1. How to Easily Remove Tonsil Stones! ????????
  2. Unreal Cotton you wont believe! Datt White Stuff + Big drip juice review
  3. Why Chaga Is The “King” Of Medicinal Mushrooms (Inonotus obliquus)
  4. Food Theory: Are Double Stuf Oreos a SCAM?
  5. Trying Every Milo Product
  6. How To Get RID Of Vag Odor, Yeast Infections & BV In 1 DAY | Vag!na Advice I Wish I Knew Growing Up
  7. How To Cure Dry Scalp, Dandruff And Psoriasis With Dr.Mike

How to Easily Remove Tonsil Stones! ????????

all right Im gonna show you how to,remove tonsil stones today first thing,you need is a q-tip and you need an,Excel irrigator syringe okay,now when you use these what you need to,do is you need to cut the tip back a,little bit so you can get better flow,out of the tip of it and just you know,use a knife or something just sharp cut,that tip back a little bit now when you,do that its going to leave some really,sharp edges and thats gonna hurt or,scratch your tonsils so what you need to,do is just kind of smooth this out kind,of take off the rough edges like that,okay otherwise it will just cut the crap,out of your tonsils back there itll,hurt itll be sore so just smooth that,up as good as you can and if you want,just take a little flame Im just kind,of touch it up dont close it off but,just well maybe,just barely there,makes it nice and smooth okay now its,soft okay so now first thing Im going,to do is take the q-tip and if you have,cryptic tonsils just reach reach this,back in there and just try to get if you,see a chunk right there get the tonsil,stone out with this theres one method I,dont really have any right now but,thats how you would do that next thing,lets get your irrigator and get it,ready and then when you irrigate it just,kind of irrigate around in there,do a couple different spots at a time,spit rinse do it,rinse and repeat do a couple times this,is a handiest tool youll ever find for,getting out tonsil stones get them on,Amazon for like four bucks Ill put a,link below the video where you can get,one if you have tonsil stones youre,always going to have tons of stones,unless you get your tonsils removed its,a good idea to keep one of these on hand,its like cost next to nothing get one,keep it on hand alright thanks for,watching Im super embarrassed about,making this video but I hope it helps,somebody out give me a like me thumbs up,subscribe to my channel and throw some,feedback in the comments alright thanks,for watching peace

Unreal Cotton you wont believe! Datt White Stuff + Big drip juice review

[Music],[Applause],hi guys so today Ill be doing a review,on that white soft cotton and the big,drip juice so the big drip juice comes,in four different flavors in 120 milk,bottle filled up with 100 min of juice,ready for to Nick shots it comes in a,blue raspberry a raspberry mojito the,tropical juice and a lemon cake now,havent tried these flavors yet so find,out later on in the video what they like,[Music],all right so today Ill be using that,white stuff the only cotton I actually,enjoy using for a couple of reasons,which Ill talk to you about so the,first reason is it is really fluffy and,the most absorbent cotton you can find,[Music],where Ive used other Cottons Im not,going to name any and vape at a higher,wattage it dries out very quickly and,will give you a slight burn taste but,with this stuff,I can generally get 50-knot up towards,30 hits on it without having to change,the cotton or read rip so this coin is a,hundred percent organic made in the USA,so it doesnt contain any pesticides or,any additives is just pure organic,cotton,[Music],[Applause],thats that pressure drip top,I said many hits we can get,[Music],lets take a quick look at a car so I,started to go dry a little bit but,theres still quite a lot of juice all,over it so I still still kicking out,great flavor,[Applause],[Music],still no joy here bomb start its about,a light headed so you can see that,cotton is bone dry absolutely bone dry,the flavor is slowly decreasing but Im,not getting any taste off the cotton yet,lets keep going right so Ive now tied,at the flavors at about him to sin and,shes still getting no taste Accords,[Music],right there we go finally all starting,to get a little bit of Thai so calm,[Music],right I been a week since I made the,start of the video so I week later and,Ill make these duties quite a lot but,for about 50 min each one my two,favorites right where mojito and lemon,cake and the reason is a love lemon cake,cant go wrong with them gives you the,new citrus aftertaste as well and the,right groomer heat I was a real burst of,flavor and in the leaves you with a lime,aftertaste which is really nice blue,raspberry really good just your standard,blue raspberry with a slight call to it,the same with your tropical theres no,real burst of explosion there but an Eau,de Vie nonetheless really nice juices,well guys if you found this video,helpful or educational drop us a like,and a subscribe and if your now if any,questions or anything just drop down in,the comments and well get back to you,see you on the next video,[Music]

