2. Birkenstock Milano unboxing and Review | White Stuff Isla Footbed Sandal | Birkenstock styling
  3. Unreal Cotton you wont believe! Datt White Stuff + Big drip juice review
  4. Datt White Stuff cotton
  5. Girl Protects Boy From Witches Who Want His Body & “White Stuff”
  6. White Stuff Sale Haul, was it a success?


hi guys and Im Rachel Brady and Ive,known vlog about family food and home,and a whole of the load of stuff todays,video is a little challenge I said to,myself because I wanted to stop buying,new clothes so it was something that I,thought of myself and its wearing white,stuff for a week now I didnt manage to,do consecutive days because the whole,coronavirus thing happened on day six,I mean it distracted me so its actually,just seven days of wearing white stuff,only clothes so if that sounds,interesting to you then keep watching hi,guys yeah like I said in the little,intro there and I set myself this,challenge because a white stuff is one,of my favorite shops and I buy a whole,load of stuff from that I didnt realize,quite how much white stuff stuff stuff,I owned its a lot and I could actually,have done another seven days so it might,be part two Ive got a lot of stuff from,that I love it I love the quirkiness oh,there I love the practical nature of the,clothes but that its also colorful and,quite arty and creative seaming if that,makes sense,so also Ive as Ive got older Ive just,learned that if I buy clothes from one,or two shops I find like all the clothes,seem to go with each other so its easy,to kind of create that capsule wardrobe,type effect so yeah without further ado,here are seven outfits purely head to,toe from the white stuff it is Sunday I,look a bit rough cuz Ive got hardly any,makeup on because were going swimming,and this is the first outfit and my,white stuff for a week challenge this is,an old white stuff top I absolutely love,it I kind of forgot about it its,actually like a Jersey t-shirt and then,this,here is more like cotton well theyre,both cotton but this is more like a cozy,shirt material I just really like the,hippie vibe with that its just really,comfy Ive got it ages ago so I doubt it,still available these trousers obsessed,theyre called Roy really think will,break joggers that aint good at the end,can you see I actually looked at my,board and sale recently I am NOT besides,a these are size a and theyre just,about getting away with it its nice to,kept away from in the white stuff I am,definitely like a size tab Id bought,twelve foot in most of the shops on a,size twelve before twelve before from,man had been too big Im a 12 on top,there that this is a 12 yet so these are,called Roy theyre kind of like gray,corduroy joggers its very springy,outside days I think Ill get away with,this without a jacket Ive put my,supercars on that names moist on the,live shoot include shoes in this,challenge but they do stop super got a,white dough and this bag of white stuff,its leather they have this in loads of,different colors it was in the sale,recently its got a really nice lining,and also my earring this turn a white,stuff so they go perfect number one my,week in waster hi it is Monday were,just about to leave for the score on Im,very hot I miss a half a date and then,yeah so day two of wearing white stuff,every day,thats time he came here and around,right so Im going out for lunch I think,with my mom today Im going over to my,mom and dad its her birthday so Im,worried and they way more dressy than,what Ive normally wear on a Monday so,its,no neck under corduroy kind of penny,these are what stuff earrings Im going,to show you it but white stuff tights,Ive actually got white stuff foots on,new types of boots previous elevate,thought this opinion pearl it might be,linked to everything below and and kind,of say when its still available so yeah,thats todays outfit I move it with the,bag that Ive always say which is also,watch stuff hello it is nine oclock Im,going to just go back to the school run,and its Tuesday absolutely took me,outside I have got a list Islam on my,arm as my arm today to do drops and tell,me that child minder yeah kids are,supported shes mean you go and its day,three and my white stuff Bertha this,shirt is so its one of my favorite,thing to wear it all the time its got,like embroidered little stars on and,its got like a frilly detail its,colorless and its got like a roll-back,thing I had like a little button thing,that you can do it like that so Im,wearing it underneath this white stuff,jumper I have worn this jumper to death,since Ive had it about three years ago,I bought it its just like a really nice,then spring/summer jumper again my wife,baggage Im wearing absolutely loads,recently loved it this Im teaming with,these jackets theyre like cool drew a,dragon minecraft not skinny ankle,I actually love these dragons I think,theyre still available I think as I,look to the below Im wearing this black,remit myself and they normally wear,these with really flowery cool socks,because they do way back we know it,sucks sharing these are white stuff,socks actually these are mens white,stuff train yourselves which I find do,come way of showing them but today its,a wheel called rainy day and I just,thought I cant do no todays high so it,is day four of my self-inflicted where,only the white stuff for a week,challenge Im really enjoying it because,its making me really go through my,wardrobe and like remember things yeah I,wear these dungarees a lot they like I,always think of them as like my summary,dungarees theyre a bit like tighter and,also they have like that ripped kind of,frayed ankle which is a little bit more,summery Im going to show you a t-shirt,print thats the t-shirt underneath,because Im layered up and yeah this is,like on my favorite jumpers worn it to,death its all bubbly but I kind of,think jumpers get better