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Reyka Vodka Review

welcome to common man cocktails Im home,Starck showered today Im going to do a,tasting solo style,Ive got Ian on the way over probably,like 20 minutes lets see he sent me a,text and he said hes gay hes on his,way he was at a bar someone that means,but hes hell be here shortly,in the meantime before we start our week,because for everybody who doesnt,doesnt know yeah thats right everybody,who doesnt know oh sorry I was running,we record everything all at once so like,we record five shows at a time that we,slowly release them one day the whole,week most of the week and if youre in,the live stream on that camera right,over there then you can see it all,happen and it kind of grunt and renji,quality but whatever so today what I,wanted to do is just do a tasting of,rekha vodka versus Titos I meant to,kind of do this for a while and I guess,its not really a versus as much as a,comparison when I think like crisp clean,clear put my shaker down there cuz every,time I get crazy about this when I think,of like a crisp vodka a vodka that,doesnt necessarily have you know sugar,to round it out Im not calling out,anybody like Grey Goose or anything Im,just saying people who sometimes will,add some sugar qualities to the vodka to,get a higher class taste,Titos the thing Ive liked about Titos,over the years is that it doesnt claim,anything crazy it doesnt get all the,space in the bottle its just a plastic,cap you know the I dont know if they do,still but they used to just put the,labels on in their own facility all by,themselves by hand and so I always look,at it as the man is like the big vodka,companies and then there is the little,guys the Titos vodka and Titos growing,in that at least in the US and the thing,that made tito is so special to me is,that it has it is as neutral grain,spirit as i think you can get it so its,maybe a little sweeter because this i,think a corn base but overall when,youre looking at the heritage of a,vodka it doesnt really have too much,which makes it really good for im gonna,I added a little longer to here so you,it makes it really good for cocktails,because most of the time vodkas arent,imparting any flavor this,flavor vodkas into the drink theyre the,neutral so what I wanted to do is see,what the heritage style of the rekha was,and I wanted to do it when Curtis wasnt,here and I didnt want to do it when,Curtis what if he if he asked me to do,it because then I I feel like I should,ask him for money and neither Cheetos,are right here pay me for this so I,wanted to be fair just and do it at my,own time and as as Im biased as,possible now I know which one is which,so its not a complete blind tasting but,I know the baseline of this and this is,what I gonna baseline my mouth with mmm,Im not gonna use this for shaking later,I put it here maybe enol drink it so I,want to get my palate adjusted because I,havent had any alcohol so its its,pretty hot its like ripping my face,apart all over the place and its cuz,its just that numb alcohol sweet though,vodka taste and I wanted to neutralize,that to get to get this rolling and I,dont even have Jennifer here right now,so Im gonna check live chat stream,after this I was just contract the,street what Im doing,now Im going to give it a serious,tasting totally much easier the second,time you still get a little bit of a,little bit of tongue numbing and people,are always like how do you do that,straight how come you dont have like,this youre running and throwing up you,got to adapt to it not Tooting different,than drinking a line I think and even,like if your kid and this happens we,have like a when I was like I want to,say six maybe and I was wanted to try my,dadís beer cuz its I dont know I,everybody was drinking beer and he lets,me have a little sip of it knowing the,result I was like like he was just,bitter and gross and and you adapt over,time and then of course your taste buds,get better,with alcohol it is a little startling,but youve got to really rinse and be,used to it and let it come to you dont,dont just start drinking it thinking,about this is disgusting never going to,do that again,give it to some time to work this one,very neutral theres not a lot of a lot,of vom its smooth well here some of the,good points its smooth its predictable,its got a very kind of high quality,characteristic to it and the fact that,it doesnt give you alcohol burn it,doesnt give you like that the the,poisonous like it just follow yucky I,dont know what it bodka taste its,giving you exactly what it is very,neutral a little bit of heat and a nice,round finish that dries out pretty quick,and it doesnt leave you just gasping,this being said that is different than,say absolute and some of the other,brands who do give you a little,characteristic and that is a little bit,more of a joy vodkas drinkers that are,hardcore vodka drinkers I know many that,love,Titos so I dont really know what makes,them vodka drink or Tech I dont know,what the specialty is like why do they,drink that I dont know you throw it on,ice and theyre all happy whatever this,is the Rekha theyre both cleared you,know theyre both predictable theyre,both around the same