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Why Chaga Is The “King” Of Medicinal Mushrooms (Inonotus obliquus)

they call it the king of medicinal,mushrooms which is a little bit weird,because technically its not actually a,mushroom,chaga otherwise known as indonotus,obliqus has an interesting history and,some potentially powerful medicinal,properties,so in this video were going to go over,everything you need to know about this,incredible fungus,[Music],okay so if its not technically a,mushroom then what is it now what most,people call,a chaga mushroom is actually a sterile,canker its kind of a hardened mass,of chaga mycelium and birchwood youll,find it growing on birch trees and the,fact that it grows on birch is actually,pretty important to the medicinal,properties of this mushroom which ill,talk about a little bit later in this,video now,chaga is actually a parasite to the,birch tree where it kind of oozes out of,the cracks on the birch tree in an,unassuming lump,now most things in the woods that are,growing on trees arent chaga so theres,a lot of things that kind of,superficially,look like chaga such as burls or other,kind of lumps,on trees but chaga has a very specific,look and if you know what to look for,its pretty obvious what it is,real chaga again if youre looking for,it it does grow on birch and,this is kind of what it looks like its,just this hardened mass with a black,outer layer and the inside of it is kind,of this nice,golden kind of orangey color and when,its super fresh itll feel like cork,but otherwise its just kind of a,hardened mass chaga grows in birch,forest in canada but it can also be,found in the u.s,in parts of northern china and in russia,now i was hoping to come out here in,this forest and find a whole bunch of it,for you but i cant seem to find any,except for this tiny little chunk right,here so lets take a look at it,so here you can see its growing on this,birch tree and if i get the camera to,focus,you can see the chaga here its kind of,got this hard outer layer,and if we look around on the other side,you can see,the part of it thats orange and this is,the part that kind of feels like,cork when its fresh and it looks like,somebody has already come here and,harvested most of it,but theres still a nice little chunk,that they left there but we dont need,it right now so ill just leave that,there as well,so chaga is definitely not a gourmet,mushroom its basically hard as wood,because it kind of is wood and if youre,going to harvest it you really need to,bring like an axe or saw especially,because youll most likely be wanting to,harvest it in the winter and it will be,frozen and kind of hard to get off the,tree,so you need to hack it off with an axe,or use a saw and youll probably need a,ladder too to be honest because quite,often chaga is not growing right at you,know eye level its usually growing,pretty far up the tree,um thats not uncommon at all so again,chaga is best to harvest in the winter,and if youre gonna harvest it its best,not to go in and clear out a whole area,just take a little bit or just take as,much as you need,and leave the chaga there to continue,growing chaga does take a really long,time to form it can take like three to,five years to form a full-on canker,so its best to just leave it if you,dont need it right away if youre gonna,harvest it a good rule of thumb is just,to leave like a third of it on the tree,like these people did here,so you might be wondering why you have,to wild harvest chaga and why you cant,just cultivate it instead,chaga has kind of a complex growth cycle,that isnt really that well understood,and this part here that is harvested and,used isnt actually the fruiting body,again its a sterile canker so if this,is in the fruiting body how does chaga,actually reproduce,chaga actually does have a fruiting body,and since im like insanely unlikely to,find it out here,i brought a nice little pitcher but you,can see chaga has a fruiting body that,doesnt,grow on the outside of the tree it,actually grows underneath the