1. Riley Defense RAK-47-C – Is it a good AK for the money?
  2. Riley Defense RAK-47 Review
  3. The $600 Option that Works: Riley Defense AK
  4. Riley Defense Side Folder AK – Final Shot!
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  6. Riley Defense RAK-47-C 7.62×39 Classic Rifle
  7. Riley Defense RAK47 C Review

Riley Defense RAK-47-C – Is it a good AK for the money?

[Music],hey guys welcome back so,today i want to talk about another usa,made,ak and this is the first time youre,seeing it on video but this is not the,first time ive fired it weve already,zeroed the rifle in a previous range,session and shot a wide variety of,different ammunition through it,and had some fun with it so were,probably 3 400 rounds into the gun,already but,i wanted to talk about it and give you,guys an idea of whats to come,its a riley defense and this is their,classic ak-47 model,has a bakelite grip on it has,new laminate furniture so this is not,actual,military laminate furniture this is a,reproduction and well talk more about,that in the video,and the rifle has a forged trunnion and,forged bolt and carrier,and it has a nitrided barrel it is not,chrome lined,and so i got the rifle primarily because,i saw rob ski talking about them now,hes been testing the rifles for them,i know that theyre working through some,issues on their ak74 but thats a,completely different project than this,particular gun,i believe robs had fairly good luck,with his ak-47,or the reilly rak47 or whatever they,call it,i i call these akms for the most part,but he had pretty good luck with the,riley akm,and so i wanted to see it for myself and,i believe this is the last one they had,in stock when i got it,and so its in the configuration that i,typically like i like the wood furniture,i was really interested in seeing the,laminate,because a lot of companies have,attempted to make ak furniture here in,the united states or even,outside the united states to be used on,ak production here in the country,and ive just not liked any of it so,this is more attractive to me but,theres some issues ill talk about in,the video,when i first got the rifle out of the,box there was some corrosion,on the rear sight pretty heavy corrosion,some corrosion around the rivets and,around,the rail mount and i think thats just a,process of the bluing,and so when i scrubbed it with a,toothbrush and some oil all the bluings,intact and the finish is just fine so i,just had to clean it up a little bit the,rear sight was sticking just a bit,as well and its interesting to me,because weve seen,the the shutdown of the imports of many,of the different aks that weve wanted,on the us market primarily coming out of,russia,well see a slight trickle of arsenal,rifles coming in from bulgaria we still,see the,wasps or tins coming in but i mean those,things are hit or miss they work fine,ugly as sin and the sights are almost,always wonky on the things,so im really looking to see what,companies in the united states are going,to do and what theyre going to produce,so were going to feature their firearms,here on the channel and share our,thoughts,and so this is the first shots video on,camera to talk about the riley,defense classic model and im going to,kind of compare it as we go along to,some of the other us,options that are out there but its good,to see that companies are,spinning up to make pretty good quality,if not great quality,rifles we dont have to put up with the,stuff coming out of century,the you know rases were a complete,travesty,you know i wouldnt recommend those at,any cost so youre not going to see us,talking about those in this series of,videos,but uh the riley defense i see people,talking smack on them because,of one of the managers or something that,may have been associated with io ink in,the past stuff like that but this is a,completely different company,so far ive found that when i went to,zero the rifle i just had to give it a,little bit of elevation the,most my nude amount of windage as you,can see the front sight on this rifle,is not wildly out of whack and this,rifle is currently zeroed,so its nice and true its very much,like my uh my psa,aks that ive been shooting and so