prices its,actually a price at $21.95 going,upstairs by the way I dont know if you,guys can hear that this one has a little,bit more alcohol to it a little a little,rubbing alcohol and a little sweetness,this one I guess I could see it feel out,a little bit but its a little more,muted,that is I think thats Ian okay Ill,Ill figure out it once later that one,is the Rekha is a little more silkiness,its got a little more silkiness to it a,little more smoothness the heat is a,little hotter actually so it when its,in your mouth that presents itself very,smooth elegant and no danger Im not,like I dont need to get rid of it its,I actually find mouthwash harder to hold,in your mouth because it starts to burn,and burn this not so much,once you spit it it gets up there it,kind of lit lit my mouth up a little bit,so theyre both of the same this is six,times distilled this one is mmm uses a,lava rocks from filtration it doesnt,say Im sure it does Im just kind of,stupid but it doesnt say how many times,its distilled and honestly at this,point as a leader at this point I dont,even care about the number of,distillation Ive learned over the years,that the number of distillation does not,make the vodka if you dont invite you,with some flavored heritage you need to,look around dont just go by the label,you have to try it ask your friends,word-of-mouth so this is six times still,thats a little thats probably why its,so clean it has very little flavor or it,break it definitely brings much more,tongue numbing a little bit of dry,finish so its not nearly as sweet as as,the the core and I think this is a grain,it does have a little bit more of a I,dont want I do I kind of want to say,almost malty its got the Geneva if,youve ever had Geneva its like a gin,the grandfather of gin if you will,thats kind of people who know what,theyre talking about with probably like,youre an idiot but lets just keep it,that its its another,in the gin line prior to Jens creation,and it has a little bit more of a,maltiness to it like a darker quality to,it and that kind of brings a little bit,of that um its its tough to really,point out but it definitely has a,lingering flavor I like the lingering,flavor a little bit more then look I,left my video play I like the flavor of,the Rekha because it has something to it,its not substantial its not like,chocolate its not the rice its not,grapes or fruits or anything its its,just a distinct flavor that I almost,want to say is a little bit more on the,lines of what I would get out of an,absolute lets see do I have an absolute,Im looking Im looking,so lets try this I dont have another,tasting thing but I do have absolute so,lets lets just go with this best,tasting device ever,yeah so now I know I was doing okay,which ice cream this one with the,absolute kind of comes in its like that,second the second

The Worlds Best Vodka vs. My Top 10 Under $40


hello welcome back everyone liquor hound,here with you thank you for joining me,once again for another spirit review,video and today were gonna be taking a,look and finding out if my top-five,under $20 vodkas and my top-five,mid-range price vodkas can compete with,one of the worlds greatest fight,because the Coffman private collection,luxury vodka coming out of Russia now,this vodka its phenomenal okay it is,well renowned and regarded as being one,of the best vodkas ever made,unfortunately it is not done all the,time so it is very very rare this one I,purchased in 2010 when it came out and I,havent seen it released since so unless,the yields are perfect theyre not gonna,bottle it now they do the regular,Kaufman the soft and so on but theyre,not quite this all right now retail,pricing on the Kaufman private,collection bottle is about $200 it does,come in a nice presentation box that,kind of cracks in half and presents the,bottle right in the center thats all,well and good but the question I have,today is how did these some of my other,favorites compete with it are they,really that far behind is it really,worth waiting and seeking one of these,out or are we doing just fine,with the low at lesser expensive bottles,unless were gonna do today so lets,meet the players first we have Rekha,vodka over here a wreck is coming out of,Iceland its distilled from grain retail,pricing on its gonna be about 16,dollars then we have one called the,exclusive one coming out of Moldova this,is distilled from grain retail pricing,about 10-12 dollars next we have,sobieski sobieski is coming out of,Poland retail pricing on its about ten,to twelve dollars distilled from grain,then we have Old Faithful Stolichnaya,coming out of Russia distilled from,grain retail pricing on it its about,1617 dollars Titos vodka coming kind of,out of Austin I say kind of because I,think theyre sourcing their vodka from,Indiana and then bottling in Austin but,anyway regardless everybody knows about,Titos retail pricing on Titos is about,17 dollars then we have on the mid-range,pricing,this is above 20 gray goose this is,gonna be the lowest thing on this scale,- gray goose coming out of France,distilled from French wheat retail,pricing on gray goose is about $27,somewhere right there then we have,beluga gold this is actually the sorry,Beluga