1. The Zee & Co Reviews
  3. AlakaBlast Review – with Zee Garcia
  4. X Nimmt! Review – with Zee Garcia
  5. HGUC Zee Zulu – Review
  6. Dale of Merchants Collection Review – with Zee Garcia
  7. Pandemic: The Cure – Experimental Meds Review – with Zee Garcia

The Zee & Co Reviews

about Z and Co founded in 1985 Z and Co,is a luxury retailer of high-end,clothing and brands they have five,stores in southeast England in Loughton,Essex for men women and children and,stores solely focused on men in Bo East,London in Islington North London in,Ilford Essex and in Maidstone Kent in,addition to these stores ZM Co also,offer an expertly constructed website,selling their products internationally,have a look at this CN coke commercial,to see inside there Roman Road store and,to get an idea AOF the kind of products,that they sell customer services what,this business does and what they have to,offer you the Z & Co website divides its,products into men women and junior both,the men and women categories offer the,customer the chance to search through,the products in the subdivisions new,arrivals top brands clothing accessories,footwear holiday shop and sale some of,the top mens brands are Armani Jeans,DITA filling pieces Hugo Boss and moncla,the mens clothing category features,products such as t-shirts polo shirts,suits and fitted jackets swimwear track,suits and CA OTS and jackets the mens,accessories offer items such as bags and,luggage caps and hats sunglasses,cufflinks fragrances and scarves and,gloves,the mens footwear division offers,trainers shoes sandals and flip-flops,slippers and boots,xico pronounced pretty much the same way,as zico is a famous artist from south,korea some of the top brands for women,are beckoned bridge Diane Von,Furstenburg for love and lemons,Guiseppe Zanotti and Vivienne Westwood,the womens clothing department offers,products such as knitwear dresses play,suits and jumpsuits skirts jeans and,trousers the womens accessories,category offers items such as bags and,purses keyrings cases and covers scarves,and pashminas and jewelry the womens,footwear section office heels wedges,flats slippers boots trainers and,sandals and flip-flops the junior,division is separated into new arrivals,top brands such as added ass diesel,Kenzo kids Juicy Couture and Paul Smith,jr. Boyd coats and jackets tops track,suits jeans and trousers etc girl tops,dresses shorts jeans and trousers skirts,it,cetera baby-baby suits tops footwear,accessories etc Footwear boy Footwear,girl Footwear and baby footwear holiday,shop and sale customer reviews,complaints advice feedback share your,thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses,what do you think of Z and cope if you,have ever shopped at Z and Co we would,love to find out what you thought why,not take a moment to share your opinions,in a customer review to help out other,customers and let them know what to,expect when buying these clothes reviews,Z & Co have you heard of luxury fashion,brands e & Co are you unsure about,shopping from their online store or,traveling to one of the stores because,you are not certain of what exactly they,sell in whether or not these products,are high-quality comfortable and worth,the price read on to learn more about,the brand and what they sell then to,solve your problem of uncertainty check,out some customer reviews to see what,the customers really think visit britain,views co uk and leave your honest review,about ZM code


[Music],and women in London and here is the only,one around the store check it out,Brandon company Axl Ricardo and a whole,bunch of other brands as well right so,the first section they got is CP company,where you see the stuff differently on,the side different to us first but nylon,material this tracks is quite though,different theyre very are speaking out,burgundy so yes different thats meant,to sit around you an ugly but they do to,strap but yeah this is this is smaller,than the one they released last year,they released another bum bag just like,this while zone if it pick up I actually,think I prefer this smaller one because,you could just have it concealed,underneath a jacket quite nicely this is,100 or 500 I just picked these up the,summer edition ones and these are the,winter,CP company but the material food,material or none its a bit bit more,thick nice right perfect,yeah perfect very exactly these are nice,EP goggle woman yep and just see the,city logo sticking out there as well it,certainly goes so CP company asked but,until you say logo now which is pretty,dull yeah and theres quite a few items,in here that will be,[Music],even whats the retail price on that one,[Music],see theyve got the surrey logo this is,six to five I just wouldnt know where,is stand up I just dont know where I,really started to bring out the shorts,already to pause for thought,wait do you know about Perry jumpers,[ __ ] wheres the phone,Ive got a whole video on power jumpers,basic theater got a search,so lets go so basically in Alaska,theyve got this kind of rescue team and,they kind of dedicated the brand and,they call him Terry jumpers and they,dedicate the brand to this rescue team,over in Alaska that kind of help people,win and get trapped over there for,whatever reason but yet they come up,with this brand but quality of the,jackets are actually really nice and,what war means so if the guys are,looking for something thats a little,bit different and this could be a good,Google tentative you figure that,colorway is quite nice I think its,cause of quite less because you dont,see them every day,no its not exactly reminds me of Emma,but alpha industries yeah its got a,nice weight on top it is called the,Goldie so you got that look at that big,chunky gonna start up some new Barry,here is what you know about Neil Barrett,not really well Ive only heard of I,over I dont know too much away certain,your barrister English designer five all,this stuff has been in Portugal so the,qualitys nice he tends to use a lot of,like neoprene material so if you check,the material say if you check the,material feels a bit more its got like,a thicker feel to it thats near print,but stuff is super expensive,theres a lot more popular now on the,side of the arm which is nice my,favorite is this one this one this is,the forest off and this is the 20 20 19,colorway for Canada Goose so