1. T-Mobile REVVL V+ 5G Review: A Better Phone Than I Expected!
  2. T-Mobile REVVL 6 5G & REVVL 6 Pro 5G Unboxing & Comparison!
  3. 10 Reasons YOU Should Buy the T-Mobile Revvl 5G!
  4. REVVL 5G – Pros and Cons! (T-Mobile/Metro)
  5. T-Mobile REVVL 5G – Complete Review! (New for 2020)
  7. Tmobile Revvl 5g – Full Review! Best Mid-range Phone?

T-Mobile REVVL V+ 5G Review: A Better Phone Than I Expected!

whats going on guys my name is wade,with tech daily so this is the t-mobile,revel v-plus 5g and youll have to,forgive me if im a little harsh on this,phone theres just something about,carrier-specific carrier-branded,smartphones that tends to give off a,certain vibe that isnt exactly positive,in fact there arent really that many,carrier branded phones anymore because,the big name manufacturers make great,affordable devices theres almost no,sense in trying to compete but t-mobile,continues to attempt to do so with their,own revel brand they made like two or,three different rebel phones last year,this year its just this one new one,here and honestly this phone is better,than i expected its definitely a device,for a more specific group of people,though obviously you need to be an,existing or new t-mobile customer to get,it you should also try to get this phone,for free using t-mobiles activation,offer if you can i dont think this,phone is worth the full 199 retail price,ill tell you that up front but for,t-mobile users who want a 2021 5g device,thats free on their network plan its,worth considering for sure and i also,want to stress that whole 5g thing too,the main reason to even consider this,phone really is because its the,cheapest 5g phone made for t-mobile now,if you dont care about 5g at all,theres a dozen other phones you should,get besides this one but if you want to,venture into the world of 5g and you,know your area has the coverage again,this phone probably fits the bill so,assuming you meet all the criteria lets,talk about what this phone offers now,and i think the first thing that stands,out is its size this is a big,6.82 inch device thats the screen size,but with a fairly large bottom chin and,thicker than average bezels framing the,display this device is going to feel,even bigger than that in fact i think,this is the largest phone ive used this,year just based on the total dimensions,and even for me reaching the top corner,and sides of the screen is a stretch to,say the least if you have the chance id,actually recommend trying out this phone,in store because its really that big,and it may not work for everyone however,if a big screen is what you want theres,really nothing bigger than this ill,also say too that the design of this,phone is kind of unique its a totally,flat very boxy form factor its,basically shaped like a brick or an ice,cream sandwich its just the flattest,design with the sharpest edges no curvy,contours or flowing tapered sides i,really like how this phone feels though,its like youve got something chunky,and substantial in your hand material,wise the back is plastic thats very,obvious as soon as you touch it the,frame of the phone feels thicker and,sturdier it might actually be metal all,in all theres no quality issues really,its still built well and it does just,come in this one color combo black with,a shiny pink stripe and t-mobile logo,across the back at first i really didnt,mind the whole thing but the more ive,had this phone now the more i wish it,looked a little nicer or more,interesting and the imei printed on the,back is a bit unsightly but i get it,its very on brand its a t-mobile,device and they want you to know that,and i guess it could have been a lot,worse the rest of the hardware is pretty,solid i really like the pronounced,tactile volume buttons you get a,t-mobile pink power button on the other,side that doubles as your fingerprint,sensor and its plenty fast no,complaints there glad to have it at the,bottom theres the good old headphone,jack and usb c port for charging just,one speaker on this phone one at the,bottom there it gets very loud actually,but tends to be a bit muffled and muddy,the more you crank it up lots of detail,in the sound though at lower volume,which is nice and heres an audio sample,so you can get an idea,[Laughter],now i think with a phone like this,youre definitely going to expect some,compromises its supposed to be a budget,phone after all and the first less than,ideal feature on this device is the,screen i already mentioned that the big,size is great watching content on this,thing is awesome but at just a,1640×720 resolution,257 pixels per inch the display is the,furthest thing from sharp you can pick,out all the pixels here and i think not,offering a full 1080p screen is the,single biggest miss on this phone i,dont even mind that its an ips lcd,panel i kind of expected that but with,as big of a screen as this is you need,to have the proper resolution to balance,that out now is everyone going to care,or even notice probably not but if you,are coming from a 1080p screen i think,youll be able to tell right away also,theres some glare on this thing for,sure it doesnt get crazy bright which,makes it tougher to see outdoors,sometimes but thats not something i,cared too much about all in all i think,the viewing experience on this phone is,good enough if all you care about is,that big size but if quality and,sharpness is what youre after this,probably isnt for you on the flip side,performance wise this phone was,surprisingly good and this is probably,where i had the lowest expectations but,i was pleasantly surprised to say the,least on paper the specs arent too,crazy the mediatek density 700 5g,processor inside is pretty solid its a,relatively new chipset thats,benchmarked quite well theres four gigs,of ram in this thing as well which maybe,isnt quite enough if you really push,your phone hard throughout the day but,everyones usage will vary the real nice,thing though is actually just the,software experience when i powered this,phone on i half expected there to be,more t-mobile bloatware and,pre-installed garbage than there was,default android apps but actually this,phone ships with the most bare-bones,android experience ive ever seen for a,carrier device and there wasnt a single,t-mobile branded app or pre-installed,garbage game at all in fact the os is so,minimal that it might be a little,intimidating for some people at first,especially if youre coming from like a,samsung device for example where its,very customized and theres all sorts of,apps and things to set up everywhere,this is very much a start from scratch,sort of android experience with just the,basics and all in all i think this is a,net positive more than anything else it,is nice to see that t-mobile didnt,litter this phone with junk and deliver,it with half the storage already used up,whats also kind of nice is that if you,want to push this phone harder you,totally can ive played like a half a,dozen games on this thing and while some,of the apps do default to lower graphics,settings you can bump that up in the,settings at least to medium graphics or,higher on some games and there really,isnt a noticeable drop in frame rate or,playability the mediatek processor is,definitely doing all the work here i,think like i said 4 gigs of ram isnt,quite enough in some cases to get into,the apps quickly or in keeping 10 or 15,apps loaded up and running in the,background but if you wanted to play,some of your favorite games on this,phone i dont see any issues in doing so,i personally have no complaints with the,performance at all and because this,phone is so massive theres also a big,5000 milliamp battery inside as well,with this theres sort of two things to,mention though on the one hand if you,arent really a heavy user this is going,to be nearly a two day device on a,single charge with my own usage ive,blown past 14 or 15 hours of screen on,time at least with 20 battery left or,more if you dont pull your phone out of,your pocket for more than a few minutes,at a time i can imagine youll never hit,a low battery but when you do need to,charge the 18 watt charging speeds mean,youll be attached to a cable for about,two hours theres no fancy fast charging,here theres no wireless charging on,this phone either by the way but like i,said i dont think youll be connected,to the plug much anyway which is nice,finally lets talk about all those,camera

T-Mobile REVVL 6 5G & REVVL 6 Pro 5G Unboxing & Comparison!

