1. The Rivian R1S Is the Most Amazing Electric SUV Yet
  2. 2022 Rivian R1S | Review & Road Test
  3. The Rivian Electric Amazon Delivery Van Is Highly Innovative and Incredibly Cool
  4. This Is Everything I Love & Hate About the New Rivian R1S!
  5. Rivian R1S review: An impressive electric SUV meant for outdoor adventure
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The Rivian R1S Is the Most Amazing Electric SUV Yet

this is the rivion r1s the new rivion,SUV last year I reviewed the rivien r1t,the rivian pickup and ever since then,people have been eagerly awaiting the,arrival of the SUV well now its here it,has,835 horsepower and a sticker price that,starts around 85 000 and today Im going,to review the rivian SUV and show you,all of its quirks and features,before I get started be sure to check,out cars and bids which is my Enthusiast,car auction website for cool cars from,the modern era with free listings you,can list your cool car for free and,auction it on cars and bids and weve,had some fantastic sales recently,including this wonderful BMW M4,competition sold for 64 500 this Ford,F-150 Lightning sold for over a hundred,and one thousand dollars and this,fantastic BMW M5 brought over forty one,thousand dollars if youre looking to,buy or sell a cool Enthusiast car from,the modern era the 1980s and up cars and,bids is the place to do it with daily,auctions and great selection and free,listings check it out at carsandbids.com,all right Im gonna start the quicksand,features the r1s with the key situation,which is pretty cool because this is,your key fob it looks neat its,distinctive and its also a carabiner as,you can see which works perfectly with,the r1ss adventure lifestyle kind of,motif but thats not your only key,because you can also set up your phone,to be used as a key using the rivian app,and then you can just walk up to the car,it senses youre there it unlocks and,you dont even have to carry a key with,you or you can go into the app and,unlock the car remotely and the cool,thing is you can do this from anywhere,you can be in Europe your car can be in,America and you can still unlock and,lock the doors if you want to using the,app which is a pretty cool idea and by,the way using the rivian app is a key,there are some other kind of cool,touches like for instance you can find,your car using Google Maps through the,app as you can see it tells you exactly,where it is and then you can have,directions to your car in case you lose,it you can also use the app to vent your,windows so on a hot day youre sitting,in your office youre going to drive,home in like 20 minutes you can open,your windows in the app and get some air,flowing through the car so its not as,hot on the inside which Ive never seen,before pretty cool feature from an app,but anyway lets talk about getting into,the rhythian you unlock it and you can,see that when you do that the door,handles pop out from the body and from,there you can just reach inside and pull,on them and get the door opened which is,pretty standard take another look,theyre flush with the body you unlock,and then theyre out and you can open,the door and when you do you discover,inside the door panel a flashlight this,little piece here is a hidden flashlight,that you can take out and turn on and,use just like a flashlight and when,youre done you stick it right back,inside the door and thats not the only,hidden portable thing in this car you,also have a speaker located at the,bottom of the center console down here,this is a speaker you can pull it out,and then use it like a speaker set it up,at your campsite play music from,Bluetooth all that stuff and when youre,done you stick it right back in the base,of your center console and it charges so,its always charged and its always,there a portable speaker built into your,rivian but I dont want to go too far,into the interior of the r1s just yet in,fact I first want to cover the exterior,so Im going to lock the doors you can,see the door handles fold back in and,the car makes a little bird tweeting,sound when you lock the door its very,difficult to hear but take a listen,[Music],all right,personally I love this sound as opposed,to a loud annoying horn honk the bird,tweeting sound is almost natural you,cant really tell its there unless,youre listening for it and its a,pretty cool idea but outside the r1s we,gotta talk through styling because,frankly I love how it looks as a fan of,boxy SUVs I got my Land Rover Defender,my Mercedes do egg and my Toyota Land,Cruiser I love the boxy stuff and,automakers dont make Vehicles like that,anymore but the r1s is that its boxy,its squared off it looks muscular and,brutish and it doesnt have that kind of,boring played out generic teardrop shape,that so many other electric cars have,heres a boxy tough cool looking SUV and,its fantastic its also not that big a,lot of people think the r1s is,absolutely massive because the r1t,pickup truck is quite large but the r1s,is a lot smaller 17 inches shorter than,the r1t for a total length of around,200.8 inches that makes this only about,two inches longer than a Ford Explorer,and just short of a BMW X7 so this is,about in between sort of a midsize and a,large SUV and its nowhere near the size,of a Suburban or a Tahoe or other,massive full-size SUVs like you might,think based on the size of the pickups,its certainly smaller than that and by,the way for the off-roaders Among Us the,smaller size compared to the truck means,better angles you get a shorter,wheelbase so theres a better break over,angle in the SUV and a shorter rear,overhang so a better departure angle the,r1t pickup truck is tremendously capable,off-road and this should be even more,but anyway next up one key difference,between the r1s SUV and the r1t pickup,truck is of course a cargo area in,passenger space instead of a pickup,truck bed so lets talk through that,cargo area starting with the tailgate,itself you can pop it open by pressing,the tailgate button on the key fob and,then it opens itself up automatically,although youll notice that even when,its open you then have more tailgate,thats because this is a two-piece,tailgate and you can open the lower part,separately which I love because it means,you can sit on this lower tailgate and,have a nice little picnic and use it as,a bench this is a fantastic feature I,have it in my Toyota Land Cruiser I use,it all the time and I love that rivian,has added it too its very cool but,lets talk through the cargo area you,open this up and the first thing you,notice is seats back here a third row of,seats in fact that is standard on all,r1s models they all have three rows,seating and you can see theres even,some cargo space behind the third row,which is actually pretty good decent,sized space back here in case youre,looking for even more space you can lift,up the cargo floor and see theres even,more cargo storage underneath the floor,for additional space if you want it so,pretty practical even