1. *Top Gun* was a TOP Movie!!❤️ | First Time Watching!
  2. Kelly McGillis Brutally Honest Take On Her Top Gun: Maverick Exclusion
  3. Berlin – Take My Breath Away (Official Video – Top Gun)
  4. Honest Trailers | Top Gun: Maverick
  5. TOP GUN: MAVERICK | FIRST WATCH | Reaction & Commentary | This movie HITS!!!
  6. Lady Gaga – Hold My Hand (From “Top Gun: Maverick”) [Official Music Video]
  7. Top Gun: Maverick Is SUPERIOR To The Original In EVERY WAY! | SPOILER REVIEW

*Top Gun* was a TOP Movie!!❤️ | First Time Watching!

[Music] hey guys I hope everyones having an  awesome day so far today Im going to be doing  ,a video that Im actually very excited about  because I used to love planes I used to be  ,very into aircrafts and learning about them so  today were watching the original Top Gun from  ,1986. so I havent seen this film before  but I do know from what I can recall that  ,Tom Cruise plays a fighter pilot who seems to  be pretty rebellious and kind of like he just  ,does whatever he wants and I guess thats the  entire plot of the movie Im assuming theres  ,like an actual story but thats all I know about  Top Gun but yeah I really like plane so maybe Ill  ,be able to identify some of the planes in here  I dont really know anything else about this  ,movie but I know it is a classic and everyone  has been waiting for it so lets get into it  ,but before we do if you are new to the channel  thank you so much for being here I really really  ,hope you enjoy it and if by the end of the  video you do and want to see more my filling  ,commentary as well as full-length reviews every  joke comment everything completely unedited will  ,be down below in the description in my patreon  so if youre interested in checking that out  ,please do so without further Ado lets get  into the 1986 action movie starrings Tom  ,Cruise Top Gun but before we continue I want to  thank the sponsor for todays video hellofresh,hellofresh is a meal prep service that not only  makes cooking faster but it makes cleanup easier  ,and is better on your pocket than buying in  store if you have a family like mine where this  ,holiday season is filled with non-stop cooking  cleaning and hosting hellofresh makes cooking  ,super quick with their quick and easy options  and easy cleanup dishes this makes cooking so  ,simple and quick and with each dish having  pre-portioned ingredients you can skip your  ,trip to the grocery store and spend more time  with your loved ones this holiday season and  ,hypothetically speaking if you dont only want  cooking grass recipes and just want dishes that  ,will help with hosting youll find everything  you need at hello Fresh Market from desserts  ,to charcuterie boards its never been easier  to prep for a party so if youre interested in  ,having hellofresh make your holiday season just  a bit easier go to hellofresh.com and use code  ,vikunya 21 for 21 free meals plus free shipping  Ill say it one more time for 21 free meals plus  ,free shipping go to hellofresh.com and use  code vicunia 21 for 21 free meals thank you  ,hellofresh for sponsoring this video and helping  make this holiday season just a bit easier foreign,[Music]  ,were going to do this in three two one go its  pretty strange because Ive heard both good things  ,and bad things about this movie A lot of people  say that its very overrated a lot of people say  ,its a classic so I will be the judge of that  already has an 80s feel listen to the song look  ,at this font so 80s on March 3rd 1969 the United  States Navy established an elite school for the  ,top one percent of the pilots his purpose was to  teach the Lost Art of aerial combat and ensure  ,that a handful of men who graduated were the best  fighter pilots in the world they succeeded today  ,the Navy calls it fighter weapon School the  Flyers call it Top Gun the topists of the gun  ,Bell kilmers in this from what I know about this  movie I know that there is an actual like elite  ,school for Pilots Im gonna need to stare at the  planes for a little bit to see if I can get them,[Music] whoa listen to this  80s rock song heck yeah,look at how beautiful that Beast is and youre  telling me you dont like planes look at how  ,sick they look theyre so cool present day  wheres