when theyre,really old this is like a mustard II,jumper yet with my little purple t-shirt,underneath this morning I just had a,t-shirt underneath my dongers because I,was racing her and Im heart and now,chilly Ive just remembered that Im,wearing white stuff pants hang on let me,show you my pants theyre wise to fans,actually like hi there,it is at Thursday and I think its day,five,I hope Im not getting these day numbers,wrong problem of my white stuff,challenge and today I am going double,denim so double tenon used to be frowned,upon but I actually really like yeah I,saw a picture of Olivia newton-john,yesterday in double denim and she looked,so good and she also had really tousled,messy hair so that was my inspiration,today also Im in a rush yeah I know,iron comes just to say that to you but I,kind of embrace that and this shirt,mmm its white stuff obviously its got,a spots on and little kind of swallow,motifs I wear it loads and today Im,wearing it with jeans like I say double,denim skinny jeans and one of my,favorite ways to find which is these,kind of low to mid heel slightly cowboy,or suede boots Im just gonna pop the,cover down Im sorry Kat to show you,properly so yeah I kind of prove it,after today okay so Im going to show,you four like shots,so yeah its dildo and though I say,embrace the double lemon I really do it,like your brand another bellhops one,somewhere but today Ive been for a walk,with my friend and her son and Im going,to change the boots for my ladies and,should we jump her on which is also a,white stuff Im just going to grab the,jumper show you,hi so they grab the jumper,I mean I really like like a popsicle and,I really likes that one I do like that,and I like a better sharing at the core,and opposed to seeing see the drum pad,its so nice its got like a rib there,its really lovely and I just think it,goes the denim really well and if you,bothered by the Double Diamond thing,then it breaks that up on the website,this is shown really smart with like a,white crisp white surgery and thats,really nice look to youd wear that for,work,so yeah nice todays outfit hi everybody,I dont actually not sure what day is,today I collect it and Im just all,confused now suffice to say this is so,far from consecutive days it could,possibly gap anyway I think its a 5 my,musics okay yeah we are on the corona,virus protein like everybody else and I,just Im spending a lot of time in,placing like inside today I just saw

Birkenstock Milano unboxing and Review | White Stuff Isla Footbed Sandal | Birkenstock styling

welcome back to my channel hope you all,are well and i hope you all are doing,great,today im going to unbox my,birkenstock um milanoo sandals,and i cannot wait to show you guys if,this is the first time of checking on my,channel hello and welcome,i share videos centered around,motherhood lifestyle,reviews hauls and all of that so you,thats kind of content you love watching,i hope you will stick around please do,not forget to,like this video comment down below and,subscribe to my channel,so today im going to you know,show you guys what i just received in,the post,um so i ordered the burking stock,milano shoes and im super excited,in fact i just you know,put my camera on and just had to show,you guys,this quick review because i cant wait,to start wearing it,out and about this summer,so yeah im super excited about it um,okay so,ive got it right here its arrived in,this box,and inside the box is,this one um so the shoes,came in this blue box and um,this one is the milanos sandals i,absolutely love it because its,really chunky and it looks like,you know the chanel dupe but um i cant,even say this is like the channel tube,because um,baking stocks you know having here for,like,ages and they just make brilliant stuff,anyway so yeah i absolutely love these,sandals and i love the color black um i,wish it came in like,all black i feel like it would have been,awesome but im not sure if i i saw it,you know on the website but the only one,i saw,was this one and you know i just had to,take this one but i love it it looks,super cute,um i still need to break into it because,its a bit you know a bit new this is,the natural leather and this one,is the cork um padding,my feet still needs to break into the,shoes because,it just feels a bit tough,and um its not quite comfortable,right now but the more you wear your,backing stocks um,the more your feet kind of you know,adjusts,and aligns with the footbed and,it just you know is more comfortable you,know,in the long run um so this is the back,i havent worn this out yet i just,wanted to make this,video you know and you know show you,guys the shoes,um before i wear it out so you guys can,see its all neat and clean,you know yeah but this is so cute i love,it love love love this style um i cant,even say this is like the chanel tube,because breaking stocks have been around,for ages,and it is birking stock and not like the,chanel dupe,but you could get away with this being,similar,to the chanel um chunky sandals,just like this but i love it and,it is going to be rocked rocks rocked,this summer so yeah im going to show,you guys you know how it looks on my,feet,and um let me know what you guys think,about the milano,sandals okay so this is just the inside,packaging and stuff um so i ordered,my birkenstock in a size eight because,normally i wear like a size 8,42 um but when it arrived it was,so wide like it was so wide its just,ridiculous,so i had to return it and then,i changed that for i think this one,is the size 41 and um,im not sure if this is the 7.5 or if,this is the seven,but this is the 41 so it fits better,um in in the box youll get like a,return,um sleep for free returns i think,and um yeah you also get like your,receipt,and stuff like this okay yeah this is,the 7.5,um size 41 so you have to go down a size,or a half size