with the third row,in place and theres a lot more to cover,with this cargo area some cool quirks,and features back here for one thing,over on the side you slide this panel,and it reveals a power outlet both a,household outlet and a cigarette lighter,style Outlet which is very usable below,that you have another slidey panel and,if you slide that open you have an air,compressor this allows you to blow up,stuff like for instance a basketball or,a bicycle tire or or the Tigers to your,rivian so if you go off-roading you can,air down using this air compressor to,make it easier to crawl over rocks and,then air back up also using this,built-in compressor which is,tremendously cool and really useful for,off-roading and of course the air line,that goes with the compressor comes with,the r1s its included in this little,zippered pouch open it up plug it in,there and then you can start airing up,and down using your compressor also cool,back here you have these little cargo,tie downs that slide forward and,backwards so you can keep your cargo,from sliding around which is nice to,have now as for getting the seats down a,few ways to do this the third row seat,folds with these latches plastic latch,here you just pull it push the seat down,and it folds you do that on both sides,and then you have the third row down an,extra cargo space if you want to fold,the second row seat you have little,buttons over on the side of the cargo,area press t

2022 Rivian R1S | Review & Road Test

the rivian r1s is the three row seven,passenger version of the r1t that i,drove previously and loved lets learn,all about it in the speedy voiceover,[Music],if youre not familiar with rivian its,an american electric vehicle startup,whose first product was the r1t pickup,truck that i mentioned mere seconds ago,the r1s suv is the follow-up compared to,its closely related pickup kin the r1s,is 16.3 inches shorter nose to tail with,a 14.7 inch shorter wheelbase otherwise,the r1t and the r1s are very similar,mechanically,a six thousand dollar cheaper two motor,setup is on the horizon but for now the,r1s uses four motors one for each wheel,their collective output is massive,helping propel the r1s from 0 to 60,miles per hour in as quick as 3 seconds,according to rivian despite that power,tow capacity drops in the r1s to 7 700,pounds versus the r1ts 11 000 pound max,regarding range its an epa estimated,316 miles for the r1s with the current,135 kilowatt hour large battery pack a,cheaper standard battery pack paired,with dual motor all-wheel drive offering,more than 250 miles is slated for future,model years as is a max battery pack,exclusive for the pickup with more than,400 miles of range those are the basic,details,but what i bet youre wondering is,whether the worlds most average man can,sit comfortably in all three rows lets,find out i am five foot ten before you,type in that comment in the front row,very comfortable i love sitting in the,front of a rivian,second row lets see if i can fit behind,myself,yes i can youve got slide,and recline,thats a pretty comfortable position,right there,okay yeah thats good lets see if i fit,in the third,this is the test that by the way slides,forward with a little button push it,would slide further forward but theres,a little uh spot there thats uh,stopping it okay,third row oh,oh hey,great head room knee room could be a,little bit tight but i think if somebody,up front was generous they could slide,forward enough that i could fit back,here just fine yeah an average guy can,definitely fit in all three rows,again im 5 foot 10 before you ask,along with room for my intense,averageness the cabin overflows with,style like the r1t pickup the r1s makes,clever use of interesting textures,colors and materials to convey an,upscale yet welcoming feel i would,happily let rivens design team make,over my home elsewhere there are clever,touches like this flashlight built into,the drivers door and an optional,removable bluetooth speaker that charges,when stowed and doubles as a camp,lantern,lets talk about cargo item number one,youve got a splits tailgate and ive,said ive already screwed it up,there we go that powers up and then this,powers down and its kind of cool,because you got like a little spot where,you can sit and contemplate the universe,but for cargo space 17.6 cubic feet,behind the third row and this is pretty,cool under here youve got a little,extra storage space but thats not all,if you pull this up and out,it goes much much deeper so you can,really you know fill that space out,there one thing i also like too lets,pop these third row seats down so what,you dont have is a flat load floor,you got this little lip right here but,theyve got this spot so you can sort of,set it up and create a little bit of a,ramp so if youre loading things in it,goes in nice and smoothly and then over,here on the left side youve got two,releases so release left,release right,that is a lot of space im told i could,sleep in here,should i try yeah sure hi let me,embarrass myself by,luxuriating in the back of the r1s,its undignified but its very,comfortable,one annoyance the third row locks in,this lower position so if you want to,raise it you have to come up here to the,side pull this little lever and push it,back up thats kind of inconvenient,if you need more space there are 11,cubic feet to work with under the uh the,hood here in the front zone i recently,drove the f-150 lightning and what i,really liked is that the grill comes,down and that whole area opens up so,its easier lift in this you have to,lift up and over but theres still a,good amount of space and this isnt all,if you peek down here flip flip all your,charging stuff hides right underneath,that false floor still a very useful,space,uh,the button,that got it,with a 40 20 40 split second row the r1s,offers cargo flexibility if youre,curious heres what it looks like with,child seats installed,i think thats enough of the practical,stuff how does the r1s drive,all right lets get the full throttle,acceleration from a stop out of the way,early and i put my sunglass case on the,dash for maximum effect three two one go,ah good catch,oh that is stout,managing the movement of the wheels is,an air suspension featuring adaptive,dampers and an electro hydraulic roll,control system that negates the need for,traditional anti-roll bars the,suspension raises and lowers the vehicle,up to five and a half inches as needed,returning a supple yet well-controlled,ride,im currently driving in all-purpose,mode the suspension is set too soft and,true enough the ride quality is soft,though it never completely shields you,from the road you still feel those,little bumps and especially were,driving on 22-inch wheels uh in this,version so you definitely feel the road,but its i think a yielding ride you can,also put it in sport mode which is as,you might have guessed its sportier one,thing i like though im going to take a,right turn here and im going to note,that