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Roku Gin Review!

hello Jin lovers and welcome back to no,nonsense Jin reviews with me Bobby,Freeman where today were gonna be,looking at this little fellow this is,none other than Rock Koo Jin this is all,the way from Japan now its been,recommended to me by at James Mazzella,one of my subscribers so thanks very,much for that James um its always very,interested to try Jins from a bit,further afield where become where you,perhaps wouldnt traditionally expect,Jin to come from and Japan certainly one,of those places but its having a bit of,a I believe its having a bit of a boom,at the moment theyre Japanese in,industry they are producing a lot and,exporting a lot of Jin so youll start,to see a lot more Japanese Jins on the,market certainly here I imagine in,America as well you have to let me know,if thats the case or not my American,subscribers but this lets have a look a,bit a little bit of a look at the,history show to in depth but you know,its nice to know where the gin came,from and how it came about I would,usually do this in the accent of the,country where the gin came from Ive,done an American German Scottish,Plymouth however Im sure I would get,taken get my channel taken down if I did,this in a Japanese accent so Im just,going to do it in in my own accent um so,is invented by a chap called Shinjiro,Torre and if Im saying that right sorry,Shinjiro if Im saying that wrong but,this chap he was quite little quite a,little quite the businessman and quite,the entrepreneur because at the age of,20 he decided he wanted to create,original Japanese spirits that the whole,world could enjoy uniquely made from,Japans nature and her people and now,then it says on the back of the bottle,here that crafted by Japanese artisans,Roku is a multi-layered perfectly,balanced in combining both both,traditional and six Japanese botanicals,so lets have a look at these botanicals,shall we because youll recognise the,first slot so the first the original,botanicals which it talks about weve,got juniper berries obviously because it,juniper 38 gin weve got coriander,angeleka root angeleka seed cardamom,cinnamon bitter orange peel and lemon,peel now that to me those botanicals,they say thats going to be a good gin,these that says these people know what,theyre talking about and then,pop in these little fellows these are,the Japanese side the six Japanese,botanicals that he talks about so weve,got Sakura flower Sakura leaf Sencha tea,Gyokuro tea and Sancho pepper now I,dont know what any of those tastes like,I mean I know I know what pepper taste,are going to know what tea tastes like,but I imagine these are kind of a sort,of an a different oriental version so,its gonna be very exciting to try this,I think theres gonna be a lot going on,in this class so lets not mess around,shall we show that lets get the fellow,of it are we or we got a cork and we got,da bar go no we dont have a court,nevermind all excited thought were,gonna do a cork test then its been got,many cork tests recently very very,disappointing,man Jim manufactures if youre out there,put the cork back in because we do like,to do the cork test now that Im talking,to you the smell is waffling up and just,nonchalantly making its way down my,nostrils and oh oh oh that to me says a,very I dont know why just seems like a,very confident Jim oh but bordering on,cocky but not quite it just says to me,yes thats right Bobby Freeman I know,what Im doing take my top off have a,sniff if you like because I bloody well,know what I am doing so lets get some,in the old glass oh wait oh bloody hell,that was a terrible pour jeez I overshot,that one a little bit never mind never,mind dont worry introduce it to the,tonic here we go right here we go Rock,ooh gin from Japan Cheers,oh do you know what its not punchy as I,thought it was going to be there was so,much botanicals in there so many,botanicals and so many interesting in,unique and and perhaps strong flavors I,thought its going more than that I,thought its gonna be a real kind of,explosion like a firework factory again,like the Gunpowder Jim was the other day,that was a hell of a lot going on that,little bottle I can tell you but let me,have any the go that we just reset my,parameters let me have a go again,because it wasnt unpleasant it just,wasnt the fireworks factory I was,expecting so I may give it another,little bow its Id say Id say its very,nice its I I wouldnt be unhappy if,someone put that in front of em the,little guy hmm its very very I thought,it was gonna be heavy and Laden down and,saturated with flavors its not but its,actually the opposite its actually,incredibly light very light and airy,almost sort of dissipates in your mouth,you can definitely get a sense of it,being kind of oriental as an oriental,sort of influence on there but its nice,its nice I think its a very unique,Djinn Ive never had one quite like it,but I like the fact that its kind of,subtle I like those flavors like that,because sometimes you dont want,something thats over Paris I tell you,what it is its very very refreshing,which