lets,do a little bit of shooting in in our,testing we like to use different types,of magazines thats one of the downsides,to the ak,is the variety of magazines thatll be,fine its an ak,the variety of magazines that are out,there on the market,and they really have to work with them,all from pmags to chinese made mags to,russian mags to fake light magazines to,us produced ex-tech magazines and,i think that was an ac unity magazine,that i dropped on the ground have to be,careful because ive been ive,been known to break their feed lips so,were were trying all sorts of,different types of magazines,in these u.s produced rifles so lets,get started well break the rifle down,show you what the components look like,on the inside and share some of my,thoughts,about the quality of the firearm so,lets go ahead and start off with the ac,unity magazine,were just using some golden tiger and,its 762×39,its lacquered and steel sealed steel,cases,i use this quite a bit,we got a tornado watch going on right,now so the winds kicking up and its,getting kind of,dark out there and well start off i,have it on its combat setting on its,rear sight well start off at 100 yards,lets walk it out to 200.,having to contend with a little bit of,wind out there not a little bit,a lot they see indie mags lock open the,last shot fired,the recoil impulse on the rifle is,really really nice,its not not as heavily gassed as my psa,aks are now some folks like them heavily,gassed or what,some people call overgas to increase,reliability but keep in mind the more,gas you give a gun like this,and the more violently that the bolt,carrier slams into that rear trunnion,the more likely it is youre going to,increase the wear of the firearm and,shorten its service life so having a,properly tuned ak,is kind of important if you like to,shoot it quite a bit,all right so the golden tigers hitting,high im having to aim low,i think we zeroed it with wolf,ammunition the other day,im aiming at the very bottom of the,target,but you guys get the idea weve not had,any problems with the gun running any of,the magazines,that weve shot through it so far and we,do have some wolf out here as well as,some of the,the golden tiger and various other types,of ammunition,so were going to load some more,magazines break this gun down show you,what it looks like on the inside and,talk about it as compared to one of the,other rifles i really like out there,right now,which is my psa,ak this is my triangle folder youve,seen it in video before but now it has a,bakelite grip on it,and it has actual russian wood akm,furniture on it,if ive done that to the gun that means,i really like it and i enjoy shooting it,so,i love the way this rifle looks but,youll also notice this is original,russian akm furniture and you can see,what it looks like next to the riley,pretty interesting,wed like to thank our friends over at,big daddy unlimited for helping to make,todays video possible,if you guys would like to do us a solid,just swing by the big daddy unlimited,website and sign up for 99 cents for the,first month,and just check out the service that they,provide theyre kind of the sams club,of the online gun world so again please,swing by big daddy unlimited,and check it out for just 99 cents that,helps us out keeping the channel flowing,and it gives you an opportunity to pick,up some good deals,looking at the aesthetics of the uh the,riley defense rifle,the laminate furniture this is probably,the best attempt ive ever seen to,reproduce laminate,its uh only got one thing i can ding it,for,it looks like either hammer nails or,screws,were put into the laminate and then,ground down because theyre definitely,too big on this side but they look like,the proper pins on the other side,but uh and then you got another support,pin there on the front though it looks,like,a pin was driven through it doesnt look,like a nail,and its the same size on the other side,the only thing thats really missing is,that little,hole that would be normally present on,actual russian-made,akm furniture but you can definitely see,the the laminate,in there and it has a nice red stain to,it it does not have a trapdoor,on the butt cap it is shipping