the steering never feels needlessly,heavy kind of increases in resistance a,little bit as you uh add steering but uh,yeah it actually feels quite nice an,aspect of the r1s i really like is the,one pedal drive function so right now,ive got regen for the brakes set on,high lift off and feel how smooth this,is,you cant tell when the vehicle stops,decelerating thats how smooth it stops,on its own itll come to a complete stop,its awesome,the brake pedal only actuates the,hydraulic brakes so you never have that,brake pedal weirdness of a mixed brake,technology where its trying to manage,regen and friction brakes so the brakes,feel completely natural you can add a,little braking if you need to and then,as you let off super smooth stop,i shouldnt be so excited about how you,stop the r1s but here we are,oh,smooth,with the suv body style one thing i was,curious about is visibility and i can,see really pretty well theres a,headrest back there on the second row uh,which is obvious but i can kind of see,around it through the rear window so,yeah i feel like ive got pretty decent,visibility in all directions,a challenge in making an electric car is,that theres no engine noise to hide the,other noises but i think even okay were,cruising along here lets say 65 miles,an hour no engine hey kirk if you can,hear me give me a high five,holding the hand up is also another cube,you can have a normal conversation in,the r1s and its just fine i think uh,interior noise could be much worse than,it is,that sounded like faint praise no its,pretty quiet in here its good,with a nearly identical character as the,r1t the r1s displays a conspicuous lack,of flaws on paved roads its quick,comfortable stable and fun if youre,into that kind of thing but how is it on,dirt,[Music],okay were gonna take the r1s off-road,the first thing im noticing were in,off-road mode and theres uh more wiggle,room a little dead space at the uh the,um top of the pedal action um talk about,how you guys adjust the r1s for off-road,duty sure yeah so youll see that a,little bit of that spot in the,all-terrain you can think of all terrain,as kind of the all-purpose mode of,off-road where its a kind of,jack-of-all-trades for all,all the off-road surfaces or you know,different amounts of roughness of the,terrain and rock crawl that that dead,pedal dead portion of the pedal as you,call it gets even more extreme so im,used to like left foot braking over like,um uh rock crawl events and whats cool,is that with the regen and y

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The Rivian Electric Amazon Delivery Van Is Highly Innovative and Incredibly Cool

this is a delivery van that sounds,boring but this certainly isnt boring,thats because this is the rivian edv,which stands for electric delivery van,this is a fully electric delivery van,that rivien has created just for Amazon,to deliver packages this thing is very,interesting and today Im going to,review it and show you all of its many,quirks and features,before I get started be sure to check,out cars and bids which is my Enthusiast,car auction website for cool cars from,the modern era with free listings you,can list your cool car for free and,auction it on cars and bids and weve,had some great sales recently including,this Dodge Viper rt10 which sold for,over forty one thousand dollars this,fantastic Tesla Model X plaid which sold,for 117 thousand dollars and this lovely,Toyota Century with a V12 that sold for,over twenty two thousand dollars we love,the weird stuff on cars and bids if,youre looking to buy or sell a cool,Enthusiast car from the modern era cars,and bids is the place to do it with,daily auctions and free listings check,it out at carsandbids.com,all right time for the quirks and,features of the rivian Amazon electric,van but first let me give you a little,overview of exactly what this is okay so,Rivia makes electric vehicles the r1s,electric SUV and the r1t electric truck,to my very favorite electric vehicles,Ive done reviews of them theyve gotten,millions of views go watch Amazon sends,you packages and does a lot of other,things you know Amazon Amazon is an,investor in rivian and Amazon has a,corporate goal of switching to 100,renewable energy within the next few,years you can see where this is going,Amazon calls up their partners rivian,and says hey can you build us an,electric delivery van so rivian says,yeah sure and so they created this the,edv literally electric delivery van now,this rides on the same platform and uses,the same architecture as the r1s and r1t,and its built in the same Factory in,Illinois its just a little bit longer,and it has obviously a completely,different body and its front wheel,drive the r1s and R12 are four wheel,drive this is front-wheel drive although,since its all the same architecture,theoretically an all-wheel drive version,could be made should Amazon request it,okay so with that out of the way lets,go through the many quirks and features,and keep in mind one of the interesting,things about this van is that rivien,builds it only for Amazon thats their,only customer so its tremendously,purpose built which means it has a lot,of stuff that you might not think of but,that greatly enhance the lives of Amazon,package delivery people all sorts of,interesting quirks and features lets,start with the key which well for one,thing it has the Amazon smile on it,instead of a rivian logo which makes,sense Amazon is the only customer so,they can put their branding on it but,the other interesting thing youll,notice with this key is theres no Loop,to hook it onto a key ring then again,why should there be Amazon package,delivery people arent going to stick it,onto their key ring instead it has a,little clip so you can stick it on to,clothing the theory here is Amazon,employees will stick it onto a shirt,pocket in their Amazon uniform and then,you can see the lock-in unlock buttons,are at the top of the key fob that way,if they want to walk away and lock the,truck they dont have to get the key out,of their pocket its at their shirt,pocket and the buttons are pointing up,at them just tap them and it locks or,unlocks which is a pretty cool and,efficient idea next up lets talk doors,this van has four doors and they are all,completely different from one another,this is of course the drivers door to,open it you stick your hand in this,little opening you press on a little,rubber button and then it opens up,interestingly this is the least,important door in the entire van the,drivers door to get into the drivers,seat is the least important door the,most important door in this van is this,one what you or I would call the,passenger door in this van you open it,theres a handle up front you pull on it,and then it slides open its a sliding,door like in a minivan and from there,you could just climb inside or,technically you step inside I say,technically because thats actually a,government classification for regulatory,purposes this is a step in Van you