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Roar – Review (2022) | Nicole Kidman, Issa Rae, Cynthia Erivo | Apple TV+

i tell you what,this,is a must watch i really enjoyed this,and beyond just the stories being told,its the messages here so im very,excited and i cannot wait so lets wait,no further to jump into my review of the,new series roar,[Music],whats up folks and welcome back to the,channel today for another review and,today were going to be reviewing the,series roar which is coming to apple tv,plus,april 15th now it is eight episodes,which it says in anthology so you have,eight different stories 30 minutes each,and i gotta take for 30 minutes theyre,packing it all in but beyond that it is,based on a book uh which is a collection,of short stories uh by cecilia erne um,and then brought to you by the creators,of the series glow from netflix um,but yes this is something very unique um,and thats probably for lack of better,words here but unique well start with,that because,its basically,an insight of,you know,different,ways to kind of portray,what,it means to be a woman today,so you get all sorts of different,stories all different types of tones um,all different type of perspectives um,even very diverse as well of simply of,what it means to be a woman today so,along so like i said along with the,different plots within each of these,episodes they all have very very,important messages and narratives that,certainly should spark some conversation,good ones at that um a needed one shall,i add,because with that youre getting all,sorts of just like unique blends of,magical realism familiar domestic and,professional scenarios and futuristic,worlds and then within these eight,stories um you know you got all these,sorts of different dilemmas of what,ordinary women um,are basically uh,the different things that they kind of,go through doing it during a normal day,you know um and like i said its just,certainly to spark conversation to come,from out of it now i gotta start off by,saying that,my biggest gripe with this is that,because its an anthology and because of,the messages that come from this i,really really dislike the fact that this,is all available all on the same day,i feel like this is perfect for the,weekly release because you want to kind,of let the message hit,you know marinate,and let you know the the commentary the,social commentary come from out of it i,think that,when you are so quickly you know getting,the one episode after the next then you,kind of forget what you may over just,see overlook,what the important messages came from,the previous episode uh because like i,said theres a story and then with any,stories youre kind of like oh what was,the message of that story and then once,you kind of figured out that you may,want to talk about it and you also may,want to talk to somebody who may got a,different view perspective whatever made,from it as well so like,yeah this was this was not the series,that i was expecting to all drop at once,the first episode i watched i was like,oh,and i started thinking about ideas i was,like okay well you know i i can watch,the entire series and i got plenty of,notes but like i wish,when it is released that you know i,would love to kind of see peoples like,different takes of each of these,episodes now i know some episodes may be,a little bit more meaty meteor than the,other but i think they all really have,very important messages so you know,thats just kind of my thing um this,series is star studded,there is names up and down the board um,start with nicole kidman uh cynthia,arrivo,um issa rae,uh you know just to name a few theres,tons of folks involved with this uh,familiar names and faces in this up and,down the board um,and with these stories being so relevant,i still,think that theyre very refreshing and,the takes are unique so that the way you,may not have normally digested the story,or the message i feel like it did a,really good job in making sure that,one way shape or form youre going to,take something from it you know youre,going to understand that theres,something being said,something being told instead of just the,events that are happening because with,all the different tones some of them are,comedic some of them are a little deep a,little heavy surreal um,one episode just totally built like a, uh which i will get to in a second,um and then once like a western and and,with that got this really,cinematic production to it so you almost,care to want to see that be fleshed out,into a feature length but also theres a,very important message that is crammed,in those 30 minutes of that episode so,uh theres that um but yeah i definitely,absolutely up all day every day this,would have been served better as a week,to week release like for real for real,um now with that like i guess this,should be said but just in case i didnt,say it um they are definitely touching,on some very touchy subjects and like i,said with this very diverse cast um,youre getting diverse stories um and,not one two episodes ever feel the same,not by no means um,and i think