Riley Defense RAK-47 Review

hey alan here for oldings outfitters,now if we were going to talk about,a firearm type that has had an enormous,impact on the history of the world,a history of firearms in general what,would it be right what would it be,of course the flintlock the flintlock,was the state-of-the-art mechanism for,over 200 years,so you have to mention that because,nothing else in the firearms industry,has really come close to how long it,lasted,in that state-of-the-art position,but,like that line from the monkey song,that was then this is now,and now what we have are really two,designs in terms of rifles that have,dominated the 20th century,and its very interesting because they,didnt come along until,this middle to later half of the 20th,century one would be the ar-15 type,weapon the other would be the one were,going to look at today the kalashnikov,the ak,the venerable as its always been called,ak-47,why is it called ak-47,because,1947 was the year that it actually was,adopted,mikhail kolashnikov the russian designer,who came up with this,had worked on it prior to that but it,was adopted in 1947. there actually,arent all that many,ak-47s around most of them these days,are actually more correctly called an,akm,uh which went to stamped receivers and,more simplification in parts uh to make,them easier to make and cheaper to make,right without losing any effectiveness,this particular one is made by riley,defense down in north carolina,now there are lots and lots and lots of,aks out there aks and ars,are the two most prolific designs on the,planet today,bar none they simply are,again this ones made by riley defense,down in north carolina but it just were,going to talk about riley for just a,minute lets talk about the design lets,talk about that guy,you look at this rifle,you see a wood buttstock and a wood,forend,and the reason you see that is because,when this design was conceived it was,conceived at a time when the idea of a,carbine,caliber which is basically what this is,a shorter intermediate type caliber,in a compact weapon capable of select,fire,was really new,it was a really new concept and it was,born out of,battle experience primarily during the,second world war,so because of that this weapon,incorporated both that new concept of an,intermediate cartridge with a high,capacity magazine and select fire but it,incorporated that along with old world,design and old world thinking thats why,you have a wood butt stock and a wood,forehand,and the military aks like followed the,pattern that they had a butt trap in the,in the end of the buttstock so you could,put cleaning gear in there,we have a sight system,that is essentially the same thing as,you would have found on a mauser or a,mosin nagant or anything of that nature,you have adjustable ladder rear sight,which goes up and down for elevation and,you have a front sight that you can,adjust for windage,and,so thats thats really take off from,older designs,this design,the design is somewhat legendary for its,reliability,it is not so legendary for its,shootability lets again talking about,the design this buttstock not the,greatest thing,its got this hump right here if you can,set your face between the rear of the,receiver and the hump its not too bad,if your big guy your nose is going to be,right up against the rear of the,receiver cover,if you back up a little bit this is,going to belch in the cheek when youre,firing it especially if youre firing at,full auto if you back up too far well,youve just backed up too far right,the sights,not that precise,of course they werent really designed,to be they were designed to be capable,of engaging a man-sized target out to a,maximum of about 300 meters,or 300 yards roughly,about that maximum range is what they,were designed to do even though the,sites calibrated much further than that,but effective to that range in terms of,accuracy,and cartridge power to a degree,the,uh the whole design is actually very,very simple,and that is probably its,strong suit accessories,not really the only accessory this thing,was really designed to take was bayonet,up on the front thats pretty much it,really wasnt designed to take any other,accessories,as time has gone on of course that has,improved and now we have,other butt stocks and other,configurations of this type,that enable it to take other accessories,sights lights etc etc,the bayonet being less important to us,these days,okay thats the design,now lets talk about this rifle the,riley defense ak nice gun shoots pretty,good uh,this cartridge in these weapons is,pretty soft recoil its really not too,bad,so you dont really need heavy recoil,pads or anything of that nature now,starting from the back end this does not,have a butt trap it just simply has a,butt plate okay,we have a ribbed ak receiver cover which,is good because that it contributes to,strength on the reverse side of the,receiver we have one of these side,mounts so that you can put a,an assembly on there that enables you to,mount a scope or a site system it,attaches to the side receiver comes up,above the receiver cover,we have dimples in the side of the,receiver itself thats an important,point you see some that dont have it,that helps stabilize the magazine we,used both the magazine it came with and,an aftermarket metal magazine didnt,have any trouble with either one those,dimples help they contribute to that,the pistol grip is very much like a,a an older style ak pistol grip just,like this this stock is designed like an,older style military more of an original,type ak,the pistol grip is not very large kind,of thin this ones made of polymer a lot,of the old original ones were wood this,ones made of polymer its not bad works,pretty good,magazine releases that paddle right,there ak magazines rock in,they dont go straight up and in like uh,an ar pattern magazine does we have the,sight assembly up here this is a,gas-operated semi-automatic rifle the,gas system runs up through here,and moving on to the front we have,cleaning rod that gets underneath the,barrel kind of a standard ak feature you,can pull that out use that to clean the,gun obviously the front sight,is the standard ak front sight tower the,front sight on these is drift adjustable,left right for windage correction it,also,it its threaded so it screws in and out,so you run it up or down for windage,correction,youve got a slant muzzle break up here,what the devil is the deal with a slant,muzzle break why is that on there why is,it loose well its really not loose its,just on there its threaded on theres a,little plunger you can take it off put a,different muzzle device on if you wanted,to,the slant break was an akm,feature original aks didnt have it the,idea behind it was in full auto fire as,the bullet comes out it tends tends to,push some of the propellant gas that way,which tends to push the muzzle back down,this way if youre shooting full water,it wants to climb to the right a little,bit thats the idea behind that,does nothing to suppress flash nothing,at all not really intended to,this weapon comes with,well uh just to re its got a sling,swivel mount on the toe of the buttstock,back here and we have a solid sling,swivel mount up here so you can attach a,normal ak sling or something,modified to suit it there,the safety,is an ak safety and one of the things,about the ak design safety was it really,wasnt that easy to work,okay so to work it when its on youd,have to break your grip and come up here,to this shelf and pull the safety down,on military aks its on safe its,semi-auto or all the way down to full,auto right well you had to reach up,there to do that now on the riley what,theyve done is is an improvement which,is not necessarily their idea its been,seen on other guns but a little shelf,right here,that shelf enables you without breaking,your firing grip to reach up there with,your trigger finger and disengage the,safety,another interesting design thing about,this is listen closely,you hear that yeah that safetys kind of,loud i