our boy Tommy Cruz whos up there  ,cougar and Merlin and Maverick talk to me goes  clean them in front Im gonna break Heinrich see  ,if hes really alone theres two of us youve  got me one Im going after mid two hes coming  ,around hes coming around on our tail this  pokeys all over me why why are they fighting  ,is this training exercise I dont know theyre  kind of serious about it Im going for Mr luck,going home spoke is all over me miss a luck  on me do I have permission to fire the perfect  ,firing position hes right on Cougars  tail yeah I heard a lot of these stunts  ,were done by actual like professionals and stuff  clearly but that these a lot of these movements  ,were done like its Theres No Effects I  mean its the 80s they typically really  ,didnt have effects yeah these these stunts  were all done apparently which is awesome,watch the birdie your tail is clear did  they hit too many Gs or something what  ,happened were running low on  gas we gotta get out of here  ,were on Vapor cougar you gotta you gotta breathe  man you gotta breathe you gotta do the breathing  ,the wait youre not hitting in jeans I dont  know whats happening actually we are way low  ,on gas you understand me Maverick youre in  three quarters in trouble so what can you do,what were going after cougar but you dont  have fuel what are you gonna do you have to  ,yell at him Ghost Rider you are instructed to  land the guy behind him must be terrified hes  ,like oh my God hes freaking out what do  I do youre okay cougars the horror sounds  ,to walk in the park buddy pull up cougar  almost there I dont know if he can land  ,it he has to land it hes not he cant land it  that is an extremely short Runway how did they  ,land that without blowing up how did they land  that without severe damage to the plane sorry,from kids sir Im a star from them  today Ive never even seen him so  ,hes resigning I guess at least he knows his  limits and thats whats important cougar thanks  ,Maverick are these all their last names or are  they nicknames I dont know Eric you just did  ,an incredibly Brave thing thats stupid what  you should have done was land your plane son  ,your ego is writing checks your body cant cash  I got another problem here I gotta send somebody  ,from this Squadron to Miramar you two characters  are going to Top Gun you screw up just this much  ,youll be flying a cargo plane full of rubber dog  [ __ ] out of Hong Kong see I feel like hes gonna  ,screw up a lot and then theyre just not gonna do  anything about it theres no way in the military  ,that they would do this ever the whole thing  about the military is the authority you need to  ,be able to listen to authority figures you need to  take orders and if you cant you will not make it  ,long story short I was going to be in the  Air Force but they were like no you have  ,bad lungs and heart so like I know a  lot about it Top Gun was created to  ,teach ACM air combat maneuvering  dog fighting excuse me a hard-on,Vietnam dont tease me we know whos hooking up  here to our commanding officer at Top Gun who  ,will not find a finer fighter pilot anywhere in  the world except for me Commander Mike Medcalf  ,Ill sign Piper you are the top one percent the  elite well make it better thats pretty cool  ,were going to teach you to fly the F-14 right  to the edge of the envelope Tom Cruise has such  ,a baby face I think its a chubby cheeks the best  driver in his real from each class has his name  ,on it you think your names gonna be on that  plaque yes sir cocky arrogance doesnt get you  ,anywhere stop it I like that there are no points  for second place dismissed theres theres so like  ,a thing look at him he had his arm around him he  was so about to kiss him this is what I call it,sunglasses indoors what a what a g thats  the way it flies ice cold no mistakes you  ,can tell hes ice cold by his sunglasses hey hey  slider I thought you wanted to be a pilot man  ,what happened whose butt did you get to get  in here so youre flying with Iceman huh Mr  ,Iceman to you why do all military men always  speak the same Ill smack talk each other  ,you need any help with what whos the best  pilot no I think I can figure that one out  ,on my own you like to work alone they were 