bark,like puts out these tubes or pores that,grow underneath the bark,and eventually that will burst open and,it will be exposed,now theres a couple of theories how the,spores are actually released,one is that these tubes that grow,underneath the bark when the tree dies,it bursts open and the spores just go,into the wind,and then they find another tree or,another birch tree where they can get,inside the crack and infect another tree,another theory is that when the fruiting,body appears,its only there for a few days because,insects pretty quickly eat it up and,then those insects fly away,and they transport the spores into other,birch trees,that can then infect the birch tree and,start the cycle again,but either way the fruiting body of,chaga mushroom is super rare,its like very unusual to find it and,thats why again i brought this picture,but,unless youre a mycologist the fruiting,body of chaga is pretty unimportant what,most people are looking for,is this sterile canker which although,its not technically a mushroom,most people just call it chaga mushroom,so because of this,complex life cycle you cant really grow,chaga mushroom like you would,other medicinal mushrooms like reishi or,turkey tail that you can grow in kind of,a compressed,short life cycle you can grow the,mycelium of,chaga mushroom out on grain but,unfortunately it doesnt have the same,beneficial compounds that people use,chaga for,that being said there are projects and,experiments going on where they,take large birch forest and purposefully,infect the trees,with chaga mushroom and then go back,three to five years later and are able,to harvest these sterile cankers,its kind of a neat project i dont know,how successful it is i dont know how,scalable it is,but until thats kind of figured out the,only real way to get,quality chaga is to wild harvest it by,the way if you like mushrooms and,mushroom content nows a good time to,take one second and go hit that,subscribe button and while youre down,there go ahead and hit that like button,as well,it really helps the channel mushroom and,i appreciate it so much now theres a,reason why chaga is known as the,king of medicinal mushrooms and thats,because of the compounds that are inside,of it and how they can be extracted and,used,like all other medicinal mushrooms chaga,contains beneficial,beta glucans which are a special type of,polysaccharide that are able to support,the human immune system but chaga also,contains other compounds like sterols,melanin,polyphenols and terpenoids specific,terpenoids like betulin and vetulinic,acid have shown promise in scientific,studies,and may hold the keys to the most,powerful benefits of chaga mushroom you,might be wondering why is it important,to use wild harvested chaga,and again it all comes down to the,compounds that are actually going to be,in this conch,you see betulin is a compound that is,naturally occurring in the bark of birch,trees in fact,the name betula is the genus name,for birch trees so it makes sense that,the sterile conch of chaga thats,growing off of the birch and is,partly made up of birch wood would,contain betulin,and in fact chaga mushroom does contain,high concentrations of betulin now,interestingly enough betulin does,actually occur in chaga mycelium that,has been grown out on grain,although in much much lower,concentrations so what are the benefits,of chaga and why do people actually use,it now much of the research that has,been done on chaga has been done,in vitro which means in the glass i.e in,petri dishes or test tubes and although,the data from these studies cant be,directly extrapolated to humans it might,be,useful in figuring out how chaga,actually works and what chaga actually,does for,humans so first of all chaga is,extremely high in antioxidants,now antioxidants can be measured in,something called the orac value which,stands for oxygen,radical absorbance capacity or in other,words how effective a substance is,at neutralizing free radicals in the,body chaga has one of the highest orac,values in the world like higher t

