1. ReVision Reviews – Is ReVision 20 Supplement Legit or Scam?
  2. ReVision Review: Is ReVision 2.0 Eye Legit or Scam? Effective ReVision 20 Supplement Ingredients?
  3. REVISION EYE SUPPLEMENT REVIEW- Revision Supplement Work? #RevisionSupplementReviews!
  4. ReVision Reviews – Is ReVision 20 Supplement Legit or Scam
  5. ReVision Supplement Review: It is A SCAM!
  6. Revision Reviews – Revision Supplement Review
  7. ReVision Supplement Review – Does ReVision Supplement Work? Revision Review

ReVision Reviews – Is ReVision 20 Supplement Legit or Scam?

revision claims to be an advanced,dietary supplement for eyesight a,formula that can help people improve,their vision,according to the official website this,supplement is also said to help the,brain function better and is not limited,only to help improve vision,its ingredients are powerful when it,comes to the brain and they are free,from chemicals or fillers in their,composition says the revision official,website,what is revision 2.0 vision supplement,supplementation has been used for,centuries as a way to improve the health,of both the eyes and the brain,herbs and other forms of alternative,medicine are often combined in order to,create solutions to some of lifes,toughest natural problems,in particular ancient medicine forms in,the east have made use of ginger root,various barks and other ingredients to,help the elderly regain control of their,vision and minds,in the western medical tradition these,types of treatments have not taken hold,in any institutional way,but this clearly has not harmed their,popularity,hundreds or even thousands of new,supplements every year claim to help,people hear see and even think better,the popularity of some films such as,limitless may have created an increased,public interest in fantastical medical,solutions capable of making us smarter,more perceptive and even happier,in reality it is always important that,supplement users manage their,expectations appropriately there is not,a pill on earth so far that will turn,you into a genius overnight,similarly no supplement can help your,eyes to heal the damage that they have,incurred over decades of activity and,constant use,however emerging studies and research,dedicated to the brain and eyes has,suggested that some formulas might help,to improve some types of heart eyes and,brain issues,in particular some supplements can,certainly support better vision focus,memory and more the subject of todays,full supplement review is revision a,vision and memory support supplement,which makes some pretty boisterous,claims on its product website,the supplement claims to be able to,support memory and focus improve,communication between the body cells and,even improve overall sense perception,when combined these benefits could be,life-changing,thats why we left no stone unturned,when compiling this true and honest,review of everything having to do with,revision,is revision a limitless pill or just,another scam riding on the public desire,for better memory focus and vision,this review will answer some of the most,important questions consumers are posing,about this relatively unique solution,how does revision work,many individuals complain they have a,problem seeing well on tv or even when,driving,as a matter of fact performing these,actions put a lot of stress on their,eyes,still revision claims help fix this,problem even if they have tried numerous,other supplements before,revisions manufacturers are saying their,formula is the real deal and thus truly,effective also claimed to do much more,than preventing the vision from,declining and helping to restore the,eyes damage that has already been done,this is because revision is advertised,as containing all the most important,natural ingredients shown by scientists,to keep the eyesight healthy,these ingredients are known to prevent,oxidative damage repair the cells that,have already been damaged and reduce,inflammation too,and whats even more amazing about this,supplement is that it can do all these,things just by being consumed once a day,therefore one revision capsule is said,to provide many amazing health benefits,especially for those who have to wear,glasses or lenses and those who are,feeling like theyre losing their,eyesight,revision is