whats going on guys my name is Wade,with tech daily and in this video we are,checking out two new T-Mobile Revel,devices the new Rebel 6 and rebel 6 Pro,now there are a couple of reasons why,Im interested in these phones for one,the Revel brand is one of the few,options we have here in the US that is,an apple Samsung or Motorola we dont,get a ton of other choices like the rest,of the world also these rebel phones,have been solid devices the past couple,of years especially for folks who are,budget conscious who want a prepaid,device or who maybe just wants something,simple and easy to use rebel phones,definitely check all those boxes and,then some now theres usually a couple,new rebel phones released each year this,year theres these two and like most,smartphone companies tend to do nowadays,theres both a regular and a pro,unfortunately theres actually not a,whole lot that sets them apart which is,why I wanted to show them both in just,one video Im of course going to go over,everything you need to know about both,these phones here but first things first,lets just go ahead and unbox them so I,can show you what does and does not come,inside the package when you buy one the,unboxing experience with both devices is,actually identical the first thing,youll get inside the box is your packet,of accessories if you can even call it,that inside you just have a big old,stack of paperwork and instructions and,legal info along with a USB a to USBC,cable for charging the phones and thats,it T-Mobile seems to have gone the way,of minimal packaging and no more,included accessories which is a bit,disappointing underneath that youll,find the phones themselves which well,check out in just a second and I suppose,the only other accessory is a Sim,ejector tool there at the very bottom of,the packages so with all that junk out,of the way here are the new Revel,devices once again and to keep things,straight the regular Revel 6 is the,smaller device with the blue finish on,the left and the rebel 6 Pro is the,slightly larger device in black on the,right so the Revel brand if you arent,familiar is sort of T-Mobiles own,Hardware namesake the phones themselves,are usually manufactured by TCL but they,are sold primarily as budget and prepaid,devices from both T-Mobile and their,prepaid Network Metro pricing is going,to vary depending on if youre a new or,existing customer but prices start as,low as well free for both phones but the,full retail price of the Revel 6 if you,want to buy it outright is 169 and the,Revel 6 Pro comes in at 219 dollars size,is obviously the first thing that sets,them apart the regular Rebel 6 is a six,and a half inch smartphone thats the,screen size corner to corner the Revel 6,Pro is 6.8 inches corner to corner and,most of that extra screen real estate on,the pro is height the phones are about,the same width theyre the same,thickness in the hand but the pro is a,smidge taller theyre both actually very,tall devices and in the hand you feel,every bit of that height these phones,definitely require a bit of stretching,and maneuvering when you use them to,reach the sides and edges and thats due,in part to the larger screens but also,just those very thick bezels that border,this screen youve got noticeable black,edges along the sides a fairly large,bottom chin certainly not the best,screen to body ratio to say the least,but even in 2022 this is sort of just,the design for Budget devices like these,around back both phones have the same,design and build just different color,options you only get the blue with a,regular Revel and you only get black,with the pro theres not much more to,say about the materials plastic rear,covers metal like frame theyre very,flat phones no curves no Contours no,tapers pretty much that ice cream,sandwich like build one important,distinction to mention though the Revel,6 Pro actually offers wireless charging,the regular Revel 6 does not but neither,phone to my knowledge has any IP or,water resistance rating or any other,noticeable physical features taking a,quick look around everything else on the,left side both phones do offer,expandable storage with the SIM card,tray the regular Revel ships with 64,gigs of storage on board the pro has 128,gigs on the right identical volume,buttons and a combination power button,slash fingerprint sensor but placement,feel and set up with this is all the,same on both phones and the speed,accuracy and consistency of unlocking,seems to be the same too all in all just,happy to have an easy and,straightforward fingerprint sensor on,each one of these phones down at the,bottom the headphone jack remains,alongside the USBC port for charging and,single downward firing speaker teardrop,selfie camera up front below the,earpiece and around back three cameras,for the regular Revel four cameras for,the pro and Ill go more in depth with,the camera setups in just a bit jumping,back to the displays aside from the size,difference theres actually nothing else,that sets the viewing experiences apart,both the 6.5 inch screen on the regular,Revel and the 6.8 inch screen on the pro,are 720 resolution LCD panels with 60,hertz refresh rates and to be completely,honest this is probably the thing I have,the biggest issue with with these phones,with a size 720 resolution isnt great,and looking closely at either device,youre gonna pick out those pixels,fairly easily a 1080p screen especially,on the larger 6.8 inch pro would have,been the best option furthermore while,the LCD panel itself isnt a huge deal,they look good theyre bright theyre,colorful enough not having any High,refresh rate mode nowadays is a bit of a,disappointment too a lot of sub 300,devices at least offer 90 Hertz for a,faster smoother feel altogether with,these Revel devices the display specs,are no better than what we would have,gotten years and years ago and yes I,know these are budget prepaid phones the,regular Revel I can look past but for,219 dollars the rebel 6 Pro here Falls,fairly short in my opinion the OnePlus,Nord Samsungs a13 5G even Motorolas,cheapest 5G phone this year all have,better display specs for not a whole lot,more money so overall in my opinion the,screens on these new Revel smartphones,are probably their weakest points as far,as the out loud listening experience,theres not a whole lot to say here both,phones get just single downward firing,speaker setups theyre loud they sound,fairly good for what they are theyre,perfectly fine albeit nothing special,[Music],[Applause],flaming up the side,[Music],when it comes to the internal specs and,performance this is another area where,the regular Rebel 6 and revel 6 Pro are,technically different but probably not,in the way that you