just,step right in now this is the most,important door in the van because,package delivery drivers are in and out,of this door constantly the drivers,side door they only get in when theyre,starting their shift and get out at the,end of their shift but this door they,pull up to a house or a business on the,sidewalk or the curbside and they get,out and in this door to deliver packages,all day long upwards of a hundred times,a day sometimes now when you open up,this door you instantly start to see a,few interesting quirks and features,worth pointing out one of them is,Amazons distinctive bright blue color,which was placed strategically in little,spots throughout the interior look,through there and you can see that color,throughout again this van is only sold,to Amazon so you might as well customize,it with Amazons colors and keep it on,brand since theyre going to be the only,ones using this vehicle you even have,some of that bright blue Amazon color in,the floor material little Speckles of it,are sprinkled into the rest of the floor,to give it kind of an extra amazony,touch just a little one very subtle and,kind of cool now a couple other things,worth noting from this view for one you,can see two blue panels on the steps to,get inside those are a specific sticky,material intended to keep drivers from,slipping the benefit of this is obvious,in Northern climates icy days it makes,it easier to climb in the van safely,without your shoes slipping when youre,getting in and out so many times per day,the other interesting thing here is you,will note this van has only two steps,rivien told me that when they first,developed these Vans they had three,steps but as they spent time with,delivery drivers seeing how they,actually used it they noticed that most,drivers would just jump in step and then,climb on in they were inside they didnt,need three steps and in fact have having,the third step actually slowed them down,every time getting in and out of the van,it was a couple of tenths of a second,lost may not seem like much but tenths,of seconds adds up to minutes adds up to,hours over time and so they eliminated,the third step and went with just two to,save that little bit of efficiency it,seems small but it matters and speaking,of efficiency that brings us to the next,door which is maybe the most interesting,door in this entire van and that would,be the one that leads from this front,compartment where the driver sits into,the cargo area where the packages are,ask any delivery driver and theyll tell,you theyre constantly between the,drivers seat and the cargo area back,and forth and so having a door to go,directly there is a pretty nice thing,but this door is especially nice because,it opens automatically when you put this,van in park the door automatically opens,up so you put it in park go deliver,packages and then you can just easily,walk right back into the cargo area and,you dont even have to open the door,again a little efficiency opening the,door doesnt take that long but if it,opens automatically it saves you tenths,of a second here and there and that adds,up and its the same deal when you want,to drive away you put the van in drive,and the door automatically closes you,dont have to do any of it and so it,saves you just a little bit of extra,time that door opening automatically to,get into the cargo area pretty cool idea,but anyway when it comes to the quirks,and features of this van there is so,much more to discuss than just this,stuff lets start with the fact that,theres only one seat this giant van and,theres only one seat for the driver and,thats it although when you think about,it it actu

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This Is Everything I Love & Hate About the New Rivian R1S!

tflev is brought to you by flowcharter,maker of reliable high quality charging,stations for your electric vehicle hey,guys in this video Im going to show you,the latest gadgets and gizmos on the,brand new rivon r1s all-electric SUV,these are the things I really love and,also a couple things I dont like about,this new SUV well first of all its a,new three row it has a large battery,pack 135 kilowatt hours its got 830,horsepower,and weve done drag racing with it weve,done charging tests with it and its,performed really well so its got level,three charging of course level two,charging and it can do about 200,kilowatt or so of charge speed it has a,very cool key,its a carabiner you can put on your,belt or something like that,it has a chirp,it chirps like a bird when you lock it,and of course unlocking it moves out its,door handles you can also do,open its front,which works very very fast but heres,the thing I dont really like its kind,of the reach over height on this front,but I do love the second kind of a fake,floor here and the charge cable and,actually almost about 11 total cubic,feet of space which is kind of like a,trunk in a compact sedan which is quite,useful you could also lock it up here by,pushing a button underneath the front,where the Grille would be I love the tow,hooks thats really awesome I love the,light signature I think this SUV you,could see from 10 miles away and you,know exactly what it is it has a rivian,this color is called rivian Blue also,sometimes referred to as RJ blue RGS,karenge is the CEO of rivien and this,color The Story Goes at the factory,Normal Illinois where this is produced,when it first they were building out the,factory the some of the robots in the,factory had this color and RJ wanted his,SUV and truck to be in a very similar,color so thats pretty cool now walk,around with me this way,the way you get in of course I kind of,like this,the door handle just easily pulls and,you can pull it from top or bottom,then lighting continues youve got a,hidden flashlight ah yes,so,bam,and you could hide it you know,Rolls-Royce has the umbrella,and the ravian has the flashlight I also,love the interior the way its done with,the wood inlays and the materials and I,think its really well done also well,done is the meridian elevation stereo,system is most excellent let me show you,in the back,of course you can Pop the Trunk,this tailgate you can pump remotely open,it remotely and thats pretty handy,continuing the light theme really cool,lights up here on both sides because,what you can do is actually you could,sit on the tailgate split open,you have some protection from the,weather maybe above and light here so I,think thats really really useful,for This SUV,you have three rows of seats you can see,the third row right now its fully,folded it has these tie downs that you,can move about,really really handy,I hate,putting something here and then having,it roll around especially when you have,830 horsepower that youre using you,have a air compressor over here,so the truck has an air compressor the,SUV does as well uh this is really handy,for maybe helping you air back up when,youre off-road if you air down your,tires or air up some other accessories,maybe