is very welcome on a hot day,listen London Ill probably got the,shiny head thing going on again like,this oh god oh dear theres have to be,some tissues next time in terms of price,its very very good 25 – its actually,25 to 30 pounds seen it very I got 25,pound of Amazon I did see it in the,supermarket earlier on 430 pounds I,dont be paying 30 pounds for it 25,pound is absolutely fine so between 25,and 30 thats 31 37 dollars as I said,before many many times 30 pounds is the,top you should ever pay for a gym,because youre not gonna get anything,better youre just gonna get something,different so Oh No Id say us a very,nice gym if youre into gym which I,guess you are,are you watching this channel I could do,a lot worse than getting yourself down,to the shops and buying a little bottle,of this but and also also doesnt it,look a beautiful little bottle its,lovely kind of like me got a top and,before it to fit over lovely kind of a,hexagonal one two three four five yeah,hexagonal before I get accused of being,an ignoramus again– little bottle a,beautiful sort of very quaint Japanese,design on there isnt it I think its,very very nice,so I would be more than happy to put,that in my gin selection and Ill be,very proud to have it my shelf and I,think Ill be drinking that more often,so Cheers,what guys that is rocking gin I hope,youve enjoyed this video very its,nothing kind of wham bam crazy out there,mental gin its just a really bloody,nice tune really nice Jim what would I,liken it to maybe do you know what I,dont think I dont know maybe maybe the,beefy 224 because the essence of the tea,but apart from that its pretty unique,and why I think you should definitely,try if youre out there the bar so guys,this has been no-nonsense interviews,its been a pleasure to talk to as,always dont forget to subscribe and,like and everything else so write a,comment insulting or Pleasant whichever,you prefer,and I will see you all next time unknown,on such two interviews with Im Bobby,Freeman bye bye,[Music],you

Roku Gin Review | The Ginfluencers UK

hi im scott and im oscar and together,we are,the influencers uk,[Music],the gym were trying today is rokujin,from the house of santori you got it,right well done,founded in 1899 the house of santori are,famous,for their whiskey gin and have a massive,portfolio of brands and products,in japanese roku translates as the,number six,inside every bottle of roku youll find,six special botanicals that are sourced,in japan,these represent santoris commitments to,only using the best ingredients,harvested from the best growing areas in,japan thats good,these botanicals are mixed with more,classic gin botanicals to create,its distinctive flavor in total there,are 14 different botanicals,that make up rokujin the botwei is quite,distinctive its design reflects the six,natural japanese botanicals that are,embossed on the hexagonal bottle has an,abv of 43,and comes in 70 centimeter bottle and,its around 25 pounds 25,quid now its perfect serve they suggest,slicing ginger into long,equal slices six of them to be exact,pop them all in a tall glass filled up,with ice and then add your tonic and add,the roku,as always be trying this neat first so,lets get to it excellent the other,weird thing is have you noticed a heck,a hexagon has six sides so it denotes,the six different botanicals thats used,oh wow look at there you go look at that,of knowledge oh a font thats a new name,youre calling me,right now we have tried this before,were not gonna lie we have tried roku,before i think most people have yeah but,were gonna were just gonna say what,weve,what we feel right now,right in there he goes right in always,do,so the smell for me is nothing special,theres nothing no nothing nothing,special at all,yeah it seems really well balanced,ill get a bit of heat off that i just,get it ill just get it as earthy,ill just get it as earthy for me neat,yeah,its nothing special at all get in some,tonic lets do it,[Music],so cheers cheers cheers give it a stir,ill give it a stir,give it a stir im taking that out,because i always get in the way,thats a nice gin thats a lot better,than it was,neat anyway so the weird thing is,obviously ive weve never had it as the,perfect surf weve had roku many times,weve never had it with ginger in,yeah we dont really like ginger we did,it as a perfect serve because its what,they recommend,and the whole thing behind it i think is,going back to the,whole kind of japanese tea ceremonies so,its about,cutting the the you know the ginger into,the equal slices,its that its the kind of method in,doing it,to kind of enjoy it um ill tell you,what,its so smooth i dont i dont know,if its um if its a tonic,if its the adding of the ginger but,that is the smoothest roku ive ever had,right,i i didnt like it neat,um and thats the first time weve tried,it neat,every time ive tried it in tonic ive,loved it,i really like it yeah but that thats,thats the nicest roku ive had that is,really good,i think it needs it needs if its a,ginger thats thats even,i dont like ginger but you cant taste,you know even,i hate ginger there