think both phones,are actually powered by the same,processor mediatek demensity 700 chipset,the difference is in Ram you get four,gigs on the regular Revel six gigs on,the pro and while that is a difference I,dont know that its significant enough,to defend the pros Pro distinction with,the same processors inside each phone,the geekbench scores are basically the,same and a side-by-side speed test to me,shows no real discernible difference in,performance yes technically with more,RAM the Revel 6 Pro may be able to,handle more apps at once or keep things,current and loaded in the background or,potentially load more Graphics heavy,stuff like games a little bit faster,that offer a slightly smoother in-game,experience but you have to keep in mind,the Revel 6 Pro is fifty dollars more,expensive than the regular Revel 6 which,doesnt sound like a whole lot but at,these prices thats some 25 percent more,and the way I like to think of it is are,you getting a phone thats 25 better,when it comes to the processor and,performance certainly not on the bright,side these phones do feel fairly,responsive for what they are and the,Android experience which unfortunately,is still Android 12 is at least Bare,Bones and stock if you want to call it,that theres no pre-loaded T-Mobile,garbage or

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10 Reasons YOU Should Buy the T-Mobile Revvl 5G!

whats up seth gang stefan here from,tech right today im going to be giving,you 10 reasons to pick up the new,t-mobile level 5g,stay tuned,everyone hope you guys are having a,great day before i start this video if,you guys have,any questions or if you guys want any,videos to be made on this device,definitely leave them in the comment,section down below i am taking,a lot of entries right now so definitely,tell me what you guys want and ill go,ahead and try to deliver that for you,guys,yeah guys going to be giving you 10,reasons to pick up the rebel 5g if you,guys are on the fence about purchasing,this device this video is basically just,trying to give you,a few more reasons to pick up this,device and go ahead and pull the trigger,so were gonna go ahead and stroll,straight into this video all right,everyone so starting off with the first,reason definitely has to be the port and,deals so if you guys do switch from any,other carrier that is not,associated with t-mobile or measure by,t-mobile,you guys will be able to get this device,for 200 now the sad thing,is for returning customers or existing,customers you guys are gonna have to pay,400 that is the full price of this,device,um i think that is a bit steep honestly,i think it still is worth the price to,pick up this phone,i dont think weve really seen a budget,phone like this at metro in a while,but thats a whole 400 dollars for this,device that i would definitely not be,willing to pay,if i was the average buyer but good news,for anybody,wanting to switch to measure by t-mobile,next reason to buy this device,definitely has to be the build quality,and the design honestly this really,looks like the pixel 4 but honestly i,dont mind,honestly in hand this feels very very,premium,um love the color on this i love the,magenta,ray right there right in the middle that,kind of reflects and stuff,um the build quality on this device is,very very nice obviously we get that,backlit power key right there thats,super cool but just in general the,device,build and the device language is really,really cool obviously we have that hole,punch notch right there and the screen,real estate was definitely,better because of that but the design,quality,and the build is here this definitely,feels like a premium device,next reason to pick up this device is,that we have 128 gigabytes of internal,storage and we can actually go ahead and,expand that via micro sd card if you,guys need any more storage,but i think 128 gigabytes especially on,a device that is 400,or even 200 dollars when you guys do,port in is a very very good storage,space and getting to expand it even more,is,way better um so i really couldnt ask,for more on this device i really thought,it was going to come out with 64,gigabytes,but they ended up coming with the 128 so,that was a great move on their part,fourth reason is that this device has,the snapdragon,765 in it and honestly this has been one,of the snappiest experiences ive,received on a device from this type of,caliper,honestly a few other devices around this,price range,such as the lg stylo 6 the moto g stylus,the moto g power,i dont think really is as snappy as,this and i think its because of the 765,snapdragon processor,i really really do enjoy that we have,some sort of,premium processor inside this device,especially for the price,fifth reason is we have a 4 500 milliamp,battery in this device now not only does,this device charge,very very quickly but this has a huge,huge battery in it and this has been,lasting for more than a day with me,for the last few days and i really,really do,enjoy the battery life on this device,and for you,battery heads out there that are,constantly on your device,its going to be awesome only having to,charge your phone once a day,and getting battery for the full day so,great great battery,on the revel 5g all right everyone so,the sixth reason,has to be the screen now we have a 6.5,inch screen this is going to be full hd,so we have a 1080p screen,and i have to say this is a really,really good screen,ive asked a few of my family members a,few of my friends that actually,um are into tech and they say this is a,great screen especially for the price,and i feel like i have to agree with,them on that this is a,fantastic stream um i feel like this is,one of the better screens that youre,going to see on a 400,or sub 400 phone at metro or at t-mobile,and we also have that hole punch right,there as i said before,and the screen real estate is very nice,obviously we have that,little thick notch at the bottom but,that really doesnt do too much,i feel like in general this is a very,very solid screen,seventh reason definitely has to be that,this has six gigabytes of ram in this,device,now i really did not expect six,gigabytes of ram,paired with 765 snapdragon processor,um i feel like thats a very very good,pair i also feel like six gigs of ram is,definitely going to help you with your,day-to-day tasks you know having tons of,different windows open,youre also going to be able to play,high intensive graphic games very very,smoothly because of this,and honestly theyve been running very,smoothly on this device the gaming,review is going to be coming out soon so,definitely,stay tuned for that really do enjoy this,device and really do enjoy,gaming on this device as well