that each of these different,episodes youre just gonna see something,unique heres something you need feel,something maybe you need but also just,hopefully your perspective about what,women go through is also changed for the,better um because you definitely see all,sorts of different things and i mean,its so its a lot its really a lot to,kind of grasp and like theres no way,its be extremely difficult to kind of,break down each of these episodes into,just a short review here because i feel,like each episode is worth an hour to,talk about with all the substance thats,within it um but i will say that like um,you know,episode three i thought,starting off with it and not to take,nothing from the first two episodes,because i think theyre fantastic but by,the time i was on episode three thats,not really starting to see a lot of like,metaphorical imagery within these uh,episodes where i started to say like oh,you really really really got to sit back,and kind of understand whats being told,like a lot was kind of going on and,youre trying to you know understand uh,you know exactly what theyre trying to,say um and its maybe one of my favorite,episodes and i think as a male you know,i think this is important it should be,an eye-opener for us uh and and,hopefully really you know change our,perspective going forward um about what,women go through um and and and its,again its not gonna just be,you know,black and white in terms of whats being,told is literally gonna be you know,all sorts of different types of tones,like i said it could be comedic but yet,be something be talking about something,very serious so you know just be aware,of that um,um episode four really good,deep and good should i um i loved,episode six this is the one i felt like,could have been a featureless film as,well outside of the western which is the,last episode um,this was about,uh a woman who was and by the way all,the titles tell you exactly what each,episode is going to be uh they make it,very clear so you know exactly what,episode is going to be about so like,even with episode 6 its the woman who,solved their own murder thats the name,of the of the episode and yes it is,because a woman who was murdered is now,a ghost,like the film ghost but more in a,comedic way where shes basically trying,to solve her own murder and while that,sounds familiar the concept is,definitely cool and unique to his own i,really loved it episode 7 was unique as,well and cute i loved it um so like i,said every episode there will be a plot,there will be a complete arc to each of,these episodes but the message is a,tattoo is the really important things to,take away from it and i just think that,with these 30-minute episodes that,theyre cramming in so much um with good,messages uh good narratives to take them,out of it um very thought thought,provoking and i think overall just the,performances was good the productions,were good um up and down the borders was,good i i only think that this was just,better served as a week to week i also,think that there may be

ROAR (Apple TV+ Official Trailer – Nicole Kidman) The Boxset Bingers Reaction

mum whos cecilia ahern,writer,short story writer i thought she was a,childrens author cecilia,okay i dont know shes written uh lots,of short stories,24 minutes and moments mrs whippy,the end and girls night in girl in the,mirror and a collection of stories,called raw,i think i think shes a teenage writer,but you know she thinks,okay,well shes written a book called raw,this is a series from the creators of,glow its an anthology series for apple,tv i think you might have mentioned this,on the weekly rushes last week okay um,and its a series of stories about women,in curious scenarios and i think its,all about stars nicole kidman cynthia,arrivo allison brie betty gilpin,miraculous are you saying there,stuart cara haywood uh to name a few uh,and an anthology series is that,effectively theyre kind of all,connected but theyre all sort of,theyre standalone stories in their own,right but thematically they amount to,something across the run,so this is raw,its an apple series i think apple are,kind of upping their game a bit arent,they with severance and all that kind of,stuff so should we check it out yep,please here we go,[Music],its mommys first day back to the,office this week i dont want you to go,dont go,theyre not brave like you thats too,scared to do,anything is different,wow,uh is it for your golf trophies its for,you,[Music],theyre turning your book into a movie i,wish i felt less itchy about it,make the most of this i dont understand,why you guys arent answering any of my,questions,youre not saying anything,theres a lot of photos you see i hate,them what,got married without even knowing what it,would be like you would return him,and whats the reason for returning your,husband where to stop,[Applause],[Music],oh my god,who would do this,im a ghost,its annoying that youre actually kind,of attractive,you want to take revenge like a man you,gotta dress like one or not take revenge,is the other option,i met someone oh my god is he