are six,perfectly cut pieces of ginger,you know perfectly cut piece of ginger,in there its not gingery im getting,im getting kind of tea green tea taste,very floral,very very sweet its very its its,smooth its,silky it goes down really well yeah,theres so many flavors in there its so,its so layered,you get zestiness its slight,pepperiness,its tails off yeah its really kind of,im not saying oily but its really,smooth it is,its smooth and silky good juice is a,good gym,really really good gin theres a slight,pep pepperiness to it like you said,crispiness yeah i think i think,the tea is coming through slightly for,me do you know what is strange,that this is such a good this is 25,quid its bloody good,this is a you know i i like roku anyway,from the first time i tried it i liked,it ive always liked roku and ive tried,it with many different,tonics and its always apart from a,couple of hideous tonics that we hate,um no matter what tonic you put it with,it just shines,its just really smooth its really,really nice i like the ginger in it,right i think i think its something it,looks nice,its is it for me definitely because,ive had quite a few rokus over,over the years right and i think that is,so smooth i think the ginger has,although i cant taste the ginger,i think its its lifted things up yeah,its really its so,smooth so obviously they do um they do,whiskeys as well,and the japanese are known for their,whiskers now and the fact is they,you know my nephew absolutely,loves japanese whiskers because they are,they are something different and i think,they they put this kind of,mythology into doing this anything that,kind of japanese do they definitely well,theyve,thought about this i think its for the,price i think this is an amazing jeep,right youre mad if you dont have one,of these as well,uh yeah this is i think its one of the,most amazing gins at this price point,its its its really really good yeah,lets score this,lets score it lets do this but the,complexity and flavour in it its just,yeah i love it,right okay okay,you ready yeah lets do this,see i scored i only scored a nine,because,there are lots of other gins that i i,like and i prefer,but this would be a go-to gin for me if,im in a supermarket,if you know its available in,supermarkets,if someone said bring me a gin id get,them this,um and quite possibly an irish one as,well that were gonna do,great gift bottles beautiful right,price points great uh its a good gin,its not always about packaging we keep,on saying that but sometimes it is blah,blah blah,right its a really good gin its smooth,its silky,i it finishes off with pepper pepperness,for me but the product,is fantastic plus the packaging is,fantastic,there is another brand out there an,irish one that we that we love,theyre in supermarkets as well that we,equally buy when people ask us to get,something from the supermarket,um but roku we absolutely love it there,is another one in the roku range,yeah so um we will be looking to get,that as well,um do you want to do your bits im,really indeed sorry,totally lost myself in that dont forget,to like and subscribe,and we will see you in the next video,cheers,[Music]

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Japan makes FANTASTIC GIN! Roku Gin Review

[Music],how now brown cow hello hi welcome to,the humble bartender Im will crusher,today were talking about Roku gin so,this week is a product review on one of,my newfound favorite jeans this is Roku,so this is straight out of Japans,legendary Suntory distillery Roku and,Japanese means six so theyve got six,main botanicals in there that theyre,using to express the Four Seasons,so youve got your cure relief and,Sakura flower to represent spring then,we have Sin City and guro cote to,represent summer in there which I think,a fantastic puzzle and a really earthy,tone to it essentially this is green tea,and refined green tea weve got central,pepper to represent autumn and then,finally yuzu peel to represent winter so,then six botanicals all harvested at the,peak of their season theyre all distill,individually and then blended together,theres a underlying more traditional,Jim botanicals in there as well so,youve got stuff like juniper citrus,peel lemon and orange as well as of,jelly Carew but on top of that the six,main botanicals are really what make,this gin special tasting notes earthy,quite vegetal kind of got a little light,whisper a fruity sweetness in there as,well developing peppery notes just,coming through on the finish you could,taste it neat beautiful really really,nice so the actual label printing on,washi paper this is highlight in,Japanese craftsmanship at its finest the,ball is six excited to represent the,botanicals you also have embossed,botanicals on the bottle as well I think,its just a beautiful product a liquid,inside as well absolutely flawless this,makes a fantastic martini,gin and tonic to die for really really,good and recommend getting this Ive,actually just seen this in Asda for,about 50 quid Suntory distiller have,always been one of my favorites anyway,I love all that whiskeys Hibiki being my,personal