eighth,reason to pick up this phone definitely,has to be the essential features,for 2020 now we do have nfc on this,device which we dont have on the four,and a ton of other devices for some,reason uh but we have nfc on this device,we have 5g on this device so if you guys,do live,in an area with 5g this is going to work,perfectly obviously all of the routers,are not,up for it yet or they havent been,turned on yet so you guys are going to,get 4g lte in some,areas but we do have 5g and its going,to be 5g,ready when everythings ready well also,be backlit power key for notifications,which i think is a really essential tool,honestly seeing in the past the comments,left on my videos about not having a,notification light,has been really disheartening and im,glad that we have it,on the revel 5g i thought that was,really really cool that they did that,and i think they really listened to the,people when they did that as well the,ninth reason to pick up this device,definitely has to be the stereo speakers,so we do have,a speaker at the bottom that is actually,really really loud,and we also have the headset utilized as,the secondary speaker so when you guys,watch movies use social media,watch youtube videos you guys are going,to have a great experience,and its going to be much better than a,ton of other phones that are around this,price range,so good job on the speakers uh tcl,actually made the hardware for these,devices so they actually made these,phones,and they did a really good job on the,speakers i have to say they really,really surprised me this year,and the 10th reason has to be the camera,we have some very very clear,photos on here i dont want to give,everything away because i did take a lot,more photos and were going to go ahead,and use them in another video,but id say the camera is very very,solid on this device and i think,most people are going to be very happy,with what they get but yeah everyone,those are my 10 reasons to pick up the,new t-mobile revel 5g if you guys,have any more reasons definitely put,them in the comments section down below,also if theres any video you guys want,me to make on this device definitely put,it in the comment section down below i,will definitely take those,into consideration really appreciate,everyone whos been,active on this channel but if you guys,did enjoy this video please leave a like,down below as well as subscribing if,youre not,brother taking already also hit the,notification bell if you guys want to be,notified,every time i do upload new video its,been some fun from tech right peace out,taking,you

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REVVL 5G – Pros and Cons! (T-Mobile/Metro)

whats going on everyone this is kevin,here coming at you with t-mobile,revel 5g pros and cons so lets get,[Music],started,[Music],so these are my pros and cons and best,and worst features,about the t-mobile revel 5g first,well go over my top five pros and then,well go over my top five cons,the first thing that i really like about,this phone is the display,so with this device we are getting a,6.53 inch display,the display itself is ips lcd,but it is 1080p were getting a ppi of,395,and a 19 and a half by nine aspect ratio,now one of the benefits of that aspect,ratio is that the display on here is,more narrow and tall,allowing you to see more of your social,media feed in one frame or more of a,website as well,so theres definitely a lot of benefits,when it comes to having a taller display,if youre trying to use your phone for,content consumption in addition to that,despite the display being,lcd it does feature very good colors,and decent viewing angles as well so i,think things look very sharp,on here and it makes this phone feel,like a very premium handset,so i dont have any complaints the,second pro is the cameras,so with the revel 5g we are getting a 16,megapixel front-facing camera,and then on the rear were getting a,triple camera setup with a 48 megapixel,main camera,an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle camera,and a 5 megapixel macro camera,but heres how things look with the,regular camera on the device,then from here we can also switch over,to the ultra wide angle camera,to fit a lot more content into the frame,and then by going over to the more tab,we have a bunch of different options,including super macro,so with super macro we can get extremely,close up and have things be in really,good detail,then from here we can go over to,portrait mode we can also use,portrait mode for the front facing,camera as well so we get those nice,blurred out backgrounds so in general,the cameras on the revel 5g,are certainly very capable and you can,definitely take some very nice looking,pictures,so im certainly a big fan of that now,with the t-mobile level 5g,were getting gigabytes of internal,storage,and if thats not enough for you we also,get microsd card expansion,so thats definitely a really nice thing,to see and whats interesting too,is that the base model iphone 11,that sells for 6.99 still has,64 gigabytes of storage so thats pretty,amazing,that this phone is a fraction of the,price of the iphone 11,but were getting double the amount of,storage here the fourth pro about the,t-mobile revel 5g,is the ram and processor so with this,phone were getting six gigabytes of ram,and were getting the qualcomm,snapdragon 765.,so those specs certainly make this phone,an upper mid-ranger,but in reality this phone will,definitely be able to get the job done,for the majority of people out there,whether youre creating content,doing some light video editing doing,gaming as well,or if you just want to sit back relax,watch some videos,go on social media this phone will get,the job done for you,now of course there are better,processors out there but youre going to,be paying a thousand dollars or more to,get that processor,so considering that you can get the,revel 5g for a very affordable price,and then in addition to that get very,good performance,that certainly makes this phone a winner,and then finally the last pro but there,are,many others i just want to give you my,top five for this video,is that were getting a very beefy,battery so the battery with this phone,is 4500 milliamp hours,were getting reverse charging as well,which is pretty interesting,so if you get a usbc otg cable you can,plug one end into this phone,and then connect the other end to,another phone or another electronic,device,and this phones battery will power that,device,so thats pretty interesting now thats,a feature that i feel like not too many,people are really going to use,in real life but it still is a unique,feature that you cant find with too,many other phones,especially in this price range