transatlantic almost at the Gold,Line the Gold Line is phenomenal but,thats $100 right now this is just the,transatlantic racing edition retail,pricing at $30 coming out of Russia,distilled from grain if you cant find,this one dont worry about it just get,the regular standard Beluga noble vodka,its right here with far as quality is,concerned I think its like five dollars,less all right then we have the,Belvedere intense diamond rye this is,the 80-proof version they do a 100 proof,version as well but thats not as good,of a sipper,this is rye coming out of Poland as well,retail pricing on its about $40 then we,have the chase vodka coming out of,England you using English potatoes,retail pricing on its about $40 finally,we have Imperia saying Imperial Russian,vodka this one is using grain as the,distillate retail pricing on its about,$35 now now that we have the players,introduced the one thing I got to say is,there are two bottles in here that I,probably would replace with others if,and I was given like my total pic,because Titos would not be here and,neither would Grey Goose but I know that,these are huge vodkas and theyre big,brands for a reason theres a lot of,people that drink these vodkas so I have,to include them otherwise Im just gonna,hear about it endlessly in the comments,and we dont eat that Ill just put them,in here well see how they compare but,then youre gonna get the other half of,that crowds gonna be like you should,have just put what you wanted okay well,Im gonna do that too because I would,have replaced,Titos with Montebello and this is a big,old handle of it but mono pulao is,coming out of Austria retail pricing for,a 750 I beat leaves around 1012 dollars,so its kind of in this price range here,distilled from potatoes so kind of like,chase think chasing and montolo are,gonna be the only two potato bite,because everybody else going to be,distilled from grain on the other side,Craig goose I would probably,replace it with the white gold Black,Edition vodka coming out of Russia this,is grain distillate again retail pricing,on its gonna be about 30 $35 and I have,a pour of each and every one of these so,were gonna go through knows them taste,them and see what we decide as far as do,they really compare now before I get,going on the nosing and tasting let me,say that you know these are vodkas,theyre not gonna have a ton of,complexity you dont know gonna be a lot,of crazy notes in them because they,dont get any oak maturation and oak the,wood is what gives whiskeys and so on a,lot of flavors,so were not gonna get a lot of that so,dont expect a lot but that said lets,go ahead and start with the top Coffman,private collection luxury vodka oh you,know what I havent even poured it yet,mo yeah weve poured it now you can see,how the cap works its got one of those,little well you cant refill it type,situations going on underneath there and,theres just like a little nice little,plastic cap looks like Chrome but its,just plastic all right lets start with,it mmm nice I can sit there take a big,inhale a ssin of it in the glass and I,dont even have to part my lips because,theres not enough of the harsh,components that a lot of odd because,will give you rubbing alcohol that type,of thing thatll burn your nose or make,your eyes water its not enough in here,and its very very clean distillate the,one thing I will say is that a lot of,vodkas including the Stoli and I right,here it actually says on the bottle,chill before drinking they recommend,that because what happens with chilling,is it kind of mutes some of the negative,characteristics that youll find,especially in a lot of other vodkas of,the rubbing alcohol tone if when you,chill it its gonna make it feel a,little more viscous its gonna actually,gain viscosity in the bottles depending,on how cold youre serving it but itll,make it feel a lot cleaner that rubbing,alcohol tone that you might find at room,temp will probably go away and but,thats not what were doing here I like,tasting a room temp because Im looking,for that flaw alright because if its,not there here when you chill it its,gonna be even better alright so lets,start with the cotton,I will say I get a little bit of that,vanilla cream that youre gonna find a,lot of these that malt characteristic,this one has a unique citrus tone to the,nose as well and a lot of grain a lot of,grain in here I can smell that grain,really nice alright lets taste it,moving on Wow good rich viscosity hi,its a medium high viscosity creamy,pallet it enters you get that malty,vanilla tone coming right away a little,bit of that citrus was picking up on the,nose is actually a little lemon twist,and as Im talking the flavors still,developing Im starting to pick up on,the mid palate you start picking up a,little bit of a little bit of a pepper,vibe but its not black pepper I even,kind of think white pepper might be too,big on it Im almost thinking almost,like a pink peppercorn for this one on,the palate and then that creamy sweet,malty vanilla entry with that little,lemon twist then you get that pink,peppercorn kind of cracked on top just a,little bit and then and this is a crazy,thing and then you start noticing the,grain coming up after the mid palate and,Im starting to pick up a little warmth,in the chest here but the grain starts,coming through on the finish and you can,still pick up all the sweetness all the,malt vanilla everything else is still in,there and its just the finish is just,rolling thats a beautiful vodka thats,why that is in my opinion the best vodka,in the world alright I had to cut it off,with water hate to do that but coming,over here lets start with the $16,Re