Kelly McGillis Brutally Honest Take On Her Top Gun: Maverick Exclusion

kelly mcgillis has mostly retreated from,the spotlight since co-starring in the,blockbuster action flick top gun however,fans were still baffled when the actress,was excluded from the upcoming sequel so,was mcgillis upset by the snub the,answer may surprise you the much,anticipated top gun maverick will soon,be soaring into theaters and based on,early reviews its already shaping up to,be one of the summers biggest hits as,of may 2022 the film is sitting at a,whopping 97 on rotten tomatoes based on,over 100 reviews with critics saying the,film surpasses its predecessor in wildly,entertaining style only time will tell,how the general public reacts but it,looks like its got promise set 30 years,after the original top gun maverick sees,the return of plenty of familiar faces,as well as a few new ones of course tom,cruise is set to return as pete maverick,mitchell a top navy test pilot and,flight school instructor also reprising,his top gun role is val kilmer as iceman,now the commander of the u.s pacific,fleet who sends maverick on a,specialized mission training a group of,top gun graduates but one major,character fans will surely miss is,mavericks original love interest,charlie played by kelly mcgillis,although she played a large role in the,first top gun charlie is noticeably,missing from the sequel in a surprising,move mcgillis was not asked to return,for the sequel instead jennifer connolly,is set to star alongside tom cruise as,mavericks new love interest miguel has,said that while she didnt know the 51,year old connolly she was glad that,connolly got the opportunity overall it,doesnt seem mcgillis holds any hard,feelings for the actor stepping in,however she did not hold back when et,asked her if she was contacted to appear,in the new film saying oh my god no,they did not and nor do i think they,would ever,mcgillis went on to add im old and im,fat and i look age-appropriate for what,my age is and that is not what that,whole scene is about she was also asked,if she was attending any of the films,promotional events to which she replied,you know what i dont know how to answer,that because one it hasnt happened two,if and when it did happen i would have,to assess where i am what im doing,whats going on she went on to express,support for connolly in her new role,though its clear the actress holds,hollywood beauty standards in low regard,in an interview with insider a couple of,weeks before top gun mavericks premiere,director joseph kozinski gave his side,of the story as to why mcgillis and meg,ryan werent brought back in top gun,ryan played carol wife of mavericks,wingmen goose played by anthony edwards,while it might make sense why charlie,wouldnt be brought back since maverick,has a new love interest carols absence,is more questionable since so much of,top gun maverick is about maverick,training gooses son rooster kuczynski,explained to insider i didnt want every,storyline to always be looking backwards,it was important to introduce some new,characters instead of bringing back,charlie top gun maverick will focus on,mavericks relationship with his new,love interest as well as his,relationships with rooster and iceman,since top gun premiered in 1986 kelly,mcgillis continued appearing in,occasional film and tv projects,throughout the 1990s and 2000s she,appeared as colonel jillian davis in,season 5 of the l word in 2008 and she,had a guest starring role on the 2020,series dirty john however mcgillis days,as a top-built star are long behind her,and thats by design in the same,interview with e.t mcgillis spoke about,her shift in priorities since the top,gun days when she initially decided to,stop pursuing acting projects she did so,in order to spend time with her two,daughters and to focus on her sobriety,describing her life as an actress,migolas told et it was very challenging,for me to have any kind of sense of self,or self-identity or real self-worth,other than what i did for a living,mcgillis didnt have one moment of,realization that led to a change she,described it as more of a gradual shift,in priorities while she continued to,love acting especially for theater her,relationships with her loved ones became,more important as of 2013 mcgillis was,living in hendersonville north carolina,where she was teaching at a small acting,studio in an interview with yahoo,mcgillis had this to say about her,current life i live a quiet little life,i live in a log cabin on top of the hill,in north carolina and it is lovely check,out one of our newest videos right here,plus even more looper videos about,upcoming movies and tv shows are coming,soon subscribe to our youtube channel,and hit the bell so you dont miss a,single one,you

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Berlin – Take My Breath Away (Official Video – Top Gun)

(smooth synthesizer music),♪ Watching every motion in my foolish lovers game ♪,♪ On this endless ocean, finally lovers know no shame ♪,♪ Turning and returning to some secret place inside ♪,♪ Watching in slow motion as you turn around and say ♪,♪ Take my breath away ♪,♪ Take my breath away ♪,♪ Watching, I keep waiting, still anticipating love ♪,♪ Never hesitating to become the fated ones ♪,♪ Turning and returning to some secret place to hide ♪,♪ Watching in slow motion as you turn to me and say ♪,♪ My love, take my breath away ♪,♪ Through the hourglass, I saw you ♪,♪ In time, you slipped away ♪,♪ When the mirror crashed, I called you ♪,♪ And turned to hear you say ♪,♪ If only for today ♪,♪ I am unafraid ♪,♪ Take my breath away ♪,♪ Take my breath away ♪,(smooth synthesizer music continues),♪ Watching every motion in this foolish lovers game ♪,♪ Haunted by the notion somewhere theres a love in flames ♪,♪ Turning and returning to some secret place inside ♪,♪ Watching in slow motion as you turn my way and say ♪,♪ Take my breath away ♪,♪ My love, take my breath away ♪,♪ My love, take my breath away ♪,♪ My love, take my breath away ♪