but now,that weve gone over the top five pros,about the phone,lets now cover the top five cons now i,do want to be clear here,this phone is a good phone in fact it,was very tough,for me to come up with a list of cons,about it but despite that i still want,to give you my top five,weaker points about this phone maybe,things that could be improved for the,next generation,so lets get into it the first one,definitely has to be the bezels,so the bezels are certainly not the,worst ive ever seen but the bottom,bezel is pretty large,i would have liked to see this shrunken,down a little bit to kind of mimic the,form factor of the google pixel 4a for,example,and then even the bezel on the top and,even the side is a little bit bigger,compared to some of the competition,including the galaxy a51 5g so this form,factor is not a deal breaker,but i feel like if they would have,slimmed things down a little bit the,phone would have looked even more,high-end,the second con about this phone is the,build materials now the phone does feel,high quality,and it is nice and durable so thats,awesome but besides the display,the phone is completely made out of,plastic so we have a plastic band,running around the sides of the phone,and then the material on the back is,plastic as well,so if you like plastic then i suppose,youll really like this about the phone,but if you are looking for a more,premium feeling device then you might,want to spend more money and get,something else,the third con with this phone is the,rear mounted fingerprint sensor,so the good news is that the fingerprint,sensor is nice and fast and accurate,and also we do get face unlock which is,a good thing to see as well,but other competitors like the galaxy,a515g,feature in display fingerprint sensors,which is definitely a more modern,technology,and having a feature like that with the,phone like the a515g,or even the regular a51 does make things,feel,a bit more premium but from a function,standpoint the fingerprint sensor,does still function perfectly fine on,the back of the phone so if you dont,mind that then it is here for you my,fourth con,and i know some people might say this is,kind of nitpicking is that we have the,3.5 millimeter headphone jack on the top,of the phone,so other devices like the a515g have it,on the bottom and thats really the,place that i prefer the jack to be at,and the reason for that is because if,you have your headphones plugged in,and you want to put the phone in your,pocket you have to awkwardly put the,phone in,bottom first so that the wire is able to,stick up and if youre holding the phone,like this thats just kind of an awkward,thing to do,and if youre like me when you put your,phone in your pocket usually,you go head first because youre already,holding the phone this,way so you go in this motion but if you,have the headphones plugged in,then you cant really do that its,pretty awkward and not nearly as,convenient so i know its a little thing,but it does make a big difference for,the usability for many people,and then finally the last con about the,revel 5g,is that theres no wireless charging now,there are many people out there that,dont use wireless charging at all,even with phones that support it and i,understand that,but with the way things are heading,were getting more and more cars where,the center console,features a wireless charger were,getting desks and tables with built-in,wireless chargers as well,and i really feel like wireless charging,at least to some extent,is the future so having wireless,charging with this phone,would have been a good thing and if for,some reason you happen to damage the,charging port,then having wireless charging is a good,backup plan so i feel like a feature,like wireless charging,wouldnt be too much to incorporate at,least price wise,into this phone but they did choose not,to include it now before we end the,video there are a few,other benefits about this phone that i,do want to point out and i do want to,recognize,the

T-Mobile REVVL 5G – Complete Review! (New for 2020)

whats going on everyone this is kevin,here coming at you with my t-mobile,revel 5g review so lets get started so,this is the t-mobile revel 5g,now as the name implies this phone is,exclusive to t-mobile but it is also,being offered by their prepaid,subsidiary,metro by t-mobile now this particular,variant of the phone,is from metro but its going to be,exactly the same as the regular t-mobile,model,now this device is pretty noteworthy,because it does feature 5g support but,also,comes in at a price tag of 3.99 now most,likely,a lot of people out there wont even be,paying 3.99 for it as there always are,various carrier deals being offered,so im definitely curious for the people,that are watching this video whether,youve already,bought the phone or you are going to be,buying it in the future what are the,deals being offered right now,is this phone being offered for a buy,one get one for example,or is it half off im definitely curious,to know point is is that this probably,is going to be one of the most,affordable ways to get a phone that does,support 5g,now whether or not you find a need for,5g at this point,really depends on you and the 5g,infrastructure in your area,but even if youre not planning on using,5g with this phone the device still does,offer,a lot for the price tag so i know for me,personally where i live,theres not much 5g so really the fact,that this phone is 5g,doesnt mean much to me at all but the,good news though is that again,using this phone on 4g lte will still,give you a very good experience,and this device does have a lot to offer,now with the phone were getting a 6.53,inch display now the display is not,amoled unfortunately but you can see,though the colors are really good,its very bright as well it is ips lcd,which is why we do have a little bit of,a thicker bottom bezel,and the resolution is 1080p now with,this phone were getting a ppi,of 395 and were getting a 19 and a half,by nine,aspect ratio now the design of this,phone does feature a hole punch,in the upper left corner for the,front-facing camera the front-facing,camera is 16 megapixels,and stay tuned to later on in the video,as ill show you photo and video samples,from the phone now with this device we,are getting 128 gigabytes of internal,storage,and were also getting micro sd card,expansion so definitely very nice that,we are getting 128 gigs internally as,for most people out there that should be,plenty now theres no wireless charging,with this phone unfortunately one cool,feature though that we do have,is that the power button does glow for,both notifications,and when the phones plugged in this,device does feature a fingerprint sensor,on