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Reyka Icelandic Vodka Review

everybody thanks for tuning into behind,the bar liquor reviews tonight on the,show rikiya icelandic vodka this is,coming in at 40% alcohol it is most,likely vodka as I said it is easy they,use Arctic spring water a Carter head,distiller and it is filtered through,lava rocks which is something completely,interesting because in Iceland they have,more lava rocks than they have trees so,yeah and this is Annie I hear is Bjorks,favorite vodka that we dont know that,but this is going to be a true the,direct comparison to that last bucket,that we drank which I cannot remember,the name of it because cold cuts Cola,terrible it was not good it was touted,as a super premium vodka as Im sure you,probably see on the YouTube channel just,below this video and this is a stark,comparison right to it so lets give it,a shot and see what we get with this one,hopefully better its kind of much more,attractive Bible its actually got a,cork stopper in it its just the,difference of what some nice graphics,can do to a bottle thats even got the,name or his label boss yeah its got,Iceland and basta Drayton though the,glass is Boston he says and most of,whatever in Boston yeah thats probably,say you know what,youre about to be drinking that through,your nose thats it would Im sure that,has no odor dude so it smells like you,can drink vodka on the job because it,doesnt hit Wow,that last one didnt have a slight odor,to it yeah they have a vodka or a cheap,vodka or this has nothing nothing there,luckily lucha it might be okay sure I,did not look up up six years in,Icelandic and I doubt I would even come,close to being able to pronounce it so,cheerios there we go this guys lets go,for it,good thats good,oh yeah yeah that is definite that is,such that is a different level it has a,180 degree turn from that super premium,vodka we tasted last night this is 180,yes 180 a fraternity yes I did a 360,youd be facing the same way so when,people say oh thats a 360 degree change,from what I did,that means you spun around once and went,the same direction yeah so that gives,you 20 degrees this is complete this is,a whole different level agree or,disagree but no this is very good this,is a very good vibe,I could drink that definitely I just did,I could drink more I know Im just,saying I could reveal that I had to yes,and I would want to I would fix up how,much your desk read up yeah gradison,thats very good I this would definitely,be good as a martini its very much a he,wouldnt few olives in it even is that,the box that could be kind of rocked,shots definitely knew a lot of shots I,wouldnt pick something messy this hill,this is where I come in a little bit of,I dont understand that last vodka was,highly recommended to us by a mystery so,meliae yeah and this came highly,recommended to us from him as well I,dont see how he can even begin to,compare the two ie,I know he has a wide array of what he,likes but this night and day between,that last absolutely this has more body,to it theres nothing added to this that,were aware of,its a straight up vodka distill from,grains okay no sugar no citric acid,added to it that were aware of,yeah and its a much better quality,profits a much cleaner flavor,I mean vodka doesnt have much of a,flavor to it too Edwyn it does have a,distinct flavor that is there but this,is clean crisp nice to nice to drink,thats a perfect description clean and,crisp that is exactly what it is yeah,that is exactly what the other was not,it tastes like it was felt to do lava,rocks although we dont know that really,tastes like the site it tastes not an,example so on the scale of one to 10 10,being the best where you reading this,guy 8 8 you know what I can see that and,I could even see going an eight point,five miles like it it was really good to,me I mean when I drink vodka I usually,drink it as a vaca tonic or a martini,and this would be highly pleasing,either way and I dont see having to go,out and spend the money on Grey Goose or,let me hear this boss this one I believe,it came in about thirty dollars thats,not bad no and my piggy gray goose is,cracked right but its just money pick,any one of those ones that has the name,they had a great marketing ploy exactly,thats what it was the drove up the,other you know show a pan of Belvedere,their cattle one there are a little,better quality this is better than all,them I dont say anything so doesnt,make it the best in the world,no it is a very good quality very good,quality about you yeah Im a mighty guy,Ive never had this one before,pleasantly surprised that is I would say,a solid eight maybe eight four hundred,eight and a half this was very good Im,very pleased with this one its very,good I was highly highly happy this,plunger where you play yes I was highly,pleasures with this woman so yeah and,says its small-batch vodka again,crafted nicely so maybe that makes a,difference and it doesnt make a few,years and said Iceland has something,over I dont know Im not saying the,jurys out that thats this but this is,you will not be disappointed into this,vodka that was good,yes so with that we six years and have a,good night thanks for watching that was,very good,you