married no,do you want dessert,[Music],i will do bedtime thats a risky move,promising bedtime,i really dont know how you ladies do it,witchcraft mainly,i am a ghost why am i still getting,cramps,what do you think i will be watching,that,no seriously no no,you wont people i think that looks,really good i do too and i mean it,sounds ludicrous that even the titles of,the stories individual stories sound mad,so the woman whos yeah lets have a,little unpacking its the woman who eats,photographs the woman who solved her own,murder thats a good one thats a good,one the woman whos fed by a duck,um the woman whos got inexplicable bite,marks on her body yeah the woman who,returns her husband thats a good one,thats a good one miracle and the woman,on a shelf the wife on a shelf that was,fantastic a fantastic visual gag yeah,and i i like a series thats kind of a,metaphor i im really do you think each,one of those stories is an episode yes,totally oh absolutely i think thats,what anthology series means is that,theyre each individual but collectively,they i guess are going to work,metaphorically about what it means to be,a woman not being her yeah all that kind,of stuff no its definitely worthwhile,it looks rich doesnt it i think nicole,kidmans having a bit of a renaissance,yes thank you short hair short hair i,thought i thought it was scarlett,johansson yeah yeah marissa was just,like a born comedian so every life she,delivered its really good to see her in,amongst all those sort of hollywood,stars and starlets and all that kind of,absolutely,well im definitely watching that,you

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Roar Apple TV Series Review | Season 1

[Music],hello and welcome to cozy rosie reviews,for my couch today i am doing a series,review on roar,currently on apple tv plus,it is eight episodes long about 30,minutes each and its from director,kuyan tran who also directed the maid it,stars nicole kidman cynthia revo and,allison brie among many others it is an,anthropology series based on a book of,short stories by cecilia ahern and its,darkly comic feminist fables spanning,through magical realism and,psychological thriller i was really,excited for this because i like,anthology series i just find it,interesting i like,folklore and that kind of stuff so i was,excited to see this especially since it,has a feminist spin,so if youre not a,lady or lady adjacent,um you probably wont like this because,a lot of the stories its not like on,the nose what its about like it starts,off you know like what is this really,about and then when you get it you get,it but maybe you wouldnt get it if,youve never experienced,something like it or had thoughts like,you know what if i was a trophy wife and,i can just sit on a shelf like what,would that life be like thats an actual,episode i think this is going to land,differently with different people and,thats okay,overall i found it enjoyable,take it leave it whatever life goes on,what i like the most is that every,episode had its intricacies,like i said it definitely had like it,was about something but its really,about something else the two weirdest,episodes for me were the episode where,nicole kidmans in it and she like,eats,pictures like paper pictures of her,memories because then it makes her feel,that memory,im like okay its one way to do that,and then theres an episode with a duck,im gonna leave it at that its its,weird,its really weird and the most wholesome,episode for me was about the lady who,returns her husband it was it was really,awesome it was really cute im like oh,thats enjoyable,[Music],self-rating i give roar,a four,and i like that that rhymes,it was so good it was enjoyable,its a,relatively quick watch and theres a,little lesson in each one it was cute i,loved it i think if youre open to it,there is something for everyone here,and each episode does have a little,psychological,part to it so roar have you seen it what,did you think leave a comment down below,and if you like my video make sure you,like subscribe and share i appreciate it,so,until next time friends,bye

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Wife Spends 3 Years Sitting on a Shelf to Satisfy Her Rich Husbands Desires

Welcome back to Movie Recaps. Today I will  show you an episode from the 2022 series Roar,  ,titled The Woman Who Was Kept on a Shelf.  Spoilers ahead! Watch out and take care. ,Once upon a time, there was a pretty little  girl whose mother would sign her up for every  ,beauty pageant in town. Her mother would always  say “if I had to choose between you being smart  ,and you being beautiful, I would choose beautiful  every time”, and those words stuck with the kid.  ,This little girl grew up to be the beautiful  Amelia, a runaway supermodel with a bright  ,future ahead of her. She is very successful at  her job, but she also finds it quite boring,  ,the hours are abusive, and she is  constantly bothered by creepy photographers.  ,It is during one of her many fashions shows that  Amelia meets Harry, a handsome millionaire. The  ,two of them begin a passionate relationship, and  soon Amelia is moving into Harrys giant mansion.  ,She thinks her life is almost a fairy tale. One  morning, Amelia is woken up by some strange noises  ,coming from Harrys office and goes to check what  is going on, finding her boyfriend putting up a  ,giant shelf on the wall. This is rare for Harry  because he usually prefers to hire a professional,  ,but today he claims to be inspired. The  shelf is not for his books or trophies,  ,it is a gift for Amelia, who finds the present  very sweet but does not think all her shoes  ,will fit in it. That is when Harry clarifies  the shelf is literally for Amelia herself:  ,he wants her to sit there all day. She will have a  perfect view of the pool and Harrys desk, so this  ,will allow him to gaze at her while he works – he  thinks this will make him invincible and he will  ,launch a hundred businesses because by looking  at her he could always remember what he has and  ,never lose sight of what is all about. Amelia  does not like the idea very much and reminds  ,Harry she has to work, but he just responds  she should quit since she hates her job anyway.  ,Harry thinks she is too extraordinaire to live  an ordinary life and wants to make sure she will  ,never have to worry about anything ever again – he  even promises to always worship her while she is  ,up there. He does not care about what people would  say, he just keeps insisting that this would make  ,him the happiest man on Earth, so Amelia gives  in and accepts to try. Harry helps her climb the  ,ladder so she can sit on the shelf, then gives  her a pillow so she can be more comfortable.  ,Before taking the ladder away, he says this  is a pretty nice view of a pretty nice life.  ,Then, Harry goes to make breakfast for both of  them, and now that she is alone in the room,  ,Amelia begins trying to chase the awkwardness  away and concentrate on comfort. Sometime later,  ,Harry and Amelia get married, but even during  the party, Amelia spends her time sitting on  ,the shelf while wearing her wedding dress and  watching everyone mingle and chat. When Harry  ,offers a little speech, he asks for a toast for  Amelia, and she finds herself flattered by having  ,all those eyes on her. Later, after night falls  and everyone has gone home, Harry brings back the  ,ladder and spends the wedding night on the shelf  with his new wife. As days pass, Amelia tries to  ,keep herself busy in different ways, like reading  magazines, doing her nails, and even exercising.  ,The hard breathing noises she makes while working  out distract Harry from his business phone calls,  ,but he does not mind, in fact, he claims it is his  business that distracts him from her. Harry also  ,brings her lavish presents almost every day, like  gorgeous flowers, sparkly jewelry, and delicious  ,chocolates, wanting to celebrate even foreign  holidays. Sadly, the initial excitement soon  ,begins fading off. Staying on top of the shelf is  incredibly boring, and not even the maid will chat  ,with Amelia outside basic questions. This life  robs her of independence, autonomy, and free will.  ,Harry starts paying less attention to her too,  only stopping by to blow her a kiss before leaving  ,and not bringing her presents anymore. He does not  even notice the beautiful dresses Amelia puts on  ,just for him, and now he is also annoyed by any  noise she may make while he works, so he will  ,ignore her attempts to start a conversation  and will not even allow her to hum a little  ,tune either. She has become nothing else than a  decoration on the wall, a literal trophy wife.  ,One afternoon, Amelia brings out her most  glamorous dress yet, wishing Harry would  ,at least glance at her. Instead, Harry notices  that the natural light is not reaching his desk,  ,so he asks his employees to help him turn it  around. Now Amelia is stuck watching the back  ,of her husbands neck, and she can not stop the  tears from falling anymore. Three years later,  ,Amelia is still sitting on the shelf.  She hears Harry coming back from work,  ,but he does not come to see her – he has grown  distant and bored of her. Amelia calls his name  ,and even begins screaming, but this still does  not get her husbands attention. This is the  ,last straw that finally breaks Amelia, making her  decide it is time to get off the shelf at last.  ,This is harder than it looks: the distance to  the floor is not very high, but after so many  ,years stuck up there, Amelias perspective is  quite wrapped. As a test, she practices telling  ,her show that she wants to break up then throws it  out, but seeing it fall only makes her fear worse.  ,However, she is determined to leave, so she  practices with the second shoes and accepts  ,she has to take a leap of faith. Amelia slowly  begins to make her way down until she can not  ,hold on to the shelf anymore and falls to the  floor. From Amelias perspective, it is a long,  ,scary fall, but she actually makes it to the floor  quickly and unharmed except for some soreness.  ,It is hard to walk after years of not doing  so with legs that have become atrophied,  ,so Amelia uses furniture to help her stand up  before slowly and awkwardly walking outside,  ,ready for an eye-opening experience full of  self-discovery. Feeling the breeze on her  ,face again delights Amelia, and soon she begins  exploring like a baby seeing the world for the  ,first time. While whirling around in happiness,  Amelia touches the pool water, throws out a bunch  ,of tennis balls, and dances through the houses  corridors before putting on her shoes to go to  ,the street and climb inside the mail truck, which  takes her downtown. When she reaches the city,  ,her eccentric behavior continues as she gains  confidence in her walking to move quickly and  ,finally fells like she is part of society again.  Amelia hugs the truck, says hi to strangers,  ,dances on top of a table, and even asks a man  for a ride on his Vespa. The trip is lots of fun,  ,and once they reach the coast area, Amelia  gets off to keep on exploring. Once again,  ,she dances with a stranger, but she also tears  off a mans parking fine, joins a yoga group,  ,runs after a dog, and eventually makes her way  to the beach, where a flash mob joins her in her  ,dancing. Then, she runs into the sea, and being  hit by a cold wave is exactly what she needs  ,to be brought back to reality. Afterward,  Amelia tries to chat with some strangers,  ,but they are not interested in her happiness  and refuse to lend her a towel when she asks.  ,Feeling cold and lonely, Amelia decides to wander  around town again until she comes across a make-up  ,store, noticing some women getting makeovers and  the state of her own face on the reflection in  ,the window – her mascara has run and her concealer  has all washed away. Wanting to feel pretty again,  ,Amelia enters the store and uses the free samples  to clean up her face, instantly feeling better  ,when she does not look disheveled anymore.  One of the clerks, Jordan, is impressed by  ,Amelias make-up skills because she works here  and yet it took her a while

ROAR – The Most Dangerous Movie Ever Made | Cynical Reviews

Rohr is a movie about cats and its kind,of like teeth in that watching it will,probably put you off [ __ ] for life but,seriously though this movie is insane,[Music],this video is brought to you by audible,but more on that later I was going to,review the Lion King remake this month,and go into great detail about white,until I realized that the blu-ray isnt,coming out in the UK until next month,not this month as it is in the US there,are many reasons I dislike living in,this country and stuff like this is just,salt in the wound but I do like cats I,have two of them at home in fact hey you,want to be YouTube famous,I guess not then and by sheer,coincidence around the same time I,realized Id have to delay the Lion King,review until next month on my subreddit,one of my fans suggested I take a look,at raw Id never heard of this movie but,its been called the most dangerous,movie ever made so of course I was fully,erect and I was not disappointed,this film is absolutely crazy roar is,one of those films where the story of,its creation is far more interesting,than the film itself and that story is a,wild ride the films premise is innocent,enough writer-director no marshal and,his then wife actress Tippi Hedren who,is perhaps most recognizable for her,role in Alfred Hitchcocks the birds,loved big cats and I mean they really,loved big cats and they wanted to make a,movie in which the cats were the stars,and highlight the importance of the need,to protect them from poachers and other,human related threats the working title,of the film was lions lions and more,lions you can already tell they werent,going to win any awards for writing the,couple began illegally housing Lions,they acquired from zoos and circuses,eventually amassing a menagerie of,around a hundred and fifty big cats,which they housed in their ranch in,Acton California where much of roar was,shot now,these big cats werent specially trained,for being in movie,and were barely domesticated if at all,and the couple were warned by,professional lion tamers that bringing,so many big cats together on a movie set,was to put it mildly not a good idea so,what do you think happened when they,took all of these big cats put them in,the same small area and forced them to,interact with each other and with a cost,and crew most of whom were woefully,under trained to deal with them you know,those disclaimers that say that no,animals were harmed during the making of,this movie,well they need one of those four people,because holy SH that did not apply here,at least seventeen members of the cast,and crew including the leading stars,were injured by the animals during,filming some of those injuries being,life-threatening Marshall himself was,injured numerous times developing blood,poisoning and gangrene Hedren fractured,her leg and broke her hand after being,bucked off an elephants back Marshalls,son John got bitten on the back of the,head by one of the Lions and needed 56,stitches Hedren s