favorite out of everything so,as I mentioned each individual botanical,is distilled individually for a very,good purpose as well its a locals react,differently to different types of,distillation for instance a delicate,sense such as cherry blossom is drawn,out through vacuum distillation and,stainless pot stills whereas the deep,flavor of yuzu,achieve food distillation in copper pot,stills so these guys really know what,theyre doing I think this is a great,product Im gonna show you how we make,the perfect gin and tonic with this,right now you need grab yourself some,ginger Im gonna cut this up a little,bit of a garnish and were gonna get,this drunk so the actual recommended,serve is six sticks of ginger to,represent the six botanicals theres a,nice little bit of tradition in the,garnish as well Im gonna cut myself six,nice thin slices some really beautiful,aromatic ginger I absolutely love ginger,this healing properties as well,fantastic,absolutely delicious actually got a,glass chilling down here already I,personally like to use more traditional,old-fashioned glass like one of these I,know a lot of people use the Spanish,glasses but for me I prefer this its a,little bit easy to drink out I know,youll see the Spanish glass is,absolutely everywhere but I just prefer,a short a glass but make sure it does,have a wide rim on it as well so you do,get the aromas and botanicals in there,as well so were gonna go ahead I,measure up 50 mils of the Roku this is,my perfect serve Im using a little kind,of fever tree this is the Mediterranean,I be honest I think it might go better,than just the Indian but this is what,Ive got in the fridge so this is what,Im using today get that over the top of,the gin and the ice you might not need,all of it if youve got a shot of glass,like me I really like to take the gin,and the gin and tonic and then just to,finish,six matchsticks so thats my perfect,surf of the Roku shin now the ginger on,the nose as well as you take a sip Im,really powerful really delicious gin,very unique and weve got this in quite,a few bars in these we have it the one,Im working at a tattoo now in Leeds and,this flies off the shelves I think you,should pop up and give it a try the,Japanese know what they do and it comes,to spirits the craftsmanship is there,its a really beautiful thing so I will,show you in a later video perhaps how it,fares up in a martini I have tried it,before and I was very very impressed so,thats it really thats my little review,on Roku I think its brilliant I hope,youve taken a little bit of information,away from that I hope it inspires you to,pop out and get yourself some as well,because I absolutely love it,I think it will do really well the,bottles beautiful Ive taken labels off,these to use with different spirits as,well to become just a fantastic,all-rounder and get it on Amazon get it,on eBay get it on the whisky exchange,its finding its way into the shops to,say the least so give it a try let me,know what you think let me know if,youve tasted it as well let me know,what youve been putting it if I tried,it any much else other than a martini to,be honest just yet but let me know how I,get on I can feel things in the room,with the ginger element of it as well in,the popular green tea so whats the,space if I come on this infant officer,and Ill share it with you see what you,think as always like share and subscribe,if youve enjoyed this video and well,pour the humble bartender Ill see you,soon be fine Ill just cut it

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Suntory Roku Gin Review // Gin Taste Test

rokujin seems to be popping up,absolutely everywhere at the moment,so were going to find out if it lives,up to the hype and were starting,right now so rokujin comes from the,house of santori,which are the biggest name in japanese,distilling they make some of the,all-time famous japanese whiskeys such,as habiki,hakusho and the yamazaki so i am super,excited to taste this one with you guys,today now i have to say rokujin has an,absolutely beautiful bottle i dont know,if you can see it from there but all the,botanicals are actually pressed into the,glass,and has a kind of hexagonal shape so,roku actually translates to the number,six in english,now thats not because just of the,hexagonal bottle shape but theres six,different hero botanicals in this one,that come from japan so those six,botanicals are sakura,blossom and leaf so from the cherry tree,theres also some music peel in there,theres the two types of different green,tea and also some sancho pepper so it,sounds like a really interesting mix,weve got some,citrus weve got some floral weve got,some herbaceous theres a little bit of,everything going on there so im hoping,its going to be super complex and,delicious,so lets give it a smell and see what,its all about,oh wow the first thing that jumps out to,me is that yuzu peel now for those of,you that dont know what yuzu,is its actually a citrus fruit from,japan it looks a lot like a lemon,but it has a really pungent aromatic,floral kind of character to it,think about those floral notes you get,from