this is,where this is a new color this has just,been released well yes we can US Canada,Goose are quite known for doing like,camo graphic prints so yeah thats that,for you doll,so Imperial mine is another one of those,brands that use it to City Legos so for,example in this piece if you look inside,with the washing instructions or you can,see youve got a certain logo so again,you can check this online too to make,sure that the item is genuine again Im,going to show you that in a second how,exactly you can do DUP anything thats,kind of like fluffy like this thats got,that kind of this is toweling theyve,got this towering material so Im glad,to see that more brands are actually,picking up the city logo cuz it just,means that its easier to spot if I am,is genuine or not right guys so Im,gonna do real quickly show you how to,use this,logo because lots of people been axed we,had to use a say logo and how to do it,properly Im on the City logo commie,website literally we got these jump onto,the website and theres a number inside,this jacket on the city logo which is,why here but literally if I put this,number inside the city like a website,its going to show me how to identify in,this genuine go through that process but,another impressive goal was Im gonna,sign my emails that we do that real,quick its saying now signed in some,goods now its asking you where that I,purchased this product so obviously Im,in store now so Im gonna say the store,its very important that you tell city,Lego where youve got the item from so,if you havent got it youre gonna have,to say you havent got it otherwise that,could mess things up if you got it,online through the website then say,where if you got it from a store saying,what store and if its a gift from,someone then just put down that as a,gift set up the system needs to know,where youve actually got that item from,in order for its and web properties us,thats very key did you purchase this,product Im gonna go no because I,havent purchased it yet I always tell,it the truth if this is this the brand,name of your products and yeah does it,is now show you some images it says does,it does it have this does it have this,certain ago label min ago yes done right,say say weve just sent the results to,my email so Im gonna check my email and,double check right off just so the email,and its come back as authentic guys,okay so that is literally how do you,check if these sets logo is genuine now,you can do that with woody brands that,start locally so Imperial money power,jumpers CP company have that as well,Guiseppe Zanotti they have that as well,so you hit blue-chip on those items very,simple the most important thing is that,you give it the correct information okay,so I sit this Kraken will distort along,Im actually a big fan of bobble,suffering their price points are really,decent quality offering jackets are,really good so this stores quite big so,this whole section here is like the,menswear section and next order that the,womens wear section like Kens over,here is the streetwear brand hire Bronco,Ive heard of it before but I thought no,its not I mean hes like article a my,bro,French brands Paris that was really nice,and you know what the puff one is quite,nice,now mr. Poohs offering the folly of,miss knuckles is actually better in,Canada case quality-wise but the,materials really boss ladies whos,heavier more dense more quality dense,jacket so Im actually a fan of the,Moose knuckles anything Im not sure,buys I just think some of their branding,could be changed up a little bit because,I feel like the Jackie is quiet I feel,awful I feel like its quite a,sophisticated jacket but then when you,see the detail but on the inside it just,doesnt go with the branding in my,opinion disparate even the cards I think,could be a bit more premium but overall,the actual jacket is so really nice some,good pieces really nice they do really,nice really nice jackets maybe going on,for the trainer section here which lots,of traders by literally online theyve,got more training so you can always,check out seeing gotta see what trainers,theyve got on their website but in the,store theyve got all these different,brands here so for example Takagis,actually quite nice and a little bit,different and this ground seems to be,doing some really big things at the,moment so our God so whats your,foursome nose bro,quite nice like nose but I preferred the,other ones these ones you like the,yellow in it yeah I mean the orange one,for mmm think okay yeah these are nice,these are really nice and theyve got,the easy easy these easy 500 problem,tell me about use trainers my god I,dont know Ive heard that theyre,really comfortable I dont personally,own a pair but yes super calm feelings,about them and the thing that I like,about them is theyre not as B as the,other sort of models of easy sort of 350,they still be of course because they use,these but theyre a bit more low-key,okay something thats a bit more,undercover you know I just picked these,off in a different colorway but though,Im actually looking for the white ones,the only thing I dont l

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AlakaBlast Review – with Zee Garcia

hey everybody z garcia here and today,were going to be dueling magic students,trying to pass our course in alaka blast,[Music],in this little card game each player is,trying to gather gems and you gather,those gems by challenging the other,players to duels revealing a card from,your hand at the same time and beating,them either in strength or in an,elemental challenge and its its your,choice if youre the one starting the,fight,theres also in the game some hidden,information in your hand hidden from you,that is facing away from you that you,are going to be asking information about,so that you can figure out what those,cards are manage those two things,information gathering and dueling and,you might come out on top so lets go,ahead and take a look at how the game,works well come on back after that ill,tell you what i think of it,in the game youre trying to be the,first one to get to a certain number of,these gems so for example with four,players if you are the first one to get,five of these gems you are going to be,the winner and the way you get these,gems is by challenging other players to,a duel with cards from your hands,the cards are