youre at the beach youre blowing,up your little kayak,or something like that maybe youre a,beach ball,you hit this,to close it back up so you can actually,use the hard buttons as well rear wiper,and you have the brake light,kind of built in into the rear of the,vehicle now step in with me go inside,so one thing I find really strange is,when I enter,the rivian,and,let me just to show you lets close all,the doors,there is no other like power on button,because its on,its when I unlock it its immediately,comes to life so and for traditional,guys maybe like me whos been driving,for 25 plus years thats a little weird,because I want to start the engine,somehow or start the motors,and of course many companies now do this,but its still for me its a tiny bit,odd,now Drive modes,it has so many Ive been driving around,in,let me show you in conserve mode,conserve mode basically turns this,machine into a front-wheel drive mostly,vehicle and it conserves energy and I,really like that all-purpose mode is,really meant for just everyday driving,and you can control the how hard or,stiff your suspension is,uh you can control standard or high,region I usually go to High regen,because I like one pedal driving oddly,enough it is a new way of driving but I,really like it,when youre in a spirited mood,or you want to do 0-60 and impress your,friends sport mode is the way to go and,it usually lowers your suspension,the lowest setting is really 9.5 inches,which is still quite tall it does have,34 inch tall tires,now tow mode I have a video also on,tflev,uh where I did a whole Towing review of,This SUV the r1s completely uh Towing,about 5 000 pounds trailer brake,controller I love that you are able to,control it here and also the manual,override for the trailer brakes,are actually on the steering wheel right,here this is kind of multi-functional,buttons sometimes they do different,things depending which mode youre in,can you hear that,if you hear that tone kind of a deep,noise thats the air compressor thats,another thing I dont quite like the air,compressor is a little bit loud in This,SUV that controls the suspension let me,finally show you the off-road modes you,already saw a preview of this it has all,terrain,and the love all the images how they,change,soft sand,you need to confirm that and actually,theyve tuned this I was talking to the,engineers and they participated in the,rebel rally which is a women only,navigation rally and they were in sand,dunes and they were trying to perfect,that mode,um so it doesnt the vehicle doesnt,sink but keeps moving in soft terrain of,course Rock crawl and by the way its,lifting now to about over 15 inches of,ground clearance which is insane theres,also rally,it kind of lets you uh maybe step out,maybe do a little bit of a slide and,full-on drift,turning off stability control so ravian,actually allows you the driver to have a,lot of control,in the vehicle if you want to,it also has well heres the adjustments,for the,steering wheel folding mirrors Im not,in love with this because its not super,intuitive if I wanted to adjust my,steering wheel I usually reach for the,column sometimes on the left side on the,drivers side there will be a button in,some other vehicles and if I wanted to,adjust the mirrors I expect something on,the door,to adjust my mirrors thats just my,traditional way of thinking so Im not,quite used to that but its just a,personal preference you can open your,front if you want to I really love that,they added the new trip meter functions,and weve been done doing some Towing,and spirited driving so you can see some,of the recent,trip information that we had and also,this,all of your stats your VIN and the rest,of it this vehicle belongs to rivien we,have it just for about a week so we,could share it with you,then also,what I really like can you see this,image here,down below when I push on the brake,pedal the lights come on,and,and when I do the blinker the image also,changes and blinks,with that unique blinker sound,so I think it just has a lot of really,fun,really really fun ways you can interact,with the vehicle,heres the climate control settings,here we go going back,climate control,so theres no adjustment on the vents,here you move them about,by moving,this digital screen and you could see,actually the veins,you could see the veins change,you see the move about,so thats also something impressive you,could show your friends I quite like it,also has pet mode,so in pet mode,pet Comfort it will maintain between,about 68 and 72 degrees and maintain the,temperature when you leave the vehicle,for your pet to be inside of your,vehicle which is pretty cool also have,heated steering wheel and ventilated and,vent and cooled seats,of course navigation system is there,c

Rivian R1S review: An impressive electric SUV meant for outdoor adventure

[Music],foreign,[Music],r1t the automotive startups pickup and,first vehicle what we expected was a,nice truck from a new company likely,with some issues that could be chalked,up to well being new to the automotive,World instead what we ended up driving,was an impressive pickup that any,automaker would been proud to build,regardless of Powertrain well now were,driving the second rivian the r1s well,second rivian if you dont count those,Amazon delivery vans,[Music],obviously the biggest difference between,the r1s and the r1t is that the R1 T is,a truck and this is an SUV that means no,more bed but it also means no more gear,tunnel which probably would be here I,suppose on the truck it makes sense on,the SUV not really you have tons of,storage here you have tons of storage up,front but we still are kind of bummed,and we do miss it really the biggest,difference is the size the r1s is 16,inches shorter than the r1t but its,five thousand dollars more starting at,seventy eight thousand dollars with that,extra money though you get a third row,perfect for kids and kids-sized adults,that smaller size also means that the,vehicle feels more agile especially on,back roads like this and in town where,well space can be of a premium and like,its larger sibling the r1t it can do,0-60 in about three seconds in fact its,weirdly agile for an SUV especially one,that weighs just under 7 000 pounds now,it does help that this is the launch,edition trim level and it has the quad,motor system and on the large battery,pack giving it 835 horsepower and 908,pound-feet of torque that extra power,will cost you while the launch edition,this version of the ravian is sold out,the adventure Edition can be outfitted,with the quad Motors and the larger,battery pack with a starting price of 95,500 which is a very expensive way of,saying that the rivian is not quite for,everyone at least not yet for those in,the market and with the cash the SUV has,a range of 260 miles for the entry level,version with the standard 105 kilowatt,hour capacity pack,for the launch edition it has a pack of,135 kilowatt hours of capacity which,should