also advertised as gluten,and gmo free also vegan,revision ingredients,many health experts are saying nature,can cure any disease,this indicates that revision which is,being advertised as a 100 natural,formula can indeed deliver the health,benefits it is claimed to be able to,deliver in a natural manner,plants and herbs have been used for,hundreds of years to help improve,eyesight but it can be difficult to have,a diet based on them as they would have,to be consumed in enormous amounts and,this is impossible,instead they can be packed and,concentrated in a dietary supplement and,this is exactly what revision happens to,be,this formula contains all the best,ingredients shown to improve eyesight,ingredients that are contained at the,perfect concentrations and ratios for,only one capsule of revision to have to,be taken once a day so that the,formulas ingredients are taking effect,but here are its ingredients explained,coopersine a,one of the main ingredients of revision,huperzine a is extracted from the,huppersha serrata plant,health experts in china have been using,it for centuries because it helps to,break down acetylcholine and boost,memory and learning abilities,alpha gpc,this other special ingredient is,obtained from crushing soy at other,plants,when entering the brain alpha gpc starts,producing more acetylcholine and as,mentioned above this improves the,cognitive function and the memory,phosphatidylserine a very complex,ingredient in revision,phosphatidylserine keeps the brain,healthy improves memory and,concentration as well as helps with,focusing,it has been given to alzheimers and,adhd patients for many years now,l-theanine,this amino acid keeps the mind alert and,the body calm,its known to help get rid of the,anxiety feeling because it has a,structure similar to the one of,glutamate,glutamate is the brains,neurotransmitter that eliminates anxiety,therefore l-theanine acts just like,glutamate not to mention it also,improves memory memory and mood,in addition it stimulates gaba to be,produced and the more gaba is present in,the system the calmer both the body and,the mind get to be,l-tyrosine,this is another amino acid and has a,high protein content,when l-tyrosine is just at the right,amounts the cognitive function and,memory get to be improved,moreover l-tyrosine is used to increase,the production of a few human hormones,like dopamine norepinephrine and,dopamine which all boost the brains,health,l-tyrosine is also the amino acid that,regulates the eyes natural pigments,b complex vitamins,b vitamins are known to support overall,health by much,theyre being used in revision because,they increase red blood cells production,and support both the eyes and the brain,to work perfectly,re-vision benefits,revision capsules are claimed to contain,all the natural ingredients that reduce,the damage of the eyes done by external,factors such as uv light heat and others,as per the revision official website,says and what the formulas ingredients,are known to help with here are the,supplements main benefits explained,preventing eye disorders related to,aging,revision is said to repair the worn out,cells that have been damaged due to,getting old and even replacing them with,new ones,these diseases are dryness of the eyes,cataract macular degeneration and,glaucoma,regenerating eye cells,many people out there dont know that,their eyes cells can be regenerated and,renewed of being fed the proper,nutritive elements,and revision is said to contain exactly,these ingredients,helping with having perfect eyesight,perfect eyesight is a dream many people,are having and revision claims to help,with making it come true,according to its manufacturers this,supplement being used regularly protects,against the eyesight damage-causing,agents and this way prevents diseases,like hypermetropia or myopia,at the same time revision is also said,to improve night vision,helping the brain function better,because it also contains ingredients,that work on some of the brains,neurotransmitters by controlling how,concentrated these are and facilitating,communication between nerve cells,revision can also be a brain booster,that improves concentration thinking and,cognition,why revision,the fda would categorize the revision as,a dietary supplement a