the back which is,decently fast so it certainly does get,the job done lets try that out one more,time,thats actually very fast so im,definitely satisfied with it we also get,face unlock with this phone too,which is another awesome way to access,the phone now on the back side of the,device we do have a squared off camera,module,with a triple camera setup so theres a,48 megapixel main camera,an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle camera,and a 5 megapixel macro camera,now getting into the camera app here we,do have quite a few different features,of course we have the full settings as,well you can make different adjustments,such as the photo size for example,there is a special high pixel mode that,does fully take advantage,of the 48 megapixel main camera but it,does come at the expense of having the,actual photo files be much larger,then you can go over to the video mode,and you can adjust this so that you can,take video at up to 4k,at 30 frames per second theres also eis,which is electronic,image stabilization and you do have the,ability to turn that on or off,then taking a look at the other options,theres a more tab here where we do have,access to features such as super macro,high pixel light trace stop motion slow,mo and pano we get portrait mode with,both the front,and rear cameras too with this device,which is great you can see right here we,have a nice,blurred out background behind me and,theres also a pro mode as well that,gives you even deeper customization but,heres how things look through the main,camera,again you can flip around to the front,camera if you want to,definitely nice and crispy and good,looking through this front-facing camera,again ill show you some photo and video,samples later on,in this video you can then switch over,to the ultra wide angle camera to fit a,lot more content,into the frame definitely glad we have,that feature as well and then again,going over to the more tab we do have,that super macro mode,which does allow you to get very close,up and have everything be nice and,focused,now with the t-mobile revel 5g we do,have six gigabytes of ram,and the qualcomm snapdragon 765,now there is a difference between the,765,which this phone has and the 765 g,which is the processor that comes with,the google pixel 5.,so the 765 is a little bit on the weaker,side compared to the 765 g,however i did run a benchmark test with,this device,using geekbench 5 which you can also,install on your own personal phone to,compare,but you can see here i did get a single,core score of 624,and a multi-core of 1944,so again these numbers dont really mean,anything to anybody,unless you are actually comparing this,device to another device,so definitely give this a try on your,current phone and then compare your,scores to these scores,and then i will be getting the pixel 5,pretty soon hopefully and when i get,that phone,ill compare those scores to these,scores as well but again id expect the,765 to be a little bit less powerful,than the 765g,but then again based on my experience of,using this phone it still is very nice,and fast i would say for the majority of,people out there,this device certainly will get the job,done youre gonna have a very smooth,experience whether its browsing the web,playing games and you can even do some,light video editing on this phone as,well,now with the revel 5g we do have a 4 500,million power internal battery now with,that battery you are going to be getting,up to 32 hours of talk time but another,cool thing about it too,is that it does support reverse charging,now you do have to get your own,otg cable to use for the reverse,charging feature,but essentially you plug one end of the,cable into this phone plug the other end,into another phone and then you can use,the battery in this phone,to charge another device so thats,pretty awesome as well so maybe youre,somewhere with a friend and your,friends phone is about to run out of,battery but your revel 5g,is completely full of battery then you,can share a little bit of that battery,with your friend now the software on,here is android 10.,it does have some modifications and some,extra features,but for the most part it is a pretty,stock experience here now i do have a,dedicated tips and tricks video about,the revel 5g here on the channel,so definitely make sure to take a look,at that video to learn even more about,all the cool things that you can do here,with the phone now this device does,feature nfc as well which is pretty,awesome so if you do like to use nfc for,mobile payments or really anything,else then it is here for you but now,that weve gone over the,specifications and major features of the,phone,lets now take a closer look at the,hardware nerdy talked,quite a bit about the front panel here,again we do have,a hole punch for the front facing camera,situated off to the upper left,and then at the bottom we do have a,little bit of a thicker bottom bezel now,unfortunately if youre wondering why,the bezel on the bottom is a little bit,thicker that is due to this phone having,an,lcd display unfortunately with lcd,technology you can only make the bezels,so small now taking a look at the left,side of the phone we do have the slot,for the micro sd,card and sim card then on the right side,of the phone we have the power button,and volume button,then up top we have the noise c


all right guys welcome back to another,video its your man jay so today we look,at the t-mobile rebel,five plus 5g,so this is a device that is um one i was,actually intrigued on when i first saw,it i was like wow you know i like the,way it looks for one,uh and it is supposed to be t-mobiles,most affordable 5g,device coming in at 199 now theres a,lot about this device,but some key points is that it has a,fingerprint reader facial recognition,uh and it has a 6.8 inch,display man hd plus which means its,going to be,720p basically uh on the uh on the,display so,um 720 now,you know some people might shake a leg,at that but ive learned that,the display quality based on what tcl,did,uh yeah i recently gave away my tcl,uh 20sc congrats to the winner of that,device,no you didnt see a giveaway because i,didnt do it publicly oh this feels,great man because its got boxy sides i,didnt know,oh thats nice ive never touched it,before never seen it in a store,nothing just saw it online because i,shop online i dont like to buy,in the store uh they tend to try to,overcrowd you with sales,and stuff like that but it has a 6.8,inch display,facial recognition i believe this has a,5 000 milliamp hour battery too let me,double check here,uh uh yep 5000 milliamp hour battery,18 watt fast charging which is right,here in the box,and it also has the newer