um for it to fit,your feet and um yeah let me show you,guys how this looks on me,[Music],um,[Music],these gorgeous ones are from white stuff,i absolutely love the color its got,red and then pink underneath,with some gorgeous gorgeous stars inside,these are so nice and soft the padding,is so soft you do not need to break into,these ones,but um they look similar to the,birkenstock,you know sandals this one is super cute,and lets see what is written on here it,just says,um pretty things i like them,a lot and this looks so good,so these ones are 35 pounds,and um my one is lets see the isla,footbed sandal in mid red,so yeah this one also is a size 41 but,this one is,8 41 and,this one feels really snug unlike the,working stocks,um the working stocks you know you have,to,you have a space at the front for your,toes,and space at the back for your heel,but this one fits really strong like my,my tools are like here,and my heel is just around here,so yeah i like these ones as well,um i wasnt going to show you these,sandals but i just thought i should just,you know show you um since im doing,like a similar,content for my birthstock one,um yeah but this one was a pr package,the birkenstock one,i bought it because um i bought it,before i received this one,um simply because it took a long time,for the birkenstock to arrive,from germany um but i like this one,because this ones a different color,so depending on the occasion the outfit,and stuff like that,i can have i can wear this one you know,just,the slipper style and then the,birkenstock is like the sandal style,im going to show you guys the two,[Music],you know shoes in comparison so if you,want to,see how wide or how big they are,then yeah you can have a look at this,one,so these are the two shoes side by side,the working stocks are a little bit,bigger,than the white stuff one and this is,the top okay so this is how wide,the working stock is and this is how the,white stuff one looks,okay so yeah thats like,a little bit of the differences between,the two of them,but i like them for different reasons,i like this one because its got like,the back strap,buckle and you know just different and,then this one,i love this one because this one is,super cute and,different as well,the the birkenstock is just a little bit,taller than,the white stuff one but this is in no,way a comparison between the two,sandals from different ones and they are,unique in their different ways,i just wanted to show you guys you know,so if you want like a birkenstock dupe,you could go for the white stuff one um,[Music],the white stuff one is just a very very,lovely,dupe to the birkenstock one,okay i absolutely love the white stuff,white stuff one because its just a cute,color,um giving me the whole you know vibes,for summer,and this one is more edgy,and you know its a bit more edgy,than this one its edgier than that,one but i love the two of them really,and um this one doesnt have like any,name,brand name or anything on there but this,one has,the birking stock brand name so yeah,that is it for this video,um if you want a like a birkin stock,dupe,that is a lot um more affordable,you can go for white stuff i would,highly recommend this white stuff,sandals or slippers theyre so so good,and um if you want the background stock,of course you can go for the baking,stock,yeah i hope you guys have enjoyed this,video please let me know what you think,about birthing stocks,and if this style is the kind of style,that you would go for,or are you more of the arizona you know,style the one without the straps at the,back,let me know in the comments down below,thank you guys so much for watching i,hope you guys will stick around make,sure,you subscribe to my channel hit the,notification bell so that you can get,instant notifications each time i share,a new video,and i cant wait to see you guys in the,next one

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Unreal Cotton you wont believe! Datt White Stuff + Big drip juice review

[Music],[Applause],hi guys so today Ill be doing a review,on that white soft cotton and the big,drip juice so the big drip juice comes,in four different flavors in 120 milk,bottle filled up with 100 min of juice,ready for to Nick shots it comes in a,blue raspberry a raspberry mojito the,tropical juice and a lemon cake now,havent tried these flavors yet so find,out later on in the video what they like,[Music],all right so today Ill be using that,white stuff the only cotton I actually,enjoy using for a couple of reasons,which Ill talk to you about so the,first reason is it is really fluffy and,the most absorbent cotton you can find,[Music],where Ive used other Cottons Im not,going to name any and vape at a higher,wattage it dries out very quickly and,will give you a slight burn taste but,with this stuff,I can generally get 50-knot up towards,30 hits on it without having to change,the cotton or read rip so this coin is a,hundred percent organic made in the USA,so it doesnt contain any pesticides or,any additives is just pure organic,cotton,[Music],[Applause],thats that pressure drip top,I said many hits we can get,[Music],lets take a quick look at a car so I,started to go dry a little bit but,theres still quite a lot of juice all,over it so I still still kicking out,great flavor,[Applause],[Music],still no joy here bomb start its about,a light headed so you can see that,cotton is bone dry absolutely bone dry,the flavor is slowly decreasing but Im,not getting any taste off the cotton yet,lets keep going right so Ive now tied,at the flavors at about him to sin and,shes still getting no taste Accords,[Music],right there we go finally all starting,to get a little bit of Thai so calm,[Music],right I been a week since I made the,start of the video so I week later and,Ill make these duties quite a lot but,for about 50 min each one my two,favorites right where mojito and lemon,cake and the reason is a love lemon cake,cant go wrong with them gives you the,new citrus aftertaste as well and the,right groomer heat I was a real burst of,flavor and in the leaves you with a lime,aftertaste which is really nice blue,raspberry really good just your standard,blue raspberry with a slight call to it,the same with your tropical theres no,real burst of explosion there but an Eau,de Vie nonetheless really nice juices,well guys if you found this video,helpful or educational drop us a like,and a subscribe and if your now if any,questions or anything just drop down in,the comments and well get back to you,see you on the next video,[Music]