broken down into five,elements and then numerically they have,anywhere between a zero and a seven so,ill show you for example this card here,is a fire card with a value one and we,see they go from ones to sixes with a,single six but three ones in each,element here weve got one of these,nature cards with a value four and so on,for all the other ones there are also,five of these shadow cards and five of,the light cards the light cards will,always be zero and the shadow cards will,always,be sevens all right whenever you,challenge someone to a duel you are,going to pick either an element,or you are going to pick a value both,players will reveal simultaneously a,card from their hands and you will,compare and see who the winner is the,winner gets a gem all right,so you need to be aware that these again,will always be sevens,but and therefore the strongest card,numerically,but also the weakest card,based on elements because when you are,doing a dual the number is easy if you,pick pure strength thats very easy to,figure out if youre doing the elements,youll see that light beats everything,else,shadow loses to everything even though,it is the seven numerically like i said,but then the other three in the middle,are basically rock paper scissors right,with water beating fire fire beating,nature nature beating water there,so now you understand how the duels work,lets talk about what the players are,holding in their hand and how they will,gather information about some cards,theyre holding that they dont know,anything about so to set up the game,were gonna give each player four cards,but of those four theres two they can,see,and two that they cannot see,so well pretend for the sake of our,example here that we are holding these,cards,so that i can see two of these that were,dealt to me and the other two are facing,away from me im not allowed to look at,these other players can look at them,though and everyone is holding two that,they cannot see so on my turn i am going,to do one of two things is listed over,here on the player eight i am going to,challenge someone to a duel or,i could ask for information if i ask for,information,someone else is going to ill pick the,player and they have to give me some,information about one of these cards im,holding that i dont know anything about,so in this instance for example they,might say this card is a water card,great now i know that,next time i ask someone for information,i will say okay give me some information,i know this ones water already so they,cant tell me that so they might say,this card is a six,okay now i know that,one thing they cannot do is exclude,information or give me partial,information that would all would apply,to several cards so for example to,change up my hand here if theyre going,to give me information i say i know that,this is a two and this is a one give me,information they they would have to say,these are both water they cannot just,say this is water because them saying to,me this is water also lets me know this,one is not right,uh that would be true for any of these,so if i you know theyre telling me this,is nature i also know this one isnt by,that very statement,now if its a special card,like one of these special cards,obviously they cannot tell me its a,zero and they cannot tell me its a,seven because i know exactly what card,it is so for those that would have a,single piece of information to share,with me and that is very simply this,card is a special card,and if they are both special then they,would say both of these cards are,special cards at that point i still,dont know if they are light or shadow,though,because they are both special if they,were both special they would say these,are both special and i dont know what,if theyre the same card if they are,different i would not know that,so thats how you ask for information,the other um thing you can do on your,turn like i said challenge someone to a,do you pick someone at the table you,have to give them some sort of,information that they dont yet know,you are then going to pick if we are,fighting an elemental fight or a,strength fight and we will both,simultaneously pick a card from our,hands and reveal them,without the other players seeing that so,you can just kind of you know put your,hands away and then flip one over,you can pick one of the ones that youve,learned information about you can pick,one that youre not sure about either,one works,once both of those have been revealed,so for example lets say we do i say im,going to do an elemental fight,and then we reveal these im challenging,this player they reveal that i reveal,that well since i did an elemental fight,light here is going to beat everything,else,so i lose theyre going to get a gem for,that we discard both of these cards and,then we both replenish the winning,player the one who just got the gem gets,a card they cannot look at so this would,be again facing away from them,the losing player gets a card that they,can look at and so my hand of cards will,not always be two facing out two facing,in itll change on how well im doing if,i keep winning im going to have fewer,and fewer cards facing towards me so,ill have to slow down and get more,information and players might also,target me because im not quite sure,what im picking you know im not making,a bit of a of a blind uh,a blind duel there as im picking,something and hoping that i beat them,so thats how that works you can also,bluff players a little bit as youre,about to go into a duel you might say to,someone,were going to do a strength duel this,is a special card or what have you they,might say actually these are special,cards in this case,and then i dont know are they telling,me that because theyre both terrible,and in a strength fight i.e theyre both,zeros or are they trying to bluff me,should i play one of these so there you,go again trying to get to a certain,number of these based on the number of,players with four players here five of,these will do it as soon as you get to,five,you are going to be the winner of the,game and that,is how you play,all right so that is i like a blast here,lets talk about it were going to start,at the top with the theme and the,setting the the,the setting here is a magic school these,are supposed to be the worst students at,that school,and they are trying to pass their class,i guess by beating each other with i,dont know flinging spells or something,its uh its okay its its a a bit,generic of a theme it needed a theme,to wrap around these mechanisms i,imagine and this works well enough the,rock paper scissors thing being,the usual water,douses fire fire burns nature whatever,its okay i dont particularly like it,but its not terrible and it shouldnt,get in the way of teaching the only,thing players need to internalize which,is not logical,is the light being value zero,and