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Food Theory: Are Double Stuf Oreos a SCAM?

when you open up one of these oreos,theyre so thin like i know that there,are oreo thins but like these guys its,like im eating a chocolate wafer and,theres maybe a fraction of cream in,there and then i open up double stuff,and im like oh look at that thick layer,of cream in there i want that thickness,inside my,nope,dont say that,i should not have said that,that was a mistake mistakes were made,friends lots of mistakes were made,[Music],hello internet welcome to food theory,where today is a delicious day because,weve got a lot of oreos set to test uh,youll see around me we have oreos of,all different shapes and sizes weve got,everything from your oreo minis to your,thin boy oreos all the way,to your thick boy oreos and your thicker,boy oreos,all in an effort to see,is a double stuff oreo truly double the,stuff as your basic one to me there is,absolutely no way,that this is twice,this no way and so im determined to,prove it and then from there were also,exploring different types of oreos how,do oreo minis factor in how do oreo,thins factor in what about golden oreos,these guys are kind of also rams of the,oreo family are they any different i,threw in some mints just because the,minty oreos,its not so much whether im curious,about how much stuffing is inside i just,wanted an excuse to buy these because,when youre talking about alternative,oreo flavors these are the best and then,lastly of course were getting to the,big boys the mega stuffs and the more,stuffs if we were to classify these are,these what triple stuff oreo quadruple,stuff oreo because its not mega stuff,mega means million stuff and thats i,dont know its false advertising and,im not the only person whos been,curious about this other people have,done this experiment to varying results,take it away vo matpat back in 2013,nabisco came under fire when dan,anderson a high school math teacher in,queensbury new york decided to bring,some oreos to school for a hands-on,class activity his class found that,oreos double stuff cookies were not in,fact what they claimed according to,their measurements the so-called double,stuff cookies were more like oreos 1.86,stuff cookies he shared the results on,his blog and got picked up by the news,weeks after business insider did their,own video investigation and found that,double stuff oreos were closer to 1.91,stuff not quite as low as dan andersons,high school math class measured but,still shy of truly being double the,stuff now that might seem like a small,thing to get all worked up over but,remember that we live in a world where,subway ended up paying half a million,dollars to settle a lawsuit over the,fact that their foot long sandwiches,were sometimes only 11 inches long which,is probably why nabisco made official,statements in the aftermath of both of,these stories asserting that their,double stuffed oreos were exactly what,they claimed to be so that is what were,here today to do to look at whether the,double stuff oreo truly has double the,stuffing as a single stuff oreo i i,cant imagine that thats the case but,well find out today you might think,that were just going to be weighing the,cream but because its a little bit,difficult to get all of the cream and,get it nice and standardized were,actually going to be wearing the full,cookie and then the cookies without the,cream that way were getting a standard,of a measured as we can that also allows,us in the event that were having a hard,time getting rid of all the queen queen,the queen wheres the queen filling the,other thing that this is nice to have is,if we have a hard time separating out,the cream it allows us to do things like,maybe melt it off or maybe do other,things to really get all that cream off,the cookies that melting the cream off,idea yeah i just tossed that out as a,random thought while we were recording i,would later come to regret that decision,so heres cookie number one of the great,double stuff cookie experiment