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Datt White Stuff cotton

whats up guys its me Im back and I,havent changed my shirt so today Im,gonna be talking about something,completely different of what Im used to,be talking were gonna talk about cotton,you will know from my previous videos,that Im a huge fan of cotton bacon so,but but then again Im quite new Im a,noob so just like you guys so Ive never,heard of these ones so Im actually on,Instagram,someone actually falling in sibron oh by,the way I got a follower it was a,marketing stunt most likely from debt,white stuff you got a lot that the way,these these guys like named their,products so that white stuff its,organic cotton made in in the USA and it,looks a little bit like cotton bacon so,I was curious about what it was because,Ive never heard of them and now this,the probably say oh these guys have been,on forever except Exeter well you know,you know theres a lot of stuff I mean,your future fan of cotton bacon and,Japanese cotton as well but so I wanted,to give it a try so I actually got a,little packet and then Im gonna keep,giving a test in terms of how quick does,it absorb and how much does actually it,maintains the liquid how much it,moisture it maintains on itself so Im,gonna you know turn the camera on to my,bench and well see how this goes,[Music],okay,so there we go dead white stuff I love,the name and if you open it it comes,with ten stripes of of cotton and first,impression is it is a stiff kind of,cotton so I wonder if this is gonna be,like [ __ ] it out or even getting into,the coils and the side and for the past,we are having my venue by pulse the f80,and I put see if this actually focus,there you know so I have nichrome,parallel coils reading at 0.8 so what,Im gonna do is Im gonna cut all second,of it were going to wick it and do some,tests on it so just bear with me and so,actually um lets how this goes,because I have or at the 0.3 millimeter,diameter so hopefully it would be easy,with this [ __ ] cut out,you go,well it is easy to put in what I want to,try and pull it if I can zoom this in a,little bit so you guys kind of have a,better view,[Music],Im gonna try and pull it because with,certain cotton is once you start pulling,it it starts tearing itself apart and,this one actually offers some good,resistance which is a good thing so nice,so Im gonna give it a tug both legs on,each side good oh by the way the RDA,that Im using is the Widowmaker the,vendee pipe Widowmaker and there is a,reason why I chose this one because the,the well capacity is actually not that,tall like for example with the drop dead,so Im wondering how quick will the,cotton start absorbing it before it,starts leaking it out from the air vents,so I cannot get some thought into this,actually so well in terms of putting it,into the the coil it does I do like it,because it offers some resistance to,pull it looks dense and now lets try,and flush this thing out so they go I,just dont know if the lights a little,bit just just to make it easy you know,what Im gonna do is Im gonna start,fluffing it out so it does come out with,it but you feel a little bit of,resistance coming coming from the cotton,which is a good thing,at least for me so Im doing this to see,if I can actually like all week on this,cotton and on these coils should learn,not to put with the RDA on it with the,lid okay so so let me put this how to,focus,and were gonna because on my stronk,model I have the white chocolate mocha,from barista brew which is as you all,know the flavor that I am completely,addicted to were gonna see how quickly,does this actually absorb whats up,[Music],still quite wireless get a cotton stems,to go for a transparent color so this,one actually takes a little bit longer,to absorb now lets spank it out,[Music],pull it on and put in,[Music],yeah Im gonna be doing this at 80 watts,and lets see how this goes right so,there you go off to live with liquids,clunk a little bit a couple of times and,lets how this retains the liquid so,flavor is good its still good have no,complaints about the flavor but I,noticed that it is taking some time to,soak it all up to them getting a little,bit of spit back so Im gonna give a,couple of puffs and I want to just let,it run and see how long does that should,we take that the juice in yes,its having difficulties absorbing,everything it might have been because,Ive been put a little bit too much but,lets see how much actually takes until,it you start getting a dry hit nice it,retains a lot so this is something Ive,already suspected because Ive used this,before theres as youve noticed that,the package is very open its the big,plus I have for the that white stuff is,that it just takes some time to absorb,all the liquid unlike the other cotton,by the cotton bacon and all the other,ones so its a bit of ima call it a big,oh say its a corn but the capacity that,this thing has to retain juices its,like you can go on this like puffs after,puffs after puffs you just dont get it,right it it just retains a whole heap of,liquid is absorbing right its a small,turbine right but its capacity right,its really high and at least for me one,of the things I do like is getting,and Ive never had to break it with that,way so you can see you can just go on,and on and on so yep this is one of us,may it please the week or more so they,go guys that like stuff I recommend it,gets my seal of approval and theyre,nice guys actually is like quite active,in the community so give it a try and,theyre actually not that expensive at,all so thats it for me this week so,happy vaping see you all next week,[Music]