a grapefruit or a mandarin,add them to lemon with that sharp acidic,citrus kind of smell,and thats what yuzu to me smells like,yuzu is absolutely delicious its one of,my all-time favorite flavors,the more i come back to it it gets more,peppery and a little bit spicy,you get that kind of sancho woody pepper,blending perfectly with the juniper,to create this really strong spicy,backbone,that said though it is quite a delicate,nose its not that big punch in the face,like some of those contemporary aussie,gins,so lets give it a taste,oh wow its much stronger on the taste,its really full body,you get that yuzu coming through again,but its more sweet,rather than being really sharp and,acidic i also get that peppery spice,coming through,almost like a little bit of ginger heat,on there its really really nice this,one its so good,lets see if theres anything else,definitely im getting some pine theres,definitely some juniper in here its,really delicious but for me its that,really,nice balance being light fragrant and,citrusy,and also a little bit of pepper kind of,spice going on,this is just a really delicious,versatile gin i can see why its going,absolutely gangbusters at the moment,its pretty delicious,i could just sip it neat like this so,based upon those flavor profiles how are,we gonna drink this one well,if youre a gin and tonic kind of person,i found fever-tree elderflower tonic,works amazingly well,it really brings out all the floral,character of those sakura blossoms,but also the yuzu peel as well on this,one im gonna double up on the garnish,because i really enjoyed the spice,aspect as well and id really like to,bring that out,add a little bit of fresh ginger and it,just gives it that little extra peppery,kick,that yuzu is just the star of this gym,so lets enhance it either a bit of,mandarin,or mandarin peel works amazingly well it,has that kind of similar vibe to yuzu,and putting user win is a little bit,tough because yuzu is super seasonal and,very expensive as well so if youre more,of a cocktail kind of person,again lets let that yuzu shine i really,find that citrus-based cocktails work,amazingly well so this week im,suggesting you one quarter bees knees,which is really a simple combination of,gin,lemon and honey really it brings out,that floral character and lets the yuzu,shine at the same time so guys the,rokujins only around 55 australian,bucks which for the quality you get is,absolutely amazing value this could,easily be,an everyday drink or it just ticks all,the right boxes if you like this review,and you want to discover more amazing,gins,start right now click subscribe right up,here so you dont miss out on any new,reviews as they come out,otherwise click up here and you can,check out all the reviews that are,already on the channel,otherwise until next time guys cheers

Roku Gin vs Hendricks Gin

but we are back,and the goal is to continue look at that,cup its a couple of drinks,yes we got cups made we got shirts made,we had a logo maybe we have a lot of,things made,and we have some great things in store,for you but today were going to do,another gin but before we even get into,everything dont forget to like and,subscribe,to our page and leave a comment down,below,please yes so today,we are going oh no no no,im bubba all right sweet its been that,long its been,its been a long time but anyways,so today were gonna do another gin so,um,if youre on your skinny [ __ ] and trying,to be healthy,um oh jeans definitely yeah its zero,calories,its the way to go tonic is not,necessarily the way to go because it has,sugar but if you drink it with soda,water club soda anything as such,and some lime zero calories the way to,stay on your fit tip,shout out to regis because he told us,about jen yeah hes like yeah drink gin,and so last year he was on that,gin and tonic [ __ ] yeah but i hopped,on board this year because,well i used to take gin a lot and then i,did this,i did with my dad my dad is asian,drinker,dont dont come for me but anyways so,today were going to do our,hendrix which is everyone knows about,hendrix if you drink you,either hear about tania ray or hendrix,but hendrix is actually a really good,gin,its actually infused with cucumber,and rose and its made with 11,botanicals and today were also going to,and those botanicals include i dont,know all 11 but like,juniper berry and we talked about,jennifer berry juniper very,short for gin and it was made in holland,and so thats one of the berries,um elderflower lemon peel orange peel,these are some of the things,girl you are spitting i did some,research these are some of the things,that are in,hendrix and then this is rokujin oh yeah,im sorry i do this but i need to catch,up go ahead,oh so rokujin my uh cousin,we knew about the japanese shin yeah he,uh owns shipyard pub out in baltimore,3 500 odonnell street go check it out,its its tight but he made me a drink,with uh rokujin,um last friday and it was really good so,we decided to,put that it put that up against a,hendrix which is uh,well known so lets see oh so yes and,this is made with six botanicals,um its some stuff that