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X Nimmt! Review – with Zee Garcia

its time for another Die style review,hey hey everybody today Im taking a,look at ex nint ex Nimbus a follow-up /,reimagining if you would of six nymph a,classic game from Wolfgang Kramer and in,this game he and his co designer have,taken that system have made it a little,have basically made of sort of closed,system with a little bit more back and,forth and given it a couple of new,twists now Im a big fan of the original,I think its a solid very interesting,game so why do I think of this one how,does it compare to the original can it,live up to that classic card game,feel lets take a look at how this works,that will come back and Ill tell you,what I thought of it to set up again,were gonna put out these three cards,here that delineate the three columns,that will form everybody gets one of,these X points holder cards and then,everyone is dealt a hand of a card says,well these have numbers on them anywhere,between 1 and 100 nothing repeats in,this game and they have a number of,little ball heads here at the top of,each card between 1 and 5 and then were,also going to flip over a card to start,each of these rows and youre ready to,begin the objective of the game is to,get the fewest of the ball heads as,possible and you are going to be doing,that by playing cards and hoping you,dont end up taking them back okay each,round goes like this you are going to be,taking a card from your hand you are,going to play that card face down in,front of you and everyones doing this,and once thats been done we find one,here for this player then they are all,going to be revealed and starting from,the lowest number in this case the 10,there you are going to add that card to,the end of one of these rooks the the,where that card goes the row in which it,ends up is delineated by the numerical,sequence as well as the smallest,kappa so for instance the 10 is gonna go,here after the center if there was a 7,here and this was just a 4 it would,still go after the 7 because its the,smallest possible gap so that play will,play there thats fine and the next,player would play the 42 would go after,the 40 the 44 rather after the 42 of,course and the 99 would go after the 90,perfect everyone picks another card and,goes again,nothing happened yet however if ever one,of these roses fills to that number the,person who plays that card has bust to,that row and they are going to take some,cards away from the line and place them,next to their ex possibly and heres,what I mean lets say I play next,and everybody reveals and I reveal a 16,the 16 is gonna go here lets say Im,the first one to play in this case I,have to take the 7 and a 10 leave the 16,there to start basically the new row and,then next to my ex I can put one of,these the other ones are gonna go in my,hand so lets say I put the 10 here 7,ends up in my hand again and this 10,right now next to the X is not hurting,me at all in fact at the end of the game,my score which is bad again you want as,low as possible,hes going to be every bullhead in my,hand counts as one point one bad point,right everything next to the X is,nothing does not hurt me at all however,once I bust this line and I take those,cards and flip them over next to the X,every one of those bullheads counts as,two bad points so thats what Im trying,to do how do you bust this line well,every time you take some cards from out,here and you have to play one next to,your X those numbers must continue to,ascend as soon as they do not ascend you,will then break that line and just like,these you need to take those cards flip,them face down and they now heard you,twice as bad if theyre still in the X,at the end of the game by the way those,are good those do not affect you,whatsoever,so thats how that works lets say later,on I play this 56 it goes here and then,after that Im gonna play a whole lets,say a mighty seven just to be silly that,also goes there I end up taking these,and then I would put one in my line,usually Ill try to put one that both,makes sense numerically but has a bunch,of ball heads to hope to to never have,to deal with those right and the rest go,in my hand and this continues until I,land around end up taking this car which,is fine,but then I take something like this,thats a problem these all bust theyll,hurt me way worse later on and I leave,the 16 there because its the one that,broke the the ascending pattern and we,continue the games gonna be over when,someone is fully out of cards in their,hand and then you are going to score up,the game everything your hand every ball,head head hurts you for one everything,in the line here does not hurt you at,all and everything in the pile hurts you,for two and so lets say this is my,final play here with these cards being,in that X pile thats five eight nine so,thats 18 19 20 26 thats actually 27,everyone so thats it,theres always score once that has,happened you write that down you shuffle,all this up you play one more time,through it just fairly quickly add up,the scores from both those rounds and,whoever has the lowest score combining,both of the rounds is gonna be the,winner of X mint and thats how you play,one of the things I really like about,this game is those steps that sequential,feel of having to take cards and then,one of them not hurting you until you,bust and then they really hurt you and I,like that its sort of like a safety,valve you know if you are able to keep,that happening youre good you know but,its tricky to manage that X roll you,know I like it a lot I think the fact,that theres a little more give and take,in,game its really interesting in six nipt,you have your hand of cards you play,them you take stuff and set it aside and,forget about it until youve played all,your cars and you hope that you took,fewer in this one