Girl Protects Boy From Witches Who Want His Body & “White Stuff”

Anime Recapped here. Today, I’m going to explain  a romantic comedy supernatural anime called,  ,“WitchCraftWorks”. Spoilers  ahead! Watch out and take care. ,Honoka Takamiya contentedly  lives a completely ordinary life  ,as an average high school junior. The  only disruption to his days comes in the  ,form of an interaction with Ayaka  Kagari – the smartest, prettiest,  ,and most popular girl in his school. The two of  them have never interacted despite riding the  ,same bus every morning and sitting next to each  other in class. But one day, all of this changes.,As soon as someone in the bus calls out  “Princess!”, Honoka already knows what’s  ,coming next – chaos. The gorgeous yet phlegmatic  Ayaka is the daughter of the school’s chairwoman.  ,Knowing that the girl is rich, he wonders why she  even rides the bus when she can get her own ride.  ,Though his quiet morning has already been  spoiled, it doesn’t stop there. In class, he  ,accidentally drops his eraser, and since Ayaka’s  sat next to him, she picks it up and hands it over  ,to Honoka. This results in the poor boy getting  bullied and beaten up by the girl’s jealous fans.,After class, Honoka is taking out the trash  when he sees a weird-looking stuffed rabbit  ,with a note that says, “Today’s Weather: Sunny  with Occasional Falling School Buildings”.  ,Before he could even absorb what he just  read, he looks up and realizes the school  ,building is falling from the sky. In his panic,  he can only scream out: ‘I don’t want to die!’  ,as the huge structure drops directly on him.,When Honoka opens his eyes, he finds himself in  Ayaka’s arms. He starts flailing, embarrassed  ,by the situation, but the girl just tells him not  to move. He realizes that they are up in the air,  ,with Ayaka standing on a broomstick as they  look down at the mess in the school’s courtyard.,A mysterious girl with cat ears commands  two big armored rabbits to attack them.  ,Ayaka is quick to counter-attack, tossing Honoka  in the air before setting the rabbits on fire.  ,With Ayaka taking their battle to the ground,  she catches Honoka then coolly instructs him  ,to stay close to her. While her fight with the  rabbits continue, Honoka hears someone calling  ,out to him from behind the building. Thinking that  it’s one of Ayaka’s friends calling him to safety,  ,he immediately follows her. To his dismay, he  comes face to face with an army of the same  ,armored rabbits. As one of them prepares  to behead him with an ax, the boy feebly  ,thinks that he might just be dreaming since  everything happening around him seems surreal.,We could hope the same for you, bud.,Luckily for him, Ayaka sets the rabbits on fire  before Honoka got onioned by the menace hares.  ,At this point, he still thinks that he’s dreaming,  so Ayaka explains that it was no dream – she’s on  ,a mission to protect him. Honoka’s equal  parts amazed and confused to hear this,  ,but he suddenly does a double take  when Ayaka calls him her ‘princess’.,‘Princess.’,Did he hear her right? Princess?,His thoughts are cut off when he notices that  a part of her hair is burning. He asks again,  ,why is she protecting him, but she just repeats  that he is her princess. Despite the many  ,oddities that are just vying for his attention  right now, he ends up focusing on her hair.  ,In his growing anger, he yells at Ayaka, telling  her that her hair is precious and didn’t deserve  ,to burn just for him. Just then, he sees a  rabbit about to attack Ayaka from behind,  ,so he jumps right in to protect her. Alas,  hes just promptly flung to the side,  ,spurring Ayaka to run to him and hold  him in her arms as she finishes off the  ,rest of the rabbit army using her  incinerating Million Clover power.,Eventually, Honoka wakes up in an unfamiliar  place, and Ayaka greets him. As much as he  ,wants to think that everything that happened was  a dream, Ayaka squashes any possibility of this.  ,She promises to explain everything to him someday  but for now, he should get his bag and go home,  ,leaving Honoka dumbfounded. Since there’s  no need to protect him in secret anymore,  ,she’ll be bringing him home.  This makes him realize that all  ,the previous times Ayaka was near him weren’t  just coincidences – she made them all happen.,While they’re walking home together, she  explains that it’s her mission to protect him  ,because he is her master. As gauche as  the title is, Honoka still feels a bit  ,of relief since she isn’t calling him princess  anymore, but the relief is gone as quickly as  ,it came when she tells him to walk beside  her, calling him ‘Princess Takamiya-kun’.,The next day, Honoka rides the bus like nothing  happened. But his expectation of having a typical  ,day is quickly wrecked when Ayaka gets in and asks  if she can sit beside him. They walk together in  ,school, with the crowd of Ayaka’s fans following  them while talking crap about the poor boy. To  ,make matters worse, Ayaka declares that from  now on, they’ll be going to school together.,Good luck with that, princess.,As soon as their classroom door opens,  Honoka is greeted by the angry look of  ,his classmates that can strike the fear of God  in just about anyone. He starts feeling queasy  ,and rushes to the restroom while the girls in  class question Ayaka about her life choices.,But the moment Honoka comes out of the  restroom, he is immediately jumped by  ,Ayaka’s fans – the same one that bullied him.  