here we,go,11.4,and now what we do,is were just going to twist,got cream on both sides so were going,to scrape it off oh yeah this is,[Music],its its close,its just like buried in the nooks and,crannies,thats the problem here,now obviously thats adding weight to,the cookie so im only doing that for,comedic effect yes,i see you all you science nerds youre,like the moisture is making the cookie,heavier i get it,i get it its a joke,its a joke i know my saliva is heavy,ive got the heavy saliva in the,business,so sorry,8.2 okay so initially i was dissatisfied,with the amount of scraping i was having,to do to get all the cream out of the,nooks and crannies and thus the great,hair dryer experiment began so were,trying plan b,hair dryer,its going to melt right,right,sure,lets find out together friends,for science,its hot ill give it that,oh yeah you can see it melting my poor,fingers,its hot on my fingers set it on a plate,set it on the plate they say,dont burn your fingers they say,just blew it off jason as you can,probably tell the hairdryer method was,not long for this world not only was it,bad for my sensitive thingies it was,also just liquefying the cream causing,it to seep deeper into the chocolate,wafer that being said it did come with,one upside,oh yeah,[Music],never have oreos that youre left out in,the car,and theyre nice and warm and a little,melty,[Music],that might be peak oreo wheres melty,oreo flavor,that was awesome in the end we scrapped,the hairdryer and settled on more,traditional cream separation methods and,uh if it wasnt obvious yet after a few,hundred oreos both the cookies and my,sanity were starting to crumble so when,you break it down there are really three,different ways of separating an oreo,from its cream first off my personal,favorite the twist just,[Music],smooth,so smooth number two this ones gonna do,it,the hinge joint,where you pull it open,kinda like a book look at how clean that,is this one has a high risk high reward,because youll notice less cream on the,opposite cookie however youre going to,get a lot of breakage of the chocolate,of course number three there it is the,slide but you get the most cream on both,sides not loving the slide but there are,people out there who are like its the,only way to go yep this is my life,discussing the minute details of people,separating the haves of a sandwich,cookie and that descent into madness,didnt just stop at cookie dissection,either its not often that youre,presented with such a huge sample size,of oreos but when you are you start to,notice weird things about them like the,fact that the pattern on the chocolate,cookie differs from single stuff to mega,stuff the pattern on these oreos is,actually different look,heres the mega stuff,and heres the pattern for the single,stuff,its different this one is more line,based and this ones more like,crisscross pattern based,maybe the bigger cookie has a different,line pattern to give it better,structural integrity honestly i dont,know despite the differences in texture,between the regular and mega stuff,wafers they were roughly the same weight,so maybe different manufacturing,machines its very odd other minute,details that my cookie adult brain,noticed the double stuff oreos seem to,be packed much looser than the originals,ditto for the mega stuff varieties more,empty space meant more opportunities to,jiggle around which meant more broken,cookies and crumbs at the bottom of each,package even the number of oreos that,you get in a column isnt consistent for,the double stuff we found that some,columns had 12 cookies and some had 13.,for mega stuff the cookies per row,varied from seven to eight maybe think,back to our shrink-flation episode and,wonder if maybe this is intentional,trying to get us used to the idea of,having fewer cookies in each package,then of course you had moments like this,what is this what is this crap its a,little minty oreo bowl you can pour your,cereal in there and scoop it out,i should sell this one on ebay its like,a miracle like i said my crea