since that closed,system might require people to take,cards back into their hand theres a,little bit more gameplay here and I,really like that feeling I like the up,the idea that I could end up forcing,someone else to pick up cards back into,their hand but therefore giving them,more options to play because once Im,down to you know two cards and someone,else has six they simply have more,options and I really enjoy that I think,it makes this game ultimately a better,game than six NIMS it feels very similar,and you probably dont need to own both,honestly unless you love filler games,like this but I kind of do and this one,I think is better so thats it for me,thumbs way up from me 4x nint definitely,would recommend it for those of you that,you know you love these little card,games like I do check this one out,thanks so much for watching the diced,our videos find more great videos and,reviews as well as our top rated audio,podcast at dice tower calm you can also,find other great shows at diced our,network com Im Eric Summer and youve,been watching the dice tower the dice,tower,is sponsored by cool stuff Inc or you,can find great games for great prices,cool stuff in stock check them out at,cool stuff Inc com

HGUC Zee Zulu – Review

welcome back gundam guys and gundam gals,Patrick Reed here from GM flat news comm,this time bringing you a review for the,high grade universal century number 132,this is a Zulu so this is the fourth,variation on the Zulu Mobile Suit design,that weve seen so far so sick of look,at all the individual parts and pieces,and accessories and see if this is a,worthwhile variation and for something,that you should spend your hard-earned,Gundam dollars on one thing I have,noticed while building the different,Zulu variations theres quite a bit of,extra left over plastic between each of,the kits so you can see all this right,here just comes from the Zulu itself and,it would have been nice if men that,would have used to set your plastic to,make some unique weapons or even a extra,color of runner to help with the color,separation as comic shame to see all,this extra plastic left behind but its,not too big of a deal,just a little bit of a curiosity I guess,starting at the bottom with the feet and,legs and if youre familiar with the,high-grade Zulu kits theres nothing to,new here going on except for the color,scheme the major color is the sea blue,with some dark navy blue at the bottom,and lighter grey blue top and some brown,for the joints theres no moving parts,or thing except for the ankle joints,which gives you quite a bit of move it,forward back and side to side and a,little bit of swivel there why theres,no mid foot breaker the thing and the,ankle armor doesnt move it either the,knee bends a little over 90 degrees and,the hip joints are stuck in place,so the legs are hopefully impressive as,far as articulation goes but the design,overall is very nice and Ive put on a,couple stickers here just to show how,the stickers look on the kits and they,help break out some of the detail thats,bolted into the plastic in the single,color but Im not really patient enough,to apply all the stickers so I just,wanted to give you a quick look at what,they will look like with the stickers,some of the stickers are so the hip unit,is almost identical to the other Zulu,variations except for this little,attachment point here on the front skirt,for the air tank up to the side skirts,can move out a little bit but are,hindered quite a bit by the plastic,piping here along the top the back,skirts are solid and theres a plug cap,hidden here on the plate to plug in a,weapon or a sheath in this case the,front skirt can move quite a bit but,when the torso is attached it its,limited quite a bit by the torso there,being in this way and here is where you,plug in the hip joint to the torso armor,so nothing too fancy here just a solid,nice-looking design and again Ive,applied a couple stickers just to show,you what they look like theres quite a,few other spots here to apply the,stickers as well so theres plenty of,sticker opportunities here the chest,unit has undergone the biggest design,change from the rest of the zulus line,it sports a diving suit motif with a,nice armor design around the neck here,that it has some needs circle recesses,designed in the check the front chest,armor is flat as opposed to the having,the sleeve design emblazoned on the,armor now aside from the shoulder joints,here that move out quite a bit there are,no other moving parts on the chest unit,and the backpack is purely functional,theres no real design to it these pegs,are where the turbine units plug in to,you so its a real simple design but,nice color separation the stickers help,a little bit as well to help bring out,some extra detail on the kits so the,Zulu has some unique shoulder armor as,well,in a place of the typical spiky shoulder,pad armor when we get this two-piece,assembly here thats held in place by,the shoulder joint on the chest unit,its a much smaller shoulder armor,design with a nice recess circles here,as well and gives the shoulders are,pretty unique design when compared to,the other Zulu suits and aside from the,plug on the back that the heat knife,assembly it plugs into the arms are,pretty standard issue upper bicep swivel,90 degree or so bend at the elbow,compl NT of wrist level as well and,heres what the stickers look like on,the sleeves you can see theres a decent,job of bringing out that detail thats,molded into the plastic and maybe you,could apply a little bit better than I,can and they tend to come off after a,while so again paitings better but it is,kind difficult to get this little good,wall painting so theres a Zulu comes,with quite a few accessories most of,which are pretty cool but the flippers,here a little bit out of place,especially on a giant robot with,turbines on its backpack at thrusters on,its feet,I dont see why flippers would be,necessary but of course this is this is,an aquatic based mobile suit so I guess,design wise they sort of fits and,theyre not bad I mean you know forth,they are theyre simple accessories and,theyre easy to take off and are to put,on so you could take them or leave them,if you want to but at times I think,theyre kind of cool so this suits,primary weapons are the various knives,it has all over it carries two handheld,knives