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The $600 Option that Works: Riley Defense AK

what do you have there underneath the,table its my son Uriah sword thats how,professional people said I was looking,for TD to start filming this grv went,all through the house nowhere to be seen,all around the grounds nowhere to be,seen,did he leave no hes here I go out here,in the bunker and hes back here doing,what you see him doing right there I had,to get my models ready I got my,Thunderbolt gun him over here and his,nemesis over here I know theyre kind of,explain the names of those because he,needs to educate you guys on the world,of gundo dude Thunderbolt was actually,kind of cool this one is a great matchup,because this thing has great armor it,packs a ton of firepower but the control,system or I can throw that it leaves so,much to be desired where that guy has,zero armored nothing but weapons but,hes more agile and nimble and super,cool nerd alert yeah no actually Gundams,are cool and youre gonna see a lot on,the back shelf you might even see an r1,1911 hmm coming up for review and I love,that all right so this is not a,bare-bones gun review dude so if youve,never watched one of my reviews before,one of our reviews before we have a good,time were kidding around were joking,around well do many reviews well talk,about knives and watches another stupid,crap oh gosh look what you do I gotta be,filter will eventually get around to the,details of this ryan defense rack 47 us,made a cave variant rifle were excited,to bring it to you bunker style I can,hardly breathe by the way payback for,once Im the winner,hmm normally in it down the booth kinda,like that pro buddy,alright so we got to show you this mean,mamuh JAMA we got to set the stage for,what happens guy you reek in the a K,world it is actually pretty fascinating,I reviewed this gun right here and here,is the Saiga our monster hailing from,Egypt Saiga Russian produce take a very,rifle we have two of them Ive shown a,multiple times in the project theyre,cast members this was been modified by,ourselves as Mack Paul Zhukov furniture,Hugo and a K 303 mouth those things are,so freaking expensive I love how you,have to buy both sides of it yeah dumb,azad gosh i complained about it in my a,k modification video posted about two,years ago yeah check that one out,mac pool for end with picatiny rail,still ak-74 break smack pool pistol grip,and got a freaking 47 round mag in there,that makes us happy 497 by the way his,accent is half Italian and half Russian,I dont know its like if a muppet took,up piracy hes restarting right at a,pizza rescue rockin it and anyway so,this is this is an aka for a cool that,is capability second cool,just cool factor this is it but,something happens since we reviewed the,bare-bones version of this rifle and I,do have another one here this is an SG o,21 and five or five and its not,completely stock but more so we didnt,code it,its where and also some AK pull stuff,love that caliber by the way ba 5 4 5,which by the way according to what Ive,been seeing the ammo is not as readily,available and I mean still out there but,its not like used to be used by that,really hot stuff for really inexpensive,just 7 & 6 what it was doesnt it show,you how different the aka landscape is,from its very different because when we,did this parent you want big shifts huge,changes pricings different,availabilities different companies or,different perceptions of the whole EK,world are completely different the,accessories dude the accessories we have,now just the Magpul stuff blows away a,lot of the cheesy eBay crap youd see,out there I mean I am on one of the 21s,were running the tap comes out of guys,laugh at top Co but it still work,and it is light and its more,importantly hes paid for ya,and so when we put that on by the way,that was,one of the few options that I personally,liked but the aka landscape like TD is,saying has changed when I posted the a,of you know the Arsenal gold standard,video been Ill stand by that video 100%,we were getting a lot of criticism for,how expensive it was like what $700 or,750 for a [ __ ] receiver Russian 8k what,a ripoff its not even made in America I,remember at least one guy saying that no,theres more than one guy there was a,lot of guys that were flipping his crop,and I said hey buy it now the prices are,going to go up lo and behold what,happened the prices went way up so now a,stamped Russian aks what like 1150 yeah,like 12/14 better ending it thats,another thing thats changed in the a.k,landscape availability so can you even,go out and get a Russian stamp receiver,okay nowadays it seems like the supply,is there and then its gone its there,then its gone politics get involved,cant import them can import them who,knows so theyre going to be expensive,availability is highly diminished from,what weve seen and then also the,pricing level is actually something that,most guys wont pay yeah especially when,they compare it to an AR platform which,is modular high quality super accurate,light recoiling all types of great,components you can roll your own it,seems to me that over the last few years,the aka platform has been really losing,out and before you go all new it isnt,go to your local gun store and compare,how many a case they have on the shelves,versus how many a ARS they have on the,shelves and our gun stores and Im not,just talking about gun ease which by the,way I I kind of got on Wyatt I was like,dude you need to India up youre a K,game it is weak I mean he had like one,yeah he should have like 15 from 4 or 5,different brands but hes working on it,this one we had to go out and buy we had,to go search it out and we went to,another gun store it was goddesses in,Salt Lake City saw this one on there and,there any case selection its a great,gun store love Gunnarssons uh uh it was,pretty,it really day a whole rack had about 12,feet worth of ARS densely wrapped and,then the last little bit had four aks,yes to to wood and then one poly there,werent a lot it wasnt like ten years,ago when you can see all types of a case,again politics importation problems come,into play and so what we did to bring,you some make a content is number one we,wanted something more traditional,so TD for instance loves this gun its,very cool Im talking about our modified,what factory is out from Egypt that one,my friend he loves this in terms of,first second cool but its really cool,but I love the old wood in steel guns,and I really wanted a successor to this,little Simonov behind us yeah thats how,you go in 59 66 sitting on the wall love,that thing super cool predecessor to the,a cave rifles and yeah weve modified,most of the aks that we have in project,for more capability which is cool it is,cool because like if I only had a case I,would definitely stop right there just,way more functional theyre adaptable,its comfortable every mod on it is,awesome,every mod makes it a better shooting,platform according to our preferences,yeah albeit at the expense of weight,yeah but we want to go and get some,traditional and I think theres a,movement all across the gun lines for,that that guys have probably travelled,the same pathway we have that youve,gone and youve modified your aks your,a ours and you love them youre not,selling them but theres something that,you like we talked about in the mini 14,review we got an update coming out on,that and it says the same type of,dynamics like well we kind of like it in,a stock form yeah and in this case there,were a stock Russian looking form and,youre seeing the Riley defense right,here with a showtune detail once you,have the function stuff done and you,have all your you know first-line,defensive weapons then you start going,well and you always kind of gotta have,something else to put your eye on right,theres a lot of reasons own guns and,aint just you know without rule of law,and fact,I would say the huge majority is just,for enjoyment,its just funny cuz you go back to,basics now you know back then when this,was all you had youd sit there go dude,Im gonna Ive sa

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Riley Defense Side Folder AK – Final Shot!