But before they could hurt him any further,  ,Ayaka comes in, fixing his uniform and telling  him to let her know if anyone messes with him.  ,Her fans are taken aback, and they can  only watch the two as they walk away.,During lunch time, an angry crowd surrounds Honoka  and Ayaka. Since Ayaka is Ayaka, you need to make  ,reservations to eat with her, and her fan club  keeps track of those. She doesn’t care though,  ,and she even feeds Honoka a beautifully  crafted wiener. Honoka tries to excuse himself,  ,saying that being there is against the  rules. But the girl just tells him that  ,where she eats and who she eats with is her  choice, and that he is being selfish. Annoyed,  ,Honoka retorts that if its her choice, then  he also has his choice. Without warning,  ,he gets up and runs away, leaving Ayaka alone.  The crowd murmurs about how rude he is for  ,yelling at Ayaka. And Ayaka, well… She isn’t  happy, either, so everyone gets burnt lunch.,While Honoka’s walking along the school  grounds, he notices that the place where the  ,building landed yesterday is now good as new.  Suddenly, the girl with the cat ears appears,  ,telling him that it was just illusion magic. She  just wanted to find out if he was harmless or not,  ,hence the commotion from the day before.  But now that Honoka’s coming to her himself,  ,she deduces that he is, indeed, harmless.  The cat girl introduces herself as Tanpopo  ,Kuraishi [Koo-raí-shi], a Tower Witch who is on  a mission to take Honoka. Revealing her wings,  ,she grabs the boy to escape, but before she  can, a burst of flames sends her flying.,Tanpopo isn’t surprised – in fact, she expected  this of the Fire Witch. Ayaka stands before her,  ,ready to fight as Tenpopo yells out  that Honoka belongs to the Tower.  ,With a flick of her finger, Tanpopo’s summoned  her army of rabbits again. She warns Ayaka that  ,she’s going full force today, and with that,  she brings in her entire bunny army to battle.,As the rabbits close in on the two, Ayaka holds  Honoka. They fall to the ground and… [boom!],A huge explosion erupts.,Honoka finds himself underneath a dark place,  with swords surrounding him. Blood drips on his  ,face and when he looks up, he sees Ayaka shielding  him – the sharp blades piercing through her body.  ,She’s in such a perilous state, and yet the  first thing she asks him if he’s not hurt.,Honoka is mad.,He’s mad and confused. He doesn’t  know why she keeps saving him,  ,why she keeps putting her entire being on the  line just so nothing cou

White Stuff Sale Haul, was it a success?

hi guys so in the interest of being,the best friend i can be today i have,done a little more shopping and this one,is a white stuff sale haul,and its a big bag my names fawn,this is my channel its a happy place do,you know what it is my channel but at,the same time its a channel filled with,friends,so it feels like its our channel so um,if you like shopping you like unboxings,you like um mad women putting their,makeup on,taking it off putting masks on any of,that sort of nonsense,then please do join us um give me a,thumbs up it really does help the,channel,and um subscribe of course,but most of all send me a comment i do,love a good comment and i do my absolute,best,to get back to everybody and i really,enjoy them they make me laugh,so anyway yes i have only ever bought,one thing before from,um white stuff they didnt have a,shopper eyelid for a very long time so,it sort of somehow passed me by,but i did last knows during,gosh was it before the pandemic maybe i,bought a cardigan,and they put me on their mailing list so,the melbourne said they had a sale on,and ive sort of looked at it a couple,of times and oh well i wont i and i,decided in the end,yes i would id go for it lets start,off with,i thought the color on this was amazing,its a jersey,dress really simple but look at that,color girls really nice,buttons the top isnt lined but the,bottom of it,is lined so you know youre going to,keep your modesty,this was originally its called the,canyon jersey dress and it was,originally 55 pounds,and i paid in the sale 27,so i couldnt resist trying it it was,this dress,that caused the rest,next up is a jumpsuit navy,its got red dots all over it theres,not much give in this so i may be in,trouble here girls,its a little bit high-necked as well,but i like the little red,pattern on it um its,i was going to say long sleeved full,length trousers,and its got pockets and this was,originally,65 pounds and i paid,30.,i followed that up with a tunic,dress i thought the colors were gorgeous,its probably meant to have been a,summer one but i would wear this,in the winter again its got a lime,skirt,not a lot of giving it so again i may be,in trouble because boy oh boy have i,been eating just lately and ive bought,my true size,this is called the vanessa dress dont,know the original price on that one it,doesnt actually say,but i have paid for it,24 pounds next,im saying next a lot in this im,worried that i am im going to bed it,loads out,anyway i found a pair of navy cords,i like a cord in the winter theyre a,straight leg i wouldnt say they were,skinny,theyre a proper jean design you know,the five pockets,its called glasses theyre called the,whitcomb,called slim jean they were 49.95,and i picked them up in the sale for 24,pounds,so down from 50 to 24 forgot to be worth,a try,now this one is really out of my comfort,zone so i will need a lot of advice,if it fits this is a velvet dress,velvet velour dress,i thought the color was so pretty and i,had it in my head,christmas you know out for a christmas,meal,its v-necked its very very simple,i mean the the gist of it is in the,fabric in the color,so this one is called i believe