daughter Melanie,Griffith got clawed in the face and had,to get 50 stitches and undergo facial,reconstruction surgery the,cinematographer had his scalp bitten off,by a lion and needed 220 stitches to sew,it back on talk about suffering for your,off in hell and thats just the tip of,the iceberg a lot of these injuries were,captured on film and ended up in the,movie where I come from them in African,we dont we dont come close to animals,you dont cuddle them to kiss him go to,bed with him and we dont do that I,wonder why as I was watching it I,couldnt believe what I was seeing much,of the film is taken up by these scenes,and Im guessing most of them were,unscripted when youre really watching,it and youre seeing all these lions and,tigers fighting and youre seeing these,people in the middle of all of this none,of it is staged I mean this really,really happened just knowing that a lot,of this violence and blood were real and,knowing the genuine level of danger that,these people were putting themselves in,makes raw and unnerving and terrifying,watch but also,a fascinating one it really is something,unique and certainly something that,couldnt be replicated today you just,couldnt get away with it but Marshall,refused to let the cameras stop rolling,even when the actors were crying out for,help because he didnt want to lose any,takes Im not gonna sugarcoat it,he was a massive [ __ ] during,production he even hit his son John for,standing up to him although you do have,to admit the guy must have had balls of,steel nor comes running out of the set,completely naked with blood pouring down,his body from these two puncture wounds,from a bite screaming at this line which,is running in front of him just as this,group like ten Japanese businessmen are,walking up and heres their producer,director star completely naked blood all,over his body hes crazy,he was crazy it should come as,absolutely no surprise to learn that,staff turnover was high and very few,people made it through the whole,production from start to finish in one,incident alone 20 crew members went this,and walked off set on mass it was like,someone called wrap or cut or something,in her lunch everybody wondered where,the whole crew was going and the whole,crew went this is nuts,this is nuts we cant do this this is,nuts and like 16 professional camera,people went that way Im honestly amazed,that Marshall didnt get sued and I can,only imagine the waivers that these,people must have had to sign on top of,this the film was plagued by financial,problems and other issues finances,withdrew their investments two years,into production so the Marshall family,had to sell four of their houses and,some of their irreplaceable movie,memorabilia to pay off their debts and,they had to take over the jobs of,various crew members to save money and,replace walkouts,then three years into production,flooding destroyed most of the set,editing equipment and film and caused,over three million dollars worth of,damages to the Acton ranch from which it,took an entire year to recover 15 lions,and tigers escaped after fences and,cages collapsed leading to three of the,lions being killed by local law,enforcement including the leading lion,Robbie so much for no animals being,harmed when the sheriff said that he,wanted to murder some [ __ ] that night,that sir is probably not what he had in,mind,I very much doubt that allowing that,tiger to get so close to that boats,motor fan was in any way in its best,interests,all in all filming took five years to,wrap up while the whole production from,conception to completion took 11 years,it didnt help that as anyone whos been,to a zoo will tell you big cats tend to,be very lazy and boring so the crew,often ended up just filming the big cats,all day in the hope that they would do,something interesting which they rarely,did and sometimes the crew resorted to,some questionable methods to get the,cats to follow the script just to even,get the Lions to drink the water you and,yet theyre not going to drink on cue so,what would happen is we would have to,leave them up on this hot roof for like,three hours before wed filmed you give,them salted meat to make them really,thirsty thats just not right man you,got to keep the [ __ ] nice and moist,okay CJ stop it youve had your fun now,stop it bad dog,and what was the result of all this the,poster builds it as a ferocious comedy,well they were half right I really get,the impression that they secretly wanted,to make a documentary and thats,probably what they should have done,theres some very impressive,cinematography to be found here and the,original score is surprisingly good and,I think making this into a documentary,would have better serve the films,intended environmentalist purpose,instead of allowing it to be completely,overshadowed by its production history,and on-screen mayhem but this isnt a,documentary its a movie and its not a,very good one but before we get into,that Im gonna need to take a walk,YouTube can be a very claustrophobic,busi

Reseña “ROAR” ???? | APPLE TV + | ????SIN SPOILERS????