Trying Every Milo Product

As you can see Milo is very popular in Singapore,In this video I bought all the different Milo products I can find,We shall start off the with the orignal Milo range,There are ready to drink, instant and 3in1,This is Milo powder and it is the most common and versatile Milo product,One of the reasons Milo is so popular is because it advertised itself as a nutritious drink,There many ways to make it but the instructions on the tin only calls for hot water,Milo powder is so powerful you can eat it just like this and it taste good!,Following the instruction for a drink, we need 6 heaped teaspoons of powder,And 200ml hot water,Your hot milo drink is done,It comes with the familiar Milo aroma,It is sweet, chocolately with a trademark Milo flavor,People here also dip white bread into the hot drink for breakfast,It offers a more filling meal,I shall now make 1 of the most famous Milo drink people love to order,It calls for 3 heaped tablespoon of Milo powder,200ml hot water,2 tablespoon of condense milk,3 splashes of evaporated milk,Pour that into a large glass of ice,And lastly pour Milo powder on the top,You can pour to your heart content,You drink known as Milo Dinosaur is now ready to be consumed,You need a straw to drink it,And a spoon to eat the crunchy and gooey top,A one of a kind delicious dessert drink,It is 3 in 1 with a free gift,With the calculated squeezing and peeping,we got ourselves the Milo Van,This truck always shows up at schools sports day events giving away free ice cold Milo,A delightful sight for hot sticky kids,Back to the 3in1 mix,Just add 200ml hot water,Smells and looks like the Tin version,Just doesnt taste as thick and rough on the tongue,A ready to drink version,Comes with a standard taste and is the easiest way to have Milo,Same taste as the can version but I got it too cause it looks so cute,Wow, the straws are made of paper now,Can say it is made for small humans,Milo comes from Australia and their flavor is actually quite different from ours,Has the same instructions as the Asian version,The powder seems finer,It has the same Milo aroma to it but isnt as dark,It is much more milky then the Asia version,The 3in1 Australian version,With standard 200ml hot water instructions,As with all 3in1s, they are thinner to the tongue,Now lets check out some food items of Milo,They are bite size chocolate,With crunchy Milo filling,These have been around a long time and are yummy,Now we have a cookie range which seems new,They both contains 12 packets with 4 cookies each,Some how they have a different design from the picture,The milk one is a chocolate cookie with milk powder flavor cream,The chocolate one has same cookie but with chocolate flavor cream ,There is hardly any Milo flavor in them and taste pretty generic,It has a white chocolate top,With sweet and sticky Milo flavor corn puffs,Overall reminds me rice crispy treats,The set contents,Milk powder,We add water to the stated arrow,It came with a foldable plastic spoon but sadly it got blown away,The Milo cereal,You get a convenient cereal bowl created with just water,Awesome, it is tasty with strong Milo flavor!,Now we shall check out the lower sugar range,Only manage to find this in a pack of 4,Contains 50% less sugar then normal,Not a fan of this, it taste very watered down,This would be a better version to find for less sugar,Gao means thick and Siew Dai means less,So with Gao you will get thick Milo and Siew Dai you get less sugar,Much stronger and nicer tasting!,There are oats and wafer bits in them,This is delicious!,Flling enough for breakfast by itself,There is a Tin version with no sugar but still thick. Kosong means zero,This is my family personal Milo stash and it has harden up,The powder does this when the tin is not close tightly,A couple of pounding is required to solve this,My family current favorite Milo version,All the thick and chocolaty goodness without the sweetness,A Milo for healthy teeth and bones,This seems to have a bit of a funny taste to it,We have now reach the cold range of Milo,My favorite version of Milo!,Peng means ice,Sadly unlike what the bottle says we need to provided our own ice,It is thicker than regular Milo drinks,Ah, the best way to enjoy Milo for me!,Now for the most magical Milo powder,It has the same recipe as the ones given on sports day which is cold, rich and delicious!,The instruction is slightly different,The most magical thing is that you can add cold water to it straight!,The powder will all dissolve!,Very easy and works on cold milk too!,The results is delicious ice cold rich Milo that you can make how thick you like it!,Finally we have come to the desserts,I found 2 types of Milo ice cream,Comes with a nice smooth top,A dense type of ice cream,It is a rich chocolate ice cream with disinct Milo flavor,Not much but you can also find bits of Milo in it,A satisfying cold treat,They also have a Popsicle version,Mmm, so good!,Similar taste to the tub version but the harden chocolate line makes this even better!