braided type-c,cable,this is pretty dope right here man whoa,they did the doggone thing so um 18 watt,fast charger which i wont use because i,use a 65 or i have 100 watt,too but um this is going to be,interesting to,to see what t-mobile is doing with this,device for 199,i like to try to get devices that are,somewhat affordable,so that way you know people looking,could possibly you know you youre,you want to save some money uh youll be,able to do it now this,is just beautiful in the color shades,this is what i wanted,this is way more beautiful in person,folks,do you see this again i never looked at,this at a store,nothing i just saw it online and ordered,it t-mobile you got a winner with this,one this is like a,its got a frosted uh is this a sticker,on here,oh this is a sticker on here oh man im,tempted to leave this on here though,because i like how this,is it a sticker lets see,no thats a frosted back okay no its a,sticker,is it im tripping right now if it is a,sticker anyway,i i like it like that and its probably,not,supposed to be there but i cant get it,off right now so i dont want to troll,myself on camera but,youve got the power button here with,the fingerprint reader,built into it so i got a little,vibration uh and then,here now now were getting into this big,big area down here at the bottom,uh but this is a 6.8 inch display,and the display is 20 by nine so its,super narrow,it is a tall device which is fine let me,see here,whats next to me all right let me well,i got my surface to obviously let me,grab something thats,tall,wow thats a beautiful looking phone,right there man,here is a tall device so its even,taller than the tcl 20 pro,whoa this is beautiful though oh this is,so nice,so i wont bore you with the setup ill,get this set up,uh and then um ill go ahead and let me,get a 6.8,display though how about that i think it,should be fair to get something that has,a 6.8 inch display,and here is the uh velvet okay yes there,you go,its its not as big as one would think,its actually the size of the velvet,its just,thicker and but its got flat sides,which is just beautiful im gonna say so,again im gonna get this,im gonna get this all set up uh and,then were gonna get into,uh this video here ill get my sim card,in here,and like i said ill see if this is,actually,ill see if this is actually a sticker,or not i think its a sticker,uh like a protector or whatever,but i cant get it off it looks great,though,oh should i leave it on if it is a,sticker like a protective type thing,because its,hard to get off it looks like a back,glass protector,should i leave it on let me know in the,comments let me get this set up,this thing is beautiful well go around,the hardware again,[Music],all right guys so we are back and ive,got it set up and ive actually been,playing with it for just a little bit,wow you know it is its actually,refreshing the more and more i played,with this this is like,a plastic feeling version,slash metal of the iphone 12 pro max,this is what it feels like,it feels like an iphone 12 pro max in my,hands,and the reason i say plastic is because,of the back has this frosted glass,and i truthfully i one looked at,t-mobiles video and they didnt,have this peeled off so i guess it is,permanently on there frosted and that is,actually beautiful so,but yeah this kind of feels like an,iphone 12 pro max um just kind of,plastic on the back but the size feel,aluminum and everything and um yeah so,the sim tray is here,you get a uh sim tray which doubles with,an sd card slot which can do up to two,terabytes,you got the volume rockers over here and,then obviously the power button doubles,as a fingerprint reader,on the bottom you actually have a,headphone jack a type c,and a loudspeaker on the top you have a,another microphone and thats probably,just going to be for noise canceling,but uh on the back here youve got that,uh,three camera set up here ai triple,camera setup it says on there,and its actually pretty cool man the uh,facial recognition and fingerprint,reader everything is pretty fast let me,show you the,facial recognition here you can see,see how fast that is,yeah thats pretty fast and the,fingerprint reader is,fairly fast too,there we go i have it set to just go,straight into the screen,now there was absolutely no bloatware on,this device to my surprise,i got my apps installed but um if you,notice on the startup,it did one of those things where it did,not register as a t-mobile phone,and then after i put my t-mobile sim,card in here then the boot up screen,became a t-mobile,uh boot up screen so im starting to,wonder,why that is and why all of the t-mobile,phones do that now some t-mobile phones,dont even have,a boot up screen with t-mobile depending,on which device it is,so uh this hardware folks is as,as i marble over it for just a second,here it is actually,really beautiful its refreshing to see,a 200 phone look like this,this is incredibly sleek,and while it is big uh i like it man i,think this,is a beautiful uh iteration of a,smartphone this this feels fantastic,now um lets take a look at the display,and ill fire up a video real quick just,to show you,uh how beautiful this display actually,is,now obviously the a7c is the most,expensive camera dollars,and the other cameras i have are about a,thousand of,the combinations or a thousand or less,so you tell me which,quality do you like best really really,beautiful screen they they brag about it,having a really big,nice bold beautiful display and i think,they actually hit it out of the park man,im actually pretty impressed,uh with this uh this is this is pretty,good man im excited to that i brought,this,in uh and i i did put my main sim card,in here just to really get the just of,it and see,and use it on t-mobiles network uh but,actually,doing so i actually like this already so,this is pretty strange that this,affordable device,can um can give you this type of quality,now lets look inside the device before,we move to the next step here that i,want to talk about,and well give a quick run through the,settings and ill show you the cameras,and everything but um,the device itself is running the one of,the newer mediatech processes and people,shake a leg at that but in reality,this 700 g is equivalent to the 765 g,in its performance and everything so,thats thats something to be,uh excited about because thats how,t-mobile and thats on some of these,devices you can have these low prices,now one thing i want to say is some of,the sounds and everything it sounds like,these zte phones,so if you know who manufactured this,device tell me in the comments because,im listening to some of the sound

Tmobile Revvl 5g – Full Review! Best Mid-range Phone?