ReVision Review: Is ReVision 2.0 Eye Legit or Scam? Effective ReVision 20 Supplement Ingredients?

revision is a daily supplement that,improves vision and mental acuity with a,collection of herbs and other,ingredients,the creators of this special formula,promote healthier cells to reduce the,risk of losing vision while increasing,focus as well,what is revision the body declines at a,rapid pace as it ages no matter how well,somebody takes care of their body there,always seems to be difficulties with,cognition and vision,individuals that must wear corrective,lenses in their early adulthood only see,this issue worsen with age,before they know it they have exchanged,their reading glasses for bifocals and,struggled to remember the last place,that they left them even if they are on,top of their head for any young adult,that does this now it is best to be,proactive to prevent a major decline in,the future,revision focuses all its attention on,both the brain and the eyes,rather than acting as a nootropic,supplement it can help the senses to,function at their best level,placing special attention on vision,quality of life is most often considered,in times of pain or severe injury but,improving vision and eliminating mental,fatigue can also do wonders,this formula doesnt necessarily replace,the need for glasses but it gives the,eyes the nutrients that they need to,maintain strong muscles eight powerful,ingredients,much of the attention about the revision,formula has to do with the eight,ingredients that work together to,promote better function of the brain and,eyes,those ingredients include,caffeine anhydrous,dava bacopa ariel part extract,alpha glycerophosphoryl choline,l-the-nine,phosphatidylserine l-tyrosine,bupresinae as helpful as each one of,these ingredients could be they are,combined in a proprietary blend leaving,the exact amounts only known to the,individuals that created it in the lab,without knowing exactly how much of each,ingredient is in the blend it is,difficult to say how significantly they,impact the eyes and brain,still even a couple of these ingredients,in a high potency can make a major,difference lets look at how each one,can impact the body caffeine anhydrous,caffeine anhydrous comes from both the,leaves in the seeds in coffee plants,though like regular caffeine it is,extracted and dehydrated to make it,incredibly concentrated this process,results in an incredibly concentrated,dose of energy promoting better blood,flow for improved cognition,one of the biggest benefits of caffeine,anhydrous is that users dont need as,much coffee to achieve the same effect,if users take revision they may want to,opt out of their morning cup of coffee,gaba,gaba interferes with the brains,response to nerve stimulation,when someone doesnt have enough of this,neurotransmitter in their body the most,common signs include stress and anxiety,to soothe this lack of gaba some people,will drink alcohol to target the,receptors,interestingly drinking alcohol will give,a similar effect to increasing gaba,because it helps to relax the users,brain to eliminate stress,bacopa aerial part extract,bacopa ariel part extract which is more,commonly known as bacopa monterey is,used in holistic medicine to simulate,concentration and memory,naturally found in tropical environments,it also reduces the risk of epileptic,seizures and access in a sedative,when used in supplements the most common,reason is to promote better memory and,it can help individuals as young as 6,years old,alpha glycerol phosphoryl calling,alpha glycerophosphoryl choline which is,also known as alpha gpc,improves the amount of acetylcholine in,the brain which helps with memory,retention,the body naturally produces it when soy,and similar plants are broken down by,the digestive system,the effects of alpha gpc have quite a,reputation for success as european,medicine uses it to help individuals,with alzheimers disease,along with its use in supplements it can,be injected under the supervision of a,doctor,l-the-nine,l-b-nine an amino acid can be sourced,from tea leaves and baiboli mushrooms it,primarily helps with anxiety much in the,same way that valerian and hops do but,without having any sedative effect,instead users can experience a calmness,that lasts through high energy moments,phosphatidylserine,phosphatidylserine a fatty substance,that protects the brains cells is,crucial to communication within the,brain,it is necessary for mental acuity though,the natural levels in the brain are not,able to maintain themselves as the body,gets older,l-tyrosine,the main reason that people use,l-tyrosine is as a supplement for pku,but it serves many purposes,most commonly it is found in nootropic,supplements and other brain health,formulas for the way that it increases,alertness and mental performance,in alternative medicine it has been used,as a remedy for depression it is also a,helpful remedy to suit the mind of,someone with attention deficit disorder,eupersine a the final ingredient of this,blend huperzine has earned much,attention for the potential use in,alzheimers patients to improve the,activity of neurotransmitters,this alkaloid has been compared to alpha,gpc in terms of effectiveness in,improving memory and focus,with only one capsule needed each day,revision contains many ingredients that,are known for their ability to suit the,mind or improve memory,even though this formula is advertised,as a vision health supplement none of,the ingredients of the proprietary blend,directly impact vision,the improvements in vision may be due to,the improved connections in the brain,but the website does not indicate any,other supportive ingredients for the,eyes,still this blend will help users to,improve their relaxation for better,memory retention and cognition

