing to do to,knead the packaging i think it kind of,separates a little bit,oh look at this ones pretty dark check,this out,yeah that one thats interesting,nothing wrong with it cant hurt you,when it slightly oxidizes like that,they give you the perfect amount they,really do,look at all those tasty looking biscuits,so stata not bad,that definitely adds a nice,lightening color to the very,almost thin hot chocolate its not what,im used to,but say you dont like your hot,chocolate creamy and,sweet and more of just like a chocolate,drink the other way is the way to go but,this here,oh yeah that and i didnt add too much,this is just right its still not overly,sweet,but it brings out the flavor of the,chocolate makes it seem more you know of,course creamy the sweetened condensed,milk really does that its a little more,bold before it seemed almost like,watered down might have been a perfect,portion for like five ounces of hot,water,thats one of the best things you could,ever eat you know you could,i cant stop im like having a hard time,going to the next component but,lets wash it down with some of these,oral rehydration salts,oh wow thats very light on flavor no,sugar,just a light lemon oil essence high in,electrolyte content,perfect for you when you wake up in the,morning slightly dehydrated and you need,to,get on the move something like this eat,real quick slightly high sugar content,hmm,wow i didnt even mean to drink all that,so now essentially a trail mix right,here,little pieces of almond oats raisins,with a light amount of honey you can,taste it just slightly,well thats very satisfying i could have,added sweetened condensed milk to this,and some water and made a,nice little cereal but this is less,messy,ill say that you get every bit of it,that way too,but to change things up you could,improvise with this breakfast and do a,lot,the raisins theyre dry but theyre not,sticky,theyre easy to chew into but theyre,dry theyre pretty sweet i taste the,honey and the,raisins as well like everythings been,sprayed with a little bit of honey,gosh thats awesome really balances out,the sweetness of everything else,in this meal so then this chocolate,its like i really dont even want to,bite into it but because its so nice oh,there goes your head,that is a light milk chocolate that,seems very shelf stable,like heat resistant almost waxy wow,lightly sweet look at that it almost,tastes like the chocolate thats inside,of the shell of an m on an m,m oh yeah this is great oh here goes,most of that followed up with all the,trail mix here thats a perfect,combination i have a bite of chocolate,with some of this oh yeah well i gotta,say,breakfast has been amazing this is a,very easy to eat,meal all the way around very enjoyable,the only fault i can find where this is,no spoon thats it they should include a,small spoon,this drink some people could complain,with the say its flavorless and boring,its very refreshing,it seems like the amount of electrolytes,in like two bottles of gatorade,its pretty amazing with no sugar or,food coloring so its very efficient,so that was breakfast thats an awesome,meal right there the only thing i need,to check out real quick,is that toothbrush and also the hand,sanitizer real quick i got to see,maybe a little portion of hand sanitizer,ive never seen that,in any other ration jamipsa,not sparing any quality or expenses so,far,ive got high hopes for lunch and dinner,here i think theyre going to be pretty,good,it has a light interesting kind of smell,to it almost like a citrus smell,now for this toothbrush were going to,want to firmly place in there,because otherwise theyll flop off look,at that,hmm wintergreen,medium bristle an efficient toothbrush,wow this is great,not bad so in about three to four hours,im gonna come back with lunch,all right now were back with lunch here,menu,a2,[Applause],all right so this one we have a,another content sheet same thing as the,last time,instructions on the s bit and whatnot,fluoride toothpaste right off the bat,here,then a chicken pasta soup,oh hey look at these you have four of,them,isotonic vitamin c beverage base,l-arginine l-tartrate amino acids and,yeah not bad vitamin c also has,electrolytes,a little five grams what are the vitamin,c again twelve hundred,fifty percent of your daily value,of vitamin c and each one of these packs,thats 5 000,of your daily value of vitamin c and,thats decent,and then a quince cream twins is a,kind of fruit quince cream its its,like quince jam,another hand sanitizer all right now,water purification tablets you get two,of them,squid and ink,th

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