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Honest Trailers | Top Gun: Maverick

[Music],from the only movie star whos resisted,the cult of superhero movies because you,know one at a time comes a smash hit,full of real planes real sets and real,action he may have really started a war,at the end there guy takes his craft,that seriously,top gun,maverick,tom cruise returns in his iconic role as,maverick for a film about how tom i mean,maverick may be old the future is coming,and youre not in it but i mean maverick,wont go down that easy you kind of set,it for extinction maybe so sorry,but not today because tom i mean,maverick refuses to die no matter how,many dumb stunts top or mav pulls for,mission impossible or the navy or,whatever,teachers have been telling us their jobs,are hard for years but now a blockbuster,will make their complaints look,interesting watch maverick have to teach,the next generation of full-grown adults,who go by their gamer tags phoenix,hangman playback fanboy to forget going,by the book,forget playing by the rules its,dogfight football offense and defense at,the same time and you know what just,forget thinking entirely lifes easier,that way dont think just do dont think,just do dont think just do it dont,think,just do what the hell were you even,thinking you told me not to think,as he teaches his students the most,important lesson of all if you ever get,in big trouble call your bosss boss to,yell at them you get yourself in trouble,iceman makes a call,and youre back in the air for reasons,known only to the almighty and your,guardian angel,youve been called back to top gun thank,you for your service daddy,speaking of nepotism maverick will take,gooses son rooster under his wing hes,determined to follow in his fathers,footsteps and entire face but first he,must let go of blaming maverick for his,fathers death and maverick must make,lieutenant rooster less of a,increase to 500 knots negative yale hold,your speed rooster relate with 20,seconds behind and drop it come on,rooster you got him drop down and take,the shot,too late you had your chance,damn it yeah rooster is a pretty lame,call sign but its still miles better,than bradley bradshaw bradley bradshaw,math brad brad and the rest of the gang,have just three weeks to pull off,mission extremely difficult your target,is an impact point less than three,meters wide between two mountains,assuming you avoid crashing into this,mountain youll climb straight up into,enemy radar while losing all of your,airspeed to the point where using killer,drones seems like the more humane choice,yikes but if you want to end your movie,with the high stakes dog fight you cant,go wrong with watching pilots zoom,through a canyon trench staying low,under the enemy guns and aircraft,launching a precision guided missile,down the ventilation shaft of an enemy,doomsday weapon without the use of their,targeting system and surviving thanks to,the last second intervention of a cocky,bad boy even though all they really did,was kick off a much bigger conflict in,the next one the reveal of mig-29 was,secretly mavericks father yet,enjoy the rare legacy sequel that,actually works by weaving callbacks and,characters into the story instead of,forcing in cameos and references wait,you can do that i didnt friend no,ghosts like maverick buzzing the tower,to save the jobs of his colleagues,bringing back iceman but evolving their,relationship and the return of kelly,mcgillis no and the return of meg ryans,photograph because ew the love interest,actually aged in the last 36 years,instead of whatever it is tom cruise,does to spit in the face of death,lets just pretend that one line about,the admirals daughter is jennifer,connolly now penny phew that was close,almost considered my own mortality for a,sack,so strap in for the ultimate jets go,vroom spectacle,thats been called out by the woke mob,for being blatant military propaganda,but they are just butthurt because,america is number one we do nothing,wrong and we have no problems whatsoever,now wheres the recruiting booth i want,to play some topless beach football,uss,uss usms,starring,captain america the sprinter soldier my,name is bradley bradshaw you kill my,father prepare to fly hulk smashed,d,ck,pullman,phoenix flight ace aviator,lawrence of arabia,sad martign,depression is caused by the souls of,dead aliens admiral,dick seaman,when they open the movie with danger,zone nice when they dont play take my,breath away damn and g4 sing out a big,dumb,[Music],hotshots part crews,people wasted all this time arguing over,what country they bombed when the real,enemy was right in front of us the whole,time birds,bird strike first strike,tom cruise has been in movies since 1981,and hes put up some serious numbers on,screen we watched every film hes ever,made to bring you his total career,running stats hang time and every one of,his characters actual height click the,link in the description or the thumbnail,on the right to watch a brand new,episode of by the numbers tom cruise,uh-oh snapping back to reality oops,there goes gravity moms spaghetti,its my money and i need it now,wonder boy what is the secret of your,power,i made a milkshake and all the boys,showed up in my yard