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REVISION EYE SUPPLEMENT REVIEW- Revision Supplement Work? #RevisionSupplementReviews!

so i recently just bought and started,using the revision eye supplement,in this review video i will be walking,you guys through first of all a skin,that made me lose up to 800 plus dollars,so that you can make sure youre staying,away from the skin that i fell for,after i walk you guys through this,revision eye supplement scan and how you,can avoid this skin,i will then walk you guys through my,personal experience with the brain and,eye,function of mine by using the supplement,the good,and bad things about the revision eye,supplement so that by the end of this,video,you can get to decide on you know,whether or not this will be something,you will want to buy and use for,yourself,so um with all that being said uh lets,get the video started by walking you,through,what the scam is all about and please,make sure you pay close attention and,also ask me,anything in the comments if you have any,at the end of this video,there are a lot of scammers out there,who know that the revision eye,supplement is a new,eyesight and brain repair new solution,uh supplement that is getting really,popular on the internet,and what they have done is that they,have gone and created,fake websites that look like the real,and official for,revision i supplement website and what,they do with this website is that they,actually go out to platforms like google,youtube and they run advertisements,promising that you will get discounts if,you buy from their website which are,actually fake ones,and when you finally enter your card or,people details there their user payment,information to illegally withdraw,as much money as they can from your,paypal or,bank and that was how they took this 863,dollars that was in my,paypal at the time and to make sure,youre staying safe i put the link to,the real and official website of the,revision eye supplements right down,below with the discount,and im sure that thats the correct one,because thats where i later bought the,real bottles,after getting scammed um so i put the,real link in the description of this,video below so that after,uh you watch this video and learn the,good and bad you still decide,that um you want to try the revision eye,supplement,you can just click over to their,official website and make sure that your,payment information is 100,safe and secure and even if youre not,ready to order yours right after,watching this,video i will recommend you save this,video somewhere so that,youll be able to come back to it and,use the link when you are ready to buy,um so that youll be sure you and your,payment are 100,safe uh so with all that being said im,not sure that everyone watching this,review video,uh knows what the scam is all about and,how to avoid it,uh were now move ahead and look through,my personal experience but uh before,i would i would strongly recommend you,guys give this video a like and also,comment no more scam in the comment,section below so that,this video will get seen by more people,who would be searching for reviews,uh so now lets talk about my experience,i started losing my eye vision,and feeling laziness on my brain health,a few months ago,and i just thought you know it was,something that a little bit of exercise,was solved but,i noticed that each time i finished with,the exercise,i would still end up watching movies all,the time due to the fact that im on,quarantine for the copy19 lockdown,um so i went online and started,searching for solutions,and at first i tried a lot of things,that didnt work and i even tried out,you know some programs,that promised they would give refunds if,you didnt like the outcome of their,products but,at the end of the day and i kept going,kept losing my brain,and vision power and kept doing more,research,trying to find something thatll work,and give me the results i wanted with my,health,and it was when i was reading an article,on helpline.com,that i even saw an ad for this revision,eye supplement,so i clicked over checked it out saw,that they had a money back guarantee,but i wasnt sure so i went to youtube,to search for reviews,i saw some reviews that talked good,about the product and,i went over to buy but on my way there i,saw some google display ads on youtube,saying that i could get a 90,discount right away and i then clicked,over to go get the 90,discount i mean who wouldnt want that,90 right and um so i got there and i,thought that um that was,you know a real website because it looks,exactly like the real one,so i put in my paypal details to pay and,before i knew it i saw a transfer of two,hundred dollars and it was done like,four times from my paypal account,i immediately opened dispute through,paypal and that normally takes three,days,and thats why im making this video to,one others to make it easier and 100,secure for everyone that will be,watching this so i put the link to the,real and official,website of the revision eye supplement,in the description of this video with,the discount so that,you guys who might finally decide to use,it can just click over and pay securely,thats the best way,so guys the bottom line of everything is,that i finally figure out,what happened and and then um later went,back to the rio and official website and,paid,i got my copy of the program and started,using it so yes the program works and,just take you know just a few minutes a,day to follow but i would advise that,you would uh,give this program time and devotion,because most people expect to do work,like magic,it does work quite all right so yes it,works but you have to be patient and you,know not expect,fast results it took me about two to,three weeks of following this before i,started seeing like very,significant and obvious results so now,that ive walked you guys through,my experience let me now walk you guys,through the good things about the brain,and eye vision supplements and the bad,things so that,you can get to weigh this out and,ultimately make a final decision on,whether or not youll get this for,yourself,so uh ill start with the good size the,first thing that i would love to mention,and something that,i really like about the revision eye,supplement is that it actually comes,with a hundred percent no questions,asked money back guarantee and this,makes the whole thing risk free but,guys you have to be uh you have to make,sure that you buy it from the real,website because then if you fall into,the hands of one of the,you know fakes uh that i want about,earlier you end up not getting any,product delivered and you wont even be,able to ask for a refund because you,didnt buy it from the official,company website so you really have to be,careful about that and be sure that,youre safe and the link i put in the,description of this video below is a,dark link to their official website with,a discounted price,where you can pay securely and get to,refined if you want,with that said the second good thing,that i would love to make here is the,fact that,the revision i submit actually is the,only thing that got me results out of,all the other,eye supplement solutions that i bought,and tried so yeah,thats the second thing and the third,thing that i would like to mention,um as someone that i or you know,something that i really liked about the,revision eye supplement is the fact that,i didnt really get any side effects,using this and thats something id,really comment the product for because i,personally,have tried you know some different,supplements that will solve one problem,but create another,and this one isnt like that i used it,and i havent gotten any you know,uh weird study fights or feelings so,those are the good things that i could,point out about this uh,brain and eye vision solution and now,that i know that you know,uh these good things lets take a look,at the bad thing so that you can weigh,them both and get to decide on you know,whether or not this revision eye,supplement is something you will want to,give for yourself,um and the thing that i would love to,mention as someone that or something,that most p

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ReVision Reviews – Is ReVision 20 Supplement Legit or Scam