riley defense is back,clone warsaw for ak 100 series,continues how their lily defense,did in that longer run,we did completed way more,than 5 000 rounds 99.9,i would say was shot with the suppressor,in hours running on this rifle,mainly pbs1 wolverine so you know it has,more back pressure and put it putting,more stress,on the guts and that was done on the,purpose because i wanted to see,how rightly defense is going to hold up,after all that circus,but the star of the day,today for this video was of course,the drop test so lets roll the footage,and see how the lily defense handle the,drops,on the rocks,it was a nice drop side road,now we killing more rocks,still looking okay okay,drop on the magazine,okay everything holds up,so a little bit beating on the charging,handle we completely screw up the,front post with the mod but thats okay,and then the retainer plate,for the sling took a beating some,hits on the side roll but thats okay,i dont see any obstructions inside,the muzzle break round in the chamber,were rolling right ill track and draw,[Applause],absolutely perfect check this out guys,nothing in the mag left chamber empty,riley defense completed the drop test,like a champ and we can see,a little bit bidding on the stock,you got the doula yep yep then a little,bit,on the side roll then the wood takes,some beaning from the rocks,here and then of course from the,retainer,its looking good can i flip it yep all,right,and then the charging handle,rear side leaf is looking good no issues,and then the muzzle brake got,but overall i think the,what about the iron sight like theyre,not cleared,from the recall now were looking good,see everything is looking good,so uh i would say very very good,for sure you can take drops like a champ,all right back to the studio you know,its so some bumps and scratches,other than that riley defense did,are very very well now,i will tell you from outside view,of what is happening i see the few,last spots and that was expected to,happen,because i did shot some corrosive ammo,through that rifle,thats the one thing but the outside,rust has nothing to do with the internal,rust,uh we put a lot of pressure,on that rifle to be uh,used in the external uh really you know,like bad conditions when it was raining,or uh you know it had extended period of,time,spent inside the swamp and i see the few,last spots,uh on the front posts on the gas block,in around the,uh rail rivets but other than the,this guys is not bad uh i would say,for the riley defense the the,biggest stress will be to keep the,quality control,in check and i cannot stress this out,this is not the prettiest rifle from,those 100 series cloth,horse i will tell you this right away uh,i think that the finish on both,koshkov usa and the palmetto state,armory,is a little bit better its looking more,like a eye candy,but this is really solid what the riley,the,fans put it here and ill also you you,guys know,they are two to three hundred dollars,cheaper than the,rest of the competition so i think with,all the futures with folding stock,24 millimeter front and i think they,this is not a bad idea,to look for if you are on the budget,of course right now its hard to be on,the budget because all,you know all the situation and,everything the price are,absolutely insane um but,i think you can keep that rifle on,the radar one more time and i cannot,stress this out to the riley defense,guys you,have acceptable product,going dont screw yourself,up you are your own worst enemy,uh and if you screw something up then,be a you know stand-up company and,deal with it and make it right for the,customer everyone screws something up,uh you know even the japanese are,screwing up their cars from time to time,so its happening,but enough with the [ __ ] talk about,the,outside view nobody cares how the,ak rifle is looking outside,lets see how we are looking,inside because this is where the money,is,so let me pop the dust cover thats,cover is looking,he took some beading during the drops,but its holding up,nicely brittle spring rico spring,is looking good i dont see any rust on,it and its holding up,thats awesome let me pull out the bulb,carrier,the bolt carrier is looking good ill,start with the bolt carrier,that we beat up that the rear end at the,beginning but then it stopped it stopped,advancing so,uh after plus five solid plus five,thousand rounds this is looking,acceptable and i i think this is all,good uh,caming channel is looking good wobbling,on the piston head but thats normal,and no dust on the piston head um,i would say this is looking good guys,remember this was run,with the wolverine suppressor so there,was,much more stress on this component,than uh youre going to see from your,usual,shooting all right bolt up front,is looking good the firing pin is,moving freely as it should the extractor,claw,is looking good guys and the locking,locks lets check the locking locks they,are polished,and they are flat as it gets no steps,this this is really nice this is really,nice guys,this is really cool and as you can see,this is the,tick stem bolt but we know that the,reilly defense can already make the 74,bolts,with the very thin profile as it should,be,on 100 series so uh ill be interesting,to see if theyre going to,update the bolt at some point of design,trigger trigger is looking really good,and it was,its a trigger made by the reilly,defense they dont they dont,outsource it so uh i i think they are on,up to something this is really good let,me see how is that folding mechanism,to be honest with you i didnt fold it,that stuck very much but yeah its still,working its still folding,locking good and its not unlocking on,its own so this is really cool,i like that a lot all right right,side of the trunnion is looking,acceptable from,my point of view of course you,are enjoying a high resolution pictures,so if you will see something say,something,the left side of the trunnion is looking,good as well,quick look inside the chamber this is,all looking good here guys,let me flip it upside down and we are,looking gay,great not gay great we are looking great,uh we are looking great at the bottom of,the trunnion,since i have rifle in this position let,me check the rivets on the trigger guard,and the rivers on the trigger guard are,looking good now its time to flip it to,the other side,and see all the rivets and maybe this,one rivet for the rear folding trigger i,will try to capture the picture,but uh that one can use a better,pressing,on the other end because i can see the,slight gap,let me flip it here to this side,and all the rivets here seems to,be holding up nicely there is a rust,around that for a side level uh side,level,rivet all right enough with bitching,about this here,let me move the lever and pull out the,gas tube,now it means only one thing here is the,pilot,for the pirates union oh and look,inside the gas tube unveils absolutely,nothing there are no marks,everything here is looking good just the,wood took a beating,from the drops barrel you can see,we put a lot of stress on it,hey guys it is what it is those iphones,are being used,but everything here is looking good and,look quick look inside the gas,chamber and not the gas chamber but the,gas block and everything here,is looking good inside the gas block,since im talking about the gas block,i want to check the pins for the front,post and for the gas back and they are,holding up,let me flip it to the other side we talk,about the surface,surface rust already thats something,what uh happened probably after the,swamp,uh but everything here is looking,good guys so this is this is really not,bad,at all i think that,its time to set this rifle up for the,no go,gates or tests so dont go anywhere,well be back in a second,[Applause],now go gate on the bald face lets rock,and roll,free fall and now im going to apply the,pressure to the tomb,and nothing one more time if i can pull,it out,and nothing that bolt is not going,anywhere guys,one more time oh i press

BEST AMERICAN AK-47 ?? | Riley Defense Review!