hola a todas ya todos y bienvenidos a,firmat hoy hablaremos sin escueles sobre,la nueva serie de apple tv roarke,estrenada el 15 de abril,[Música],se trata de una antología creada por las,placas y carl y mens las creadoras de,glow de netflix y se basa en el libro de,relatos de cecilia ahearn la escritora,irlandesa conocida por la novela posdata,te quiero que tuvo su adaptación a la,pantalla grande en el 2007 con hilary,swank y gerard butler bien pues flor o,rugido es un drama barra comedia,feminista donde cada capítulo es una,historia independiente de media horita,duración más o menos cada uno y con un,reparto y una directora diferentes cada,vez el reparto de cada episodio por,cierto es espectacular pudiendo ver a,nicole kidman por ejemplo que también es,productora de esta serie la sombra,aisha rey oa ciencia derivo y los temas,que se trabajan son muy diversos desde,el racismo hasta el papel de la mujer en,lo profesional en lo familiar los roles,de género o la propia identidad,todo ello es narrado con una pizca de,fantasía o ciencia ficción dándome todo,el rato la sensación de ver una especie,de black mirror sobre mujeres por,ejemplo el capítulo que protagoniza a,nicole kidman,la mujer que se comían las fotos y es,porque la transportaban a los recuerdos,retratados sin embargo para tener una,digna comparación con black mirror a,esta serie le faltó mi opinión arriesgar,más,dejarme más busque abierta como se llama,rugido me esperaba historias más bestias,que te sacan de los pies a la cabeza,pero no es así estamos ante una especie,de fábulas que sí que te dejan,reflexionando con sus curiosas metáforas,pero tampoco llegan a alejarte del revés,exploran todo tipo de situaciones en las,que se encuentra las mujeres de hoy en,día la soledad el dolor el sufrimiento,invisible que se silencia sigue siendo,tabú o simplemente no le interesa a,nadie creo que si no me estuviera,esperando algo más ruidoso r&b,indicativo apreciaría más estas pequeñas,historias que no buscan retratar grandes,verdades del feminismo sino que estudian,a diferentes mujeres en lo más íntimo y,puede que cotidiano transmitiendo sus,mensajes con tacto y creatividad,las directoras tenemos a rashida jones,que aparte de ser una conocida actriz,también es guionista productor y,director a cuya entrada conocida por la,asistenta de la que tenemos reseña en,este canal o a channing otr people es,conocida por misión team talento no,falta aquí por ningún lado más bien todo,lo contrario además lo que me está,interesando últimamente de apple es,estos proyectos que está sacando de,dolor emocional y psicológico explorando,la salud mental en diversos géneros y,propuestas desde documentales como lo,que no ves de mí sobre la salud mental,en general con oprah winfrey el príncipe,harry hasta 6 como the strange next,door con will ferrell y paul rats sobre,el abuso emocional o la reciente,separación con adam scott sobre el,control del sistema sobre el individuo,aunque algunos de esos proyectos sean,más exitosos que otros o estén mejor,ejecutados que otros no deja de gustarme,y sorprenderme cómo se abordan estos,temas tan poco vistos en series y,películas de entretenimiento con ro arh,en este caso creo que más falla las,expectativas pero aún si es una serie,que experimenta y ya sólo por eso merece,una oportunidad para formar una opinión,contadme vosotros qué os parece y,acordaros de dejarnos con like si os ha,gustado este vídeo y de suscribiros a,nuestro canal para no perderos nada nos,vemos en el siguiente vídeo,e,bien,[Aplausos],[Música],bien

Roar S1 (2022) – Wasteland TV Review