revision 20 is a dual combination,supplement formulated to support brain,and vision health,using a combination of natural herbal,extracts revision 20 can help restore,healthy cognitive functions like memory,recall critical thinking and,concentration,it also helps restore poor vision which,might be lacking because of eye injury,or strain from staring at a screen,if youre someone who is feeling like,your mind isnt quite as sharp as it,used to be or your vision is starting to,suffer then revision 20 could be the,perfect supplement for you,revision 20 overview,revision 20 is a natural dietary,supplement designed to boost your,cognition and improve your vision,packed with essential vitamins minerals,and herbal extracts revision feeds and,nourishes your brain and eyes with the,exact nutrients they need to operate as,efficiently as possible,within weeks youll notice various areas,of your cognition are vastly improved,you may not experience blurry vision or,have to strain your eyes as hard either,this is a testament to the powerful,ingredients in revision 20.,according to the manufacturer the four,main benefits to taking revision include,improved vision brain focus and memory,retention,efficiency and communication between the,cells to reduce brand fatigue,increased perception of senses and,images,clear thoughts and excellent eye health,you may experience additional benefits,but these are the four main benefits of,the product,how does revision 20 work,according to the manufacturer revision,20 works in several different ways to,support brain health cognition and eye,health,just a few of the ways that revision is,said to work include,by reducing inflammation in the brain,and eyes brain and eye inflammation is,common especially considering you always,use both,inflammation in the eyes can lead to,vision problems like blurry vision and,inflammation in the brain can lead to,poor critical thinking memory and focus,the revision contains several potent,anti-inflammatory compounds that,actively work to eliminate this,inflammation and counteract its effects,on your brain and eyes,it then works to protect your brain and,eyes from further inflammatory damage,improving the production of brain,chemicals needed for synapses several,ingredients found in revision help feed,the neurotransmitters in your brain that,create synapses,these synapses are responsible for your,cognitive functions like memory recall,learning and critical thinking,in addition revision 20 helps produce a,brain chemical known as serotonin which,is a pleasure chemical,in other words serotonin makes you happy,this is why revision may also improve,your mood,feeding the brain and eyes with,essential vitamins and minerals some,specific vitamins and minerals are,critical to both the brain and eyes,the makers of revision have researched,crucial nutrients needed for optimal,brain and eye health and added them to,their product,by making essential nutrients always,available your brain and eyes will,continually have the nutrients they need,to operate as efficiently and as well as,possible,ingredients in revision,revision contains a combination of the,essential vitamins and minerals needed,for brain health and the most potent,natural brain boosting and vision,enhancing herbal extracts,combined these ingredients deliver,incredible results within weeks unlike,any other new tropic or vision support,supplement,the ingredients in the 250 milligrams,proprietary blended revision include,uperzine a huperzine can help support,the production of essential transmitters,like acetylcholine,various studies have found that,huperzine supplementation can enhance,memory learning focus and much more,it also may produce a layer of,protection for the brain from,inflammation,alpha gpc alpha gpc makes sure that your,brain is fed with the nutrients it needs,to operate as efficiently as possible,it may also help enhance the function of,neurotransmitters to help improve the,speed of synapses,phosphatidylserine this essential fatty,substance is found in every cell in your,body,it covers the cell wall and protects,cells from harm from pathogens,this is important because neurons cannot,be reproduced,this protects neurons from future damage,b vitamin complex the b vitamin complex,found in revision is known to support,both brain health and vision,many problems with vision including,blurry vision can be linked to a,deficiency in one of the b vitamins,these vitamins also support healthy,brain energy levels improve circulation,and ensure proper nerve function,alpha 9 studies have found that theanine,can enhance various brain functions like,commas focus and overall performance,however other studies have found,different other uses for theanine and it,can also be used to improve sleep,quality reduce blood pressure and for,immune support,l-tyrosine tyrosine is known to improve,focus attention and concentration,it may help regulate your mood and help,produce brain chemicals like serotonin,and dopamine,can revision work,while neuotropic supplements are a dime,a dozen nowadays few neurotropic,compounds have the proven ingredients,that revision has,for example alpha gpc has demonstrated,in several studies that it can enhance,the function of neurotransmitters,huperzine a is commonly added to,virtually every neurotropic because,studies have found its impact on,cognition to be powerful,phosphatidylserine is another proven,ingredient that we know supports,cognition vision and overall health,theanine and tyrosine have also been,extensively studied for decades,essentially every ingredient in revision,has been clinically tested and proven to,work in some positive manners,this is why revision works so well and,is already one of the leading,neurotropic products on the market,the fact that it can also support better,vision is just a bonus to take advantage,of,side effects of revision,many dietary supplements come with,hidden side effects that you may not,know about before trying the product,however the makers of revision,specifically have their product,formulated by a team of experts that,understand the human body,this is why revision does not have any,known side effects,even common side effects found in other,dietary supplements like nausea or,headache have not been reported in,revision 20 users except a case here and,there people also read ranking the best,no tropics,there havent been any reported cases of,serious adverse effects either,the product has been tolerated,incredibly well by almost every user,which is a further testament to how,dedicated the manufacturer was to safety,when making revision 20.,overall revision is incredibly safe,thousands of adults worldwide can,confirm that revision is a safe,effective cognitive and vision support,supplement,if for whatever reason you still arent,sure about the product and dont know if,revision is right for you then consult,your doctor before ordering the product,he or she should tell you whether or not,the product is the right one for you to,boost your cognitive functions and,vision,how long does revision take to work,revision may be designed to deliver,results quickly but they still arent,going to happen overnight,your body still needs some time to,adjust to the ingredients from revision,this is why most people start to notice,small changes about 7 to 14 days after,beginning revision,gradually these benefits become more,pronounced and become more apparent the,longer you take the product,the manufacturer officially recommends,you take the product for at least 30,days to give it ample time to work for,you,after all results do vary from person to,person,you may be lucky enough to see results,within the first few weeks or it may,take you the full 60 days before you can,finally see the results,is revision right for me,most neotropic supplements target,specific problems and age demographics,when they advertise their product,revision isnt included in this list,when it was formulated it was,intentionally developed to help peopl

ReVision Supplement Review: It is A SCAM!