i really cant,pronounce and im not even gonna try to,figure us,japanese um,were distilled in america,so this was in new york and this is in,chicago illinois,so as we do it lets take our shot were,going to take it straight,you can do the hendrix ill do the,japanese one the price,oh i dont know so i just uh bought,these uh from manikee,um liquor store and i could keep merlin,shout out to them um this was,29.99 okay and this was,i believe 29.99 so comparable,yeah so lets see maybe the japanese,or the can i open the japanese since,thats like my kanto,sweet he is filipino and not japanese,i said kinfolk i think okay look at that,let me just,dont pour oh this smells like gin,but it has a nice smell if you think,about it,one two just do like a two hour,all right so im on the right all right,so i guess,well do oh what should we use to go,back yeah,well do this japanese the roku one,first,roku first yeah,[Music],i dont drink a lot of gin so i cant,even say,is he okay its hot,like temperature it like,made my nose yeah it is crazy that her,allergies are kicking in,sorry okay i like it you go first yeah,so i would say have a little heat to it,but i would say actually its like this,sweet,undertone and it actually tastes sweet,but its hot,in my chat well throat and nose,so,[Music],our regular hendrix i dont know if ive,ever taken a shot of hindrances,man i dont know if people take,you all right i gotta get you a balloon,right there you gonna blew that [ __ ] up,no,[Music],i couldnt get the uh are you all right,im okay im breathing in,so roku,okay it kind of tastes the same to me i,dont know i dont know because i dont,i dont know maybe lets do it again no,i,think the first one was sweeter she,didnt drink it but,i skipped dont okay so,essentially what i will say is both have,like these sweet notes,i would say the japanese one with the,only six botanicals,um maybe japanese maybe thats what,those six stands for,back there theres a six right there oh,yeah and it says,oh its up there too yeah on the front,and then hendricks like i said has,eleven,um its sweeter,if it was for shopping i like the taste,of this because you can actually do,you taste more uh whats the word,botanicals,yeah it has a sweet note so its not,like a vodka thats just like a,bite so these are actually pretty good,um,all right so lets try one,three and we we we actually oh no let me,do four,more times before because we can sip it,code because remember when we did the,vodka,three four we can were going to taste,the code first and then well add the,tonic cause sometimes things taste a,little bit better,chill keep mine on the right,and then im gonna do another taste,lets go,and then well mix this nice tonic all,right,is that long enough to chew,[Music],this smells good youre tripping,its actually much easier thats right,you can taste you can taste it you can,taste the ingredients,i guess the botanical the orange peel,like you can actually taste that i,actually like that,yes but no ones drinking i dont think,anybody,getting straight up like that people do,a lot of people do i mean if you try to,go sell it are you trying to know,anybody that does,not he drinks everything straight,all right lets cut out the big steam,lets taste this hendrix and see if,hendricks,on the oh [ __ ] on the rocks,im just good but i will actually say,that this is smoother but,this has more flavor yeah right yeah so,i always drink,tender from soda water so lets lets,try it out so were gonna put more,liquor in there,no i just took a sip we took shots this,is,um tonic water it is bitter lemonade,no i i opened it,[Music],oh [ __ ] okay all right so were trying,to make the videos uh,shorter so yall would stop skipping,through the first and watch the whole,video watch the whole [ __ ] video come,on,we know how yall go but its okay,youtube tells me,we know so were trying to keep it to,the point so um,all right so here we go get this from,her,[Music],all right so roku lets go well go back,stick with that this is roku in the,bitter lemon tonic,thats actually bitter grape its good,thats good its good i didnt have any,regular tonic so i had to do,that what i had i had,i like uh i like elder elderflower tonic,yeah you drink it all all right its yes,you,drink it that [ __ ] tastes good if you,see its like in a teal,giant has a lot of flavors of tonic i,didnt know until one day all right,lets test this hindrance,[Music],hendrix might have won i dont know my,tastebuds are going towards this,this is this this has a more um,this has a more flatter not flat whats,the word look for,i guess smooth smooth taste but i like i,like this,the flavor is good its all,so okay when i taste both of them im,gonna actually say,so let me do the kids if i was to give,this a score,uh from a one to ten rating and to,compare both of them,i would actually say the,theyre comparable and in terms and,theyre actually both,really really good theyre both theyre,both,um i would prefer maybe its the bitter,um lemon i would prefer um theyre,bringing it down,well for me i would like a i like plain,kind of,taste tonic is good but you know tommy,has like its maybe,why not and i would prefer,like club soda in the lime so i like,more of a crisp fresh,taste and that gives it a crisp fresh,taste versus where this lime,lemon bitter it has that taste,and i think we would we would have been,able to taste the notes a little bit,more yeah,um so for me i would actually say that,you think it depends on the time,yes okay so thats actually thats big,then,because if you get that tonic or elder,flour or,regular tonic or even club soda then the,taste is going to be different so that,all depends on yall whatever,tonic or soda water you like to drink,its gonna switch the taste u