the t-mobile rebel 5g is 400 and you are,getting a lot of bang for your buck at,that price point,it launched on t-mobile and metro pcs in,early september,alongside the rebel 4 and rebel 4 plus,this phone is manufactured by tcl and,its almost a carbon copy of the tcl 10,5g phone the rebel 5g features a 6.53,inch full hd plus display,its an ips lcd screen and in my opinion,it looks really really good,colors pop in this display it gets,pleasantly bright for outdoor use,and something i appreciate is that it,also gets very dim for nighttime use,while you lay in bed and look at reddit,for hours on end another thing thats,surprised and a lot of me was the fact,that this phone features an always-on,display,most phones of autonomous screen dont,offer this feature,to enable it go to settings display,advanced lock screen display,and click the always on button around,here now a quick warning though most lcd,phones dont feature always on display,because it affects the battery life and,its no different here i see about two,percent additional,battery drain per hour while using it,also on the front of this phone there is,a capable 16 megapixel hull punch camera,now the phone features 128 gigs of,built-in storage,plus it has a micro sd card slot for,expansion up to one terabyte,and unfortunately even though the back,of this phone is glass no wireless,charging is included,speaking of not included no ip68 dust,and water resistance which isnt,surprising here for the price point but,it would be nice to have,the fingerprint sensor on the phone is,located on the back and it works very,well,its fast and reliable,theres also a face unlock which will,activate the lock screen when you press,the power button,and it works well in nighttime and,daytime use but i personally prefer to,use the fingerprint sensor,the back camera array is slightly,elevated from the body so it has a tiny,camera bump,it has a 48 megapixel main shooter plus,an 8 megapixel super wide camera,and a 5 megapixel macro camera these,cameras especially the 40 megapixel do a,good job in most situations,and at this price point are just what,youd expect not the best cameras but,perfectly adequate and perfectly usable,and they can get some nice results in,good lighting,lots of modes are available in the,camera app auto mode features scene,optimization,to try and adjust camera settings based,on whats in the frame,portrait mode does a pretty good job in,nicely lit situations,it can be hit or miss otherwise super,night mode does a nice job brightening,up the dark scene,i will include some camera samples later,in the video,pro mode has all the controls you need,if you like to manually adjust camera,settings,but it only works for pictures and not,videos under the more tab it also,features slow motion up to 960 frames,per second,stop motion which will take a time-lapse,video,light trace which will do a long,exposure it provides you some options,for what kind of scene youre trying to,capture,super macro mode is also found here to,utilize the 5 megapixel camera if youre,trying to take a picture of something,close up and theres also a high pixel,mode which will take full 40 megapixel,pictures,and you can click the edit button here,to drag the scenes that you use most,onto the main toggle board,if you hold down the shutter button,itll take burst shots also dont,experience any shutter lag when taking,pictures normally,switching between the front and back,camera is fast enough,it might lag just a little bit but not,very noticeable,now the front camera this phone records,up to 1080p at 30 frames per second,and the rear camera will record up to 4k,at 30 frames per second,both cameras features eis rather than,ois and video samples will be included,at the end of this video,now lets talk about specs baby the,revel 5g,has a snapdragon 765 processor and 6,gigs of ram,and honestly this phone flies in,day-to-day performance,ive experienced zero issues with it no,app crashes no random reboots,just good old fast android with no,compromises,now i used geekbench 5 to run some,benchmarks which you can use to compare,to your current device or you can,compare to other phones youre,considering buying,the 765 processor is a very capable,processor and gets some good results,now the rebel 5g has a huge 4500,milliamp hour battery in it,the battery paired with the 765,snapdragon processor makes for a,fantastic combo for battery life,i can easily squeeze 36 hours of battery,life out of this phone,with close to 5 hours of screen on time,for me that is a win,but everyone uses phones differently so,it could be better or it could be worse,for you,now this phones running a pretty much,stock android 10 experience out of the,box,now since it is a t-mobile phone there,are some t-mobile apps that come loaded,on the device,but nothing that i would consider,bloatware one thing ive never seen,before is while this phone has google,feed,on the left it also features a t-mobile,feed,theres no way to turn it off that ive,found but thankfully you do have to,actually click on it,for it to show up it isnt really,bothersome to me just something i want,to let you know,you can enable gesture navigation and,double press to launch the camera under,settings,system gestures,besides that the only non-stock option i,found is this next vision option,which is tcl who manufactures this,phones display and answer,i prefer to leave the visual enhancement,on as well as sdr to hdr,which will make non-hdr content look hdr,or at least try to,you can also enable reading mode which,tries to mimic an e-book-like experience,this phone also does feature nfc for,android beam or google pay,now fair warning im not sure how timely,or consistent software dates will be on,this phone,ive already received one system update,since having this phone,so hopefully thats a good sign but,rebel phones normally do not get,consistent software updates,or even updated past the version of,android they launch with so time will,tell,going over the rest of this phones,design i do want to point out one of my,favorite features,and thats the notification led power,button,this is an excellent feature which i,wish other manufacturers would include,in their phones,it comes on with charging or when you,get a notification,but it is only a white led nonetheless,still looks really good,the volume buttons are above the power,button and theyre plastic but easily,reachable,and the back features a really cool pink,tint to it it really looks good when,light hits,it just right and it gets the phone some,character to match that pink power,button,the imei number is also printed on the,back of this phone which is kind of,interesting,now the sim card slot is on the left,hand side and thats also where you can,install up to a one terabyte microsd,card,headphone jack on the top that works,pretty well in my opinion,and a usbc port on the bottom that,features quick charge,and this one also does have a single,speaker on the bottom and it uses the,earpiece as another speaker,i find these speakers not very well,balanced but it is nice that there are,two speakers on this phone,overall the speakers get plenty loud and,you definitely wont miss notifications,because of them,and speaking of notifications the,vibration motor in this phone is,adequate,this phone feels really nice in the hand,its not too heavy but it also still,feels premium,now one handed operation is kind of,difficult unless you have big hands due,to the big screen size of this phone,this phone is about as big as the galaxy,note 20 and its quite slippery due to,being made of glass,now speaking of glass the front screen,is not made of grille glass,so well be a little more prone to,scratches so id recommend getting a,screen protector if youre worried about,it,now as i mentioned earlier this phone,flies in day-to-day use switching,between apps,launching apps they all just feel snappy,as ever social media media consumption,and gaming all work well in my opinion i,was able to play call

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