How To Get RID Of Vag Odor, Yeast Infections & BV In 1 DAY | Vag!na Advice I Wish I Knew Growing Up

whats up yall so I am back with,another video today ladies if you just,came from work and you watching this,video go ahead and get undressed get,into some comfortable something cozy,because today were gonna be getting,personal were gonna be talking about,vaginas yeah so I know that this makes,people kind of uneasy because nobody,really wants to talk about national,health and I know there are videos on,YouTube but todays video is gonna be,about all things menstrual period,vaginal discharge honey we are talking,BB the devil the whole devil ph-balanced,and I know that this is an uncomfortable,topic but for once we are all women we,all go through this we often talk about,this this timeout,were being a shame lets go ahead and,crack it open okay I will be giving you,our personal tips on things that Ive,done from the things that Ive dealt,with and personal solutions on how you,can make those things better and conquer,all these female issues I am super super,thankful that this video is in,partnership with nutriblast,I have seen them on Amazon Ive seen,them on the internet they are a company,that develops a hundred percent organic,and non-gmo products that are,specifically targeted for a feminine,health Ranger from vitamins to changed,histories to supplements that you can,take care on eclis enough I have had,their products in my cart and Im sure,you have too so asleep Im really super,excited that be important ship with them,for this video they sent me some,products to review they sent me their,board white pills and these are,literally suppositories that you insert,inside of you and they also fit me pH,test strips and this is pretty much just,like what it says the pH tester test,your pH balance it literally gives you a,range yall Minds Hanan but when I do,this but it literally shows you a range,of abnormal to normal and you test the,acidity of your vagina its very,important that the vagina remains its,balanced its a very acidic area so,anything can literally throw it off and,on to this honey for any of my women,because I know is plenty of us any of my,wanna who deal with BB this is the,lifesaver for you and Im telling you,100% just because um this is boric acid,and this helps to really balance your pH,level its the Porsche of vaginal health,and its just I dont know what other,way to put it like you aint gonna,handle fishy smell youre not gonna have,no odor the discharge will be back,normal like this is a product for you,and for those of yall who dont know,chive you know BB is just be blessed,because that clearly news youve never,had to deal with it but BB stands for,bacterial vaginosis it is really,annoying it is an infection it is a,bacterial infection that it comes from,overgrowth of bacteria and the bad,bacteria in your system yall know,bacteria grows in moist warm areas the,is moist and warm so if youre doing,things to kind of like make that,bacteria hyperactive Steaks working out,not changing your underwear and not,showering frequently like all those,things can trap bacteria in your system,and depending on some people some people,are not as sensitive some people dont,really have this to deal with but some,people are so all that friction all of,that heat all that moisture in turn,creates an odor and its a fishy odor,like it doesnt smell Pleasant like I,dont even know how to put it in words,if youve had baby you know you know,like you just know it is unmatched honey,its dead date morgue life also treats,Nationals infections so yeast infections,I mean VB is an infection it treats that,and it really just helps to relive all,of those all that unhealthy bacteria,that has started to grow it helps to,level all of that out because there is,good bacteria that grows and that you do,need and thats what they try to give,you through antibiotics but like I said,organic non-gmo you want to go with,something like that you want to be back,I feel like even growing up as a young,girl like I was athletic I played tennis,or privately my whole life until I was,18 by 19 really,okay my whole life um,and I was always in tight clothes I was,always running sweating high like I feel,like I personally feel this way I dont,know if theres like she was the,validity to it but I personally feel,like as youre growing into puberty and,youre going through puberty while being,an athlete your body might experience,different hormonal changes because you,might be more active than the average 14,year old the average 12 year old you,might get your period earlier you might,get your period later like I just feel,like different factors affect your,health let alone affecting your feminine,health with me just growing through,puberty and the experience in that and,also not even knowing what it was that I,was experiencing it just made things way,more uncomfortable than maybe the,average girl going through puberty at 12,years old I was extremely insecure like,I was so insecure because I just always,thought something was wrong god bless,all the women who never had these issues,they never had to deal with this stuff,want up because for us that did I swear,like Ive spent times crying like trying,to figure out like what is it that I,need to do and I feel like you know I,was the type of child I was kind of shy,do you really want to talk about the,things for my mom you know cuz every,time I brought it up to her she would,say its normal and she would say you,know everybody goes through this this,normal you know you are going through,youre younger or whatever whatever,I mean I just didnt believe it I just I,was like I just know somethings wrong,with me Mommy you cant tell me that,told me yall no way from the country,you know no from the country powder,Senate powders too strong the soaps like,all of that stuff I was doing out of,just not ignorant [ __ ] I didnt know,any better like I literally thought you,were supposed to clean your vagina with,stuff I did what I knew and if something,was wrong that was no more Nic Cage I,can honestly say like my first,experience of discharge was probably in,fourth grade and I dont know if thats,normal I feel like that might be normal,because I was about nine years old I was,already growing boobs I was already,becoming develop you know I didnt say,anything to my mom I didnt know what it,was I just was like um okay but it was,just striking to me that something could,even be wrong with your vagina if youve,never even had sex there couldnt have,been anything wrong with me if Ive,never even had sex thats not even when,I was focused on like I said I was a,tennis player I was worried about,winning I was worried about competing,like thats what I want to do I finally,got a gist of everything after eighth,grade but it still was just those,insecurities like once you get rid of it,wouldnt come back does it feel like,somethings off Oh am i itching oh why,am i itching am I eat you from the,inside I might you pronounced I like,yall know the difference,is this in my head am I going crazy cuz,you know you smell yourself before,anybody snowshoe so I just felt like,there was something wrong with me there,was nothing different about me then the,girl beside me but I felt like I was,going through way more than every girl,around me you have friends like asked,him how do you feel about yourself do,you ever experience this I just tried to,be there for them to kind of like see,maybe they dont have anybody to talk to,about it like I didnt I didnt I had a,brother and a sister shes six years,younger than me and hes a whole way so,I didnt want to talk to anybody about,it but check me your friends and check,on your family this is before social,media was away this is before people,which is comfortably making post on,Twitter about vaginal health this is B,for literally you could go on instagram,and hashtag vaginas and get information,and get yoni steaming this is before,Yanni pearls this is literally before,all of this new wave era of like must,finally talk about it and Im glad that,we are here because I did my