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Ep 33, Vodka Reyka from Iceland Review #PapasBar #ReykaVodka #VodkaReview

why so serious,why so serious no were going to have,fun were not going to be serious were,going to have fun,all right my friends um,welcome back to my channel i appreciate,you turning in,im dieter im your host this is papas,bar,for all you guys from last time i had to,apologize the sound was really bad i had,the ac running and i mean its a small,room,and its really really hot here its one,or two today again but i let the ac run,all day long,and i have to do it or i cant do the,videos but i turned it off right now for,the recording anyway,today,is vodka monday,vodka monday and i have vika vodka here,right guys from ireland um,ireland iceland,iceland up there,its a small batch,which im not a fan of of small batches,because,small batches,i dont know how small that bed is here,but,let me see a second,lets say they make about,500 bottles,in one distillery process okay and then,they go on to the next on to the next,every single batch gonna taste a little,bit different theres no consistency,and thats what im looking for when i,drink something even if its just vodka,or more sophisticated whiskey single,malts,if its small batch you always will have,a different taste lets say theres,batch number one batch number two batch,number three,every time you open the new body from,your new from a different uh,batch it will taste differently because,they never can replicate the same recipe,what they had before so i just wanted to,mention that i had this particular vodka,before,and i liked it,now its a different batch i compared,the numbers its a different number,because its a year ago you know i had,the first batch so lets see how this,this one tastes lets open that,the price point it is very cheap,it is only it is less than 20 dollars,so,if you get it on sale,at one point i had it on sale for 16.99,and that was really cheap now its,between 20 and 22 dollars,depending where you go and get it you,know so,you got to look for a bargain so,thats always up to the individual store,on wherever you go you know or what,country you mean you know that,price points are different from country,to country,okay my friends,as to that,thing here they say on their website,that,they use glacier water and this was my,point in prior videos it is very,important where you get your water from,whatever you do if you do vodka or,whiskey or uh,uh um,cognacs or drinks you know it is always,very important that you just dont turn,on the water faucet,and you know,fill up your tank with water,the difference in taste especially in,vodka,comes down to the water its very,important im a firm believer in that,so lets see,how glacier water tastes all right oops,there goes the cork,oh gonna be a long night,yeah when its just made the cork,theres no,rubbing alcohol taste,no alcohol nothing,i do smell some,citrus but,very,back in the background,well all is left now is a taste my,friends,see how glacier water tastes,theres nothing to it,its a very pleasant,easy to drink,non-embarrassing vodka,what i mean whats not embarrassing is,i would offer this to my friend sitting,on a bar,not as a mixer which of course you can,do as a mixer,but,for the real vodka drinker i would offer,that meat,straight out of the bottle and i would,be,surprised if anyone would complain and,say it does not taste good it really,tastes good im impressed especially for,the price point,less than twenty dollars,seventy dollars,its a big difference in price,but taste wise i mean this is really,really impressive,really nice,small batch vodka handcrafted in iceland,not ireland iceland,sorry about my,way i talk as many of you know im,originally from germany,and i still get this damn accent i cant,get rid of it i came here when i was 28,years old 28 years old,and now im 61 and i still got the,accent so im im sorry if you got any,question if you dont understand,something im saying just leave me a,comment or send me an email and i will,clarify or correct something i said,wrong when i picked a wrong word you,know what i mean,but no offense or anything just let me,know and i will fix it thats what i do,i fix things and i drink things,cheers to my friends,i may would put it in a freezer before i,drink it,to get a little bit colder i would not,put ice in,see if you put ice in,and you dont drink it in one shot which,i dont do,i enjoy it i zip it,so if you put icing it smells you know,youre going to dilute your vodka and,its not going to taste good anymore i,guarantee you that its not going to,taste good,i never understood when people put ice,into,100,whiskies,and sitting there and its melting away,and you destroy the whole complexity of,a drink when you