[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],so,whats going on everybody this is steve,with the mr big kid channel thank you,all so much for watching and thank you,all for tuning in,today were doing a test and impression,video,of the new riley defense ak-47 classic,laminate before we do dont forget to,subscribe to my channel the mr big kid,channel is all about firearms and,barbecue,if you guys like those things too id,recommend you come over and sign up,all right lets get started,[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music],so this is the riley defense ak-47,classic,so this guy is a classic variant of it,doesnt have any tactical furniture,this has a laminate wood stock on it i,bought this because i want an ak,a classic looking ak in the collection,and this is what i found,first thing we do lets clear it make,sure,we are safe and thatll actually bring,me to my first point so right here on,the safety selector you have a little,notch thats cut out,thats actually a bolt hold open,fantastic idea pull that bolt open,you could take this guy just lift it up,and then,your bolt can actually hold open thats,a pretty cool feature if you do have an,easily removable muzzle device you just,push down that pin right,here and then you can unscrew that you,also have a cleaning rod,that comes with their aks right in front,it just mounts,right under the barrel right through the,bayonet lug,so your front and your rear sight are,adjustable for elevation,nice thing about this ak and especially,for an american ak,you have a forged trunnion right in here,and you have a forged carrier and bolt,so your trunnion,on ak you can see theyre held in by,these rivets right here,and thats essentially whats going to,be holding your your barrel and your,chamber and all that stuff thats the,part that deals with the pressure,so when you have a cast trunnion which,is really popular in the cheaper aks,its its a weaker part if its cast a,forged trunnion is going to be,far superior to a castronian you do have,on this side of the ak you have,a rail right here and the rivets are,actually,rounded one nice thing about this ak,that i did notice is i dont see any,daylight through the rivets,they seem to be really well pressed in,they dont seem to be cockeyed or,slanted or anything,so the rivets seem to be good nice and,strong,the pistol grip is a big light pistol,grip,not a fan of the feel but it does have,that classic look so im keeping it,i dont really intend to do anything to,this ak except get a sling for it,because i just love the look of that red,furniture and,its just a very pretty gun to me enough,of all that talking i think i covered,all the major parts about this it seems,to be well built,so lets give it a rip x tech magazine,that this firearm came with,and its loaded up with some cheap,russian uh steel case,bulk stuff so you have your safety,selector right here,dropping it to fire,and lets do it,feels good,i like this very comfortable recoil im,not sure if youre familiar with the ak,recoil,but it is a heavy gun so its its not,its not unbearable a little more than,an ar a little more bouncy feeling,but by all means not something that,hurts or nothing thats uncomfortable,i like this a lot this is cool,[Applause],i mean it all seems to be making the,same dust cloud i wonder if we should,set up some targets,im gonna go a little further back im,gonna aim for this,this berm thats probably about 120,yards away,oh i like this thing this things really,cool,thats it first 30,a success no hiccups no jams nothing,like that,let me use that bolt hold open feature,thats not bad,[Applause],its not like super comfy because its,so narrow it is narrow,yeah like i wonder if you can put a,little rubber thingy on the end,[Applause],maybe,[Applause],so,[Applause],so,so far weve done 80 rounds through this,ak um,you know i just did a slow first 30,testing it and then,jenna did about 20 of them jenna did 20,of them,then i did 30 rounds just now walking,shooting rapid firing,i was just shooting sand and dirt i,wasnt shooting anything in particular,i just wanted to get the feel for rapid,firing while moving,now were going to give it a real rapid,fire test and were going to do a bump,fire,the act of bump firing or the art of,bump firing,is essentially using the firearms recoil,to give you a full auto effect,its semi-automatic its not illegal to,do this,but it seems like a full auto when you,do it,[Applause],[Applause],30 rounds,smokey,we just put 180 rounds through this,ak-47 without a single hiccup,it performed flawlessly i will say the,xtec magazine,fits a little looser inside the receiver,has a tiny little bit of wobble which is,okay i dont mind that little wobble the,magpul magazines,fit inside the receiver with no wobble,at all now that could be a good thing or,a bad thing,um bad thing is it takes a little while,to like find that perfect spot to,to uh pivot it into the receiver but um,its not a big deal man this thing has,performed awesome,uh aks got wicked hot with that wood,furniture thats why im wearing gloves,as well,otherwise this thing worked perfectly,im gonna give it a good cleaning when,we get home,and im happy to keep this guy in the,safe again not a single hiccup and i,will report to you guys,further down the line as i do more of,these videos and more testing and we run,more rounds through it,im happy to have a classic type ak in,my collection thats gonna do great for,my future videos and all that so,i feel like with this riley defense,ak-47,i i got a winner um nothing seems to,have loosened up at all,the rivets are all still very tight i,did bump firing i did rapid,firing it seems to have worked perfectly,its just nice and dirty and theres all,but everything seems to be holding up,just fine so,good job rally defense im happy to own,this guy if you guys like this video,please give it a thumbs up leave a,comment in the comment section below,please let me know what you guys think,if you guys own a riley defense ak if,you guys have any experience with these,or any recommendations to a generally a,pretty new ak owner,me so and then um yeah,if you guys again if you guys like this,type of content barbecue firearms,firearm review,hit that subscribe button hit the bell,notification icon so you know when im,making new videos,i love all this stuff this is so cool,anyways thank you all so much,hope you have an awesome day ill see,you,[Music],[Applause],[Music],you