the,melody dress,oh yes the melody,melody velvet dress,and it was 59.95 and i paid 18,for it,last but not least is the key cord tunic,i like tunics for over leggings and,boots,um this one was originally 60 pounds,again well 59.95 it does have,pockets again i thought the color was,cute and,this one was in the sale at 20 pounds,so as you can see they were all real,bargains now weve just got to see,what fits what doesnt and should ive,gone up sizes down sizes,is white stuff the right one for me too,old,too young lets see,you lucky ladies i actually put some,black tights on,i wanted to try it with the biker boots,i think,i might love this its got pockets,i think the color is great its terribly,terribly,simple its not you know theres nothing,to sort of get very excited about,but it is an easy wear easy breezy,yeah i think i like it im going to come,in,right in look at this way right in,and see if you can see that there is a,very,slight dot in the fabric,nice neckline probably needs a t-shirt,bra on i dont have a t-shirt bra on,today,um i think thats really nice and look,what do you think girls does it make an,outfit,i got my biker boots on maybe ill,change the biker boots out i dont know,but i like it i think as always,i have no idea what i look like in my,head,right now i look really good on the,camera,i may be looking really bad but for 27,pounds,i think this is a really good buy really,really versatile,as i say it does have a lining,so it is heavier weight,yeah i think this could be a good,everyday workhorse kind of dress,another one i really like i think its,really flattering and i think it can go,through into the autumn,because its got these touches of red,and the,main body color is more of a denim blue,the little flashes of white and,turquoise and teal,i think are fine i do have a tiny bit of,a gape,issue its not um its not a too big a,bust issue its a placement of button,issue,so if i put a little stitch there,can you see it would be better because,it just wants to do that,um but as i said thats just a button,placement if the button had been here,id have been fine it has pockets it has,three quarter sleeves ill come in,i want you to see the pattern maybe not,my bosoms,but can you see and it is lovely its,like a cottony,lineny blend its really really nice,and i like it a lot i wont bother,putting the denim jacket on again,because i think well we can all see that,the denim jacket will work with this 24,pounds,i really like it i think,it really works,okay this is the key cord,tunic top now were going to pretend,that my tights are leggings i wouldnt,go out in just tights in this,pockets im saying that while im facing,the wrong way,pockets its really lovely and soft,it is like a very fine like a needle,cord,um it comes quite a decent length i mean,if i had leggings on,i cant pretend its about the time if i,come in so you can see the pattern,i like that kind of plummy berry-ish,color and again i love pockets this,feels really comfortable simple,its a no-nonsense so lets get on with,it its a,yeah its comfy i do like that im,really pumping really impressed at the,moment,and this was only 20 pounds i do need,your opinion is it too busy is the,pattern too busy,let me slip im im gonna slip the denim,jacket on,again as i say imagine im wearing,leggings,slit the denim over the top,oh gosh does it still work,i wont know until i look back but i,thought the neighbors denim might work,because of course theres navy,in the pattern if it picks it up,so yeah,i like it im not sure,i need you guys opinion on this,but it is easy and comfortable,and only 20 pounds you dont get much,for 18 pounds these days,but thats how much this cost its,called the melody,velvet jersey dress i think the color is,great,i love the v-neck and i love the sleeves,theyre not too tight,but theyre not too loose either its,got a soft sort of dropped shoulder,almost look,skirt nice bit of swish to it i think,its a little snug on me at the moment,if i turn around i have a feeling i feel,like to me this is an area of concern,i have taken my boots off and i wouldnt,wear quite such thick tights,i do want to come in and show you the,color,isnt that a beautiful christmas color,18 pounds its longer than i normally,would wear,im saying that you know i love a maxi,dress but,i like knee length in a dress of this,sort so this goes,quite a bit below the knee i dont know,that that should rule this out,um hmm,i dont know come on guys,give a girl some help this is great for,christmas,or just okay for christmas,because im trying not to put too many,okay,things into my wardrobe,pretty column though so this one was,always going to be a bit of a punt,i love a jumpsuit but i do prefer them,in a stretchy fabric and this,isnt it does fit i think really well,turn around turn around turn around,doing that its got pockets its


its just a very effective remedy when,you,apply it on your skin it to get rid of,white bashes,white spots vitiligo any kind of,chemical,reactions hello everyone welcome back to,my channel,so i didnt today i hope you are doing,so fine thank you so much for stopping,by so,todays video i said you know from the,title okay im going to be giving you a,very simple remedy,that the ingredients are very easy to,get very natural so just subscribe hit,the red subscribe button,turn on the bell so you get notified,whenever i upload videos like this,so yes this is going to clear your skin,get rid of white patches be it as a,result of,cream yes you may have used a cream or,soap,that did not match well with your skin,or maybe you are trying to lighten your,skin and as a result of that,giving you all those white patches white,spots that you dont really need,so do not worry this remedy will help,you greatly just continue watching okay,and dont forget to give this video a,thumbs up subscribe,share it to everyone so lets go