hello everyone welcome back to contra,health scam,today were going to talk about this,vision,supplement called revision by,larry stephenson now as you can see i,have the,website open already and from what we,can see,its written do this second trick,tonight to restore your perfect eyesight,tomorrow,so this is a claim okay,and as you can see this is the video and,were not going to watch it,because its a long one and theres no,point because ive already done the,hard work for you over at,countryhousecam.com so very shortly,were going to head over there,and were going to find out all we need,to know about this product,so as you can see here this is the,pricing,the bottle costs around 69,and then these two other plans,exist for those who would be crazy to,consider,buying this product after watching this,video and as you can see here this,perpetual countdown timer that is here,is same time i saw when i reviewed this,product way back in february and its,still here,so just disregard it it is just a,classic,indication of a scam here and moving,forward,you can see here that they are saying,that they have some satisfaction,guarantee which is a lie,because youll soon find out when we,look at this product of more details,this is a bunch of frequently asked,questions were not really going to,dwell,much on it and thats pretty much it,for this website now to control scam.com,where were going to delve into this,product in more detail so lets go,all right were here at,countryhousecam.com and from the,title you can see that the vision,supplement is a scam,and from the review summary you can see,that revision has just,1.4 over 10 written which is very bad,and its for the following reasons,auto identity and qualifications this is,zero but then because the author does,not exist,hes just a paid actor and i have the,proof scientific base of the program is,zero because the scientific basis is,rubbish the,people who are behind this product dont,even know anything,when it comes to vision loss and the,third,is presentation of the program which is,2 over 10,because it is just full of scammy,advertising,is so glaring from what they did that,they are just copying another scam that,we,reviewed not long ago and im going to,show you and then testimonials is zero,but then because,this money has just made with fake,facebook testimonials with,stock videos that just made me stop,video so its clearly fake so zero but,then pricing,at 69 per bottle is too expensive to,start with its expensive,and secondly its a scam so whats the,point buying it,but i just decided to graciously give it,a 50 50 here,but at the end of the day its not worth,it now to the important parts of the,review,revision supplement was launched in july,2020,it claims to be the supplement that will,get rid of your vision problems for good,we also thought that revision 2.0,will not only restore your vision but,will supercharge,and maintain your brain in addition,revision will also supposedly protect,you,from developing eye problems such as,cataracts glaucoma macular degeneration,and even diabetic,retinopathy in the future stephen claims,that his wife who has been battling with,poor vision for,six years use revision to restore her,vision in just a few days,ever since what 67 000 people,have transformed their lives using the,supplement,so this is the claim now the back story,i actually did a good job,retelling it here but were not going to,talk about it here in this video so,ill leave the link to this review in,the description so that,at the end of this video you can go,ahead and read it in detail so you can,enjoy the backstory,but because i dont want to make this,video to be,long lets just quickly go straight to,the science behind,revision supplement and this is very,important so were going to read the,whole thing in full so lets,read it larry stephenson claims that the,root cause of vision loss has nothing to,do with age or your eyes,but with something bad going on inside,your brain specifically his tastes are,like what,we dont see with our eyes we see with,our brain,more specifically with the brain neurons,situated,on the retina end quote now pay,attention to this particular claim here,because were going to come back to it,by the time we start discussing why this,product is a scam stephenson then goes,on to claim that scientists in the,university of illinois,college of medicine have discovered a,new type of cell in the retina which is,responsible for connecting the eyes to,the brain,of course he failed to tell us the name,of this new cell instead he quickly,claims that the root cause of vision,loss is the loss of the function of this,cell,due to the action of an enzyme called,agnes 2,or a2 for short eliminating this enzyme,stephenson claims,will instantly reinstate the function of,this unnamed,new cell resulting in not just the,restoration of a vision,but the elimination of other conditions,such as fatigue,anxiety depression and migraines,according to him all you have to do to,need the a2 enzyme and restore your,vision is to do,the sixth second trick of popping two,capsules of revision every day,this is because the vision is part full,with natural ingredients,which are supposedly been scientifically,proven to reverse visual loss and,boost brain health now these ingredients,you can see it listed here who present a,alpha gpc,phosphatidylserine b vitamins ltn and,extract of course none of these,ingredients have been,improving i actually looked at them and,its a waste of time,and were not really going to talk much,about it now lets just head,straight to the fun part why is revision,supplemented scam,first of all larry stephenson is a paid,actor he does not,exist the man calling himself larry,stephenson in a video presentation,claims that he is a 55 year old retired,medicinal chemist,with 30 years of experience he says that,he lives with his wife lucy in a small,town near philadelphia pennsylvania,apart from that,there is no other information about him,theres no sign of him anywhere on,social media,so dont bother searching for this guy,because he is a paid actor and the next,reason will,convince you now what is the reason why,i call this guy a paid actor,first of all he resembles all these,scams ive seen so far and they follow,the same,script the same playbook and,specifically speaking this,particular product is made by the same,people behind synapse,xt and ive already done a review of,synapse xt you can watch it,in this channel i think ill leave it,somewhere in the,eye above my head so you can watch it,for yourself and you see that its,basically the same,thing that they are doing now,the second reason why this product is a,scam,dr kenji kanamaro that was mentioned in,the backstory,it does not exist now if you read the,boxer you,know about this so called dr kenji,kanamaro the supposed brain experts who,reviewed their magic formula that,this particular character called,larystic insulin eventually used to make,revision,now after reading the backstory and,coming down here you realize that this,particular,doctor kenji cannamaro is just an adobe,stock,video okay i left the link here in the,review so afterwards you can,come here to this review and read about,it click on this link and,you see that everything im saying is,true now to the third reason why,this revision supplement is scam is fake,facebook,testimonials stock videos now the video,presentation of revision,features a bunch of what we are meant to,believe are testimonials from facebook,but i can assure you that those,testimonials are just fake facebook,screenshots,completely stock videos now how do i,know that because this is this,exact same thing that was all over at,synapse xt which i mentioned earlier,besides,it is clearly obvious that the clips,save the paid actors,used in the presentation and stock,videos in fact i personally know some of,the people,in these stock videos as they were,students in my alma mater here in,ukraine so,some of these people that were featured,in