Riley Defense RAK-47-C 7.62×39 Classic Rifle

alright guys why Im back today with,another high valued firearm review and I,am super excited about this one it is a,classic looking a Kay from rally defense,I have been searching and searching for,a reasonably priced ak-47 with very,specific features that I wasnt going to,pass over and that was mainly a forged,bolt carrier and forged trunnion a lot,of usa-made companies are using cast,parts and they are failing under stress,and round count I wanted to find,something that had the classic look of a,traditional ak-47 was made in the USA,but that could actually last a very long,time but I also didnt want to spend,$1,000 this one is impressive because it,comes in under $600 aims surplus is a,great supplier for this rifle as well as,a few others on the internet and they,also have a few different versions which,well talk about later lets head down,to the range one more time run some,rounds of this guy come back and talk,about the specs and features of this,rally defense ak-47,[Music],[Music],[Music],all right guys why Peck from the range,and this thing performs beautifully Im,about 200 rounds in since Ive gotten,this rifle and overall Im very,impressed with its function well talk,about its reliability in a second,but this is mainly an overview of the,features and initial impressions after,those first shots Ill update you guys,after 500 and a thousand rounds as well,as after I do some accuracy testing with,some brass cased ammo Ive been mainly,running some wolf Steel cased ammo both,hollow points and Full Metal Jacket with,100% function and thats the first thing,I want to talk about when you pick up an,ak-47 you want it to be reliable and,this rally defense EK was 100% reliable,with that wolf steel cased ammo i will,try other types of ammo in the future,but im really excited about the,promising look and function of this,rifle i also talked about the classic,looking furniture on this rifle aimed,surplus currently has a second version,that theyre selling with black,furniture and i think there are some,other options available online i believe,that landok firearms has a few pistol,versions if im not mistaken,well talk about some of the other specs,and features in a second but overall,this grouped pretty well today with the,iron sights again I didnt shoot it for,accuracy but what Ive heard with with,some other manufacturers that shall,remain nameless was some of the rifle,build quality wasnt that great and you,really have to drift the sight so thats,one of the first things I wanted to,check on this USA atak and it was right,on about 25 yards there was no shift and,impact and left or right,you just had to adjust the elevation a,little bit for the yardage that you were,shooting at so overall this guy came in,straight it worked with the first 200,rounds with no oil or anything you know,just dumping the mags through it and,overall the build quality seems really,good now lets talk about some features,of this ak-47 that really set it apart,from some others on the market in this,price category and one of the cool,things about this is it includes the,scope mount some of the cheaper a case,dont include it and not only is it,included but its a CMC scope mount at a,one solid piece of metal instead of cast,which lends to durability reliability,and just overall more accurate than,eight cast parts,that is a nice touch this also has an,extended mag release which is really,easy to actuate especially if youre,doing those speery loads with the 8k,mags something like that is very nice,the a K mags locked up very solid the,main ones I was using was the tap Co,mags I think I used a clear eye o mag in,a few steel surplus mags all of them,work great with those first 200 rounds I,will continue to try different types of,magazines including the Magpul ones in,the future with different types of ammo,but everything locked in and fed great,there was no issues whatsoever when it,comes to that front the cool thing about,this a Kay is it comes with a few little,upgrades that you want to see but it,doesnt change the look of that,traditional ak-47 rifle what youre,looking at here is the extended bolt,release and slide hold open and safety,all rolled into one,now normally an ak-47 just has a safety,but this actually has a cutout right,here to grab on to the charging handle,of the ak-47 to lock it back which is a,nice touch when youre at the range and,the range officers want to see your,chamber open and maybe a chamber flag in,there the other cool thing is its got,this lip that you can use like I just,did,to drop that bolt home which is a very,cool option speaking about the bolt and,I already mentioned it this is actually,a forged carrier bolt and front trunnion,again a lot of US companies were using,cast parts now when you cast the part,youre polar in a molten metal into sort,of a mold and when youre doing that,youre really messing with the grain,structure of the material and it causes,the material to deform over time now,when youre using a forged part that,metal is pounded in and it is an,incredibly impressive grain structure it,costs more and thats why companies try,to avoid it so its very nice to see,that all of these parts are actually,forged but it still comes in at under,the $600 price point,another thing with aks is you want to,see the build quality and you can see,the rivets themselves are pressed in,beautifully had some aks in the past,from manufacturers Im not going to name,that Ive sold read those rivets were,literally crooked now its still,function find maybe a thousand two,thousand rounds in but I hate to see,something like that an ak-47 so its,nice to see the rivets are placed in,there correctly that is pretty cool the,barrel itself is actually 4150 steel,when it is night rotted for a,long-lasting barrel again they didnt,skimp and go with the 4140 steel they,went with a little bit harder steel,which is going to give you a longer,barrel life the threads are a,traditional thread pitch and it comes,with a cleaning rod so overall just a,very high quality barrel that is put,into this ak-47 the wood on this ak-47,is that teak wood and it is beautiful in,my opinion it really looks like an,old-school a.k now can you get some with,nicer furniture Im sure you can but,something like this is just a classic,looking ak-47 and I just love the way it,looks now when youre talking about the,internals of an ak-47 a lot of times,people are going to look for the,deformation were inside an 8k this one,actually has a tapped og2 trigger which,works really well Ive had no issues,with this ak-47 whatsoever what I want,to show you guys is actually the tail,deformation a lot of people look at that,and this particular one does not have,any tail deformation yet anyways um you,will get tail deformation on an ak-47,over time but when the guys are using,all these forged parts has just holding,up very well so very impressed also Im,trying to show you guys I dont know if,you can see it or not,inside here normally there is a wire,spring but these guys use the metal,plate to hold in all the trigger pins so,another nice touch,about rally defense so in summary guys,if youre looking for an ak-47 that is,going to work and last a long time but,is not gonna break the bank,check out rally defense and check out,named surplus occasionally these guys,are always having sales on a lot of,their products so you never know what,kind of deals you can find there again,also a few other distributors online,that are selling these products I also,want to give a huge shout out to aim,surplus for all the time just helping,out the channel by giving to us a lot of,ammo at cost when they give us an ammo a,cost that knocks the price down a few,quarters and honestly you guys would be,shocked at what theyre paying and what,theyre selling they are not making much,and that is why I like aim surplus they,were not gouging their customers,theyre really giving you guys a great,deal and Ive been buying ammo from them,way before YouTube and it is just a