ahead,and show you what to apply on that,area so get rid of those white spots,finally,so ive decided to share this video,today for those that have been asking me,to make this,treatment for white spots white patches,vitiligo and the rest so this,will help you greatly to get rid of any,skin reactions,like cream reactions chemical reactions,and others,potato is one of the ingredients which,you can use safely without any side,effect,like this will help to clear your skin,nourish your skin get rid of any,skin imperfections potato is very rich,in vitamins and powerful antioxidants,you really need to restore your skin,back to normal,if you have been using some creams,or exposed to chemicals and as a result,of that,you got white spots or skin damage,potato will help greatly to restore its,bag with consistencies,so right now im going to remove the,peel and show you the next thing to do,so the next one we need here is ginger,so ginger is also another powerful,antioxidant which helps to take care of,the skin,and also take care of our health,generally,so this is a powerful treatment to unify,your skin get rid of,skin problems like acne dark spores,blemishes hyperpigmentation and all that,is a very powerful treatment to unify,your complexion,and make sure there are no white spots,black spots on your skin,so im also going to remove the peel,just like the potato,after that i want you to then,show you the next thing to do,[Music],hey,so i just decided to curl the two,together since im going to blend them,together,transfer into your blender make sure,its properly washed,you know because this is something,youre going to be applying on your skin,you dont need to contaminate your skin,to cause more problems,so ill be adding just a little amount,of water okay,to enable me to get juice from them so,after blending your,potato and ginger the next thing im,going to do,is to spread it out,because i need the juice of birds,yes so this is so rich you have to take,care of your skin,this is also very important for those,that suffer from bleach,damaged skin okay like,this color scheme pigmentation,dark spots stretch marks,you know yeah stretch marks,it helps greatly to help take care of,special mass,so after straining it out the next thing,to do,is transfer it into a container,or a clean bowl just like this,this is so much anyway and it can stay,for,a long time yeah depending on the area,you want to apply it,okay so this is so powerful,two powerful antioxidant that you need,to treat your skin to restore your skin,back to normal,so what you have to do is to get a,cutting wound,you know a clean one make sure,everything is clean,after washing the affected area you have,to soak it,if you are not going to use everything,just divide the quantity you want to use,do not soak it,in everything okay just like this,transfer a little that you want to use,then soak the cotton will,apply on your skin or anywhere you have,any skin problems especially white,spores,white species which illegal and the rest,if you want to unify your skin as well,this treatment is perfect for you,to make sure your skin color comes back,to normal,this treatment is for all skin types,without that skin,medium shade like me or fair skin,apply it like this everywhere you have,it,if you have it all over your body just,remove all your clothes,go to the bathroom and apply this,treatment all over your skin without,adding,more water in it okay,so apply it all over leave it on your,skin to get dried,you dont need to tower it or rinse it,off immediately,so when it gets dried you wash it off,with,any water temperature so i usually apply,this once in a while to tighten my skin,because ginger is very important to keep,skin looking younger and vibrant,it restores your skin back to normal and,diminishes size of wrinkles,you know hair wrinkles facial wrinkles,and the rest,if you want to apply this treatment on,your face you have to be careful because,of the ginger,ginger can burn the skin like you feed,the sensation okay,not much but it will surely feel the,hotness of the ginger,apply it on your face do not leave it,for a long time wash it off,and pat dry if you have a sensitive skin,do not apply it on your,sensitive skin and leave it on for a,long time because it can burn your skin,remaining warm you can store it in the,refrigerator to preserve it,be applying it every day for best,results okay,so after when its dried,you wash it off then go ahead and apply,this,coconut oil on your skin coconut oil is,highly potent helps in reviving and,restoring your skin back to normal,its very moisturizing to preventing dur,skin,if you suffer from eczema,stretch marks you know any skin problems,this,is so important this is the ideal oil to,use on,any damaged skin to restore it back to,normal,so applying it on those dark spots white,spores,white patches we have a love to,unify it make your recompression to be,uniform,and bring it back to normal so im going,to show you right now how to do so,get organic coconut oil from the,supermarket or you can make it yourself,very simple so ill just apply it like,this,you know all over anywhere you want to,restore it back to normal,to fade away those white patches to make,your skin glow and so,young massage it until,youre done and okay with it,then after that and that is oh do not,wash it off,okay yeah you dont need to wash off the,coconut,oil leave it on like this apply it like,an oil a body oil,leave it on the nasty you have to be,using this,every day and apply this immediately,after,for best results you see a very,noticeable difference okay your skin,will restore back to normal and,we have in case you have stretch marks,thanks so much for watching just,subscribe give this video a thumbs up,and also share it to everyone,ill see you in my next video,[Music],hey,i miss

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