TOP GUN: MAVERICK | FIRST WATCH | Reaction & Commentary | This movie HITS!!!

okay friends whats up how are you,welcome or welcome back to my channel if,youre new here hey Im Chanel whats,good Im your resident well be watching,BFF this is the channel where we watch,movies together because were best,friends and I just let you know whats,going on the whole time in my noisy,noisy little brain as Im watching these,movies Im a student of film in that I,am watching them for you and were,dissecting them from a little bit of a,filmmaking perspective I say a little,bit because I didnt go to film school,so this is my film school any,who,um today we are watching Top Gun,Maverick from 2022. I basically failed,miserably at getting to see this in,theaters and everyones texting me like,you gotta go you gotta go they know me,my friends know me really well and,theyre like telling me I have to go,so maybe a little part of my psyche knew,that I needed to screen this for the,YouTube channel so Ive watched Top Gun,1986 on the channel before it was a,re-watch I had seen it before but it had,been like a decade so I felt comfortable,enough to watch it again I had forgotten,a ton in it and now were doing top gun,Maverick a sequel I love a sequel on the,channel I have no problems with sequels,I have no problems when they rehash an,old plotline I almost expect it and I,cant wait for it top gun Maverick what,do I know Im hoping to Dear God that,they ring the songs back so I want to,hear you nose that love and feeling I,want to hear that one I want to hear,Great Balls of Fire I could be wrong or,I could not be wrong is Tom Cruise a,teacher now maybe I think hes a teacher,and I think Miles Teller is playing,Gooses son maybe that those are my two,guesses slash not really guesses because,Im pretty sure someone would have told,me those things take it up with them am,I right other than that Im affecting,ego ego ego ego Top Gun is a Macho Man,movie it is very Macho Im expecting men,to get another mens faces and do a lot,of close talking like youre dangerous,but you could be my wingman any day,you know stuff like that Im hoping for,more shirtless Beach picks pics,Im looking for more shirtless beach,scenes I just hope that they make a,really Earnest Blockbuster popcorn flick,while also hammering on the cheese,please give me callbacks to all that we,make fun of Top Gun for I said it in my,first watch Im saying again like I love,how corny Top Gun can be and my golly,gee without further Ado lets get right,into todays video which is,Im getting really Im getting so,excited theres like emotion drumming up,behind my eyes,why am I having this reaction which I,just feel like theres a before and,after like theres a before top gun,Maverick and then theres an after and,Im about to Im about to know,oh my God okay,um without further Ado lets get right,into todays video which is top 10,Maverick from 2020.,oh my God it already sounds like the,original,this is how the original opens,I have a lot Im like really excited,March 3rd 1969.,so the first one opens,men and women,I dont know if the original included,women I dont remember I think it said,men only,Connolly I love her I I remember she was,in this shes so beautiful John Hamm,guys this is gonna be a lot for me this,is gonna be a lot,its the song this is exactly how the,first one opens I am unwell I am not,okay right now,the more repeat scenes we can get the,better,[Music],and that is the back of Tommy boys head,Goosey oh my God bring Meg Ryan back,please thank God please,[Music],I have a full body Trails its my,favorite thing that happens,the glasses the bike,is this about to be my new favorite,movie of all time,the contract threshold is mach 10. mach,10 is supposed to be in two months,todays test point is mach 9. well,thats not good enough,he says who,its one of those beautiful wide shots,Ive ever,skipmark 10. oh Maverick not following,the rules,again at 10.1 not 10.2 Mach 10. rear,Admiral Chester King,just pulled up to the gate you know what,happens to you if you go through with,this fired,increased to