give you 316 miles of range,according to the EPA but we need to,caveat that for example wheel size and,tires now these are the 20 inch wheels,these are the smaller wheels for this,vehicle but theyre paired with these,all-terrain tires these are not high,efficiency tires theyre not made for,EVS theyre made for going off-road,which means that by adding these to the,vehicle you lose 40 miles of range,typically when we do our range runs we,are driving on days like this its nice,its calm its sunny instead we end up,driving the r1s during a rainstorm so in,addition to losing 40 miles of range,because of these wheels we also lost,about another 20 miles of range because,of the rain and the headwind rain is,actually really bad for efficiency it,actually increases rolling resistance,and of course the headwind is a headwind,so instead of getting 360 miles of range,from this vehicle we got well about 60,to 70 miles less if it makes you feel,better rain head winds and giant,off-road tires also mess with the,efficiency of gas powered vehicles so,when youre buying your car and youre,deciding what Wheels to put on it maybe,think about you know well what youre,doing especially if youre trying to,save a few bucks fortunately rivian has,built the r1s on a 450 volt architecture,which the automaker says supports DC,fast charging up to 220 kilowatts which,is great because the Ford F-150 only,does 170 this is well quicker rivien,says it recently updated the vehicle to,support DC fast charging and support for,DC fast Chargers up to 500 amps they,also have their DC fast charging,Adventure Network that they place,outside national parks and in remote,areas and places where you can do some,off-roading but I mean were going to,get some free electricity here but back,to the over-the-air update the latest,version brought some interesting and,dare I say fun features to the vehicle,the largest update and won that rivian,owners will probably appreciate the most,is camping there is a suite of camping,features that have been added to the,vehicle they have features like Camp,courtesy if youre in your vehicle you,want to sleep in your vehicle and you,want it on you can use Camp courtesy,that way it turns off all the exterior,lights so youre not hassling the people,who are camping near you there is also,the ability to turn the displays off so,you can have the climate control running,in the vehicle while youre sleeping but,without the displays on theres also,something that if you hear a sound,outside your vehicle and you want to see,whats out there before you go the,flights the floodlights that are on the,side mirrors you can turn those on and,off so you can just sort of see whats,going out on out there and you can,optimize your energy usage one thing,that should make well overlanders who,like to sleep on top of their vehicles,and those who like to Camp inside their,vehicle happy is the auto leveling,feature what it does is when you park,somewhere where the vehicle is slightly,Askew its not completely flat if you,push a button and the vehicle will well,it will ride itself right now were,parked at a negative five degree angle,according to the level app sitting here,on the tailgate lets see if we can get,that to zero and now were done and it,says that were at negative one percent,if youre saying to yourself well thats,only four degrees well four degrees is,actually quite a lot because look at the,difference between the space between the,wheel and the fender on the back wheel I,can stick my fists together and I still,have lots of room to move my fist up and,down meanwhile up front,I cant even get one fist in here I have,to flatten my hands and get them in,there and my hands are actually touching,the fender and the wheel and if I were,sleeping in the back of this vehicle I,wouldnt be rolling around nearly as,much the infotainment has been updated,and the vehicle will now pre-condition,the battery so it charges quicker when,you plan a route to a DC fast charging,station it also now has a pet Comfort,mode now this is something every,automaker should be stealing from Tesla,it makes for happy dogs happy cats and,if you own a pig happy pigs another,interesting over-the-air update is uh,Car Wash mode it turns out rivian found,out that the charge port on the vehicle,in the front left its capacitive touch,and what would happen is when people,would bring their vehicles and to the,car wash uh the charge port would open,so theyve created Car Wash mode you,just turn it on right here,and it closes the windows turns off the,charging port sensor so it doesnt pop,open anymore turn that on were good to,go driving around I did find that the,infotainment system housed in a 16 inch,touchscreen was easy to use there wasnt,a lot of latency which is nice I do wish,there were more actual buttons in the,vehicle all the climate controls all of,that all the modes everything is in the,display which requires a bit more,concentration while youre driving you,also dont get Apple carplay or Android,auto support in this vehicle which is,kind of a bummer especially if youre,used to just using Google Maps for,absolutely everything you do have native,Spotify and tune in but I would like to,see native Apple music and title,speaking of Google Maps the navigation,isnt quite as robust as you find in,Google Maps but really who cares because,the Eevee has the thing that every EV,should have and that is it automatically,finds charge stations along a planned,route so if I want to go from here to La,itll show me charging stations how long,Ill have to be there where I need to go,along my route something every EV should,have it is in the rivian system for all,those charging stations the vehicle can,give you a heads up of available,charging at each location except for,Electrify America locations but rivian,tells me they are working on that the,vehicle d

The Best Electric Car Ever Made – Rivian R1S Review

I have owned by all-electric rivian r1t,for about six months Ive been,off-roading and rock crawling and,camping it has been the adventure,vehicle for me that they advertise it to,be but its an electric truck and thus,fairly Niche so enter this the all-new,rivion r1s and SUV that targets all of,America its built with the same DNA and,on the same platform as my truck and,thus all of the marketing is this,vehicle forwarding up streams and,climbing mountains but lets be honest,here how does it fare at Costco,and how do you fare when you hear about,our sponsor lttstore.com this is not a,meme Linus Sebastian is paying the,actual human currency to talk about a,few of my favorite LTT store products,first up weve got the backpack this,thing comes with a warranty and its got,a bunch of really really nice features,its one of those backs that doesnt,feel or look that big but you can just,fit like unlimited things inside here,Ive taken it camping Ive taken it on,multiple airplanes and its been,fantastic youve got a bunch of cavities,for laptops and tablets