Riley Defense RAK47 C Review

hello,so,today were going to look at,the um,riley defense,lets see i can show you,riley defense,see if you can read that,there we go its the rek 47,and uh this is the classic model,i bought it because i wanted,something with the wood stock so as you,could see its got a nice,woodstock just like you know,rambo would use and stuff that you saw,in the old 80s movies,thats kind of why i bought it it was,something that i wanted that,just to have because the movies have it,so uh it came with one,standard capacity,magazine,you know,[Music],so,um,i think i dont know if you can see it,there,but,its a magpul magazine,and its chambered in the the typical,7.62 by 39.,um,so,lets make sure its unloaded,thats thats super hard to do,underneath the camera,so its unloaded,now lets get a trigger pull on it,so,so i got two pounds 13 ounces,its definitely a really light trigger,its very nice trigger for,something thats military style,but um some of the features its got the,little side mounting thing that you can,put like the scope mounts on its got,the little,sling,things on both of,you know it comes on most of them its,got the typical front thats,that you can unscrew and take off,um,you know the sites are this the military,sites where you you know you can just,slide it,to get it to where you want,but uh,but,it,you know its a basic ak,uh its got all the same features that,you would with the cleaning rod thats,underneath,so,uh,why dont we take it out to the range,and see how it shoots,hello today were going to look at,the riley defense,rak-47,and 7.62,by 39 this is the classic model,uh,so,lets see how it shoots,[Music],so,no hiccups,try another man,so,all right,[Music],okay,this was a,creation mag so it has the last bolt,open,but,again,riley defense,rak 47 classic with the shock,so out at the range,it did,okay i was shooting 25 yards,and it was,a little off so,um,im gonna have to sit there and probably,i ordered a site tool because in order,to,adjust for that you have to take,and have a slight uh sight pusher and,basically the the little block there you,have to push it one way or another to,move the sight post,so,i just ordered one of those today after,shooting,so that way i can get it so its more,accurate i mean it may be hit me i was,shooting off hand so,uh when i set it in ill put it on a,bench rest or,something,and make sure that its,on that im hitting all new because this,is,this was two mags full so,it cant it came with the magpul one,which i used and this is,one that i ordered that was made in,croatia and,it worked fine it kind of looks more,like the old rambo steel style,so thats why i wanted to order those,but i i put 40 rounds,through it today,and it its fine um,taking it apart,is,typical,lets see if i can do this underneath,the camera,push the button in you pull off the,top,and then you,pull that in,pull that back,and you gotta,like rock it,and it comes off,and then,youve got the uh it comes back and out,and then you can basically clean it from,there,thats the nice thing about the aks is,theyre pretty simplistic,thats why,its why theyre used in so many,countries and,thats why everybody likes them,theyre super simple so going back,together,its kind of in reverse,so it goes in like that and the spring,goes,into there,and it goes underneath,theres a,little section here,goes in like that,into that little,groove and then,of course you take this,shield,on the top,and,this is,always difficult to do on camera,but,you gotta,kind of,push that button in a little bit,to get this,down,make sure it all lines,up in the front,and there you go and then its back,together,so,yeah always,make sure you can cycle it after you do,that,at least i always do that so like i said,it shout okay um,out of all the times that ive shot it,it it worked fine,um this is the ammo,that i this,was um this was the first,clip,i,today i didnt have any failures but i,had one of these that uh it failed to,eject when i first took it out shooting,so,but,this ammo i paid 20 for 120 rounds so,its really cheap,and then this is,the same stuff i use for a lot of the,pistol stuff but considering that aks,are designed to shoot steel,uh ammo this worked flawless in it this,is actually the good stuff for,um,this for an ak,so,um thats,basically the uh,type of ammo that i put through it and,it did shoot good other than it wasnt,very accurate,um,but if youre looking for ak and you,know,i i wanted the wood stock so thats why,i went with this,and its made in america which i know it,should be made in russia,because its an ak but,with the world it is today,you cant really find,russian-made aks,so um,yeah so i like it like i said its,oreilly defense,um its,rak47,i think this is a dash c it doesnt say,it on this but its dash c because its,uh,got the classic wood,stock to it,so,um i hope you enjoyed the video and i,hope you have a good day

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