my 3.5,okay all right Im starting to,understand mock must mean speed or power,or something you care to explain,transitioning to script well his names,Maverick and he doesnt follow the rules,this is where weve had trouble with,concert its the Earths curvature what,a silly freaking goose,Goose remember Goose R.I.P 8.9,Mach 9.,he was supposed to only hit nine today,and this mother said think again 10.,come on just do it just give it to him,its Tom Cruise,[Applause],suck it government,s,I swear to God is this like the greatest,character in cinematic history or what,[Music],Maverick,how many millions of dollars did he just,destroy,[Music],that was intense that was so intense and,so,wonderful where am I,you should be at least a two-star,Admiral by now yet here you are why is,that,at the Need for Speed for a reason its,not only to the almighty and your,guardian angel youve been called back,to Top Gun,can we hear it,its a little bit of percussion,gorgeous gorgeous this movie is so,beautifully shot did we expect anything,less your reputation precedes you hey,thank you sir,John hambone must admit I wasnt,expecting an invitation back theyre,called orders Maverick,Im not familiar that is one hell of a,steep climb out of there its a dog,fight on the way home Im not sure who I,trust to fly the other three but Ill,find a way to make it work I think you,misunderstand Captain sir we dont want,you to fly it we want you to teach it,theyll fly the mission,oh no rooster and goose,k.a rooster I understand he used to fly,with his old man what was his call sign,Goose goose sir Im not a teacher this,is so beautiful look at this colosa you,are not my first choice in fact you,werent even on a list,you were here at the request John Hamm,mean he seems to think that you have,something left to offer the Navy what,that is I cant imagine mean Macho,energy what did I say what did I say,repeat,Penny its not Charlie as improbable as,it seems right now somehow youll be,back in a fighter,like Im in shock right now this is some,of the best lens work Ive ever seen in,a movie like the best cinematography,okay,reignite an old flame Im down Im ready,her names Penny lets do it,fellas this heres Bag Man hang man,whatever is that baby Iceman who are,your friends payback Fanboy Hey Coyote,hey,so much Macho energy and there are women,Im obsessed with this they included a,lady,[Music],show me,yes,its good to see you good to see you too,yes Trace hangman the only place youll,lead anyone is an early grave,you are dangerous,I just love this the fuel,well thats just you and rooster,where are they using each others name,so much like a threat rooster,[Applause],its not no hes not no hes not gonna,do it,[Applause],what overboard does he have to go in the,water,uh just on the sand okay,I knew he was gonna do Great Balls of,Fire I [ __ ] knew it,fbcs full body chills,look at the film grain,chills on my face,they went for it in this movie they went,for it they said were not going to,spare you anything were gonna give you,the flashbacks because they didnt have,to do this they dont have to use any,archival footage they could just have,MAV looking at young rooster and be like,wow I remember dad,Im so emotional,whoa gorgeous now more than ever comes,down to the man or woman in the Box,man or woman ladies,I give you Captain Pete Mitchell,call sign,Maverick,oh does he blame him Im assuming you,know the book inside and out damn right,yeah thats right you got it,foreign,but what the enemy doesnt know good,dialogue below if you have he goes hard,trying to get kicked out dont worry,about it but if you get kicked out you,leave us flying with hangman he pulled,my application in the Naval Academy why,would he do that,to protect me that could have got all,three of you killed I never want to see,that [ __ ] again I loved it do that again,and how to strike the Target and how to,come home,thats who hey hows your dad whos his,wife in Hawaii mom,mys single I can help,yay love story time lets go,take me

Lady Gaga – Hold My Hand (From “Top Gun: Maverick”) [Official Music Video]