and all the,things you can think of youve got a,nice single huge compartment which I,feel most like laptop focused bags dont,have and then youve got a nice front,pocket that fits Chargers batteries and,other convenient things the other thing,I love from LTT store is something they,dont talk about that much probably,because only nerds want it but I think,its pretty freaking awesome thats the,workshop jacket now this thing is,designed to be worn in workshops and boy,does it do the task this heavy canvas,not only makes see a really warm in a,cold shop but it is fire and it is water,resistant liquid you pour it on this,thing its like goodbye,look at that,it just rolls right off its the best,thing ever I love that its got more,Pockets than you can think of you can,put tools in here and pens and holders,and do you know whats the best part,about it it dresses down so or dresses,up I guess so if you want to wear it,just out a night on the town it doesnt,look like a weird nerdy Workshop jacket,oh last thing I love it has gussets when,youre reaching over into something most,Workshop jackets youre like man youre,all constrained no this thing lets you,breathe and move it has gussets what,more could you want,lttstore.com,[Music],if you are driving down the road and you,saw one or both of these vehicles in,your rear view mirror youd be forgiven,for mistaking one for the other the s,for the T the T for the S because in,reality from the B pillar forward they,are absolutely identical not just inside,the cabin driving it but also the,componentry underneath its not really,until you get to the back of the r1t,short cab that you notice the,differences the r1s exchanges the very,generously sized four and a half foot,truck bed four well a third row an,extended cab and a powered lift gate,with an unpowered manually operated,tailgate,in theory this vehicle holds more people,maybe even more things but it does so,feeling smaller because it quite,literally is the total vehicle length is,about two feet shorter in r1s over r1t,and the wheelbase is 14 inches shorter,what this means is that the r1s feels a,little bit more agile it feels a little,smaller and it also has a narrower,turning circle make no mistake these,cars are not small they do not feel,small they are large vehicles that weigh,over six thousand pounds but what we,will discover is if the changes in the,r1s are worth it for the majority of,people that dont feel like they need to,own a truck or haul things or do truck,things can electric cars even do that,anyway,now before we talk the all-new third row,lets talk the redesign second row watch,your head this pillar is very low to the,ground ask me how I know it hurts now,once youre inside the car its actually,really comfortable I am tall I am six,foot four and you can tell that even,though the driver right now is six one I,have several inches of leg space and I,have several inches of Headroom where,this is even better than the r1t is that,you can actually adjust the seat,position laterally and also your seat,back position I can recline like these,and its very very comfy I could sit,here for hours without any issues its,way more comfortable than an airline,seat now that does come at the expense,of some of your rear passenger comfort,in that third row but ah no big deal,theyre probably just kids right so Im,a little kid and I want to get into the,back how do I do it well theres just,this easy little button I push the seat,back folds forward and the entire chair,slides its nice I can climb in no,problem the issues start when I want to,put the seat back to its original,position this is something that even,most adults will struggle with heres,the thing,if you pull the seat back which is what,most people do in most Vehicles it will,only lock in its forward most positions,this is insanity no one would want to,sit like this so what youve got to do,is move the seat bottom with one or both,hands and it is really heavy I cannot,emphasize this it is very very heavy,because its spring loaded once you,slide that back youve then got to use,your other hand to recline the seat back,into the first lock position then move,your hand to the handle and then recline,this to a reasonable position for,someone to want to sit there its,something that is completely impossible,to do from the third row because well,you cant reach your little arm through,and unfortunately there is no pull,string that allows you to do that on the,60s 40 split you can do it on the right,side of the vehicle with the single,chair but on this side no chance its,confusing,okay this is gonna suck,okay,oh its not back,okay,wow this is miserable,if you are maybe five foot two you could,get away with sitting back here but,thats about it I might be thinking hold,on this the seats leads forwards and,backwards maybe second row passengers,could sacrifice some comfort for the,third row and thats true but remember,when I said this first position would be,insane for anyone to sit in,uh thats actually okay its reasonable,but if I put this in a position that,would be tolerable for second row,passengers,Im already borderline again but,remember Im six foot four so there may,be passengers that are five six five,seven with shorter second rep passengers,that could get comfy in this,configuration for this size of vehicle,its really a shame that thats the,problem because everything else back,here is a really comfortable save for,the Fairly flat not padded seat I have a,lot of Headroom I have my own air vent,it doesnt have its own zone of climate,control it shares whatever the second,row is doing but Ive got USBC Ive got,a nice cup holder Ive got my own,armrest,its not bad,its just tight,oh seat belts and by seat belts I mean,car seats,there are isofix points back here for,every single one of the four chairs,theres not for the middle here but,everywhere else youve got isofix and,thats cool however this bolster this,wheel well is so huge and then this,threshold is so massive that,getting a baby back there even a toddler,in a booster seat youre not in for a,good time plan on keeping your baby,seats up here in the second row,of course with any third row the,question becomes how much of my precious,cargo space is being taken up well quite,a bit but you can actually do a very,reasonably sized Costco haul in one of,these vehicles,if you happen to need more space well,youve still got that very spacious,front trunk found on the r1t with that,and this combined youre probably at the,average cargo space of a full-size SUV,not a midsize like this which is very,nice but if for whatever reason you find,yourself needing more room the r1s is,more than happy to accommodate like most,SUVs you can push this button or this,button to release the second row with a,mechanical latch goodbye,and you can of course release the third,row two however its not quite as easy,youve got to reach forward pull this,manual latch and then sh

Rivian R1S – First look at the Rivian SUV!