Revision Reviews – Revision Supplement Review

hey guys thanks for stopping by in this,video i want to show you my honest,review and i hope i will be able to,highlight all the pros and cons of this,product so lets begin,my wife was behind the wheel that,horrible night,a registered nurse who after finishing,her night shift and unable to see the,two pedestrians until it was too late,had a terrible accident and it wasnt,even her fault,it was all because of deteriorating,vision problems that her doctors were,unable to fix for six years,despite assuring us that their,overpriced multi-thousand dollar,treatments worked to this day it pains,me to even think about what happened,next and ill never forgive myself for,not being able to take care of my wife,but that precise moment made me realize,that losing your vision can be deadly,and the promises from eye care,specialists are just a bunch of big fat,lies,this sent me on a completely unexpected,two year long journey,through the dark underbelly of the,multi-billion dollar eye care industry,controlled by big pharma moguls and,eventually led me to discover a,completely natural highly effective and,inexpensive method that can make it,possible for you to enjoy perfect,eyesight while protecting yourself from,macular degeneration cataracts glaucoma,or diabetic retinopathy,despite what youve been led to believe,the root cause of vision loss has,nothing to do with your age,and everything to do with something,deeply peculiar and dangerous thats,happening inside your body at this very,moment heres a hint an enzyme is,causing dangerous inflammation and,deteriorating your eyesight with each,passing day,and once youll discover what it is,you can forget about costly eye surgery,lens implants endless visits to the eye,doctors and all your worries related to,the threat of vision loss or impairment,your future does not have to include,squinting thick glasses poor eyesight,shaking night vision,light sensitivity or bumps and bruises,because you cant see where youre going,stay with me and put the brakes on,deteriorating eyesight and safeguard,your vision today in the next five,minutes youll find out,why more and more americans suffer from,vision loss even though theres nothing,physically wrong with their eyes,how your deteriorating eyesight may in,fact be responsible for the hidden,inflammation in your body,causing migraines dizziness and other,complications,how a famous brain doctor from japan,uncovered an enzyme thats directly,involved in all vision problems,this research changes everything the,medical community knows about restoring,your vision,and the clinically proven simple six,second method that you can use starting,today to enjoy excellent eyesight again,regardless of your age medical condition,or the severity of your eyesight,problems,along with all the papers tests and,experiments from augusta university,the chicago college of medicine and,other medical centers that prove how it,works,thats why its absolutely crucial you,stick with me until the very end of my,story while you still have the chance,because i dont know how much longer,ill be able to keep this presentation,online,the global eyewear industry is worth 150,billion dollars,these fat cats are perfectly happy to,shatter your physical and mental health,forcing their overpriced lenses down,your throat and becoming obscenely rich,in the process one eyewear manufacturer,alone made 10 billion dollars last year,so its only logical theyre scared that,my dirt cheap method will put them out,of business overnight they dont want,you to have perfect eyesight they need,to keep you a customer for life,so please stay on this page because this,information could save your life or the,life of someone you love,youre just one step away from feeling,like a normal person again,just imagine stress-free night drives,long hours at your computer,working on a puzzle,playing golf,reading your favorite books or any close,work hobby like sewing can become a,pleasure again,breaking free of the need for your,fragile easily shattered glasses,or uncomfortable contact lenses,while enjoying dramatically better,eyesight than you have in years decades,or even in your entire life,as soon as today and just like more than,67 000 americans who have already,experienced the results of this powerful,eyesight restoration method for,themselves,robert p,82,pennsylvania when i woke up with a,painful headache i didnt think much of,it because at my age im used to all,sorts of aches and pains,but when i realized i could not see out,of my right eye i was alarmed and went,immediately to my ophthalmologist,an mri revealed that a mini stroke had,damaged my optic nerve,i was advised by the doctor to accept,the loss of vision in that eye and be,grateful my left eye with 20 20 vision,was not affected,then i heard about you larry and in one,month i was no longer blind instead of,seeing black there was a grey band,obscuring the upper part of my right eye,that would move when i blinked but i,could see,even my doctor was amazed,i will continue with your method larry,because you are definitely the best and,i want to express my gratitude for your,work,carolyn t,60,detroit,it worked oh my god it really worked i,suffered from blurry vision in my eyes,and your method cleared my vision in,less than a month at first i didnt,think this was possible but,this method deserves an award,charlie m,58,kentucky id been wearing glasses for 28,years by 4 pm my eyes were so tired and,blurry i could hardly read my own,license plate but what was really making,me worry was that my sights seemed to be,getting worse i never had any luck with,eye supplements i tried bilberry lutein,and eyebrite and other remedies but they,just did nothing for me good money down,the drain but i really wanted to improve,my vision so i gave your method a shot,about two weeks later i was able to read,my cell phone screen better even the,small characters ill certainly continue,using it for the first time in my life i,noticed a big improvement,starting today you can say goodbye to,the fear of losing your eyesight and,hello to your favorite books movies,driving and all the activities you love,like sports and family gatherings that,require good vision,i know how amazing it sounds,especially if youve been suffering in,silence and tried everything while,thinking theres no escape whatsoever,so lets not waste any more time,its time you broke free from the vision,lost prison,hi my name is larry stevenson im 55,years old and live in a small town in,philadelphia pennsylvania together with,my dear wife lucy,i want you to know right from the,beginning that im not a doctor nor a,lens specialist,i recently retired after a 30-year,career as a medicinal chemist,its a crucial job as people who are,sick rely on us for relief medicinal,chemists work in teams with scientists,to research and develop compounds that,can be used as pharmaceutical treatments,our greatest accomplishments are,creating new formulas that can actually,treat illnesses if we also succeed in,finding a way to make the manufacturing,process less expensive and thus,treatments more accessible then we,consider we did a great job,back in the days when big pharma werent,so desperate to stuff their greedy,pockets,ive witnessed a few medical,breakthroughs and seen life-changing,treatments take birth,of course none of them compares to the,vision loss remedy im about to reveal,to you,it all started eight years ago when my,wife lucy began losing her eyesight,at first she had blurry eyes but then,things got worse and she couldnt even,recognize friends ten feet away from her,lucy is a registered nurse so she would,always meet patients that became her,friends in time,and when they saw her theyd smile and,wave at her even from across the street,which made her feel loved and important,you can imagine how devastated she was,when she realized that the easiest most,natural thing in the world now became,the hardest,seeing your friends and saying hi to,them,she simply could not recogniz