put ice in you know,what i mean,so i personally i dont do it,if you prefer it be my guest you know,what i mean be my guest,go ahead i dont do it,i personally i would put it in a freezer,an hour before i,want to drink it,and then pour my drink and put it back,into the freezer i think if you put it,in the freezer it has more viscosity,right now when you drink it,it disappears really fast in your mouth,its like melting away you know i get a,little bit uh white pepper,i get the vanilla of course some citrus,but,i miss the viscosity,you know when you put in the freezer i,get thicker so,it stays long on your tongue it stays,there and you you enjoy the flavor more,so thats what im saying,on a scale of one to ten my friends,i easily give that,a nine,and i have not given any of my vodkas or,any of my other drinks i got here out of,200 bottles a nine yet,thats easily a nine there you can see,that price,in most cases means nothing,you can,spend 20 or you spend two hundred,dollars,uh there may be a difference in,complexity in flavors pepper the citrus,the orange the vanilla and all those,things but it depends also on your,palette you know if you can taste,stuff you know it doesnt matter if,youre doing this or this you know it,makes no difference you know everything,tastes good to you you know,you gotta have a palette you know or you,you wont see a difference,anyway,my friends i finished up this glass for,you tonight and im gonna take that into,my living room,watch some tv and have some more of that,i get other viscosity whiskers here,which im gonna do next week im gonna,start opening more bottles and see,what this is all about until then my,friends thank you for watching please,leave your comments down below,subscribe to my channel,and like the video let me know what you,think i appreciate it very much and,thank you to all my other subscribers i,got already all 14 of them,i appreciate you guys im doing that for,fun you know im sitting around here at,night anyway by myself,and had a drink so i came up with the,idea why not build a bar you know and,then put it on video you know and maybe,entertain some people,okay my friends cheers,see you next time bye bye,ill be back

Reyka Vodka Icelandic opinion / review

hey guys this is kangster i just,want to do another quick review today,[Music],so today i brought you,a reika im not sure if im saying it,right but this,is a vodka from iceland,the land of vikings,so back in the old days,like when i mean when i was during like,20s,i used to drink a lot of vodka not gonna,lie,that was like my college year early,twenties,and then now im in my thirties i dont,really drink that much,nowadays but today i just decided to,stop by a liquor store to just,you know give it a try and,so what is so special about this vodka,okay so first and foremost this vodka is,supposedly from,the glacier like arctic glacier water,and then according to them the company,they said that its made with the arctic,glacier water which is a pierced,water one of the purest water,in on the earth and,look ill show you so its from the,glacier spring water distilled with,energy lava rock filtration so basically,saying that it was made in nature,design it was from nature designed by,nature and,nature and its been you know,produced that way and but one thing i,believe with them is the glacier spring,water so,i live in alaska and ive been to denali,one time,and basically during the summer time,the ice melts from the mountain and then,it would,you know it would stream down from the,peak,will come down like that to the to the,you know,to the bottom earth the terror,but during so when i was hiking,sometime i would you know just try out,those waters,and not gonna lie those water are the,purest,like is untouched by human,you know they say [ __ ] about like fiji,and [ __ ] like oh it was untouched,but they cannot compete with this arctic,glacier water those are pure,and that is also one of the reason why,polar bears are so big,because you know they live in a [ __ ],pure environment away from human,but anyway that thing,this is proven glacier spring water i,dont know about,lava rock filtration i dont know how,that would work,obviously im not an expert but this,is one of my favorite vodka,lets give it a try shall we,so,all right guys that was like two shots,yeah but you gotta drink it cold though,if you drink it warm its all,fizzy and [ __ ] but,look for my friends and my viewers,i want whats best for me is also whats,best for you,do you understand what im saying so,give this a try its not that expensive,either its like,around 30 dollar in the liquor store,but look trust me i tried like a lot of,premium vodkas like gray goose or what,is it all,gray goose rock absolute,absolute elite or is it elixir elite,stoli elite all those,but this tastes like an,arctic glacier pure spring water with,little alcohol in it,and yeah its from iceland ive never,been to iowa iceland ive heard that,its beautiful there,thats also another trust factor,i guess you know like peoples gotta,like you know have trust to buy their,products and,i dont think its bad at all guys let,me know what you guys think,i like this vodka,they call it the land of ice and fire,iceland,alright guys so im gonna drink some,more and pass out,peace