on the back and this little,sheath that plugs into the the rear,skirt armor and these I have to slide in,place the knives themselves are pretty,nice its a pretty stiff plastic the,silvery-gray kind of plastic that we saw,like on the master great san roque and a,few other kits and unfortunately the,handles are molded into the plaster as,well so these a little bit of extra,paint if you want to make them look,proper to follow the line art on the box,but overall theyre not too bad they fit,hand really well,so the sheath does a pretty okay job of,holding these knives in place sometimes,they do pop out without too much force,so it could be annoying when youre,trying to post it but all in all theyre,pretty cool and you also get these two,heat arm assemblies that are stored on,the forearm that you can see the knives,can bend over in storage position and,then flip back out to attack mode I,guess and each of them are on the,independent little ball joint so they,have a little bit of room they have a,little bit of movement so originally I,when I saw these knives on the runners I,was a little disappointed by seeing that,they were somewhat hollow but when the,next to each other they look pretty good,and I think having that little cutout,kind of helps the design brakes helps,break up the design a little bit too and,theyre still real stiff theyre nice,theyre not weak at all theyre not,gonna break in half or anything so,overall I think its a good decision,that they did that but I guess they,could have put some of these serrated,blades or whatever on there too to help,with the design but overall its not,such a big deal this is a pretty cool,and functional simple weapon you can get,quite a few poses out of it some,different variations and stuff so for,being such a simple accessory as far as,the build goes they work pretty well,another accessory is this oxygen thing,that fits on to the front skirt armor,this is just two hunks of plastic and,with a lot of detail moved in but again,no color separation or anything so some,dry brushing or paint applications would,be a good thing to have on this it looks,nice you just have to work to get out,the detail and for the backpack you get,these two turbine units that plug into,the pads on the back and theres no,moving parts or anything here like the,air take on that front skirt armor,theres a lot of detail hidden here on,the single color so they could,definitely use some panel lighting and,paint to help bring out the extra detail,hidden there,but overall its a pretty cool design,and each of the turbines have these two,pulicat peg holes on either side and,this is where you plug in the rifle case,if you want to on the backpack so the,last of the accessories are this rifle,case here that holds the rifle inside,for storage the case itself is pretty,simple its just the two pieces are held,in place by a friction connection t

Dale of Merchants Collection Review – with Zee Garcia

hey hey everybody Zhi Garcia here today,were going to be revisiting our market,stall loving animal folk critters in,Dale of merchants collection in this box,you are going to get a new game set in,the world of Dale of merchants a new set,of cards now if you dont know what Dale,of merchants is its a deck building,game in which you are going to be buying,new cards in these different critter,families and then using those to well,gather better and stronger cards but,mainly to try to build up your market,stalls and whoever builds a certain,number of them first wins the whole,thing there already are several games in,the line deal with merchants vanilla,merchants to came out this is Dale of,merchants collection and there is a Dale,of merchants 3 coming out its actually,going to Kickstarter right now if youre,if youre watching this one it shows up,so this is another set of carts new,critters that you can choose to play you,can just play with the ones in here but,this is also a way to store them all,together this is a repository for,everything Dale of merchants with some,comprehensive knowledge about the system,card dividers variants you can choose to,throw in all of that stuff so before I,dive into this Im not going to teach,you how to play dale of merchants okay,if you dont know how to play you should,check that out weve got reviews for the,game and it wont be really ultimately,any different than this the animals will,be different the special effects will be,different but like many deck building,games if you know the core system youve,got it okay so Im not gonna do that,instead I want to show you what comes in,here and what the inside of this looks,like and how this is going to help you,organize several dull merchants products,if you so choose lets go ahead and take,a look at it alright so lets go ahead,and take a look at everything that comes,in the box here youve got right on top,here your rule book and this is a,comprehensive rulebook this is going to,cover everything across all of the sets,for Dale merch,even though this collection specifically,only includes these up here the del of,merchants collection it also gives you,the information for the other sets that,are or will be available soon all right,so thats the rule books very nice lots,of detail a nice thick rule book as well,good quality good build quality there,weve got this which is very neat the,animal Folk compendium has all of the,critters in the game with a little,explanation as to kind of how they feel,sort of what they do and again they give,you here the original set second set the,beavers which was a promo they include,that as well in the information third,set doesnt exist yet and then this set,as you can tell there are eight animal,folks here and only six and all the,other ones so you do get a little more,content in this box than in the previous,sets just based on the animal folks,along alright lets get that out of the,way all right stick a look in here,youve got spaces down here for two,types of tokens these are trackers or,markers for whatever they may you may,need them for these are a currency,basically you can use these to buy more,expensive cards you can save these from,turn-to-turn etc youve got a board down,here double sided just like in the other,set so weve got one site there one side,of there you are going to have dividers,for all the kinds of cards over here the,different cards