[Music],so,[Music],hello everyone its shane canto your,wasteland reviewer and im here to,review roar and this is new apple tv,plus series,focusing on an anthology of different,stories featuring magical realism,familiar domestic issues and futuristic,worlds that all center around,different kinds of,ideas,with,women and their treatment in society and,sexism and all those different kinds of,things and this,series has eight episodes for this first,season,and it seems like apple intends on,making more one of the biggest things,about this series is the star power this,each episode has like a pretty big name,person in it you start,with,issa rae nicole kidman betty gilpin you,have allison brie cynthia arrivo,um fievel stewart,merritt waver,and just,throw in like hugh dancy and daniel day,kim and jake johnson,and judy davis and a whole lot of other,famous people in supporting roles this,show has great star power and also,strong performances and i think that,goes a long way in making a lot of these,episodes work as well as they do is,because you have committed performances,now some of these episodes work a lot,better than others and others stand out,a lot more than others you i feel like,theres very few anthologies where,everything is just great and without,issue,this does have some episodes that feel a,little weird and,has some episodes that feel really,really really on the nose like i feel,like the trophy one with betty gilbert,and mer uh weavers,one where she falls in love with a duck,whos extremely abusive,who,i feel like,was voiced by timothy oliphant,and if its not,that id be really surprised but it,really did sound like him but you have,all these different episodes and some of,them just work a lot better than others,they stick out a lot better than others,uh,apparently its justin kirk it was not,timothy oliphant but sounds like a jerk,um but you have each of these episodes,that have good ideas and interesting,concepts the execution is sometimes it,swings like a sledgehammer,and its just like duh its like its so,on the surface that theres no real,nuance to it and i feel like thats the,tricky thing about these kinds of,stories and you know you have black,mirror and the new twilight zone that,have struggled in some areas in terms of,being too on the nose,and,it not having enough clever and deep,writing,to really compel you instead just beat,you over the head with its messaging,and,i feel like the series,still,hits,and its still meaningful and its still,engaging its just its not as clever as,it thinks it is with most of these,episodes,and honestly a couple of them i could,have done without like um the western,one with five stuart im like,that was all right,um theres some like i thought some of,the interesting ideas was like the issa,rae one where she like disappears and,people cant see her anymore obviously,barry on the nose um the one that feels,the most different was definitely the,nicole kidman one that felt a lot more,grounded and emotional and dramatic and,it just did just feel like a drama,instead of you know this high concept,kind of idea the like i mentioned the,betty gilbert one i did enjoy the one,where,you,like could take your husband back and,return them and then you keep getting,different husbands and she sends back,one of them because he she reminds him,of his mommy,and different kinds of stuff like that,and like she learns to love her husband,again and build that connection back up,and realizing what she appreciated so,much about their marriage and you know,good messages,entertaining enough episodes some of,them were a little weird some of them,are a little forgettable but its a bit,of a mixed bag but in general i feel,like the entertainment the acting and,the concepts go a long way even if,theyre not executed in the most clever,or well thought out of ways but those,are my thoughts on roar let me know what,you think and lets talk some tv but,thank you as always for tuning in,supporting your wasteland reviewer

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