How To Cure Dry Scalp, Dandruff And Psoriasis With Dr.Mike

hi beautiful today were talking about,some really fun stuff which is all kinds,of scalp issues scalp care has been very,trendy right now every hair care brand,is coming out with scalp stuff and,things to hydrate your scalps things to,exfoliate your scalps and everything in,between if you have any scalp issues,today is your day were going through,them all were breaking them down and by,we i mean dr mike and i i dont want to,give you guys medical advice on,something i dont know about so i,invited dr mike over to better explain,these things and just uncover some,truths and some lies about each topic,were gonna go over some naturopathic,naturopathic,things what am i saying,naturopathic treatments guys thats what,it is and some things you can buy in the,store to help treat your scalp issues,im gonna grab dr mike lets do it,[Music],hey beautiful i mean dr mike welcome to,the channel,today well be talking about a dandruff,dry scalp and psoriasis youre gonna,help the common peoples understand these,three things and were gonna decipher,what is the differences between them all,and how do you treat them yeah theres,so much overlap theres so much,confusion im suffering with some dry,scalp dandruff myself so we are the,common people all right lets do it,were going to start with going over the,differences between dry scalp dandruff,and psoriasis whats interesting of all,three of them the symptoms are quite,similar im gonna see flaking although,theyre gonna be different size flakes,for different conditions itchiness,redness of the scalp so its really,important to distinguish which one of,these three conditions it is because the,treatments are somewhat different when,it comes to dry scalp were simply,talking about dryness of that skin layer,thats it theres nothing else going on,okay when were talking about dandruff,were actually talking about a medical,condition called cyboriatic dermatitis,i know so boreatic dermatitis thats,good look at that im about to give an,honorary doctorate degree right now we,only have theories as to why dandruff,happens right either too much oil,production by your scalp because there,are hair follicles and theres oil,glands that naturally occur there but if,you have too much,it can become a problem theres a lot of,turnover so youre flaking another thing,that could happen theres actually fungi,that live on our scalps and our skin,thats normal the fungi the fungi have,to be there im a fun guy,and these fungi the specific one is,malassezia furfer and these fungi,actually live naturally and its fine,but when we have an overgrowth of them,they actually release this compound this,acid that creates irritation of the,scalp and whats interesting it actually,ties into that oil thing that we talked,about earlier because if you have a lot,of oil that fungi actually eat that oil,and thats why they create that product,so perhaps both are true and then the,final one is you said psoriasis yes,thats an autoimmune condition where,your own body is actually creating,inflammation and you get plaques you get,the same flaking but with a lot of,redness and the thing to keep in mind,with psoriasis is its not limited to,the scalp if its happening it,potentially can be happening in other,areas of your body and internally as,well its possible that this high,inflammatory state can be going on in,your blood vessels in your joints you,have to monitor it basically and you,have to have a doctor on board for that,i brought some goodies oh first we have,an oldie but i guess a goodie yeah head,and shoulders clinically proven to help,restore scalps natural moisture infused,with almond oil pyrothione that was good,it has two functions one it has some,anti-fungal activity for that melazaza,that yeast but it also helps with the,decreasing of flaking it makes sense why,this specific product has been so,successful over the years and this one,you could use more often than with some,of the other treatments that when we,talk about dandruff or psoriasis you,dont want to be using them too often,too many times a week whereas this you,could use as your sort of daily or every,other day shampoo this would be like,really targeted towards dandruff but,also help with some dry scalp as well,especially like this one has an oil in,it i think when youre using any kind of,these natural oils whether its almond,oil coconut oil tea tree oil its really,important to know that it works well for,dry scalp and,some cases of dandruff you have dandruff,caused by too much oil production and,then youre putting more oil that can,make the problem worse so my,recommendation to my patients is if they,have moderate to severe dandruff is to,not use any kind of oil get it checked,out first just because your scalp looks,dry it doesnt mean you have the lack of,oil the eggs on your scalp its so,counter-intuitive yeah like how the body,works,in blue selenium sulfide one percent,helps prevent and eliminate itchy scalp,and visible flakes works well for,dandruff specifically because you have,anti-fungal activity antibacterial,activity as well as that decreasing of,skin turnover for a sales and blue,product if we read the instructions im,almost positive that itll say to not,use it daily for best results use at,least twice a week or as directed by a,doctor,youre the doctor that one can be a,little bit more harsh and if you overuse,these products you could actually create,another problem so like you dont want,to be overusing these specific ones oh,the fancy one is it fancy they just,cant do it because wait until i tell,you the ingredient youre going to be,like theres no way thats angry it,controls redness intense itching and,flaking of severe scalp conditions,dandruff psoriasis seborrheic dermatitis,which cyborg dermatitis is very similar,to dandruff if not the same thing ready,for the main ingredient yes coal tar and,what is that right you would think like,coal tar do i want that on my scalp,actual coal its actual coleslaw mixed,with tar well i dont know like how they,mix it chemically speaking but this is a,product that i wouldnt use for just,simple dry scalp this is something that,i would use for psoriasis or cyboriatic,dermatitis also you dont want to use,this daily but again similar mechanism,of action some anti-fungal activity some,um cytostatic activity which means again,decreased cell turnover do you like,using fancy terms because it makes sense,yeah and you went to medical school so,you have to use fancy three i use i like,i learned that i spent time learning so,im like im just gonna i find it,interesting that all the ones we just,went over have different active,ingredients yeah i didnt know there was,different levels to it well just like,when you go look for a pain reliever,lets say an over-the-counter pain,reliever you have so many options you,have ibuprofen naproxen theyre,different but in reality they all,accomplish the same goal so this is,doing the same thing some of them are,better for other purposes like the head,and shoulders is the daily one the sell,some blue is the one you have to use,twice a week for dandruff this is really,like the go-to for psoriasis treatment,does a good job for mild psoriasis cases,because unfortunately we have no cure,for psoriasis or dandruff we only have,treatments so symptom control i have no,idea what this is ever clean this is,salicylic acid it says anti-dandruff,shampoo for relief of itching and scalp,flaking associated with dandruff,psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis and,the main ingredient is salicylic acid,like i just said 1.8 ive battled with,acne when i was growing up and i would,use some of those um you know the pads,that you could use i forgot they were,called yes one of their main ingredients,was salicylic acid as well because it,basically breaks down that superficial,layer of skin the medical term is,corrado lytic corrado is the skin layer,lytic means its breaking through when,you have psoriasis and you have a build,up of these dead skin cells this can,help break t

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