and a couple of special,decks in here which Ill get to in one,second and then down here below this,youve got these special ability cards a,whole stack of them as well as the clock,that a couple of the animal folks used,in the game alright,so this one right here so put that back,in there even to worry about that for,right now were gonna get to this in,just a second I can put this back and,Im gonna tell you about you know not,the game part of this box which is fine,just as good as the other day love,merchants games but the collection part,of the title what this is mainly for,that is for storing everything Dale of,merchants you see over here I have dealt,merchants one and two already organized,and already utilizing the dividers you,can see there they came in this box okay,I just pulled them out to explain to you,so to give you a visual you know ideas,as to what actually comes in here but,youre gonna have this storage here to,keep all of your cards organized they,give you all of the dividers in here and,they give you a few variants so lets,talk about them okay also of course,spots for our our dice up here this is,an upcoming die so variants lets talk,about them alright Im gonna spin this,around so I can take a look at it youve,got trap cards thats a new thing you,may choose to play with the way this,works is you are gonna have player,colors so lets say Im blue okay,and Im playing against the green player,and over the purple player alright,were each going to decide which trap,cards were using well be using the,same once so or lets say the one and,the three value everybody gets those you,put them into your deck at the beginning,of the game and as they come up as you,have them in your hand you can choose to,play the technique which is very simple,they all say the same thing place this,card on top of another players discard,pile great so if I have this in my hand,I can put this on top of somebody elses,discard pile for an action later on when,it cycles through their deck and they,draw it though thats when it happens,and then if some some special ability is,gonna trigger for the one called,misdirection basically it says the blue,player that would be me the person I,gave them this card the blue player,draws a card from their deck places it,into their hand and then it says in bold,return not to give me this back the the,value 3 card here storage trip says the,blue player exchanges three random cards,from your hand with the top three cards,from your discard pile and then return,this so these are going to mess with the,other players are going to kick up the,interaction so again you,choose to play these and to add these,into your game or not thats up to you,now lets talk about a deck selection,which is not a special variant but its,included and its very cool,these deck selection cards you can,choose to use these to select which,animal folk decks youre going to put in,your game and again they give you all of,them including the again the beavers,which are a promo but you have first sad,second set third unreleased set is in,here even though these cards dont exist,yet shuffle this up figure out you know,if youre playing with lets say three,players you would need four animal,animal folk decks of course you shuffle,this up draw your four there we go Im,playing with these except these three,dont exist but you know you would just,remove those at the beginning so very,neat they also give you a little,explanation as to the complexity you,know the interactivity how mean they are,how random and a little breakdown of how,theyre meant to feel as you play with,them really like they included this,youve also got then the this deck of,cards which is special abilities if you,want to play with these you want to if,you want to be experienced at the game,before you throw these in but you can,choose to do that it comes in three,levels you got the greens theyre a,little bit easier than yellow and then,the red ones would be the most complex,and you would shuffle them up whichever,ones you want to use give every player,two and they can pick the one they want,okay and theyre gonna do all sorts of,things so let me see let me find one to,give you as an explanation so weve got,over here lets say I was dealt this is,one of my two and thats the one I,wanted to go with some of them dont let,you know here along the side or require,some extra stuff so this guy I need to,just go in there and find the cards that,he wants all right Im gonna need to use,that as well and then there are these,specialty cards that tie to some of,those abilities and characters

Pandemic: The Cure – Experimental Meds Review – with Zee Garcia

its time for another Die style reveal,hey hey everybody today Im taking a,look at an expansion to pandemic the,Cure which is a dice version of pandemic,in which you are all cooperating trying,to keep diseases at bay and trying to,save the world basically this game as I,said its driven by dice it is a based,on the original pandemic but this one is,faster its shorter its also a little,bit luckier of course because you are,rolling dice and the expansion is right,here called experimental mess its going,to introduce some new cards several new,characters as well as two different,challenges you can choose to play with,let me give you a look and then well,come back and Ill tell you what I,thought of the expansion,heres everything that comes in the,expansion you are going to get some new,events here which more than double the,ones that came in the base game you also,get a few blank ones to make up your own,you are going to get some new character,cards eight of them which again more,than doubles what came in the base game,you got the corresponding dice for those,and the corresponding pawns for those,and then the two main challenges in the,game which are the mutation challenge,which adds a fifth color that you must,battle and then the hot zones a,challenge which is going to throw some,special events abuse so Im gonna,briefly give you a look first of all at,the new characters the new events and,then Ill tell you about these two,challenges for those players that were,hoping for more of what they already,were familiar with in the base game all,right here you are going to get that,these events you can just shuffle into,the original deck and you are good to go,and theyre gonna give you