♪ 當你說需要我時 ♪,♪ 牽起我的手吧 一切都會變好 ♪,♪ 藍天默默捎來音信 從前這裡烏雲密佈 ♪,♪ 抱緊我 讓我分擔你臂彎的疼痛 ♪,♪ 很痛苦吧 為何不早點說出來 ♪,♪ 當你說需要我時 在流血吧 ♪,♪ 不必勉強自己揭舊傷疤 ♪,♪ 但如果你決定分享 我願一生與你共進退 ♪,♪ 此生都不會放手 ♪,♪ 所以盡情放聲大哭吧 ♪,♪ 只要不放開手就可以 ♪,♪ 想哭就哭吧 ♪,♪ 我會理解你的全部 不會離開 ♪,♪ 答應我 牽住我的手 ♪,♪ 抬起頭 凝視這雙眼眸中的希冀吧 ♪,♪ 恐懼總會消散 靜候時間治癒 ♪,♪ 你現在看不見的一切 我都能看得一清二楚 ♪,♪ 禱告將獲得應答 上帝會指引方向 ♪,♪ 當你說需要我時 在流血吧 ♪,♪ 不必勉強自己揭舊傷疤 ♪,♪ 但如果你決定分享 我願一生與你共進退 ♪,♪ 此生都不會放手 ♪,♪ ♪,♪ 所以盡情放聲大哭吧 ♪,♪ 只要不放開手就可以 ♪,♪ 想哭就哭吧 ♪,♪ 我會理解你的全部 不會離開 ♪,♪ 答應我 牽住我的手 ♪,♪ 牽住我的手 緊緊地 ♪,♪ 牽住我的手 緊緊地 ♪,♪ 我就在這裡 牽住我的手 ♪,♪ 牽住我的手 緊緊地 ♪,♪ 牽住我的手 緊緊地 ♪,♪ 我就在這裡 牽住我的手 ♪,♪ ♪,♪ 你的驚懼痛苦 我統統都明白 ♪,♪ 可是永遠別放棄自己 ♪,♪ 有個女孩 她曾如此說 ♪,♪ 說我會再次感到快樂 ♪,♪ ♪,♪ 牽住我的手 ♪,♪ 牽住我的手 ♪,♪ 牽住我的手 用力牽住 ♪,♪ 牽住我的手 用力牽住 ♪,♪ 牽住我的手 ♪,♪ 藍天默默捎來音信 ♪,♪ ♪