All In The Proof (49): Reyka Vodka

hey yo welcome back to us all of the,proof of we are the Windy City tasters,yeah you know in the Bakken series and,we are going upscale and my dad was,telling me about this and Im like you,know a day so youre gonna take the,wheel and youre gonna youre gonna,cruise us alone because I didnt hear,much about this and – my dad told me,right,Ruy ka like you would say record I think,its Iceland made Iceland and I asked I,put in Google top ten boxes just to make,sure we had our bases covered and this,came up I think number one or number two,above some of the other ones here I like,what yeah you know I okay dad so I mean,what do you drink in there were smoke it,was above some of the top brands yes and,everything gotta be true yeah this,factor from insulin small-batch in they,use ILC and you know thats thats 80,proof you know and were going back to,the standard of vodka proof right of 80,proof,yes small bats is artic spring water in,this out again an excellent anyway and,they said he use lava rock filtration,that lava rock filtration Nick trickling,through lava right I dont know if that,has anything to do with anything but,thats they said is right there through,ancient lava rock well we know a lot of,rocks an ancient maybe thousands,millions of years old you know right so,weve got to see small-batch handcrafted,in iceland iceland so we got iceland,Poland rising a bleed yeah Calla brush,California,yeah Idaho Idaho Idaho potatoes yeah Oh,everywhere and having trouble not yes,you see a plastic sleeve and I told you,I knew and this cut the top bag will air,time but well get there I was made in,Iceland with his dad so Peggys a nice,little southern problem good point,a lot of your vodkas probably 90% of,them are imported so they have to come,over here on plane buses,Im gonna bust us across the water mist,you had a drink like they came in so,its important come over here from over,there like BMW used to be in cities used,to be even things are something here now,but just stop we had handcrafted in here,and absolute are something over there,Russian rocket so heres Icelands entry,into the vodka thing whats ready to,realize yeah thats something cuz you,dont hear about I mean you have all,these big players yep pull in Sweden a,you know absolute yeah right yeah right,give all these big players ice is very,small Iceland there are more people in,Cleveland than in the whole country of,Iceland right in a city of Cleveland by,itself so youre like wow you know,Iceland ahead of the game like that,right the end game the builders are,still really great but theres more,people included in actually because,theres ice in Iceland I see some rails,and everything so were gonna go to try,here let me say highly-rated we dont,know what to expect right on these next,two this first one its the still from,grain I mean so yes just like you know,what are you gonna do fine grain fields,and ice Ill surely have like who knows,that they shipped the grain in and they,hand select what kind of grainy was,gonna fry though so this is just neat,neat from Iceland rated I just picked up,on wind because it was rated number one,or number two out of 10 way above some,other players in you know I know Iceland,theyre real strict about how they,manufactured things this is a small,island a small country and you can tell,the strictness and how its a soft sweet,edge is very smooth graphic its like,carefully the steel $34 right there,but our demographic we made that have,heard of director,brass are you a threat but we do not,show it might be on shelves in the,high-end stores downtown Chicago bar it,may be there already,maybe nobody so if you never heard him,try it,Iceland man yeah yeah like I said you,know you ever heard about Iceland,coming up I mean you you know the I mean,thats the thing about competition right,right if we move on right I dont think,about competition youve had such you,guys like my beer wine whiskey vodka you,had all these big players that dominated,the same right that the same one too,beers yeah or three vodkas or different,wines you had the same two or three,players in the field dominating that the,whole landscape all over the world and,and that competition say you know what,smear it all for so-and-so has been,around for 200 years right what about us,you know with Jim be rejected or boat,wise its been around for 200 Ive been,around for a long time right what about,us,so Iceland this was probably a huge,thing in Iceland for me they could say,you know what that was huge in Iceland,for 50 years you know you know exactly,we dont know what they exactly,I think I think theres an early layer,but its early clearly it could have,been two years ago or five years ago,about teen or or 35 or four years ago,but but for them to cut past and make,themselves known right on the grand,stage what as a competitor what you want,to do is find another persons weakness,so you said well theres sign theres,its good but its lacking this great,well did you find something to build on,that right and I think they did just,that from ice and they find out what,flavor profile under there you gonna,make us some noise to become is