a lot of,interesting new abilities and powers,many of them similar to the ones that,came in the original pandemic game as,well as the expansions to that game and,Im not gonna go over all of these but,just wanted to give you a sampling there,of what you can find in this new,expansion alright and then the new roles,as well you are going to have lots of,interesting new choices now the rules,recommend you shuffle these up and give,each player two in fact so that you are,able to pick like that and youre gonna,see lots of new abilities lots of new,faces on the dice for example the,troubleshooter here has this space which,allows them to save that die and then,whenever they want to cash it in as they,are pulling dice from the bag they can,throw two back into the infection bag,and therefore put fewer dice out so,really cool stuff like that youll have,an Operations expert now some of them,youll see up here in the corner will,tell you you can only play with three or,more players so be aware of that as well,but you have lots of new powers lots of,new abilities I really like several of,these quite a bit theyre very very,interesting and diverse,as theyve been able to do quite a quite,a bit with that one thing I will mention,however is that these cards which,apparently match a later printing of the,base game do not match my base game,which has a card cut to appear like,badges and these do not have that cut,they are simply square cards and so,thats a little bit unfortunate its,obvious for me if Im drawing one of the,new cards or one of the older cards be,aware of that if you have an original,printing of the game I Im not super,thrilled about that but I understand,they went ahead and changed these in one,of the later printings of the base game,so there you go for the mutation,challenge of the game you are going to,put out this new card which has the,purple disease included there you now,have to find cures to all five of those,and you are going to also apply some,stickers that come in the game to some,of the areas of the world to include,purple in there and the other side will,of course be the original printing they,are pretty seamless they they blend in,well as long as youre careful applying,them you should have no trouble there,and then of course you are going to add,in the purple dice to the bags put them,all in there you are ready to go the,gameplays basically the same way except,you now of course have to cure all five,and when those dice come up and you roll,them if you get a a regular face so I,say that five there too youll simply,put them out where they go as per usual,however there are two special faces on,these you have a times two which means,as you roll that you are going to draw,another die from the bag it might be,purple again it might not be and roll,that new one as well as the one that,says times two and so if this happens,there I would do it and in fact again,and this came up by x two again so as,you can see this could happen several,times and now these would go to the CDC,and then the other ones would go,wherever they actually go so thats the,one face the other face says minus one,on it and when that one comes,you simply reach in the bag here you are,going to take one die out and remove it,from the game and then re-roll this one,which again could give you that minus,one again and keep depleting the bag so,one of the faces brings out more dice,the other one depletes the bag of those,dice which you have to be careful about,so thats basically how that works,also when you are finding a cure to that,the way its going to work is a little,bit different because of the faces on,the dice but lets say I have four,samples for purple there and Im going,to roll those for every -1 I take away,one from the total and then if I had,eight times two I would after doing that,multiply everything times two so for,example its give myself here up a fake,situation lets say I rolled a 4 a 2 a,minus 1 and a times 2 I would first,remove one from the 6 which gives me a 5,and then multiply that times 2 my total,is 10 I did not make it I still need the,13 you normally need to get the cure,thats how that works and lets take a,look now at the hot zones challenge,every player is going to be given one of,these player AIDS which is going to let,you know what the dice faces means well,its setup information so youd have one,of those handy you are going to place,one of these hot zone dice and every,upcoming section of the track depending,on where you started itll depend how,many of these dice you you use so right,now standard difficult to hear the rest,of the segments after that would have,one die you finish setting up all of,these you can do this with the purple,challenge as well by the way with the,fifth disease or not its up to you Im,not doing it here so Ill flip these,away for now so we dont have to worry,about that so there we go and that,should do it,and then you are going to roll one of,these per color in the game meaning per,disease so just be original for and then,added to as,the area that has the most of that so,for example Ill say most black Ill,rule this and Ill put that die there,then Ill do most yellow and Ill put,this here Ill do most red and Ill put,this here and then most blue and Ill,put this here if there was a tie the,players get to decide where that dye,goes you might have leftover dice and,those can just go away and you are ready,to begin the objective of the game,remains the same however these dyes are,going to affect the actions you can take,or hinder you in some specific ways so,the dice have six faces on them three of,them are good or could be potentially,good and three of them are ways to to,slow you down or stop you okay so let me,tell you what they are Ill put them on,the screen as well for you evacuation,allows you to spend it and move any hot,zone or infection die in the region you,are to an adjacent region so for example,if on my turn I am the yellow player,here I move here I then can trigger,evacuation I could take this die move it,over here and I have evacuated that,population and then after you trigger a,die typically one of these hot zone dice,you are then going to reroll it and add,it back to where it came from okay so,thats evacuation isolation ward which,is what came up on that die t

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