Top Gun: Maverick Is SUPERIOR To The Original In EVERY WAY! | SPOILER REVIEW

well i can definitely say that this film,gave me the need,the need,for speed so i just saw top gun maverick,and this film,is absolutely,incredible it is by far the superior top,gun film everything about this film is,better directed better edited better,shot better looking better acted than,the original top gun but even still it,pays so much respect to the original top,gun like the opening sequence of this,film is just the opening sequence of the,original top gun the film itself,narratively is just the original top gun,but its done in a way similar to the,force awakens but also much better than,say force awakens where it pays respect,to the legacy of top gun it pays respect,to the characters of top gun namely,maverick because obviously the film is,named top gun maverick and it is,narratively the progression of the,original top gun its just that overall,its just done in such a spectacular way,tom cruises maverick is just incredible,i mean its tom cruise tom cruise is,just hes so good there is a reason why,tom cruise is one of the best action,stars movie stars of all time because,even nowadays and like hes nearing his,60s and hes still releasing quality,films and he is still giving quality,performances in these films he is just,insane i mean he appears on screen and,he hasnt missed a beat he is still,maverick yes this is an older maverick,but tom cruise is still channeling,maverick in his performance hes still,really charming and charismatic but also,because he is much more older and wiser,and learned it does feel very impactful,when he is teaching these young group of,cadets to go on this dangerous mission,its really great stuff and thats also,another aspect of the film i really,enjoyed was the cadets the team that he,teaches in top gun to do this deadly and,dangerous mission the dynamic all the,cadets had with each other was fantastic,and seeing maverick take on the position,of a teacher was really well done its,funny the more i think about this film,the more i think this is like the,perfect legacy film and look not to go,on a massive tangent about star wars or,anything but looking at this film its,kind of crazy to me how the force,awakens wasnt something like this where,you bring back mark hamill as luke,skywalker and he has a jedi academy of,all these young jedi and he trains them,to be stronger and a more cohesive unit,like how was this like,i dont know star wars tangent aside,this film is great i love the teacher,student dynamic maverick has with the,younger cadets and the younger cadets,are just fantastic young actors and also,seeing mars heller in this was a nice,surprise because you know when a young,and up-and-coming actor becomes,incredibly popular and so they do a,bunch of films and theyre in the,cultural zeitgeist for you know a good,like five six seven years in a row and,then they take a little break from,acting and kind of like wait where did,they go or theyve just been in smaller,projects but still you notice their,absence and then all of a sudden you see,them in a trailer for something and,youre like oh whoa theyre in this,thats cool like i saw miles teller in,the trailer for this and i was like oh,damn mars hell isnt this thats great,and he plays gooses son and,if anything that is one of the emotional,core elements of top gun maverick is the,dynamic between maverick and gooses son,the conflict in their relationship is,the driving force the payoff that,happens in the third act and its just,its so spectacular it all just builds,up to the third act which is just,incredible when they do the mission,successfully but then maverick gets,blown out the sky and you think he said,youre kind of just like wait what and,then you have mars tellers rooster im,pretty sure thats his code name go and,save maverick and then theyre on this,whole sequence where they have to get,into one of the old jets from the,original top gun the f14 and they have,to fly all the way back to their base,ship but then they get attacked its,just such an incredibly thrilling and,exciting and just overall tense climax,its so good and the resolution to their,emotional conflict in the film was also,incredibly satisfying because we find,out that maverick actually pulled,roosters papers from the navy setting,back his career by four years which then,turned rooster against maverick and,thats all because maverick made a,promise to goose his wife that he would,protect rooster and basically keep him,from harm and i really loved the moment,between maverick and jennifer connollys,character penny who was essentially his,love interest for the film basically,telling her the reasoning why rooster,doesnt like maverick and it all boils,down to the fact that gooses wife told,maverick to pull roosters papers from,the navy because she didnt want her son,to die like his father that type of,character work is just really good and,you can see the death of goose really,just haunts tom cruises maverick,throughout the film and that is one of,the real highlights and strengths of top,gun maverick and its the reason why top,gun maverick is better than the original,top gun just because there is much more,emotional stakes and depth to this film,the reason why the third act works so,well is because it is maverick trying to,make amends with the rooster mid combat,and seeing them bond together forming an,almost father-son dynamic a partner,relationship type of thing it is,essentially the rebirth of maverick and,goose and its just really great to see,also val kilmer popping up in this film,as the older iceman was just so,incredibly both nice to see but also,really sad to see because obviously they,worked in val kilmers real life,conditions his throat cancer into the,character of iceman and it is sad to see,almost in a way seeing val kilmer in,this film was really nice but also it is,just sad to see that you know val kilmer,in real life is in pain almost hes aged,a lot its its kind of heartbreaking to,see but the way the film pays homage and,respect to val kilmers iceman and how,he and maverick have such a close,brotherly bond its just it was really,good stuff and yeah from a narrative,point of view it is just the original,top gun but like i said the emotional,core and emotional stakes and the,overall filmmaking makes the narrative,for top gun maverick more compelling i,mean they do still carry over silly,elements from the original top gun like,the unnamed enemy that theyre fighting,but at the end of the day it doesnt,matter because that wasnt really the,point of top gun the point of top gun,was the camaraderie between maverick and,the rest of his team same thing applies,for top gun maverick its all about the,camaraderie between maverick and his,students because i mean yes the film,does pay her march to the original top,gun very heavily i mean they recreate,the volleyball scene but they make it,football on a beach the opening to the,film is just the opening to the original,top gun accompanied with kenny loggins,return of danger zone like its just,its perfect in a way as a nice sort of,remember this type of moment for the,audience but also you sit down in the,cinema you hear those familiar music,cues and you go yep im watching a top,gun sequel though i will say a cardinal,scene of the film is that they dont,play danger zone nearly enough like they,play it once in the beginning and im,like thats a nice cool i march but i,mean we need more of it,to,the,danger zone,and whilst you are watching a sequel to,the original top gun youre also just,watching a better movie i mean the,filmmaking in this is just insane,obviously one of the key selling points,of this film is the combat they shot,inside the actual fighter jets and its,just insane that tom cruise was just,like yep im gonna get all these actors,to go to flight school and theyre gonna,learn how to fly all these jets and,were gonna put camera rigs inside the,jets and,honestly it seems like overkill but,seeing it play out on screen its just,absolutely incredible to w

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