Suntory Roku Japanese Craft Gin

[Music],hello and welcome to whisky.com where,fine spirits meet and today,we have another gin on our cask,but were not quite unfamiliar with the,gin yet,because it comes from suntory,centauri is also known for their whiskey,centauri hibikis and,harmony there are a lot of some tutti,whiskies out there,they have two distilleries,and this here is now their gin,and the bottle is uh yeah,six cornered bottle,six edges a hexagon bottle and that has,a meaning,because the roku stands,for six for the number six,and the six uh symbolizes the six,ingredients within the gin yeah the gins,are all about the botanicals,you put into the gin um lets tell you,ive had written down what kind of,italian cells they use because theyre,quite exotic and,not really um known here in yeah,europe the mechanicals are essentia,and yokoro and these are both,kind of um teas very japanese,typical japanese teas then we have,the sunshine pepper and the sancho,pepper is not,like a pepper that we know like very,spicy and very hot,but its more of a yeah,citrus um kind of,mixture citrus and black pepper and not,that hot,ive never never tried it so i cant,really exactly tell you its just what,ive written and what i have studied,then we have the,sakura flowers and sakura,leaves which is the um cherry tree or,the cherry blossom so yeah the,cherry blossoms are the sakura blossom,and there are also some,leaves in it from that very japanese as,well,and then we have also the the,the outside of the yutsu fruit and,yutsu is kind of like a citrus fruit,i think ive had dried youtube before,um but ive never tried any um,yeah any fewer of them but hopefully,when i come to japan i can try these,uh botanicals for myself lets go to,japan 2016 but really like to go there,again because uh,japan is a really really nice country,[Music],and its uh the style of the bottle is,also a little bit,a little bit old-school with a,an old style,label a very,very old school but its always,important,what is inside,ah okay yeah it it does feel like a gin,all this juniper is there but its uh,still a very floral and very fruity very,very,fresh gin so it it always already comes,to my mind thats a,field of flowers and a basket of,fruits that are very ripe even maybe a,little bit,over ripe and still very round,usually you have that that little bit of,an alcoholic touch to it,when you come from tasting whiskey to,gin and its always oh thats a little,bit sharp this one is,is very round very very round,i like it,mmm,nice 43,abv so its um the taste is also very,very light very fruity slightly sweet,it always amazes me how the,gin is just very lightly sweet,some i would pack it somewhere between,the bourbon and the scotch whisky,and not that sticky sweet,that you would yeah,associate from the smell the smell i,would say,oh thats something really sticky and,sweet candy like,and then you end up something very fresh,very,flowery this one is even a bit going,into the herbs region so,yeah its not quite as fruity as you,would expect from a,a very fruity gin that has just been,with fruits but also they have a bit of,a herb tone and,tea tone within it so a little bit of a,bittersweet note when you,just get into the finish i like it,thats a good one,the price is also very fair i have to,say its around,25 euros here in europe and i guess it,will be somewhere around 25 to 30,around the world as well yeah,that was it thank you very much for,having,the roku gin with me and see you next,time,[Music],[Music]

Roku Gin Review: Rs. 6,500 Gin | Japan’s finest and Indias Most Expensive Gin

hi and welcome to ambrosia my name is,bhavir desai and today is all about one,of the most expensive gins available in,india that is roku jin so this gin comes,from the same people who have brought us,some of the most award-winning whiskeys,like hibiki yamazaki toki to name a few,and this comes from the same makers like,bean santori which comes all the way,from japan so im super excited to taste,jins the reason is because i really,like gins as well i love the botanical,flavor so in this video were going to,taste this and tell you how it is,so before we go on to taste this gin,lets first take a look at its history,because its very unique,now this uh as i said earlier that this,gin is brought to you by beam santori,now santori as a company was started by,a young fellow who went at the age of 20,wanted to create spirits which have the,unique flavor of japan his name was,shinjiro tori and he is the founder