ReVision Supplement Review – Does ReVision Supplement Work? Revision Review

welcome to revision supplement reviews,you can find answers to all your,questions about revision product,watch this video till the end there is a,surprise for you,make sure you have subscribed my channel,to know the new product reviews and,update,vision loss is a serious problem when,left untreated,it may be due to the unhealthy habits,poor diets,aging chemical exposure and light,effects and so on,follow this review to enrich your vision,and brain health,what is revision supplement revision is,the breakthrough dietary product that,works in a natural,way to enhance and maintain a healthy,brain and vision,it comprises of eight powerful nutrients,to support your brain and eye health,this effective combination will,transform your well-being with the mix,of herbal extracts by improving your,brain and vision,revision supplement ingredients list,the product has best potent ingredients,added in a precise manner and,manufactured by following the safety,guidelines,it consists of cooper zine a,a cognitive enhancer to protect your,brain and promote neural transmission,health,alpha gpc and phosphatidylserine,together combined with huperzine,feeds the brain cells to improve the,cognition and vision health,b vitamins this essential vitamin,supports the healthy brain functioning,and eyesight,l-theanine found in tea leaves for,providing peace and relieves you from,stress l-tyrosine,it promotes you with the potency of,calmness and focus,benefits of revision supplement the,natural,ingredients helps to improve your vision,with high clarity,you can get rid of your brain fog that,clogs your blood vessels,it betters neural transmission for high,cognition,excellent memory power and concentration,it prevents brain disorders and provides,relaxation and deep sleep,the natural extracts work safe in your,body without producing any negative side,effects,you can boost your energy by natural,improvement in body function,you can have a clear vision even during,the night drive that prevents,accidents there is a money-back policy,that backs your investment,drawbacks the revision supplement is,found only in the official website of,the manufacturer,you cannot get it in offline conclusion,the revision is the best natural vision,and brain health supplement that,comprises of eight high potent,ingredients,with regular usage you can improve your,brain and hearing health effortlessly,without any side effects,hope you got resolved all your queries,please look at the link in the,description and grab the discount,before you purchase thanks for watching,have a nice day

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