sitting,right now on the top shelf a lot of,high-end still uh bars and knowledge as,a club like Fitness 452 Club 1900 the,places right now [ __ ] there and sorry,if you go up there you press alike I,never heard I see that so they never,ordered director could be there right,you know give me that you go you go you,go out to the first pad floor thats a,good and youll see the same typical,vodkas youve seen youve all right,exactly but its up there people,lobbying or nobody so I saw it Im glad,I did put on the show we will travel a,cooler down that Mike who I was talking,so I get a cool director and see how at,ease,oh yeah,its like a smooth writer mercedes-benz,and its top quality to me yes yes yes,yes yes,its tough yeah yeah yeah even I,wouldnt even dare you can even drink,this neat and just sip on it and enjoy,it that much because of the quality,right theyre gonna make me eat a lot in,my work life as I said with the,entry-level yeah good markers hell they,do mellow yeah good buggers here I,wouldnt pay that much up there and you,got over Sabu entering now they really,could have you hi play the old press,whatever we finding out now some of them,up here deserve to be up here you know,you know its like okay you might buy,like up pal Lord Impaler loaded Chrysler,loaded whatever and you say my car,loaded my car rides as good as the,Mercedes s-class or high-end BMW no let,go because you more but it no I dont,but the this deserves a B wheres that,Im eating a tough Martina top martini,bartenders right if you take the top now,they even say okay its too much to,drink you know on the rocks the street,you could take the top bartenders like,at the Trump Tower Chicago right hotel,story in New York City right San,Francisco they can make you a top-shelf,martini with that man and you and they,know how to make martinis or whatever,Cobb rails to where the top in is a star,player this is a definite challenger so,some of the other module were going to,mention in next episode and it might be,a winner so I want to go to my magic,carpet box and yeah I know Im not the,biggest vodka drink in the world and,yall for the nose,rayray at five four three two,BAM I gave it a queen boom yeah yeah hey,I started your days Ill tell you this,were rated number one Ive never heard,of this is something from Ive never,heard of this and Im not even a big,market drinking I had rugged select car,they didnt pay us for these readings,right around here to the table read this,youre going home to meet with me and,hide under the bar in the dark and you,know what Im gonna teach my dad Im,getting a boner that myself Ennis,approached him and this this is the is,the injury to a higher price yes higher,price level unit deservedly deserves to,be there yes sir yes it does yes so we,get we get more for you home all day,Tuesday total next time is all improve,you,you

Whats in Reyka Icelandic Vodka

hi my name is Shallon and i wanted to,tell you about the raker elements the,elements that go in Ill be running,through them one at a time Im going to,start with the most basic one which is,the I stand in water of course we need,the air to be clean and thats why we,are breathing the clean Iceland again,mostly because we dont use a lot of,pollutants no minerals nothing to cloud,just the pure taste of ice on the water,we are now at a place geothermally,active place in a close to will the,raker distillery this is called paint,carpenter and here we have a hot spring,which is really the most productive hot,spring in all of you because it pumps,out 180 liters per second of piping hot,water that gets pumped to all the,communities around Iceland around this,display,and including the distillery where we,use it to preheat the still for making a,breaker and the other thing that this,place has to do with Rekha is that,because of the geothermal energy so,abundantly available in Iceland we were,able to get rid of all the fossil fuel,burning means of heating all houses,would be accompanying smoke and,pollution,so now porkiness the minutes surrounding,the Rekha distillery is in fact a very,clean mace the air is clean and the,chimneys are now decorative instead of,functional this place is where you can,see lava filtering in nature,because the the llama basket the glass,case that we have up the still isnt,just a marketing gimmick or will is a,pretty good marketing gimmick its also,a manifestation of the reality of the,way water behaves in a lava bed because,the lava rock itself is porous it has,all these tiny holes and fissures and,when water passes over a lava bed it,doesnt make a nice tidy River like it,does very often in normal terrain,instead the water seeps through,everywhere in anyone and just falls down,like you see behind me,la repair is really lame like a layer on,top of older Perlman grounds and the,water thats coming trickling is water,that has been seeping through the lava,walk and in the same time at the same,time as it seeps through the lava all,the impurities and these sort of stuff,that you dont want to have in your,water gets left behind in all these,small pockets and fissures and little,cracks in the lava so the water have,gone through the lava is

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