of,suntory now in 1936 was the first jin,when santori made was called hermes jin,now whats unique about this roku jin is,that roku literally in japanese,translates to six which means that this,gin really is a tribute to six,botanicals unique botanicals which are,used in making this gin which is,supposed to give the user a flavor of,what japan offers when it comes to,different botanicals throughout the year,now in all the gin uses 14 botanicals,but the primary six botanicals which,which are used are derived from the,different names that come in the,different seasons for instance the,sakura flower and the sakura leaf come,from the springtime in japan while the,sencha and gyokuru tea come from the,summer the sun so pepper comes from,autumn and the yazoo peel comes from the,winter,these six botanicals combined with,juniper berries coriander angelica root,angelica seed cardamom cinnamon bitter,orange peel and lemon peel round off the,14 botanicals used in making roku in,fact the bottle also embodies and,reflects these botanicals the six,natural japanese botanicals are embossed,on the hexagonal bottle,now it is not just unique botanicals,that make this gin different from others,out there it is also the combination of,its making process and distillation the,botanicals are distilled separately to,extract the best flavor and maintain,their individual characteristics and,this includes different distillation,processes also for instance some,botanicals are distilled through vacuum,distillation in a stainless pot stills,while others are achieved by distilling,them in copper pot stills so this gin is,actually served with a little bit of,ginger but for obviously the tasting,purposes im going to have it,as is and im not going to include any,of those things in this also if you see,what i have here is a very different,glass this glass is actually a tribute,to the six botanicals which uh refer to,the to roku and it is a hexagonal glass,which comes with the gin which uh which,i have it also has a branding at the,bottom which is called rokujin so this,is what im gonna use to taste it and,lets see what it tastes like,ive obviously already tasted this,before ive had this gin and i really,love it its one of my favorite gins as,well,oh nice,so in terms of nosing you definitely get,uh that little bit of citrusy uh sort of,a lemon peel,sort of aroma you have you do get those,leaves as well which gives you a very,subtle,a subtle feel to it,i am getting a little bit of coriander,as well you do get a little bit of sense,of that coriander as well lets,taste it because i cant really wait,anymore,oh wow,it really is i mean it genuinely is an,explosion of flavors in your palette if,i can actually define it right i am,definitely getting a little bit of the,lemon peel,uh,im getting the,uh the coriander which really adds that,sweetness a little bit of hint of that,sweetness uh the pepper the spiciness it,really explodes in your palette at the,end,it gives you that really nice zing which,is subtle it definitely has a longish,finish but you know zero burn i actually,even after having this im not,getting even one percent of burn which,really talks about the way the process,the distillation process the way the,ingredients are and the way uh its,actually been,made,i like the orangey uh i wont say,orangey but like the,sort of a lemon peel uh,flavor as well it adds that citrusy sort,of a note uh which,uh makes it uh very very relaxed um,the leaves the sakura tea leaves if im,not mistaken uh they also make it uh,very smooth very plain uh to kind of uh,encapsulate the and balance out uh the,zing and the spiciness of,the pepper and things of that so overall,i mean,it surely is one of the most expensive,gins that you will find in india but it,is also a superb gin so if you are a gin,lover and if you like this if you like,to taste different things uh then this,is a gin that you can surely not pass,this is something we should you should,surely get uh you can open it up,whenever you feel like probably special,occasions maybe because its a little,bit pricey if you like to drink it,otherwise then,thats also fine but i would definitely,recommend this to anyone,naturally when you will combine this,with,ginger peel and whatever your preference,is tonic or whatever you use it with uh,you,uh you can surely have it with that but,to be very honest i mean,its really good to have neat as well,which is not something which is,recommendable as gin but a lot of people,do add ice to it and they do have it,because,i am someone who has it as well it is a,faux pas a lot of people say that thats,not the way youre supposed to have it,but its so smooth that you can,literally have it like that as well so,if you like this video then as usual do,like share and subscribe to our channel,leave the comments down below of what,you thought have you ever tasted rokujin,is there any other gin,that you like us to do what did you,think about the rokujin if youve tasted,it,then please let us know and very very,importantly until next time,drink responsibly

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