hey guys its justine and behind me is,the brand new rivien r1s and this is the,suv version of the rivian you guys may,have seen some of the trucks but this,thing is so awesome,and did you hear that it sounds like a,little chirp my sister and i got a,chance to test this out and were,actually in yosemite right now driving,this around testing it my sister has,definitely been doing more of the,driving than i have but this has been so,much fun so lets hop in and lets chat,about it,so great,[Music],so now that were gonna be hopping in we,have two options with us right now we,actually have the little key fob which,is like a little carabiner and this is,amazing because you can just hook this,on to,your belt your backpack whatever and,theres also the key card you can use,your phone and rivien also has a few,other options too they even have like a,wristband that allows you to unlock this,but we basically have been using the,phone pretty much for the entire trip,but since we have the key fob lets,unlock,and chat about this incredible suv oh,its so amazing,oh,the heated seats are on too so now that,were inside this thing is so spacious,and that was one of the things i was,most excited about because on our,impromptu trip here we went with our,parents im just gonna be honest i pack,a lot no matter what im going for or,where the amount of gear the amount of,clothes the amount of things that i pack,its excessive and add in three other,people we were able to fit so much in,this it was absolutely shocking about to,load up the rivian lets go,[Music],i love that this has a frunk of course,since theres no engine in the front,like most vehicles youre able to store,so much in there and it even has an,emergency lock which we did test if you,happen to find yourself inside of the,franc there is a little release where,you can press a button and youll be,able to get out which is an incredible,safety feature i dont recommend doing,that and rivien also doesnt recommend,doing that but the fact that that,feature is there i think is very very,important something else about the front,thats really cool is you can actually,use it as a cooler theres a little plug,that you can unplug to be able to let,out water if you did put ice in there so,this really is one of those vehicles,that you can kind of make whatever you,need it to be like if you need your,frunk to be a cooler you can do that,this does have seven seats in it and for,our configuration that we have right now,on the road trip we put the last two,seats back and those folded down and,were able to store all of our luggage,and everything in the back it also has a,little secret compartment which you can,store more stuff in which is so amazing,like when i say that you can fit a lot,of stuff in here i am not exaggerating,now also inside of that little secret,compartment is a first aid kit and,theres an air compressor which is,actually really helpful because if you,are off-roading or if youre going on a,beach or sandy conditions or if theres,dirt and you need to let some air out of,your tires to kind of make your way,through whatever it is that youre,trying to get through and then once,youre out you need to add the air and,youre in the middle of nowhere how do,you do that well rivians got you,covered a built-in air compressor i also,really like this because i can fill up,my bike tires when im at home,theres a bike rack accessory my sister,from the back seat has said actually i,added that on to my pre-order was the,bike rack accessory theres even like a,surfboard accessory theres so many,other accessories that you can get for,the rack up top and even a tent they,have just so many accessories and i,think thats one of the cool things is,because we need to also remember that,this is still very early for rivian,somebody had sent a tweet that i think,they were trying to offend me by saying,vivian just got started there are so,many other evs that have been around for,a long time and after driving this,if this is rivian just getting started,oh my goodness having this be a,pre-production model i was definitely,expecting there to be errors or the,maybe some laggy software or things not,working and we have honestly had no,issues whatsoever and i was really,surprised by that just knowing how many,times ive tested a lot of pre-release,software or pre-release products,everything has worked so seamless and,im so incredibly impressed so like i,said if this is the beginning i cannot,wait to see the future of rivia my,sister actually pre-ordered one a really,long time ago and at the time i didnt,really need to do a car upgrade and im,so jealous because the second that i,opened up this door when rivian brought,this over for us i immediately regretted,not rewarding years ago so the color of,this is really beautiful they do have a,bunch of other options that you can,configure on the website so not only can,you configure the interior the exterior,but you can also configure various wheel,types and this color is the lcap granite,which is quite fitting because we are,here in yosemite and we even got some,video footage of the lcap granite in,front of el capitan,this is the launch edition package and,this has all of the same contents as the,adventure package so you can choose,between the two but with the adventure,package it changes the interior badging,you have free wheel upgrades and you,have access to the limited launch green,exterior color this also has the large,battery pack which will estimate about,360 miles of range with the quad motor,depending upon which wheels you do,decide it does say on the website some,of them will give you less range some,will give you more so depending upon,what the look is that youre going for,or what you plan on doing with the car,that will depend how much range youll,get these are the 22-inch sport wheels,bright they partnered with pirelli to,develop these specifically for their,vehicles and their unique capabilities,so the current package that im sitting,in right now runs about 95 000 this is,the adventure quad motor large pack lcap,granite 22 inch bright wheels with the,black mountain interior and it has the,tow hooks you can go zero to 60 in three,seconds and did we test that yep you,better believe it then straighten it out,yep hold on straighten out again one two,sexy yeah that felt like it was in zero,or three seconds and we were also on an,incline its also cooled out so the,batterys not prepped,this has a towing capacity of seven,thousand seven hundred pounds it has,various drive modes theres all-purpose,sport conserve towing off-road and crawl,something that is really cool to kind of,witness which ill show you guys here in,a second is the way that you can adjust,the suspension okay so right now were,in the high setting and im gonna take,it down to the low and this is taking us,down to 10.1 inches,theres also a highest and lowest,setting as well,look at this were going down,this has completely changed my shot this,is great okay im gonna go back up dude,this thing is so,great i love it it is definitely getting,dark speaking of getting dark theres,actually a flashlight right here in,the side like this is so great like what,a great idea theres also another fun,little addition right here under the,center console and this discharges,inside of the car which is so awesome,because you never know when you might,need to,have some music out in the wilderness if,you want it youve got it now since this,is an suv one of the other things that i,love is the back hatch now what is,unique about this is the fact that ive,seen this in other vehicles too but i,love that they have this included is,theres a top and a bottom hatch so if,you have a bunch of stuff in there and,you dont want it to go rolling around,youre able to kind of just open up the,top and that little bottom half stays,put so all of your stuff doesnt go,rolling out and something that has,really made it easy to put luggage and,gear in and out of this is youre able,to adjust t

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